twrightGSherman: in that case you might find the grub link useful - this is not normal, it seems that the ubuntu boot manager was not installed00:00
reya276something as basic as a microphone does not work out of the Box, weird00:00
joaopintoreya276, nothing is basic about hw support00:00
demonsporkmount.ntfs-3g ranomly spikes to 30-50% CPU usage and stays there until I reboot. I only have one partition currently mounted using ntfs-3g, and it keeps using that much CPU even after I unmount the partition.00:00
GShermanthat grub thing looks like japanese to me00:00
dellyreya276: Well, open a terminal and write alsamixer00:01
joaopintoGSherman, read it, the text in english00:01
ascheelQuestion about a volume hotkey.  Right now my volume hotkeys (Fn + F11/F12) control the 'HDA Intel Capture'.  How do I change it so it controls the Alsa mixer instead?  Does anybody have an idea?00:01
reya276joaopinto: nah dude this is a microphone man, not something crazy plus my souncard works great and that jack is attached to the soundcard00:01
dellyreya276: there something will say either "line" or "something with "mic", and set to 100:01
BlackbirdOh...oh dear. Anyway. I'm trying to install Ubuntu onto an external HD under FireWire 800.00:01
twrightGSherman: that is a general trouble shooting guide, if you just follow it it should help (you do not need to understand exactly what it is doing)00:02
stephan22i installed packe vtun, isnt this tun/tap ?00:02
GShermanthank you. i will attempt it00:02
BlackbirdOnly way to get it to access said HD under the installer is either "Manual partition specification" or dual boot, for some reason,a nd it is also going at an incredibly slow speed.00:02
twrightGSherman: as I said this is not normal - in most cases the installer should just work00:02
darkedge_How can I COMPLETLY remove kdev.00:03
GShermani am recreating my USB drive00:03
squircle!hi | Geronimo00:03
ubottuGeronimo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!00:03
reya276delly: I don't see any line in on mic00:04
Geronimoanybody know how I can lock the screen on X when I close the lid on my laptop?00:04
dellyreya276: what is set to 0 then?00:04
darkedge_Can someone answer my question?00:04
twrightGeronimo: there is an option for it in powermanagment00:04
reya276delly: there is nothing set to zero00:04
dellyreya276: what is set to 1 then?00:05
BlackbirdUh. Forgive me, I'm a bit of a noob even with the filesystem. What's a recommendable mount point?00:05
BlackbirdJust /?00:05
dellyBlackbird: /media00:05
Geronimotwright: there is not00:05
rkviraniHey all, Im looking for a _simple_ .pls player for streaming mp3s, I dont want visualization I just want to load a .pls file and hear it and have some simple buttons (like iTunes Mini Mode).  XMMS2 doesnt work anymore in ubuntu it keeps asking for a server etc... its not like the old winamp clone, what should I do?00:05
BlackbirdI...do not get that option.00:05
Geronimoit says 'blank screen'/suspend/shutdown/hibernate/do nothing.00:06
dellyBlackbird: what are you using, and what are you doing? :P00:06
Geronimoblank screen does not lock the screen.00:06
BlackbirdInstalling Ubuntu from the CD00:06
BlackbirdAnd trying to install onto an external HD00:06
BlackbirdOnly way to do a standalone is by manually creating a new EXT3 parition00:06
RedChopsrkvirani: Anything wrong with VLC?00:06
twrightGeronimo: in that case you need to tell it to sleep at the same time (it will save power anyway) - if you really want this then submit a bug and ask for it00:06
reya276delly: I literally have a bunch of what it looks like a graph with master, headphone, pcm, front, surround, center, LFE, side00:06
rkviraniooh I could try that00:06
BlackbirdSo it gives me: /, /boot, /home, /tmp, /usr, /var, /srv, /opt and /usr/local00:07
BlackbirdWhich is recommendable, is what I'm asking?00:07
dellyBlackbird: create a / on 5-12 gb and a /home with the rest. Also a swap must be made with amount equal to your ram(if you want to be able to hibirnate)00:07
rkvirani69 megs!00:07
reya276delly: there are no text lines, when I typed in alsamixer I got literally a mixer00:07
rkviraniIts almost as bad as itunes00:07
BlackbirdI...can't really do that. It doesn't permit me anything less than 91 GB.00:07
dellyreya276: it is indeed a mizer :00:08
BlackbirdI haven't the slightest clue why.00:08
dellyreya276: try to go to the far right using the direction keys on the keyboard00:08
DarkMage2303rebooting Ubuntu after changing the files in the guide http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=hp&hl=en&js=y&u=http%3A%2F%2Fmamalibre.eshost.com.ar%2F%3Fq%3Dnode%2F128&sl=auto&tl=en&history_state0=00:08
rkviraniRedChops, might be super bloated but it works!00:08
dellyreya276: i had to set IEC958 to 1 to get my plugged in Mic to behave like i wanted it to00:09
BlackbirdSo, 2 GB swap file, 5 or so GB on /, and however much I want in /home.00:09
dellyBlackbird: that would indeed do the trick00:09
RedChopsrkvirani: Yeah, it's just bloated because it comes with support for about every codec out there ha00:09
reya276delly: ok how do I set that to one00:09
Blackbirddelly: Bad, then. Because I cannot do that.00:10
BlackbirdIt really does not allow me to input less than 91754 MB as partition size.00:10
dellyreya276: you just use the direction keys on the keyboard and up and down is adjusting the volum. Set anything that got either some strange names or the word "in" or "mic" in them to high values00:11
dellyBlackbird: 9.10 installation?00:11
twrightBlackbird: you might want to create the partitions in gparted first then just select them to install to00:12
BlackbirdThat'd be a good idea.00:12
stephan22is there a way to get the configuration of my actual kernel and just add the tun/tap module?00:12
reya276delly: that is not working for IEC958, but it work for all others00:12
BlackbirdLet me see if I didn't accidentally reformat the whole disk00:12
BlackbirdI have some...really valuable savefiles there.00:12
rkviraniRedChops, thanks, I have used VLC on windows and OSX but I forgot about linux :D00:12
dellyreya276: so do the mic behave now or?00:12
FloodBot1victimofgcd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:12
Blackbird9.04, sorry.00:12
reya276it seems like it00:13
dellyBlackbird: ok, did you have free space to begin with on the hardisk?00:13
Blackbird951.3 GB.00:13
dellyBlackbird: as in not used?00:13
BlackbirdWell, 846 GB.00:13
squircle!cn | victimofgcd00:13
ubottuvictimofgcd: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk00:13
dellyBlackbird: was that in any file system or just unformated space?00:14
BlackbirdFormatted space.00:14
reya276delly: yes it seems like, thanks. But this should have been enabled by default. Not complaining I'm just saying is just common sense00:14
BlackbirdSo you want me to make an ext3 partition taking up whatever I want, and then make the smaller bits you mentioned.00:14
BlackbirdAlright, I'll get gparted.00:14
dellyBlackbird: ok, then "shrink" the partition that is formated to a reasonable bit(you should kind of have the option).00:15
dellyreya276: well, welcome to the club00:15
rkviraniTypically how good are admins with LPIC-2?00:15
BlackbirdI hope I can shrink an NTFS partition. If not this is rather awkward.00:15
reya276delly: lol, I guess we can forget about mass adoption with issues like these. Thanks I appreciate it.00:16
dellyBlackbird: did you have a slider when you could install?00:16
=== carpediem1 is now known as carpediem
twrightBlackbird: if it is an option I suggest you use ext400:16
BlackbirdI think I did, though I prefer the more numerical manual non-slider since the installer really hates my trackpad.00:16
techiedoes anyone in #ubuntu provide help for edgy anymore or am i in the dark if i happen to run into any problems on my laptop?00:17
rkviraniTechie, isnt edgy really old00:18
rkviraniI could help... but ...00:18
rkviranibut... I really dont do alot of gui stuff in linux... :D00:18
techierkvirani, yes it is old but its the only version that i can get going, anything later give me huge graphical errors00:18
rkviranitechie, did you try fireing them up in graphics safe mode?00:19
rkviraniWhat kind of laptop?00:19
techierkvirani, PowerBook G4 mac00:20
twrighttechie: if you want to ask questions some people should know but it is no longer supported00:20
stephan22how can it happen that i dont hav tun/tap00:20
rkviranitechie, hehe00:21
rkviraniI think there are some community PPC ports for the more recent versions of ubuntu00:21
squircletechie: I'm running 9.04 on my PowerBook G400:21
AshyIsMeim having trouble with xen on ubuntu 9.04 on a amd sempron00:21
squircle!hi | AshyIsMe00:21
ubottuAshyIsMe: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!00:21
rkviranitechie, do you want to use ubuntu? I mean do you have to?00:22
techiesquircle, may i pm you00:22
squircle!ask | AshyIsMe00:22
ubottuAshyIsMe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:22
squircletechie: sure00:22
techierkvirani, i would prefer to00:22
AshyIsMethe command $ xm -help returns an error: "internal error: could not obtain handle on privileged command interface"00:22
rkviranisquircle, are you using the community port?00:22
AshyIsMe"no such file or directory"00:22
squirclerkvirani: yes00:22
DarkedgeHow do I remove an application?00:23
dellyDarkedge: either use synaptics, or sudo apt-get remove in terminal00:23
dellyDarkedge: sudo apt-get remove *applications*00:24
rkviranisquircle cool00:24
twrightDarkedge: or you could just use add/remove programs - basically it is the same as how you install them00:24
DarkedgeWhere's the stnaptics package manager?00:26
BlackbirdOkay, I'm at GParted, and...it would seem I cannot resize the partition.00:26
scuniziBlackbird: you might need to unmount it first00:26
BlackbirdOh, just one thing. I'm running a macbookpro, and as such I have no right-click. Is there any way to do that by a key combination?00:27
DarkedgeWho's seen goog11e today?00:27
GodfatherofEireI think I screwed up my fstab or somethin00:27
Roastedwhy is it with samba I cannot create my own user named guest?00:28
dellyGodfatherofEire: please write this into a terminal and post the link it gives: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit"00:28
Blackbird...Unable to unmount.00:28
GodfatherofEiredelly, I'm not sure if its fstab or not though00:29
scuniziBlackbird: I'm confused.. you have a macbookpro with ntfs on it?00:29
dellyGodfatherofEire: then what is the problem??00:29
GodfatherofEireAll I know is that Ubuntu isnt booting with the default kernel and I get brought to an initramfs prompt00:29
Blackbirdscunizi: I dualboot so I can actually get some games running, put NTFS on an external HD00:29
bastidrazordelly: you can use pastebinit to paste the file.. pastebinit /etc/fstab00:29
BlackbirdThe internal is, obv., HFS+. Point its, it won't let me unmount it.00:30
dellybastidrazor: i am addicted to pilelining and unneeed complex comman ds00:30
Blackbird"Error org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.InterfaceLocked00:30
dellyBlackbird: unplug the HD?00:30
GodfatherofEireAnd GNUsound is also crashing the system every time I try to run it.00:31
Blackbird...Isn't that pointless?00:31
scunizidelly: then it would be hard to resize the partitions on it.00:31
BlackbirdYeah, exactly.00:31
dellyBlackbird: Well, what about if we say "for the kicks of it"? :P00:31
dellyscunizi: i thought he was going to format the HD inside the computer?00:32
DarkedgeIs there something like kdev. but designed for GNOME?00:32
BlackbirdAn external one through FireWire800. I expect switching to USB will change absolutely nothing.00:32
sdlwofhttp://pastebin.com/m7604fa93  that's unplugging it and back in on 3 different usb ports.00:32
BlackbirdI...only have one FireWire port, but I can certainly switch formats and see if that does anything.00:33
dellyBlackbird: ok, so you are going to install Ubuntu on the external HD?00:33
dellythen DON'T remove it :P00:33
BlackbirdThe internal one is a clusterfuck currently, don't want to bother with that.00:33
scuniziBlackbird: this is a tough one.. once you unmount an external drive the system doesn't see it any more, I think,  because of the way the subsystem mounts and unmounts external devices..00:34
pythagBlackbird: did you umount the mount point or the device....it usually works better to use umount /dev/"your device"00:34
dellyBlackbird: when the installer gets to where it can be slided and just auto install.... slide it so ubuntu gets the amount of space you want it to have :P00:34
scuniziBlackbird: perhaps a way around it would be to remove the drive and connect it internally.. but that would also be problemmatic with a laptop00:35
Blackbird...Yes, but first I need to create an EXT3 partition, delly.00:35
BlackbirdI can't really do it from there.00:35
BlackbirdI tried. Failed.00:35
dellyBlackbird: :/00:35
BlackbirdI think...00:35
sivanghi all00:35
FloodBot1Blackbird: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:35
BlackbirdGparted doesn't seem to be doing much.00:35
sivanganybody has an idea why build-essential gives me that when trying to install on jaunty ?00:35
sivangbuild-essential: Depends: g++ (>= 4:4.3.1) but it is not going to be installed00:36
BlackbirdLast time I saw, the Mac OS X install disk let me do EXT 3 partitions and resize NTFS ones.00:36
sivanghey ShapeShifter49900:36
BlackbirdI'll try that, and then see if I can install.00:36
=== oxocoffee is now known as Guest71534
cowbudsivang: have you done apt-get update recently?00:36
sivangcowbud: just before the install attempt00:36
scunizisivang: try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:36
cowbuddo you have the experimental changes enabled?00:36
sivangah sorry for the noise00:37
sivangI found the problem00:37
sivangI have intermixed jaunty and interpid sources00:37
dellyBlackbird good luck00:37
cowbuddun dun dun00:37
* sivang slaps himself and goes to stand in the corent00:37
sivangcorner, eve00:37
FloodBot1sivang: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:37
cowbudgod floodbot is annoying00:37
sivangFloodBot1: I apologize00:37
sivangFloodBot1: I got angry at the keyboard00:37
cowbudhey people who write these bots, make them use privmsg instead of flooding the channel with their lame messages to everyone00:38
sivangthanks dudes, nontheless00:38
Blackbirddelly: Thank you, I'm going to need it.00:38
* sivang updates00:38
BlackbirdI'd repartition the internal, but right now I still have a good part of my family that would destroy me if I deleted Mac OS X, and I...don't want to fall out of favour with them.00:38
* sivang notes build-essential installs flawlessly now00:39
ShapeShifter499I have a question, in the device manager I have installed it shows that there is something named camera hooked to /dev/fuse what is this? I'm just wondering because I have a built in web cam on my computer that doesn't  work and I have to send it in but really can't because I need the computer for school, taking notes, doing assignments, etc.00:39
dellyWell............ then i guess shrink the HD by 200gb and intall <300:39
BlackbirdMhm. I'll try.00:39
GodfatherofEireAny ideas why GNUsound keeps restarting the shell?00:39
dellyShapeShifter499: is there any key on the keyboard for turning the camera on/off? Because i guess its the camera in question.00:40
ShapeShifter499no there is no such key or key combo00:41
ShapeShifter499I don't think00:41
DarkedgeThe package manager says kdev. isn't installed, but it's still on the apps menu00:41
dellyShapeShifter499: so there is no F* button with a camera of sorts on?00:41
ShapeShifter499uh.... I only know battery, sound, light, touchpad, vga output, and help00:42
ShapeShifter499there is one symbol on f2 I'm not sure of00:43
BlackbirdCan I just have a FAT partition that I can then reformat as EXT3 with the ubuntu installer?00:43
BlackbirdBecause I remembered wrong.00:44
DarkedgeWhat am I doing wrong?00:44
the_madmanDarkedge: Might want to try logging out/logging back in.00:44
dellyShapeShifter499: then you might be one of the few unlucky with a webcam that lacks drivers, its more than rare.00:46
BlackbirdWell. Turns out I have to reformat the whole disk00:47
BlackbirdTo even be able to resize00:47
the_madmandarkedge: Nothing?00:47
darkedgeNup still there00:47
BlackbirdVolume Scheme I set for the disk does not permit me to have partitions.00:47
ShapeShifter499delly: I just got it back from the acer repair center, and before I sent it in *IT WORKED* with ubuntu 9.04 jaunty00:47
BlackbirdOh my. This will take a while.00:47
the_madmandarkedge: Have you done a search in synaptic? It might be that e.g. you've got a different version installed.00:48
dellyShapeShifter499: does the camera have a light or something?00:48
ShapeShifter499delly: nope00:48
Roasteddoes anybody use gadmin samba?00:48
darkedgeI checked,00:48
seightEvery now and then when i boot up my display defaults to 1024x768. My display is 1080x800. is there anyway to force a default to 1080x800?00:48
neodragonI am trying to get wireless working on my laptop again I had to reinstall ubuntu 9.04 and I know I saw a how to in the ubuntu forums for hp compaq presario cq60-215dx but now I can't seem to find it using google?00:48
darkedge-.- I'm gonna go reinstall Ubuntu00:49
darkedgeand ALWAYS install via add\remove prog.00:49
dellyShapeShifter499: is it turned on in BIOS(when you start your computer there is this flashy screen, it tellls you that you can hit some key to config it)00:50
RoseyIs there still no way to update my iPod Touch (firmware 3.1.1)00:50
ShapeShifter499delly: No option for a cam in my bios00:50
dellyShapeShifter499: hmmm, that be darned :(00:51
=== kaie is now known as Guest2615
the_madmanseight: Something about a text editor and /etc/X11/xorg.conf comes to mind...00:53
seightyeah, me too.00:53
seightbut what00:53
the_madmanseight: Can't remember.00:53
the_madmanseight: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?00:53
the_madmanseight: No, I mean netbook remix, kubuntu etc.00:53
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:54
ShapeShifter499how do I force my ubuntu system to use /dev/fuse as a webcam?00:54
seightbut,... i can tell you that I've tried xubuntu and kubuntu and both do the same,... every now and then00:54
Blackbird|DisconEr. My coomputer managed to get itself unplugged.00:54
Blackbird|DisconI don't even know how.00:55
=== Blackbird|Discon is now known as Blackbird
karanhey guyz00:55
seightthanks,... i'll look00:55
the_madmanseight: The netbook remix might be better at finding your resolution...00:55
karandeos anyone know how to view my zune fles on ubuntu?00:55
karana few days ago ubuntu regonized it but now it deosnt00:55
seightwhat's the major difference between ubuntu desktop and netbook dists?00:55
the_madmanseight: And having your graphics card's proprietary drivers installed might also solve the problem, if you haven't already.00:55
seightis there a proprietary driver for an intel card00:56
rskseight: no00:56
seighti didn't think so00:56
btnxhow can i find our if my java version's > 1.60 ?00:57
GodfatherofEireSay, where would I put the firefox folder (used the version from mozilla, not the one in the repos)00:57
techieare there still repo's for xubbunt/ubunti 6.10 PPC?00:57
karandeos anyone know how to veiw or add my zune files in ubuntu??00:57
End_of_Eva-linuxwhats the quickest way to see how much ram is being used00:58
Bob_Dolexubbunt, ubunti? What are those? are they variations of Xubuntu and Ubuntu?00:58
alerondoes anybody know how to install a file from source00:58
Bob_Doleor can you just not spell.00:58
techieBob_Dole, was a typo, im typing on my desktop with my lappy on my lap... so my arms are around the sides of its LCD00:58
karancan someone help me?00:59
the_madmanseight: sorry, I'm multi-tasking a bit.00:59
DarkwingDuck!ask | karan00:59
ubottukaran: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:59
pythagEnd of Eva: type "top" at the shell00:59
scunizikaran: good luck with the zune00:59
ctmjrEnd_of_Eva-linux: type free00:59
BlackbirdWell, maybe by midnight I'll be able to ask you guys how to actually install.00:59
karanhow do i view the files?01:00
the_madmanseight: The main difference is the UI, but I think there's also differences in defaults for screens and such.01:00
odie5533What type of sharing protocol is there for Linux <-> Linux sharing?01:00
the_madmanseight: because obviously, netbooks are not notebooks.01:00
Bob_DoleNFS and Samba, odie5533.01:00
scuniziodie5533: how do you mean.. over the internet or in a LAN01:01
bzrkodie5533: about 1000000000 types01:01
ShapeShifter499I really need some help01:01
neodragonhow do I tell ubuntu 9.04 to use the ath9k driver instead of the ath5k driver for my atheros chipset?01:02
gOLDfeeshI had a question about installing KDE apps in Gnome.. I've been told they don't integrate very well. I was thinking of installed Kdenlive01:03
odie5533bzrk: To narrow it down, something comparable to Samba, but actually designed for linux.01:03
scuniziodie5533: go to places > Network and see if you can find the other machine you're looking for01:03
scuniziodie5533: should take care of itself01:03
seightright, but will a the netbook dist work on my laptop01:03
Bob_Doleodie5533, NFS is common amongst UNIXes and unix like OSs01:03
Bob_Dolesuch as linux*01:03
seighti'm running a 64 bit machine01:03
bzrkodie5533: i mostly use sshfs01:04
DarkwingDuckkaran: I am sorry but, Microsoft doesn't like to play with others very well. At this time there is no documentation about Zune for Ubuntu.01:04
sheriihi people01:04
bzrkodie5533: it mainly depends on what environment you use it in and what you want it to do01:04
DarkwingDuckShapeShifter499: What is your problem?01:05
sebsebseb!hi |  sherii01:05
ubottusherii: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!01:05
karanthat sucks..01:05
seightactually, the url you gave earlier looks good.... I'll just study it some more,... thankx!01:05
DarkwingDuckkaran: It's a microsoft thing.01:05
sebsebsebkaran: what does?01:05
bzrksebsebseb: he bought a zune01:05
GodfatherofEireI thought the Zune used the MTP protocol?01:05
karani cant view my zunes files on ubuntu01:05
karani was able to view the files a few days ago01:06
karanbut now i cant for some reason LS01:06
sebsebsebbzrk: ah yes I know,   I tried to help them yesterday and saw stuff earlier,  and they are thinking about buying a nano,  and  karan might be a she01:06
sebsebsebkaran: as I  told you yesterday/lastnight   Microsoft and Apple don't make their products for Linux01:06
karanno this is the zune i want to sell01:06
karani havnt baught the nano yet01:06
GodfatherofEiresebsebseb, doesn't the Zune use the MTP protocol?01:07
sebsebsebkaran: ok the zune you want to sell what about it?01:07
sebsebsebGodfatherofEire: I don't know01:07
karani just wanna know how to view or edit the files in ubuntu01:07
sebsebsebGodfatherofEire: in fact I don't even know what the MTP prtocal is01:07
ultramarinheccrbq zpsr ight[fy01:07
=== NorwayGeek is now known as NorwayGeek|Away
ultramarinрусский яз шпрехан01:07
=== croddy_ is now known as croddy
ShapeShifter499good buy01:07
GodfatherofEiresebsebseb, Media Transfer Protocol, its what the ZEN uses and I believe what the Zune uses as well01:07
sebsebsebkaran: Zune won't work well with Ubuntu, but you said it worked before hmm01:08
GodfatherofEire!ru | ultramarin01:08
ubottuultramarin: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke01:08
GodfatherofEirekaran: have you tried using rhythmbox to view them?01:08
sebsebsebkaran: if you have a Windows CD/DVD  you could Virtual machien it, and then use your Zune in your VM  I expect01:09
BlackbirdShould work, I believe.01:09
karanmy graphics card is pretty old01:09
Roastedhas anybody used gadmin samba01:09
neodragonI have an hp compaq cq6-215dx laptop with an atheros wireless card. I had to reinstall 9.04 on it and I did have it working before, but I don't remember how?01:09
sebsebsebkaran: ok that probably won't really matter as such for a VM,  the amount of RAM you have will though01:10
GodfatherofEirekaran: also, if Rhythmbox doesnt recognize the Zune, make sure that the MTP protocols are enabled.01:10
karanhow do i enable the?01:10
bzrkkaran: http://www.zuneboards.com/forums/zune-hacks-mods/2772-zune-linux-progress-2.html01:10
GodfatherofEirekaran: Edit->Plugins, and make sure that The MTP box is checked, then re-connect the Zune01:11
bzrkkaran: i guess you will have to recompile amarok for that or use gnomad2 if the zune really uses mtp01:11
zebastiansebsebseb: hello01:11
pythagneodragon on my atheros card i had to install the jaunty backports and load a different kernal01:11
sebsebsebzebastian: Hello01:11
karani just installed qlix01:12
zebastiansebsebseb: can you give me your opinion on this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoboLinux01:12
zebastianthe basic description01:12
neodragonI seem to remember something about having to load the ath9k driver and disabling the ath5k driver, but I don't remember how?01:13
pythagdid you try modprobe01:13
sebsebsebzebastian: hardly anyone uses that01:13
zebastiansebsebseb: what about the ideas proposed as premise?01:14
zebastianthats what i'm interested in hearing your opinion abotu01:14
Bob_DoleGoboLinux, the one with the funny hierarchy?01:14
sebsebseb!ot |  zebastian01:14
ubottuzebastian: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:14
techieare there any repo's for powerpc ubuntu 6.10 still active?01:15
sebsebsebtechie: probaby not01:15
karanhow can u partition liux to dual boot with 2 harddrive bay?01:15
sebsebsebkaran: dual boot what Windows?01:15
karandual boot with windows xp01:15
sebsebsebkaran: Why for the Zune?01:15
karanim getting my ibm t42p fixed01:15
sebsebsebkaran: Why then?  and with enough RAM, virtual machine it :)01:15
flippoZunes can "squirt"01:15
clearscreenhttp://img3.imageshack.us/img3/4582/doinitwrong.jpg anyone recognize that rss tracker at the bottom?01:17
[hello everyone!!01:18
dellyclearscreen: conky ?01:18
=== [ is now known as Guest56393
Guest56393somebody know about python?01:19
the_madmanGuest56393: Ouch! Some of us were trying to sleep >.<'01:19
clearscreendelly: the bar at the bottom is probably conky, but i'm not so sure about the rss tracker01:19
durtGuest56393, #python01:19
dellyclearscreen: does not conky have a buildt in rss?01:19
=== rudiidur is now known as purplesheep
RoastedHEY. Has anybody used gadmin samba, cause it just completely f00ked my samba setup01:20
=== Guest56393 is now known as qp
lsdsi need help i installed ssh on my router now i want to access it from out side my network how i do this it keeps blocking everything. =(01:20
hikenboothow do i import keys meant for ubuntu on centos so i can do a debmirror01:21
RoastedHEY! Anybody use gadmin samba? thx01:22
BlackbirdAlright. So, what would be better? To leave the space I intend to turn into an EXT3 partition as pure free space, or create a dummy FAT partition?01:23
the_madmanBlackbird: Free space, methinks.01:24
ProhibitedUsing OpenDNS, I'm unable to visit a website due to the name servers failing. Can anyone help?01:24
ProhibitedI can connect to the website using a proxy but not with OpenDNS.01:24
Blackbird70/30 scheme. Once I'm done with that and create one big 300 GB EXT3 partition, I set 2 GB of that as swapfile, 5 GB on /home, and the rest in /01:25
ProhibitedIt's quiet. Too quiet.01:26
gwildorBlackbird, 293gig / but only 5gig /home ?01:26
BlackbirdEr. I was meaning to ask how much to set in home, actually.01:26
bastidrazorBlackbird: / needs to be 10 or so01:26
ProhibitedUsing OpenDNS, I'm unable to visit a website due to the name servers failing. Can anyone help?01:26
BlackbirdAt least, or?01:26
bastidrazorBlackbird: at least 10GB for /01:27
BlackbirdAnd if I have 300 GB in /, how much would I need in /home?01:27
=== W_McL_ is now known as W_McL
Blackbird...Look. I have a 300 GB partition. I dedicate 2 GB to swap file. How much in / and /home? That's all I'm asking.01:28
LymI fucked up my /etc/apache2 directory and I need the default one back, how do i do that? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't work01:28
jribLym: purge and install the package responsible for it (hint: dpkg -S)01:29
neodragonok I removed the ath5k drivers with 'modprobe -r ath5k and now when I type 'insmod ath9k' it gives me the error 'no such file or directory'?01:29
bastidrazorBlackbird: i would use 15GB for / and the rest in /home .. you never know how many applications you'll decide to install .. i keep a 15GB / on all my ubuntu installs01:30
BlackbirdOh, so...Sorry, I was reading it backwards01:31
BlackbirdI was thinking that /home was the apps folder and / the rest; messed up big time.01:31
ProhibitedI need to restart my computer and I'm updating to 8.04. That's annoying.01:31
bastidrazorBlackbird: /home is where the settings for the programs go.. your personal settings01:32
chowderBlackbird: /home is where personal data and some config files live01:32
Lymjrib, it says its libapachemod-php5 but I already removed it, how do you purge it?01:32
BlackbirdI got them messed up. I'm kind of new at this. Well, now to create an EXT3 partition with GParted, then see if I can install...01:32
GodfatherofEireYeah, I messed up somethin with my boot config01:33
chowderGodfatherofEire: pastebin your menu.lst01:34
chowderits located in /boot/grub/menu.lst01:35
bin1010My friend just installed ubuntu, is there a tar I can make of my software sources and ppa keys to put on his machine.  I have the deb lines, but he gets errors because of the keys.....help01:35
chowderbin1010: why not just have him install the same software from the repos?01:35
GodfatherofEireudevadm trigger not permitted while udev is unconfigured // /dev/disk/by-uuid/44d0be02-ee5e-498b-ace5-c8df277604bb does not exist, dropping to shell01:35
GodfatherofEireAnd now I'm at an initramfs prompt01:35
bin1010some of its not there... or really old01:35
chowderbin1010: look into a program called apt-on-cd01:36
chowderI think that might be what you're looking for01:36
chowderGodfatherofEire: that's odd. Is that a fresh install?01:36
GodfatherofEirechowder, also, I cant even access the menu.lst with that specific kernel or even the recovery mode thereof01:36
GodfatherofEirechowder, no01:36
chowderGodfatherofEire: any recent updates or changes?01:37
GodfatherofEireit does however work on a different kernel01:37
GodfatherofEirechowder, yes01:37
chowderGodfatherofEire: why not just use that other kernel?01:37
GodfatherofEirechowder: 2.6.28-3-rt is the one that works, I'm guessing thats a tad outdated though?01:38
lsdsi can't access my self outside my home network , think might be iptabels could someone have a look though them http://pastebin.com/m7b3e3705 ?01:38
neodragonaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I am trying to insert the ath9k driver module and it is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01:38
chowderGodfatherofEire: that's not that old01:38
chowderGodfatherofEire: try posting on the forums or google "udevadm trigger not permitted while udev is unconfigured"01:39
triniumhello word01:39
muni have a quad core machine and top's CPU column for the top 10 processes only add up to < 30%. so it's 30%/400% as the column isn't normalised. however, htop's indicator for each core is: 61%,41%,5%,9%01:39
GodfatherofEirenot that old, but there have been quite a few kernel updates since then?01:39
munand according to system monitor, it's about 30%/100%01:39
munwhy the discrepancy?01:39
neodragonI don't understand I could have sworn that when I install 9.04 the first time the wireless worked ootb, but not it isn't, what gives?01:40
=== Nightw0lf is now known as Nightwolf
danMy system hangs during first boot..... sonething times out....01:40
danI'm a Linux newbie...01:41
chowderdan: any error messages?01:41
dantask hid2hci:2518 blocked for more than 120 secs01:42
chowderGodfatherofEire: you can find out all you need to know about the linux kernel at kernel.org01:42
Leebierhi, i have a partioning question, i am migrating over from Fedora (will do a clean install) but have a LVM setup on Fedora an would like to keep it on my Ubuntu install, formatting all the partitions fresh except one (with a bunch of media files on it), how do i do this ?01:45
squircleLeebier: If you use the alternate install CD, you can keep all your LVM configuration01:46
scuniziLeebier: lvm is only available on the "alternate" install cd.. not the desktop cd01:46
squircle!lvm | Leebier01:46
ubottuLeebier: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:46
Leebierah, i think i skimmed over the difference between the two CDs, a poor choice it seems :)01:47
Leebierlet me back up a sec, is there a better/easier way to keep my media "partition"?01:48
inx-liveAnyone know of a console bible study app?01:48
neodragonwhat is the corrct syntax for inserting a module into the kernel in 9.0401:48
squircleLeebier: not really01:48
chowderLeebier: you can keep any partition as long as it doesn't have any special config files in it that might confuse Ubuntu01:48
squircleneodragon: sudo modprobe module01:48
chowderLeebier: Gparted01:48
Leebierchowder, the issue is that the ubuntu installer is seeing the entier drive as one partition01:49
ServalOMG, Yay!! Finnally fullscreen youtube! I love you guys, thank you ubuntu devs!01:49
chowderoooh, because of the LVM thing?01:49
squircleLeebier and chowder, i recommend PartedMagic, an "updated GParted" which actually supports LVM and more filesystems01:49
squirclebut Leebier, the easiest way to do it is just booting the alternate CD, and selecting manual partitioning01:49
squirclethat's how I did it01:49
MindSparkhi, can someone tell me why the packages   linux-backports-modules-karmic linux-backports-modules-karmic-generic are kept back when upgrading ?01:50
neodragonsquircle: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : )01:50
squircleMindSpark: are you upgrading to karmic?01:50
squircleno problem neodragon01:50
neodragonsquircle: that worked01:50
MindSparksquircle, I've upgraded some time ago already, but I need to upgrade these packages01:50
neodragonI know what I had to do I just could not seem to get the syntax right, thanks alot01:51
magikidIs there a way to customize the notifications in Jaunty?01:51
squircleMindSpark: well, the backports aren't installed (or used) unless you need them, so my guess is just that your computer doesn't need the kernel backports01:51
squircleMindSpark: most don't.01:51
MindSparksquircle, I am running an eee which needs the wlan module. I did this on jaunty, and now I need this on karmic to get wifi01:52
neodragonsquircle: is there anything I have to do to make it load that module at boot from now on?01:53
Guest53884hey room01:54
squircleMindSpark: try sudo apt-get -f upgrade <package>01:54
demonsporkmount.ntfs-3g ranomly spikes to 30-50% CPU usage and stays there until I reboot. I only have one partition currently mounted using ntfs-3g, and it keeps using that much CPU even after I unmount the partition. How do I prevent ntfs-3g from doing this to me?01:54
BlackbirdOh god. Did I do something wrong? After using some 4 GB for swap file, the type of the partition changeds to "swap", and now it takes an eternity to do any further partitions.01:54
squircleneodragon: yes, there is, gimme a sec01:54
demonspork!hi | Guest01:54
ubottuGuest: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!01:54
MindSparksquircle, ok, thanks01:54
Blackbird...actually, scratch what I said.01:54
BlackbirdIt's fine.01:54
demonspork!hi | Guest5388401:54
ubottuGuest53884: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!01:54
DevrethmanHow do I make it so that when X dies or I hit ctrl-alt-F<1-6> I get a console rather than an empty screen of nothingness and despair?01:54
inx-liveDevrethman: not anything?01:55
DevrethmanBecause right now, I definitely get nothingness and despair01:55
demonsporkDevrethman, it should give you a console, means something is wrong if it doesn't01:56
DevrethmanI screwed up Xorg.conf a bit ago01:56
demonsporkDevrethman, delete Xorg.conf and make a new one if it is messed up01:56
DevrethmanNow it's working apparently, I restored the default xorg.conf.01:56
inx-liveDevrethman: Ctrl + Alt +F1 doesn't give you a console?01:56
