z0manit was my DBUS setting for Konqourer's Kate application00:06
fusion44hi, i have some big problems with the latest kubuntu beta, is this the right channel for this kind of questions? :)00:21
apolwhat is it better? to install jaunty+4.3's ppa or karmic directly?00:24
JontheEchidnakarmic is a bit wonky lately. I might wait until the final release for it00:27
JontheEchidnain the meantime the ppa should give a nice preview00:27
apolwill it be painful to upgrade?00:28
JontheEchidnajaunty -> 4.3 ppa has been tested a lot so you shouldn't encounter errors00:28
JontheEchidnathere are just a few components in karmic that have become broken as of late. KPackageKit for example doesn't work00:29
apolgh -.-00:29
apolwell thanks ^^00:29
JontheEchidnayup, sure thing00:30
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DTsandoes anyone here use LogMeIn.com?01:54
DTsandoes anyone here use LogMeIn.com?02:31
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rosco_yDoes anyone know of a machine virtualization software that supports 64 bit virtual machines?02:49
DTsanvmware does02:50
DTsan!vmware rosco_y02:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vmware rosco_y02:50
DTsanhmm..wrong syntax02:50
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware02:50
rosco_yDTsan: is vmware fairly easy to use?02:50
rosco_yThank you, I'll give it a trial :)02:50
yaronI could use help setting up my wifi02:58
DTsanusing 8.04 or 9.04?02:59
yaron7.10 I believe.03:00
DTsanwhat wireless card are you using?03:00
yaronits an old d-link.  Give me a min to find the model03:01
DTsanpci, usb or pcmcia?03:01
DTsanso internal card in desktop?03:02
DTsanme thinks for a bit03:02
* DTsan thinks for a bit03:02
DTsangot the model number?03:03
yaronstill trying to find it online03:03
yaronis there a way to do it from the command line?03:04
DTsanto find the model? not that know of, easy way it to look at the card03:05
yaronmy best guess is D-Link DWL-G52003:08
DTsani know what you have to do, just don't remember where it is, on sec03:09
DTsanok, since i can't find how do use the lunix drivers, you can do this https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/internet/C/ndiswrapper.html03:12
DTsanallows you to use the windows drivers. worked great for me when i was on 7.10.03:13
DTsantho 8.04 recognized my card automatically on install03:13
yaronok I will give it a try.  Though I may just uprgrade, probably would be easier03:13
DTsani would ubgrade first03:14
yaronis there an easy way to upgrade without losing anything?  Do I just download the cd burn it and follow the instructions?  Is there a better way?03:17
DTsanyou can used Adept to upgrade03:17
DTsani'm pretty sure you don't loose anything that way03:18
donnybrascohey, all of a sudden I can't mount my external hd for some reason -  it says permission denied03:18
yaronjust upgrade everything that is on the list and I should be on the latest release version?03:19
DTsanno, it will tell you after the update that an upgrade is avaliabl03:19
donnybrascoanyone know why this might be happening?03:19
DTsanthen you tell it to upgrade03:19
DTsandonnybrasco: using kde3 or kde4?03:20
donnybrascoI'm on hardy03:20
DTsanhave it pluged in now?03:20
DTsangot to System Settings > Advanced > Disk and file systems03:20
donnybrascoit's disabled03:21
bob_hi, got a question using Kpackage kit :i keep getting You do not have the necessary privileges to perform this action.on 9.1003:21
donnybrascowhy would this happen?03:21
DTsanopen up admin mode03:22
DTsanclick on the drive, then click modify03:22
donnybrascoyeah - it's enabled now03:22
donnybrascodo you know why this would have happened?03:22
DTsanmaybe, do you have "enable at start up" selected?03:23
DTsanok, that are your mount permissions?03:24
donnybrascohey - sorry, had to deal with something03:29
donnybrascoroot permissions were set, but I changed to any user03:29
DTsanthat should fix it03:29
DTsanalso: do you dual boot with windows?03:30
donnybrascono, I don't03:31
DTsanok, cause that can cause it too03:32
donnybrascothanks alot for all your help03:33
naught101should the battery monitor tell me how long my battery has left?03:35
naught101at the moment, it only tells me how much charge it has03:36
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albertanybody tried Kubuntu KarmikKoala already?03:36
naught101albert: yep03:36
DTsannaught101:  which version are you using?03:37
albertcool. how did it performs03:37
albertno, i just downloaded the beta03:37
albertand was wondering how stable it is03:37
naught101DTsan: karmic, plasma widget03:37
alberti guess it is not03:37
naught101albert: more stable than jaunty, for me :)03:37
DTsanahh, i dunno. still on 8.04 on this comp03:37
albertreally. well, thats encouraging03:38
DTsancan't use KDE4 cause it don't work with my gfx card03:38
DTsanand i don't have time to screw with it03:38
naught101ok, fair enough03:38
alberttoo bad, it is really pretty03:38
DTsani had it on my new laptop, and had nothing but proplems03:38
naught101I disagree, I like kde3.x visuals much more03:38
albertok. i guess im going to try it later03:38
DTsanme too03:38
alberthumm.. i lik 4. better03:39
albertjust a matter of tastes i guess03:39
DTsanuses too much resources just to exist03:39
albertyeah that may be03:39
DTsanthe OS should not be taking up that much resources03:39
DTsansame reason i haet vista03:39
albertwell, i dont think it takes that much :)03:40
alberti just can not work outside Linux so i can not compare03:40
DTsantake more than i think it should :P03:40
alberti havent use a windows since...  199203:40
DTsanheh, i have to for work03:41
albertok thanks03:41
albertright, the opposite for me03:41
albertcant work without linux03:41
albertok. lets see, im gonna reboot with this 9.1003:42
albertlater and thanks03:42
DTsanhave fun03:42
