mshooshtari"Use this connection only for resources on it's network" when checked in the routes section of the vpnc network manager tool for gnome does not stay checked.00:00
Xgatesyeah but Grub2 is beta, I mean HEY as far as other software goes like a spread sheet app, internet programs, etc... BETA is fine, but we're talking a boot loader here that can hose your hdd00:00
yofelign0ramus: yes, there were issues with dual booting, iirc the fix was to run os-prober and update-grub again - or to wait for apt to run it again ;)00:00
DopeGhot1ign0ramus: did/do you ahve os-prober installed? :)00:00
cousteau..this png wasn't there before00:00
Xgatesnow legacy grub never gave me a problem, but even in it's state, not sure how it compares...00:01
ign0ramusDopeGhot1, no, i just did an update-grub, and it was detected and displayed upon subsequent reboot00:01
yofelcousteau: after boot the png is generated from the .tgz archive, that can take a few moments00:01
DopeGhot1Xgates: even the 'legacy' grub is 'only' at v0.9700:01
Xgateswell it seemed stable...00:02
Xgateshey does anyone know anything about a Ubuntu package for isight-firmware-tools?00:02
mbeierlgrub "1" is at 0.97, grub 2 is at 1.9 something?00:02
mbeierlhee hee00:02
ign0ramusso no one knows why 2.6.31-11-generic drops me into a tty, while 2.6.31-10-generic starts kdm?00:02
Xgatesgrub legacy and grub 2 are not the same, so to compare them is apples and oranges :)00:03
mbeierlign0ramus: that sounds like you don't have display kernel mods compiled.  are you using nvidia?00:03
ign0ramusmbeierl, no integrated Intel (which is why i upgraded to Karmic in the first place)00:03
ign0ramusmbeierl, GM94500:04
XgatesUbuntu needs isight-firmware-tools ---->  https://launchpad.net/isight-firmware-tools/00:04
Xgateshell even Fedora offers it00:04
topylii used to like to have a grub password. apparently grub2 doesn't support it :(00:04
mbeierlign0ramus: ahg.  sorry - can't help then :(  But check in the tty - log in and do a lsmod and compare it to -10 - same mods loaded?  does intel compile as a mod?00:04
ign0ramusmbeierl, that's a good idea... i have not checked that yet. thanks :)00:05
Xgatesahh my bad it says it's in Mulitverse:   http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/isight-firmware-tools00:05
cousteauok, I made a bootchart, now I should interpret it00:05
ign0ramusmbeierl, a simple "sudo kdm" gets things rolling again, but kdm does not start automatically in -1100:06
DopeGhot1topyli: actually, it does00:06
mbeierlign0ramus: oh.  well there goes that theory.  sorry - I'll shout out if I have any more wonderful ideas ...00:06
ign0ramusmbeierl, np... thanks. i need some thinking minds. mine's borked for the evening :)00:07
yofelign0ramus: let me check on my 945GME, have to reboot anyway00:07
ign0ramusyofel, cool. i'll hang here00:07
ign0ramusmbeierl, if it helps, this kernel was seemingly brought in when i enabled backports, and now apt wants me to remove -1000:08
DopeGhot1topyli: http://grub.enbug.org/Authentication00:08
mbeierlign0ramus: apt sees that you're up to -11 and so -10 is "no longer needed" I think00:08
mbeierlign0ramus: -11 came out not too long ago00:09
mbeierlign0ramus: like within 2-3 days?00:09
ign0ramusmbeierl, yeah, but i don't recall apt asking to uninstall older kernels. heck, i had 8 or so just a few months ago, and apt never complained :)00:09
ign0ramusmbeierl, yeah, about 3-4 days ago is when it was installed00:09
mbeierlign0ramus: I think that's part of an overall "don't keep deprecated kernels around cluttering up filesystems" approach, but that's just my interpretation00:10
ActionParsnipign0ramus: did you reset video settings to failsafe?00:10
ign0ramusmbeierl, i understand that, but 1) -10 is not deprecated by any means, and 2) i've never been prompted to autoremove kernels00:11
ign0ramusActionParsnip, no, but that's interesting you say that...00:11
ign0ramusActionParsnip, in the new kernel, if i do a "startx" instead of "sudo kdm", it loads Failsafe Gnome...00:11
mbeierlign0ramus: oh - right - I do still have -10 here and not been prompted to remove it00:11
ign0ramusmbeierl, do you have backports installed?00:12
mbeierlign0ramus: yep - deb http://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/ubuntu/ karmic-backports main restricted universe multiverse00:13
mbeierlbut not partner00:14
ActionParsnipign0ramus: try using the vesa video driver, see if it boots smooth00:14
yofelign0ramus: works fine here... any errors when trying 'sudo start kdm' from tty?00:14
ign0ramusActionParsnip, reconfigure xorg?00:14
Xgatessay after I hit enter at the Grub menu to boot the kernel I get the cosole screen for a few seconds spitting out a few msgs, about ssb and some usb stuff and I'm wondering is there a way to disable seeing kernel msgs and just have it go straight from the Grub menu to the Ubuntu loadig screen?00:15
ign0ramusyofel, i just use "sudo kdm", and it loads immediately. I did not try "start" or any daemons00:15
XgatesI thought 'quiet' in grub was suppose to do that....00:15
XgatesI get the cosole/console screen00:15
yofelign0ramus: kdm is usually started as a system daemon, maybe that fails00:15
DopeGhot1Xgates: try adding a 'vga' paramater to the kernel line; that'll blank the screen 'till a framebubber and/or X starts :)00:16
DopeGhot1(mainly because the 'vga' paramater is broken; it's supposed to allow a higher-resolution tty console00:16
ign0ramusyofel, that could be it... what log would that be in?00:16
DopeGhot1but it usually breaks 'em00:16
ActionParsnipign0ramus: boot to root recovery mode, then edit it xorg.conf with nano to set the driver to vesa00:16
yofelign0ramus: don't know sry00:16
XgatesI know how they are in lilo but in Grub I don't know them, any URL or idea how to write it?00:16
ign0ramusyofel, np, i'll look it up :)00:17
DopeGhot1Xgates: you using GRUB of GRUB-PC?00:17
ign0ramusActionParsnip, that could be it... i have a large display entry from Jaunty because intel graphics regressions...00:17
Xgatesgrub-pc? huh?00:17
yofelXgates: grub or grub2?00:17
XgatesI just installed Karmic from a clean install, so grub200:17
ign0ramusActionParsnip, whaddya think... back up old xorg and try with a blank section?00:18
DopeGhot1Xgates: Grub-pc is the real name of what we're calling grub200:18
ign0ramusActionParsnip, or do i even need a xorg entry at all any more?00:18
XgatesI was like grub-pc what the heck, hehe00:18
DopeGhot1Xgates: see: apt-cache show grub200:18
yofelign0ramus: you could try to move your xorg.conf somewhere else, karmi X doesn't need one if you use the default settings00:18
DopeGhot1specifically the Depends and Description lines00:18
ign0ramusyofel, i think that's what I'm going to do now.00:19
ign0ramusthanks guys, i'll check in later.00:19
Xgatesahh yeah same thing as lilo ---> vga=79200:20
Xgatesbut I thought the vga parm breaks grub2?00:20
Xgatesor didn't you just say that?00:20
DopeGhot1it doesn't break grub, it breaks the ttys (sometimes)00:21
DopeGhot1so you'll get a blank, black screen until xsplash starts00:21
XgatesDopeGhot1: ---> http://harrison3001.blogspot.com/2009/09/grub-2-graphical-boot-tips-to-set.html00:22
Xgatesaccording to this you write it different...00:22
Xgates    the line to change into the /etc/default/grub file is GRUB_GFXMODE=1280x800 and then issuing update-grub. The resulting action is to write the line set gfxmode=1280x800 into the grub.cfg file."00:23
joaopintowas apport disabled on beta ?00:23
ign0ramusActionParsnip, yofel: it seems my xorg.conf was the culprit :)00:23
ign0ramusActionParsnip, yofel: moved xorg.conf to Desktop, rebooted into the new -11 kernel, smooth boot directly to kdm.00:23
yofelign0ramus: :)00:23
yofeljoaopinto: not that I know of, it's still activated here00:24
ign0ramusyofel, now to see if a flash video is watchable (that's why i had a heavily modified xorg.conf in the first place)00:24
joaopintostrange, empathy should be crashing and i got no dialog00:24
ActionParsnipign0ramus: no X server at boot usually means bad xorg.conf, swtch to vesa then test. If its stil bad then try other stuff00:24
braindevalright, first boot with 9.10 and intel 855GM ... throws drm rendering error, but boots up fine00:25
ign0ramusActionParsnip, as usual, you were right :)00:25
ActionParsnipim not always right but i like to help00:25
ActionParsnipbraindev: did you verify the install CD?00:25
Elonehow do i modify "Place" and Desktop harddrive icon00:26
Elonei have a few partition wanna hide00:26
ActionParsnipElone: you can set them in gconf I think00:26
XgatesDopeGhot1: did you see that URL?00:26
braindevyes i did, but for some reason my cd-writer makes too many errors. i have not had valid cds for the past 2-3 months. dont ask me how this comes00:27
Lars_Gdo we have a new beta? shitload of updates today :)00:27
* Xgates is getting a 134MB of updates00:27
Xgatesyea a lot...00:27
EloneActionParsnip,  gconf? no such file ; ; ~ details plz?00:27
Xgateseven the kernel is updated....00:27
ActionParsnipElone: alt+f2   gconf-editor00:28
yofelLars_G: that are all the updates that were held back due to beta freeze (to get all the dependencies right in the repository) ;)00:28
ActionParsnipElone: if you write in full sentances its really helpful00:28
ActionParsnipElone: you are not charged by the character00:28
Lars_Gyofel: Well I'm a happy camper00:28
Lars_GI hope some of my gripes get cleaned on this00:29
Lars_GAnyhow lots of updates always make me squee00:29
braindevActionParsnip: are there known bugs due to download or cd burning errors?00:29
braindevrevoke that00:29
test34Can I un-encrypt my partition ?00:29
braindevthis even confuses me00:29
ActionParsnipbraindev: yes if the image gets corrupted in transport, thats why MD5sums exists as well as the CD having a self tester00:30
ActionParsnip!md5 | braindev00:30
ubottubraindev: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:30
* Lars_G negates test34's question00:30
Lars_Gcan I encrypt a home directory on an already working machine?00:30
test34It says I have 421gb free on a 75gb drive (using $ df -h)00:30
Lars_G /home is under same partition as /00:30
Lars_Gtest34: is your drive tradis brand?00:31
ActionParsnipLars_G: the home partition would have to be on its own partition00:31
braindevActionParsnip: i know about that... I am using ubuntu 8.04 for downloading and k3b for writing the cd00:31
Lars_GActionParsnip: I could parted down my ext3 some, make a new partition, copy stuff there, and then remove home and mount....00:31
ign0ramusLars_G, yes, you can easily make /home/ it's own partition00:32
test34Lars_G, no, it is a Western Digital Raptor 74GB00:32
ActionParsnipbraindev: if the ISO checks out then burning and booting will be a lot smoother00:32
ActionParsnipLars_G: i guess, backup your data first incase00:32
Lars_GBut, thing is I HATE /home on separate partitions00:33
* Lars_G sighs00:33
ign0ramusLars_G, makes upgrading much easier :)00:33
test34Lars_G, why? it's great00:33
Lars_Gbecause my needs balance, if I give home most of the hdd, eventually I have a spurt of installing stuff and / starves00:33
braindev@ActionParsnip: K3B shows that the MD5 sum is correct, but it showed a verification error. (it always does for a few months for some reason)00:33
Lars_Gand if I do it the other way, and get a lot of data, /home starves down00:33
* Lars_G sighs00:34
ign0ramusLars_G, either you're keeping too much, or an HDD upgrade is in order ;)00:34
Lars_GI might end up doing it anyhow00:34
Lars_Gign0ramus: It's a new machine, and I'm sharing it with it's windows install, which I use 2 minutes every 2 months00:34
Lars_Ga netbook00:34
ign0ramusLars_G, ah... that would do it :(00:34
ign0ramusLars_G, SSD or SATA?00:35
Lars_GI might downsize windows part a tad bit00:35
ign0ramusLars_G, so you have at least 100+GB, right?00:35
Amaranthign0ramus: SSD or HDD :)00:35
Lars_GRight now I use 13Gb on my whole linux partition00:35
ign0ramusLars_G, which version of windows are you using?00:35
AmaranthI guarantee a SSD is using SATA :P00:35
ign0ramusAmaranth, you are right, but you know what i meant :P00:35
Lars_GI think I'll give / 25 Gb and the rest of the 81 to /home00:36
Amaranthyay compiz is going to handle resolution changes properly soon00:36
Amaranthstarting with karmic people won't have to turn compiz off before giving a presentation00:36
ActionParsnipbraindev: not sure a verification is good. if you run (in terminal): md5sum <the iso file you have>00:36
thiebaudeAmaranth, cool00:36
Lars_Gign0ramus: If I do repartition, is there an Ubuntish guide to home partition encripting?00:36
ign0ramusLars_G, Win7 runs smoothly but needs like 17GB for an install. Keep XP if you're dual booting00:36
ign0ramusLars_G, http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/01/29/move-home-to-its-own-partition/00:37
XiXaQI've just installed karmic beta. I'm having some big problems with nm-applet. It doesn't let me configure my network interface. Am I right that the network connections are stored in gconf /system/networking/connections?00:37
Lars_Gign0ramus: this machine came with XP blessedly, smaller than win 7 or vista, and I'll keep that since it's a legal license00:37
Lars_GI am NOT buying a MS license, for this machine or any other00:37
ign0ramusLars_G, good idea. i keep my xp for my crappy printer and for rosetta stone, and nothing else00:37
Lars_GThere is only 2 MS programs which I consider they've done correctly. no more00:37
Lars_Gign0ramus: I mainly keep my XP for the very odd windows only program, and Symbian's SDK00:38
ign0ramusLars_G, what are the 2?00:38
XiXaQand can someone please confirm or deny that the connection dialog in nm-applet in karmic doesn't work?00:38
ActionParsnipbraindev: you can then compare it to these: http://es.releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/9.10/MD5SUMS00:38
Lars_Gign0ramus: Windows Server 2000 and Office 200300:38
braindevActionParsnip: K3B calculated the ISOs MD5 sum just like your console hint. This one is correct and the same as on the site. After writing the CD K3B said there was a verification when comparing the CD to the ISO image.00:38
ign0ramusLars_G, fair enough.00:38
Lars_Gign0ramus: On the usseable I conssider XP, on the bad I count w2k3 (sbs schema), and MS-SQL, on the horrible pits of hell gnawing at out reality there's office 2007 and exchange00:39
ActionParsnipbraindev: then the burn was bad, try again. burn as slow as you are allowed00:39
Lars_GActionParsnip: as-slow-as can sometimes overburn as well00:40
ign0ramusLars_G, haha... that is one reason i hate my job00:40
Lars_Gign0ramus: I'm IT, you tell it to me.00:40
ign0ramusLars_G, :)00:40
braindevActionParsnip: i cant go below 4x and i did. This is a good plextor writer, but i think it is time for a new one...00:40
Lars_Gign0ramus: Thankfully we have a guy who does windows stuff now, I only handle *nix systems00:40
ign0ramusLars_G, nice!00:41
Lars_Gign0ramus: Yeah but I have a legacy Red Hat 6.2 machine so it's not all roses00:41
ign0ramusLars_G, RHEL?00:41
Lars_Gthank gods I could get rid of the Solaris 6 radius in favor of a ubuntu LTS radius.00:41
pwnguinrhel is only up to 5.400:41
ign0ramuspwnguin, thanks, didn't know :)00:41
Lars_Gign0ramus: No, Red Hat 6.2, before RHEL00:41
Lars_Gthis runs kernel 2.200:42
Lars_Gand apache 100:42
Lars_Gat least 1.300:42
XiXaQError editing connection: property '%s' / '%s' invalid: %d NMSettingWireless <-- That's not good. I get that when adding a new wireless network. Can someone please check that?00:42
pwnguinrh 6.2 is ancient, hence the term "legacy machine"00:42
Lars_Ghad to patch and compile that one by hand, but I digress00:42
ign0ramusLars_G, O_o00:42
ActionParsnipbraindev: i'd try reburning. close all other apps to reduce issues00:43
Lars_GI like compiling (and writting) code, but the LAMP stack has always been a shitload to compile00:43
Lars_Gdid I ask if there's a ubuntuish manner guide to /home encryption already?00:43
ign0ramusLars_G, yeah. http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/01/29/move-home-to-its-own-partition/00:43
Lars_Gign0ramus: danke00:43
XiXaQis anyone here interested in Ubuntu Karmic?00:44
Lars_GAh shit, my yakuake is still broken00:44
* Lars_G whines00:44
ign0ramusLars_G, it's old, but it's just creating a mountpoint, copying files, etc00:44
thiebaudeXiXaQ, i sure am00:44
Lars_GXiXaQ: your irony is wasted00:44
ign0ramusXiXaQ, i use wicd, so i am sorry i cannot help you.00:44
ign0ramusXiXaQ, i can report that it is working fantasically, though :)00:44
yofelXgates: I use kde, and can't test it00:44
XiXaQthiebaude: do you agree that the default install of Ubuntu should be able to connect to the internet?00:44
Lars_GXiXaQ: mine is00:45
braindevActionParsnip: i even did a reboot since i know about this. I have downloaded from the following site and have compared the MD5 with the MD5SUMS file ... http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:45
XiXaQsomeone has to have network manager installed?00:45
Xgatesyofel: oh you mean for Synaptic?00:45
test34xixaq trolling00:45
thiebaudeXiXaQ, i'am not sure00:45
yofelXgates: sry, I meant XiXaQ00:45
yofelXgates: X <tab> got me ;)00:45
XgatesDopeGhot1: did you see the URL I posted on Grub2 for the vga parm?00:46
Xgatesyofel: hehe00:46
XiXaQtest34: I'm not trolling. I really do think it's important that users can connect to the internet. And the stuff I had to do to connect here, was not particularly easy. Networking seems completely broken from my pov.00:47
DopeGhot1Xgates: yes, I did, but I haven't had time to read it yet; minor fire to put out at work :)00:47
DopeGhot1(not literal fire)00:47
Xgatesahhh wheew I was like fire, ahhhhh00:47
ign0ramusXiXaQ, i actually agree with you, but unfortunately nm has never worked well for me, and so i install wicd on every new version.00:48
test34XiXaQ, ok, sorry.. I was also saying it for that: "<XiXaQ> is anyone here interested in Ubuntu Karmic?"00:48
Lars_Gign0ramus: that's just the move which I know how to do, what about the encripting part? I don't want to do this by hand or an extraneous way, since if ubuntu has config/scripts I can hook in I want to use those so I can update efortlessly00:48
XiXaQI didn't know that the scripts in /etc/init.d had been deprecated either. It made things even more complicated than they had to be.00:48
Lars_GXiXaQ: yeah it seems we're using upstart now, I still havent familiarized myself with it either00:48
ActionParsnipXiXaQ: bum can help you config them00:49
XiXaQtest34: because everyone was discussing redhat and windows xp. It's frustrating when you're trying to help confirm a bug on ubuntu.00:49
thiebaudei still get a blank dark screen on startup00:49
ign0ramusLars_G, ah, my mistake... i haven't messed with the encyrption options. maybe someone else will be a better resource00:49
XiXaQservice doesn't work either, so just restarting the network was a pain.00:49
thiebaudeXiXaQ, did you get your karmic updates today?00:50
Lars_Gthiebaude: try to go to console (ctrl-alt-f1) and see if you have video00:50
thiebaudeLars_G, ok00:50
Lars_Gthiebaude: did it work?00:52
thiebaudeLars_G, that was a bad trip00:52
scyxhi, does anyone have experience in how to set up a jaunty and karmic beta dual-boot?00:53
XiXaQthiebaude: I downloaded the beta iso today and did a compleyely fresh install. And there haven't been any updates to nm since then.00:53
thiebaudeLars_G, no it messed up like the old intel rgressions and restarted00:53
Lars_Gis it a laptop?00:53
XiXaQI'm downloading upgrades as we speak, though, so that might solve some of the other issues.00:53
test34XiXaQ, there wasnt any updates for me either (fresh beta install also).  Your networking is wifi?00:54
thiebaudei better check if there are more updates, but as of now 9.10 takes much longer to boot than 9.0400:54
XiXaQtest34: yes. eth0 works nicely. At least after I configured it manually.00:54
Lars_GXiXaQ: and does the wireless card show up in an ifconfig -a ?00:54
XiXaQthiebaude: really? It was lightning fast here. It rebooted faster than my coffeemaker. :)00:55
XiXaQLars_G: yes, it's working perfectly. It's the dialog that won't let you configure it manually. It "pretends" to have saved the config, but hasn't. If I create a new network, I get the error message i pasted above.00:55
Lars_GXiXaQ: do you have any kde elements installed?00:55
XiXaQLars_G: no, this is a clean ubuntu install.00:56
Lars_Gif so, you could get and try kde's networkmanager UI to test wether the error is on the UI or the backend00:56
Lars_Ghmmm ok00:56
XiXaQseems to be the gui.00:56
braindevActionParsnip: K3B wont read the CD on my computer from the very beginning. But it installed fine on my laptop ... WTF? I tried it using my plextor writer as well as my dvd00:56
XiXaQLars_G: I would prefer to confirm it by configuring it without any tools, completely manually, but I don't know how. I think it's stored in gconf /system/networking/connections, but I don't know how to add the other information there.00:57
Lars_Gafaik gconf will only store the GUI's conf00:58
Lars_Gyour'e right00:59
Lars_Git's on gconf00:59
thiebaudebbl i got more updates, and yay a chrome update of 11mb00:59
Lars_Gthiebaude: I update chrome every few minutes00:59
XiXaQLars_G: I found my network there though. But it's configured for dhcp, and I need to configure it manually.00:59
Xgatesdarn when I try to do an update I get an error msg: ---> InstallArchives() failed....00:59
Xgatesso now what?00:59
test34the mirror I was using didnt have any updates, but this one does.00:59
thiebaudeLars_G, chrome works perfectly i can what any videos and listen to audio00:59
Lars_Gthiebaude: yep, for me too, I use it as my main browser now01:00
thiebaudeLars_G, i wish ubuntu would set it as default01:00
thiebaudeLars_G, how do you get chrome updates every few minutes?01:01
Lars_Gthiebaude: it's ok for us, but it's still too beta for people at larfe01:01
Lars_Gthiebaude: I altered a script and cron-ed it01:01
scyxthinking about setting up a dualboot with jaunty and karmic beta.. when/before installing karmic, what do i have to consider concerning grub2 etc?01:01
thiebaudeLars_G, i predict chrome will be final by the year end01:01
Amaranthchromium is still very much alpha quality (it breaks at least once a week) and doesn't integrate into the desktop well01:02
mbeierlanyone know why ubuntu-desktop is kept back?01:02
Xgatesanyone got a clue?01:02
Amaranthmbeierl: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop will tell you01:03
yofelscyx: I don't have any expirience in dual booting ubuntu but you might want to read the grub2 wiki first01:03
yofel!grub2 | scyx01:03
ubottuscyx: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:03
XgatesI saw this online: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33506501:03
AmaranthXgates: not enough information01:03
Lars_GXiXaQ: Ok you found your connection in system->networking->connections right?01:03
XgatesAmaranth: huh?01:03
AmaranthXgates: Telling us it says "InstallArchives() failed" is worthless, there needs to be more information01:03
Xgatesthat's all it tells me01:04
XiXaQLars_G: right. But I don't know how a static configuration is supposed to look like there.01:04
mbeierlAmaranth: thanks - it decided to do the upgrade.  dist-upgrade kept it back... don't know why01:04
Lars_GXiXaQ: Yeah I'm trying to see if I have or can create any static 802.11 one to tell you01:04
AmaranthXgates: Well then the best we can do is guess01:04
Amaranthmbeierl: What did it have to do to get ubuntu-desktop upgraded?01:04
XgatesPackage Operation Failed - the installation or removal of a sofware package failed -  InstallArchives() failed....01:05
Xgatesthat's it...01:05
mbeierlAmaranth: remove libgd2-noxpm, add libgd2-xpm01:05
tobiwhich X11 version will ubuntu 9.10 have?01:05
Amaranthmbeierl: weird01:05
Amaranthtobi: the one it has right now (not 1.7)01:05
XgatesAmaranth: when it was starting to install the updated I got that msg as a popup01:05
AmaranthXgates: Is there a little arrow with "Terminal" next to it on the window?01:06
AmaranthOr "Show Details" etc01:06
Lars_GXiXaQ: "NetworkManager has limited support for static IP addressing. Configuration of static IPs is distribution specific and should use that distribution's normal network configuration methods."01:06
mbeierlAmaranth: weird, yes, but it did clear the hold, so I'm up to date now, thanks for the tip on finding out why01:06
XiXaQwhat the... my gconf was suddenly filled with a lot of new data.01:06
XiXaQLars_G: it's been working perfectly in jaunty though.01:06
AmaranthLars_G: That would be /etc/network/interfaces although iirc there is a known bug with networkmanager handling this01:06
AmaranthWell, known as in the developer just found out yesterday01:07
Lars_GXiXaQ: I guess that means you're editing /etc/netwokr/interfaces ??01:07
XiXaQLars_G: the only thing I need, is to configure it to use my gateway for internet. But this is probably only a glitch in the dialog.01:07
XiXaQLars_G: not in jaunty, no. Just using nm-applet.01:07
AmaranthExpect it to work correctly again soon, I guess01:07
AmaranthA week or so01:07
Lars_Gin jaunty you use the nm-applet ui01:07
Lars_Gbut on the backend it's interacting with interfaces01:07
AmaranthLars_G, XiXaQ: I'm talking to you guys :)01:08
Lars_GAmaranth: I see you ;)01:08
XiXaQAmaranth: hmm. I wasn't highlighted. :)01:08
AmaranthThus the poke. :)01:08
XiXaQAmaranth: elaborate please?01:08
XiXaQam I still here?01:09
AmaranthXiXaQ: The developer just discovered this was broken recently01:09
XiXaQAmaranth: what was broken?01:09
AmaranthXiXaQ: So hopefully he'll have a fix for it soon01:10
AmaranthXiXaQ: Editing static IP and etc data in network manager01:10
Lars_GXiXaQ: Frying chicken wings01:10
Lars_Goh shit01:10
Lars_GI installed karmic on ext401:10
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.01:10
Lars_GI bet parted or disk utility can't resize that tet01:10
Lars_GAmaranth: taken01:11
XgatesAmaranth: my bad let me run it from the CLI01:11
AmaranthXgates: I'm guessing it's openoffice.org-filter-binfilter01:12
XiXaQAmaranth: wouldn't happen to know how to configure network managers wireless interfaces manually, would you?01:12
XiXaQAmaranth: I'd really like to confirm that it's just a GUI-bug. After all, that'll be easily fixed.01:13
AmaranthXiXaQ: I'm afraid I forgot all of that once networkmanager started working01:13
AmaranthXiXaQ: When I need to do it manually I just start reading man pages again01:13
AmaranthXiXaQ: It's just a GUI bug though01:13
Lars_GXiXaQ: should be /etc/network/interfaces afaik01:13
XiXaQLars_G: no..?01:14
Xgatesok I'm forgetting my cmds, hehe what's the CLI cmd for getting updates?01:15
Lars_GXiXaQ: ip401:16
XgatesI just thought it was apt-get updates01:16
Lars_GXiXaQ: http://live.gnome.org/NetworkManagerConfiguration01:16
yofelXgates: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:16
Xgatesahhh upgrade01:16
Lars_GXiXaQ: see connection 1 in that example01:16
Lars_GXiXaQ: And thanks, that graph also helps me configure a bluetooth connection which I wasn't able to before01:18
Lars_GI wonder if there's a cli gconf editor01:18
nzmm_do the totem youtube or bbc plugins work for anyone?01:18
yofelLars_G: well, there's gconftool if you want to change something from cli or gconf-editor if you want a gui01:19
Lars_GHmm seems gconftool is it01:19
Lars_Gbut I wanted a ncurses one :)01:19
Lars_Gyofel: yeah, saw that. thanks01:20
yofelLars_G: don't be greedy :P01:20
Lars_GDude, I'm considering moving from kontact to alpine01:20
Lars_GI'm... into my odd phase01:20
arthurjohnsonLars_G: alpine rules.  I've used pine since '94, switched to Alpine when it was released.01:24
arthurjohnsonLars_G: I use it with my gmail account01:25
XgatesAmaranth: well it's running from the CLI ok, so something on the GUI level is mucking with it...01:25
XiXaQLars_G: hehe, you're welcome. But unfortunately for me, that doesn't look anything like what I have.01:30
Xgateshmm the fs got mucked up for me after my first update, anyone else? It had me run fsck to fix it01:31
=== wastrel__ is now known as wastrel
Lars_GXiXaQ: yes but you could make it.... you should have that structure, I have it on my gconf01:32
Xgateswell back to my first issue after the grub menu and Karmic starts loading I get the console for a few seconds spitting out it stuff then I get the Ubuntu logo, how can I get it to go straight from Grub to the Logo, instead of getting the console then the logo?01:32
XiXaQLars_G: how do I create the ipv4 folder?01:33
XgatesI gave it GRUB_GFXMODE= and changed the resolution all that did was change the size of the Grub menu...01:34
XiXaQLars_G: I tried to add a folder "ipv4" to $HOME/.gconf/system/networking/1/ipv4 and add a %gconf.xml to it, but that did nothing.01:34
XiXaQLars_G: uh.. I had a /connection/ between networking and 101:34
XiXaQbah. connections even.01:35
Lars_GI can't find how on the gconf-editor01:35
XiXaQLars_G: neither could I, which is why I tried to add it directly to the filesystem.01:36
XiXaQLars_G: but that didn't work either.01:36
Lars_Gsorry my gconf doesn't go that far01:37
maxbHrm. Has anyone else noticed that karmic doesn't seem to display progress for boot-time fscks any more?01:38
XgatesI can't be the only one, what after everyone boots from the Grub menu everyone is going straight to the boot logo without getting some load up info in the console?01:38
XiXaQLars_G: it's ok. Since it's actually working for me now, I guess I can wait for an update to nm-applet and see if that fixes it. But I can't understand how karmic could be released as beta with this bug. You'd think someone would have tested these basic things first.01:38
wastrelis anyone running koala?01:39
XiXaQbut I just installed a lot of updates, so I need to reboot. brb01:39
yofelwastrel: that question is pointless in this channel01:39
Lars_Gthat's the definition of a beta01:42
=== Guest77758 is now known as Pici
XDevHaldAre all the upgrades that have gone through the upstream been considered as an upgrade to Beta>01:43
maxbXDevHald: I don't understand what you're trying to ask.01:43
XDevHaldNeither am I.01:43
XDevHaldThe upstream has been pushing the downloaded repos to update manager, are they considered as upgrades?01:44
n00bcrHi, just upgrape to 9.10 and when booting it crash, Im not that expert at linux to figure this out... undefined symbol: udev_monitor_filter_add_match_subsystem_devt ...01:44
n00bcrwhere can I start, not much info on Google..01:45
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs01:46
darthanubisanyone using lifrea and find it to be segfaulting outof the blue?01:47
darthanubisok ...the power went  out and now liferea starts but upon trying to reload feeds, segfaults01:50
n00bcrwhere can I find help about 9.10 upgrade and then boot crash (mountall: symbol lookup error) ?01:57
feat2 days 14 hrs XD01:58
lenI noticed that flash doesn't work in fullscreen under firefox in the beta, nor does the pause/play button work.  Is this a known issue?02:07
darthanubisdb liferea 2>&1 | tee ~/gdb-<liferea>.txt02:10
darthanubisbash: liferea: No such file or directory02:10
darthanubisTrying to follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace02:10
darthanubisbut getting that bash error02:10
darthanubisI hate being dependent for help :/02:11
featgoogle   it02:12
darthanubisI always do that first02:12
feat2 hrs for 9.1002:13
test34which hi-def webcam would you recommend?02:17
feathaber que tal jala el beta en mi netboo02:19
Lars_Ga ver02:20
Lars_Gnot haber02:20
Lars_Gtest34: you're right in part, isn't that the chinesse room?02:21
test34Lars_G, yes it does sound like Chinese (but I know it's not)02:22
Lars_Ganyhow you should've directed him to the -es channel02:22
icerootanyone running karmic with vbox 3.06 succesfully?02:23
roffeI'm having a problem with chrome browser where I have to click an endless amount of time before a youtube-video starts, is it the same for you?02:23
albert23darthanubis: leave the < and > out of the filename. They have special meaning for bash.02:24
albert23so use gdb liferea 2>&1 | tee ~/gdb-liferea.txt02:24
test34roffe, endless is 3-6 times? I had this problem with firefox too (maybe it's a flash problem?)02:24
test34roffe, are you using 64bits?02:25
roffetest34, endless would be about 10 times. Yes, I'm running 64 bits02:25
test34roffe, I think I experienced the same problem and I don't use chrome02:26
unlinkHi, anyone good with a boot of death troubleshooting? A vostro which previously behaved badly with ACPI, now boot of death post 9.10 update...02:26
test34but I do use 64bits ubuntu02:26
test34roffe, Is it only when it's embedded ?02:26
UmeaboyIs there a way to find a certain error in the comouter by search for a string?02:27
roffetest34, I  just tried it on ff, and it worked flawless02:27
UmeaboyIn the boot-sequence I see that vbox has errors.02:27
roffetest34, no, on every youtube video02:27
UmeaboyIt should be displayed in dmesg, but I don't see it.02:27
UmeaboyI may be blind.02:27
test34roffe, did you install the latest updates?02:28
test34Umeaboy, dmesg | grep string ?02:29
roffetest34, yes, and I actually think it worked a tad better, however it's still pretty much crap02:29
test34Umeaboy, where string is case sensitive I think02:29
test34roffe, I will try to install chrome02:30
Umeaboytest34: No result.02:32
UmeaboyI wrote  dmesg | grep vbox02:32
mercutio22yes! the new UNR interface is very polished02:33
