dashuakwwii, bzr branch lp:~dashua/human-theme/humantheme03:19
dashuaWhen you're up, minor tweaks.03:19
FLOZzHello all  _o/08:39
SiDiDanRabbit: actually here is a better place :P17:20
SiDilet me know when you're around please17:20
=== kwwii_ is now known as kwwii
* ckontros waves @ Ken then goes outside to wash the car.17:24
DanRabbitSiDi: ping17:38
SiDiDanRabbit: pong17:38
DanRabbitwhat's up?17:38
SiDifine, you ?17:38
SiDiDanRabbit: what i wanted to talk to you about is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/elementaryicons/+bug/441499 i just wrote the report17:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441499 in elementaryicons "Please don't make links pointing to notification-* icons" [Undecided,New]17:39
DanRabbitI'm good17:39
DanRabbitSiDi: that sounds like a reasonable request :D17:40
DanRabbitI'll fix it after I get breakfast and respond to my morning emails17:40
SiDithanks then :)17:40
DanRabbitSiDi: are there any others besides the nm icons?17:50
SiDihm nope17:51
SiDiother icons didnt seem to link to notification ones17:51
DanRabbitokay then I'm pushing to BZR right now :)17:51
SiDionly nm-signal-* and nm-device-wireless17:51
SiDithanks :]17:51
SiDibtw there's no author file in elementary ?17:52
SiDiall icons are 100% from you ?17:52
DanRabbitah, I miss the nm-device-wireless ;)17:52
DanRabbitthere should be an author file.17:52
DanRabbitThere's a few icons from Humanity in there now, but yes it's all me :D17:52
DanRabbitYea, there is an AUTHORS file in there ;)17:56
dashuaHow's that look for a new DarkRoom type theme?20:23
dashuaStarted as a login screen hack and transformed into a theme.20:23
zniavreit's beautiful really20:26
DanRabbit1Looking good20:33
dashuaOk cool.  I have some things to tweak, but this really was an accident.20:35
zniavreit reminds me the wilwil hardy theme20:36
dashuaYeah, that is where some of the inspirations came from20:37
dashuaAlways have that theme in the back of my mind20:37
zniavrecan you make menu bg yellow ?20:37
dashuaLet me try20:38
dashuaSee what it looks like20:38
DanRabbit1dashua: I made some comments. I forgot you just linked us here :p20:42
DanRabbit1different theme20:42
DanRabbit1haha, I am scatterbrained ;)20:42
dashuazniavre, Looks pretty good man.  i have to mess with the text colors.20:47
zniavrehow 's menubar behaviour ?20:48
dashuaNeed to tweak the text now20:51
dashuamenubar = dark20:52
dashuazniavre, You want to hack on it if you have some time? I have to go to a wedding.20:52
dashuaI'll upload to bzr20:52
zniavrewhy not20:53
dashuaCool, one sec20:54
zniavrei remember i tried to made a willwill murrine theme but menu menu-item menu bar were tricky20:54
dashuabzr branch lp:~dashua/human-theme/humantheme21:02
dashuabbl thx :)21:03
zniavrehttp://img269.imageshack.us/img269/1030/capturecz.png  funny to play with someone gtkrc23:01
LaserJockkwwii: around?23:31
LaserJockI'm looking at this bug about highlight_ratio being deprecated in gtkrc23:32
LaserJockhowever the Edubuntu gtkrc uses hilight_ratio23:32
LaserJockI'm wondering if we had a typo23:33

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