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:14
Mist_How do I get any file I create under a certain directory to get group write access? Not just only owner group/write access that is.04:26
Mist_As it is now, when I create a file in a directory it will set permissions 755 on directory/file, How can I make it so it set 770 for instance?04:28
Mist_Is everyone sleeping? =/04:28
snarkster1have an issue with knetworkmanager it doesnt connect,04:29
snarkster1i apparantly upgraded to the latest kde and now it wont connect wirelessly04:29
snarkster1any fixes?04:29
snarkster1i have to have this machine back on wifi before monday as i use it at school04:30
snarkster1so no fixes04:33
donnybrascohey, anyone know how I can set an application to autostart on bootup?04:35
Shadzhey all, quick question?04:35
Shadzdoes Vista's NTFS 3.1 cause problems in Kubuntu 8.04 ?04:35
Shadzand does 9.04 fix it?04:35
donnybrascorunning hardy04:35
ShadzI can't seem to mount a Vista NTFS partition in 8.0404:36
snarkster1are you using ntfs-4g04:37
snarkster13g i mean04:37
snarkster1did you try to force mount it04:38
Shadzit gave me some input/output error04:38
snarkster1what does it tell you04:38
Shadztold me to run chkdsk...04:38
snarkster1maybe corrupt fs?04:39
Shadzand asked me whether or not it was using a RAID04:39
ShadzVista boots the drive ok04:39
snarkster1is it encrypted?04:39
snarkster1you sure?04:39
snarkster1thats one of the things we nix peeps cant do yet04:40
Shadznah, i doubt its encrypted; Vista doesn't encrypt by default04:40
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snarkster1kde 4.3.1 knetworkmanager not working.. any known fixes?04:42
snarkster1it just wont connect via wifi04:43
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dan__i have a problem with apps04:50
snarkster1what apps04:50
dan__specifically pidgin04:51
snarkster1there are alot of apps04:51
snarkster1what about pidgin?04:51
dan__it exits randomly on it's own04:51
snarkster1what version do you have?04:51
dan__and i have other problems but this one annoys me the most04:52
snarkster1ok there is a new version, please goto pidgin.im and click download it should automatically detect that you have ubuntu and explain the process of getting the newest 2.6.1 version04:52
dan__k, ill update04:52
snarkster1make sure you use sudo on the second entry04:53
XDevHaldHow do I remove the red line in Quassel IRC?04:55
XDevHaldAnd the time stamps04:55
snarkster1i dont know i dont use quassel04:56
snarkster1i use pidgin04:57
XDevHalddo they have xchat for Kubuntu?04:57
snarkster1im sure you can run xchat04:59
XDevHaldExcellent. Thank you04:59
snarkster1ok good night05:00
dan__i have another problem where my screenlets just disappear after restarting or relogging05:04
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dan__any fixes?05:05
dan__is anyone here?05:08
dan__are there fixes for disappearing screenlets after logging?05:13
Gamarok__hey guys05:50
TechN9nehi i am right now SSH files froms from ipod to Kubuntu and want to know where the progress bar is, i see it for 2-3secs than goes and pretty sure its still transferring?06:15
lizzzyAnyone know why amarok won't play my music right? It was before but now it isn't06:16
lizzzyIs the amarok-kubuntu-pulseaudio bug been fixed?06:17
lizzzy.join #lau06:20
Shalimhi all06:23
TechN9nehi i am right now SSH files froms from ipod to Kubuntu and want to know where the progress bar is, i see it for 2-3secs than goes and pretty sure its still transferring?06:26
edward_Just installed Kubuntu 9.04 and can't get themes working, anyone got a fix?07:07
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mphasisJust installed Kubuntu 9.04 and I can't get themes working, anyone got a fix?07:16
=== diego is now known as Guest35523
njathanis there an official graphical FTP client that i can use with KDE?07:24
mphasisJust installed Kubuntu 9.04 and can't get themes going, anyone got a fix?07:26
howitzer`njathan: Dolphin does it quite well, also Konquerer. Most FTP-only programs I've seen for KDE are mostly outdated.. like KFTPgrabber.07:27
njathanhowitzer`: well i am currently using gftp, which is quite decent. But i am looking for a  feature where i can "pause" a transfer. I presume dolphin being primarily a file manager, is going to be basic (i'll try it anyway). Any other ftp client that would give me a feature of pausing a transfer?07:30
mphasisWe've used that at LANs and it's been pretty good07:32
=== Quintasan1 is now known as Quintasan
mphasislol, I would've given a nicer link, but I'm still getting used to Vimperator07:33
howitzer`njathan: Not sure which ones will allow that.. there's also FireFTP as an addon to Firefox, if you use that.07:35
mphasisDo you guys have any idea why my themes are only applying to my task pane and not my windows?07:36
mphasisIf I right click on the desktop, I only get the task pane changed to the new theme, and I can't get anywhere with the desktop theme details in systems settings as apply is greyed out07:37
mphasisOk, I'm just going to try using compiz instead ok Kwin, and we'll see how it goes07:39
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leanhackIS SOMEONE THERE08:44
N0LLYhello :D08:45
N0LLYhi leanhack08:45
leanhackWHAT IS ALL ABAUT08:45
N0LLYwhat? here?08:45
leanhackTO KNOW PEOPLE¿?08:45
N0LLYno I don`t think so08:45
leanhackTO WORK?08:46
N0LLYit`s if you have a problem, you just report it08:46
leanhackI DON KNOW HOW08:46
leanhackIAM NEWIE08:46
N0LLYno, if you`re having problems with your os, you just tell here...08:46
leanhackI UNDERSTAN08:47
leanhackTHANK YOU08:47
FloodBotK1leanhack: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:47
N0LLYok leanhack no problem... if you want to chat08:49
N0LLYchat in #kubuntu-offtopic08:49
leanhackI WILL SERCH IT08:50
w12345I formatted my new hd drive, but don't know how to access it in KDE09:28
