diegoviolahi, i'm installing ubuntu server, and i want to add some stuff to it, like my own packages, software, etc, is there a way i can rebuild that system as a iso file to install it later on other machines?00:10
bitprophetdiegoviola: I don't know how to create custom installer ISOs, but you might want to look into "preseed" or "preseeding"00:22
bitprophetit's essentially a config file for the installer, so you drop the seed file (just a text file) on a web server or onto a custom ISO, and can point any installer to it. then it will follow your seed file, which could tell it to automatically install certain packages / settings / etc00:23
bitprophetI use it mostly to automate installs, but it's very flexible.00:24
AlanMight ask this question again, since there seems to be a different set of people alive here...00:27
AlanHome server virtualisation, no hardware virt exts - is there a better option than VBoxHeadless?00:27
incentifitIs it possible to run vnc4server on headless ubuntu 9.04 server?01:00
DebolazIs there a good CD image availabel for making images of a harddrive and upload it to a remote server?01:05
Bryan_SierraI'm trying to connect to a WPA secured AP, and I can't get the wireless card to connect. I'm using ndiswrapper for the driver and wpa_supplicant to connect.01:27
Bryan_SierraAny help?01:27
Bryan_Sierrait keeps timing out01:30
Bryan_SierraAnyone got any ideas at all?01:37
ScottK!weekend Bryan_Sierra01:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:38
ScottK!weekend | Bryan_Sierra01:38
ubottuBryan_Sierra: It's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.01:38
bastid_raZorusing ubuntu desktop but i figured this channel would be more helpful. any guides on using bind9 to set DNS? i have a dynamic IP which changes at least twice a day.02:29
Jaggedbastid_raZor: are you trying to run a DNS server for your network, or update your domain name with your dynamic IP?02:30
bastid_raZorJagged: i'm trying to get the outside world to be able to find me with youfoundme.com .. i have apache hosting a few things.02:31
bastid_raZori currently have dyndns setting me a visible DNS to the world but i have to manually update it when my ip changes02:32
JaggedI think theres a bash script you can run as a cron job to update dyndns02:33
Jaggedsome broadband routers also support dyndns02:33
qman__bind is not what you need02:34
bastid_raZori have an outdated D-Link DI604 .. it does have an option about setting something for dns.02:34
qman__the router would have to support dyndns explicitly02:34
qman__not to be confused with your preferred DNS server02:35
Jaggedhttp://foertsch.name/DynDNS/ first hit on google02:35
Jaggedlooks promising02:35
Jaggedhttp://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/unix.html dynDNS also appears to have a perl scritp02:36
Jaggedsetup the perl script to run on a cron job every few hours and you should be allright02:36
bastid_raZornice, thanks for the clarification on what i needed.02:37
bastid_raZorseems i'll be needing to run ddclient as a dameon since i'll need to use the checkip option. very nice guys. thanks Jagged qman__02:42
seyDoggyanyone have a trusted supplier of 1u rack enclosures?03:07
JaggedOr did you mean supplier as in reseller?03:09
seyDoggyJagged: either, just want a place I can order 103:09
JaggedI don't know if AIC will do individual sales =\03:10
JaggedMight want to try Ingram Micro, Newark, or Arrow03:10
seyDoggyJagged: tnx. checking them out now03:11
JaggedSynnex is another reseller house as well.03:12
seyDoggyfound lots of selection for 1u server cases at newegg. good prices too03:30
JaggedNewegg is a good consumer shop03:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #437473 in qemu-kvm (main) "Stock Ubuntu KVM ignores guest synchronous fileIO requests " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43747303:51
Bryan_SierraDoes anyone know of a command line way of having a server automatically connect to a WPA encrypted AP?03:59
Bryan_Sierra(at start up, without having to have a user login and connect)03:59
Bryan_SierraAh, nevermind; managed to find it >_>04:25
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dragonlyrehi, I was wondering if anyone uses the server as an iso invbox?07:29
dragonlyrein vbox*07:30
SpaTi thought that if I did an ifconfig ethN down that it would bring the interface down and deassociate the IP08:30
SpaThowever when I ping or ssh to the adress from the machine it was on I still works08:31
pipedreamSpaT: ifconfig -a will show it08:32
SpaTyes i know08:32
pipedreamgood question08:32
SpaTpipedream: normaly I supose its not such a big deal but i use one server as failover for the other. when switching back i noticed that postfix would not send mail to the real server because it was delivering to itself...08:34
SpaTso any id how I am supose to bring it down properly?08:36
pipedreamthis seems to work08:38
