RenatoSilvaWhat's the purpose of "triaged" and "in progress" bug status?01:01
idnarI think "in progress" means somebody is working on it01:03
RenatoSilvaon a separate branch? so fix committed is when it's in trunk, right?01:04
idnarI think fix committed just means a fix has been committed somewhere, maybe a branch01:05
idnarbut ICBW01:05
idnarif you're working on the bug, then you won't have committed the fix yet (otherwise you would be finished working on it)01:05
wgrantFix Committed is meant to be when it's in trunk, or a series branch, or something similar. Not just that a fix exists.01:07
wgrantIn Progress is when somebody is working on it.01:07
RenatoSilvathat is, there are commits about it, but not the final commit that fixes it01:08
ScottKExcept of course for the projects where it doesn't mean that.01:08
wgrantHence "is meant to be"01:09
wgrantThe way Ubuntu does things (particularly with the sponsorship mess) is, IMO, crazy and wrong.01:10
RenatoSilvaI read the page, it seems triaged == confirmed01:11
RenatoSilvaScottK: and would mean what then01:12
ScottKDepends on the project01:12
wgrantTriaged implies that somebody qualified has looked at the bug, and it wasn't entirely confirmed by a pack of crazy users.01:12
ScottKFor the Ubuntu Backports project "In Progress" means that it's been approved for backporting and is waiting to be processed.01:12
RenatoSilvawhy open all those status to the users it seems no sense01:13
wgrantRenatoSilva: Users can be developers.01:13
RenatoSilvamainly the fix committed, as not all users have access to the trunk, obviously01:13
ScottKFix Committed might be upstream.01:13
RenatoSilvacan be, but are not always01:14
wgrantScottK: Ubuntu's use of Fix Committed is an abuse to work around Launchpad limitations.01:14
wgrantIt is completely wrong.01:14
ScottKwgrant: Only to the extent one believes that the developers of Launchpad are better at defining the workflow for distro developers than they are.01:15
RenatoSilvawell, I don't see no reason confirmed would be anything different from triagged, from that page01:15
wgrantScottK: If the fix is upstream, it probably needs work to get it into the distro.01:15
wgrantScottK: If I see a Fix Committed bug, I am going to ignore it.01:15
wgrantIt is going to become much messier once Ubuntu is using bzr.01:16
wgrantBecause then Fix Committed will be used for its real meaning.01:16
ScottKwgrant: Sure, but otherwise Fix Committed is meaningless except for in the interval between upload the the packages being built/publised and it's already marked fix released then anyway01:16
wgrantScottK: Because Ubuntu didn't use version control.01:17
RenatoSilvaif we release the targeted milestone, do all the bugs get status changed to fix released automatically?01:17
wgrantRenatoSilva: No.01:17
wgrantBut there are scripts to do that.01:17
RenatoSilvawgrant: didn't?? since when?01:17
ScottKwgrant: What's the difference between upstream and shoved in a branch somewhere?01:17
RenatoSilvawgrant: how to run these scripts01:18
wgrantRenatoSilva: Download and run them. I don't know where they live.01:18
RenatoSilvaTriaged: the bug supervisor considers that the bug report contains all information a developer needs to start work on a fix.01:18
RenatoSilvaConfirmed: a member of the community other than the original reporter believes that this report describes a genuine bug in enough detail that a developer could start work on a fix.01:18
RenatoSilva^^^ these are the same to me01:18
RenatoSilvawgrant: ok01:18
wgrantScottK: If it's in the Ubuntu branch, it's going to be in the next published version.01:18
ScottKRenatoSilva: Confirmed means the bug exists.  Triaged means you probably know how to fix it.01:19
ScottKwgrant: Once we're doing bzr for real, in the Ubuntu branch will be the same as after you upload now.01:20
RenatoSilvawgrant: confirmed - his report describes a genuine bug in enough detail that a developer could start work on a fix.01:20
RenatoSilvaScottK: ^^^01:20
RenatoSilvawgrant: sorry was for ScottK01:20
wgrantScottK: It will, but there will probably be intermediate commits.01:20
ScottKwgrant: Not in the Ubuntu branch, if I understand it correctly.01:20
ScottKIt'll be to other places for review.01:21
ScottKGotta run.01:21
RenatoSilvaScottK: now I see the diff, triaged is the same as confirmed, but done by bug supervisor, not a regular user01:21
wgrantRenatoSilva: Pretty much.01:21
