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* likemindead is back (gone 01:05:28)01:43
maxwellHow can I get this line of code to run every time I boot up automatically: "setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle_led:scroll us,ru02:57
techieput it in a bash script and have it run using the session manager02:57
knomemaxwell, applications -> settings -> sessions and startup -> tab "application autostart"02:58
maxwellI have *totally* forgotten how to do that.02:59
maxwellSimple instructions, please?02:59
maxwellOh wait...02:59
maxwellI think  I have it.02:59
maxwellThank you.03:00
knomeyou're welcome03:00
maxwellHrmm, I added it.03:03
maxwellIs there anything I fucked up on?03:03
maxwellIt is not working D:03:03
maxwellCan someone please walk me through that?03:04
knomeis the script runable? (chmod +x filename)03:04
maxwellWell if I type it into terminal and hit enter, it runs...03:04
maxwellI actually cannot remember how to make it into a script *file* etc.03:04
maxwellThe command in question is pasted above.03:05
maxwellBut that is all I've got.03:05
knomei'm a bit unfocused of anything right now, sorry03:07
maxwellWell, focus?03:08
maxwellI want to have the following command in quotation marks run whenever my system starts up: " setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll us,ru"03:08
knomemaxwell, did you look at applications -> settings -> sessions and startup -> tab "application autostart" ?03:10
maxwellThen I clicked "add"03:10
maxwellMade a name for the script.03:11
maxwelltyped what I wanted in the little box marked " command", saved and quit.03:11
knomedid you check it's checkbox in the window?03:11
maxwellYes, checked.03:11
knometry to create a scriptname.sh file for it03:13
knomeand as only line, paste your command03:14
maxwellwhat does that mean? please explain.03:15
knomethen right-click the file in thunar -> properties, tab "permissions" and check the box "allow this file to run as program"03:15
knomeopen mousepad03:15
* maxwell is retarded.03:15
* maxwell opens mousepad.03:15
knomepaste your command in mousepad03:16
knomesave the file as /home/yourusername/startup.sh03:16
knomeopen thunar03:17
knomeyou should be in /home/yourusername/03:17
knomeright-click startup.sh and select properties03:17
knomego to tab permissions03:17
knomecheck the box "allow this file to run as program" from the bottom of the window03:18
maxwellOkay, did that.03:18
knomethen close the window and thunar (and mousepad, if you have it still running)03:18
knomethen, open applications -> settings -> sessions and startup03:18
maxwellOh, mmk.03:18
maxwellGotcha there.03:18
knomego to tab "application autostart"03:18
knomeclick "add"03:18
knomename it whatever you want03:18
knomeand for the command, type "/home/yourusername/startup.sh" without the quotes.03:19
maxwellMmmk, testing...03:19
knomethen, click ok and make sure it has the mark checked in the list on the "applications autostart" window03:19
knomethen close all windows login again03:20
maxwellAh! Question...03:20
maxwellIf I change the name to make it a hidden file, so long as I change the filepath and everything, nothing would fuck up, riight?03:20
maxwellI shall do that.03:20
maxwellThank you.03:20
maxwellHrmm, not working.03:22
maxwellI logged on and off.03:22
knomeare you running xubuntu 9.04 ?03:23
knomeopen thunar and browse to /home/yourusername/.config/autostart03:24
maxwellI just did a fresh install the other day as I came back from a few months of vacation.03:24
maxwellMmk, there.03:24
knomefind the appropriate file and open it in mousepad03:24
knome!pastebin | maxwell03:25
ubottumaxwell: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic03:25
maxwellI know what pastebin is :)03:25
knomepaste it and let me see03:25
knomedid you rename the file?03:26
maxwellNo :S03:26
maxwellOh, shit yes.03:26
maxwellI did.03:26
maxwellI called it "keyboard_switch)03:26
knomeok, change the Exec line accordingly03:26
knomeand save the file and relogin.03:27
maxwelldoing so...03:27
* maxwell tears hair out.03:29
knomedoesn't work, or what?03:29
maxwellNo it does not.03:30
knomeok, just to be sure, can you paste the script file03:30
knomealso, open terminal, type "ls -l" (in your home) and paste the output as well03:30
maxwellfile name: keyboard_switch03:30
knomeyou can use a single paste03:30
knomeok, where is your /home/maxwell/keyboard_switch ?03:32
knomethe Exec= line should have a script path/file that exists03:33
maxwellOh shit, BRB!!03:33
techiethat didnt sound good03:33
knomenot really.03:33
knomemaxwell, does it work?03:34
maxwellOkay, I just changed the file name and path to match.03:34
maxwellAnd no, it does not work.03:35
maxwellIs there not some simpler way of doing this?03:35
maxwellLast time I asked someone to help me with this it took five minutes.03:35
techiewhat was all that about maxwell?03:35
knomethis is the right way to do it.03:35
techie"maxwell> Oh shit, BRB!!"03:35
maxwellStuff, things.03:35
maxwellLife, etc.03:35
techiefair enough03:35