pipedreamip address del dev wlan008:38
pipedreamWarning: Executing wildcard deletion to stay compatible with old scripts. Explicitly specify the prefix length ( to avoid this warning. This special behaviour is likely to disappear in further releases, fix your scripts!08:38
pipedreamdespite the warning08:38
pipedreamoh, I'm supposed to use the mask08:38
pipedreamroot@osprey:~#ip address del dev wlan008:39
pipedream /32 doesn't work08:39
SpaTthats odd08:39
pipedreamSpaT: thanks to you, I didn't know that!08:39
pipedreamfound it here: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-configuring-network-interface-cards-on-debian/08:39
pipedreamdidn't explain it right, just showed me the new "ip" (not ifconfig) syntax08:39
SpaTpipedream: well in your case /8 should have worked08:41
SpaTyeah i just read it. it also suggests that ifconfig would remove the ip08:43
SpaTpipedream: I gtg thanks again for the help08:45
ryan8403hi, can anyone advise on the proper entries in my /etc/resolv.conf for a caching dns server?08:54
ryan8403alex_joni, thanks, i noticed i didn't read through that far enough.09:02
ryan8403any suggestions/reasons why it wouldn't be sending queries to the forwarders? (i'm using opendns servers + isp as forwarder addresses)09:03
ryan8403instead it seems to go straight to root09:03
alex_jonidid you maybe use dig +trace ?09:04
ryan8403no, just a simple 'dig google.com'09:05
ryan8403returns info for google09:05
ryan8403but then gives all the root servers under authority section09:06
alex_joniI get this:09:06
alex_joni;; AUTHORITY SECTION:09:06
alex_jonigoogle.com.             328684  IN      NS      ns1.google.com.09:06
alex_joniryan8403: did you put the DNS ip's in /etc/bind/named.conf.options under forwarders ?09:07
alex_jonimaybe this is of some help: http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-an-ubuntu8.04-dns-server-with-bind-p409:08
ryan8403thats what i get09:08
ryan8403alex_joni, thank you its rather late for me09:09
ryan8403and i think my google fu skills are weak09:09
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poisonbitI've always used Debian for my corporate firewalls (9), but i also've some gentoo legacy firewalls from other administrators11:17
poisonbitI am planning to migrate the internal network (ldap servers, web, ddbb, email, dns, subversion, ntp, memcached, dhcp, samba, nfs, jabber, etc) to ubuntu server 8.04.11:17
poisonbitI'm evaluating if it should also migrate the 9 firewalls, because they really work well, but some are still with etch (oldstable in Debian).11:17
poisonbitIt is a complex network, segmented into vlans, tunneled between all extremes, bridged over multiple active instances of openvpn. With ebtables, routing tables, filtering, traffic control, manageable switches, multiple public ranges in several ISPs, fiber between offices, etc..11:18
poisonbitMy /etc/network/interfaces in Debian use to be very complicated and long, (adding bonding and many DMZ's of the above), and full of ifup / down hacks.11:19
poisonbitUbuntu server is recommended for this kind of firewalls and ... Do it happen to be free from "2.0" things like the desktop "network-manager"?11:19
poisonbitAlso, where can i read about security management (as in project, not as in operative system) in ubuntu server ?11:20
poisonbiterrr  hello.  :-P11:21
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poisonbitwell, it seems it is file based, so i suppose it doen't has network-manager installed and activated by default11:25
* poisonbit searchs security in the wiki and find: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-security11:27
alex_jonipoisonbit: 10.04 will be a new LTS.. maybe it would be less of a pain to jump directly to that11:28
poisonbitsorry, when is scheduled ?11:28
alex_joni10.04 = 2010 april11:28
alex_joni8.04 = 2008 april11:29
alex_joninot that far away11:29
poisonbiti've a lot of things to do first in other servers, i can wait11:29
alex_jonidon't get me wrong.. I'm suing 8.04 on my servers11:29
alex_joniand it's great11:29
poisonbitnow i'm documenting the project11:29
poisonbitserver 8.04 has support to 2013, right ?11:30
poisonbitor was 2011 ?11:30
alex_joni11 for desktop, 2013 for server11:30
poisonbitwell, it's a valid option for me now, also it will help to "clean" the migrated systems, and easy the new migration when 10.04 gets supported11:31
poisonbithehe, one of the firsts steps for the late_command, for the pressed files:  purge ufw (i've my own framework)11:33
poisonbitwhich syslog uses 8.04 by default? i'm in love with rsyslogd11:36
poisonbitwow!!  (wow like in Vista)11:37
poisonbiti've 3 little sunFire machines with X5560 Xeons ang 72G of ram each, conected to 15k SAS using 4G/s fiber... only for virtualization11:39
poisonbitthis will be fun11:39
poisonbitdoes vmware-tools of VMware ESX 4 install clean in 8..04? or i will need hacks in my deployment scripts ?11:41