RenatoSilvaI still don't see much sense in opening some status for all users01:22
wgrantRenatoSilva: I set my bugs to Fix Committed when my Launchpad branches are merged.01:22
wgrantI have no special powers over Launchpad.01:22
wgrantBut I need to do it.01:22
RenatoSilvawgrant: the bugs you opened? I think it's the developers' work01:23
wgrantRenatoSilva: No, the bugs I fixed.01:23
RenatoSilvawgrant: ok then, but I mean, most or all status of the bugs should be controlled only by the team of the targeted projects01:24
wgrantRenatoSilva: Why? Is this actually causing a problem?01:25
RenatoSilvawgrant: maybe you created a personal branch that fixes the bug, but it's not fixed in trunk, so you should not change the status yet, the problem is that you can, and that's weird01:25
wgrantOccasionally some random does something wrong. You just beat them over the head and they don't do it again.01:25
RenatoSilvawgrant: it's non-sense01:25
wgrantWhat is?01:25
RenatoSilvawgrant: it this by any chance meant to give the users to work on status updating?01:26
RenatoSilvawgrant: and set the developers free from this "boring" or secundary task?01:26
RenatoSilvawgrant: let the users control bug status is non-sense01:26
wgrantRenatoSilva: For larger projects, that is absolutely critical.01:26
wgrantWhy is it nonsense?01:26
wgrantAs long as they don't do anything bad, it can only be good.01:27
RenatoSilvawho knows the status is who is fixing it01:27
RenatoSilvaworking on it01:27
wgrantThere are several statuses involved before anybody starts fixing anything.01:27
RenatoSilvanot who is waiting for a solution, not "every user in LP"01:27
wgrantDoes this actually cause a signifiant problem?01:28
wgrantIt does provide significant benefits, and I'm not sure it's actually a big problem.01:28
RenatoSilvamaybe no, this doesn't give sense to it at all though01:29
RenatoSilvawgrant: what are the benefits, have users working on the status, not the devs?01:29
wgrantWhy limit something beneficial if it's not causing problems?01:29
RenatoSilvawhat are the benefits01:29
wgrantRenatoSilva: Interested users can help with triaging bugs.01:30
RenatoSilvacan't see01:30
wgrantAnd take load off developers.01:30
RenatoSilvawgrant: ok, so I could ask a friend to do that :P01:30
wgrantIt helps tremendously in Ubuntu.01:30
RenatoSilvaI understand it wgrant, hopefully there's no vandalism01:31
wgrantAgain, if there is vandalism then it's easy enough to revert and either educate or ban the offender.01:31
RenatoSilvaok wgrant, thanks for explaining, it really makes sense now. For large projects at least01:32
RenatoSilvaso, I won't use confirmed anymore on the bugs assigned to me.01:33
RenatoSilvathanks everybody :)01:36
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juliuxcan somebody help me with this error?11:11
juliuxcan somebody help me with this error? Rejected:11:11
juliuxFile perlbal_1.72-1-ubuntu1.tar.gz already exists in test, but uploaded version has different contents. See more information about this error in https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors.11:11
juliuxFiles specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.11:11
thekornjuliux: you can't upload the same version of a package twice to a PPA11:18
thekornjuliux: you should also always append something like ~ppa1 to the package version of a package in a PPA11:19
thekornand then you can just increase ~ppa... if you need to upload a new version11:20
maxbA couple of general guidelines for version numbers:11:23
maxbTry to avoid ones which look like they could be official Ubuntu packages11:23
maxbAnd, it's seldom the right thing to do to have more than one '-' in a version11:23
maxbBe aware of the special meaning of '~'11:24
SiDiWhats the magic word to prevent +filebug/ to redirect me, please ?11:24
maxbAnd always consider whether you should be appending ppa1 or ~ppa1 depending on what the version relationship to the base is11:24
maxbSiDi: ?no-redirect11:24
SiDiThanks maxb11:25
juliuxthekorn: thxs11:46
juliuxmaxb: thxs11:46
maxbjuliux: No problem. Did you really mean to have two - characters in that version?11:47
juliuxmaxb: not realy11:47
yann2I wanted to ask: why is launchpad not managed more on launchpad? as far as I understand it is here12:17
yann2but to navigate the sourcecode, it doesnt use tlaunchpads browser12:18
yann2the faq doesnt use answers12:18
yann2any specific reason? :)12:18
