cprofittpleia2, you around04:11
pleia2cprofitt: hey04:12
cprofittI see our next meeting is on Monday ---04:12
cprofittwho is handling organizing course authors?04:13
pleia2doctormo mostly so far04:13
cprofittk -- I have a few I may try to author04:13
pleia2he's doing sysadmin topics, I'm doing desktop, BiosElement is doing teaching ubuntu04:14
pleia2but we need help04:14
cprofittYeah... when you say Desktop -- what will that cover?04:14
cprofittwoah -- netsplit, heh?04:15
cprofittYeah... when you say Desktop -- what will that cover?04:15
cprofittYeah... when you say Desktop -- what will that cover?04:16
pleia2anyway, we need help in all areas, so if there is something you want to work on - please say so04:16
pleia2if you go to our wiki page and scroll to the bottom you will see the 5 course tracks04:16
pleia2desktop is "how to use ubuntu"04:17
pleia2so click on that button04:17
cprofittI will be writing a course for a company in Minnesota on Open Source and will take some of that and contribute it to our project as well.04:18
cprofittand I am starting to get my head above water...04:19
cprofittI will be writing some articles for a education focused magazine04:19
pleia2nice :)04:19
cprofittconcerning open source -- and when our project is more mature I will make sure to point to it as a resource04:19
cprofittquestion pleia2 - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/UbuntuDesktopTopics04:20
cprofittis that one course or an outline for several?04:20
doctormoHey cprofitt04:20
cprofitthey doctormo04:21
doctormoJust got back from the Red Socks game... interesting american past time.04:21
pleia2cprofitt: outline for several04:21
cprofittit is... one I no longer watch since they killed my team04:21
pleia2well, several classes04:21
cprofittpleia2, which ones are you working on?04:21
pleia2the one where there is a note :)04:21
pleia2just the introduction for now04:21
pleia2we update the pages as we're working on things so we don't duplicate work04:22
cprofittI will make a note on a few...04:22
cprofittI need to have doctormo show me the dev tool he is using -- though I am more comfortable with directly developing in Moodle.04:22
pleia2yeah, since you and dinda are most comfortable developing in moodle we've kinda resigned to supporting that as well as the standard asciidoc & bzr development path04:23
cprofittFYI -- I was nominated to be President of the NY LoCo04:23
pleia2congrats :)04:23
cprofittno, no... I will do what the team does...04:23
cprofittit is just something to learn -- no big deal04:23
pleia2ok, we just want to make it easy for folks04:23
cprofittjust gotta work with doctormo on it04:23
cprofittI want to do it the 'way' we decided to go04:23
pleia2so we write in asciidoc, then check it into bzr for sharing04:23
pleia2BiosElement is writing a course about the process for us04:24
cprofittyep -- so I will just need some help in doing that... but I will pick a couple of topics and start to develop them04:24
cprofittthough we may need to add some of the quizzes in Moodle04:24
cprofittbecause I am not sure how they will translate.04:24
pleia2moodle is just one of our release formats04:25
BiosElementAnd I'm still working on getting doctormo to review it and finalize things.04:25
BiosElementIf anyone would like to help out and let me know how they think the sample I've got is so far I'd love the help.04:25
pleia2these courses are intended to be deployed in moodle, delivered in IRC, delivered in real life classes04:25
pleia2so moodle is just part of it04:25
cprofittpleia2, I thought some courses would be Moodle only04:25
cprofittand others would be IRC augmented with Moodle04:26
pleia2in moodle we may add quizzes, on IRC we might need to add things, in-class we might design activities04:26
cprofittis that not the case?04:26
pleia2I think moodle is mostly for self-taught stuff04:26
cprofittSome of the more basic topics would likely be good candidates for self-paced courses04:26
* cprofitt nods04:26
cprofittok... I am still on page with you guys04:26
pleia2have you looked at doctormo's courses?04:26
cprofittdoctormo, all the best things about America came from Europe04:27
pleia2they're all linked on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/SystemAdminTopics04:27
