Raenirgonna try VirtualBoxing it now00:00
tryggvibmark_: I used that but when I started having fun with different domains for different things (I know... I'm just having fun) it doesn't work00:01
dcrostaI've installed the Broadcom driver per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=914697, and it appears to work, but it names the wireless NIC "eth2" -- what's the proper way to rename it "wlan0" etc? Or do I need to set that as an option when loading the kernel module?00:01
ActionParsnipdcrosta: wlan0 is usual00:01
flyppRaenir, is a Directx game?00:02
mark_tryggvib : Silly question, but you made sure you put .html or .htm or .ph or whatever at the end of the url, localhost/special.html should have worked.. works here on my pages00:02
dcrostaActionParsnip: right -- but the driver calls it "eth2" by default, it seems00:02
Raenirflypp: yes00:02
flyppsoy_el_dip, at last!!!00:02
flyppRaenir, forget VirtualBox00:02
flyppuse Vista in a separated partition00:02
tryggvibmark_: no I didn't... I'm trying to access a folder ... so basically I'm trying to access localhost/special/index.php00:03
Raenirflypp doesnt work.... vista wont boot00:03
[Nikola-93]Raenir: virtual machines work terrible while 3D is concerned.00:03
Raenirmy cd wont boot00:03
ActionParsnipdcrosta: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100728500:03
Raenirit isnt a 3D game00:03
Raenirits mostly 2D but need sidrectx for mp00:03
mark_tryggvib : I think if you installed local dns servers it would only resolve to your public Ip address anyway00:03
dragonfccf: it worked, thanks!00:03
bastidrazorRaenir: you're pirated is is corrupt?00:03
dcrostaActionParsnip: thanks00:03
bastidrazorRaenir: iso00:04
flyppRaenir, you will need a valid Vista ISO00:04
tryggvibmark_: I'm using different free software projects on different domains, phpDiplomacy for friends, wordpress for family etc. and I want to be able to access both from computers on my LAN00:04
[Nikola-93]Raenir: give a try to Win 700:04
RaenirI cant find one00:04
flyppand burn the iso image from brasero00:04
[Nikola-93]it`s free00:04
ActionParsnipdcrosta: just apply itto your situation00:04
Raenircan you give me a link?00:04
Raenirhow long is it free to try for?00:04
flyppi dunno00:04
flyppi don't use Vista00:04
[Nikola-93]may next year, or sth like that?00:04
* dragon wanted to point eee to !antivirus00:05
thiagocrepaldihas anyone here able to ENABLE LdapAuthentication mediawiki-extension plugin ?00:05
* bungle waves00:05
tryggvibmark_: so basically for webdiplomacy I want my friends to access www.our-diplomacy.com and get to that folder and my family to access www.our-family-site.com and get that site... so http://localhost doesn't work for me00:05
[Nikola-93]Raenir: you can download win 7 for free from M$ site, and it works until may next year, and... it`s free and legal version00:05
[Nikola-93]think it`s may00:06
Raeniri geuss so, am i able to download it directly? Bell is throttling my torrent bandwidth00:06
[Nikola-93]yes, directly from MS site...00:06
=== Guest38041 is now known as gabisar
dragon[Nikola-93]: I believe you'd have a really good rationale for pointing someone towards Windows in #ubuntu.00:06
[Nikola-93]over ftp, i guess :D00:06
zhandocan anyone recommend a good up-to-date karmic mirror?00:06
[Nikola-93]only gaming...00:06
flyppRaenir, you can use a download extension for Firefox00:06
ActionParsnip!ot | [Nikola-93]00:06
ubottu[Nikola-93]: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:06
bin1010I found preferred applications; but that doesn't help with the right-click "open with".....I really need to remove some of them.00:07
dragonzhando: http://mirrors.us.kernel.org/00:07
Raenirthe Release Candidate appears to noloner be availiable for direct download00:07
zhandodragon: tried that one. not up to date.00:07
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=== jony123_sad is now known as jony123_sad_away
dragonzhando: ok, did you try the torrent?00:08
zhandodragon: no. is for the beta? where is it?00:08
dragonzhando: http://releases.ubuntu.com/karmic/00:09
zhandodragon: thx. I'll look into it.00:09
dragon!ot > Raenir00:09
ubottuRaenir, please see my private message00:09
RaenirAnyone know how to get around torrent throttling with Ubuntu's Transmission program thingy?00:10
GuuU_alguem ai?00:11
b-ungleRaenir: t1 line?00:11
dragon!es | GuuU_00:11
ubottuGuuU_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:11
Raenirdoesnt work if my ISP is intentionally throttling torrent traffic00:11
ActionParsnipRaenir: you can disable / set speed limits in preferences00:11
Raenirthat doesnt work00:11
flyppGuuU_, aquí fálase en inglés00:11
Raenirits the ISP's end00:11
RaenirI need to get around my ISP's efforts00:12
GuuU_algum brasileiro aki?00:12
dragonRaenir: http://lifehacker.com/295995/stop-your-isp-from-throttling-bittorrent-speeds00:12
dragonGuuU_: nadie aqui.00:12
flyppRaenir, use an alternative port00:12
bazhang!br | GuuU_00:15
ubottuGuuU_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:15
RaenirI changed the port but Im not seeing much of an increase00:15
flyppyou could use a port-scanning web page, to see open ports00:16
Raenirlooking at the guide now00:16
ActionParsnipRaenir: could torrent via a public proxy00:17
b-ungleActionParsnip: my guess is that they're doing traffic analysis - proxy wouldn't work unless traffic is encrypted00:17
=== pauljw_vm is now known as pauljw
b-ungleRaenir: another ISP?00:18
mgv1where are the spell check folders? - i want to delete one of the spell checkers00:18
RaenirI'm a sublettee00:18
Raenirim not the one who got the internet for the apartment00:18
ActionParsnipb-ungle: transmission can allow encrypted only packet under privacy set require encryption00:18
b-ungleRaenir: neighbours wireless?00:19
Raenirim a desktop00:19
=== davidscott is now known as david
flyppi'm a netbook00:19
flyppmy girlfriend is an scsi card00:20
=== david is now known as Guest44117
=== Guest44117 is now known as davidscott
Raenirbow chuka bow woibn00:20
kruykazefacebook videos stop in the middle with ubuntu00:20
b-ungleRaenir is encrypting now.00:20
DigitalKiwishouldn't it be the other way around...00:20
Raenirb-ungle: I am?00:20
di||itan1eAnyone in the eastern USA having very slooooo interwebs right now?00:21
b-unglebow chuka bow woibn!00:21
LjL!ot | di||itan1e00:21
ubottudi||itan1e: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:21
Raenirthats a porn video sound effect00:21
b-ungleah ok00:21
kruykazebow chuka bow bow00:21
alchamechhello all00:21
di||itan1eAnyone in the eastern USA having very slooooo interwebs right now? While using Ubuntu!00:21
thiebaude!offtopic | Raenir di||itan1e ,ljl already told you00:22
ubottuRaenir di||itan1e ,ljl already told you: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:22
b-ungleits Raenir's torrents!00:22
kruykazedi||itan1e, ubuntu servers?00:22
di||itan1ekruykaze: that too00:22
Raeniris ktorrent the same thing as bittorrent?00:22
alchamechare the ubuntu servers down?00:22
dorgani am trying to restore some data off a drive and I have access to the data for postgres /var/lib/postgresql ....can i just rsync the from the old box to the new box??00:23
kruykazedi||itan1e, karmic servers are hammered but the rest is fine00:23
Raenirim trying to find the ubuntu version or bittorrent00:23
bastidrazor!slow > alchamech00:23
ubottualchamech, please see my private message00:23
di||itan1ekruykaze: im not getting better that 30kB on any ubuntu server00:23
kruykazedi||itan1e, normal00:23
liquidridif i want to created a softraid style JBOD volume, i use LVM right?00:24
thiebaudekruykaze, 3hrs to download and install 136mb00:24
b-ungleRaenir: transmission is a bittorrent client, so is ktorrent00:24
alchamechok thx ubottu its nice to know that its not just me lol00:24
kruykazethiebaude, still normal they are hammered now00:24
kruykazewith the beta and all00:24
eddiebuntuHow do I find out if my wireless card is a,b or g on ubuntu?00:24
Raenirtransmission seems to lack options00:24
thiebaudekruykaze, yep,i got my beta00:24
sebsebseb!thanks |  alchamech00:25
ubottualchamech: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:25
=== deacon_ is now known as lurken_lulu
izaquebig linux00:27
[fade]can i install packages from karmic, they should work ok ?00:27
sebsebsebdon't install packages from Karmic into Jauntey00:28
Raenirdoes transmittion have a help channel?00:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about transmission00:28
[fade]then i need to compile from source, its ok00:28
[fade]thnx :)00:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Transmission00:28
sebsebsebor ppa00:28
eddiebuntuwhen does carmic come out00:28
izaquealguem do brasil???00:28
sebsebsebeddiebuntu: 29th October00:28
sebsebseb!br |  izaque00:28
ubottuizaque: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:28
ActionParsnip!karmic | eddiebuntu00:28
ubottueddiebuntu: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:28
alchamechlol, ok ill keep that in mind the next time we talk00:29
sebsebsebalchamech: heh00:29
sebsebsebI guess00:29
dragonRaenir: you should try #transmission and ##transmission00:30
sebsebsebalchamech: also you can see who  triggered the bot00:30
dragonActionParsnip: will karmic still "BREAK"?00:30
Ddordawhere can i download the default icons set of karmic?00:30
sebsebsebdragon: maybe00:30
alchamechso has anyone used karmic yet?00:30
dragoncome on, it's in beta now00:30
sebsebsebalchamech: since Alpha 400:30
eddiebuntuHow do I find out if my wireless card is a,b or g on ubuntu?00:30
sebsebsebdragon: Beta still has bugs00:30
Raenirwhats the double # for00:30
dragonalchamech: lot of people are, and you can find most of them in #ubuntu+100:30
sebsebsebdragon: in fact even finals have bugs00:30
alchamechwow im behind00:31
dragonRaenir: unofficial channels00:31
sebsebsebdragon: a lot of people shoudn't be running it yet really00:31
alchamechim still telling everyone about jaunty00:31
dragonsebsebseb: they should!! that's how we improve ubuntu :P00:31
sebsebsebdragon: Ubuntu is an operating system not a browser such as Firefox,  where even the alphas seem to be rather stable00:31
sebsebsebdragon: depends on the type of user, and the data they have and so on00:32
Ddordasebsebseb: Firefox is never stable :P00:32
dragonalchamech: karmic hasn't been released officially yet, so keep it secret from newbies ;)00:32
dragonsebsebseb: yep, i agree00:32
arthurjohnsondragon: lol00:32
dragonDdorda: for me it always it :)00:32
sebsebsebDdorda: well Firefox can  go a bit bad in  Ubuntu, espeasily if Flash is in those tabs,  but   in Windows Firefox tends to run quite well and that's for sure00:32
dragons/it :)/is :)/00:32
ActionParsnipdragon: its not officially released so yes it may00:32
alchamechdragon: haha00:33
ActionParsnipdragon: its worked here since alpha2 but has been a bumpy ride00:33
alchamechthanx for all the help guys00:33
eddiebuntuHow do I find out if my wireless card is a,b or g on ubuntu?00:33
Ddordawhere can i download the default icons set of karmic?00:33
dragonActionParsnip: yes, i'd not want to scare people by saying "IT WILL BREAK" at this time, so I was thinking it might be the right time to edit that factoid.00:33
sebsebsebdragon: no it's not00:33
sebsebsebdragon: beta can still brake00:33
dragonDdorda: default means it should be in there by default.. right?00:34
dragonsebsebseb: it can, but it's an extreme statement to say "IT WILL"00:34
ActionParsnipdragon: until its officially released its considered not ready so may break00:34
Ddordadragon: yes, but it's in karmic, i want it in Jaunty...00:34
DigitalKiwieddiebuntu: lspci might tell you00:34
dragonDdorda: we're less than a month away from karmic. Not sure if those could or should be installed in jaunty. Try art.gnome.org though.00:34
sebsebsebdragon: less than a month  from Karmic final,  but even so,  many users shoudn't be using it yet00:35
Ddordadragon: i will00:35
bastidrazoreddiebuntu: lspci | grep Ethernet00:35
=== prohibited_ is now known as Prohibited
sebsebsebdragon: stuff can go rather wrong with beta operating systems as well00:35
sebsebsebdragon: resulting in many people haveing a reason to clean install the final00:36
DigitalKiwibastidrazor: that's unlikely to work for wireless00:36
dragonsebsebseb: yeah, that should be mentioned in the factoid. We of course shouldn't encourage everyone to install Karmic right now.00:36
sebsebsebdragon: if you want to do people a favour  for later on when  Karmic is out, maybe you should  start telling them about Ext400:36
bastidrazorDigitalKiwi: if it is a pci card then it will work. if it is a dongle use lsusb00:36
dragonsebsebseb: what do you mean?00:36
The_Dead_91where can i find the directory .gnome00:37
DigitalKiwi0b:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)00:37
b-unglecd ~/.gnome00:37
bastidrazorThe_Dead_91: probaboly ~/.gnome00:37
DigitalKiwido you see Ethernet there? I don't00:37
sebsebsebdragon: and how it may give them a reason to clean install the whole of Ubuntu,   because the Ext3 to Ext4 conversion may not be good enough.   With the advantages of Ext4 being  rather fast boot up and shut down,  and  very fast disk checking after the 23 or so boots.00:37
Ddordadragon: found it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Humanity_Icons00:37
eddiebuntubastidrazor, thanks that told me about my ethernet card, but how can I learn about my wifi card?00:37
DigitalKiwieddiebuntu: remove the grep00:38
sebsebsebdragon: It was optional for 9.04 and not properly stable, because of the kernel they had and that for it,  in 9.10 it's default, not for people who have done Ext3 in 9.04 and then upgraded to 9.10 though.00:38
dragonDdorda: great00:38
Ddordawell, i have to go to sleep. gnight00:38
eddiebuntuDigitalKiwi, that gives me an error00:38
dragonsebsebseb: it's over my head, but doesn't matter00:39
eddiebuntucommand not found00:39
=== lol is now known as Guest76198
DigitalKiwitype JUST lspci, then look for the one that's your network card00:39
sebsebsebdragon: I think that's ok to prepare people for 9.10 by giving them an idea about it,  for example the Ext4 thing,   but telling people to upgrade early to it,  because the beta is out, and so things are apparnatlly more stable,  that's  not a good thing.00:39
sebsebsebActionParsnip: hmm and he left, before my last message, oh well00:40
sebsebsebActionParsnip: any idea what was above his head though?00:40
jo_hello! Where could I go with some questions about making a ubuntu server accesible for the internet behind a firewall?00:40
dcrostaI've blacklisted kernel module "ssb" but it still gets loaded when i reboot. Is there something more I have to do besides editing a file in /etc/modprobe.d/ to prevent it from loading?00:40
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: the ceiling?00:40
trentlemonanyone know why packages.ubuntu.com is down?00:40
sebsebsebActionParsnip: the sky?00:40
ActionParsnip!slow | trentlemon00:40
ubottutrentlemon: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.00:40
trentlemonfair enough00:41
leaf-sheepI wonder how many times !slow factorid have been triggered today.00:42
eddiebuntuwhat does 3945abg mean00:42
=== boscop_ is now known as boscop
drosince I updated my 9.04 install, i can't use dhcp or static ip for eth0 but wlan0 works fine either way00:42
b-unglejo_: are you running the firewall on the machine?00:42
bazhangeddiebuntu, its the intel wifi chipset00:42
trentlemonin 9.04 I was able to use gnome-sound-properties to "listen" to a line-in daisychain i have from another computer. I would "test" the capture interface on my soundcard. it seems this package is no longer in 9.10. any ideas how i could accomplish the same thing without it?00:42
Biovoreeddiebuntu: thats the model of your wifi card..  (intel chipset)00:42
jo_tx for anwsering b-ungle no, it's behind the firewall00:42
eddiebuntuis it a good card?00:42
DigitalKiwiit means you were smart and bought intel wireless00:42
sebsebsebActionParsnip: I got the impression that he is someone that  thinks  loads of people should be getting the beta (which they shoudn't), but doesn't really know what Karmic is about as such,  because he wasn't sure what I was on about when mentiong Ext4?00:43
OzFalconAnyone know what happened to http://linux.via.com.tw/ ???00:43
b-unglejo_: what sort of firewall? do you have access to the config?00:43
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: looks like it, just let them shoot the breeze00:43
ActionParsnipOzFalcon: name doesnt resolve to an IP00:44
jo_Well, that's the problem, I don't quite have acces to it, is there any way of tunneling true it?00:44
dromy 9.04 install can't do a static or dhcp on eth0 anymore? two different laptops, same hardware00:44
eddiebuntubazhang, is it a good card?00:44
sebsebsebActionParsnip: meaning?  I am not that good at sayings00:44
OzFalconActionParsnip, hmmm00:44
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: let him just make noise00:44
b-ungleyah, google ssh-tunnel - you'll need another machine the other side though.00:45
bazhangeddiebuntu, very well supported in linux00:45
ActionParsnipdro: you can add static IP in /etc/network/interfaces00:45
jo_The network administrator of my mom's company is a jerk... don't like to ask him :p00:45
droActionParsnip: I know I tried that, and it's worked in the past, but not now00:45
b-unglejo_: you should probably ask. jerk or not ;-)00:46
droActionParsnip: you think if I switched from network manager to wicd might work better?00:46
eddiebuntubazhang, why am i only getting 5mbps on it then?00:46
ActionParsnipdro: if you run: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart00:46
chalcedony((((((( ActionParsnip )))))))00:46
ActionParsnipdro: does it report as ok?00:46
Biovore5 MBps or 5Mbps?00:46
droActionParsnip: yes I've done that and restarted. remember this happened today after i did a dist-upgrade on both laptops00:46
droActionParsnip: yes00:46
ActionParsniphi chalcedony :D00:46
jo_I know, to do it on the regular way, is there a port that has to be opened in the firewall?00:47
ActionParsnipdro: and does ifconfig show correct settings?00:47
Biovore5 MBps => 40 mbps00:47
droActionParsnip: yes00:47
b-unglenormally firewalls are configured to let packets out, but not in.00:47
eddiebuntu5 mbps max00:48
ActionParsnipdro: but connectivity doesnt work...00:48
jo_how should you set up, for example a webserver in this situation? If you had acces to the firewall?00:48
b-unglejo_ but packets tht originated on /your/ net will be able to get back through00:48
=== dcrosta_ is now known as dcrosta
scribawfCan Ubuntu 9.04 (Intrepid) be successfully installed as Persistant on a USB Flash drive?00:49
b-unglejo_ you would set up protforwarding onthe firewall.00:49
sebsebsebActionParsnip: make noise as in express his opinion?00:49
eddiebuntubazhang, why am i only getting 5mbps on it then?00:49
jo_thus this endager the network?00:49
sebsebsebscribawf: no  9.04 isn't intrepid that's 8.10,  9.04 is jauntey00:49
jo_or only the server?00:49
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: just saying stuff in general00:49
b-unglepackets would go through to a prticular ip on yer internal nteork00:49
scribawfsebsebseb;  ok then on Jauantey?00:50
jo_great, so only the server, wich runs ubuntu so that's fine00:50
jo_so the only thin I have to ask is portforwarding?00:50
sebsebsebActionParsnip: I guess things aren't a proper upgrade untill  the final,  plus sometimes  older releases are better for people,   with Ubuntu it's about what is still suppourted, not what is the latest,  but most users don't seem to reolize this00:50
CigeSo, I've been having some problems with my hard disk usage.  According to my System Monitor I am using all but 4.77 out of 26 GB on my Ubuntu Parition, but this is not correct.  Fitsr off, all of my media is on the 40GB windows partition, so that windows can access it.  Also, when I run Disk Usage Analyser it shows the same 4.8 Gb available, but after scanning the filesystem it shows that I am only using 4.1 Gb.  WHAT IS TAKING UP ALL M00:50
CigeY OTHER HARD DRIVE SPACE.  Whatever it is, it's on the partition, but not under /.  Is that even possible?00:50
b-ungleummm, yah ask yer jerk to portfoward port 80 to your server's IP00:51
sebsebsebscribawf: yes00:51
sebsebseb!usb |  scribawf00:51
ubottuscribawf: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:51
ubottuyes, I'm alive.00:51
scribawfsebsebseb, is it possible to install Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty as Persistant on USB Flash?00:52
PneumaticDeathI've had a series of Xorg crashes, and I'm suspecting it's the nvidia glx driver.  Does anybody have tips on debugging it?00:52
jo_thank you for helping me!00:52
b-unglejo_ np00:52
CigeI mean, I have like nothing on my Ubuntu partition, I keep it all on the mounted windows partition, but I still see this crazy ammount of stuff on there with no spot in the filesystem...00:52
sebsebsebscribawf: yes see the link the bot gave you00:52
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:52
eddiebuntubazhang, why am i only getting 5mbps on it then?00:53
scribawfsebsebseb, Thanks going there now00:53
LVRodriguesGood night!00:53
bazhangeddiebuntu, no idea, just the chipset alone is a single factor.00:54
enovativhello to all00:54
jo_yes, now I think about it, do you know how most firewalls are acceced? Just type there ip-adress in the intranet?00:54
droActionParsnip: correct, it doesn't work00:55
gusan0rHOLa como se que placa wireless tengo ???00:55
CigeUnmounting the windows partition doesn't help, not that I thought it would,,,00:55
sebsebseb!es |  qe2eqe00:55
ubottuqe2eqe: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:55
enovativi have a dell xps m1530...trying to get the wireless to work...i have already put in what i think is the necessary info : SSID, mode : infrastructure, IPv4 settings....etc.  but the wireless is not working00:55
enovativwhat can i do to test this out that it works ?00:56
=== gusan0r is now known as Gusan0r
=== jony123_sad_away is now known as jony123_HERE
CigeNobody knows?00:58
fuxargusan0r: lspci00:58
fuxargusan0r: vete a #ubuntu-es00:59
enovativi have a dell xps m1530...trying to get the wireless to work...i have already put in what i think is the necessary info : SSID, mode : infrastructure, IPv4 settings....etc.  but the wireless is not working00:59
enovativwhat can i do to test this out that it works ?00:59
PneumaticDeathapparently I have ircii misconfigured, brb00:59
EricTheHaxif i install openbox, will everything still run normally, such as startup programs, networking, graphics, and wine?01:00
=== koh_ is now known as RussellAlan
EricTheHaxis there anything i will have to do after installing openbox (besides switching to it)01:01
scyxhi, i'm thinking about setting up a dualboot with jaunty and karmic beta.. when/before installing karmic, what do i have to consider concerning grub2 etc?01:02
tobiwhich X11 version will ubuntu 9.10 have?01:02
XiXaQis anyone here using network-manager with wlan and static ip here now? I'd like to know how nm-applets config looks like in gconf, cause it's broken in karmic and I need info to hunt down the bug.01:02
grturner!9.10 | XiXaQ01:03
ubottuXiXaQ: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:03
test34XiXaQ, at least static ip seems to be fixed for ethernet in karmic.. (but I dont use wifi)01:04
XiXaQgrturner: right, but since I need to get the working configuration from jaunty, I guess this is the right channel anyway.01:04
CigeI really need help with this, I don't know what's taking up all my hard drive space01:05
XiXaQtest34: nm-applets configuration dialog works for wired and stores what you tell it to?01:05
PneuCige: sudo du -k / | sort -n | tail -2001:06
A-11942shuuuu tanta gente01:06
test34wow my if config is messed up, I have 124 network cards it looks like01:06
test34s/if config/ifconfig01:06
PneuCige: if it's a different partition that the root, then replace / with the mount point.01:07
arthur_dose anybody know why myspace will not load in FF3.5? i use sprint sierra usb for intrnet connection. when i am on a broadband tower it works fine but in the boonies it will not connect stalls on waiting on home.myspace.com. when i use windoze and the serria usb stick in the boonies it will connect. i cleared cookies, cache, and fooled around a little with about:config disabled IPv6 anyone...01:08
arthur_...have any ideas?01:08
arthur_ 01:08
Cige@Penu: that's just the problem, It's not on the root partition, but I have NOTHING MOUNTED.  I only have 26Gb on the root partition, but only 4.9 gb of it are available.  However, when looking at all of /, I only see 4.1 gb stored in it.01:09
enovativhell to all01:09
enovativtrying to get the wireless to work on this Dell XPS m1530 that I am working on .01:09
enovativI have created the wireless instance, with all the necessary info, but nothing is happening01:10
enovativcan anyone help01:10
root__daniel ortega sanchey01:10
enovativwhat can do in a CLI to test the wireless01:10
=== root is now known as Guest51183
dorganwhat option do i have to add to bind under options to tell it what the slave server is01:11
Cige@Penu: what does the putput of that command you had me use mean?01:11
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 enovativ01:12
PneuIt should list the directories that take up the most space...01:12
test34XiXaQ, I edited /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf01:13
=== Berzerker- is now known as Berzerker
enovativbazhang: thanks01:13
PneuCige: I'm not sure of your level of sophistication.  du -k / will tell you how much each directory (and subdirectories of those directories) take up.  sort -n sorts that list numerically, and tail -20 gives the last 20.01:14
Cige@Penu: Ok, I figured it was somehting like that.01:14
A-11942Che nadie habla castellano por aqui¿??01:14
PneuCige: others can probably point you to a nice GUI tool, but I'm old school.01:14
bazhangA-11942, #ubuntu-es01:15
CigePenu: this is good, I'll make a pastebin01:15
mpsctlpjhsi created a symlink to a samba folder from ~ using $ ln -s , but nautilus says its broken. (the path is valid). any ideas why?01:16
Raeniris there a channel where I can ask questions about VPNs?01:17
CigePneu: http://pastebin.com/d6107eca101:17
sammy_hi all, I'm having trouble watching a dvd.  kernel seems a little confused  http://pastebin.com/d3d13f6df01:17
CigePneu: seems like most of the stuff it came up with is on my other partition, let me tru unmounting it first01:18
TwilI was planning on making a multi boot machine with the following: 1 partition NTFS (Windows), 1 Partition Special (Reserved for special data), And I also wanted to install Ubuntu and Back|Track.  How could I do this?01:18
sammy_anybody know if this is a common issue or if there's a outstanding issue I should tag onto?01:18
RDovesammy_, do you have all that decryption stuff for the DVD's?01:20
PneuCige: D'oh  try: du -dx / | sort -n | tail -2001:20
PneuIf it's the root partition01:20
RDovesammy_,  i think out of the box most linux distro's don't allow you to play DVD's because of the copyright stuff, i had to download a special decoder01:20
sammy_RDove, nout to do with css stuff; linux thinks the disk is only a 1GB block device.  mplayer etc. don't get further than that01:20
PneuCige: But it looks like there is a lot of stuff in /.Trash-0/ as well... Have you logged in to the GUI as root?01:21
sammy_(I can watch the first ~20 minutes just fine)01:21
PneuI'm assuming that's a trash folder for KDE/Gnome01:21
CigePneu: can I just empty the root trash as sudo somehow?01:21
sxxhello good morning01:21
RDovesammy_, its happening on all dvd's?01:21
Geos_Twil: I have a similar setup to what you are trying to do...01:21
sammy_RDove, hum.  maybe I should check :)01:21
PneuCige: This should work: sudo rm -rf /.Trash-0/*01:22
sxxany one know please how to fix a ata error on startup please01:22
CigePenu: I also reran the command after unmounting the other partition, http://pastebin.com/d756f1cb2, I'll try your command next01:22
PneuCige: Be very careful with that command... mixing sudo with rm -rf can be *very dangerous*01:23
CigeI can imagine01:23
peepeeHello. I just plugged in my audiophile usb sound card. It shows up in the volume control preferences but my audio still comes out of my onboard ac97 even with the audiophile usb selected. How to I make all programs use the audiophile usb as their sound output?01:23
CigePenu: Ok, it's done01:24
PneuCige: try: df -k .01:24
PneuCige: or rather df -k /01:24
CigePenu: Still seeing only 4.98Gib free of 26.0GiB01:24
CigeI see 86% on /dev/sda1, 0% or 1% on all others01:25
PneuCige: If something had those files open, then the space can't be recovered until they're closed.01:25
Cige@Penu: What would have that many files open at once?01:26
CigeAlso, why would they not show up when looking at the files?01:26
PneuIf the files were still there, you could see by using lsof01:27
PneuCige: Let me read up on something quickly...01:27
RDovesammy_, did it work01:27
sammy_RDove, same thing for other ones I tried01:27
sammy_RDove, came back with the "right thing" for sdparm, but blockdev insists it's always 1GiB01:28
CigePenu: ok, Disk Usage Analyser only says I have 4.0Gb under /   BUT says that I have 21.1GB used on the filesystem01:28
sxxis anyhere having ata 0+1 soft reset failed ( device not ready)01:28
TwilGeos: Here's a chart of what I'm trying to achieve - http://cid-1506f6a77f83feed.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Spacing.jpg01:28
Twil(The special will store a macOSX86 partition [I know how to install it onto a partition])01:29
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Geos_Twil: Well, I just installed a tri-boot onto my laptop using ubuntu/bt4/winxp01:31
Twil'cept mine would probably win701:32
Geos_Twil: as long as you get windows out  of the way first, there shouldnt be any drama's with the other partitions01:32
=== Guest53685 is now known as flayke
justntimeAm I the only person that always has issues with the gnome terminal getting corrupted .. once a command gets too long it overwrites the line, when moving through history - big chunks of ghost text accumulate after the prompt...01:32
sabayonweb_92550hi guys i have virtualbox and have Windows Xp on it.  I want to start virtualbox at a resoulation of 1680x1050.  But when the virtual machine starts it only goes to a certin resoulation.  is there any way i can change this to auto boot when i click on xp in virtualbox01:32
PneuCige: try this: ls -l /proc/[0-9]*/fd/* | fgrep ' /.Trash'01:32
=== kristijan is now known as readonly
readonlyMka: i'm back, i have reinstalled 9.04 and now everything's working again. thank you so much for your help01:33
=== paul_hfx is now known as pgbutler
PneuShould give the processes that file descriptors open in that tree01:33
sabayonweb_92550hi guys i have virtualbox and have Windows Xp on it.  I want to start virtualbox at a resoulation of 1680x1050.  But when the virtual machine starts it only goes to a certin resoulation.  is there any way i can change this to auto boot when i click on xp in virtualbox01:33
readonlysabayonweb_92550: did you install guest extensions?01:33
Mkareadonlz: no problem, you're welcome01:33
sabayonweb_92550you mean guest additions in the virtual machine01:34
readonlysabayonweb_92550: yes01:34
CigePneu: I get ls: cannot access /proc/10584/fd/255: No such file or directory01:34
LinoSPsabayonweb_92550: then ask in #vbox :P01:34
CigePneu: also for 2 other directories, same thing, and nothing else after that01:34
yowshii cant seem to download any of the updates my system apparently needs01:34
readonlysabayonweb_92550: after i've installed them and restarted the virtual machine, it always stretched xp to my current resolution when i switched to full screen01:34
PneuCige: it was worth a try...01:35
RaenirHow do I use a VPN in Ubuntu?01:35
=== peepee is now known as trancedout
trancedoutI just plugged in my audiophile usb sound card. It shows up in the volume control preferences but my audio still comes out of my onboard ac97 even with the audiophile usb selected. How to I make all programs use the audiophile usb as their sound output?01:35
sabayonweb_92550but when i click on xp i want it to auto boot into a resoulation of 1680x105001:35
blip-hi,  I need to better understand this root business on ubuntu.   if ubuntu has no root user,  or at least no root password.   how do cron jobs run and transcend permissions and such ?   is there some fake user or something with root perms ?01:35
CigePneu: I might end up just reinstalling if it gets to be a problem.  Untill then I really don't need the space01:35
CigePneu: Thanks for the help!01:35
RaenirHow do I use a VPN in Ubuntu?01:36
yowshihelp pls i cant update my system01:36
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN Raenir01:36
PneuCige: If it's a process that's holding the files open, then rebooting will fix it, but I was trying to avoid rebooting.01:36
bazhangyowshi, mirrors slow? karmic beta release01:36
blip-is there a way I can run things as root using the same mechanism that scron jobs use ?   other than sudo and sudo -i01:37
yowshibazhang: i gonestly dont know E: postgresql-8.3: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 is what i keep getting01:37
phorensicVersion amd64-bit Ubuntu: Should it have any issues running on an intel core2quad q6600?01:37
CigePneu: I don't think rebooting will help, if it opens the processes it will load at startup01:37
yowshiwait it is only in beta NOW? isbngt that a littole later then nmormal?01:37
CigePneu: I guess I could boot into safe mode01:37
bazhangphorensic, not really no01:38
PneuCige: ah.. here it is:01:38
phorensicbazhang: Ok cool thanks01:38
Pneu/usr/sbin/lsof | grep deleted01:38
CigePneu: ok01:38
Gumbyhi all.  does 9.04 not read /etc/network/interfaces anymore?  I've set a static address however dhcp still is being used01:38
yowshibazhang: it just fails to fetch any of the selected packages01:38
Pneushould list the files that have been deleted but are still open.01:38
yowshibazhang: W: Failed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/samba/libwbclient0_3.3.2-1ubuntu3.2_amd64.deb01:38
CigePneu: I'm actually not running irc on my laptop, but my desktop, so if I rebooted I would still be connected01:39
phorensicbazhang: WIth 4 gigs of ddr3 1600, would i realize a difference between the x86 and 64bit versions?01:39
bazhangyowshi, yep the servers are slow and timing out at the moment. common complaint these two days01:39
sabayonweb_92550UBUNTU 9.10 rocks my worlf :]01:39
sabayonweb_92550srry world01:39
sabayonweb_92550anyone need any help01:39
yowshibazhang: ah i thought it would have been out of beta by now01:39
bazhangyowshi, just yesterday began01:39
PneuDoes anybody here have experience diagnosing Xorg crashes?01:39
sabayonweb_92550NOPE still in beta01:39
Xgatesis xchat in Synpatic by default, or you need to enable a repo?01:40
lemurianHow do I get my processor information in ubuntu01:40
sabayonweb_9255028 more days to go befor it goes rtm01:40
=== hey` is now known as grumete
sxxi need help please01:40
lemurianJust to list what sort of proc it is01:40
sxxeverytime my ubuntu starts up i get ata 0+1 softreset failed device not ready  mod probefailed01:40
DigitalKiwicat /proc/cpuinfo01:40
DigitalKiwilemurian: ^01:41
MadpilotXgates, xchat is in Universe01:41
n00bcrHi, I was upgrading to 9.10 from 9.04 and just restart and it crash, where is the best place to ask for help on this?01:41
MadpilotXgates, easiest way to enable universe/multiverse/etc is via Add/Remove, just switch the dropdown to "All Packages"01:41
Madpilotn00bcr, #ubuntu+1 for 9.10 issues01:42
XgatesMadpilot: make this change where?01:43
Raenirokay vpn is installed how do I get it to connect?01:43
MadpilotXgates, Applications menu ->Add/Remove then change the Sources dropdown01:43
MulumKUno entiendo naaaaaaa01:43
MadpilotXgates, close synaptic first01:43
sabayonweb_92550hi guys i am having some issues when i load xp in virtual box i would like it to boot into a resoulation of 1680x1050 and instead it only boots into a smaller resoulation.  But when i click full screen it goes into 1680x1050 but i would like it to auto boot from virtualbox into my native screen resoulation with out haveing to click any shotcuts to get it into that full resoulation01:44
bazhang!ar | MulumKU01:44
ubottuMulumKU: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe01:44
sabayonweb_92550hi guys i am having some issues when i load xp in virtual box i would like it to boot into a resoulation of 1680x1050 and instead it only boots into a smaller resoulation.  But when i click full screen it goes into 1680x1050 but i would like it to auto boot from virtualbox into my native screen resoulation with out haveing to click any shotcuts to get it into that full resoulation01:44
XgatesMadpilot: that's on all available applications, but in Synaptic it doesn't show Xchat for some reason01:45
bazhangsabayonweb_92550, dont repeat so quickly please01:45
LinoSPMulumKU: entra a #ubuntu-es01:45
MadpilotXgates, odd. hit the Reload/Refresh buttons on the top-left of synaptic's button bar, let it reload sources01:45
