lifelessso, I'm upstream; I rolled release of what was already in Ubuntu as ~68 or so; tested that in a PPA, pushed it to Debian00:00
lifelesslet it settle there00:00
lifelessand now want it it Ubuntu, because it includes the perl modules, .pc file etc00:00
james_wso it does have new features?00:01
lifelessfrom the upstream perspective, no. Some things that weren't installed by the package are now [the perl module]00:01
james_wok, so motu-release will want to review00:02
sistpotylifeless: are you subscribed as bug contact and promise to fix things if they are broken?00:02
lifelesssistpoty: is the moon in orbit?00:03
sistpotylifeless: good, than declare it as bug fix only, and go straight to ubuntu-archive ;)00:03
lifelesssistpoty: I'm upstream; package it in Ubuntu, package it with Jelmer in Debian00:03
lifelessI'd rather err on caution here and use that card when I really have to :)00:05
christoph_debiansistpoty: hm I'm looking at the doc currently00:05
sistpotychristoph_debian: for new packages it basically calms down to why we want it and where to get from00:05
sistpotychristoph_debian: bonus points for mentioning that you're packaging it in debian and will take care for ubuntu bugs as well ;)00:06
lifelessurgh, autotools, sometimes, I hates you00:07
* JontheEchidna always hates autotools. cmake ftw00:07
lifelesswell, I just found that the .pc file generated contains00:08
* sistpoty learnt to love autotools and hopes that now autotool will love him as well00:08
sistpoty(which sadly isn't always the case)00:08
lifelesswhich I'm now going to have to check works00:08
sistpotychristoph_debian: of course mentioning some kind of testing would also be good (well, I've done that, so... ;))00:09
thiagocrepaldihas anyone here able to ENABLE LdapAuthentication mediawiki-extension plugin ?00:12
thiagocrepaldi"mediawiki-extension" package looks like debian/ubuntu specific, so i can't find help to configure it00:12
ari-tczewis here? anyone00:21
ari-tczewplease check this bug: 421684 have someone got this bug?00:23
ScottKari-tczew: Try it without the colon00:38
ScottKthiagocrepaldi: You might get help in #ubuntu-server.  Not sure00:38
thiagocrepaldiScottK, for ow, no success =/00:39
thiagocrepaldiand i checked that ubuntu-mot are the mediawiki-extensions's maintainer00:41
ari-tczewScottK: what is colon?00:46
ScottKari-tczew: Instead of bug: 421684, bug 42168400:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421684 in linux "bluetooth send malformed files " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42168400:50
ScottKThen people have a better idea what you're asking about.00:50
ari-tczewbug 42168400:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421684 in linux "bluetooth send malformed files " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42168400:53
ari-tczewsorry for mistaking, it's my first day on irc00:54
ari-tczewwhat is colon, ScottK ?00:54
ScottKari-tczew: colon is ";"00:55
ScottKThat's semi-colon00:55
ScottKcolon is ":"00:55
ari-tczewah, OK00:55
sistpotylifeless: haha, regarding ScottK's comment :P00:56
lifelesssistpoty: :P00:57
ari-tczewenglish isn't my language00:57
ari-tczewmy fail :P00:57
lifelessScottK: so, I still need -archive to flip the bit.  Thats you isn't it?00:57
ScottKlifeless: Needs someone with shell access.00:57
ScottKari-tczew: You are doing great.00:59
sistpotyvorian: (| ScottK): bug #419465 looks kde-specific01:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419465 in plasma-widget-fancytasks "New upstream release plasma-widget-fancytasks 0.9.6" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41946501:00
sistpoty(/me is just going through the list, trying to get long-standing ones updated)01:00
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lamontsistpoty: I'll be bootstrapping it this weekend02:06
lamonttonight is with family in a bit though02:06
sistpotylamont: excellent, thanks a lot!02:07
* sistpoty goes to bed. gn8 everyone03:02
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Laibsch1can somebody please take the fix from 414537 from karmic and release it in jaunty?05:46
