CameronPHi guys - is vila around?01:17
lifelessCameronP: not for 5 or 6 hours01:36
CameronPlifeless: Thanks..01:36
CameronPDoes anyone know how to "uninstall" bzr  - I think my installing from source has broken on x64 centos01:50
CameronPpython setup.py xxxx? etc?01:50
CameronPI just deleted the bzrlib dir from lib64 and this seemed to do the trick01:54
CameronPhowever the install doesnt seem to work for x64 on centos01:54
lifelessCameronP: can you file a bug please?01:57
lifelessCameronP: uninstalling - setup.py doesn't offer uninstall ><>01:57
lifelessCameronP: you might like to use the rpm spec file and build a package rather than installing directly.01:57
CameronPyeah ill just run from source01:57
CameronPit should be ok01:57
lifelesssetup.py build_ext -i01:58
lifelesswill build the extensions for you for that01:58
lifelesswe'd like a bug though, if install isn't working, so we can document/fix it01:58
CameronPyeah sure will file it01:59
ub3rst4rhi, i am trying to merge the 1.4 source code with the 1.3.4 source code but when i go to merge it says "nothing to do" and then when i try to push it says "ERROR: These branches have diverged.  Try using "merge" and then "push"." what do i do?02:09
james_wub3rst4r: hi, are you just running "bzr merge"?02:09
james_wit is probably merging from a different branch than you are pushing to02:10
james_w"bzr merge :push" will merge from the branch that it tries to push to02:12
ub3rst4r31 conflicts encountered. what does that mean?02:15
james_wub3rst4r: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/current/en/user-guide/index.html#merging-changes02:18
ub3rst4rnow theres two different branches02:30
CameronPdo any of you guys use the upload plugin?02:43
CameronPdoes anyone know how to change the text editor in bazaar explorer?03:17
ub3rst4rwhy cant i get this branch to merge03:31
CameronPhaving probs eh03:31
CameronPme 303:31
ub3rst4ri think i got it now03:37
CameronPUsing bazaar explorer for version 2.0 on windows vista seems to break - cant ssl in at at all :(03:45
CameronPall working fine, jsut user error04:09
meoblast001i was just looking through some of my commits05:22
meoblast001is it typical for someone to have their bazaar "email" field set to their real emal?05:23
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Peng_meoblast001: What else would you use?05:27
meoblast001i just noticed my commits said "meoblast@aol.com" and thought "was it always that way?"05:28
meoblast001figured out it was05:28
meoblast001so i thought i'd inquire if that was the norm05:28
CameronPJust started with bazaar explorer, and wondering if someone can explain something to me - Up until now I've been using the centralised  model05:40
CameronPwith checkouts and commits05:40
CameronPto the server repository05:41
CameronPin bazaar explorer, when i try and do an update, first05:41
CameronPit seems to only do a local update, and doesnt pull it down from the server05:41
CameronPdoes that make sense?05:41
Peng_CameronP: If you're not using a checkout, that's what "update" does.05:45
Peng_(Well, technically update is doing the same thing it always does: Updating the working tree to the tip of the branch; in this case, the branch is local, though.)05:45
CameronPok so Im getting stuck where another developer commits a change05:46
CameronPit tells me i have to update first before commiting changes05:46
CameronPbut the  update, just says nothing to do (as its just doing it locally i think)05:46
CameronPif i go to command line and do a bzr update from my working directory, then it works ok and connects to the server and pulls their changes and merges them and then i commit05:48
CameronPi Just dont understand why that doesnt work through the gui05:48
fullermdIt might be that Explorer isn't doing quite what it should in that case.06:15
fullermdigc might know better06:15
CameronPthanks... guess I'll just wait and see what the go is -has been confusing me  all day ;)06:16
fullermdigc: ^^  Explorer not properly update'ing a checkout?06:16
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KeybukI'm having an enormous amount of errors with bzr 2.006:55
Keybukbranches that pass "reconcile" with previous version are now raising Exceptions when using 2.006:56
Peng_Keybuk: Pasteebin your exceptions.07:02
Keybukjust filed bug 44110507:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441105 in bzr "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.KeyError: ('command.h-20061011134501-p0varet42063vbuy-1', 'scott@netsplit.com-20070106211437-hfvbhva2w9qextyd')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44110507:03