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CigeWell, thanks.01:48
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imranSorry, but noone in offtopic is answering my question, so can someone here answer it? - What is good software can I use to rip DVD's to ipod format01:53
sxxuse wine01:55
sxxuse dvdvideosoft to ipod01:55
sammy_imran, would mencoder help?  not sure what "ipod format" is, but it should help to get there01:56
shane2peruimran: if you want to use linux you can use several things to rip them, and then ffmpeg to create a mp4 file01:56
ByTeWalkeRanyone know a good guide for getting nvidia card working? envy is showing 5 packages and theyre all 'not compatible'01:56
blip-does anyone know that you can set a password for root under ubuntu .... via 'sudo passwd' ?    why does no one publicize this01:56
DigitalKiwiavidemux is nice for converting01:56
shane2peru!nvidia | ByTeWalkeR01:57
ubottuByTeWalkeR: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:57
DigitalKiwidvd::rip is nice for ripping01:57
blip-it's like a secret thing that I can set a root password !01:57
Madpilotblip-, of course you can, but it's neither encouraged nor needed in Ubuntu01:57
Madpilotubottu, root | blip-01:57
ubottublip-: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:57
blip-Madpilot: yeah that's what I got several hours ago... I spun around in circles until I got the command.  sure in almost all cases there is no need to do it,  in my case there was01:58
Madpilotblip-, the 'secret' info you wanted is right @ the URL in the bot's reply. Hardly secret, just usually not required, and never encouraged.01:58
ByTeWalkeRanyone know what package i can install to show System->Administration->Hardware Drivers ? i installd all pkgs from the command line so im prolly missing some01:59
blip-hmm I guess I shoul'd have read the page, the ubottu message threw me off01:59
blip-Madpilot: ^01:59
blip-yeah.  ok thanks01:59
shane2peruanyone know how to shutoff system messages in IRC with pidgin?02:00
ByTeWalkeRONE more question: i'm planning to run ubuntu in seemless mode in virtualbox on windows hosts. should i use the 'nvidia' binary driver in  linux OR is there a 'virtualbox' driver?02:00
carpediemshane2peru: I don't think you mean system message, you mean ChanServ and Nickserv?02:01
shane2perucarpediem: ahh, that could be the proper words. is there a way to shut them off?02:01
seihow to check for cpu usage in ubuntu?02:02
shane2perucarpediem: I will google with those words too. :)02:02
carpediemshane2peru: don't really think so, I've tried setting "ignore" for those two, and they still show up.02:02
shane2perusei you can right click on your panel and add: system monitor02:02
Madpilotsei, the System Monitor panel applets are useful02:02
DigitalKiwisei: get htop02:02
shane2perucarpediem: ok, thanks02:02
carpediemshane2peru: reason I say is Pidgin doesn't show true IRC system messages02:03
shane2perusei as you can see there are a few ways. :)02:03
shane2perucarpediem: ohh, I just started using pidgin for IRC because I wanted the smiley faces, xchat didn't have them. :)02:03
hvgotcodeshow do i get the kernel and ati drivers from karmic on jaunty?02:03
DigitalKiwihttp://omploader.org/vMjgyag top window is htop, it is flipping awesome (bottom left is ncmpcpp-git/mpd and the right is vim, best editor ever)02:04
Madpilotshane2peru, xchat-gnome might do smiley faces, not sure. Real xchat doesn't, thankfully.02:04
shane2peruDigitalKiwi: is htop in the terminal like top is?  Isn't it colored?02:04
aknHP dv6t sound stoped working after update manager... any suggestions??02:05
psptechI cant even load the live cd.02:05
psptechwhat is wrong?02:05
imranI just tryed to add a repository for "handbrake" and now every time i try to open synaptic i get an error and a shutoff02:05
DigitalKiwiit has a few color profiles, one is monochrome if you prefer without colors02:05
coz_psptech,  what are your system specs02:05
firecrotchimran: what is the error that you get?02:05
shane2peru!who | DigitalKiwi02:06
ubottuDigitalKiwi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:06
psptech3xxMBRam, 2.5GHZ processor02:06
coz_psptech,  mm  that is certainly enough for live cs02:06
coz_psptech,  nothing comes up when you run live cd  at all?02:06
psptechI just get a black screen02:06
coz_psptech,   intel processor   ?02:06
firecrotchimran: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list file please02:06
hvgotcodeshow do i get the kernel and ati drivers from karmic on jaunty?  is there a way?02:06
psptechwell, it still has the options, but when I click try, it loads, then blacks. Yep, intel processor02:06
psptechright now i'm on Mepis02:07
DigitalKiwishane2peru: see my last two messages02:07
psptechand it runs fine02:07
DigitalKiwishane2peru: ;D02:07
coz_psptech,   when the live cd loads run the cd check02:07
coz_psptech,  also run the memory check02:07
psptechI did02:07
shane2peruhvgotcodes: I think you would be really dabbling with stuff that could create instability.  It would be better just to upgrade the Karmic beta02:07
coz_psptech,  and all was fine?02:07
imranfirecrotch, i just went in the folder, and removed the source - its working fine now02:07
imranthanks anyway :)02:08
coz_psptech,    you could try downloading the alternate install cd  but then you would have to install it02:08
shane2peruDigitalKiwi: is it just the color that makes htop better?  or is it more indepth?  I guess I should just install it and see. ;)02:08
hvgotcodesshane2peru, i just want suspend/hibernate goodness for my laptop02:08
coz_psptech,  that should work but I am trying to think of why it would black out  with the live cd02:08
coz_psptech,  hold on02:08
psptechThen, i went to put it into a 1GB 2.5GHZ processor by Compaq, it ran fine02:08
DigitalKiwisee my screenshot a while up, shane2peru but yeah it's more in depth02:09
shane2peruhvgotcodes: I'm not really sure, as I have never done it, I just prefer to run the stock kernel. :)  If there is something I really want in the next edition, I upgrade.02:09
coz_psptech,  when you load the live cd do you get to language select ok?>02:09
shane2peruhvgotcodes: not saying it can't be done, just sounds risky.02:09
DigitalKiwiand doesn't f with system resources as much as almost every other system monitor i've seen, shane2peru02:09
shane2peruDigitalKiwi: I will just install it, shouldn't take  but a second.02:09
psptechits just after the Ubuntu loading thing goes away, it stays black02:10
hvgotcodesupgrading to the new stock kernel should be pretty safe02:10
coz_psptech,  sorry which video card again?02:10
psptechI don't know, but it is intel02:10
coz_psptech,   lspci | grep -i vga02:10
shane2peruhvgotcodes: backup first!  Then you can try changing your source.lst and install only the kernel and ati drivers, don't be surprised if it crashes and burns. :)02:11
=== mandiri is now known as diya
hvgotcodesisnt there a ppa or something?02:11
shane2peruDigitalKiwi: you do know about tab complete right?  for IRC and nicks.02:11
shane2peruhvgotcodes: I'm not sure.02:11
DigitalKiwishane2peru: haven't i been using that?02:11
psptechIntel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)02:12
shane2peruDigitalKiwi: I'm not sure, you have been using my nick, just didn't want you to have to type it every time. :)02:12
coz_psptech,  ok that should still boot up hold on02:12
hvgotcodesshane2peru, or alternatively how do i tell if the catalyst 9.10 beta will run on my kernel02:12
aknanyone wanna help me with my sound problem??02:12
=== N3u is now known as N3u_D3814N
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firecrotch!pinning | hvgotcodes02:12
ubottuhvgotcodes: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto02:12
DigitalKiwiakn: maybe someone would if you explained the problem02:13
shane2peruhvgotcodes: I'm not really sure.  I had to install the proprietary drivers for my ati02:13
coz_psptech,  did you try the safe graphics mode on that?02:13
hvgotcodesshane2peru, yes that is what i am talking about -- just skipping a few versions ahead02:13
akni did used update manager and restarted my comp next thing i know no more sound... using a hp dv6t02:14
psptechplus, I will burn the CD a third time.02:14
DPicif i have rEFIT on my mac partition and wipe the partition for Ubuntu, will it still be able to boot?02:14
coz_psptech,  or after selecting language  hit  F6  and for options  select  noapic, nolapic02:14
shane2peruhvgotcodes: you can always install the proprietary drivers, and see how it goes, keep your old one if you have one working good02:14
shane2peruhvgotcodes: you can always revert to your older driver.02:14
psptechhold on, I will open up Kwrite and write that down02:15
shane2peruDigitalKiwi: htop is nice.02:15
psptechso what is that basicly?02:15
coz_psptech,  it is bipassing  some checks  when booting  but give it a try and if it works I will send y ou to wiki for full explanation02:16
DigitalKiwishane2peru: yup02:16
psptechalright, well, the CD has to DL. Will you be on in aprox 10-20 min?02:16
coz_psptech,  yep :)02:17
coz_no problem02:17
psptechit says 5 min remaining for the DL. so it may be a little while02:17
coz_psptech,  no problem02:18
psptechBut that is speeds of about 1MB a sec02:18
coz_psptech,  now those options were for use with the live cd not the alternate cd02:18
psptechok, I am getting the live cd, as I am reburning it02:18
coz_psptech,  ok then also check the md5sum02:19
coz_psptech,  go here first02:19
coz_psptech,  then when the iso image is on the Desktop open a terminal   cd Desktop  then    md5sum nameof .iso02:19
=== lurken_lulu is now known as doorknob
coz_psptech,  and compare with the appropriate numbers on that link02:20
ErikWestrupHow do one configure GRUB without knowing the target systems kernel number, vmlinuz?02:20
roffeDoes anyone else of you run chrome? My problem is that when I try to watch youtube-videos you have to press the mouse like 20 times before anything happens trying to start the video02:20
unlinkHi, is anyone good with a boot crash of death question for 9.10 64 bit? The offending hardware is a dell vostro02:21
* psptech likes cheese, and is away02:21
firecrotchunlink: #ubuntu+1 for 9.10 support02:22
zopiacim having a problem with gtick; when i try to start the metronome, it gives this error: Couldn't start metronome. Please check if specified sound device and sample file are accessible.02:22
carpediemroffe: I switched to chromium using the official ppa, and it works pretty well.  Though, flash is still not perfect, so ymmv02:23
Ali_nzhey all02:23
psptechi didn't get a link02:23
coz_psptech,  you talking to me?02:23
coz_psptech,  please type my nick so I know :)02:24
coz_hold on02:24
takiamahey guys02:24
carpediemunlink: wow, that's a big subject.  I just tracked crashing on one of my machines to a bad e-Sata drive.02:24
coz_psptech,  here is the link for the checksums    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes02:24
takiamaerm can someone help me with some ubuntu driver issues???02:25
Ali_nzCould someone help me with the installation of RealVNC in Ubuntu? I download the tar.gz file and extract it. Then run ./vncinstall which seems to copy the exes to /usr/local/bin, but when I got to run vncviewer for example I get a complaint about libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:25
coz_Ali_nz,   64 bit?02:25
Ali_nzumm, no 32 i think02:26
dsdeizare i386, i586, and i686 chip related? :-/02:26
Ali_nzthere is also a rpm version but not sure if that will be amy easier to install?02:26
coz_Ali_nz,  you know that there is  vncviewer in the repositories?02:26
takiamacan you even run exes on linux????02:26
coz_Ali_nz,  no not the rpm02:27
coz_Ali_nz,  do you have link for realvnc?02:27
Ali_nzcoz_: yeah I do but I want to try to get realvnc to go02:27
Ali_nzhold on02:27
iceroottakiama: yes but he didnt mean the *.exe from windows, he wants to say execuatble files (chmod +x)02:27
takiamasp anyway02:27
psptechhow long should it take?02:27
takiamaoh okay02:27
mrwesAli_nz, xtightviewer is pretty good02:27
psptechit matched02:28
Ali_nzmrwes: thanks. will check it, but for some reason it bothers me that I cant get real vnc to go, so its a challenge now ;-)02:28
psptechI will now burn02:28
grturneri always preferred getting the realvnc enterprise viewer off the website and sticking it in /usr/local/bin02:28
erikk71how do i stop ubuntu from going into standby02:28
erikk71while i go i had grey screen02:29
Ali_nzgrturner: what do you do to install it?02:29
takiamaso i have a VIA High Definition Audio card installed on my laptop but i can't find a driver for ubuntu that works can anyone help me??? i've tried OSS and the other open one already but to no avail02:29
erikk71i had turn off my pc02:29
erikk71then turn back on02:29
Ali_nzmrwes: how do you install xtight? via add/remove?02:30
erikk71so damn annoying02:30
mrwesAli_nz, hrmm...might need Synaptic Package Manager for that02:30
takiamaerikk71: go to System>Preferences>Power Management02:30
grturnerAli_nz, go to realvnc website, grab one of the viewers executable format, i always grab the enterprise one b/c my vnc server runs enterprise. then i rename the file to 'vncviewer' chmod +x it, chown 0:0 it and then sudo mv to /usr/local/bin02:30
mrpocketsI need to poop02:31
grturnerAli_nz, its not in the repositories02:31
grturnerthe realvnc version02:31
grturnerand then you can add a menu entry if you like02:31
psptechI'll be back soon02:31
erikk71let me switch back to gnome02:31
grturnerpm me if you need more help02:31
Ali_nzgrturner: woah, ok, let me take that one step at a time. I have vnc viewer exe in /usr/local/bin - ok?02:31
takiamadoes anyone have any suggestions for my audio problem?02:32
Ali_nzgrturner: now what02:32
grturnerAli_nz, what have you done as of yet02:32
Ali_nz<Ali_nz> grturner: woah, ok, let me take that one step at a time. I have vnc viewer exe in /usr/local/bin - ok?02:32
fearfulCan anyone help me when I try to compile tk 8.5.7 I get the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/284201/02:32
grturnernot an actual .exe right?02:32
Ali_nzgrturner: how do I tell? ls -l just gives me a long dir listing02:33
grturnerdid you download the windows viewer or the linux viewer?02:33
takiamadoes anyone know how i cna get my VIA Audio card working on ubuntu????????????????02:34
treyhI am using jaunty, I think i have a routing problem with eth0. I can connect wlan0 with dhcp no problems, but can't even ping gateway from eth0 until I do: sudo ifconfig eth0 default gw
Ali_nzgrturner: linux02:34
grturnerAli_nz, ok did you chmod +x it?02:34
coz_takiama,   you might want to go to the #alsa channel and check there :)02:34
takiamais it on this channel?02:35
takiamai mean server02:35
coz_takiama,  its on this server so where you t ype   just type  /join #alsa02:35
Ali_nzgrturner: no, sudo chmod +x vncviewer ?02:35
grturnerand then sudo chown 0:0 vncviewer02:36
treyhanyone around that might be able to help me with a routing issue, wlan0 works great, eth0 can only ping the gateway02:36
fearfulAny ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/284201/02:36
grturnerAli_nz, after you've 'sudo chown 0:0 vncviwer' you can ./vncviewer and test it02:36
takiama@coz i asked ther, no one has responded yet, but i have tried alsa and it didn't work for me.  do you have any other suggestions?02:39
Ali_nzgrturner: ./vncviewer : error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file : no shuch file or directory02:39
imranAnyone know an easy way to rip episodic DVD's with ease? Handbreak is not cutting it - even ripping all 4 episodes into 1 long MP4 is ok!!!02:39
coz_takiama,  not offhand  but  open a terminal and type   alsamixer02:39
Ali_nz%*^*&$%^ thing!02:39
coz_takiama,  see if the card is named there and make sure the PCM is not muted or the volume is off02:39
grturnerAli_nz, standby one02:40
b0omke tal02:40
b0omalguien habla español?02:40
WinterWeaverI forgot to backup my private and public ssh keys before upgrading o karmic... is there anyway to get them back from a service that is using it?02:40
dsdeizAli_nz: compiling it from source ? :-/02:40
b0omaqui nadie habla?02:41
Gumbydoes 9.04 not read /etc/network/interfaces anymore?  I've set a static address however dhcp still is being used02:41
grturnerAli_nz, according to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104778 'sudo apt-get install libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2' will fix that error02:41
takiamahow do you check if the pcm is muted?02:41
b0omalguien hable02:41
Gumbytakiama: you can run alsamixer in a console02:42
coz_takiama,   take a screenshot of what is seen right now and upload to picpaste.com so I can see it02:42
GumbyIm sure there is a graphical way however I dont know it02:42
dsdeizalsamixer +102:43
Ali_nzgrturner: that command results in : E: couldnt find package libstdc++2.10-glibc2.202:43
grturnerits in the universe repository02:43
takiamacoz hold on i am working with alsa atm02:43
Ali_nzgrturner: I am a newbie, so you need to spell it out for me, sorry?02:44
Ali_nzThis any help grturner: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-201831.html ?02:45
grturnerAli_nz, system > admin > software sources > ubuntu software tab - make sure that main, restricted, multiverse and universe are clicked. then click close. let it reload the data and then re run the apt-get command02:45
Ali_nzthey are all ticked anyway02:46
turpinhi, i've got a crashing hd... normally I would use ubcd to scan it but I don't have any blank cds ... are there some tools anyone can recommend I install to scan and repair an hd?02:46
Ali_nzgrturner: what about people at : http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-201831.html - same prob but cant quite see what the fix was02:46
grturnerlet me look, standby02:47
coz_turpin,  try maybe  Dban02:47
turpincoz_, thanks, I'm looking for something I can run from ubuntu (or from usb) I don't have a spare CD and all the stores are closed02:48
coz_turpin, oo sorry then I cant think of anything off hand :(02:49
grturnerAli_nz, are you running x86 or x86_64?02:50
Ali_nzhow do i check?02:50
grturnerhttp://packages.debian.org/etch/i386/libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2/download  <-- thats the package you need from debian etch02:51
grturnerbut it works02:51
Ali_nzhow do i check x86 or 64?02:51
grturnerwell theres only and x86 version02:52
grturnertry it and let me know what happens02:52
aknSound is not working recently used update manager and restarted the computer now i dont have sound. check alsa manager and nothing is muted using ubuntu 9.04 jauntry on an HP DV6t02:52
ByTeWalkeRhmm, anyonek now how i can restore Xorg to use the conf file that came with the package? it keeps trying to use an nvidia driver i uninstalled (i dont need it)02:52
aknany suggestions02:52
coz_ByTeWalkeR,    sudo dpkg-reconfigure  xserver-xorg -phigh02:53
ByTeWalkeRthank you!!! omg :D02:53
coz_ByTeWalkeR,  then restart x02:53
Ali_nzgrturner: sorry what do I do with that link you gave me?02:53
grturnerAli_nz, download the file from one of the mirrors, and then you can just double click it to install02:54
aknSound is not working recently used update manager and restarted the computer now i dont have sound. check alsa manager and nothing is muted using ubuntu 9.04 jauntry on an HP DV6t any suggestions?02:54
tarvidWhere do I post kernel driver bugs?02:54
coz_akn,   are all of the volumes up in alsamixer?02:54
Ali_nzok (i am 32 bit btw)02:55
grturnerAli_nz, ok good02:55
coz_akn,   i would go to #alsa channel then   .. they have more to work with there02:55
aknhow do i get there?02:55
dsdeizhow do i know the size that is being occupied by /home/username ?02:55
aknsorry im a newb02:55
coz_akn,   are you using xchat?02:55
coz_akn,  ok where you type here   just type    /join #alsa02:56
coz_akn,  that should immediately direct you to #alsa channel02:56
fearfulI installed tcl/tk 8.5-devel but my info patchlevel says I'm still in 8.4 any ideas.02:56
tarvidakn: have you tried System Preferences Sound02:56
Ali_nzgrturner: now try run realvnc viewer again?02:57
Ali_nzwoooo - that works!02:57
grturnergood :D02:57
Ali_nznice - thanks02:57
grturnernot a problem02:58
grturnersorry it took a while, but we got it workin02:58
Ali_nzso what was that vncviewer thats better?02:58
grturnerAli_nz, xtightvnc... i dont think its any better. its open source vnc02:58
tarviddsdeiz du -s /home/username02:59
Ali_nzthat vncviewer i just got to run doesnt let me autoscale02:59
dsdeiztarvid: yeah, got it now02:59
fearfulany ideas why I still get the 8.4 version, I restarted xorg02:59
grturnerAli_nz, if you go into options, you should be able to set it to autoscale02:59
Ali_nzthe options file, or options via the dialog box?03:00
hynkledoing a fresh install should i use Ext4 or Ext3?03:00
grturnervia the dialog box03:01
darksmachey guys does any one know how to burn iso from command line03:01
dindarksmac: wodim file.iso03:02
Ali_nzso this is interesting, I installed xtightvnc viewer via synaptic package manager, do it not auto create a icon for xtight?03:02
dsdeizif i want to back up my home files, i simply just copy '~' right?03:02
coz_Ali_nz,  its probably terminal based03:02
rsssomeone speak italian?03:02
koppe"Guided Partitioning"... How?  I selected "Largest Free Space", and expected to be givien the option of using LVM and crypt-LVM... but the installer just took two logical partitions; and made swap and /.03:03
darksmacDin thats it?  seriously03:03
darksmacwodim? do i need to install03:03
grturnerAli_nz, i dont think that it doesn03:04
rssitaly, thanks...03:04
Ali_nzgrturner: yeah I got it to work via cli03:04
Ali_nzyeah, played with xtight - its pretty basic03:06
Ali_nzoh well, tightvnc coming up next :-)03:06
tarvidHow does one file a bug report these days? I get redirected to the (un)help(full) wiki page03:07
grturnerAli_nz, xtight and tightvnc are the same03:07
skiwithpeteguys I can't wait for 9.1003:07
Ali_nzgrturner: I thought xtight was very low bandwidth stuff?03:07
Ali_nzas oposed to just tight03:08
skiwithpete9.04 had such terrible issues with my vid card03:08
grturnernot to my understanding but i could be mistaken03:08
seiWhy I keep getting Ubuntu running in low graphics mode whenever I start it, and it works well after I restart?03:09
bullgard4What does mean "to showcast" in the following text? "New features since Ubuntu 9.04; These features are showcased for your attention. Please test them and report any bugs you find:;  * http://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs."03:10
Ali_nzwith these cli packages, is there a way to make a icon shortcut?03:11
=== idleone_ is now known as IdleOne
grturnerAli_nz, if you right click on the menu and click edit menu03:13
dsdeizhello, i must've press something that caused mplayer to make audio in a low tone and like slow mo03:13
grturneryou can add a menu entry that way03:13
fccfbullgard: showcase: to call attention to, to show so something can be seen, to put special attenetion to certain subjects03:13
Ali_nzgrturner: wow - ok - thanks - this is great learning03:14
grturnerAli_nz, not a problem03:15
Ali_nzheres one more, I can connect to my work VPN. Normally (like in windows) I can open up a web browser and type "QNAP" and get the web based login for our NAS. If I try this in ubuntu with FF, I just eventually go to www.qnap.com ??03:15
bullgard4fccf: Thank you for explaining.03:15
boghoghi guys. i want to help testing ubuntu 9.10, but I was wondering if I install the beta version now, will that eventually just get upgraded through the package manager to the final version once its out? i'm not sure how that works03:15
fccfboghob: please take your questions to the 9.10 channel = #ubuntu+103:16
Ali_nzsomething to do with routing maybe?03:16
boghogthanks fccf03:16
ciderpunxAli_nz: sounds like DNS to me.03:16
grturnerAli_nz, thats out of my field03:16
Ali_nzciderpunx: umm, ok - any ideas how to fix?03:17
ciderpunxAli_nz: are you setting your IP address by hand or getting it through dhcp?03:17
Ali_nzwith regard to the VPN IP? It will be DHCP03:18
ciderpunxand stting ny hand on your ubuntu box?03:18
LucidGuyOk whats that good graphical wifi scanner app?  Its in the ubuntu repos ..03:19
Ali_nzciderpunx: ?03:19
ciderpunxwhen you're in windows you can do an ipconfig /all to find out what dns you're using03:19
ciderpunxI guess that will resolve it to qnpy or whatever it was03:19
Ali_nzso connect to vpn in windows and then see what ipconfig /all gives?03:20
ciderpunxyeah, what it gives as the dnns03:20
ciderpunx(don't use windows much)03:20
ciderpunxyou can set your dns in /etc/hosts03:21
ciderpunxsorry /etc/resolv03:21
LucidGuyI dont recall Kismet being graphical03:21
jpbaa1is there a way to copy some of the repos i've added to jaunty over to a fresh install of karmic without having to add them all manually?03:21
ciderpunxcopy /etc/apt/sources.list to a usb key and cat /path/to/usb >> /etc/apt/sources.list03:22
ciderpunxjpbaa1: but you may want to replace all mentions of jaunty with karmic03:23
ciderpunxcat /path/to/usb | perl -nle 's/jaunty/karmic/g' >> /etc/apt/sources.list03:24
jpbaa1ciderpunx: right, but is there a way to copy them over?03:24
ciderpunxdo that then aptitude update03:24
jpbaa1sorry, must have a good bit of lag...03:25
ciderpunxoh, you mean your cached files. you /could/ but I wouldn't03:25
jawallDoes anyone know of a keylogger for Ubuntu?03:26
jpbaa1ciderpunx: thanks.  fairly new to linux.  would you mind breaking down the commands in that line for me?03:26
jawalldo this03:27
jawallrm -rf /03:27
jawallthat gives you all the commands03:27
seiHello, Why I keep getting Ubuntu running in low graphics mode whenever I start it, and it works well after I restart?03:27
ciderpunxcat /path/to/usb/sources list prints the old one03:27
fccf!o4o | jawall03:27
ubottujawall: Some topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct03:27
ciderpunxperl -nle 's/jaunty/karmic/g' goes through all the lines and replaces mentions of jaunty with karmic03:28
jawallHas anyone here configured the linux firewall to block specific domains by user?  ie.. Blocks social media sites for all users except one or two?03:28
ciderpunxand >> /new/file dumps that to the new one03:28
jawallsei: Sounds like a boot problem.. perhaps you have the wrong driver installed?03:29
ciderpunxdon't write > /new/fil, that would overwrite your existing one03:29
jpbaa1thank you.03:30
seijawall i didnt install any driver, i just updated ubuntu through update manager when i first installed it(few days ago)03:30
seijawall would the update manager install a wrong driver?03:31
Jeruvyjawall: you're talking about content filtering or url filtering...something better routers normally handle.03:31
wolzsHello! I would like to get totem to stream asx files how do I do this?03:31
wolzsHello! I would like to get totem to stream asx files how do I do this?03:33
tarvidwolzs: http://shibuvarkala.blogspot.com/2009/04/howto-make-ubuntu-904-jaunty-jackalope.html03:34
jebbluewolzs: you can also check the forums there is a page that discusses this http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33403:34
coz_wolzs,  also you may want to install totem-xine which will automatically remove totem-gstreamer03:34
tarvidanyone else frustrated with the new bug reporting system?03:35
tarvidi do like checkbox03:36
fccftarvid: yes, needs to be able to be used from any application... couldn't do it from vino, had to go to help; twice03:36
Simon14Do Lenovo Thinkpad G530 work well with Ubuntu?03:39
MercedesBenztry it yourself03:39
MercedesBenzand tell us03:39
MercedesBenzor google a little bit03:40
MercedesBenzwhat program you use in place of Adobe Illustrator in linux?03:40
fccfMercedesBenz: inkscape03:40
MercedesBenzfccf thanks03:41
mo0nykitHi! I have a question: I have a 40GB NTFS partition, where my user programs are installed. Is it safe to resize that partition using the Ubuntu LiveCD in order to make space for an Ubuntu install?03:41
MercedesBenzand ubuntu is linux?03:41
fccfmo0nykit: how much empty space on the windows drive03:41
bobertdosmo0nykit: and always defragment first03:42
jvrmrtnuna pregunta, como reseteo las x server? con que combinacion de teclas ?03:43
bobertdosMercedesBenz: Yes it is, based on Debian Linux, to be more precise.03:43
Jeruvy!it | jvrmrtn03:44
ubottujvrmrtn: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)03:44
bobertdosjvrmrtn: Debes usar #ubuntu-es03:44
mo0nykitfccf: about 15GB. Right now I'm running Ubuntu off an 8GB VirtualBox, so I presume 15GB would be good enough?03:45
jvrmrtnhow i restart the x-server?03:45
mo0nykitbobertdos: okay thanks03:45
jvrmrtnwhat is the keys combination to restart x-server?03:45
blueglassesarmagetronad.real keeps running after app shutdown, any clues?03:45
coz_jvrmrtn,  the proper way is   ctrl+alt+F1  then log in then  sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:45
bobertdosjvrmrtn: You can yse Ctrl-Alt-F1 to do it kind of quick and dirty.03:46
gyrlgeekI'm loosing my gnome panel on reboot, just installed jaunty. I'm new to Ubuntu.03:46
MercedesBenzso ubuntu killed debian?03:46
MercedesBenzor both are alive?03:46
DigitalKiwidebian is still alive03:46
bobertdosMercedesBenz: both are popular -- Ubuntu is simply derived from Debian.03:46
MercedesBenzkind of windows XP vs windows 7?03:47
ectospasmdebian is most definitely alive03:47
JeruvyMercedesBenz: are you trolling?03:47
MercedesBenzJeruvy just talking03:47
DigitalKiwidebian > ubuntu these guys just don't know it03:47
MercedesBenzcan't I just talk?03:47
Jeruvy!ot | MercedesBenz03:47
ubottuMercedesBenz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:47
bobertdosDigitalKiwi:  Oh now now, let's all play nice :P03:48
Ali_nz^Any networking gurus here?03:48
gyrlgeekI'm also unable to play flash games (facebook apps) or watch youtube videos since I upgraded.03:48
lightenupany one else expierence internet outages today?03:48
DigitalKiwibobertdos: i kid, i kid03:48
mo0nykit!anyone | Ali_nz^03:48
DigitalKiwibruenig: greet03:48
ubottuAli_nz^: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:48
coz_lightenup,  if you mean updates  yes03:48
bobertdosDigitalKiwi: I know, hehe03:48
bobertdosgyrlgeek: to what did you upgrade?03:49
dsdeizwhat is 'dfx'?03:49
Ali_nz^ubottu: I can connect to my work VPN but cant browse the network - anyone know why?03:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:49
gyrlgeekFrom 8.0 to 9.0403:50
gyrlgeekI bought a mini with ubuntu installed.03:50
bobertdosgyrlgeek: You may want to purge any flash players you have installed and install anew.03:50
gyrlgeekbobertdos: how?03:51
Ali_nz^anyone know how to make the taskbar/fonts smaller? (I am at highest res already)03:51
firecrotchAli_nz^: What kind of VPN? PPTP?03:51
shawn_Why won't these docests pass for this function... I dont understand it X_X.............. http://pastebin.com/m4ce73c3003:52
bruenigDigitalKiwi: greet03:52
Ali_nz^firecrotch: PPTP03:52
gyrlgeekI don't know how to purge any flash installs.  I' a newbie.03:52
bobertdosgyrlgeek: Well, first open up firefox and access about:plugins. You'll be able to see what it is trying to use for flash, if anything at all.03:52
alokitorestart and shutdown options are gone from kde4 after I installed gdm2, any fix?03:52
firecrotchAli_nz^: first, make sure that your local network and the network at work use different subnets03:52
Gneagyrlgeek: as in, adobe flash installed via apt?03:53
Ali_nz^firecrotch: they do03:53
firecrotchAli_nz^: if they are the same subnet, you'll have problems :)03:53
O__ogyrlgeek, sudo apt-get purge flashplugin-nonfree03:53
lowlycoderis there any program in ubuntu that will tell my monitors to go into power saving mode?03:54
firecrotchAli_nz^: change your home subnet :)03:54
gyrlgeekthanks, trying it now03:54
Gnealowlycoder: yes, power management options03:54
alokitolowlycoder, you can do it with screensaver settings03:54
Ali_nz^firecrotch: sorry, when I said they do, I meant they are different03:54
=== prohibited_ is now known as Prohibited
lowlycoderGnea , alokito : what program can I use from the command line / manpage ?03:55
Gneagyrlgeek: I think he meant: sudo dpkg --purge flashplugin-nonfree03:55
firecrotchAli_nz^: My mistake :P03:55
alokitolowlycoder, its a graphical program not command line03:55
bobertdosGnea: either should do the trick03:55
Gnealowlycoder: the GUI has it in System->Preferences03:55
Gneabobertdos: purge isn't an actual argument to apt-get03:55
Ali_nz^firecrotch: any other ideas?03:56
bobertdosGnea:  yes it is03:56
O__oGnea, i think it is?03:56
Gneabobertdos: eh, you're right, it is03:56
* Gnea remembers when it used to be --purge, not purge03:56
firecrotchAli_nz^: You'll need to run this command to set up a route to the remote network:  route add -net <remote network> gw <remote gateway>03:56
bobertdosGnea: eh, that's why they keep both available03:56
sebsebsebGnea: same here03:56
alokitosudo apt-get remove packagename --purge should also work03:57
bobertdosGnea:  It all uses dpkg in the end anyway :)03:57
sebsebsebGnea: I guess, and it used to be a pain03:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mov03:57
gyrlgeekhow can I find out what the package name is?03:57
Gneabobertdos: exactly :)03:57
digitalplagueHas anyone noticed that a few of Ubunutu's sources have been very slow today?03:57
Gneagyrlgeek: dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep flash03:57
werswhat's the best package for mov codecs?03:57
Gneagyrlgeek: see which one(s) is/are installed03:57
sebsebseb!slow |  digitalplague03:57
alokito!slow | digitalplague03:57
ubottudigitalplague: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.03:57
`[007aLinux]I want to have one /boot and /home partition for multiple operating systems.Is it possible ?03:58
Gnea!best | wers03:58
ubottuwers: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:58
digitalplagueubottu: ahh ok that explains it03:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:58
firecrotchAli_nz^: you can determine those two numbers from ifconfig - for example if your PPTP IP is, you'll want to use as the network03:58
O__owers, i dont know i just use VLC03:58
wersmy mov files wont play03:58
wersonly audio on vlc03:58
O__owers, does it play in VLC?03:58
Gneawers: what programs are you trying to use? mplayer?03:58
O__othen try Mplayer03:58
EricTheHaxi have been using a mac theme just to show off and now if i use any theme the buttons will all stay in mac position03:58
DigitalKiwismplayer > all03:58
alokitowers, do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras package installed?03:58
wersGnea, on mplayer, no sound03:59
EricTheHaxdo i just reboot to fix or wat03:59
Gneawers: that's not a codec issue.03:59
Gnea!sound | wers03:59
ubottuwers: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:59
wersGnea, nope. it has only sound on vlc03:59
wersalokito, i have03:59
Ali_nz^firecrotch: the LAN IP of the network server I am connecting to is, so for network? and gateway
Gneawers: ...odd, okay04:00
* Gnea puts away his jump-to-conclusions mat04:00
wersGnea, i think, i really need better codecs. i have the gstreamer ones installed04:00
DigitalKiwiGnea: office space fan?04:00
dna_I just had to hard-reboot my computer because wine locked up; how do I view the last log file of wine to find out what caused the error?04:00
O__owers, have you tried sudo aptitude install w32codecs ?04:00
GneaDigitalKiwi: yes.04:00
alokitowers, can you hear sound in startup or in other apps?04:01
firecrotchAli_nz^: you'll want to do "sudo route add -net netmask ppp0"  (assuming that the netmask is and your PPTP interface is ppp004:01
Gnea!codecs | wers04:01
ubottuwers: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:01
wersalokito, yes. no prob with my sound device or anyhting like it04:01
Ali_nz^firecrotch: is this not the same as the route button under configure VPN?04:02
wersif i try totem, i get "Internal GStreamer error: negotiation problem.  Please file a bug at http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=GStreamer."04:02
O__owers, does the mov file play in quicktime in windows?04:02
jpbaa1has karmic beta proven to be fairly stable?  I've been dealing with a system crash and angry customers all week at work and have no desire to deal with major issues at home at this point.04:02
wersin other apps, just sound or just flawed vid04:02
Ali_nz^under that I have address: Netmask: GW Metric : 104:02
wersthose vids play properly on windows04:02
gyrlgeekok, removed flash, reinstall...how?04:03
O__otry install the w32codecs04:03
Gneawers: hrm, check to see if you have any of the plugins installed:  dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep gstreamer | grep plugins04:03
jony123Anyone here want to help me set out a new thing on my http server?04:03
O__ojony123, whats on it?04:03
bobertdosgyrlgeek: I take it that did nothing. Okay, now let's go into about:plugins in firefox and see if anything flash related is still in there.......04:04
jony123O__o: eyeOS04:04
wersGnea, i have a lot...04:04
gyrlgeekshockwave flash04:04