Leebierthanks for all the responses, but i'm going to admit i'm confused, what is the difference between the regular and the alternate CDs (assuming for the moment I want to actually install it, so I don't want to Live CD, or am i missing some cool idea of the LiveCD?)01:56
DevrethmanIt does now, but it didn't when it was in low-graphics mode.01:56
ownz0rjoo:) Afternoon all01:57
BlackbirdNight, you.01:57
Devrethmanand the reason it was messed up was cause I spelled "driver" wrong. That's much easier to fix with nano.01:57
demonsporkLeebier, the LiveCD includes the installer01:57
squircleneodragon: just add the module to the end of /etc/modules01:57
Devrethmanbut I couldn't get to a console. It was always just black.01:57
inx-liveLeebier: have you run ubuntu live cd?01:57
neodragonsquircle: thanks again you are a life saver01:57
max10ciao a tutti01:57
MindSparksquircle, linux-backports-modules-karmic: Depends: linux-backports-modules-karmic-generic (= but is to be installed01:57
RickZillaWhat should the extension be for a key file in software sources?01:57
DevrethmanAlso, is ctrl-alt-backspace not working a byproduct of my mac keyboard or is that something that ubuntu has diabled?01:58
squircle!it | max1001:58
ubottumax10: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)01:58
Leebieri have not, i am frustrated with my Fedora (mythdora, actually) situation and thinking that the mythbuntu option could be the way to go, until this very moment, all i knew of ubuntu was anecdotal01:58
squircleDevrethman: I can ctrl-alt-backspace on my mac fine01:58
cllaudyuhello, i have a problem with ubuntu 9.04 instalation cd! everytime i try to install it says cpu was stuck for 60 secconds and i have to restart te computer every time! please help01:58
squircleMindSpark: how long ago did you do an apt-get update?01:58
BlackbirdUh...huh. So I just did a 15 GB partition for /, thus making the rest of it free space. So I mount the rest in /home (along with some 4ish GB of swap space), and set the partition type as "Primary", yes?01:58
DevrethmanSquircle: It's supposed to kill X, but it seems to do nothing. I was wondering if it's cause macs have the backspace laveled as "delete" and are different somehow.01:59
MindSparksquircle, a couple of hours ago01:59
inx-livemax10: you know Steve Holy?01:59
squircleDevrethman: no, the key is still the same just the label is different; it's still "backspace"01:59
=== cllaudyu is now known as shaytan
Devrethmansquircle: That's what I figured. Any idea why it doesn't work then?01:59
RickZillaWhat should the extension be for a key file in software sources?02:00
squircleMindSpark: it looks like the older version is pending to be installed...02:00
squircleDevrethman: what version are you using?02:00
Devrethmanversion of what?02:00
WolterRickZilla, gpg i think02:00
MindSparksquircle, what does that mean ?02:00
WolterRickZilla, it doesn't matter, the extension02:00
MindSparksquircle, what do I need to do02:00
neodragonsquircle: thanks again, gotta run!02:00
squircleno problem neodragon02:00
RickZillaWolter: Just save the text to a file and import it?02:01
inx-liveDevrethman: what version of Ubuntu?  Jaunty?02:01
squircle!hi | max1002:01
ubottumax10: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:01
max10some one can help me?02:01
squircle!ask | max1002:01
ubottumax10: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:01
Wolteror better yet, take this script from me02:01
RickZillaWolter, k, thanks I'll try that02:01
Wolteri'll post it02:01
squircleMindSpark: well, from the message, it looks like the older version is pending an install...02:01
max10i'm xchat 0.26.102:01
Devrethmaninx-live: Yeah, or so says my sources.lst02:01
BlackbirdSo, can I have an answer? I already mounted 15 gigs in /, and now I mount the rest of the partition in /home. Partition type should be Primary, yes?02:01
squircleMindSpark: what happens if you do 'sudo aptitude safe-upgrade'?02:01
squircleMindSpark: does it show packages to be upgraded?02:01
squircleBlackbird: ideally, yes.02:02
magikidBlackbird: should be02:02
MindSparksquircle, The following packages have been kept back:02:02
MindSpark  linux-backports-modules-karmic linux-backports-modules-karmic-generic02:02
BlackbirdGood. Now I set 4 GB-ish as swap file, and I can bloody install already.02:02
MindSpark0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 2 not upgraded.02:02
max10when i ask a file,start the  download, but it dont move to 0%02:02
WolterRickZilla, http://paste.ubuntu.com/279183/02:02
Woltersave that in your bin directory02:02
Devrethmanbrb, reboot02:02
Wolterand you'll be able to add every key by runing woxe-addkey ERF234R in the console (where the weird code is the key)02:03
squircleMindSpark: don't actually say "yes", but what happens if you do 'sudo aptitude dist-upgrade'?02:03
WolterRickZilla, note that the script needs no extension and has to be stored under ~/bin/woxe-addkey02:03
MindSparksquircle, it looks like the packages are somehow broken02:04
MindSparkand it seems like aptitude is better than apt-get at resolving these issues02:04
squircleMindSpark: ideally, you want to use aptitude as much as possible instead of apt-get02:04
MindSparkI am trying out aptitude install02:04
MindSparkand it sort of found out that the packages need to be reinstalled02:04
RickZillaWolter, thanks...I probably need to read up how to do that.  I was under the impression I could just manually install a key file from Software Sources itself02:05
WolterRickZilla, ok, however you prefer02:05
squircleMindSpark: may i PM you to prevent the channel from being flooded?02:05
MindSparksquircle, sure, no need to ask02:05
Prohibited10 minutes til upgrade from 8.10 -> 9.04 will be complete.02:06
squircleProhibited: yay!02:06
WolterProhibited, you've waited quite a while to upgrade huh02:06
Prohibitedtaking like 40 minutes02:07
Prohibitedmy computers slow :(02:07
Prohibitedat least the download from nz.archive.ubuntu.com goes at like 500kb/s02:08
=== pleed_ is now known as pleed
Prohibitedmust faster than other website =)02:08
ProhibitedoO it updated firefox02:08
squircleProhibited: what I do when i get it booted is I fire up nano, and replace all the http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com with my local mirror, ftp://ubuntu.mirror.iweb.ca.02:09
squircleProhibited: if you google ubuntu mirrors and find one locally, it should be plenty fast02:09
Prohibitedit automatically chooses a New Zealand mirror :)02:09
shellsage-workAny ideas why my root cron jobs are not running?  In /var/log/syslog I'm getting CRON[2360]: Failure setting user credentials02:10
ProhibitedI've changed my DNS settings in the /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf file, when I go to my mum's house (I take my laptop between my mum and dad's house) will I have to edit the dhclient.conf file again and change the DNS settings?02:10
ProhibitedI can't use OpenDNS because it doesn't let me access a free webhosting account that I hav..02:10
ProhibitedAbout 6 minutes remaining...02:12
hikenbootwhats the ubuntu ports.ubuntu.com gpg key paths?02:12
hikenbootfor powerpc02:12
=== magnesium is now known as nicklist
=== nicklist is now known as Magnesium
Prohibitedwow that's really annoying02:13
Prohibitedwhen I'm updating it asks me if I want to replace some of the config files02:14
Prohibitedit hanged the upgrade because I didn't see that =p02:14
RoastedIs anybody here a genius with samba? I cant troubleshoot this user account error Im having and its driving me insane.02:15
squircleRoasted: ask, and we'll see how we can help02:15
magikidWhat partitions do you have for Ubuntu and what sizes?02:16
ProhibitedWhat is a good FTP program?02:16
RoastedSAMBA ISSUE - I have 4 samba accounts. They were working fine. I tried out this gui app to manage samba called gadmin-samba. After that, my account stopped working and I have no idea why. I decided to uninstall gadmin-samba and I pulled my backup smb.conf from last month which worked fine. As expected, all of the users could get in - but me. Whenever I try to connect, it just keeps prompting me for my lgoin credentials. My account fl02:16
Roastedat out doesnt work. I added a bogus account with my exact same permissions and it worked - yet mine doesnt. I deleted it, readded, changed password, rebooted 84392 times. WTF happened?02:16
flippoI like the ftp client known as "ftp"02:16
rleeAnyone know if of a smaller alternative than bind9 to create a dns server just for a local network?02:17
Prohibitedsame, but moving on from that02:17
magikidProhibited: I like Filezilla FTP02:17
Prohibitedthere is a Linux version for Filezilla?02:17
magikidYeah, it should be in the repos02:17
ProhibitedIthanks, didn't know that.02:17
squircleProhibited: I like filezilla02:17
squircleRoasted: try 'sudo smbpasswd -a roasted' replacing roasted with your username02:17
squircleProhibited: yes.02:17
Roastedsquircle - I did.. :(02:18
zebastiancan someone point me towards the current swiftweasel repository, i can't seem to find it and when i entered the one from this page it didn't work http://www.wesayso.ca/software/swiftweasel-on-ubuntu-80402:18
squircleRoasted: just smbpasswd without being root?02:18
Prohibited1586 = 64 bit version?02:19
magikidProhibited: If you don't see it in the repos, http://bit.ly/vN7qd is the tarball02:19
Roastedoh no - I used root....02:19
rleenm found it... dnsmasq can be configured for local lan02:19
Roastedsquircle - I ran smbpasswd -e jason, which is for enable. Iw onder if I got disabled?? Testing now...02:20
Roastedsquircle - no dice on the -e idea. Any idea?02:20
squircleRoasted: have you checked the logs?02:20
magikidI'm installing Jaunty and I'm thinking 10GB /, 6GB /usr, 1GB /tmp, 1GB Swap, and the rest /home.  Any suggestions?02:21
Prohibitedif I change the DNS settings Networking, <name of the connection>, will it be affected by the settings in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf02:21
Roastedsquircle - where are the logs locateD?02:21
Prohibitedor will the dhclient.conf file override the network settings02:21
squircleRoasted: can you paste the output of 'cat /var/log/samba' to a pastebin?02:21
sebsebsebmagikid: 10GB  /    and big seperate /home02:21
sebsebsebmagikid: everything goes into / by default02:22
Roastedwhats the pastebin link?02:22
sebsebseb!pastebin >  Roasted02:22
ubottuRoasted, please see my private message02:22
zebastiansebsebseb: do you know what the current repo for swiftweasel is?02:22
magikidsebsebseb: I don't understand02:22
Roasted/var/log/samba is a directory.02:23
Prohibitedsudo apt-get install filezilla = win02:23
sebsebsebmagikid: by default  everything /home and /usr and all that goes into  /02:23
sebsebsebmagikid: and a swap is made as well02:23
squircleProhibited: sudo aptitude install filezilla = more win02:23
Prohibiteddifference being?02:23
sebsebsebzebastian: I don't think there is one02:23
magikidsebsebseb: unless I set them up as different partitions mounted at boot02:23
kn1i'm having problems getting my motion eye webcam on my vaio laptop working correctly, anyone have any experience?02:23
squircleProhibited: aptitude is generally better than apt-get02:23
Prohibitedhow come?02:23
sebsebsebmagikid: unless you set up the partitions yourself when installing Ubuntu sure02:23
squircle!webcam | kn102:24
ubottukn1: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:24
sebsebsebmagikid: and really all you need is a /  with  maybe  a seperate /home as well02:24
magikidsebsebseb: ok02:24
sebsebsebmagikid: and  a swap space probably02:24
kn1i'll take a look, but i'll be back if it stuff i already looked at ;)02:24
Prohibitedhow does using "aptitude" instead of "apt-get" make it any better?02:24
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer02:24
zebastiansebsebseb: http://download.tuxfamily.org/swiftweasel/swiftweasel-35/3.5.1-tar.gz/  +deb [] /hardy multiverse ?02:24
BlackbirdSigh. Did I fuck up horribly in my partition map? I set 15 GB for /, 3 GB in swap, and the rest in /home, and installed.02:25
BlackbirdDid I fuck up anywhere?02:25
Guest19053can /home be a FAT partition?02:25
FloodBot1Blackbird: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
sebsebseb!language |  Blackbird02:25
ubottuBlackbird: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:25
Pici!language | Blackbird02:25
BlackbirdI picked manual partition setting...02:25
Roastedkindergarten language!02:25
Roastedcause were all children guys!02:25
squircleProhibited: just in general, aptitude has better dependency resolution and stuff02:25
squircleRoasted: don't mock us :(02:25
BlackbirdBecause I really, really needed to get the installer to pick my external, and, well.02:25
Roastedsquircle - var log samba is a directory. How can I cat it to pastebin??02:26
BlackbirdDid I have to create partitions to mount in /usr, /var, etc., or are those created when doing a mountpoint in home?02:26
Prohibitedfor Filezilla, can you change the colour of the text? It is in a really light colour which is hard to read02:26
magikidBlackbird: That sounds like it should come out ok.02:26
BlackbirdI have no idea what I'm doing.02:26
udoprogk, ubuntu is switching to using upstart scripts in karmic, the only thing i can't figure out is - how do i disable services? i'm trying to prevent network-manager from running by default, and i preferably do not want to edit an /etc/init script. Any suggestions?02:26
BlackbirdI'll restart and see if I can get it to run.02:26
squirclesorry Roasted, it should be /var/log/samba/log.smbd02:27
ProhibitedAnyway... rebooting after installing 9.0402:27
magikidblackbird: All you actually need is to have a / partition and a swap space02:27
magikidthe rest is just for organization.02:27
BlackbirdOkay. I cannot boot into Ubuntu.02:27
BlackbirdI...can't pick my external as boot point.02:28
=== inx-live is now known as inx-mdg
BlackbirdAt least not from the little boot menu that the Macbook's BIOS gives you.02:28
Roastedsquircle - http://paste.ubuntu.com/279192/02:29
Guest19053Blackbird - install rEFIt02:29
Blackbird...And that should do what?02:29
Guest19053It lets you pick Ubuntu02:29
BlackbirdOh. It's the boot menu.02:29
BlackbirdThank you.02:29
Guest19053it worked for me02:29
ferHi everyone02:31
Prohibitedfor Ubuntu 9.04 is there no option to log in without having to enter a password?02:31
ferIm new in ubuntu02:31
=== Magnesium is now known as magnesium
ownz0rjoofer: welcome to ubuntu :)02:32
Prohibitedwhen I install 8.10 I ticked the box for that feature and now after updating I have to type in my Username / Password again.02:32
BlackbirdProhibited: There...is. Didn't you see the "Log In Automatically" option while installing.02:32
feri was using kde02:32
BlackbirdI swear it was there...02:32
ferfor six years02:32
ProhibitedI ticked the box when I installed02:32
squircle!enter | fer02:32
ubottufer: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:32
Wolterfer, like gnome?02:32
Prohibitedand then I updated to 9.0402:32
ubottufer: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:32
Prohibitedand it doesn't update anymore02:32
The2morrowManProhibited, If you go into the login menu configuration, you can set up an autologin for a particular account.02:32
feris cool and simple02:32
Prohibitedit doesn't automatically log in anymore*02:32
Wolteryes indeed02:33
Prohibitedthe new Human login window looks awesome02:33
shawn_Where is a good online retailer to buy processors for cheap?02:33
The2morrowManWondering if I should use 9.04... or 8.04 LTS... for a server.02:33
magikidshawn_: ebay02:33
sdlwofhttp://pastebin.com/m7604fa93  that's unplugging it and back in on 3 different usb ports.02:33
Prohibitedinstalled NVIDIA graphics drivers02:34
Prohibitedrebooting again :P02:34
The2morrowManAnyone have an opinion on that?02:34
magikidThe2morrowMan: For a server I personally run Debian02:34
squircleThe2morrowMan: depends. on my VPS (which i don't have physical access to), i run 8.04, just so i don't have do dist-upgrade as often. for my local file server, i run 9.04, because i love bleeding-edge.02:35
ferdoes anyone know how can I see the contennt of a kwallet in gnome02:36
Wolterfer what is kwallet for?02:36
_Space_Case_i have a problem i think its firefox cookies? i try to log on to myspace get connection reset error while waiting on secure.myspace.com .. i delete all the cookies then try to conect again. then it times out on waiting on home.myspace.com anybody ever have any issues like that?02:36
The2morrowManmagikid, Why Debian? Just curious as to your thoughts.02:36
feris like gnome-keyring i think02:36
squirclefer: you can just run kwallet, it works in GNOME. 99.9% of KDE apps will work in GNOME02:36
feris the place were you put your passwords in kde02:36
udoprogk, having some problems with per-user pulseaudio, doesn't work very well under karmic02:37
udoprogit seems to be configured for system wide by default02:37
feri want to import this info to gnome02:37
powerjucehello all02:37
Wolterhey jack lalane02:37
squircle!hi | powerjuce02:37
ubottupowerjuce: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:37
powerjucei was wondering is a way to record the line into audacity, or any recording program02:37
ferok thanks squircle02:38
Roastedsquircle - no idea?02:38
magikidfer: There's really no where to import the data to in gnome by default.02:38
squirclepowerjuce: I know you can do it on Audacity on Windows, but i dunno on linux02:38
squircleRoasted: sorry, did you paste the link?02:38
Wolterpowerjuce, of course there is, try Applications > Sound & Video > Sound Recorder02:38
ferah ook02:38
squircleRoasted: it must've totally passed me; sorry02:38
Roastedsquircle - http://paste.ubuntu.com/279192/02:38
magikidfer: like squircle said, you can just install kwallet in gnome02:38
powerjuceWolter i tried that it does not work02:39
feri have to investigate02:39
squircleRoasted: found it.02:39
Wolterpowerjuce, well you have to do some adjustments sometimes... what computer are you using?02:39
ferok, but i m trying to not use it anymore02:39
fergnome/keyrings is good?02:39
Wolterfer, it suits my needs02:40
RHorsepowerjuce if you have a stereo mic input you could try recording from that.02:40
Roastedsquircle - you found the problem?02:40
squircleRoasted: i found the link :)02:40
ferok, wolter02:40
powerjucewolter i am using ubuntu02:40
squircleRoasted: can you also paste your log.<sharename>?02:40
ferand what is the best chat program in gnome?02:40
Wolterpowerjuce, yeah but what computer?02:40
Wolterfer, pidgin02:41
powerjuceit is a hp pavilion a1712n02:41
Wolterfer, xchat is only irc02:41
magikidfer: xchat for irc02:41
fercan i use pidgin for IRC?02:41
Wolterpowerjuce, did you google it already?02:41
powerjuceyea, i have been on google all night02:41
Wolterfer, you can, but I would use xchat for irc02:41
magikidfer: you can but xchat is a lot more customizable for irc02:41
Prohibitedyeah... ubuntu has a broken driver as one of their packages02:41
Wolterpowerjuce, haha02:41
=== Updated is now known as Fer
ProhibitedI had to run the ubuntu recovery thing to fix it02:42
_Space_Case_i have a problem i think its firefox cookies? i try to log on to myspace get connection reset error while waiting on secure.myspace.com .. i delete all the cookies then try to connect again. then it times out on waiting on home.myspace.com anybody ever have any issues like that?02:42
demonsporkLeebier, the LiveCD includes the installer02:42
Roastedsquircle - where would it be located at?02:42
demonsporkmount.ntfs-3g ranomly spikes to 30-50% CPU usage and stays there until I reboot. I only have one partition currently mounted using ntfs-3g, and it keeps using that much CPU even after I unmount the partition. How do I prevent ntfs-3g from doing this to me?02:42
magikidfer: although for the commandline, I do like bitchx02:42
squircleRoasted: same directory; /var/log/samba/log.<sharename>02:42
_Space_Case_i dont think its the network cause i can conect with my windoze computer02:42
fer_xchat is the best?02:42
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:42
Roastedsquircle - I'm trying that with log.jason and it says no share name...02:43
squircleRoasted: is your share called jason?02:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about money02:43
Roastedsquircle - yes02:43
magikidBestBot rocks! I had no idea that was there.02:43
Wolterpowerjuce, i had to do this in my file: File > Open Volume Control > Options > Digital Input Source > Digital Mic 102:44
Roastedsquircle - my samba share is my home directory, every one elses share is on another SATA drive in my system02:44
ProhibitedI guess ubottu doesn't know anything about money because Ubuntu is free.02:44
powerjuceWolter, i tried everything, but sound recorder refuses to record the line in02:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jesus02:44
Prohibitedand hes not religious02:44
BlackbirdUh. I installed rEFIt on my Mac OS X volume and it doesn't come up when I boot.02:44
BlackbirdDid I do something wrong?02:45
BlackbirdAccording to the page it should be fine...02:45
squircleRoasted: can you paste your smb.conf?02:45
WolterrEFIt Blackbird ?02:45
squircleBlackbird: did you bless rEFIt?02:45
Roastedsquircle - http://paste.ubuntu.com/279201/02:45
dpalaciohi. what is the name of kubuntu's updates notifier applet?02:45
BlackbirdNo. I did not bless it.02:46
magikidTime for a reboot.  Just installed Jaunty!02:46
spursncowboysMy computer mouse froze and when I ran [top] it had iftop at 96-100%. Could this be from me opening up a port?02:46
Guest19053It helps to manually install rEFIt02:46
squircleBlackbird: boot into OS X and open the terminal. go to /efi/refit and run enable-always.sh02:47
squircleRoasted: so, just to get the original problem down again, everyone else can access it, but you can't?02:47
powerjuceWolter anything i can do?02:47
Roastedsquircle - yes. Everybody's account is fine, but mine.02:47
Roastedsquircle - When I fired up gadmin-samba, I was creating a test directory for me to get to know the program, and I remember making an adjustment with me being able to access that directory. I ended up deleting it and uninstalling the program cause it seemed cumbersome, but osmehow it still messed things up for me connectiong to my home directory too.02:48
Roastedsquircle - I just always thought that as long as your smb.conf was okay and you have samba users added, NOTHING could go wrong. But damn, for real? I just dont get how that smb.conf appears to be fine (to me) and yet I have mixed results.02:48
Wolterpowerjuce, couldn't find anything02:49
squircleRoasted: try running 'sudo smbpasswd -x jason' and 'smbpasswd -a jason'02:49
Roastedsquircle - I'll try it again, but I did. I even went as far as to remove jason as a user, reboot, re-add as a user, reboot, and then try to connect again and ti failed.02:50
squircleRoasted: because i can see absolutely no reason why you can't access it... your smb.conf is fine, your logs check out02:50
zebastiani just downloaded swiftweasel from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/swiftweasel/ and then installed it, it is in usr/local/swiftweasel3 but the problem is i can't set a launcher on the avant dock for some reason02:50
squircleRoasted: all I could image is a permissions or user issue02:50
BlackbirdI...cannot run it.02:50
Roastedsquircle - see why Im confused now?02:50
squircleRoasted: i most certainly do :)02:50
Prohibitedfatal error with WoW02:51
zebastianif i go to the menu and then internet and then swiftweasel it loads no problem02:51
magnesiumns STATUS magnesium02:51
MindSparkhi, nm-applet says "device not ready" for my asus eee 1005ha. I am using karmic, can anyone help02:51
GodfatherofEireAnybody know how to get GNUCash to recognize an external deposit?02:51
zebastianis there a way to find a path to the apps on the menu02:51
BlackbirdAlright. Let's see if it works...02:51
Roastedsquircle - thats why I uninstalled gadmin-samba. I thought maybe that program had its fingers in with the smb.conf despite me having it shut off, so I uninstalled it. I even looked for a .gadmin folder to delete it if it was in my home dir but it wasnt.02:51
Wolterzebastian, what do you mean?02:52
RHorseMindSpark what wireless chip?02:52
BlackbirdHaha! It works. Wonderful. Thank you.02:52
jebbluezebastian: System | Preferences | Main Menu ?02:52
Blackbird...oh god. "GRUB Hard Disk Error"02:52
zebastianWolter, i mean, clearly the menu entry does work so i want to find out a pth to that entry02:52
BlackbirdWhere did I go wrong this time?02:52
MindSparkRHorse, atheros ar928502:52
Wolterzebastian, right click the menu and hit edit, then look for the item you want and go under properties02:53
squircleRoasted: when you removed jason as a local user, it may not have removed it from the samba passwords database...02:53
squircleRoasted: just a shot in the dar02:53
seidos2d performance with intel 965/960 unsatisfactory?02:53
squircleRoasted: if the smbpasswd -x doesn't work...02:53
zebastianbloody worked02:54
BlackbirdrEFIt works, but...Ubuntu, not so much.02:54
zebastianWolter: jebblue thank you02:54
Roastedsquircle - that kind of makes sense. From XP when I log in as jason/regularpassword, it goes to the next screen where I see the shares. When I click on my share, it prompts me again. It's as if it's asking me to log in as a user who has actual permissions. Thats what happens when curt tries to log into tylers share, cause hes not a valid user.02:54
RHorseMindSpark what does ifconfig/iwconfig show? PM results or pastebin02:55
Roastedsquircle - however, when I set a NEW password to jason and restarted samba services and tried again from XP, it flat otu wouldnt let me past the 1st screen with the new pw. It had to be the old one.02:55
squircleRoasted: btw, force group is deprecated02:55
Roastedsquircle - meaning what?02:55
squircleRoasted: it'll be removed in Samba402:55
squircleRoasted: not a pressing issue02:55
Roastedsquircle - I can work around that. I can just assign the user as the group for the share they own.02:55
Wolterzebastian, no problem02:55
squircle!hi | Umeaboy02:55
ubottuUmeaboy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:55
UmeaboyAnybody using both Ubuntu & Mandriva here?02:56
Roastedsquircle - actually I lied, I need force group... I need force group for my public share...02:56
Roastedsquircle - I ran force group cuase I didnt want 777 permissions on my public folder, I wanted 775, so I added everybody to the group and pushed that down instead.02:56
squircleRoasted: you can put the create and directory masks under the one share heading and it'll apply only to that share02:57
squircleRoasted: what happens if you change valid users = jason to valid users = %S02:57
squircleRoasted: under the Jason share02:57
UmeaboyI have installed Ubuntu 9.04 on a 300 GB HDD.02:57
Roastedsquircle - I want the masks to apply to all shares. If I leave them where theyre at I assume theyll hit public too. Let me try the %S thing...02:58
MindSparkRHorse, sorry, it's on the other computer, ifconfig doesn't show anything regarding wlan0 and iwconfig shows wlan0 without problems02:58
EricTheHaxi installed custom cursors and they only show up in firefox02:58
Umeaboysda5's size is 296 GB.02:58
EricTheHaxholy s***02:59
EricTheHaxthats huge02:59
Roastedsquircle - same problem.02:59
UmeaboyWell I used the Live-CD when I installed.02:59
IdleOneUmeaboy: how much is mandriva got?02:59
BlackbirdOkay. I tried to boot Ubuntu, and I get a GRUB Hard Disk Error.02:59
jebblueEricTheHax: i have two 500 and will have a 1 TB soon02:59
RHorseMindSpark nothing about ath0? Do you also have a ethernet hooked into it?02:59
BlackbirdAfter doing an install I expect was proper.02:59
UmeaboyI'm trying to install Mandriva on the side of Ubuntu.02:59
BlackbirdWhat did I do wrong?02:59
squircleRoasted: i guess that pretty much exhausts my knowledge of samba...03:00
squircleRoasted: maybe if you post in the forums somebody else may be more knowledgeable, but I don't know what else it could be.03:00
IdleOneUmeaboy: your going to want to give 10Gig minimum to Mandriva. use Gparted to partition03:00
squircleRoasted: so so sorry :(03:00
EricTheHaxso..... anyone know how to fix this: I installed custom cursors through the appearance menu and they only seem to show up in firefox.03:00
Roastedsquircle - I did post. Hoping someone answers.03:00
Roastedsquircle - when does smaba 4 come out?03:01
squircleRoasted: samba4 is an optional install, but it's a complete rewrite of the code03:01
UmeaboyIdleOne: I'm in Mandriva One-CD atm.03:01
squircleRoasted: as to when it will be formally released and take over samba 2... i don't know03:01
squircleRoasted: there'll probably be another way to do what you want to do in samba403:01
Roastedsquircle - I dont understand why they would remove force group though.03:01
IdleOneUmeaboy: #mandriva can help you with the partitioning03:02
squircleRoasted: there's probably just a different way of implementing it03:02
seidosanother way to get at applications that start at bootup aside from system -> preferences?03:02
Blackbird*sigh*. Three hours wasted trying to install an OS that won't even boot.03:02
squircleRoasted: i'm sure they wouldn't remove the functionality03:02
UmeaboyI know. I've already asked.03:02
IdleOneUmeaboy: Good. How can we help you?03:02
EricTheHaxplz help i cant get my custom cursors working correctly03:02
MindSparkRHorse, no, nothing about ath0, I don't have ethernet03:02
Prohibitedhow do I report broken drivers?03:02
Prohibitedthere are broken NVIDIA graphics drivers ><03:03
EricTheHaxtalk to nvidia then?03:03
Prohibited"Tested by Ubuntu devlopers"03:03
Prohibitedliars lol03:03
squircleProhibited: i'm using the most recent ones and they're fine for me... look for an open bug report on launchpad03:03
IdleOne!bug | Prohibited03:03
ubottuProhibited: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots03:03
ProhibitedI'm not using a recent graphcis card lol03:03
jebblueEricTheHax: where did you get them from?03:03
EricTheHaxyeah im usin latest and no prblm03:03
Prohibitednot listening to what i said ;p03:03
EricTheHaxjebblue: gnome-look03:03
squircleProhibited: neither am i ;)03:04
jebblueEricTheHax: give me alink to the ones you installed and I'll try them03:04
Prohibitedthe only graphics driver for Ubuntu that'd work for my graphics card is broken03:04
RHorseMindSpark you can try forcing it to see the device: try the following one at a time, testing refreshing NM after each test: sudo iwconfig ath0; sudo iwconfig ath1; sudo iwconfig wlan0.03:04
scapeman why does this shit have to ajoin this chan03:05
UmeaboyIdlOne: I want to know how much I'm going to set the size of sda5.03:05
squircle!language | scape03:05
ubottuscape: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:05
scapewho coded the gnome end for xchat?03:05
IdleOne!language | scape03:05
demonsporkhow do I move avant-window-navigator to somewhere other than the bottom of my screen03:05
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks03:05
scapewhy not just make a Setup wizard on first run, and let user specify server and chans03:06
EricTheHaxall other cursor packs, custom or default-included, do the same dang thing03:06
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IdleOneUmeaboy: a minimum of 10Gigs for Mandriva03:06
scapewho the fuck wants to hang out in #ubuntu?03:06
=== teste is now known as chispirito
EricTheHaxits stuck default except in firefox03:06
squircle!language | scape03:06
ubottuscape: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:06
lasthopesinyouuwtf is mandriva03:06
IdleOnescape: please stop03:06
Prohibitedabout 1309 people03:06
scapeoh suck it, bots03:06
squirclewe're not bots, scape03:07
lasthopesinyouuwtf is mandriva03:07
Kittykisscape, just leave03:07
IdleOne!ops | scape03:07
ubottuscape: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:07
fer_I can install kwalletmanager and import all my password from kde !!!!03:07
jebblueEricTheHax looks like i have new cursors, black arrow now03:07
fer_thanks all03:07
IdleOnelasthopesinyouu: mandriva is a linux distrobution03:07
scapewell, what if I had a ubuntu 904 question?03:07
Flannelscape: Please mind your language, and respect our channel rules, thanks.03:07
EricTheHaxi dont know why this is happening03:07
squirclescape: please ask it without using derogatory language03:07
lasthopesinyouui only like ubuntu cause of compiz03:07
fer_can anyone recomend me a good mail client for gnome03:07
UmeaboyIdleOne: Yeah, but I want Ubuntu and Mandriva to have equal amount of space.03:07
scapegotta say, I'm impressed with 9.04 but it's only been a week since install03:07
fer_evolution is good?03:07
lasthopesinyouueverything else is hassle after hassle03:07
scapeevolution sucks03:07
squirclefer_: I like Thunderbird03:07
IdleOneUmeaboy: ok then give it 150gig03:08
scapeuse thunderbird03:08
BlackbirdGotta say, I think I'm wasting my time with Ubuntu03:08
jebblueEricTheHax: try switching to another theme then back or try logging out and back in or try tuning off advanced desktop effects (compix)03:08
BlackbirdApparently my BIOS isn't letting me run it.03:08
fer_evolution is not goof?03:08
jebblueEricTheHax: compiz*03:08
scapeubuntu is a huge waste of time, Blackbird03:08
squircle!best | fer_03:08
fer_I think is the defaulrt in gnome\03:08
ubottufer_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:08
LinuX2halfwhats an itunes alternative for ipod touch third generation?03:08
scapebut ubuntu is great for regular windows people03:08
soreaulasthopesinyouu: Compiz will work on any distro of linux that can run an X server and drivers supporting the Texture From Pixmap extension03:08
IdleOnescape: if you want to help please do, if you just want to complain and whine then you can leave03:09
UmeaboyI have to reboot. This Live-CD-installation sux, man.03:09
squirclescape, if you just came here to bash ubuntu, may I suggest you leave?03:09
fer_a, ok03:09
jebbluescape: your wisdom is limited03:09
freedomfistwhere are you all from03:09
lasthopesinyouui think compiz should evolve computers as we know it03:09
scapeI wanna migrate my windows xp people over to this version of ubuntu03:09
ProhibitedEvery time I install these NVIDIA drivers (downloaded from System, Administration, Hardware Drivers) I get graphic errors when i reboot and the only way I can log on is after using the Recovery option and it disables the driver that I just installed.03:09
EricTheHaxi like ubuntu mostly because it supports all my crap right out of fresh install03:09
scapedude, stfu, are you listening?03:09
lasthopesinyouuThere should be up to like 10 different cubes03:09
scapei said ubuntu is great for normal people03:09
lasthopesinyouuthat can flip every which way03:09
lasthopesinyouutouch screen03:09
lasthopesinyouuflip them03:09
Flannelscape: Again, please mind your lanuage.03:09
squircle!language | scape03:09
ubottuscape: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:09
lasthopesinyouupick a screen by double tapping03:09
Prohibitedwhats the ignore command for IRC03:09
bazhangscape, that language is not acceptable03:09
squircletype /ignore scape03:09
FloodBot1lasthopesinyouu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:09
scapeit's an acronym03:09
LinuX2halfis there an itune alternative for ipod touch third generation?03:09
Flannelscape: Obfuscated swearing still is.  Please adjust your attitude if you wish to continue to be in this channel, thanks.03:10
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
EricTheHaxyou expect kids to be here? or just want to keep the word ubuntu meaning something?03:10
scapeare you fucking kidding me? I'm a like-minded linux person, who wanted to suggest changes to a very nice distro (ubuntu)03:10
Strife89LinuX2half: I don't think there is. The latest iPods have some really tough firmware.03:11
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:11
FlannelEricTheHax: there are children here at times, yes.03:11
EricTheHaxhow little?03:11
RHorsei'm only 303:11
Strife89Flannel: That honestly surprises me.03:11
FlannelEricTheHax: It's not really relevant03:11
IdleOneEricTheHax: as young as 9, my son uses ubuntu also03:11
comawhite_I'm only t2o03:11
Kittykisif a kid can use IRC they can deal with swearing imo03:11
Strife89Kids, using Linux? Sure Ubuntu's easy, but....03:12
bazhanglets get on topic please03:12
Kittykisit's not like they don't hear it everywhere else anyway, and it's not like swearing is inherently bad03:12
squircleStrife89: I started when i was 503:12
BlackbirdrEFIt does not work.03:12