pleia2so like, http://doctormo.wordpress.com/2009/07/15/ubuntu-system-admin-class-command-line-basics/04:27
pleia2he's got lesson plans, slides, practical overview... etc04:27
cprofittwill those be put in to a Moodle course or left as PDF resources?04:28
pleia2they'll be put into moodle courses04:29
pleia2asciidoc is our source, it can be exported as pdf for deployment in classrooms, or html for putting into moodle04:29
pleia2or a bunch of other formats, like docbook04:29
doctormoSounds right, so I think it's too hasty for us to be definative about the ways the moodle publication method can be utilised. I'm guessing it'll be done and then we'll learn how to best use the tools.04:31
doctormoWe may find out that having physical class students register there is efficient.04:32
cprofittwe need to add some stuff to the sys admin site04:32
doctormoBut that's not for now, that's for when we have things written04:32
cprofittLDAP or Kerberos04:32
pleia2cprofitt: you're welcome to add them04:33
pleia2these outlines were mostly written by doctormo, but they've been added to by lots of others04:33
cprofittno problem... I will...04:33
pleia2I've also been encouraging new contributors to provide links to their favorite resources on these pages04:33
cprofittdunno how to do them... but they are needed topics04:33
doctormoBoth LDAP and Keberos are in there already, just very baddly. Hey I'm a programmer / designer / community leader / archer, I can't be expected to be a systems admin too :-P04:33
pleia2so when the course developer comes by they can read from the existing documentation04:34
Severity1doctormo, can you recommend your admin topics as supplementary learningmaterials for people going for LPI Certification?04:34
doctormoSeverity1: What is LPI?04:34
Severity1Linux Professional Institute04:34
cprofittso BiosElement how does this asciidoc look when displayed for use?04:36
Severity1doctormo, https://www.lpi.org/04:36
BiosElementcprofitt, Depends on which format. pure asciidoc, html, docbook, etc04:36
doctormoSeverity1: There is not reason why it shouldn't help, but I can't advise either way until someone involved in both has given a fair shake04:36
doctormoI'll be honest, what I've written is _ok_, but not great. It's a structure and a start, and that's what this team needed, something to work with.04:37
BiosElementdoctormo, This is an example of pure asciidoc from the asciidoc's homepage. http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/index.txt04:37
Severity1doctormo, i think what you've written is really awesome. :)04:37
BiosElementBah, sorry doctormo Meant cprofitt04:37
Severity1doctormo, i have a scheduled lpi exam this december, currently doing self study, i will try to incorporate your admin topics in my learning regime and i will let you know how it workedout for me :)04:39
doctormoSeverity1: Sure, thanks :-) Remember, they're alpha, consider them to have bugs, ommissions and editing failures.04:40
Severity1doctormo, no problem! :) if i spot something off i will immediately inform you04:41
cprofittwhat tools do I need to use bzr?04:41
BiosElementcprofitt, Really, just bazaar itself will do the trick. I think I have a half-started guide on it somewhere around here...04:42
doctormocprofitt: well, my nautilus plugins for bzr/lp aren't fully ready yet, I've been distracted as usual. For normal command line operation you just beed bazaar04:42
cprofittcool... I have that on my desktop I think... as it was necessary to get my head and blog up on the Planet04:43
cprofittnight all... time for sleep04:45
cprofittI will try to sign up for a few courses tomorrow.04:46
* cprofitt waves04:46
pleia2good night, cprofitt :) thanks!04:46
doctormoNight cprofitt, I'm going to be spending my tim tomorrow (jam day) working on editing and such.04:46
doctormoFor these courses.04:47
pleia2I am going to try to as well04:47
pleia2but I'm an organizer of the event, so you know how that goes04:47
doctormoAh, fortunatly that's an MIt guy doing this one. Although I'm not sure about how busy it'll be, we'll have to see.04:47
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doctormoMorning everyone16:50
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