slangasekkirkland: well, hopefully the buildds will catch up by then00:07
kirklandslangasek: let's hope there's more bandwidth too by then00:07
DarxusStarting my first upgrade to a pre-release.01:35
jdong:) it's not all that painfull01:36
jdongas long as upstart doesn't bite ;-)01:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jdong01:36
slangasekwell, the NFS-hanging-boot bug should be fixed now01:36
DarxusI've done some pretty dumb stuff, intentionally, and survived.01:36
DarxusAnd I have a full backup, and both the beta cd, and the jaunty cd.01:36
sistpotyjdong: meh, who "fixed" ubottu :P01:37
jdongsistpoty: IRC council I'd guess :)01:37
* feat testing01:42
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* feat testing Ubuntu 9.10 - acer aspire one D15001:43
Darxus1779M to download, eta 2 hours 27 minutes.  Damn.01:45
feat3 hrs ç01:45
Darxus33 packages removed, 392 new packages, 1605 upgraded.01:46
DarxusIt's amaizing this ever works :P01:46
* Darxus loves on apt.01:46
featyou speak spanish01:46
DarxusMe?  No, I'm an ignorant american :(01:47
DarxusI have aspirations of learning esperanto and lojban.01:48
featesperanto WTF  >XD01:48
DarxusUgh, eta 11.5 hours.01:51
Darxusfeat: ?01:51
featWTF   1 Day 12 hrs01:54
sistpotyfeat, Darxus: maybe you'd like to take your conversation to #ubuntu+1?01:55
sistpotyno problem01:58
maxbHrm. I think there's a real problem with gdm upgrades02:07
maxbit seems you can't upgrade gdm whilst a session is running any more02:07
ionHeh. upgrade to the most recent stuff, switch from fi.archive.ubuntu.com to archive.ubuntu.com and upgrade to the most recent stuff: 164 packages upgraded, 1 newly installed, 2 to remove and 0 not upgraded. It’s almost as if the mirror were *gasp* a bit behind. :-) (I realize it’s possible a lot of packages were just published by an archive admin, though.)03:11
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DarxusI just submitted a bug, and it was marked as a duplicate of https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/365371 but that page is saying "Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page.  You are logged in as Darxus."  What's up with that?04:40
ubottuError: This bug is private04:40
Linux_Boricuaalguien ke me ayude04:45
Linux_Boricuapor favor04:45
Linux_Boricuaalguien que hable español04:45
LaserJockDarxus: so it got dup'd to a private bug04:46
Linux_BoricuaI do not speak English04:47
LaserJockLinux_Boricua: #ubuntu-es ?04:47
slangasekLinux_Boricua: este no es un canal de ayuda; le recomiendo preguntar en #ubuntu-es04:47
Linux_Boricuabueno este04:47
Linux_Boricuaes que quiero saber04:47
Linux_Boricuaalgo solamente04:48
DarxusLaserJock: Yes.  What's up with the bug being private?04:48
Linux_Boricuaes que no quiero ayuda en esencial solo quiero aclarme unas dudas04:48
LaserJockDarxus: crasher bugs are automatically marked Private, that could be the issue04:48
DarxusI can't even figure out who marked it duplicate....04:50
LaserJockDarxus: it was automatically dup'd04:51
LaserJockDarxus: the apport retracer detected that it was a dup04:51
LaserJockDarxus: the private bug looks like it could be made private, but I don't know for sure04:54
LaserJockbe made public, rather04:54
DarxusOkay.  I'll try to stop worrying about it :P04:55
zsoc~seen Mithrandir05:04
* zsoc wonders if there's a similar working bot command to the one he just embarrassedly failed at05:05
Darxuszsoc: Doesn't look like it.05:13
Darxuszsoc: That nick has not occurred in this channel while I've been here.05:14
Darxus--- Log opened Mon Sep 21 19:07:49 200905:14
zsocWow, hm. I am going a bit back. Thanks for checking the logs :) Guess I'll send him an email.05:14
DarxusYou're welcome.05:15
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ccmis the channel for the global jam?10:35
ccmdholbachc: is the channel for the global jam?10:54
ccmdholbach: is the channel for the global jam?10:54
dholbachccm: I don't know :)10:55
dholbach#ubuntu-locoteams maybe?10:57
dholbachbdrung: can you all yourselves to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Events10:59
mdzcjwatson, apw, sorry, I was confused by cjwatson's comment. I think it's important to have a full changelog in the binary package. just having a copy of the old debian/changelog (all of it!) installed as changelog.Debian.old would be good enough11:00
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dholbachdoes anybody know how an upgrade from CD is supposed to work?12:23
ograisnt there a cdromupgrade script on the alternate CD ?12:23
dholbachwhen I put in the CD a dialogue asks me something and if say "Yes", it opens synaptic12:23
dholbachthat was a desktop cd12:23