squircleBlackbird: how did you install it?03:12
BlackbirdEven loading Windows it gives me a GRUB Hard disk error.03:12
Strife89squircle: Kudos to you, then. :)03:12
BlackbirdUh, I ran the .mpkg from the rEFIt website03:12
AmaranthBlackbird: Did you bless it?03:12
Blackbirdran always-enable.sh03:12
Amaranthalright, yes then03:13
squircleBlackbird: rEFIt won't give you a grub error, grub will give you a grub error03:13
BlackbirdWhile booting Windows?03:13
BlackbirdI wasn't aware I could even GET those.03:13
AmaranthBlackbird: Does windows actually start booting?03:14
LinuX2halfstrife89, firmware? So it need to be hacked in order for it to be compatible with Linux Operating System?03:14
lasthopesinyouuall the time03:14
BlackbirdIt just shows GRUB Hard Disk Error if I do it through rEFIt03:14
BlackbirdIf not, it works perfectly.03:14
BlackbirdOnly thing rEFIt can boot is Mac OS X03:14
AmaranthBlackbird: Sounds like the Ubuntu side of this is working fine then03:14
squircleBlackbird: did you sync the partition tables?03:14
BlackbirdDid I...I believe I did.03:15
AmaranthDunno if there is a place to get rEFIt help or not03:15
hikenbootI have found the proper  Release.gpg key but am getting gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.03:15
Strife89LinuX2half: Sorry if I'm misinformed. :/ I'm under the impression that Apple is using some dirty tricks to keep it a strictly iPod+iTunes deal.03:15
squircleBlackbird: if you need more rEFIt help, PM me03:15
AmaranthLinuX2half: What is the problem? Can't sync your iPod?03:15
squircleBlackbird: i've used it a whole lot03:15
=== nick is now known as Guest64924
squircle!hi | Happehwalrus03:16
ubottuHappehwalrus: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!03:16
LinuX2halfhow about Wine? Is there an way to make itunes run perfectly with it?03:16
hikenbooti do not see a long encrypted digest just a short two line one in the file03:16
Strife89LinuX2half: I'm open to correction.03:16
HappehwalrusI downloaded the .iso, it was 1MB less than supposed to be.03:16
FlannelLinuX2half: I believe most people use virtualization03:16
AmaranthLinuX2half: WINE may be able to run some version of iTunes but it won't be able to sync your iPod or iPhone03:16
Strife89LinuX2half: Last I checked, Wine doesn't run iTunes very well.03:16
AmaranthLinuX2half: For syncing you have to use iTunes on OS X or Windows03:16
jimbeam12hey all03:16
HappehwalrusIt's exactly 698MB, is that fine? -.-03:16
AmaranthHappehwalrus: That looks correct03:16
Strife89Happehwalrus: Check the MD5 if you're nervous.03:17
SagaciHappehwalrus: check the md5sum03:17
Guest64924>>>> FileSharing between my computer (Ubuntu) and my wife's computer (Windows) i installed samba, and everything but i am stuck when editing the  smb.conf  file,  I DO NOT KNOW MY WORKGROUP NAME!!!! how do i find out my workgroup name  HELP! Please ?03:17
Vtecdoes anyone know the terminal command to restart your sound? alsa or w/e?03:17
scuniziGuest64924: windows defaults at "workgroup"03:17
HappehwalrusI burnt it to my disc, put in my no OS computer, nothing?03:17
AmaranthGuest64924: workgroup or mshome03:18
IdleOneHappehwalrus: changed the biod to boot from cd?03:18
Strife89Happehwalrus: Be sure the BIOS is set to boot CDs before the hard drive.03:18
Guest64924scunizi: okay so on the smb.conf file i just leave it as workgroup ?03:18
AmaranthGuest64924: It'll be in the System control panel on windows03:18
FloridaGuyhttp://pastebin.com/m5c2891d0     ....trying to remove compiz03:18
HappehwalrusHow do I change the bios?03:18
jebblueGuest64924: it may need to be uppercased WORKGROUP can't recall03:18
Strife89Happehwalrus: Watch your screen when you first turn on the computer.03:18
Blueyhappe -- carefully!03:18
SagaciHappehwalrus: press F8 or F12 just after you turn your computer on03:19
AmaranthFloridaGuy: 1) Why would you remove compiz? 2) It looks like you deleted all the files manually first.03:19
Guest64924Amaranth: okay i will look it up (wife's computer is all in german so i will find it APPRECIATE IT!03:19
soreauFloridaGuy: Removing compiz will effectively accomplish nothing. Just turn it off in sys>prefs>appearance>visual effects tab. Set to None03:19
SagaciHappehwalrus: it may quickly say Boot Menu or something03:19
freedomfistflguy where are you from in fl03:19
Strife89Happehwalrus: It'll say something life "Press F1 to enter setup."03:19
UmeaboyIdleOne: Still here?03:19
Guest64924jebblue: yeah i believe it is case sensitive....03:19
IdleOneUmeaboy: yes03:19
Strife89Happehwalrus: The message and exact key can vary wildly.03:19
UmeaboyIdleOne: PM?03:19
freedomfistwhat is compiz?03:19
ctmjrVtec: sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart03:19
IdleOneUmeaboy: ask in here please03:19
musikgoat!compiz | freedomfist03:19
ubottufreedomfist: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:19
jimbeam12desktop managment freedom03:19
Umeaboyfreedomfist: 3D-effects.03:20
Amaranthfreedomfist: The program that gives you all the effects when you open and close windows and such03:20
freedomfistdamn im a supan00b03:20
Amaranthfreedomfist: It's enabled by default so you either have it already or you have hardware that doesn't support it03:20
jebblueGuest64924: are you looking to know the workgroup name that Windows exports?03:20
Strife89freedomfist: You'll learn with time.03:20
Strife89freedomfist: We're all newbies at one point. :)03:21
freedomfistyeah, I'm trying to figure out how to run proxy on IRC but not having any luck.. its all banned03:21
Strife89freedomfist: None of us were born experts. :)03:21
Strife89freedomfist: ... I think. ;)03:21
FloridaGuyAmaranth, soreau, one if its packages had trouble on installing ubuntu...so im removing it for now....03:21
freedomfistI just got out of jizzail and havent been around a pc for a while03:21
Guest64924Amaranth: i got a question for you, are you familiar with windows? my wifes Vista-Box is in german, whats the name of the 'Icon' i am looking for that tells me the workgroup name in windows... if you tell me she can translate and we are happy :)03:21
freedomfistbut im only 2203:21
Amaranthfreedomfist: You should not be trying such things as they won't work and you should not discuss such things in this channel.03:21
FloridaGuyAmaranth, no i dident delete them 1st03:21
freedomfistoh thanks! my bad03:21
soreauFloridaGuy: You may have a package management problem03:22
AmaranthGuest64924: I have no idea in Vista actually. You may be able to find out from ##windows03:22
soreauFloridaGuy: Can you successfully complete apt-get update && apt-get upgrade?03:22
AmaranthFloridaGuy: Ok try reinstalling them first03:22
Guest64924jebblue: are you familiar in windows vista ?03:22
Strife89Guest64924: Vista or XP?03:22
Guest64924Strife89: Vista03:22
HappehwalrusNevermind, fixed!03:22
Strife89Guest64724: Hang on, then.03:22
jebblueGuest64924: sorry nope XP and earlier03:23
FloridaGuysoreau, lets see03:23
Guest64924Strife89: Alrighty!03:23
jebblueGuest64924: in XP you can right-click My Computer and get Properties, and it gives the workgroupname there, not sure about VIsta03:23
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks03:24
webbb82_hey im trying to get a termianl on my desktop but everytime i get it setup and log back in the terminal is there but there is a boarder on it03:24
Strife89Guest64724: Right-click on Computer and choose Properties.03:24
UmeaboyIdleOne: http://www.geting.se/viewimage.php?image=195686-Partitioneditor.png#03:24
Guest64924jebblue: i know... lol it i would beable to just find it if her entire computer was not in german....03:24
Strife89Guest64724: Your workgroup name will be in the window that comes up.03:24
UmeaboyAnd YES, I'm Swedish.03:24
Strife89Guest64924: Your workgroup name will be in the window that comes up.03:25
Strife89Guest64924: Right-click on Computer and choose Properties.03:25
Guest64924Strife89: Okay, right clicking !03:25
UmeaboyWhat do I set it to?03:25
IdleOneUmeaboy: I think you would get better help in #mandriva03:25
jebblueGuest64924: check if Wireshark can show the workgroupname03:25
UmeaboyIdleOne: Okey.03:25
UmeaboyBut this will affect Ubuntu to.03:25
jebblueGuest64924: try smbclient -L netbiosmachinename and see if it shows there03:26
UmeaboySince That's what I've got installed on sda5.03:26
IdleOne!se | Umeaboy03:26
ubottuUmeaboy: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se03:26
UmeaboyNobody's awake to answer me on that channel.03:26
UmeaboyI've tried.03:26
IdleOneUmeaboy: yes but your using mandrivaone to partition and I have never used it03:26
UmeaboySo this is the last option.03:26
UmeaboyYes, but you see what's on the pic.03:27
Strife89Guest64924: You'll want to make sure you've got sharing properly set up. Go to the Control Panel, and in Classic View, choose Network and Sharing Center.03:27
IdleOneUmeaboy: yes what you want to do is partition sda103:27
Guest64924Strife89: would it be under the Windows-Edition part...  the System part... or the Einstellungen Fuer, Computernamen, Domaene und Arbeitsgruppe    ... part LOL its all germany anyone here speak and read german ?03:28
IdleOneleave it as ext3 Umeaboy03:28
UmeaboyIdleOne: I've understood that so far.03:28
Strife89Guest64724: Einstellungen Fuer, Computernamen, Domaene und Arbeitsgruppe <--- That, judging by the name.03:28
Strife89Guest64924: Einstellungen Fuer, Computernamen, Domaene und Arbeitsgruppe <--- That, judging by the name.03:29
Guest64924Strife89: i wish it was that easy, im not familiar with Windows, or Vista, and her computer is in german LOL i think i need a german speaker/reader to help me lol03:29
BlackbirdI can try to help.03:29
IdleOneUmeaboy: ok so what do you want to know?03:29
BlackbirdI read german somewhat.03:29
scuniziUmeaboy: ext3 is fine. what's the rest of the question?03:29
BlackbirdWhat seems to be the problem?03:29
maxwell /join #xubuntu03:29
Umeaboyscunizi: The question is.............what size do I choose if I want Ubuntu and Mandriva to have equal space to use?03:30
jebblueGuest64924: you could find a screenshot on the web of an English version, the text fields should be in the same place in German03:30
Guest64924Strife89: LOL thanks... now would it be...         Computername   OR   Vollstaendinger Computername  ???03:30
nelsonhahahey, would anyone mind compiling and running a few .java files for me (i'm not at my 'buntu comp, but really really need to have them run)  if you could just paste me the output, that'd be great.  if you don't feel comfortable running them on your computer without proofreading them first, that wouldn't be a very hard job (only about 2 pages printed out.  its all just string processing, anyway)03:30
Strife89Guest64924: Blackbird says he can read a little German.03:30
UmeaboyThe disc-space and what the Live-CD shows isn't the same as far as I know.03:30
BlackbirdNeither of those two.03:30
BlackbirdThose two are self explanatory.03:30
IdleOneUmeaboy: sda1 is 296gig so if you want them to be equal. devide that in two parts03:30
Strife89Guest64924: Neither.03:30
Guest64924Blackbird: Whats up ? care giving me a little help ?03:30
BlackbirdYour computer's name (to the network), and your computer's REAL name.03:31
BlackbirdGo back.03:31
scuniziUmeaboy: first you can share the swap partition.. no need to create two03:31
Guest64924back to where ?03:31
UmeaboyThat's what I was worried about.03:31
Strife89Guest64924: Hang on, lemme screenshot the English window....03:31
scuniziUmeaboy: as for the rest of it.. do you have ubuntu already installed and are now installilng mandriva or the opposit?03:31
mo0nykitHello! I downloaded a 2.6.31 kernel source using "apt-get source linux-source-2.6.31 --download-only". I get three files with the same name and different extensions: .dsc, .diff.gz, and .tar.gz03:31
Strife89Guest64924: It'll help you find it.03:31
^cheekyhi, could i install ubuntu server to my amd machines through the internet, and not burn it via cd. like ftp or something cos i dont have a cd to spare and its late night here :S03:31
Umeaboyscunizi: Yes to the first question.03:31
UmeaboyIt's installed.03:32
mo0nykitWhich should I unpack to get the source with the Ubuntu patches?03:32
scuniziUmeaboy: and when you installed did you only create 1 swap and 1 other partition to hold the OS?03:32
Guest64924BITTE BITTE BITTE03:32
Guest64924DANKE DANKE DANKE03:32
FloodBot1Guest64924: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:32
Strife89Guest64924: Seriously, the locations will be the same.03:32
Guest64924OH CRAP I GOT BANNED03:33
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:33
UmeaboyI'm getting deaf here.03:33
UmeaboyPlease lower your voice.03:33
squircle!caps | Guest6492403:33
ubottuGuest64924: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:33
scuniziUmeaboy: did you see my last question?03:33
Guest64924LOL everyone is yelling at me ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!03:33
Strife89Guest64924: Calm down, I didn't. :)03:34
Nattgewmo0nykit: I think it's the tar.gz03:34
vtecHello everytime I boot Ubuntu 9.04 my resolution display keeps going back to 800x600 and I'm on a 1024x768 monitor, i've tried to use sudo nvidia-settings and saving to X configuration but it still doesn't boot on what I saved it to, anyone have an idea what's wrong?03:34
Strife89Guest64924: http://picpaste.com/Screen.jpg03:34
Umeaboyscunizi: I used the Ubuntu Live-CD so I had no options to choose.03:34
Dr_Mastersanyone wanna help me with sed and renaming files03:34
Guest64924Strife89: thanks !!!03:35
Strife89Dr_Masters: FSLint, maybe?03:35
mo0nykitNattgew, thanks. What use is the .diff.gz? It's a really small file (2MB), compared to the .tar.gz (78MB)03:35
UmeaboyDr_Masters: Renaming them to what from what?03:35
Strife89Dr_Masters: Oh, wait, nevermind. ^^;03:35
Dr_Mastersim trying to mass rename some files03:35
powerjuceis it possible to record from PCM?03:35
scuniziUmeaboy: ah ok.. you let the partitioner do it's job by itself.. so if you do the same w/ Mandriva you might need to do manual partitioning.. name the existing swap partition to be used by mandriva and the remaining empty space for the os03:35
Nattgewmo0nykit: it's the differences between the original file (in the tar.gz) and the changes that ubuntu made03:36
UmeaboyHold on. One thing at a time, please.03:36
Guest64924Strife89: Thank you, and my Wife says  Danke Schoen03:36
FloridaGuyE: compiz-fusion-plugins-extra: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 203:36
Strife89Guest64924: :)03:36
scuniziUmeaboy: however I think Ubuntu probably took the entire drive so if you have to shrink it give Mandriva something like 100gigs.. that should be enough03:36
Guest64924Strife89: 1 last question... if you dont mind03:37
Strife89Guest64924: Fire away. :)03:37
Dr_Mastersanyone good with sed?03:37
Prohibitedhow do I change the screen resolution? there is no System, Preferences, Screen Resolution03:37
mo0nykitNattgew, oops, I'm sorry. The .tar.gz actually has this full name: linux_2.6.31.orig.tar.gz. My question is, if I untar this file, will I already have the patches incorporated by Ubuntu? If not, how do I incorporate the changes "mentioned" in the .diff.gz?03:38
Strife89Prohibited: It's under System->Display, I think.03:38
sethI recently installed Ubuntu onto a desktop computer, and cannot seem to get to a resolution higher than 600x800, though when double-booted in XP, XP runs with normal resolution.  Any help?03:38
StupidWeaselProhibited: System > Preferences > Display03:38
ProhibitedI love this IRC channel03:38
Guest64924when i edit my smb.conf file   under this line:# Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of03:38
Guest64924   workgroup = WORKGROUP     that should work for her computer and my computer to be able to see the shared file right ?03:38
StupidWeaselHeh, Strife89 is a ninja .-.03:38
sethThere are no options higher than 600x80003:38
Strife89StupidWeasel: No, I'm normally quite slow.03:38
StupidWeaselNot slower then a stupid weasel though ;303:39
Strife89StupidWeasel: :P03:39
RHorsevtec sudo nvidia-xconfig03:39
glickshey does anyone know why audacity only records for 2 seconds then stops?03:39
Strife89Prohibited: Can't change it?03:39
jebblueanyone know the ubuttu link for the 800x600 problems?03:40
ProhibitedI'm installing a graphics driver03:40
sethWas this directed to me? vtec sudo nvidia-xconfig?03:40
jebbluefor seth03:40
prince_j1mmys!fixres | jebblue03:40
ubottujebblue: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:40
Prohibitedand looking at this guide on how to fix it because by default its broken03:40
jebblue!fixres | seth03:40
ubottuseth: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:40
StupidWeaselglicks: You might want to check & test what device you're using for sound capture.03:40
=== prince_j1mmys is now known as prince_jammys
vtec Rhorse: there is no such file as that one03:40
StupidWeaselglicks: System > Preferences > Sound.03:40
johnroberttanyone know which kernel kamic is currently using?03:40
jebblueprince_j1mmys: thanks !03:40
glicksStupidWeasel, but it works...for 2 secnds03:40
Strife89Prohibited: "By default, it's broken"? Ouch.03:40
johnrobertt(anyone running karmic, can you do a uname -r for me plz?)03:41
RHorsevtec did you run it with gksudo?03:41
Prohibitedhaving to follow a guide on how to get it to work03:41
vtecno i used sudo like you said03:41
IdleOnejohnrobertt: #ubuntu+1 for karmic03:41
Prohibitedso far, from only giving me a white screen its now working except the resolution is suck @ 800x60003:41
vtecRHorse: would you like to see my xorg.conf?03:41
Prohibitedand 1280xbleh isn't availiable so I have to do some stuff to get it working ><03:41
StupidWeaselglicks: It actually has sounds from your mic, or is just white noise?03:41
Strife89Prohibited: You may have to log out, or even reboot, to force it to double-check.03:41
mackdaknifeanyone know how to make the verizon access manager work in ubuntu 8.04 netbook remix please03:42
Prohibitedoo the scroll thing to go between desktops works now03:42
Strife89Prohibited: Sometimes twice. >.<03:42
RHorsevtec you said you ran it with sudo, but not with gksudo.03:42
mackdaknifevz access manager linux version just for ubuntu btw03:42
Nattgewmo0nykit: I think the tar.gz is the original source. I haven't done much packaging, I'm not sure how you would use what apt-get downloaded...03:42
=== UbuntuGuy is now known as crasher
Dr_Mastersanyone in here wanna help me with sed/ renaming files.  Its a simple question really03:42
glicksStupidWeasel, actual soundssounds03:42
mo0nykitNattgew, thanks. I think it has something to do with patching. I03:43
madaracomo funciona o cedega...?03:43
Strife89StupidWeasel, maybe you should consider a new nick? ;)03:43
mo0nykitNattgew, oopps... I'm looking up "man patch"03:43
Strife89StupidWeasel: I feel like we're all insulting you.03:43
StupidWeaselWorks for me ;303:43
Strife89StupidWeasel: :)03:43
StupidWeaselPlus it's ironic. I'm really a Ferret.03:43
mackdaknifelol ferret03:43
Strife89StupidWeasel: :303:44
mackdaknifeStupidWeasel: great nick03:44
mackdaknifede nada03:44
StupidWeaselAnd stop trying to seduce me with your kitty faces strife. I know your game .-.03:44
=== kernel is now known as KevinMitnick
ProhibitedI have to change some hex codes03:45
Strife89Prohibited: Oh, what fun. -_-03:45
Prohibitedand the screen is so small03:45
Prohibitedits actually 956xsomething03:45
Strife89StupidWeasel: Have we met?03:45
StupidWeaselHeh, not that I know of.03:45
Strife89StupidWeasel: "I know your game". Got me wondering.03:46
FloridaGuyE: compiz-fusion-plugins-extra: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2?03:46
Strife89StupidWeasel: My memory's never been the best.03:46
ProhibitedWeasel :D03:46
sethI've tried my best, but I can't get it to work... mind you, I'm not very good with this command line thing.03:46
sethI typed the following: "1024x768_60.00"   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync03:46
StupidWeaselI think my memory is pretty bad. I don't quite recall.03:46
Strife89StupidWeasel: :D03:47
sethsorry, I typed: "1024x768_60.00"   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync03:47
spantherAfter i tried to resume from standby mode i got a weird issue. my screen stayed black but the backlight on it was on. The lamp for hold (shift) key was flashing on and off while i couldn't go around this state. i had to make a hard reset (holding power button 5 seconds) :(03:47
sethsorry, I typed: xrandr --newmode "1024x768_60.00"   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync03:47
sethIt did not work.  Any ideas?03:47
Strife89spanther: I believe you've encountered a kernel panic.03:47
spantherthis issue doesn't come up everytime only after the third resume without reboot between03:47
ProhibitedI can't find the Dec button on the calculator (In Scientific mode)03:48
sethIt said: X Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)03:48
seth  Major opcode of failed request:  149 (RANDR)03:48
seth  Minor opcode of failed request:  16 ()03:48
seth  Serial number of failed request:  1803:48
seth  Current serial number in output stream:  1803:48
FloodBot1seth: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:48
spantherStrife89, is there a way to check kernel panics? :)03:48
Strife89spanther: As in, view a log?03:48
spanthersimiliar, yes.03:48
spantherjust to look if it was one and maybe where the issue was03:48
Strife89spanther: I suppose, but I couldn't tell you where. -.-03:48
=== Xpl0it_AFK is now known as Xpl0it
spantheryou've the same experience as me? (advanced user) ? xD03:49
Strife89spanther: Just a note, Suspend isn't the best on a number of systems.03:49
jebblueseth: I'd recommend installing the restricted driver for the video card you'll probably get better results03:49
sethHow do I do that?03:49
sethI'm pretty inexperienced03:49
Strife89spanther: Mabye, but maybe not. XD03:49
spantherStrife89, it did work for many times before (notebook) faster than rebooting everytime again :)03:49
madaragalera não estou conseguindo instar jogo no cedega...03:50
Strife89spanther: It's a godsend with WIndows. :/03:50
spantherStrife89, and my ThinkPad R61 7742-NCG is SLED 10.1 Certified! :D03:50
jebblueseth: System | Administration | Hardware Drivers see if you have a choice to install one there03:50
sethWhich one though?  I don't even know which video card I have03:50
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:50
spantherStrife89, godsend? o.o03:50
Strife89!es | madara03:50
ubottumadara: please see above03:50
Strife89spanther: Yeah, booting from scratch is not Vista's strong suit. -.-03:51
oldude67seth, do a lspci and see it is there.03:51
jebblueseth: wow, ok you might want to find that out, in a Terminal (shell) run lspci and see if it's listed03:51
jebblueoldude67: seth sorry olddude didn't see that03:52
spantherStrife89, well standby with vista just worked as well as it did with ubuntu for many times now on my notebook. this was the first time it hang after opening of the screen :)03:52
Strife89spanther: Could have something to do with a program you ran this time, then.03:52
mu3ensome nvidia cards need Option "NVAgp" "1" in /etc/xorg.conf to resume correctly03:52
Strife89spanther: Maybe something that doesn't like Standby.03:52
sethwould this be it? 02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX - nForce GPU] (rev a3)03:52
xtiancrcosta rica???03:53
damnyankeeim having trouble with sis 256E intigrated graphics.  Google gave me a few sugestions but nothing worked.03:53
oldude67jebblue, sorry i didnt know you was helping..ill butt out now.lol03:53
xtiancrsomeone  COSTA RICA???03:53
spantherStrife89, it worked many couple of times before :P03:53
jebblueoldude67: nah man it's all good :)03:53
Strife89!es | xtiancr03:53
ubottuxtiancr: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:53
jebblueseth: yep looks like it so in Hardware Drivers did you see one you can install for nVidia?03:54
NachturnalI'd like to know if Ubuntu would support the use of two different video cards (both nVidia but different models) for a triple-monitor setup. Anyone know?03:54
ptarrantcan anyone tell me how hard (honestly) openLDAP is to install and get setup for around 50 users? i would like to move my faculty (private school) over from Active Directory?03:54
deexannihilateI'm trying to configure/install a tar.gz file and need help please. The program is Gnome Salon.03:54
sethNVIDIA accelerated graphics driver?  If I install that, should it fix my issues?03:54
aspoorgood question Nach03:55
jebblueseth: can't hurt :)03:55
spantherStrife89, nothing special here, just a SLED 10.1 notebook with nvidia quadro nvs 140m and intel 4965agn wifi :)03:55
sethWill attempt03:55
Strife89spanther: Doesn't sound like "nothing special". :)03:55
Strife89spanther: Then again, I'm no hardware expert.03:55
jebblueseth: then again if it does it ain't me :)03:55
spantherStrife89, intel and nvidia as usual working fine :P03:55
pepenautado you speak spanish ?03:55
Omlette!es | pepenauta03:56
ubottupepenauta: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:56
Nachturnalaspoor, Unfortunately I haven't found any decisive information via search yet. It seems possible with windoze, but I don't know if Ubuntu can run 2 different video drivers at once.03:56
Strife89We're using !es a lot tonight....03:56
deexannihilate I'm trying to configure/install a tar.gz file and need help please. The program is Gnome Salon.03:56
Strife89spanther: My laptop's an AMD/ATI03:56
Omlette<Strife89> We're using !es a lot tonight.... <-- Es un de esos noches. :)03:56
spantherStrife89, whoa ati's bad *g*03:57
spantherOmlette, your name sounds delicious! :D03:57
OmletteMy laptop is an ATI too. >:03:57
webbb82_the ubuntu one synch daemon is killing my system preformance , on system monitor it says 99% cpu  and its not doing snything03:57
OmletteAnd yes spanther, it is.03:57
ptarrantanyone know a good bit about setting up openLDAP?03:57
Nattgewdeexannihilate: what have you done so far?03:58
spantherOmlette, how can you live with ATI? i especially have watched for my notebook to have a nvidia solution and intel chipset because i knew it works best on linux03:58
Strife89spanther: Actually ATI has served me better than nVidia, so far.03:58
siinz<--in need of network help...anyone good with networking?03:58
ctmjrNachturnal: it's not a matter oh ubuntu it's if they are compatible with each other (SLI)03:58
ptarrantsiinz: im ok at networking what ya need?03:58
Strife89spanther: Plus ATI powers the Gamecube. :P03:59
spantherStrife89, under windows that's true ATI works well good i had one X850XT as desktop card some time ago :) but the linux drivers are bad x.x03:59
NachturnalNo, it would not be an SLI issue.03:59
ptarrantspanther: agreed, i removed my ATI to work better with linux03:59
Strife89spanther: You are right, the Linux drivers need work.03:59
spantherStrife89, omfg! Gamecube is no laptop or desktop! xD dont compare gamecube with linux desktops rofl xD03:59
Strife89spanther: All my 3D games get dastardly framerates.03:59
webbb82_anyo ne els notice that ubuntu one synch daemon is hogging all the resoures04:00
deexannihilate I'm trying to configure/install a tar.gz file and need help please. The program is Gnome Salon. Can anyone help please?04:00
spantherptarrant, i changed to Nvidia 8800gt especially for better support under linux (at my desktop) :)04:00
Nachturnalctmjr, I don't intend to connect them in SLI. There's no need, as I want one card to manage my center monitor, and the other to manage the two side monitors. It would require two drivers to be loaded, from what I've read.04:00
Strife89spanther: Gamecube Linux: http://www.gc-linux.org/ :304:00
FloridaGuysoreau, it made it thru the upgrade...but i still geting.....  http://pastebin.com/m3f39d2d904:00
bastidrazorif i add a script to /etc/rc.local .. who runs it? root or user?04:00
spantherStrife89, LOL! yeah and PS3 linux and XBOX360 linux and XBOX linux omfg... stop that xD04:00
ptarrantspanther: as soon as possible i'll be buying an nvidia card, i just lack the funds right now. I reward those who work with linux with my business :)04:00
Nattgewdeexannihilate: what have you done so far?04:00
siinzptarrant: okay heres the issue...i set up my laptop for dual boot(intrepid/vista), ndiswrapper for the wifi, switched to Wicd...the issue im having is...im in iraq right now...and the network here is hella strange as it is...when i enter the default gateway i need it wont let me connect to the network at all...however if i dont enter it, it will connect to the network but with no internet04:01
spirit-sightcan evolution be removed with out effecting other programs?04:01
damnyankeeanyone have experiance with sis integrated graphics?04:01
spantherptarrant, reward with your business? huh? :) what do you mean?04:01
ptarrantspanther: i am boycotting ATI/AMD until they release new drivers LOL04:01
Prohibitedtime to see if games work :D04:01
ProhibitedI'll boycott NVIDIA04:02
Hideme how do I import a PPA key from the command line?04:02
Strife89Prohibited: Test Compiz first, if you feel like it.04:02
ptarrantsinnz; that makes very little sense, if you are truely on the network, you should be able connect to the internet04:02
deexannihilateNattgew: I read to extract the folder and to cd filename and then to ./configure04:02
spantherptarrant, i boycot ATI until they release "working" drivers xD04:02
Strife89Prohibited: If Compiz works, games almost certainly will.04:02
deexannihilatenattgew: it says no such directory/file04:02
ptarrantsinnz: do they use a proxy that is normally setup via windows?04:02
Strife89Prohibited: Desktop Effects.04:02
Prohibitedwhat is compiz?04:02
ptarrantspanther: agreed :)04:02
ProhibitedI've got Normal effects on at the moment04:02
=== mattgirv is now known as mattgirv|zzz
Strife89Prohibited: SYstem > Preferences > Appearance04:03
ctmjrNachturnal: it should work then just make sure you the drivers set as nvidia and not sli04:03
ProhibitedI know ;p04:03
ProhibitedI'm turning on "Extras"04:03
ptarrantsiinz: are you using the same gateway that your windows boot is using via dhcp? or is it always static?04:03
Nattgewwebbb82_: you want "cd" and then the name of the directory04:03
spantherubuntuusers is down x.x04:03
Strife89Prohibited: And does it work?04:03
ptarrantsiinz: and can you ping the gateway, if so, try pinging and see if you can get a reply04:03
Prohibitedlooks awesome when i drag windows04:03
Strife89Prohibited: Alright, game time! :)04:03
Prohibitedtime to see if WINE fails04:03
Strife89Prohibited: You play Armagentron?04:03
Nattgewdeexannihilate: you want "cd" and then the name of the directory, so something like "cd gnomesalon"04:03
Strife89Prohibited: Warsow? :)04:04
Prohibitednah :(04:04
Strife89Prohibited: Alright, I'll stop. :)04:04
Nattgewdeexannihilate: if you hit tab it will try to complete the name for you04:04
ProhibitedI haven't bought games in awhile lol04:04
* ptarrant gets the feeling prohibited is prohibited from gamming :)04:04
Strife89Prohibited: You don't buy those! Those are GPLed games! :)04:04
Nachturnalctmjr, thanks. I'm going to order a test card right now. 30 bucks to test it out. Might upgrade if it works well.04:04
spirit-sighthow do I remove evolution from my system?04:04
HidemeCan anyone tell me how do I import a PPA key from the command line?04:04
Strife89Prohibited: Find them under Applications > Add/Remove :D04:04
deexannihilatenattgew: I typed cd gnonesalon-0.q.q-prealpha04:05
Prohibitedexcept for CoD4, which with my Windows XP drivers couldn't run04:05
futuresiinzptarrent: in theory yes...however the network here as i mentioned is assed up...if your gateway is wrong it wont allow you to connect to the login server04:05
Nattgewdeexannihilate: what directory do you have it extracted to?04:05
arandHello, after a serious mess-about with karmic repos (stupid, I know). I am left, seemingly with broken libc6 packages: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/279236/  Consider this a cry for help.04:05
ptarrantfutersinnz: see if you can ping its practically always online, which means its a DNS issue04:05
spantherwell i wish i hadn't an nvidia quadro nvs 140m ... would prefer an Intel X4500 to have "out of the box" acceleration without closed source crap :/04:05
Strife89Prohibited: Take a look at the Linux game library when you get the chance, there's tons of great stuff. :)04:05
UmeaboyHeeeeeeey, the guy that helped me in a conversation......... I lost your name............... PM me agai, please.04:06
deexannihilatenattgew: it is extracted on the desktop.. is this wrong :(04:06
futuresiinzptarrent: hang on will reboot into linux04:06
Nattgewdeexannihilate: try a "cd" and then "cd gnomesalon..."04:06
* ptarrant wonders if anyone notices my name is ptarrAnt not ptarrent :P04:06
Nattgewdeexannihilate: actually "cd ~/Desktop" first04:07
ProhibitedCompiz + a game is eating my computer alive.04:07
spantherptarrent no! :P04:07
ProhibitedStrife89: What kind of games are there?04:07
scuniziUmeaboy: I'm here.. just got back in04:07
Strife89Prohibited: Turn of Compiz, then.04:07
RoseyWhat is better than VLC. For some reason my videos constantly freeze04:07
Strife89Prohibited: FPSes, racing, RPGs, platformers ...04:07
scuniziq Umeaboy04:07
Strife89Prohibited: The works!04:07
OmletteRosey: I like smPlayer.04:07
spantherRosey, do you have hardware graphics acceleration? graphics drivers installed i mean? ^^04:08
jebblueptarrant: shows up like ptarrant here04:08
Roseyspanther: yes04:08
deexannihilatenattgew: I can cd gnomesalon.0.1.1-prealpha, but what is the next step. I was under the impression it is ./configure which says no such file/directory04:08
spantherRosey, and which fileformat do you want to play?04:08
Strife89Darkedge245: WHat is it?04:08
TrizicusOn Kubuntu I cannot get my wifi working. Any tips?04:08
Darkedge245I want a theme like THIS: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?action=content&content=90685&PHPSESSID=6664909014bd256a7a5a349205e377a9 but for the whole system....04:08
Roseyspanther: mkv and avi. it freezes more with mkv, but freezes with both04:09
Strife89deexannihilate: sudo ./configure04:09
RoseyOh and my DVDs freeze sometimes04:09
spantherwith VLC?04:09
* ptarrant loves some VLC04:09
RoseyYes with VLC04:10
hajarhi .. I have files with .chm I download chm viewer but it doent work .. any other software04:10
Roseyi love it too but...04:10
Roseyit freezes like crazy04:10
Nattgewdeexannihilate: run "ls" and see if there is another directory you need to cd to before ./configure04:10
spantherRosey, have you checked cpu load while it freezes?04:10
Darkedge245Anyone know a THEME like this?: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?action=content&content=90685&PHPSESSID=6664909014bd256a7a5a349205e377a904:10
Strife89hajar: I know of a CHM to HTML converter, hang on.04:10
jebblueDarkedge245: maybe ask the author of that one04:11
arandHello, on jaunty, after a serious mess-about with karmic repos (stupid, I know). I am left, seemingly with broken libc6 packages: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/279236/ help please?04:11
Strife89hajar: I don't know of anything that will open CHMs for reading directly.04:11
Darkedge245:/ I'd like one now....04:11
Darkedge245Hang on,04:11
Darkedge245I got a question,04:11
deexannihilatenattgew: do I just type 'ls'? It sys clock.inc db.inc inc sql stylist.php04:11
ptarrantSB siinz04:11
Roseyspanther: Well here's the situation. I'm watching an avi or mkv and the video freezes with the audio is fine. Then the video comes back scrambled and then resumes as normal. This happens every few minutes.04:11
ptarranterr WB that is04:11
jebbluearand: reinstall from last backup04:11
Nattgewdeexannihilate: I looked in the file from SourceForge... it doesn't look like there's anything to compile in there, just php pages04:11
siinzptarrent: okay i can ping
Strife89hajar: Here's one: http://madphilosopher.ca/2006/09/how-to-convert-chm-files-under-linux/04:12
ptarrantsiinz: that would mean you are connected to the internet, just that you have DNS errors04:12
spantherRosey, could be two things. Encoding issue or DMA issues (Direct Memory Access)04:12
hajarthanks strife8g04:12
ptarrantsinnz: have you specified the correct DNS servers?04:12
ctmjrNachturnal: just to show you it is possible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd5HoC0VaQM04:12
