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* robbiew waves18:10
keesjdstrand: go ahead and start, I'll take up the rear again18:11
jdstrandthough I don't have too much18:12
jdstrandlast week I did get the oo.o update out, did iso testing and worked on libvirt upstreaming (among various other CVE/bug tasks)18:12
jdstrandI am close to sending my revised libvirt patch upstream. they are supposed to release a new version friday, so I need to get that out soon18:13
jdstrandI hope to send it later today18:13
jdstrandI plan to do the icu and devscripts updates this week. I'll get back to updating gnutls after that (small regression reported in Debian that no one has reported in Ubuntu)18:14
jdstrandthat's it from me18:14
keesmdeslaur: your turn18:14
mdeslaurI'm currently working on backuppc, will release it tomorrow probably18:15
mdeslaurand after that, am going down the cve list18:15
mdeslaurthat's it18:15
jdstrandoh, I'm triager this week18:15
* jdstrand also forgets to state his role18:15
mdeslauroh, well, I'm happy place18:16
keesI'm on community, gonna test the symlink-mode-777 glib2.0 thing which is now built.  focusing on getting small bugs out of the way for RC, and then going to devote 100% time to help with the eucalyptus root-wrapper issue18:16
keesI've started smb on a kernel update, since the list is growing18:16
keesneed to ping caleb again too on SELinux bits18:17
jdstrandwe need to get the dhclient/apparmor workaround out of karmic too-- kees, did you upload that yet? (I thought I remembered you saying you were going to)18:18
keesI haven't uploaded that yet -- it requires adding all the conf-removing code to the maintainer scripts18:18
keeswas going to clone it from procps18:18
jdstrandI've got a couple of bugs I plan to fix this week too18:19
keesI'll likely hit that after the euca stuff18:19
jdstrand(not in that, just some other stuff)18:19
keesI need to get #307019 implemented too18:19
keesI did half of it, but the rest remains18:19
jdstrandah, yeah18:20
jdstrandusers-admin... always a pain18:20
keesanyway... that's it.  any general items/18:20
keesrobbiew: anything from you?18:20
robbiewnot really18:21
robbiewjust fix bugs! :P18:21
keesthat's cool.  :)  heh18:21
jdstrandstefanlsd has been plugging away at http://people.ubuntu.com/~stefanlsd/synclist.html18:21
mdeslaurjdstrand: yeah, that's pretty cool.18:21
jdstrandyeah, totally18:21
jdstrandonce it is solid, we should probably just do it automatically for universe/multiverse, and perhaps sends debdiffs somewhere for main/restricted18:22
keesooh, nice.18:22
keesjdstrand: as an archive admin, what would be the best way to get a "please sync these for karmic" report?18:23
keesand how should that interact with FFe?18:23
jdstrandwell, they are bugs, not features, so no FFe (unless it is week before release)18:24
jdstrandas for requesting a sync... I'm not sure18:24
jdstrandI'd need to think about it-- maybe sync to ubuntu-security-proposed18:24
jdstrandsync-source.py doesn't have a ppa option18:25
* jdstrand wonders if he could sync directly to -security using --to-component18:26
jdstrandand --to-suite18:26
jdstrandanyhoo, would need to think about that18:26
keesjdstrand: I meant prior to karmic releasing...18:26
jdstrandno FFe required18:27
keesbut yes, the rest is important too18:27
jdstranda standard requestsync bug using the approrpiate target would be fine18:27
keesa separate bug for each package?18:27
jdstrandtarget and source18:27
jdstrandI think so, or, I could just do it myself18:28
jdstrandwhy don't I just do it myself18:28
keesheh, ok18:29
keesok, meeting over?18:29
jdstrandthat's it for me18:29
keescool, thanks!  :)18:30
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MootBotMeeting started at 16:58. The chair is cprofitt.22:58
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]22:58
cprofitt[TOPIC] Course development workflow update22:58
MootBotNew Topic:  Course development workflow update22:58
cprofittpleia you are on stage22:59
cprofittpleia2, you are on stage22:59
bodhi_zazengo pleia222:59
pleia2oy, jumping the gun by a minute!22:59
pleia2well, this is actually doctormo's :)22:59
pleia2hi doctormo! can you give us an update on the course development workflow you've been working on with bioselement?22:59
doctormoof course22:59
doctormoSo as people have seen ont he mailing list23:00
doctormoI posted some thoughts on how we administrativly organised the development arm of the project.23:00
doctormothe idea is to make the development both administratable and easy to use.23:00
doctormoThe problems have been that the better the administration, the worse the ease for developers of courses.23:00
doctormoFor instance ODF is good for writers, but a nightmare for patching, translating or publishing for multiple formats.23:01
