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directhexthese are 2 desktop machines w/ pulse00:04
directhexthe third works, where the output is ALSA:hdmi not ALSA:default00:04
SpicyLemonDoes anyone know how to get the Video manager to get and use cover art?00:52
SpicyLemonnm... got it. Gotta change permissions on the posters folder.  No now I just need to figure out how to get the fetching to not timeout.00:55
SpicyLemonhmmm... the imdb search seems to pick up the directors00:59
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SpicyLemonIn the Video Manager, what does "Browsable" mean?01:32
SpicyLemonI ask because, I set it to "no" for a file, but it still shows up in my media Library -> watch videos screen.01:32
MisterHello, can someone help me with tvout and a ato 7000 video card, please?02:10
Misteri dont know itch driver02:10
Mistermh? have i forgot a h, too? ;)02:24
Misteri have installed mythbuntu and i only see after boot a black seen with a rectangle in the mittle but theese is black, too.02:27
Misteraso and the 9.10 beta version, should i installed, and can upgradet, or must i installing the final version clean?02:29
Misterand sorry for my bad english :)02:29
mike_hurley_1so when mythfrontend is started it takes about 2 minutes for it to recognize remote inputs which irexec button commands work fine03:49
mike_hurley_1i have a pastbin for the mythtv channel at: http://mythtv.pastebin.ca/159163003:49
mike_hurley_1it's the log using standard output level for the first couple minutes up until the remote starts working again03:50
mike_hurley_1guys in the mythtv channel think it may be a removable media monitoring problem hanging the whole frontend03:51
superm1tried turning off the media monitor?03:51
superm1and does the hbd work?03:52
mike_hurley_1i'm going to try that now actually03:52
williammandahey superm1 whats your thoughts on linuxmce?03:53
superm1i have none, never used it03:53
mike_hurley_1keyboard doesn't work either03:53
williammandaoh ok03:53
superm1so then their theory about media monitoring sounds plausible03:53
superm1try running the frontend with increased verbosity03:53
superm1and check and see if it's burning through tons of cpu with top03:54
williammandasuperm1, how are things going for 9.10?03:54
superm1williammanda, shaping up well03:55
williammandayou graduated yet?03:55
mike_hurley_1superm1, cpu at about 80% of a core right when mythfrontend starts but once the main gui is visible and not responsive minimal cpu usage03:56
superm1graduated what?03:56
superm1mike_hurley_1, hm interesting.03:56
superm1oh yeah, almost 2 years ago03:57
williammandaoh ok03:57
superm1mike_hurley_1, so see if a more verbose option will get you some more info about what's going on03:57
superm1and see if turning off media monitor does anything03:57
mike_hurley_1disabling media monitoring fixes it!04:02
mike_hurley_1so a different maybe issue, more a curiosity...04:03
mike_hurley_1in mythbuntu/jaunty, when the frontend was starting with the mythbuntu theme, you'd get a progress bar as it cached theme images and after that the "caching" part had to do nothing so it loaded fast04:04
mike_hurley_1under mythbuntu/karmic with the mythbuntu theme i don't see the progress bar anymore and it always seems to take about 15-20 sec to get to the GUI04:05
mike_hurley_1any ideas?04:05
foxbuntumike_hurley_1, you are likely seeing two parts of the boot that you really arent noticing04:13
foxbuntugo figure04:14
jussi01is it just apt-get install mythbuntu-desktop to install on top of kubuntu?09:30
womboor mythbuntu-control-center09:50
_bengot an issue where i can't get mythwelcome to shutdown as i think it's grabbing stuff from EIT16:30
_bentrying to think of a workaround16:30
mishehuugh.  ok, I can barely read this screen from where I am.  is there a libdvdcss package that I can get?17:41
mishehufunny that didn't show in synaptic17:47
mishehuPackage libdvdcss2 is not available, but is referred to by another package.17:48
mishehuI'm unfortunately dealing with a two year old at the same time here, so I can't run upstairs and use a machine that I can easily use for this type of research17:49
tgm4883mishehu, you need to enable medibuntu17:56
tgm4883you can do this all via mythbuntu-control-centre17:56
mishehuI wish I had a larger screen here17:59
mishehuI don't get this.  I enabled ac3 and dts to spdif passthrough.  my amp is connected to the pc via optical spdif.  all I here is a series of pulses.18:34
