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SiDimac_v: why would papercuts not be applicable for UNR / Xubuntu ? :)12:28
SiDi(especially for UNR actually... its kind of official, isnt it ?)12:28
mac_vSiDi: thats what i was told... only Ubunutu and Kubuntu... sadly not other derivatives12:29
mac_veven if they are official12:29
mac_vSiDi: and only the desktop editions of both > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaperCut12:30
ScottKI think it would be really smart if for the Lucid development cycle Paper Cuts would get defined as for Ubuntu the project, not Ubuntu the desktop.14:44
SiDiDanRabbit: hi there17:19
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DanRabbitSiDi: hi :D17:37
DanRabbit1jonian: I'm going insane21:45
DanRabbit1I need your help21:46

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