dholbachhi ogra :)12:23
ograyou cant upgrade from desktop12:23
ogradesktop only has a few actual packages, the real system is in the squashfs and gets copied 1:1 on install12:24
dholbachthat makes sense12:24
dholbachwe have to wait a bit then :-)12:24
tormoddholbach, for user support, ask in #ubuntu ;)12:26
* dholbach slaps tormod with a trout12:26
dholbachhi tormod :)12:26
tormodhi dholbach, trying "dogfood" ?12:27
dholbachwe're test-installing a bunch of machines during the Ubuntu Berlin Jam here12:27
dholbachand #ubuntu-testing is asleep12:27
tormoddholbach, how many are you?12:28
dholbachand 1 dog12:28
dholbachbut we just started to get rolling12:28
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directhexARGH, still no audio via hdmi, even on karmic13:57
* directhex prods dtchen 13:59
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mnemonikki've got a problem with booting karmic, the root device isn't recognized during booting if i specify it by uuid. It says that /dev/disk/by-uuid/... doesn't exist. If I specify it by its traditional device name it works fine, in /etc/fstab i also use uuids with no problem. Is this a problem of the linux kernel or an upstart problem? Maybe it's a problem that I'm still using murder^Wreiserfs?15:14
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tormodmnemonikk, /dev/disk/by-uuid/.. doesn't exist after booting either?15:25
mnemonikktormod: well, that's what it says.15:26
mnemonikktormod: i can't do much in the init shell, though.15:26
tormodmnemonikk, when you boot with trad name, there is still no by-uuid link after boot?15:27
tormodmnemonikk, ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ should show the uuid15:28
mnemonikktormod: if i boot with root=/dev/sdaX, then /dev/disk/by-uuid/.. exists.15:28
mnemonikktormod: i've got other partitions apart from the root partition that get mounted properly, and they are specified by uuid in the /etc/fstab.15:28
mnemonikktormod: yes, that works, the link is there.15:28
mnemonikktormod: does the fs type play a role in generating these uuids?15:31
tormodmnemonikk, should not, especially since it works later15:31
mnemonikktormod: me still using reiserfs is a bit unusual, which would explain why no one else fixed this earlier.15:32
tormodmnemonikk, I guess so15:32
mnemonikktormod: i could imagine something like that the reiserfs module is not loaded and so the proper uuid cannot be generated.15:33
tormodmnemonikk, yes that would explain it. do you have reiserfs (?) in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules?15:34
mnemonikktormod: no, nothing.15:34
tormodmnemonikk, try that. the installer or initramfs-tools should add that module if root is on reiserfs IMO. how did you install?15:35
mnemonikktormod: should i add it, do update-initramfs and try again?15:35
tormodmnemonikk, yes15:35
mnemonikktormod: I think the last install was feisty, or something... upgraded since then.15:36
mnemonikktormod: I'll try that now.15:38
tormodmnemonikk, I am just checking /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hook-functions and I see reiserfs is in the "base" modules. try modprobe reiserfs in the initrd shell.15:41
mnemonikktormod: I get into the initramfs shell when I press the power button. is that the right way to do it?15:46
mnemonikktormod: and resume with ^D?15:46
tormodmnemonikk, not sure I follow, when you press the power button?15:47
mnemonikktormod: added reiserfs to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules, did sudo update-initramfs -u and tried with the uuid again, didn't work.15:47
mnemonikktormod: i press the power button when I think it's waiting for the root fs too long. Or how am I supposed to get the initrd shell?15:48
tormodmnemonikk, oh I see, it's hanging. it should time out after a minute or so.15:48
mnemonikktormod: so maybe it was just a coincidence.15:49
mnemonikktormod: hold on...15:49
tormodmnemonikk, in the initrd shell, see if reiserfs module has been / can be loaded. then check ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid there.15:50
pgranerkirkland: ping15:57
mnemonikktormod: i did a modprobe, it still can't find /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxx.15:58
mnemonikktormod: there's no "ls" in my initrd.15:58
tormodmnemonikk, then your initrd must be broken. you are not running out of disk space?15:59
mnemonikktormod: hum, no, not currently.16:01
mnemonikktormod: "update-initramfs -u" is the correct incantation?16:02
tormodmnemonikk, yes, as long as your booting the same (or one) kernel that your initrd is for, otherwise add "-k all"16:03
mnemonikktormod: ok... any idea what else I could try?16:04