yann2I am also unable to find where I can report a bug for Ubuntu on the new launchpad, which is quite irritating, any help much appreciated :(12:28
RenatoSilvawhy do we need a translation group for managing translations? why can't we create a team and assing to that team the management?12:41
henningeRenatoSilva: The idea is that you have a team per language and all these teams are managed by the translation group.13:10
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henningeRenatoSilva: Please talk to Adi Roiban about the exiting Launchpad Translation Group instead of setting up your own.13:11
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RenatoSilvahenninge: I want to create my own team with people I trust. I don't want to automatically trust in generic "lang-xyz translations"13:11
RenatoSilvahenninge-afk: I don't want to set up a translation group, well actually I want, because it's one group per language13:12
RenatoSilvahenninge-afk: can't understand why can't we create our trusted groups though13:12
henninge-afkRenatoSilva: Your "trusted groups" per language are teams that you can setup yourself.13:13
RenatoSilvahenninge-afk: someone changed the translation in my project a few hours ago, but the strings were already translated. I reverted the translation and unset the group for avoiding it13:14
RenatoSilvahenninge-afk: and how to asssing the team to a .po?13:14
henninge-afkRenatoSilva: We can setup a translation group and make you  the owner.13:15
RenatoSilvahenninge-afk: there are only groups to set13:15
RenatoSilvahenninge-afk: that's what I mean, it should be open to anyone13:15
henninge-afkRenatoSilva: I have to run out now. Please file a question here https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta13:15
RenatoSilvahenninge-afk: if I have to ask you, then I won't do, because I don't need it that much13:15
henninge-afkand we will create the group13:16
RenatoSilvahenninge-afk: bye13:16
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arianithello, can I translate OpenOffice downstream directly?13:24
arianitin lp13:25
arianitcan I translate OpenOffice downstream directly?13:35
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henningearianit: please translate OpenOffice upstream13:41
henningearianit: only Ubuntu-specific adaptions would be done in Launchpad13:41
arianithenninge, lp is so much better and that's where the community is. we can always push it upstream and sun guys are taking time to set it up13:42
henningearianit: IF you make sure the translations get submitted back upstream you COULD use Launchpad, I guess.13:43
henningearianit: but you should still coordinate with the i10n team at OpenOffice.org so that they know about it.13:44
henningeNah, make that "COULD" a "can" ... ;-)13:45
arianithenninge, sure13:45
henningearianit: that is for a specific language that OpenOffice is not yet translated into, right?13:45
arianitthe only problem is I can't find OOo packages at OOo13:45
arianithenninge: correct13:46
arianitcorrection, at ubuntu13:46
henningeOpenOffice has  *a lot* of packages in Ubuntu ...13:47
henningearianit: but if you want to do what we just talked about, you should use this project to do the translation:13:48
henningearianit: 1. Do translations there in LP, 2. Submit the po files back upsteam 3. wait for them to make their way back into Ubuntu.13:49
arianithow do I know which ones are OpenOffice13:49
henningearianit: what do you mean?13:50
arianityes, so I have to talk to Chris Cheney first13:50
arianitI wanted to translate OOo in Ubuntu13:50
arianitthat way there is nothing to setup. does it make sense?13:51
arianitit's likely Chris Cheney will say go upstream13:51
henningearianit: that is likely13:56
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AgafonovHi! I'm facing https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/331990 in new LP version currently serving at launchpad.net16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 331990 in lazr.restful "The inline editor widget reports a JSON error when saving non-ASCII characters" [High,Fix released]16:09
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UrsinhaAgafonov, if you're not dealing with non-ascii, maybe your problem is bug 423924?17:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423924 in malone "Entity-body was not a well-formed JSON document when updating bug description" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42392417:28