pleia2and diffs in bzr are nice, but not really possible with binary odt files23:01
doctormoOTOH docbook and TeX were bad for writters (who didn't have any prior experence) and good for translations, and branching.23:02
doctormoSo we settled for asciidoc, since it easily exports to docbook, gives us the maxium amount of features with only the barrier of editing text instead of rich-text.23:02
doctormoNow asciidoc allows us to compile documents from multiple files,23:03
doctormoinclude them23:03
doctormoSo to decide what documents we need to make for courses me and BiosElement created a few branches to test out various structures.23:03
doctormoMine turned out to be more officious and not so easy, so working together we've got a way of laying it out23:04
doctormoBasically like before the root will contain a directory per course, each directory has a Contact and Notes files for any developer realted documentation.23:05
pleia2emergency at work, bbs23:05
doctormoIt will also contain a template directory23:06
cprofittWill contacts be used for all authors, contributors, etc?23:06
doctormocprofitt: yes, and to point to the right mailing list for review.23:06
dindaare you proposing that all course authoring be done in this way?23:06
doctormodinda: There is no other way that fits with how written works can be published and translated.23:07
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dindait just seems as though you are way overly complicating things23:08
doctormodinda: It does seem that way, but there are no suggestions that are less complex that fix as many problems.23:09
cprofittdinda, from what perspective?23:09
dindai realize translations are an issue but so is just getting the first course done23:09
doctormodinda: The first courses are done23:09
cprofittdoctormo, for my clarification as well this is an issue because you want the courses to be both Moodle and 'written' form?23:10
dindacan I outline how I use Moodle to develop a course?23:10
doctormodinda: You can, but I can't see how you can get that data back into a tool as powerful as launchpad for collaberation.23:10
doctormoBut first I think I will finish off?23:10
dindago for it23:10
bodhi_zazenWell, I would like to say thank you to doctormo and bioselement for looking at options23:10
doctormoSee the common idea is that we need data to be managable. Bzr and lp are the way to do that, it's always worked for developers, there's just some holes in the usability for common folk.23:12
cprofittdoctormo, I would like to have an understanding23:12
cprofittis the reason to not work in Moodle so that courses can be 'published' as written work as well as a Moodle course?23:13
doctormoWe'd like the courses to be published through moodle and published through other media, physical, non-physical, irc, pdfs, we'd like to encourage the maximum amount of mixing that doesn't burden us with administrative tasks such as managing user rights.23:13
doctormoIn fact I never want to have to enable someone's account so they can join in.23:14
cprofittdoctormo, so what will be done about the parts that do not translate from Moodle to other formats?23:14
doctormocprofitt: A way will be found, or they will be cut. There isn't much course data that can't be. Quizes come to mind. All other features of moodle are student/teacher/classroom data, not course data.23:15
cprofittand... to ask another question... if we are going to have all these other formats... what is the role of Moodle in this... what does it do that the other 'formats' can not?23:15
dindadoctormo: you're always going to have to enable or approve an account or change permissions/roles when some becomes something other than a student23:15
doctormodinda: In moodle yes, but that's why it's not suitable for development.23:16
cprofittdoctormo, I find Moodle suitable for development of Moodle courses23:16
dindabut that's EXACTLY what Moodle is -a course development environment23:16
cprofittit is, in fact, where I have done all my Moodle course development23:16
doctormocprofitt: Moodle has management features wich can be used to organise classes and students, so I believe.23:16
cprofittdoctormo, it does... as well as to manage development of courses23:16
cprofittthe company I did work for had a 'development' server23:17
doctormoOne person creating courses is not a community creating courses.23:17
cprofittand a 'production' server23:17
cprofittcourses were designed and tested on the development server and migrated to the 'production' server when complete23:17
dindadoctormo: yes, there is a course creator role that is even above instructor role23:17
cprofittrefinements were made on the development server.23:17
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* cprofitt nods as dinda23:17
cprofittan admin role too23:18