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LaibschThe fix for that bug is the only difference between the karmic and jaunty package05:47
Laibschbug 41453705:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 414537 in isdnutils "{karmic] package ipppd 1:3.12.20071127-0ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41453705:47
Laibschbdrung_: ping.  Kannst Du das vielleicht noch machen?05:49
jdongLaibsch: an excellent candidate for a StableReleaseUpdate06:02
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates06:02
jdongif you can prep the writeup and debdiffs according to the instructions there, I'll take a look at it right away06:03
LaibschI'm sorry06:03
LaibschI'm taking an extended overseas trip on Monday06:03
LaibschI'm very short on time06:03
LaibschBut the SRU should be more than straight-forward06:03
Laibschs/karmic/jaunty/ in the first line of the changelog is all that should be necessary06:04
LaibschAnd maybe not even that06:05
LaibschAnd regression potential is obviously 006:05
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fabrice_sp__jtimberman, about bug #420674. It's just a matter of waiting for an archive admin to perform the sync. Don't worry: it's on his way.07:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420674 in libmixlib-config-ruby "Please sync libmixlib-config-ruby 1.0.12-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42067407:59
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randomactionfabrice_sp: I redid the debdiff for ufraw08:12
fabrice_sp_randomaction, ok. I'll have a look now08:18
fabrice_sp_(waiting for a build to end :-) )08:18
AnAntHello, do I need to file FFe for a new branding package ?08:19
AnAntit's an xsplash theme08:19
fabrice_sp_randomaction, sounds good. I'll build, and if it installs, I'll upload. Thanks for your contrib! :-)08:21
fabrice_sp_AnAnt, I think so (new package = new features)08:22
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fabrice_sp_randomaction, uploaded. Thanks!08:37
fabrice_sp_no more fix to FTBFS to sponsor? :-D08:37
randomactiongood to have helpful upstreams :)08:37
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fabrice_sp_yep :-)08:38
fabrice_sp_in general, it's good to have a look at upstream svn, to check if the bug is already fixed (others distros are using the latest c libs)08:40
randomactionoh, in this case it was even imported into LP08:51
rippscan someone help me use patches with a pacakge that doesn't use cdbs?09:01
lifelesshave you read the wiki page on patch systems?09:02
rippslifeless: I'm trying to implement a quilt patchsystem, and the wiki only explains how to do a simple patchsys. I know quilt includes a quilt.make, but I don't think it's working.09:04
lifelessthere are plenty of packages using quilt already09:05
lifelessI'd cargo cult one of them09:05
lifelessbut not fakeraid, cause it does two builds and it a bit heinous09:05
RAOFIIRC quilt.make basically gives you a patch: and unpatch: targets that DTRT.09:06
rippslifeless: you know a cdbs-less package using quilt?09:06
rippsand then I keep reading something about usein --with-quilt with debhelper, but I don't know specifically where to put it or how09:08
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rippsah, I think I know, I had to add something to build-stamp and clean09:14
lifelessif you have time, see if there is a FAQ on quilt as patchsys, and if not, perhaps write onee up?09:16
lifeless[e.g. on the patch systems page on the wiki]09:16
rippsOkay, I added dh_quilt_patch and dh_quilt_unpatch to the rules. I had assumed that quilt.make would take care of everything, but I was wrong09:18
sebnerripps: post your rules file somewhere09:20
rippssebner: I'm not certain it will work yet, but you just add one dh_quilt_patch before configure and dh_quilt_unpatch before dh_clean, whereever those are in your rules09:22
rippsI put my dh_quilt_patch at the beginning of build-stamp: and dh_quilt_unpatch near the end of clean:09:23
sebnerripps: not really needed. dh --with quilt $@09:25
rippssebner: that's if your using the super simple dh7 layout, the package I'm trying to modify already has a pretty complicated setup and I don't want to alter it too much.09:29