AgafonovI'm dealing with cyrillic :)17:29
Agafonovand yes, it appear when I try to update bug description too17:31
UrsinhaI see17:31
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soc1how can i change my email adress an name on launchpad?18:56
soc1uh ok, i found where to change my email18:58
soc1guess i have to delete my ppa to change my name on launchpad?18:58
soc1can someone delete my ppa, so that i can rename myself on launchpad?19:05
soc1can someone help me?19:09
ScottKsoc1: You can't delete PPAs.19:13
ulysses__soc1: you can change your contact address19:14
soc1yes, but i don't want that "~soc-krg-nw" anymore19:14
soc1ok, i'll tried create a new account an then merge the old one19:16
ulysses__you shouldn't19:16
soc1but the new one complains that the email adress is already used, although i deleted it from the old one19:16
ulysses__you can change your profile's address somwhere19:17
soc1yes, i did that19:17
soc1i removed the email adress i want to use for the new account, but when i want to register, it complains that the adress is alredy used19:18
SiDiAny LP admin around who could please delete https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-artwork-brainstorm ?19:19
SiDiit's been superseded by ~xubuntu-art19:19
ScottKSiDi: I'd suggest asking a question in Launchpad asking for it to be removed19:21
SiDiScottK: hehe, i was just hoping for an admin to be around because i'm so lazy :d19:22
ubottuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.19:22
SiDiah.. didnt cross my mind19:22
soc1*sigh* merging the old account doesn't work19:25
soc1it doesn't take my old launchpad id and when i use the old email adress it doesn't report any errors, but i don't get any email to confirm too19:25
ulysses__however it is weekend, it is BugJam Weekend:)19:25
soc1damn, i lost my karma :-(19:42
soc1and member since :-/19:42
RainCTHow can I set myself as answer contact for one of my projects for questions in any language? (I'm missing questions and I guess that's because I have only "Catalan" checked in my profile)20:11
soc1RainCT: maybe check every other language too? (ugly hack)20:38
RainCTsoc1: Then I couldn't become answer contact for Ubuntu if I ever decide to be one again (unsubscribed long time ago because I got tired of the messages in languages which have no answer contacts), and dunno if there was some other problem with that20:41
nhandlerIs there a way to view all Launchpad teams owned by a certain user/team ?20:50
nhandlerAlso, is there any way to see all teams that are a subteam of a certain team?20:55
Andre_Gondimnhandler, I think just you looking for all member of the team21:01
nhandlerAndre_Gondim: I could go through the member list by hand, but this is somewhat difficult for large teams21:01
Andre_GondimI know21:02
RainCTnhandler: <stupid answer>the LP API?</stupid answer>21:08
nhandlerRainCT: I probably could use the API (although my python isn't that great). I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something in the web interface.21:08
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ebroderIs something up with the PPA upload mechanisms? I uploaded something about 5 ago and still haven't gotten an ACCEPTED/REJECTED e-mail, which seems unusually long21:55
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Mezebroder: 5 whats ago?22:14
Mezminutes? hours? days? weeks? years?22:15
ebroderMinutes. Although more like 20 at this point22:17
ScottKebroder: When it gets to 5 hours, then maybe something went wrong.22:19
Noldorinhello. is anyone aware of this bug: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/84561 ?22:20
UrsinhaNoldorin, yes, it's a known bug22:29
NoldorinUrsinha: ah right. do you know what the progress on it is?22:30
UrsinhaNoldorin, I'm looking for the bug number, just a moment, please :)22:31
Ursinhafound it!22:33
UrsinhaNoldorin, bug 43898522:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438985 in malone "Trying to make myself as bug supervisor of my project oopses" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43898522:33
NoldorinUrsinha: thanks22:36
UrsinhaNoldorin, no problem22:37
Noldorinwhen do you suspect it will be rfixed by. any idea?22:38
UrsinhaNoldorin, it's targeted to this cycle, so expect it to be fixed soon22:38
Noldorinok sounds good22:39
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