mishehuif I play the dvd through vlc I get the actual multichannel audio18:34
directhexAHA, i knew it18:42
directhexgot sound working on myth on karmic18:42
* directhex summons a myth maintainer18:46
tgm4883directhex, whats up18:47
mishehutgm4883: any idea how to handle the sound issue in myth?19:10
mishehuI've got the device set for alsa:default or default (no diff between the two settings), ac3-to-spdif passthru and dts-to-spdif passthru enabled, and just here pulses instead of actual audio19:11
directhextgm4883, sound no worky in karmic.20:03
directhextgm4883, setting ALSA:front rather than ALSA:default fixes it20:04
tgm4883directhex, you have fix?20:04
directhextgm4883, as far as i can tell, the problem is that myth disables pulseaudio on startup - but the "default" plug in alsa uses pulse20:04
tgm4883directhex, is that a mythbuntu install or a ubuntu install20:04
directhextgm4883, ubuntu20:04
tgm4883superm1, ^20:05
directhexoh, and the new default theme, "Terra", is ass-backwards in en_GB. german descriptions20:09
Zinndirecthex: Please watch your language.20:09
superm1directhex, the default theme is Mythbuntu, Terra is the fallback20:36
directhexnot pulled in during a dist-upgrade from jaunty, then. what's the package?20:37
directhexoh, and there's gotta be a bunch of new conflicts added someplace. my old theme was metallurgy, which causes myth to die on startup unless you remove the package20:38
Davieydirecthex: hard coding to ALSA:front wouldn't be a suitable solution, I have to set it to ALSA:HDMI20:41
DavieyI haven't tried setting the default to HDMI tbh.20:41
DavieyI would *expect* that to fix it.20:41
directhexDaviey, it's a better default than (broken) ALSA:default is, IMHO20:41
superm1directhex, there is a bug to remove that metallurgy package from the archive20:42
superm1directhex, mythtv-theme-mythbuntu20:42
directhexDaviey, i only worked out what the problem was *because* ALSA:hdmi works (as it skips pulse) on one box20:42
superm1it's not a hard depends or recommends, but if it's there, it's the default20:42
directhexoh, the theme's nice... except for the segfault accessing mythvideo...20:43
superm1oh metallurgy20:43
superm1there's an old version in the archive20:43
superm1there is a new one on it's way, but the old one has to be wiped20:44
directhexno, mythtv-theme-mythbuntu is segfaulting here when i access mythvideo20:44
directhexlet me try another theme20:44
superm1it shouldnt be20:44
superm1if it is, you might have an outdated ~/.mythtv/themecache?20:44
directhexhm, not theme-dependent. how odd20:45
superm1okay :)20:45
directhexhow do i pull more debug info out of this thing?20:45
superm1verbosity options on the command line20:45
directhex2009-10-04 20:46:00.819 MSqlQuery::exec() "SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'VideoStartupDir' AND hostname IS NULL;"20:46
directhexSegmentation fault (core dumped)20:46
superm1well file an apport report, and hopefully a good BT comes out of it20:47
superm1and go check your VideoStartupDir in SQL and see if something is out of wack20:47
directhexyeah, null value -> segfault20:48
directhexpretty sure the ALSA:default problem is real though21:00
directhexhell, the default mixer is still /dev/mixer21:00
Zinndirecthex: Please watch your language.21:00
directhexthat bot seems a little oversensitive21:02
* mishehu bahs.21:11
mishehuyeah it throws a d4mn fit everytime your disk fscks21:11
* mishehu chuckles21:11
mishehuI think the robot devil would take issue with zinn trying to prevent us from saying h3ll21:11
mishehusuperm1: on 9.04, onboard audio (realcrap chipset), connected to amp via optical spdif.  mythmusic plays fine, but anything with an a52 stream only gives me pulsy static (I did enabled ac3 and dts to spdif passthru in setup).  vlc on the other hand passes the a52 stream straight out hte spdif without any problem.21:13
mishehumight you have a suggestion?21:13
orificium_Has MythVideo on MYthweb stopped working for anyone else in recent auto builds?22:48
tgm4883orificium1, 0.22 or 0.2122:58
tgm4883dpkg -l mythvideo22:58
tgm4883orificium1, do ^22:59
orificium_is that the info you were looking for?22:59
tgm4883you are going to have to expand your terminal window and run it again23:00
tgm4883but yea, thats kinda what i'm lookin for23:00
tgm4883let me upgrade my machine23:00
orificium_This is what I get "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/includes/translate.php on line 140"23:00