sebnerripps: I personally also use --with quilt with big and not simple rules layouts ... paste you rules file somewhere ;)09:30
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joaopintoshouldn't all universe packages be maintained by MOTU ?11:06
joaopintoI am looking at apparmor-profiles, it's universe by maintained by UCD11:06
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directhexbah, mysql won't start on my server after karmic upgrade13:12
directhexfound it. skip-bdb line in my.cnf kills mysql-server-5.113:25
jdstrandjoaopinto: the source package for apparmor-profiles is 'apparmor'. 'apparmor' is one of those cases where it has packages in both universe and main13:33
jdstrandjoaopinto: if you want to make changes, file a bug against apparmor, attach a debdiff or link to a branch and we can get it merged13:33
mok0Who has tried an update-manager upgrade jaunty -> karmc?14:05
mok0Considering an upgrade of my production box but... you know14:07
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bdrungDktrKranz: your main email is  dktrkranz@ubuntu.com ?14:56
DktrKranzbdrung: for ubuntu stuff yes14:58
DktrKranznp :)14:58
ScottKmok0: I've upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic during the beta freeze.  My only problem was I upgraded off of a stale mirror and got a dead box due to an old KDM.  Once I coaxed it into life and got the updated one it was fine.15:01
jbernard_mok0: I tried it 4 days ago and all went smooth15:11
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soc1can someone help me with a gnome app?16:13
soc1i can't find that http://blogs.gnome.org/thos/2009/07/26/re-adding-fonts-in-gnome/ app in the gnome source tree16:13
soc1it _should_ be in gnome-control-center, but the changes there a at least 7 monts old ...16:14
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soc1btw, *.ttf-fonts get a thumbnail, *.otf-fonts don't get one, that's a bug, right?16:21
soc1ttf is opened by gnome-font-viewer, otf not16:21
soc1any ideas?16:22
wrapsterhttp://pastie.org/640490 thats the change log and line actually starts with a red highlight..16:52
wrapsterwhat does that mean?16:52
Amaranthwrapster: if you mean the first line it could be because "unstable" isn't an Ubuntu release16:53
wrapsterno its not the first line its "* Added a return(0) to myk_mhz in myk_gem.c "16:54
wrapsterthat line.. btw is the format im specifying matching to the standard?16:54
wrapsteror should i write in a different way?16:54
ScottKwrapster: Did you use spaces or a tab?16:55
ScottKIf you used a tab, that's the problem16:55
wrapsterwhich was set to 216:55
ScottKNeeds to be spaces16:55
ScottKGotta run16:55
wrapsterworking now...16:56
wrapsterbut i would like to know if the format i've followed is right?16:56
wrapsterdpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${shlibs:Depends};;;;;  dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${misc:Depends} ---> while make this is a warning from the control file that im getting..is it a serious one? seconldy there are no dependency so should i yank that line out completely or can i specify something line NULL or null in Depends:17:03
maxbwrapster: They are not serious, you should probably leave in misc:Depends ... and I thought newer debhelper tried to avoid that warning.17:21
maxbIt's reasonable to remove shlibs:Depends if your package contains no compiled code such that it's impossible for it to have a .so dependency17:22
wrapsterwell nope.. for now i'll leave both in peace.17:22
wrapsterim building pkg out of tarballs for pkgs that are non exisitant so this is what i have in the chagnelog... "  * Initial release (Closes: #nnnn)  <nnnn is the bug number of your ITP>" what do i write here? or should it be left the way it is?17:23
wrapsteri can take that line out right?17:25
maxbwrapster: Hm. I'm seeing code that claims to avoid the misc:Depends warning in the karmic version of debhelper17:26
wrapsterim not using karmic i guess then!!17:27
maxbOn the subject of changelogs - write anything you like, just make it meaningful.17:27
ari-tczewhello all19:29
fabrice_sp_hello ari-tczew19:55