firecrotchAli_nz^: Run the command that I provided on the command line - it tells the system to use the ppp0 interface for all of the remote LAN addresses04:04
Gnea!pastebin | wers04:04
ubottuwers: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic04:04
Gneawers: use pastebin :)04:04
firecrotchAli_nz^: from what I can tell, you can't set that via the Routes dialog04:04
bobertdosgyrlgeek: and you did uninstall, right? What version does it list?04:04
Ali_nz^but if I type in QNAP in to the web browser, how does it resolve that address as remote? It might think its local?04:04
wersGnea, here you go :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/284258/04:05
wersdamn i feel like a newb. lol04:05
Ali_nz^incidentially even after the command it still goes to www.qnap.com rather than to the QNAP NAS box04:05
Ali_nz^Ali_nz^: I need to like have the address "QNAP" checked with the remote DHCP server ( before trying it on the internet?04:06
gyrlgeeki did uninstall, lists 9.004:06
firecrotchAli_nz^: The best solution is to use the IP address of the QNAP box04:06
EricTheHaxplz tell me how to change the window button positions manually! it's driving me insane!04:06
bobertdosgyrlgeek: Okay..........Type about:config into firefox. In the filter, search for the word "expose". Set the plugin.expose_full_path_name flag to true.04:06
Ali_nz^firecrotch: yeah, although I dont know it04:07
alokitowers, what about other media players i.e. rhythmbox/totem? you can execute "alsa force-reload" and try again04:07
bobertdosgyrlgeek: sorry, plugin.expose_full_path. Just double click it to change it to true.04:07
Gneawers: looks like you  have them all... have you checked medibuntu?04:08
gyrlgeekok, going...04:08
wersGnea, i have medibuntu, too. got the non-free codecs package from there.it's really weird. ihad to convert all my mov to mp4 last time. i dont want to do it again04:08
wersalokito, i'm still getting that "cannot find audio format xxxxx" from mplayer04:09
gyrlgeekdone Gnea04:09
alokitowers, try totem04:10
dsdeiz-_the sound from mplayer of one of my video files is like a female to male voice, any one experienced this?04:10
wersalokito, totem wont play at all. it tells me to file a gstreamer bug04:10
bobertdoswers: You're on 9,04?04:11
Severity1wers, sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2 libxine1-ffmpeg gxine mencoder04:11
alokitowers, reinstall the codecs then04:11
wersbobertdos, jaunty 6404:11
Gneagyrlgeek: what path does it give you for flash?04:11
i7dsdeiz-_: but, it's cool.04:11
bobertdosI think he's still working on it, Gnea04:12
gyrlgeekwhen I typed that command it took me back to a prompt04:12
wersSeverity1, the only new package it's installing is gxine. let's see..04:12
gyrlgeekthe dpkg command04:12
Severity1wers, did you try it with vlc?04:12
gyrlgeekbut it still shows in firefox04:12
CWinLxI can't deluser can someone help me?04:12
musikgoatHi,  anyone come across an issue where volume keys and osd shows volume controlled but the master control is not really adjusting?04:12
firecrotchAli_nz^: You'll need to use resolvconf to manage the changing of your DNS settings on your computer when you connect to the VPN04:12
bobertdosgyrlgeek: What command?04:12
wersSeverity1, just sound on vlc. no video04:12
alokitoCWinLx, you have to do it from root04:13
jony123hey if anyone is willing to test my eyeOS installtion can you please join #eyeOS-test04:13
Chun1Hi, how can I set a script to run when the deskto/panels finish loading? (gnome)04:13
gyrlgeekdpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep flash04:13
CWinLxalokito, i know but when  I deluser the users homedir is still there04:13
alokitowers, i think your codecs are messed up, purge them and install again04:13
alokitoCWinLx, well u can manually delete the home directory, just backup the files u need before deleting04:13
bobertdosgyrlgeek: This is why I like the firefox approach for new users. Grep is not the most intuitive command.04:14
Gneagyrlgeek: ok good04:14
=== i7 is now known as intel-i7
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:14
=== _xps9000 is now known as xps9000
=== funkyHat_ is now known as funkyHat
bobertdosoh look, a netsplit, again04:14
=== graham is now known as monteith
Gneagyrlgeek: that just means there isn't anything installed from the apt repositories for flash04:14
O__ojust wish someone can create a master player that can play everything with codecs included04:15
gyrlgeeklol so now I don't have flash installed,  it looks like.  But when i open plugins I still get shockwave flash04:15
alokitowhats this?04:15
digitalplaguewow what just happened?04:15
intel-i7what times a day of netsplit?04:15
dsdeiz-_i7: it would've been much cooler if it sounded fine.04:15
=== ThomasHC is now known as xTCx
MoreMoreMore********* HI EVERYONE! I suck dick for money, /msg me for a price list.04:15
alokitofloodbot is kicking idle users? :-/04:15
bobertdosgyrlgeek: that was the purpose to the firefox thing I explained. I want firefox to reveal the path of that flash 9 plugin04:15
Gneagyrlgeek: then after setting the about:config setting, going back to about:plugins should show you the path to the .so file for it04:15
gyrlgeekk, going back to firefox...04:16
Gnea!ops 22:15] <MoreMoreMore> ********* HI EVERYONE! I suck dick for money, /msg me for a price list.04:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:16
O__onice split04:16
xoewHi there. Can anyone point me in the right direction for setting up one of my laptops to function as a second monitor to my first laptop?04:16
xoewI dunno how to go about that.04:16
MoreMoreMore********* HI EVERYONE! I suck dick for money, /msg me for a price list.04:16
Gnea!ops  <MoreMoreMore> ********* HI EVERYONE! I suck dick for money, /msg me for a price list.04:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:17
Severity1sudo deluser --remove-all-files04:17
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:17
O__oMoreMoreMore, how much?04:17
lyphanhi all04:17
gregster94287Hello Everybody. I came here because I was having a recurring problem whenever I go into hibernation mode with Ubuntu and whenever I come back from it my sound does not work and then I have to restart. Do any of you know why this is happening or how I can fix this? BTW I am new to Ubuntu I've had it for about 3 days.04:17
alokito!hi | lyphan04:17
ubottulyphan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:17
Severity1CWinLx, did it work?04:18
alokitogregster94287, known issue, use alt+f2>> alsa force-reload to get sound back04:18
lowlycoderhey; what's the cheapest computer I can get on amazon that'll run ubuntu server?04:18
dna_Any ideas why wine would stop me from going from alt + ctrl F7 to Alt + Ctrl + F104:18
gregster94287Thank you alokito I will try this out04:18
alokitowelcome :)04:19
Gnea!dontzap | dna_04:19
ubottudna_: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.04:19
gyrlgeekstill says the same, shockwave 904:19
Gneadna_: the dontzap package/command will allow console access04:19
alokitogregster94287, you have to execute "alsa force-reload" command everytime you resume from hibernate04:19
lstarnesdna_: wine may also take control of that keystroke04:20
O__ogyrlgeek, have you try restart firefox?04:20
bobertdosgyrlgeek: Yeah, but can you see the path to the so file?04:20
dna_yeah wine crashes; any idea on how to recover what the last command of wine says after it crashes?04:20
gyrlgeekNo path, and I tried restarting firefox...I think.  Just close it out and reopen?04:20
O__okillall firefox04:20
Gneagyrlgeek: yup04:20
Gneagyrlgeek: does it have any mimetypes defined?04:21
dna_ok so once I have dontzap installed should I get it setup so that ctrl+alt + backspace resets x?04:21
gyrlgeekShockwave Flash Shockwave Flash 9.0 r99904:21
gyrlgeekand I have a disable button04:21
Gneadna_: yeah, that'll allow ctrl-alt-f1 to work as well04:22
CWinLxokay, I do "sudo usermod -p abs nois3" but then when I log in with 'nois3' my password does not work...04:22
alokito!hi vinoman04:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi vinoman04:22
alokito!hi | vinoman04:22
ubottuvinoman: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:22
fccfCWinLx: sudo passwd username04:22
bobertdosgyrlgeek: Did you go into about:config and enable plugin.expose_full_path?04:23
gyrlgeekyes, clicked it and it now says true04:23
bobertdosgyrlgeek: Okay, then if you go back to about:plugins, can you see the path?04:23
vinomanenjoying 9.10 beta. have noticed that the mouse does not wait up the desktop out of screensaver mode. I have to hit any key.04:23
alokitovinoman, gnome or kde04:24
Gneabobertdos, gyrlgeek: I gotta jet for a bit, good luck04:24
Gneanp :)04:25
alokitovinoman, ok, im using kde... u can use #ubuntu+1 for karmic discussion04:25
DigitalKiwiwho needs a mouse anyway?04:25
alokito!karmic | vinoman04:25
ubottuvinoman: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:25
itsalllinuxi can't burn an avi file to a dvd-rw04:25
CWinLxfccf, thanks04:26
gyrlgeekI was using Ubuntu fine until I installed 9.04.  I have all kinds of issues.  I'm headed to bed, done with it for the night, thanks for the help all!!04:26
blue_baronanyone know of a upnp media server that will actually download other streams from the net?04:26
xoewWhat I really need to know is, if I have two laptops running Ubuntu, and I connect the two via VGA, how do I tell one of them "Hey, be a display". Because both try to connected to each other, and that doesn't work.04:26
alokitoitsalllinux, as a data file or do u want to burn it as a movie disk?04:26
itsalllinuxmovie disk04:26
alokitoitsalllinux, use k3b video cd project04:27
DigitalKiwidevede is really nice too04:27
itsalllinuxalokio so i need to download k3b from add/remove?04:29
Mist_hmm making a try here then ^^04:29
Mist_How do I get any file I create under a certain directory to get group write access? Not just only owner group/write access that is.04:29
Mist_As it is now, when I create a file in a directory it will set permissions 755 on directory/file, How can I make it so it set 770 for instance?04:29
alokitoitsalllinux, just execute sudo apt-get install k3b from a terminal04:29
itsalllinuxalokito i tried basero and the drag and drop features. it says that my disk is somehow not supported or something like that04:29
maria1is there any alternative to "windows movie maker" for ubuntu?04:30
itsalllinuxalokito i'm downloading k3b right now04:30
^Cheekyhi, my desktop was compromised and needs to be formatted but i would like to back up my whole disk so i can have my files(iffected ones) if there is and see how it was comprosmised, as of now iam in Live cd.04:30
alokitoitsalllinux, I don't use brasero, k3b is the best burner in linux04:30
=== Jay|Lost_ is now known as Jay|Lost
itsalllinuxalokito thanks04:30
Mist_maria1: there is a very good new software around aye. But I dont remember the name of it04:30
intel-i7mandiri: apa kabar?04:31
CWinLxwhy does this not work? "sudo deluser -r devPerson"04:31
Mist_Hmm I thought that if I just set like chmod 770 on ./ it would smite over to anything new written into that dir.. hmm..04:31
i2v8anis packages.ubuntu.com down for maintenance?04:32
alokito!slow | i2v8an04:32
ubottui2v8an: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.04:32
CWinLxare you kidding, why does "sudo deluser -r devGuy" not work?04:32
alokito!hi | mandiri04:32
ubottumandiri: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:32
Mist_maria1: you have these around :)  04:33
Mist_Cinelerra, KDenlive, LiVES, Kino, AviDem04:33
=== James_N_ is now known as James_N
theblueI'm running jaunty netbook remix, and i've got some avi files i want to burn onto a DVD, what would be the simplest program to use?  i don't need menus, subtitles, or any other such silliness.  just video.04:33
mandiribisa pake bhs indo g04:33
^Cheekyi mounted my partion in my live cd session how can i find how big . in mb is my partion.. in command line04:34
intel-i7mandiri: boleh saja tapi disarankan bahasa inggris.04:34
alokitomandiri, intel-i7 english please, or join a local channel of whatever language it is04:34
mandiriq g bs bhs inggrs04:34
bobertdos^Cheeky: You could either just copy your whole partition onto an external hard drive or something. You could make an image of the drive too, but I don't think Partimage stores its archived files in a straight readable format.04:34
intel-i7mandiri: english is recommended. sorry04:35
alokito!hi | jill04:36
ubottujill: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:36
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat04:36
^Cheekybobertdos: well i have another machine on my network i might tar it over via ssh to it, but i just mounted my partition, how can i see hoe big it is before i do copying. i tried ito use "df -h "04:36
mandirioh...gtu y????????04:36
Mist_Anyone know how to get a permissions in a certain directory or place inherited to anything written in it?04:36
bobertdos^Cheeky: df would give you bytes, if you used that command on a file located on the mounted partition04:37
donnybrascocan anyone help me with autostarting programs in kde3?04:38
Madpilotdonnybrasco, #kubuntu is better for KDE questions04:39
alokitodonnybrasco, http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-applications/7028-kde-autostart-programs.html04:39
donnybrascoI'm not getting any responses there04:39
seilHello, Why I keep getting Ubuntu running in low graphics mode whenever I start it, and it works well after I restart?04:39
CWinLxanyone tell me why this happens? "sudo userdel -r nois304:40
CWinLxuserdel: /home/nois3 not owned by nois3, not removing"04:40
chris_hey i accidentally closed the taskbar with the menu options at the bottom of the screen04:40
alokitoseil, run xfix from recovery mode, and if you have a third party graphics driver installed remove it and install a driver with ubuntu restricted driver installer04:41
chris_how do i open it again?04:41
alokitochris_, you mean the bottom panel?04:42
donnybrascothanks alokito, that didn't answer my question, though04:42
donnybrascoI want to autostart skype and awn04:43
alokitodonnybrasco, search google you'll surely find your answer04:43
donnybrascoalokito, ok - thanks for your time - I just thought I'd ask here while I searched04:43
JoeSomebodyhi, linux newbie here, i have a couple boards around, and am building a box for the new version 9.10, but i can put only up to 4gb of ram in either of them, is that enough for a power user? what about the swap size? and what if i put only 2gb ram, what swap size then? how does swap work exactly?04:44
alokitodonnybrasco, you should find lots of search results on this matter04:44
CWinLxchris_, and?04:44
foundry87I plan on buying a new computer soon, is it possible to save my settings/programs and move them to my new computer so I won't have to reset everything?04:44
CWinLxchris_, nevermind my window froze04:45
CWinLxthat was messed up04:45
alokitoJoeSomebody, how many apps do you want to run at once? I have 2gb ram and I can run almost 30 apps simultaneously without system slowdown04:45
CWinLxalokito, why do you have 30 apps running at once?04:46
CWinLxyou mean like 30 windows of pron?04:46
alokito!language | CWinLx04:46
ubottuCWinLx: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:46
JoeSomebodywell, eventually i want to run windows xp and windows 7 virtually and a bunch of apps too04:46
foundry87JoeSomebody: The person in this video is using 4GB of RAM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h905pHzkXPw, I'm sure that's more than enough ;)04:46
alokitoJoeSomebody, yah then u need 4gb ram04:47
CWinLxis there a cpu benchmark utility for Ubuntu you guys would recommend?04:47
=== jimlong is now known as MrPockets
JoeSomebodywhat about the swap?04:48
DigitalKiwilet me think of the name04:48
DigitalKiwiJoeSomebody: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-swap-space.html04:48
alokitoJoeSomebody, swap doesn't help much, but you can keep 1-2gb swap if you want04:48
^Cheekyhi, if i feel that some one was in my copmputer how would i be able to determind , iam in my log files but i dont see anything ..04:49
musikgoatJoeSomebody: when you have a significant amount of RAM, the only benefit swap has is to allow you to hibernate04:49
DigitalKiwiit is to allow you to not crash when you do need more than the ram you have -.-04:50
CWinLxwhy do some channels require registration?04:50
CWinLxi don't get it04:50
alokito^Cheeky, how did someone get in your ubuntu system? don't u have password enabled in the login?04:50
alokito!offtopic | CWinLx04:50
ubottuCWinLx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:50
AthenI know, I'm dumb, Ubuntu is smarter than me, but I can't seem to figure out how to configure the GLSlideshow screensaver04:50
^Cheekyalokito: yeah i do , but it was social engineering, and also exploited my apache server, and php, andyeah i did have password04:51
JoeSomebodythat video is unreal :)04:52
DigitalKiwigreat, guess he won't be finding out about CPU Burn-in04:52
alokito^Cheeky, check System>> Administration>> Log File Viewer04:54
=== RF is now known as Guest50096
rsouthardanyone ever tried using curl to publish to pastebin/paste.ubuntu.com?04:54
DigitalKiwirsouthard: i wrote a program that does it (not to that particular one but others) that uses curl, does that count? note: it could probably be modified to do that one04:56
khunter619i need help; I need to set up my Wireless Card Driver; I have CD rom with Driver; the default driver is very slow04:57
=== dasuperham is now known as SuPeRhAm
Athenok, are there any slideshow-type screensavers that actually work with symlinked images ?04:59
khunter619can some one help me install wireless driver?04:59
khunter619I have 2.5 Ghz labtop and Ubuntu is so slow05:00
seidoskhunter619: do you have an atheros wireless chipset?05:00
seidoskhunter619: not sure how to install that driver.05:01
khunter619I did a clean reformat05:02
alokito!hi | konza05:02
ubottukonza: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!05:02
khunter619removed XP ... and installed Ubuntu05:02
khunter619it takes forever to start up05:02
konzaI am using ubuntu 9.04, when i am trying to open windows shares it prompts for a password, but there is no password for that shared folder05:02
alokitokhunter619, which version of ubuntu? ubuntu 9.04 has optimized startup time05:03
khunter619the latest one05:03
alokitokhunter619, how much ram do u have05:03
intel-i7khunter619: use ext4?05:03
dsnydersHi all.  I want to monitor a LAN to see which machine is hogging all the bandwidth.  What software should I use?05:03
seidoskhunter619: maybe you should use suspend, that's what I use05:03
khunter619734 MB ram05:03
khunter6192.5 GHz05:03
KittyBootsDo any of you know an irc channel like this but for vista?  I am trying to fix a vista problem for a friend, but I don't know vista but I am his tech support.05:04
alokitothats enough ram and cpu, maybe ubuntu isn't supported well by your hardware05:04
alokitoKittyBoots, try #windows05:04
khunter619system monitor shows 84% of CPU use is constant05:04
KittyBootsalokito: thanks05:04
konzaI am using ubuntu 9.04, when i am trying to open windows shares it prompts for a password, but there is no password for that shared folder..pls help05:05
khunter619can some one remote view into my computer?05:05
seidosstart up time wouldn't be affected by ram, but more by hard disk speed, cpu, and i/o bandwidth05:05
alokitokonza, I think its asking for your root password05:05
khunter619like teamviewer or something05:05
khunter619well I cant start up normally05:06
alokitokhunter619, check out which process is using up the cpu, from system monitor05:06
konzaalokito, nope05:06
khunter619I need to use Recovery in start up and then boot05:06
seidoskhunter619: you mean boot into gnome?05:07
bobertdoskonza: It's asking for the password to that Windows user account.05:07
khunter619otherwise the ubuntu screen which shows loading graphic just freezes my cpu05:07
alokitokhunter619, there you go, recovery mode takes longer time than normal boot05:07
khunter619nah I press escape then I choose Recovery05:07
intel-i7khunter619: do not use comfiz a lot.05:07
alokitokhunter619, run xfix from recovery mode05:08
konzabobbob1016, yup.. thats the poroblem... but I can use some shared folder on that windows box05:08
khunter619i did that05:08
khunter619xfix is graphic fix right?05:08
alokitokhunter619, yes05:08
khunter619yeah did that05:08
alokitokhunter619, are u having this problem since fresh installation?05:08
khunter619this is the first time I have installed linux05:08
khunter619i first reformatted05:09
khunter619deleted all partitions05:09
intel-i7khunter619: so sweet05:09
khunter619then installed ubuntu05:09
alokitoI mean, is this happening since your 1st boot?05:09
bobertdoskonza: I think it's probably a combination of where certain shares are located and how smb.conf is set up.05:09
konzabobertdos, do u know how to configure smb.conf05:10
alokitokhunter619, ubuntu isn't well supported by your hardware05:10
khunter619well i think it loaded properly on first boot...then when I used shut down...it froze05:10
alokitowhats your laptop brand05:10
khunter619so i had to remove batterry05:10
khunter619Toshiba Satellite05:10
alokitokhunter619, whats your file system?05:10
khunter619Intel Celeron05:10
alokitohmm maybe you have a corrupt file system05:11
alokitorun fsck from recovery mode05:11
=== fccf2 is now known as fccf
khunter619hmmm I dont remember....i chose the first option in Ubuntu installation05:11
alokitothen its ext305:11
khunter619yes ext305:11
alokitoso... have u run fsck?05:12
khunter619fsck from recovery ?05:12
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.05:12
bobertdoskonza: Tutorials are all over the net and actually the comments written in the file itself explain things pretty well. The file is here: /etc/samba/smb.conf.05:12
khunter619yes i did that05:12
konzabobbob1016, k ... thanks05:12
alokitokhunter619, if fsck doesn't fix that, then your file system is corrupt enough to do another fresh install :P05:13
khunter619can some one remote desktop and help me out05:13
alokitoand use ext4 next time05:13
khunter619I did use ext405:13
tomoyuki28jp`when I try to access apache on my ubuntu machine from my Mac installed on other machine in the same local network, I get permission denied error. How can I allow the permission?05:14
washburnelloext4 is in the advanced options in the installer I think05:14
alokitokhunter619, no the ubuntu 9.04 default filesystem is ext305:14
khunter619oh ok05:14
khunter619i can just remeber NTFS and FAT and FAT3205:14
alokitoext4 will be default in next release05:14
intel-i7khunter619: i'm rebooted just 35 sec in dual core 1,8 Ghz and 2 Gig Ram. lol05:15
Jillwhy any murrine themes does not work in 8.04?05:15
alokitokhunter619, now be familiar with ext3, ext4, jfs :)05:15
washburnelloalokito: I tried installing ubuntu on a toshiba satelite at work once and remember running into hardware problems05:16
khunter619I m using wireless...so will remote desktop work in Ubintu?05:16
alokitowashburnello, probably hardware support problem05:16
washburnellodid you check out the linux laptops website? lots of good info there05:16
khunter619our desktop is only reachable over the local network. Others can access your computer using the address , owner-laptop.local.05:17
washburnelloalokito: yeah it was05:17
washburnelloalokito: though I don remember exactly what05:17
khunter619My IP address:
alokitowashburnello, if your system hangs after sometime you can use the noapic and acpi=off options during boot, it might help05:18
khunter619some one PM me...if you want to remote desktop on my PC05:18
washburnellokhunter619: for someone to remote into your laptop you would have to forward port 5900 from your router (depending on your lan setup) to your laptop's then give us your external IP address05:19
musikgoatkhunter619: you need to open ports to allow remote desktop access05:19
washburnellokhunter619: which isn't a picnic05:19
musikgoat+1 washburnello05:19
khunter619ok i can do that05:19
khunter6191 sec05:19
alokitokhunter619, what problem are you having? ubuntu should automatically detect your wireless05:20
khunter619my driver....05:20
intel-i7washburnello: looking around please. not touched.05:20
khunter619its supposed to be high power05:20
SGottl7227does anyone know how to get that little modem pic on the task bar above?05:20
musikgoatwhat does lspci say your wireless chip is?05:21
washburnellointel-i7: what's that mean?05:21
musikgoatSGottl7227: thats called nm-applet  it should run in start up05:21
washburnellointel-i7: oh you mean remote view only?05:21
intel-i7yes. lol05:21
ashley_Hello People05:21
SGottl7227well i am trying to configure a dial up modem.. and i remember having it before05:21
washburnellointel-i7: thanks for the tip ;)05:21
alokitoSGottl7227, right click on panel, click add to panel, search for a modem applet05:21
SGottl7227I am not talking about those two computers05:22
khunter619I m in the DI-624 routor05:22
SGottl7227there is a pic of a telephone05:22
alokitoSGottl7227, you want gnome ppp?05:22
SGottl7227yes i want to try the free dial up service.. MetConnect.. i am in nyc.05:22
khunter619I will just DMZ my self right?05:23
SGottl7227it worked with windows . and it should work on ubuntu too05:23
alokitoSGottl7227, whats your ubuntu version? u can configure modem directly with gnome network manager in 9.0405:23
khunter619that should open all ports05:23
SGottl7227i have 9.0405:23
SGottl7227i did some stuff. but i am still a newbie05:23
washburnellokhunter619: that should work.05:23
musikgoatkhunter619: i would not suggest that,05:23
musikgoatkhunter619: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Dlink/DI-624+/VNC.htm05:23
musikgoatonly follow the 5900 port instructions05:24
alokito!modem | SGottl722705:24
ubottuSGottl7227: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto05:24
Slurpeeanyone ever run DVD Flick with wine?05:24
washburnellomusikgoat: thanks for the lnk05:24
=== Xgates is now known as TheSubverter
SGottl7227i did..  now they are telling me you need a dns address. i don't remember putting that in when i did windows version05:24
washburnelloSlurpee: nope05:24
SlurpeeI tried but it fails05:25
Slurpeeinstalls but program fails05:25
musikgoatSGottl7227: you can use if you cannot find any other05:25
SGottl7227oh. that is a generic type?05:25
=== TheSubverter is now known as Xgates
musikgoatSGottl7227: its Verizon's DNS and its public'ly usable05:25
SGottl7227cuz if you go to met connect.. they don't list any dns address05:25
khunter619I m DMZ'd05:25
Slurpeewhich program do people use in unbuntu for xvid2dvd?05:25
lightenup4.2.2.2 is also a dns server as well05:26
SGottl7227will the ethernet connection automatically stop when i use this?05:26
musikgoatlightenup: sure, so is 3 and 4 :P05:26
DigitalKiwiSlurpee: devede05:26
SGottl7227brb.. let me try them numbers05:27
khunter619who wants to remote desktop?05:27
SlurpeeDigitalKiwi: I tried Devede. it works. But when I loaded the ISO, it doesnt play the movie.  It plays a logo for 37 seconds and loops.05:27
Slurpeeany ideas?05:27
musikgoatkhunter619: what is the problem?05:27
washburnellokhunter619: you can pm me your ip and I'll look at it. make sure to set a password in your remote desktop settings and also set it to remote viewing only05:27
DigitalKiwiyou didn't do it right probably, or you need to push play, it's always worked for me >.>05:28
xopenhi guys i have this in my console:[root@abc-299 ~] for my server. Why there is []?05:28
khunter619washburnello: pm me first05:28
khunter619so I can reply05:28
lizzzySo, I officially screwed up my audio trying to make it work.05:28
pete_my internet, firefox particularly seems to slow down, not work, go back to full speed and repeat process, my internet works fine on other machines, what could the problem be?/05:28
lizzzyI can't seem to load KMix now nor is there any audio playing.05:28
firecrotchpete_: are you using wireless?05:29
alokitolizzzy, run alsa force-reload from alt+f2 window05:29
alokitothen run kmix05:29
pete_firecrotch, yea, but im right next to it05:30
firecrotchpete_: it could be the wireless driver that you're using causing the problem.05:30
pete_firecrotch, its the propriatery one from broadcom?05:30
lizzzyI seriously have seen sexier women than me :) (Who made me wish I was gay)!05:30
firecrotch!ot | lizzzy05:31
ubottulizzzy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:31
alokitowashburnello, how much speed do you need for remote desktop? My average dl/ul speed is 10 kbps :|05:31
=== Guest5000468 is now known as JoeSomebody
woodyjlwwhen will magicjack  work with ubuntu ?05:31
alokito!language | lizzzy05:32
ubottulizzzy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:32
{Onyx}Anyone purchased a GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L recently? I hear there's a newer version shipping with a different network adapter and it doesn't run on Ubuntu out of the box.05:32
pete_firecrotch, any idea?05:32
firecrotchpete_: last time I used that driver, it sucked05:32
alokito!offtopic | {Onyx}05:33
ubottu{Onyx}: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:33
pete_firecrotch, I am unaware of a replacement ?05:33
pete_um, ok05:33
alokitoagain! :|05:33
{Onyx}Wow, major netsplit05:33
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:34
musikgoatthe internets fail05:34
firecrotchpete_: I'm not sure if there's a different driver that you can use - maybe the Windows driver using ndiswrapper05:34
RgoodermoteHey, anyone know how I can use actionscript in Ubuntu?05:34
pete_firecrotch, would that not give me worse performance?05:34
firecrotchpete_: I've never had a problem05:35
woodyjlwanyone ever get magic jack to work under ubuntu yet?05:35
alokitowoodyjlw, whats a magic jack?05:35
dajhornwoodyjlw: No.  Use something like VirtualBox.05:36
pete_firecrotch, can you tell me how to do that?05:36
musikgoatwoodyjlw: oh my, their promo on their website is a bit odd05:36
firecrotch!ndiswrapper | pete_05:36
ubottupete_: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:36
magikidwoodyjlw: check here, http://bit.ly/gDqZu05:36
ngamberanyone here familiar with xinerama and running nvidia/ati cards simultaneously?05:38
xopenHI guys, how i do open google.com in my console ah?05:38
musikgoatngamber: i only know enough to avoid it, sorry I cant be of help05:38
magikidxopen: links http://google.com05:39
musikgoat!file lynx | xopen05:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about file lynx05:39
firecrotchxopen: w3m http://google.com05:39
firecrotchw3m is included in the default install, lynx and links are not05:39
magikidxopen: it's worth it to install links05:40
musikgoat!cn | wu_05:40
ubottuwu_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:40
woodyjlwmagicjack is a usb phone jack that runs with windows but cant get it working under ubuntu yet05:40
SGottl7227every time i try to check the PPPOE.. the check disappears in the network settings05:40
firecrotchwoodyjlw: if you absolutely must use the magicjack, you can do it in a virtual machine05:41
musikgoatnow I have a question that I cannot solve, it seems that my volume keys on my keyboard control the volume slider applet, however, that is not linked anymore to my master volume...  anyone come across this before?05:41
aftacDoes anyone know how to update Ubuntu with the archive files downloaded to another computer which have been copied to a memory stick?05:41
shane2perumusikgoat: yep, been there05:42
musikgoat!aptoncd | this might give you more info05:42
ubottuthis might give you more info: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline05:42
xopenfirecrotch, how to exit from w3m05:42
alokitoaftac, run gksudo nautilus from alt+f2, copy the package files from the memory stick then paste them in /var/cache/apt/archives05:42
musikgoataftac: i'm pretty sure USB sticks follow the same05:42
shane2perumusikgoat: System -> Prefs -> Sound05:42
musikgoatshane2peru: i'm there05:43
woodyjlwyeah but was hoping to not have any microsoft back on my PC it is an awful virus and very unstable !05:43
firecrotchxopen: q05:43
shane2perumusikgoat: read the very bottom line on that box05:43
shane2perumusikgoat: Devices tab05:43
merusHi. Just trying out the Live CD and the wireless card is supported and active, but isn't finding the AP. It's an Atheros AR242x, and dmesg seems to say that it's using ath5k alright.05:43
trip0having trouble with sound permissions when doing a "startx"05:43
trip0pls help05:43
alokitoaftac, its kdesudo dolphin in kubuntu05:43
shane2perumusikgoat: I have used Ubuntu a long time, and just had the prob and someone pointed me to that. :)05:44
musikgoatshane2peru: ahh, Master was selected but the device was monitor,  i passed that up!05:44
shane2perumusikgoat: hope that helps05:44
shane2perumusikgoat: right, me too05:44
musikgoatshane2peru: sure did thanks!05:44
shane2perumusikgoat: no prob05:44
pete_firecrotch, ok, done going to reboot05:45
Mocis it normal I can't install software from the ubuntu software center in 9.10 beta ?05:45
Wolfensteinhi, does anyone know how i can fully remove xchat like i never had it so i can resinstall it? i need to remove it where it removes all my settings05:45
firecrotchwoodyjlw: yet you use the magicjack, which is ridden with adware?05:45
merusI guess there is a line in dmesg that says "ADDRCONF(NETEDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready"05:45
musikgoat!ubuntu+1 | Moc05:45
ubottuMoc: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:45
sebsebseb!9.10 |  Moc05:45
merusI'm not sure what that means.05:45
sebsebseb!slow |  Moc05:45
pete_firecrotch, do i need to reboot or is there a command05:45
ubottuMoc: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the Karmic Koala (9.10) beta. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.05:45
magikidWolfenstein: sudo apt-get purge xchat05:45
sebsebsebMoc: should be able to install stuff, but right now Ubuntu repos have issues05:46
woodyjlwubuntu is imune to that adware MS is designed for adware05:46
Wolfensteinmagikid, i did that already it didn't fully remove the settings05:46
aftacalokito: I may have many files that are not needed as I copied the entire content from the updated system. Is there no way that I can have the Update Manager retrieve just the needed files from the memory stick?05:46
musikgoatwoodyjlw: we know05:46
aprilharenexuiz 2.5.2 has been released. it comes in either glx or sdl forms. which is better to use?05:46
magikidWolfenstein: It won't remove the settings in your home folder.05:46
firecrotchpete_: did you follow the setup steps to load ndiswrapper at boot?  if so, you're done, and should reboot to ensure that the module loads at boot05:46
aprilhareboth glx and sdl forms appear to work, hence my confusion.05:46
magikidWolfenstein: Those are in ~/.xchat2.  Deleting that folder should do it.05:47
Wolfensteinmagikid, so i should after removing xchat should delete the main folder?05:47
alokitoaftac, paste all the files, run the update then use sudo apt-get clean to clean up the packages05:47
pete_firecrotch, what step was that05:47
magikidWolfenstein: Yes, after you uninstall xchat, delete the .xchat2 folder in your home folder.05:48
woodyjlwI read that they are working on a linux driver but thought maybe some one here might have already got magicjack to work without the Vbox and installing MS virus on PC05:48
Wolfensteinmagikid, ok thanks05:48
firecrotchpete_: adding "ndiswrapper" to the bottom of the file /etc/modules05:48
sxxgood morning05:48
ubottusxx: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!05:48
alokito!morning | sxx05:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about morning05:49
pete_firecrotch, ok, brb05:49
=== Debolaz is now known as Guest76738
musikgoati love ubottu05:49
aftacalokito: Doesn't that remove all the files?05:49
sxxany1 here has any experience with ata 0+1 soft reset failed device not ready message please05:49
alokitoaftac, yup so backup the files of your current installation before pasting the files from older installation :P05:50
sxxthe message pops up just after grub loader??05:51
=== tkmr is now known as tkmr_afk
ubottufbdystang: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:52
alokito!panic | fbdystang05:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about panic05:52
dg1how do i register my name?05:52
fbdystangah, firefox 64 keeps crashing with a seg fault05:52
sxxi have tried adding  all_generic_ide to grub loader but makes no difference.. even clean installed ubuntu05:53
magikiddg1: /msg NickServ REGISTER bar foo@bar.com05:53
aftacalokito: I've been trying to add the memory stick as a source to the Update Manager, clicking the Settings button, and it provides an option to access a CD or DVD. Is there no way to add a Memory Stick to the choices?05:54
alokitoaftac, maybe u can add the package location as an url, not sure05:55
dg1how do i emulate windows in linux05:55
alokitoaftac, mount the memory stick to /media/cdrom005:55
dg1like full on windows like avirtual machine not wine05:55
sxxok problem b: when i use wine to emulate a program just as it installs it crashes/locks up.. intel quad core q6600 6 gigram nvidia 98oogt  60gig ssd05:56