N0LLYw12345: hello09:32
w12345hi N0LLY09:33
N0LLYyou mean you don`t know how to mount?09:33
w12345N0LLY: I know how to mount it in the console.09:33
w12345but I want to avoid the terminal in KDE09:33
w12345I want to make it some me can access it without using sudo09:34
N0LLYok, so you wish to mount in kde without using terminal?09:34
N0LLYwell i mount hard-drives this way in kubuntu09:34
N0LLYI go to the desktop folder right>09:35
N0LLYright click09:35
N0LLYfolder view settings09:35
N0LLYthen choose specify a folder09:35
N0LLYand a window opens09:35
batCiao a tutti09:35
N0LLYI select the hard-drive, enter the password, and MOUNTED !09:36
batCome facci ad aprire pacchetti synaptic?09:36
N0LLY<bat> better in english09:36
stuart_I have no sound in Karmic. Help!09:42
N0LLYKarmic support in #ubuntu+1 only...09:44
DarkriftXwtf are blocked updates and how do I unblock em?09:44
stuart_thanks Nolly09:44
N0LLYdarkrift, are the blocked updates linux kernels?09:45
DarkriftXno, kdiamond-kde4 and plasma-widget-network-manager09:45
DarkriftXi seem to always have somethign different int here09:45
DarkriftXin there*09:45
N0LLYwhat if you try this09:47
N0LLYsudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:47
DarkriftXI just did that a few days ago09:47
DarkriftXits been happening every since09:47
DarkriftXwont another one take me to 9.10?09:47
N0LLYand this?09:47
N0LLYsudo aptitude update09:47
N0LLYsudo aptitude full-upgrade09:47
leanhackexcusemy is my friend nolly over there09:47
N0LLYdid it work?09:48
leanhacklet go to other room09:48
w12345can I resice widgets ?09:48
N0LLYsearch that in google....09:48
N0LLYlike this09:48
N0LLYresize widgets kubuntu09:49
leanhackyes its works09:49
N0LLYso wifi working now?09:49
w12345would be nice if the dophin window looks like the Desktop Folder widget09:49
N0LLYyeah :D09:50
leanhacknot yet09:50
leanhackbut my wifi card identificate the red09:50
N0LLYok did youy try it?09:50
leanhackmodem i mean09:50
N0LLYoh ok,09:50
N0LLYand is modem password protected?09:51
leanhacki have to configurate some thing and i will navigate by wi fi09:51
N0LLYso install this ok?09:51
leanhackpassword protected09:51
N0LLYgive me a second...09:51
N0LLYsudo apt-get install wpasupplicant09:52
leanhackthenks a lot09:52
N0LLYso wifi card working, but not connected to modem?09:52
N0LLYok great, that should fix the problem ;)09:53
N0LLYif it doesn`t work immediately, try a restart ;)09:53
N0LLYi think it should work though09:54
leanhacki dont know how can i thenk you really09:54
N0LLYdid it work?09:54
leanhackwaith my a minute09:54
N0LLYdarkrift is that ok?09:54
leanhackdarkrift? i dont know what is it09:56
N0LLYno no, that is a user09:56
leanhackexcuse m09:56
leanhackill restarter09:56
leanhacksee you09:57
N0LLYok however i will not be here09:57
N0LLYwill you send me an e-mail09:57
N0LLYand tell me if it worked cause o have to go09:57
N0LLYok cya all09:57
leanhackill write to you09:57
N0LLYyes I`ll appreciate09:58
leanhackthenks a lot my friendly nolly09:58
N0LLYok no problem mate, just write me how it went....09:59
leanhacki will09:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about remix10:38
w12345is it possible to have launchers on the desktop?10:58
gigasoftkubuntu vs ubuntu ?11:03
James147gigasoft: kubuntu comes with kde, ubuntu comes with gnome, try them both and decide which de you like11:03
James147w12345: application launchers? yes11:04
hanshenrikgigasoft: there's also rumoured that gnome uses more system resources, and Kubuntu is more fit for old computers :p11:21
James147hanshenrik: I wouldn't pay too much attention to rumours as I have also hear the exact opposite11:23
baron86i want to update to the latest KDE.. does anyone know which repositories to use and how to update?11:24
James147baron86: link to howto upgrade to kde4.3.1 is in the topic11:25
James147baron86: for jaunty atleast :)11:26
hanshenriknot running Kubuntu atm but doesn't the update-manager fix that?11:26
ercanwill amarok 2.2 be backported to jaunty?11:26
hanshenrikapt-get update & apt-get upgrade          i'd think (sudo -i if access problems)11:26
James147ercan: I dont see why it wont be11:27
baron86i got the 4.3.1 .. however i dont have osme features that both kde 4.3.1 in gentoo and fedora have so i suppose i have sth like 4.3.1a and want to do some update.. if you get what i mean11:27
James147hanshenrik: rather tehn sudo -i you should do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade11:28
ercanjames147: yeah, just it's usually done really quickly and haven't seen it yet.11:28
James147ercan: its only been a few days, give them a week or so11:28
James147ercan: I have seen a small delay before with amarok 2.1 I think11:28
ercanjames147: yeah, fair enough.11:28
hanshenrikJames147: wups, yeah xD11:29
James147ercan: they are also working hard on karmic :) and only have a month to finish that so they are very bussy atm11:29
James147baron86: what features are you missing?11:30
ikoniahanshenrik: ?11:30
hanshenrikwups, sorry (cat ran over the keyboard :p)11:31
baron86for example I can only have color, picture or slideshow in the desktop11:31
ikoniano problem11:31
James147hanshenrik: lol11:31
baron86wherease in the kde  4.3.1 i have the solar system and the virus and some more!11:31
James147baron86: hmm, im running jaunty with 4.3.1 and have other others :S11:31
baron86more over the plasma logo is in 2 areas and dont have the Plasma Settings when i click on it11:32
baron86So what am i missing?11:32
baron86I got the karma koala.. 9.1011:32
James147baron86: your on karmic?11:33
baron86yeah but i dont think that affects kde11:33
James147baron86: hmm, my karmics missing them.11:33
baron86so what should i do?11:34
James147baron86: it can, kubuntu take the kde paskages and can change them slightly11:34
James147baron86: for one you could try asking in #ubuntu+1 (its for karmic related issues)11:34