Darkedge245What's it called when you have a PACKAGE of everything, Icons Login screen so on....04:12
spantherRosey, try this here :) get newest http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html04:12
deexannihilatenattgew: I'm sorry, I don't know what that means.04:13
arandjebblue: I was hoping I'd be able to force in libc6 thrugh a chroot, you don't think that'll work?04:13
ptarrantspanter: is that different from the repos? i have always done apt-get install vlc after enabling them in the sources04:13
jebbluearand: no idea04:13
spantherptarrant, well yes it's different. it's from the PPA resources :)04:13
Roseyspanther: thanks04:13
RoseyI'll let you know how it goes04:13
jebbluearand: I'd say always use the default repos and you should always be ok04:13
ptarrantspanther: thanks, i'll have to be getting that ASAP - thanks04:14
=== hajar is now known as Hajex
Nattgewdeexannihilate: I don't think you need to do ./configure and such, I think you can just run it... not sure how, though04:14
donnybrascohello - I need some help resetting my display in kubuntu hardy - my brother tried to enable dual displays and now I can't seem to start my xserver04:14
ptarrantspanther: hows your knowledge of openLDAP?04:14
spantherthe usual VLC inside Ubuntu is 0.9.9a so get the 1.0.0 release from PPA :)04:14
arandjebblue: that's blatantly obvious :/04:15
spantherptarrant, well... zero *g*04:15
jebbluearand: so are regular backups :)04:15
Nattgewhow would you run something in php-gtk?04:15
andresjhey does anyone know about iptables, etc? I have a router conencted to a few computers. One of these computers has two network cards: one connected to the router, and the other one connected to an extra computer (which only has one card). I want this later computer to have access to all the other computers and the internet. Any idea how to set this up? Using ufw, prefereably.04:15
siinz_ptarrent: strike last statement...i cannot ping
ptarrantspanther: atleast your honest :) im attempting to migrate the school i support to ubuntu, already using samba for their file server, wanted to move them from microsoft active directory to LDAP, but it ain't looking good04:15
deexannihilatenattgew: thank you. i'll do some more google searches04:16
Nachturnalctmjr, I've already got dual monitor going with a single card. That's why I need another card for another monitor.04:16
spantherptarrant, i'm honest everytime! ^.^04:16
ptarrantsinnz: can you ping the logon server?04:16
siinz_ptarrant: no04:16
RoastedWhos a genius with samba? I have (what I think to be) a corrupt user account... and deleting/re-adding doesnt solve my problem.04:16
Strife89ptarrant: Wish I could've done that at my school. >.<04:16
Nattgewdeexannihilate: you're welcome. it's in php-gtk, you should look into running the .php file with that somehow04:16
siinz_ptarrant: cant ping off wireless either...just realized the first time i was still connected through my friends laptop04:16
ctmjrNachturnal: yea sorry it was the wrong one this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p3X7CdE2oc04:17
ptarrantRoasted: what makes you think its corrupt?04:17
ptarrantStrife89 no doubt04:17
jebblueandresj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router04:17
Nachturnalctmjr,  oh wow... lol that's awesome04:17
Strife89ctmjr: Holy ... I want that.04:17
Roastedptarrant - I have 4 samba users. 3 of them work. Mine does not. When I connect to my share, it just continually prompts me for my username and password. I've tried everything I know of...04:17
ptarrantsinnz: if you can't ping the logon server your not on the network, try the logon server, if you can't your dead totally, and theirs another issue besides DNS and IP settings04:18
spantherptarrant, oh and don't forget to set the updater to automatical install security updates without request inside the ubuntu source editor gui :)04:18
spantherptarrant, automatism helps saving your time and holding systems up to date :)04:18
MrWizeGuy1983i'm about to be reinstalling windows on my computer, could anyone tell me what i should do to either make sure my grub isn't wiped out or reinstate grub without much trouble so i can still access ubuntu?04:18
ptarrantspanther: i'll need directions on that in a sec, go abit of a mess going on here, too many people! LOL04:18
spantherok ^^04:18
ptarrantRoasted: do you have pemissions over your share?04:19
Roastedptarrant - yup. Permissions are applied accordingly, too.04:19
soreauMrWizeGuy1983: Since windows always assumes it will be the only OS on the machine, it will overwrite your MBR. To fix it, follow ubottu's instructions:04:19
soreau! grub | MrWizeGuy198304:19
ubottuMrWizeGuy1983: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:19
johannes__hi, does this still work: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9670 ? do I need the alternate cd or does a live cd work too?04:19
ptarrantRoasted: have you set the samba user password the same as your user account?04:19
Roastedptarrant - I took a backup of my smb.conf last month. I've ran samba for 4 years, and I've never had an issue. I tried to run gadmin-samba to check it out (GUI tool for samba) and bam, things started working weird. So I uninstalled it and brought over my smb.conf backup and rebooted, and still the issue remains.04:19
Roastedptarrant - No. I've never had my samba account password the same as my ubuntu user account. Ever.04:20
ptarrantsinnz: im just making sure, you can't ping the logon server right?04:20
ptarrantRoasted: sorry, bad habit on my part :P so i assume your using the correct samba password04:20
siinz_ptarrant: correct, cant ping anything apparently04:21
Roastedptarrant - Yeah, it's a very simple password... I've even tried other passwords too when I re-created my account.04:21
ptarrantsiinz: then your not on the network at all, are you sure your using the correct IP settings? same as your windows bootup?04:21
siinz_ptarrant: yup04:21
ptarrantRoasted: perhaps reinstall of samba?04:22
Roastedptarrant - why didnt I think of that?04:22
ptarrantRoasted: i do it all the time :P04:22
Roastedptarrant - I guess Im trying to think of it from the network admin standpoint, since reinstalling isnt always the first thing you want to dow hen you have 1,000 users who rely on it.04:22
ptarrantRoasted: indeed04:22
ptarrantsiinz: if your using the same setup as your windows boot, do you have another IP you can use, or are you assigned only one?04:23
Roastedptarrant - which begs the obvious question - If I were a network admin running samba, what would I do? :(04:23
ptarrantRoasted: yea, redoing 1000 users would be a bad thing04:23
Roastedptarrant - however, I just reinstalled samba, and my old smb.conf is here.04:24
siinz_ptarrent: for the most part i can only get another if the server assigns me a new one04:24
ptarrantsiinz: so its DHCP?04:24
ptarrantRoasted: your old one before using the GUI tool?04:24
siinz_ptarrant: yes...as far as i know04:24
mo0nykitHello! I'm running "make menuconfig", where can I find the option for floppy disk drives? I'd like to disable it04:25
Roastedptarrant - the GUI tool takes on the smb.conf, you just can continue editing with the GUI tool and itll apply it to the smb.conf accordingly. But I uninstalled thinking it'd remove my smb.conf, and when I reinstalled it was still there with all of my settings.04:25
ptarrantsiinz: so your not assinging it an IP on linux? or are you?04:25
ProhibitedWhat are some good Linux games?04:25
Roastedptarrant - problem still remains. Damnit. :(04:25
ptarrantRoasted: so that solved it?04:25
ptarrantRoasted: ARG... lol04:25
spantherProhibited, which genre do you like? :)04:25
siinz_ptarrant: i've done it both ways, when i dont assign it thought it grabs the right IP, but the default gateway isnt ever right and i cannot connect to the login server04:26
ProhibitedAny ;p04:26
jebblueProhibited: Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Enemy Territory,04:26
jebbluePrey, America's Army (up to 2.5), Quake 4, Enemy Territory, Sauerbraten,04:26
jebblueTyphoon Tempest, Unreal Tournament 2004 (III coming out supposedly04:26
jebbluefor Linux when Ryan Gordon finishes the port), Urban Terror, World04:26
jebblueof Padman, Nexuiz, Warsow, Billiard-GL, Foobilliard. and Urban Terror04:26
FloodBot1jebblue: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:26
mo0nykitI found it. Device Drivers --> Block Devices04:26
ptarrantRoasted: tryed the old, smbpasswd -a password again? (i belive thats the command, i will check if you don't know it, but i think our knowledge is matched on this one) LOL04:26
Roastedptarrant - yup. If you run -x it delets the user. -a adds it. I've tried both. About 40 times. :(04:26
Roastedptarrant - I also added a new bogus user, but gave it the permissions of jason (my acct) and it worked beautifully. Its MY account in particular...04:27
Bob_DoleProhibited, I highly Recommend Tremulous04:27
ptarrantsiinz: try getting the assigned IP, write it down, write down all the settings from your windows and config it the same, you may have to shutdown the network manager and do it from inside nano, NM doesn't work well with my router anyway so...i feel your pain04:27
cvandykehi there04:27
spantherProhibited, lol :D Well commercial native running games are "Quake Wars", "Quake 4", "Unreal Tournament 2004", free downloadable native games are "Americas Army", "Enemy Territory", "Sauerbraten", "Nexuiz", "Warsow", "Urban Terror",04:28
siinz_ptarrant: i switched to Wicd, and how do i do that all in nano? im new to linux so i dont know all the tricks and fixes yet04:28
spantheryes weird name lol04:28
ptarrantRoasted: ok, try this, create a dummy *sudo approved user* and delete both your linux and samba users, then create yourself again in both again....did that make sense?04:28
spanthersame as "Sauerbraten" xD04:28
Biovoreits quake like.. more cartoonly and fast04:28
cvandykeanyone up to the challenge of a simple question from someone who is shocked at the evolution that Linux has made, and doesn't know where to find anytthing?04:28
Prohibitedso its a FPS?04:28
andresjjebblue: that almost seems good, but what i want is more like a switch than a router—I specifically don't want NAT: I want the two computers to have separate IP addresses.04:29
ptarrantsiinz: oh wait, this is wifi right?04:29
Roastedptarrant - whoa, you want me to delete jason the linux user??? Would that delete my home directory?04:29
spantherProhibited, http://www.sauerbraten.org/04:29
Bob_Dolespanther, why do you leave out tremulous? It's awesome.04:29
spantherOh btw. Sauerbraten is a german name for food too! :D04:29
ptarrantRoasted: its possible, i believe i have reached the end of my knowledge on that04:29
spantherBob_Dole, didn't know it? :P04:29
Bob_DoleTremulous is a First Person Shooter, aliens vs. Humans04:29
siinz_ptarrant: yes im in linux right now through a friends laptop who doesnt have network issues and a wifi cable04:29
Bob_DoleMultiplayer only04:29
ptarrantRoasted: i have yet to do anything that crazy, samba always jsut works for me04:30
spantheralienarena ! xD04:30
Prohibitedwell, might as well download that game04:30
spantherProhibited, Alienarena <-- free too :P04:30
Roastedptarrant - it always just worked for me too. But I had to be curious and screw around...04:30
Prohibitedany apt-get install cmds for these games? :P04:30
cwillu_at_workProhibited, re: tremulous, you'll really want to use the backport that supports http map downloads;  I don't know that the version in the repository has that patch04:30
ProhibitedI get fast speeds from the nz.archive.ubuntu.com lol04:30
jebblueandresj: ok well it's a big question not just an Ubuntu one - good luck! maybe try here too: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=336 and alot.os.linux.ubuntu on Usenet04:30
ptarrantsiinz: i think im out of ideas on that one, anyone else feel like jumping in?04:30
cwillu_at_workProhibited, orders of magnitude faster downloads04:30
cvandykeis there an apt-get install command for the Intel GM965 Video driver?04:31
ptarrantRoasted: im the guy who reinstalled a brand new server 8 times before i got everything the way i wanted so don't feel bad :)04:31
Prohibitedsounds like fun!04:31
ptarrantsiinz: i don't wanna tell you something and hose it more :P04:31
jebbluespanther: Prohibited Urban Terror and AssaultCube free open source04:31
spantherBob_Dole, aww Tremulous scares me! :(04:31
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, it's installed by default if I'm thinking of what you're thinking of04:31
Prohibitedit'll take 15 minutes to download Cube 204:31
spantherProhibited, "Urban Terror" is a very good one! :D04:32
Biovore^ yes04:32
Prohibitedfree or buy?04:32
cvandykefor some reason, my display wont go to 1680x1050. And it looks awful04:32
spantherProhibited, free04:32
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, which version of ubuntu?04:32
ProhibitedI'll have a look at that after Tremulous04:32
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, laptop or desktop?04:32
ptarrantsiinz: my wifi never worked with the network manager, so i disabled it, i then edited my /etc/network/interfaces to include wlan0 settings, but im not 100% sure on the settings for your setup, i wish i knew more04:32
jebbluecvandyke: you can try System | Adminsitrator | Hardware Drivers for Restricted or just use Synaptic and search for intel04:32
siinz_ptarrant: well thanks for the help...i'm slowly figuring out whats wrong...now to find a fix04:32
cwillu_at_workjebblue, there's no restricted driver for intel video, their driver is completely open04:33
spantherProhibited, Urban Terror is a free CounterStrike Clone! :D04:33
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, approximately how old is the laptop?04:33
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, also, are you familiar with pastebin?04:33
BlackbirdLet this be a lesson to everyone. Never upload any OS on an external hard drive04:33
cvandykeit s a D630.. not sure how old... not more than a couple years04:33
Prohibited.run is a valid extension? lol04:33
Blackbirdyou will regret it04:33
ptarrantsiinz: no problem, wish i can fix it, but i don't know the settings of the top of my head yet, try googling for wlan0 settings and see what that brings up, i remember it was pretty easy04:33
spantherProhibited, but with more available moddable things (weapon parts and upgrades) x)04:33
cvandykesorry... not familliar with tht04:33
Bob_Dole.run is for your benefity, the OS doesn't need it.04:33
cwillu_at_workProhibited, linux doesn't work off extensions, the mime type of a file is stored in the filesystem, and the first line of a text file describes how it is run (if it is run)04:34
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, k, one second04:34
spantherProhibited, but one thing i have to tell you. if you first time start urban terror i beg you set weapon size to half! otherwise they are bulkish lol04:34
Maahooi gente =D04:35
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, external display, or the built in display of the laptop?04:35
cvandykein the hardware drivers, it is just an empty list that says no proprietary drivers in use on this system04:35
ptarrantRoasted: you still there? do you have access to ANY shares at all?04:35
jebbluespanther: Prohibited seconded and look for eVo servers04:35
spantherthere is an option to reduce the weapon size. looks much better then and doesn't take half of the screen per weapon again lol04:35
cvandykeExternal Samsung 206BW04:35
Maahtudoi bem ?04:35
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, there's no restricted driver for intel video, their driver is completely open04:35
spantherlooks more real size then :)04:35
Prohibitedit'll take like 20 mins to DL bc I'm getting  Tremulous and Sauerbraten04:35
Maahooooooooi , alguem ai ?04:36
siinz_ptarrant: you dont happen to know any cmd commands for windows to get the DNS information do you?04:36
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, does this seem like the same bug?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/32397104:36
ptarrantsiinz: ipconfig /all04:36
Maahgente alguém que fala PORTUGês ?04:36
spantherjebblue, i have no fun in playing now :P04:36
ptarrantsiinz: i know more about windows by far compared to linux :(04:36
BlackbirdNo, pero hablo español y eso es similar.04:36
ProhibitedTremuous is only like 100 mb =o04:36
Maahaah pode seer, quel seu nome ?04:37
spantherProhibited, Tremuous has scary monsters x.x04:37
Bob_DoleI don't use windows. But I'm still a novice to linux. I use Mac OS X a lot, too.. but I mostly only know how to use it, and the command line bits that are the same in linux Dx04:37
nanotube!pt: Maah04:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pt: Maah04:37
MaahBlackbird, quel seu nome ?04:37
nanotube!pt | Maah04:37
ubottuMaah: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:37
Bob_DoleAnd by Novice, I mean I have to ask questions for basic stuff every so often.04:37
Bob_DoleSuch as how to move/rename apps in the CLI >.>04:37
RoastedQUESTION - If I delete my Linux user, and re-add them, would I lose ANY data?04:37
BlackbirdMaah: lo que dijo ubottu, basicamente04:37
BlackbirdNo pienso que haya nadie. Intente a ver.04:38
=== jono_ is now known as jono
siinz_ptarrant: scratch previous statement about dhcp...the network is NOT DHCP enabled04:38
Maahqual seu nombre ?04:38
cwillu_at_workRoasted, depends on how you do it; what are you hoping to achieve?04:38
Prohibitedcrap download locations for Urban Terror04:38
Prohibitedall US / UK04:38
spantherProhibited, just use repos <.<04:38
Maahestá aí ?04:38
Prohibitedwhats the package name04:38
ptarrantsiinz: i guess that makes sense, more secure that way technically...are you sure you got all the info you need from your admin?04:39
Roastedcwillu_at_work - I'm trying to figure out a samba problem. My samba account isnt working and I've tried -everything- and the only thing Im wondering is if maybe something is hung up with my linux account to my samba account. If I create a new samba account with the same persmissions as mine, it works, yet mine doesnt.04:39
cwillu_at_workRoasted, describe your samba setup (what kinds of shares, etc)04:39
siinz_ptarrent: ya, went there yesterday and got it all04:39
spantherProhibited, oops it's not in ubuntu's repos xD04:39
cwillu_at_workRoasted, pm me if you want04:39
Maahah, vou partit, beijos04:39
ptarrantsiinz: and your windows works perfect right?04:39
nanotubeMaah: try #ubuntu-br or #ubuntu-pt04:40
Prohibitedtime to find an Austril-Asian mirror.04:40
siinz_ptarrant: yes04:40
cwillu_at_worksiinz_, in windows, open "cmd", and type "ipconfig /all";  those settings should be everything you need to configure the network in ubuntu via the network manager | manual connection04:40
wongon1How can I get subversion on ubuntu?04:41
siinz_cwillu_at_work: already done man...no dice04:41
ptarrantcwillu_at_work, his windows works fine, but linux is a no-go, he can't ping anything including the login server using linux, but in windows its perfect, same settings at windows. any ideas im kinda shot except for disabling the NM-applet and assinging it in /etc/network/interfaces04:42
Prohibited1 minute remaining for Tremulous.04:42
Flannelwongon1: sudo apt-get install subversion04:42
spantherProhibited, where are you from? :)04:42
vengeri booted intrepid (on thumbdrive) on lynnfield/p55 machine today and hpet fills the logs with warnings-- tried options like acpi=off and hpet=disable and didn't help.  i may try disabling C State next.  anyone dealt with that yet?04:42
ProhibitedSpanther, New Zealand, you?04:42
spantherProhibited, germany lol04:42
Bob_DoleIn America.04:42
cwillu_at_worksiinz_, can you pastebin the windows ipconfig /all as well as linux's ifconfig and the contents of /etc/resolv.conf04:42
Prohibitedisn't it like 2-4 in the morning for you?04:42
spantherProhibited, in fact it's 05:43am :D04:43
Prohibited4:43 PM (Sunday) for me.04:43
ptarrantcwillu_at_work, he can't ping ip's either so i don't think its a DNS thing, just FYI :)04:43
wongon1Flannel: It says E: could not find package subversion04:43
nanotubeProhibited: still saturday here :) (usa)04:43
ProhibitedI'm..from the future!04:43
spanthernanotube, lucky you! have longer saturday! lol04:43
cwillu_at_workptarrant, I just want all the settings in one place for future reference :)04:43
nanotubeProhibited: wooooo04:43
ptarrantcwillu: its kewl :)04:44
nanotubespanther: heh indeed. but it's almost over. just 15 mins of saturday remaining04:44
ezzieyguywufwhat do I change in my .bashrc in order to only have my prompt display the last three directorys in the tree. i.e. if i'm in /a/b/c/d/e/f I only want it to show me@my_comp: d/e/f04:44
=== jackson_ is now known as jackson
webbb82if i make cairo dock auto start at login the dock will be invisable untill i close cairo and restart the dock any idea how to fix this04:44
neil_d_I am trying to get my Epson CX5500 scanner working on my amd64 system.  It didn't work by default.. I down loaded rpm from epson, but alien gives this error "dpkg-gencontrol: error: current host architecture 'amd64' does not appear in package's architecture list (i386)"  what can I do? can I override this?04:44
* ptarrant is getting bugged by the wife something about this thing called sleep....and we need it....any ideas :)04:44
spanthernanotube, run as fast as you can to germany. then you ran into future! xD04:44
siinz_cwillu_at_work: ya...it will be 2 different comps though...my buddys laptop is set up the same way my windows side is so besides IP and devices the settings are all the same04:44
ProhibitedTremulous has finished, it's asking what I want to open it using =p04:44
nanotubespanther: heh04:44
Bob_DoleProhibited, why didn't you download it from the repos?04:45
spantherptarrant, sleep together maybe? xD04:45
ProhibitedBob_Dole: It's a game04:45
ezzieyguywufptarrant: my fiancee wears earplugs so that I don't keep her up :-)04:45
ProhibitedI'll run it using the Terminal04:45
Bob_DoleProhibited, yes, and? It's in the repos04:45
Prohibitedit is?04:45
Prohibitedah well04:45
Prohibitedits finished now04:45
Prohibitedno point in redownloading it04:45
ptarrantspanther: she threating bad things now, so i guess im out :)04:45
cwillu_at_worksiinz_, that _may_ cause issues, as the hardware address won't be the same between the two machines, which can confuse the infrastructure a bit04:45
areayhello all... why can i only hear sound from one program at a time? if i'm watching youtube for example, anything else that i run that uses sound gives me an error "The audio playback device does not work, falling back to ..." ... i've been dealing with this for over a year now on multiple systems, different versions of ubuntu04:45
spantherptarrant, but better as ptarrent is ptorrent ! xD04:46
ptarrantttyl everyone04:46
cwillu_at_worksiinz_, it definitely won't work if they're both on at the same time with the same ip address04:46
wongon1Anybody know why I'm getting the error: could not find package subversion04:46
spantherptarrant, okay bye :)04:46
ptarrantspanther: you just totally blew my mind :-)04:46
Bob_DoleIf you download trem in the repos, you can get an upgrade from tremfusion in a .deb package. it makes life easier.04:46
spantheri did? o.o04:46
Prohibitedfine then ;p04:46
cwillu_at_worksiinz_, and depending on how things are setup, the router may simply ignore your mac address if it's not known to be correct for that ip address (depending on how the sysadmin/provider set things up)04:47
Prohibitedwhats the package name? Tremulous didn't work04:47
cwillu_at_work!info tremulous04:47
ubottutremulous (source: tremulous): Aliens vs Humans, team based FPS game with elements of an RTS. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.0-4.1build1 (jaunty), package size 659 kB, installed size 1540 kB04:47
cwillu_at_workProhibited, package names are never uppercase04:47
areaywhy release ubuntu when you can't listen to sounds from different programs04:47
Prohibitedoh right case sensitive04:48
areaywhy not have a (hate to say it) windows-style application-based mixer04:48
siinz_wcillu_at_work: so i have to boot...forgot about that detail...hang on...ill be back04:48
cwillu_at_workareay, works fine for most people, likely that your driver has some issues for which a patch may be available (try searching launchpad for the model of soundcard / laptop / whatever)04:48
tanjircan any one tell me what "configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice" mean in dmesg?04:49
areaycwillu_at_work, i keep hearing this... and then i go away and google for hours... then i have to come back here and rant04:49
spanthergoogle offers gadgets? o.o i didn't know lol04:49
LinuX2halfis it possible to recover an deleted partition?04:49
Bob_DoleBasically, the trem in repos is out dates, but still connects to the new servers(they may have warnings) tremfusion is an easy to install "upgrade" that brings it up to date, but trem fusion isn't in the repos. it's here. but the .deb makes it -very- easy to install. http://www.tremfusion.net/04:49
cwillu_at_workareay, ping me in 20 minutes, I've got two other users on the go, and I'll just get confused if I try to help a third at the same time then :p04:49
tanjirLinuX2half, it is possible to recover deleted file if you have not written anything on it04:50
areaycwillu_at_work, lol ok cool... see u in 2004:50
LinuX2halftanjir, what do you mean by "written"?04:50
arandCould someone please provide ./sbin/ldconfig.real and ./sbin/ldconfig for jaunty please? I'm deep in the muck currently...04:50
Prohibited5 mins to go.04:50
tanjirLinuX2half, after you deleted the files, if you have not formatted (full format by writing 0 in each bit) or you have not copied other files to the disk04:51
tanjirno one can tell me what "configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice" mean in dmesg?04:51
cwillu_at_workAragon, /sbin/ldconfig, not ./sbin/ldconfig, right?04:51
LinuX2halftanjir, well basically I just deleted my windows to put in my ubuntu partition04:52
erUSULtanjir: is harmless message from a usb device04:52
tanjirLinuX2half, you deleted windows from hard disk? using rm -rf?04:52
LinuX2halftanjir, no when I run the liveCD and in the setup process04:53
toowlol thats one way to go about it04:53
tanjirerUSUL, i know it is harmless... but i want to know what these configurations mean... coz i when i connect my web cam... it shows this line, and nothing happens.. :(04:53
tanjirLinuX2half, oh... you basically formatted your hard disk... unfortunate... :( i don't know if you have lost e'thing04:53
erUSULtanjir: someusb devices has more than one conf. the kernel chhoses the more apropiate04:54
LinuX2halftanjir, yeah, so is there a way to recover that lost partition?04:54
tanjirerUSUL, thanks for the info... now i will have to find out why it is not detecting my web cam.04:55
ezzieyguywufwhat do I change in my .bashrc in order to only have my prompt display the last three directorys in the tree. i.e. if i'm in /a/b/c/d/e/f I only want it to show me@my_comp: d/e/f04:57
Ziberezzieyguywuf: Not sure if you can do that04:57
ZiberThere's \w and \W04:57
tanjirLinuX2half, there are applications... i am not sure if it is recoverable in your case... coz seems like you have formatted the hard disk and written the new Ubuntu on it04:57
ezzieyguywufgarn. I'd really love to have that....04:57
Ziberexport PS1="[\u@\h \W]$ "04:57
ZiberMy PS104:57
ynki could use some help installing the JRE so i could run Java application in my browser.04:58
ezzieyguywufZiber: yea I know the \W . I really wish I could control how many dir.s \w displays though...04:58
ProhibitedTremulous is installed :)04:59
ynki have already downloaded the JRE file which has a .bin extension.. now what to do? use "sh" from the terminal?04:59
Bob_DoleProhibited, remember to add tremfusion now :D04:59
cvandykeHi all... still having trouble trying to get 1680x1050 on my external display. cwillu was helping me, but I got disconnected04:59
LinuX2halftanjir, so application like testdisk?04:59
tanjirLinuX2half, right04:59
Bob_DoleProhibited, it's the easiest to install update for tremulous04:59
Bob_DoleProhibited, http://www.tremfusion.net/05:00
Bob_DoleIt's a .deb, which is easy to install from the GUI.05:00
cwillu_at_workcvandyke, -> pm05:00
cvandykeis there a way to edit the config in X to manually put in your driver and display information?05:00
spantherProhibited, i've added google repository :D05:00
Prohibitedo.O what?05:00
spantherProhibited, http://www.google.com/linuxrepositories/ubuntu704.html05:01
spantherall google apps accessible x)05:01
Prohibited7.04? lol a *little* old isn't it?05:01
spantherit works still now -.-05:01
LinuX2halftanjir here's a line from the document "If you made a mistake while partitioning and the partition no longer appears in the partition table, so long as you have not written data in that space, all your data is still there."05:01
spanthernothing changed so far in this way how to add this repository so they had no need to change it :)05:01
LinuX2halftanjir, does this apply to my issue?05:01
LinuX2halftanjir, so I guess its not possible to recover this partition because I had written data in that space, correct?05:02
juma_hi ,i want to record the telnet content, what should i do ?thanks05:02
tanjirLinuX2half, right... I will assume so05:02
tanjirLinuX2half, but you can give a try... in case you still have them05:03
tanjireven it is possible to have them partially05:03
LinuX2halfokay, so I should run sudo swapoff -a?05:04
=== Phrogz_ is now known as Phrogz
juma_hi ,all , i want to record the telnet content, what should i do? thank you05:04
LinuX2halfit gave me an warning saying that there should be no disk being mounted05:04
siinzcwillu_at_work: erm...i didnt get my linux sides info but i have to go for now...ill try to get that information here shortly if you can still take a guess and try to help05:04
ryguyHey, I'm trying to set up a static IP address so I can forward apache to my domain name but I'm not sure exactly how to get my ip adress, gateway, and netmask. whatismyip.com gives me a different IP address than ifconfig05:04
Prohibitedinstalled tremfusion05:04
Prohibitedand the Google respos :p05:04
LinuX2halftanjir so maybe I should use a liveCD for this procedure?05:05
sauravcan not read Bengali news paper aajkl in Firefox . i have installed padma duynamic fonts. It works only for Anandabazar. Do i install Netscape ?05:06
tanjirLinuX2half, you can.05:06
wongon1I always hit some key combo that takes a screen shot of my screen.  I can't figure out what I hit for this to happen.  Anybody encounter this problem?05:06
tanjirsaurav, why do you think people knows about ajkal here? :P05:06
Prohibitedspanther: Installed Tremulous, Tremfusion and that Google respos :P05:06
char00lesIf someone could point me to the right direction. I created a user with a group and copy my current .bashrc in ~ into the new directory /home/newuser. The problem is i cant autocomplete words such as file names, commands. Any ideas?05:07
LinuX2halftanjir, but I'm stumble with how should I start first, part the partition first or scan05:07
tanjirchar00les, you may need to logout and login05:07
Prohibiteddid you press Prt Scr?05:08
spantherProhibited, then you can install Google-chrome-unstable google-desktop-linux and googleearth-package :)05:08
tanjirLinuX2half, I did not use those tools by myself.. but I believe there are  a lot of tutorials if you google it05:08
spantherthen you have all these three apps ^^05:08
char00lestanjir: i go and try that05:08
tanjirchar00les, good luck05:08
LinuX2halftanjir, whats the ubuntu rescue remix?05:08
char00lestanjir: thanks, and if that was it and am going to lol myself05:09
tanjirLinuX2half, i am aware of ubuntu netbook remix... not familiar with rescue :-/05:09
test34how can I see the error messages generated from empathy? if I start it from the console, it gets automatically started in the background and doesn't show anything05:09
kbpI SSH to ubuntu server, ls -l doesn't show up .htaccess file, anyidea why?05:09
tanjirtest34, dmesg doesn't work?05:09
Ziberkbp: ls -al > ls -l05:09
Ziber-a shows hidden files/folders05:09
test34tanjir, no05:09
tanjirkbp, you need to do ls -al05:10
ryguycan anyone help me configure my /etc/network/interfaces?05:10
kbpZiber & tanjir : thanks I got it05:10
test34tanjir, it is not able to connect to my SIP account but it doesn't tell me why05:10
tanjirtest34, there might be logs under /var/log05:10
ProhibitedIn Tremulous, can't you alt-tab or minimize the screen?05:11
tanjirtest34, try this: http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/Debugging05:12
test34tanjir, ok05:12
Ziberryguy: Define "configure".05:12
tanjirZiber, he wants to know how to configure his internet connection i believe05:13
ZiberYes, I know that. But that can mean a lot of things.05:13
ZiberIpv4/IPv6, etc05:13
sauravwhat is the best replacement of IE in ubuntu [ except Firefox ? ]05:14
tanjirryguy, are you trying to connect to wireless network or wired connection?05:14
xorwhysaurav: Opera05:14
tanjirsaurav, you still can run IE in ubuntu... lol05:14
test34saurav, either opera or maybe google's browser?05:14
cowbudi'd have to say im preetty impressed with chrome even though it is still alpha05:15
ryguyI'm trying to install apache, wired connection. Heres what I updated my /etc/network/interfaces looks like: http://friendpaste.com/2B9LjhFiq4m3eKVzFNvO8205:15
areaycwillu, you free?05:15
sauravThanks xorwhy !!05:15
ryguyto look like*05:15
cwillu_at_workareay, very very soon :)05:15
char00lestanjir: it didn't work...I added the user using this guide http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/add-a-user-on-ubuntu-server/. Copy my files such as .profile, .bash_history, .bashrc and .viminfo into a new directory which was /home/newuser. I dont know where the problem might be. Is it the .bashrc or .profile or /bin/bash or /etc/bash.bashrc?05:15
areaycwillu, np i'm watching a tour of the ISS anyway05:15
=== Xpl0it is now known as Xpl0it_AFK
tanjirryguy, what is the relationship between /etc/network/interfaces and installing apache? :-S are you following any instruction?05:15
jdelanoyI just wish Chrome had an equivalent to Firefox's adblocker05:15
ryguytanjir: im following this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon-lamp-server-setup.html05:16
cowbudjdelanoy: yeah an exact equivalent isn't htere yet but they just turned on extensions by default so I am hopeful :)05:16
ryguytanjir: I'm trying to make it so when i goto my domain.com that I see my apache05:16
xorwhyI am trying to change my $PATH environment variable, I want to change the order of which it searches directories.05:16
jdelanoyif they did, and if they fixed a couple of layout issues, I'd probably use it instead of FF05:16
LinuX2halftanjir, what does it mean when to ensure that no partition is mounted?05:17
tanjirryguy, you set it up from apache config file... not network config file...05:17
LinuX2halftanjir, so right now a partition is mounted?05:17
ryguytanjir: I need a static IP adress to give to godaddy05:17
xorwhyFor example, if it searches /usr/bin first, and /usr/share/bin second, I want to know how to have it search /usr/share/bin first, and usr/bin second05:17
cwillu_at_workareay, check pm05:17
rigeli have a problem. printing is sucking big time. to  the point where, im looking at a pdf i need for one of my classes, and just going to the print menu makes my computer go kablooie05:17
mo0nykitI have a question. Does Mesa3D and DRI come built-in with Ubuntu?05:17
rigeli cant getit to switch ttys, to reboot, nothing05:17
ryguytanjir: also, sorry we're swamping you with questions =x05:17
rigeli have to powercycle it05:17
tanjirchar00les, your current user is the newuser? does the configuration work for the old user as well?05:18
Steilmo9nykit yes05:18
jamieleshawDoes anyone know of a video editor which allows you to blur certaing content out in each frame?05:18
mo0nykitxorwhy, edit your PATH variable so that your priority directory will be mentioned first05:18
rigelthats using evince, and if i use okular it takes a half hour to spool or something before it even starts printing, if it starts printing at all05:18
mo0nykitI think..05:18
Gratz474_is ubuntu ok for a server?05:18