manshoonI cant seem to get my dvd player to work, I get errors in all media player like : "VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///dev/sr0'02:36
test34roffe, the latest version works fine here (only one click to play)02:37
test34Umeaboy, you could try to look at the log files in /var/log02:37
UmeaboyThis is weird. I got instructions during the boot to take a look in dmesg why there's a problem with vbox.02:37
roffetest34, thanks for trying, but damn it annoys me :/ I was pretty sure you'd encounter the same issues..02:38
Umeaboymanshoon: And you've installed all the necessary codecs?02:38
test34roffe, but I had a similar problem earlier with firefox.. do you have the latest flash vesion ?02:38
manshoonwell I installed css using the script02:38
test34I have
DKcrosshello people02:40
Umeaboyroffe: Tried installing Gnash?02:40
DKcrossany have idea about problem "bar 06" device not found02:40
DKcrosswhen ubuntu is starting02:40
roffetest34, yeah, I've got the same version :/02:40
roffeUmeaboy, no, but i have ion mind I didn't like gnash. Does it support 64-bit?02:41
manshoonall of them complain02:41
DanaGI also get the same BAR thingamajigger.02:43
manshoonwhat else is there besides libdvdread4 and libdvdcss?02:43
DKcrosshello... any know about the bug "bar 06" device not fund02:46
DKcross pci 0000:01:00.0: BAR 6: no parent found for of device [0xfffe0000-0xffffffff]02:47
DKcrosslike this02:47
test34if you send a crash report using the automated process (apport-bug) but don't fill the web form, does the bug still get reported?02:48
test34I'm guessing yes, but sometimes I don't have time or don't know how to describe the bug so I don't complete the process02:53
Umeaboyroffe: I've you have issues with Gnash, file a report & it'll get solved.02:56
UmeaboyAt least if you compare to filing a report for Adobe's Flash.02:56
manshoon_does hulu work for anyone here in konq?02:57
manshoon_it wont stream any content for me either02:58
test34manshoon, konqeror is really usable for web browsing?03:00
thiebaudeubuntu 9.10 i have to say is just incredible03:01
manshoon_well konqueror seems for the first time usable to me. I like it, but flash is just not working. I installed the adobe nonfree flash, but still in konq it says its using the netscape flashplayer-alternative03:03
manshoon_which makes me think its not using the same flash as firefox03:03
thiebaudei did the upgrade from 9.0403:04
roffetest34, just to let you know, I found others having the bug, and it appears to be due to compiz, since it's working fine under metacity03:05
thiebauderoffe, i didn't know there was a bug in compiz, because im using full desktop effects03:06
thiebaudehi alan03:07
bullgard4"New features since Ubuntu 9.04; These features are showcased for your attention. Please test them and report any bugs you find:;  * http://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs" -- What does mean "to showcast" here?03:08
roffethiebaude, my fault. it's probably not a bug in compiz, but in chrome under compiz03:08
test34roffe, you got the bug link?03:08
roffetest34, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=20654&q=youtube&colspec=ID%20Stars%20Pri%20Area%20Type%20Status%20Summary%20Modified%20Owner%20Mstone03:09
test34thanks roffe03:11
=== idleone_ is now known as IdleOne
boghoghi there, I want to help testing 9.10, but I was wondering; if I install the beta now, and the final is released eventually, will my beta installation just be upgraded to that through the package manager or is that more involved?03:17
roffeboghog, should be as simple as that03:18
test34boghog, should be as simple as that like roffe said but there is always that 1%03:20
roffeboghog, but you need to run update-manager -d03:20
=== boghog is now known as hnsr
bob_im trying to install package using kpackage and everytime i try it it says you dont have privilages? there is no prompt to enter a password to run as root??03:26
test34bob_, sudo ?03:32
blueglassesarmagetronad.real keeps running after app shutdown03:46
blueglassesany clues?03:46
blueglassesneed to close process by hand03:47
UmeaboyIs it possible to downgrade Ubuntu?03:47
UmeaboyTo do the opposite as upgrade.03:47
alokitorestart and shutdown options are gone from kde after I installed ubuntu-desktop03:48
alokitoany fix? I want to use gdm, not kdm03:49
test34alokito, tried ubuntu? not kubuntu?03:51
alokitotest34, they are fine in ubuntu03:51
alokitotest34, I installed ubuntu-desktop on kubuntu installation03:52
test34just curious: what does gdm have that kdm doesn't have?03:53
alokitotest34, karmic gdm has a nice splash screen, kdm doesn't03:55
sebsebsebalokito: Did you get GDM working?04:02
sebsebsebUmeaboy: I am replying to a little while ago now, maybe your still here04:03
sebsebseb!downgrade |  Umeaboy04:03
ubottuUmeaboy: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.04:03
alokitosebsebseb, I have no problem with gdm, the only problem is the restart and shutdown options are missing from kde4 kickofflauncher and anywhere else04:03
sebsebsebUmeaboy: Why do you want to do that?  also  you  can  do a clean install of 9.0404:03
sebsebsebalokito: ok well  I don't even like KDE4 as a GUI to differnet to KDE 3,  some  KDE apps in Gnome though :)04:04
crashsystemsIs anyone aware of an Xorg bug in Beta that would cause Xorg to take up 100% CPU on an Intel GPU, and not allow compiz to run?04:06
maccam941is it just me, or is http://packages.ubuntu.com down?04:08
Umeaboysebsebseb: On reason.............the mirrors for 9.10 isn't functioning properly.04:09
sebsebseb!slow |  Umeaboy04:09
ubottuUmeaboy: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.04:09
tyson_has anyone had any trouble with nvidia-settings being unable to parse the existing xorg.conf?04:10
sebsebsebUmeaboy: np04:11
UmeaboyWhen will the release become finished?04:11
sebsebsebUmeaboy: 29th October04:11
sebsebsebUmeaboy:  Have you got Ext4 now?  Or did you do a 9.04  Ext3 to 9.04 beta upgrade, and so don't have it?04:12
sebsebseb9.04 Ext3 to  9.10 Beta above04:12
IdleOne7 hours to download with torrent :(04:14
=== hif1 is now known as hifi
IdleOnethat is sad we need more peers and stop limiting upload speed people04:14
=== funkyHat_ is now known as funkyHat
musikgoatouch IdleOne, how many seeders?04:14
tyson_has anyone had any trouble with nvidia-settings being unable to parse the existing xorg.conf?04:14
IdleOnemusikgoat: 73 at the momment04:15
musikgoatIdleOne: i bet it will pick up, do you have incoming connections (e.g. port forwarding)04:15
sebsebsebIdleOne: hmm even your doing the beta interesting,   altough weren't you one that also stayed on Hardy for  stability reasons?04:15
IdleOnesebsebseb: I have always ran beta. since 6.0404:16
sebsebsebIdleOne: oh04:16
IdleOneonly thing is that with karmic I could not get past login screen with the alpha's04:16
IdleOnehoping beta works a little better04:16
IdleOnemusikgoat: port forwarding to?04:17
musikgoatto your torrent client04:17
Umeaboysebsebseb: My slot to the CDplayer won't eject.04:17
IdleOneUmeaboy: type eject04:18
IdleOnein terminal04:18
musikgoatIdleOne: it will let others connect to you to upload data, i.e. makes more connections and quicker torrents04:18
IdleOnemusikgoat: what port do I need to forward?04:18
musikgoatIdleOne: depends on your client, check you clients preferences for that info04:18
sebsebsebKarmic has been  pretty good for me since alpha 4,   chkdsk issue was annoying, but went :)   ufw got disabled hmm,  but I sorted that out.   Something minor on boot up messagewise.   Well I didn't lose sound like when I was testing jauntey.04:18
UmeaboyIdleOne: That didn't work.04:19
UmeaboyI'll reboot.04:19
IdleOnerebooting always works in windows :)04:19
sebsebsebIdleOne: it's kind of funny,  how loads  get the beta  that haven't done alphas,   beause they can't wait untill the final or whatever.04:20
sebsebsebIdleOne: was the heh at what you put?04:20
sebsebsebyes thought so since the messages appeard at like the same time04:21
IdleOneI wonder if all these new beta testers helps or hinders with bug reporting04:21
sebsebsebIdleOne: it's ashame that  the repos use the same servers or whatever, for all the releases,  making things slower for the other releases as well04:21
musikgoatthats why local mirrors rock04:22
musikgoatyou just have to find the good ones!04:22
sebsebsebIdleOne: I guess most people that try  alpha/beta of  whatever the next version of Ubuntu is at the time, don't report bugs04:22
IdleOnein a few days it will settle down and the repos will be back to normal04:22
musikgoatfor me its u of minn04:22
sebsebsebmusikgoat:  yeah04:22
sebsebsebIdleOne: yep04:22
sebsebsebmusikgoat: u of minn does not make sense04:23
musikgoatsebsebseb: i think there still is a good percentage that do... and it has to help, but that would be a good case study that canonical should put out (if they haven't already) "how crowdsourcing software testing helps development cycles"04:24
sebsebsebmusikgoat: crowdsourcing???04:24
musikgoatsebsebseb: i'm in chicago, and i pull quickest downloads from mirror.cs.umn.edu04:24
musikgoatsure, putting betas out for people to download and report bugs, instead of having internal employees test04:25
musikgoatsebsebseb: its like outsourcing, but to the masses04:25
musikgoatsebsebseb: even MS realized the benefits, which came MSDN and then even public betas with win 704:26
IdleOneok port is forwarded. do I need to restart transmission?04:26
sebsebsebmusikgoat: yes I  was just typing something like that,  that even Microsoft  did something like that with Windows 704:26
musikgoatIdleOne: yes04:26
sebsebsebmusikgoat: Thing is though if Microsoft were like an opensource company their  beta would have been the alpha,  and the release candidate would have been the beta,  I guess04:27
vinomanenjoying 9.10 beta. have noticed that the mouse does not wake up the desktop out of screensaver mode. I have to hit any key.04:27
musikgoatIdleOne: have you forwarded ports before, sometimes routers are tricky... i've suggested portforward.com to others who are unfamiliar04:27
IdleOnemusikgoat: yeah got it. 1h 40 min now04:27
sebsebsebmusikgoat: much more testing done with most/all opensource/freesoftware before final releases, where as with most/all  commercial software  final releases are rushed out pretty quickly really04:27
IdleOnethanks for the suggestion04:28
musikgoatIdleOne: nice!04:28
musikgoatsebsebseb: hmm, well I would just separate the open source from the open testing... an open source company doesn't have to source development builds04:28
IdleOnemusikgoat: 15 minutes would of been a lot nicer :) but beggars can't be choosers hehe04:28
musikgoatbut its dumb not to let out betas for testing... its useful to get a gamut of environments04:29
IdleOnethink I'll seed for a few days also04:29
musikgoatIdleOne: it could speed up as more connections are established04:30
sebsebsebmusikgoat: yep  letting out test releases is good, thing is with Ubuntu,  some people that shoudn't really be testing it end up with  development versions of Ubuntu,  because of people mentioning it in the main Ubuntu channel04:31
musikgoatsebsebseb: yeah, i agree that there are repercussions but does the good outweigh the bad?04:32
sebsebsebmusikgoat: there was even a guy in there earlier,  who  it seems  thought loads of  Ubuntu users should  get Karmic now, because it's beta, and so more stable04:33
sebsebsebmusikgoat: ,but then when I said stuff about Ext4, he didn't seem to really know what I was on about or something04:33
vinomanhas anyone else notice that your mouse doesn't work after the screensaver starts?04:33
musikgoatI think that the fact that the installer makes it clear about what you are getting yourself into,  they are trying to let people know04:34
musikgoatvinoman: its a bug with gl based screensavers, its been around since jaunty unfortunately04:34
musikgoatvinoman: let me see if i can find the bug, i've subscribed to it04:35
vinomanI haven't noticed it before, it doesn't effect jaunty on my laptop04:35
sebsebsebmusikgoat: and even beta,  means something could maybe happen, giving people a reason to clean install,  but  a lot of people don't reolize this04:35
musikgoatsebsebseb: yeah, true04:36
musikgoatsebsebseb: do you propose that the alphas/betas be restricted in some way?04:36
vinomanmaybe I'll try another screensaver.04:37
musikgoatbug 27314204:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273142 in gnome-screensaver "screensaver won't release with mouse movement" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27314204:37
sebsebsebmusikgoat: Why do you ask that, your a developer?04:37
musikgoatsebsebseb: oh no04:37
musikgoatsebsebseb: just conversing04:37
sebsebseblet's see if it works here04:38
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:38
sebsebseboh it does04:38
sebsebsebmusikgoat: right well that factoid04:38
sebsebsebmusikgoat: the guy  I was on about earlier,  was suggesting in the main Ubuntu channel,  that  the  bit about Karmic  breaking should be removed now, because it's beta04:38
musikgoatsebsebseb: i work for a software company and we beta stuff to some customers, and have had that dialog,  does it hurt the company's rep when the software breaks?04:38
sebsebsebmusikgoat: thinking it's more stable as a result, so it won't brake04:38
musikgoatsebsebseb: lolz04:39
mercutio22I used to be able to scroll down pages by using two fingers in my toouchpad04:39
sebsebsebmusikgoat: basicalley yeah, and thinking it's a scary mesage to be telling users that want Karmic or whatever04:39
mercutio22this feature is gone now.04:40
sebsebsebmusikgoat: If I remember correctly,  he didn't like how  karmic development and stable  Ubuntu release support,  were seperate even04:40
musikgoatmercutio22: its not the default anymore, but its editable in your mouse settings.04:40
musikgoatmercutio22: i have an eee and lost that ability too ;)04:40
mercutio22musikgoat: so thats on purpose? that was very useful04:41
sebsebsebmusikgoat: that's good to keep them seperate,   and maybe there should be a little more warning about things braking in a development version,  but I guess it's fine realy how it is now04:41
mercutio22musikgoat: how do you get it back?04:41
musikgoatmercutio22: i don't know if it was on purpose04:41
mercutio22musikgoat: maybe we should file a bug04:41
musikgoatgo to preferences -> mouse04:41
musikgoatmercutio22: its a preference now, so you have the ability to set the option04:42
musikgoatIn my opinion its not really a bug, but thats just me04:42
mercutio22musikgoat: I see, but it would be nice if it was enabled by default04:43
sebsebsebmusikgoat: Don't know about you, but  well  stable Ubuntu gets boring for me after a while really,  so it's nice to be able to test the next one.  Plus as someone that has used since the second release, I should be doing that really.04:43
musikgoatmercutio22: sure, but what about the people that like the scroll on the right columm?04:43
musikgoatmercutio22: thats why we have "preferences" ;)04:44
musikgoatsebsebseb: I concur, I don't know how the debian folks do it... I like new stuff!!04:44
sebsebsebmusikgoat: same here,  which is one reason I don't run Debian,  well could do testing I suppouse hmm, but stable is well behind04:45
sebsebsebmusikgoat: no Ext4 support yet even as far as I know04:45
mercutio22musikgoat: I see your point, I thought I would have both methods simultaneously04:45
musikgoatsebsebseb: but even testing is like ubuntu stable04:45
musikgoatmercutio22: hmm, thats a good idea04:45
sebsebsebmusikgoat: apparantly Ubuntu stable is based on testing04:45
sebsebsebor something like that04:45
mercutio22musikgoat: well, its good as it is04:47
musikgoatsebsebseb: right, i don't remember the exact relationship either, but iirc ubuntu is downstream of debian testing04:47
musikgoatmercutio22: cool!04:47
sebsebsebmusikgoat: What does iirc mean again?04:47
musikgoatif I remember correctly04:47
* sebsebseb wonders if he ever knew what it meant, he/I guesses/guess so04:48
musikgoatso patches that get pushed into debian testing will then be pushed to ubuntu stable04:48
sebsebsebmusikgoat: If I am correct Ubuntu is basically always a bit more cutting edge then Debian,  which  I guess might be why  some people say Ubuntu is never stable.04:50
DanaGHmm, something that fails in the new preferences:04:51
DanaGYou can't have BOTH methods of scrolling at the same time.04:51
wastrelDanaG: it's annoying yes!04:53
musikgoatDanaG: that is what mercutio22 suggested, doesn't seem to be an option :-/04:53
wastrelDanaG: install gpointing-device-settings  that will let you configure both04:54
musikgoatsebsebseb: As Ubuntu prepares for release, we "freeze" a snapshot of Debian's development archive. We start from the development version in order to give ourselves the freedom to make our own decisions with regard to release management, independent of Debian's release-in-preparation. This is necessary because our release criteria are very different from Debian's.04:54
musikgoatsebsebseb: from http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/Debian04:54
DanaGwatch out if you use gpointing-device-settings.... gnome-settings-daemon will fight over the settings with it.04:54
DanaGThey'll both repeatedly try to apply their own settings.04:55
sebsebsebmusikgoat: Yes I was thinking you copied that in from a website04:55
musikgoatsebsebseb: :)04:55
DanaGSo you'll find one scrolling method will be enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled,04:55
DanaG... you get the point.04:55
sebsebsebmusikgoat: Yes I heard something like that before as well, that the Ubuntu repos are based on Debian04:55
tj83desktop share photo. http://imagebin.ca/view/8QkCJw0.html karmic is looking good04:56
sebsebsebmusikgoat: and I was thinking about if  I knew what irrc  actsauly meant or not hmm heh04:56
musikgoatsebsebseb: so a release (stable) would be more cutting edge than debian stable, but not really much off from debian testing around that time04:56
musikgoatpretty tj8304:57
sebsebsebmusikgoat: above hmm = thinking   heh = fake laughter.   Anything else, or is it time for me to go away from my computer for a bit?04:58
tj83Internet relay chat04:58
musikgoatlol ?04:59
sebsebsebtj83: IRC yes, but irrc no that's  if  I  remember correctly04:59
sebsebsebtj83: uh  iirc I meant04:59
tj83my fault,04:59
musikgoatsebsebseb: are you asking about common acronyms?05:00
* tj83 is curious what iirc is05:00
sebsebsebmusikgoat: I was a bit,  and thanks for the  Debian/Ubuntu stuff by the way05:00
sebsebsebtj83: as I already  said :)    if  I remember correctly05:01
musikgoatsure, you obviously know though... hopefully the beta testing goes well for you,  btw,  you should hit up your LoCo if there is one for Bug Day this weekend05:01
sebsebsebmusikgoat: loco as in in person stuff or?05:01
* tj83 googled and got his answer... wow, time for sleep05:02
sebsebsebmusikgoat: I haven't  done  Linux User Groups in person or stuff like that05:02
ubottuInformation on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams05:02
sebsebsebmusikgoat: I might be running a cross between alpha6 and beta now I don't know05:02
mikedep333hey, am I supposed to report duplicate bugs using the automated crash handler in karmic?05:03
musikgoatmikedep333: if the bug is reported, then you shouldn't re-report it, just click "me too"05:04
mikedep333ok, thanks05:04
musikgoatsebsebseb: if your interested: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam05:04
sebsebsebmusikgoat: I have been on that before05:04
sebsebsebmusikgoat: bug reporting means logging into my old luanchpad account and uh,  so nah,  plus the issues I have had,  with Karmic, are probably standard ones anyway, that loads of others have had as well05:05
musikgoatsebsebseb: ok05:06
sebsebsebmusikgoat: thanks though I guess05:07
musikgoatsure thing05:07
sebsebsebmusikgoat: hmm  can I get into my old luanchpad account still,  it's been  quite a long while05:07
musikgoatsebsebseb: :P don't ask me, but I don't think the admins tend to prune old accounts often05:08
musikgoatsebsebseb: I was able to merge an old account with my current one a year or so ago05:09
musikgoatand that account was a couple years old05:09
sebsebsebmusikgoat: I was thinking if I can  get hold of the username and password still or whatever05:09
sebsebsebmusikgoat: or reset password05:09
musikgoatsebsebseb: the username is an email address, so that tends to be easy05:09
musikgoatand launchpad is much cleaner yay!05:10
sebsebsebmusikgoat: I have a feeling it might be one in that case though,  that I no longer have access to.   Plus I was thinking email  password reminders.  Hmm at  unessarey highlights oh well,  and luanchpad is now open source.05:10
musikgoatsebsebseb: nice, i didn't hear about that, good news!05:13
sebsebsebmusikgoat: indeed05:13
sebsebsebmusikgoat: I think it's been a while now with it being open source, but not that long.05:14
sebsebsebmusikgoat: well yes it's been a while05:14
musikgoati was just reading, since july, not that long05:14
sebsebsebmusikgoat: ok05:16
=== akioghoster is now known as akio
* DanaG slaps the Gnome devs for ignoring the possibility of "both" on scrolling.05:24
=== Xgates is now known as TheSubverter
akiotwo finge?05:25
=== TheSubverter is now known as Xgates
akioDanaG, what are you talking about?05:26
DanaGLook at the touchpad settings.05:26
DanaG"Two Finger".05:26
DanaG... okay, isn't something missing there?05:27
akionot really05:27
akioI wouldn't think to have both05:27
akiothat seems like overkill05:27
DanaGWell, but it should at least be POSSIBLE, right?05:27
akioi figure if you have the ability to do both you wouldn't car4 about edge scrolling05:28
akioi mean two finger scrolling05:28
DanaGOtherwise, it's like those people who review hardware and never even think to try Linux.... or like Phoronix testing SSDs but not testing boot time.05:28
akio(im a bit drunk)05:28
DanaGI like having the flexibility to do both -- and I could in the past.05:28
DanaGLike, the new Wacom Bamboo multitouch tablet.... not a single person has yet reviewed one with Linux.05:29
akioI don't think mine supports two finger scrolling, but I wish it did05:29
akionope, but those are awesome05:29
DanaGDo you have one?05:30
DanaGOh yeah, my touchpad only can do "fake" multifinger.05:30
DanaGMy old laptop did real multi-finger.05:30
akioi used to go to school with some graphic artists05:30
hnsrwow, lots of weirdness when I (try to) reboot after installation completes on my laptop with intel graphics, seems to be stuck in some permanent loop where it kills gdm, switches to vt, starts gdm or X again (i get to see the background at least), over and over05:30
DanaGThe multitouch one is very new... like a couple of months old.05:30
DanaGBoo on Synaptics for actively crippling new products, and making them inferior to old ones.05:30
akioi only saw the bamboo, didn't know there was a new one05:31
hnsrhmm, it's endlessly respawning gdm it seems05:31
=== Guest5000468 is now known as JoeSomebody
hnsrDanaG, the multitouch tablets arent supported yet by linuxwacom i read on the wacom ML, I think you can get some initial support by adding the pci id, but only the pen will work05:32
DanaGHmm, it's not a standard HID device? Bummer.05:33
DanaGI really really really want somebody to make something just like the Fingerworks boards that Apple bought out and killed, oh so many years ago.05:33
legend2440i was wondering why my /boot/grub folder is full of  mod files with an audio icon05:33
hnsrwell it might be actually, I'm not really sure how wacom tablet are supported on linux, but the dev said there's some work in volved in making the miltutouch work05:33
hnsranyone know how one could escape from this gdm-respawning loop05:34
DanaGhmm, how about single-touch? Or multi-touch as in like a touchpad, with mere two-finger-scroll and not much else?05:35
hnsri'm not sure if I'll fubar my installation if I forcibly shutdown my laptop now :/05:35
hnsrsounds like no touch at all for now: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=167e8a330910021409n67417f81i4cd13f0a0af4bd5c%40mail.gmail.com&forum_name=linuxwacom-devel05:36
Mocis it normal I can't install software from the ubuntu software center in 9.10 beta ? There is no install buttons05:46
idyleHi, I just did an upgrade and I have some unmet depends => libc6, libc6-dev, libc6-i386 -- should I just do upgrade -f (force)? or will this break stuff?05:46
legend2440is it normal for /boot/grub folder to be full of mod files?05:47
sebsebsebMoc: oh it's not the  repo is slow issue05:47
musikgoatidyle: you could try a dist-upgrade05:47
musikgoatlegend2440: yes05:47
idylemusikgoat: I'm already on karmic05:47
musikgoatits because you now have grub205:47
MocI hope the user login screen will be updated before release, the default one is alittle boring05:47
legend2440musikgoat: ok thanks05:47
sebsebsebMoc: yeah brown and uh05:48
musikgoatlegend2440: also, keep in mind that you don't edit /boot/grub/menu.lst anymore, just in case you were looking for it05:48
sebsebsebMoc: well there's the new boot up and shut down theme05:48
MocIm talking about the square box with your name in it05:48
sebsebsebMoc: that's the new GDM05:48
legend2440musikgoat: ok thanks05:48
sebsebsebMoc: Do you see a background on it?05:48
Mocsebsebseb: to the full screen yes, but not in the white box05:49
MocIt really make the login screen ugly compare to 9.0405:49
sebsebsebMoc: yeah I am wondering about themeing the new GDM personalley,  and I have been testing  Karmic since alpha4, and it seems I can't  theme the new GDM or something hmm05:49
sebsebsebI want the nice blubuntu theme from the repo for the new GDM as well05:50
sebsebsebMoc: ,but when I looked around for  themeing GDM,  not sure where the settings are05:50
legend2440i backed up karmic with clonezilla after i got it setup the way i wanted. then to test the img file i restored it. after that Grub2 would not load. i tried the grub2 restore instructions but they didnt work. what is a reliable way to backup karmic?05:50
sebsebsebMoc: the new GDM is actsaully one reason  why  I might not upgrade the other computer any time soon,  well unless I can theme it hmm05:51
MocI try to stay what the os give me... So I do home there something that look alittle better for release05:51
sebsebsebother computer it won't upgrade  to anything, but finals05:51
sebsebsebyes same here,  I  stay with what the OS gave me, or do only rather basic customizing05:51
sebsebsebI like good defaults as well,  I am not so sure about 9.10 by what I have seen05:52
sebsebsebwhen it comes to eye candy05:52
MocI just mounted an 46" monitor in my room, and I couldn't get high rez with my old dell d610, upgraded to 9.10 and it looking good, it weird how the open source ati driver came along05:52
MocI find the Mail/IM icons too pale05:53
musikgoatlegend2440: tar?05:53
Mocvolume and batt are too pale also05:53
legend2440musikgoat: ok will look into tar. thanks05:54
sebsebsebMoc: ok just gave the  Ubuntu Software  Centre (yes the British spelling is the proper way :) )  another try, because of you05:54
sebsebsebMoc: indeed would be nice if there was an install button for an app that you want to install05:54
sebsebseb,but no there isn't, but you can do file and then install05:54
musikgoatlegend2440: :)  let me point you to some suggestions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR05:54
Mocit gray out05:54
legend2440musikgoat: thanks05:55
MocIt say, not available in current data05:56
hnsragainst what application should I file a bug for a missing icon theme? some themes depend on the 'Human' icon theme, but this theme is installed so it gives a warning and some icons are missing from various menus05:56
hnsrs/is installed/is not installed/05:56
sebsebsebMoc: The name of the program is also spelt the American way center,  when really the correct spelling is Centre :)  Used to be called Ubuntu App Store.  Store isn't British English either Shop would be, but  Store is better than Center :)05:57
sebsebsebMoc: Shame about the name, nice little program though, not really needed though,  Synaptic or add/remove or good enough really05:57
sebsebseband  installing stuff with commands :)05:57
sebsebsebMoc: maybe you got a bug with it05:58
Mocyes am about to apt-get my stuff05:58
maccam941sebsebseb: well sotware center will replace add/remove05:59
maccam941and probably synaptic some day06:00
sebsebsebmaccam941: and hopefuly be spelt  the British way centre :)   by default, but no  the American way hmm,  well  in that case I hope for those with  British English that they get the name with Centre in the menu and the program itself hmm06:00
maccam941sebsebseb: there's a reason they have translation teams06:01
sebsebsebmaccam941: yep06:01
maccam941and multiple language packs06:01
sebsebsebmaccam941: add/remove is part of upstream Gnome isn't it?   This  Ubuntu  App Centre isn't06:01
maccam941i think canonical made add/remove and pushed it upstream06:02
maccam941in any case software center will eventually become the default package management app06:02
maccam941it'll replace gdebi and update-manager and synaptic and add/remove06:02
akioI just revisited LOLCODE06:02
sebsebsebuh  software centre :)06:02
Dr_Williswonder if they will make a console version.06:03
maccam941sebsebseb: potato potato06:03
Dr_Willisits potatoe06:03
MocI had to select another mirror than the canadian mirror06:03
sebsebsebmaccam941: synaptic being replaced by  software centre, that woudn't be a good thing06:03
sebsebsebmaccam941: Synaptic can do a lot more it seems :)06:03
maccam941sebsebseb: it will be, eventually06:03
maccam941they just started writing it this cycle06:04
Mocsynaptic = admin tool06:04
hnsranyone else here running 9.10 notice that some themes depend on 'Human' icon theme, wihch isn't installed?06:04
maccam941have you guys even looked at the spec page?06:04
Dr_WillisId like to see them expand the 'tagging' system on all the packages.. i often have a hard time finding a package that i 'rember using ages ago' :)06:04
hnsrim trying to  figure out if I should file a bug against it, cant find anything related on launchpad06:04
hnsrnor can I figure out which package to even file it against06:04
sebsebsebmaccam941: well  I guess it will be ok if  it's better than Synaptic, but   it still won't be part of upstream Gnome I guess06:04
sebsebsebmaccam941: spec page???06:05
maccam941"In application menus etc, the Center should appear as “Ubuntu Software Center”. This name should be localized (for example, as “Centre” in Commonwealth countries)."06:06
sebsebsebmaybe I should do a bug report for the    wrong spelling  for  Software Centre  :D no point   seriously though, since  American English is the default English for most computer stuff, even though  British English is the only true English :)06:06
sebsebsebAmerican spellings even though where Canonical is located,  well  not a big deal, but still hmm06:08
maccam941sebsebseb: did you not read what i just wrote? have you set your locale to en_gb?06:08
sebsebsebmaccam941: yes I did a while ago06:08
Dr_WillisI can think of bigger annoyances.  with the 'software Center'06:08
sebsebsebstill ended up with the Firefox user agent saying en-us in it though :(06:08
sebsebseb,but  I fixed that myself :D06:08
maccam941sebsebseb: i think firefox has its own localization packages06:09
sebsebsebapparantly  the translations come later06:09
Mocdamn out of disk space..06:09
Eloneanyone, tried installing VNware? it stop working @ 62% @@; any clue? ~06:10
sebsebsebmaccam941: I didn't really  think about this stuff before, but then more recently,  I got in contact  with someone on IRC, (well it's been months now or whatever), but he does  en gb  for  Gnome06:10
sebsebsebmaccam941: actsaully that's not quite true, since  the first proper website I did,   I ended up calling the thing in HTML for the external style sheet  .centre   anyway this is a bit off topic really06:11
Dr_WillisHmm. I cant even get the software-center to actually install anything...06:12
sebsebsebDr_Willis:  since the repos are having issues? since this issue?06:13
ubottuThe Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.06:13
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  im installing stuff via apt-get fine now. so i just now fires up softeare center, clicked on a game, clicked install.. nothing.. no messages in the terminal, or any feedback at all.06:13
Dr_WillisI will try again in a min.06:14
sebsebsebDr_Willis: using software centre to try it?   you install with apt-get normalley don't you?06:14
Dr_Willisright. I tried to install wesnoth via software center, no feedback, click install.. wait.. nothing.....06:14
Dr_Willisclose it.. apt-get install wesnoth-all   took right off.06:14
sebsebsebwell that would be interseting if there's a software centre bug in the beta,  resulting in people not being able to install anything from it06:15
Dr_Willistry looking for the ssh server in the software center.. i couldent even find that.06:15
Dr_Willislooked for ssh, and 'openssh'06:16
sebsebsebDr_Willis: I think since it's basic and a replacement for add/remove06:16
sebsebsebDr_Willis: or I should  say will be a replacement for it06:16
sebsebsebby the sounds of it hmm06:16
Dr_Willistrying it on the other machine. lets see06:16
Mocdamn, my audio playback in vlc stop for 200ms every few second06:17