hanshenriki think ill leave11:34
baron86i alreqady asked but no response..11:35
marcowill there be backports fo kde 4.3.2 to jaunty ?11:35
marcothe ppa used for 4.3.2 seems not to have any11:35
baron86Does anyone know if the bug for an extra virtual desktop still exist in 4.3.1 ?11:35
marcousually the devs are rocking fast with backports11:36
baron86when you have one activity per virtual desktop11:36
James147marco: kde 4.3.2 isent out yet11:36
marcoyou're right I must have mixed up some the announcements11:39
* aboaboit says hello11:55
aboaboitgot a problem with KDM not starting the session, after the last round of updates11:55
aboaboiti had a look at the bugs list but found no smoking gun11:56
aboaboitanyone willing to assist me in debugging the issue?11:56
James147aboaboit: is it installed?11:57
aboaboitJames147: kdm, yes... it is able to start the failsafe session, just not kde11:57
aboaboitJames147: i also tried renaming .kde/ and start with a clean profile but no go12:00
James147aboaboit: is kwin installed?12:01
aboaboitJames147: yes, i can start it from xterm and the window decoration changes accordingly12:02
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James147aboaboit: you could try creating a new user and see if it works for them12:05
aboaboitJames147: going to try... i skipped that since i thought i could simulate that by cleaning the profile... hold on12:05
aboaboitJames147: no go even with a new user... xsession-error has something about a kconf_update error12:08
James147aboaboit: sorry, not sure whats wrong :s12:11
aboaboitJames147: me neither, thanks for trying, anyway12:11
=== njathan_ is now known as lkjdsa
aboaboit James147: found the problem: kde-workspace was hosed...12:36
DexterFwill kub 9.10 have a kde3 remix?12:36
=== david is now known as Guest29357
=== Guest29357 is now known as david_
aboaboitDexterF: not sure why you'd want that, but yes...https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty12:51
Dragnslcraboaboit- that's for 9.04, not 9.1012:52
agaptoncd work on  kubuntu???????????????????????????12:53
agaptoncd work on  kubuntu???????????????????????????12:55
slipi_how can i get the version of my kernel in kubuntu 9.04 ?12:55
aboaboitDexterF: read carefully, at Long Term Support12:56
ag(12:53:12) ag: aptoncd work on  kubuntu???????????????????????????13:00
Dragnslcrslipi_- from Konsole, uname -a13:01
slipi_dragnslcr - thanks that worked , i have a 2.6.28-11-generic13:03
ag(12:53:12) ag: aptoncd work on  kubuntu???????????????????????????13:04
DexterFaboaboit: why I want it: I've ssen KDE4, I think 4.3 still isn't too mature and it lacks certain functions I want plus to me the interface has featuritis and is overpacked with optical knickknack13:04
DexterFbut thnaks for the info13:05
slipi_so i asume that kubuntu 9.04 exist in different versions of the kernel . if i have now this kernel , will it update automatically ? i ask cause i have a problem with wireless and woud need a complicated workaround  , that must be done after every upgrade of the kernel new13:05
aboaboitDexterF: can't speak for the features you miss, but the bells and whistles can be disabled or reduced. anyhow, looks like you'll have it13:06
Dragnslcrslipi_- a patched version of the kernel is released when there's a critical bug or security issue. The most recent kernel for 9.04 is 2.6.28-1513:08
slipi_ah , ok and does that happen automatically or can i keep my kernel if i dont want to upgrade , so that i dont need to do the workaround again and again13:10
DragnslcrIt should come as a normal package update13:13
DragnslcrThough sometimes KPackageKit won't let you upgrade the kernel because it doesn't handle the new kernel package correctly13:13
slipi_ok , i am new since 3 days but as far as i know that means that if i dont install it , it will not install automatically like windows updates13:14
slipi_thats fine , cause so i can try the workaround and if it "works" then i keep the kernel like it is for a time13:15
DragnslcrIt might install automatically. I can't remember if Ubuntu installs security updates automatically by default13:15
DragnslcrBut within a version of Kubuntu, like 9.04, you'll only get minor patches to the kernel. You won't get a new full version of the kernel unless you upgrade Kubuntu to a new version13:17
DragnslcrSo you'll only get patches to kernel 2.6.28. I think Kubuntu 9.10 will use kernel 2.6.3113:18
slipi_yes , but you said the newest version is 2.5.28-15 and i have 2.6.28-11 so that means it has not upgraded automatically13:19
slipi_i am a bit unsure if i shall try the workaround , cause i had to reformat already one time after i changed from wifi to wicd , then nothing worked anymore in wireless13:20
DragnslcrI don't use wireless at all, so I can't really help you there13:21
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Freyrcan i convert audio cd to mp3(192kbps-256kpbs) using k3b ?14:10
Gamarok__hey guys14:29
njathanhow do i use Dolphin for ftp?14:29
njathanit does not seem to accept ftp://14:29
chicco_Ehy Waht's up14:38
chicco_Ehy Yo14:39
chicco_chicco in the house14:39
chicco_Ehy Waht's up14:40
chicco_Ehy Waht's up14:40
chicco_Ehy Waht's up14:40
FloodBotK2chicco_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:40
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snewone stupid question: how to write in console s.th. with space between?15:04
snewfor example "test 1"15:04
LjLsnew: either put the whole thing between "quotation marks", or use \ before the space15:04
snewthanks to LjL15:05
Guest75545hoy deadlock15:17
Guest75545soy ana15:17
Guest75545me recuerda alguien?15:17
deadlockenglish ?15:17
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.15:18
Guest75545k dices?15:18
=== praamstra is now known as dreamwalkR
=== david is now known as Guest1991
Guest1991anyone out there?15:26