char00lestanjir, yes...there are only two users...the root and newuser...the root works05:18
tanjirLinuX2half, i don't know if your partition is mounted... can you access the files from that specific partition, then it is mounted... in that case you need to unmount it first05:19
rigelit's faster to open up a virtual machine and use adobe reader from there, than it is to print from ubuntu05:19
mo0nykitSteil, thanks. Probably my video card wasn't well supported (ATI Radeon Xpress 200)05:19
rigeland i have no idea how to find any logs or whatever to see what the actual problem is with evince05:19
Gratz474_is there much of a difference between debian and ubuntu config wise ?05:19
BWARGi cant uninstall mysql05:19
rigelive looked at the log viewer and i dont see anything05:19
BWARGno matter how hard i try05:19
xorwhymo0nykit: OK, would you by chance know the syntax for doing that without editing the file directly? Perhaps with export?05:19
bossmanwhats good peoplz05:19
ne0futurhi all there seem to be a bug on the registration form for ubuntuforums05:19
LinuX2halftanjir, well I just have no idea whats that file.05:19
ne0futurwont accept an email like ubuntuforums.org@waisse,org05:19
tanjirryguy, itz okay.. :-$... your static ip should go under /etc/apache2 config file05:20
ne0futuroups im too tired and the font used make me think it was a dot, sorry for noise05:20
tanjirchar00les, it should work... unless the file is not loaded during the log in process.05:20
ryguytanjir: but I need to actually set up my static ip, right?05:20
mo0nykitxorwhy, i have an idea.. let me give it a try05:20
ryguyim confusex O_O05:20
Prohibited1very confusing.05:21
cwillu_at_workareay, you there?05:21
tanjirLinuX2half, it is not easy to explain... i am not sure if you are familiar with linux partitioning systems05:21
LinuX2halftanjir, well I don't ironically05:21
RoseyDoes anyone have a guide how to create an ad hoc network for my iPod Touch?05:22
char00lestanjir, ah maybe. What file suppose to be loading? I tried searching it on the net, but it couldn't find anything or i am using the wrong keywords. Thanks for your help.05:22
tanjirryguy, right... let's start over... you are setting up your apache server at godaddy or in your computer? what are you trying to accomplish? lol05:22
tanjirLinuX2half, :(05:22
* LinuX2half sigh05:23
areaycwillu, sorry05:23
areaycwillu, im back05:23
mikinanuqhi ryguy, tanjir seems busy, maybe I can help. Sounds like what you're tryin to do is up my alley :)05:23
ryguymikinanuq: sounds good =)05:23
mo0nykitxorwhy, I don't know how to "interchange" entries, but this is how it works: http://paste.ubuntu.com/279265/05:24
=== Sedated_ is now known as Sedated
mikinanuqryguy: so from what I gather the apache server is working fine but you need to get your domain on godaddy setup correct?05:24
tanjirmikinanuq, thanks for coming in :)05:24
ryguymikinanuq: Alright, I bought a GoDaddy domain. Then I installed apache and when I goto http://localhost/ I see "It works!". Now when I goto my GoDaddy domain, I want to see that "It Works! message05:24
Prohibited1I'm new to Tremulous, there appears to be no servers up =[05:24
xorwhymo0nykit: Wow thanks so much, I figured I might have to erase the entries, and then put them in typing the commands in chronological order05:24
ryguytanjir: thanks for your help sofar, btw05:24
DGGHello, I was wondering if anyone could help me install tellico 2.0 from source?05:25
Gratz474_how can i get ubuntu server?05:25
mo0nykitxorwhy, that would be a good enough method. I wish I knew something more automatic :)05:25
Gratz474_just get normal ubuntu?05:25
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:25
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Jaunty, and help keeping the servers' load low!05:25
mikinanuqryguy: ok what's your IP currentlyL05:25
FlannelGratz474_: You can grab the server CD, or the alternate CD.  Either of those will give you the ability to install a GUI-less Ubuntu.05:26
ryguymikinanuq: when I type ifconfig or when I goto www.whatismyip.com?05:26
mo0nykitxorwhy, take note that export doesn't make changes permanently. They'll revert to the defaults on your next reboot.05:26
mikinanuqI see this IP
mikinanuqryguy: whatismyip.com05:26
xorwhymo0nykit: Oh.. Wasn't aware, Thanks05:26
Gratz474_Flannel, i was thinking of doing this over a debian install, sound like an ok choice?05:26
FlannelGratz474_: Yeah, the alternate CD and server CD both use debian-installer05:26
Gratz474_Flannel, i mean like debian changed a few things but it looks like what i want to do will work in ubuntu so i was thinking about using that05:27
mikinanuqryguy: ok so now you need to setup your firewall to forward port 80 to your internal IP you see in ifconfig05:28
xorwhymo0nykit: this will be my last Question, and then I'll rtfmp. If export does not save permanently, can I use set instead?05:28
tanjirmikinanuq, is it because he needs to forward the ip from his router?05:28
FlannelGratz474_: Er, sure05:28
ryguymikinanuq: alright, I'm gonna go do that and I'll get back to ya =)05:28
Aalinuxexport PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin/:/usr/local/bin  , how can i undo this command ?05:28
mikinanuqtanjir: yeah, that's what it looks like05:28
mo0nykitxorwhy, I haven't had experience with set so far.. :)05:28
xorwhyAalinux, reboot your machine, its temporary05:28
tanjirmikinanuq, you got it... :)05:29
Aalinuxxorwhy: Any other way without reboot, any way to deactivate now?05:29
xorwhyAalinux: Hmm, don't know05:30
tanjirchar00les, another question... can you do ls -al .bash* and paste it? it is possible that .bashrc's owner is the root user05:30
DGGDoes anyone know how to install a program from source?05:31
ZiberAalinux: You want to undo $PATH?05:31
tanjirchar00les, in that case, under your newuser's account, .bashrc can't be accessed05:31
LinuX2halfwhats an extended LBA mean?05:31
AalinuxZiber: Undoing this export command export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin/:/usr/local/bin05:31
LinuX2halfits an partition05:31
mikinanuqDGG: usually it's .configure && make && make install05:31
ryguymikinanuq: okay, so heres the deal. I'm on my familys network and my stepdad says he cant let me forward my ipaddress to port 80 because "all http requests will be send to my computer which means no internet for the rest of the family"05:32
DGGI've tried that but no luck05:32
n8tusermikinanuq -> that assumes there is a makefile for it05:32
DGGI'm guessing the && is the name of the program05:32
mikinanuqryguy: that is incorrect05:32
ryguy&& is a way to link shell commands together05:32
Aalinuxxorwhy: Ziber: Only "exit" will do the job.05:32
Prohibited1Tremulous is epic05:33
mo0nykitryguy, i agree with mikinanuq ... Port forwarding happens with inbound packets05:33
LinuX2halfwhats an extended LBA?05:33
n8tuserryguy -> link? nope, its a test05:33
mikinanuqryguy: all that will do is forward http requests from your router to your computer, nothing will be affected.05:33
mikinanuqryguy: just tell him if something breaks to set it back but to at least try it ;)05:33
mo0nykitDGG, && means <do this> AND <do this>05:33
ryguymikinanuq: ha alright ill try05:33
Aalinuxsudo fdisk -l , sudo: fdisk: command not found , but sudo /sbin/fdisk -l works, Why? What to do?05:34
DGGOk but when I .configure it says command not found05:34
cowbudAND meaning only if the first one finishes without an error05:34
cwillu_at_workXor1ng, (in case this hasn't been said yet) export FOO=bar isn't permanent05:34
mikinanuqDGG: you may need to   chmod +x configure   before you run it05:34
n8tuserAalinux -> thats because the command fdisk is not in the $PATH,  use the full path and it will work05:34
mo0nykitcowbud, thanks.. i wasn't aware of that for &&05:35
mikinanuqDGG: run ./configure from the actual directory where the source is05:35
Aalinuxn8tuser: Any way to avoid using /sbin, i want to use only sudo fdisk -l05:35
n8tuserAalinux -> dangerous,  try to use the full path to ensure you are running the correct command and not some trojaned command sitting in your home dir05:36
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:36
Guest45420hello, can someone help with this?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/279270/05:37
DGGtried that but no luck the can I just copy and paste chmod +x configure05:37
ryguymikinanuq: okay, he says that he doesnt want to forward ALL of the http requests from port 80 to my IP, only the ones coming from my domain05:37
Guest45420I'm trying to install medibuntu on kubuntu HH05:37
cvandykeno fix on the display05:38
cvandykestill able to get into X, but it does look awful05:38
Fezzlercommandline ok, how do I poll comm port to see if a device I have plugged in is recognized? )Rex PDA)05:39
mikinanuqryguy: hmm, that's not possible. Your router/firewall has 1 IP which will be the IP of your domain.05:39
=== Guest45420 is now known as donnybrasco
dsdeizFezzler: would dmesg help?05:39
ryguymikinanuq: should I just buy hosting somewhere that runs on linux?05:39
Fezzlerdsdeiz>> command?05:39
Fezzlerdsdeiz>> just "dmesg"05:39
cwillu_at_workryguy, he doesn't know what he's talking about05:40
dsdeizFezzler: or dmesg | tail to see only the last bits05:40
donnybrascohello, can someone help with this?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/279270/05:40
donnybrascohello, can someone help with this?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/279270/05:40
ryguycwillu_at_work:  know -_- but theres nothing I can do =(05:40
cwillu_at_workryguy, on a home router, forwarding port 80 will only affect incoming addresses, it will in no way affect outgoing connections05:40
mikinanuqryguy: yeah that's an option. If it's going to be a serious site it's probably the best thing05:40
donnybrascoI'm trying to install medibuntu on kubuntu HH05:40
cwillu_at_workryguy, explain to him that a networking professional with 20 years experience told you so :p05:40
ryguycwillu_at_work:  tried that ha I told him that I was getting this info straight from the horses mouth05:41
ryguyI'll just deal with this when I buy my own dsl line05:41
tanjircwillu_at_work, i would advice him to not to tell him anything... do it when e'one is sleeping... if anything breaks restore it... if nothing breaks, just keep silent :P05:41
cwillu_at_workalternatively, do port 800005:41
nanotuberyguy: or get a dreamhost hosting account (or any other shared hosting). they're reasonably cheap...05:41
mikinanuqryguy: your other problem if hosting a website on a home network is that your IP will change every once in a while or every day depending on your ISP05:42
Fezzlerno go05:42
ryguytanjir: I dunno the login info05:42
artistxeokay , donnybrasco . why don't you try adding mediabuntu to sources first05:42
ryguyor i totally would05:42
ryguyanyways, dreamhost is the way to go?05:42
tanjirryguy, that sucks.. :(05:42
mikinanuqryguy: more configuration is required to setup a steady domain on an IP that changes (dhcp) every so often as a home network does05:42
artistxesources list . . .05:42
tanjirgodaddy is also cheap... why don't u buy hosting from them?05:42
donnybrascoartistxe> how do I do that?05:43
ryguyI was gonna develop on my computer, then buy hosting eventually05:43
nomad111hi all, i have built this program from source and added this directory it created to my PATH variable (in .bashrc). The directory consists of a bunch of bash scripts that need to be run as root. When i try to run one of the scripts as root (sudo) i get command not found. when i run as normal user they work (though i get permission denied at some point). What am i doing wrong?05:43
ryguyI guess I could still do that..I need a hosting site with ruby on rails capabilities though05:43
artistxedonnybrasco,    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Adding%20the%20Repository05:43
mikinanuqryguy: ok I thought of another option05:43
tanjirryguy, you still can develop in your machine, and update the system in your hosting regularly... this way you will have a backup too05:43
DGGI'm trying to install a program from source but when I type the ./configure command I get command not found. Any ideas?05:44
n8tusermikinanuq -> where are you getting those info from? its not overly difficult to have dyndns re register your dhcp allocated address if it changes05:44
mikinanuqryguy: with your current setup that will not affect your hose line05:44
nanotuberyguy: yea, good idea to dev on your machine, then just rsync the changes up to the hosting account when they're ready.05:44
tanjirDGG configure is not executable i believe05:44
mikinanuqn8tuser: true for someone that understands DNS...05:44
* ryguy has no idea how DNS works05:44
mikinanuqryguy: make sure your PC is fairly secure and have him put it on the DMZ of your router05:45
n8tuserryguy well can we suggest you read up or do some tutorial on networking okay?05:45
cowbudDGG: what program?05:45
donnybrascoartistxe> you'll notice that I copied and pasted that command into konsole, which is what returned that error - I haven't seen anything on that site about adding sources05:45
DGGTellico 2.005:45
mikinanuqryguy: that will put your computer at rist though because your computer will be exposed externally05:45
cowbudDGG: where did you extract it, did you cd to that directory after extracting it ?05:45
ryguyHAHAHA yeah okay, DMZ is reserved for him so he can download the fastest torrents05:45
ryguyhes a prick.05:45
artistxedonnybrasco, most of those packages ARE available thru synaptic anyway.05:45
Prohibitedhow do I get Pidgin to stop notifying me when people log onto msn?05:45
mikinanuqryguy: so you may want to check on some security howto and lock it down05:45
Prohibitedbecause in games it kills my fps05:46
DGGyup I'm in the tellico-2.0 directory05:46
donnybrascoartristxe: I need skype - haven't seen that in synaptic05:46
mikinanuqryguy: if you go the DMZ route05:46
artistxedonnybrasco, the repositories must be in your sources list . ( not actual source code)05:46
cowbudDGG: you need to read more, it uses cmake i.e. no configure05:46
=== xod is now known as onats
ryguyI'm just gonna buy hosting, thanks /alot/ for all your help anyways guys =D05:47
mikinanuqryguy: DOH! sometimes you can put more than one on the DMZ and putting your computer on the DMZ does not make it faster  lol05:47
artistxedonnybrasco, okay. well then ADD the repositories to your list file and refresh synaptic and you will .05:47
ryguymikinanuq: again, hes an idiot =p05:47
mikinanuqryguy: ok05:47
mo0nykitnomad111, i had a similar problem before. Take a look at this. It involves adding a symbolic link in /usr/bin. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127432305:48
DGGI'm sorry but what do I read and where is it?05:48
donnybrascoartistxe: thanks for your help - I have to hit the sack now, though.  Gotta work early - I'll take another crack at it soon05:48
cowbuddgg starting on their page is a good place to start05:48
nanotuberyguy: hosting is really the better solution - you'll save at least that much in power bills because you won't have to leave your comp on 24/7 if you host on your comp. :)05:48
Jordan_Uryguy: Make sure his computer is secure because an idiot in a DMZ is just asking for trouble05:48
donnybrascoartistxe: thanks again05:48
artistxethis room is a trip certain times of the day/night05:48
artistxedonnybrasco, n/p05:48
nomad111mo0nykit: thanks for the tip05:49
ryguyalright im outta here guys. Thanks again!05:50
mikinanuqc ya05:50
DGGThanks I see where they mention cmake. guess I need to read up on how that command works.05:50
mo0nykitnomad111, you're welcome :)05:51
dlp211hey...i had a quick question...how do i setup a raid 50?05:52
cowbuddlp211 that is barely a quick question05:52
dlp211i already have 2 raid 5 arrays05:53
dlp211just formated and partitioned05:53
juma_how to record the telnet log?05:53
cowbudare you using soft raid?05:53
mikinanuqdlp211: now you need the same amount of drives and mirror them :)05:53
dlp211can i just use mdadm?05:53
cowbudmdadm --create /dev/mdXX --raid-devices 2 --level 0 /dev/mdA /dev/mdB05:53
dlp211a raid 51005:53
dlp211kk thats what i thought...just wanted to make sure thanks cowbud05:54
cowbudwhere mdA and mdB are your raid5 devices05:54
cowbudyou will need to recreate the filesystem over /dev/mdXX though05:54
dlp211so just use mkfsys.ext etc05:54
mikinanuqwas 0 mirror or stripe? hmm gotta look it up05:55
cowbuddlp211: yep05:55
cowbudmikinanuq: 1 is mirror05:55
mikinanuqah ok, had it mixed up05:55
mikinanuqisn't 5 stripe with parity?05:57
mikinanuqI guess I'm not understanding why you would want to do 50 hmm I've seen 1005:59
dlp211yes 5 is stripe with parity.....raid 50 gives u greater write speeds...its just a little performance bonus and more importantly...it looks like 1 huge hdd06:01
cvandykeYOU'RE THE MAN!06:02
dlp211im currently building a 9 TB server for files/backup/itunes/dvd ripping/etc etc06:03
mikinanuqdlp211: looked in to ZFS?06:03
dlp211ive looked at jfs and ext406:04
mikinanuqI've read a little in to it but haven't checked it out lately.06:04
cobra-the-jokerhey there guys ......do u still support 8.04 ?06:05
mikinanuqdlp211: I read something about RAIDs greater than 3TB are not stable. If one drive fails you'll still get parity problems and the RAID will not rebuild06:05
halhornHey everyone! I need some serious help getting PulseAudio working in 9.04 with 5.1 surround and an Intel AD198x chipset06:05
Biovorecobra-the-joker: yup.. its an LTS06:05
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be 10.0406:06
halhornI've followed all the HOWTOs, I've tried basically everything I can think of, but Pulseaudio refuses to work.06:06
dlp211im not worried....ive seen data centers that use larger raids than i06:06
Biovorehalhorn: what dose aplay -l show for cards?06:07
Biovorein a terminal?06:07
dlp211and if its safe for them then its safe for me06:07
cobra-the-jokeri though LTS stands for LifeTime Support ..lol06:07
mikinanuqdlp211: problem is that drives have a known block failure rate that manufacturers cannot eliminate.. at greater than 3TB you have so many blocks that you're bound to have bad blocks and parity fails06:07
mikinanuqdlp211: something like that06:07
Dr_WillisLife of a Gnat. :)06:07
halhornhalhorn@Hal9000:~$ aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: AD198x Analog [AD198x Analog] Subdevices: 0/1  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0   <-- Biovore06:07
halhornlshw -c multimedia gives me, most importantly,         product: 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller06:08
Biovorehalhorn: try alsamixer -c 0 to add just levels06:08
mikinanuqdlp211: true, just interesting I thought.06:08
dlp211well i will be a total success or total failure.....06:08
dlp211its not like im running a data center06:08
halhornBiovore: I am told that this card supports 5.1, so...06:08
Biovorehalhorn: I don't know if the linux opensource driver does..06:09
halhornBiovore: None of the channels even show up in Alsamixer06:09
mikinanuqdlp211: http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=162    here it is06:09
Biovorehalhorn: I think all you get is a master volume and maybe a PCM channel06:09
Biovorethe 5.1 on windows is done via software.06:09
halhornBiovore: Yes. So it just doesn't work, then?06:09
mikinanuqanyway, gotta go gnite06:10
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:10
halhornNo kidding, right? I've tried all of it, ALL of it. :(06:10
BiovoreI think the alsa site has a compatability matrix.06:10
kyle__hey i want to completely reset all of my audio settings in ubuntu 9.04, does anyone know how to do that?06:11
Biovorehalhorn: what does lspci say the card is?06:11
fiberHello... I was reformatting my iPod and acidentally zero'd the partition on my main HD.... I haven't restarted yet and everything still seems to work... is there any way to recover the partition table with everything preserved?  I ran "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=10"06:12
halhorn00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)06:12
Biovorehalhorn: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-intel8x0  is all the info people have collected on that card..  apparently there are alot of oddball variants.06:13
Biovorehalhorn: but it looks like it sees the card because you get a mixer..   Could be something silly like it stuck on putting sound out the HP only.06:14
halhornIt gives me sound perfectly on the front left and right channels06:15
halhornAnd the sub, and nothing else anywhere06:15
halhornI think the problem is something involving channels06:15
DGGok so I'm trying to install a program from source using cmake. How do I do that?06:15
Biovorehalhorn: yeah.. 5.1 probably isn't support.. the 5.1 isn't done in hardware..  Its performed by there userspace program on windows, which dosn't exist for linux.06:16
halhornBiovore: People all over the net seem to be giving me positive reports... there must be a way!06:16
Biovorehalhorn: there are variants of that card that might..06:17
Biovoremy intel audio on my laptop dosen't support 5.1 eather..06:18
demonsporkHow do I edit the contents of the "Places" menu on the panel?06:19
AalinuxWhere is the screen resolution is saved? Which file?06:19
AalinuxMy screen resolution is not saved.06:20
demonsporkAalinux, /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:20
halhornBiovore: So what do I need to do to, uhm, try, exactly?06:20
demonsporkAalinux, but be careful, you could really mess some things up by editing that file06:20
cwillu_at_workhey, anyone know of a pastebinit-like tool for imgur or equivilent?06:20
Biovorehalhorn: no clue..06:20
xorwhyI can't figure out the PID of the login shell?06:21
xorwhyPPID is supposed to be it I thought, but that differs from the output of echo $$06:21
Teclysim running alpha 3 on  a system, whats the fastest way to update to alpha 6?06:21
cowbudecho $$06:21
xorwhycowbud: Thanks I forgot about pstree06:21
Aalinuxdemonspork: 1024x768, it's not saved at boot time, after loging i readjust it, How can i get rid of that problem?06:22
koki1any assistance with upgradeing06:22
Blueykok - upgrading what to what?  could you be more specific?06:23
=== eka is now known as Guest94044
xorwhyWhy do my processes have multiple PPID's?06:24
demonspork!xorg | Aalinux06:24
ubottuAalinux: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:24
koki1bluey: some reason when performing upgrades via add/remove, or synaptic. it is stating that cannot resolve the addresses as i think not default06:26
halhornAnyone else keen to help me do some deep Pulseaudio/Alsa troubleshooting to get my 5.1 to work?06:26
Guest94044i think ican help you06:26
demonsporkhalhorn, have you tried #alsa06:26
demonsporkand #pulseaudio06:27
koki1how do you reinstall the synaptic managers06:27
pitputwhat's there good to do with a webcam anyway?06:28
pitputI;m thinking of getting one06:28
koki1lol it depends on the use06:29
prince_jammyskoki1: sudo apt-get install --reinstall synaptic06:29
Teclyswhats the quickest way to update from alpha 3 to alpha 606:30
glickshey does freenode have a gaming channel?06:31
koki1there is an error with /usr/bin/dpkg error code 106:31
Biovoreglicks: most gamers are on enterthegame, gamesurge, globalgamers, quakenet (etc)06:31
prince_jammysTeclys: go to #ubuntu+1 if you're talking about karmic06:32
lucaxxxxxxafter building a livefs with remastersys i get this error...squashfs error: major/minor mismatch, older squashfs 3.1 filesystem are unsupported, how can i fix this?? please help!06:33
n8tuserlucaxxxxxx -> make sure they are of same kernel version, you cant use 8.04 with 8.1006:33
lucaxxxxxxn8tuser: im usgin kernel 2.6.3106:34
n8tuserlucaxxxxxx -> re read what i suggested06:34
koki1what is the error /usr/bin/dpkg error code 106:34
* Blizzerand yawns06:35
lucaxxxxxxn8tuser: i guess i cant use squashfs with kernel 2.6.31...06:35
koki1is there a way to possibly, reinstall the whole apt-get menu06:36
dsnydersHi all!  is there a gui tool for creating mount points and mounting drives?06:36
Blizzeranddsnyders : gparted ??06:37
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php06:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about figlet06:38
halhornGuhh, still no lock, and literally nobody's talking in #alsa and #pulseaudio06:38
dsnydersBlizzerand, gparted is for creating disk partitions and formatting them.  I don't see anything in there for mounting a partittion06:38
AngryKoalahalhorn: oss? =p06:39
AngryKoaladsnyders: what DE?06:39
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dsnydersAngryKoala, DE?  Um... Desktop Environment?  Gnome.06:40
^mNotIntelligenthi all !06:40
Blizzeranddsnyders ; You can deal with mount points with it I believe . (Such as / , /boot if that is what you meant ) or is it that you want to mount partitions06:40
koki1any help with a apt-get to force reset to defaults?06:40
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^mNotIntelligentI'm on dell 1555 , jaunty.. i was just doing some changes to sound prefrences using the sound button from the upper right panel, and then...oops my sound is gone...any idea on that?06:41
Jordan_Udsnyders: You can set the mount point from nautilus in properties06:41
dsnydersBlizzerand, I want to create a mount point and mount a partition.  I was hoping to avoid hand editing /etc/fstab06:41
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Blizzeranddsnyders : Ah you did confuse me with that , use terminal , its much easy to mount things with just a single command06:42
dsnydersBlizzerand, the mount command mounts it only until the next reboot.  I could manually edit /etc/fstab, but I was hoping there'd be a gui for that by now.06:43
AngryKoalayou can make it a startup script =p06:44
AngryKoalaand isnt there a gnome automounter application?06:44
Blizzeranddsnyders : Sorry , don't know of any such gui's . I always feel happy mounting then just when required lol06:45
neil_dI have saned running on a computer,  when I run xsane on another it doesn't connect.  the saned show in syslog that it allowed the connection... I need help figuring out what is wrong!06:46
dsnydersneil_d, can the two machinges ping each other?06:47
neil_ddsnyders: yes!  the saned server is showing a "saned[19683]: init: access granted to saned-user@"06:48
AngryKoaladoes it require other ports to function?  If so, did you try taking down your firewall and trying?06:49
rigodenianyone know how i can auto rename all files in a folder to be preceeded with an automatically incrementing number like "001-" "002-" and so forth?06:50
JusticeZeroHey, I just had to re-install Windows on my dual boot. What's the easiest way to put grub back in like before?06:52
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stanleyI'm looking to setup a local development server (apache, mysql, php ect.) does anybody know any good tutorials I can follow?06:53
stanleyI've googled around a bit but not too sure which one to follow as they all seem to be different06:53
rigodenianyone know how i can auto rename all files in a folder to be preceeded with an automatically incrementing number like "001-" "002-" and so forth?06:53
AngryKoalaJusticeZero, boot into grub, root (hdx,y), setup (hdx,y) and you are set06:53
AngryKoalarigodeni, a bash script06:54
Blizzerandstanley : Do you have them installed06:54
JusticeZeroyeah but how do I boot into grub after installing Windows on one of the partitions?06:54
rigodeniAngryKoala: umm, k but i dont know how to make one06:54
AngryKoalarigodeni, hmm, thats hard then, time to learn? =p06:55
AngryKoalaJusticeZero, download a distro or bootable cd that boots into grub06:55
rigodeniAngryKoala: well there isnt a simple rename command with a few options thown in.. that i can run in bash?06:55
stanleyI've installed apache2 php5 php5-mysql php5-gd mysql-server php5-curl php5-imagick php5-ffmpeg phpmyadmin and mysql-query-browser06:55
koki1how would I reset the WGPG ?06:56
BlizzerandJusticeZero : Your Fedora Live CD will do06:56
AngryKoalarigodeni, no idea06:56
AngryKoalarigodeni, actually, here we go, http://linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl1_rename.htm06:57
stanleyblizzerand: sorry, forgot to point you out, see abovge06:58
fhenning09hello guys06:58
fhenning09Quick question06:59
Blizzerandstanley : Thats everything you need I guess , Let me search for a good giude for you06:59
fhenning09Does anyone use a 802.11n draft bridge(gaming adapter) to get wireless on Ubuntu?07:00
AngryKoalafhenning09 I use a draft n card07:00
kregwhy does the Update Manager window pop up, telling me there are updates, when "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade"  shows no available packages for upgrades?07:00
fhenning09Which one?07:00
AngryKoalaI bought it for its large antenna since I'm going thru 3 walls and a kitchen07:01
stanleyBlizzerand: just need to know set it all up now..07:01
JusticeZero...-fedora- live..?07:01
fhenning09Someone told me it would be cheaper and easier to use this model bridge  WGA600N , They claim its driverleass so no Linux compatibility issues.07:01
xwinI installed Ubuntu 9.04 in my HP Pavilion DV2000 last week.  Now I'm getting frustrated!07:03
AngryKoalafhenning09, nothing is driverless, but Ubuntu autodetects it07:03
accolxwin when i had that laptop it gave me shit too07:03
xwinaccol: I can't even update it, I'm getting 404's07:04
AngryKoalaxwin, can you ping outside?07:04
xwinAngryKoala: ping outside? what's that?07:04
fhenning09well I'm gonna be installing Kubuntu when my new HD arrives07:04
AngryKoalaxwin in console, if you type "ping google.com" what does it say07:04
fhenning09I'm more of a KDE fan07:04
accoli stay away from hp's in general....they are garbage and i know from owning 2 laptops07:04
fhenning09but not so big on KDE 4.x07:05
xwinAngryKoala: ;-)07:05
AngryKoalafhenning09 I use KDE as well, and my card was autodetected07:05
xwinaccol: it's a give away laptop!07:05
accolmaybe you got mine!07:05
fhenning09Well I just built this rig and well I'm glad I went with ATI with the catalyst support and all07:05
xwinaccol: my boss give it away after it's XP Pro got infected with all sort of Win32.Kriptik.trojans07:06
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pitputanyone use a webcam pro 9000 on ubuntu?07:06
xwinfirst time I used Ubuntu I could use yum to update07:06
accolmy laptop was garbage....after 3 months the motherboard fried and 4 months after that the wireless card stopped working (which is not repairable)07:07
koki1can someone help me to fix an error with a WGPG Key and or how to reset the GPG key's and all issuances back to the origina07:07
accolmy gf's 1220-us screen and video card burnt out and that thing was less than 8 months ol07:07
koki1W: GPG error: http://deb.opera.com lenny Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY F9A2F76A9D1A006107:08
accolso bottem line: hp is garbage07:08
DigitalKiwiaccol: at least it's under warranty07:08
kregwhat's the difference between apt-get upgrade and the X11 Update Manager?07:08
kregi fail to understand why there would be a difference.07:09
accolhp costumer service said they were sending stuff...and when we called to check up things werent even sent07:09
prod1hi ll, i went to download a nvidia driver for my 5200 fx, when i clicked the link i got to a massive text page, the url ended in .run now i kno this is gonna sound dull but what do i do now? suppose i have to wget and compile but just making sure with you guys first07:09
DigitalKiwithey were outfitting you with apparel?07:09
AngryKoalaprod1 did you try to get the driver from apt-get?07:10
prod1no im kinda new to this and didnt know wat to apt-get :/07:10
SharpRainI disabled the top menu!!07:10
SharpRainthe top menu that has applications etc07:10
FloodBot1SharpRain: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:11
SharpRainhow do I get it to come back?07:11
AngryKoalaprod1, type in console apt-get nvidia   then hit tab to see what drivers are available07:11
DigitalKiwidude, calm07:11
SharpRainHow do i get the top menu to come back?07:11
prod1ok ill try now thanx07:11
Lolai am lola07:11
sebsebseb!panels |  SharpRain07:11
ubottuSharpRain: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:11
Lolacan someone help me?07:12
SharpRainI can't get to the terminal07:12
sebsebsebSharpRain: of course you need a terminal first  try  alt f207:12
Lolahow to i add extra effects07:12
accollola u want compiz07:12
linuxkreg: apt-get is (i think so someone correct me if i am wrong) the application you want to get installed  and update manager is the auto update for ubuntu apps07:12
SharpRainwhat the07:12
sebsebseb!someone |  Lola07:12
ubottuLola: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:12
SharpRainNow the bottom menu is gone!07:12
SharpRainI used the alt f2 run in terminal, and all menus are gone now!07:12
SharpRainPlease help.07:12
LolaHow do I install extra effects?07:13
soreauLola: Sys>Prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects tab <- set to Extra07:13
SharpRainCompiz Config07:13
prod1sorry about this but do i hit enter after apt-get nvidia then tab, as tab is doin nohing atm07:13
SharpRainBut please, help07:13
soreauLola: compiz is already installed07:13
fhenning09"apt-get" Is how you get an application or package from ubuntu's repositories07:13
kreglinux, "apt-get update" will update all the packages from the repository.    "apt-get upgrade"  will update any installed packages you already have, with any that are due for update.07:13
SharpRainHow can I do this? All my menus are gone07:13
prod1evening :)07:13
sebsebsebSharpRain: maybe create a luancher to the terminal on the desktop07:13
utnubuuserAny shell scripters online?07:14
kreglinux, however for some reason an X11 application called Update Manager pops up offering packages that apt-get doesn't.  That shouldn't be.07:14
SharpRainOnce I'm at the terminal, what do I do?07:14
sebsebseb!panels |  SharpRain07:14
ubottuSharpRain: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:14
SharpRainI typed that, and it made ALL panels go07:14
SharpRainI used alt + f2 run in terminal thing.07:14
Lolait seems i dont have compiz?07:14
kregfhenning09, are you saying Update Manager is conencted to different repositories?07:14
Lolahow do i know if i have compiz?07:15
SharpRainPlease, I don't know what to do.07:15
sebsebsebSharpRain: ok so that didn't bring back panels and like default, well there is a way to add a panel back,  I don't know how though hmm07:15
DigitalKiwiSharpRain: type nohup gnome-panel07:15
fhenning09No I'm saying its the command based package install program07:15
SharpRainThat didn't do anything07:16
soreauLola: What happens when you set Sys>Prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects tab <- to Extra ?07:16
SharpRainI chose run in console, also.07:16
DigitalKiwioh huh07:16
kregfhenning09, what's the difference?  it's the same package repository.07:16
fhenning09true true07:16
SharpRainIt didn't work.07:16
prod1can someone help me use a .run file?07:16
prod1not sure how to use it07:16
SharpRainIs there no way to get the panels to come back?07:16
soreauprod1: Try to run it with ./file.run in the directory where the file is contained07:16
kregfhenning09, take a headless on X11 system.  like a server.    it's making me thing my apt-get is not network correctly seeing all available updates.07:17
sebsebsebSharpRain: if you can get into a browser,  you can probably Google a solution07:17
DigitalKiwilogout and back in and they should respawn07:17
SharpRainI can't, though07:17
sebsebsebDigitalKiwi: and if they don't hmm07:17
SharpRainDamn this.07:17
utnubuuserSharpRain: Yes it's fairly easy.07:17
accollola type this into a terminal07:17
accolsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager07:17
DigitalKiwiwell he only killed them with killall gnome-panel07:17
DigitalKiwihe won't be any worse off ;p07:17
SharpRainSo what should I do?07:17
accolthen go system>prefs>compiz07:18
prince_jammys!panels | SharpRain07:18
ubottuSharpRain: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »07:18
SharpRainI typed it, and it killed ALL my panels/07:18
SharpRainNow I have neither the top one, or the bottom.07:18
prince_jammysSharpRain: mm, that's probably wrong, sorry. That resets them.07:18
soreauaccol: How are you sure he already has compiz working?07:18
SharpRainHow do I get to a terminal?07:18
prince_jammysSharpRain: alt + F2 and type 'gnome-terminal' or whatever terminal you use.07:19
