knomedoes anybody know any possibilities to theme start.ubuntu.com ?16:43
GreySimknome: For Firefox, the Stylish extension might help you.21:43
GreySimIf you just want personal customizations.21:44
knomeno, i want derivative-specific customization21:48
MadsRHknome -> Hi22:00
knomehi MadsRH! :)22:07
MadsRHknome -> wanted to ask you about the x-splash in Xubuntu, but I guess I found the answer here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Karmic22:10
knomeactually i'm just working on it22:10
knomebut we have thought your "idea 4" (the fireflys)22:10
MadsRHknome -> Oh..?22:12
knomeit would be hard to achieve but would be kewl22:12
knomeyou have any ideas how one could accomplish it?22:13
MadsRHknome -> I'm not sure what you mean.22:13
MadsRHYou want the firefly as x-splash?22:13
knomethis one, we'd love it.22:14
MadsRHBut I've already made it available as an actual x-splash!22:15
knomereally? where?22:15
knomedidn't know that!22:15
MadsRHknome -> you should visit the forum every now and then ;-)22:16
knomemaybe ;)22:16
knomehow did you do that png?22:16
MadsRHwith evil proprietary software :-$ and "cnn" from the forum helped me put the png images together22:18
knomei'm willing to hear more22:18
MadsRHI know nothing about x-splash, but it simply replaces the current throbber and boom22:19
knomei know that.22:19
knomei want to know more about the png creating process ;)22:19
MadsRHWell, create an animation with a transparent background as export it as PNG's and stick them together using "convert"22:23
knomeno no no22:23
knomewhich software did you use? how did you create that effect?22:23
knomewas it hard?22:23
knometell me more :)22:24
MadsRH*** back in 522:25
knomeok hehe22:25
knomeno pressure ;)22:25
MadsRHknome -> Baby alert – sorry22:51
MadsRHAnyway, I use After Effects22:51
MadsRHknome -> I get a lot bashing in the open-source world for using Adobe products, but I know that Canonicals artteam also it, which comforts me. It’s just de facto standard in the graphics business22:52
knomecould you control the flys or are they random?22:53
MadsRHbut what about Xubuntu? should we create something slick for Karmic?22:53
knomeyeah, i am thinking a possibility to get some blue fireflys for our xsplash x)22:54
knomeor at least see how it would look like22:54
MadsRHSo you want blue fireflys on this background? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Karmic?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=karmic-wall-07.png22:56
knomesomething quite saturated and bright, i thin22:57
MadsRHbut still the same animation as in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StNanFooAu822:59
knomethe animation can be same, or if you want, you can do another set of sparkles :)22:59
MadsRHknome -> it is easy to just change the color - it's creating the animation that takes time23:01
knomeah, ok, then just change the color23:01
MadsRHIs there still time for something like this to make it in?23:01
knomewith xubuntu, there always is23:01
MadsRHhe he23:02
MadsRHhave you tried the PNG from the blogpost? It might not look bad on the blue background?23:03
knomei'm not running karmic :(23:03
MadsRHNor me23:03
knomei have karmic in vbox so i can test several things23:04
knomebut no, havent tried with the orange sparks23:04
knomebut i think we want blue sparks even if the orange sparks looked good ;)23:04
MadsRHbut you can test it? or should I ask "cnn" from the forum? he was very helpful and friendly23:07
knomei can test it, sure23:07
MadsRHokay, fantastic. It's past midnight here and I've got a sick son, so I won't have anything for you tonight.23:07
knomeno problem. if you want, you can pop at #xubuntu-devel when you have something :)23:08
knomehope your son gets well soon23:08
MadsRHOh, I should mention the file size is HUGE compared to the original Canonical one23:08
knomeno problem with that either23:09
knomei could see that coming :)23:09
MadsRHhe he, I hope so too.23:09
MadsRHI have to ask; sure you want the fireflies and not a running mouse :P23:10
knomeYES! :P23:10
knomethe running mouse has appeared in ideas23:10
knomeand it's always been dumped23:10
MadsRHgood thing23:11
knomeit is:))23:11
MadsRHI'll get back to you soon - good night23:12
knomenight - and thanks :)23:12

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