dreamwalkRanybody knows what the undernet server is?15:27
Guest1991i have a series of idiotic questions if anyone is willing to hear them15:27
ivangarciahi, i need some help to find where can I disable postgresql to run automatically15:35
ivangarciai cannot find it in kubuntu settings15:35
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Guest15359anyone listening?15:36
Guest15359thank god15:36
ivangarciai just arrived too15:36
Guest15359i don't suppose you could help me with a usb issue?15:37
ivangarciau try15:38
Guest15359u try?15:38
ivangarciau can try15:39
Guest15359i was screwing around with creating a partition on a sandisk cruzer, and a some stuf happened involving the stick being yanked in the middle of fdisk15:39
Guest15359now it doesn't mount but i get a clear indication that the hardware is recognized15:40
Guest15359mount: can't find /dev/sdb in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab15:40
Guest15359thats what i get when i try to mount manually15:40
ivangarciado u have the program gparted?15:41
ivangarciatry to install it and open it with ' sudo gparted'15:41
Guest15359won't fdisk do the same thing?15:41
ivangarciai'm not expert of fdisk, gparted is graphical15:41
ivangarciais easier15:42
Guest15359are we doing this just to see if gparted can see the drive?15:42
Guest15359because fdisk will go so far as to format it15:42
Guest15359but no mount15:42
ivangarciagparted can try to mount it too15:45
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lizzzyOk, so a noob here.. Have a couple of questions to ask. What are the packages that I can safely remove from kubuntu. The last time I uninstalled kubuntu, it mysteriously uninstalled a couple of other items that led a lot pf problems.16:14
lizzzyAlso, I installed kubuntu-kde-desktop on top of jaunty. Is it safe to autoremove ubuntu-desktop now?16:16
James147lizzzy: ubuntu-desktop is only a meta package, it mostlikly wont uninstall anything by removing it16:17
James147lizzzy: but it is safe to remove16:17
lizzzyJames147: There are a lot of gnome apps that I want to safely get rid of. How'd do I do that?16:18
Gintulisbernus kabinsi16:20
James147lizzzy: you can do sudo aptitude autoremove to remove something, but I dont think it will remove applications only things that no longer have dependencys16:20
marcolizzzy use sudo apt-get uninstall package16:22
marcoit will show automaticallly dependencies16:22
lizzzyJames147: Well, I just want all the gnome apps to not eat up space.16:22
James147lizzzy: only way I konw of is to remove them manually,16:22
lizzzyJames147: Ah! The last time I removed them manually I screwed up something. Will try it again properly this time16:24
lizzzyIs libkipi6 package not required by kde?16:28
lizzzyCoz' that gets uninstalled when i autoremove ubuntu-desktop16:28
lizzzyWell, libkipi-6 seems to uninstall itself for every other package i uninstall. Sure its no problem?16:29
lizzzySeems like its used for kipi-plugins.16:30
James147lizzzy: doent look important16:30
lizzzyJames147: Kewl. Thanks16:31
James147lizzzy: if its getting auto removed then it mostlikly means that nothing else is depending onit16:31
lizzzyOk :)16:31
James147lizzzy: install kubuntu-desktop afterwards to make sure anything that got removed is installed again16:32
lizzzyOh ok. So, I may not be using konquerer that often. Safe to remove?16:35
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Byron2 quick questions: When is the release of 9.10? How can I update GRUB so it shows my other kernels?16:35
N0LLYI think I can reply to the first16:36
N0LLY9.10 will be released in 29 th October I believe16:36
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto16:37
ByronI can't seem to find a way of bringing back the old kernels on my desktop. I'm stuck on 2.6.3016:42
wardHey why isn't amarok 2.2 avaible for kubuntu 9.04 ???16:45
=== momo is now known as momo971
rahman_ward: its not  even avaible to 9.10 yet :)16:46
James147ward: Give them some time, 2.2 only just came out a few days ago and the developers are busy with karmic as well :)16:46
wardBut it will release on 9.04 :) not only on 9.10 ?16:47
James147ward: It will most likly be availble in teh backports eventually16:47
James147rahman_: looks like 2.2 is in karmic now :) just got a dependency error with 2.2 :S16:48
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LerkCan anybody say where can i get 32bit libXp library for amd64 arch?17:11
zsakrHi everybody. I have a kinda weird problem. When deleting more than about 25GB my kubuntu 9.04 server hangs. Not even numlock is working. help.17:36
jamesjedimasterdo you use dolphin/konqueror?17:37
zsakrno. command-line. It also happens when I delete stuff through cifs17:38
zsakrForgot something it's when I delete >25GB all at once that it hangs :P17:40
jamesjedimasteris one single file or many files?17:41
jamesjedimasterdolphin is too heavy for file administration, but cli must be faster17:42
James147zsakr: have you tryed with the -v option, should tell you whats happening17:43
SerraphynHi I just installed Kubuntu 9.04 and the downloads for updates seems to be taking a long time, is there a way to change the mirror it uses?17:47
zsakrWell, when I say hang, I mean REALLY hang. Like the reset button on the box won't respond. So -v really does not help :( Even though I tried that.17:47
ByronHow can I get my previous GRUB kernels? All attempts just show the current one. 2.6.3017:49
SerraphynByron: have you looked in the directory where you store your 2.6.30 kernel to see if there are still more then one there?17:51
ByronNo, but I will now.17:51
zsakrany ideas?17:52
SerraphynIf they are not there then you wont be able to add them to the menu17:52
ByronSerraphyn: Yes. I see them all in /boot/17:53
SerraphynHi slow-motion17:53
slow-motionhi Serraphyn17:53
