* feat testing01:42
* feat testing Ubuntu 9.10 - acer aspire one D15001:43
Darxusfeat: :P02:04
DarxusW:Failed to fetch02:04
DarxusHash Sum mismatch02:04
Darxus^ do-release-upgrade -d.02:04
feat1 hr02:07
featla la la02:07
Darxusfeat: Have you done "Select Best Server"?02:08
DarxusYou might want to kill your download and do that.02:10
DarxusSystem / Administration / Update Manager ...02:10
featupdate-manager -d02:10
feat1 hr02:11
DarxusSettings / Ubuntu Software / Download from / Other / Select Best Server02:11
DarxusThat'll check your speed to all the mirrors.02:11
DarxusAnd automatically update your /etc/apt/sources.list.02:11
DarxusSeems like that should be an automatic part of a release upgrade.02:12
DarxusI also wish it would actually download a file that took a second to download, to get a more accurate measurement.02:13
DarxusHeh, yeah, that made my ETA go from 11 hours to 45 minutes.02:14
featmy girlfriend xD02:16
featgoodbye download xD02:17
DarxusI just got a popup that says "The NetworkManager applet could not find some required resources.  It cannot continue."  During do-release-upgrade to karmic.  I've never seen it before.03:35
DarxusThe upgrade is still going.03:35
DarxusThe title of the popup window is "Missing resources".03:36
DarxusIs that worth fileing a bug, if everything works after reboot?03:38
Darxus^ error during upgrade, anything that needs attention?03:44
DarxusReboot time!04:17
Darxusdone upgrading.  Still here.04:20
DarxusVery nice.04:20
Corkthe beta page talks about "boot experience" is fsck and start of keymap and apparmor profiles the kind of messages they talk about?08:09
dholbachcan somebody update iso.qa.ubuntu.com with the newest ISOs?11:54
dholbach20091003 should be the newest one for ubuntu i386 desktop11:54
dholbachstgraber maybe?11:54
dholbachdoes anybody know how an upgrade from CD is supposed to work?12:22
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unimatrix9hi there13:55
unimatrix9nice way to spent the weekend, testing a koala13:56
unimatrix9is it a know issue that the firefox movie advertising video does not work?13:56
unimatrix9that is the welcome to firefox , watch this video13:58
unimatrix9oh, hee it does run now13:58
unimatrix9must have been the connetion slow or something13:58
unimatrix9ah well thats resolved ..13:59
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unimatrix9hi there14:44
unimatrix9does empathy with google talk work on your desktop?14:45
MikeCHi all, I'm trying to test Karmic in Virtual Box with the home folder encryption on, but the boot locks up, any suggestions?15:55
BlackDexhello there.20:05
BlackDexi updated to the beta yesterday20:05
BlackDexand i wonderd if i can get the startup screen back which shows all the starting processes etc...20:06
BlackDexnow all i get is a black screen with a blinking curors20:07
BlackDexand then i get the login screen\20:07
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