appsHello people!21:01
appsIm a noob btw so i was wondering if i should try add my laptop to the test results. Btw doesnt the application "system testing" found in system>administration etc fill out the template required by laptop testers automatically.21:04
appsMy laptop is a dell precision m440021:04
appsi see its not on the list and the only close laptop is a m430021:05
appsIm a student with no broadband internet from south africa and i was wondering will this laptop testing require lots of work because im not a computer science or computer engineer or any computer related person.21:06
appsi just started with ubuntu recently and am enjoying it for 3 months straight :)21:06
appsseeing that there is only 6 people in the room at the moment21:06
appscan someone email me a response: applecache@gmail.com21:07
appsthanks :)21:07

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