SerraphynByron, then use the standard text editor and create new entries for each kernel17:53
SerraphynByron: http://forums.techguy.org/unix-linux/627900-modifying-grub-kubuntu.html17:54
jamesjedimasterbyron, you have to add them to /boot/grub/menu.list17:55
Serraphynzsakr: I didn't see your question so yo might ask it again and maybe I know, maybe I don't17:55
zsakrcan anyone help me here?17:55
zsakrWell, when I say hang, I mean REALLY hang. Like the reset button on the box won't respond. So -v really does not help :( Even though I tried that.17:55
zsakrI have a kinda weird problem. When deleting more than about 25GB my kubuntu 9.04 server hangs. Not even numlock is working. help.17:55
XDevHaldAnyone here can help me install a tar.gz theme file on Karmic 9.10?17:56
SerraphynSounds like a hardware issue or driver support for that hardware17:56
XDevHaldI have no clue where to place or install this theme file.17:56
zsakru think?17:56
Serraphynzsakr: have you tried just deleting 5GB and seeing if the problem arises?17:57
Serraphyncould be a possible bad spot on the drive that causes it to hang the system17:57
SerraphynXDevHald: you tried the .themes/ directory?17:59
James147XDevHald: theme for what exatly?18:00
Serraphynor if your doing for all users might be /usr/share/themes18:00
* Serraphyn sighs18:01
ByronThanks Serraphyn. It has been updated.18:10
SerraphynByron: np mate, hope that helps18:10
ByronSerraphyn: It does. Thanks again. Losing my mind with the whole "grub>" thing and never crossed my mind to do it manually.18:13
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IDWMasterThe US Ubuntu Archive server is very slow today.18:14
SerraphynByron: Some of the best things in life are done manually :P18:15
SerraphynIDWMaster: Canadian ones are slow also, all the 9.10 downloaders I guess18:15
IDWMasterMy Kubuntu updates are only downloading at 27 KBPS.18:15
IDWMasterIs there anyone who can fix them?18:15
James147gb ones seem ok eailer :)18:15
SerraphynIDWMaster: its just traffic on the servers, no real way to fix it short of cutting people off or throttling peoples connections18:16
mrwoodyhi *. With compiz there is a plugin (called grid) which allows me to place any window on left, top, etc... by just clicking ctrl+alt+number. Is there something like that with kde?18:17
ByronSerraphyn: I suppose you're right.18:18
James147mrwoody: as far as I am aware no. But if there is one it will most likly be in System Settings _> Desktop -> Desktop Effects -> All effects.   If you really really want this feature you can use compiz instead of kwin but it will be less intrgrated into kde18:19
mrwoodyJames147: well the reason why i switched to kde is because some apps were not working very well within gnome. I am not sure if they would work on kde + compiz18:27
mrwoodyJames147: how to test it ? jst compiz --replace?18:27
kaddiI have a problem with konsole, if someone might be able to help? (still typing)18:28
James147mrwoody: not sure howto test it :) but I bet google will know. Anyway, for now you will either have tohope compiz works or just not use this feature but I would suggest submitting a feature request as it dose sound like a good feature.18:29
kaddiWhen I type sudo /etc/init.d/f and hit tab I automatically get fancontrol. But I also have other files starting with f. Namely foldingathome. How can I set konsole not to complete with the first  name, but only complete if there is only one possibility left?18:29
jamesjedimasterkaddi, that file foldingathome may be doesn't have execution permission o it start with capital F18:31
James147kaddi: It should have the behavour but I find sometimes it dose complete when it should list, not sure why though18:31
kaddiJames147: jamesjedimaster same is happening with konversation: When I type jam it automatically fills in james147 (and capitalizes is) instead of offering both your names :p18:33
James147jamesjedimaster: Dont think it should matter about execution premision. I have had this issue sometimes wiht other files18:33
kaddifoldingathome works nicely, when I type the name out ;) sudo /etc/init.d/foldingathome stop will work without problems18:33
James147kaddi: In quassle hitting tab once lists the first name, hitting it again lists the second.. etc18:33
kaddiit used to offer me all names as well, I don't know why it changed18:34
jamesjedimasterstrange it is... it should give you more options18:34
James147kaddi: My guess is it will work right for other files/directoies?18:34
kaddiso far I can only say it works correctly for directories18:35
DekansI don't manage to install amarok on karmic18:35
Dekansamarok-common is in version 2.1.90 on repos18:35
kaddiJames147: yeah it works fine for other things :)18:35
kaddiso probably a bug?18:35
kaddiso nothing I can do?18:36
James147kaddi: probally, have no idea how to fix it18:37
kaddihmm annoying :p do you know if konsole has its own channel?18:37
=== leo_ is now known as leobuntu`
James147kaddi: bash does #bash18:38
James147kaddi: think console is a bit too vague :)18:38
BenBukubuntu 9.10: kpackagekit doesn't work for me, says I don't have the "necessary privileges", and then crashes. even if I start it with "kdesudo kpackagekit"18:38
James147kaddi: actually, dose it happen in a virtual console?18:38
IDWMasterThe main update servers are still slow.18:39
IDWMasterI've tried different servers, but they are all outdated.18:39
James147kaddi: might also want to try in the gnome teminal... find out if its bash or konsole18:39
kaddiwhat's a virtual console? And I was referring to konsole as the terminal in kde. I think this is probably a kde specific issue18:39
James147BenBu: Think kpackagekit was broaken in karmic, #ubuntu+1 will be more helpful, its for karmic support18:40
BenBuJames147: thanks. I asked there, no response.18:40
James147BenBu: Use apt-get or aptitude for now18:40