accolwell i thought he said nothing was in preferences07:19
utnubuuserSharpRain:  google "free the fish ubuntu"07:19
accoleither way that would do nothing if it installed07:19
prod1command not found when i try to run .run file :/07:19
^mNotIntelligentSharpRain,  alt + F2 and type 'gnome-terminal'07:20
SharpRainI'm screwed.07:20
^mNotIntelligentSharpRain, why?07:20
Dr_WillisI like terminator for a supped up gnome-terminal07:20
SharpRainBecause it doesn't work.07:20
^mNotIntelligentDr_Willis, i like that too07:21
sebsebsebSharpRain: should  have right clicked on the top panel, and done add panel, of course07:21
sebsebsebSharpRain: however there are probably ways to get both panels back07:21
Dr_WillisGuess we need to eventually add a 'reset-gnome-settings' command ?07:21
Dr_Willisdelete all the gnome config/dirs and relogin to gnome with no settings.. it will use the defaults.07:21
Shamounhey all07:22
Dr_Willisbut you may lose some info/data you dont want.. that way07:22
DigitalKiwiwell he could always switch to a tiler (as he should anyway)07:22
sebsebsebDr_Willis: I was thinking something like that as well, delete  Gnome .folders07:22
prod1when i wget, shouldnt it download to the dir that i am in in terminal07:22
^mNotIntelligentprod1, yes07:22
Dr_Willisi have transmission going.. so i am always carefull to not delete that info/settings07:22
sebsebsebDr_Willis: or install something else first XFCE or whatever, just in case, Gnome can't just be logged in to07:22
techieprod1, yes07:22
DigitalKiwiawesome ftw :D07:22
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  i always have other window managers installed. :)07:22
prod1hi techie :)07:22
prod1am having problems with my nvidia drivers :)07:23
sebsebsebSharpRain: see what I just said to Dr_Willis and what they put07:23
prod1so much fun i want to throw my pc out of window07:23
^mNotIntelligentprod1, what did google have to say on that driver issue?07:23
DigitalKiwiprod1: be glad you don't have ati, you actually would throw it out the window07:24
accolanyone ever heard of 'kill bill' linux?07:24
sebsebsebDr_Willis: hmm how are they even going to remove the .folders when they are having issues getting a command line07:24
techieprod1, if you do throw it out the window, throw it my way07:24
^mNotIntelligentaccol, nopes07:24
^mNotIntelligentprod1, techie : or my  way07:24
techie^mNotIntelligent, gggrrrrrr, mine07:24
prod1havent checked but i just went to the site and went to dl drivers and just came up with a massive txt age. the url ended in .run so i assumed to wget the .run to my desktop but its now not there :/07:25
^mNotIntelligenttechie, okey you take it !07:25
accolstraight rip off of ubuntu (same loading screen and look) and charging 70 dollars for it at a convention i went to07:25
fhenning09whats wrong with ATI?07:25
^mNotIntelligentprod1, try getting that using the standard browser way07:25
techiefhenning09, lots, i say this as an ATI user07:26
Lolacompizconfig settings manager came out07:26
^mNotIntelligentfhenning09, whats the prob ?07:26
accolit worked?07:26
fhenning09For instance?07:26
sebsebsebSharpRain: still here?07:26
techiefhenning09, their drivers are closed source and didnt even support xv07:26
prod1i did just click on the download box but it redirected me to the .run file which it wrote out for me in the browser :D07:26
prod1loving the transition07:27
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  from the console.07:27
SharpRainHmm, nevermind - I'll google a solution, cheers anyway guys.07:27
BlizzerandHow do I create a live image ( that may be a customization of ubuntu or any other distro). Do you guys know of any gui tools07:27
techieprod1, you can right click and "save as"07:27
sebsebsebDr_Willis: Guess not as important as they made it sound, since they just left on us07:27
AngryKoalafhenning09, from what I can see in my limited knowledge, linux people in general like nvidia better due to their superior driver support and consistent bug fixes07:27
prod1oh yes, sorry its 7.30 am here and havent slept yet :D07:27
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility07:28
DigitalKiwiBlizzerand: unetbootin07:28
^mNotIntelligent!remaster | Blizzerand07:28
ubottuBlizzerand: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility07:28
BlizzerandDigitalKiwi : No , unetbootin can't do that . I want to create a customized linux ( may be ubuntu or any other distro) by adding more packages07:29
Blizzerand!unetbootin > DigitalKiwi07:29
ubottuDigitalKiwi, please see my private message07:29
^cheekyhi, when setting up server (ubuntu)  and having different partitions have different OS installed,  should i choose the option erase data on this partition (win7(ntfs(crap))); before i install ubuntu server ?07:30
^mNotIntelligent^cheeky, no07:30
Dr_Willis^cheeky:  dare we ask why you are using the 'server' edition?07:30
DigitalKiwidon't have your lacky bot pm me, kthankx07:31
Blizzerand^mNotIntelligent : I am using ubuntu but I am not interested in customizing ubuntu , but another distro . I have the live cd , and are there any tools that may help doing so07:31
celthunderBlizzerand, you should just need to mount your other distro and edit whatever you need to07:31
prod1sorry back :) hope i didnt miss any help was just tryin to download the .run07:32
^mNotIntelligentBlizzerand, the link meant to sever as a starting point to make you get going with customising linux distros, once you've comfortable doing that you can do the same with any other linux distro...07:32
JusticeZeroHow do I find where grub is?07:32
^mNotIntelligent*was meant to serve07:33
Blizzerandcelthunder : Wouldn't that break some of the configurations . Any way thanks07:33
BlizzerandJusticeZero : Why do you want to know07:33
Dr_WillisJusticeZero:  grub is normally in /boot/grub  and also installed to the MBR of the hard drive..if thats what you maen07:33
iwobbleshhi speaking of servers ? why do I need one to run linuxsampler ? Im getting an error "No Server Found",,07:34
celthunderBlizzerand, no?  you can customize your configurations to whatever from one distro to another...if you break them while editting though it wont work obviously07:34
JusticeZeroBecause I reinstalled windows and of course it blew up grub as usual, and I don't want to have to reinstall Ubuntu.07:34
Dr_Willis!fixgrub | JusticeZero07:34
ubottuJusticeZero: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:34
Dr_WillisJusticeZero:  thats a FAQ :)07:34
sombirhelp on ubuntu ??07:35
prod1ok, tryed to ./ the .run but command not found07:35
Dr_Willisprod1:  make sure its executable07:35
Dr_Willisprod1:  and spelt right07:35
prod1ofc sorry :D07:35
BlizzerandJusticeZero : Boot from a ubuntu cd and do what is said herehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub07:35
prod1woop :)07:36
sombirany one out there to help me on ubuntu /////////////07:36
Blizzerand* https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub07:36
* Debolaz tries Dell's Ubuntu Moblin release and is quite impressed.07:36
accolwhat is it?07:36
JusticeZeroThat looks a lot more complex than how I did it last time...07:36
Dr_WillisJusticeZero:  one only has to do tha tparts of that guide that you need.. not ALL of it.07:36
BlizzerandJusticeZero : In which partiton do you have ubuntu in07:36
xwinI'm trying to 'sudo apt-get update' and getting stuck at "90% [Connecting to packages.freecontrib.org (]"   What's wrong with this ?07:37
Dr_Willisxwin:  could be their server is down.07:37
JusticeZeroI don't remember..07:37
bigpoppacan anyone here help me with ubuntu NBR and truecrypt question?07:37
xwinDr_Willis: are they using Microsoft server?  :-(07:37
Dr_Willisxwin:  how am I supposed to know?07:37
BlizzerandJusticeZero : Can you please boot from a linux Live CD and be back here so thatit an be much more easier07:38
Dr_Williscomment out the server in the sources.list and see if it updates for the rest.07:38
xwinDr_Willis: I've been trying since I installed Ubuntu 9.04...  always getting that error.  I'm running out of patience.07:38
flymanHow do I over rule a loco team in my state that has done nothing?07:38
JusticeZeroI already did, on the laptop in question behind me07:39
Dr_Willisxwin:  ive never even heard of that  server...    is it one you added?07:39
Dr_Willisxwin:  what version of ubuntu you using?07:39
^cheekyDr_Willis: Neeeeh07:39
Dr_Willisim on 9.10 - let me check mine...07:39
BlizzerandJusticeZero : So you are on the live CD now07:39
xwinDr_Willis: how can I update to 9.10 ?07:39
Dr_Willisxwin:  you dont want to at this tim,e07:40
^cheekyDr_Willis:  Server, coz i need to have a develop box for school , well i dont have to but it would be cool just to have07:40
accolwould anyone know why sometimes when i start up my comp it 'drops to shell' and if i type 'exit07:40
Dr_Willisxwin:  i do not see a packages.freecontrib.org  in my 9.04 box's sources.list at all.07:40
accolit load ubunut after that?07:40
BlizzerandJusticeZero : Go to a terminal and post the reply of sudo fdisk -l in a pastebin07:40
Dr_Willisxwin:  heres my 9.04 sources.list -> http://pastebin.com/f7cd2b7a707:40
xwinDr_Willis: somehow I got Fedora core 10 in the other laptop, I don't have problem updating...07:41
Dr_Willis^cheeky:   the desktop edition can proberly do all you need.. and you can use the gui if you want to.07:41
Blizzerand_!pastebin > JusticeZero07:41
ubottuJusticeZero, please see my private message07:41
Dr_Willisxwin:  thats like comparing mopeds to  fish tanks......07:41
JusticeZerowell I can't exactly paste as it is a different computer07:41
Dr_Willisxwin:  you got some server thats down in your sources.list and ive no idea where that  freecontrib.org even came from.07:41
xwinDr_Willis:  oh well, I'm pissed.  thanks, I'll try again...07:42
najjemsuhm... i'm new here07:42
xwinDr_Willis: thanks,...  gotta go ZZZzzzzz....  :-)07:42
Dr_Willisxwin:  check my sources.list and i would say remove the freecontrib.org one07:42
Blizzerand_JusticeZero : Do you see linux somewhere in the output07:43
JusticeZerothe output is on computer not logged in here. :p07:43
flymanAnyone here in charge of the Ubuntu LoCo Teams?07:43
bigpoppahello najjems, u need help with something?07:43
JusticeZeroSDA 1, 5, 6, 707:43
JusticeZero1 is swap07:43
TheFox[NB]morning peeps07:43
TheFox[NB]If I want to upgrade to 9.10 from 9.04, how much bw you think it will use?07:44
Blizzerand_JusticeZero : Never mind , type grub in the terminal07:44
Dr_WillisTheFox[NB]:  i would suggest NOT upgrading at this time07:44
najjemsyeah, well I just got around installing Linux on my laptop (again..)07:44
Blizzerand_TheFox[NB] : 9.10 is in development . Something may break if you update now07:45
TheFox[NB]still too many bugs?07:45
TheFox[NB]I know07:45
TheFox[NB]but itching to say I've got it loaded :)07:45
najjemsand I'm scared i'd go through the same problems i've had before, so this is the first I'm actually chatting here to ask for help07:45
JusticeZeroNot finalized, right.. i'd rather have stable than shiny.07:45
najjemsim i in the right channel to do that?07:45
Dr_Willisaha.... packages.freecontrib.org    was used by the old PLF repos......07:45
prod1Hi again, on installing my new driver i am prompted to exit X, any help please?07:46
flymanprod1: explain what you're installing and via console or gui?07:46
EvRidei can help07:46
jamieleshawHello, does anyone know whether Windows Media Player 12 Works in Ubunut Under WINE07:46
EvRideprod1 is probably installing the nvidia driver. amirite?07:46
Dr_Willisprod1:  You have tried teh drivers installer in the menus./repos first??07:46
flymanjamieleshaw: I have heard of people being able to.07:47
Dr_Willisjamieleshaw:  i would find it VERY suprising if it  did.07:47
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:47
techie!init | prod107:47
ubottuprod1: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto07:47
cheslynhi everyone07:47
flymanhi cheslyn07:47
prod1via console i am trying to install the drivers for my 5200FX by nvidia. the .run is on my desktop and is executable, i have tryed ctrl+alt+f1 but still am prompted to exit X07:47
techieprod1, well ubottu failed then, init 3 will do07:47
prod1oops console :D07:48
EvRideprod1, why don't you use the ubuntu drivers for that?07:48
Dr_Willisprod1:  you HAVE tried teh  System->admin-Hardware manager   tool FIRST?07:48
ztkzHi, the "problem" of HD life time on ubuntu is real?07:48
Blizzerand__JusticeZero : From the grub console try find /boot/grub/stage107:48
ThomasHC1time to complete the bodily function know as sleeping - good night all07:48
flymanprod1: Normally you need to run in runlevel 3. You need to exit x and run sh <file> in console by doing it as root or sudo sh <file>07:48
cheslyncan anyone please tell me how to log into singeluser mode07:48
Blizzerand__JusticeZero : Post the results here itself07:48
Dr_Willisztkz:  last it was mentioned/researched - it was an over hyped issue.. and ive notheard of any issue with it at all in the newest releases.07:48
JusticeZeroFile not found07:49
prod1So far i have opened all repositories and left ubuntu to sort out everything by itself but my TV is badly distorted when i enable it so im guessin its the wrong driver07:49
prince_jammyscheslyn: reboot, and in the grub menu select "single user mode" (maybe they call it "recovery mode" now)07:49
flymanprod1: have you gone to System>Administration>Hardware Drivers?07:50
Blizzerand__JusticeZero : Are you sure you did install Ubuntu , if yes it should have probably detected you Ubuntu system07:50
flymanTry it07:50
napster3522JusticeZero u need to be root user to do that07:50
flymanNvidia driver should be sitting waiting for you to activate it.07:50
ztkzDr_Willis, hm, ok thanks07:50
JusticeZeroIt's my normal Ubuntu system, yes.07:50
prod1OMG :D07:50
napster3522open the grub process as root user...07:50
prod1im such a nub07:50
flymanDid it exist for you?07:51
Dr_Willisprod1:  :) thats why we kept asking you about that menu item...07:51
napster3522thn only u can use the find /boot/grub/stage107:51
cheslynprince_jammys: and after that how will i reset the password07:51
prince_jammyscheslyn: your user's?07:51
prod1sorry i been switchin between many apps on dtop and prob missed your help :/07:51
ztkzDr_Willis,  then , can i be carefree?07:51
EvRidewelcome to Unbuntu prod107:51
EvRideoops, Ubuntu07:52
prod1Thanx all :)07:52
Blizzerand__JusticeZero : k try root (hd0,x)  Replace x by your partiton number07:52
EvRidesorry dudez!07:52
Dr_Willisztkz:  you can worry about it and research it more if you want... but i dont consider it an issue07:52
prod1I have just noticed im prob the only one here bashing out the smileys all the time07:52
prod1i apologise for that too07:52
JusticeZerook, tried find again in sudo, got hd 0,407:52
ztkzDr_Willis, ok thanks again07:52
cheslynprince_jammys: yes and what other passwords can you reset07:52
flymanprod1: I always enjoy some flare :)07:52
DigitalKiwiwestern digital is anti-linux07:53
prince_jammys!password | cheslyn07:53
ubottucheslyn: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords07:53
DigitalKiwijust saying07:53
napster3522root (hd0,4)07:53
flymancheslyn: O know you can prob type sudo passwd root to set your root password if you haven't already.07:53
prod1im so happy i have you guys, google just makes me angry :)07:53
Blizzerand__JusticeZero : k after running the last comand with proper partiton number , run this setup (hd0)07:53
flymanprod1: Google makes me mad too. As great as it is for most stuff, questions and strings don't always come up as desired.07:54
Blizzerand__JusticeZero : Did you get a positive response by the llok of it07:54
napster3522u ran setup (hd0)07:54
oakanyone fimiler with logitech quickcam zoom and ubuntu 9.04.... lsusb is reading device as there and light is turned on the camera07:54
TheFox[NB]hey peeps search/replace in vim ?07:55
prod1i know what you mean, just lookin for help on .run files was futile :D07:55
cheslynprince_jammys: thanks let me try it by grub yes07:55
flymanoak: Once the device is properly setup the green light will go away.07:55
prince_jammysTheFox[NB]: #vim, or run vimtutor07:55
Blizzerand__JusticeZero : reboot and see if it works07:55
flymanprod1: Well just know sh will be able to help with run and bin.07:55
Dr_Willisprod1:  you dont want to use the drivers from nvidia.com unless everything else fails07:56
ShapeShifter499how come according to the device manager is saying that a camera is mounted at /dev/fuse ? I think that camera that at /dev/fuse is the same webcam I'm trying to get running on my computer, how to I force the app/driver I need the cam for to try to use /dev/fuse as the camera07:56
oakflyman... then why isnt it working,,, the green light never turns off07:56
prod1ill have to read up on the magical sh07:56
flymanoak: I had the same issue and it's because the device led is on, but it's not functional.07:56
Blizzerand__napster3522 : What did you mean by your last comment07:56
prod1I just cant wait till my GFX stops lagging like crazy07:56
n8tuserShapeShifter499-> can you pastebin the results of  sudo udevinfo -e   ?07:57
flymanI personally had to kill the driver that lssusb was using and use a diffrent driver.07:57
oakflyman  i cannot use the device thou... its not working07:57
ShapeShifter499one sec07:57
SandGorgonhi guys - compiled a custom kernel and my Broadcom wireless is unable to connect - it tries to make an attempt (I installed the driver), but it never connects. This is the dmesg output http://paste.ubuntu.com/279322/07:57
SandGorgoncould someone help please07:57
flymanoak: Well is it supported or have you found a driver that works for your specific camera?07:57
flymanIf not, we can try a few of the other drivers out there.07:58
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: that command udevinfo is not found on my comp07:58
Verdeit is anybody speaking spanish?07:58
prod1are there any big disadvantages using a proprietary driver with my nvidia GFX?07:58
n8tuserShapeShifter499-> which ubuntu are you on?07:58
flymanVerde: No, unless you need me to...07:58
Dr_Willisprod1:  not really.07:59
prod1kk thnx :)07:59
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:59
prod1right all, thanx so much for your help once again :) off to restart and reap the benefits of your help07:59
Blizzerand__!spanish > Verde07:59
ubottuVerde, please see my private message07:59
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: I'm running ubuntu 9.04 jaunty gnome + addons, kubuntu, xubuntu, super os, and ubuntu studio08:00
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> do you have a /etc/udev/rules.d  dir?08:00
ShapeShifter499hold on08:00
n8tuser!who | ShapeShifter49908:01
ubottuShapeShifter499: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:01
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: sorry :")08:01
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: I do have that dir, /etc/udev/rules.d08:02
Darkedge345Is there an alt. for reading PDF files in ubuntu?08:03
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> then that tools should be available to you.. look in /usr/bin/ for it?08:03
JusticeZeroworks, ty.08:04
Blizzerand__JusticeZero : Np dude08:05
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: hmm.... I have NO file in /usr/bin/ that is named udev or even has udev in its name08:06
sdlwofhttp://pastebin.com/m7604fa93  that's unplugging it and back in on 3 different usb ports.08:06
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> dont know about your setup,  try sudo dpkg -L udev  and see it will list it08:07
techiejust finished installing ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop, however the i cannot set the display to 1152x768 even though its in my xorg.conf08:07
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> oh, i recall earlier someone mentioned its udevadm now, the name changed08:08
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: oh?08:08
Blizzerand__techie : Go to preferences --> Dispay and see if you can change the configuration to 1152x76808:08
Dr_Willistechie:  on some of my laptops i cant get the ress right untill i install the proper ati/nvidia drivers.. or upgrade teh intel drivers08:08
zhxki would like to read this log08:08
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/08:08
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution08:08
n8tusertechie -> type  xrandr   to see the possible rez ?08:08
techieBlizzerand__, already checked, everything standard below what i want is there 800 1024 600 etc08:08
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: so I put in  sudo udevadm -e  now?08:09
techien8tuser, xrandr does not show me the resolution i want, i have tired --addmode already08:09
techieDr_Willis, may i pm you?08:09
Keifferdo you know any linux software for GPS/GIS/auto maps? like Igo or TomTom08:09
Dr_Willistechie:   You proberly should tell the channel the Videocard/chipset you are using also...08:10
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: or what?08:10
=== zz_fahadsadah is now known as fahadsadah
Dr_Willistechie:  the extend of my knopwledge is boot up.. use the hardware drivers tool.. install proper video drivers.. reboot.. it works08:10
n8tusertechie -> then your vid may not support such rez,08:10
Keiffermy google page has "Googlle" at logo08:10
techieDr_Willis, this is a fresh ppc install using an xorg.conf from a 6.10 install08:11
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> i dont use 9.04, so i dont know how to use that command, man  udevadm   please08:11
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: got it08:11
techien8tuser, it does support this res, thats the native resolution for its lcd, and ontop of that it runs that in OS X08:11
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: its just like sudo udevinfo -e but now its longer, sudo udevadm info -e08:12
n8tusertechie -> perhaps on your OS X , but the driver you are using now does not support it08:12
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: want me to pastebin the output?08:12
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> okay,  put in pastebin08:12
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: uh oh, it wont let me view all of the output, what do I do?08:14
P0rnflakesdo anyone know how i can install the mintmenu in ubuntu hardyß08:14
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> how do you know it does not allow you to view all output?08:14
ShapeShifter499it stops half way on one of the lines of output08:15
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: it stops half way on one of the lines of output08:15
Blizzerand__P0rnflakes : What is mintmenu08:16
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> i dont know,  look in /sys/class/vid*   to see if any video?08:17
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: just look, compare the first couple of lines to rest of output http://paste.ubuntu.com/279329/08:17
P0rnflakesthe menu from linux mint..08:17
P0rnflakesif i want to install the .deb i get "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable"08:18
borcoi would like to connect a tablet pc with my desktop and have a virtual desktop between them, so that i can have gimp canvas full screen on the tablet and the toolbox and rest on the desktop. any idea on how to do this? I've read about x2x and synergy, and they don't look like what i need. i probably need something like xinerama, but without physically connecting 2 monitors to the same box. is it possible?08:19
techieanyone here got ubuntu working on a PowerBook G4 Titanium?08:20
ShapeShifter499techie: I do08:21
ShapeShifter499techie: not quite sure if its titanium or not but yea its a 15 inch powerbook g408:22
borcok. found the answer - xinerama with xdmx :)08:22
techieShapeShifter499, may i pm you?08:22
ShapeShifter499techie: sure08:23
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> i dont know what to tell you about /udev/fuse  thats not avail on my 8.1008:23
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: its not /udev/fuse its /dev/fuse08:24
SharpRainI'm trying to install privoxy08:26
SharpRainbut it gives me this error08:26
neil_dI have a computer with a scanner attached, running scand... when I run xsane on another computer it says there are no scanners found :(   but the saned reports in syslog that it accepted the connect!  what is wrong?08:26
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> did you try to google for such?08:26
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: yes08:27
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> i dont have 9.04 so you may have to struggle with this yourself for now08:28
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: I installed everything from the lucvideo driver to video4linux drivers08:29
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> per the error on pastebin, look into the initscript of privoxy ?08:30
cheslynprince_jammys: i try maybe a other time08:30
prince_jammyscheslyn: no luck, with either approach?08:30
cheslynprince_jammys:what do you mean now08:31
prince_jammyscheslyn: the URL mentioned two approaches08:32
KeifferDo you know what software I can use to download OpenStreeMap maps? to use the offline?08:32
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: how?08:33
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> scripts are usually text file, so try to use vim or any of the editors you're familiar with08:33
cheslynprince_jammys:thanks but can you tell me how to change a setting , it;s the system configuration i don't have access to open it08:34
prince_jammyscheslyn: your password isn't working?08:35
blueglassesgood morning08:36
blueglassesis there a shortcut to put down the awn bar?08:36
batrickwhy are newer packages in ubuntu tied to newer ubuntu releases. As an example, nmap 5.0 is only part of ubuntu 9.1008:37
Dr_Willisbatrick:  beacuse ubuntu dosent push new versions of packages onto older releases.08:37
Dr_Willisexcept in the backreports repos - thats one way to get newer stuff.08:37
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging08:37
Gneabatrick: because ubuntu releases more often than a lot of other distros, which makes the backports that much more available to previous versions08:38
blueglassesi'm running karmic koala, is there a version of virtualbox for it? what about boxee?08:38
Gneaand if backports doesn't have it, ppa might08:38
Dr_Willisblueglasses:  virtualbox is in the repos for 9.1008:38
Dr_Willisblueglasses:  check the package manager08:38
cheslynprince_jammys: it does'nt show any password it only say the configuration could not be loaded when i try 2 open users and groups08:38
Gneablueglasses: #ubuntu+1 can help you a bit better with that, we support 9.04 and earlier here08:39
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: i'm sorry I can't find the file08:39
batrickDr_Willis: Gnea: Thank you08:39
blueglassesDr_Willis, whats the repos source for it?08:39
Dr_Willisblueglasses:  the ose version is in the normal repos08:39
ablmfI am trying to connect to a windows share folder.   To connect to "\\\software", what should I input for "server", "share", "folder" "domain" and "name to user for connection"?08:39
n8tuserShapeShifter499 -> am off for now... cant assist you with what you have08:39
blueglassesGnea ok thanks08:39
Dr_Willisablmf:  share name is 'software' server name is the ip#08:40
ShapeShifter499n8tuser: w8 just tell me where i could fine the file08:40
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  what file?08:41
ablmfDr_Willis: what about "folder" and "domain"?08:42
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: Quote from n8tuser, ShapeShifter499 -> per the error on pastebin, look into the initscript of privoxy ?08:42
Dr_Willisablmf:  leave them blank i guess08:43
prince_jammyscheslyn: what ubuntu release do you have?08:43
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  privoxy has its config files in /etc/ somwerhere.. Ive  not  used privoxy in ages - there was a wiki  page on setting up Privoxy and TOR  i recall08:43
cheslynprince_jammys: i think 9,0408:44
prince_jammyscheslyn: and you are able to sudo, correct? i'm seeing others with your problem in the forums.08:45
ShapeShifter499tnx for help08:46
nhawdge|workHey guys, I'm having some trouble finding the file for Crawl's high scores, it's not showing up in /usr/lib/games/crawl like it says it's supposed to be, any one know where it is?08:47
HazeFazenhawdge|work: if you know the name of the file you can try locate fileName08:48
shossHelllo, how can I configure and update the java under ubuntu 9.04 amd64?08:51
cheslynprince_jammys: the problem is that someone was busy with my pc and now i don't have access 2 some things and passwords so i want 2 make right but i don;t know how.yes i have sudo08:51
prince_jammyscheslyn: other people in the ubuntu forums seem to also be having problems with the "Users and Groups" application.08:53
prince_jammysas, far as passwords go, you can use the passwd command.08:54
bobbyhey, im not able to connect to my wifi which is TKIP encrypted08:55
bobbyany solutions?08:55
alkisgI got 12 PCs on a local network, named client01, client02..., client12. Avahi properly works on all of them, e.g. if I sit on client01 and try `ping client12.local`, I get a reply. I'd like to be able to do `ping client12` without the .local suffic. So I tried putting "search local" in my /etc/resolv.conf, to no avail. What am I doing wrong?08:56
cheslynprince_jammys:thanks alot i'll try harder now08:56
m3onh0x84_why me don't add http://ftp mirror to apt sources.list ?08:57
aethelrickalkisg: do you have a dns server?08:58
m3onh0x84_I have :D08:58
alkisgaethelrick: no, except for my router which has a simple forwarder08:59
m3onh0x84_but can not add any http://ftp mirror to sources.list08:59
aethelrickalkisg: if you want to use names instead of ip addresses to contact machines on your network, then you need a dns server :)08:59
prince_jammyscheslyn: sorry, I don't have "Users and Groups" installed. look in the forums for 'users and groups' 'configuration could not be loaded'.08:59
alkisgaethelrick: avahi ****is**** an mdns server08:59
alkisgaethelrick: that's the main reason it exists...09:00
prince_jammyscheslyn: the name of the application is "users-admin"09:00
m3onh0x84_I use opendns , and vnpt dns, why it not accept ?09:00
techieaethelrick, alkisg or a WINS server09:00
alkisgaethelrick: as I said *I'm able* to ping client01.local. So mdns works fine09:00
alkisgaethelrick: I only have a suffix problem...09:01
aethelrickalkisg: as far as I know... avahi is a zeroconf mdns implementation that allows interoperation with apple kit09:01
alkisgaethelrick: yup, and it works fine for standalone ubuntu machines on a local network without a dns server. My only problem is that it doesn't reply without specifically using the .local suffix...09:02
Padhualkisg: samba share or for web server?09:03
alkisgPadhu: neither - I e.g. need to ssh to them09:03
alkisgPadhu: i.e. ssh client12.local works fine, but ssh client12 doesn't work09:03
calebHalkisg: do you have winbind installed?  As far as I know it can run alongside avahi, and it might solve your problem09:03
alkisgcalebH: I don't have windows machines on my local network... do I need winbind?09:03
Padhualkisg: I thing you should configure host name setup. host allow, Host deny etc.09:04
aethelrickalkisg: I just had a quick read in the zeroconf docs... looks like you only get .local to play in by design09:04
calebHit gives you a name service that will allow you to communicate without the .local "domain"/suffix09:04
calebHalkisg: it works for me and I don't have a single win box on my network09:05
alkisgcalebH: so it's an alternative to avahi? thanks, I'll look into that09:05
prince_jammysalkisg:  perhaps relevant: http://www.mail-archive.com/avahi@lists.freedesktop.org/msg01483.html09:05
alkisgaethelrick: but shouldn't the resolver try client12.local when client12 fails? Isn't that what "search .local" is for, in resolv.conf?09:05
calebHinstall the 'winbind' package, and add 'wins' to the following line in your /etc/nsswitch.conf:09:05
aethelrickalkisg: good question... I guess that depends on how much cross over to regular DNS the avahi guys included09:06
calebHalkisg: "hosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns4 wins"09:06
alkisgprince_jammys: thanks, I guess that's the source of the problem. DNS is tried first, it fails, and mdns is the last resort (and that doesn't look at resolv.conf)09:06
alkisgaethelrick: yup, I think that's it ^^^09:07
shosswhich java should be my default: 1    /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java or 2    /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java ?09:07
alkisgcalebH: Thanks, I'll look into that as well :)09:07
calebHalkisg: you can read the man pages, or google for more info, but nsswitch provides instructions on the order in which names are looked up...09:07
aethelrickalkisg: I've got a small network at home running 7 machines and BIND solves these problems for me, my users don't need to do anything special as it's all configured by DHCP and DDNS working together09:09
aethelrickalksig: even my macbook plays nice :)09:09
alkisgaethelrick: I tried using BIND, but I have a major problem: I *have* to use a simple router as a DHCP server, so BIND doesn't work out of the box in that case. I have to use nsupdates, and that's a PITA... :-/09:10
timbojimbohas any one here ever burned an emovix disk?09:10
Gratz474i am installing ubuntu server i didnt select nay packages to install but its pulling in quite a bit of stuff09:10
Gratz474zope and python etc09:10
Gratz474why is it doing that when i just wanted a base ?09:11
steven__Question! Do most people run gnome-desktop and kubuntu-desktop on the same partition?09:11
calebHGratz474: if you want a bare bones system you should look at Ubuntu JeOS09:11
aethelricksteven__: I guess "most people" run one or the other... but if you do want to run KDE and Gnome on the same partition it's fine09:13
Gratz474is chrome on linux yet?09:13
aethelricksteven__: I used to run both myself once upon a time :)09:14
calebHaethelrick: I think I'm having a similar problem as alkisg, but I haven't had time to look into it, and it doesn't seem to happen all the time.  I've tried to get avahi to pay attention to resolv.conf, but to no avail.09:14
mu3ensteven_ apparently sharing home directories between gnome and kde can cause trickiness in some areas?09:14
steven__What made ya stop? Tired of all the clutter of things in the app menus?09:14
timbojimboaethelrick: what do you run now?09:14
calebHGratz474: it exists on linux/osx as "chromium"09:14
aethelrickGratz474: I think it's called Chromium on Linux... I'm not sure if they have released a packaged stable version yet though. Last time I looked it was very much an alpha code-only release but things may have changed09:15
Gratz474is it by google or someone else?09:15
gruberrwhy is tor no longer a package in the repos of karmic?09:15
timbojimbohas any one here ever burned an emovix disk?09:15
calebHGratz474: it is under active development by google, but is very usable (and fast) IMO.09:15
calebHsee here for a daily build PPA: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa09:16
aethelrickI use Gnome now... kde4 was a major turn-off for me personally I need stability when I'm working and kde4 was too broken for my needs09:16
Gratz474i seee?09:16
Gratz474kde4 has major issues always something going wrong09:16
Gratz474xfce ftw09:16
grawitygruberr: Tor has its own repos.09:16
Gratz474and gnome09:16
gruberrgrawity: they don't work with ubuntu's libevent package due to conflict09:16
timbojimboyeah i used kde for like a month and got really frustrated by it09:17
Gratz474kde 4 really has its outs09:17
grawitygruberr: They work for me. (Basically, Tor is a program that must be updated as fast as possible when a new release is out -- and Ubuntu repos are kinda slow in that.)09:17
aethelrickGratz474: I hear that the kde4 guys are getting more stability again now, but I'm going to give it a while before I try it09:17
Gratz474i find gtk based stuff better even though i do like kde api's09:17
Gratz474still the kwin is very unstable09:17
gruberrgrawity: can you guide me through your successful installation on karmic?09:18