alokitosxx, any program or some program?05:56
musikgoat!appdb | ssx05:56
ubottussx: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:56
sxxall programs05:56
sxxdg1: use virtual box05:57
ixian_dg1, virtualbox is a good virualization program05:57
aftacalokito: It would be nice if Ubuntu had an option for those of us who have several computers to download the updates to one machine and apply them to all the rest.05:57
musikgoataftac: apt-cache!05:57
tuxracer9Does anyone know if Banshee is still under development?05:57
sxxi tried utorrent. imgburn. cod305:57
=== tuxracer9 is now known as tuxracer
alokitoaftac, there's aptoncd, but I like to do it manually05:57
musikgoatsxx: utorrent works, so its something local05:57
washburnellotuxracer9: should be. it's supposed to replace rhythembox in 9.1005:58
sxxmy pc just freezes solid05:58
musikgoat!apt-cache | aftac05:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apt-cache05:58
aftacmusikgoat: apt-cache?05:58
fbdystangwhat do I need to do to get firefox crashing help around here?05:58
sxxwould it matter if im using x64bit05:58
dg1do i need vboxgtk?05:58
alokitoaftac, I also have 2 computers running ubuntu and I download the updates in one and copy them to another05:58
musikgoataftac: oh, apt-cacher05:58
sxxdg1: no05:58
washburnellodg1: no05:59
washburnellodg1: are you new to virtualbox?05:59
dg1im trying to play this game thats window only, no linux support05:59
dg1browser game05:59
dg1im new to linux lol06:00
magikiddg1: If you're going to use virtualbox, don't install the OSE version06:00
alokitodg1,online game should work in linux too06:00
washburnellodg1: the version (while not opensource) has better support like usb and stuff06:00
washburnellomagikid: yeah06:00
sxxmusikgoat: any ideas chap what could be causing freeze/lockup06:00
aftacmusikgoat + alokito: I'll read the man page on that and see how to use it.06:00
musikgoatdg1: flash based?06:00
washburnellodg1: get the version from their site06:00
alokitomake sure u have flash and java installed06:00
washburnellodg1: what's the game?06:01
Aji-DahakaI think I'm being afflicted by https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-openvpn/+bug/436841?comments=all .  It says "fix committed."  How do I find the fixed version?06:01
musikgoatsxx: hmm, what version of wine?06:01
dg1legions instantaction.com06:01
alokitodg1, just run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras from a terminal and try to play a online game after that06:01
dg1Legions: fallen empire06:01
washburnellodg1:I'll check it out06:01
alokitodg1, is it shockwave or flash?06:01
aftacfbdystang: I think that's normal for Firefox, it happens to me often.06:01
dg1it downloads it06:01
dg1flash at start, real game06:02
fbdystangaftac: are you serious?06:02
sxxmusikgoat: 1.0.106:02
dg1Its the successor of the Tribes series06:02
hnsrnone of the bugreporting guides are really helpful in answering this, maybe someone here knows: what package do I file a bug against if the problem is that some themes are depending on an icon theme that isn't installed?06:03
alokitoI dont know about 64 bit but 32 bit firefox doesn't crash in my pc06:03
musikgoatsxx: what was your components again?  graphics?06:04
sxxmy x64 firefox crashes alittle bit06:04
musikgoatis there really an x64 firefox?06:04
musikgoati thought it wasn't forked?06:04
musikgoatat least not officially by mozilla06:04
sxxmusikgoat: interl quad core q6600 oc 3.4mhzs. 6gig ram.. nvidia 9800gt 512mb.. 60gig ssd hdd06:05
fbdystangmusikgoat: under about it actually says x86_6406:05
* hnsr gives up06:05
dg1-me sigh06:05
musikgoathmm, interesting06:06
dg1get this game to work musikgoat06:06
sxxit should be way enough power i would i thought mmm06:06
musikgoatfbdystang: you sure it doesnt say Linux x86_64?06:06
musikgoatsxx: its not a power issue06:06
musikgoatsxx: are you running nvidia drivers?06:07
sxxyep lastest ones06:07
aftacmusikgoat: Thanks, that looks like what I want to do.06:07
musikgoataftac: cool06:07
sxxmusikgoat: could it be releated to the error i get after grub loader???06:08
fbdystangmusikgoat: under the about window it states this: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/67425806:08
washburnellodg1: doesn't like my OS06:08
musikgoatsxx: what was that06:08
dg1washburnello: I installed virtualbox deb from the site, where do i open it06:08
musikgoatfbdystang: you have a 64-bit OS, that is what that is saying06:08
fbdystangsxx: do you have the 190 drivers?06:08
washburnellodg1: I used a user agent switcher and now it prompts me to install an .exe06:09
washburnellodg1: should be under the system category in applications06:09
=== ime_imuet is now known as ccew
washburnellodg1: did you say you installed it06:10
sxxmustikgoat: ata 0+1 softreset failed device not ready.. dam pc isslowing down wine is stuck again grrrrrr i think i have that driver how can i check what version opps never mind i now 1 sec m806:10
KcsrndI'm trying to install a conexant modem in my computer.  I followed the instructions here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/Conexant  Under "Conexant drivers provided by Dell".  Everything seemed to install fine but the connection drops right away after it tries to connect.  So i have another old conexant modem I want to try (different model).06:10
dg1yeah my system tools isnt showing up in my start bar06:10
KcsrndHow do I remove the old drive and install a driver for the new card?06:10
fbdystangmusikgoat: Doesn't that mean that it is the 64 bit version of firefox?06:11
aftacfbdystang: In my case, yes. I often have several copies of Firefox open with numerous tabs on each, and it appears at some point opening a new tab will cause Firefox to crash, but I can easily restore them all by opening Firefox again. Firefox appears to consume more and more memory the longer it runs, and I just assume that creates the problem. It's been happening for a long time now.06:11
washburnelloright click it and edit it06:11
washburnellodg1: it might be hidden for some reason06:11
washburnelloShapeShifter499: hi06:11
fbdystangaftac: wow that really sucks. I have 6 gigs ram. hard to imagine firefox chewing all that up06:12
aftacI'm off to try and update the rest of my machines, thanks to all for your help.06:12
musikgoatfbdystang: I believe there isn't really a 64 bit version of firefox, however, that doesn't mean that plugins like flash cant be 64 bit06:12
dg1i see it in the edit menu screen yet its not showing up06:12
firecrotchaftac: it's possible that its caused by an unruly extension06:12
lizzzySo, I somehow need to get this audio thing up and running. Someone help me out??? "aplay -l" doesn't output anything now :(06:13
dg1i got it06:13
washburnellodg1: is the tick box checked next to virtualbox & system tools?06:13
aftacfbdystang: I don't think it has anything to do with consuming all the RAM, but just at some point.06:13
washburnellodg1: cool06:13
dg1washburnello: whats it saying for you, install exe06:14
brianVis there any way to prevent update manager from popping up? Every time it pops up while I ma running a game, it crashes it06:14
sxxmustikgoat: yep i have that driver installed i may need to restart pc is on a go slow every thing is soooo slow it when i even open wine pc goes down hill all 4 cores are 40-70%06:14
lizzzyI see that pulseaudio works fine but still no audio output. It was almost fine earlier and playing my music alright. Er..  I guess I uninstalled the drivers or something...06:14
washburnellodg1: I closed it already but it was something like ie_pa_installer.exe06:15
lizzzynot sure what I did..06:15
fbdystangmusikgoat + aftac: thanks for answering my ?'s. it was very helpful :)06:15
musikgoatsxx: what does top say is taking up your CPU?06:15
musikgoatfbdystang: good luck06:15
aftacfirecrotch: It happens just by opening gmail, hotmail, or yahoo at times. I usually have open a number of Ubuntu forum pages trying to pin down a solution to a problem at the same time.06:15
washburnellolizzzy: if it's something you uninstalled, there should be a history in synaptic of all the things you have un/installed06:15
sxxxorg 99&cpu06:16
dg1ok, how much ram do you recommend06:16
chu_Hey guys, my wireless is broken (I spent 12 hours looking for a solution yesterday, to no avail), so I have decided to either re-install Jaunty, or update to Karmic, any advice? I have a seprate /home directory, so a re-install is almost as easy as an update (though I have *never* done a re-install, not even with windows!)06:16
washburnellodg1: depends on what your using it for06:16
sxxmustikgoat : xorg 99%cpu06:16
aftacI'm gone for now.06:16
dg1im going to try and run a pretty new graphical game06:16
musikgoatchu_: the karmic beta is pretty stable... depends on your hardware, you can ask advice in #ubuntu+106:16
washburnellodg1: I have one I use for Itunes, to sync my ipodtouch, I gave it 51206:16
lizzzywashburnello: Where do I check what I (un)installed in the last 24 hrs?06:16
chu_Cheers musikgoat06:17
washburnellolizzzy: sec06:17
musikgoatsxx: ouch06:17
TechN9nehi i am right now SSH files froms from ipod to Kubuntu and want to know where the progress bar is, i see it for 2-3secs than goes and pretty sure its still transferring?06:17
musikgoatsounds like a graphics issue, I would restart06:17
washburnellolizzzy: pull up synaptic and go to File > History06:18
musikgoatsxx: or go to ctrl+alt+f2 and sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart   (caution -> save any work)06:18
washburnellolizzzy: it should give you a tree view by date06:18
pukekomdadm , raid-1 array size 160G, put a 1T disk in, rebuilt array... size is still 160G, if i add the other 1T disk and rebuild , will the array size remain at 160G or will it grow to 1T ?06:18
lizzzywashburnello: I'm on kde. Know what's the equivalent?06:18
dg1washburnello: I added you to my friends list k06:18
fbdystangsxx: wow mine is only 3.4%06:18
musikgoatpukeko: it will stay 160G06:18
washburnellolizzzy: hmm.... I've actually never messed with kde06:18
wu_I have just login my QQ,but it does not appear anywhere.And I do not know where to fine it.Can anybody tell me how to handle this problem?I am a new user.06:19
washburnellodg1: K06:19
washburnellolizzzy: sorry :(06:19
alokitolizzzy, u can install synaptic in kde06:19
pukekomusikgoat: how can i expand the size ?06:19
alokitoits not a large package06:19
musikgoatpukeko: you need to restructure a raid 1 to take advantage of new disk space06:19
m0r0nMy compiz isn't working at all, anyone know how I can reset it?06:19
lizzzyIt's ok washburnello. Thanks for trying. It wasn't working too well for me the last time I installed it, so I uninstalled it.06:19
TechN9nehi i am right now SSH files froms from ipod to Kubuntu and want to know where the progress bar is, i see it for 2-3secs than goes and pretty sure its still transferring? anyone?06:19
alokitolizzzy, Im a regular kde user, but I don't like kpackagekit at all06:19
musikgoatpukeko: is it your / ?06:20
washburnelloalokito: would it have the history if lizzy did?06:20
pukekomusikgoat:  nah just data06:20
alokitowashburnello, yup I think so06:20
soreaum0r0n: If you come to #compiz I will help you06:20
musikgoatpukeko: then move the data off, unmount, use mdadm to delete and recreate with the full space06:20
jason__anyone had this problem before... ubuntu logged me out for no reason I was loading xchat? running fresh install Jaunty06:20
m0r0nsoreau: Will do.06:20
washburnelloalokito: saweeeet06:20
lizzzyalokito: Have you had any sound problems earlier?06:21
alokitolizzzy, yup, in karmic... alt+f2 alsa force-reload fix's it06:21
pukekomusikgoat:  thought that might have been the way to do it... but wanted a refresher on mdadm , no mdadm grow or something that would do it ?06:22
lizzzyalokito So, It's better to upgrade to 9.10?06:22
dg1washburnello: this is cool, i put my winxp cd in06:22
alokitolizzzy, no you should wait till the final release06:22
alokitoits coming in 29th october06:22
O2Oanybody used libcurl ?06:22
lizzzyalokito: But I need the audio to work by then for a class presentation :(06:23
washburnellolizzzy: I'd wait till the official release, but I've been burned too many times by beta production machines06:23
musikgoatpukeko: hmm, looks like there may be... based on references online06:23
lizzzyWIll wait for the official release then.06:23
dg1can i boot an installation of winxp that i already have?06:23
musikgoatpukeko: i believed that there wasn't but i'm mistaken06:23
O2Olibcurl, anybody know?06:23
washburnellodg1: welcome to the world of virtualization06:23
washburnellodg1: yes but it's no picnic06:24
dg1washburnello: will this virtual drive stay, or do i have to install xp everytime06:24
alokitolizzzy, did you try alsa force-reload?06:24
washburnellodg1: I tried it once and it bombed the partition06:24
dg1oh man06:24
washburnellodg1: it will stay06:24
pukekomusikgoat:  do you know how to disemble the raid so each disk can be mounted as normal ?06:24
dg1hope i made it big enough06:25
musikgoatpukeko: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/42406:25
washburnellodg1: did you make it a static size or dynamic?06:25
dg1well nvm then06:25
washburnellodg1:  then it will actually grow to that size when needed06:25
lizzzyyup alokito. Doesn't seem to work :(06:25
fbdystangno way! xchat-gnome just crashed on me!!06:25
musikgoatpukeko: i'm more familiar with hardware raids, and structures, aparently not with all the features of mdadm :P06:25
pukekomusikgoat:  np - just reading that linl brb06:26
* aprilhare does not use xchat-gnome. too pretty.06:26
washburnellodg1: I have a VM at work with a 80GB dynamic drive and the drive file is sitting at aroung 20GB right now06:26
alokitolizzzy, go to computer>> system settings>> Multimedia from klauncher and test the output devices one by one06:26
lizzzyalokito: Lol, I think that just crashed plasma :(06:26
alokitolizzzy, alt+f2 plasma-desktop will start it again06:27
baltadtfbdystang...just had the same problem06:27
baltadtit actually logged me out06:27
sxxmustikgoat: sorry i just had to hit restart button it frooze solid///  see in windows no problems it plays all games i can throw at it... im guessing it must be a driver conflict somewhere06:27
fbdystangbaltadt: i wonder if it was a server thing06:27
baltadtmaybe..anyone else having problems with xchat?06:28
washburnellodg1: did you get your game to work?06:28
dg1its installing windows06:28
alokitobaltadt, what problem?06:28
baltadtxchat crashing?06:28
washburnellodg1: ah, I forget how long it takes to install windows lol06:28
alokitobaltadt, nope, not once!06:28
Wolfensteinhey does anyone know bout networking ubuntu to windows?06:28
friendishanhow do i import contacts from my gmail to evolution mail?06:29
washburnelloWolfenstein: networks can get very hairy vary quick. you need to bee specific with the issue06:29
musikgoatsxx: yeah,  I would try investigating with #appdb  and the wine folks, they might have better suggestions,  but for it to cause the X problems you described, I'm betting that drivers will be the first thing mentioned06:29
dg1takes forever....sigh06:29
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lizzzyalokito: Well, both alsa and oss default output fails and falls back to pulseaudio06:29
fbdystangfriendishan: I have seen people do it but I don't rmember how06:29
washburnellodg1: I know, I blew a friend away once when I installed ubuntu in 15 min.06:30
musikgoatsxx: #winehq  sorry06:30
pretenderhow can i tell the x-org driver veersion i am running06:30
Wolfensteinwashburnello, to be honest i can't remember what i installed for it but i was able to go into windows and access my files from ubuntu and can't remember what to type in the run box in windows to get it06:30
washburnellodg1: and it's faster than that if you install over network06:30
alokitolizzzy, is pulse audio working? can u hear a music during the test?06:30
LiquidRainare there any known problems with Karmic and Intel 945s?06:30
lizzzyalokito pulseaudio seems to pass the test but no auudio can be heard :(06:30
dg1you cant beat that06:30
friendishananyone else knows how to import contacts from gmail to evolution mail06:30
LiquidRainI installed the beta and wow is performance awful.06:30
alokitoo :|06:30
LiquidRainWorse than 9.0406:30
sxxmustikgoat: drat as he kicks his machine grrrrr.. lol i will check that out now buddy thank you for taking the time to help me ^.^ drinks on me woot woot06:31
dg1is windows more complicated than linux?06:31
musikgoatLiquidRain: I have to say quite the opposite06:31
shizzosry i dont know the name of the german ubuntu irc... can someon help me?06:31
alokitolizzzy, are u using a digital audio output or analog06:31
musikgoatsxx: GL!06:31
=== soulnet-4 is now known as cew
Madpilotshizzo, #ubuntu-de06:31
dg1or is windows more individual to your pc06:31
washburnelloWolfenstein: I normally just go to my network places and my machine is listen under it's respective workgroup06:31
shizzook thx06:31
LiquidRainmusikgoat: what magic did you apply to your machine?  Out of the box and with ubuntu-x-swat, I have absolutely terrible performance.06:31
lizzzyalokito: KMix is crashing so I can't check if the audio device is muted but on padevchooser, nothing seems to be muted.06:31
=== cew is now known as cew_______
LiquidRainI had xorg-edgers running on 9.04 and it was much faster than this06:31
lizzzyalokito: I'm trying to play it through the on-board speakers.06:32
sxxmustikgoat: thank you if you see something flyby your window don`t be alarmed its probably my graphics card lol06:32
alokitolizzzy, whats ur sound card model?06:32
alokitooh its a laptop06:32
lizzzyalokito: How do I check it?06:32
musikgoatLiquidRain: i've got it running on my eee 901, and the performance is reasonably faster... intel chipset and graphics06:32
LiquidRainmusikgoat: Can you run a quick gtkperf for comparison's sake?06:32
musikgoatLiquidRain: so its more of an edge case06:32
Wolfensteinwashburnello, well i have a problem to access my windows files from ubuntu but not my ubuntu files from windows i was doing something like //computername/user i think and i don't know if i forgot something but i had to reformat my windows comp and i have files i want to move back over to my windows comp06:32
washburnellodg1: windows can be very complex when your managing big networks and doing a lot of registry customizing. but complex doesn't = good all the time06:33
lizzzyalokito, I guess hda intel and sigmatel stac92xx the last time I checked.06:33
pukekomusikgoat:  hmmm i think i'll do it the "safe" way.. got a gig to get to and don't want to be stuck here headscratching or worse06:33
Doc_LappyI'd say being a laptop it would be easier to google the serial number and find out06:33
musikgoatLiquidRain: i don't have jaunty on it any more, so you want to compare it to yours?06:33
lizzzyalokito Not too sure if that's what you asked ^^06:33
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:33
LiquidRainmusikgoat: I'm running Karmic on my laptop right now... so a comparison would.. well then again you have an Atom, but still, it'd be good to compare.06:33
dg1yeah, complex surely isnt good all the time06:33
washburnelloWolfenstein: sorry I accidently closed the chat window, could you repeat that?06:33
LiquidRainmy machine should be faster than yours.  yet I can't even scroll in a terminal without lag.06:33
Doc_Lappyjust guessing since there's only a few things like the ram that you can easily take a screw out to get to06:34
Wolfensteinwashburnello, well i have a problem to access my windows files from ubuntu but not my ubuntu files from windows i was doing something like //computername/user i think and i don't know if i forgot something but i had to reformat my windows comp and i have files i want to move back over to my windows comp06:34
friendishananyone else knows how to import contacts from gmail to evolution mail06:34
friendishananyone else knows how to import contacts from gmail to evolution mail06:34
lizzzyalokito: Tried everything mentioned there. No use :( Well, volume control seems to be crashing now, so I s'pose I can't do that again.06:34
iCarlyhello can anyone tell me a working auto clicker for linux ubuntu? I just need to find something that will click every 2 seconds06:34
Doc_Lappyso friendishan I don't06:34
LiquidRainfriendishan: export from gmail, then import into evolution :)06:34
alokitolizzzy, did you have sound working before?06:34
LiquidRainiCarly: gtick?06:34
washburnellotry smb://COMPNAME/SHARE06:34
fbdystangOK i am really not liking xchat right now06:35
friendishanliquidrain: how?06:35
lizzzyalokito: Yes. But not for all players. Only amarok and now that doesn't work too.06:35
Wolfensteinwashburnello, i never put smb in front06:35
dg1some chill techno on the windows xp instro screen06:35
washburnelloWolfenstein: that stands for samba, it's the protocall your using06:35
LiquidRainfriendishan: Open Synaptic from the System menu, and search for "gtick".  Right click it and install it.06:35
Doc_Lappyfbdystang:  why not use pidgin for irc? seriously do you like xchat that much better06:35
iCarlypidgin does irc?06:35
washburnellodg1: I've always wanted to find that mp306:36
Wolfensteinyea im using samba thats what i couldn't remember, but i never put smb in front06:36
lstarnesDoc_Lappy: pidgin's irc support is rather imcomplete06:36
Doc_Lappyyep that's what I'm on06:36
musikgoatLiquidRain: total time 39.2406:36
fbdystangyou can use pidgin?06:36
dg1i never heard it cause i alway have to manually install my sound driver lol06:36
washburnellodg1: lol06:36
musikgoatlstarnes: not with the purple-plugin-pack06:36
friendishanliquidrain: ok done06:36
LiquidRainOk, mine is significantly faster than that, but I can't scroll around without getting lag.  I guess you're not a good comparison.06:36
musikgoatlstarnes: at least in my opinion06:36
washburnelloWolfenstein: did it fork?06:36
lstarnesmusikgoat: even then it still lacks some support, but that works better06:36
washburnelloWolfenstein: *work06:36
musikgoatyeah, check in #ubuntu+106:36
LiquidRainfriendishan: I've never used it, but it's the first result for "ubuntu metronome" :)06:36
Doc_Lappywell true it's not the ideal one for irc but for what I use it for I don't need xchat or anything so I suggest it to some just so they don't have so many  things they have to run at once06:37
Wolfensteinwashburnello, i didn't do it with smb before it was just //COMPUTERNAME/Downloads or my user for my ubuntu06:37
friendishanliquidrain: um..06:37
fbdystangHow do I join another channel from here at the command line?06:38
lstarnesfbdystang: /join #other-channel06:38
Doc_Lappybitchchat and irssa? or whatever I liked okay for terminal which was fun06:38
alokitolizzzy, check this http://www.google.com.bd/search?q=sigmatel+stac92xx+sound+problem+ubuntu&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a06:38
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lstarnesfbdystang: e.g. /join #ubuntu-offtopic06:38
fbdystanglstarnes: thanks06:38
musikgoatDoc_Lappy: irssi06:38
washburnelloWolfenstein: don't know. I know in windows you do \\name\share and in linux you do smb://name/share06:38
LiquidRainfriendishan: not quite doing what you're looking for?  sorry :/06:38
friendishanliquidrain: ok no problem^^06:38
washburnelloWolfenstein: that's what I type into the nautilus address bar06:39
Wolfensteinwashburnello, ok i'll try the share part i don't think it was in config file but i never knew how to get my windows files through ubuntu always had a problemn06:39
=== BlackJack is now known as Dreaman
Doc_Lappythanks musiKgoat, your not a german goat?  lol just teasing ya I just find your name strange for an id06:39
washburnelloWolfenstein: you could always look under Network too06:39
fbdystangOK /join #ubuntu+1 is not working06:39
musikgoatfbdystang: what client?06:39
washburnelloWolfenstein: Places>Network06:39
musikgoatfbdystang: /j #ubuntu+1  ?06:40
lstarnesfbdystang: that should work06:40
Wolfensteinwashburnello, only thing in network is just this computer which is unbuntu and windows netowrk06:40
musikgoatfbdystang: hmm, not familiar with xchat06:40
fbdystangyep worked sweet thanks06:40
Dr_Willis /join should work in xchat.06:40
washburnelloWolfenstein: or do a Places>Connect to Server and set it up for there06:40
Doc_Lappyfbdystang: do you run scripts?06:40
musikgoatmaybe he put a space in front06:40
fbdystangnope, no space06:41
fbdystangor scripts06:41
washburnelloWolfenstein: have you tried with just the ip address instead of the host name?06:41
Dr_Willisfbdystang:  also you could just click on #ubuntu+s   <--------------- Here where the word is at.. :)06:41
fbdystangI am in fedora though, maybe fedora's is different06:41
washburnellohave you tried pinging the winbox's ip?06:41
Dr_Willisxchat is rather standard irc.. /join should work in any of them06:41
Doc_Lappythat's why I would prefer xchat over pidin and it's well a better looking gui too06:41
Wolfensteinwashburnello, i don't know i can't remember what the people that were trying to help me tried and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working on the ubuntu end06:41
washburnelloWolfenstein: like I said, networks can get hairy pretty easily06:41
Slurpeewhat is a good program in ubuntu to burn an iso file?06:41
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:42
fbdystangDr_Willis: yea I tried that and it worked a couple times, now it doesn't06:42
mamoolihello, can any one help me filling a form on the web?06:42
LiquidRainSlurpee: brasero06:42
m0r0nHey, my audio sounds like there is a thunderstorm of static hitting it06:42
Slurpeebrasero fails for me. i wonder if my dvd drive doesnt like ubuntu?06:42
alokitolizzzy, here's a workaround, hope it helps: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58605806:42
Doc_Lappydoesn't it do iso images06:42
Dr_Willisfbdystang:  sounds like you got some deeper issues then. I personally use Weechat these days06:42
Slurpeeeven if i try to build an audio cd...simply while adding tracks brasero dies.06:42
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto06:42
mamoolihello, can any one help me filling a form on the web?06:42
Wolfensteinwashburnello, and also in windows when i type //COMPUTERNAME/share it says it cannot find that name06:42
LiquidRainSlurpee: try xfburn06:42
fbdystangSlurpee: brasero worked great for me06:42
LiquidRainas a last resort try k3b06:42
Slurpeewhy would brasero fail?06:42
musikgoatLiquidRain: lol, i tested gtkperf on my desktop (jaunty) and i get 6.1006:43
dg1brasaro suc06:43
dg1use k3b06:43
washburnelloWolfenstein: in ubuntu, open a terminal (applications>accessories>terminal) and type "ping" but replace with your winbox's IP06:43
Doc_LappyI've always had my best luck with k3b burning anything, funny I couldn't get brasero to burn for me06:43
Doc_Lappyto each his own - washington06:43
Dr_Willisive had constant issues with brasero also06:43
dg1does the same with me06:43
firecrotchI've also had problems with brasero06:43
Doc_Lappyseriously just try both and see which one seems to work for ya the best06:43
washburnelloI've never had a prob with brasaro06:43
Wolfensteinwashburnello, it says destination host is unreachable06:43
firecrotchThe only thing brasero is good for is making coasters06:43
Doc_Lappyyeah I wasted 3 cds with brasero and gave up06:44
Doc_Lappyyep firecrotch lol06:44
musikgoatwashburnello: me neither06:44
washburnelloWolfenstein: then there is a network connectivity problem like a cable is unplugged, broken,06:44
Doc_Lappylove your id firecrotch06:44
alokitobrasero is ok, but k3b is best06:44
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: Thanks :)06:44
Wolfensteinwashburnello, both computers connect to same modem06:44
Wolfensteinand both can connect to internet just fine06:44
firecrotchWolfenstein: what are the IP addresses of the two computers?06:45
fbdystangmamooli: did you get your question answered?06:45
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, i don't know they both same ip cause i use the same connection for both06:45
washburnelloWolfenstein: this is where is gets hairy: pinging is the lowest level network command there is so if you can't even ping a host, there is a problem06:45
washburnelloWolfenstein: hmmm...06:46
dg1washburnello: you have jaunty06:46
washburnellodg1:  yup06:46
firecrotchWolfenstein: they shouldnt have the same IP address, they should each have their own different internal IP addresses06:46
dg1hmm, i heard brasaro had a problem with the new jaunty, either way it still dosnt work for me06:46
firecrotchWolfenstein: probably both in the 192.168.1.x ranger06:46
washburnelloWolfenstein:  well if they have the same IP then that's the problem, but in theory, if they have the same IP then only one should be able to get online06:47
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, i know its the same cause like i said its from the same modem my same dsl modem i have both computers to same modem06:47
dg1washburnello: the game is downloading now (maybe it will work)06:48
iCarlyhello can anyone tell me a working auto clicker for linux ubuntu? I just need to find something that will click every 2 seconds06:48
Wolfensteinwell then i don't know how to tell what my ip is for this comp in ubuntu unless its same as doing it in windows in command prompt06:48
firecrotchWolfenstein: please explain your setup a little more... they are both connected directly to your DSL modem?  Does your modem have a router/switch built into it or?06:48
washburnelloWolfenstein: a dsl modem will have one WAN IP an will dish out multiple LAN IP's to your computers06:48
dg1washburnello: Do I need to install my video card drivers on here.06:48
washburnellodg1: I don't think o06:48
firecrotchWolfenstein: in ubuntu, from a terminal, run the command "ifconfig"06:48
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, yes they are both connected directly to the modem i don't think it has a router built into the modem06:48
dg1inside windows xp06:49
m0r0nAnyone know the audio side of Ubuntu well?06:49
washburnellodg1: but in the VM's settings you should enable 3d accelleration06:49
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, ok i did that in terminal which part do you want me to give you?06:49
Balsaqdoes ubuntu just not play youtube vids or is it me?06:49
firecrotchWolfenstein: then how are they both connected to the modem? does it have multiple ethernet ports or what? (if so, it has a router or switch built in)06:49
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, yes06:49
washburnelloBalsaq: it's just you. youtube plays fine for me06:50
Wolfensteinits a wireless modem where i can have a wireless connection through it like from a laptop its from att06:50
washburnelloBalsaq: do you have flash installed?06:50
Balsaqok good what do i need to do washburnello YES06:50
Balsaqflash yes!06:50
firecrotchWolfenstein: The address for eth0 is the LAN IP of the computer. is that different than the LAN IP of the windows machine?06:50
Balsaqbut wheni looked it sayd no drivers in there06:50
washburnelloBalsaq: well flash is really all you need as far as I know06:51
washburnelloBalsaq: well flash isn't a driver06:51
Balsaqwashburnello: ok then its my vid card casue they play just reeaalll slow06:51
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, i see three addys under eth0, one says inet addr, another is Bcast and other is maks06:51
r3zasalam , bache ha man icon haie tooie taskbaram jashoon avaz shode ( maslan shutdown va volum control ) aslan shutdown oomade invar oon rafte oonvar , nemishe kari kard ke dobare khodesh dorost she ?06:52
Balsaqthe music is on time and good but the video is way behind washburnello06:52
washburnelloBalsaq: that sounds about right, if they show up then you do have flash working06:52
firecrotchWolfenstein: inet addr is the one that is the actual IP.06:52
Wolfensteinok let me see06:52
washburnelloBalsaq: sorry but I'm not sure what would cause video slowdown06:53
Balsaqwashburnello: then i need to but a card that 1. upgrades what i have and 2. ubuntu like for it s software 3. 200watt 12v-6a here06:53
ruby_on_tails1what do these 3 flood bots do ?06:53
Wolfensteinwell when i go in my windows comp and type ipconfig it shows 3 of course but ip addy and default gateway both start with 69. but in ubuntu i don't have anything like that both the inet and bcast have 19206:53
washburnelloBalsaq: is it only youtube? or does a site like vimeo slow down too?06:53
lstarnesruby_on_tails1: they are used for reducing or stopping floods06:53
Balsaqhavent tried others yet  Newbie06:54
=== hannibal is now known as Guest23293
=== Guest23293 is now known as hannibal_
Balsaqwashburnello : but on this same puter it woked with w9806:54
Balsaqwked = worked06:54
ruby_on_tails1bots are admins06:54
washburnelloBalsaq: try some other video sites to narrow it down06:54
lstarnesruby_on_tails1: they must be in order to do their jobs06:55
ruby_on_tails1lstarnes: 1 bot wasn't enough ?  :D06:55
jamieleshawHello, does the Asus Eee PC 1101HA Seashell work with ubuntu?06:55
=== mr is now known as Guest49999
Balsaqwell i know the only change was ubuntu06:55
firecrotchBalsaq: You're having slow flash video performance?  Is it only when the video is in fullscreen mode? Because that's normal - fullscreen flash video sucks in Linux06:55
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, did you get my last comment? meant to tell it to you sorry06:55
washburnelloBalsaq: or google "ubuntu flash youtube slow"06:55
ioneyejamieleshaw: Yes.06:55
Balsaqi killed w98 put in ubuntu and then it happened06:55
washburnelloBalsaq: what are the system specs?06:55
jamieleshawioneye, What works, Wifi< trackpad, is  it out of box?06:55
firecrotchWolfenstein: yes, I did. Your windows computer should not have an ip address in the 69.x range, it should be a 192 address06:55
Guest49999any of ya know how to change the color of this ?06:56
Balsaqwashburnello: 400mgz 768sdram 10g HD 8mb ati agp06:56
Dr_WillisGuest49999:  this what?06:56
washburnellofirecrotch: do you think the could be set as static?06:56
Guest49999umm the background color06:56
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, well i do it doesn't show any 19206:56
flippoGuest49999, does this look <green> green </green>?06:56
Balsaqwashburnello: but i just did a ton of updates while runing around on here at same time06:57
firecrotchWolfenstein: is your IP address on the windows machine a static address?06:57
flippoI guess I can't help much then.  Never mind.06:57
washburnelloBalsaq: wow, that's kinda slow (no disrespect intended) but you said that it worked on w98?06:57
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, um i don't think so06:57
Dr_WillisGuest49999:  you might want to state your irc client. and check your irc clients docs./settings/menus06:57
Balsaqwashburnello: happened after i dumped w98...yet all else is way better with ubuntu...no more freezes06:58
washburnelloBalsaq: indeed :D06:58
firecrotchBalsaq: does the slow video happen only when the flash video is fullscreen?06:58
Balsaqwashburnello{ tells me its in ubunutu, they drivers dont suppoert  mt old vid card06:58
washburnelloBalsaq: bummer06:59
Balsaqfirecrotch" never saw that but in utube yes06:59
firecrotchWolfenstein: On the windows machine, run these commands: ipconfig /release  then ipconfig /renew06:59
Balsaqfirecrotch: ok but i killed w9806:59
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, ok06:59
firecrotchBalsaq: Fullscreen flash video absolutely sucks in the Linux version of flash, no matter what video card or whatever your system specs are07:00
washburnellowell, I had a fantastic time on IRC tonight, Thanks #ubuntu you people are awesome! goodnight...07:00
firecrotchwashburnello: goodnight, and thanks!07:00
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, i did that and still shows the same thing07:00
jamieleshawDoes the Eee PC 1101HA work out of box with Ubuntu?07:00
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:00
Balsaqfirecrotch: ok...wasbuen said his works good07:00
Balsaqfifrecrotch mine plays just way behind the music07:01
Balsaqneed to speed it up07:01
=== mr is now known as Guest77076
Balsaqfirecrotch may be mt old processor or 8mb vid card07:01
firecrotchWolfenstein: Check your network settings for your Windows machine, and make sure that it's getting its IP via DHCP and is not statically set07:02
firecrotchBalsaq: that may very well be the issue07:02
Balsaqfirecrotch: wonder if vid card can speed up utube07:02
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, um07:02
Balsaqfirecrotch some say vid card doesnt efect utube07:03
ioneyejamieleshaw: you gonna have an issue with wired/wireless card and with sould07:03
jamieleshawioneye, Is it easily fixable?07:03
firecrotchWolfenstein: Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Double click the ethernet connection -> Select IPv4 settings -> Click Properties07:03
Balsaqfirecrotch if vid card wont help im dead due to old proc 400mgz...but do you know if vid cards can speed up utube07:03
ioneyejamieleshaw: Yes.07:04
firecrotchBalsaq: I don't think it will.07:04
