webbb82hey i just installed xubuntu but im having some problems with open wi ndows00:12
webbb82everytime i open a window the title bar is above the visable workspace so i cant click and drag a window around00:12
Sysipress altr00:13
webbb82alt click doesnt work eithor00:13
spursncowboyswhen i install thru the ppa gnome-do, it crashes on me. I am using a xubuntu 9.0400:41
webbb82im new to xfce  how does the smartbookmarks applet work03:44
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ubuntu_Will the final version of xubuntu contain exaile?04:22
NymfTwoI've been trying to get the Cell SDK 3.1 (ISOs) from the IBM Web site installed with not much luck. I've tried many different ways and scoured through Web pages. I am using Xubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty).04:46
NymfTwoI am running Xubuntu under VirtualBox.04:46
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Balsaqcould someone troubleshoot the specs on a used puter i may buy?...2005 amd athlon 3200 64 2.0 , 1 gig ram, 40 HD, for use with buntu and for on line videos?07:34
Balsaqsays it runs 32 and 64 bit07:35
Balsaqcant run online vids well on my current computer want one that can do it07:35
Balsaqjoin #kubuntu09:55
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Besogonwhy my sound does turn off when I'v just boot computer? Does anybody face with it?11:23
Besogonwhy my sound does turn off when I'v just boot computer? Does anybody face with it?11:24
Sysimany have same problem11:25
CarnophageBesogon: sound isn't really off or the icon in the panel just doesn't say it's off?11:25
BesogonCarnophage, I can appear sound only with xfce4-mixer. (sound is really off)11:27
BesogonSysi, I will see you have given11:27
CarnophageBesogon: hmm so I have a different problem then, my sound is ok but the icon in the panel, always after reboot or fresh start says that the sound is on11:28
leaf-sheepBesogon: Run "sudo alsactl init" in the terminal.11:32
Besogonleaf-sheep, OK. I'v just done that. What now?11:34
leaf-sheepBesogon: Sounds working?11:34
Besogonleaf-sheep, yes. But I have to reboot for check if it works after boot.11:35
leaf-sheepBoot away.11:36
leaf-sheepBesogon: How is it going?11:40
Besogonleaf-sheep, hmm.. "alsactl init" can swich on the sound, but after boot sound steel is off...11:40
leaf-sheepBesogon: You had to do the command again?11:41
Besogonleaf-sheep, yes11:41
Besogonleaf-sheep, It writes me this11:42
BesogonUnknown hardware: "VIA686A" "Realtek ALC200,200P rev 0" "AC97a:414c4710" "" ""11:42
BesogonHardware is initialized using a guess method11:42
leaf-sheepThat's normal.11:42
leaf-sheepI guess -- Do try --> sudo alsactl init ; sudo alsactl store11:42
leaf-sheepIt'll store in a profile.11:42
Besogonleaf-sheep, At the time, gnome works fine11:43
Besogonok. I will try11:43
leaf-sheepAlso, do "alsamixer" and regulate all bars high.  See any "blue/gray M" -- Toggle 'm' to unmute to "green 00"11:43
leaf-sheepThen do the "sudo alsactl store" again to store.11:43
leaf-sheepESC to save out.11:43
leaf-sheepBesogon: You want to try #ubuntu -- more traffic than KDE/X -- but some of them does use X.  I'm going to take my puppy out for a morning walk. Bye. :o  Let me know the results too. ;)11:44
Besogonleaf-sheep, ok11:45
leaf-sheepBesogon: Sup?12:04
Besogonleaf-sheep, not works. Im reading https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/35273212:07
csioktelAnyone know, which mirrior can download xubuntu 9.10beta near HongKong?13:06
bodgerHello, am trying to setup a wireless card. It's a Belkin PCMCIA, have installed the drivers correctly with ndiswrapper (wlan0 appears in `iwconfig`)15:07
bodgerout router is detected in network applet but is greyed out15:08
bodgerany ideas why?15:08
bodger`lwlist scan` also shows the essid of the router15:09
likemindeadIf I installed Xubuntu 9.10 when it was Alpha 6 and I run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" will I have, essentially, the 9.10 Beta release?16:33
likemindeadOr is there a difference?16:33
Sysino, you don't need dist upgrade16:33
Sysijust install updates normally16:34
likemindeadSame as a fresh Beta install?16:34
likemindeadWhen all is said and done?16:34
Sysiyou end up with exatly same OS16:34
likemindeadThat's what I thought. Thanks!16:35
Ido_Guys, I tried installing Samba and I still can't understand the guide...I mean what the hell is mountname and all those...can someone help please?17:19
SiDiIdo_: hiya17:27
SiDimay you post the guide here so i can see what you are having trouble with ?17:27
Ido_Err... wait17:36
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.17:36
Ido_I think the second one17:36
Ido_No, here's the one I used:17:37
z00qNE1 here?17:42
TheSheep!u | z00q17:45
ubottuz00q: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.17:45
z00qIs anyone here?17:46
Sysiof course not, irc is dead17:46
