Beldar_Balgagiohas anyone seen or heard from the moderator: Techie?02:06
tehC0untdoes anyone know a good method of networking xubuntu with osx using samba or no samba06:10
chrissy_hello i am using yahoo email can anybody help me with a qustion06:50
chrissy_is anybody out there06:53
BenJackonwhat`s talking about here???09:05
BenJackoncan i ask something about gcc?09:06
BenJackoni am learning at it...09:06
BenJackon:-(my english is poor....09:07
Sysiyou'r not alone09:07
Sysii don't know about gcc, but ask, someone propably does09:08
BenJackonoh~en  but still thank you09:09
BenJackoni am going to #gcc bye guys09:11
markyHi hi. I've got xubuntu running on an eeepc here, and I'm having a few problems. I'm not sure which version it is - I think it might be 7.04 but am not sure. It basically works, except I can't seem to update or install extra software. Even through the terminal, sudo apt-get update doesn't load the package list... any help would be greatly appreciated.10:59
markyjust to re-state my query, in case it got lost in the netsplit spam, I'm having trouble updating or installing software in xubuntu (not sure which version). Could really use some help sorting it out.11:03
Sysiif it's too old, repositories are closed11:10
Sysiyou need to get newer, is fresh install an option?11:11
markyah, I guess so11:12
markyI particuarly downloaded an eeepc version of xubuntu without checking the version11:13
markyoh well11:13
Sysiyou should get 9.0411:14
markyAnd I cant tell the difference from normal xubuntu anyway... so yeah. Ok. Looks Iike I'll have to do as you say.11:14
Sysiyou don't need any special version for eee11:15
Sysijust normal xubuntu 9.0411:15
markywell I just thought it might be extra small or something. I previously had Ubuntu 9.04 installed, but it quickly got too big for the poor 3.5 gig hard drive11:16
Sysiisn't it 4gb? hmm, swap takes a part but xubuntu should still fit well11:17
Sysiand it's smaller than ubuntu11:17
markyok, I'll do that.11:18
markyCheers Sysi, Im off11:32
jarnosWhat is the best way to report a bug, if suspend to RAM does not work?12:43
SiDijarnos: you can report against linux on launchpad12:48
SiDijarnos: do you have more swap than your ram's size ?12:48
SiDiSysi: im not 100% sure but i think the eeepc's wifi driver is proprietary and thus not on our livecd12:49
Sysimine was12:49
SiDigreat then12:49
Sysiand i have 701sd, with the most problematic card12:49
knomeSysi, have you tried the array.org kernel repository?12:50
Sysino, it works with default12:51
Sysiwell, with easy peasy i had it 'cos hardy didn't support it yet12:52
jarnosSiDi, it shouldn't matter when suspending to RAM.13:01
SiDijarnos: oh sorry x_x13:13
jarnosI am talking about it in #ubuntu-bugs, so I quit here.13:17
Sysiwhy to quit, i have 12 channels + queries :)13:18
jarnosSysi, I meant about the bug.13:26
Sysithat of course13:32
craigbass1976I'm trying to run two screens in two different resolutions.  It's a laptop, 1024x768, and then an external monitor 1280x102414:38
craigbass1976Right now I'm running both at 800x600, and the laptop screen seems to have forgotten it's colors.  My oldest child is in kindergarten though, so maybe he can help the screen relearn...14:39
telitiHi guys. I cannot find skype in the software list. Is there a possibility to install it?14:50
Sysiyou need to add medibuntu repository14:56
telitithank you for this hint :-)14:58
seyDoggyanyone here?16:46
Sharaiis there a channel for karmic atm?16:53
Sharaifor tester discussion or anything16:53
xyloxSharai, #ubuntu+116:57
likemindead!hi | seyDoggy17:25
ubottuseyDoggy: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!17:25
pingo-hi, anyone can tell me a good dlna server ?19:22
guestnotwas wondering if xubuntu can also be use as a LTSP19:40
Danny22Is anyone there?19:41
pingo-´╗┐hi, i need help. im using xubuntu 8.10 , my chassi fan stopped after i 'suspend' the system and turn it on again , what should i do ?21:29
