oobeany devs around who can walk me thru building trunk debs06:55
oobei get this error when using the scripts the latest source dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc failed06:56
oobedebuild: fatal error at line 132906:57
oobewhat i tried was naming the latest trunk to mythtv-trunk-022.orig in the parent directory06:57
oobeit builds fine with make06:57
oobebut wont work using the scripts06:58
oobedont worry i got was missing a few packages07:04
oobedoes anyone know what file in debuild folder that i can changed the expexted trunk version07:05
foxbuntuoobe, why are you buildng the debs custom?08:48
foxbuntuoobe, also, not sure what your last question was08:50
oobeits alright i got it08:56
oobewell cause i been building trunk on my backend and using debs on my frontend08:56
oobeand there was a version mismatch08:57
oobeinstead of waiting i wanted to build debs for the frontend to correct the issue08:57
oobewhich i did08:57
oobei ended up using checkinstall but i would much rather use the mythbuntu build scripts09:05
exzeHi, cant get my happauge td500 card to work in mythtv but i can scan the channels witn the command "scan"15:04
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squish102how do i know if i am using pulseaudio on the latest mythbuntu15:55
squish102i am having problems getting boxee audio working over hdmi (which works just fine on mythbuntu)15:56
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sidhgreetings gentlemen21:48
sidhis there somebody .21:48
tgm4883!hi | sidh21:52
Zinnsidh: Hi $nick, how are you?  Something we can help you with today?21:52
KeliI'm running an old laptop with the mythbuntu 9.04 live cd as a frontend, any ideas how I get the svideo output working?21:53
sidhZinn: i'm running mythbuntu 9.10 and i try to confirgure it22:01
sidhand whan i try to configure my dvb-t card , i get this error22:01
sidhoops tgm4883 i meant22:02
android60How can I set a default audio level after reboot? Right now I have to go into the mmixer and up all the levels for my speakers. on reboot it all goes back to them being at almost 022:13
SpicyLemonI've recently installed mythbuntu 9.04 and I'm getting ready to go through all of my video files to get the imdb information for them.  On the first couple, though, the cover art part doesn't seem to be working.  It says that it's getting the cover art, but I don't see any images in my cover art directory, and the frontend says there isn't a cover art file.  Any pointers?23:25
directhexokay, i seem to have no sound on 2 different karmic machines in myth (other apps are fine)23:58

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