James147BenBu: I tend to find them quicker then kpackage kit :)18:41
kaddiJames147: I'm going to try at #kde I think, or is this an issue you also experience with other displaymanager? (I only have kde installed)18:41
James147kaddi: alt+crtl+F1, login to a virtual console then try it, alt+crtl+F7 to switch back to gui18:41
kaddikk brb. :P never heard it call that. Learned something tonight :)18:42
James147kaddi: if it dosent work there ask in #bash if it dose try again in konsole then ask in #kde :)18:42
kaddiJames147: it also happens in virtual console, heading over to #bash then. (and my apologies to kde for blaming then ;) )18:43
BenBuJames147: yup, using apt-get now :)18:44
James147BenBu: I tend to prefure aptitude, espically fopr installing stuff :)18:45
mino8215ciao ragazzi18:50
mino8215è la pruma volta che provo18:51
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)18:51
kaddiI hope. :)18:51
PuNToCoMim from Mexico19:13
kaddihi :)19:17
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jamesjedimasterhi Puntocom, you can join to #ubuntu-mx, Im from Mexico too19:31
SerraphynThis is so odd, I have sound when I start and leave kde, but when I run something like csmash I get no audio, nor from cedega19:32
IDWMasterUpdates from the US and the main Ubuntu server are still very slow.19:43
IDWMasterIt would be interesting if there was a torrent-based system for Ubuntu updates.19:43
IDWMasterI tihnk that would eliminate a lot of slowdown problems.19:43
SerraphynI kinda laugh when people complain that something totally free and of good quality is 'slow' to download19:44
IDWMasterTrue, but I was just wondering if there was an easier way to fix the problem.19:46
IDWMasterI can't download the updates from the "best" server, because they are not available yet.19:46
IDWMasterI thought a Torrent-based update system might be an interesting idea.19:47
SerraphynPossibly but there is still an issue with main backbones to the internet only have so much through put19:47
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DexterFgto a 9.04 machine, would liek to try 9.10beta. what method is best? is there an update manager already or do I need to manually adapt the sources and run it from aptitude?20:37
SerRisn't 9.10 coming in 3 weeks?20:38
N0LLYI think that for less than a month, you should wait a bit20:38
SerRthe final20:38
N0LLYyes in 29 th Oct20:39
epsilon_I have the 9.10 beta, but I already tried asking in the ubuntu+1 channel, and didn't get any answers. I believe this question is pretty universal, though: I installed ubuntu, and installed "kubuntu-desktop". I rebooted into kde, and removed "ubuntu-desktop", but a lot of ubuntu/gnome stuff is still left -- how can I remove the packages that are left? (Except removing them one-by-one, obviously)20:58
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N0LLYwell, I think that since they get installed by default, it is a bit difficult to have them auto removed... I believe21:00
epsilon_Actually, I might have solved it, but thanks all the same.21:03
raindogwill kubuntu ppa beta get amarok-common (=2:2.2.0-0ubuntu1)?  Amarok depends on it.  (last updates removed Amarok)21:05
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the_madmanraindog: Strange, the latest update hasn't removed Amarok for me... it hasn't updated Amarok either, but...21:17
subitohi. does someone know how to make work virtual midi piano keyboard? i have no sound on it21:18
raindogthe_madman, I'm using Karmic.21:18
raindogI'll just have to wait til amarok-common gets built.  :(21:19
the_madmanraindog: Aah, my bad.21:19
the_madmansubito: What program is that?21:19
subitoi think i have to connect something with JACK21:21
subitobut the ouput of vmpk is connected to "midi though" and still there is no sound21:22
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subitook now i connected it the zynaddsubfx (it seems a horrible program) but i can't change the sound of output, it's an ugly sound, not the sound of a piano21:27
the_madmansubito: Did you compile it from the sourceforge tar?21:28
the_madmansubito: Did you compile it from the sourceforge tarball*?21:28
subitoyes, but the output sound seems not to be controlled by vmpk but by zynaddsubfx21:30
* wildnfree waves at NoobProgrammer21:31
* NoobProgrammer waves back at wildnfree21:32
the_madmansubito: Or did you install it from the repositories?21:32
the_madmansubito: Oops, sorry.21:32
subitothe_madman: compiled it :)21:32
the_madmansubito: Yeah, the compile process didn't work for me..21:33
NoobProgrammerAre there any video maker out there?21:33
N0LLYhow do you wave please?21:33
subitothe_madman: too bad, you wanted the program?21:33
wildnfreeNolly: just type  /me waves21:33
the_madmanNoobProgrammer: There are a few...21:33
NoobProgrammer"/me waves to everyone"21:33
* N0LLY 21:33
the_madmanNoobProgrammer: There's KDEnlive, for one...21:34
NoobProgrammerthe_manman have you tried OpenShot?21:34
* N0LLY thanks :D21:34
NoobProgrammerso far I like it better than KDenlive21:35
the_madmanNoobProgrammer: OpenShot? No, I haven't, but I was very pleased with KDEnlive.21:35
the_madmanNoobProgrammer: Will give it a go, though. :()21:35
wildnfreethe_madman: New channel for OpenShot User Group is #openshot - please spread the word21:36
yuriydefault settings for kopete are really weird21:36
the_madmanwildnfree: Does it have a sourceforge page? Can't find it in the repositories.21:36
wildnfreethe_madman: Launchpad21:37
wildnfreehttp://www.openshotvideo.com  is home blog21:37
subitothe_madman: you wanted the program? do you need help installed it?21:38
Heliwrhello all - trying to upgrade from jaunty to karmic using the alternate CD cdromupgrade, but when I use kdesudo "media/cdrom0/cdromupgrade" it returns unable to execute permission denied. Any ideas how to proceed?21:40
rafytafytry sudo -s -H21:47
