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thekorngood morning,09:57
thekornis there a reason why two finger scrolling is not enabled by default in UNR karmic?09:58
loolthekorn: Is it enabled on the desktop?10:04
loolthekorn: Binaries are published BTW10:04
loolthekorn: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings/0.6.4/+build/1272971/+files/ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings_0.6.4_all.deb10:05
thekornlool: not sure, will test it in a bit,10:05
thekornlool: yeah, already commented on the bug10:05
thekornlool: and sorry for fileing my bug agains the netbook-remix project10:05
loolit's ok10:05
loolI mean, no problem10:06
thekornbut somehow ubuntu-bug language-selector did not work for me10:06
thekornit's working today, so maybe PEBKAC10:07
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thekornlool: two-finger scrolling is also not enabled by default on the desktop :(10:26
thekornlool: but I found another difference between desktop and UNR on my eeepc, a desktop install has compiz enabled per default, UNR is using metacity10:27
thekorn(UNR has 'None' selected in the appearence dialog, where on desktop it's 'Normal')10:28
thekornI'm not sure if this is intentional10:29
loolthekorn: Yes compiz and clutter don't play well together10:39
loolso we're using metacity on UNR10:39
loolthekorn: Concerning two-finger scrolling, I never saw this on Ubuntu; perhaps you should propose enabling the feature in lucid and explaining how to do it on ubuntu-mobile@lists.u.c10:40
thekornlool: ok, will write a mail to the ML and open a bugreport for the future later today10:43
loolthekorn: thanks10:50
thekornmaximus is this tool which takes care of maximizing the windows, and the blacklist is maintained in a gconf setting, correct?11:31
thekorndoes maximus have a temporary way of blacklisting some windows, a ENVVAR for example, so when developping an application I don't have to change the gconf settings all the time11:34
loolthekorn: yes12:04
loolthekorn: I dont know of a temporary way12:04
loolthekorn: I think it would be best to have the windows use proper props to distinguish them in the first places, but it's hard to tell12:04
loolFor instance the empathy window can be maximized, but looks ugly when you do12:05

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