Dr_Willisi wonder if the 3d chess program actually DOES 3d now....06:18
Mocplayback is fine in totem06:18
chu_Hey guys - I'm currently on Jaunty, though my wireless is broken. I'm thinking of either re-installing Jaunty, or jumping onto Karmic beta (I jumped onto Jaunty beta from Intrepid and had no isses, if anything the experience was made better by Jaunty, even at beta), so I'm open for anything. I do have a separate /home partition, so re-install is just as easy as an update (or so I have heard, not that I have ever done a re-install).06:19
Dr_WillisOk. software center is installing 3d chess on my other machine (the one that is still alpha-6 (not upgraded yet)06:19
sebsebsebchu_: could do, but right now well this06:19
sebsebseb!slow |  chu_06:19
ubottuchu_: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.06:19
Dr_WillisHeh.. 3d chess STILL has broken '3d'06:19
chu_So I should probably download the Karmic beta and do a re-install that way?06:20
sebsebsebDr_Willis: Well that's expected06:20
sebsebsebchu_: could do, but right now things will be slow06:20
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  its been broken since the earliest release of ubuntu ive ever tried. :)06:20
chu_Even over torrent?06:20
sebsebsebchu_: sounded like it earlier06:20
Mocif vlc doesn't work ok on 9.10 i will not update06:20
sebsebsebchu_: well you can try06:20
Dr_WillisNo Python OpenGL suppot,No Python GTKGLExt support - is the error dialog message.06:21
chu_Indeed, I'll hang around here for a while, do you have any tips on doing a re-install?06:21
Dr_Willisvlc works fine here for me on 9.1006:21
sebsebsebchu_: of course since beta, might end up with some other issue,  resulting in you having a reason to do a clean install of the final, but by the sounds of it that won't be much of an issue, seperate /home after all06:21
sebsebsebchu_: and the beta causing dataloss from your seperate /home I doubt it06:21
sebsebsebDr_Willis: Which release?06:22
chu_Right now, my /home partition is a *mess*, lots of stuff added and removed, lots of "zombie" dirs just floatin around - is there anyway I can go through them and remove the stuff I don't need?06:22
sebsebsebchu_: When doing Karmic make sure you have /  as Ext4 :)06:22
chu_So I can grab a perfect back-up of my home dir.06:22
sebsebsebchu_: by default  for clean installs Karmic will do / as Ext4  and put the other stuff in it06:22
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  iv not updated this alpha6 box yet today.. but ive been watching vlc videos on it all week. (or were you talking about the chess program?) :)06:22
chu_Yeah, will do (I did an upgradeto Jaunty so never got the chance for ext4)06:23
sebsebsebDr_Willis: Which version of Ubuntu  was the earliest you used?06:23
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  Hmm.. warty? i forget teh cute names..06:23
sebsebsebchu_: Well you could have converted the Ext3 to Ext4 in Jauntey, but  Jauntey also doesn't have perfect Ext4 support, because of the kernel they have and that (hmm at the amount of times I have said this kind of thing in #ubuntu )06:23
Mocnow vlc is not responding... !! noo06:24
chu_I'm actually running 2.6.30 on Jaunty atm.06:24
* sebsebseb is looking forward to the 9.04 final, so that around then he can start telling loads of people to do Ext4 :)06:24
chu_Had to update the kernel to support my laptop's acpi readings..06:24
sebsebseb9.10 above06:24
Dr_Willisyea - got the chess game to actually do 3d. :)06:25
sebsebsebDr_Willis: oh~?06:25
Dr_Willishad to install 2 extra packages -->  python-gtkglext106:26
Dr_Willislast time i tried to get it going (a year ago+) one of those packages i think wasent even in the repos06:27
sebsebsebDr_Willis: ok well  that could be useful info for certain people,  I don't even know how to play chess hmm06:27
Dr_WillisInteresting theres '3d' chess - thats a 3d (3 levels of boards) chess game,, then theres the chess game that has 3d 'rendered/board'06:27
Dr_Willis!info bouncy06:30
ubottubouncy (source: bouncy): eat the yummy veggies in the garden - game for small kids. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.6.20071104-3 (karmic), package size 300 kB, installed size 1616 kB06:30
Dr_WillisHmm. Just comparing the listings of 'software center' and what i see with apt-cache, and there seems to be a lot missing software center.06:32
chu_Sweet Telstra have Ubuntu mirrors I have never known about, they have the 9.10 desktop beta ISO available.06:42
iflemaunmetered... cool mhuh06:42
iflemaabout the only cool thing about telstra06:43
chu_Pretty much :p06:43
iflemachu: i take it you know about the repos06:43
chu_Though, unmetered repos makes Linux a win06:43
chu_Yeah, pretty much just discovered.06:44
iflemaa win or a windows???06:44
iflemachu: theres more mirror.files.bigpond.com06:45
chu_Anyway, going to update to 9.10 later today I think, nice to know I don't have to dog down the ubuntu servers.06:45
musikgoatoh man, the aussies are up, its bed time for me j/k :P06:45
Dr_WillisBe nice to see a web site showing all the servers loads, so we could switch to unloaded ones06:45
chu_In software sources, I just changed the "Download from" to http://mirror.files.bigpond.com/ubuntu ?06:46
musikgoatDr_Willis: I would think that the mirrors would like that as well!06:46
Dr_Willischu_:  i was wondering that also. :)06:46
iflemachu_: no punch in that address into browser and looksee06:47
Dr_Willisi see the index of ubuntu. :)06:47
iflema- ubuntu06:47
fbdystangchu_ that is cool06:48
iflema3 of my favs06:48
iflemarepos for all06:48
chu_There is no way of changing my "default" repo to that is there?06:49
chu_Possibly with the cli :p06:49
chu_Using Software Sources I don't think so.06:49
iflemaonly thing with telstra/ubuntu.... no multiverse06:49
* Dr_Willis tries the 'select best server' button.06:49
frybyere - for some reason the status-bar (-panel) has migrated from bottom edge of screen to near the top - how can I get it back to the bottom??06:49
chu_291 tests!06:49
iflemaat least not 3 months ago06:49
Dr_Willis325 tests here06:50
Dr_Willisit picked one in this state.. not a suprise. :)06:50
frybyeOK - done it! with alt + left-mouse and drag...06:50
chu_There's a repo at ANU too, though I don't know how to configure it.06:51
frybyehmmm should have thought of it quicker...06:51
chu_I am a student at ANU, so that could be good.06:51
cwillu_frybye, alt-drag the panel06:53
iflemachu_: if ya like i can send ya a file called sources.list its about 5 lines.. if ya drop into /etc/apt/ bigpondll take over06:54
Dr_Willisfastest servers are across the world. :) thats always amuseing06:55
iflemaactually google it06:56
* nonix4 ponders about BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>06:59
cwillu_guess you saw that07:05
hifinfs-common is broken07:17
Frickelpithifi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nfs-utils/+bug/44105507:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441055 in nfs-utils "package nfs-common 1:1.2.0-2ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: " [High,Fix released]07:18
hifiok, waiting for the new package07:19
Eloneanyone, tried installing vmware? it stop working @ 62% @@; any clue? ~07:20
Dr_Willisths instalation of vmware hung you mean? or the installing of ubuntu ON a vmware VM hung?07:22
tonyyarussoI see that both ubuntu-wallpapers and gnome-screensavers add files to /usr/share/backgrounds - am I to understand that there's some interchangability between the two?07:32
KnifeySpooneyMy xbootsplash looks very low quality. I thought it was just normal until I saw lifehacker's bootsplash quality -- http://cache-03.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/17/2009/10/500x_karmic2_splash.jpg . Are there any settings I can change to increase the quality of my bootsplash?07:34
KnifeySpooneyNevermind. Someone posted it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xsplash/+bug/43303407:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433034 in xsplash "New Karmic xsplash theme looks bad at high resolution (dup-of: 423632)" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423632 in xsplash "xsplash wallpaper gradients are massively distorted at 16bpp depth" [Medium,Fix committed]07:45
topyliDopeGhot1, thanks for the grub2 auth hint07:47
jarkkohi guys, do know what causes to load a second instance of network manager and kmix into system tray in kubuntu karmic?07:49
pwnguinyay, new wacom fixes my pen07:51
alokitodo the main server and server for united states get updated at the same time?07:57
alokitomain server is too slow so thinking about switching to a server that gets updated as soon as a package is released07:57
=== malnilion_ is now known as malnilion
Veinor_global bug jam, whooooo08:00
=== Veinor_ is now known as Veinor
dv-what's the deal with nautilus mounting drives to random points each time? every time I mount a drive now it has to read all the media all over again because the mount point has changed08:02
alokitodv-, to mount ntfs drives automatically use the ntfs-config tool08:03
cailleani wonder where apport saves the data,because i wanted to add apports data to an existing bug08:03
dv-alokito: i just don't want it to use random mount points08:06
shentinoHow do I upgrade to the beta with synaptic?08:06
alokitodv-, you are mounting ntfs are u not?08:07
dv-it used to mount to /media/disk-1 /media/disk-2.... now it's /media/<hash> but the hash is different every time08:07
alokitoshentino, beta is not counted as a distribution release, so if you have all the updates installed u already have the beta08:07
Veinorit's doing that for me every time I plug in a thumb drive08:07
Veinorwhat dv- said.08:08
shentinoso maxing out my versions for jaunty already gives me what karmic would?08:08
Veinorshentino: oh, sudo update-manager -d08:08
Boohbahhow come my wallpaper has no koala?08:08
VeinorBoohbah: he's hiding :o08:08
alokitodv-, u can set the mount point of drives in /etc/fstab08:08
BoohbahVeinor: oh, do i need to look in the tree? :)08:08
Veinoryeah :P08:08
alokitoshentino, nope! I mean u don't need to upgrade from karmic alpha to beta08:08
shentinoWhat I want to do is upgrade from jaunty to karmic beta08:09
Veinorshentino: sudo update-manager -d08:09
Veinorin a terminal08:09
draconisof course back up your stuff first!08:10
draconisyou'd want to do that with a normal distribution upgrade, but doubly so with a beta08:10
Veinoryeah, of course08:11
Veinoroh dear, he left08:12
Veinoranyway, I don't like the behavior of thumb drives mounting automaticalls as /media/SOME-HASH08:12
alokitodraconis, the beta is stable, but I wouldn't want to upgrade my jaunty to karmic beta, rather I would do a separate install(what I actually did few days ago)08:12
VeinorI'd like for them to mount as /media/disk08:12
alokitoVeinor, delete all mount paths from /etc/fstab, then set the mount paths of the drives as u desire08:13
Boohbahdraconis: or consider installing in a VirtualBox08:13
draconiswell, I had to reinstall a system so I figured I'd just start with Karmic08:13
Boohbahthat makes sense08:14
Veinoralokito: but my point is I want all removable media to be mounted as /media/disk08:14
Veinorlike in Jaunty08:14
alokitoBoohbah, to have a taste vbox is ok, but Im using karmic as my default os so I can't run it in vbox08:14
draconisVeinor: well, my media is being mounted as their drive label08:15
alokitoVeinor, check /etc/fstab... some partition might be using /media/disk already08:15
Boohbahalokito: yeah, i installed karmic alpha as my main laptop OS, was running in a vbox on a gentoo desktop before that08:15
alokitogive it some other mount path08:15
Boohbahalokito: and the laptop have twice the ram as the desktop :)08:15
nonix4if I "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" on a server installation, will I lose the lovely server motd?08:17
Boohbahnonix4: if you mean /etc/motd it shouldn't change08:18
Veinorwhat's this apt-add-repository I keep hearing so much about?08:27
Veinorit's not on my karmic install08:27
nonix4then again that would install bunch of stuff that is not needed on a host that doesn't have local display... any simple way to install just the usual x clients, skipping xserver-xorg and alike?08:28
VeinorNow I feel silly.08:34
=== Darren is now known as dmb
bwallumI now know the meaning of the term clusterf**k as quoted in 'Burn After Reading'. It could have been made for PA. Karmic and Jaunty blown up. Can't use my optical drives now. Any sign of a fix coming through?08:50
cwillu_bwallum, bug number or it didn't happen08:51
Dr_Willis!bug 108:54
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)08:54
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents08:54
bwallumThere's 475 currently listed08:55
bwallumA right cluster indeed08:56
cwillu_um, that's not how that works08:57
cwillu_please state the specific bug you're experiencing08:57
cwillu_the bug #, rather08:57
jbichais there any way I can force Karmic to use the vesa driver? the old "xforcevesa" boot option doesn't seem to work08:58
cwillu_if there's 475 exact duplicates, then pick one08:58
bwallumsorry, I don't understand. I am simply asking if there is a light at the end of the tunnel yet08:58
cwillu_bwallum, and I'm asking 'what tunnel'?08:58
topylithere is!08:58
bwallumlook at the sample selection above then08:58
cwillu_you haven't given me anything to look at yet08:58
cwillu_or am I supposed to google for "site:bugs.launchpad.net  clusterf**k as quoted in 'Burn After Reading'"?08:59
cwillu_I'm not trying to be evasive, but you're not giving me anything to go on09:00
bwallum301755, 354620,172654,210016, 250059,269585,272628....all the way to 47509:00
cwillu_if they're all duplicates, then they should be marked as duplicates.  If they're all separate issues, then are you _really_ experiences _each_ one of those bugs?09:00
cwillu_hell, the first one you listed has already been marked as "fix released"09:02
bwallumI have a running 32bit Jaunty that was last updated 3 days ok. That is fine. Since then AMD64 Karmic and 32bit generic Jaunty have all been affected. Can't play dvds or CDs, very clippy sound on both.09:02
cwillu_okay, that's _not_ the first bug you listed09:03
cwillu_can you find a bug that is specifically the issue that you're seeing?09:03
bwallumOK I give in, I'll read all the bugs and come back next month when I've finished doing that.09:05
cwillu_start by filing a bug with your issue, there's people who spend their time figuring out what bugs are duplicates of others09:06
cwillu_but it's ludicrous to come in here with a list of 245 bugs that you claim to experience, and then when challenged on that to reply "well, I don't know, I didn't actually _read_ those bugs"09:07
cwillu_speaking as a volunteer, with no official standing :p09:07
* Dr_Willis is just an innocent bystander09:07
* cwillu_ huggles Dr_Willis, and bwallum09:07
Dr_Willisactually i cant rember the last time i played an actual dvd, or music cd.09:08
* topyli gets Dr_Willis involved, sits back and enjoys09:08
Dr_Willisi rarely even burn dvd/cd thse days09:08
Dr_WillisHmm.. if i took out the optical drive.. i could fit in another 1+TB hard drive...09:08
cwillu_not that it matters, no single person uses every supported feature09:08
Dr_WillisBut i DID get the 3d part of the Chess program working!09:09
cwillu_but like, he listed 7 bugs, and none of them even talk about cd drives :)09:09
cwillu_Dr_Willis, kinda a let down once you actually see it, eh? :)09:09
tonyyarussocwillu_: Some day I'll convince somebody to use every feature just to prove you wrong.09:09
cwillu_tonyyarusso, too late, I'm systematically working through it, and so have a 3 year headstart :p09:10
topylicwillu_, you've been tasked with a high-level job now. "there are bugs in jaunty, please fix them"09:10
topylinow get on it!09:10
topylierr, karmic09:10
cwillu_topyli, currently working on bug ######: line6-usb-source doesn't support Line6 Studio-UX2 devices09:11
topyligood, good09:11
cwillu_god, one of those bugs was in a ppa build for <foo> sake!09:12
cwillu_heh, yep, he just clicked on 'pulseaudio', which currently has 475 known bugs :)09:13
cwillu_which isn't bad actually09:13
cwillu_apparently 'searching' wasn't called for :p09:13
cwillu_can somebody distract me?  this is eating at me too much :p09:13
nonix4is ltsp-server-standalone not depending on xterm a bug?09:13
commander_is there any way to install the themes like turrican blue and hanso09:14
cwillu_nonix4, I don't know for sure, but I think the images used with ltsp are built up completely separately from ltsp-server-standalone09:14
cwillu_i.e., you can use it without having an x server installed, and so having the x clients installed isn't necessary09:14
nonix4cwillu_: images built seem proper, but they cannot log in without server having some installed as well09:15
cwillu_</I think>09:15
cwillu_nonix4, that doesn't sound right, they would be using the xterm in the image (which is built for their arch), not the tools on the server's root (which may not be)09:15
cwillu_thanks for the distraction btw :)09:16
icerootanyone running karmic with vbox 3.06 succesfully? at login, gdm is restarting every 3-4 seconds (like when you install a wrong vga-driver)09:20
jbichaiceroot: what graphics card do you have?09:21
icerootjbicha: dont know what vbox is using atm09:21
jbichavbox works for me, but what is the graphics hardware for your host computer?09:22
icerootjbicha: geforce 7900gs but it does not matter what my host is using (imo)09:22
* nonix4 thinks he'll file a bug report, regardless of not being sure which one is the actual bug there...09:22
jbichaI'm having significant trouble with my geforce card09:23
cwillu_nonix4, always a safe bet :)09:23
icerootjbicha: but vbox is not giving a geforce to the machine. its giving the vbox-vga to the machine. so it does not matter if the host is using nvidia, ati, intel or something else09:24
cwillu_nonix4, that said, do you understand what I mean about the binaries on the server being unrelated to the binaries the client uses?09:24
cwillu_iceroot, does vbox have some gl passthrough feature now though?09:24
cwillu_that could expose some weirdness now that we do compositing tricks09:24
icerootcwillu_: yes (you have to activate). its working fine with doom3, serious sam2 and so on09:24
cwillu_nonix4, where I might be confused is that I was under the impression that edubuntu/ltsp exposes a root filesystem for the clients which run most of their apps locally against an nfs mounted root.  This could be mistaken, and all the applications are actually running on the server connecting to just an xserver on the client over an ssh encrypted link or whatever, but I don't think that's the default09:27
Ian_msn updated their protocolagain?09:30
AlanBellah, thanks. Wrong channel, but at least I know it is working now :-)09:31
Ian_pidign/empathy doesnt seem to feel like connecting09:31
Ian_AlanBell: what is working? :p09:31
nonix4hrm, Karmic Alpha 6 -> Beta kernel upgrade seems to have left lvm out of initramfs, ouch...09:31
AlanBellah, I wasn't identified to NickServ09:33
bullgardEmpathy > Contact List > Help > Debug reports: "empathy/Account-DEBUG: 1.254544e+09: account_manager_name_owner_cb: Name owner changed for org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager, new name: :1.67." What does  the message »Name owner changed for org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager« mean?09:34
Ian_bullgard: ?09:34
=== Lars_G is now known as Lars_G_zombie
Ian_ah pidgin connected now09:35
Ian_nvm :)09:35
bullgardIan_: Your message is cryptic. Would you mind to talki to me in plain English?09:35
bullgard'~$ uname -a; Linux T43 2.6.31-11-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 2 11:55:55 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux'. Where can one see from this output that I am using the Karmic Beta release?09:38
der_schreinerhad you all any problems with the new updates?09:38
mortalnice, ibm t43 is a very good laptop09:38
bullgardmortal: Yes, it is.09:39
mortalI have mine with a 1400x1050 screen, bought it used for 200 eur :>09:39
bullgardmortal: I paid 280 EUR but it has got a new hard disk of 160 GB.09:40
mortalI should get a new disk, the last sectors are bad09:41
mortalbut it works still :b, I don't use those sectors on any partition09:41
Dr_Willisi just upgraded my hd to 500gb :)09:41
eagles0513875how hard are the update servers getting slammed today09:43
Dr_Willishmm. first update/upgrade on a new inwstall and 'ubuntu-desktop' is being held back.. Why would a meta-package be held back?09:43
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  they been  slow but accessable to me right now.09:44
stuart_Can someone help with a "no sound" problem in Larmic?09:44
der_schreiner1ch mirror works fine for me09:44
SKBis karmic beta now?09:44
stuart_yes SKB09:44
joaopintoskath_, read the topic09:44
eagles0513875SKB: yes it is has been since thursday09:45
joaopintoops, skb09:45
der_schreiner1Karmic is beta since 3 days09:45
Dr_Willis3 days of the servers being overloaded. :)09:45
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: there has to be an easier way to do updates instead of downloding big chunks like today09:45
eagles0513875318mb of packages for 229 upgrades09:45
iflema1 2 miss a few09:45
Dr_Willisits 5 am, in the usa.. so switch to the american servers.09:45
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: question i have no sound what so ever would i need to recompile alsa or phonon09:46
eagles0513875or what ever the new default is09:46
joaopintoeagles0513875, there is, and they are workingon it, differential updates09:46
eagles0513875i remember hearing something about improving the updates09:46
joaopintothey are not implemented yet09:46
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  if your  alsa dosent support your card. you would need to update alsa i guess...09:46
stuart_i have no sound at all either09:47
Dr_Willishas sound EVER worked?09:47
eagles0513875i can wait to get back on osx just have some java programming but can do other things09:47
stuart_haa haa09:47
der_schreiner1i hope the time will come we get diff packages, who only god the changes to the last ;)09:47
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: on my duel boot with osx and karmic on boot camp partition no it hasnt but on a vm it has09:47
stuart_does on Debian for me09:47
joaopintoeagles0513875, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/apt-sync09:47
cwillu_bullgard, have you apt-get update; apt-get upgrade'd?09:47
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  i would check the forums for your specific apple machine. Ive little experience with ubuntu on apple hardware09:48
imachineupgrading from 9.04, the installer sort of stalls at the point where it's "cleaning up"09:48
imachineis taht normal?09:48
rippsholy ****, I just got 152 package upgrades!09:48
* Dr_Willis has an apple PPC thats a good doorstop09:48
imachineit's been going with high HD activity for the past 10 minutes.09:48
eagles0513875hahah Dr_Willis they have changed tremendously09:48
imachinelike if it is searching for something, but it seems that it's not doing anything ;/09:48
eagles0513875dont get me started with boot ups and shut downs lol09:48
Dr_Willisripps:  yea. i noticed a lot of updates now also.09:48
SKBThe system user `messagebus' already exists. Exiting.09:48
SKBFailed to open connection to "system" message bus: The maximum number of active connections for UID 0 has been reached09:48
SKBdpkg: error processing dbus (--configure):09:48
imachineno effects at least.09:48
eagles0513875!paste | SKB09:48
ubottuSKB: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!09:48
stuart_so can anyone try help with lack of sound09:48
Dr_Willisive rararely had sound issues.. so ive not much experience with fixing sound.09:49
eagles0513875im in teh same department as u Dr_Willis09:49
joaopintoSKB, that looks bad, serch for a bug report on launchpad, or report it09:49
Dr_Willis#1 q. would be has sound in linux ever worked for the machine.09:49
imachineany ideas with the stalling installer/updater?09:50
stuart_Dr_Willis yes09:50
Dr_Willisi only do 'clean' installs. :) so sorry - cant help there imachine09:50
imachineor is taht normal, wow, firefox 3,5...09:50
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: on my mac no but on win machines it does out of the box09:50
Dr_Willisthere was a bit of a quirk where the mute would stay on... i need to see if that got fixed.09:51
rippsBoy am I glad I changed my sources to a more locally mirror repository09:51
joaopintoDr_Willis, have you checked alsamixer ?09:51
Dr_Willisripps:  yep. i did also.. lot faster now.09:52
joaopintoDr_Willis, do you get an error, or you simply don't get any sound ?09:52
joaopintoI had some issues with pulse on karmic09:52
stuart_joapinto yes - nothing muted etc.09:53
joaopintostuart, was sound working on jaunty ?09:53
Dr_WillisI have no sound problems at all.. ive noticed teh mixer applet being quirky. me and some other guys filed a bug on it about 3 days ago09:53
stuart_joapinto: didn't use it, but it has worked on earlier versions of Ubunti. Currently using Debian stable for which it works09:54
joaopintostuart, clearn install or upgrade ?09:54
joaopintodisclaimer: I don't know much about sound troublehshooting, just trying to help :P09:55
stuart_no prob09:55
joaopintostuart_, do you get any sound on on the login screen ?09:55
joaopintobefore logging in09:55
stuart_no sound at any time09:56
joaopintoaplay -l , lists your card ?09:56
bullgardcwillu_: No. I used System > Administration > Upodate Manager.09:56
cwillu_bullgard, k, same thing09:56
bullgardcwillu_: No sir. This is not the same thing.09:57
cwillu_bullgard, if it says you have no updates after you hit 'check', then you're actually past the beta09:57
cwillu_yse, as far as I'm concerned right now, it's exactly the same thing09:57
joaopintobullgard, tecnhically it's the same thing :P09:57
bullgardcwillu_: I agree.09:57
nonix4how do I do the equivalent of "tar tzvf" for initrd.img-2.6.31-11-server?09:57
joaopintostuart_, pastebin aplay -l09:57
stuart_yes versus the little sound thing on the toolbar which simply lists "envy24 card" -- presumably from the envy24 software driver09:57
stuart_joapinto: how do I use pastbin09:58
joaopintononix4, I believe initrd is a loopback image09:58
joaopinto!pastebin | stuart_09:58
ubottustuart_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:58
bullgard'~$ uname -a; Linux T43 2.6.31-11-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 2 11:55:55 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux'. Where can one see from this output that I am using the Karmic Beta release?09:58
cwillu_stuart_, apt-get install pastebinit, and then aplay -l | pastebinit09:58
joaopintoerm, i mean, is an image which you can loopback mount09:58
cwillu_bullgard, I don't want to answer your question, because it doesn't mean what I think you think it means :)09:58
Dr_WillisI still cant understand why 'ubuntu-desktop' is held back.. but i can 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' and it basically installs a single lib, then installs ubuntu-desktop09:59
joaopintobullgard, yes, if you got all the updates09:59
cwillu_the "beta" is the state of the archive at a particular point in time, that no longer exists except on the beta cd's themselves09:59
cwillu_if you've updated, then you're _newer_ than the beta09:59
Dr_Willis!info libgd2-noxpm09:59
ubottulibgd2-noxpm (source: libgd2): GD Graphics Library version 2 (without XPM support). In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.36~rc1~dfsg-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 203 kB, installed size 636 kB09:59
cwillu_if you installed before the beta, then you're not09:59
Dr_Willis!info libgd2-xpm09:59
ubottulibgd2-xpm (source: libgd2): GD Graphics Library version 2. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.36~rc1~dfsg-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 205 kB, installed size 640 kB09:59
joaopintoDr_Willis, ubuntu-desktop is held because it adds/removes packages, that will held metapackages09:59
cwillu_the only way you'll be running _exactly_ the beta is if you installed from the beta cd, and haven't applied any updates09:59
Dr_Willisjoaopinto:  it even was being held with a dist-upgrade10:00
UmeaboyThe beta causes my virtualbox to stop working.10:00
Dr_Willisaparently those 2 xpm libgd files were the issue10:00
stuart_joaopinto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/284457/10:00
UmeaboyI think some updates removed dkms for some reason.10:00
UmeaboyStupid if you ask me.10:00
joaopintohum, that's a valid point, afaik dist-upgrade should had upgraded it10:00
bullgardcwillu_: "<cwillu_>the "beta" is the state of the archive at a particular point in time, that no longer exists except on the beta cd's themselves." <- Does the 'Beta' state reflect in the output of '~$ uname -a'?10:00
cwillu_bullgard, not as such, no10:01
wektnonix4, joaopinto:   initrd are cpio archives, not tar.  alternatively it can be some kind of loopback image i think.  but cpio is more common because more compact.10:01
* Dr_Willis wonders what libgd2 need to have a xpm and noxpm version10:01
joaopintoUmeaboy, they didn't for me, so there is some problem specific to you, if that was the case10:01
bullgardcwillu_: Ah, I see.10:01
cwillu_bullgard, you could tell from the particular kernel version that you're around that time, but that's about the best you could do10:01
bullgardcwillu_: Ok.10:01
Ian_Umeaboy: sometimes, updates are broken and if you look at the updates, it will tell you what it will remove10:01
nonix4wekt: 'k... I guess http://wiki.debian.org/InitramfsDebug is what I was looking for :)10:01
Ian_just wait a few hours and the update will be fixed and nothing will be removed10:02
joaopintowekt,  ok :)10:02
UmeaboyYeah, but most of 'em are in English & I prefer to read in Swedish.10:02
cwillu_bullgard, the date in that line would be a clue I guess though :p10:02
wektThere is also doc shipped with Linux10:02
bullgardcwillu_: :-)10:02
cwillu_but you could selectively update only that kernel, without updating anything else, for whatever reason :p10:03
UmeaboyWhat's the command to completely remove KDE?10:03
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal10:03
Umeaboysudo aptitude remove task-kde ?10:03
bullgardcwillu_: Because of that there are two switches for the uname command: 'uname -r' and 'uname -a'.10:04
cwillu_bullgard, kernel release isn't distro release10:04
joaopintobullgard, there are more switchs: man uname10:04
joaopinto-a includes all the info10:05
cwillu_bullgard, lsb_release might be more useful10:05
UmeaboyI wonder why I get TWO versions of FF when I use the beta,10:06
UmeaboyONE I can understand, but why TWO?10:06
cwillu_!info firefox10:06
ubottufirefox (source: firefox-3.5): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.5.3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 70 kB, installed size 128 kB10:06
cwillu_Umeaboy, define 'two'10:07
cwillu_(noting that 'firefox' is 'firefox-3.5'10:07
UmeaboyTwo shortcuts.10:07
Dr_WillisIjust have one here.10:07
Dr_Willisin the menus.10:07
cwillu_where, and to what paths, and on upgrade or on new install?10:07
joaopintoUmeaboy, did you upgrade or clean install ?10:07
joaopintoUmeaboy, so that's natrual, you had firefox-3.0 which was upgraded10:08
joaopintoand firefox-3.5 which is now the default10:08
cwillu_joaopinto, you've met our right fielder?10:09
Umeaboyjoaopinto: Yes, but why wasn't the old one removed?10:09
joaopintoUmeaboy, because the upgrade can't assume you don't need firefox-3.0 anymore ?10:10
joaopintocwillu_, sorry :) ?10:10
Umeaboyjoaopinto: Such a shame.10:10
joaopintoUmeaboy, e.g. I still need firefox-3.0 for some rare sites10:10
UmeaboyI DON'T.10:11
cwillu_joaopinto, I hit the ball to the third baseman, naturally, and he throws it to who10:11
joaopintoUmeaboy, so please remove it, a nd be polite10:11
Dr_WillisHmm. I wonder which of the many grub config file/settings hides this grub menu on my new install....10:11
joaopintocwillu_, oh, I am European, ignorant about baseball :P10:11
eagles0513875hhehe im from usa but styding out in europe10:12
cwillu_joaopinto, it's an old stand-up comedy routine;  look on youtube for "who's on first"10:12
UmeaboyI loooooooooooooooooooove baseball. Go Red Sox and NYG!10:12
cwillu_don't need to know a thing about the game :p10:12
joaopintoah ok :)10:12
alokitojoaopinto, what site can firefox 3.0 load that firefox 3.5 can't?10:13
eagles0513875GO HOUSTON ASTROS lol10:13
joaopintoalokito, any Lotus Forms 3.5.0 Based Site10:14
joaopintowhich I use on a customer intranet10:14
Umeaboyjoaopinto: Link?10:15
joaopintoUmeaboy, I said, intranet10:15
alokitojoaopinto, can u give an example?10:15
cwillu_joaopinto, I presume it's not just something that looks for a particular user-agent, and as such can be fixed by installing user-agent-switcher rather than a whole second browser? :p10:15
alokitooh ok10:15
joaopintocwillu_, yes, that would also do it, but then I would have support people kicking me :)10:16
bullgardEmpathy > Contact List > Help > Debug reports: "empathy/Account-DEBUG: 1.254544e+09: account_manager_name_owner_cb: Name owner changed for org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager, new name: :1.67." What does  the message »Name owner changed for org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager« mean?10:16