knomemaxwell, you can paste again the file in ~/.config/autostart and the output of "ls -l" ?03:35
knomeand output of "cat keyboard_switch"03:36
knomeokay, can you paste the output of "cat keyboard_switch.sh"03:38
maxwellmaxwell@maxwell-desktop:~$ cat keyboard_switch.sh03:38
maxwellsetxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll us,rumaxwell@maxwell-desktop:~$03:38
knomehmm, open the file, go to the end of the first line and press enter, then save and try to relogin03:39
maxwellStill isn't working.03:41
maxwellI am sure there is some hella-simple way of doing this though.03:41
maxwellIt feels like you are overcomplicating it somehow.03:41
knometo be honest, i think you are doing something wrong. this works for me.03:42
knomemaxwell, you can try to copy the file in .config/autostart to /etc/xdg/autostart03:43
samson_first time user here, wondering if someone can help me out with a problem03:43
maxwellI have decided to try this from the beginning.03:43
knome!ask | samson_03:44
ubottusamson_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:44
techie!ask samson_03:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask samson_03:44
techiedang you knome03:44
knometechie, :)03:44
samson_My laptop: IBM R31; Question 1: I cannot get sound to work, I have installed all the updates, sound doesnt work, plz help03:45
maxwellIsn't there some way of forgoing the whole making of another file to get this to work?03:47
maxwellCan I not just somehow type the code into the "command" box when I am doing the add in application autostart?03:47
xyloxmaxwell, if you run the bash file you created, it runs ok?03:47
maxwellI didn't try that.03:50
xyloxjust doubleclik it and see if it runs ok03:50
maxwellIt works fine.03:51
maxwell(if I double-click on it)03:52
xyloxthen add to your file in the first line this -> sleep 503:52
maxwellSo just, add it to the first line then?03:53
xyloxyes, is a delay to give time to x to load before the command03:54
maxwell(it only has one line :O)03:54
maxwellOkay, now what?03:54
techiexylox, if he runs it via startup and sessions it will load when X is well loaded03:54
xyloxtechie, it happened to me and just worked with sleep03:55
xyloxmaxwell, try it03:56
maxwellNot working.03:59
samson_so anyone got any ideas?04:07
xyloxmaxwell, pastebin your bash file to check it04:09
maxwellBash file?04:10
xyloxyeah, the file you made and added to your autostart04:11
maxwellI have pasted it like......six times though.04:13
maxwellIt honestly hasn't changed.04:13
maxwellsetxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll us,ru-> sleep 504:13
xyloxoh man04:14
maxwellOh, that one.04:21
maxwellOne sec there, mate.04:21
xyloxmaxwell, your file should be like this http://pastebin.com/d6c9389f504:25
xyloxmake sure is executable04:25
xyloxand make sure is loaded at startup apps04:25
maxwellbrb, testing.04:28
maxwellThank you.04:30
maxwellCrazy how all it needed were those few characters at the beginning.04:31
maxwellUntil next time!04:31
visitor1hi techie04:58
techiehelllo visitor104:58
visitor1could you helpüme once again please?05:00
techiesorta trying to help myself atm, but sure05:00
visitor1i would like to install the new xnview, http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=1842305:00
visitor1but its not in the packet managment and no  .deb05:00
visitor1how complicated is it?05:01
techieim downloading it now05:01
ryguyHey, I'm trying to set up a static IP address so I can forward apache to my domain name but I'm not sure exactly how to get my ip adress, gateway, and netmask. whatismyip.com gives me a different IP address than ifconfig05:05
techieifconfig will give you the information for your computer05:06
techiegetmyip will give you the information of your internet connection05:06
ryguyalright so I just throw the information from ifconfig into /etc/network/interfaces?05:07
techieyes but it has to be in the correct layout05:07
ryguyright, how do i find my gateway?05:07
techiethat will be the ip of your router05:08
ryguyMask from ifconfig outputs does that sound correct?05:08
ryguyor should it look more like my ip?05:08
ryguyno wait, it says
techieonce your done please pastebin me your /etc/network/interfaces05:10
techiei dont think the auto lo eth0 line is needed but im not 100% sure05:12
ryguywell im using this guide here05:13
techielooks alright05:13
ryguyalright, thanks!05:13
visitor1do you know a picture viewer which saves the zoom techie ?05:19
visitor1i have comics in jpeg but at every new picture i have to zoom agin05:20
visitor1i hope the xnview can manage this05:20
techienope i dont05:22
visitor1i have tried more than three picture viewer but none can do this05:22
visitor1how does it look techie ?05:43
techieit looks as if theres a bash script to configure it all05:44
techieextract it and run the file xnview.sh05:44
techieand with some luck it will all just work05:45
visitor1ok, thanksw, will try it05:45
visitor1it works, and i can save the zoom, excellent, thanks a lot techie05:52