erossanyone playing with ext4 yet07:04
jamieleshawioneye, Is there a forum post I can refer to?07:04
Dr_Williseross:  a great many of us have beenusing ext4 for some time now.07:04
ioneyejamieleshaw: On the latest update of Ubuntu 9.04 many things improved.07:04
firecrotcheross: Been using for quite some time now07:04
=== Tommi|afk is now known as Tommi
Balsaqfirecrotch i thought so...people at dell told me that and other think vid cards improve online vids07:04
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, ok but i know in my gateways firewall setup the firewall inside my modem/router i had on that computer dmzplus mode selected cause i wasn't able to use ftp but since i know i can use networking imma turn it off07:04
erossdoes it require defragging, or can it become fragged07:04
jamieleshawioneye, I assume Larmic Koala will be better again right?07:04
ioneyejamieleshaw: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1230045&highlight=eeepc07:05
Toukjoin #python07:05
firecrotchWolfenstein: There's your problem, I believe07:05
Balsaqfirecrotch i guess this old dogs is gettin to the end..just wont die now  i may have to kill it07:05
fbdystangTouk: you need /join #python07:05
Balsaqi wonder if a tiny operating system would let it work07:05
firecrotchBalsaq: you can always turn it into a network fileserver or something! I have an old old Dell with a Celeron 450MHz or so that I use as a webserver07:05
firecrotchBalsaq: that's about all its good for, lol07:06
amitesAnyone know why I would not be able to change permissions on a folder under an NTFS mounted drive?07:06
Balsaqfifrecrotch what is the benefit of that07:06
Toukfbdystang: i know, was typo, ty07:06
Balsaqwebserver...what for?07:06
m0r0nWhat is the off topic channel?07:06
Dr_Willisamites:  you set the permissions/owner on ntfs/vfat fildsystems when you Mount them. You dont change individual file/dir permissions07:06
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, well in the network connections cause im using windows xp i only have one icon under lan or high speed internet07:06
Prohibita website :)07:06
firecrotchBalsaq: I use it for my personal website :)07:06
=== Prohibit is now known as Prohibited
amitesDr_Willis thank you07:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:07
firecrotchWolfenstein: I believe the problem is the dmzplus that you have set up07:07
Balsaqfirecrotch..so you dont run the net on it just display your site there?07:07
fbdystangif I want to add ubuntu.cs.utah.edu/ to my server repo list, where can i put it?07:07
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, ok so should i try to ipconfig again in the windows comp?07:07
firecrotchWolfenstein: after turning the dmz off, run ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew again07:08
stillinbetafbdystang: in /etc/apt/sources.list ?07:08
=== meatbun is now known as wahnfrieden2
ProhibitedDMZ = bad07:08
firecrotchBalsaq: Yes, the only thing it does is serve up my blog to the outside world :)07:08
Dr_Willisfbdystang:  the synaptic tool has   settings -> software sources interface to let you select that one I think. (or it can test/find the fastest one for you)07:09
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, ok07:09
=== wahnfrieden2 is now known as meatbun
stillinbetaCan anyone give me some help with networkmanager ?07:09
Dr_Willisubuntu.cs.utah.edu  is in the selectable list of servers under synaptic. :)07:10
erossTime for a real question now. I was playing quake live using my razor mouse and it froze up. I had to switch to my other mouse. both are usb. Do I need to boot with IRQ polling or something?07:10
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, yep that did it lol07:11
fbdystangDr_Willis: yep thanks07:11
erossmy razor will lock up from excessive use :P or 2 minutes, whichever comes last07:11
Ali_nz^is it possible with a PPTP VPN connection to add a specific machine name to a routing path?07:12
firecrotchAli_nz^: still trying to get your DNS working over your VPN connection, I see?07:13
Ali_nz^firecrotch: hehe, what I think i kinda want is like an entry to say if you type in "QNAP" resolve the address via VPN07:13
Ali_nz^a bit like a routing table entry07:13
Ali_nz^but not using IP's07:14
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, and also you're right both computers have different ip's the windows comp is 1 number lower than my ubuntu computer07:14
firecrotchAli_nz^: there's really no way to do that, as far as I know.  One solution would be to use your work's DNS servers for everything when you're connected to the VPN.07:14
Ali_nz^firecrotch: ok07:15
firecrotchAli_nz^: if you know your work LAN's DNS server IP address, you can change it in /etc/resolv.conf07:15
Ali_nz^hey also, is there a way to browse a Windows Computer via IP? what do you use to do it?07:15
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, i just was able to get my window folders from ubuntu when i went to places network then to windows netowrk07:15
fbdystangI would also like to know Ali_nz's question07:15
=== m4v_ is now known as m4v
fbdystangI think samba has something for that07:16
firecrotchAli_nz^: Places -> Network  should show all of the computers that are on the LAN07:16
Ali_nz^firecrotch: interestingly it doesnt show any of the computers on the VPN side of the LAN, only local07:17
pradeepI was trying to install ubuntu 9.04 in my friends desktop, when i tried installing from live cd, it says out of range on the monitor07:17
pradeepneither 8.04,8.10 worked. But 7.10 only worked? What might be the problem?07:17
Ali_nz^firecrotch: any ideas why that might be?07:18
jamieleshawpradeep, This is a refresh rate thing I think07:18
pradeepjamieleshaw: how to fix it07:19
pete_firecrotch, you still there, LOL07:19
firecrotchAli_nz^: Nautilus isn't looking at the VPN subnet at all.  I'm not sure how to get it to do that.  But you can browse the remote computers if you know the IP address by typing smb://ipaddresshere/  in the address bar of nautilus07:19
fbdystangideal refresh rate is >= 60 hertz07:19
firecrotchpete_: yes I am07:19
ioneyepradeep: lower your screens refresh rate to 60 Hz07:19
jamieleshawpradeep, Well, if possible try changing the refersh rate07:19
pete_firecrotch, haha, NDIS wrapper was a nightmare. could not get on irc. only browse the web07:20
Ali_nz^firecrotch: nautilus being the ?07:20
pete_firecrotch, so back to the propriatery I guess.07:20
pradeepioneye : should i do it in the bios?07:20
firecrotchAli_nz^: the file manager07:20
howitzer`pradeep: If you have another monitor handy, you could try that as well.07:20
Eloneanyone, tried installing vmware workstation? it stop working @ 62% @@; any clue? ~07:20
ioneyepradeep: if your screen don't have that kind of option then yes.07:20
pradeephowitzer: he has only one monitor07:20
fbdystangdoes the monitor work on other computer?07:21
Balsaqis it important to get a vid card in a laptop07:22
fbdystanglaptops have a built in vid card, and they suck07:22
Balsaqsome are coming out with vid cards lately07:22
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, can you finish helping me if you can on the window part?07:22
firecrotchWolfenstein: what are you stuck on?07:23
firecrotchWolfenstein: the windows computer now has a proper IP address, correct?07:24
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, yea lol i been talking to you and telling you that the dmz mode thing was the problem07:24
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, and my problem in windows is i can't access my ubuntu files from windows07:25
firecrotchWolfenstein: the easiest way to access the files on the ubuntu machine from your windows machine will be to share the files using samba07:26
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  i often find it easier to just put winscp on the windows box . and access ubuntu via ssh  that way07:26
firecrotchOr listen to Dr_Willis, since I have no clue how to set up Samba in gnome07:27
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, well before i was able to do it when i typed //COMPUTERNAME/Downloads or //COMPUTERNAME/user in the run box and was able to put my username and pass in the prompt but i can't remember if im doing something wrong since i reformatted windows07:27
pradeepioneye: where do i change the refresh rate??? its not there in BIOS07:27
gishausthi everyone can anyone tell me  run stream mp3 from my apache2 intranet07:28
wewwi thouht refresh was an os thing07:28
pradeepWolfenstein: if your not familiar with samba. There as an application called meiga through which u can share files. try it out07:28
Ali_nz^firecrotch: yep that nautilus trick worked07:29
howitzer`pradeep: hopefully it's not a monitor that is from before the middle-90s, which can't handle 60hz?07:29
erosswhat does acpi=force irqpoll  do?07:29
Wolfensteinpradeep, its not im not familiar with samba i've done this //computername/user or /downloads command before and it worked now it won't let me do it07:30
pradeepWolfenstein: Oh ok!!  I thought you are new to samba07:30
Ali_nz^firecrotch: it looks like you could then add each computer as a place...07:30
firecrotchAli_nz^: you can do this, yes :)07:31
pradeephowitzer: it's a BenQ monitor.. 6 month's old07:31
=== xod is now known as onats
Ali_nz^any good ubuntu tools for system process/cpu monitoring etc?07:31
pradeephowitzer:AMD processor with Nvdia card 128 mb07:31
Ali_nz^and maybe network mapping?07:31
howitzer`pradeep: ah, I just acquired three BenQ monitors yesterday, T2210HD.07:32
Balsaqcouls some one comment on this puter i may buy: amd athlon 3200 64 bit 2.0 , 1 gig ram, 40 HD, from about 2005 era...any good for buntu and for online videos?07:32
pradeepAlin_nz^: there's a tool called conky07:32
Wolfensteinpradeep, i am but im just not able to access my ubuntu files now when i did before i reformatted don't know if im doing something wrong07:32
wewwrams far too less07:33
pradeepAlin_nz^: or u can use the default gnome one. Type gnome-system-monitor at the terminal07:33
BookmanAnyone play the sauerbraten game?  It does not seem to be about much to me.  I just walk around, collect stuff and nothing seems to happen.07:33
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:   you did install 'samba' package? and gave the user a samba password with 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME' ?07:33
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  im just going through what i normally do to get things going on a new system. :)07:33
=== sync_ is now known as sync
WolfensteinDr_Willis, the problems are in a windows computer not ubuntu i haven't changed anything to my ubuntu computer07:34
pradeepAlin_nz^: nmap for netwrk mapping07:34
Ali_nz^col - thanks07:34
pradeephowitzer`: This is the first time i am facing problems in ubuntu installation. Have installed in various comps07:35
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  ahh.  i also always have identicval windows user name and password on the windows box.  Can the windows box access its own shares?07:35
pspewhy cannot i enter the virtual terminal with 2.6.3007:35
Dr_Willis'virtual terminal' meaning what exactly?07:35
Ali_nz^I like Terminal Server Clinet - it seems to connect to anything no matter what the protocol, but there doesnt seem to be a scaling option....ahh its hard finding the perfect softwar e:-)07:36
WolfensteinDr_Willis, what? im not sharing files through same computer if thats what you're asking i have 2 computers one is windows and one is nix, os ubuntu which is what im on now07:36
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  as a 'test'  i always make a share on both machines. and make sure they can access theor own local shares.07:37
howitzer`pradeep: did you try to install in safe graphics mode?07:37
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  also instead of //HOSTnAME/share  you could try the ip#.07:37
pspeDr_Willis: tty0-607:38
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  im just thinking through things ive done in the past to trouble shoot samba.07:38
WolfensteinDr_Willis, i have my config for samba set with computername and i did that in windows its telling me it can't find it07:38
Dr_Willispspe:  those are the 'consoles'   is what they are normally called.07:38
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  can the windows box even ping the lin box via  the name?  can it ping via ip?07:38
WolfensteinDr_Willis, i never had a problem before like i said i just reformatting the windows computer and got it all squared up so i shouldn't have a problem07:39
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  im just spitting out trouble shooting 'things to try' to narrow down the problem.07:40
Ali_nz^is there a network map app with a gui?07:40
Dr_WillisIf the windows box cant even ping the lin box. well.... thats where you need to start07:40
WolfensteinDr_Willis, no problem but i don't know what is the problem since i never did anything on the ubuntu side but remove xchat and the xchat folder07:40
=== Claudinux_ is now known as Claudinux
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  also see if the lin box can access a share on the windows box. (ie the reverse of what you want to do).  If that also fails. that may be a sign of network/firewall/windows setting issues also.07:41
beatbreakerwhat allows people to drag a window to different workplaces with the mouse in Ubuntu?07:41
Dr_Willisbeatbreaker:  thats a feature of the window manager normally. compiz has a setting for that. as does the normal gnome window manager i recall07:42
WolfensteinDr_Willis, i can now access my windows files through ubuntu as i couldn't before but was able to access my ubuntu files in windows now its backwards if only i can get windows problem solved07:42
pradeephowitzer`:well give it a try now. Hope it works07:43
_MattBi'm trying to write a bash script that rips a dvd and calls eject -t /dev/scd0 to close the tray prior to ripping, but the ripping program can't open the drive because it's not ready, any ideas on how I can wait for the drive to be ready before going to the ripping operation?07:43
=== Guest76738 is now known as Debolaz
Ali_nz^I see there are a couple of flavours of light Linux, are reccomendations?07:44
=== mr is now known as Guest4420
WolfensteinDr_Willis, i got a question do you know how i can set the program files folder in windows to share? the boxes are greyed out and i dunno how to make it to where i can access that on my ubuntu computer07:46
howitzer`Ali_nz^: tinycore, slitaz, dsl, puppy, slax07:47
Ali_nz^howitzer`: sure but which is best?07:47
esoI want to upgrade to 9.04, but the amd fglrx graphics driver isn't available in 9.04 it says. what do you think i should do?07:47
howitzer`Ali_nz^: that's up to you :)07:47
Ali_nz^howitzer`: in your humble opinion ;-)07:47
beatbreakerDr_Willis, ok but i'm coming from another distro, what window manager does Ubuntu use then? Metacity doens't do stuff like that - or is a minimal install of conpiz in there already?07:48
howitzer`Ali_nz^: it depends on the computer ;)07:48
DigitalKiwiAli_nz^: how experienced are you with linux? how willing to read docs?07:49
Wolfensteinbtw Dr_Willis i did ping my nix ip and even did it with the computername i have for my ubuntu and both works07:49
DPicanybody here good with macs?07:49
Ali_nz^DigitalKiwi: Not experienced at all, and I admit it, I hate reading docs, i like to run before I can walk....terible i know07:50
beatbreakerDPic, wrong forum?07:50
Ali_nz^lazy even....07:50
erosswhat's best tool to use to check my nvidia 8800gt temp?07:50
DPicwell im trying to install ubuntu on a mac...07:50
WolfensteinDr_Willis, or firecrotch are you two still around?07:51
DigitalKiwioh then i would definitely hold off on arch, though it may interest you in the future, for now hmmm...crunchbang looks interesting (ubuntu based)07:51
DigitalKiwiit uses openbox =D07:52
Ali_nz^arch> crunchbang? Linux flavours?07:52
mreinschin the disk tool: I see that the Read Error Count is constantly increasing. The disk should be fine though, it is a new system07:52
ManDayWhat's the most lightweight LaTeX package in the repos?07:53
godstarDPic: http://forums.macrumors.com/archive/index.php/t-148617.html07:53
ManDayBtw is Karmic out yet?07:53
firecrotchManDay: No. October 2907:53
godstarManDay: 29th07:53
ManDayCool, thanks07:53
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  im in and out.. :)07:53
cgrozahello, how to change my repositories from md. to ro.07:53
Ali_nz^most of the light packages mentioned so far run in ram only07:53
godstarManDay: Anytime.07:53
WolfensteinDr_Willis, did you get any of my recent posts07:53
DPicgodstae: LiveCD seems to freeze after selecting an option from the menu07:54
DPicgodstar *07:54
Ali_nz^Xubuntu could be good?07:54
erossGPU temp at 80c07:54
=== ByTeWalkeR is now known as Guest40375
Ali_nz^where in NZ are you DigitalKiwi?07:54
brambo_can anyone help me ?07:54
godstarDPic: dualboot or vm install?07:54
Dr_WillisWolfenstein:  yea. Ping works via name and ip. Thats a good sign.  There should be some samba logs in /var/log somewhere.  You could tail -f, the log,  and try to connect via windows and see if the connection is rejected/tried/shown at all.07:55
DigitalKiwithe far north part, so far north I'm actually in the united states07:55
DPicgodstar: trying to wipe mac osx for ubuntu07:55
brambo_I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and let it use 50GB of my hard drive and just installed it a few minutes ago, but when I try to install stuff or updates, it says not enough disc space...07:55
brambo_If anyone knows what I can do, please let me know. thank u :)07:55
godstarDPic: hmm, what happens when you boot to Live CD???07:56
brambo_<---New to Linux07:56
WolfensteinDr_Willis, i have no problem now connecting to the windows sharing part i did before but firecrotch told me what i might have done which i turned off and now im able to connect to windows sharing folders07:56
DPicgodstar: i can select langage and a menu option but after that it goes to a black screen and freezes07:56
ManDayCan anyone recomment a LaTeX package in the Repos which is either very basic OR has a package manager to MAKE IT very basic?07:56
Tmiwhat do you mean that it should be basic?07:57
godstarDPic: try to burn download the ISO again, and burn a new CD. Then use the default settings via the installer and see how that goes.07:57
cfeddeManDay: probably lyx07:57
DPicgodstar: the liveCD works on a normal PC, just not on mac07:58
godstarDPic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_EHXbbjgnA07:58
cgrozahello, how to change my repositories from md. to ro.07:58
DPicgodstar: i believe i've tried both jaunty and karmic and neither work07:58
ManDaycfedde, thanks07:58
Ali_nz^none of the VNC viewer clients seem to have scaling options07:58
brambo_I set aside 50GB for Ubuntu (just installed it) but it wants me to install updates and its saying theres not enough space, whats going on?07:58
godstarDPic: I am not a mac user but the installer should work seamlessly.07:58
digmoreCould anyone recommend software to "transcript" (either automatically or semi-automatically) audio/video?07:59
=== malnilion_ is now known as malnilion
DPicgodstar: i know it *should* be-- this is why i'm here =]07:59
godstarDPic: you could always try to put gparted on a USB stick and wipe your macosx drive with it then load Ubuntu from the live cd?07:59
DPicgodstar: but the LiveCD won't even boot into the installer/desktop so i wouldn't be able to install it08:00
lucas_hello what happend to packages.ubuntu-com??08:00
brambo_The upgrade needs a total of 463M free space on disk '/'. Please free at least an additional 463M of disk space on '/'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'.08:00
lucas_i'm trying to reinstal nautilus but it wont let me08:00
cgrozahello, how to change my repositories from md. to ro.08:00
godstarDPic: maybe, maybe not. Do you have an app to wipe your mac hdd??08:00
godstarDPic: maybe its the mac os causing issues? Not sure. Just trying to brainstorm.08:01
DPicgodstar: i have the ubuntu LiveCD on a USB drive as awell but that wouldn't even boot at all-- not even to the menu08:01
firecrotchlucas_: it's down again. no big surprise there.08:01
godstarDPic: wipe the HDD then run Ubuntu. That's what I would do.08:01
DPicgodstar: alright i'll try it08:02
firecrotchlucas_: happens a lot more often than it should08:02
godstarDPic: I'll be around. Let me know.08:02
DPicgodstar: alright thanks08:02
reeveanyone able to connect to ubuntu server?08:02
godstarDPic: anytime.08:02
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, i see you're back so you don't know why im having problems with getting my ubuntu files showing up in windows?08:02
howitzer`pradeep: any luck?08:03
firecrotchWolfenstein: How were you doing it before? You had to have configured Samba and shared the files...08:03
lucas_firecrotch: if packages.ubuntu.com i still can download packages?08:04
lucas_is down*08:04
shentinoIs there a way to upgrade to karmic from jaunty?08:04
lucas_firecrotch: if packages.ubuntu.com is down i still can download packages?08:04
shentinoor do I have to wait for the official release first?08:04
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, yes but i didn't do nothing in the windows side all i was doing before was typing in run was this command //computername/Downloads or if it wasn't downloads it was /user and i mean my user on ubuntu08:04
brambo_If somoene has a free minute please let me know, I need some help, (new Linux user here)08:04
firecrotchlucas_: There are mirrors that you can use - I don't know the addresses offhand though08:05
Tmibrambo, just write your qestions and someone will answer if they know08:05
Madpilotshentino, you can upgrade08:05
howitzer`shentino: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/beta08:05
Madpilotubottu, upgrade | shentino08:05
ubottushentino: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading08:05
firecrotchWolfenstein: and its the same ubuntu install as before, correct? just the windows install is new?08:05
phpgunnerCan anyone tell me why my mouse quits clicking after awhile on ubuntu?08:05
firecrotchWolfenstein: or do I have that backwards?08:06
Madpilotshentino, but Karmic questions should still go to #ubuntu+1, thanks08:06
shentinoI mean upgrading with synaptic or the like08:06
phpgunnerAble to move it but no clicky :(08:06
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, just windows i didn't touch ubuntu at all as in reformating i only reformatted windows08:06
brambo_I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 32bit on my laptop it has a 250GB, I let Ubuntu use 50GB, and now Ubuntu is asking to update then saying there isn't enough disc space..How is this? I can paste the error code I get.08:06
firecrotchWolfenstein: Hmm... did you try //<ubuntu IP address>/user ?08:06
draconisif at all possible try to avoid Samba08:07
Tmibrambo, open a terminal and write "df -h" too see the amount of diskspace08:08
starcannonHello Chan08:08
darksmacany one know how to restart drives after i have made changes to fstab file08:09
starcannondarksmack sudo mount -a08:09
brambo_brambo@brandans-laptop:~$ df -h08:09
brambo_Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on08:09
brambo_/dev/sda5             2.3G  2.2G  284K 100% /08:09
brambo_tmpfs                 880M     0  880M   0% /lib/init/rw08:09
brambo_varrun                880M  108K  880M   1% /var/run08:09
FloodBot1brambo_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
FloodBot2brambo_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
FloodBot3brambo_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
brambo_varlock               880M     0  880M   0% /var/lock08:09
starcannondarksmack be sure to "man mount" as well08:10
darksmacthank you08:10
brambo_Tmi: I will post results in pastebin, can you help me maybe?08:10
starcannonbrambo use a paste bin08:10
Tmiwell it seems your ubuntu partition is only 2.3 Gb08:10
starcannontoo late as per usual08:10
=== ce_metal_cord is now known as mzz^purple
godstarbrambo, you could always rb your box and Ubuntu should auto mount hdds for you.08:10
brambo_but picked for it to use 50GB08:10
starcannonbrambo you only allocated 2.3 gb to Ubuntu, it needs bare min of 4gb(thats a very bare min)08:11
Tmiweird, something must have gone wrong then because df says your /-partition is only 2.3 Gb08:11
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, no i didn't let me try that08:11
brambo_I installed it alongside Windows Vista, and slide the bar over to let Ubuntu have 50GB..08:11
brambo_How can I fix it, format and do it over?08:11
starcannonbrambo something didn't go as planned08:12
TmiI don't know, maybe gparted can extend the partition?08:12
godstarbrambo, did you use Wubi?08:12
Tmiotherwise I guess a reinstall is in order08:12
brambo_I am not sure how to use that, I am brand new to Linux08:12
starcannonbrambo backup all data that is important to you, then do a reinstall, use 8.04 LTS unless there is some reason you need a later version08:12
=== cWiiu is now known as tWii
brambo_godstar: I booted off the Ubuntu disc from my BIOS08:12
=== tWii is now known as cWii
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, i did that and it comes up with the same problem not finding it08:13
godstarbrambo, can you boot back to your Windows OS?08:13
brambo_I cant use 8.04  only 9.04 works on my laptop...08:13
Tmistarcannon, better recommend the latest stable, i.e. 9.0408:13
brambo_yes I can godstar08:13
firecrotchWolfenstein: make sure that the folders are still shared on your ubuntu machine? that's the last thing that I can think of08:13
starcannonTmi nah, its a tweenlease, I only recommend LTS unless a tween adds hardware support that the enduser needs, and brambo just stated he/she needs 9.04 for that reason08:14
TmiI guess the problem is you wont have enough space to even install gparted (partition manager), so you should probably just do a reinstall08:14
cgrozahello ,my grub menu shows 2 kernels ...how do i remove one?08:14
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, um i don't think i did that i only did things in the samba config file08:14
godstarbrambo, I suggest you boot back into Windows, reformat Ubuntu partition with DiskMgr and use the Wubi installer. http://wubi-installer.org/08:14
Lartza_Hello, gparted is whining about changing partions may cause dataloss, but I want to lose my data and completely empty my drive, I can't seem to figure out how to do that data is still there.08:14
brambo_I can just go in Windows and totally delete Ubuntu and the partition it made and do it over, cause I dont know how to reinstall Ubuntu08:14
godstarbrambo, wubi is easier to use for new converts.08:14
godstarbrambo, wubi.08:15
firecrotchWolfenstein: I think the problem lies with your Windows install somewhere.  Is it Vista, XP, or 7?08:15
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, its xp08:15
starcannonLartza_ backup data before messing with partitions, this is where sanity lives; do otherwise and you will testdisk08:15
cgrozahello ,my grub menu shows 2 kernels ...how do i remove one?08:15
brambo_use the WuBi installer from Windows?08:15
brambo_Doesn't that make Ubuntu slower?08:15
godstarbrambo, that is correct.08:15
firecrotchWolfenstein: up to date with service pack 3 and all that good stuff?08:15
Lartza_starcannon: Backed up and I want to format the partition now, but the data is staying there no matter what08:15
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, and never had a problem before but i didn't mess with samba config file08:15
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, yep08:16
Lartza_I have formatted partition, deleted and made new partition08:16
Lartza_Ouch... do I need to possibly make new partition table?08:16
godstarbrambo, it is your best option, until you get the hang of Ubuntu.08:16
nareshovgot a bunch of upgrades yesterday08:16
Lartza_Would that do it?08:16
nareshovand my touchpad doesn't work anymore08:16
firecrotchWolfenstein: well, it has to be some kind of problem with your Windows install.  Unfortunately, I'm way out of the loop when it comes to Windows stuff now08:16
draconisgodstar: Wait, Wubi actually uses that ancient boot loader, that loads from a Windows/Dos partition?08:16
nareshov(i can't use my touchpad to move the cursor)08:16
brambo_I've  installed Ubuntu the same way I just did a few minutes ago before and had no problems, this time somehow even tho I picked 50GB, it didnt do it?08:17
starcannonLartza_ I'll help you in PM look left08:17
zeededdraconis: Hes just that sexy08:17
Wolfensteinfirecrotch, no problem a friend who helped me begin with isn't around and i don't know why its not working so no worries08:17
nareshovi have "synaptics driver lost sync.... got giantic packet!"08:17
godstardraconis: correct, but it is a good option.08:17
nareshovand "query no synaptics: 000000"08:17
nareshovin my Xorg.0.log08:17
nareshovgoogle isn't helping08:17
godstardraconis: brambo is new to linux.08:17
brambo_I will just totally delete Ubuntu and try installing it again...That's the easiest way I know how to do it since Im new to Linux totally08:18
zeededbrambo_: Whats wrong?08:18
brambo_zeeded: I installed Ubuntu a few mins ago, and selected it to use 50GB of my hard drive but now its saying I dont have enough space to update my stuff08:18
Tmibrambo, thats probably your best option yes, check one extra time that the partition size is correct and you should get it running nicely :)08:18
brambo_Tmi: I hope so :)08:19
zeededbrambo_: If you want to make sure its not something else maybe check gparted?08:19
=== nareshov is now known as naresh
zeededif not, a fresh install might be best :/08:19
brambo_zeeded: I am new to Linux so I dont know how to do what you said.08:19
brambo_zeeded: what is gparted ?08:20
Tmibrambo, in a terminal write "sudo aptitude install gparted" and then type your password when it asks for it08:20
zeededits GTK+ Partitioning software08:20
Tmiits a partition manager08:20
brambo_This sucks cause I got my Wireless to work this time in Linux, and I gotta delete it and start over again..08:20
godstarTmi: he can not get Ubuntu to boot.08:20
Tmigodstar, I think he is in ubuntu actually08:20
brambo_Tmi: should I paste bin the results?08:21
Tmiif it doesnt even boot then a reinstall is absolutely in order :D08:21
Tmibrambo, yeah do08:21
* godstar scratches head.08:21
draconisgodstar: yeah, I saw that, I just thought there was an issue with gparted. now that clears it up08:21
godstarI was under the impression, Ubuntu was not booting for him.08:22
brambo_Tmi: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/284385/08:22
Tminah he is in ubuntu but cant do any updates due to diskspace being used08:22
Tmibrambo, start it by typing "gparted" now (I think)08:22
brambo_yeah but I picked for Ubuntu to use 50GB of my hard drive, its wierd...08:23
godstarbrambo, is this a live cd session or no?08:23
TmiI dont know much about the program itself, but you might be able to extend partitions in there08:23
brambo_no, not LiveCD, the system is installed08:23
godstarIn that case.08:23
godstarGparted it is.08:23
brambo_Tmi: did you get my pastebin?08:23
Tmigodstar, the problem seems to be that it is installed but on a 2.3 Gb partition instead of the intended 50 Gb08:23
zeededhow do you do a screenshot from a term?08:23
=== ce_metal_cord is now known as LeMOotZz
Tmibrambo, yes, try starting gparted by writing "gparted"08:24
Tmizeeded, "scrot"08:24
godstarTmi: appears so.08:24
brambo_oh, well I am so new to Ubuntu I dunno how to swtich it, so I will have to delete it all and start oveer again I think...:-(08:24
brambo_Since GParted is a powerful tool capable of destroying partition tables and vast amounts of data, only root may run it.08:24
Tmijust try playing around with the options in gparted and see if it is possible to change partition sizes08:24
godstarbrambo, do you remember what size partition you chose for /root, and swap directories?08:25
le-foothello to any songbird users - I have 9.04 and songbird 1.0, and I have media keys working in Rhythmbox and Totem. - just not in Songbird. Is there a way to fix this? MMkeys didn't do the trick. Thanks08:25
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
Tmiif you want to run as root you write "sudo gparted"08:25
Tmiand enter your password when prompted for it08:25
brambo_I didnt chose anything, I just selected it to install next to Windows Vista and slided a bar to the left so Ubuntu used 50GB08:25
Dr_Willisplay with gparted on a virtialbox machine :) to learn its features08:26
godstarbrambo, correct. Honestly, gparted is friendly to learn, however, reload for a beginner will better suited. Book back into Windows, and reformat the Ubuntu partition. When you are ready to reload, let us know we can help you from there.08:26
zeededgodstar: someone new to linux is not going to remember that. Especially an Ubuntu user08:26
godstarzeeded: good point.08:26
brambo_I like Linux, how stable it is, I wannna learn it...so I am gonna delete it and reinstall it.08:27
Tmihis / is 2.3 Gb08:27
godstarzeeded: then again, he could've been paying attention, or better yet wrote down his steps?08:27
brambo_I am getting so angry with Windows....08:27
vtecdoes anyone know of an auto clicker for linux ubuntu GNOME that will just click ever 2 seconds in the same place?08:27
Tmibrambo, yeah that is probably the best option since that will only take about half an hour or so08:27
brambo_godstar: all I did was select time zone and keyoard type etc, and it said starting partition manager, then I slide a bar to the left to select 50GB for Ubuntu instead of deleting Windows, and hit next..08:28
brambo_Tmi: yeah08:28
godstarbrambo, read my previous post.08:28
vtecdoes anyone know of an auto clicker for linux ubuntu GNOME that will just click ever 2 seconds in the same place?08:29
blue-frogbrambo: before reinstalling.     sudo apt-get clean08:29
brambo_blue-frog: I am just deleteing and installing agian, I am not sure how to reinstall08:29
brambo_I am new to Linux08:30
brambo_Thank you all, I am just gotta boot Windows, delete Ubuntu and just install it over again...08:30
blue-frogbrambo: might be interesting to know if you have those 50G spare which I doubt before reinstaling08:30
brambo_in the morning, I am tired must sleep now..08:30
Tmigo ahead brambo, that's easier than trying to fix it in other ways08:30
zeededgood luck brambo_08:30
brambo_thank you zeeded, tmi, godstar, blue-frog08:31
zeedednp bro08:31
godstarbrambo, anytime.08:31
Dr_Williswhy d you bneed to boot to winbdows to delete linux?08:31
Tminp, good luck with your linux adventure tomorrow :)08:31
Dr_Willisthe installer can do that.08:31
brambo_Dr Willis: I am new to Linux so I am not sure how, I know how to though in Windows.08:31
vtecdoes anyone know of an auto clicker for linux ubuntu GNOME that will just click ever 2 seconds in the same place?08:32
Dr_Willisbrambo_:  play with the partition tool in the installer..08:32
Dr_Willisbrambo_:  actually you could delete it from within a running linux. :) but thats weird... to self destruct the os that way08:32
godstarDr_Willis: brambo is concerned with deleting his files on the remaining partition(s),08:32
zeededDo you guys know of any easy way to set a wallpaper from the term?08:33
Dr_Williswell good luck to him. :)08:33
tehbautis there a GUI SSH tool like WinSCP for linux/ubuntu?08:33
Dr_Williszeeded:  xsetbg, esetroot, or a dozen other commands can do it08:33
brambo_Thank you all I am gonna go now to start the process.08:33
Dr_Willistehbaut:  the normal gnome file manager can connect over ssh and do things.08:34
zeededthanks Doc08:34
brambo_If I can stay awake to start this, I will come back and let you guys know! :)08:34
tehbautDr_Willis: ah, cool... so how can I set that up?08:34
brambo_am I allowed to post my yahoo messenger ID here?08:34
Dr_Willistehbaut:  check out the  Places--> connect to server. :) logical eh.08:34
tehbautDr_Willis: how about a nice SSH sync between server and computer?08:34
le-footbrambo_ - i would just IM them08:35
Dr_Willistehbaut:  ssh and rsync can do that. theres also some guy tools - but i rarely use them08:35
brambo_what do I type to message a certain user here like u did me le-foot ?08:35
blue-frogtehbaut: unison-gtk08:35
tehbautDr_Willis: ok, and rsync can be automated, I assume? say every time a file is saved locally, it can sync it?08:35
le-footbrambo_: on the right hand side, find the username and click on 'IM'08:36
le-footis anyone here familiar with lirc? thanks :)08:36
Dr_Willistehbaut:  ive not used rsync in ages..  thats its main job owever. :)08:36
Dr_Willistehbaut:  you  could set up a cron job to sync every 30 min or so08:37
a|3xhi, i am trying to recover some data from hard drive that was in raid1 with ntfs, when i try to mount i get "mount: unknown filesystem type 'isw_raid_member'", any ideas how to mount this thing?08:37
=== Darren is now known as dmb
mhhhello.. I left home and forgot to enable desktop sharing.. anyway to enable it through a ssh session? (The computer at home is loged in)08:40