poisonbitopen-vm-tools appears as "outdated" in esx411:41
poisonbithttps://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/jeos-preparing-os.html#joes-installing-vmwaretools does not speak about versions11:42
maxagazhow to make this command work ? => echo abc | tar -jcvf foo.tar.bz212:10
maxagazit seems i should use -T - somewhere12:10
maxagazbut it doesn't work12:11
VK7HSEcan anyone shed some light on this ??? ...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/279580/13:58
VK7HSE^^^  server kernels not installable...14:00
uvirtbotVK7HSE: Error: "^^" is not a valid command.14:00
pmatulisVK7HSE: what release are you using?14:22
pmatulis(karmic from the kernel version)14:22
VK7HSEkarmic server alpha6 .. have the same on 2 servers...  currently have 2.6.31-11-generic on both...14:23
VK7HSEbut I get the errors above (pastebin) if I attempt to get the current server kernel, however my desktop (this PC!) I can get the server kernel via synaptic! ...14:24
VK7HSEall 3 are on karmic alpha6 ... 2x server (i386) 1x desktop (amd64)14:24
VK7HSEjust attempted using aptitude, still the same issue so it's not an apt-get or aptitude error... this happens on both the Main server & a local mirror (Internode Australia)14:28
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pmatulisVK7HSE: on your pc do 'aptitude update' and then do 'aptitude search <your kernel package>'.  pastebin the output to the last command14:34
pmatulis<your kernel package> == the one you want to install on your server14:35
VK7HSEaptitude search linux-image-2.6.31-11-server  but there's nothing to paste... no output!14:36
VK7HSEI've checked the repo and there is no kernel .deb14:37
VK7HSEbut it's listed in both apt-get/aptitude as being there... when you tab to get the remainder for what you're typing!14:38
pmatulisb/c you didn't update your package list?14:38
pmatulisdid you do 'aptitude update'?14:39
VK7HSEas in ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/279622/14:39
VK7HSErefer to http://paste.ubuntu.com/279625/14:41
pmatulisright, so it doesn't exist14:43
VK7HSEexactly! that's what I'm saying ;)14:44
pmatulisnow do the same procedure on the server where it is supposedly installed14:45
pmatulisthe i386 kernel server is being phased out14:46
VK7HSEwell by looking through what is on the main server I can already say it's not there! ... http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta/14:47
VK7HSEloking at wiki!14:47
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VK7HSEOk, well both server systems are below the 4Gb in memory!14:48
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VK7HSEthe other annoyance is that I have to set pci=noacpi to get the 4LX serveRAID card to be found! that's for 2.6.31-11-generic...14:50
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pmatulisi'd like to see what happens if you update and upgrade the system that has the kernel installed14:50
pmatulispmatulis will be back in a few hours14:50
VK7HSEwell the previus kernel was the last server kernel for jaunty...14:50
VK7HSEDOH! I now realise my error...  the system I got the server kernel on is amd64! the 2 servers (that are servers) are i386 ... :-/14:54
VK7HSESo in reading the fine print there is no longer an i386 server specific kernel! ...14:58
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pmatulisVK7HSE: 09:46 <  pmatulis> the i386 kernel server is being phased out17:07
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albatrossHi there! I'm learning to write shell scripts. Its working quite well, bu i want to know how to accept flags and parameters, but do not know what to google for. Any idéas?19:15
Picialbatross: Have you asked in #bash ? Thats the best channel for looking for such resources.19:15
jpdsalbatross: man getopt - should help you.19:17
ttxkirkland: around ?19:20
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uvirtbotNew bug: #437768 in eucalyptus (main) "Unable to connect to web frontend after fresh install of cluster" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43776819:41
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Bryan_SierraOkay, I'm trying to connect to my wpa-psk secured AP, but wpa_supplicant keeps giving me "CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED" Anyone got any help on this?20:35
TeTeTis there a guide for configuring an UEC 1.6 cloud on Karmic?20:38
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svulloI am thinking of trying out JeOS, and I was wondering if it for the best to use JeOS as base install which contains the virtual servers or if it's better to use the regular ubuntu server and run jeOS under virtual servers?23:12
subAFAIK JeOS is optimized for virtual machines, so I'm not sure that you would want to run it on physical hardware23:14
svulloyeah, thats what I thought, just double checking23:15

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