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ubot2ebrahim called the ops in #ubuntu-ir ()04:30
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alkisgHi, I'd like to request a freenode irc cloak: https://launchpad.net/~alkisg07:18
tonyyarussoalkisg: I suspect the people who can address that request are asleep - please hang out and hopefully they'll see it when they return.07:35
alkisgtonyyarusso: thanks, np, I'll come back on a weekday07:39
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m4vBlouBlou in #ubuntu is very likely Nehyx, I'm just pointing him out if something happens.14:30
bazhangthanks m4v14:31
alkisgHi, I'd like to request a freenode irc cloak: https://launchpad.net/~alkisg20:07
ubottuTo setup your nick so that you can be given a cloak, please follow the instructions here: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup20:08
alkisgerUSUL: thanks, I think I've already done those.20:09
erUSULalkisg: then you will have to wait untill someone who can do it for you20:10
alkisgSure, no problem.20:10
erUSULnalioth: elky  jussi01 < echo ICMP ECHO REQUEST20:11
nikoerUSUL: probably elky & jussi01 first :)20:12
erUSULniko: ok; ok; XXDD maybe a factoid can be made to call "the ones who can" ??20:13
nikoprobably, but i'm not in confidence with ubottu :)20:13
erUSULniko: your fault i'm sure... ubottu is such a nice person... XXDD20:14
erUSULseems like everybody is too busy with the beta release the bug jam and all that stuff...20:28
alkisgNo problem; I'll come back on a week day - or even after the release :) Thanks guys.20:30
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