fabrice_sp_do you have 5 minutes to speak about maven2?19:55
fabrice_sp_I tried earlier in the cycle to have the maven/plexus packages to work, and I had to stop, because it required some non maven2 package to be updated, and ttx didn't wanted to impact non maven packages because of maven19:57
fabrice_sp_so, basically, if at some points you needs a non maven package, don't try to go further, and the sync won't be accepted19:58
fabrice_sp_just wanted to warn you :-)19:58
fabrice_sp_one of them was google-collections-java, I think20:02
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ari-tczewsorry fabrice for non response20:17
ari-tczewso it's not eay work20:17
ari-tczeweasy *20:17
wrapsterive developed pkgs out of a few tarballs and all of them after installaion require a reboot.. is it safe to install em all first then reboot at once? or should i do it one by one?20:19
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, no, but the Debian packages has changed, so it may be possible now20:20
ari-tczewfabrice_sp_: what do you think, is it sense to work on maven?20:24
ari-tczewfrom some comments is info, that maven from karmic is broken20:25
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, you could do a quick check on the required packages, and see if you would need a non maven package, because of a FTBFS. If it's the case, it's not worth trying to go further20:25
fabrice_sp_yes: it's totally broken, but as I was saying before, it's known, and accepted by core-dev....20:26
fabrice_sp_I mean: the risk of getting something other broken because of a bad sync is not worth the risk20:26
ari-tczewehh, now I'm busy and for the moment someone else can works on maven220:27
sistpotyimho we should fix maven, but we need to get a plan of what we need to sync, what needs to get through new (at least the split off core package) etc.20:28
ari-tczewbtw. Please MOTU review sync hugin request, now is complete informations: bug 43939620:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439396 in hugin "[FFe] Sync hugin 0.8.0.dfsg-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43939620:29
ari-tczewack needed20:29
fabrice_sp_sistpoty, I've exchanged some emails with ttx, and this what I've been told 2 times (I tried it 2 times :-) )20:31
fabrice_sp_when I tried to fix them, I required at least 4 non maven packages20:32
sistpotyfabrice_sp_: so you do have some overview of what's needed for maven already?20:32
sistpotyfabrice_sp_: can you add that to the FFe bug please20:32
fabrice_sp_sistpoty, I had all packages in my ppa, but deleted everything ... I only have the emails with ttx, that I will paste in the sync request, if it makes sense20:35
sistpotyfabrice_sp_: that would be great, thanks!20:36
fabrice_sp_ok. Thanks to you ;-)20:36
ari-tczewfabrice_sp_: hugin tested, works fine ;)20:38
ari-tczewlibpano needed20:38
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, you still need to convince 2 motu-release team member :-)20:39
ari-tczewACK right?20:39
ari-tczewstatus changed from Imcomplete to New, is this OK?20:40
fabrice_sp_do you have the maven2 sync bug request at hand?20:40
fabrice_sp_I'll update it with the answer of ttx20:40
ari-tczewyes, but it's made for all maven packages20:40
ari-tczewbug 42753920:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 427539 in maven2 "[FFe] Sync libmaven packages from Debian unstable" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42753920:41
fabrice_sp_perfect :-) Thanks20:41
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, for Hugin, did you keep the patch I made to update default parameters?20:43
fabrice_sp_it seems not, as I'm seen the bug as sync request20:43
ari-tczewI did nothing on hugin! only send to ppa from unstable (debian/changelog changed)20:45
ari-tczewDarxus tested it20:45
ScottKsistpoty: hugin is probably something we want.20:46
fabrice_sp_you need to perform the merge, then20:46
sistpotyScottK: *nod*, though I haven't looked in detail yet. libpano1 seems a non-brainer *if* we want hugin (only hugin as rdepends)20:47
ScottKfabrice_sp_: Is it a merge or a sync?20:48
fabrice_sp_it has to be a merge: the default pano software is not the same in Ubuntu than in Debian20:49