UmeaboyI wish I could complete the self-test when I've logged in.10:16
joaopinto.1 does add support for ff3.5 I believe, but intranet ppl have no need for such upgrades, IE is on the house :P10:16
UmeaboyIt fails all the time.10:16
joaopintobullgard, better ask on #telepathy10:16
Umeaboyjoaopinto: Have you tried using the intranet in Midori?10:17
bullgardjoaopinto: Thank you for this advice.10:17
joaopintoUmeaboy, no, I don't use exhotic browsers :)10:17
UmeaboyBooooooy, does it load fast!10:18
joaopintoreboot to test fglrx10:19
joaopintoseems fine10:22
joaopintotime to get a 3D game for real testing10:23
eagles0513875heheh joaopinto good luck10:23
eagles0513875hehe would love to work on a gaming specific distro targeting gamers10:23
eagles0513875and game devs10:24
joaopintoeagles0513875, why would you need a distro for that ?10:24
joaopintothere are several gamers related projects on ubuntu10:24
eagles0513875true joaopinto thing is you have something like ubuntu studio which targets multimedia buffs whats wrong with a distro dedicated to gamers and game devs10:25
joaopintoeagles0513875, well, good point :P10:25
joaopintoeagles0513875, so just build it :P10:26
eagles0513875joaopinto: where to start lol10:26
Dr_Willishow about a distro focused on IRC addicts10:26
joaopintoI almost started a usb play pen idea10:26
joaopintobut it's too much work10:26
topylii think we have those, Dr_Willis10:26
Dr_Willisjust getting the video drivers is the biggest issue with a 'gamer' edition10:27
joaopintoI would just take the pen to all those windows kids and show them how to play without %$&%$$&%$%$ their parents computers10:27
joaopintoDr_Willis, well, not that hard, you could decide to ship the vendor drivers10:28
Dr_Willistake it and show them how they can web surf special sites.. and err.. not be tracked..10:28
Dr_Willisjoaopinto:  thats not exactly allowable is it?  i though that was why ubuntu dosent incluced them on the cd/dvd but other 'under the radar disrtos ' do10:28
joaopintobut it would need to be a persistent usb, for record keeping10:28
joaopintoDr_Willis, that is argueable, some projects choose to distribute it on media10:29
Dr_Willisargueable untill the lawyers get into it. :)10:29
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: the problem i c is for instance with alpha 5 i had issues with x not starting as soon as i installed the driver from nvidia and i had x. the problem is with ubuntu at least there are no updates to the drivers if new versions are releasd at leat until the next release10:29
Unggnuhi all10:29
eagles0513875!hi | Unggnu10:29
ubottuUnggnu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:29
joaopintoDr_Willis, which would result in it being legal, or not10:29
UnggnuHas anyone also problems with the Remote Desktop that you can't use the mouse until the user in front of the remote system does something?10:30
Dr_WillisThe persistant live/flash thing i tried last time. i installed teh nvidia drivers.. but it dident 'remember/use' them when i rebooted.I had to alter rc.local to make a proper xorg.conf to use the nvidia drivers.10:30
eagles0513875Unggnu: ya its not a uncommon the user on the desktop has to accept ur remote connection10:31
Unggnueagles0513875: no, not the box10:31
Unggnueagles0513875: you actually get connected but can't click on anything. Afaik I have disabled user confirmation10:31
eagles0513875Unggnu: strange i havent tried that out in karmic10:31
eagles0513875joaopinto: for starters where would one find out how to setup their own package repository if ones creating their own distro10:32
imachinekarmic's great, so far10:32
eagles0513875ya lots of updates for kubuntu at least10:32
imachinelooks real good in gnome too10:32
joaopintoeagles0513875, you could use a PPA for that10:32
Unggnueagles0513875: it is but I had a similar problem with Windows Vista some tim ago10:32
imachineso far it really looks a milestone :)10:33
joaopintoeagles0513875, https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA10:33
eagles0513875joaopinto: ok so then i would need to change the repos to point at my ppa10:33
cwillu_!remix | eagles051387510:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about remix10:33
Unggnueagles0513875: now it is working, maybe it has something to do with the viewer10:33
joaopintoand I guess you would want to remaster the iso10:33
eagles0513875Unggnu: its possible10:33
cwillu_eagles0513875, "ubuntu remix" is the magic google query10:33
eagles0513875joaopinto: ya that too10:33
joaopintoeagles0513875, well, you want a new distro, a new cd I guess, not just a repository10:33
DanaGhmm, is ext4 considered "stable" enough to use actually ON a backup drive, nowadays?10:34
joaopintothere are already game specialized repositories10:34
eagles0513875ok cwillu_ and joaopinto and yes to that as well10:34
eagles0513875DanaG: im using it on my duel boot and have no problems with ext410:34
joaopintoDanaG, ext4 is considered "stable" for any purpose, just not as stable as ext310:34
cwillu_DanaG, the data format and related has been considered stable for quite some time10:34
DanaGI have my main partition ext4, but my drive-full-of-backups is ext3.10:34
DanaGWould there be significant benefit to making the drive-full-of-backups be ext4?10:34
cwillu_that said, a backup drive won't really see much benefit from ext4 (or ext3 even)10:35
cwillu_being that it's typically not performance critical10:35
joaopintoDanaG, no, unless you depend on your backups speed10:35
cwillu_don't know that you'd get much speed benefit for simple copying10:35
UmeaboyI don't know if this is an issue with Ubuntu as a whole system or if it's just an issue for the browser, but Opera & Midori doesn't show an already started video unless I scroll up & down.10:35
UmeaboyThe video plays, but the picture of the video isn't drawn.10:36
UmeaboyAnybody experienced that?10:36
ActionParsnipUmeaboy: do you have flash installed?10:36
Dr_WillisHmm midori.. whats that10:36
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: lightweigh web browser10:36
UmeaboyActionParship: Yes.10:36
ActionParsnipUmeaboy: you running 64bit ubuntu?10:37
eagles0513875cwillu_:  which out of this is what u trying to get at http://www.google.com.mt/search?q=ubuntu+remix&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a10:37
UmeaboyNope. 32-bits.10:37
DanaGWell, it's eSATA, anyway.  The laptop drive (~70-80MB/s) is the limit.  The external drive can do around 100 MB/s.10:37
UmeaboyI don't have this problem in FF or Epiphany.10:37
ActionParsnipUmeaboy: ok thats cool, have you tried without the desktop effects?10:37
DanaGOr rather, 90.10:37
cwillu_eagles0513875, I don't have a working browser right now, but an ubuntu remix is the standard way of making a new distro based on ubuntu;  you're looking for an *.ubuntu.com page on that query10:38
UmeaboyActionParship: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. They ARE off.10:38
ActionParsnipUmeaboy: have you symlinked the flashplugin fle to the opera plugin folder?10:38
DanaGI use faubackup, which does hardlinks of unchanged files.10:38
eagles0513875ok cwillu_10:38
UmeaboyActionParnip: Nope.10:38
UmeaboyWhat can I do?10:38
eagles0513875cwillu_: im only finding stuff bout netbook and all that10:39
cwillu_eagles0513875, so, modify the query10:40
ActionParsnipUmeaboy: sudo find / -iname "opera*" | grep plug10:40
eagles0513875cwillu_: think i found it :)10:40
ActionParsnipUmeaboy: when you see a likely folder, press ctrl+c then jump into that folder and make the link10:40
eagles0513875forget google in this case and head to the source10:40
eagles0513875omg 2 hrs to download 330mb of updates10:41
ActionParsnip!sow | eagles051387510:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sow10:41
ubottuThe Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.10:41
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: i am running updates im on alpha 6 already just updating lol10:41
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: so is everybody else, hence slow10:42
eagles0513875i hear ya10:42
eagles0513875i can only imagine on release day omg10:42
Umeaboy<ActionParsnip>: Make the link?10:43
UmeaboyIt's finished now.10:43
bullgardEmpathy > Contact List > Help > Debug reports: "empathy/Account-DEBUG: 1.254544e+09: account_manager_name_owner_cb: Name owner changed for org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager, new name: :1.67." What does  the message »Name owner changed for org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager« mean?10:43
wzssyqahow can i install a gdm theme?10:45
Umeaboywzssyqa: Drag it into gdm-manager window.10:45
topylimy wireless connection is now 54Mb/s. it used to be more like 5 or so10:45
Umeaboywzssyqa: What?10:46
topylior 10Mb, i forget. wonderful how quickly you forget bad things10:46
wzssyqaUmeaboy: how can i start gdm-manager?10:46
Umeaboywzssyqa: System->Settings->Appearence.10:46
UmeaboyDownload themes from gnome-look-org or kde-look.org10:47
topyliactually, system/administration/login window10:47
ActionParsnipUmeaboy: yes, in that folder, create a symlink to libflashplayer.so10:47
Dr_WillisErr..is gdm in 9.10 even themeable at all?10:47
Dr_WillisLast i looked the themes for  the older gdm dident work10:47
UmeaboyActionParsnip: Create a symlink? How?10:47
cwillu_Dr_Willis, it's a rewrite, themes would have to be rewritten, but it is themable10:47
UmeaboyCreate a copy of that file?10:48
Dr_WillisJust no themes for it right now cwillu_  ?10:48
topyliDr_Willis, apparently not. no such options in the GUI10:48
Dr_Willisive seen people in here mention running the gnome-settings tools as the 'gdm' user to tweak things.. but that goofed some things up here10:48
ActionParsnipUmeaboy: sudo ln -s /path/to/libflahplayer.so .10:48
cwillu_Dr_Willis, there's two that I know of, the brown, and the black :p10:48
Dr_WillisI need a Hot Pink theme!10:49
Dr_WillisI got a Hot Pink netbook10:49
wzssyqaUmeaboy: is it gdmsetup?10:49
cwillu_Dr_Willis, start with xsplash10:49
Dr_Willisbest way to custmoize xplash i find is... 'sudo apt-get remove xsplash'10:49
Umeaboywzssyqa: Yeah.10:49
cwillu_Dr_Willis, okay, um, you can go hang out with all the pulseaudio 'troubleshooters' in #ubuntu now :p10:50
wzssyqaUmeaboy: but my gdmsetup is like this http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/4525710:50
Dr_WillisActually - i rarely have ssues with pulse audio10:50
Trewasthe new black gdm theme is indeed extremely black, the problem with dark themes is that whether anything is visible depends heavily how the screen brightness etc are set10:50
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: +1 :)10:51
ActionParsnipfor spash stuf10:51
Dr_WillisIm still trying to figure out what grub setting is hiding the menu...10:51
wzssyqaUmeaboy: with it,i can not install gdm theme10:52
* cwillu_ huggles, his remote backup ran before his machine died last night even though its local backup died as well10:52
Umeaboywzssyqa: What the *BEEP* are YOU running? That's not Gnome.10:53
wzssyqaUmeaboy: yes,it is gnome 2.2810:53
Dr_WillisI really find these wallpapers/backgrounds with gradients look horriable.. all blocky dithering/unsmooth.. id rather just see a simple solid brown then this smear..10:54
Umeaboywzssyqa: Have you installed english language as well?10:57
wzssyqaUmeaboy: no10:57
wzssyqaUmeaboy: i will try10:57
=== Crashbit_ is now known as Crashbit
Dr_WillisHmm.. new install on my nvidia based laptop.. and the hardware-driver tool dident pop up to suggest the nvidia driver, or the sta (or b43) driver for my wireless..10:59
joaopintook, fglrx+fullscreen working great10:59
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: what make of b43 you got11:00
eagles0513875i have a b4322 in my mac and the proprietary one was already installed out of the box11:00
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: i always nistall the 190 driver anyway, jockey is worthless to me11:02
Dr_Willisyea - i just saw it had b42 or 'sta' as options fo rwireless.. i raely use th ewireless11:02
wzssyqaUmeaboy: i am back11:03
UmeaboyI can see that. :)11:03
Dr_Willisedited the grub /etc/default/grub  but frogot to run update-grub11:03
Dr_Willisgee.. remindes me of the old LILO days11:03
wzssyqaUmeaboy: here http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/4525811:04
Umeaboywzssyqa: I gotta go.11:05
trask1hello koalas11:10
trask1totem is acting up and wont play video, anyone got a fix?11:11
alokitotrask1, do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?11:11
joaopintothat must be specific to your video format or your system, it's playing fine here11:12
Dr_WillisIve had  such bad luck with Totem in the past.. first thing i do is install vlc and gnome-mplayer.11:12
trask1alokito: yeah its installed11:12
andguen1+1 to vlc11:12
alokitoDr_Willis, trask1 I have no problem with totem11:12
alokitotrask1, whats format are you trying to play? can you play other formats than that?11:13
alokitowhat* file format11:14
trask1gnome-mplayer sounds like worth a try, vlc have given me loads and loads of headaches in the past and is about as antismooth as mediaplayers get11:14
=== Tekno is now known as Nollapiste
trask1mp4 mostly so far11:14
alokitotrask1, kaffeine is my favorite, u can give it a try11:14
alokitoor if you want something with simple and clean interface there's dragon player11:15
trask1gnome-mplayer looks smooth enough :)11:17
ActionParsniptrask1: mplayer works wonderfully, people always overlook it even though its probably one of the oldest11:17
trask1yeah only player i used back on slackware was kmplayer, just gets the job done11:17
baron86i want to update to the latest KDE.. does anyone know which repositories to use and how to update?11:25
trask1reminds me, whats with the new login screen? thers no menu to choose window manager11:26
trask1openbox ftw :P11:26
Dr_WillisHmm.. i thouight there was at the bottom right.11:27
Dr_Willisclick on a name . then the menus appear to select a se4ssion11:27
nonix4hmm, apt-get dist-upgrade on an lvm-root system removes lvm2 - where should a bug about this be filed?11:28
trask1Dr_Willis: ill give it a try once im logged out again, figured it had to be something like that, it guessed openbox after a few tries though, as if its getting intelligent11:30
tormodnonix4, try to figure out which other package wants to get rid of lvm211:30
tormodnonix4, but file it on lvm2 otherwise11:30
cdE|Woozyit seems that you can't click a gtk-button twice without moving the mouse a bit after clicking on the button the first time, can anyone confirm that?11:32
nonix4tormod: well, does dist-upgrade keep logs of what it does? Since I don't have a snapshot of the initial state...11:33
baron86hello there.. I use karmic koala kubuntu 9.10 and have problem with the kde 4.3.1 its like i am missing some features.. Does anyone know that issue?11:34
Dr_Willisbaron86:  could be they got trimmed out to fit all on a cd.. check the pcakge manager  for other kde packages you may want to install11:37
baron86suppose they should releasse a DVD ?11:38
Dr_WillisI dont see that happening any time soon.11:38
robin0800baron86: if you can download the cd you can also download the packages you need as well11:40
baron86i am new in here and dont know whick packages to select..11:40
James147baron86: looking for the right ones now :)11:41
Dr_Willis'missing some features' dosent really narrow it down :)11:41
baron86xaxa its okie.. i am reqading whattt everything does.. :P11:41
Dr_WillisYou proberly want 'kubuntu-restricted-extras' if using KDE for starters.11:41
zj3t3mjuanyone report about can't double click to install deb file yet?11:44
tormodnonix4, there is always /var/log/dpkg.log. But I was thinking you could just try upgrading single (or groups) of packages until you find the lvm2 conflict11:45
Boohbahsudo apt-get install akregator amarok amarok-common apport-qt ark cdrdao dolphin dontzap dragonplayer exiv2 foomatic-db-gutenprint gdebi-kde gnupg-agent gtk2-engines-qtcurve gwenview hpijs-ppds ijsgutenprint install-package jockey-kde k3b k3b-data kaddressbook kamera kate kde-icons-oxygen kde-printer-applet kde-style-qtcurve kde-window-manager kde-zeroconf kdebase-bin kdebase-data kdebase-plasma kdebase-runtime kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 kdebase-run11:45
tormodnonix4, to start with you can do "upgrade", it will hold back those upgrades that tries to add/remove other packages11:45
Boohbahsorry for the flood everyone :(11:46
robin0800all the times and dates are missing from the log files11:47
imachine2 issues:11:48
imachinewith pidgin, the OSD gets misplaced11:48
robin0800just checked its the viewer its stripping them out11:49
imachineI get info too low, the osd is not aligned with the top bar11:49
imachineanother thing: how can I set the log in/out menu on the top right11:49
imachineso I have a small neat icon instead of a username displayed there?11:49
robin0800imachine: your right its not and hasn't been for awhile11:49
imachineit was possible earlier in 9.04 :)11:49
imachinerobin0800, you mean the osd or the icon?11:50
robin0800imachine: if I have two the one is at the top11:51
eagles0513875stupid question here can libs be compiled from source11:51
James147baron86: try installing plasma-wallpapers-addons11:51
imachinerobin0800, huh?11:52
imachinerobin0800, you mean the osd right?11:52
robin0800imachine: yes11:52
imachineis it possible to make pidin not show it's icon if I use the indicator-applet ?11:53
imachineI can live without indicator-applet11:54
imachinebut I'd like indicator-applet-session to be able to iconify properly11:54
imachineinstead of displaying the full username and taking up useful taskbar space11:55
yofelimachine: pidgin should have an option to always/somtimes/never show the icon in its settings11:56
baron86I suppose that i will install anything saying 4.3.111:58
eagles0513875why you say that baron8612:01
Dr_Willis!info traysaver12:01
ubottuPackage traysaver does not exist in karmic12:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about trysaver12:01
Dr_WillisHmm.. theres some tool that can minimize things to the systemtray12:02
Dr_Willis!info alltray12:02
ubottualltray (source: alltray): Dock any program into the system tray. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.69-1ubuntu4 (karmic), package size 58 kB, installed size 256 kB12:02
baron86i am sorry but my KPackageKit allways has problems...12:03
eagles0513875baron86: use command line whats the name of the package you want to install12:04
vistakillerany plan to fix the bug with flash player12:05
baron86thats not that easy for me12:05
vistakillerthe buttons dont response12:06
bullgard4What IRC channel is there to discuss Gajim?12:07
James147baron86: kde-full will install all kde packages, or you can browes its dependances and install teh individual compoents12:07
baron86how do i use this command?12:07
Dr_Willisanyone noticed transmission not showing all the 'torrents' its downloading. active button shows None. but eventually it does show them all.12:07
James147baron86: sudo aptitude install <packagename>12:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about resetgnome12:10
baron86okie its okie now..12:13
baron86is there anything relevant to plasma?12:13
baron86sudo aptitude install plasma-full?12:13
Dr_Willisapt-cache search plasma12:13
Dr_Willisand see whats there12:13
James147baron86: plasma-addons12:13
James147baron86: sorry ^^ kdeplasma-addons12:14
baron86okie.. i suppose everything is updated..12:14
eagles0513875this is messed up12:15
eagles0513875over wifi on a vm im getting better speeds downloading updates then when i was on the actual partition itself12:15
baron86It still doesnt have the option plasma settings :(12:16
James147baron86: you might need to logout and back in12:17
James147baron86: or restart palsma-desktop12:17
Dr_Willisreboot :) oh wait.. thats for #windows12:20
amortvigilwhy is this inpossible? sudo ln /home/evan/Documenten/webdev/ /var/www/12:23
eagles0513875amortvigil: you wanting to copy whats in there to /var/www12:23
amortvigileagles0513875, i want a symbolic link12:24
eagles0513875ln -s12:24
eagles0513875that should sym link it12:24
amortvigileagles0513875, ahhh thanks12:24
Dr_Willis99% of the time you want ln -s :)12:24
eagles0513875hehe no problem m812:24
eagles0513875hehe Dr_Willis12:24
eagles0513875:) helping in here makes me feel good :)12:24
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: not only that it makes me feel better bout my lpic 1 certification12:28
* Dr_Willis is certifiably insane12:28
Dr_Willisand i imagine it will get worse on the 29th :)12:28
mjbrooks4:30 am...12:31
* mjbrooks ponders sleep12:31
andguen14:30 was when I got up :)12:34
mjbrooksbah... I've been on a coding bender12:36
GekzI have an issue. I cannot put a panel on the bottom of the screen12:37
Gekzit simply moves to the top12:37
Gekzbelow the top panel12:37
Gekzand changes itself to "top"12:37
Gekzsimilar thing was happening with avant-window-navigator, so I didntu se it12:37
Gekzbut now, the panel is doing it too12:37
Gekzawn did the same thing on 9.04 though12:37
Gekzso I didnt think anything of it until the gnome panel spat the same symptoms12:37
Gekzit's an eeepc 1005ha using the intel drivers12:37
Gekz.. any ideas?12:39
dv-the firefox flash plugin keeps crashing after a few hours. does anyone else get that?12:39
dv-i'll watch a youtube video, then come back two hours later and flash's stopped working and i have to restart firefox12:40
Dr_Willisgiven the other flash issies ive heeard of.. be glad it works for a few hours.12:44
villewittKyral: I have been running 9.10 since alpha 4 and my Nvidia drivers was auto recognized, installed and updated successfully.12:45
Dr_Willisive herd of others mention a flash/firefox memory leaking issue.12:45
jes__I've uninstalled network manager and configured /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf manually. I get internet access through my gateway, but not dns. Any ideas?12:45
dv-Dr_Willis: :/ does it work in any other browser?12:45
Crashbitjes__: dhcp or static ip ?12:46
villewittKyral: Nvidia version: 173.14.20... It isn't the newest card though... Driver 173.14.2012:46
jes__Crashbit, static.12:46
Gekzlol why wont my freaking panel work12:46
jes__but the problem is resolving. Network is working fine.12:47
Crashbitjes__: paste your /etc/resolv.conf12:47
jes__Crashbit, Oh. I'm supposed to have "nameserver"? :)12:48
Crashbitjes__: yes12:48
jes__haha, there you go :)12:48
jes__thanks! :)12:48
dupondjecould somebody help me getting SynCE 0.14 into Karmic :) would be nice if it was included12:49
Dr_Willisa little late to be adding in new packages :)12:50
rskyep 2late now dupondje12:50
jes__think it's maybe a little late for that.12:50
Dr_Willisi want weechat 3.0 but its was a few days too late12:50
jes__dupondje, make a ppa?12:50
dupondjeits late indeed, but TO late ? :)12:50
rskTO late12:51
dupondjebtw https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/391035 should be really fixed12:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391035 in aptitude "aptitude stops displaying downloads" [Undecided,New]12:51
shiznebitumm how do i set input audio to always be saved12:51
shiznebitafter reset it goes back to regular input12:51
jes__shiznebit, what does that mean?12:53
Dr_Willisthre is the pav control/mixers that might rember.12:53
shiznebitas in i have audio input through my webcam12:53
shiznebitafter reset i have to to the spund properties to select again as the audio input12:54
Dr_Willistry the pavucontrol  tool perhaps?12:54
Dr_Willisand pamam, and padevchooser12:55
shiznebitalright will try12:55
Dr_Willisthose are more 'pulse audio' focused tools.  the normal gnome tools may be getting some defaults from those/settings?12:56
* Dr_Willis isjust guessing12:56
shiznebitalso if you go to language support, it asks you to input your root password.....but it doesnt work12:56
shiznebiti enter the pass and it says its wrong12:57
Dr_WillisHmm.. it asks for the 'root' password?    or wha exactly?12:57
shiznebityeah for root12:57
Dr_Willisa guy was in here earlier today with a gksudo issue wehre it dident work.. but 'sudo whateber' did work12:58
shiznebitithink its gksudo12:59
shiznebitare you on karmic beta ?12:59
Dr_Willisyes i am12:59
shiznebitgoto language support12:59
shiznebitit should ask to install additional things and prompt for a pass12:59
Dr_Willisok so the Installer part asks...13:00
Dr_Willisguy earlier had issues with synaptic doing a similer thing.13:00
shiznebitbut it wont recongnize the pass13:00
Dr_Willistry system-> admin->login screen   see if that one asks/works.13:00
mokmeisterJust wondering if the intel graphics problems have been fixed in 9.1013:02
jes__my language support just tells me to fix broken packages. But apt-get --fix-broken gives me a usage page, and synaptics fix broken packages doesn't seem to do anything.13:02
Dr_Willisthey have been getting worked on.. but i dont know if they are fixed or if others have replaced them. :)13:02
shiznebitweird it works now13:02
=== lizzzy is now known as abcdefghijklmnop
jes__mokmeister, yes.13:02
=== abcdefghijklmnop is now known as abcdefghijklmno1
mokmeisterGood to know13:02
=== abcdefghijklmno1 is now known as lizzzy
jes__there are other problems though, so I wouldn't recommend upgrading unless you want a really fancy and broken system :)13:03
mokmeisterlol! Something to keep in mind13:04
shiznebitso far i havent found much thats broken13:04
shiznebitits def much faster13:04
mokmeisterAm downloading at the mo, will try on a test laptop13:04
mokmeisterThe intel graphics thing killed 9.04 for me13:04
shiznebiti kinda had to jump hoops to get libstc++5 on it13:04
shiznebitand then install sopcast13:05
jes__network-manager doesn't work properly. I cannot install languages. Several of the scripts in /etc/init.d/ doesn't work and their service counterparts doesn't either.13:05
jes__mokmeister, that's usually fixed by simply upgrading the kernel though.13:05
mokmeisterjes_ tried that, no joy13:06
mokmeistertried everything!13:06
jes__installing linux removed all my problems with intel vga in jaunty.13:06
yofeljes__: network-manager works fine here (kde) languages are broken too but the upstart scripts work fine here13:06
jes__yofel, it's nm-applet that doesn't work.13:07
shiznebitwell too bad im on karmic13:07
yofeljes__: ah, I remember somebody said yesterday that nm-applet config is broken, ok13:08
shiznebitwhats the most critical bug atm ?13:09
=== andguen1 is now known as andguentaway
jes__I'm upgrading upstart as we speak, though, so that might fix something maybe.13:09
shiznebitjes_ is ksplice avilable for karmic ?13:10
jes__shiznebit, rmadison is your friend.13:10
shiznebitwhats tat13:11
yofelshiznebit: 'rmadison ksplice' will tell you in which release the ksplice package exists13:12
jes__shiznebit, run rmadison <packagename>. It will show you which version of the package is included in the different releases and the different repos.13:12
jes__apt-file and rmadison are two tools I use a lot.13:13
shiznebitgood to know13:14
jes__yes, they're very useful.13:16
yofeldon't forget apt-cache13:17
shiznebitapt-cache whats that do ?13:17
jes__yes, and apt-cache.13:17
shiznebitapt-cacherng ?13:17
yofelshiznebit: queries the apt database, shows things like dependencies, installed version, repository, etc...13:18
Boohbahare ubuntu mirrors throttled to 30K/s ?13:18
Boohbahor at least us.archive?13:18
yofelshiznebit: run 'apt-cache policy ksplice' as an example ;)13:18
shiznebitthey are slow13:18
mokmeisterquite slow...13:19
JoshuaLThe following packages have been kept back:13:19
JoshuaL  ubuntu-desktop13:19
JoshuaLwhy would it keep back ubuntu-desktop?13:20
BoohbahJoshuaL: sudo apt-get dist-updgrade13:20
Dr_Willisi had to 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'13:20
JoshuaLBoohbah, then it still happens13:20
JoshuaLDr_Willis, i will try that13:20
Dr_Willistheres some  xpm type lib vs a noxpm lib that is conflicting13:20
Dr_Willisive had to do it on 2 machines in the last hour13:20
JoshuaLDr_Willis, yeah its conflicting with it13:21
Dr_Willisi did a update, upgrade, dist-upgrade, then just 'install ubuntu-desktop'13:21
JoshuaLthat did the trick :)13:21
Dr_Willisi then danced a happy dance13:23
Dr_Willisor else your pc will explode13:23
JoshuaL9.10 doesnt have the "this is it" feeling13:24
JoshuaLit feels like im missing something13:24
Dr_WillisUbuntu 9.10 Nifty trick  #93 - plug in a external usb hard drive from a machine that had ubuntu (and/or windows) installed on it.. run update-grub. reboot and Bam - the new grub menu WILL show the os's on the extrenal usb hard drive.....13:24
JoshuaLno idea what13:24
Dr_WillisNow thats a neat trick13:24
JoshuaLgot a link for those tricks?13:25
Dr_Willisi dident see how well it booted them13:25
Dr_WillisNo.. I just made itup. :)13:25
Dr_WillisThing to rember #5 for Ubuntu 9.10 - RERUN update-grub after changing the configs... rember the good old LILO days....13:25
unlinkHi, anyone good a troubleshooting boot options / flag problems?13:26
yofelunlink: it would help to know /what/ flag ;)13:26
unlinkOk this is one of those problematic dell Vostro's with the ACPI problem in 64 bit mode13:27
jes__hmm. Are the scripts in /etc/init.d not supposed to be used at all anymore? Where do I read about this change?13:27
yofeljes__: don't know where to read about it, but the script form /etc/init.d/ are being converted to upstart jobs in /etc/init/13:27
unlinkI think I previously used acpi=off in the boot however the 9.x both 04 and 10 no longer are happy with this...13:28
yofeljes__: I found this on the beta release page: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/13:30
Dr_WillisIm not sure how the upstart 'changes' in 9.10 are different from 9.04.13:30
Dr_Willissudo service whatever start/stop/restart   still works13:30
Dr_Willisthat upstart page really is for more advanced users then me. :)13:31
yofelDr_Willis: I don't think they're different, just much more services were converted to upstart now13:31
Dr_Willisi cant think of any that were not updstart'ed  befor...13:31
Dr_Willisbut who knows. :)13:32
Dr_Willisive had very few issues with upstart.13:32
jes__Dr_Willis, did that work in jaunty? :)13:32
Dr_Willissudo service XXXXX has worked for ages.13:32
Dr_Willispeople just never know about it,13:32
jes__hehe, ok. I thought that was just redhat.13:32
jes__yofel, thanks for the link.13:35
Trewasupstart was really enabled around alpha6, before that (including jaunty) it was just used as init replacement without using its native interface13:37
shiznebitwhat uvuntu one {or ?13:38
jes__yes, I remember reading about jaunty switching to upstart, but it didn' seem to affect me in any way, so I forgot to look closer into it.13:38
yofelshiznebit: file sharing, like dropbox (if you mean ubuntu one)13:39
Dr_WillisUbuntu One - is nifty13:43
amortvigilDr_Willis, i find the beta more buddy than alpha 613:44
=== fddfoo is now known as fdd
Dr_WillisHmm.. ubuntu one can share with people. :)13:46
Dr_Williswho wants to share.... :P13:46
=== shiznebit_ is now known as shiznebit
hnsrtrying to install updates though the update manager, but it's failing at some point, telling me "installArchives() failed", can't find anything for this on launcpad on this, so I'd like to file a bug, should this be filed against update-manager? I have a feeling that maybe its just one specific update failing to install, and maybe it's not appropriate to file it against the update manager itself, but I'm not sure where to look13:55
Dr_Willisservers are overloaded for many pepple at this time13:55
Dr_Willistry updating via command line. see if its just timing out13:55
hnsrah, will give that a shot13:56
Dr_WillisYou dont want to file a bug when its just server load.13:56
hnsri might file one for having such a vague error message about it if it was, though :p13:57
Dr_WillisOk. so we can all use ubuntu-one to set up a massive 'wallpaper' shared collection. ;)13:58
nexsja'ello. Can anybody help me with this default IM issue. I've installed 9.10b today and noticed that my logout icon has changed13:58
nexsjaas if i'd ran pidgin or that other IM that i've removed already >_<13:59
nexsjaThe question: how to get the old icon back and turn off the default im?13:59
JoshuaLsounds great Dr_Willis13:59
Dr_Willishmm.. i cant even chantge the wallpaper...14:00
Dr_Willisits not changeing14:00
Crashbitnexsja: don't use emphaty, use pidgin14:00
nexsjaCrashbit, i don't wanna use any of those14:00
nexsjastill, i think one of them is running14:00
nexsjaoh, and for some reason Ubuntu One is crashing whenever i wanna run it :<14:01
Dr_Willishmm. it dident crash here.14:02
Dr_Willis!info wallpaper-tray14:03
ubottuwallpaper-tray (source: wallpaper-tray): wallpaper changing utility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.5-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 92 kB, installed size 372 kB14:03
nexsjahm. Tried it the third time - works o_O14:03
Dr_Williswallpaper-tray isent working for me however14:03
tgpraveencan anyone confirm whether or not palimpest disk utility is there in karmic by default or not?14:04
Dr_WillisIm pretty sure it was here by default14:04
Dr_Williswhen i first installed alpha4 ages ago it was there14:05