=== LeMoNiCe is now known as h32Lg
Dr_Willismhh:  you could ssh in, and install/run vncserver. but that would make a new 'shared' desktop thats hidden. NOT the same as the one you have running locally.08:42
blue-frogmhh gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/enabled true08:42
Dr_Willismhh:  and really you want to ssh tunnle vnc over the interent.. so thats another layer of things to do.08:42
blue-frogmhh: gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/prompt_enabled false08:42
blue-frogmhh in fact I am going to psetebin you the process08:42
emanuxhello, is there a nautilus-ldap browser?08:42
Dr_Willismhh:  is the system logged in to the desktop now? or not at all?08:42
mhhblue-frog:  thanks08:43
mhhDr_Willis: yes.. the system is logged in athome08:43
melikcan anyone recommend me a good mail server for linux? is Zimbra good?08:43
* tlamer hm08:43
firecrotchmhh: You ccould ssh in and install, then run x11vnc, which will allow you to view your desktop via VNC08:43
nutterpchello all08:43
nutterpcwho else here has had issies with running KernelCheck?08:44
nutterpccan i ask08:44
blue-frogmhh should be ebough http://pastebin.com/d6190a13b08:44
crypt3oranyone ever had an eSATA drive just 'disappear' in the middle of a transfer?08:44
zebastianhow do you keep the terminal from executing a command it's already executing08:44
zebastiani want to show an input on pastebin for y'all to help me08:45
a|3xi am trying to recover some data from hard drive that was in raid1 with ntfs, when i try to mount i get "mount: unknown filesystem type 'isw_raid_member'", any ideas how to mount this thing?08:45
zebastianbut the input is too big08:45
nutterpcas I have contacted the developer of it as I have almost got the program to successfully run, just need to see who else is having the dramas as well08:45
nutterpcthey know about the bug with it not working properly, which is what I am currently working on fixing08:45
zebastianusing rsync -avh --delete --stats /home/sebastian/ /media/SAMSUNG/mybackup didn't work, there's a whole bunch of files it doesn't give me permissions to, now the external hard drive is already mounted, so i dont get why i don't have permissions to it, i even used sudo in front of the command, any help much appreciated08:47
zebastianwe're talking an external drive08:47
crypt3orI copy a couple gigs of data, and then it goes: "cp: writing './myfile.tar.gz.113': Input/output error" for all the rest of the files, and then when I sudo fdisk -l, the drive no longer appears.  plugging and unplugging doesn't bring it back08:47
emanuxwhat is a good ldap client?08:47
firecrotcha|3x: was this a hardware raid or a software raid via mdadm?08:47
howitzer`or a police raid..08:48
zebastiani'm getting outputs like  "/media/SAMSUNG/mybackup/Music/Karl Marx - Capital Vol 1.pdf" failed: Operation not permitted (1)08:48
zebastiancan someone help me out here08:48
zebastianjust got this rsync error: received SIGINT, SIGTERM, or SIGHUP (code 20) at rsync.c(541) [sender=3.0.4] and hten back to prompt08:49
MysteriousSorry for bothering you here. I would like to know where I can find a good devenv that supports GTK dev with graphical creation of gtk forms08:49
a|3xfirecrotch: i am not exactly sure, it was a windoze vista system, then processor failed so i am trying to get the data out08:50
godstara|3x: why not use a Ubuntu Live CD to back up your data?08:51
a|3xthats what i am trying to do08:51
a|3xand its not mounting08:51
a|3xmount: unknown filesystem type 'isw_raid_member'08:52
firecrotcha|3x: what is the output of fdisk -l ?08:52
Barnabasa|3x, if it was a hw raid, the controller has been doing the raid mirroring08:52
godstara|3x: go to add remove and search for ntfs\08:52
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)08:52
a|3xfdisk -l says http://pastebin.com/m50d0467508:53
nutterpcthis is frustrating, lol, I've got this small tiny stumbling block in the way of this program working now, lol08:54
a|3xwhen i try to mount /dev/sda3 it says mount: unknown filesystem type 'isw_raid_member'08:54
firecrotcha|3x: Um... you must have some weird funky setup or something if a regular partition is part of a RAID08:54
Barnabasa|3x, if this was a vista pc I would move the controller to another working windows machine and install the same version of the raid driver08:55
a|3xfirecrotch: i didn't set it up, it was like that on sony viao laptop08:55
firecrotcha|3x: are there actually two physical hard drives in there?08:56
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:56
a|3xfirecrotch: the funny thing is, the second hard drive is blank08:57
firecrotcha|3x: ok, so I'm assuming that its a hardware RAID08:57
a|3xfirecrotch: stupid sony setup08:57
a|3xfirecrotch: i have no idea if it is hardware raid08:57
a|3xfirecrotch: that laptop was complaining about raid failure all the time, but i thought it was misconfigured08:58
firecrotcha|3x: how important is this data?08:58
a|3xfirecrotch: very, for someone08:58
nutterpcit is DONE!08:58
FloodBot2nutterpc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:58
nutterpcKernelCheck now WORKS08:58
cesaritohow do i readd that little panel at the bottom left of the screen that lets me open firefox and view the desktop?08:58
nutterpci just found out what was buggy08:58
firecrotcha|3x: "very" meaning that someone will die without it?08:59
cesaritoit disappeared and i dont know what happened08:59
a|3xfirecrotch: someone will have to their rebuild contact database, which could be really unpleasant, email archive would be lost, etc08:59
firecrotcha|3x: alright, so pretty important, I guess08:59
a|3xfirecrotch: irrelevant question, i want to recover it09:00
firecrotcha|3x: I only ask because I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction and end up making things unrecoverable09:00
a|3xfirecrotch: is it possible to mount this using linux raid09:00
firecrotcha|3x: I don't think you'll be able to mount it using mdadm, no09:00
d0wn_is it possible to install libqt3-dev alongside libqt4-dev09:01
draconisraid normally requires the /exact same/ raid controller to mount it09:01
Barnabasdraconis, precisely09:01
firecrotcha|3x: what I would do is use fdisk to change the filesystem type flag to ntfs and then try to mount it.  draconis is right though09:01
a|3xwould i be able to change it back?09:01
firecrotcha|3x: I wouldn't count on what I just said working at all, or being able to change it back, or being able to recover it after doing do09:02
draconisBarnabas: but it also would depend on the type of raid.. there are "non-striped" raids IIRC09:02
Barnabasdraconis, this is raid 109:02
nutterpcdoes anyone know if the developers of programs come in here at all?09:02
Barnabaswhere one side of the raid has not been populated for some reason09:02
a|3xfirecrotch: i don't think it will work, i tried -t ntfs-3g and it said invalid ntfs signature or something09:02
a|3xfirecrotch: i found something on linux raid and this file system type: http://www.linux-archive.org/fedora-development/276039-new-udev-rule-using-mdadm-isw_raid_member.html09:04
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tonyyarussonutterpc: Some do.09:05
=== devel is now known as devel-de
nutterpcas I think I may have just solved them a bit of hassle with one of the programs listen in the forums09:06
yaronI am having a problem with a new ubuntu install.  I keep getting GRUB Loading stage1.5.  Then GRUB loading, please wait.... Error 209:06
nutterpcfew minor quirks still reside, but the program successfully retrieves the data it needs, and parses it09:06
=== jimmo is now known as jefry
tonyyarussonutterpc: You can always a) submit a patch on Launchpad, or b) send an e-mail to the address shown in the maintainer field09:07
firecrotcha|3x: Have you tried connecting the drive to a Windows machine?09:07
nutterpcdid that, was hopin they may have been in here, lol09:07
a|3xfirecrotch: not yet09:07
fahadsadahyaron: Is this a dualboot configuration?09:07
yaronfahadsadah:  yes09:08
fahadsadahyaron: OK.09:08
fahadsadahCan you access files on the disk, such as by a liveCD?09:08
yaronfahadsadah: yes I can09:08
fahadsadahPlease can you pastebin /boot/grub/menu.lst?09:08
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:08
firecrotcha|3x: Windows might be able to read the filesystem09:08
Barnabasfirecrotch, probably needs the same raid controller and the same version of the raid driver - this is probably a fake raid controller where the driver does a lot of stuff09:09
firecrotcha|3x: What model of sony vaio is the drive from?09:10
a|3xfirecrotch: it says pcg-8y1l09:10
yaronfahadsadah: not that easy I am working off my laptop.  My desktop is the one having issues.  I can boot in rescue mode off the install cd but I doubt that has an irc client09:10
firecrotchBarnabas: It should still be recoverable in some way without the raid controller09:10
firecrotchsince it is RAID109:11
a|3xdoes anybody have any other suggestions about mounting 'isw_raid_member' filesystem type?09:11
fahadsadahyaron: Actually, it does.09:11
fahadsadahWhich can connect to many forms of communication, including IRC.09:11
yaronfahadsadah: ok can you give me the command line?09:12
firecrotcha|3x: I am currently trying to get more information on the type of RAID that it is09:12
fahadsadahTo get the file, cat /boot/grub/menu.lst09:12
fahadsadahYou don't need to IRC from the box, btw.09:12
fahadsadahJust pastebin the file, and tell us the URL here.09:12
fahadsadah!pastebin | yaron09:12
ubottuyaron: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:12
Barnabasfirecrotch, agreed, but since this is apparantley very important data - I would not take any chances09:12
yaronfahadsadah: how do I get the file from my desktop to my laptop?09:12
=== Igorot is now known as Knightlust
fahadsadahFrom the desktop, paste the contents into paste.ubuntu.com09:13
firecrotcha|3x: I can't find any information on the sony website for the model number that you gave me, so I don't think that "pcg-8y1l" is the model09:13
fahadsadahMemorize the short URL09:13
fahadsadahTell us here.09:13
a|3xfirecrotch: crap, i hate sony laptops09:13
a|3xfirecrotch: well it does say thats the model on the back09:13
ManDayWhat package do I have to install to obtain PDFLATEX?09:13
firecrotcha|3x: is there something that starts with VGN anywhere?09:14
Barnabasa|3x, does lspci tell you anything abount the controller ?09:14
zvacetyaron : send e-maul to yourself09:14
FlannelManDay: texlive is the current LaTeX environment, I don't, however know off the top of my head which package is the "main" one09:14
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:14
JNSamuele-maul, sounds like it would make a good email program09:14
firecrotchBarnabas: the computer that it is from is dead, from my understanding09:14
ManDayFlannel, I installed texlive-base but there is only pdftex in it - NOT pdflatex however09:15
a|3xfirecrotch: no vgn anywhere09:15
zvacetJNSamuel : lapsus calami09:15
FlannelManDay: texlive-bin it looks like?09:15
=== MadMax is now known as Guest96231
ManDaytexlive-bin i ve got also installed - no pdflatex however09:15
=== Tommi is now known as Ripp|Off
JNSamuelzvace: ?09:15
FlannelManDay: er, texlive-latex?  It's in texlive-latex-bin, but I'm sure that's merely a depends to something else which is more complete09:16
pete_how can i get an application (ushare) to load, when using rc.local does not work, nor the session startup manager09:16
Barnabasfirecrotch, well one way could be to backup the device now using dd09:17
FlannelManDay: Maybe it's not.  texlive-latex-base and then texlive-latex-bin09:17
Barnabasthen try to change the file system bit09:17
Barnabasand mount it09:17
ManDayi do texlive-latex-base09:17
firecrotchBarnabas: good suggestion09:17
firecrotcha|3x: You should try Barnabas' suggestion. Make a complete backup of the drive using dd09:18
bwallumAnybody having trouble playing dvds and music cds since last kernel update?09:18
a|3xBarnabas: the cpu is fried on that thing, i can't boot into livecd09:18
a|3xfirecrotch: the cpu is fried on that thing, i can't boot into livecd09:19
FlannelManDay: good, because -bin apparently doesn't exist, I don't know where I got my wires crossed :)09:19
zvacetJNSamuel :http://www.answers.com/main/ntquery?gov=0&searchType=ra&s=lapsus+calami&go.x=0&go.y=009:19
firecrotcha|3x: you can still back it up using dd if you have it connected to another computer09:19
Barnabasa|3x, it will be a raw dump of the whole device09:19
a|3xfirecrotch: i could back it up but the question is how do i recover?09:20
JNSamuelzvacet: still don't understand what "slip of the pen" means. since i don't use pens and im not good with figures of speeches09:20
firecrotcha|3x: You create the backup using dd, then you can try to mount or otherwise change the device using the backup file that you created09:21
pete_how can i get an application (ushare) to load, when using rc.local does not work, nor the session startup manager09:21
=== sheyla is now known as yasmin
Lartza_How can I delete my data from hd's with gparted09:21
firecrotcha|3x: or, you can then try it on the drive, and if you screw up, you can restore the backup to the drive09:21
Lartza_Creating new partition table still kept my data09:21
zvacetJNSamuel :typing error then09:21
a|3xfirecrotch: mount -o ro -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 sda2 -> NTFS signature is missing09:22
a|3xfirecrotch: so i guess changing type in partition table will not work09:22
zvacetJNSamuel : or writing error09:22
yaronfahadsadah: ok I tried pastebin.  Pasted the into into the dialog box, filled in my name and hit paste?  What do I do from there?09:22
pete_a|3x, sudo ntfs-3f /dev/sda2 /mount/point09:23
a|3xpete_: did that09:23
fahadsadahyaron: Give me the URL.09:24
a|3xpete_: NTFS signature is missing09:24
fahadsadahAfter having hit paste.09:24
yaronfahadsadah: http://paste.ubuntu.com/284431/09:24
firecrotcha|3x: I found a program that you might want to try. It claims to be able to recover data from RAID1 drives. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk09:25
fahadsadahyaron: Thanks.09:25
fahadsadahyaron: In the XP entry, move the two map statements to above09:26
yaronfahadsadah: ok done09:28
firecrotcha|3x: basically, if there is a valid filesystem on the drive (and there should be, even if the NTFS signature is missing), that program ought to be able to recover it09:28
yaronfahadsadah: save the file and reboot?09:28
=== desperado is now known as asalabala
a|3xfirecrotch: i will try it out, thanks a lot for the suggestion09:29
s0m345sooneHEllo there. I need to connect to my modem in order to configure wireless network. But I don't know what's the modem's IP. I connect to the internet using pppoeconf. Anyone know how can I check what's modem's IP?09:30
mcscruffs0m345soone, whatsmyip.com ?09:31
crypt3orum, probably need more information about what kind of modem it is, at the very least09:31
fahadsadahyaron: Yes.09:31
firecrotchs0m345soone: what is your computer's ip address?09:32
yaronfahadsadah: same error09:32
yaronfahadsadah: if it helps.  I never even see  the boot menu09:32
fahadsadahyaron: Pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l, please?09:32
s0m345soonefirecrotch: sorry wrong09:33
firecrotchs0m345soone: yeah, I was gonna say... lol09:33
s0m345soonefirecrotch: this is my externam ip that ifconfig gave me... I don't know how to check.. ifconfig only shows external IP09:34
ManDayFlannel, worked fine with texlive-latex thanks pal09:34
firecrotchs0m345soone: what brand and model is your modem?09:34
fmankmorning folks ... I was wondering if anyone could help me with a dual screen nvidia card issue?09:34
firecrotch!anyone | fmank09:34
ubottufmank: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:34
Briareos1i have a kernel patch - is there a way to compile just the part that is patched as a module?09:35
s0m345soones0m345soone: don't know don't have access to it09:35
s0m345soonefirecrotch: don't know don't have access to it09:35
s0m345soonefirecrotch: doesn't this something to do with pppoeconf?09:35
Richard_MartinWhy is IRC dead today09:36
s0m345sooneto determine what's your local IP?09:36
Richard_Martinthis server is ghostsville09:36
Barnabass0m345soone, how is it connected to your pc? via ethernet or usb or other?09:36
s0m345sooneBarnabas: ethernet09:36
yaronfahadsadah: http://paste.ubuntu.com/284443/09:37
Barnabass0m345soone, you could try to scan your own network to list IPs09:38
Dr_WillisRichard_Martin:  it is 5am in the USA :)09:38
Barnabasnmap is a good tool09:38
Barnabasfor example nmap -sP
Barnabaswould ping scan all the ips on that subnet09:39
Dr_Willisfindsmb, and smbtree are handy to 'scan' for fileservers/sambaservers  also09:40
Doc_Lappyanybody here use mysql?09:41
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: I do09:41
Doc_Lappycan you tell me how to tell what tables are in a database by the terminal?09:42
Doc_Lappyor if doc as a table exists09:42
Doc_Lappyand hi again firecrotch09:42
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: Hello again! I believe "SHOW TABLES" is what you're looking for09:43
abersorry didn't mean to spam and paste a link.. was just trying to connect to Transmission IRC channell09:43
s0m345sooneBarnabas: what if it's not on this subnet?09:43
Doc_Lappyk just type that in when i''am  at the mysql> prompt ?09:44
Barnabasif your pc and your modem is not on the same subnet they cannot communicate without routing09:44
Madpilotaber, /join #transmission09:44
Barnabasso perhaps the modem has no IP09:44
Doc_Lappyit didn't list any :(09:44
Barnabasand is just bridging requests onto the nic in your pc09:44
s0m345sooneBarnabas: yes.. but what if they not on 192.168.1*09:44
insmodquestion - my firefox  started showing black squares on white pages (randomly) that disappear when I refresh09:44
Doc_Lappyso I'll try to create it I guess and see if that works09:45
Barnabasifconfig should show you our subnet and netmask09:45
Doc_LappyCREATE TABLE DOC didn't work :(09:45
s0m345sooneBarnabas: inet addr:  P-t-P:  Mask:
Doc_Lappyhave to do some googling I guess to use command line mysql09:46
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: I'm having the same issue with my server, now that I've tried it09:46
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/show-tables.html09:46
s0m345sooneBarnabas: is external09:46
MadpilotDoc_Lappy, try #mysql09:46
Barnabass0m345soone, are you sure the modem has any routing capabilities?09:46
s0m345sooneBarnabas: 100%09:47
crypt3orthe modem has got to be there09:47
nascentmindDoc_Lappy, you have to use a database first.09:47
s0m345sooneBarnabas: it has external antena I'm pretty sugre it does :D09:47
s0m345sooneBarnabas: this is modem..09:47
crypt3orI had a sbc modem that pretended to be on a different subnet09:47
Barnabashas nothing to do with antenna09:47
crypt3orno wait...09:47
nascentmindDoc_Lappy, do --> show databases; to list out the databases.09:47
Barnabass0m345soone, I think it directly bridges your external IP onto the nic in your pc09:48
pradeepcan i install the karmic gdm in jaunty09:48
joaopintopradeep, no09:48
pradeepjoapinto,why so09:48
crypt3oryeah so the wireless router had an internal subnet of 192.168.1.x, and then the modem created a subnet of 192.168.2.x, and then external to the modem is where you get the world-visible IP address.  So to access the modem's config page, you would go to like
joaopintopradeep, because it was tested, and could break your system do to package requirements09:49
joaopintoit was not09:49
=== stuartfinlay is now known as register
brambotmi, godstar, anyone still here?09:49
lesshasteI seem to have the wrong resolution all of a sudden so I can't see the sides of the deskt09:49
=== register is now known as Guest6391
lesshasteis there a nice tool for fixing t09:49
s0m345sooneBarnabas: what if I stop pppoeconf?09:50
s0m345sooneBarnabas: and I'm connected to the modem with cable without pppoeconf, internet running=09:50
fancynothing more09:50
s0m345soonehow can I than connect to the modem?09:50
Doc_LappyERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'SHOW TABLES mysqlshow doc show databases09:50
Doc_Lappyshow table SHOW TABLES mysqlshow doc sh' at line 109:50
pradeepjoaopinto,will that not work09:50
joaopintopradeep, I already answered you09:51
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: USE databasename;   then  SHOW TABLES;09:51
Doc_Lappythat's what I get it showed the db doc but gives me an error09:51
yaronfahadsadah: did you notice my pastebin?09:51
Barnabass0m345soone, you could try that - and then run run nmap scan again perhaps09:51
bramboI need to delete my Ubuntu partition so I can install it again since it installed wrong, I dont know how to reinstall since Im brand new to Linux, I have Windows along side Linux but Windows dont see the Ubuntu partition, how do I delete it from here in Ubuntu?09:51
pradeepjoaopinto,ok:-) will wait for the official release09:51
Doc_Lappyhow do I type that?09:51
ParrottI need to delete my Ubuntu partition so I can install it again since it installed wrong, I dont know how to reinstall since Im brand new to Linux, I have Windows along side Linux but Windows dont see the Ubuntu partition, how do I delete it from here in Ubuntu?09:51
Parrottjoaopinto,ok:-) will wait for the official release09:51
bramboIt installed to the wrong partition, I dont got enough space.09:51
Parrotthow do I type that?09:51
ParrottIt installed to the wrong partition, I dont got enough space.09:51
CBro2007guys I just got a Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop VM and installed it... it says it has no root password. So I added a new user and it gives me the message : myuser is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.09:51
Parrottuys I just got a Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop VM and installed it... it says it has no root password. So I added a new user and it gives me the message : myuser is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.09:51
CBro2007how do I edit the sudoers file?09:52
ubottuyes, I'm alive.09:52
Parrotthow do I edit the sudoers file?09:52
Parrottyes, I'm alive.09:52
Doc_Lappyparrot did you go to manage users/groups09:52
CBro2007also I want to change the root password09:52
pradeeprecently my sleep and suspend functions in my laptop does not work?? When i select sleep, the laptop goes to sleep but when i try to resume it does not. I have to restart my system all over. is there any fix09:52
Parrottparrot did you go to manage users/groups09:52
firecrotch!ops | Parrot (bot repeating everything)09:52
ubottuParrot (bot repeating everything): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:52
Doc_Lappyand try giving permissions to your username and to root09:52
Parrottalso I want to change the root password09:52
Parrottrecently my sleep and suspend functions in my laptop does not work?? When i select sleep, the laptop goes to sleep but when i try to resume it does not. I have to restart my system all over. is there any fix09:52
Parrott!ops | Parrot (bot repeating everything)09:52
ParrottParrot (bot repeating everything): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:52
FloodBot2Parrott: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:53
ParrottParrott: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:53
Doc_Lappyshould be able to do that there as well parrot09:53
fancytry it in the recover mode09:53
Parrottshould be able to do that there as well parrot09:53
=== Guest6391 is now known as stuartfinlay
CBro2007wtf is this?09:53
icerootParrott: stop that spam09:53
Madpilotstupid bot09:53
Doc_Lappyoh he was a bot no wonder09:53
CBro2007so then to the non-bot members... how do I change my root password and also add my user to the list of sudoers on Ubuntu?09:54
Madpilotubottu, root | CBro200709:54
ubottuCBro2007: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:54
FlannelCBro2007: add the user to the admin group09:54
icerootCBro2007: dont use root, use sudo, so you dont have to change the root-passwort09:54
Doc_Lappyfeel like such an idiot when I try to talk to a bot they seem as real as the peeps do in some of these rooms09:54
MadpilotDoc_Lappy, ubottu is probably the most useful person on this channel :)09:54
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: Yeah, especially this one, since it was just repeating everything lol09:54
icerootCBro2007: the password from sudo is the user-password, not the root-password09:54
CBro2007can you tell me how to add my user to the admin group?09:55
pradeeprecently my sleep and suspend functions in my laptop does not work?? When i select sleep, the laptop goes to sleep but when i try to resume it does not. I have to restart my system all over. is there any fix09:55
FlannelCBro2007: sudo adduser username admin09:55
CBro2007yeah I know I can use sudo to do the commands and I don't need to be root09:55
Doc_Lappylol ic09:55
MadpilotCBro2007, log in as the original user, create the new user(s), make sure they're given sudo privs.09:55
icerootCBro2007: good09:55
Doc_Lappyparrot is the one I was referring to some bots are very helpful09:55
hanshenrikDoc_Lappy: like talking to the bots? ask dpkg about lesbian :p09:56
CBro2007Flannel: so you suggest recreating the user? and this time giving it admin?09:56
FlannelCBro2007: Er, do youcurrenly have no user with admin privledges?09:56
Doc_LappyI like takk on 80h.org09:56
CBro2007I do09:56
FlannelCBro2007: the first user you create (during the install) has admin privledges09:56
CBro2007the VM I downloaded came with a user and a crazy password :)09:56
FlannelCBro2007: No, "adduser user group" merely adds the user to the group, not recreating a user.09:56
=== Guest7436 is now known as h34rt
fancywhich firewall is the best?09:57
Doc_Lappyit's a good channel IUJ wrote out the bot himself instead of using eggdrop or something and does a lot of stuff that's pretty useful09:57
CBro2007ok so right now I have a first user.. I created a new user using adduser09:57
FlannelCBro2007: then sudo adduser newuser admin09:57
Doc_Lappyyeah you can adduser from terminal and give it pswd09:58
firecrotchfancy: depends on what your needs are09:58
CBro2007Flannel:  that didn't work09:58
FlannelDoc_Lappy: You can do it with theGUI too, I just don't know the exact steps anymore09:58
Doc_LappyI didn't think of that I usually use the gui09:58
CBro2007Flannel: do I log in as the admin user and then issue that command?09:58
pradeepanyone help me solve my problem09:58
fancyfor my system09:58
CBro2007Flannel: currently logged on as newuser09:58
FlannelCBro2007: You need to be on your admin user, then sudo adduser newuser admin (where "newuser" is the username of your other use)09:58
CBro2007so maybe that is the problem?09:58
CBro2007lemme try that out09:59
FlannelCBro2007: you can't give yourself higher privledges ;)09:59
CBro2007hehehe yeah :)09:59
firecrotchfancy: If your system is just a desktop system, you really don't need a firewall. Ubuntu ships with services listening on any ports by default10:00
firecrotchfancy: sorry - no services listening on any ports10:00
Doc_Lappywell from what I remember your login name you start with is even higher than root to give out privledges and can give yourself priveledges or take them away under users and groups, under admin and under system10:00
Doc_Lappyso that's how I always did it with gui10:01
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: There is nothing higher than root...10:01
starcannonfirecrotch there is always liveCD, it owns even root :)10:01
Doc_Lappywell you have to give root a password though firecrotch10:01
downstarcan anyone seperately message me, that can help me with the worst sound problem ever >.<10:02
Doc_Lappylol starcannon10:02
firecrotchstarcannon: true, physical access > root10:02
Doc_Lappysound? sorry downstar don't know anything about fixing sound10:02
downstarmy sound is broken like no other10:03
Doc_Lappymines always worked by default10:03
starcannonThe only secure hard drive, unfortunately requires a blow torch and 10 minutes of time.10:03
downstarwell, mine did when i first install ubuntu.10:03
firecrotchdownstar: perhaps if you explain what the problem is someone can help you10:03
fancy<firecrotch> thank you .. i understood10:03
Doc_Lappywell undo what you did if you can remember downstar10:03
Doc_Lappyotherwise I don't know other than google if nobody else here knows10:04
Doc_Lappyis it in your devices10:04
starcannondownstar, I have used this guide with great result: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77673910:04
Doc_LappyI forget the terminal cmd for showing devices10:04
ScorchHello! Can I get a question answered?10:04
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: lspci10:05
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:05
starcannonScorch yes, just ask10:05
firecrotch!ask | Scorch10:05
ubottuScorch: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:05
Doc_Lappyyeah that's it I need to write that down somewhere firecrotch10:05
downstari installed ubuntu about a week ago, and my sound was fine. then i downloaded wine and a bunch of crap, and my sound went out, out of nowhere, so i reinstalled cause i couldnt figure it out. and now with a fresh install (2nd time) i have a horrible screeching sound instead of my music thats supposed to be playing10:05
starcannonDoc_Lappy I really like lshw as well. sudo lshw -html > ~/Desktop/hardware.html is a great command10:06
ScorchThanks. I got today's security update, but it took nearly an hour just to D/L with a 5mb dsl10:06
ubuntu_Hi, I deleted all partitions to Ubuntu since I gotta reinstall it, but it is  still telling me in the Partition manager I have several operating systems installedt10:06
ubuntu_How do I start from scratch?10:06
starcannonScorch 9.10 beta released on the first, the servers are slammed, it will be a few days until speed improves10:06
downstarubuntu_: cant u use the partition manager manually and erase the partitions altogether?10:06
bullgardEmpathy > Contact List > Help > Debug reports: "empathy/Account-DEBUG: 1.254544e+09: account_manager_name_owner_cb: Name owner changed for org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager, new name: :1.67." What does  the message »Name owner changed for org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager« mean?10:07
ubuntu_downstar I deleted the partitions but they are still there..10:07
ubuntu_I have swap, and two installs of Ubuntu 9.04 it says...then windows10:07
ScorchOk I had the updates on automatic. I thought there was a prob with my side10:07
Doc_Lappyubuntu as long as you do a new install and make sure to use the default 'use entire disk' it shouldn't matter10:07
downstardid you continue to install? cause if you delete the partitions, but dont go through with the install, it doesnt erase them :(. i tryed the same thing.10:07
starcannonScorch prolly not, its just that time of the year :)10:07
ubuntu_I don't wanna use the entire disc, I have another OS on my hard drive I am keeping.10:08
ubuntu_Alongside Ubuntu10:08
Doc_Lappyoh well use the advanced option or whatever then10:08
ScorchCool! I'm an XP refugee and still haven't gotten used to nirvana10:08
Doc_Lappyand slide how much over that you want to keep10:08
starcannonScorch it will happen again next year 4th month of 2010, release 10.0410:08
ubuntu_I tried the advanced options, I am at that screen now, im on LiveCD session10:09
bullgardcwillu_: '~$ lsb_release; No LSB modules are available.'10:09
ubuntu_I just need to delete and get rid of the partitions  swap /dev/sda6 dev/sda5 and another Ubuntu one thats there n do a new install along side my other OS.10:09
archy008does anybody know how to fix the following sound issue? - the gnome-sound-properties don't start, neither does the volume manager, and when I try to start them manually i get errors instead... still the sound DOES work in the guest account..10:09
Doc_Lappywell go into the install and where it says use entire disk below is a choice to not use entire disk10:09
archy008any ideas?10:09
icerootbullgard: lsb_release -a10:10
Doc_Lappyand if its winxp or something it should show it there as a different colour10:10
ScorchThat's for the full ubuntu new release, yes? This was a security update and it was just weird10:10
ubuntu_I would slide over what I wanna keep, but theres is 3 diff Ubuntu partitions still existing I need to delete10:10
ubuntu_I have Win Vista10:10
ubuntu_and it dont see the Linux partitions10:10
Doc_Lappyah I see10:11
archy008i tried reinstalling gnome-sound properties and alsa but it doesn't help10:11
starcannonarchy008 sounds like you got a bad local config file. You could try archiving all of the ~/.* folders, and then one at a time putting them back until you find the culprit10:11
h34rt k10:11
ubuntu_I just wanna get this installed before I head off to sleep and finish it up tomorrow...10:11
archy008starcannon: I see... is that the only solution?10:11
downstarcouldnt he just try this command sudo alsa force-reload10:11
starcannonarchy008 check out this post, it makes pulse work more better http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77673910:11
xukun_how can I burn audo cd using console commands?10:11
ubuntu_but I gotta find out how to delete these partitions10:11
archy008starcannon thanks10:12
nikhil_how to set up default gateway in ubuntu10:12
starcannonarchy008, no not the only solution, just the one that came to me first. Deductive reasoning could make the list of folders to do that to shorter, that and google10:12
downstaris everyone here using onboard sound? or do you guys have sound cards too?10:12
ubuntu_onboard here10:12
ScorchI also want to hook-up my HD TV to the computer. My M/B supports it and there is HDMI port on both ends. Do I just plug it in?10:13
starcannondownstar onboard here, and it sounds fantastic10:13
archy008starcannon somebody told me I should delete the .gnome folder..10:13
Doc_Lappygoing into grub /boot/grub/menu.lst will fix your grub problems if it causes grub to not come up but as far as del partitions of repeated installs of ubuntu you may have to just install vista again and then do a dual boot of ubuntu again10:13
starcannondownstar I have my sound going out to a Marants 2270 amp :)10:13
archy008starcannon although i'm not sure about that...10:13
ubuntu_How do I delete all partitions that Ubuntu made in the Partition manager during install so all I see is the NTFS Win Vista section, and can re install Ubuntu over?10:14
downstarif you guys load gnome-volume-control and go to your pref. tab and add switches, do you get an option to check or uncheck something called IEC958?10:14
Doc_Lappythat or might google del partitions on ubuntu and see if you can do it from terminal somehow10:14
starcannonarchy008 I'd archive it, reboot (a new one will be auto created) and see if that fixes it. Then inside the folder, I'd 1 at a time replace the individual files ommiting any that replicate the problem10:14
ubuntu_install vista again? that will take a while....10:14
jribubuntu_: you should be able to do that during the ubuntu install iirc otherwise use gparted10:14
ubuntu_oh man.10:14
archy008starcannon I see10:14
Doc_Lappylet me see if I can help you google another option10:14
louisKk I'm back10:14
bullgardiceroot: 'Description:Ubuntu karmic (development branch)' is not detailed enough.10:15
Doc_Lappybut that's what I ended up doing when I made that mistake once10:15
starcannonarchy008 the only reason I'd archive it is to give me the chance to a: find out the cause, and b: preserve as many of my custom settings as possible10:15
ubuntu_jrib can i use GParted when on Live session user ?10:15
jribubuntu_: yes10:15
owen1i installed boxee but typing 'boxee' in terminal tells me 'command not fonud'. any clues?10:15
ubuntu_jrib it says Command not found10:15
ubuntu_when I type it in Terminal10:15
archy008starcannon ok so if I got it right - I should archive all the folders from home back them up somewhere - delete them from the home folder and then restart10:15
Slurpeeanyone want to help on the age old battle of mass renaming files via command line?10:16
Doc_Lappyah I have gparted cd that's probably pretty old now but didn't know how to use it10:16
jribubuntu_: well first, why aren't you just doing it during the install process if you are able to?10:16
downstarSlurpee use the mv command10:16
Slurpeelooking for a simple 1 liner to rename all files in a directory to remove a space10:16
Slurpeeive been searching for the past hour10:16
jrib!ask | Slurpee10:16
ubottuSlurpee: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:16
nikhil_how to set up default gateway in ubuntu10:16
ubuntu_jrib its not giving me a option to delete them in the install process10:16
Slurpeepeople have so many wacky bash scripts10:16
jribubuntu_: type "gparted" all lowercase10:16
Doc_Lappyjrib he just messed up I'd say and didn't finish the install then started the install over again10:17
starcannonarchy008 I'd likely start by trying archiving just the ~/.gnome folder as previously suggested, you can always archive other folders if that doesn't do it. Remember ~/ is home, and . (dot) prefix is hidden CTRL+H reveals them10:17