fabrice_sp_libpano can be synced AFAIR20:49
ari-tczewbtw. it's nice that we can talk directly about bugs instead on LP20:54
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, it's quicker :-)20:55
fabrice_sp_do you take the merge?20:55
ari-tczewI can take this, but tell me what I need to do?20:57
ari-tczewinclude patch, remove patch... ?20:57
fabrice_sp_It seems that 2 motu-release agree that hugin 0.8.0 is a must-have :-)20:59
fabrice_sp_Hi Darxus21:05
DarxusWow, hugin 0.8.0 is actually going to make karmic?  Excellent.21:08
DarxusThen it'll only be one major release behind :)21:08
DarxusLet me know if I can help further.21:10
fabrice_sp_Darxus, more testing after the merge :-)21:10
DarxusSo Ari is doing the merge?21:11
fabrice_sp_actually, the Debian version can't go as-is into Ubuntu21:11
fabrice_sp_I think so: he is reading the merge guide now :-)21:11
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, do you confirm?21:11
Darxusfabrice_sp_: Yeah I was testing the ubuntu 2009.2.0 version and its lack of automatic stitching is a real pain.21:11
fabrice_sp_this was one of my first fix for Ubuntu :-D21:12
Darxusfabrice_sp_: Making autopano work by default?21:12
Darxusfabrice_sp_: Nice, thanks :)21:12
DarxusI couldn't even figure out how to get any of those to work with the debian experimental package :(21:13
fabrice_sp_I don't know for the 2009.2.0 version, but the other one has to be patched, and the patch has to be adapted for version 0.8.021:14
fabrice_sp_will have a look in the next dev. cycle21:14
* fabrice_sp_ is busy fixing FTBFS and sponsoring fixes21:14
DarxusMakes me a little nervous that so many such things are still open at this stage.21:15
DarxusHell, it makes me nervous that hugin 0.8.0 can be accepted after beta freeze without some kind of massive coordinated testing.21:16
fabrice_sp_it has been some time in Testing, and no blocking bugs has been found21:18
ScottKDarxus: It's a judgement call.  If we can get some reasonable testing, then we ought to have it.21:19
ScottKIf not, we won't.21:19
DarxusWow, Merge-O-Matic actually has hugin
fabrice_sp_MoM has everything :-)21:22
ari-tczewI didn't read megre docs, now I'm working on something for my daily-work, not for Ubuntu21:23
ari-tczewgive me time for this21:23
ari-tczewfabrice_sp_: So I must include patch from debian experimental to hugin 0.8.0, right?21:23
ari-tczewwait... what about libpano? It needed first, before getting hugin21:24
fabrice_sp_no: include the changes done on hugin 0.7.0 to 0.8.0, or at leas review them21:25
Darxus# wc -l hugin_0.8.0.dfsg-2.patch21:25
Darxus238872 hugin_0.8.0.dfsg-2.patch21:25
fabrice_sp_include both in your ppa, and if testing is ok, the ack will go for both21:25
fabrice_sp_Darxus, my changes can't be applied as-is to 0.8.0: the source patched has changed21:25
fabrice_sp_I don't remember it to be as big as that :-/21:26
ari-tczewheh, I'll review this later.21:27
ari-tczewnow I must go away, cya21:27
DarxusWhy isn't hugin on https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html ?21:31
DarxusOhh, looks like the only merge conflict is in debian/control.21:36
sistpotyDarxus: it was uploaded to unstable after the last run of MoM21:37
Darxussistpoty: Ah, thanks.21:37
fabrice_sp_Darxus, could, but the patch won't apply21:37
fabrice_sp_otherwise, it's a quite easy merge21:39
DarxusAnd the only changes in debian/control are Build-Depends and Standards-Version.21:39
ScottKWhat's the build-depends change?21:40
Darxus"libpano13-dev" to "libpano13-dev (>= 2.9.14~0)", wx-common was removed, and libglew1.5-dev was added.21:41
Darxushttp://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/libglew1.5-dev  exists.21:41
DarxusSo it looks like the only conflict can be resolved by just accepting the new stuff from debian?21:42
DarxusStandards-Version: 3.8.021:42
DarxusStandards-Version: 3.8.321:42
ScottKStandards version we don't care about21:43
DarxusI don't know what that means, but I'm going to guess, since these are the only changes, that it'll work :)21:43
ScottKWhat that means is we need the newer libpano21:43
DarxusDidn't we know that?21:44