dindacprofitt: we use the same model; development/test server then migrate to production when ready to publish23:18
doctormoRight, and those rolls are administrative burdens, we don't have time to manage our tools like the pros do. The more that is handled by social mechanics the better.23:18
dindadoctormo: now as far as being able to publish a written version of a course, then no, that's always gonig to be another step; Moodle is for online courses23:18
doctormoIf we're constantly enabeling people to create new branch courses, we'll never get anything done.23:19
dindadoctormo: all you're doing is shifting the admin to LP/BZR23:19
cprofitttwo things:  1) I have not used the asciidocs so I will not try to speak to compare the tools, but  2) have you developed a course in Moodle doctormo ?23:19
doctormodinda: And bzr/lp does the job without user input.23:19
dindayou still have to create the core commitet team and have a process for those rights23:19
doctormocprofitt: I tried, it wasn't possible. failed.23:19
cprofittdoctormo, you could not make a course?23:20
doctormoI couldn't understand the majority of the interface to be honest. From what I could grasp at, it was asking me to create resources.23:20
cprofittto be honest doctormo, until a person has used both I do not feel we have anyone qualified to decide which to use23:21
cprofittif you did not understand the interface then you can not honestly make claims that A is better than B23:21
cprofittjust that you know A better23:21
dindadoctormo: that's pretty standard process for any LMS or even website. . .23:21
doctormocprofitt: the problem is, I see moodle as a sufficient development platform for a company. but not for a community, it lacks a lot fo the tools we use to make random developments and merge in the best ones.23:22
cprofittDid you look at the course I uploaded on how to make Moodle course before trying to make yours?23:22
dindadoctormo: you upload all the resources (images/files, etc) then link to them from your main site - makes it easier to reuse objects23:22
cprofittdoctormo, I don't see how you could make such a judgment prior to understanding the tool23:22
doctormocprofitt: Because while I failed at making a course propperly, the tool is structured in a way that would make such development either hacked on top or impossible.23:23
dindadoctormo: Moodle was designed to be used by teachers - it really can't be any simpler23:23
doctormoUnless you can prove otherwise.23:23
cprofittdoctormo, sorry to be blunt here. Your 'failure' to make a course does not require me to prove anything23:24
bodhi_zazendoctormo: I must admit I am not sure where you are going with this discussion23:24
cprofittI would love to work with you and assist you in developing a course...23:24
bodhi_zazenmodle is used by many people and so obviously it works23:24
cprofittbut I would never declare an authoritative opinion on a product just because it escaped me...23:25
bodhi_zazenso I can not tell what exactly you are having a problem with, a feature that is missing or that you need assistance learning the interface23:25
cprofitthence why I refuse to make a claim concerning asciidocs23:25
dindadoctormo: no there's no reason why you can't use the process you want to develop your course - but we should be able to use Moodle as our standard23:25
cprofittI think perhaps you and I should trade-off doctormo - you teach me asciidocs and I can teach you Moodle23:25
doctormoSeems like we should split the project, I'm not comfortable using moodle and now I feel like I'm being forced out.23:26
* cprofitt sighs23:26
bodhi_zazenOutside of the people in this room , I have a very close friend who uses Moodle to develop courses for the local university, so if you need help ...23:26
bodhi_zazensplit the project into what ?23:26
doctormoIt's true that I should be taught23:26
dindadoctormo: not at all, if you're comfortable with your process, that's great23:26
cprofittdoctormo, we are offering to assist you in learning Moodle23:26
doctormoBut I don't like the idea of using moodle as our standard23:26
cprofittand I am offering to learn asciidocs23:26
cprofittwell we looked at many LMS variants and chose Moodle as a group doctormo23:27
doctormothe only thing against bzr/lp is that it's uncomfortable too.23:27
cprofittthe only think against bzr/lp is its not an LMS23:27
doctormocprofitt: I thought that was for a publishing point, I didn't think we'd gone and done it in for a development site too.23:27
dindadoctormo: then why even have a Moodle server, in your workflow?  you can accomplish the same thing with just a website23:27
cprofittand for the record can we, as a group, not all threaten to split the project when the group doesn't tag along with one person's idea23:28