zirodaytgpraveen: its in by default14:05
tgpraveenyay! \o/14:05
hnsrwell, i'm not sure what update-manager was doing, but `aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade` seems to be proceeding without a hitch14:05
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
JoshuaLsomeone who knows if songbird will ever make it into the karmic repo's?14:21
JoshuaLthats about making it a default14:23
spreadtheloveso uhhh... synaptic, themes, pidgin... lots of things are actually worse in the beta than the alpha14:24
Boohbahbut i don't know why it's not in the ubuntu repos14:25
Boohbahit seems to be open-source14:25
JoshuaLBoohbah, there is no .deb for karmic14:25
JoshuaLBoohbah, ty, wanna explain to me how that works?14:29
JoshuaLnvm found it already14:33
BriffyHey guys, I picked up an Asus EeePC 1101HA netbook today and, naturally, decided to put Ubuntu on it. Decided to give the new beta a go but everytime I try to run the installation, I get as far as "setting Advanced Power Management level to 0xfe" and then nothing happens. Is there a way around this or am I better of just going with a stable release?14:35
rskBriffy: tried any kernel options?14:37
rsklike noapic etc14:37
Boohbahnoapic or noacpi may help14:38
BriffyOkay, I'll give it a go and see what results I get. Cheers! :P14:38
BoohbahJoshuaL: Latest updates14:40
Boohbah    * songbird 22 hours ago14:40
Boohbah      Failed to build14:40
Boohbah    * songbird 22 hours ago14:40
Boohbah      Failed to build14:40
Boohbah    * songbird 22 hours ago14:40
Boohbahsongbird   12 weeks ago - Failed to build14:40
BoohbahJoshuaL: maybe that's why it's not in the repos?14:40
JoshuaLworks fine for me :)14:40
Dr_WillisIve had issues with the binary songbird even running14:41
JoshuaLto bad its the svn version ad the add-ons dont work :(14:41
JoshuaLthat ppa did work for me14:41
=== Dai_ is now known as Dai
BriffyLove you, guys. Ran it with noapic and noacpi and it seems to be working. <314:46
ZvezdichkoHello, I noticed there is a new version released14:48
Zvezdichkoand I'm curious to upgrade14:48
Zvezdichkoany testing results up to this moment?14:48
drs305Zvezdichko: Mostly positive, but remember it's still Beta!14:49
rskZvezdichko: a few results yets.14:49
Dr_WillisHmm.. you aree refering to the beta `1 version that came out 3 days ago?14:49
ZvezdichkoYes, yes...14:49
LerkHello everyone. Could you help me? I've last beta of kubuntu, and when i starting something(kate for example) i get message that "<some_dir> is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0." What should i do?)14:52
Dr_WillisYou trying to run somthing as root instead of your user?14:52
Dr_Willisuid 0 = root, uid 1000 = your first user14:53
Lerki just type "kate", not "sudo kate"14:54
Dr_Williswhats the permissions on the directory in question?14:54
Lerki run it from my home directory14:55
Zvezdichko... initiating upgrade14:55
Dr_Willisso it litterally says  "<some dir> is owned by 1000 instead of uid 0"14:55
Dr_Willisit dosent give a actual directory?14:55
ZvezdichkoUpgrade started :) Thumbs up... very curious how the new ubuntu looks like14:56
Lerksorry, my mistake) i tried run from root(14:57
Dr_WillisHmm.. does that url install a font/package for other people? :) just saw it at a web site.. and never noticed that trick befor14:57
spreadthelovewhen is the next update and will it address the issues of themes not changing and synaptic suddenly closing?14:58
Lerkit asks me "do you want to install fonts?"14:58
Dr_Willisthe themes changed here.. but not the wallpaper...14:59
test34I changed my wallpaper14:59
Dr_Willisyea. this ubuntu torial web site had that url in it..  ive never seen  that done that way befor.14:59
Dr_Willisi could change the wallpaper..but it dident actually change till i loged out/back in14:59
maxbspreadthelove: "when is the next update" doesn't have an answer. Except during a freeze, updates are more or less continuous14:59
test34spreadthelove, and it doesnt mean the next problem will address your issues15:00
test34the next update15:00
Lerkand one more question. How can i mount ntfs dir if dolphin says me "... the option "locale=.." is not allowed for uid 0". I wanted to mount it myself, but fdisk -l shows nothing(15:01
=== jes__ is now known as XiXaQ
Dr_Willissudo ntfs-3g /dev/devicename  /media/mountpoint-that-exists-beforhand15:05
Dr_Willisuse 'sudo fdisk -l' to see drives15:05
krosonim having a trouble with karmic netbook remix15:10
krosonin jaunty desktop edition i could see pdf files in mozilla15:10
imachinedid you use the native acroread plugin?15:11
imachineor did you use evince?15:11
krosonnow i cant, even after installing mozplugger, i get an error permission denied15:11
imachineI never got it working, it's beyond me, sometimes the plugin works, sometimes it just fails.15:11
krosonwhich one? evince?15:11
krosonif i cant get this to work, ill install adobe15:12
imachineboth evince and acroread15:12
imachineneither seem to cooperate with me :)15:12
krosonwhen i try to open a pdf15:12
imachineit could be firefox 3.515:12
krosonin firefox15:12
imachineI just get a query about downloading the file or opening it in a chosen application15:13
krosonevince opens and it says "error opening the file. permission denied" in portuguese15:13
imachinethat's what I always get.15:13
krosoni got that too15:13
imachineemove mozplugger?15:13
krosonso i installed mozplugger to see if it worked but i get this error15:13
imachineor look inside ~/.mozilla15:13
guest42How do I found out which driver X uses?15:13
krosonwrite in terminal glxinfo15:13
krosonimachine: if i remove mozplugger, ill get the download window again, i think15:14
amortvigilguest4 i could help you if you told me wat your variable stands for, sorry had to make the joke15:14
imachineyes mozplugger seems off15:14
krosonbut in jaunty it worked fine15:15
kroson:S maybe firefox 3.5 bug or something15:15
krosonin firefox 3.0 from jaunty evince opened inside firefox, now it opens in a new window15:15
guest42kroson: did you mean me? I can't find anything specific in glxinfo15:16
yofelguest42: you should find it in /var/log/Xorg.0.log - and ask again if you don't understand it15:16
Q-FUNKit worked in karmic too, until a few days ago15:16
krosonQ-FUNK: what worked?15:16
Q-FUNKI'm guessing that this could be a gvfs issue.15:16
krosoni dont have it installed15:16
krosondo you think i should install it?15:16
imachinekroson, yes ffox 3.5 :) fail15:17
krosondoes acroread plugin work for anyone?15:17
imachineno idea about gvfs15:17
imachinealso as regards the pdf, evince is cool but can't print if pdf comes out of printable area15:18
krosongvfs allows your apps to open files remotely15:18
imachineacroread has a neato option called "shrink to printable area"15:18
imachineI have gvfs-backends installed15:18
krosonso maybe evince needs gvfs to open pdfs from firefox15:18
imachinebecause I have -backends15:19
krosonhmm anyways ill install it to see if theres difference15:19
imachineand it doesn't work15:19
imachinefurthermore, firefox is sort of out of gvfs, so I feel15:19
imachinegvfs is separate from ffox15:19
krosoni dunno15:19
imachineto a certain extent15:19
imachinetry saving to a sftp server from ffox15:19
imachinewhen you get the save file as dialog box, you can only save files to local filesystems from ffox15:20
imachineeven though you see your sftp:// shares mounted with gnome15:20
krosonyes i think you are right15:20
krosonill install adobe reader15:20
imachinethat's how it worked on 9.04 at least15:20
krosonis it in the repos?15:20
imachinebut I don't think they changed much15:20
imachinemedibuntu prolly15:20
imachinemeh, dunno15:20
imachineI'll try get mozplugger now15:21
krosonok then test evince15:22
krosonmozplugger and evince worked fine in fedora15:22
imachineworks fine here too15:22
imachinewith mozplugger15:22
imachinebut it seems that I can't set mozplugger on -force-download15:22
imachineand on -PDF/download15:22
krosonwhat ubuntu version are u using?15:23
imachinelemm try edit /etc/mozpluggerc15:23
krosonhere netbook remix15:23
krosoncan you open pdfs?15:23
imachinebut w815:24
krosonmaybe its gvfs15:24
imachineno, 90% not15:24
imachineI don't get mozplugger15:25
imachinein /etc/mozpluggerc, I added application/force-download:pdf:PDF file15:25
imachineapplication/x-download:pdf:PDF file15:25
imachineto /etc/mozpluggerc just above all the rest of pdf stuff15:25
imachineI can sort of choose mozplugger now in Mozilla -> Edit -> Preferences -> Applications15:26
imachineand everywhere with PDF I can choose to have MozPlugger handle it15:26
imachineBUT, any time I do encounter a pdf on teh web, I get evince open up it's own window15:26
imachineinstead of nest it in firefox15:26
krosonthats what i get too15:26
krosonit would not be a big problem if it opened the file and didnt give that stupid error15:27
krosonits a permissions error, permission denied15:27
imachineimma try nest evince15:27
krosonacroread is in the partner canonical repository15:27
=== JoshuaL_ is now known as JoshuaL
imachinenot here, amd64 :)15:28
imachineok now it works great!15:28
imachineand nests properly :-))))15:29
imachineyou ned to change the line in /etc/mozpluggerc to read:15:29
imachinerepeat noisy swallow(evince) fill: evince "$file"15:29
imachinethen it nests15:29
imachinerepeat noisy fill exits: evince "$file" <- if you have this, it will open a separate evince window :)15:29
krosonhmm as im noob can you explain exactly what i need to add and where?15:29
imachinein /etc/mozpluggerc15:30
imachinein /etc/mozpluggerrc15:30
spreadthelovekarmic is alot slower then the alpha15:30
imachinewhen you have: application/pdf:pdf:PDF file15:30
imachineabove it add two lines:15:30
imachineapplication/force-download:pdf:PDF file15:30
imachineapplication/x-download:pdf:PDF file15:30
imachineand below, where you have GV)15:30
imachinemodify the line to read15:30
imachine        repeat noisy swallow(evince) fill: evince "$file"15:30
sigandersonI did a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade today and amarok in kubuntu 9.10 beta was auto removed... is it normal?15:30
imachinebut if you have errors, it will probably not work either :-)15:31
imachineit will just nest your error ;-P15:31
krosonapplication/pdf:pdf:PDF file application/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file text/pdf:pdf:PDF file text/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file ACROREAD() repeat noisy swallow(kpdf) fill: kpdf "$file" repeat noisy swallow(Xpdf) fill: xpdf -g +9000+9000 "$file" repeat noisy swallow(okular) fill: okular "$file" GV() repeat noisy fill exits: evince "$file"15:32
krosoni have this15:32
krosonbut you dont get this error when you open the pdf?15:32
imachineno errors no15:35
imachineI know what you have no need to paste15:35
shiznebitwhat is preferred to use ? evolution or thunderbird15:36
rskshiznebit: you what you think is the best15:37
imachineevolution is nice but it's also big15:37
imachinehas many features which you might not end up using15:38
imachineso it's a matter of choice15:38
imachinekroson, I think I will remove mozplugger overall anyway15:38
imachinebeause I don't need pdf embeding15:39
krosonhmm is mozplugger only for pdf?15:39
krosoni think it may be for all the multimedia, :S15:39
shiznebitubuntu one doesn't work yet ?15:39
krosonembed the multimedia instead of downloading it15:39
rskshiznebit: why do you ask?15:39
shiznebiti tried to get to the website and get a 50315:40
rskthen the website is down then15:40
dv-why doesn't the new totem player open movies in 1:1 any more?15:44
rskoh someone actually using  totem, cool =)15:44
Ian_i've been using totem since jaunty, it's good :)15:47
Ian_lighter then vlc for my netbook :p15:47
Peace-beta upgrade failed15:50
rskreport bug to launchpad15:50
Peace-and kde 4 fucked up15:50
Peace-on jaunty the same kde works fine15:50
Peace-on karmic = shit15:50
TheInfinityPeace-: beta :)15:50
maxbMake a useful bug report or be quiet15:51
Peace-i have a bit  tired to create bug report15:52
rskwhat's this faggotry ian?15:52
=== Ian_ is now known as Ian_Corne
jussi01!language | Peace-15:53
ubottuPeace-: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.15:53
rsk4chan slang15:53
jussi01rsk: family friendly please15:53
tgpraveenin what ways is ubuntu software centre different from add/remove in jaunty?15:54
rsktgpraveen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter15:55
Peace-*i am a bit tired15:57
commander_hey guys can i sync my blackberry on 9.10?15:57
commander_i heard about BARRY15:58
MikeCHi all, are there any known problems with the Karmic beta in Virtual Box?15:58
krosonkarmic repos are so slow these days16:00
yofelkroson: you could try another mirror16:00
krosonim using the local one, portuguese16:00
scoop21Hi guys16:00
krosonbut well for not its ok16:00
kaddiwouhou, I think I got the beta-packages now :p16:01
krosonimachine: acroread worked here, so forget evince16:02
krosoni removed mozplugger too16:02
Ian_Cornewhat's wrong with evince?16:04
scoop21last week i tried to find guys who has proplems on laptop with karmic. The proplem was that the laptop goes in standby even i plugged out ac while is was plugged in and so.16:04
Ian_Cornekroson: try opening a pdf in a browser16:04
scoop21i mean: while battery was plugged in16:05
krosonIan_Corne: that wasnt working for me16:05
krosonwith evince16:05
krosonfirst it opened the download dialog16:05
krosonthen i installed mozplugger but i got an error when opening the files16:06
krosonnow i tried acroread and it embedding pdf works fine16:06
Ian_Cornewell the plugin for the browser didn't work for me (acroread) but that's even on jaunty16:06
krosonfor me acroread always worked16:07
krosonevince used to work but now no longer16:07
krosonmaybe ff 3.5 bug16:07
scoop21in KDE i haven't any problem that the system goes in standby after plugging ac out during i use battery16:08
=== Guest5000468 is now known as JoeSomebody
turtle4344i tried the karmic beta, and the installer crashes on installing grub16:08
krosonkarmic is looking good for now, except gdm (black?!?)16:09
td123is the us ubuntu server down or something?16:09
scoop21the problem occur even i logged in gnome.16:09
td123kroson: black is usually a good neutral color16:09
krosonyes but too black for gdm, in my opinion16:10
scoop21does anybody have same problems?16:10
krosonin what concerns the desktop, it is fine16:10
krosonintel driver is working fine, much better than in jaunty in my eee 90116:10
krosoni still cant play HD videos fine in youtube, if someone can, tell me how xD16:11
krosonfor the rest normal and HQ play fine16:11
commander_can i sync my blackberry on this version?16:11
rskcommander_: tried it?16:11
turtle4344is anyone able to help me with grub installation?16:11
IdleOne!slow | td12316:11
ubottutd123: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.16:12
commander_rsk does it work?16:12
rski have no idea16:12
rskplease don't answear my question with another question =)16:12
krosontd123: i downloaded my beta from the irish server yesterday16:12
krosonin my desktop i got 1mb/s speed, try that mirror16:13
turtle4344is there a channel specifically for grub2 issues?16:13
imachinekroson, cheers16:13
krosonin the ubuntu beta page, its one of the european mirrors16:13
krosonimachine: acroread perfect here xD, and much better than evince16:14
turtle4344is there a channel specifically for grub2 issues?16:14
scoop21it is better to use torrents to unload the servers16:15
lizzzyI installed kubuntu-kde-desktop on top of jaunty. Is it safe to autoremove ubuntu-desktop now?16:16
Amaranthremoving ubuntu-desktop won't remove GNOME16:18
tormodturtle4344, don't repeat over and over again, too much noise here. ask to ask, here first.16:18
lizzzyAmaranth: How do I uninstall gnome and its related apps then?16:19
ZvezdichkoUpgrade completed! Everything load fine and no issues to report.16:19
Amaranthlizzzy: removing libgtk2.0-0 would remove pretty much all of it :)16:19
kaddialso I would advise not to ask the same question in two channels at once, or at least not to follow different advice given in different channels at the  same time, because they might interfere16:19
lizzzyOh ok sorry kaddi :)16:20
AmaranthZvezdichko: Yay16:20
nachodoes any of you had problems with the splash screen? for me it doesn't appear but for a long of time, some kind of update screwed it16:23
nachoany clues about how to update it?16:23
Trizicushow do I know which version of ubuntu I have (i installed alpha 6 and updates however I do not know if i have beta)?16:25
IdleOneTrizicus: lsb_release -a16:25
tormodturtle4344, are you using the alternate or desktop CD?16:25
turtle4344tormod: live16:25
Trizicusit doens't say if i have beta or alpha16:26
TrizicusI installed alpha but don't I need to dist-upgrade to get to beta?16:26
turtle4344tormod: everything installed fine but ubiquity fails on gurb installation, here is the log http://pastebin.ca/159070716:26
=== Nollapiste is now known as Tuplapiste
IdleOneuname -a perhaps what kernel is beta using?16:26
tormodturtle4344, any special disk setups? raid, usb drive, etc?16:26
turtle4344tormod: nope, installing from a CD16:27
Trizicusi installed alpha 6 and the latest updates and now I just relized beta is out... What do I have to do to ensure ubuntu gets updated from alpha to beta?16:27
G_A_CTrizicus: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade16:27
=== dean is now known as Guest62408
tormodturtle4344, file a bug using "ubuntu-bug grub-installer" and attach the log16:28
scoop21does anybody has standby problems (standby or hilbernate after few minutes) after plugging out ac while batterie is plugged in gome?16:29
turtle4344tormod: do i need an account for that?16:29
tormodyou'll need an account on launchpad16:29
turtle4344tormod: would you mind filing it for me?16:31
tgpraveenguys am on jaunty and now if I use a karmic live cd and format my jaunty partition and install karmic over it will I be able to get ext 4 and GRUB 2?16:32
krosonif you format with ext416:32
tormodturtle4344, you will have to answer questions from the developers. just go for it. it's free and you'll get premium support :)16:32
krosonthe / partition16:32
krosonyoull always get grub 2 cause its installed with karmic on the / or /boot if you use it16:33
MerlinWi using ext4 with jaunty, but no changes for human beings:D16:33
tgpraveenso grub 1 willl be uninstalled when I format my jaunty partition itself? I want actual16:33
turtle4344tormod: what should i do in the mean time?16:34
tgpraveenGRUB2 not a chain linked one16:34
IdleOnetgpraveen: when you format the partition everything on it will be deleted. backup anything you want to keep16:34
MerlinWgrub 1 will replaced16:34
MerlinWin mbr ofc16:35
krosonit will replace your previous bootloader16:36
MerlinWi know, i just answered:D16:36
tgpraveenMerlinW:  kroson hmm so on a related side note I currently dual boot win and jaunty so if I format jaunty partition to say blank it with fat or something then automatically grub gets removed and windows bootloader takes over?16:36
krosoni didnt understand very well16:36
krosonwhat you mean16:36
tormodturtle4344, you can try to install grub manually but you may want to just wait. are you still on the Desktop cd, have everything installed and just need the grub?16:37
MerlinWif u have a win and jaunty now, just install karmic and will everything normal16:37
krosonbut i think to remove grub you either restore mbr or replace it with another bootloader16:37
MerlinWlike when u push a dist upgrade16:37
turtle4344tormod: yea, the whole system installed except grub16:37
MerlinWjust do it, u will have no problems16:37
tormodturtle4344, you are not using raid, dmraid, fakeraid?16:38
turtle4344tormod: nope, all default settings from the installer, using the default file system and i selected "use entire disk"16:39
tormodturtle4344, and your disk is just a normal hard drive?16:39
turtle4344tormod: yep a standard seagate 160GB16:40
Andy80hi all16:40
krosontgpraveen: if you blank your jaunty partition, i think grub gets removed, but not sure16:40
Andy80I think I'm not the first one who ask this but...16:40
Andy80I've upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 beta and now my system is totally fucked up -.-16:40
krosonand windows bootloader should load, but better someone more experienced tell you16:41
Andy80cannot boot16:41
James147Andy80: #ubuntu+1 for issues with karmic16:41
Andy80I'm getting some fsck errors at startup... I'm running 9.04 live now16:41
krosonAndy80: it should boot :S if you did it right16:41
kaddithis is ubuntu+1 no?16:41
tormodturtle4344,  I think cjwatson will be interested in your bug report and might be able to fix it fast.16:41
Andy80James147, this IS #ubuntu+1 :P16:41
krosonJames147: lool16:41
yofelkroson tgpraveen: what you need to get grub2 is blank /boot and your mbr, a fresh karmic installation will do that16:41
James147Opps, wrong chanle :S16:41
Andy80kroson, I've just fsck-ed both /dev/sda1 (my / ) and /dev/sda5 (my /home) and they're "clean"16:42
krosonthats it, the advantage of having /boot partition is that you dont need to remove grub if you want to remove your linux os16:42
tormodturtle4344, the best way is if you file the bug right now, from the Desktop CD, ubuntu-bug will attach the necessary files16:42
Andy80so... how can I fix my problem?16:43
krosonim noob too i dont know andy16:43
krosonwhat is the error you have when you boot?16:44
yofelAndy80: can you disable 'quiet splash' in grub an tell us where it stops?16:44
=== dreamnid_ is now known as dreamnid
Andy80how can I remember it?.... I've no way to take a screenshot of it16:44
Andy80yofel, yes, I can do it, wait...16:44
turtle4344tormod: how should i go about filing the bug, is there a built in utility in ubuntu that will?16:44
Andy80I just need to mount my old /16:45
tormodturtle4344, I think I already said "ubuntu-bug grub-installer"16:45
Andy80yofel, excuse me... where is located now grub.conf ?16:47
yofelAndy80: you said that you upgraded from jaunty, you should still have menu.lst in that case16:47
Andy80nothing... ignore my question..16:47
tormodAndy80, you can also remove it temporarily at the grub menu16:48
Andy80yofel, ok... now I've removed the "quiet splash", but.... how can I take note of the errors I'll get once I reboot?16:49
yofelAndy80: if you can't boot at all (not even repair mode) then you'll have to use paper and pencil I guess16:50
Andy80yofel, ok... I'll create a 9.10 startup USB before rebooting, just in case...16:51
yofelgood idea :)16:51
Andy80but... I've the strong sensation I'll have to reinstall ALL from scratch -.-16:52
scoop21does anybody have a problem with standby during plugging in battery or ac in gnome?16:52
Andy80luckly I've separated /home16:52
tormodAndy80, you can try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChrootRecovery16:53
gasgHello, somebody like me have tried 9.10 beta on the aspire one a110l?16:53
djm62Hi I want to test Karmic on my eeepc: how should I upgrade?16:53
gasgthe kernel is totally incompatible16:53
gasglot of errors during the bot and on desktop16:53
djm62(It's got a 4G system and 16G home drive... physically separate as far as I know)16:54
Crashbitmm compiz isn't activated during the startup of gnome. I have to activate it with "compiz --replace &" from a terminal16:55
yofeldjm62: to upgrade use 'update-manager -d' (but make yourself a backup and a karmic live-flashdrive before that)16:55
Andy80anyway all of this is a bit confusing...16:55
yofeljust in case something goes wrong16:55
Andy80on Ubuntu Planet all people say "please install 9.10, help us to test ecc..."16:55
djm62yofel: not enough space free to do that...16:55
Andy80and here you advise not to install it :P16:55
yofelAndy80: yes, please help us out to test it, but only if you're ok to break your system and have at lease some idea what you're doing16:56
djm62yofel: I suspect this either is or will be a common problem for people using 9.04 on netbooks: /var/cache/apt/ is on / and / is too small to do a dist-upgrade16:56
Andy80yofel, I've idea of what I'm doing, it's just annoying ;)16:57
Andy80ok... now I reboot to take note about errors16:57
djm62so that lovely convenient debian-style apt-get upgrade doesn't work16:57
yofeldjm62: in the default setup you only have one partition. e.g. / and so you shouldn't have any space problems16:58
dredhammerhello i need help with grub2 for Karmic i upgraded from 9.04 but i can only boot into ubuntu if i use the live cd and select boot from harddrive, if i dont do this i get a grub 1.5  (the old grub) Error 1516:58
djm62yofel: on the eeepc901 linux edition there is one 4G disk and one 16G disk (physically separate).  As far as I know the WinXP just had the 16G disk16:59
yofeldjm62: if you want to upgrade without update-manager you could edit the apt sources.list, change jaunty to karmic there and disable all ppa's (make a backup of the file before that)16:59
yofeldjm62: ok, that's a bit small for upgrading, I guess you'll have to make a clean installation16:59
djm62well, there are still options: 2 that I can think of.  I can mount /var/cache/apt/archives on an external disk, or I can install 9.10 from an external disk, leaving my /home/ alone17:01
djm62is one recommended, or are there instructions about it somewhere?17:01
James147djm62: You could bind a folder in /home to /var/cache/apt/...17:02
djm623 options ;-)17:02
SVisorAs always.. something breaks when upgrading. Upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 and now headphones do not work.  I tried the different "profiles". Those marked as "Duplex" gives me the option to select "headphone" but no sound. Does someone has a solution?17:03
Dr_Willistry the pulse audio specific mixer and tools perhaps.17:04
Dr_Willispavucontrol and so forth.17:05
* Dr_Willis notices how weird the search feature in synaptic is...17:05
BluesKajskype kills all audio17:05
Dr_Willisi search for 'pav' and it shows 'TINT' (a game)  - because the programers name is Pavlovsky.17:06
BluesKajmust be a reported bug..ythink I saw something about it17:06
Dr_Willis!info anarchism17:07
ubottuanarchism (source: anarchism): An exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice. In component universe, is optional. Version 11.7-1 (karmic), package size 6468 kB, installed size 13524 kB17:07
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga17:08
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga17:08
djm62Dr_Willis: is the programmer's name mentioned in the description?17:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about u20017:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about madwimax17:11
Dr_Willisdjm62:  yea.17:11
djm62d'oh :-(17:11
Dr_Willisdjm62:  search for 'pav'17:11
Dr_Willisive noticed several packagtes that do that.17:11
wektDoes ekiga or voice chat work smoothly with Pulse?  I get stuttering.17:12
Dr_Willisi imagine thats why 'apt-cache search 'is always so cluttereed also17:12
SVisorpulse-mixer gives same options with same result.17:12
Dr_Willisdjm62:  we going to have to file bug reports on bad descriptions? :)17:12
wektSVisor: same as?17:12
wektSVisor: as without pulse?17:13
SVisorSorry.. No sound on headphones.17:13
SVisorI can select headphones, but no sound.17:13
LerkCan anybody say where can i get 32bit libXp library for amd64 arch?17:13
djm62Dr_Willis: I guess that would upset a load of coders, but it isn't much of a fix to tell search to ignore descriptions....17:14
Dr_Willisdjm62:  yea. thats why i think they need to expand the package descripions with lots of 'tags'17:14
BluesKajpulseaudio is choppy and distorted on my setup. it's prolly ok on onboard sound but with pci cards there seems to be a kernel module problem with pulse and the kernel sound module for the pci card trying to run simultaneously resulting one audio driver fighting the other.17:14
Dr_Willisvery few of the desccriptsions actually have 'names' in them.17:15
albert23Lerk: in package ia32-libs17:15
djm62Dr_Willis: better to do that kind of thing online, with apt: urls, perhaps? where it can be tinkered with?17:15
Dr_Willisdjm62:  yea. im looking throug many descriptisons now.. seems about 3% also include urls to the programs homepage.17:16
Dr_Willis some definatly need tobe more 'concise' in what the package does17:16
Dr_Willis!info beep17:16
ubottubeep (source: beep): advanced pc-speaker beeper. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.2-23 (karmic), package size 24 kB, installed size 104 kB17:16
Dr_WillisIm guessing they got a 'short' concise description (as shown above) then a LONG descrion you see in synaptic17:17
djm62yeah, they usually have a one line summary, that you see if you do "aptitude search barfoo"17:17
yofelDr_Willis: exactly, the debian packaging system requires a one line description (max. 80 chars I think) and an additional long description17:17
Dr_Willisnow if they could require a GOOD description. :)17:18
Dr_WillisHmm..heres a neat tool i just saw..17:18
Dr_Willis!info bindfs17:18
ubottubindfs (source: bindfs): mirrors or overlays a local directory with altered permissions. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.3-1 (karmic), package size 20 kB, installed size 88 kB17:18
djm62who owns the description? I mean, who should change it?17:19
Dr_Willisbindfs has a VERY good long description. :)17:19
yofeldjm62: the description is done by the packager, e.g. the maintainer of the package17:19
djm62what's the ratio of packages to maintainers?17:19
yofelif you guys are interested, do 'apt-get source <somepkg>' and then read sourefolder/debian/control there you can find the description17:20
Dr_WillisWhat do they do for Other languages also? each package has 5+ descriptions thats been translated?17:20
djm62no way17:20
yofeldjm62: well, some packages are maintained in ubuntu, some are just synced from debian, you can find the maintainer in the debian/control file too17:21
djm62grabbing  the file now17:21
djm62the source file17:21
Dr_WillisHmm.. Im seeing more and more of these 'desktops' variants for specific locales with themes, grub, splash, wallpaper, and so forth.17:22
Dr_Willis!info brdesktop-gnome17:22
ubottubrdesktop-gnome (source: brdesktop-flavours): Brazilian Debian Pure Blend - GNOME flavour. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.5ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 powerpc)17:22
Dr_WillisThis metapackage installs a selection of packages for BrDesktop, giving a17:23
djm62seems like we could improve the description by automating, crowdsourcing, editing, and approving17:23
Dr_Willispleasant GNOME desktop environment with the basic resources for17:23
Dr_Willisordinary Brazilian users. It is useful only to speakers of Brazilian17:23
Dr_WillisNow..  what in a theme package like that is language specific anyway?17:23
Dr_Willisthe more i explore.. the stranger things get. :)17:24
djm62you'd think Brazilian dictionaries would be covered by localisation, and not need an extra package17:25
djm62maybe it's stuff that is mostly in that part of the world, like whatever the local dominant IM system is17:25
Dr_Willisfrom what i gather thats just a fancy splash screen, and grub wallpaper. and so forth17:25
Dr_Willis!info tropic-look17:26
ubottutropic-look (source: tropic-look): Tropic look - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 6 kB, installed size 60 kB17:26
iktwhat are the issues of supporting >4GB of ram on a 32 bit system?17:26
Dr_Willisonw of the worst descriptions... :) tropic-look.17:26
iktis it because only a few intel cpu's support it?17:26
Dr_WillisLong decription = 2 lines..  "The Tropic Theme - this is a meta package"17:27
yofelikt: 32bit only has physical adress space for a bit less than 4GB, so you need pae to support the other space17:27
limxwhere is the xorg.conf located?17:28
limxi cant find it in /etc/X1117:28
Amaranthlimx: There isn't one by default anymore17:28
AmaranthGenerally no need for one17:28
limxok, and where are the configs located now?17:29
grturnerlimx, the X is configured by the gui now17:29
limxoh god17:29
Dr_Willisperhaps tell us what you are trying to do....17:30
grturnersystem > preferences > display17:30
yofellimx: why do you need to change the configuration?17:30
commander_does anyone have reboot issues here?17:30
limxi have to add some special options for my graphics card17:30
limxsome options to save energy17:30
grturnersystem > preferences > power management is where you can configure energy stuff17:31
yofellimx: create a dummy one with 'sudo Xorg -configure' and copy it from /root to /etc/X11/ and then edit it17:31
sven-tekWie geil, ich bin von Karmic echt begeistert17:32
limxi have to stop the xorg server for this?17:32
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.17:32
Adapterslow traffic at ubuntu server today? anybody else17:32
yofelsven-tek: come to #ubuntu-de+117:33
limx<- is not that happy with karmic17:33
grturnerlimx, even jaunty or intrepid didnt really utilize an xorg.conf17:33
scoop21try to use torrent instead of direct download17:33
limxubuntu: 20 watts power consumption windows 7: 12 watts17:34
Adapteri must download vue first :)17:34
limxthat means: only 2 hours runtime...17:34
grturnerlimx you can also use the cpu frequency scaling monitor to manually set the clock speed of your processor17:35
thiebaudelimx, how do i find out how much watts my ubuntu 9.10 uses?17:35
