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mac_vlool: ping...10:45
loolmac_v: pong10:50
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and471mac_v: hi11:54
and471mac_v: (I am rugby471 btw, changed my nick)11:54
and471mac_v: how is humanity coming along?11:54
mac_vand471: imposter... i dont believe you ;p11:54
and471mac_v: hehe11:55
and471and471: that proves it is still me, no one else says 'hehe' after everything :-)11:55
mac_vand471: what is *and* 471 ... ... rugby was better ;p11:55
and471mac_v: I just felt that the 'rugby' part made me look really amateurish, wheras at aleast and has something to do with my name...11:56
mac_vand471: ;p11:56
and471mac_v: how is humanity coming along?11:57
mac_vand471: hmm , not sure how to answer that ;)11:57
mac_vand471: its frozen for now until, we get more bugs ;p11:58
and471mac_v: hehe, any large work still needed or is it settle down for karmic time?11:58
and471mac_v: ah11:58
mac_vand471: nooooo , no more work! only bug fixes from here on11:58
mac_vand471: already , the release team is pretty pissed we make a lot of revs ;p11:59
and471mac_v: hehe, well I suppose when it is artwork there is no much regression potential so I don't see why11:59
mac_vand471: they dont like it... ;)12:00
mac_vthere are several factors12:00
popeybratsche: you know "that" bug with xsplash appearing over two screens.. well it's still not quite right15:56
popeybratsche: it now shows the splash on the left screen and the gdm logon on the right screen15:56
popeybratsche: so it's almost there :)15:56
Amaranthmultidisplay is hard15:58
bratschepopey: It shows xsplash on the left screen or it shows the xsplash background image?16:10
bratscheBecause we now tell gdm to use the same image for its background.16:10
popeybratsche: i get xsplash animated on the left screen16:10
bratscheUgh, suckfest.16:11
* bratsche hates xsplash so much16:12
Amaranthbratsche: You're not alone ;)16:12
bratscheI know.16:12
AmaranthAlthough I found the "use compiz" option in gdm so maybe it'll look better now16:13
AmaranthAlthough trying to keep it running without blinking through a compositing switch is impossible16:13
bratscheIt feels like it's been the biggest waste of time ever.16:13
Amaranthxsplash just exposes all the problems we have with compositing and scheduling16:14
Amaranthand a few other things16:14
Amaranthwelcome to my world ;)16:15
popeybratsche: let me know if there's any further testing or anything else I can help with16:16
bratschepopey: Okay, will do.16:16
dtchenuser experience is hard. welcome to my world.16:16
Amaranthdtchen: my sound works right :)16:17
AmaranthI always seem to get laptops with broken sound then once it starts working get a new one with broken sound16:18
dtchensee above.16:18
and471mac_v: hi16:33
and471mac_v: sorry for cutting out earlier16:33
and471mac_v: my connection disappeared :-(16:33
and471mac_v: but it is back now :-)16:33
mac_vand471: yeah , noticed :)16:34
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