doctormodinda: Could you? I looked into that, websites don't have forums or marking or student rosters.23:28
cprofittthis is the second time that has happened and it is childish23:28
dindacprofitt: +123:28
doctormocprofitt: +123:28
cprofittbodhi_zazen, we looked at Sakai, Moodle and one other... do you remember the name?23:28
dindadoctormo: exactly, all of that is integrated into the Moodle workflow, those are just elements of the overall course23:29
MootBotLINK received:  http://barrysampson.com/2009/04/open-source-lms-10-alternatives-to-moodle/23:29
dindathose are all the open source alternatives - they all do the same thing, slight variations23:30
doctormoI thought moodle was the chosen LMS23:30
cprofittMoodle is well embedded in K-1223:30
dindaMoodle was chosen months ago - it's as good/bad and any other LMS23:30
cprofittand Moodle was what we chose, as a group, after reviewing several23:30
doctormosounds like that choice is settled then23:31
BiosElementFrankly, while I dislike moodle I have to support it because from what I've seen, nothing is better.23:31
cprofittbodhi_zazen found technical issues with most of the others23:31
dindaIt's also what Canonical uses - so if the group ever migrates to them hosting it wold be an easier process23:31
dindaBiosElement: +!23:31
bodhi_zazen+1 BiosElement23:31
dinda+1 even23:31
bodhi_zazenthat is what we all feel about Moodle23:31
dindaall require a certain investment in learning how to use23:32
bodhi_zazenWe found a very nice alternate, but no one could install it23:32
cprofittMoodle was far from perfect...23:32
cprofittbut it was the best all around package23:32
cprofittSakai right?23:32
dindabut Moodle is specifically designed to just give to a teacher and set them loose  to make courses23:32
cprofitt+1 dinda23:32
BiosElementAfter you run the teacher through 3 months of training ;) But yes, It's the best lms currently.23:32
cprofittBiosElement, actually in my school we have 4 teachers who got 1 four hour session -- they are using Moodle23:33
dindaBiosElement: dunno, I've had several non-techy teachers jump right in and get going on developing in Moodle23:33
dindathe thing, the metaphors make sense to educators23:33
BiosElementWell then maybe it's the techy people like me who can't stand it >.<23:33
cprofittBiosElement, I am a techie and I found Moodle to be fall out of bed easy...23:34
cprofittjust limited23:34
dindaBiosElement: it models how they create courses in the real world23:34
cprofitt+1 dinda23:34
dindayou create your course overview, topics, find your resources for each and group into Moodle by either Topic or other options23:35
dindaok, so back to the topic - wher are we?23:35
* cprofitt blinks twice23:36
cprofittI think what this has revealed is that we need to reaffirm that Moodle is our LMS23:36
dindaI propose we let course authors chose their preferred workflow23:36
doctormoWe were talking about the structure being used by me to develop courses.23:36
cprofittand we need to offer some training to 'developers'23:36
cprofittso that they can learn how to use Moodle...23:36
cprofittfrom that we really need to 'build a how-to course' that is self-paced23:37
bodhi_zazenWell, does moodle use "developers" ?23:37
* BiosElement coughs23:37
cprofittthey are caused course developers23:37
cprofittbut not 'developers' as in programmers23:37
doctormodinda: Choice like that can cause a lot of lost energy, it diserpates. If a user develops a course painting words into corel draw, do we allow that?23:37
cprofittnor 'developers' as in machines that create photographs23:37
bodhi_zazenlol cprofitt23:38
dindadoctormo: why not?  the issue seems to be just getting content/courses developed23:38
cprofittdoctormo, I lost touch with this group, but I thought the target was always Moodle23:38
cprofittif a person wants to develop it in ABC program and then paste it in too Moodle I do not care...23:38
cprofittbut the final course must be in Moodle IMHO23:38
doctormocprofitt: The target still is, the development shifted since there were people writing courses and no one teaching moodle.23:38
bodhi_zazenwell doctormo , we have not discussed the full scope of courses we wish to host , but I suppose courses will need to be agreed on23:38
dindadoctormo: Linuxchix lets course developers chose their workflow and it works; granted they've only had less than a half dozen courses ever published23:38
doctormoBut I've always supported moodle as a publishing end point.23:39
doctormobodhi_zazen: I think all that is on the wiki isn't it?23:39
dindadoctormo: the bigger issue is getting content, IF the project gets to the point that there are so many courses, you have to limit contributors then that's a good thing23:39
cprofittthen we can offer asciidoc and Moodle as a development environment?23:39