limxthiebaude: if you have a notebook, use the battery icon above17:36
limxit shows you a watt number17:36
thiebaudelimx, i'am on a desktop17:36
scoop21notebook standby pobs after battery plugging?17:36
sven-tekthiebaude, i have an adaptor plug showing the power usage17:36
James147thiebaude: powertop  is a great app for measuing power related things17:36
limxthen it doesnt matter17:36
yofelpowertop says I have ~11w on my eeePC 1000H17:36
thiebaudei've been using ubuntu for 5yrs and never thought about power consumption17:37
limxthiebaude: because you dont have a notebook17:37
thiebaudelimx, yep17:37
James147thiebaude: its more important on loptops then desktops17:37
thiebaudeJames147, even if the laptop is plugged in?17:37
limxit's the most important thing on a laptop17:37
limxit's useless when the laptop goes off after 2 hours17:38
James147thiebaude: less so :) but in general17:38
thiebaudeJames147, i understand it17:38
James147best to set up laptop mode if you have a laptop... ubuntu has it just dosent enable it by default for somereason17:39
yofelJames147: it's supposed to cause problems on some  systems17:39
yofeland I don't like the too savy settings for the hdd17:40
Andy80hi again17:40
yofelAndy80: wb17:40
thiebaudehi andy17:40
Andy80after some tries my system booted up normally17:40
Andy80anyway I think it was a fsck problem...17:41
limxhow do I enable laptop mode?17:41
Andy80it looks like more extended than the "known issue"17:41
James147yofel: its not hard to disable the power saving for hdd, hell by default it disables virtually everything :S17:41
yofelAndy80: did you by chance get something about last mount time in the future17:41
Andy80in my case my system needed a check because it was monted 31 times...17:41
Andy80yofel: what?17:41
yofelAndy80: had that yesterday after booting jaunty once. it fixed itself after a few boots17:42
Andy80yofel: I hope someone fix this before final release, looks like a very big problem for a new user...17:42
Andy80it will take minutes to switch back to window$ :P17:42
yofelAndy80: iirc it was supposed to be fixed with the new kernel17:42
Andy80this kernel: Linux andrea-laptop 2.6.31-11-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 2 11:55:55 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux17:43
Andy80or a new one?17:43
yofelAndy80: that's the supposedly fixed one, I don't know more right now17:43
thiebaudeAndy80, i got that kernel17:44
Andy80btw.... I've a strange problem with Telepathy: it's not visible in the top bar... so if someone writes me I only see the bubble notification and I cannot open the chat...17:44
Andy80am I missing any particular applet?17:45
mikejetWill 9.10 have the new gnome release a few weeks ago?17:48
AmaranthAndy80: It should be the little mail icon17:48
Amaranthmikejet: we've already got it17:48
mikejetAmaranth, Great. the GUI updates are my favorite part of new releases (so far).17:49
MocI don't see much changes in the GUI17:49
Mocexcept they made the icon set on top near invisible17:49
grturnerany news on ati with karmic, or for compatability are we still going to have to downgrade to intrepid xorg packages and use that17:50
lucahi everyone, can someone please help me to recover my karmic installation?17:50
MocIm on ATI rightnow with open source driver and it seem to work ok17:50
lucaI am not able to boot into my system anymore17:50
commander_it won't reboot,suspend ,hibernate or nothing i have to manually turn it off17:51
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:51
grturnerMoc, what about 3d programs?17:51
Mocdamn that bug still exist... when you go the the im/mail icon and select empathi, it doesn't un minimize it17:52
lucathiebade, I would like to, but they are scarce; it blocks during boot, when gdm should be loading, with a "Crypswap1 (started) message17:52
lucathe system seems to boot, but I am not able to get to the login screen or boot into the system17:52
Mocgrturner: I've run for about 1 hours in xgl, but im in 1920x1080 on a old dell d610 notebook, so it was ok until you have too much windows open17:52
mikejetMoc : I like the 100 cuts improvements.17:53
AmaranthMoc: Not Xgl, Xgl was removed from the archive17:53
Moc100 cuts ?17:53
Mocwell compiz17:53
Mocor what ever17:53
AmaranthToo many people confuse Xgl, Compiz, and Compiz-Fusion :)17:54
AmaranthYou're running compiz with some fusion plugins :)17:54
AmaranthAlthough as of compiz 0.9 it's just compiz, the fusion name is going away17:54
lucathiebaude: also, if I try to mount my encrypted home directory from live (as I am now), it says: "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly"17:54
lucathiebaude: I *think* it might be something related to encryption, but I did no fancy operations on that front, apart having an encrypted home as per installation instructions17:55
thiebaudeluca, ok17:55
MocI hope they fix the change language key17:57
lucathiebaude: any advice?17:57
thiebaudeluca, i dont know about that17:58
lucathiebaude ok thanks17:58
thiebaudeluca, np17:58
AmaranthMoc: bug number?17:58
thiebaudeluca, how did you upgrade?17:58
lucathiebaude: clean install17:58
MocOne thing I find weird is in empathy, instead of next or continue in the new account, it say forward ...17:59
thiebaudeluca, i did a upgrade from 9.0417:59
lucaso I have all backups ready if this is a worst case scenario ;)17:59
lucathiebaude oh ok17:59
mikejetAmaranth, I wish the whole x-win, compbiz, gnome, kde, opengl stuff weren't so confusing.17:59
thiebaudeeverything works just right, compiz etc17:59
Mocit feel like someone in another language did it, then was just translated word for word in english17:59
MocAmaranth: oh boy, let me try to find that18:00
MocAmaranth: 36336318:01
* joshua__ wonders what happened to his splash screen on startup...18:01
Amaranthbug 36336318:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 363363 in ubuntu "Keyboard Layout Key(s) to change layout doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36336318:01
Amaranthnice number18:01
Mocthat bug was introduced in 8.1018:02
MocI feel that you need to know a dev to actually get a bug to be looked at18:03
AmaranthMoc: it's New18:03
AmaranthMoc: You know me now :)18:03
Mocapril 2009 is considered new ?18:03
AmaranthMoc: what you need to do is file them against the right package18:03
AmaranthMoc: no no, the status is New and it has no package18:03
thiebaudeAmaranth, what part of development do you work on?18:03
Amaranththat means no one has seen it18:04
Amaranththiebaude: compiz18:04
MocI have no idea what packages language switcher is with... it come default in install18:04
Mocpackage gnome ?18:04
mikejetIs compiz installed by default?18:04
thiebaudeAmaranth, i just want to say that for me compiz works perfect and no bugs18:04
Amaranthmikejet: installed and enabled by default18:04
Amaranththiebaude: awesome :)18:04
AmaranthMoc: What GUI tool is this?18:05
Amaranthalright, let me fix up the bug report18:05
Moclet me try if it still in 9.10 beta first ;)18:05
Andy80is it normal that the System menu on top has no icons? Only the sub-menus have them :\18:06
thiebaudeAmaranth, i migrated from 9.04, and made sure everything was installed on 9.04 before moving over over18:06
AmaranthAndy80: expected18:06
Andy80Amaranth: known bug?18:06
AmaranthAndy80: Not a bug18:06
Mocit be nice if the keyboard indicator panel get added automaticly when you add a second keyboard (like in windows)18:06
AmaranthMoc: there, bug 363363 cleaned up and waiting for you to test with karmic and answer the questions asked there18:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 363363 in ubuntu "Keyboard Layout Key(s) to change layout doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36336318:07
Andy80Amaranth: and in "indicator-applet-session 0.1" --> Se Status --> I cannot see any icon... is this a not-a-bug too?18:09
AmaranthAndy80: Correct18:10
AmaranthAndy80: You'll notice icons are missing from most of the desktop18:10
AmaranthThis is intentional18:10
Andy80Amaranth: ihmo: it's simply ugly :(18:10
Mocbackground of the keyboard indication panel doesn't match the top bar18:11
penguin42Andy80: Fortunately you can turn the menu ones back on from system->preferences->appearance->interface 'show icons in menus' - I agree with you18:11
Andy80penguin42: much much better in this way :) really thank you :)18:12
mac_vAndy80: in almost everyone's opinion its ugly ;)18:12
Mocha weird your right no icons18:12
akioholy crap my USB ports are all dead18:12
Andy80I'd like to discuss with people who did this :P18:12
thiebaudepenguin42, yea, thanks18:12
akiothis is a kernel issue right?18:13
penguin42Andy80: There's a bug for it - let me just find it18:13
AmaranthAndy80: Upstream GNOME usability folks and the Canonical Design Team18:13
mac_vAndy80:  Moc: Bug #40762118:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "(design decision) Icons missing from context menu , dialogue buttons , firefox bookmark favicons" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40762118:13
AmaranthHaving the icons removed from most menu items makes the ones that have icons stand out18:13
Mocthe preview options in apperance preference either doesn't have icon for items in menu, or they dont reflect the show icons in menu18:13
mac_vAmaranth: but the present solution is not ideal... it was never a consensus but done only by a small group of individuals18:14
mac_vmostly 3-418:14
akiobike shed argument18:14
Amaranthmac_v: people need to follow the right mailing lists ;)18:14
penguin42Amaranth: Which one is that?18:14
mac_vAmaranth: nope... there was never a ML for this ;)18:15
Amaranthmac_v: There was, I knew it was coming18:15
Amaranthpenguin42: I dunno, I'm on all of them18:15
mac_vAmaranth: hmm.. well even mpt didnt know i guess ;)18:15
penguin42Amaranth: Is it an ayatana one or further upstream?18:15
Amaranthupstream GNOME18:15
mac_v*didnt know about the ML18:16
AmaranthBack in 2005 or so I went to lists.gnome.org and subscribed to almost all of them :)18:16
penguin42Amaranth: Ouch18:16
mac_vlol.. that must be a huge spam ;)18:16
penguin42Amaranth must get trampled by gnomes18:16
AmaranthMost of them are low volume but incredibly interesting when they have something18:16
Amaranthmac_v: I believe it was not titled properly but there was a ML post about it18:17
penguin42has anyone else been having update manager ask for the password trice on updates recently?18:17
thiebaudeAmaranth, for 9.10 are you done now with compiz development?18:17
AmaranthI don't think it was on d-d-l though18:17
mac_vpenguin42: happened to me too :) ..18:17
mac_vbut seems solved now18:17
Amaranththiebaude: Hopefully 0.8.4 will be out in a couple days and I've got one more packaging push to do18:17
penguin42mac_v: Ah ok, I'm still waiting for todays stuff to go in18:17
Amaranththiebaude: But that'll only fix 17 or so more bugs then we're done18:18
thiebaudeAmaranth, so i can expect a compiz update?18:18
MocI need to find a way to make 2 icons at the top, 1 to access empathy, and one to access my email client (not evolution)18:18
MocI wish evolusions look and felt more like thunderbird18:18
mikejetI've always disliked the workspace selectors in the bottom right, where they show what apps run in each workspace.18:18
Amaranththiebaude: yes18:18
Amaranththiebaude: it'll fix this list of bugs: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bugs?field.status:list=INPROGRESS&field.status:list=FIXCOMMITTED18:19
Amaranthplus hopefully one or two more18:19
thiebaudeAmaranth, i'll see if i have that bug18:20
* penguin42 wonders if compiz is enableable on i945G these days - it went through a period where it was disabled18:20
thiebaudeAmaranth, i dont have any of those bigs in compiz18:20
Amaranthpenguin42: The only one we have blacklisted is 84518:20
mikejetAmaranth, Is there a webpage with the top 10 improvements?18:20
Mocweird, in 9.10 the cpu scale doesn't show the same mhz list as in 8.1018:21
Amaranththiebaude: you have at least a few of them18:21
Amaranththiebaude: you just don't notice :)18:21
penguin42Amaranth: Thanks, I might try turning it on again - I don't really use the compiz stuff, but I might give it a go again18:21
yofelmikejet: you can read some new features on the beta release page18:21
akioTake a look at this craziness: http://paste.ubuntu.com/284756/18:21
thiebaudeAmaranth, yep, exactly18:21
Amaranthmikejet: compiz improvement are purely bug fixes18:21
* mac_v thinks Ubuntu wasted time on xsplash just out of pride to not adopt plymouth18:22
IdleOneAmaranth: 865G should work then?18:22
AmaranthIdleOne: hmm, maybe we blacklist that one to18:22
akio+1 mac_v18:22
AmaranthIdleOne: try it18:22
thiebaudemy startup screen is blank before the login18:22
AmaranthT="$T 8086:3577 8086:2562 " # Intel 830MG, 845G (LP: #259385)18:22
yofelmac_v: wasn't it because plymouth takes too long to initialize? (not that xsplash is any better18:22
IdleOneAmaranth: I can't get past login window with karmic18:22
Amaranththose are the ones we blacklist18:22
AmaranthIdleOne: does it crash X?18:23
IdleOneAmaranth: computer freezes hard18:23
akioI haven't used it but it dos look like it would be something that would take longer to do rather than quicker18:23
IdleOneas long as I don't click on anything it's golden18:23
mac_vyofel: not sure that is the reason, havent heard such complains though... anyways the graphics with plymouth are better than the xsplash we have now! ;p18:23
IdleOnebut usability is limited when all I can look at is the login manager18:24
kaddihi, somehow the behaviour of my konsole changed: Usually tabcompletion does not work unless the completion is unique. Now it simply uses the first file matching the starting letters (like in windows). How can I change it back to not do completion unless unambiguous18:24
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  set it to autologin? :)18:24
AmaranthIdleOne: Oh so you don't even get to put your password in?18:24
IdleOnelmao Dr_Willis18:24
IdleOneAmaranth: no18:24
yofelmac_v: at least plymouth doesn't show a bunch of text before starting...18:24
mac_vyofel: yeah... hate the text :/18:24
AmaranthIdleOne: Ok, not compiz then :)18:25
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub218:25
thiebaudeyofel, i dont have that text at startup anymore ,just a blank screen18:25
IdleOneAmaranth: with the live cd I got to the desktop and soon as I clicked on firefox it loaded and froze18:25
AmaranthIdleOne: yeah, just general driver breakage there though18:25
AmaranthIdleOne: not only triggered by compiz18:25
mac_vthiebaude: since when? i updated ~6hrs ago and still i get text :(18:25
yofelwell, I don't use splash since I like the text (much more useful in case something goes wrong)18:26
Mocdamn nwow flash doesn't woprk18:26
penguin42Amaranth: The problem I guess is compiz tends to push the drivers pretty hard (not Compiz's fault)18:26
IdleOneAmaranth: general driver breakage kinda blows. I would hope that I could atleast run firefox18:26
thiebaudemac_v, about 24 hrs or so18:26
mac_vthen i must be among the unlucky ones :(18:26
Mocinstall->youtube->install flash from adobe via the .deb and restart firefox and no flash working18:27
thiebaudemac_v, you think they are going to put something in the place of the blank screen?18:27
IdleOne!flash | Moc18:27
ubottuMoc: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash18:27
thiebaudebesides text18:27
thiebaudemac_v, for me it still isn't a show-stopper18:28
iktgetting frustrated, totem crashing >a lot< apport picks it up, but when I click report cpu goes to 100% on both cores and it just sits there collecting data18:28
MocIdleOne: that not so great for new user18:28
IdleOneMoc: how is that not great?18:28
mac_vthiebaude: the blank screen should actually not be shown and the dark splash wallpaper should be displayed...18:29
mac_vso there are still problems :/18:29
IdleOneMoc: a new user should not be running Alpha/beta release18:29
mikejeti really don't like totem.  it seems to crash 100% of the time, after it configures itself to play a bunch of media types.18:29
Amaranthmac_v: The problem is X takes forever to start on systems without SSD18:29
akiomikejet, her too18:29
thiebaudemac_v, yep, i know there will be many more updates with 26 days to go18:30
Amaranthmac_v: X starts as fast in karmic as it did in jaunty for me but in jaunty that was the end of the boot18:30
AmaranthI expected to get X in 5 seconds, not 1518:30
penguin42Amaranth: Does some stuff need to get added to the readahead lists or someone go and find out wtf is getting accessed and remove excess crud?18:30
Amaranthpenguin42: I have no idea18:30
thiebaudeAmaranth, so far 9.04 is faster to start than 9.10 for me18:31
mac_vme too18:31
Amaranthpenguin42: We use sreadahead now which is great for SSD but not so good for HDD18:31
mikejetthe fundamental bug with AV media is it is way too confusing and there are way too many projects to configure.18:31
AmaranthApparently karmic starts really fast if you do a clean install now18:31
yofelthiebaude: you could try to chart jaunty and karmic with bootchart and find out what takes longer18:31
Amaranthyofel: A bit late now :)18:31
akioI did a clean install and it starts very quickly, I haven't tweaked any services either18:31
penguin42Amaranth: Hmm pity that it doesn't use the one best for the device it's on18:31
thiebaudewell, the blank screen is what does it18:32
Amaranthpenguin42: well scott claims sreadahead is as good as readahead-list for HDD18:32
mac_vthiebaude: check the log if some module is stalling /me had a webcam module which cause delays18:32
penguin42Amaranth: I should have a look at it - I keep thinking it needs triggering on resume from hibernate18:32
Amarantherr, no18:32
Amaranthresume from hibernate is reading 1 file18:33
penguin42Amaranth: No, after that18:33
penguin42Amaranth: I find lots and lots of stuff is swapped out18:33
Amaranthsreadahead and readahead-list only handle boot stuff18:33
thiebaudemac_v, which log and where?18:33
Amaranthpenguin42: Everything is swapped out, intentionally18:33
Amaranthpenguin42: suspend and hibernate drop all caches so they have room to work18:33
Amaranthso not even swapped out, really18:34
penguin42Amaranth: Yeh but what I'd like is for it to go and start fetching stuff off disk for the X apps I'm inevitably going to use - e.g. the screensaver18:34
Amaranthjust no more HD cache18:34
mac_vthiebaude: syslog and kernel logs , but mainly syslogs , you could use the graphical logviewer from the system> administration menu18:34
thiebaudemac_v, ok, thanks alot18:34
penguin42Amaranth: At the moment I come out of hibernate and every app crawls along slowly as it gets swapped in, it could do some of that for me18:34
Amaranthpenguin42: not the job of sreadahead :)18:35
Amaranthpenguin42: you want to install preload18:35
thiebaudemac_v, i got it, what item on the left do i look at?18:35
penguin42Amaranth: readahead just takes a list of files to do the read on - it just needs the same stuff from a different list18:35
thiebaudesystem log viewer18:35
Amaranthpenguin42: sreadahead is a little different18:35
gogereaver1anyone knoe why my touchpad isnt working18:36
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:36
penguin42Amaranth: Oh, I'll have a look at it and preload - thanks for the tip; I was wondering about doing something like during hibernate noting the X apps and generating a list to be fetched in the background on resume18:36
mac_vthiebaude: check for any multiple repetitions , for me it was something like > vc032x: i2c bs busy wait18:37
thiebaudeahh ok18:37
BenBukubuntu 9.10: kpackagekit doesn't work for me, says I don't have the "necessary privileges", and then crashes. even if I start it with "kdesudo kpackagekit"18:37
gogereaver1its a eeepc 900a the touchpad works untill i login18:37
Amaranthgogereaver1: is it the whole touchpad that stops or just tap to click?18:38
mac_vthat was my webcam module18:38
Amaranthgogereaver1: This is by design18:38
Amaranthgogereaver1: Turn it on again in System->Preferences->Mouse if you want it back18:38
gasgIn 9.10 running kernel 2.6.31, this is really uncompatible it seems with these netbook like aa1, eepc etc...18:38
gogereaver1why would it be off18:38
Amaranthgogereaver1: because it's too easy to trigger accidentally while typing18:39
AnAntHello, gnome-bluetooth does not ask if I want to "Access internet using the mobile phone" after I successfully pair with that phone18:39
yofelgasg: I have a eeePC 1000H and 2.6.31 works flawless18:39
gasgthe kernel need to be patched.. I think the team done first to final release18:39
gogereaver1sence when18:39
gasgyofel: really?18:39
Amaranthgogereaver1: it is hardware dependent18:39
AnAntalthough Gnome mentions in its 2.28.0 release notes that gnome-bluetooth & network-manager work together18:40
gasgyofel: on my aa1 it didn't works18:40
Amaranthgogereaver1: On my laptop old laptop I trigger the tap to click whenever I try to use the touchpad to move18:40
gogereaver1i dont see how anyone could hit the touchpad wile typing18:40
Amaranthgogereaver1: You must have smaller hands18:40
penguin42gogereaver1: I do it18:40
gogereaver1duder its a eee18:40
mac_vgogereaver1: as Amaranth says its hardware dependant :)18:40
penguin42There's a demon somewhere that disables the touchpad while you type18:41
Amaranthgogereaver1: and on some touchpads you don't even have to tap, just hovering close by counts18:41
gogereaver1very small keybord and i stildont do it18:41
mac_vpenguin42: syndaemon ?18:41
penguin42mac_v: Rings a bell18:41
gogereaver1well msot you can change how sentive they are18:41
gogereaver1mine you need to give it a good tap18:41
AmaranthI have hands so big the original Xbox controller seemed like a perfect fit so I'm not the normal for this case I guess :)18:42
mac_vlol ^18:42
gogereaver1i can make it just a touch if i whanted18:42
gogereaver1i just turn down its sentivty18:42
gogereaver1works great18:42
mac_vgogereaver1: similarly just turn on the tap-toclick ;)18:43
Amaranthgogereaver1: But what level of sensitivity is right is different for each user and each laptop18:43
gogereaver1oh i did its working now :)18:43
penguin42Is the gui for adjusting it installed by default these days?18:43
myk_robinsonI have a laptop with Bluetooth, and cannot disable it in BIOS. How can I turn of the Bluetooth chip and not just the service?18:43
gogereaver1lol thats why you can adjust it18:43
mac_vpenguin42: yup18:43
Amaranthgogereaver1: You shouldn't have to18:44
Amaranthgogereaver1: Thus tap to click off by default18:44
gogereaver1eee touchpads normal click is mutch worse then the touch18:44
AmaranthI disagree18:44
AmaranthSee how that woks?18:44
gogereaver1and they ware18:45
gogereaver1oh it took me a wile to get used to it18:45
gogereaver1never owing a laptop befor18:45
Amaranthyeah, that isn't the problem18:46
AmaranthI use tap to click on my macbook18:46
gogereaver1those small touchpads18:46
gogereaver1yea they can be a pain18:46
Amaranthit's not small18:46
* Amaranth goes to do something else18:47
gogereaver1lol the topic it outdated18:48
gogereaver1beta got relesed today18:48
* penguin42 waits for the flood18:48
AnAntanyone tried GPRS/3G connection using NetworkManager + gnome-bluetooth on karmic ?18:49
gogereaver1try and tell us how it goes18:50
gogereaver1.lim likin the new unr look18:50
gogereaver1alot cleaner18:50
arvind_khadrihi, is gyachi not there for karmic yet?18:50
nonix4penguin42: servers got overloaded more than 24 hours ago in fact... my puny adsl link has uploaded only about 15 gigs of them torrents so far18:51
gogereaver1i just found a fast mirror18:51
penguin42nonix4: I actually meant of the people on here asking questions :-)18:51
myk_robinsonanyone here using Karmic on a tablet PC?18:52
gogereaver1isnt mid for tablets18:52
gogereaver1i like the new look18:55
gogereaver1boots fast even on my slow ssd18:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gyachi18:56
gogereaver1you can probly install the older deb18:56
gogereaver1isnt that that yahoo voice chat thing18:56
arvind_khadriya, with webcam support18:57
yofel!search gyachi18:57
yofel!find gyachi18:57
ubottuPackage/file gyachi does not exist in karmic18:57
gogereaver1i dont think its every been in the main repo18:58
* yofel never heard of iit18:58
gogereaver1its a yahoo chat client for linux18:58
gogereaver1webcam and voice supoport18:58
yofelbah, my stupid eeePC keyboard keeps doubling key presses sometimes... annoying18:58
gogereaver1vs the ggenrec one yahoo has18:59
gogereaver1eeepc are just everywhere18:59
yofelgogereaver1: they're really handy ;)18:59
gogereaver1i just wish they would just m$ to gget Fed\18:59
gogereaver1and build dule core ones19:00
yofel+1 (but with an option to disable a core)19:00
gogereaver1atom dules are just as efecent as the n27019:00
ibkanatI just upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 and now I HAVE NO AUDIO?? MCP51 High Definition Audio19:01
gogereaver1there puutting em in power effecent desktops19:01
ibkanatwhat do I do?19:01
yofelgogereaver1: cool :)19:01
gogereaver1and they can preform very well19:01
gogereaver1just as powerfull as a normal laptop19:01
yofelibkanat: check pavucontrol or padevchooser if a sink is muted somewhere19:01
ibkanatthanks checking19:02
yofelibkanat: then check alsamixer or test it with aplay and report a bug agains alsa-base if it still doesn't work19:02
ibkanatwasnt installed19:03
ZvezdichkoHey, I have a problem here. After upgrading /dev/sda1 refuses to mount with Dolphin. It now says: Volume (ntfs), the system responded: org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.InvalidMountOption: The option ' locale=bg_BG.UTF-8" is not allowed for uid=100019:03
akioI wonder if rebootless kernel upgrades are in the future19:03
akioksplice I think?19:03
yofelibkanat: I once had a problem with muted audio that was fixed after just rebooting again too19:03
ibkanatrebooted already19:03
gogereaver1probly not19:04
ibkanatdoesnt show any hardware in the audio19:04
yofelZvezdichko: It's a known issue, let me look for the bug19:04
gogereaver1updating the kernel is updating the core19:04
ibkanatinstalling pavucontrol now19:04
gogereaver1be inpossbale to make it rebootless19:04
Zvezdichkoyofel - is there a way to mount it manually without switching to root and via command prompt19:05
yofelZvezdichko: it's bug 395079, there's a workaround at the bottom too, ask me again if that doesn't work19:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395079 in ntfs-3g "[KDE4][Karmic] Error mounting ntfs volume from dolphin's resources panel" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39507919:06
ibkanatok rebooting to see if installing pavucontrol helped19:06
Zvezdichkoyofel: I thought it's a config file issue :) Obviously I'm not a good tester19:07
yofelZvezdichko: well, it somewhat is a config file issue, but it needs to be fixed in ntfs-3g19:07
lucahi everyone19:08
yofelwb luca19:08
lucahi yofel19:08
thiebaudehi luca19:09
lucashould I repeat my problem, still unsolved? Or is there some kind soul who can help me on that? :)19:09
SandGorgontried Windows 7 build on my spare laptop today - I get 45 minutes more power than Ubuntu. sigh19:09
BluesKajI wonder if Skype is installable without ruining the audio setup with kde ?...there's lots of info about skype on gnome but very little on kde19:09
yofelluca: I have never used encryption so I doubt I can help you19:10
lucayofel ok thanks :)19:10
lucahi thiebaude19:11
SandGorgonBluesKaj, in a previous incarnation I had used KDE with Skype - they work out-of-the-box. May I also strongly recommend the static build of Skype 2.1 - which is far, far better audio quality than "apt-get skype"19:11
* thiebaude goes to cook shrimp19:11
lucaoh wait19:12
lucaok, here is the problem19:12
lucait seems that my default user is no more present in the machine19:12
luca"su luca" results in "Id «luca» unknown" which does not happen if I use a newly created user from the cli19:13
BluesKajSandGorgon, what about the reported probs with Skype requiring Pulseaudio in order to run on kubuntu ..my version of PA doesn't work ..I had to purge it.19:13
lucaso: what could have caused the deletion of my user? How can I retrieve everything considering that the home is encrypted?19:13
ibkanathmm still no audio in 9.10 after upgrade how do i test with alsa-base?19:14
ZvezdichkoOK, I patched the hald file... How can I restard HAL? Sorry, forgotten totally19:14
ibkanatalso when I restarted this poped up https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/38172119:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 381721 in alsa-driver "[9.10 regression] HDA power_save=10 (dup-of: 381201)" [Undecided,New]19:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 381201 in linux "snd-hda-intel powersave option and "CLICK" from speakers" [Undecided,New]19:15
yofelZvezdichko: 'sudo service hal restart'19:16
ZvezdichkoThanks. Patch works fine19:16
ibkanatalso I cant powerdown without it locking up19:16
akiothe servers are screaming19:16
ZvezdichkoI wonder what else to test now :)19:17
yofelakio: you guys could use mirrors, that would help ;)19:17
Prettohow can i make  my touchpad tap work again? it only works on login screen19:17
akiothat is what I am doing right now19:17
akioim switching19:17
kaddigerman mirror is working just fine for me :)19:18
yofelPretto: re-enable it in the mouse settings19:18
yofelkaddi: +1 :)19:18
Prettoyofel, thank you19:18
SandGorgonBluesKaj, hmm.. yup the newer skype is supposed to work "with PulseAudio". I would suggest trying out with ALSA directly, if at all it is possible19:19
ibkanatis there any hope? or am I sol19:19
yofelibkanat: we can't help you if you don't tell us the exact point it locks up19:19
test34skype can be used with alsa only if pulseaudio is not installed (or not running)19:19
Andy80I'm back to testing ;)19:20
ibkanatjust tried this user@ubuntu:~$ aplay -l19:20
ibkanataplay: device_list:223: no soundcards found..19:20
Andy80well... I've found indicator-applet 0.1 but it's not very good for Telepaty, I mean: when I get a message, if I click on it i'd like the message window to open... but it doesn't19:21
BluesKajSandGorgon, yeah the kernel modules/drivers on pci sound cards have a problem with pulseaudio...pulseaudio tries run on top which results in choppy stuttery sound19:21
yofelibkanat: I had that once, a reboot fixed it, it you still have that issue report a bug against alsa-base19:21
ibkanatyofel thanks doesnt fix from reboot19:21
yofelibkanat: than report a bug on launchpad with 'ubuntu-bug alsa-base'19:22
ibkanatyofel ok thanks19:22
akioI can walk to the servers that I found my fastest mirror.19:22
akioin 30 mins19:23
ZvezdichkoHm... there's a potential issue... I'm having trouble with OpenArena. Sometimes sounds freezes and the whole desktop crashes (only killing X in command prompt hells).  DOn't know if it's a driver issue or if I can reproduce it with another game/program19:23
yofelakio: I would need to take the train for about 20mins :P19:23
akiomine is a local university19:24
test34Zvezdichko, try installing libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio (which replaces libsdl1.2debian-alsa)19:24
Perry__hey all, installed 9.10 on a comp over windows (on a new partition).   Now, windows options aren't showing up in the bootloader.  How can I fix that in grub2?19:24
neglesaksI'm happy to report that Karmic Beta + 1 run of Update manaer has made the Lenovo IdeaPad ACPI work seemingly well.19:24
test34Zvezdichko, it fixed a similar problem with a quake based game19:25
yofelPerry__: try installing os-prober then run 'sudo os-prober && sudo update-grub'19:25
akioI would use the stanza that was given as an example in the old menu.lst19:25
akioos-prober? that doesn't sound very comfortable19:25
yofelakio: the syntax of grub2 is different from grub119:25
akioi know19:25
Zvezdichkotest34: are you sure? is it a common problem?19:26
test34Zvezdichko, I found the solution online.. some other people had the same problem, but I don't know how common it is19:26
ZvezdichkoI'll do one hard reboot, look for other bugs. Anyway, surprised this is the most stable beta I've ever played with iin recent years19:27
test34Zvezdichko, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/37284319:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 372843 in pulseaudio "interrupted sound with Urban Terror and pulseaudio 0.9.15" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:28
Andy80p.s: why my Telepathy doesn't support audio/video calls on MSN and it supports on GTalk?19:29
test34Andy80, just a guess but maybe just because it's a different protocol and MSN isnt fully implemented yet19:32
ZvezdichkoRestarted! Very clean beta of Ubuntu, no critical bugs. The only thing that annoys me is that networkmanager constantly changest my resolv.conf19:34
Andy80uff.... Cheese isn't working too :(19:34
test34Zvezdichko, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/37284319:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 372843 in pulseaudio "interrupted sound with Urban Terror and pulseaudio 0.9.15" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:34
yofelZvezdichko: if you want to change the dns server you need to edit your NM profile19:36
yofelwhich is broken in gnome at the moment iirc19:36
kaddi_use wicd :D19:37
Zvezdichkotest34: much thanks...19:37