rafytafythen issue command without sudo21:47
DexterF9.04->9-10beta: aptitude or upgrade-manager? (is there one yet?)21:48
Heliwrthe alternate cd has a cdromupgrade script, or you can use update-notifier-kde to download packages from the repositories21:49
Heliwrunfortunately the repositories seem a little overloaded right now21:50
HeliwrI'm checking if update notifier will retain the cd as a source, if not I'll try rafytafy's suggestion21:50
rafytafyHeliwr: i use that trick to install certain video games which give me permission problems21:51
rafytafyi got heroes of might and magic 3 to install on linux, but it wont go into fullscreen :(21:54
Heliwrdamn, sources.list still has the cd uncommented but the update notifier is ignoring it anyways21:56
Heliwrand rafytafy, unfortunately the sudo -s -H has the same results as kdesudo21:56
rafytafyhmm strange21:57
Heliwrhmm, not quite the same results - now it's returning bad interpreter: permission denied21:57
rafytafycould it be a bug?21:57
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:57
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:58
DTsanw00t, found what i needed ^_^22:00
DTsanok, need help. i am working off these directions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Linksys_WUSB54GS_v1_&_v2?highlight=%28AND%29%7C%28ManufacturerModel%2922:03
DTsanthis step: sudo cp USB8023K.sys /etc/ndiswrapper/bcmrndis/usb8023k.sys gives me an error22:03
hannibal79hello how can i reduce the watch on kde bar? it is too big22:03
DTsan"no such file or directory"22:04
rafytafybcse you spelled USB capitol22:04
rafytafyin one22:04
rafytafyand its lower case22:04
rafytafyin the other DTsan22:04
FloodBotK2rafytafy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:04
DTsanok, did a copy and paste, thanks22:04
DTsanand it still gives the error22:04
DTsanwith both as caps and both as lowercase22:05
rafytafyare you in home directory, is that also where the USB file is located?22:05
DTsanno, i'm the in specified directory in the directions22:06
DTsannever mind, .sys needed to be .SYS22:08
DTsanwill need to edit that doc later22:09
hannibal79hello how can i reduce the watch on kde bar? it is too big22:11
rafytafyright click on the taskbar and edit it..i would assume22:11
hannibal79there are no option tu reduce22:11
rafytafywhich kubuntu version?22:11
rafytafyoh , im still using 8.0422:12
Heliwrfor anyone trying to upgrade from jaunty to karmic beta using the alternate cd I found the solution - instead of kdesudo "/media/cdrom0/cdromupgrade" use kdesudo "sh /media/cdrom0/cdromupgrade"22:15
rafytafyah so its a .sh file22:16
compilerwriterLadies and gents I would like to know if Kubuntu will easily support external usb dvd writers well?  Is there a good site to check out the prospects or do I need not be concerned?22:19
rafytafycompilewriter: my friend has one and she says it works just fine22:19
compilerwriterThanks rafytafy so you are of the opinion that just about anything should be plug and play.22:23
rafytafyIf it was me buying a external writer, I would not worry22:23
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Guest95689Digikam crashes on "restoration" and I lose all my photo refinishing. The word is, the wrong libraries are in Kubuntu (Jaunty) and this can't be fixed until KDE4 is updated. That will be when 9.10 is ready (I guess). Is that right and how do I fix this?23:02
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frantaHi, is this the right place to ask about things related to karmic koala?23:10
Dragnslcr!karmic | franta23:12
ubottufranta: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+123:12
frantaubottu: thanks23:12
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)23:12
BugsBunnyBRSome one know's why I can't use the shutdown botton in kde 4.3.1 to turn off the PC??23:13
BugsBunnyBRI am using kubuntu 9.04 with backports..23:14
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Ben348My screen is stuck on a 600x800 resolution, how do I get it to 1280x800 like it is on windows  ?23:23
BugsBunnyBRBen348, what is your video card?23:25
Ben348nVidia GeForce 7000m23:25
BugsBunnyBRBen348, did you install nvidia driver?23:25
Ben348Previously before I re-installed Kubuntu I got this window s http://i34.tinypic.com/280kxfd.png where I could active the driver, but nnow the graphics drivers dont appear in the list.23:26
Ben348BugsBunnyBR: Sorry I don't know how you do that, Im new to Linux.23:26
BugsBunnyBRdon't worry23:27
BugsBunnyBRwell, do you know how to use apt-get?23:27
BugsBunnyBRIt's enough23:28
Ben348I know: Sudo apt-get install <appname>23:28
BugsBunnyBRsudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18023:28
BugsBunnyBRand so reboot the PC23:28
Ben348I dont know the make install stuff though23:28
Ben348ahh ok cheers man :D23:28
BugsBunnyBRwhen you comeback, try "sudo nvidia-settings"23:29
Ben348ooh ok thanks, im just downloading it now. I23:29
Ben348Ok ill just reboot now :D thanks for the help23:30
BugsBunnyBRthe nvidia-settings is almost the same of the "windows version" of nvidia-settings23:31
BugsBunnyBRtoo easy to use23:31
DarkriftX!package arm-eabi-gcc23:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about arm-eabi-gcc23:41
DarkriftXi forgot the command :(23:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:44
DarkriftXlol, i need bot help you silly bot23:45
yofel!find arm23:45
ubottuFound: apparmor, apparmor-docs, apparmor-utils, gucharmap, hdparm (and 50 others)23:46
kazirhey wats u p guys23:46
kaziramarok dosent work an im getting short of patience23:46
DarkriftX!find arm-eabi23:46
ubottuPackage/file arm-eabi does not exist in jaunty23:46
DarkriftX!find arm-gcc23:47
ubottuPackage/file arm-gcc does not exist in jaunty23:47
kazirwat steps should i take to get amarok to work23:47
kazircuz im just confuseed23:47

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