BiosElementMoodle is the final product users read, not what course authors use. >.>23:39
doctormocprofitt: Can we get moodle developers to dump their docs into text and send them to the mailing list for peer review?23:40
dindadoctormo: I assure you, once that point is reached, then folks will be asking for a more standard workflow and templates but right now we have what 3 course developers?23:40
BiosElementIf we use moodle we will fall into the trap of "Quick and Easy" which will quickly become "Impossible to Update".23:40
bodhi_zazenIf the final product is Moodle, why not allow course developers to select the tools they use ?23:40
bodhi_zazensome may use moodle, some may use other tools23:40
cprofittBiosElement, what makes Moodle impossible to update?23:40
dindaBiosElement: ditto23:40
doctormobodhi_zazen: it'll need work to bring it back into sane development formats.23:41
* bodhi_zazen likes quick and easy23:41
cprofittdoctormo, I would think courses should be reviewed as a course23:41
dindayou udate it the same way you updates anything23:41
cprofittas in hosted in Moodle23:41
bodhi_zazendoctormo: why ?23:41
BiosElementcprofitt, From my expirence with using several moodle sites as both a student and a developer, I've yet to see one that actually works 'well' and is easily updated.23:41
cprofittparts might be reviewed outside of that... but how can the end product be reviewed outside the framework of the final?23:41
doctormobodhi_zazen: so the courses can be translated, experimented with, published in other ways.23:41
BiosElementAlso I'll note the lack of VCS as a major problem with moodle.23:41
bodhi_zazenbut that is not our initial goal doctormo23:42
bodhi_zazenwe are publishing on Moodle23:42
doctormobodhi_zazen: Of course23:42
cprofittMoodle can also 'link out' to other resources...23:42
bodhi_zazentranslation is a whole project onto itself23:42
doctormobodhi_zazen: The inital goal was to write a course, I did that in ODF and it now needs to be translated into asciidoc so it can be managed.23:42
cprofittas a teacher might give reading assignments you can assign 'out side content' in a Moodle activity23:42
bodhi_zazenand "published in other ways" means what exactly ?23:42
bodhi_zazenWhy did you not write a course in Moodle ?23:43
doctormobodhi_zazen: It means pdfs in websites, it means face book apps it means things not thought of yet.23:43
BiosElementAlso it means nicely made printed docs23:43
bodhi_zazenWell doctormo , no offense, but those goals are secondary at best23:44
bodhi_zazenIMO at least23:44
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.linux-for-education.org/23:44
BiosElementbodhi_zazen, Why make them secondary when they can be easily made with minimal effort? That's frankly just silly and short sighted for the "quick and simple" way.23:44
bodhi_zazenI mean what you are asking is a very tall order for something like Moodle23:44
dindaThere's an example of site built all in Moodle to host linux/foss course materials23:44
cprofittdinda, that is Moodle23:44
bodhi_zazenBecause BiosElement , we are developing a Moodle site, which is more then printing PDF documents, lol23:45
cprofittnice example23:45
bodhi_zazenBiosElement: doctormo what you may wish to do as authors is fine with me, but I do not understand why we need to change the core goals of this project23:46
doctormothen it sounds like we _do_ have two projects here, and I'm not suggesting that as a course of action. I'm saying that as an observation.23:46
doctormoThose who want to write courses and those who want to publish moodle courses.23:46
cprofittdoctormo, here is a good link from dinda's site -- http://www.linux-for-education.org/course/view.php?id=2823:46
BiosElementbodhi_zazen, ...You're not listening and quite frankly I don't want to continue arguing this very simple point. There are two options. #1: Use a standard format which will be easy to update in the future and distribute in any forms needed or #2: WYSIWYG with web soup tags, no VCS and fixed formats.23:46
bodhi_zazenwhat two projects doctormo ?23:46
bodhi_zazenThat sounds a little hostile BiosElement23:47
bodhi_zazenI have listened23:47
cprofittBiosElement, I have not found Moodle hard to update...23:47
bodhi_zazencprofitt: and others are indicating Moodle can do what we want23:47
doctormoBiosElement: There's no need to get aggressive, we can work this out.23:47
cprofittI have used it to develop a course and evolve it as information changes23:47
dindaBiosElement: I don't see those options as being mutally exclusive23:48
cprofittHonestly I think we can have a loose work flow23:48
bodhi_zazenMoodle is fairly standard23:48
dindaBiosElement: and you have to go back to primary goal of the project - to get materials developed23:48
cprofittuse the tools you want, but final review is in Moodle23:48