likemindeadIs it overheating, pingo-?21:43
likemindeadDoes it ever come back on?21:43
likemindeadNo on both questions?21:44
pingo-first question21:44
pingo-it came back on, when i reboot the system, but i cant use 'suspend' "method"21:45
pingo-srry for the bad english21:47
likemindeadIf it is not overheating, I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep an eye on the temperature.21:47
pingo-i know. isnt something to worry about now, because my case is open. but, do you know any software that I can try ? i installed xsensors, but it didnt work, im using p5vd2-x asus mb.21:49
likemindeadpingo-, try adding the following to your /etc/modules:21:59
likemindeadSee if that helps.21:59
likemindeadSearching for "overheating" at ubuntuforums.org gives a lot of answers.22:02
pingo-;) thx,22:02
Maxwell__2Running xubuntu here...22:16
Maxwell__2Whenever I try to fsck hda, I get told that there is "No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/hda", and then it goes on about how the superblock could not be read. How do I fix this?22:16
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot22:23
likemindeadMaybe it needs to be /dev/hda1 or something like that, Maxwell__2?22:24
Maxwell__2Yes, sorry, I meant to type that in.22:24
Maxwell__2 /dev/hda122:24
lolb0t_hai there22:34
=== lolb0t_ is now known as lolsauc3
lolsauc3okay, I'm using xubuntu, and I'm trying to figure out how to force my resolution to 1024x76822:35
lolsauc3since right now, it's only 800x60022:35
lolsauc3neways, heres sysinfo22:35
lolsauc3os[Linux 2.6.28-11-generic i686] distro[Ubuntu "jaunty" 9.04] cpu[1 x Pentium III (Coppermine) (GenuineIntel) @ 796MHz] mem[Physical: 308.0MB, 39.1% free] disk[Total: 17.5GB, 80.0% free] video[ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x] sound[ES1938 - ESS ES1938 (Solo-1)]22:35
lolsauc3I think I would use the xrandr utility? however, I'm not sure how to go about that and I really dont want to fuck up my screen and not be able to see what I'm doing. :P22:36
lolsauc3oh well, uhm... I'm going to go, but if you can find a solution for me, then please email it at xxchaosmousexx@gmail.com22:37
imranI'm trying to run 8.10 xubuntu on PS3 and thunar crashes in a second after loading every time22:44
nikolamimran, is it newest slim ps3?22:48
nikolamnewest ps3 removed linux support, (c) by sony22:49
imrannikolam, no22:50
imran80 gb non ps2/ps1 playing22:50
nikolamtried LTS 8.04?22:50
nikolamLong Term Service22:51
imranwhat does that mean ;)22:51
nikolamversion with long support22:51
imrangues not22:51
nikolamtry that or newest 9.0422:51
imrani mean everything works but thunar and wifi22:51
imranim downloadnig 9.04 but dont feel like waiting z_z22:51
nikolamhmm, check wiki.ubuntu.com22:51
nikolamtry to install pcmanfm22:52
imrannikolam, how can i install something without internet22:52
nikolam"you are downloading 9.04?22:53
nikolammove .deb`s. with usb drive :)22:53
nikolampackages ubuntu.com for package search22:54
imrani dont have my usb drive right now lol had to turn it in for a proj for school22:56
imranill be doing it in bout half an hour22:56
imrantill then, tremulous22:56
Tare1offwhen i installed buntu, i did it off a cd given too me. i had my wifes laptop beside the computer that receiving ubuntu so icould chat on here during the install. the person on here who helped told me how to do a clean install of buntu and wipe out the old wondows OS, how can i tellif we actually wiped out the windows for sure?23:21
RakkoHi, all. I'm having a problem with the text console in Jaunty. It appears that all colors with the bright/high intensity attribute set appear as gray. Is this a known issue, and how do I fix it?23:51
RakkoI don't know if I've always had this problem, or if it just started, since I don't use the VTs much.23:51
josh_can some one help me i cannot use wpa and google yielded no answers23:53

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