tormodmnemonikk, if "ls" does not work I wonder if something is really broken. Otherwise, see if your disk device exist (ls -l /dev/sd*) and check the UUIDs on them with "/sbin/blkid /dev/sda1" etc16:05
mnemonikktormod: you mean, I should call blkid from initrd?16:06
tormodmnemonikk, yes, you can try it out in the booted system to get the hang of it, it should be the same, but we want to see if it works in the initrd16:07
mnemonikktormod: i have to try that later, have to go now. thanks for your help!16:08
tormodmnemonikk, please file a bug or question, and feel free to subscribe me to it16:08
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directhexdtchen, poke poke?17:14
dtchendirecthex: hi17:21
directhexdtchen, is there some documentation on how to debug a distinct lack of sound via hdmi on karmic?17:35
dtchendirecthex: not consolidated, and mostly trial-'n-error17:41
dtchendirecthex: namely, make sure it works in ALSA first17:42
dtchendirecthex: so the process is (briefly): disable PA autospawn; test the plug HDMI device using speaker-test17:42
dtchendirecthex: (and killall pulseaudio immediately after disabling PA autospawn)17:43
directhexhow would one disable PA autospawn on a temporary basis?17:43
dtchenecho autospawn = no|tee -a ~/.pulse/client.conf17:44
AmaranthIsn't there a pa suspender program or something for that too?17:48
dtchenAmaranth: it does the wrong thing when you're trying to test certain functionality17:48
dtchendirecthex: i presume you've tested pavucontrol, too, and are able to reproduce this symptom using it?17:50
dtchendirecthex: also, it would be quite useful if it's reproducible in PA 0.9.19 (in the ubuntu-audio-dev PPA)17:51
directhexaha! made it work via alsa!17:52
directhexhad to unmute an IEC in alsamixer17:52
directhexso, now to see what happens if i turn PA back on17:53
directhexhurrah, audio in mythtv!17:55
directhexfirst time since i built this pc17:56
directhexnow to see if it persists across reboots17:56
keeskenvandine, pitti: erm, your upload of xsplash (0.8.2-0ubuntu1) did not include the 0.8.1-0ubuntu2 changes...18:00
DarxusI'm trying to test the debian experimental version of the hugin package under karmic, to get it moved to sid and then synced to lucid.18:06
DarxusOh, hmm, maybe it's not in main.18:08
DarxusNo, it's in main.18:10
kirklandpgraner: pong18:11
Darxus^ Contents of /etc/apt/preferences, and the output of apt-cache policy hugin, showing that the version from experimental is available but not getting the priority I set in preferences.  Why not?18:13
pgranerkirkland: question on enc-swap18:20
kirklandpgraner: yo18:20
pgranerkirkland: is there a way to temp disable to test to see if  a hibernate prob is due to the enc-swap?18:21
kirklandpgraner: i don't understand your question18:21
pgranerkirkland: someone has issues with hibernate and he is using enc-swap. I need to have him test without they enc-swap to see if that make the prob go away18:22
pgranerkirkland: I'm looking for a enc-swap=0 on the kernel command line or something18:22
kirklandpgraner: oh, yeah, you can't resume from hibernate if you have encrypted swap18:25
pgranerkirkland: do we have that documented somewhere I can point to18:25
kirklandpgraner: yeah, a bunch of places18:25
kirklandpgraner: i'll grab you a link18:26
pgranerkirkland: I googled all over and came up with nadda18:26
kirklandpgraner: you can turn it off in /etc/crypttab18:27
kirklandpgraner: hmm, we were supposed to remove the "Hibernate" button from the Shut Down menui18:28
kirklandpgraner: i see that hasn't happened yet18:28
pgranerkirkland: ok, if you can point me to the "hibernate is not supported" reference material I can get rid of one "regression" bug :-)18:35
kirklandpgraner: i'm writing it now18:35
kirklandpgraner: i found it scattered in a few places18:35
kirklandpgraner: but nothing comprehensive18:36
kirklandI'm putting something up now18:36
kirklandpgraner: on help.ubuntu.com18:36
pgranerkirkland: great thanks man, you rock.18:36
kirklandpgraner: and then i'm going watch football :-)18:37
pgranerkirkland: I'm at the nc Global Jam squashing bugs in real time....18:38
pgranerkirkland: dude get some dedication :-)18:39
kirklandpgraner: i am dedicated ... to the Texas A&M v. Arkansas game at the new Jerry Jones Deathstar in Dallas18:39
pgranerkirkland: yea yea I hear ya18:39
pgranerkirkland: drop me the link when your done18:41
kirklandpgraner: nearly done18:41
kirklandpgraner: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome18:57
pgranerkirkland: thanks dude. Enjoy the game18:59
kirklandpgraner: thanks19:00
kirklandpgraner: watching LSU v. Georgia first19:00