timbojimboi'm trying to get the hang of fluxbox right now... kinda of annoying that it doesn't connect automatically to the internet since I am using a usb wireless stick. And I don't know how to make it work via the terminal...09:18
aethelrickGratz474: I was a big kde3 fan... used it for years. But kde4 was too much change with not enough testing all at once in my humble opinion.09:19
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gruberrtimbojimbo: try in terminal cd /usr/bin && ./gnome-network-properties09:19
aethelrickGratz474: I'm a very happy gnome user... it all "just works" which is what I need from my desktop OS at work09:19
Gratz474yes xfce is very good too, very much like gnome09:19
Gratz474i would highly suggest either09:20
Gratz474google even liked qt09:20
Gratz474yet they made the browser with gtk09:20
peeps123need some help, I have very unstable internet connection since installing ubuntu09:20
calebHKDE is too busy for my taste.  Gnome has, IMO, a much cleaner look & feel to it...09:20
timbojimbogruberr: will that open a txt file or is that a script?09:21
gruberrtimbojimbo: a script i believe (or program acutally)09:21
grawitygruberr: Why not just run /usr/bin/gnome-network-properties directly?09:21
grawitygruberr: What's the point in cd'ing?09:21
gruberrgrawity: he can browse other things to bring up in fluxbox09:21
prince_jammysthe strange assumption that /usr/bin is not in his path09:21
shosscan anyone help with this: ACPI Error (psargs-0358): [CDW1] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND please?09:22
bullgard4[IBM-Thinkpad T43] If I close the lid and re-open it, the screen will be dark. How to analyze this? I did Alt+SysRq+E, Alt+SysRq+U, (a flickering screen image appeared), Alt+SysRq+I (a centered frozen cursor appears on a black background) and rebooted. I cannot see an error message in dmesg. Was this the proper way to shut down my computer?09:23
flymanAnyone here in charge of the Ubuntu LoCo Teams?09:23
timbojimboI got to tell ya'll I have been using linux for about three years now and the more confortable i get with using the terminal the better my linux experience gets.09:23
bullgard4to save a maximum of the state information in order to report it to a knowledgeale person09:24
timbojimbohas any one here ever burned an emovix disk?09:24
calebHbullgard4: if you're using Ubuntu (Gnome), check your Power settings09:24
Gratz474does ubutnu have the package build essentials?09:24
calebHbullgard4: System > Preferences > Power Management09:24
gruberrbullgard4: hit the on and off button for the laptop screen to fix the problem09:24
flymanGratz474: Yes09:24
prince_jammysGratz474: it does09:24
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines09:25
aethelrickGratz474: build-essential09:25
Gratz474also whats the easiest way to get the headers?09:25
Gratz474i always mes that part up09:25
flymanGratz474: you can sudo apt-get install the package09:25
bullgard4gruberr: I will not. I object that you give me a false advice.09:25
Gratz474yea i mean there is soo many called so many names09:25
Gratz474not sure which ones to get09:25
peeps123am I in the wrong place for help with internet connection probs09:26
prince_jammysGratz474: the -dev packages for headers.09:26
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Gratz474kernel headers09:26
Gratz474but there is soo many09:26
flymanpeeps whats the issue?09:26
prince_jammysGratz474: what is it that you're doing?09:26
peeps123unstable internet connection09:27
gruberrbullgard4: i had the same problem with a laptop and hitting the on and off on the screen fixed the bug for me09:27
flymanpeeps123: need to elaborate a little more09:27
ryguyHey, I need to format my usbdrive but I'm not sure which device (sda` sda1) it is..09:27
aethelrickGratz474: if you are running "generic" then install linux-headers-generic if you're running server the install "linux-headers-server"09:27
peeps123network manager tells me every few seconds that I have connected/disconnect09:27
gruberrbullgard4: sorry if you find it unconventional09:27
Gratz474are headers really 70 mb ?09:27
flymanrygu check /media in dolphin or in terminal and press tab and should display the name09:28
flymanpeeps123: Wireless or Wired?09:28
ablmfI am trying to connect to a windows share folder.   To connect to "\\\software", what should I input for "server", "share", "folder" "domain" and "name to user for connection"?09:28
Aalinuxhttp://pastebin.com/m5ce59ae4 , how would i know the driver of this ?09:28
flymanablmf: You need Samba09:28
calebHGratz474: you can install the headers for your kernal like this: "sudo aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r`"09:28
bullgard4gruberr: I find the procedure that you suggest doubtful, and I will not use it.09:28
peeps123netgear DG834PN router09:29
ablmfI tried only input "server" and "share", but it looks like it will never finish open the shared folder09:29
flymanpeeps123: Do you have a firewall setup? Are you connected via ppoe or stright dhcp?09:29
ablmfflyman: I have samba09:29
aethelrickablmf: put smb:// into nautilus09:29
ryguyflyman: it just says USB-1GB09:29
ablmfI can connect use smbclient09:29
flymanablmf: Did you install Samba Client or Server? and need to use smb://09:29
flymanryguy then that's it09:29
grawityablmf: It probably is asking for the username... try Alt-Tab a few times, maybe the password window got hidden under some other one.09:29
flymanit would be /media/USB-1GB09:30
AalinuxHow would i save the screen resolution?http://pastebin.com/m5f6475ae09:30
HazeFazebullgard4: when you close the lid the thinkpad goes to hibernate mode by default, is that what you want when closing the lid?09:30
ryguyflyman: so I just do `sudo mkfs.ext3 /media/USB-1GB`?09:30
ablmfgrawity: No, it asked me to input DOMAIN and password09:30
bullgard4calebH: I have checked these settings before I updated a lot of DEB packages this morning. I doubt that a re-check will help. I blame an updated package and will enquire accordingly.09:30
steven__Does the beagleservice for Ubuntu 9.04 still overload its logfile?09:30
grawityablmf: The 'domain' it wants is the Windows' workgroup.09:31
adeodatu1How to find out the refresh information of my monitor?09:31
flymanryguy: If that's the format you wish to use, yes.09:31
ablmfAfter that nautilus just working and working but never open the folder09:31
ryguyflyman kk thank you09:31
aethelrickadeodatu1: have a look in your monitor manual... or google your monitor model number09:31
adeodatu1aethelrick: thanks09:32
bullgard4HazeFaze: I believe that the computer will then go to Suspend and not to Hibernate.09:32
ryguyflyman: but now it says i need to unmount it and when I unmount it, /media/USB-1GB disappears09:32
Gratz474is ubuntu better for a server then debian?09:32
steven__Does the beagleservice for Ubuntu 9.04 still overload its logfile?09:32
flymanryguy: before or after the format?09:32
HazeFazeryguy: check in terminal the df -h output for USB-1GB there you see in the first column the device id09:32
aethelrickGratz474: any answer you get will likely be highly subjective on that one :)09:33
AalinuxWhat's the command to know the current screen resolution ?09:33
ryguyhazefaze: Ahh here we go! thank you09:33
prince_jammysAalinux: xrandr09:33
prince_jammys!debian | Gratz47409:33
ubottuGratz474: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!09:33
ablmfgrawity: I give it the correcty windows group.  But it still keep *working*.  No error message, no result.09:34
jony123does ubuntu have its own version like debian does/09:34
ablmfIt's very strange that I can use smbclient to connect to the share folder easily.09:34
steven__Does the beagleservice for Ubuntu 9.04 still overload its logfile?09:34
jony123i mean does ubuntu have its own firefox version like debian does09:34
flymanpeeps123: Have you tried Wicd?09:35
flymanrather then the network-manager package?09:35
Gratz474yea hmmm09:35
Dr_Willisjony123:  they do not have an Unbranded version by default. theres proberly some in the repos/ppa's you could use if you wanted09:35
shosscan anyone please help with this: ACPI Error (psargs-0358): [CDW1] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND ?09:35
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY09:35
peeps123flyman......absolute beginner in ubuntu09:35
DjAngo23Hey everyone. When i want to change the default application in Ubuntu, i go to   right click/open with Other Application / And then nox checkbox appear in order to make the  program the default program. Any idea how to solve this, caus it starts to be really annoying to right click on every file....09:35
Dr_WillisDjAngo23:  let me guess you want all 'video' files to open with a specific player?09:36
Dr_WillisYou just need to do it on a per extension from what i recall.09:36
flymanpeeps123: What build of ubuntu (terminal and type uname -r)?09:36
HazeFazebullgard4: which graphic driver are you using in your t43?09:36
DjAngo23Dr_Willis: No php file to open with specefic program09:36
flymansorry kernel*09:36
Dr_WillisDjAngo23:   you should be able to rght click on a single whatever.php and set the default app for  all .php files.09:37
peeps1239.04 gnome09:37
calebHablmf: try to remove any saved smb:// passwords from the gnome keyring manager for the server you're trying to connect to, I've had multiple entries and/or bad passwords in the keyring cause these kinds of problems for me before09:38
HazeFazeDjAngo23: rightclick the file and go to properties, in the top you can click a Tool Icon where you can define the order of applications to open the file09:38
infidwhat package do i need to play all .mpg, .avi, .wmv files?09:38
prince_jammysinfid: there are many. vlc and mplayer are quite good.09:38
flymanpeeps123: ok, have you tried a update yet? I know an update exists, might work for you... You can go to System>Update Manager09:38
DjAngo23Dr_Willis: Inpossible :S, when i open the screen, i dont see a checkbox to make it default09:38
aethelrickinfid: you could try VLC09:38
prince_jammysinfid: oh, you mean the codecs09:38
bullgard4HazeFaze: I do not know yet, because I have bought this computer only a week ago. How can I determine what graphics driver I am using?09:38
criticalsectionhow can i display the filesystem of /dev/sda1 ?09:38
prince_jammysinfid: ubuntu-restricted-extras09:38
Dr_Willisinfid:  install the w32codecs pack and  vlc and mplayer.. that should play most all of them09:38
flymanNetwork-manager has been known in the past to have issues09:38
DjAngo23HazeFaze:  I found it ;)09:38
NaniWhen creating the object for the c file in the terminal window, it was getting an error as09:38
Naniarith.c:2:19: error: conio.h: No such file or directory09:38
Naniand my program is09:38
Nani#include <stdio.h>09:38
Nani#include <conio.h>09:38
FloodBot1Nani: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:38
HazeFazebullgard4: which version of ubuntu?09:38
bullgard4HazeFaze: Karmic09:39
aethelrickinfid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats09:39
timbojimbothat didn't work.... any other ideas on connecting to the internet via the terminal. or any other way for that matter...09:39
prince_jammysNani: ##c or ##cpp09:39
DjAngo23HazeFaze: That's it ;) Thanks, but why can you that easier when you click roght en goes to open withother application..09:39
NaniIt is a c program.09:39
prince_jammysNani: /join ##c09:39
criticalsectionhow can i display the NAME of the filesystem of /dev/sda1 ?09:39
NaniI did not get you.09:39
peeps123flyman 2.6.28-15-generic09:39
Dr_Williscriticalsection:  you can check output of 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda'09:40
Dr_Williscriticalsection:  i recall some other ways.. but cant rember them09:40
criticalsectiontry this; thank you09:40
flymanpeeps123: Ok. Let's see if an update for network-manager exists by going to System>Update Manager09:40
NaniNo its not working.09:40
flymanpeeps123: or you can open a terminal and type sudo apt-get update network-manager09:41
akscihow do i make launchers in any particular directory? my nautilus doesn't paint my desktop so how do i do it inside a folder?09:41
Gratz474is hardy the current version09:42
shossI;m getting a bunch of ACPI errors and warning when I dmesg | grep ACPI can anyone please help me with this?09:42
timbojimbothat didn't work.... any other ideas on connecting to the internet via the terminal. or any other way for that matter...09:42
Dr_WillisGratz474:  No its not09:42
ubottuUbuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.09:42
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be 10.0409:42
Naniprince_jammys: Nani /join ##c09:42
NaniI did not get you, please can you explain it clearly I am new to linux please help me......09:42
napsyHello. What's the package name for the debug version of the Linux kernel?09:42
calebHaksci: make .desktop files09:43
Dr_WillisGratz474:  9.04 is out. and 9.10 is due out in about a month or so09:43
flymanshoss: Is the machine old?09:43
Dr_WillisNani:   thats the IRC command to join  the C channel.09:43
ubuntui need help running a C program in ubuntu09:43
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)09:43
shossflyman: it's 1.66 dual core Acer aspire 592009:43
prince_jammysNani: huh?09:44
NaniWhen performing that I am getting this error09:44
Nanibash: /join: No such file or directory09:44
calebHaksci: try " locate *.desktop | less " from your terminal, and you'll find a ton of examples installed on your local system.09:44
flymanshoss: in the bios does it have OS/2 enabled?09:44
Gratz474for this09:44
prince_jammysNani: I mean, join the ##c channel. type this in HERE: /join ##c09:44
Gratz474where is 9.04 ?09:44
akscicalebH: yeah,.. tried that! but don't get the Basic option tab in the properties!09:44
FloodBot1Gratz474: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:44
shossflyman: how can I check?09:44
prince_jammysNani: don't type it in your shell. type it right in the irc client.09:44
ubuntuyah i know how to compile a simple C program but what if i have another file with .h and .c they need to compile together how ??09:45
peeps123flyman E: The update command takes no arguments09:45
flymanshoss: reboot your computer and right when your computer mfg screen logo shows, press either F2 or Del key to get into the Bios. Normally it's under the main section.09:45
calebHaksci: what do you mean "basic option tab"?  What DE are you using?09:45
flymanpeeps123: What do you mean?09:45
shossoh so i have to the bios ok09:45
akscicalebH: gnome!09:45
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Naniwhere can i find the irc client.09:46
calebHaksci: what are you trying to make a shortcut for?  maybe I can help with an example...09:46
prince_jammysNani: it's where you just typed what you just said.09:46
peeps123flyman thays the message I get when I type sudo apt-get update network-manager09:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about music09:46
aksciummm,.. just a shortcut to synaptic which i want to load in my awn stack!09:46
prince_jammysNani: the text box you're using right now to talk here.09:46
ubottuServices to index files for fast searching include: Beagle (front-ends: beagle, catfish, gnome-main-menu, mozilla-beagle for !GNOME; kerry, kio-beagle for !KDE; beaglefs for !CLI) - Tracker (tracker-search-tool, libdeskbar-tracker for GNOME; tracker-utils for CLI) - Strigi (strigi-applet, strigi-client for KDE, strigi-utils for CLI) - Kat (for KDE) - Pinot (and pinot-applet for GNOME) - Doodle (for CLI)09:46
akscicalebH: or anything as such!09:47
shossflyman: should OS/2 be enabled?09:47
roflparrotsudo apt-get update is all you cand o there09:47
calebHaksci: ah, that makes sense.  Hang on...09:47
flymanshoss: Disabled09:47
akscicalebH: well,.. drag dropping from my apps menu can do! but making a custom launcher sucks!09:47
shossflyman: ok thanks brb09:48
flymanpeeps123: You need to update your apt-get and apt-file then09:48
flymanpeeps123: Did you happen to try the update manager?09:48
akscicalebH: if i copy any existing launcher n try changing its properties, i cannot rename it unless i use root everytime! too much job to do! :D09:49
xT|Fishaksci, change chmod09:49
flymanpeeps123: No luck I assume of any new updates from it?09:49
Jareubuntu: if the header file is included in .c, it is taken into account during compiling. so you list only .c files to the compiler..09:50
peeps123flyman  nope09:50
flymanapt-get -u dist-upgrade09:50
calebHaksci: you must be copying the files as root...  I just did the following and copied the synaptic launcher from it's default (and root-owned) location, and it worked fine:09:50
flymanoops. sudo apt-get -u dist-upgrade09:50
akscixT|Fish: well, i don't find a reason to do so! cuz when i copy a new file, i just need to rename it once and use it!09:50
MertI am having trouble installing Songbird can anyone help me?09:51
calebHaksci: (in your terminal): locate .desktop | grep package-name-here | less09:51
akscicalebH: yeah, it works! but just if i could make custom one without much to do! thanks anyways! got it done! :P09:51
flymanpeeps123: once you've upgaded the apt, ill have you download wicd or others equivlent09:51
calebHaksci: oh, ok.  Cool.09:52
roflparrotflyman does that update the operating system?09:53
timClicksanyone know much about virtual machines?09:53
peeps123flyman Setting up exim4-config (4.69-9ubuntu1) ...09:54
peeps123Adding system-user for exim (v4)09:54
calebHtimClicks: that's like asking if anyone knows "much" about computers...  Too broad.  What specifically are you trying to figure out?09:54
flymanroflparrot: it will firstly download any critical or needed dependencys and other programs from distro source that the computer may not have09:55
timClickscaleH: I'm just wondering why VirtualBox OSE doesn't seem to be recognizing the host key09:55
zvacetMert :you can download it from http://www.getdeb.net/search.php?keywords=songbird09:55
flymanso basically anything available and it's dependencys will be downloaded roflparrot09:55
timClicksRightCTRL doesn't seem to take me back to the host OS09:56
calebHtimClicks: huh?  Host key?09:56
calebHtimClicks: ah, yes09:56
hobiCan't remember how to run an app as admin - Tried Alt+F2 - What is best way?09:56
pitputhow do I reinstall something in ubuntu? like transmission09:56
timClickscalebH: sorry, I'm just getting my head around the whole VM concept09:56
Mertzvacet: I did that the problem is it is not working when I try to launch the application09:56
flymanhobi: always can do it in terminal and type su then password or sudo and command09:56
calebHtimClicks: and you're sure you didn't change the host key setting?09:57
hobiWant to look at a log file - Say's I do not have permission09:57
shossflyman: there's no OS/2 Enable/Disable option in my BIOS, not in the Main menu or any other menu..09:57
timClickswill play around with it09:57
timClicksjust thought I would ask if anyone else had had issues09:57
calebHtimClicks: don't apologize, you're doing pretty good if you have figured out the concept of "host" and "guest"09:57
flymanhobi: in terminal you can su to root and vi the file or sudo vi /file-path09:57
hobiflyman, will give that a try - thanks09:57
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timClickscalebH: ha, well - that's a fairly core concept I would imagine09:58
HazeFazetimClicks: check Preferences -> Input -> Keyboard09:58
flymanshoss: can you type the output to pastebin.ubuntu.com?09:58
calebHtimClicks: it is, but you'd be surprised how many people (even in the technology industry) stuggle with it...09:58
timClicksI'm testing the OLPC XO, giving the guest OS the same specs as the actual machines09:58
zvacetMert : I never use it I just find deb for you to avoid compilig try start it from terminal and see if you get any errors just type name of app in terminal09:58
timClicksHazeFaze: thanks :)09:59
shossflyman: output of what? og dmesg | grep APCI ?09:59
flymanshoss: yes please09:59
calebHtimClicks: btw, I've used VirtualBox for the past 18+ months, and I haven't yet had any issues with the host key not working09:59
Mertzvacet: eeh how can I start an application on terminal?09:59
pitputI can't update my blocklist.. It's just saying updating09:59
flymancalebH: I use vbox religiously too and no problems. Couldn't live without it.10:00
timClickscaleb: so, when you click on the right control - it takes you back to the host?10:00
flymantimahvo1: press right-control left mouse click10:00
timClickscalebH: will find some relatively obscure key combo and update10:00
calebHtimClicks: when I press the hostkey button (which is right-ctrl by default) it releases the mouse/keyboard from being bound to the guest vm10:01
timClicksam upgrading to 3.0.6 via Sun's website10:01
peeps123flyman Setting up exim4-config (4.69-9ubuntu1) ...10:01
peeps123Adding system-user for exim (v4)10:01
peeps123floodbot will kick m10:01
grawitypeeps123: http://paste.ubuntu.com/ :)10:01
shossflyman : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/279389/  thanks10:01
_angelo_Hi! What is the command that I need to use to view what version of gtk+ is installed on my system?10:01
flymanpeeps123: ok don't worry, it will get everything you need, probably packages to even correct the issue10:01
flymanshoss: ok thanks, ill take a look10:02
peeps123flyman will go and try10:02
calebHflyman: I love it too.  Simple, very good performance compared to other virtualization platforms, and best of all: FREE10:02
timClicks_angelo_: are you using the standard packages from the repo?10:02
peeps123I'm 60 years old nd absolute eginer with ubuntu10:02
_angelo_yes, timClicks10:03
HazeFazecalebH: why do you use the OSE edition?10:03
flymancalebH: agreed and can be used on multi-platforms to have multi-guest platforms10:03
calebHHazeFaze: I don't10:03
zvacetMert : try to type name of app for example songbird10:03
HazeFazeah okay, then I missunderstood10:03
calebHHazeFaze: I use the non-OSE because I need the USB support10:03
flymanpeeps123: i promise we'll get you fixed, even if it's not me10:03
HazeFazeI changed from virtualbox over to KVM - it is slight too10:04
peeps123flyman  lol and thank yo very much10:04
napsyHello. What's the package name for the debug version of the Linux kernel?10:04
calebHtimClicks: I should have clarified - I don't use the OSE version of VirtualBox (from the repos), I use the "closed-source" version from the VirtualBox website (which comes with USB support)10:04
flymanshoss: are you using a laptop?10:04
shossflyman: yes acer aspire 592010:05
calebHtimClicks: it's also "free" to use, but not true OSS10:05
akscii use prism for google-docs! is there any way i can have it remember by password like we do in a browser!10:05
flymanintel by any chance?10:05
shossflyman: yes, sorry, I'm not sure what info you need, but yes it's intel dual core 1.6610:06
timClicks_angelo_: well, it's above 2.010:06
HazeFazecalebH: are you running VB on a separate host machine or locally on your workstation?10:06
timClicks_angelo_: are you testing compatibility with an application?10:06
calebHHazeFaze: locally10:06
_angelo_timClicks, what is the name of package? (I have found the command: apt-cache showpkg)10:06
timbojimbowhere might the fluxbox file be? does any one know? I want to make the nm-applet automatically turn on on startup10:06
masterb8orhello all10:07
_angelo_no, timClicks ... I want to file a bug and needd version of package10:07
calebHplus on a headless server box at work for various thins10:07
flymanshoss: it's fine. I ask cause I fixed a dell laptop w/intel not long ago that had ACPI Error (psargs-0358): [CDW1] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND issues10:07
timClicks_angelo_: there's no single package10:07
timClicks_angelo_: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gtk10:08
peeps123flyman its asking which syntax10:08
* calebH is thinking he needs to get some sleep if he's gonna get up and watch the NFL games in the morning... 10:08
masterb8oris there a way to view a user list in xchat?10:08
flymanshoss: try opening a terminal and type sudo cp dsdt.aml /etc/initramfs-tools/DSDT.aml10:08
prince_jammysmasterb8or: try /names10:08
flymaner wait, don't10:09
flymani didn't have you download the file10:09
amigamiai am trying to install 8.04.3 using wubi but it is looking for 8.04.1 how can i work around this?10:09
calebHmasterb8or: you can also always type /help to get help with irc commands10:09
_angelo_timClicks, my bug is related with the print dialog...what's the component and product that do I have to choose?10:09
calebHthen, to see which commands do what, type /help <command> (e.g. /help names)10:09
peppotany solution for PulseAudio and hda-intel for Jaunty other than disabling it? 0.9.14 simply doesn't work on my system -- everything stutters horrendously.10:10
shossflyman: cp: cannot stat `dsdt.aml': No such file or directory10:10
shoss :)10:10
alkisgWhere should I put a command, e.g. /usr/bin/xterm, so that it runs *while on gdm* and before the user logs in?10:10
flymanpeeps123: for what?10:10
calebHalkisg: what version of ubuntu?10:10
alkisgcalebH: jaunty10:10
peeps123on the ubuntu pastebin10:10
flymanshoss: type uname -r in terminal10:10
flymanwhat kernel are you running?10:11
shossflyman: is it me who needs downloading a file for the APCI errors?10:11
shossflyman: 2.6.28-15-generic10:11
Lupo_Lancotry to run ./kurso3  and  I get some kind of error message linux-gate.so.1 =>  (0xb7fdc000)10:11
amigamiais there a solution to the wubi issue?10:11
flymanshoss: yeah, but depending on your kernel might be able to update it via initramfs10:11
Lupo_Lancokurso is an esperanto language program10:11
wonderboywhats the best way to measure the power consumption of my desktop?10:11
Lupo_Lancoi'm running jaunty and KDE10:12
xrfanghello, can I run gnome-ppp without root prevelidge?10:12
calebHalkisg: well, there are a few ways to do it and I'm not sure if I would give you the best advise10:12
timClicks_angelo_: ah.. each application has its own print dialogue10:12
_angelo_angelo, well...firefox and gedit10:12
timClicks_angelo_: so send the bug to whichever application that you find the bug10:12
marcellusWindows redraw slowly (jaunty,compiz,Nvidia 9500GT,just installed) and I have googled that setting "Force synchronization between X and GLX" would be the solution, but I don't have such an option in ccsm?10:13
grawitytimClicks: It does? I thought it's the standard GTK one.10:13
timClicks_angelo_: they will forward it to the right people if need be :)10:13
alkisgcalebH: *any* way would be good enough for me as  I only need it for testing purposes.... so feel free to give any advice :)10:13
timClicksgrawity: there's a GNOME standard10:13
shossflyman: 2.6.28-15-generic10:13
CE2will it be possible to upgrade from 9.10 alpha-6 to final? my gf's alpha4 installation destroyed itself when upgrading from alpha4->alpha610:13
timClicksgrawity: not a GTK+ standard, per se (as I understand things - may be wrong)10:13
calebHalkisg: but one way is to put a symlink in /etc/rc*.d/ (read the 'boot' man page for more info)10:14
Lupo_Lancolibrary problem10:14
flymanshoss: I think if we use CONFIG_ACPI_AC=m it will fix our issue10:14
Lupo_Lancotry to run ./kurso3  and  I get some kind of error message linux-gate.so.1 =>  (0xb7fdc000)10:14
amigamiaok i dont understand. you put the 8.04.3 distros together with wubi.exe for 8.04.1 so why?10:14
amigamiais there a solution?10:14
shossflyman: so i just type that in the terminal?10:15
calebHalkisg: "man boot" & read under "Sequencing Directories"10:15
soreaumarcellus: That option is only available in recent versions of compiz, ie. Jaunty and later10:15
alkisgcalebH: at which point is X initialized? E.g. could I put it in rcS.d/S99 ?10:15
HazeFazewonderboy: you can check gnome-power-statistics10:15
marcellussoreau: I have jaunty10:15
calebHalkisg: I'd put it in rc2.d10:15
amigamiai might as well go back and use hoary10:15
flymanshoss: I wish it was that easy, unfortunately have to mess with the kernel. I am trying to look for a patch so you don't have to.10:15
alkisgcalebH: thanks :)10:15
steven__How can I see what daemons I am running in the background from the command line?10:16
grawitysteven__: ps -ef10:16
calebHalkisg: but I'm not sure where in the sequence to put it10:16
peeps123flyman...in the ubuntu pastebin I am asked for Poster ...Syntax...and Comment10:16
soreaumarcellus: Then you need to update your system10:16
shossflyman: thank you10:16
amigamiathis is just so frustrating10:16
grawitypeeps123: Poster - 'peeps123'. Syntax - 'plain'. Comment - empty.10:16
alkisgcalebH: I think rc2 to rc5 are all the same for ubuntu... I'll try and see :)10:16
wonderboyHazeFaze:  thanks but it seems to be working only on laptop.. i don't have any battery here so there is no sense in "discharge time profile" etc..10:16
marcellussoreau: I found it now.10:16
calebHalkisg: just look at what else you have in there and pick a place for it - the scripts are executed in sequential order, so I'm sure you'll figure it out10:16
peeps123flyman sorry that should be Content10:16
flymanpeeps123: poster would be your name and syntax don't worry about and comment is what your pasting10:16
steven__Are all those daemons?10:17
steven__Or just some?10:17
Gratz474a base ubuntu is 500 mb ?10:17
calebHalkisg: and make sure to put in a S and a K symlink so the process is killed at shutdown time10:17
peeps123what do I paste then?....excuse my ignorance10:17
HazeFazewonderboy: maybe another tool is powertop10:17
marcellussoreau: can't say it made any difference though10:18
flymanpeeps123: im not sure? Did you get an error of some sort during the process?10:18
calebHwonderboy: yes, powertop will definitely work10:18
flymanshoss: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi/+bug/366200 that is our issue in a sense10:18
peeps123flyman I'll probably be hard work you kno10:18
calebHwonderboy: and it will give you suggestions of tweaks to make to reduce your power consumption10:18
peeps123flyman no10:18
flymanpeeps123: good10:18
soreaumarcellus: If your card has powermizer, this may also be an issue. Do things work better while you have Benchmark plugin running?10:18
flymanpeeps123: ok, did it finish?10:18
peeps123just the page with what I typed earlier10:18
gartralhi all10:19
peeps123flyman no10:19
andy17nullHi I'm trying to set up a tf2 dedicated server. I'm running the commands in Step 1 on this page:  http://tr.im/zSsp Trying to execute './hldsupdatetool.bin' gives me '-bash: ./hldsupdatetool.bin: No such file or directory'10:19
wonderboyHazeFaze: yeah i just tried it.. it said "No ACPI power usage estimate available"10:19
steven__Where can I find a list of what all the background programs/daemons that come installed with Ubuntu do?10:19
stanleyI'm having issues getting a development server running... http://pastebin.com/d7c45ef5910:20
gartralcan i trn off my mobo-connected case fan with a command?10:20
calebHandy17null: if you type the 'ls' command, do you see that file name?10:20
IpSe_DiXiThi, im looking for a minimalist (so really simple but really quick at the same time cuz itz for a super-old laptop), liveCD, linux distro that can be runned from a USB pendrive and also installed on it... any suggestion? thanks10:20
wonderboycalebH: HazeFaze I just want a rough estimate on how much power a pentium-d 512mb ram would consume with the monitor off..,10:20
peeps123flyman all I get is three panels with, Poster Syntax and Coment10:20
prince_jammysandy17null: did you verify that the file is there?10:20
andy17nullcaleb: yes I do and I have already set it to +x10:20
Pirate_Hunterhi cant seem to scp to my other box but I can ssh to it, no clue what is going on there but could someoen help me figure it out?10:21
darkedgeWhen I try installing Google Earth,10:21
ShapeShifter499I got a question, is this a bad idea?  (following done in order) Acer Aspire One+ubuntu 9.04 + addon, kubuntu, xubuntu, super os, ubuntu studio, crunchbang, freespire + upgrade to ubuntu 9.10 final(when its done and out for use)10:21
flymanshoss: it seems no easy way out so far. it seems with the next release it was fixed10:21
prince_jammysandy17null: are you on 32bit or 64bit ubuntu?10:21
calebHandy17null: try 'run' instead of './'10:21
andy17null64 bit server edition10:21
darkedgeIt works, but freezes after the slpash screen10:21
prince_jammysandy17null: type: file <the nameof the file>10:21
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  you mean insrtall all those extra desktops ontop of he normal ubuntu? or multi-boot?10:21
flymanpeeps123: No need to use pastebin. Try rebooting your computer through so any updates can take complete effect. Shouldn't have future issues...10:22
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: on to normal ubuntu10:22
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  i dont see the need for crunchbang or freespire in the mix. ( no idea what super os even is)10:22
andy17nullcaleb: i get sudo: run: command not found10:22
peeps123flyman...OK hope to be back soon10:22
andy17nullprince: i get hldsupdatetool.bin: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped10:22
RenatoSilvaIs it possible to list all packages that I installed myself (not was included by default)?10:22
marcellussoreau: no difference. I don't find the actions slow in themselves. Just the redrawing of windows when I move them around.10:22
prince_jammysandy17null: that's the prob.10:22
flymanpeeps123: see you in a few moments10:22
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  the more stuff ya got on - the more likely a 'upgrade' will fail, or have issues.10:22
peeps123and thank you very much10:22
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: super os(AKA super ubuntu) is here -------> http://hacktolive.org/wiki/Super_OS10:23
soreaumarcellus: I dont know what else to tell you than try a different verion of the nvidia blob10:23
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  sounds like somthing i proberlyu dont need.10:23
soreaumarcellus: (version of their driver)10:23
flymanshoss: Are you encountering any power issues?10:23
andy17nulli see10:23
andy17nullok i'll look around for a 64 bit version10:23
andy17nullif I can't find it is there any workaround?10:23
wonderboycalebH: HazeFaze a bit of web search says like powertop and acpi aided measurement is primarily for laptop running on battery..10:24
SharpRainHELP ME10:24
RenatoSilva Is it possible to list all packages that I installed myself (not was included by default)?10:24
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  looking at the site.. defainatly somthing i dont reall need.10:24
kosharihow can i create my own web proxy with ubuntu?10:24
wonderboyi'll just check the smps label or something;-)10:24
prince_jammysandy17null: i don't know. mention this here and see if someone does.10:24
PadhuPirate_Hunter: what about firewall?10:25
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: do u know freespire irc channel? I couldn't get on the one noted on their site10:25
wonderboyanyway thanks HazeFaze calebH  see ya later..10:26
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  freespire is the kind of thing i would suggest avoideing  :)10:26
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: why?10:26
Pirate_Hunterhi cant seem to scp to my other box but I can ssh to it, no clue what is going on there but could someoen help me figure it out?10:26
Pirate_Hunterps: im sure this is the correct syntax scp -P [port] -r [filename] user@....:[/]10:26
calebHprince_jammys: I'm not sure that is the problem for andy17null10:26
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  ive not even heard much about it in ages.  and it was never that good in the first place..10:26
andy17nulloh hey my executable was 32 bit on a 64 bit system10:26
prince_jammyscalebH: why not?10:26
darkedgeIs google earth freezing a common problem?10:26
calebHI'm running 64bit and I could run that tool, just fine10:26
andy17nullia32-libs allegedly will fix this10:26
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  best bet to stick with the normal ubuntu and  install what apps you need.  and not jump around mixxing in 4+ different spinoffs10:27
Pirate_HunterPadhu: on one of the boxes (the one i want to send to I turned off firewall still nada10:27
calebHmaybe he needs the 32bit libs10:27
calebHandy17null: yup10:27
andy17nulldamn straight i did10:27
andy17nullworks like a charm10:27