techieno problem05:52
visitor1where are the programm files where i should copy the xnview directory?05:53
visitor1dont know about the directory structure of linux05:55
techieno clue05:55
visitor1i have copied the xnview files to a temp directory05:56
techiedoes xnview.sh launch the viewer or install it?05:56
visitor1it launches the viewer05:56
techieput it into a directory of your choosing05:56
techieand make a symbolic link in /usr/local/sbin/05:57
techiethat way you can just launch it from anywhere05:57
visitor1ok but where are usually put the programm files in xubuntu?05:58
techieumm, put it into /etc/05:58
techieso /etc/xnview/05:58
visitor1ok thanks a lot05:59
visitor1hmm i managed to copy it to /etc and i made a starter icon on th desktop, but i wont start, it wants to open xnview.sh with the text editor, how do i change it to an .exe?06:19
techieln -s /path/to/xnview.sh /usr/local/sbin/xnview06:21
techiedone that?06:23
techieonce you have done that you can launch it by typing xnview into terminal or into the launcher (ALT + F2)06:24
visitor1now i have done it, but xnview is in /etc?06:24
techieyeah so the command would have been something along the lines of06:25
techieln -s /etc/xnview/xnview.sh /usr/local/sbin/xnview06:26
visitor1ok i am stupid06:26
techie*no comment*06:27
visitor1how do i delete the wrong link, ln -s /path/to/xnview.sh /usr/local/sbin/xnview06:28
techiesudo rm /usr/local/sbin/xnview06:28
visitor1sudo ln -s /etc/XnViewMP/xnview.sh /usr/local/sbin/xnview06:33
visitor1/usr/local/sbin/xnview: 4: ./xnview: not found06:33
* techie title his head sideways06:34
visitor1hmm its working when iam in /etc/XnViewMP/xnview.sh06:35
xyloxvisitor1, have you tried downloading the rpm file form xnview website and creating .deb with "alien"06:35
visitor1but in another directory i get this error, /usr/local/sbin/xnview: 4: ./xnview: not found06:35
techieare you running it with ./xnview or just xnview06:35
visitor1just xnview06:35
techieanyway im gonna go afk06:37
visitor1ok ,thanks anyway06:38
visitor1will try to solve this mystery06:38
_Space_Case_i just installed xubuntu on my old 600 mhz computer from the alternate cd when i first booted, im not exactly sure what to call-em but the bar across the top, aplacation places and user swicher applet is not there after i updated how do i get it back?13:22
knomealt+f2 -> xfce4-panel13:23
basajaunneed help with dvd drive13:29
basajaunhi all13:31
basajaunubuntu 9.0413:31
basajaunhi all running xubuntu  9.0413:33
basajaunhave problem with a dvd drive13:33
_Space_Case_whats the problem?13:34
_Space_Case_what is the better flash player? from the universe?13:43
basajaunhi _Space_Case_  one of my cd drives has stopped showing media (DVD) still responds to command like eject, trying to find out a method to correct problem13:45
basajauncan somebody help me troubleshoot dvd drive problem?13:47
Zalhow does this work?14:26
SiDiIt works by waiting for someone to answer before one disconnects >_>14:32
basajaunneed help with cd drive sr0 no file show in menu http://pastebin.com/f5f04f07214:33
basajaunneed help with dvd drive14:53
basajaunneed help with dvd drive see end of pasted http://pastebin.com/f241b1c5f15:09
MrNazwell that's funny... netstat -putan   show just    -     under the process name that is listening on a port... what does that mean and how do i free the port up ?15:11
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joe-schmoeknome: ping17:07
knomejoe-schmoe, pong?17:07
joe-schmoeok it worked :)17:07
joe-schmoej1mc here17:07
knomeoh hehe17:07
qwebirc72791knome: j1mc here17:08
qwebirc12776knome here17:08
qwebirc72791i think this works well17:08
qwebirc6580where did you find that randomnick command ? :D17:11
knomeout of my head17:11
* qwebirc6580 giggles17:11
knome(click the button on top left)17:12
knomeand "add webchat to your site"17:12
knomeand follow the wizard :)17:12
metalboy94hi everyone.18:52
metalboy94im a linux newb and want to install xubuntu to my Lifebook C1020 so i have a question. i already have Windows XP installed on that notebook. is there a partitioning tool on the xubuntu LiveCD that could help me install it without losing Windows XP and all the data on the hard-drive?18:54
Balsaqit takes me 3min and 30 sec to to go from off to the internet including putting in my name and password...is that slow?19:37
Balsaqand does sdding ram change that or is it a processor issue?19:37
Balsaqadding* i meant to say19:38
ccc1how would I, from the commandline, change a user so that they can administer the system. I cannot login graphically to any of my admin accounts, only my user accounts are working19:54
nuvancan someone msg me the default grouplist for the first user on an xubuntu system?  I accidentally removed myself from all but the fuse group...21:26
MadsRHknome -> I send you an email via Launchpad with a link to http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175241/boot/x_throbber.tar.gz23:50

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