ScottKSo if those are the only changes, we should be able to update libpano and then sync hugin.21:44
fabrice_sp_yes: it won't build with the actual one21:44
ScottKYes, but that's what that means.21:44
DarxusRight.  Cool.21:44
fabrice_sp_no: there is still a patch to apply to hugin for Ubuntu21:45
fabrice_sp_so sync for libpano and merge for Hugin21:45
fabrice_sp_Darkus was jsut speaking about the conflict in the merge21:45
fabrice_sp_51_ubuntu-autopano-sift is the patch to keep. IIRC, 52_ubuntu_gcc44_ftbfs can be dropped21:48
fabrice_sp_Darxus, ^21:49
Darxusfabrice_sp_: Looking.21:49
DarxusHow sure are you?  :)21:49
fabrice_sp_about keeping 51_ubuntu-autopano-sift ?21:50
fabrice_sp_100% :-)21:50
fabrice_sp_I began to work on the merge some time ago, and got then distracted .-)21:50
DarxusMan that's a small patch :)21:50
fabrice_sp_yep: but the lines don't fit now21:50
Darxusfabrice_sp_: How sure are you about dropping 52_ubuntu_gcc44_ftbfs?21:50
fabrice_sp_hmm, 50% :-)21:51
DarxusOh.  I expected that to show up in MoM's report.21:51
fabrice_sp_I think all lines where fixed....21:51
fabrice_sp_you can try, if you want, without the gcc 4.4 patch, and see if it compile21:51
DarxusAh, that makes sense.21:51
ScottKGenerally you can look at the source that the patch was touching and see.21:52
ScottKParticularly in the case of GCC 4.4 compatibilty changes, it's usually pretty obvious.21:53
Darxus#define HUGIN_APSIFT_EXE                      "autopano-sift-c.exe"21:55
DarxusThere's the problem.  In the upstream.21:55
fabrice_sp_this one if for Windows21:55
fabrice_sp_there is 3 blocks of parameters, and I patched only the unix one21:55
DarxusOkay.  New debian patch:21:58
Darxus-#define HUGIN_APSIFT_EXE                      "autopano-sift-c"21:58
Darxus+#define HUGIN_APSIFT_EXE                      "autopano"21:58
fabrice_sp_in my work in progress merge directory, I don't have the gcc patch, and I remember looking at the source one by one, so it should be safe to remove it. Anyway, new errors could come21:58
DarxusWhich makes your ubuntu patch not match:21:58
Darxus-#define HUGIN_APSIFT_EXE                      "autopano-sift-c"21:58
fabrice_sp_it should be autopano-complete21:58
fabrice_sp_new parameters has been inserted22:00
Darxus$ mv hugin-0.8.0.dfsg-2ubuntu1 ..22:04
Darxusmv: cannot move `hugin-0.8.0.dfsg-2ubuntu1' to `../hugin-0.8.0.dfsg-2ubuntu1': Directory not empty22:04
DarxusSince when?22:05
DarxusOh, nevermind.22:05
* fabrice_sp_ never moves directories :-)22:05
fabrice_sp_have to go now22:06
DarxusOkay, thanks.22:07
fabrice_sp_Darxus, if you comes to some debdiff, post it in the bug report. Anyway, still miss one motu-release ack to be able to upload it. You should perhaps upload it to a ppa22:07
fabrice_sp_so that more people can perform tests22:08
fabrice_sp_bye :-)22:08
Darxus"Generate a new merged source package using the merge-buildpackage script." doesn't appear to exist.22:19
Darxus"It looks like this package is maintained in revision control:...You almost certainly don't want to continue without investigating."22:21
DarxusFound merge-buildpackage :P22:21
DarxusWow, it built.22:55
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Darxusdput said it successfully uploaded to my ppa, but launchpad says there's nothing there.23:30
Darxus$ dput ppa:darxus/hugin-0.8.0 hugin_0.8.0.dfsg-2ubuntu1_i386.changes23:30
DarxusSuccessfully uploaded packages.23:30
ScottKDarxus: Patience.23:30
DarxusScottK: Oh, it's doing something with them and they'll show up at some point in the future?23:31
DarxusAnd there's no way I can check evidence of that?23:31
ScottKEvery now and then, it loses packages, but not often23:31
DarxusHah, upload rejected because it contains binary packages.23:32
DarxusPPA uploads must be signed by an Ubuntu Code of Conduct signer.23:50
DarxusSo I signed the code of conduct.23:50
DarxusAnd now dput won't let me upload it again.23:50
Darxus"Already uploaded to ppa on ppa.launchpad.net"23:51
DarxusOh, I love force flags.23:51
sistpotyDarxus: there should be a .upload file, remove that (or use dput -f)23:51

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