Peng_Oh. That works too.07:05
Keybukalso bug 44112007:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441120 in bzr "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.KeyError: ('test_job.c-20060802025841-69d13b49cc35d5ec', 'scott@netsplit.com-20090709110153-7dcfrdmjwojak3ud')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44112007:41
Keybukand bug 44112507:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441125 in bzr "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.KeyError: ('makefile.am-20080508221105-rbs9wugi1qq76gcs-2', 'scott@netsplit.com-20090702173125-4nayj8jp8h4f8jnq')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44112507:56
dirvingI'm trying to move a project from bzr into a subversion repository, keeping the revision history.  I've tried a few things with bzr-svn but I'm not having any luck -- does anyone have any pointers?08:05
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ronnyjelmer: say, did git/dulwich have something to push via http? (or should abuse something like a light pack + http push requests for the time being)18:22
visik7is it safe to upgrade to 2.0.0 ?18:33
visik7plugins will be broken  ?18:33
SamB_XPvisik7: some might18:38
SamB_XPvisik7: but most of them have been updated18:38
visik7bzr webdav doesn't work18:38
SamB_XPdoes it simply fail to load?18:39
visik7yes with this error: not installing http[s]+webdav:// support (only supported for bzr 1.12 and above)18:41
SamB_XPthat would be an obvious bug in the plugin18:42
visik7probably due to this if :    if major < 1 or minor < 12:18:42
SamB_XPare you running from a bzr checkout, or an OS package?18:42
SamB_XP(and is this bug reported?)18:43
visik7SamB_XP: checkout and no it doesn't seem to be reported18:44
SamB_XPwell, I would (a) fix that line (b) push it to a launchpad branch and (c) request a merge18:44
SamB_XPmaybe also (d) report the bug18:45
visik7now how can I create a branch on lp ?18:48
visik7and request a merge ?18:48
SamB_XPvisik7: do you have an account on lp yet?18:48
SamB_XPdid you upload your SSH key?18:48
SamB_XPdid you do a "bzr lp-login"?18:49
visik7no it says I haven't configured an user18:51
SamB_XPbzr lp-login my-lp-username18:52
visik7ok done18:59
SamB_XPvisik7: okay, I assume you committed the fix to the plugin and are in the working directory?19:00
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SamB_XPwell, bzr push lp:~my-lp-username/bzr-webdav/version-checking-fix19:01
SamB_XPassuming bzr-webdav is the right name for the launchpad project for the plugin19:01
visik7yes is the right name of the plugin of the original developer19:02
visik7but I renamed it19:02
visik7(the directory)19:02
SamB_XPyes, of course19:02
visik7it says that bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~visik7/bzr-webdav/version-checking-fix": No such project: bzr-webdav19:02
visik7do I need to create it from my panel ?19:02
SamB_XPoh, apparantly the project is called bzr.webdav for some unknown reason ???19:03
SamB_XPso try that again with a "bzr.webdav" instead of "bzr-webdav"19:04
SamB_XPman, this new launchpad theme is way too white19:04
SamB_XPit needs some panels of some kind ...19:04
visik7it's committing19:04
SamB_XPhopefully it won't take too long19:04
SamB_XPoh, wait, ... did you try just doing a "pull"?19:05
visik7there was no updates19:06
SamB_XPwhere did you have it checked out from ?19:06
visik7Created new brench19:06
visik7I check if there was any update a few minutes ago19:06
visik7ok I pushed and everything is ok seams19:07
visik7how to request for a merge ?19:07
visik7thanks for your support19:08
SamB_XPthe thing is, there was an attempt to fix the check for bzr 2.0 back in august ...19:09
SamB_XPand yeah, it looks like that fix should have worked19:09
SamB_XPso, I would try "bzr pull --overwrite lp:bzr.webdav"19:10
SamB_XPand if that also works fine, I would go to your merge request and apologize for wasting time ;-)19:11
SamB_XPthough of course at least now you learned what to do if you ever find a bug you could easily fix in another plugin19:11
visik7yes infact19:11
visik7anyway how can I discard the merge request ?19:12
SamB_XPI'm not sure if you can ;-)19:12
SamB_XPsomeone else may tell you soon19:12
visik7ok np19:12
visik7going out now thank you again now I'll use launchpad instead of github to do stuff like this19:12
jelmerSamB_XP: no, there's no push over http stuff19:12
visik7I have removed the branch19:15
SamB_XPjelmer: say what?19:19
SamB_XPI didn't mention push-over-http did I?19:19
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