DarxusI believe I found a bug in apt pinning in karmic, I'd appreciate confirmation:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/44158519:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441585 in apt "Pinning doesn't work for the debian experimental archive." [Undecided,New]19:06
ebroderUgh - are there any more local mirrors (to the US) of the daily CD builds than cdimage.ubuntu.com19:16
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LaserJockebroder: I don't think so19:19
zsakrHello, any one know how I can determine the  size(in bytes and/or blocks) of  an iso filesystem if it's  in a  larger container?  Am willing to read superblocks in hex.19:27
zsakrt's in a larger contaner, so the reported size is  too big.19:27
zsakrif I do something like like ls -l file.iso that is19:27
zsakrSome thing like ckisofs or tun(e)isofs, I've looked for docs describing the superblock but  couldn't fnd any.19:28
devnedanyone know for sis mirage 3D (M671/M672) driver on ubuntu 9.04 ? And who can make it ? becouse from sis  declaned support for this product19:31
devnedi was geting only for SuSe pack files for this project byt i not have enought skills on c++19:35
ScottKdevned: support is in #ubuntu19:36
ScottKzsakr: You too ^^^19:36
devnedScottk thanks19:41
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Darxusapt-get and aptitude keep telling me stuff is not installable that apt-cache policy says is installable.  How can I figure out what the hell is going on?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/44162620:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441626 in apt "apt-get "Couldn't find" package listed as a Candidate by apt-cache policy." [Undecided,New]20:09
kanuhaIf I wanted to add KDE to the Ubuntu 9.10 Beta, which package would I need to install? kdebase-workspace?20:09
ScottKkanuha: kubuntu-desktop20:10
ScottKThat will bring you a full KDE system20:10
kanuhaScottK, thx20:11
DarxusHow does apt-get decide what is installable?20:11
DarxusThis seems like a pretty major karmic bug.20:11
ScottKDarxus: Check and make sure the exact same version of libpano13-0 is also available.20:15
ScottKIf not, it will be available, but not installable.20:15
DarxusHmm, the install just worked.20:17
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highvoltagejono: glad to see I'm not the only one working on a saturday night :)20:42
jonohighvoltage, hehe20:45
jonowhat are you working on?20:46
* MenZa sips his tea.20:46
highvoltagejono: I was working on ltsp-related bugs for a client. tight now I'm actually playing with snowy (http://brad.getcoded.net/blog/entry.php?e=348085118)20:47
ScottKDarxus: Probably libpano13-0 hadn't quite published the first time you tried.  Generally it's better to show up and ask something like "I don't understand why ..." that announce "OMG, bugz."20:48
jonohighvoltage, cool20:49
porcoricohey ubuntu devs20:56
porcoricohow y'all doing?20:57
porcoricoI just came here to tell you that I am enjoying the beta20:57
porcoricoand also to ask info on the HP printer thingie hidden in the Main Menu...20:58
porcoricoThis thingie right here: http://imgur.com/8CFbh.png21:01
porcoricoI don't understand what is that21:02
porcoricoI don't have printers installed21:02
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DexterFwhat's the recommended procedure for 9.04->9.10b?22:28
DexterFis there an upgrade-manager yet or is it safe to do it with aptitude?22:29
ebroderDexterF: `sudo do-release-upgrade -d`, but #ubuntu+1 is more appropriate for that sort of question22:29
ebroder(upgrade-manager would presumably also work)22:29
DexterFah, thanks.22:29
YokoZarWhat's the user-friendly way of figuring out if you're on i386 or amd64?  We don't mention this in System->About Ubuntu, About Gnome, or even in System Monitor22:49
sistpotyYokoZar: my best guess would be /proc/cpuinfo22:50
jpdsYokoZar: uname --machine ?22:54
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LaserJockwe don't need Release Team approval for uploads yet do we?23:11
ebroderJust bugfixes should still be OK, right?23:11
sistpotyLaserJock, ebroder: for bugfixes only, I assume it's still ok (otherwise I'm violating the policy :P)23:12
YokoZarsistpoty: jpds: was hoping for a non-terminal command ;)  oh well23:16
dtchenYokoZar: System -> Administration -> Log File Viewer -> dmesg23:19
dtchenYokoZar: or Xorg.0.log, since it prints the current operating system23:22
ionzul: Hi. Please see bug 441518. Debdiff attached.23:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441518 in libaugeas-ruby "Missing /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i486-linux/_augeas.so" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44151823:24

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