cyberspliceReally enjoying Karmic, so far. Not encountered anything particularly awful in general use.19:37
yofelnope, use kde :P19:37
jdsbluedevhey, anyone experiencing slow download speeds from the servers?19:37
kaddi_uh, nm is finally working under kde? :p19:37
kaddi_it only took them 2 releases to make that applet usable :p19:38
yofeljdsbluedev: if you use the main servers they're hopelessly overloaded19:38
hatchetman82anyone have issues with 9.10 beta not recognizing via-based wifi cards ?19:38
yofeljdsbluedev: use a mirror instead19:38
jdsbluedevyeah, I'm using us.archive.ubuntu.com19:38
test34for setting static IP and./OR dns, just modify /etc/network/interfaces (it keeps my settings after a reboot)19:38
hatchetman82or gdm dying in a loop after when shutting down after the initial install (from cd)19:38
Zvezdichkoyofel: Hmm, yes, networkmanager is broken... We'll wait until next update, probably19:38
cybersplicejdsbluedev, Yes.19:39
yofelZvezdichko: the gui is broken, you could edit the gconf profile by hand or try what test34 said19:39
jdsbluedevok, thx.  Is that from the number of new beta testers coming on?19:39
yofeljdsbluedev: well, more like too many people not using mirrors :/19:40
kaddi_I would like to report bugs for karmic, that's why I upgraded :(19:40
test34here is my /etc/network/interfaces http://pastie.org/64064019:40
kaddi_But I ain't finding any :D19:40
Zvezdichkokaddi_: yes, Very clean Karmic with very few bugs19:40
yofelkaddi_: think yourself lucky ;)19:40
Zvezdichkoahm... are there critical bugs?19:41
Zvezdichkoof which I'm not aware19:41
test34did you read all those19:42
BluesKajSandGorgon, odd, i have skype static 2.1 installed and get sounds from the mic coming thru just fine , but when I do a call test with skype , nothing plays back.19:42
Zvezdichkoyes, I'm currently browsing the launchpad19:42
ZvezdichkoWow! This looks scary, test34!19:43
yofelZvezdichko: well, the really annoying and most noticable ones were fixed in the '100 paper cuts' project19:43
test34my webcam stopped working in Karmic19:43
test34but I think it is because of the kernel19:43
Zvezdichkoi915: black screen on boot ... And this is marked as critical? It's just a cosmetical deffect19:44
SandGorgonBluesKaj, configure its audio settings - this is a bit of black magic : typically you will have many choices for this .19:44
test34Zvezdichko, probably mean that the login screen doesnt come up at all?19:45
yofelZvezdichko: the bug is about the screen being powered off instead of the login screen appearing -> BAD19:45
Zvezdichkotest34: No, it really doesn't come up... I can see the system booting and the fsck checking my hard drive, but in text mode - that's all19:46
Zvezdichkonothing of great significance, anyway19:47
Zvezdichkobut I see there are reports of failure to boot at all... this is bad indeed19:47
kaddi_was /etc/bash_completion modified from karmic to jaunty?19:48
thiebaudeZvezdichko, the black screen , i also have19:49
ZvezdichkoYes, this is not a big deal19:49
yofelkaddi_: there is a new version of bash-completion in karmic yes19:49
thiebaudeZvezdichko, exactly19:49
* penguin42 thought I saw an update sometime in the last week19:50
yofelZvezdichko: you have a plack screen after boot? how do you login then?19:50
kaddi_yofel: I have some weird behaviour with tab-completion, is there a (n easy) way to see the modifications?19:50
Zvezdichkoyofel: The behaviour is like this one: Black screen (booting ... booting, only a fsck message) - then GDM suddenly loads - this is what I'm talking again19:51
Zvezdichkocosmetic deffect19:51
thiebaudeyofel, mine is a black screen while it loads then login comes up19:51
yofelkaddi_: the version scheme in karmic is different than the one in jaunty, so 'aptitude changelog bash-completion' would be the best way to check it I guess19:51
Zvezdichkothiebaude: yes, this is what i'm talking about exactly!19:51
yofelZvezdichko: yes, but that's not what the bug is about ;)19:51
thiebaudeZvezdichko, still more updates to go19:52
yofelZvezdichko: what you have seems like an issue with xsplash19:52
ZvezdichkoHOP! Audacious sound bug just came out!19:52
Zvezdichkochecking the launchpad19:52
thiebaudeyofel, yep xsplash19:52
thiebaudeits not a show-stopper19:52
akiomine is19:53
akiomy usb support is broken19:53
Zvezdichkoyofel: Yes... I'll see if it's reported... and probably going to report the audacious issue19:53
yofelakio: completely or just a specific device?19:53
akioall ports are as if dead19:53
yofelok, bad19:53
rrvahow to setup wpa2 wifi in connman?19:54
ZvezdichkoYes, XSplash bug is reported19:54
yofelakio: checked dmesg if there are any usb ehci/uhci errors?19:54
Perry__hey all, can anyone point me to where I can learn how to get windows7 added into grub2 boot menu (guessing need to add it to /boot/grub/grub.cfg) after installing 9.10 on a partition on this comp?   Thanks.19:54
Zvezdichkoso no need to report anything new19:54
akiothere is a weird bit in the log19:54
yofelZvezdichko: which one is it?19:54
akioI posted it earlier19:54
yofel!grub2 | Perry__19:55
ubottuPerry__: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub219:55
Perry__thank you guys19:55
ZvezdichkoI think https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/xsplash/+bug/413348 ... brb for now19:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 413348 in xsplash "Xsplash image sized to suit gdm screen, not user session" [Medium,In progress]19:55
akioI have seen messages like "you recovered from a serious kernel flake" or something19:56
akioI know the ports are good, I can run a live USB off of them.19:57
yofelI'm looking through LP right now19:57
hatchetman82....anyone else notice launchpad is under heavy load when trying to report a bug ?19:57
hatchetman82and whats the package name for ubiquity ? (the installer)19:58
yofelhatchetman82: ubiquity19:58
hatchetman82doh >_<19:59
yofelnp ;)19:59
akioI have seen everyone blaming it on hardware but I test hardware for a job.19:59
akioyofel, anything?20:03
=== [1]sassyn is now known as sassyn
yofelakio: still searching, LP has a lot usb bugs...20:03
akioI have another bug open that may be related20:03
* Andy80 think that Ubuntu 9.10 should be released 4-5 months later... there are simply too many bugs :\20:04
mortalif it boots, ship it20:05
akioI love alpha20:05
mortalno problems here20:05
rskAndy80: feel free to fork it20:05
mortalon karmic20:05
Andy80akio: actually it's a beta... but it behaves like a pre-alpha...20:05
akioAndy80, I go alpha as soon as its available20:06
penguin42it's not too bad for me - but I think every so often a pure bug fix release would be good20:06
Andy80Cheese doesn't work, Telepathy is simply a big mountain of bugs, not an IM, not counting the problems I had at boot...20:06
akiomy gnome-menu icon takes a good 7 clicks to start working20:06
akiobut it is faster than ever after those 7 clicks20:07
yofelakio: when I used gnome it just needed a few seconds to open20:07
yofelno idea why...20:07
yofelnote: the first time I opened it, after that it opened immediately20:08
yofelakio: just found bug 43535220:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 435352 in linux "regression: uvcvideo module makes "cannot reset port" error on usb with bison webcam (5986:0203): USB and suspend fails" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43535220:10
hatchetman82and wow, 2 bug reports just from installing the beta, and i still dont have wifi. this is going to be fun :-)20:10
yofelhatchetman82: what wifi card do you have?20:10
hatchetman82dont remember the exact model. its via vt6656 based20:11
yofelhatchetman82: run 'lspci' in a terminal, that should give you the exact one20:11
test34which webcam would you recommend20:11
diverse_izzuehave people tried ekiga in karmic? it's extremely crashy and hangy for me, i think it doesn't like pulseaudio20:12
hatchetman82yofel: it doesnt appear on lspci anyehre20:12
akioyofel, you are the $&*%. In a good way.20:12
akiothank you20:13
Andy80if you chage your status in "indicator-applet-session 0.1" is its icon updated?20:13
yofelakio: :P20:13
yofelhatchetman82: can you pastebin your lspci output? 'lspci | pastebinit' (you might have to install pastebinit first)20:13
vikihi all, i am not able to get a framebuffer console working on my computer with Karmic. With Jaunty it was ok. The video card is an integrated via unichrome pro. Now when i boot the pc there is even no xsplash stuff appearing on the screen... can anybody help?20:14
hatchetman82yofel : kinda hard to do with no network connection on that machine, but hold on while i hook it up with a cable :-)20:14
akioyofel, I already knew it was my bug, I have one of those Bison chips20:14
yofelhatchetman82: you can also just pastebin it on paste.ubuntu.com on another machine ;)20:15
hatchetman82yofel: looks like im just screwed from here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/16267120:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 162671 in linux "VT6656 wireless chipset is unsupported" [Wishlist,In progress]20:17
hatchetman82thats my exact motherboard20:17
akioyofel, http://pastebin.com/f1b4e7dd720:17
hatchetman82does that bot parse launchpad bug links for the description ?20:17
penguin42hatchetman82: Yep20:18
yofelhatchetman82: yes, ubottu is really handy ;)20:18
yofel!me | hatchetman8220:18
ubottuhatchetman82: Hi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:19
penguin42he's a well trained bot20:19
hatchetman82thats cool20:19
shiznebitdoes he do tricks20:19
chx_I have a slight problem. I made a mistake with my /etc/sudoers file -- now i can't sudo. The karmic grub menu is hidden. I can't make my USB stick writeable because permission denied. So how do I boot to single user?20:19
yofelhatchetman82: you can also just say bug xxxxx and he'll get the description and link20:19
yofelerr... she20:19
penguin42chx_: I think you can the grub menu holding down shift20:19
penguin42yofel: Woah, it's a she robot?20:20
shiznebithow do i remove the count down thing in the grub menu during boot20:20
penguin42chx_: yeh shift key20:20
shiznebitits 8 seconds20:20
shiznebitwhat do i change so that its 2 seconds ?20:20
hatchetman82not having a driver will make the device not appear in lspci right ? or does not appearing in lspci mean there's an even bigger problem with device listing ?20:22
ActionParsniphatchetman82: the device will always show in lspci, driver or not, as long as the hardware is detected20:22
hatchetman82hmm .... so i have a bigger issue20:23
hatchetman82or i might be an idiot. do usb devices appear on lspci ?20:23
penguin42hatchetman82: No! They appear on lsusb!20:23
penguin42(the USB controllers should appear on the lspci)20:24
hatchetman82yeah, idiot it is then. thanks20:24
hatchetman82there's one usb device with no description whatsoever, this might be it20:24
hatchetman82can your bot run vendor/device ids ?20:24
hatchetman82yeah, thats my wireless card, its listed20:25
ActionParsniphatchetman82: could use: sudo lshw -C network20:26
ActionParsniphatchetman82: will show all network devices, configured or not20:27
ikthow do I configure the hard drive to boot ubuntu in <10 seconds please20:27
ActionParsnipikt: use bum to reduce startup services20:27
akioyofel, its the uvcvideo kernel module20:27
akioit is the bug i reported earlier20:27
iktthank you20:28
iktbtw this vodka tastes like crying20:28
yofelakio: i doubt i can help you further then20:28
hatchetman82ActionParsnip: lshw noly finds the (wired) ethernet controller20:29
ActionParsnipikt: gksudo gedit /etc/init.d/rc20:29
ActionParsnipikt: change CONCURRENCY=none    to CONCURRENCY=shell    if you have dual core, this has issues with encryptfs so do NOT do this is you use encryptfs20:29
duffydackikt, do you mean boot time or do you mean the boot menu time ?20:30
duffydackjust a thought20:30
ibkanatok I think I may have found the source of some of my problems.... grub is boot 9.04 kernel(2.6.28) for 9.10 how do I update so it sees the new kernels and gives me a option to use them? I tried sudo grub-update20:30
chxshift worked20:30
ibkanatalso I ran grub-install (GNU GRUB 0.97)20:30
ibkanatso I am not using 220:31
iktI don't have encryptofs20:31
ibkanatwhat do  ido?20:31
ibkanatyofel any ideas20:31
hatchetman82w00t, wired works20:31
ActionParsnipikt: then you can use that, makes boots fast, bum will reduce bootup fluff20:31
iktibkanat, is your name reandom leters?20:31
TBM_hi guys20:31
yofelibkanat: are the kernels properly installed in /boot ?20:31
ActionParsnipikt: some of the services will not be needed by you and can be disabled20:32
iktValid options are 'none', 'startpar' and 'makefile'. ?20:32
BluesKajSandGorgon, for some reasson skype isn't connecting to the mic thru the soundcard buss. i can hear the n=mic htru headset and spkrs just fine ..tried all skype options for mic on the soundcard , I think the record ctrls  are not opened or are muted in skype20:32
ActionParsnipikt: if you use static IP, uninstall network manager, setup IP in /etc/network/interfaces20:32
ibkanatyofel yes20:32
yofelok, odd...20:32
ibkanati think I must have used the old menu.lst20:32
ActionParsnipikt: then you wont have to wait for network manager to load and take time20:33
ibkanatgrub2 is different though...20:33
yofelwell, if you have grub1 then update-grub should still update the menu.lst20:33
iktcheers :)20:33
ibkanathmm didnt though20:33
ActionParsnipikt: stock ubuntu settings aren't great but you can make them sweet20:34
ActionParsnipikt: like default firefox settings20:34
ibkanatok trying again blb20:34
rxdhow do i get a text file out the packages installed on ubuntu20:35
rskrxd: in synaptic20:35
socommHelp karmic broke my audio!!!!20:35
rsksocomm: report bug20:36
rxdis there a terminal base program that i can see without using synaptic20:36
socommrxd: what do you mean20:36
yofelrxd: ?20:36
rskman dpkg20:37
epsilon_I installed Ubuntu 9.04, upgraded to 9.10, and then installed kubuntu-desktop, since I only had a 9.04 cd here. All that worked well, but now when I tried to remove ubuntu-desktop, it only removed a small portion of the actual ubuntu-desktop packages; how can I remove the rest of them (easily)? (I.e, I know I can remove them one-by-one, but I was looking for a quicker way, if that is possible.)20:37
SandGorgonBluesKaj, make sure you disable mic-as-speaker and mute some of your other volume controls like "front speakers" , etc. - what happens is that ubuntu confuses the mic with some other audio device20:37
SandGorgonBluesKaj, trial and error !20:37
rxdlike i have a list of text file (packages.txt) of all the packages installed in ubuntu, how can i make one20:37
socommrxd: dpkg -l > list_of_installed_packages.txt20:38
socommrxd: i'm guessing you want a list of all your installed files on a text file, correct?20:38
rxdsocomm: yes that's what i want20:38
BluesKajran out of trial and error options , SandGorgon ..but I'll try again20:39
socommrxd: yeah run that command I provided earlier, it'll get you want you want20:39
mercutio22the latest upgrade broke compiz on my netbook, should I report that or is everyone experiencing the same?20:40
socommmercutio22: yeah I'm not able to get compiz working on your netbook either. :^D20:40
rxdsocomm: and i can also uninstalled packages from dpkg?20:40
socommrxd: you may, not sure20:40
socommrxd: read the manual 'man dpkg'20:40
mercutio22socomm: it was working just before the latest update right?20:41
socommmercutio22: Im kidding, just a joke.20:41
epsilon_I'm sorry if my question was silly or whatever, but any answer would help, obviously20:41
socommmercutio22: I don't use compiz eats up processor not what I like.20:42
mercutio22socomm: these atoms cpus can take it very smooth20:42
mercutio22socomm: but even the UNR interface seems to be much slower now20:43
mercutio22socomm: with metacity, notwithstanding20:43
socommmercutio22: report it as a bug, see if someone can give you fix20:43
socommmercutio22: either that or try reverting to 9.420:44
rxdsocomm: how can i remove openoffice using dkpg, dpkg -r openoffice*20:44
socommrxd: think so20:45
socommrxd: I'd use apt-get though20:45
socomm`apt-get remove openoffice'20:45
socommrxd: `apt-get remove openoffice.org'20:46
mercutio22socomm: I would rather report bugs and help. I was just wondering if other people are experiencing that as well20:46
socommrxd: that might do what you need it to20:46
socommmercutio22: yeah, sorry but I don't use compiz :^)20:46
mercutio22socomm: np =]]20:47
rxdafter removing all the packages i don't need, i have to recreate filesystem.squashfs right? so i will have a lite ubuntu20:49
rxdi doubt i can trim ubuntu to say 100mb20:50
raindogUsing karmic, latest updates removed amarok.  I have the kubuntu-ppa added, but can't install amarok as it needs amarok-common (=2:2.2.0-0ubuntu1).  Will this be added to the ppa or am I missing something?20:50
socommrxd: not sure about that, sorry20:50
socommrxd: you might be using wrong distro if you want small footprint on your computer20:51
rxdsocomm: actually i want to trim it down to say just X20:51
rxdsocomm: the minimal requirement to run X20:52
socommrxd: okay20:52
hatchetman82why ?20:52
socommhatchetman82: why not? :^)20:52
hatchetman82you want a distro that boots from usb to run xclock ? :-)20:52
rxdsocomm: since default ubuntu uses aufs i can just mount any squashfs on the fly and merge it to my root filesystem20:53
socommrxd: cool20:53
rxdand detached it if i don't need it20:53
socommhatchetman82: you'd be surprised what you could do with small distros20:54
rxdwhich is good for ubuntu on usb20:54
epsilon_I installed kubuntu-desktop, and uninstalled ubuntu-desktop, but a lot of ubuntu/gnome stuff is still here. How can I remove it?20:54
IdleOneOk so how do I figure out why karmic freezes when I try to load any application20:54
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »20:55
socommepsilon_: try kbuntu they may have good answer there20:55
socommepsilon_: #kbuntu soz20:55
epsilon_socomm: Oh, I didn't realize there were two channels, sorry20:55
IdleOneit's #kubuntu20:55
socommepsilon_: heh yeah, would help if I could spell #kubuntu20:56
* rxd rxd currently running ubuntu 9.10 beta on usb without the writable casper-rw20:56
NoCodeWhy doesn't mesa-utils display FPS anymore?21:01
pwnguinyou mean glxgears and friends?21:02
pwnguinbecause they're meaningless numbers that mainly benchmark how fast you can clear memory?21:02
pwnguinglxgears is like a single display list of a gear iterated three times in different colors and locations21:03
pwnguinno textures21:03
NoCodeWhy did it have FPS before then?21:03
pwnguinhysterical raisins21:04
pwnguinno textures, no pixel shaders, nothing that compares to how the programs you actually want run21:04
pwnguinif you look carefully, there's usually a command line flag along the lines of -iacknowledgethisisnotabenchmark21:05
pwnguini believe there's a benchmark tool available from phoronix that you might want to look at21:06
hatchetman82this just keeps getting better21:08
hatchetman82anyone know what i should do when this happens  : http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/5442/afterupdate.jpg21:08
* hatchetman82 is completely clueless21:08
hatchetman82i just ran a system update and then rebooted afterwards21:09
pwnguinit says run fsck manually21:09
pwnguinrun fsck manually21:09
pwnguinfsck /dev/sda621:09
NoCode!info phoronix21:10
ubottuPackage phoronix does not exist in karmic21:10
yofelhatchetman82: had that yesterday after starting a jaunty flash-drive, my fix: set date manually - didn't work, check date in bios - was right, rebooted - worked21:10
pwnguin!info phoronix-test-suite21:10
ubottuphoronix-test-suite (source: phoronix-test-suite): a comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0.0ga-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 358 kB, installed size 4220 kB21:10
yofelno idea how that was supposed to work, but it worked21:10
* hatchetman82 ran fsck21:10
hatchetman82fsck fixed the last mount date issue21:10
hatchetman82ill try rebooting now21:11
yofelhatchetman82: run 'date' on the tty and check if your time is correct21:11
hatchetman82too late, already rebooted. ill do it if this happens again21:11
hatchetman82the booted ok21:12
hatchetman82(the "unable to access /dev ..." and ACPI errors flashed on the screen for a minute, but then gdm came up21:12
shiznebitwhat programa do i use to save the video out from my PVR ?21:14
hatchetman82....and now indicator-applet dies and apport refuses to report the crash21:14
NoCodeHow do I benchmark with Phoronix?21:14
hatchetman82this just cannot get better :-)21:14
pwnguinNoCode: no idea.21:14
hatchetman82how can i manually get the crash log for indicator-applet so i could report it ?21:14
pwnguinNoCode: i they have a channel though21:14
yofelhatchetman82: check if you have any .crash files in /var/crash/21:18
hatchetman82yofel: yes i do (and BTW, the date is ok). what do i do with the .crash file ?21:19
yofelhatchetman82: the date was ok for me too after I rebooted... don't know why it was wrong the first time21:20
yofelhatchetman82: and run 'apport-cli -c <crashfile>' to report it21:20
hatchetman82well, its obvious i wont be migrating to karmic right now, but at least i can try and report everything that explodes21:20
shiznebitKarmic is de BOMB21:21
shiznebitim surprised on how well the beta workd21:21
hatchetman82shiznebit: lucky you21:22
shiznebitthe only thing that glitches is pulse-audio21:22
shiznebitbut im not suprised about that21:22
dtchenwhat specifically with pulse?21:22
hatchetman82yofel: "The program crashed on an assertion failure, but the message could not be retrieved. Apport does not support reporting these crashed."21:22
shiznebitjust jaggar and echo21:23
shiznebitand jittering21:23
yofelhatchetman82: o.O first time I see that error...21:23
BluesKajI've got most stuff working on the beta but skype doesn't know a mic input from a hole in the ground , but that's really not a big deal21:23
dtchenshiznebit: are you running _current_ karmic?21:23
hatchetman82i always knew i was special21:23
shiznebitdtchen, the beta21:23
hatchetman82ever since my mommy told me so :-)21:23
yofelhatchetman82: lol21:23
dtchenshiznebit: then you're already outdated; new kernel makes a tremendous difference21:23
shiznebitsudo apt-get upgrade ?21:24
dtchenBluesKaj: with the skype 2.1 beta?21:24
hatchetman82is a .crash file compressed, or can i zip it to make it smaller ?21:24
BluesKajdtchen, yup21:25
BluesKajstatic version21:25
dtchenshiznebit: keep in mind that you also will want the staging version of pulse in our ubuntu-audio-dev PPA21:25
shiznebitstaging ?21:25
dtchen(the staging version will be in Karmic shortly)21:25
dtchen0.9.19 + patches21:25
yofelhatchetman82: it contains crash information for apport. if apport says it can't use it then just delete it and wait for the next crash21:26
dtchenBeta has 0.9.1821:26
iktwhy not run karmic in a vm for pre-testing?21:27
dtchenikt: i do recommend it for some things.21:28
hatchetman82yofel: maybe some dev can make heads or tails out of it21:28
BluesKajdtchen, pulseaudio isn't working on my CMedia18738 soundcard , so i'm using alsa direct ..the sound from skype works ok , and mmy mic works fine thru my spkrs .but i think skype has the the audio buss record ctrl (if there is one ) muted or turned off21:28
dtchenikt: it's not sensible for things that require bare metal access to debug, however21:28
penguin42ikt: It's certainly OK for trying a lot of things out, but not checking all the drivers work or if say timing is critical21:28
dtchenBluesKaj: what do you mean it isn't working?21:29
yofelhatchetman82: not sure, you could ask the others in #ubuntu-bugs for help with apport21:29
iktthat's true21:30
BluesKajno sound , dtchen ...silence , like a mute is turned on in system settings media audio test option21:30
dtchenBluesKaj: ok, so that's not terribly descriptive. do you have a debugging dump from pulseaudio -vvvv for me?21:30
keithburtonHey - was debating whether to try the beta on my *pause* HP2133 mini note.  Had a hell of a time getting a semi-decent installation of 9.04 to work with usual problems with wifi and via display...  just wondering if 9.10 had any imrproved support for the 2133's chipset?21:30
dtchenBluesKaj: there are only two major bugs that i know of for silence - one is the udev enumeration; the other is the alsactl race21:31
=== scizzo-_ is now known as scizzo-
dtchenBluesKaj: the former can be debugged with udevadm trigger21:32
keithburtonoops - try again Hey - was debating whether to try the beta on my *pause* HP2133 mini note.  Had a hell of a time getting a semi-decent installation of 9.04 to work with usual problems with wifi and via display...  just wondering if 9.10 had any imrproved support for the 2133's chipset?21:32
BluesKajdtchen, sorry not atm , I purged PA , cuz it was overiding my soundcard kernel module21:32
dtchenBluesKaj: ok, well, that's how you would go about debugging it21:32
duffydackdtchen, do you know why mine is only able to use the amplified outoput, making it too loud, and everytime I set it all semi-decent using alsamixer, as soon as I touch the volume in gnome it goes all to wack and blows my head off21:32
mercutio22keithburton: there's a bug making the UNR interfave pretty slow21:33
BluesKajI undestand that skype will work without PA , so I'm doing some research on that aspect21:33
hatchetman82whats is indicator-applet anyway ?21:33
dtchenduffydack: yes, i have a patch for that that will not be applied for Karmic. You can either apt-get source pulseaudio and see debian/patches/0090-use-volume-ignore-for-analog-output.patch, or you can see bazaar.launchpad.net21:34
penguin42hatchetman82: It does that little username/status light on the panel and is modular so that it can add things to themenu for logout/away status and stuff21:34
dtchenduffydack: do you read planet.ubuntu.com?21:34
duffydackdtchen, sorry no21:34
dtchenduffydack: because if you don't, i blogged about it21:34
keithburtonmercutio - yeah - even on 9.04 UNR was down as a Tier3 install, so wasn't really thinking abut that for 9.10.21:34
duffydackdtchen, so if I apply that patch, will any updates for karmic wipe that patch out?21:35
dtchenduffydack: yes21:35
shiznebitdtchen, i can't get the new kernel21:35
dtchenduffydack: it's a one-line change; you can always just edit it.21:35
shiznebitnothing is listed21:35
BluesKajdtchen, are you recommending a PA version not in the repos ?21:35
dtchenBluesKaj: of course i am. that's the version that gets uploaded TO the repos.21:35
duffydackdtchen, fail for me then.  sound in 9.10 is a big problem for me, I really dont wanna switch till I know its working for me..21:35
iktwhich are you dtchen?21:36
ikti read the planet21:36
dtchenBluesKaj: i don't stop fixing bugs just because main is frozen for an alpha, Beta, RC, final, whatever.21:36
duffydackdtchen, hmm ok I guess..  I`d rather have a mixer like jaunty,  and a way to control 1 channel and not 2 or 3 like it is, but I guess thats not changing now.  shame,21:36
dtchenduffydack: it _does_ work if you apply that patch.21:36
dtchenduffydack: keep in mind that if we applied that patch, it would allow yours to work but would break the other 80%21:37
NoCodewhich soundcard?21:37
dtchenso, whose config do we break?21:37
duffydackI`ll try it tomorrow.. I`m not on karmic right now, i`ll use a daily live usb..21:37
dtchendamned if we do, damned if we don't21:37
platiusBluesKaj;  I just loaded skype 2.1 beta from medibuntu and the test call works fine  (32 bit ubuntu 9.10 beta)21:37
dtchenikt: pretty straightforward from my nick or /whois21:38
duffydackdtchen, sound has always been perfect for me since I started usiing edgy onwards..21:38
ikt"dtchen not found"21:38
BluesKaj64 bit kubuntu beta here,  platius , the record function isn't working , all other sounds etc are ok21:38
duffydackdtchen, thanks for the tips anyway..21:39
iktI found you dtchen!21:39
platiusBluesKaj;  ahh, have you added your user to the pulse audio groups?21:39
iktKarmic has been wonderfully jumpy these past few days. I must have some sick fascination with broken systems <- AHAHAHA lmao! me to21:40
dtchenthat's a red herring; consolekit via udev handles the foreground user for @audio, not the pulse audio groups _unless_ you're using pulse in system daemon mode21:40
BluesKajno platius , I haven't due to the fact that alsa / audio kernel module works ok with my soundcard , the only problem is the, mic input-record test playback,  with skype21:42
myk_robinsonhey, how can I disable power management temporarily? I need to completely drain and refill my laptop battery a few times. Running Karmic Beta21:45
dtchenmyk_robinson: not terribly easily; on the other hand, you can configure gnome-power-manager to not do anything when certain watermarks are reached for critical, etc.21:47
* penguin42 suspects booting it with init=/bin/sh and then doing md5sum /dev/zero a few times should do it21:48
yofelif you want to stress out your system just use 'stress'21:50
myk_robinsonyofel: was that toward me?21:51
ikti think so21:51
myk_robinsonI get a message on bootup that my battery capacity is only 46% and that somethign may be wrong with the battery. This laptop was given to me, I repaired it by replacing the screen. Just wanna see if I can deep cycle the battery a few times.21:51
iktI assume stress will drain the battery fairly quickly21:51
penguin42yofel: Oh that's cute21:52
yofelmyk_robinson: well, if you want to drain your battery yes, but just booting into memtest will do that too i think21:52
myk_robinsonPower managerment does not have an option to do nothing when the battery gets low, it will try to shut down21:52
myk_robinsonyofel: Good idea, I will try that!21:52
hatchetman82ooh great, now it wants a dist-upgrade21:53
hatchetman82i thought the beta was only out 2 days21:54
iktdist-upgrade is not directly linked to milestone status?21:54
hatchetman82i dont really know21:54
yofelikt: not at all21:54
yofelikt: it has some link to the releases in debian, but in ubuntu it has no speacial meaning iirc21:55
hatchetman82whats more interesting is that my local mirror looks outdated - i only got this after switching synaptic to look at the main repo21:55
yofelnot sure though since I always use aptitude21:55
hatchetman82yofel : than whats the technical difference between a dist upgrade and a normal one ? why call them different names ?21:56
yofelhatchetman82: the mirrors are always a few hours behind the main server21:56
ikt<hatchetman82> whats more interesting is that my local mirror looks outdated  <- local mirroers can be 1h - 3 days outdated behind main servers21:57
yofelhatchetman82: hm, there seems to be some difference according to 'man apt-get' but I don't know more about it21:57
iktfor me I think it's 12h+, which my isp says is because they don't want to stress the main servers out anymore than it already is21:57
NoCodeWhat command do I run to get my desktop back?21:58
NoCodeI guess I'll restart X21:58
hatchetman82startx ?21:58
yofelalready gone o.O21:58
iktpress the 'power' button your pc/laptop21:58
Amaranthhatchetman82, yofel: A regular upgrade will not install new packages or uninstall packages21:59
ShuraHi, I have no sound in flash videos (youtube…), someone can halp me ?21:59
yofelAmaranth: aaah, thx21:59
hatchetman82ah. makes sense21:59
dtchenactually i think aptitude safe-upgrade will21:59
AmaranthRight, aptitude is a bit smarter about this21:59
dtchenwill -> install new21:59
dtchenShura: which arch?22:00
AmaranthIt'll also remove a package if one it is installing Provides it22:00
dtchenyeah, which is the right thing.22:00
AmaranthOr Replaces22:00
Shurashura@desktop:~$ uname -a22:00
ShuraLinux desktop 2.6.31-11-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 2 11:55:55 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux22:00
Amaranthaptitude is better, everyone knows this :)22:00
ShuraThe sound works fine for everything else22:01
Amaranthaptitude safe-upgrade will only mess you up if the packages are broken while apt-get dist-upgrade will mess you up if things are still building22:01
dtchenexcept for in the case where i'm running banshee from head in --prefix=$HOME, and it wants to autoremove all the build-deps because i don't have a banshee package installed. but i can deal with that.22:01
dtchenShura: are you using adobe-flashplugin or flashplugin-installer?22:01
AmaranthYeah, aptitude expects you to do everything with packages22:01
AmaranthWhich you should be doing, bad dtchen :P22:02
Shuradtchen :  flashplugin-installer22:02
Amaranthdtchen: Do you have a trigger for 'sound'?22:02
dtchenit takes significantly longer to build debs than to run stuff right out of $HOME for testing22:02
dtchenAmaranth: used to.22:02
penguin42dtchen: Yeh it can be painful - building kernels takes ages to do the packages22:03
Amaranthdtchen: Yeah, even with debuild binary most of my time building things for compiz to test is spent waiting for dh_shlibdeps22:03
dtchenShura: purge it; try enabling the third-party partner repository and using adobe-flashplugin22:03
Shuradtchen : Ok, trying22:03
hatchetman82well, dist-upgrade wants 4 hours, so the abuse will continue tomorrow morning.22:05
hatchetman82thanks a lot guys for the help22:05
hatchetman82good night22:05
dtchenpenguin42: thank goodness for ccache and make -C debian/build/build-generic M=`pwd`/foo22:05