orificium_I was playing with samba a bit.  Could that have affected things?23:01
tgm4883ok, mythvideo on  mythweb23:01
tgm4883orificium1, what are you trying to play, avi?23:02
orificium_I was just tryignt o load that section of mythweb23:03
orificium_clicking on the "MythVideo on the web." icon at the top23:03
orificium_I don't use it that often, but I'm pretty sure it was working before.23:03
orificium_MythMusic on MythWeb works23:04
jac1dGood afternoon all.  I am cleaning up and I have a 780G based mini-itx board here I was thinking of using as a frontend.  It has the ATI 3200HD IGP.  I can't seem to get a straight answer about HDMI/sound support.  With 9.04 or higher will I get reasonable use out of it?  Is hw decode support available yet?23:09
tgm4883orificium1, still upgrading just fyi23:11
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tgm4883orificium, works, here, it wants to reboot so let me do that and try again23:17
orificiumyeah, if you tried to run your frontend, it would probably complain about protocol version23:17
orificiumI tried before the reboot23:17
tgm4883ok, so what are the exact steps to reproduce23:19
orificiumopen http://localhost/mythweb23:19
orificiumClick on MythVideo :)23:19
orificiumOr "Video"23:19
orificiumattempts to load for about 30 seconds, and gives me that "fatal error"23:20
tgm4883orificium, what distro release23:21
orificium+ mythbuntu auto-build repos23:21
orificiumusing PPA23:22
orificiumtrunk PPA23:22
orificiumstill work for you after reboot?23:23
tgm4883orificium, I can't upgrade to the latest mythvideo23:24
tgm4883ii  mythvideo             0.22.0~trunk2216723:24
tgm4883apparently it failed to build for karmic23:24
orificiumAh well. I'll just wait for next autobuild and see how it goes.  I don't really use it that often anyway.23:27
orificiumI wish I understood how to navigate launchpad to investigate :)23:27
orificiumMaybe I need to be logged in to find the sections I'm looking for.23:28
Seeker`any news on when the new UI will be released?23:35
tgm4883Seeker`,  new ui?23:36
tgm4883its going to be in mythtv 0.2223:37
tgm4883which is in mythbuntu 9.1023:37
orificiumSeeker`: http://mythbuntu.org/9.10/beta23:41
superm1rhpot1991, how'd all the karmic upgrades go?23:43
Seeker`cool, thanks23:43
Seeker`not too long to wait then23:44
superm1Seeker`, all those "Known Issues" should be fixed on web updates too23:46
superm1so nothing critically broke in beta+updates right now23:46
orificiumweb updates?23:46
superm1update-manager/synaptic/aptdaemon etc23:48
Seeker`so if I go and type updage-manager -d now, I should get a working mythtv system with mythui etc.?23:48
superm1well the upgrade scenario has a gaping hole still actually23:48
Seeker`what is that?23:48
superm1where mysql-server has a tendency to get removed23:48
Seeker`so the statment "so nothing critically broke in beta+updates right now" wouldn't be totally accurate? :P23:49
orificiumSeeker`: What are you running right now?23:49
Seeker`latest version of 9.04 I think23:49
Seeker`(can never remember the command to check)23:50
Seeker`9.04 mythbuntu that is23:51
superm1Seeker`, assuming you start at beta, no :)23:51
Seeker`but that involves me wiping all of my settings etc?23:52
orificiumSeeker`: http://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/testing/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mythbuntu-repos/mythbuntu-repos_2-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu5_all.deb would get you to .2223:52
orificiumSeeker`: http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds    Probably want to backup mythconverg though23:52
Seeker`so would I be looking at using trunk builds?23:53
tgm4883Seeker`, actually23:54
tgm4883you want this https://edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive/repos/+files/mythbuntu-repos_5-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu~karmic_all.deb23:54
tgm4883orificium, new package, just hasn't made it to the webpage yet23:54
orificiumoh ok23:54
Seeker`does the rest of the system need to be karmic for that?23:54
superm1no it doesnt23:55
tgm4883just pushed last night actually23:55
orificiumtgm4883: if I'm using the old package, would I want to download that new one?23:55
tgm4883orificium, maybe23:56
tgm4883it wouldn't change much now, but it does activate another repo23:57
tgm4883plus it doesn't call it fixes/trunk anymore23:57

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