BiosElementbodhi_zazen, Apologies if It sounded hostile. Just Was not intended to be.23:48
cprofittas it is what we deliver courses with23:48
doctormobodhi_zazen: It can't do what I want, I just want to write courses, it can't do that for _me_. Maybe a training problem, but then I did call on the group to organise training and was blown off multiple times.23:48
cprofittif course writer A wants to use Microsoft Office - so be it23:49
doctormoNot until last week did we have anyone helping learning moodle.23:49
BiosElementdinda, And part of developing materials is keeping them updated...That's a major part.23:49
cprofittif course write B wants to use notepad I am fine with that too23:49
dindaBiosElement: I'm saying if we get to the point that we have sooo many courses to update, keep track of - we've had succeeded23:49
cprofittdoctormo, I was here in July and June willing to teach23:49
bodhi_zazendoctormo: I am not sure I agree with that23:49
cprofittunfortunately August and September are busy for me23:49
bodhi_zazenmany people have offered to help learn moodls23:49
dindaBiosElement: the course owner/author should be responsible for updating, if a course become outdated, it can easily be removed or deprecated23:50
cprofitt+1 dinda23:50
doctormocprofitt: Willing to teach isn't the same as organising it. I never saw any events to attend to learn it, and what I've attended so far hasn't improved my abilitity to use it.23:50
cprofitt+1 again for dinda23:50
cprofittdoctormo, irc is not the right format for teaching it23:50
doctormoI agree23:50
bodhi_zazenAs a note to the group, can we please reduce the hostility in this project ?23:50
cprofittIt would involve us using some voice communication method and you asking 'how do I'23:51
bodhi_zazenI do not like the hostility, we need to compromise to find solutions23:51
cprofittor using a shared screen23:51
dindadimdim works23:51
doctormocprofitt: sounds like a plan23:51
cprofittdoctormo, we can set a date/time after the meeting23:51
dindaopen source webex type plarform23:52
dindaonline meetings/screensharing23:52
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.linux-for-education.org/course/view.php?id=2823:52
cprofittthat course looks fairly good23:52
dindathey even have a moodle plug-in23:52
cprofittdinda, nice... I will have to learn about that...23:52
cprofittare we at a close... that we need to investigate getting a solid Moodle training program in place for the core team?23:53
cprofitt[VOTE] Work on developing a 'how to use Moodle' course23:55
MootBotPlease vote on:  Work on developing a 'how to use Moodle' course.23:55
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot23:55
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting23:55
MootBot+1 received from cprofitt. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 123:55
MootBot+1 received from bodhi_zazen. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 223:55
MootBot+1 received from doctormo. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 323:55
dindaHow will these be different from the other existing How to develop Moodle courses out there?23:55
* cprofitt any more votes?23:55
bodhi_zazendinda: I am in favor of using existing resources if at all possible23:56
cprofittdinda, I am not sure it will be... but we need to explore those and either use them or improve them23:56
cprofittI think the core difference is that we are 'teaching' non-educators how to use this product23:56
cprofittand that might be a different target audience than the other courses have23:56
bodhi_zazenand I think there is a difference between tools to develop moodle courses and tools to develop moodle + PDF + who knows what =)23:56
doctormoAnd we'd probably be able to develop something that doesn't have NC terms.23:56
* cprofitt any more votes23:56
MootBot+1 received from st33med. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 423:57
* cprofitt last call for votes23:57
MootBotAbstention received from dinda. 4 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 423:57
MootBotFinal result is 4 for, 0 against. 1 abstained. Total: 423:57
cprofitt[AGREED] The group needs to develop a how to use Moodle course using all available resources23:58
MootBotAGREED received:  The group needs to develop a how to use Moodle course using all available resources23:58
cprofittas there are no other topics and we have reached the end of our time23:58
=== swoody_ is now known as swoody
cprofittI motion to close the meeting23:58
* cprofitt seconds?23:58
MootBotMeeting finished at 17:58.23:58
cprofittthank you for attending everyone...23:59
cprofittlet us all keep focused on working as a team and overcoming the barriers23:59
cprofittits a struggle but one well worth the effort23:59

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