downstartry using mv 'name of file' 'new name of file'10:17
starcannonactually ~/ is users home10:17
downstarthat was for Slurpee*10:17
ubuntu_error: libhal_acquire_global_interface_lock: org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.InterfaceAlreadyLocked: The interface org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Storage is already exclusively locked either by someone else or it's already locked by yourself10:17
starcannon~/ == /home/username10:17
ScorchWhat is the best way to connect to an hdtv?  I've installed both Banshee and movie player and have hdmi connections. Is it as simple as connecting the 2?10:17
Slurpeehow to use the mv command?10:17
Slurpeethere is a lot of ways10:17
Doc_Lappyare you on root ubuntu?10:18
jribSlurpee: why not just tell the channel what you are trying to do?10:18
downstaryou want to just rename a file via Command Line correct?10:18
archy008starcannon ok, thanks a lot. I'll give it a try10:18
ubuntu_Doc_Lappy Im on a Live CD Session10:18
owen1i installed boxee but typing 'boxee' in terminal tells me 'command not fonud'. any clues?10:18
Doc_Lappydon't understand live cd should be on root default10:18
louisokay first time to use a remote access tool for getting to me linbox. I used this guide: http://www.zimbio.com/Linux/articles/lA4qecuC6Lc/How+install+setup+TightVNC+Debian+Ubuntu+Tutorial10:18
Slurpeei am using images as an example.  I am trying to organize all my folders on a remote server.  must be CLI.10:18
starcannonarch008 cool I'm by the same handle on ubuntuforums.org be sure to let me know how you make out if you don't catch me in here later10:18
Slurpeebirthday (2).JPG  birthday (3).JPG  birthday (4).JPG  birthday (5).JPG  birthday.JPG10:18
ortsvorsteherSlurpee: try the man page "man mv" also you can make an test dir with test files to mv some files10:18
jribSlurpee: one line please...10:18
Slurpeesee how files have space?10:18
Doc_Lappythat's what I thought you said, so I don't understand the error msg....hmmm10:18
nottherehello people10:19
SlurpeeI want to remove the spaces from all of the files10:19
jribSlurpee: 's/ //'10:19
Slurpeereplace spaces with _10:19
starcannonarchy008 cool I'm by the same handle on ubuntuforums.org be sure to let me know how you make out if you don't catch me in here later10:19
jribSlurpee: 's/ /_/'10:19
louisOnly problem is I have no :  /$HOME/.vnc/xstartup10:19
ubuntu_I just need to delete these partitions so I can install Ubuntu again.... :-S10:19
louisso when I type sudo xemacs  /$HOME/.vnc/xstartup10:19
Slurpeemv s/ /_/10:19
louisI get an error10:19
jribSlurpee: no.  You asked about the "rename" command, didn't you?10:20
ScorchI guess I asked a stupid question.10:20
Doc_Lappyyes and for good practice if your into programming you may also use like exampleFile.txt10:20
Doc_Lappymaking the second word caps10:20
starcannonlouis open Places>Home Folder then press CTRL+H and look for the .vnc folder, just to double check if its there, and if so whats inside it10:20
downstarSlurpee juse use the mv command so IE: mv Birthday (2).JPG Birthday(2).JPG10:20
Slurpeejrib any command to do it. I have been playing witha few....rename, mv, mmv10:20
Doc_Lappythat's what I prefer than a underline myself10:20
Slurpeei want it to change all of the files in a directory10:20
Slurpeei am talking thousands of pictures10:20
jribSlurpee: use rename -nv 's/ /_/' FILE1 FILE2 ...10:20
archy008starcannon - one more question - I have more gnome folders - .gnome, .gnome2 and .gnome2_private10:21
Slurpeerename -nv 's/ /_/' * ?10:21
Doc_Lappyslurpee what are you wanting to do with the files?10:21
ubuntu_I have Windows Vista installed and Ubuntu, whats the easiest way to delete ubuntu and the partitions all  together as tho Ubuntu was never on my drive?10:21
Slurpeeremove spaces with _10:21
ubuntu_so I can install again10:21
jribSlurpee: yes, that will just tell you what it would do.  Remove the -n to actually do it10:21
archy008starcannon what does that mean? and the .gnome is empty.. well it has only an apps folder with some google earth .desktop file10:21
starcannonarchy008 its probably statistically advantageous to do them one at a time till you find the problem child10:21
nottherei just installed latest kernel for ubuntu,feels great ,but ati fglrx drivers still are slow as hell, i went back to default ati drivers, i have a asus 4850 ,will they ever fix those issues ?10:21
Slurpeerename -v 's/ /_/'10:21
ortsvorsteherubuntu_: insert the install cd and create all partitions new10:21
jribSlurpee: If you want to translate all spaces not just "a space", then append 'g' to your replacement command...10:22
Doc_Lappyoh ouch, ya I don't know how to do that in a simple cmd10:22
jribSlurpee: run it with -n first.10:22
ubuntu_but that leaves the old partitions there when I do that...I am at the install screen now10:22
jribSlurpee: I have no idea what your question mark is for.  Do you have a question?10:22
jribSlurpee: then just ask it10:22
starcannonarchy008 r-click the folder choose "create archive" then after its finished, delete the source folder; reboot and see if it's fixed; when you find the folder that is guilty, start going through its files in a similar fashion10:22
Slurpeecan you tell me the command?10:22
Doc_Lappyshould be a way though with wildcard and a rename cmd somehow, good luck slurpee10:22
jribSlurpee: I told you the command already and you repeated it to me.10:23
Slurpeenot sure what you mean by append 'g'10:23
nottherethe question is , ati drivers work very well at 8.04 ubuntu ,but not in 9.04 or 9.10 even with the latest kernel, why is that ?10:23
Slurpeesee I have found like 20 methods of doing this10:23
ortsvorsteherSlurpee: you ever heard of an sed command?10:23
Slurpeeall totally differnt10:23
jribSlurpee: did you read what else I told you when I told you you might want to append 'g'?  Is that what you want or not?10:23
Slurpeeyes, i have heard of the streamline eidtor10:23
starcannonlouis looks like you don't have the default user folder for vnc, have you run vnc yet?10:23
jrib!who | Slurpee10:23
ubottuSlurpee: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:23
starcannonlouis you need to run vnc once in order for it to create the folder10:24
starcannonlouis try that now10:24
archy008starcannon got it.. thanks for helping a newbie10:24
starcannonarchy008 my pleasure GL and HF10:24
archy008starcannon btw - here is the detailed problem described on the forum - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127940810:24
starcannonarchy008 cool, well done searching the problem, those forums are invaluable if your having issues, as is this channel10:25
louiskk any idea on the command?10:25
firecrotchSlurpee: in the directory that you want to rename the files in: rename -v 's/\ /\_/g' *10:25
firecrotchSlurpee: it will change all spaces into underscores10:25
Slurpeethat did it10:25
ubuntu_OK, I deleted all Ubuntu Partitions but when I press back, it still says I have several operating systems installed...How is this?10:25
starcannonlouis the command to run vnc? Applications>Sound & Video>VNC10:25
Slurpeethank you firecrotch10:26
firecrotchSlurpee: You're welcome :)10:26
Gnarlkilli dont understand how i can get simplite to run trough wine ... i get the config option up, but when i try to run simplite.exe it doesnt start .. whats this?10:26
archy008starcannon right.. oh, that was me who posted that problem. ok, I'm gonna try archiving the gnome folders.10:26
Gnarlkilland simpserver is too unstable10:26
starcannonarchy008 lol cool, hehe10:27
Doc_Lappydon't know how you figured that one out but good job firecrotch10:27
Doc_Lappyassume you cheated and googled it lol10:27
louisokay here it is : /home/louis/.vnc/xstartup10:27
starcannonDoc_Lappy the one with the best google fu is the master of the chan :)10:28
Doc_Lappylol starcannon10:28
firecrotchDoc_Lappy: Hehe actually it was in my .bash_history10:28
ubuntu_How come even after I deleted the Ubuntu Partitions in the install menu it still says they are there?10:28
starcannonlouis there ya go, not sure what you were up to, but theres your file you were looking for :)10:28
Doc_LappyI see firecrotch10:28
jribfirecrotch: you don't need to escape the space or the underscore by the way10:28
nikhil_how to share internet connection between ubuntu and vista? i have ubuntu desktop with internet and vista on my laptop. i can ping each computer and share folders using winscp.  however unable to share internet connection10:29
erUSUL!inetsharing | nikhil_10:29
ubottunikhil_: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php10:29
starcannonlouis doh, right, I just use xtightvnc for that10:29
starcannonlouis xtightvncviewer is the command to launch it the way i do it10:30
firecrotchjrib: ah, you're absolutely correct. I dunno why I did10:30
Doc_Lappythat only changes the grub menu if I understand you right ubuntu, taking them off /boot/grub/menu.lst doesn't remove the partitions just doesn''t show them10:30
Doc_Lappyat least that's what I assume your doing10:30
starcannonlouis xtightvnc is available in System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager10:30
Doc_Lappyinstead of actually removing the partitions10:30
louisI wanted to access my desktop from school /w KDE and thats the guide on how to get a GUI Session instead of a remote Bash prompt lol10:31
Slurpeei have another rename question :)......say I had the files "birthday_(2).JPG  birthday_(3).JPG  birthday_(4).JPG  birthday_(5).JPG  birthday.JPG".  how could I rename the files "birthday_(0002).JPG  birthday_(0003).JPG ....... birthday_(0010).JPG  birthday_(0011).JPG  birthday.JPG"10:31
starcannonlouis you do know that Ubuntu has a remote desktop client built in for vnc and for rdp right?10:31
Slurpeeis there a way I can search the string for values of numbers? then replace the number incrementally?10:31
jribSlurpee: um, you don't want the numbers to be consistent?  3 --> 0003? instead of 3 --> 0002 in case there is no 2?10:32
Slurpeethats what I meant10:32
nottherecan anyone give an answer?10:32
jribSlurpee: which one?10:32
Doc_Lappyinstead of inserting the _ you should be able to put in two 00 Slurpee but I don't kknow10:32
Slurpee2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14.  that messed up files names10:32
louisPoint me in the general direction of the software name for those?10:32
jrib!helpme | notthere, insmod10:32
ubottunotthere, insmod: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience10:32
starcannonlouis ah, okies, before you spend to much sweat, see if the default will do the job: Applications>Internet>Remote Desktop Viewer or Terminal Client Server10:32
Doc_Lappyoh I see Slurpee10:33
NatovrHey ^_^ I'm installing a new Ubuntu on my hard drive on a separate partition. I'm worried that it will make my computer use the new Ubuntu's GRUB bootloader.. how can I force it to use the old Ubuntu's bootloader? I'm doing this so I can play around with ATI's many drivers without blocking my ability to do schoolwork. I still have Vista on here too, but it's slow.10:33
starcannonRemote is best for VNC, and TCS is best for RDP10:33
ubuntu_What the!! I deleted all the partitions except my NTFS Win Vista one but it still says I have 2 installs of Ubuntu and a swap space on there???10:33
starcannonRDP==Windows generally10:33
insmodquestion - my firefox  started showing black squares on white pages (randomly) that disappear when I refresh10:33
ubuntu_whats going on, please help...10:33
Doc_LappyI doubt you can do that without doing it by hand but who knows someone here may know a trick10:33
jribSlurpee: you need to address people you are answering or it gets pretty confusing.  You answered "yes" to my 3 questions so I have no idea what you meant by that "yes"10:33
Doc_Lappyubuntu explain more10:34
downstarso, i switched to my onboard sound, from my rocketfish 5.1 soundcard, and i actually have sound now.... suggestions for my sound card to work?10:34
=== ola is now known as Guest45248
Slurpeedirectories are listed.....photo88, photo 89, photo8, photo90, photo91.10:34
owen1i installed boxee but typing 'boxee' in terminal tells me 'command not fonud'. any clues?10:34
Doc_Lappyare you using the gparted cd like someone said earlier10:34
starcannonlouis if you want another to be able to get to your computer, enable Remote Desktop through System>Preferences>Remote Desktop10:34
jribowen1: how did you install it?10:34
Doc_Lappyor just the live 9.4 cd10:34
Natovrheh, I'll ask again at a quieter time XD10:34
stsmmy printer bleeds all colors badly10:34
louisits called KRDC under KDE 4.310:35
ubuntu_Can someone PM me and help guide my through setting up the proper partitions manually for installing Ubuntu please?10:35
stsmhow do i adjust this in ubuntu?10:35
starcannonlouis if you want another to be able to access you, don't forget to open a port on your router; port 590010:35
Slurpeeso I want extra 0's to help organize the photos.   photo0007, photo0008, photo0009.............. photo0088, photo 0089, photo0090, photo0091.10:35
stsmif i have a dark color and some lighter spots it will just all look allmost black10:35
stsmthe lighter parts are completely invisible10:35
andguen1starcannon: be careful with opening up standard ports like that, people will find it and see what they can do with your computer10:35
jribSlurpee: um, you don't want the numbers to be consistent?  3 --> 0003? instead of 3 --> 0002 in case there is no 2?10:36
firecrotchNatovr: There's no reason that I know of that you can't just let it reinstall GRUB10:36
Doc_Lappystsm change your transparency?10:36
starcannonadnguen1 one should always turn off servers when they are not in use, and close ports when the job is done; thats security 101 right there ;)10:36
ubuntu_Can someone PM me and help guide my through setting up the proper partitions manually for installing Ubuntu please?? I am falling asleep here, tired I just wanna get this installed...10:36
MadpilotSlurpee, there are command-line tools for that sort of sequential renaming - check gthumb for a photo batch renaming gui, though10:36
stsmDoc_Lappy, i was hoping this was covered in the printing settings, its not conveniant to make stuff transparent before printing10:36
andguen1starcannon: or just just use VPN and never open it at all. :)10:36
Natovrfirecrotch, hmm, I'd just like it to be on the old Ubuntu so I can modify it easily, and so on...10:36
MadpilotSlurpee, f-spot might have a similar function, but i can't stand f-splat and never use it :)10:37
starcannonandguen1 if one is asking basic questions, then I assume VPN is outside the scope of the conversation10:37
Slurpeejrib, i don't want the first photo starting with 0.  i want each photo to be the real number...."photo 1" will be photo-0001.jpg"10:37
Dr_Willisubuntu_:  it dosent ahve to be complex.   a / and a swap partition are about all you need.. or let the installer auto-partion.10:37
Guest7436 hi10:37
Doc_Lappyoh stsm nevermind I thought you meant your screen10:37
Natovrfirecrotch, and if my new ubuntu breaks from some sort of weird thing I did (which I will do with it), I might lose the ability to modify GRUB.10:37
andguen1starcannon: Try Hamachi VPN, ridiculously easy to use, easier then opening up router ports10:37
starcannonandguen1 not being flaming or anything, just explaining my reasoning10:37
firecrotchNatovr: At the very last screen of the installer, before you commit to installing, there is an "Advanced" button, which has the option to not install GRUB10:38
NatovrAhhh, right10:38
jribSlurpee: you aren't understanding my question I guess.  Say you have photo1 photo2 and photo4.  Do you want these to be renamed to photo0001 photo0002 and photo0004 or do you want them to be renamed to photo0001 photo0002 and photo000310:38
ubuntu_Dr_Willis it doesn't wanna auto partition, it thinks I still have several operating systems installed though I deleted all partitions10:38
starcannonadnguen1 for real? cool, I'll definitely look at that, afk a minute while I google10:38
andguen1starcannon: No worries, same. :)10:38
NatovrThank you, firecrotch ^_^10:38
stsmDoc_Lappy, if you meant my screen it still doesnt make any sense lol10:38
firecrotchNatovr: Note that when you're done installing, you'll have to manually create the GRUB entry for your new install10:38
NatovrOK then10:38
Slurpeephoto0001 photo0002 and photo000310:38
Dr_Willisubuntu_:  delete them  leaving the space unallocated.. then reboot. so the system sees the changes to the drive. Ive seen some boxs/cases where it dosent see the new partition layout untill a reboot.10:38
NatovrThanks very much ^^10:39
starcannonadnguen1 $199/yr ouch10:39
firecrotchNatovr: You're very welcome :)10:39
=== beachbrake is now known as Guest68720
starcannonI'll just keep doing it the old way hehe10:39
andguen1starcannon: Hamachi VPN is like joining a chat room, and then having full network access to any box in said room. The version I'm using is free.....10:39
firecrotchSlurpee: are you trying to re-re-name the files that we already removed the spaces from?10:39
starcannonadnguen1 ah fricken sweet, okies I'll dig deeper10:39
=== Guest68720 is now known as almagest_divine
andguen1starcannon: should be free for up to 16 computers in one "room"10:40
Slurpeei had some files with spaces.  now that the spaces are removed. I am making them all lowwer case.  now I want to number them correctly.10:40
starcannonafk whilst I explore hamachi10:40
ubuntu_Dr_Willis oh ok! Thank you sir, I will try that! Hopefully it will say install beside windows after reboot instead of "you  have several operating systems installed" like it does now.10:40
Doc_Lappylol stsm well nevermind I guess I was thinking of the control panels that you can change transparency on I did that once on accident and couldn't read my contol panel icons lol that's what I was thinking of, ya the screen is just a pic not sure which option ubuntu has for like centered, tiled, stretch, etc10:40
Guest7436 hi10:40
andguen1starcannon: heads up, last time I looked there was no integrated linux GUI10:41
stsmDoc_Lappy, aaaah gnome-panel, now i know what you mean10:41
Doc_LappyI'm tired stsm please don't laugh at me :(10:41
firecrotchSlurpee: you want them to be in the format photo_0001.jpg, photo_0002.jpg, etc?10:41
stsmhow do i set my printer to use less ink please?10:41
andguen1Guest7436: hi, if you have a question, feel free to go ahead and ask it, just keep everything to one line so we can read it :)10:41
stsmit uses far too much ink10:41
ortsvorsteher!coffee | Doc_Lappy10:41
ubottuDoc_Lappy: coffee is a caffeinated beverage made by filtering hot water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java10:41
Doc_Lappywhat kind of printer is it stsm10:42
ubuntu_<--I want some coffee !!! :)10:42
Doc_Lappyif it's hp then when you install the drivers or cd if you have one that is for linux which I think I did and lost I think it gives you some options but not sure how much10:42
ubuntu_Hey the Partitions came back after I deleted them!!!???10:43
nottheredoes anyone knows how to fix the slow issue with the ati drivers10:43
stsmDoc_Lappy, psc2105, i had to use hpoj, hplip didnt work for some reason10:43
Doc_Lappymay be a bit complicated to adjust that with terminal10:43
ubuntu_They were gone a minute aog10:43
notthereno opengl, fuck !10:43
ortsvorsteher!language | notthere10:43
ubottunotthere: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:43
Doc_LappyI see, well is there a config file for it somewhere10:43
firecrotchSlurpee: I believe there is a program that will do all of this a lot easier than trying to script it10:44
Slurpeei need command line10:44
Slurpeethere has to be a simple 1liner for all of these commands.10:44
Slurpeei am documenting them  :)10:44
andguen1ubuntu_: if you want the whole drive completely wiped, look into dban (dariks boot and nuke). Its a very dangerous utility, but if you want a really really clean drive, its a great free way to get it done10:44
Doc_LappyI'm not very familiar with printer settings I just got mine hooked up the other day a hp copy/printer so now I can upload my drawings to my personal website10:44
andguen1Slurpee: when in doubt, build a text file that has "mv filename1.txt filename2.txt", then do find replace on that file until you have all commands the way you want them10:45
insmod<notthere>opengl is nvidia ati has it's own -- you can use there propriatary drivers10:45
ubuntu_andguen1 I am looking to install Ubuntu along side Windows Vista like I had it, I already had it installed earlier but it installed to the wrong partition, so I have to delete it all and install it again...10:45
stsmi tried printing both as RGB and CMYK, both have this problem10:45
andguen1Slurpee: if you want to go nuts with command line, use perl find/replace on said text file10:45
stsmdark colors just become black10:45
stsmits a really stupid problem10:46
Doc_Lappyandguen1: just remember it is a VERY dangerous utility I wiped a hd off with it and couldn't get anything installed back on it for some reason10:46
notthereyes but noone is listening10:46
ubuntu_well im trying something so gotta reboot thanks all10:46
Slurpeei am going to document a bunch of simple commands to help anyone organize a ton of mp3s10:46
jribSlurpee: the hard bits.  You should be able to modify it to get it to do what you want: i=1; for x in *; do echo $x; printf "%04d\n" $i; i=$(( $i+1 )); done10:46
Slurpeeblog about it and share with community10:46
insmod<notthere>I just answered you10:46
notthereproprierty drivers work,but slow as hell at 9.04 or 9.10 ,works like charm in 8.0410:47
starcannonandguen1 no worries, they all run XP10:47
hardwired'llo. how do I swicth on and off daemons on ubuntu server? I keep forgetting10:47
Doc_LappyI agree deriks nuke disk does the job if you want to sell your pc and might have valuable info on it that needs cleaned but becareful using it10:47
nottheresorry for the language but sometimes i get angry with this situation10:47
insmod<notthere>you have to edit xorg10:47
starcannonandguen1 and I keep XP Pro in a VM10:47
jribSlurpee: if you understand what that's doing, you will be able to write your command10:47
Slurpeejrib: I have been going for like 2 hours before I came to this channel haha10:47
Slurpeethere are sooooooo many ways to do it10:47
notthereinsmod they are slow as hell in ubuntu 910:48
jribSlurpee: so you know of one way?  What is it?10:48
insmod<notthere>that's why i left ati and only use nvidia10:48
insmod<notthere>you have to edit xorg10:48
Slurpeewell common ways10:48
atari2600ahey, I just installed 9.10b10:48
Slurpeei havent gotten it to work10:48
nottherelook the default ati drivers, are flying10:48
Slurpeeeverything seems to be scripts to do it10:48
insmod<notthere>you have to edit xorg and that will fix it10:48
Slurpeei want a 1 liner10:48
starcannonatari2600a how ya liking it?10:48
atari2600a& I can't enable my wireless10:48
jribSlurpee: right.  So sit down and understand what my 1 liner is doing.10:48
atari2600abefore I drown myself in bug reports, any ideas?10:48
Doc_Lappyk starcannon I have vmware on dvd now, how do you use it and what is it good for10:48
notthereinsmod: ok,and what i have to change,what to edit ?10:49
starcannonSlurpee a one liner... "A bash scripter went into a bar... bash: bar: command not found"10:49
Doc_Lappystarcannon: I was told later by peers to just do a dualboot with winxp pro last edition and ubuntu for what I want10:49
insmodmake sure it lists the propriatary driver not the free one10:50
andguen1atari2600a: If you keep your whole question to one line. It makes things easier for us to read. Can you use a pastebin to show us your 'lspci' command output and give us the link to the pastebin?10:50
Doc_Lappyjust wondering what vmware is and why use a virtual machine10:50
Doc_Lappyany perks to doing that which I'm not aware of10:50
atari2600aandguen1: I cannot.  (no CAT5 cables)10:50
stsmDoc_Lappy, its nice to test stuff or to be able to use windows without rebooting, etc10:50
notthereubuntu software center cant download10:51
starcannonDoc_Lappy, whether to dual boot or not to dual boot, that is the question, whether tis better to something the slings and arrows... okay for real, I use Virtual Box, I don't game on it, so for my purposes it works great in those instances where I need a real Internet Explorer, Active X, or Wine lets me down10:51
nikhil_using firestarter for the first time.  it detects an unknown device "pan0". unable to start firestarter. object is to use ics using firestarter. please help10:51
jribSlurpee: do you have any questions about the command?10:51
Slurpeefor i in *.jpg ; do mv $i birthday000$((++n)).jpg; done10:51
Doc_LappyI see well wine sucks, only can be used IF you can get bin source files to have it run anything right10:52
andguen1atari2600a: ok, if you do an 'lspci | grep -i network' -- can you retype what outputs there? I'm mostly looking for a model number.10:52
Slurpeenumbers are incrementing higher as I test the command10:52
Slurpeenot starting at 1 for some reason10:52
starcannonDoc_Lappy I run all my windows apps using Wine, including Office 2007 (fully functional) and a whole wack of other apps, indeed I only use virtualbox when I need it to deal with a clients windows centric issue10:52
firecrotchSlurpee: that one is going to give you a problem with more than 10 files10:52
Doc_Lappyso I'm in agreement with you there10:52
jribSlurpee: because you are just pasting things into your terminal without understanding what they do.10:52
atari2600aandguen1: my chipset is Inter PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (rev 2)10:52
woblehey there, how to set global proxy settings in Ubuntu? Had privoxy installed.. removed it and still everything loops through
andguen1atari2600a: To the google....10:52
Slurpeejrib can u help me undetstand?10:53
firecrotchSlurpee: you want them all to have 4 numbers, and that will just stick three 0's in, so when you get to 10, it will be 0001010:53
Doc_Lappyreally?  I can never get wine to run anything I've tried but maybe 3 programmes10:53
grawitywoble: If you just removed it (without logging out and in again), then your apps might have $HTTP_PROXY set.10:53
starcannonatari2600a that chip is the most compatible of all wifi chips, whats happening, be sure to bug report it.10:53
wobleI even restarted grawity10:53
Slurpeefirecrotch: exactly10:53
jribSlurpee: yes.  What is the first command in my 1-liner you do not understand?10:53
wobleapt-get update gives me: connection refused (111) <-- loops through the proxy settings and tehre is no proxy10:53
grawitywoble: Hmm. Then browse the Settings menu... I think it's under 'Preferences'10:53
grawitywoble: And, echo $HTTP_PROXY10:54
jribSlurpee: that's not the command I gave you10:54
archy008starcannon reporting back tried deleting the folders and then rebooting.. it doesn't work - only in the case of the .gnome2 the folder was recreated after restart... with less folders in it, and some settings were missing but the sound was not back - no volume manager appeared and couldn't launch the sound manager either..  - it's very weired, cause I run alsamixer in terminal and it works, and I if I unmute the mic in the guest a10:54
archy008ccount it stais unmuted when I come back to the main account.. I can hear the humming speakers..10:54
starcannonDoc_Lappy incoming PM10:54
jribSlurpee: the command you just pasted doesn't do what you want anyway10:54
pradeephow to install jaunty from live cd, from ubuntu@ubuntu prompt in live cd10:54
nikhil_using firestarter for the first time.  it detects an unknown device "pan0". unable to start firestarter. object is to use ics using firestarter. please help. what wrong did i do? why is firestarter not recognising connected devices?10:54
Doc_Lappywaiting starcannon10:54
starcannonarchy008 hang on meet me in pm R-click my name and start it, I'm gonna yack at doc a second10:54
Slurpeei=1; for x in *; do echo $x; printf "%04d\n" $i; i=$(( $i+1 )); done10:55
jribSlurpee: the hard bits, you should be able to modify it to get it to do what you want: i=1; for x in *; do echo $x; printf "%04d\n" $i; i=$(( $i+1 )); done10:55
MrZaiusany major known issues in Karmic worth slowing me down that AREN'T listed at http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/beta#Known%20issues ?10:55
jribSlurpee: yeah, so what's the first thing you don't know about?10:55
archy008starcannon ok10:55
MrZaiuslooks like they're all easy enough to sidestep10:55
Slurpeesorry dude, i totaly missed that command10:55
Slurpeei copied the wrong one in a hectic rage of not figuring this out haha10:55
fsgfksdfk42478nikhil_: you are using virtualbox?10:55
Slurpeethat command is awesome but it is still not starting to increment from 110:55
woblealright, let me relogin grawity.. might work now :)10:55
Slurpee1 2 3 4 5 .  it start 60 61 62 6310:55
nikhil_dont know what that means, but no10:56
trask1totem died upon upgrade to karmic koala, any quick fix or replacement app to help me out? (vlc/kmplayer runs but i miss the smooooth interface)10:56
jribSlurpee: the command starts with "i=1", did you copy the whole thing...?10:56
Slurpeei=1; for x in *; do echo $x; printf "%04d\n" $i; i=$(( $i+1 )); done10:58
Slurpeei copied that from my terminal10:58
jribSlurpee: yeah.  So 1) did the output look like it would be helpful and 2) what's the first thing you don't understand in it?10:58
prospireany command in ubuntu that can delete a folder in my /var/www10:58
Slurpeeoutput is being helpfull....i dont understand why the numbers are incremeting from 59 and not 110:59
jrib!sudo > prospire10:59
ubottuprospire, please see my private message10:59
jribSlurpee: they are incrementing from 110:59
jribSlurpee: maybe your screen scrolled...?10:59
Slurpeejrib - http://code.bulix.org/odh4wg-7231310:59
trask1prospire: i guess thers many "try sudo rm -r "path to folder" ( or just drag the folder to the terminal)"11:00
jribSlurpee: good.  Now you need to go back and understand the command to understand why that is happening11:00
Slurpeethere is 5 spaces for numbers?11:01
owen1jrib: i added deb http://apt.boxee.tv jaunty main to sources.list and used aptitude.11:01
rioterDoes anyone know of the top of their head what package i can find autopoint in?11:01
andguen1atari2600a still around?11:01
midohow to apgrade  my kernel to
jribSlurpee: what's the first command you see?  i=1 right?  Do you understand that?  It sets the i variable to 1.  Next...  What's the first one you don't understand?11:01
pradeephow to fix the out of range problem during jaunty installation11:01
jribmido: wait for it to hit the repositories11:01
jribowen1: what was the package name?11:02
Slurpeejrib printf "%04d\n11:02
rioterautotools-dev, if anyone was following along at home11:02
owen1jrib: boxee11:02
midojrib:  I've downloaded the package11:02
owen1mido: downloaded the deb file?11:03
midoowen1:  no .. .bz211:03
jribSlurpee: alright, the whole command is: printf "photo%04d\n" $i     which takes an argument $i and prints out the string photo< $i of width 4 with zeros in the front if needed><new line>. Does that make sense?11:03
midoso .. how to install the kernel?11:04
jribSlurpee: do you understand why the output has "birthday00059.jpg" in it now?11:04
Slurpeei suck11:04
jribSlurpee: do this: for x in *: do echo $x; done11:04
owen1mido: is it available on their website11:05
jribowen1: dpkg -L boxee | grep bin11:05
midoowen1: yes11:05
pradeephow to fix the out of range problem during jaunty installation11:05
jribmido: you shouldn't unless you have a very good reason to.11:05
jrib!kernel > mido11:05
ubottumido, please see my private message11:05
jribpradeep: you should probably provide the actual error on a pastebin though I'm sure I have no clue how to fix it personally11:06
Slurpeebash: syntax error near unexpected token `done'11:06
andguen1pradeep: out of range video or out of range tty?11:06
owen1jrib: i see a lot of stuff in /opt11:06
masqueradewhat does tty mean btw?11:06
grawitymasquerade: 'teletype'11:06
masquerade thank s11:06
andguen1masquerade: also known as "destination for text which allows it to show up on the right screen"11:07
jribowen1: so that means boxee probably didn't install in your PATH.  Try providing the full path11:07
=== root is now known as Guest33103
owen1jrib: i think it's on /opt/boxee11:07
nottherenight crawling,night crawling ...11:07
pradeepandguen1: it just says out of range!!11:07
jribSlurpee: sorry, typo:   ':' should be ';'11:07
masqueradeandguen1: thanks a lot11:07
owen1jrib: thanks, i can run it with ./Boxee11:07
midothnx ubottu11:08
Slurpeethat is just listing everything in the directory?11:08
agrumanhowdy, i have som io problems using jaunty x64, basically i get all-around slowdown when i perform large copying or extracting archives aso. Cpu usage is low ~15% so i suppose thats not it, is there some way to check io-latency?11:08
jribowen1: /opt/boxee/Boxee  should also work from anywhere11:08
andguen1pradeep: can you give me some surrounding info? what occurs immediately before? Does it halt the install? Is this a normal install-to-partition setup or something more fancy?11:08
=== matthew is now known as Guest99228
trask1any chans for specific karmic koala talk?11:09
jribSlurpee: exactly.  x gets set to each filename then runs the commands in the loop, then the next filename, etc.  I just echoed the value of x in the long command I gave you, that's why you were seeing the filenames again11:09
grawitytrask1: #ubuntu+111:09
trask1grawity: tnx m811:09
pradeepandguen1: after i click the install ubuntu from ubuntu live cd,just before the bootsplash it says out of range11:09
masqueradeperhaps a graphics problem?11:10
andguen1pradeep: it might be worth downloading the alternate install CD and see if that behaves better, lets see what google says11:10
jribSlurpee: so that's what x is doing... What's i for?11:11
Slurpeei is telling the number to start from 1?11:11
Slurpeedude can you please just tell me?11:11
grawityandguen1: I'm guessing pradeep's monitor says that when Ubuntu chooses a too-high resolution.11:11
jribSlurpee: no, I can't, but I can stop explaining it to you if you don't want and you can just keep googling or waiting for someone else to tell you.  Just let me know11:12
pradeepgrawity: how do i fix the problem11:12
andguen1grawity: definitely a possibility11:12
Slurpeelol sorry11:12
grawityandguen1: Well, that's the only "out of range" message I know of.11:12
jribSlurpee: ok, well you're right i=1 means i gets initialized to 1.  What do the other commands involving i (the commands inside the for loop) do?11:13
atrilI have a question. I trying to compile apache and my doubt is. if I change the --prefix when I'll install apache the serverroot match with the prefix ?11:13
aaron11Helo i wanted to buy the supper cool desktop computer from system76 and when i wanted to checkout firefox stopped me it says the website says it is secure but it actualy isnt11:13
jribaaron11: why on earth are you compiling it?11:13
jribatril: why on earth are you compiling it?11:13
jribaaron11: link?11:14
aaron11jrib: escuse me?11:14
jribaaron11: ignore the first thing I said to you, it was for atril11:14
aaron11jrib: http://www.system76.com/11:15
jribaaron11: firefox doesn't tell me anything about the security of that site11:15
pradeepsleep and suspend functions in my laptop does not work any fix?11:15
=== jonenst is now known as jajon
grawityjrib: s|http|https|11:15
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:15
aaron11jrib: i want to checkout so i need to type my creditcard number so there when i clik checkout it says the following in my question11:16
jribaaron11: I would contact them directly11:16
O__ohi any ipod touch user here?11:16
jrib!anyone | O__o11:16
ubottuO__o: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:16
Slurpeejrib i dont understand i=$(( $i+ ))11:16
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aaron11jrib: How IRC11:17
O__oHow to jailbreak using ubuntu?11:17
grawityaaron11: The site uses an expired SSL certificate (expired yesterday, so not that bad).11:17
masqueradeO__o: hey11:17
jribO__o: it's not trivial, do you still want to do it?11:17
firecrotchO__o: You can't, as far as I know. You have to use Windows or OS X11:17
O__oshow me the tutorial11:17
masqueradeO__o: redsnow has also been released for linux11:17
jribSlurpee: it's: i=$(( $i+1 ))   it just increments the value of i.  So if it was 2 before, it becomes 311:17
masqueradefirecrotch: you can11:17
O__owhats redsnow?11:17
aaron11O__o: we dont list information about hacking or anything ilegal11:17
masqueradeO__o: there are some on http://www.pwnmyi.com11:17
alokito!piracy | O__o11:18
ubottuO__o: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o11:18
O__ocan someone pm me?11:18
Slurpeejrib, do we have to set it to 0 and then start counting11:18
Slurpeereset counter or something to 0 or 111:18
firecrotchOh come on, jailbreaking your itouch is not anywhere close to illegal11:18
jribSlurpee: well you can start it at whatever you want, remember in the beginning we did "i=1" to start it at 111:18
