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Q-FUNKhowdy! is there any known fix to restore the module loading order to something usable with "i915" to get KMS working again?15:22
llegolasanyone with a problem booting from USB drive with karmic?15:23
tormodllegolas, yes, the kernel misses a module for my USB drive, what's your lsusb id for it?15:26
llegolasID 04b4:6830 Cypress Semiconductor Corp. CY7C68300A EZ-USB AT2 USB 2.0 to ATA/ATAPI15:27
llegolasit was booting OK with 15:28
tormodllegolas, sounds familiar, bug 419231, please confirm it15:29
ubot3Malone bug 419231 in linux "2.6.31-6.25 and later can not boot my USB drive, missing ums_cypress.ko" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41923115:29
tormodllegolas, do not confirm it! it is triaged15:30
tormodllegolas, but please use the "affects me too"15:30
llegolasyep it sounds the same15:31
llegolasI have filled bug on my own 15:31
llegolasweek ago or so15:31
tormodllegolas, please mark your bug as a duplicate of mine15:36
llegolasthanks guys going to reboot with ums_cypress added 15:38
llegolasworked like a charm15:45
llegolas10x again15:45
Unggnuhi all16:13
UnggnuIs the patch posted under Bug #435241 a candidate for Karmic? http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/airlied/drm-2.6.git;a=commit;h=5c61259e6c7290082108e93815f7f72f27da14f416:14
ubot3Malone bug 435241 in linux "Intel KMS ignores some monitor resolutions (Kernel EDID should use CVT/GTF)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43524116:14
pgranerUnggnu: prob not at this point. Kernel is basically done and in harding at this point16:16
dtchenpgraner: so any trivial quirk additions and such should go through SRU?16:17
pgranerdtchen: pretty much at his point, unless they are regressions, or kitten killers16:18
dtchenpgraner: ok, thanks.16:18
pgranerdtchen: we do need to talk about the dell mic problem Jerone raised16:18
unggnu_pgraner: ok :(16:18
unggnu_pgraner: basically it is a regression because it worked without KMS and in older Ubuntu versions16:19
unggnu_Of course because they don't have KMS :)16:19
pgranerUnggnu: you will prob see it a few weeks after karmic goes live16:19
dtchenpgraner: yeah, it's one of those stack issues; it could very well require significant backporting from upstream (sound-2.6) head16:20
pgranerunggnu_: add the tag regression potential and we will look at it16:21
pgranerdtchen: *sigh*16:22
pgranerdtchen: you wouldn't happen to have done it already? For testing purposes16:22
dtchenpgraner: no, but i have it fairly high in the queue for today16:23
dtchenunfortunately i have no such hardware locally, so i'll only be able to ask for testing16:23
pgranerdtchen: cool, if you get me a test kernel I'll get it tested on all the Dell HW we have in the lab16:23
dtchenpgraner: ok16:23
pgranerdtchen: as you can imagine this is getting more heat16:23
dtchenpgraner: certainly16:24
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torosI think I found a kernel-related bug:18:23
torosThe Direct Rendering stopped working on my Asus Eee PC 701 after the last kernel upgrade to version 2.6.31-11.3818:23
torosI downgraded to kernel 2.6.31-11.36 and it solved the issue18:23
torosIs this an already known bug, or should I report it?18:24
torosI tried to find a bugreport about the issue18:24
torosmaybe this could be related to it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/linux/+bug/44132518:25
ubot3Malone bug 441325 in linux "i915: KMS no longer works" [High,Triaged] 18:25
torosbut I'm not really sure18:25
jjohansentoros: while I am no X expert, KMS and DRI aren't necessarily related (or used to not be)18:40
jjohansentoros: we used to have bugs where DRI wouldn't work because KMS was enabled18:41
jjohansentoros: I would file it as a new bug and maybe reference that it may be related to 44132518:42
torosand I attach the xorg.0.log files18:42
torosshould I give a package in the bugreport? or maybe the bug isn't directly related to the kernel package?18:48
jjohansentoros: give linux it sounds like it is a kernel bug, since installing the older kernel fixes the issue18:49
toroshere it is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/44157718:55
ubot3Malone bug 441577 in linux "The direct rendering stopped working with the kernel 2.6.31-11.38" [Undecided,New] 18:55
torosdo you need any further informations?18:55
jjohansentoros: could you do an apport-collect -p linux <bug #> with the working kernel, and the new kernel that doesn't work?18:57
jjohansentoros: that will give us a good and bad state to work from18:57
torosany other thing to do?18:59
torosokay, I upgraded the kernel, now I am rebooting...19:07
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dtchenpgraner: are most of those dells idt/sigmatels? are there any wayward realteks or c-medias i should be aware of?21:42
pgranerdtchen: I'd ask in the bug and I can have Jerone find out. I don't know personally21:43
dtchenpgraner: ok, following up there in a bit21:43

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