TheSheepnobody is here17:46
z00qHeh heh. I have been away from irc for ten years. Just got out of prison. Please excuse any social lapses on my part.17:48
TheSheepif you need help with any problem, justask your question and if anybody knows the answer, they will respond17:48
TheSheepalso, stick around, many people look at the channel from time to time and may answer you after an hour or something like that17:49
z00qWell, I have a Compaq Armada E500. 256 mg RAM, 700MHZ Processor. I am trying to install xubuntu from cd but keep getting a seg fault error and the machine freezzes. Am I wrong to assume that a seg fault error is related to a memory problem?17:50
TheSheepit may be17:52
TheSheepare you using the livecd?17:52
TheSheepon low-ram systems it's better to use the alternate cd, it needs much less ram to work17:52
TheSheepit installs exactly the same system17:52
TheSheepjust with a text-based installer17:52
z00qWell, I don't currently have a cd burner. These are the disks from On-Disk.com.17:54
slow-motionhow do i get my partly downloaded torrents back in transmission?17:54
TheSheepz00q: that's a laptop?17:55
z00qIs there a way to use unetbootin to do the install?17:55
z00qYes. It is a laptop.17:55
TheSheepslow-motion: just open them in transmission, and tell it to save them in the same place17:55
slow-motionok, thx17:55
TheSheepslow-motion: it will check the existing files for bad parts and download only those17:55
slow-motioni see17:56
slow-motioni solved my problem that i can't open xvid encoded videos that i had some days ago17:56
slow-motioni just installed vlc17:56
TheSheepz00q: hmm... you don't have to use a cd...17:57
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate17:57
z00qI am using bandwidth @ a public library. IT won't let me access the tinyurl address.18:05
z00qThat's ironic.....18:05
slow-motionTheSheep thank you. it worked18:06
slow-motioni'm still impressed how powerful a small tool like transmission is18:06
SiDihaha, it is indeed18:11
SiDiIdo_: still around ? Sorry i forgot you :x18:12
webbb82Is there a way to drag and drop apps into the panel in gnome you can is there a way in xfce18:30
knomewebbb82, no, you can't do that in xfce.18:30
webbb82you have youj do the "add launcher deal18:31
knomeyes, you have to use "add launcher"18:31
z00qWell, TheSheep, it appears that the seg fault is happening as the hardware drivers are being loaded. This is the last message before the seg fault: udevd_event [2518]: 'path_id/devices/i8042/serio4/input5/mouse2' abnormal exit18:44
webbb82i got a weird thing with my panel its shaded a dark grey untill i move the mouse over it then it will turn light grey untill i move the mouse off it then it goes back to dark grey18:46
TheSheepwebbb82: right click, select 'customize panel' and uncheck the 'make active panel opaque' checkbox18:50
TheSheepwebbb82: btw, you can drag into the list into the 'add launcher'18:50
SerraphynIs there a way to install xubuntu off pen drive? I don't want to d/l a dvd and I'm out of CDRW disks19:38
Sysiare you on windows?19:39
Serraphynkubuntu right now19:39
Sysior linux or what19:39
Sysiyou can switch it to xubuntu by installing "xubuntu-desktop"19:40
SerraphynK, hope that fixes my sound problems19:40
Serraphynonly tried kubuntu cause some folks said it was nicer, but its just clunky to me compared to xfce19:41
SerraphynAnd its sound is all borked19:42
Sysii also prefet xfce over kde19:42
Serraphynits just cleaner eh? People ask me why and I'm like it kinda like shotgun vs a rifle, both kill ones just cleaner19:43
Sysithere just isn't everything on kde19:44
Serraphynyeah, my server uses xfce4 for a desktop19:44
Sysilike that scrolling on desktop changes workspace, you won't get xubuntu to stop in last one19:44
Sysiif i remember right, its also impossible with gnome19:45
Serraphynumm the install is done on xubuntu-desktop do I just reboot?19:47
Serraphynor do the /etc/init.d/kdm stop and restart with gdm?19:48
SerraphynSorry if I'm kinda half smart mostly retarded sounding, I probably know to much of not enough of linux even though I'ved used it for 12 years19:49
Sysilog out, and select "xfce" tosession type19:49
Serraphynk brb19:49
SerraphynGOD I LOVE XFCE19:57
Serraphynthe panels and everyting else are so easy to setup19:57
nikolamme thinking the same exactly19:57
Sysithat's why we are here :)19:58
darkhamhi, how can browse the windows share (i set without password) ubuntu like?19:58
Serraphynsorry I'm cli so much I forget the names of things like that20:00
Serraphynnow I'm trying to figure out why cedega refuses to see my video card correctly20:00
darkhami don't wanted install it20:00
darkhamnautilus i mena20:00
Serraphyndarkham, then try at CLI using >smbtree20:01
darkhamyes, i typed it, i wathc my shares, but how can i browse?20:01
Serraphynthe files you mean?20:02
