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jamfullermd: known bug in 'qupdate' versus 'qgetupdates'05:18
jambut it seems explorer switched because of other bugs in qgetupdates05:18
jamyeah, about 12 hrs ago :)05:26
fullermdI left my long-term memory in my other pants   :p05:27
SamB_XPsee, this is why it takes me so long to change pants05:29
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pesoI have a stupid question: How do I install a plugin? I'm trying to use the hgbzr plugin by copying it to %APPDATA%\bazaar\2.0\plugins\bzrhg but bzr plugins does not show it.08:36
bob2what's in that dir (pastebin it)?08:37
pesothe contents of the tar.gz I downloaded from http://launchpad.net/bzr-hg/trunk/0.1/+download/bzr-hg-0.1.tar.gz08:38
pesoHow do I pastebin?08:39
pesoI tried to reextract and copy the tar.gz again and this time it worked. Thanks. I think I had some trouble using xcopy.08:45
bob2ah, good08:46
mdkecan I mark more than one bug as fixed using bzr commit --fixes? if so, what is the syntax? I can't find it in "bzr help bugs"11:19
Peng_I think "bzr commit --fixes xxx --fixes yyy" works.11:20
mdkePeng_: awesome, will give it a try11:21
Peng_Don't thank me until you've tried it. ;P11:22
* mdke waits11:22
johnfCan someone point me in the right direction of some docs of how I would pragmatically run "bzr add"11:22
johnfdamn spell checker programatically :)11:24
johnfusing bzrlib11:24
mdkethanks Peng_ :)11:26
Peng_johnf: I s'pose you could look at the source code for cmd_add.11:27
johnfPeng_: doing that at the moment :)11:27
johnfAhh http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/developers/integration.html has all the magic I need11:28
Peng_Oh, good.11:28
dsuchjam: https://launchpad.net/~jameinel/+junk/bzr-file-locking - I understand it's not yet ready for using as a plugin?12:36
madin60Hi everybody12:37
madin60someone speaks french here!12:37
dsuchjam: Not sure how to understand empty 'cmd_file_lock' or 'cmd_initialize_file_locks'.12:37
dsuchmadin60: Sorry, I don't speak French.12:37
madin60I've some trouble with the pull command12:38
madin60I can't pull on my sftp branch12:40
madin60the access port isn't the traditionnal 2212:40
madin60How can I succed to pull with an other port on sftp server12:41
bob2~/.ssh/config is the easiest way12:41
madin60bob2 my problem is due to the firewall configuration!12:42
madin60so I don't think that I can resolve it with the ssh config12:42
bob2if you want to use an alternate port, and bzr is using openssh, you can do this by editing ~/.ssh/config12:43
bob2if you need to use a bastion host, you can do that in ~/.ssh/config, too12:43
Peng_Does putting the port in the sftp:// URL work too?12:45
Peng_IIRC, it does.12:45
madin60I try it12:46
johnfis there a plugin that solves the following problem?15:28
johnfI'm working on a project and fixing multiple upstream bugs15:29
johnfthe patches for each bug are fairly independent of each other15:29
johnfI want to have them all in a single tree15:29
johnfbut I want to be able to create branches for each patch that I can store in launchpad so I can create a different merge request for each15:30
johnfI though bzr-loom export-looms would do the trick but each exported loom is cascaded15:30
jmljohnf, there's no plugin that I know of like that.16:13
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SQlvpapirdoes the latest bzr-gtk work with >2.0?17:07
meoblast001hi, i accidently control+c'd in the middle of a push19:09
meoblast001how do i unlock the repository?19:09
Methsbzr break-lock ?19:10
meoblast001the remote lock19:10
meoblast001ok, got it19:12
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