andy17nullty all10:27
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: ok10:27
shossflyman: haven't encountered any power issues and there aren't any to my knowledge.10:28
PadhuPirate_Hunter: Through Proxy server?10:28
flymanshoss: so other then the errors for acpi are you having any system issues?10:28
TheTomi've got a problem with unetbootin. the image is copied to another destination in /media. my usb device is /dev/sdb1 mounted @ /media/PKBACK but when I select /dev /sdb1 in unetbootin the files are copied to /media/PKBACK00432. why is this second location created, and how can I get passed this problem?10:29
calebHandy17null: enjoy10:29
TheTomcan i just copy the files over, will it still be bootable?10:29
shossflyman: I only main problem (ubuntu 9.04 amd64) is with the slow USB transfer rates, really, and I'm just going through all error msgs so maybe it will fix it..10:30
Dr_WillisTheTom:  perhaps Unmount the  thing first?10:30
TheTomDr_Willis: before what? i've unmounted it several times, same thing happens10:30
shossflyman: I gave up on trying to solve it directly been trying for a week10:31
Dr_WillisTheTom:  ive nevre had that issue with unetbootin here. - i do find the ubuntu usb-disk creator tool works better for me for Ubuntu disks.10:31
shossflyman: i can't find any clear answers to that issue anywhere10:31
Dr_WillisTheTom:  unmount it and remove the /media/pkback directory perhaps?10:31
Pirate_HunterPadhu: guess i aint awake yet the lan address was missing the third octave no clue how I didnt spot that after three attempts, wel using debug mode helped in the end :'s10:32
TheTomDr_Willis: copied the files over now, it's loading the /ubninit now. maybe it'll work this time.10:32
calebHgood night all10:32
flymanshoss try sudo lsusb -t10:32
flymanthat will dump the physical usb device10:32
TheTomnice, I see the eeebuntu logo now.10:32
sambagirlhow can you tell your version10:33
iwzw761sambagirl: lsb_release -a10:33
IpSe_DiXiThi, im looking for a minimalist (so really simple but really quick at the same time cuz itz for a super-old laptop), liveCD, linux distro that can be runned from a USB pendrive and also installed on it... any suggestion? thanks10:33
shossflyman: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/279411/10:33
newproggiehow can I find out with apt-get what version a package is?10:34
Dr_WillisIpSe_DiXiT:  Puppylinux,TinyCorelinux, DSL,  and proberly a dozen others.10:34
flymanshoss now unmount the usb device10:34
calebHnewproggie: aptitude show <package name>10:34
rrva_Argh, since I upgraded to use upstart in karmic, my machine will not boot properly. After running initrd to mount lvm disks, it justs hangs indefinitely. udevd is complaining before that. how to find out what is wrong?10:34
Lupo_LancoI tried to run ./kurso3  and  I get some kind of error message linux-gate.so.1 =>  (0xb7fdc000)10:35
Dr_WillisIpSe_DiXiT:  and ive ran Ubuntu on a Pent I - 100 mhz laptop befor. :) it ran.. slowly.. but it ran10:35
Lupo_Lancolibrary problem10:35
Araneidaeapt-cache show <package>10:35
sambagirlciwzw761 Description:    Ubuntu (The Hoary Hedgehog       5.0410:35
sambagirlCodename:       hoary10:35
Lupo_Lancohow do i get that library?10:35
Lupo_LancoAraneidae:    thanks10:35
shossflyman: unmounted10:35
newproggiecalebH: Great, thanks10:35
calebHnewproggie: you can learn a lot more about apt-get and/or aptitude by running "man aptitude" or "man apt-get"10:35
IpSe_DiXiTDr_Willis: yeah i no, but i tried it already and this laptop really needz something light, so will i be able to boot puppylinux or dsl live from a usb?10:35
iwzw761sambagirl: very old, not supported anymore10:35
newproggiecalebH: Is there a difference between apt and aptitude?10:35
sambagirli know but it works10:36
Dr_WillisIpSe_DiXiT:  if that laptop can boot from usb.. yes10:36
sambagirlthey sent me a whole box of cd';s for all platforms way back then10:36
calebHnewproggie: I would also recommend using aptitude in place of apt-get.  Much more control10:36
flymanshoss ok unplug the device. now type sudo lsusb -t again and then plug the device back in10:36
NickDeNegerwhat is a nice tool to view systemlog tail to your background? I can't find it...10:36
sambagirlthat was when bob2 and seveas worked here.10:36
IpSe_DiXiTDr_Willis: ill just change the parameter from bios, i was asking if dsl, for example, runs as live10:37
shossflyman: you need to see the 2nd output?10:37
flymanshoss: nope10:37
DhuskiWhere, by which organisation, and for what purpose was Ubuntu created?10:37
sambagirli cant get wubi to recognize 8.04.3 it is looking for 8.04.110:37
sambagirlany ideas10:37
newproggiecalebH: ok, but basically aptitude and apt-get is the same?10:37
calebHnewproggie: yes, basically10:38
RenatoSilvahow to list non-default installed software in synaptic?10:38
Dhuskisambagirl, Your wubi appears to simply be out of date, get a newer version.10:38
sambagirldhuski i did but it doesnt see backwards10:38
sambagirlthey are looking for 910:38
jezHi, how do I upgrade to the latest version of Mono on Ubuntu?  My Ubuntu came with Mono JIT compiler 2.0.1, which I don't think is latest.10:38
Dhuskisambagirl, hmmm....does it give any specific errors?10:38
DhuskiWhere, by which organisation, and for what purpose was Ubuntu created?10:39
NickDeNegerwhat is a good tool to view syslog tail to your background? I can't find any...10:39
shossflyman: all done.. now what?10:39
Nitrodistjez, #mono10:39
flymanonce plugged back in, make sure it auto-mounted and then test it out10:39
sambagirldhuski sure it says it needs to download 8.04.1 but that is the wubi that was in the 8.04.3 iso directory10:39
sambagirlso go figure10:39
grawityDhuski: USA, Canonical Ltd., to <wikipedia> provide an up-to-date, stable operating system for the average user, with a strong focus on usability and ease-of-installation. </wikipedia>10:40
Nitrodistjez: http://www.mono-project.com/Other_Downloads10:40
Dhuskigrawity, Thank you.10:40
Dhuski!spam > rrva10:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spam10:41
jezNitrodist: Ubuntu Karmic (9.10):
jezare you telling me the way to upgrade mono is to upgrade my whole os??10:41
Nitrodistjez: yes?10:41
jezi mean i have 9.0410:41
Nitrodistjez: read the entire page10:42
jezoh yeah10:42
Nitrodistjez: specifically, the 'Unofficial Backport Packages'10:42
ProhibitedAre there any Ubuntu programs that let me connect to a Windows XP computer that is running VNC?10:42
Nitrodistjez: although that doesn't make sense, it's more like a forward port10:42
shossflyman: you're a magician! thank you very much! transfer rates has remarkably improved and are much faster! thank you! is the issue fixed for me now or will i have to repeat this procedure with each drive inserted?10:42
DhuskiProhibited, vncviewer should work fine10:42
iwzw761Prohibited: xtightvncviewer10:43
NitrodistProhibited, is it running vnc or remote desktop.10:43
grawityProhibited: A lot. I think Ubuntu already comes with vino -- look for "Remote Desktop Viewer" in menus.10:43
grawityNitrodist: He said VNC.10:43
Nitrodistgrawity, for some people, remote desktop IS vnc10:43
Prohibitedlol like 5 people replying10:43
flymanshoss: you should be good to go forever.10:43
flymanif not, remember to do that but shouldn't have an issue.10:43
shossflyman: thank a lot10:44
balduinI have a problem with the onboard sound card on  the Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G mainboard. aplay lists the card, according to alsamixer all channels are unmuted and the snd_hda_intel module sis loaded properly. does anyone have further hints on what to check? I'm using 9.0410:44
flymanWelcome :)10:44
flymanSorry for the delay.10:44
Prohibitedif I try to connect to "" using the built-in vino program it doesn't actually connect.10:44
Dhuskibalduin, what specifically is the problem??10:44
stefg!intelhda | balduin10:44
ubottubalduin: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto10:44
calebHProhibited: vinagre10:44
iwzw761Prohibited: use :0 instead of :590010:44
grawity(Note to self: vino is the server, vinagre is the client.)10:44
balduinoh sorry. problem is that i'm not getting any sound10:44
Dr_WillisVino >hic< :)10:45
balduinubottu: thanks, I'll have a look10:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:45
=== MadMax is now known as Guest44783
iwzw761Prohibited: the number behind the colon is the display number, not the port10:45
calebHLOL @ubottu10:45
blixtgreets!  can not get firefox to play flash (youtube), and i am not interested in learning how to compile some code from some hard to find server...10:45
ProhibitedAuthentication method to host is unsupported10:45
Dr_Willisblixt:  did you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package to install the flash player yet?10:45
Prohibiteddownloading the xtightvncviewer..10:45
najjemshow would I know if my hardware is supported by the new kernel i'm compiling?10:46
stefgbalduin: there's probably some quirk required in modules.conf to make the card function. see the HoTo page if it is listed there10:46
calebHProhibited: which VNC server are you running on the Windows side?10:46
xT|FishHello lads, a mate of me has trouble finding the right video drivers for his: Ati Radeon 1200 512 MB VGA10:46
stefg!flash | blixt10:46
ubottublixt: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash10:46
blixtDr_Willis: think i tried that: is that: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-unstripped-5210:46
ProhibitedEnterprise v4.3.110:47
iwzw761Prohibited: configure your vnc server so uses no proprietary extensions10:47
calebHProhibited: VNC has very poor security by default.  Many VNC servers have implemented proprietary/non-standard authentication methods to help make them more secure10:47
najjemscan anyone help me?10:47
catfishhi guys10:47
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
DTWSdolphin cant run as root how it fix10:47
NitrodistxT|Fish, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=808583 <- from google10:47
techie!radeon | xT|Fish10:47
ubottuxT|Fish: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:47
grawityDTWS: How about just not running it as root?10:48
Prohibitediwzw761: Er, how?10:48
iwzw761Prohibited: i don't know your vnc server10:48
calebHProhibited: as iwzw761 suggested, try disabling any proprietary extensions (or disable the security/password settings altogether until you can at least establish a connection, then work on how to secure the connection...10:48
catfishi tried the the karmic10:48
Dhuskinajjems, what seems to be the problem??10:48
stefgProhibited: What keeps you from using the builtin RDP-Server on the windows box? There's tsclient/rdesktop to connect to it from a Linux desktop10:48
iwzw761Prohibited: and i don't use windows at all10:48
DTWShis write process Cannot talk to klauncher but konqueror work good10:48
catfishafter a large update10:49
catfishi won't boot up anymore10:49
DTWShis problem begin whe make update10:49
xT|FishThanks Nitrodist and techie.10:49
catfishgrup cannot find the root dev10:49
oldude67catfish, ubuntu+110:49
catfisholdude67, ?10:50
DTWSi novice  in ubuntu10:50
iwzw761!karmic | catfish10:50
ubottucatfish: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:50
najjemsoh, well i've been trying to compile a new kernel10:50
oldude67catfish, karmic is not released so its not supported here join #ubuntu+110:50
DTWSplease some tell what me to do now10:50
najjemsi'm on my third attempt10:50
stefg!kernel | najjems10:51
ubottunajjems: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages10:51
shossflyman: although transfer speed has drastically improved I see there's still a problem when copying now to a flash drive (cruzer8gig) as speed is good at first but after few second goes as down as 4 MBps and stays slow until completing the transfer..10:51
blixtubottu: strange, i did find the installer they refer to  (flashplugin_installer) via syn. pack. man, and i even restarted the box , so when i click the link on the page you sggested i get already installed10:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:52
calebHLOL @ubottu again...10:52
stefgshoss: Tat might be a physical limitation of the flash memory/controller on the thumb drive10:52
blixti'l try to uninstall and install via the web-page instead10:52
najjemsuhm, i'm getting confused. anyway, I've been having problems compiling on my laptop10:52
SIGIyo guys, has anyone ordered anything from the ubuntu store thing?10:52
DhuskiWhat's more effective aptitude or apt-get??10:52
najjemsi've compiled a kernel before, in a computer at school10:53
shossstefg: anyway to fix this?10:53
NitrodistDhuski, aren't they the same thing?10:53
calebHnajjems: aptitude10:53
stefgshoss: Buy a newer and faster thumb drive ....10:53
najjemsanyway, bigpoppa told me that it may be because I lacking some patches that will support the kernel10:53
najjemsi'm kinda lost there10:53
DhuskiNitrodist, they seem to have a different output while both do the same job...10:53
shossok so as long as it's not the OS i'm all god :)10:53
NitrodistDhuski, I know that sometimes they will conflict with each other.  apt-get wouldn't let me reinstall kdm or any packages associated with kdm until I used aptitude.10:54
calebHDhuski: aptitude will tend to be more verbose, and offer more control to do things like install, remove, and/or purge packages in a single command10:54
SIGII'm asking because i'm using a mail forwarding service, and i want to know if the store sends catalogs.10:54
pulse00hi all. anyone knows if there's a php 5.3 package out somewhere for ubuntu 9.04 ?10:55
calebHDhuski: you can learn quite a bit about the differences by reading the man pages for apt-get and aptitude10:55
najjemsi'm following this set of instructions --> http://www.howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu10:55
DhuskicalebH, Nitrodist, thanks guys10:55
calebHProhibited: any luck?10:56
stefgshoss: and use some non-journalling file system on (cheap MLC) flash drives. Journalling contributes to the effect known as write amplification, i.e. the controller has to erase and rewrite large amounts of memory even if only 1 bit changes10:56
calebHbah, 3:00 AM!10:57
shossstefg: properties say it's msdos filesystem10:57
stefgshoss: that'S prolly fat-16 or fat 32 ... ok10:57
stefgshoss: ok, unless you don't need unix'ish permissions on your files10:58
shossstefg: are the FAT filesystems journaling file systems?10:58
stefgshoss: no10:59
flymanshoss: hm10:59
Strackerhello everyone10:59
jezI'm trying to install packages on my system from https://launchpad.net/~directhex/+archive/monoxide11:00
i2v8anI think there's an easy trick to do that.11:01
SIGIthanks guys for the great support. c'ya11:01
jezI've added their PPA and auth key details to my system and updated my package list, but when i say 'sudo apt-get install mono', i get 'package mono has no installation candidate'11:01
jezthey seem to be calling their package mono, so why is this?11:01
jacquesdupontdhey everbody11:02
jacquesdupontdim using compiz fusion and avant window navigator and im bored about putting effec to none to launch warsow before11:02
stefgjez: did you pick the wrong arch ? (e.g. 32bit instead of 64bit)11:02
jacquesdupontdis there a command to place after warsow to disble the 3d ?11:03
jezstefg: there's only one archive given on that page...11:03
jacquesdupontdu think its about composite11:03
Dr_Willisjacquesdupontd:  you mean disable the 3d desktop - run the game.. reenable the 3d desktop stuff?11:04
jacquesdupontdi was used to do it before11:04
Dr_Willisjacquesdupontd:  metacity --replace  && game && compiz --replace11:04
jacquesdupontdjust by an arg but can't remember11:04
Dr_Willisor similer.11:04
jacquesdupontdyeah but yeah.11:05
jacquesdupontdi don't think he will wait the game close for the compiz --replace11:05
Dr_Willismake a script that waits.. i guess..11:05
Prohibitedfirecrotch: hi lol11:06
jacquesdupontdi think and im quite sure there's anothey way by passing by warsow args11:06
firecrotchProhibited: Oh hi! Did you need help with something?11:06
ablmfWhy ubuntu lock "root" and use "sudo" to protect the system? Is there any detailed discussion?  Every time I type sudo in ubuntu, my colleagues laugh at me.  I argued "it's safter." but I am not so sure because we are programmers and we have to use "root" priority very often, so it doesn't make much different for me to root and non-root user.11:06
Dr_Willisjacquesdupontd:  i wouldent think the GAME would have anything to do with disableing desktop features11:06
jacquesdupontdno but about launching it in another way i guess11:07
i2v8an(back to mono)  did this get fixed yet?11:07
Dr_Willisablmf:  i dont see why 'progamers' have to use 'root priorty' very often.. actually....11:07
Dr_Willisablmf:  theres proberly forum threads/flamefests on the topic.11:07
stefg!root | ablmf11:07
ubottuablmf: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:07
Dr_Willissudo has more usses then just 'a extra word you type to get root access'11:08
i2v8ansudo passwd root?11:08
stefgi2v8an: discouraged11:08
ablmfDr_Willis: we have to install softwares, change system setting, and so on..11:08
Dr_Willisablmf:  so disable  what you want then.11:09
Terrynintendo ds emulator for ubuntu?11:09
Dr_WillisTerry:  i hear they exist.  but never tried one.11:09
cgrozahello,how do i make a tar arcive from terminal?11:09
Prohibitedmm stuff thiS11:10
cgrozahello,how do i make a tar archive from terminal?11:10
ablmfubottu: When I recommend ubuntu to one of my colleague, she feels very anoying to "sudo" and find out how to enable root again11:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:10
i2v8anstefg: huh?11:10
firecrotchablmf: in general, the benefits of sudo outweigh the inconvenience for most users11:10
iwzw761cgroza: .tar or .tar.gz?11:10
Prohibitedim just gonna use wine and install the windows version.11:10
grawityablmf: There's sudo -s, you know11:10
Terryi have tried for windows not for ubuntu11:10
firecrotchProhibited: no need for that11:10
Dr_Willisintroduction to 'tar'  http://www.apl.jhu.edu/Misc/Unix-info/tar/tar_2.html11:10
firecrotchProhibited: what is the error that you get?11:10
steven__What does it mean for Linux to be forkable?11:10
Dr_Willissteven__:  you can branch off your own variant if you wanted11:11
i2v8anforkable: for instance linux mint is based off of ubuntu but with additions11:11
DarkedgeIn GNOME where are the apps on the "application" pannel located?11:11
iwzw761cgroza: tar cf file.tar directory   will create a new archive file.tar and stores contents of directory in it11:11
steven__My own variant? Like Kubuntu is to Ubuntu?11:11
Dr_WillisDarkedge:  the menus get defined by vasrios 'whatever.desktop' files in specific locations.. the  menus do not 'search' a speficic directory like it does in windows.11:11
i2v8ansteven__: yeah that would go along with that idea11:12
Dr_Willissteven__:  you could make a Stevebuntu11:12
balduinstefg: just wanted to say that I fixed the sound problem. OSS is now working after I changed the model parameter to something more fitting11:12
grawitysteven__: Not exactly... Kubuntu and Ubuntu are made by the same company. Mint to Ubuntu, or Ubuntu to Debian, would be more like that.11:12
cgrozaiwzw761,i did that with a jpeg photo and the archive was about 400 mb11:12
iwzw761cgroza: tar does not compress11:12
grawitysteven__: Stevelinux, if you want.11:12
i2v8angrawity: true that11:12
cgrozaiwzw761,then how i compres?11:13
iwzw761cgroza: thats why i asked for .tar.gz11:13
iwzw761cgroza: tar czf file.tar.gz directory11:13
cgrozaiwzw761,il try thanks11:14
steven__Stevelinux? I fear for the world...11:15
roffeis it the thought to replace synaptic and add/remove with the software center?11:15
DarkedgeOK, Well fact is (Just as an example) I want to remove Pidgin from the "applications" menu, What do I delete?11:16
Dr_WillisDarkedge:   use the menu editor and remove it - is the easy way11:16
Dr_Willisthat removes it for that ONE user.. and it stays there via the command line if you need it11:16
steven__How can I view my syslog?11:16
Dr_Willisor wannt to add it back11:16
Darkedge:/ Menu editor?11:16
i2v8anwhat if you uncheck it so that it just is invisible?11:17
i2v8anthen if you need it later it's still there11:17
firecrotchDarkedge: System -> Preferences -> Main Menu11:17
Dr_WillisDarkedge:  yes. theres a menu editor - right click on the applocations menu  and look11:17
stefgDarkedge: you don't delete anything yourself, but keep you hands off of package managers business. Right-click instead on the Menu, choose edit an uncheck the boox before the menu-entry. it will be hidden tehn11:17
steven__How can I view my syslog?11:17
Dr_WillisDarkedge:  same place that windows put the  thing I think. :)11:17
Gratz474really liking ubuntu so far11:18
Darkedge:D Thanks,11:18
Gratz474for this server that is11:18
firecrotchsteven__: less /var/log/syslog11:18
DarkedgeOK, I think I have some left over crap however I do not know where it is, Is there a program designed to remove un-needed stuff of the system?11:19
=== yacc__ is now known as yacc
AraneidaeDarkedge, the package manager should do that11:19
i2v8ansudo apt-get autoremove11:19
i2v8anmiiiight get rid of somethings11:19
Darkedge:/ Package manager, What if I installed something of a .bin file?11:19
Gratz474what browser do you guys use?11:19
ProhibitedI get the same error using VNC viewer (offical viewer under wine) as I do for the remote connection programs built-in ubuntu11:20
firecrotchProhibited: Which is what?11:20
AraneidaeProhibited, I quite like vinagre for remote access11:20
Darkedge:O FOund it,11:21
DarkedgeCan you made sure I don't reinstall Ubuntu11:21
DarkedgeYou guys gotta tell me "ANYTHING is fixable!" OK?11:21
Prohibitedfirecrotch: (using Vinagre) Authentication method to host is unsupported11:21
ProhibitedDarkedge: ANYTHING is fixable11:21
Hannibal_Lecterhallo. i've a 5 mb file with lzma compression can anyone unpak and repack for me? thanks11:21
DarkedgexD Thanks11:21
AraneidaeDarkedge, what are you running if not Ubuntu, then?11:21
Prohibitedthat'll be $511:22
firecrotchDarkedge: I won't lie to you. ALMOST anything is fixable11:22
DarkedgeIf I say I'm gonna reinstall say that! OK?11:22
Prohibitedfirecrotch: (using Vinagre) Authentication method to host is unsupported11:22
stefgDarkedge: the only way to ensure this is having a (positively proven and new) backup11:22
AraneidaeYeah; lost backups are *not* fixable!11:22
firecrotchProhibited: What vnc server are you using?11:22
DarkedgeTo be honest,11:22
ProhibitedEnterprise 4.3.1 I think11:23
ProhibitedI may switch to Personal and see if it fixes the problem11:23
AraneidaeCan you configure it for password authentication only?11:23
DarkedgeI HATE using 3rd-party software to create backups11:23
i2v8anGratz474:  if you don't do much work with modifying your operating system you might find shiretoko (firefox-3.5) nice -- it doesn't have any gnome extensions11:23
AraneidaeUse rsync then11:23
DarkedgeDoes Ubuntu have OFFICAL software that the ubuntu team made?11:23
stefg!backup | Darkedge11:23
ubottuDarkedge: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:23
grawityDarkedge: The installer is made by them, I guess.11:24
AraneidaeThere are a lot of Ubuntu patches in all the packages11:24
firecrotchProhibited: Never heard of it. Is this a Windows or Linux host that youre trying to connect to?11:24
AraneidaeMostly trivia, is true11:24
Prohibitedthe host is running Windows XP11:24
AraneidaeHow is its VNC authentication configured?11:24
firecrotchDarkedge: Landscape is made by Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu)11:24
Prohibitedat the moment, no password11:25
Dr_Willisthat may be the issue.11:25
Araneidaehm..  So currently should just connect?  Huh11:25
Prohibited"No Authentication"11:25
Prohibitedit *should* just connect11:25
AraneidaeYeah: try setting a password11:25
=== fahadsadah is now known as zz_fahadsadah
Prohibitedone sec.11:26
AraneidaeMaybe "no authentication" means "no way to authenticate" ;^)11:26
Prohibiteddone; attempting to connect.11:26
cheeseoidAny article about installing on a hw raid? Have a raid 0 set up but the installer only sees the 2 individual disks.11:26
Prohibitedstill unsupporteed11:27
AraneidaeCan you telnet to port 5900 on the XP machine?11:27
DarkedgeANOTHER QUESTION: What apps should I install that don't come with Ubuntu E.G WINE, What else does everyone use in their daily lives?11:27
DarkedgeThanks for the help, btw11:28
firecrotchcheeseoid: then your RAID 0 isn't set up :)11:28
grawityDarkedge: Install what _you_ need, not what others use.11:28
AraneidaeProhibited, does `nc -w1 <machine> 5902 </dev/null` produce anything?11:28
stefgcheeseoid: that'S probably because your mobo's controller isn't supported by dmraid. I'd go for proper softraid (mdadm) anyway11:28
Prohibitedlemme see11:28
firecrotchhaha "proper softraid"11:28
AraneidaeI get something like "RFB 003.xxx"11:28
DarkedgeHow can I know what's avalible for Ubuntu?11:28
Hannibal_Lecterhallo http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-494359.html i have this problem with a file11:29
stefgfirecrotch: dmraid is improper softraid ;-)11:29
AraneidaeSorry, mean 590011:29
firecrotchsoftraid is improper :)11:29
DarkedgeWINE I didn't know about, I found a link somewhere,11:29
cheeseoidstefg: damn. Have been using it as a softraid but now installing ubuntu and wanted to use the hw controller.11:29
stefgcheeseoid: is that a dual-boot box, or will it be linux only?11:30
Prohibitedscott@scott-laptop:~$ `nc-w1 EXPIEREN-445F26 5902 </dev/ null`11:30
ProhibitedPython error: <stdin> is a directory, cannot continue11:30
cheeseoidstefg: linux only11:30
AraneidaeProhibited, /dev/null, no space11:30
stefgcheeseoid: what kind of controller? Promise?11:30
Araneidaeand put a space between nc and -w111:30
cheeseoidmy gentoo is messed up and i just dont have the time to maintain it anymore so installing ubuntu11:30
siiihi - im trying to run security updates on ubuntuu 8.10 ... but getting the following erros: http://pastie.org/private/awbawonnrv9x0f3emxf9g    how to resolve these issues?11:31
Araneidaeit's a one, not an ell11:31
cheeseoidstefg: Via tech VT8237 Series SATA RAID11:31
Araneidaeand use port 5900 !11:31
AraneidaeSo: `nc -w1 $MACHINE $PORT </dev/null`11:31
Prohibiteddidnt see where you corrected yourself lol11:31
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
i2v8ansiii: check /etc/apt/sources.list for that deb entry11:31
Prohibitedblink leading the blind :P11:32
AraneidaeYeah.  If it *doesn't* say RFB something then I'll be puzzled...11:32
Araneidaeor even flummoxed!11:32
Prohibitedscott@scott-laptop:~$ `nc-w1 EXPIEREN-445F26 5900 </dev/null`11:33
Prohibitedbash: nc-w1: command not found11:33
siiii2v8an: thanks, how does a deb entry look?11:33
AraneidaeGrr: nc <space> -w111:33
i2v8andeb http:// etc etc11:33
stefgcheeseoid: that's fake raid anyway... i wouldn't jump through the extra loops to get that going (no benefit at all) and just use an alternate install CD and use mdadm soft raid11:33
i2v8anso you can check it by usind nano /etc/apt/source.list11:33
i2v8aneach is a line containing an address to a debian repository11:33
cheeseoidstefg: Aww. Why "an alternate install CD"?11:33
stefg!alternate | cheeseoid11:34
ubottucheeseoid: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal11:34
stefgcheeseoid: the 'Desktop' Installer doesn't support setting up a raid array during installation11:34
cheeseoidAh. Dont suppose this will make the mdadm setup pleasant will it? I remember it being a real pain when I first installed some years ago.11:34
AraneidaeProhibited, ?11:34
ProhibitedAraneidae: Just renaming that laptop\11:35
siiii2v8an: cool thanks. I have a couple of deb entries11:35
Prohibitedits name was something like EXPERIEN-RandNUMS11:35
Prohibitedit'll be back up in 20 secs11:35
i2v8anyeah.  look for one which matches the error message11:35
ProhibitedI can see it loggin in.11:35
stefgcheeseoid: the alternate installer does it for you ... BTW what'S so difficult in writing : sudo mdadm -C /dev/md0 -l0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 ?11:35
cheeseoidstefg: Erm. Figuring out thats what needs writing ... Thanks dude.11:36
siiii2v8an: hmmm it doesnt appear to be explicit - can you tell me which part of the error matches a piece of the sources list?11:36
=== p is now known as Guest32640
Prohibitedla la la11:37
stefgcheeseoid: Regradless of the fact that it is quite useless to use raid0 in 99% of all cases. Use a proper partition scheme to parallelize acceses, and use lvm if you need storage space larger than what is on one single disk11:38
sierinjswhat do i have to write to start ssh? (my friend has it, and i don't understand why doesn't he have it -- it say's it isn't there where i expected)11:38
Prohibitedscott@scott-laptop:~$ `nc wl DL-LAPTOP 5900 <dev/null`11:38
Prohibitedbash: dev/null: No such file or directory11:38
Araneidaesierinjs, do you mean the ssh server?11:38
Araneidaeand -w1, not w111:39
Araneidaeand 1 not l11:39
sierinjsAraneidae: yes11:39
Prohibitedthey show up as the same thing when i copy/paste11:39
Araneidaesierinjs, it's a separate package11:39
stanleythe only time you should be using raid0 is if it's for performance and it's non-critical data on the drives11:39
sierinjsAraneidae: it isn't there by default? :/11:39
cheeseoidstefg: Id really need a step by step guide for that. Ill google, but bet I wont turn one up!11:39
Prohibitedscott@scott-laptop:~$ `nc w1 DL-LAPTOP 5900 /dev/null`11:39
Prohibitedinvalid port LAPTOP11:39
stanleyperformance is the _only_ advantage to raid011:39
stefg!lvm | cheeseoid11:40
ubottucheeseoid: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto11:40
AraneidaeFFS Prohibited.  I keep telling you.  Here is the command line:11:40
Araneidaenc -w1 DL-LAPTOP 5900 </dev/null11:40
Prohibitedscott@scott-laptop:~$ nc -w1 DL-LAPTOP 5900 </dev/null11:41
ProhibitedDL-LAPTOP [] 5900 (?) : Connection timed out11:41
AraneidaeOk, so no VNC server there11:41
AraneidaeTry 590111:41
Prohibitedmy computer doesn't support loopback11:41
Prohibitedsame error for 5901/211:42
Araneidaesierinjs, the package you want is openssh-server11:42
das_stebHi There. Is the Ubuntu 9.04 live CD able to boot without mounting HDD? Can't boot the normal way because some I/O error on sda111:42
AraneidaeOk.  Then your VNC port is unreachable11:42
Prohibitedwhich means?11:42
AraneidaeIt could be that the firewall on DL-LAPTOP isn't letting you in11:42
Prohibitedlemme see11:42
jacquesdupontdwhat's the command i need if i want to launch warsow and have metacty replaced ? if i wanna put as an alias in .bashrc11:42
* Araneidae tries not to know too much about Windows anymore11:42
stefgdas_steb: the CD only mounts the hd when you tell it to11:43
jacquesdupontdalias "warsowcompiz"='metacity --replace && /usr/games/warsow --quiet' doesnt works11:43
Prohibitedadded ports to the firewall11:43
das_stebstefg: i boot the normal way and the CD want to mount the HDD11:43
AraneidaeGreat.  Try again...11:43
Araneidaethink 5900 is the default port, but maybe I'm misremembering, mabye it's 590111:44
stefgdas_steb: probably it sees there's swap space... what happens then ?11:44
Prohibited5900 is11:44
ProhibitedI've checked on the program / I've used this program for windows before.11:44
Prohibitedno change11:45
AraneidaeNow that is odd, and I think it's the root of your problem11:45
Prohibitedif the program is having to connect externally that will be why it is erroring11:45
AraneidaeIf nc can't reach port 5900 then nor can any other vnc client11:45
das_stebstefg: it is an windows system, so i think there is no swap. i would try the "noswap" command11:45
stefgjacquesdupontd: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66292611:45
Prohibitedthere is no loop back on my router - i can't be sitting here connected to the router and connect to a website / anything hosted on my external IP, only via an internal IP11:46
Prohibitedbecause that nc thing lists my external ip, that may be why it is erroring11:46
AraneidaeHmm.  Then try the nc test with localhost instead11:46
AraneidaeSo try: nc -w1 localhost 5900 </dev/null11:46
AraneidaeBut that's odd, don't really understand your configuration at all.11:47
akscii've got two accounts on thunderbird,... how do i temporarily have it disabled(i.e stop receving new mails n all) without having it actually removed!11:47
Prohibitedscott@scott-laptop:~$ nc -w1 5900 </dev/null11:47
ProhibitedRFB 004.00011:47
FloodBot2Prohibited: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:47
Prohibitedif you want to see something confusing you should see my internet steup11:47
AraneidaeFloodBot2, don't get excited11:47
ProhibitedADSL router, Wireless router, Switch, network printer11:48
AraneidaeNow you can probably use that 192.168 address with the vnc client of your choice11:48
stefgdas_steb: is that a sata or an (old-style) ide system? AFAIK the Live CD does not mount the harddisk automatically (won't touch anything until you tell it to). Problem with broken harddisks is that they sometimes pill down the whole bus, so a CD as slave on the same IDE port won't work either11:49
Prohibitedlets see..11:49
Prohibited*doubling checking the password I set11:49
das_stebstefg: out "noswap" to the bootline don't seem to work11:49
Raphi974Hi everyone11:49
Prohibitedhi Dr Nick!11:49
das_stebstefg: it's an old IDE system11:49
AraneidaeProhibited, any joy?11:50
Raphi974I'm trying to upgrade to Karmic Alpha6, but no upgrades are detected... Why ?11:50
Prohibitednot joy, man love!11:50
das_stebstefg: i tried to boot an other linux (DSL) an recieved only some ACPI errors11:50
stefgdas_steb: try rearranging drives on the bus ...the CD needs to be on a differetn port than the (probably broken) harddisk11:50
Araneidaewoo :D11:50
Prohibitedits working now! thanks :D11:50
AraneidaeGuess we should have tried pinging to start with!11:51
adantehi, what is the easiest way to get a samba-like sharing (ie gnome/nautilus browsing) of 2 linux computers? (not samba - i want to be able to make symlinks etc)11:51
ProhibitedGood thing my IP is static.11:51
firecrotchProhibited: you gotta be kidding me, it was a IP problem?11:51
das_stebstefg: it's an notebook, reaarange would be a complicated thing *g*11:51
Araneidaeadante, you'll need to install nfs-server11:51
stefg!nfs | adante11:51
ubottuadante: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.11:51
* Araneidae lols11:51
Raphi974Can someone help me with the upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic Alpha 6 ?11:52
AraneidaeUm.  Raphi974, I'm sure if you need help, then it's a really bad idea!11:52
AraneidaeMy understanding of the alphas is that they *will* break11:53
stefgdas_steb: so pull out the harddisk and use another computer for your rescueing attempts. you won't get anywhere if you have no drive to boot from (or maybe use a bootable USB thumb drive)11:53
Raphi974Araneidae, it's just that no upgrades are proposed.... why ? I never had problems with upgrades11:53
AraneidaeWell, it's *not* an upgrade, yet, is it?11:53
AraneidaeIt's a breakage!11:53
courpsealpha aint anything to be upgraded to.11:53
* Araneidae avoids alphas11:53
jacquesdupontdalias "warsowcompiz"='metacity --replace && /usr/games/warsow --quiet' doesnt works11:54
courpseIt will cause you much hassle if you dont know what your doing.11:54
das_stebstefg: jep, i think this would be the best way. thanks for your help! i try an external case next week.11:54
courpseRaphi974, Alpha is pre-Beta.11:54
Raphi974courpse, I know11:54
Amaranthjacquesdupontd: What is wrong with running warsow while compiz is running?11:54
firecrotchRaphi974: how are you trying to do the upgrade?11:54
jacquesdupontdit freeze for me11:54
Raphi974courpse, i'm using ubuntu since 6.06... never had problems to upgrade11:54
jacquesdupontddunno why11:54
AraneidaeRaphi974, it's *NOT* an upgrade11:55
Amaranthjacquesdupontd: ah, probably fixed in karmic11:55
Raphi974firecrotch,  i tried "update-manager -d" and "do-release-update -d" but nothing...11:55
i2v8anRaphi974: you have not experienced upgrades like I did in 7.10 to 8.0411:55
Raphi974Araneidae, can't update to Karmic Alpha ?11:55
AmaranthRaphi974: #ubuntu+111:55
AraneidaeWell, expect you can install it ... if you look in the right place, re what Amaranth just said11:56
jacquesdupontdi donwnloaded compiz-witch11:56