Serraphynmight look up SMBMOUNT20:02
darkhamyes, the files20:02
Serraphynor how to setup the mount to use samba shares(windows shares)20:03
SerraphynOne sec I'll find you a good tut20:03
darkhamSerraphyn, thanx, very friendly :)20:04
Serraphynnp, I love to help out when I can, god knows I ask enough for it ;)20:04
Serraphynbbiab, spouse aggro20:06
darkhamhow can i watch the UNC name of the folder shares?20:18
darkhami installed nautilus for sharing samba shares20:29
darkhambut it don't open it20:29
likemindeadSorry, darkham, I don't know Samba. :-\20:32
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.20:32
likemindeadEither of those links help, darkham?20:37
darkhamlikemindead, yes, i solved, thanx !20:38
z00qWell, I guess it is about time to take the install cds and put them in the micorwave and forget about gettnig this distro to install on my laptop. Or I could go for the post office option.........22:18
durtz00q, what, you can't get it to burn right?22:20
z00qI can't burn anything....I have a very old laptop and I bought the cds from on-disk.22:21
z00q9.04 does not like my laptop at all....22:21
z00qCan't even install it inside of windows...22:21
durtso it won't boot? it won't install, what happens?22:21
z00qWell, during the install, even with acpi=off it crashes when it starts loading the devices drivers22:22
likemindeadI'm running Xubuntu on a 7-year-old PIII laptop. :-)22:22
z00qI tried unetbootin and get the same problem.22:23
z00qSo I tried WUBI and I get a permission denied error and the install locks down22:23
likemindeadWhat's the hardware on your laptop?22:23
z00qSo I try the live cd...22:23
z00qPiii 600 256 RAM22:24
z00qArmada e500\22:24
z00qI am at my wits end. And very frustrated...22:24
z00qFixing just to move on to another distro.22:24
z00qHave been messing with this for 3 weeks now...22:25
likemindeadHmm. Sorry to hear that, z00q.22:26
likemindeadMy Dell C610 loves Xubuntu (though I am running 9.10).22:26
likemindeadIt's 700MHz PIII but I did up the RAM to 1GB.22:26
z00qThe requirements only mention 198 meg for the install....22:27
z00qI am overlooking something somewhere....22:28
likemindeadTrue. But that's bare minimum, just scraping by.22:28
likemindeadWhat's the chipset?22:28
z00qWell, I have more than that22:28
likemindeadTry booting Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux, &/or Knoppix, z00q.22:31
z00qI can get Absolute Linux to install but It requires too much work aftr the install to get it configured like I want it.22:32
z00qPlus it is a Slackware derivative....22:32
likemindeadI've installed Xubuntu on several systems, old (PII) and new (dual-core), and never had any troubles.22:33
z00qWhen I try to install from the cd after a reboot, I get this message whiles it is loading drivers and after about a 10 wait....22:35
likemindeadEver heard of antiX, z00q? It's solid.22:35
likemindeadSmall & fast. Debian-based.22:35
z00qudevd_even[2518]:'path_id/devices/i8042/serio4/input5/mouse2' abnormal exit then it seg faults.22:36
likemindeadI'm really sorry, z00q. That sucks.22:36
z00qis antix nly a live cd version?22:42
krucksperdonen mi ignorancia pero como instalo xfce en ubuntu hardy23:04
z00qWell, I got it to install along side windows, but it just hangs while loading the drivers....23:16
z00qOne problem down...23:18
z00qSeveral more to go.23:19
SerraphynYou guys recommend a gui Network browser for mounting samaba shares? My kids don't like CLI :(23:19
cody-somervilleSerraphyn, what version of Xubuntu do you have?23:19
cody-somervilleApplications > System > Remote Filesystems doesn't work for you?23:20
Serraphynrofl, sorry never seen that before I'm used to use mount -t smbfs for stuff ;)23:20
Serraphyncody-somerville, thanks23:22
cody-somervilleThere is also PyNeighborhood among other apps23:22
z00qOnce I have installed xubuntu with windows, are there any additional steps I need to take?23:32
SiDiuninstall windows23:33
SiDi(if you installed windows first and xubuntu second, then no, everything should be ok)23:33
z00qHeh heh. That is the goal eventually, however I am experiencing a huge amount of trouble trying to get this distro installed.23:33
z00qI had to resort to installing it within windows.23:34
Sysiwith wubi you get very surely problems23:34
z00qBut I don't see a launcher. Although it does show up in the add/remove software....23:35
z00qSysi, I have tried installing from the cd but it hangs when its loading drivers and then eventually seg faults.23:36
longtimeI was wondering how I would check to see, with the xubuntu command line, how much RAM my system is acknowledging. I installed two sticks just now that I thought were 256mb a piece. But when I go into my system bios at startup, it only registers each stick at 64mb a piece.23:40
longtimeShould I just trust my bios?23:41
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