penguin42dtchen: What is the M= doing ? Or should that be what's the M variable in the build files?22:06
dtchenright, from Kconfig-style22:06
Shuradtchen : Same problem22:06
dtchenhaving a built vmlinux and being able to use M=`pwd`/sound really helps22:06
dtchenShura: pastebin sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/*, please22:07
kanakHi. Can anyone tell me how to turn off the Login screen ready sound in Ubuntu 9.10? System -> Administration -> Login Screen does not seem to have any sound related options, and I've already set System -> Administration-> Sound Preferences to "No Sound Theme".22:08
Shuradtchen : http://pastebin.com/m1fc0e98422:08
=== nick125_ is now known as nick125
Shuradtchen : http://pastebin.com/m3aa1460c  with a video playing (youtube)22:10
dtchendo you have an /etc/asound.conf or ~/.asoundrc* ?22:11
dtchen^^ Shura22:11
dtchenShura: also, you need to restart your web browser22:12
dtchenShura: make sure to kill any lingering nspluginwrapper processes22:12
Shuradtchen : no /etc/asound.conf or ~/.asoundrc*22:12
ShuraAnd i've restarted my browser (and no nspluginwrapper process runing)22:13
dtchenShura: please purge nspluginwrapper to be certain22:14
Shura(And I've tried with konqueror and firefox)22:14
dtchenwe need to shoot that thing, really22:14
Shuranspluginwrapper is not installed…22:15
dtchenplease use firefox instead of konqueror for now22:15
dtchenand kill off nspluginviewer22:15
Shuranspluginviewer is not running while playing in firefox22:16
FreeaqingmeI just upgraded to karmic, but now Amarok refuses to play mp3 files. I already installed ubuntu-restricted-extras. Any clues?22:17
dtchenShura: it shouldn't be. it's unique to konqueror (i think?)22:17
ShuraOh, ok :)22:17
NoelJBdid anyone else have grub 2 blow up on the latest upgrades?  I'm now seeing http://www.overclock.net/amd-general/582951-invalid-equiptment-block-ubuntu.html22:18
dtchenFreeaqingme: and libxine1-ffmpeg is installed?22:18
NoelJBfortunately, that's in a VM, so I can just restore from backup and deal with it.22:18
Freeaqingmedtchen, not yet. Installing now22:18
Freeaqingmedtchen, did the trick. Tnx!22:19
android60How can I set a default audio level after reboot? Right now I have to go into the mmixer and up all the levels for my speakers. on reboot it all goes back to them being at almost 022:19
zsquarepluscnow that was disappointing :/  i booted the live beta from a USB stick. that worked, but the start menu froze and then it crashed and restarted and shutdown was not working until i unplugged the usb stick. and at the end it opened cd cdrom :/22:20
zsquarepluscas CTRL+ALT+F1/BS/DEL are not working, is there any way left to get a console to view logmessages and debug?22:20
dtchenandroid60: yeah, i know about the bug. i blogged about it. investigating a fix. in the meantime, try short-circuiting the alsactl restore22:20
XiXaQis it just me, or are buttons and controls less responsive in karmic? I find myself having to click buttons several times, all the time.22:21
android60dtchen: ok22:21
FreeaqingmeXiXaQ, using it for 30 minutes now, and I guess you're not alone22:21
penguin42XiXaQ: I've not had that, but someone before said they had that on one of the menus22:21
android60dtchen: I get "can't find package alsa-utils"22:21
dtchenkeep in mind that the Beta kernel (2.6.31-11.36) is a pretty big regression; you almost certainly want the current 2.6.31-11.3822:22
td123when I try to update my sources (aptitude update) it gets stuck connecting to us.archive.com/etc... is this a known bug or is the main us server down for karmic updates?22:22
penguin42dtchen: Ah, sods law of releases?22:22
dtchentd123: the bw for the DC is pegged22:23
dtchenandroid60: that implies larger issues, namely: do you have the main repository enabled?22:23
XiXaQpenguin42, it's consistent throughout for me.22:23
android60dtchen: one sec ill check22:24
android60the us ubuntu servers have been very slow :/22:25
penguin42the weird one I've currently got is the chromium ppa's - ctrl-w seems to be closing multiple tabs22:25
dtchenmirrors, mirrors on the wall^Wubuntu download web page, which is the fastest of them all?22:25
td123dtchen: bw? dc?22:26
Shuradtchen : Any ideas now ?22:27
dtchentd123: bandwidth. data center.22:27
dtchenShura: about? i'm still awaiting feedback from you.22:28
Shuradtchen : Well, not working with Firefox neither22:28
penguin42dtchen: It's very considerate of a data centre let you flatline there bandwidth22:28
dtchenpenguin42: isn't it, though?22:29
dtchenShura: ok, basics: is the playback volume unmuted and non-zero?22:29
penguin42are there bandwidth graphs for the mirrors anywhere? They would be fun22:29
Shuradtchen: yes :p22:30
maccam94dtchen: ubuntu.media.mit.edu should be fast22:31
jngquick empathy question on karmic netbook release -- desktop sharing says vino not compiled with telepathy -- is there some trick i am missing22:31
dtchenShura: please download and use http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh22:32
NoelJBI keep thinking that enhancing apt to use torrents (assuming that we only accept authenticated, signed, packages) would be helpful under these sorts of circumstances.22:32
jngNoelJB: ooo.. apt-torrent exists ... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/15375222:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 153752 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] apt-torrent" [Wishlist,Invalid]22:34
Shuradtchen : /tmp/alsa-info.txt.dkDmq5Ywyv22:35
Shuradtchen : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=828f06669aa77f89d18e25798d994a51469b335b22:35
NoelJBjng, note that it was closed as invalid.22:35
NoelJBjng, perhaps open a bug report on vino if it isn't working for you?22:35
dtchenShura: sec22:36
jngyes i may do that... i heard someone tweeting they saw jono's desktop the other day.. so it works for some, although this seems to mean my version of vino isn't linked with the good stuff22:36
Yanick_hi, why will Empathy replace pidgin on the next release, in 26 days? I just installed it, and it is half as stable and mature as pidgin is, except Empathy supposedly support video messaging?22:40
Yanick_just installed it, and I cannot connect to my two MSN accounts at once (1 for email at work, and 1 for personnal), and I need to kill the *butterfly process or nothing else using MSN (or Yahoo?) will work22:41
grturnerYanick_, i'm not positive but i'm pretty sure that you can still install pidgin22:42
=== mako-dono is now known as mako-sama
Yanick_of course I will install Pidgin and remove Empathy if the program is still as bad when 9.10 is officially released22:42
Yanick_I just wondered why make it an official package when it's not mature enough?22:42
shiznebitdo people prefer DDWRT or Tomato ?22:46
Xgatessay is there a way to supress seeing console msgs before you get to the Ubuntu loading logo? I have some USB msgs that will popup first that I have to look at then a few seconds later I get the loading logo22:47
VeinorXgates: I think that's an open launchpad bug22:47
XgatesJust trying to figure how to either supress those msgs or just make Karmic go straight from Grub to the logo22:47
nick125Yeah, there's a bug open for that I believe. I get the same thing here.22:48
Xgatesso others are seeing the console first then getting the logo later?22:48
shiznebithow do i reduce the time before grub boot ubuntu ?22:48
Xgatesshiznebit: /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:49
VeinorXgates: It's not just you.22:49
XgatesVeinor: ok thanks22:49
yofelguys, DO NOT edit grub.cfg22:49
yofeledit /etc/default/grub and run update-grub22:50
jester7how do i set 9.10 to sync with a ntp server?22:50
yofelshiznebit: ^22:50
Xgatesyofel: ahh my bad22:50
XgatesI keep forgetting not to edit a file :)22:51
FreeaqingmeBtw, I upgraded to karmic, and got an i386 installation, did I miss an option for 64 bit?22:52
NoelJBFreeaqingme, did you upgrade from a 32-bit install?22:52
yofelXgates: its even written in BIG letters in the second line of grub.cfg...22:52
NoelJByofel, and what if grub2 is totally hosed, and you need to repair it because it won't even boot?22:53
yofelFreeaqingme: if you had i386 jaunty installed you'll get i386 karmic22:53
Xgatesyofel: yeah I know ;p hehe22:53
* Xgates takes a beating from yofel 22:53
Freeaqingmehmm, interesting. I installed from a cd I got through the shipit program, but never realized those were i38622:53
vigoHello, I need a VRT engine or Speech to Text Input method , had a bad accident yesterday and need something like that to input,open,launch and whatnot, Karmic-9.10 Edbuntu.22:54
cyberspliceFreeaqingme, you have to specify 32bit or 64bit.22:55
Freeaqingmehmm, kinda missed that one then ;)22:56
XgatesI thought the workspace switcher in Gnome you can scroll back and forth with them with your mouse wheel?22:56
cyberspliceI love being able to shut my laptop and it actually go to sleep.22:56
cyberspliceWithout fiddling with it.22:56
Xgatescybersplice: that's called KERNEL support not Ubuntu22:57
robin0800any one found logviewer is hiding the dates unless entries are hilighted22:57
test34robin0800, they are light gray in mine, but not hidden22:58
cyberspliceXgates, Yes. That kernel feature is present in 9.10, meaning i don't have to build one.22:58
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Xgatesrobin0800: I just looked at 'messages' and I can see the dates and time they are 'grey' in color22:58
jester7well, if anyone is interested, you can't do it via right clicking on the panel clock anymore.  you must go to System->Administration->Date & Time22:58
Xgatescybersplice: yea karmic is using 2.6.31 works nice...22:59
Xgatesrobin0800: what section(s) are you looking at?22:59
puchat3ki can't seem to authorize my computer in ubuntu one, the localhost address that is needed to authorize my comp isnt working, what can i do?22:59
jester7puchat3k: do you have noscript installed?23:00
robin0800it must be the theme I'm using let me try another23:00
cyberspliceXgates, i've switched my production laptop to it. Will be switching my production desktop on Monday. Naughty me, eh?23:00
Xgatesahh maybe I'm just using the Gnome defaults23:00
Xgatescybersplice: well I'm running a 13" macbook pro on it :)23:00
rrvaanyone know how to clean up idle gnome-terminal windows periodically? I open too many23:01
puchat3kjester: E: Couldn't find package noscript23:01
cyberspliceXgates, hope you kept your OS X partition for firmware updates!23:01
penguin42rrva: Hmm odd question - you mean idle as sitting at a prompt?23:01
yofelrrva: extreme method: killall gnome-terminal23:01
vigoXgates: You can use the Workspace Switcher, System>Preferences> Keyboard Shortcuts, then Ctrl-Down or what ever you like.23:01
puchat3kso i have to guess that no :-)23:01
jester7puchat3k: sorry...i should have explained.  noscript is a firefox addon23:01
robin0800yes it was thhe theme23:01
rrvayofel: those are not the idle ones23:01
puchat3ki'm using chromium23:01
jester7puchat3k: i had trouble authorizing because of it23:01
rrvapenguin42: that would do23:02
jester7puchat3k: maybe give firefox a try then...just to see23:02
rrvapenguin42: sitting at a prompt and not received input since X seconds23:02
penguin42rrva: I remember there is a way to get inactive shells to autologout but I can't remember what it is23:02
Xgatesvigo: ahh ok thanks, didn't know if it was a Karmic thing going on or not23:02
ibkanatneed some guru help to get me out of this mess :)23:03
yofelibkanat: wb ;)23:03
vigoXgates: Is a Debian thing, has been on for a long time, but I use it alot and find it very useful.23:03
ibkanatI upgraded to 9.10 from 9.04 even though I used wubi to install oringinally23:03
ibkanatseems the 9.10 need grub2 to see the new kernel23:04
rrvapenguin42: export TMOUT=3 kills all after 3 secs23:04
ibkanathey yofel23:04
Yanick_Empathy has -1 from me23:04
Xgatesvigo: ok23:04
ibkanatso I installed the new grub and it ruined my mbr23:04
rrvasetting TMOUT to 300 should clean up23:04
ibkanatlucky I had ubd and was able to get it to work again23:05
penguin42rrva: Is that what you want?23:05
ibkanatbut I am still booting the wrong kernel for 9.1023:05
rrvapenguin42: yes. now I need the same for chromium tabs23:05
ibkanatbut hey at least I can boot now23:05
ibkanatinstead of nothing23:05
penguin42rrva: Haha that's a weird thought23:06
penguin42rrva: Are you running chromium ppa?23:06
pavkasomeone tested cups in LAN? I dont know how to do it in karmic23:06
rrvaany tab not receiving input within 300 seconds should be killed23:06
Xgatesvigo: ok I see 'switch to workspace 1' but how to do add it this for the mousewheel?23:06
ibkanatyofel any ideas what to do?23:06
yofelibkanat: you are running what now? grub1 or 2?23:07
ibkanatI am using 1.9723:07
yofelok, grub223:07
ibkanatbut still seem to be using menu.lst?23:07
yofelibkanat: try 'sudo update-grub' again and check if the kernel is found23:07
yofelibkanat: do you have a /boot/grub/grub.cfg?23:08
penguin42rrva: Are you finding ctrl-w to close a tab is working OK for you? For me it seems to be closing two or more tabs23:08
ibkanatyes its building it now23:08
vigoXgates: Right, for now just use a keystroke macro, I am still looking up the mouse wheel thing, just thought that might hel a bit until we can find the resolution.23:08
ibkanatyofel I wonder if the problem is the buried kernels on the ntfs partion (wubi)23:09
rrvactrl-w is fine in chromium latest ppa23:09
yofelibkanat: no idea, never used wubi23:10
thielmannDoes anyone know what changed in last nights karmic updates? My system was really fast, now I'm back to Jaunty speed. I guess it was related to Xorg and the legacy ATI drivers (I'm running a Rage 128 card). Any ideas?23:10
Xgatesvigo: so Ubuntu/Debian don't have mousewheel scrolling in Gnome to switch between desktops by default?23:10
ibkanatyofel it installs ubuntu inside of windows23:10
yofelibkanat: that much I know, I just never used it23:10
ibkanatok I guess I go for round 223:11
ibkanatwait how do I create a usb boot23:11
yofelibkanat: if you want a usb drive from a live cd use usb-creator23:12
ibkanatsystem admin then usb creator23:12
penguin42rra: I bet you want to close those idle irc tabs as well!23:12
ibkanatwhere do  I get the image if it was downloaded via wubi?23:12
yofelno idea23:12
cyberspliceoh crap. i just broke gedit.23:13
* cybersplice fails.23:13
vigoXgates: See, that is a Gnome thing, that is where I am looking at now, X has one and it looks like the new KDE has one, the Gnome is in the works or ready, this stuff goes so fast! and my fingers are all smashed, so my replies and data lookup is impaired badly this day.23:13
yofelcybersplice: how did you manage that? o.O23:14
cyberspliceyofel, i have absolutely no idea.23:14
cyberspliceI just tried to reproduce it and can't.23:14
frantaHi! I have problem with Karmic beta... I cant get it to boot from external usb disk... anyone has any suggestion what may be causing this? (I have tryed both grub2 and grub legacy, none of them could see my usb disk)23:15
ibkanatfranta does your computer boot otherwise?23:16
frantaibkanat: I am running 8.04 right now, it also boots the live-cd23:16
ibkanatfranta hmm I am glad I had ubd to save my bacon I am dealing with grub issues23:16
Xgatessheesh there goes the server23:17
ibkanatbbl I need to try out this grub23:17
Xgateswhat happened to copy and paste by mouse?23:18
Xgatesleft button hightlight - copy - double buttons - paste23:18
Xgatesis this disabled?23:18
yofelXgates: gnome? mouse settings were changed there23:19
legend2440any clonezilla users here? it backed up my karmic disk great. but when i restored it to try it out it messed up my mbr and would not boot. any ideas?23:19
frantasome one wrote to forum that he had the same problem with alpha6 ... he was able to boot from the disk once it was connected to internal sata, when he put it in to the usb enclosure, he couldn't boot it... just like me23:19
vigoXgates: Meatcity and or Compiz are installed?23:20
XgatesI mean it was just working then it stopped23:20
Xgatesyofel: yeah gnome23:20
Xgatesvigo: I don't know I just installed Karmic is all23:20
Xgatesany of those installed by default?23:21
yofelXgates: compiz should be installed by default23:21
Xgatesthe only thing I did was add two more desktops to the desktop switcher and the mouse stopped copy and pasting23:21
Xgatesyofel: oh yeah it is, cause it's running the default setting23:22
thielmann__Does anyone know what changed in last nights karmic updates? My system was really fast, now I'm back to Jaunty speed. I guess it was related to Xorg and the legacy ATI drivers (I'm running a Rage 128 card). Any ideas?23:22
yofelXgates: dunno, check the mouse settings, it still works fine here in kde23:22
cyberspliceTesting WINE under Karmic...23:23
RPG_MasterI am unable to click play/pause buttons on embed youtube videos :(23:23
frantaIs anyone able to boot Karmic beta from external usb disk?23:23
yofelthielmann__: check in /var/log/ for the dpkg and apt logs or try to read https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/karmic-changes/2009-October/date.html23:24
RPG_Masterwas able to before I updated to Karmic23:24
Xgatesnope we got a mouse malfunction Houston23:24
Xgatessomehow it lost copy and paste23:24
RPG_MasterSo, about mah youtubes, whats up with it?23:25
frantaXgates: there must be some way to set it back...23:25
* RPG_Master just randomly got four eyes23:25
yofelRPG_Master: wait a moment, I'm just testing it here23:25
frantaI'll try to google a bit...:)23:25
cyberspliceRPG_Master, are you using ubuntu-restricted-extras, or one of the floss flash implementations?23:26
yofelRPG_Master: I can click them just fine.23:26
RPG_Mastercybersplice: I am using the Flash 64 bit beta23:27
RPG_Masterlatest version I think23:27
thielmann__yofel: Thanks, I noticed updates to xorg and the kernel, but I'm unable to find any more clues, why my system is so much slower now. I guess I start compiling a kernel with enabled "NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS". But I'm not sure if that's related to execution speed at all :-)23:27
RPG_MasterI can do everything else flash though :/23:27
Xgateswell the desktop is scrolling now with the visual effects off23:27
Amaranththielmann__: You do not want NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS23:27
AmaranthWho told you you did?23:27
RPG_MasterJust can't click them stupid play/pause buttons >:(23:27
Xgatesseems there's a bug between compiz and Karmic23:27
cyberspliceRPG_Master, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras23:28
Xgatesbrb let me reboot with visual off23:28
vigoXgates: Looks like some coding in Gnome.23:28
RPG_Mastercybersplice: But I don't want the stupid hacked 32 bit flash :(23:28
thielmann__Amaranth: So where do I start then? I want the fast Karmic back and I just don't know where to start else.23:28
enycI have a 9.04 system, laptop intel graphics, when given kernel.ubuntu.com portable kernels  over 2.6.31-rc6 has trouble..  crashes starting X....  is this likely kernel-mode-setting related trouble?23:29
Amaranththielmann__: Considering benchmarks and X specific use cases have been shown to slow down when NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS is enabled.... not there23:29
enyci guess/hope it will be ok with 9.10 X-server...  has anybody seen this?23:29
Amaranthenyc: Does booting with nomodeset help?23:30
enycAmaranth: i dont know ;-)   is that just a kernel parameter exactly as you said?23:30
enyci.e.   kernel linux-image-blah blah root=UUID= ro nomodeset23:30
enycAmaranth: ill try now ;-)23:30
RPG_Masternvm, I can't interact with anything flash :'(23:30
thielmann__Amaranth: Do you know what else changed? It's considerably slower and I can't find any other clues in the changelogs.23:30
Amaranththielmann__: echo NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS > /sys/kernel/debug/sched_features will tell you23:31
Amaranth(as root, of course)23:31
frantadid they changed something in grub legacy since alpha5 or why it doesn't see usb devices??23:31
Amaranththielmann__: intel graphics?23:32
jester7what is "ibus preferences" and the ibus daemon?23:33
frantaalso strange thing is that with pre-beta versions I was able to boot 64bit karmic in 32bit virtualbox wich is now impossible as it seems23:33
thielmann__Amaranth: No, legacy ATI: Rage 128 pro23:33
Amaranthjester7: input methods (think chinese)23:33
thielmann__Amaranth: No, legacy ATI: Rage 128 pro23:33
maxflaxGot problem with the NM saying my Wifi is deactivated when its not23:33
Amaranththielmann__: hrm23:34
enycAmaranth: yes that fixes it   (at least on kernel ppa)23:34
Amaranththielmann__: can't think of anything23:34
Amaranthenyc: what gpu?23:34
Amaranthenyc: are you using xorg-edgers too?23:34
thielmann__Amaranth: Thanks anyway.23:34
Xgatesok the visual effects set on are effecting the mouse23:35
NoelJBenyc, what fixed what for you?  :-)23:35
Xgatesturning them off and doing a reboot brought the mouse back23:35
Amaranththielmann__: no need to recompile to set that option though23:35
Xgatesthe copy and paste now works and the desktops scroll with the mousewheel also, like I thought they were suppose to23:35
AmaranthXgates: did you change compiz zoom to zoom the mouse cursor too?23:35
vigoXgates: Found it, is Compiz , http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=746385&highlight=mousewheel+workspace23:35
enycAmaranth: (typing across manually)   Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)23:35
thielmann__Amaranth: Just checked, THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling me how to enable NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS. It WORKS! Finally able to play Tremulous again :-)23:36
enycAmaranth: not using -edgers that I am aware of, NB: using 9.04 at the moment23:36
XgatesAmaranth: I have not touched anything, just installed Karmic and updated it and added two more desktops is all23:36
Xgatesvigo: ok so a compiz thing....23:36
enycNoelJB: 'nomodeset' on intel laptop stopped new ubuntu kernels havnig x-server-crash on 9.04 ubuntu23:36
Amaranththielmann__: that is very surprising considering it only affects performance when forking23:36
XgatesI have it off for now23:36
jester7Amaranth: thanks...23:36
enycAmaranth: im just wondering if this will be a problem for others upgrading to 9.10 on this sort of machine etc.  let alone me!   but I haven't tried 9.10 and its X server etc23:37
thielmann__Amaranth: How do I disable to rule out any other problems? (Without rebooting .->)23:37
Amaranthenyc: if it doesn't work with xorg-edgers it probably won't work with 9.10 either so you may want to try that first23:37
enycAmaranth: i dont know about -edgers23:37
Amaranththielmann__: echo NO_NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS > /sys/kernel/debug/sched_features23:37
bjsniderAmaranth, is that persistent or do you have to change it after every reboot?23:38
* Amaranth types "xorg-edgers" into google23:38
Amaranthenyc: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers23:38
Amaranthbjsnider: every reboot23:38
murielgodoiHi all,  anyone noticed that the high CPU usage by npviewer.bin is still there in 9.10b 64bits?23:38
bjsniderAmaranth, that has a lot of suckage23:39
vigoXgates: Yes, funny part is I found how to Disable It! , though a reverse engineering may work, then I found that one.23:39
Amaranthvigo, Xgates: What is the issue?23:39
enycAmaranth: humm so i might want a replacement..... xorg package?23:39
Xgatesmouse croaks23:40
Amaranthenyc: that'll give you somewhat bleeding edge X, mesa, and intel drivers23:40
Xgatescopy - paste and scrolling the desktops all dies23:40
vigoAmaranth: Workspace Switcher using Mouse Wheel.23:40
thielmann__Amaranth: O.k., it's for sure caused by disabling NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS in the kernel. My system is *much* more responsive with this feature enabled. I'm unable to play any fullscreen game without it (never was in previous ubuntu versions), but I'm able to run it with it enabled.23:40
thielmann__Amaranth: So, thanks again!23:40
enycAmaranth: fair enough ;-)  thankyou for pointers23:40
Xgatesvigo: don't forget copy - paste too ;p23:40
Amaranthvigo, Xgates: copy/paste kills compiz for you?23:41
Amaranthvigo, Xgates: the scrolling on the desktop thing is disabled by default now23:41
Xgatesno compiz kills copy paste23:41
ibkanatyofel ok booting fine into old grub... still have grub installed? How do I tell what grub is booting?23:41
XgatesAmaranth: no I have scrolling enabled here23:41
AmaranthXgates: then you turned it on23:41
Xgatesit's not disabled for me23:41
Xgatesno I didn't turn it on23:41
grturnerinteresting... installation of vmware tools in karmic effectively breaks it. uninstall it and it works like a charm23:42
AmaranthXgates: if you mess with the settings an upgrade won't change them23:42
XgatesI never messed with any settings other then turning compiz off23:42
Jaymacdoes anyone know of a good paper anywhere outlining the differences between grub1 and grub2?  i want to change the text displayed at bootup and not sure where to do it - i get a big nasty message in /boot/grub/grub.cfg saying not to touch this file...23:42
yofel!grub2 | Jaymac23:43
ubottuJaymac: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub223:43
vigoMy fingers are killing me! I have to find a Speech Input pkg or something, stoopid hole in the water.23:43
AmaranthXgates: Apparently you did because we turned that option off by default and I can confirm 100% the default is off23:43
AmaranthXgates: But anyway, how does it kill copy/paste?23:43
XgatesAmaranth: like I said I never touched anything :)23:43
yofelibkanat: you could edit one of the description lines in the menu.lst, if you don't see it on grub boot then you use grub223:43
AmaranthXgates: And I'm saying you probably use fusion-icon or something that screws with it :P23:43
XgatesAmaranth: copy and paste just stopped working for the mouse with compiz on23:43
AmaranthXgates: Just go turn that option off or wipe your compiz settings23:44
AmaranthXgates: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/compiz23:44
maxflaxHello NoelJB , did u check out the NM problem23:44
AmaranthXgates: Then try to turn compiz on again23:44
Shuradtchen: Have you found something ? (sor my no-sound-in-flash problem)23:44
XgatesAmaranth: I just installed Karmic, then I updated it, then I added two more desktops to Gnome to give it 4 that is all I've done and touched nothing more...23:44
XgatesI'm a Linux geek 10 years, I know what I'm doing :)23:44
AmaranthXgates: I don't know what to tell you, that option is off by default23:45
XgatesI know what I'm touching....23:45
AmaranthXgates: Just wipe your settings and it'll turn off23:45
Xgateswell it works here :)23:45
vigoAmaranth: Brilliant suggestion. I forgot all about the conflict thing. or whetever.23:45
AmaranthXgates: Earlier in karmic we had it disabled so hard you couldn't turn it back on23:46
AmaranthWe killed it with fire :P23:46
XgatesAmaranth: well all I can say is adding to more desktops and then turning Compiz off somehow by passed this setting I mean since Compiz fouled with the mouse in the first place killing the ability to copy and paste makes pretty good sense it allowed scrolling23:46
Jaymacyofel, i'd been there before, but just rechecked it - it doesn't really contain the info i'm after.. i want to rename my two windows partitions in grub from: Windows loader 1 and 2 to Windows and Recovery Partition... but it seems every time grub gets updated or anything any changes i make to /etc/grub.d/40_xxxx will be deleted23:46
Xgatesadding to/two....23:46
AmaranthXgates: Ok, now instead of debating this just run the command I gave and try compiz again23:47
RandomCakeHi All, I've just bought a Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 webcam and have been trying to get it to work in 9.10, I've so far had a green screen, cheese vanish, and a black screen, I've struggled to get hold of EasyCam2 or 3 due to a Python dependancy which cannot be met, has anyone any tips on how to get this webcam working?23:47
AmaranthI'm less interested in random settings carrying over and more interested in the defaults working correctly23:47
XgatesAmaranth: my bad I didn't notice, what's the cmd for/do?23:47
aliendude5300Hi... I just got a warning through SSH about an RSA key being changed, and it seems to say that my network could've been compromised. What should I do?23:47
AmaranthXgates: it unsets every gconf key under /apps/compiz which sets them back to their defaults23:48
Xgatesahhh ok23:48
yofelJaymac: the default scripts in /etc/grub.d/ get overwritten on an update, but you could rename it into 41_... (you'll have the entries twice then though)23:48
Amaranthaliendude5300: That means the server you are connecting to changed23:48
Amaranthaliendude5300: Did you reinstall it or something?23:48
aliendude5300No... I don't have admin rights on the machine.23:48
Jaymacyofel, yeah - seems like a bit of a regression imo - you should be able to easily rename your grub items...23:49
Amaranthyofel: You can also control some aspects of the scripts via /etc/default/grub23:49
Jaymacwill keep looking23:49
AmaranthOh, rename23:49
AmaranthYeah, can't do that23:49
Amaranthgrub2 is not meant to be user editable in debian/ubuntu, really23:49
yofelAmaranth: yeah, which is really annoying...23:49
AmaranthYou can tweak the way the config file is generated a bit but not completely alter it23:49
Jaymachaving my windows install appear as something like: Windows Loader (/dev/sda1) instead of Windows XP which i was able to set with grub 1 is kind of annoying23:50
aliendude5300What should I do to connect to the machine... should I even connect to the machine?23:50
AmaranthJaymac: That's a bug, file it23:50
JaymacAmaranth, will do23:50
yofelaliendude5300: if you didn't do any changes to the machine then the message is bad (like re-installing)23:51
aliendude5300here's a copy of the message with ssh details removed: http://pastebay.com/5882823:52
Xgatesanyone know anything about the Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source? Does this mean it has to be compiled or it was built already from source? I noticed in /usr/src it was installed23:52
murielgodoihy guys, any hint to get mouse clicks working in flash pages under 9.10b 64bits?23:52
aliendude5300It seems to be saying someone modified the machine. Not sure if it was compromised or something23:52
yofelXgates: it's a dkms package and will be build automatically on every kernel update23:53
methril_homehi!! someone with an eeepc 901 ?23:53
methril_homei'm unable to boot it (it was working before)23:54
yofelaliendude5300: yes, I know that message well, I always get it when I reinstall the server machine23:54
Xgatesyofel: ahh ok, well here's the problem I'm using a macbook pro and if I compile it by hand it works, if I use it from this package it doesn't work, so something is broke with this src they way something is being done here23:54
bjsniderbefore what?23:54
aliendude5300what should I do to fix it?23:54
methril_homebefore shutdown and start up again23:55
yofelXgates: really? do you get any dkms errors?23:55
Xgatesyofel: here's the source I built:  http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php23:55
methril_homeit has som SSD and looks that is giving problems at mount time23:55
Xgatesyofel: no it just doesn't load or run is all23:55
methril_homeit starts once ok, once fails23:55
yofelaliendude5300: make sure that something changed on the server but if the server really has been compromized then I don't know23:55
Arv3nhey all23:56
Arv3nis anyone else having screen resolution problems in the beta?23:56
Xgatesyofel: according to the README at broadcom.com that link I gave you this has to be run:23:56
XgatesTo blacklist these drivers and prevent them from loading in the future:23:56
Xgates# echo "blacklist ssb" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf23:56
Xgates# echo "blacklist b43" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf23:56
XgatesSo I added them myself but still nothing works...23:56
yofelArv3n: which gpu do you have?23:57
ibkanatyofel thanks for the help.... sorted... just edited the menu.lst23:57
ibkanatsolved the sound problem23:57
yofelibkanat: really? o.O23:57
Arv3nyotel, nvidia geforce 7650 gs23:57
Arv3nyofel, sorry. i just woke up.23:57
i2v8anI'm having problems with a lack of sub-pixel smoothing fonts in firefox does anyone know where I can start to trouble shoot this?23:57
yofelXgates: are you sure that the card you use is a supported one? (lspci)23:57
Arv3nyofel, it worked in jaunty and several versions before.23:58
Xgatesyofel: as I just stated I compiled this from source before and it works23:58
yofelArv3n: tried to reinstall the nvidia driver?23:58
Arv3nyofel, i just installed the one from jockey-gtk, and it upped my resolution but not to its fullest23:58
yofelXgates: well, ok then...23:58
Xgatesyofel: lspci:23:59
XgatesNetwork controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)23:59
Arv3nyofel, i think it's detecting the wrong monitor.23:59
yofelArv3n: tried Nvidia settings?23:59
Arv3nyofel, yes it still doesn't allow me to select my max resolution (1280x1024)23:59
yofelAmaranth: any idea? ^23:59
bjsniderArv3n, the monitor's edid chip is probably supplying bogus info23:59

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