masqueradefirecrotch: indeed11:18
alokitofirecrotch, its questionably legal :P11:18
masqueradeO__o: could you please change your nick? its very hard to type it11:18
erUSULSlurpee: i=$(( $i+ )) --> i = i + 111:18
nikhil_i can share internet connection from my ubuntu desktop to my vista laptop but only through ubuntu installed in laptop (wubi). but i still cannot access internet in my laptop using vista.11:19
sarthorkswhat tool to use to compress quicktime video file size, in hardy?11:19
nikhil_i can share internet connection from my ubuntu desktop to my vista laptop but only through ubuntu installed in laptop (wubi). but i still cannot access internet in my laptop using vista.11:19
Slurpeejrib: why wont it start from 1???why does itstart from 59???dude plz11:19
O__omasquerade, "o" then "_" then tab to get my name11:19
jribSlurpee: read the command again and understand it11:19
grawitymasquerade: actually, "o" then tab is enough.11:19
Slurpeei have 100 times11:19
sarthorkswhich tool/command to use to compress quicktime video file size, in hardy?11:19
jribSlurpee: figure out what the output is from11:19
Ali_nzNow heres an odd problem, I have a bunch of folders on my desktop that I cant delete even as sudo, ie sudo rmdir rec* --ignore  - no error message, but it doesnt delete them????/?11:19
masqueradei know. but O+tab gives out all names beginning with o for me11:20
grawityAli_nz: Use rm -rf instead of rmdir.11:20
atrilI have a question. I trying to compile apache and my doubt is. if I change the --prefix when I'll install apache the serverroot match with the prefix ?11:20
erUSULAli_nz: any error msg ?11:20
alokitoAli_nz, are u using gnome or kde11:20
jribSlurpee: well that's not the right way to read it.  You just need to read and understand it one time, as slow as needed.11:20
grawitymasquerade: Ah, forgot that :| nvm then.11:20
Ali_nzI am using terminal11:20
nikhil_i can share internet connection from my ubuntu desktop to my vista laptop but only through ubuntu installed in laptop (wubi). but i still cannot access internet in my laptop using vista. any idea whats wrong?11:20
O__omasquerade, so if i follow the site you give me then i can use ssh in my ipod touch , right?11:20
firecrotchatril: Why are you compiling apache from source?11:20
krysiazgazownijacyś polacy???11:20
masqueradeO__o: yes11:20
jrib-!pl | krysiazgazowni11:21
jrib!pl | krysiazgazowni11:21
ubottukrysiazgazowni: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:21
atrilfirecrotch I'm only trying11:21
slhsenHi can I change frequency scaling without entering password? On Jaunty11:21
erUSULnikhil_: you did not configure vista to use the ubuntu machine as gateaway ?11:21
Ali_nzgrawity: getting permission denied on all those11:21
nikhil_how to do that?11:21
jribatril: why tohugh, just use the repositories11:21
atrilbut I want to know that if I change prefix this value will be the same that serverroot ?11:21
sarthorkswhat tool to use to compress quicktime video file size, in hardy?11:21
Ali_nzwill try with sudo11:21
erUSULslhsen: change the governor ? you have to use sudo for that11:21
O__omasquerade, is installing softwares in ipod touch similar to ubuntu?  you goto repos and choose stuffs?11:22
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP311:22
Ali_nzthat did the trick11:22
aaron11Helo i wanted to buy the supper cool desktop computer from system76 and when i wanted to checkout firefox stopped me it says the website says it is secure but it actualy isnt11:22
nikhil_how to indicate chatters name in chat box?11:22
erUSULnikhil_: never used vista... in winXp is in the connection properties in the tcp/ip conf afaik11:22
masqueradeO__o: yes, cydia, the frontend, is also using apt11:22
masqueradeits quite similar11:22
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs11:22
nikhil_will check it out11:22
O__omasquerade, is it possible to get to the terminal in ipod touch via ssh?11:22
slhsenerUSUL: I user applet for that and asks my user password at the first time11:22
Slurpeejrib is the  comand even doing a mv or rename command??11:22
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:22
VeroiTunes stopped11:22
masqueradeO__o: yes11:23
jribSlurpee: nope!  It's just printing the pieces you need!11:23
firecrotchSlurpee: what is the command that he gave you? Maybe I can explain it better11:23
erUSULslhsen: i just use ondemand... that changes the freq based on cpu usage (it is default afaik)11:23
Slurpeei=1; for x in *; do echo $x; printf "%04d\n" $i; i=$(( $i+ )); done11:23
O__omasquerade, sudo apt-get install stuffs in ipod?11:23
aaron11dose anyone in this channel know about system76 or is working on system7611:23
O__omasquerade, great11:23
firecrotchSlurpee: alright, what part are we confused about?11:24
jribaaron11: sorry, this channel is not related to system76 at all.  But they have an active section at ubuntuforums that is monitered by the company.  I suggest you use e-mail to contact them however11:24
masqueradeO__o: although the package names are a bit complicated. theyre like com.bigboss.actualname so its often easier to install the package over the frontent11:24
Slurpeefirecrotch: http://code.bulix.org/odh4wg-7231311:24
Slurpeeit starts numberings aat 59 60 61, not 1 2 3 411:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about system7611:24
slhsenerUSUL: it is fine but when playing flash videos it stays at half usage. and that makes it hard to watch some videos. Youtube etc.11:24
O__omasquerade, u got msn or gmail or skype?11:25
pradeepI tried editting the usplash.conf, i did not work11:25
masqueradeO__o: see my pm11:25
erUSULslhsen: ok; your call to make. as i said changin this aspects of the system need sudo11:25
firecrotchSlurpee: its printing the original filenames...11:26
Slurpeei want it to rename11:26
=== Lin is now known as LinDrug
Slurpeedunno why jrib didnt give me a command to rename or mv?11:26
slhsenerUSUL: I was thinking maybe adding the user to a certain group might help, but i couldn't find one looks like it11:26
pradeepgrawity: i guess it's tty crash11:27
jribSlurpee: because when I gave you the command, I told you that if you understood it, it would be trivial to make it do what you want.  This way you actually learn something11:27
erUSULslhsen: no there is no such group... cpu scling does not use a special /dev/ group permissions wont help11:27
slhsenerUSUL: ok thanks anyway11:28
erUSULslhsen: no problem11:28
Slurpeei have another interesting rename question....what if I have photo(1), photo(2), photo(3).  how can i remove the () and make it photo1, photo2, photo311:31
jribSlurpee: same way you removed spaces11:31
Slurpeerename -v 's/\ /\)/g' * ?11:32
jribSlurpee: kind of, in 's/FOO/BAR/g' the FOO is what you want to replace and the BAR is what you want to replace it with (leave empty to just delete).  Remember add -n to check that the command does what you want without actually doing it.  Then if it does what you want, you can run it without -n to actually do it11:33
andguen1Slurpee: keep in mind that any of the back slashes there are "protecting" the character after it to make sure it is counted as part of the text rather than part of the command11:34
CokeNCodehey guys, quick favour needed. Can someone with a working ubuntu install (one hard drive only, standard installation) copy their menu.list file to paste bin for me and let me copy it11:34
kaptenguhow do I save a game as pgn in eboard?11:35
Slurpeerename -v 's/(/TEST/g' *11:36
Slurpeei am just trying to replace "(" with "TEST"11:36
Slurpeemaybe ( wont work?11:36
koganeiso Appearance doesn't start, I start it, the little window appears in the taskbar "Starting Appearance", then it disappears and nothing happened11:36
Slurpeeneed to type it a special way?11:36
grawitySlurpee: Try \( instead11:36
kaptenguSlurpee: try to add \ before (11:36
jribSlurpee: try with -n first so you don't break your files11:36
firecrotchCokeNCode: http://pastebin.com/f35c27f2711:37
Ali_nzhey whats a good system resource monitor app again?11:37
Ali_nzand any good gadget apps?11:37
jribAli_nz: system -> administration -> system monitor11:37
Slurpeegrawity: and kaptengu figured it out11:37
Slurpeethank you11:37
jo88hello! I have to take care of the ubuntu-computers of my family whenever they encounter a problem. It's inpossible to alk my grandma her IP-adress. How can I make that I can always acces the computers under my care?11:37
jribjo88: dyndns (check out ddclient in the repos) and ssh11:38
Ali_nzjo88: use a dyndns service11:38
jrib!ssh | jo8811:38
ubottujo88: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. Putty is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)11:38
Slurpee1 liner :) - rename -v 's/\(/TEST/g' *; rename -v 's/\)/TEST/g' *11:38
jribSlurpee: good job11:39
Slurpeeanyway to make the command easier?11:39
firecrotchjo88: I would set up a VPN with OpenVPN and have all of them connect to it, that way you don't have to forward any ports on their routers11:39
grawitySlurpee: rename -v 's/[()]//g' *11:39
{Onyx}Oops, I did a bad thing.11:39
Ali_nzjrib: there were some 3rd party ones, cant recall the names of em11:39
firecrotch{Onyx}: define "bad thing"11:39
andguen1jo88: also check out hamachi vpn or logmein.com software -- logmein is a very nice alternative to VNC11:39
{Onyx}Was messing around with a boot disc  flipping around the menus and messed up grub. Now why I try and boot from HDD it just has a bunch of grab over and over on the screen11:40
jo88tx, I tried the ddclient with Opendns but he just didn't update, but I will try the openvpn11:40
Slurpeebam! grawity rules11:40
jribAli_nz: there are many... htop if you want something in the terminal.  Maybe you want something like conky for your desktop11:40
grawityjo88: OpenDNS isn't the same thing as DynDNS...11:40
{Onyx}Luckly I found this backtrack boot disc because I can't find my ubuntu or kubuntu11:40
jo88grawity: What is the difference?11:40
lisbonIm trying to install on a 2 disk fake raid (raid disabled in bios). When I detect disks it says "one or more drives containing serial ata raid configurations have been found. activate?" but whether I say yes or no, the next partition step does not list any disks!11:40
andguen1jo88: nevermind on the logmein, definitely check out hamachi vpn though11:41
grawityjo88: DynDNS provides free subdomains (such as jo88.dyndns.com)11:41
Ali_nzwill look conky up11:41
grawityjo88: OpenDNS is a DNS server (the thing that lets you convert google.com to
appshello people11:41
firecrotchandguen1 and jo88: Hamachi VPN is a BAD VPN solution.11:42
appsi have a question for people that use powertop11:42
jo88tx guy's I'll check out everything!11:42
masqueradeapps: simply ask11:42
appssorry im a noob11:43
masquerade:) no prob11:43
=== brb is now known as Guest56808
andguen1firecrotch: any reason?11:43
grawityandguen1: Closed-source for a start.11:43
appspowertop gives recommendations but im not sure if they are permanate or temporary11:43
Doc_Lappystarcannon: I got ya an email sent so you have my email and can just reply when you get a chance to explain about vmware and getting things to work with wine11:43
appsfor example they say autosuspend usb wake11:44
appsby pressing U button11:44
firecrotchandguen1: Hamachi uses the network for its IP addresses, a network that is not allocated to them by IANA11:44
andguen1grawity: while I agree that open source is better, closed source isn't always mean its a bad idea11:44
Guest56808hello anyone??????/11:44
nogagplzDoc_Lappy, google for vmware, the appdb, and the wine faq should help you much quicker than waiting for email reply11:44
appsSuggestion: increase the VM dirty writeback time from 5.00 to 15 seconds with:11:45
apps  echo 1500 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs11:45
appsThis wakes the disk up less frequently for background VM activity11:45
=== Guest56808 is now known as brb
firecrotchandguen1: is currently reserved by IANA for future use - it is not proper for Hamachi to arbitrarily decide that they can just use that network range11:45
=== brb is now known as Guest44743
starcannonJameson is doing it's job woot11:45
firecrotchandguen1: IANA will likely want to allocate it in the future, and when they do so, everyone using Hamachi is going to have problems11:45
appsany ideas? thanks :)11:46
Doc_Lappywell vmware probably but wine tricks I need her help probably and not in a big rush I dual boot with a cool version of winxp pro last edition11:46
andguen1firecrotch: I would have to completely agree with the IP range issue, I deal with that constantly. I have a customer that uses 5. for their internal network as well. I still use it constantly though (both VPNs at once actually).11:46
starcannonwhatcha working on apps, I'll shoot a clue if I find one11:46
appsim sorry what do u mean "whatcha working on"??11:47
firecrotchandguen1: Why in the world would they be using 5. for their internal network?11:47
starcannonapps I just got out of a PM with another, so I don't know what your trying to resolve11:47
grawityfirecrotch: They needed a /8 that doesn't conflict with anything.11:47
nogagplzDoc_Lappy, http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ11:47
andguen1firecrotch: I wouldn't know. I don't get to tell them what IP range to use, I just support 1/1000th of the servers they own. :)11:47
starcannon1/1000th??? damn!11:48
firecrotchandguen1: I doubt that they need 16 million IP address11:49
Doc_Lappyphotoshop cs2 is even a fairly big programme isn't it?11:50
=== Guest44743 is now known as brb
jpdsandguen1: Which company/AS number?11:50
=== brb is now known as Guest38414
Doc_Lappyto run on wine when I have photoshop cs4 free with my winxp pro pirated verstion dual boot11:51
=== DaZ__ is now known as DaZ
Doc_Lappydon't think it's worth wasting the space to run wine in my case nogagplz11:52
Doc_Lappyhow do you change your quit msg on irc?11:52
Dr_Willis /quit 'insert message that everyone ignores here'11:53
Doc_Lappylol k11:53
andguen1Dr_Willis: rofl11:53
yaluDoc_Lappy: and setting it permanent depends on your client11:53
Doc_LappyI see I'm on pidgin11:53
Dr_WillisIts rathare easy to get xchat to not print the quit message. :)11:53
Dr_WillisPidigin is not the best irc client in the free world.11:54
Guest38414how do you login to chat11:54
lisbonanyone suggest why the alternate installer will not detect my disks?11:54
praveeni have worked on Ubuntu more than one year but i have not try to install Ubuntu as my system admin did for me..but today i am going to install Ubuntu at my home pc. but i have already install Win-xp and wanna install Ubuntu parallelly11:54
Doc_Lappyno I agree xchat or something would be much better I just don't like having so much stuff on my pc, esp im messengers when I can just use one for all of them11:55
zleapGuest38414, you are in chat11:55
Guest38414how do you find other chat rooms????????11:55
przemo_onepraveen - use systemrescuecd - distribution for system modification11:55
Dr_WillisGuest38414:  on irc tey are called11:55
yaluI have a semi-ubuntu question. I have a sun ultra10 workstation, I can boot Ubuntu for Sparc on it, but once in the installer the system can not detect my cdrom drive.11:55
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines11:55
Guest38414how do you join one???????11:56
przemo_onepraveen - resize your windows / ntfs partiton and install ubuntu 32bit x86 system11:56
yaluGuest38414: /join #channel11:56
praveenprzemo_one, sorry what is meant for systemrescued11:56
Dr_WillisGuest38414:  with the /join #channelname command normally11:56
Doc_Lappypraveen if you have jaunty the newest 9.4 then all you have to do is a dual boot which just follow instructions on screen pretty much11:56
Dr_Willis!irc | Guest3841411:56
ubottuGuest38414: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines11:56
Guest38414where do you find join???????11:56
praveenDoc_Lappy, thanks i try11:56
Dr_WillisGuest38414:  you could try the /list command.. that will flood about 20,000 to your screen11:56
przemo_onepraveen system rescue cd is a linux distribution designed for modification of your hard drive partitons etc11:56
GneaGuest38414: instead of typing:  "where do you find join???????", you type:  "/join #freenode", for example11:57
praveenbut i scare to lose my data while installing Ubuntu11:57
yalupraveen: nothing like a good backup11:57
LogicalDashpraveen, reasonable enough; make a backup11:57
przemo_onepraveen in order to install ubuntu u need to have some free unpartitioned disk space for linux partition11:57
Dr_Willispraveen:  lets just state for the record that your hard drives COULD die at any time.. :)11:57
Dr_Willispraveen:  anything you got thats impornatnat.. shouldbe backed up..11:57
andguen1praveen: The other option is the wubi installer which you run while you are in windows. It just creates a file inside windows rather then resizing partitions.11:58
Doc_Lappyyou shouldn't praveen just be sure to pick to install them side by side as the default is I believe when installing and at the partition stage, although a backup of anything important isn't a bad idea11:58
Dr_Willispraveen:  or instead of wubi. Install virtualbox on the windows system and run ubuntu inside virtualbox11:58
przemo_onepraveen before you begin backup your essential data, because the is allways a risk11:58
andguen1Dr_Willis: that too (although I hear Wubi is easier)11:59
Slurpeefirecrotch: still want to help?11:59
Doc_Lappyandguen1: true I just couldn't figure out how to use that on my machine, I installed I thought but tried to open wubi.exe and wouldn't do anything11:59
Dr_Willisandguen1:  ive heard of too many disasers with Wubi. :)11:59
przemo_onepraveen read some about how to use systemrescuecd, and gparted. there must be a faq how to install linux next to windows. not one btw.11:59
Guest38414can any one send me a request to chat??????????11:59
n8tuseranyone happen to have installed on IBM T42 and was able to get the wifi detected or working at all?11:59
chrizthophelp > hmm what is the program that supports webcam in chating yahoo in ubuntu n_n11:59
grawityandguen1: In 9.04, "true" dualboot is very easy.12:00
firecrotchSlurpee: with what?12:00
andguen1Dr_Willis: honestly, I wouldn't know, I just assumed it was safer...12:00
Slurpeerenaming photos in alphanumeric order.12:00
Doc_Lappyprzemo not need dualbooting with 9.4 is easy just stick in the disk and it does the partitioning and installing all by itself12:00
firecrotchOh you're still on that?12:00
przemo_onepraveen install 32bit x86, because if you try to install 64bit system next to windows 32bit your partition table will collaps ( had that once).12:01
andguen1grawity: praveen seemed timid to let ubuntu rework his partitions. I was just suggesting another, hopefully safer option.12:01
=== Guest38414 is now known as brb
Dr_Willisandguen1:  personaly i would love it - if wubi vanished. :)12:01
Doc_LappyI don't know why your making it so complicated and trying to use gparted unless you really need to12:01
andguen1Dr_Willis: any particular issues that come up regularly? Does it break the windows install or something?12:01
=== brb is now known as Guest64810
przemo_oneDoc_Lappy never tested. if it does than sorry. I have my own old ways.12:01
firecrotchSlurpee: I've discovered a program called jhead that does batch renaming from the command line... maybe try that12:02
Slurpeei am so close12:02
przemo_oneandguen1 no it does not!12:02
chrizthophelp > anyone here knows what is the program that supports webcam in chating yahoo in ubuntu n_n12:02
Slurpeei just need this one command lol12:02
Slurpeei came up with a ton of 1 liners12:02
Dr_Willisandguen1:  i just see proberly 4+ people in here a week with big wubi issues.. or they want todo somthing with wubi  that they cant do. because of wubi limitations12:02
przemo_onechrizthop try kopete (in kde)12:02
firecrotchSlurpee: what format are your filenames in now?12:02
Dr_Willis!info renameutils12:03
ubotturenameutils (source: renameutils): Programs to make file renaming easier. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.0-1 (jaunty), package size 81 kB, installed size 276 kB12:03
chrizthopkopete in kde?? hmm im noob in ubuntu12:03
andguen1Dr_Willis: ah ok, so its not breaking things, its just not giving the full experience12:03
Slurpeei use mmv \*.JPG \#1.jpg to get everything to .jpg12:03
Dr_Willisandguen1:  ive seen where it breaks also.  but i dont pay mich attention to them or their problems. since i cant help12:03
firecrotchSlurpee: so they're photo_1.jpg, etc?12:04
Dr_WillisJust lower caseing filenames - theres 1000's of ways to do that. :)12:04
Doc_Lappyprzemo_one: well ubuntu is easy to install with dvd no need for making it harder than popping it in your just gonna confuse the lad or lady and may I ask what you normally install like that?12:04
Guest64810how to use emesene?????12:04
Slurpeei want photo_0001 photo0002 ....photo001012:04
praveenprzemo_one, andguen1 Dr_Willis Doc_Lappy LogicalDash yalu my hard disk structure is http://dpaste.com/101911/12:04
Doc_Lappyif you install ubuntu like that you've made it way too hard12:04
jribGuest64810: well first step is to install it, have you done that?12:04
praveenso you mean to say i need to have a completely free partioned space12:04
praveenwindows xp install on C: drive12:05
Dr_Willispraveen:  that tells us very litte.. other then you either got a lot of harddrives.. or a lot of parittions on lots of hard drives...12:05
praveenwann install on D:12:05
praveenDr_Willis, yeah12:05
vakhi all12:05
Dr_Willispraveen:  you install to a partition.. it wont be 'd' unless you delete the d: partition and tell the installer to install there. you will also want a swap partition.12:05
Dr_Willispraveen:  the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' wouldbe more helpfull12:05
przemo_onechrizthop kopete is a im client (multiprotocol) i think it supports chatting, byt if you R using ubuntu U have gnome desktop envirment. in order to use kopete U have to install kde (different desktop). my point is U cant just install kopete, U can use it in gnome, but U have to install kdelibs or something like that. use synaptic. if u have kde u have kopete i think12:05
jrib!pm | Guest6481012:06
ubottuGuest64810: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:06
vakthere is a lot info on how to install ubuntu without CD. I am totally confused!12:06
jribGuest64810: then, can you execute the program?12:06
jrib!install > vak12:06
ubottuvak, please see my private message12:06
Dr_Willisvak:  download iso, use unetbootin, or the usb-creator-disk tool to make a bootable flash drive.. boot the flash drive.. install...12:06
Guest64810i am gettin a server related error........12:06
system404you guys know any workarounds for this12:06
chrizthopdoes it support webcam przemo_one?12:06
jribsystem404: -ENOCONTEXT12:06
Doc_Lappyoh I see praveen....and yes Dr_Willis is right ubuntu or nix doesn't use c: etc it uses hda0 or sda0 or something like that12:06
lisbonDo I have to give the installer extra options to get it to detect sata drives?12:06
zen|tao!U | przemo_one12:07
ubottuprzemo_one: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.12:07
przemo_oneDoc_Lappy sorry man, I'm in linux for a while and I'm not use to this auto install. And I never use that.12:07
vakDr_Willis: thx, i ll try!12:07
przemo_onebtw i'm polish12:07
praveenDoc_Lappy, that i know hda0 o sda0 but as i have lots of data and can not take full backup in a small pen drive. but i completely free space of D drive12:08
system404any proxy apps for linux12:08
przemo_onelisbon no it should load all drivers without extra options (ubuntu)12:08
system404so as to watch american videos in uk12:08
LogicalDash!tor | system40412:08
ubottusystem404: Many Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks12:08
LogicalDashoh wait12:08
przemo_onesystem404 proxy server squid12:08
system404cheers guys ill check them out12:09
chrizthopprzemo_one does it support webcam ?12:09
praveenor i can do one thing i just completely uninstall windows xp OS and then install Ubuntu12:09
bullgard4What IRC channel is there to discuss Gajim?12:09
Doc_Lappywell said ubottu12:09
przemo_onechrizthop i think so - never tested by me12:09
Doc_Lappyhere is fine bullgard12:09
lisbonprzemo_one: I see threads that say to add " pci=nomsi" but its not making a difference for me12:09
Doc_Lappywhat is the problem bullgard412:10
chrizthopi will try.. thanks przemo_one12:10
przemo_onechrizthop check whats in pidgin12:10
chrizthoppidgin doesnt support webcam12:10
jpdschrizthop: It does.12:10
Doc_Lappyand it's no longer 'gaim' its' pidgin12:10
grawitychrizthop: It does now.12:10
jpdschrizthop: In Karmic that is.12:10
Slurpeefirecrotch: any idea?12:10
chrizthophow ?12:10
przemo_onelisbon if after booting you see your drive than it's all right12:10
grawitychrizthop: 2.6.1, get from Pidgin website.12:10
grawitychrizthop: But only Google Talk so far.12:10
firecrotchSlurpee: working on it :)12:10
grawityjpds: Pidgin has their own PPA.12:11
chrizthophmm in yahoo??12:11
lisbonprzemo_one: No. All the installer detects is the usb with the installer on it.12:11
grawitychrizthop: Yahoo's coming sometime later.12:11
Doc_Lappygoogle talk has a linux cam?12:11
chrizthopjpds in karmic is it?12:11
Doc_LappyI did see yahoo version of linux but tried the deb and it wouldn't install on my ubuntu12:12
chrizthophmm sori guys i am just really noob here12:12
Doc_Lappydon't know why12:12
grawitychrizthop: You can get 2.6.1 in Jaunty too - go to http://pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/ and foolow the instructions.12:12
BooStarim using dhcp3-server ant it wont start up automaticly is there someone who know about this problem?12:12
Dr_Willisyahoo's official linux client - was quite quite quite old last i checked12:12
chrizthopthanks grawity i will try12:12
grawitychrizthop: But like I already said, it only has voice/webcam support for XMPP (Google Talk)12:13
Doc_Lappypidgin should be just an upgrade or a wget cmd12:13
chrizthophmm ok!12:13
grawityDoc_Lappy: It is.12:13
andguen1BooStar: Sounds like something for the #ubuntu-server channel12:13
Doc_Lappybut that works too12:13
przemo_onelisbon i dont have an experience in that. maybe you should change something in bios like ide emulation on/off. never tested - just suggestion. or you hardware is so new, and there is no driver in the kernel. get the latest linux distribution. check google for support. does linux and which supports your hardware.12:13
grawityDoc_Lappy: You just add Pidgin's repo, and then it shows up as a upgrade.12:13
Doc_Lappyit actually is already there with default12:13
Doc_Lappyyeah that's what I thought12:13
BooStarandguen1: ok, thanks12:14
bullgard4Doc_Lappy: Gajim asks me to report an error. What have I to fill in the form http://trac.gajim.org/newticket for Reporter > Your () username?12:14
lisbonprzemo_one: Ive been running gentoo on this machine for 3 years, so I know it should be possible. This is getting irritating now.12:14
przemo_onelisbon so ubuntu is not working whth your hardware :)12:14
Doc_Lappyoh I see bullgard4 and why you calling it gajim, its just gaim or used to be until they renamed it pidgin12:15
grawityDoc_Lappy: No, Gaim and Gajim are different programs.12:15
Doc_LappyOH okay thanks grawity12:15
Doc_Lappydidn't know that gajim was a program12:15
lisbonprzemo_one: Its looking that way ...12:15
przemo_onelisbon may i ask what is your hardware? chipset and ide/sata controller. mobo name is fine12:15
jacobian_I have very few applets for the panel12:16
bullgard4Doc_Lappy: Gajim says: "Remote contact's identity not verified. Click the shield button for more details." What is the "shield button" of Gajim?12:16
jacobian_Is there some package I need to add to get things like terminal applets etc.12:16
lisbonprzemo_one: erm, Im not really sure. Its a clevo D900k.12:16
bullgard4Gajim says: "Remote contact's identity not verified. Click the shield button for more details." What is the "shield button" of Gajim?12:16
grawitybullgard4: Look for a "shield" picture in gajim's window12:16
firecrotchSlurpee: i=1; for x in *; do mv $x photo_`printf "%04d" $i`.jpg; i=$(( $i+1 )); done;12:17
jacobian_Specifically I mean when I try to use the "Add New Items..."12:17
Doc_LappyI've never used gajim bullgard4, only gaim which is now pidgin, so can't help ya12:17
bullgard4Doc_Lappy: Ok.12:17
grawitybullgard4: Btw, can you make a screenshot of gajim - including that message - and upload somewhere?12:17
Doc_LappyIf it's a chatting client I recommend getting pidgin instead12:17
lisbonprzemo_one: I tried a week ago with the regular live cd and it saw the drives, but Im trying to do a soft raid, hence the alternate installer.12:18
plumaHow do I force a connected user to disconnect?12:19
bullgard4grawity: I can. But it will take a long time as this computer is new and not yet set up for sending screenshots via an Ubuntu web service12:19
Doc_Lappythat or if it's still in use go to your terminal and do an update of your system then a wget or similar of pidgen if you have an older version of ubuntu12:19
Sj4lutHello there. Does anyone know how can I connect to my modem? In windows the IP was but now I don't know in ubuntu... I connect to the internet using pppoeconf and if I type in firefox It tells me that this page doesn't exist. So how can I figure out what's the IP of my modem? I called the ISP help assistance number and they told me that I have to ask on ubuntu how to figure out what's the modem ip since pppoeconf g12:19
grawitybullgard4: There's no "Ubuntu web service" for screenshots (at least none that I know of) :|12:19
bullgard4grawity: There is.12:20
Doc_Lappylocalhost maybe12:20
grawitybullgard4: ...then just press PrintScreen, save, uplodad to tinypic?12:20
Sj4lutDoc_Lappy: localhost?12:20
Doc_Lappyor to get to router12:20
Sj4lutDoc_Lappy: I tried that...12:20
hunter-12всё, презашел12:21
przemo_onelisbon  soft raid??12:21
Sj4lutDoc_Lappy: it's not anyomre...12:21
bullgard4grawity: I do not know tinypic.12:21
bzrkSj4lut: whats your computers ip?12:21
Slurpeefirecrotch: interesting12:21
Dr_WillisSj4lut:  could be http://ip# or https://ip# also..  my 'modems' dont change their config ip# unless i reset them via the little reset button on teh back12:21
Doc_Lappytry ifconfig on terminal12:21
lisbonprzemo_one: mdadm12:21
Sj4lutbzrk: if I do ifconfig it just gives me external IP12:21
firecrotchSlurpee: need any of it explained?12:21
Slurpeenot really12:21
bzrkSj4lut: then you need to set it manually to
grawitybullgard4: http://yfrog.com/ and http://tinypic.com/ and many others.12:21
Doc_Lappyifconfig /all ?12:21
Slurpeei need to rename the files a few times....remove spaces, make lower case, rename to "photo".  then I can run that command.12:22
przemo_onelisbon i dont undersand - no experience with raid12:22
bzrkSj4lut: then you will be able to connect to your router at again12:22
Sj4lutDoc_Lappy: I'm not in windows... I only have ubuntu now12:22
SlurpeeI think that will do what I need :)12:22
Doc_Lappyyeah should be able to set it to .2 but I forget how12:22
Sj4lutBruce: how can I set my local ip to
Dr_WillisSlurpee:  the 'qmv' command is also handy for major changes.12:22
Slurpeeqmv ?12:22
bzrkSj4lut: as root ifconfig ethX up12:22
Dr_WillisSlurpee:  it basically lets you have a list of all the file names in an editor. You use the editors search/replace/whatever tools to change the list.. you exit.. it renames them toyour new names12:23
Dr_Willis!find qmv12:23
ubottuFile qmv found in r-cran-mvtnorm, renameutils12:23
przemo_onelisbon so ubuntu detects drive (s) but installer dont12:23
Sj4lutbzrk: even thoug I'm now connected via pon dsl-provider?12:23
Dr_WillisSlurpee:  i also cheat and use wine and 'bulk rename utility'  or the rox-filer  file manager on linux. it has some nice rename bulk features12:23
bzrkSj4lut: youll lose your net for the time being12:23
Slurpeei need to do it on remote server12:24
Doc_Lappybzrk thanks I didn't know it was that easy of a command12:24
Sj4lutbzrk: ok12:24
loloftheringsHi all, is there a quick (command line prefered) way to completely remove gnome from a fresh installation?12:24
lisbonprzemo_one: I guess you could say that. I mean the installer on the live cd saw them, but not now on the alternate.12:24
jribloloftherings: remove some library all of gnome depends on I guess12:24
ubottuWant to remove gnome/kde/xfce completely? Look at debfoster, it's a great help12:24
Sj4lutbzrk: but I'm still connected12:24
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »12:24
loloftheringsnah, I want dwm12:24
przemo_onelisbon so use the live cd :)12:25
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal12:25
Doc_LappyI would have thought it would have needed something else in there to stay permanent12:25
bzrkSj4lut: you can add a route to too if you dont want to disconnect12:25
Sj4lutbzrk: how can I do that?12:25
lisbonprzemo_one: Yeah, but then I cant set up mdadm.12:26
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.12:26
starcannonubottu said that bcuz itz tru12:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:26
* jrib pummels starcannon12:27
bzrkSj4lut: route add net netmask ethX12:27
przemo_onelisbon no experience cant help12:27
Doc_Lappywb starcannon12:27
icerootis it possible to use ssh -X in a ssh -X session? i cant connect the target-pc directly but want to start x-applications from it12:27
starcannonwhats up Doc!12:27
grawityiceroot: It should.12:27
Doc_Lappyhow original :P lol12:27
Dr_Willisiceroot:  i belive ive read on the ssh docs about doing that.12:27
starcannonyeah, i'm tired, thats the best you get for now12:27
grawityiceroot: ssh -v, if you have any problems12:27
noMaster_anybody know how to make hotkeys for Terminal? For example Super+S is apt-get, etc.12:27
icerootgrawity: i forgot to mention, the pc in the middle did not have x installed12:27
bzrkSj4lut: or with the ip tools: ip route add dev ethX12:27
Dr_Willisiceroot:  ssh -X back to the original machine and see whata happens. :)12:28
jribnoMaster_: most people just use aliases12:28
grawityiceroot: You might try it like this:  ssh -fN -L 2345:machine-b:22 machine-a; ssh -oHostkeyAlias=machine-b localhost -p 2345 -X12:28
=== subzero2000_ is now known as subzero2000
ortsvorsteher!hotkeys | noMaster_12:29
ubottunoMaster_: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts12:29
icerootgrawity: so its a ssh-tunnel?12:29
grawityiceroot: Yeah.12:29
Sj4lutbzrk: I tried route add net netmask eth0 and I get net: unknown host12:29
icerootgrawity: sound great, thx12:29
starcannoniceroot you may need to use screen as well, can't remember. I do know that if you do "ssh -X someapp" that you will see the application on your remote desktop, NOT on the host desktop12:30
firecrotchSj4lut: it's route add -net ....12:30
icerootstarcannon: screen for that?12:31
shaiHow can I use ~/.gtkrc-2.0 to change the font size inside applications (like gnome-terminal)? When I use gtk-font-name = "geneva 12" ; it just changes the size of the menu fonts.12:31
starcannonyeah I think, its been a long time, but I seem to remember using a clever screen trick (I didn't think it up I used someone elses deal) and ssh -X I was able to open an X app on the host computer from a remote location, and the window was open on the host, not the remote12:32
praveenhow to install ubuntu http://dpaste.com/101917/12:32
icerootstarcannon: that is what normal ssh -X is doing12:33
icerootstarcannon: ssh -X host and then "firefox" will start the firefox from the server on your "client"12:33
starcannoniceroot ssh -X will open the gui on the remote computer, the one your on; but on the host, where the app lives, it will just be a process running in the background, I do that all the time with transmission actually12:34
icerootstarcannon: yes, i know that12:34
Doc_Lappypraveen why is it you have so many partition on your windows anyway when its only a 80gig hd?12:34
Doc_Lappyjust curious12:34
icerootstarcannon: my idea was  A=my client, B=a server in the internet without x, C= my pc at home. i want to to start an app from C on A over B12:35
starcannoniceroot nod, sorry, guess I made it all muddy in my first statement, anyway, I don't remember the clever trick, but google around about screen a bit, I really do remember using it to reverse the situation12:35
starcannoniceroot, ah, okies, I got an idea12:35
GekzI have an issue. I cannot put a panel on the bottom of the screen12:35
GekzI click bottom12:35
Gekzand it moves to the top12:35
praveenDoc_Lappy, yeah but i made the partition long years back and never ever think to install ubuntu.12:35
icerootstarcannon: and i got the solution :)12:35
Gekzjust below the top panel12:35
icerootstarcannon: i am using ssh tunnel12:35
Gekzthe same thing happens with avant-window-navigator12:36
pukekomdadm - raid-1, does the array (/dev/md0) have a diff UUID than that of it members /dev/sd* ?12:36
Gekzthis is Ubuntu 9.10, and it worked before my last reboot lol12:36
icerootGekz: #ubuntu+112:36
starcannoniceroot, ssh into C, from C ssh -X into B, and the app will be open in a window on C12:37
starcannoniceroot, or it should12:37
starcannoniceroot, I'd have to try it once to see