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jamspiv: I cheated, I submitted each one as being proposed to the previous one, rather than bzr.dev00:38
pooliejam, good point about testing the readdir change00:46
pooliei had not yet done it00:46
igcpoolie, jam: http://bazaar-vcs.org/Benchmarks01:49
igclifeless, spiv, vila: ^^^01:49
spivigc: the numbers for samba are pretty weird!01:52
igcspiv: very. fastimport does an implicit pack at the end so maybe there's an obscure bug in that01:53
igcspiv: or maybe samba's trunk is very dull vs other branches?01:54
spivAlso that the fully packed size is an order of magnitude smaller that git, unlike in the other tests.01:54
poolieigc, i saw that earlier01:56
pooliemaybe before your changes01:56
igcpoolie: yep, new figures01:56
SamB_XPare they pretty figures ?01:56
igcpoolie: the early hg figures were 'du -sb' instead of 'du -sh' - we're even more impressive now!01:58
poolieoh, ignoring gas at the end of the files02:03
igcyeah, real vs apparent size02:03
igcactual size taken on disk is more meaningful IMO02:04
SamB_XPnot just your opinion!02:04
SamB_XPin actual practice, too!02:05
mwhudsonwow yeah, those samba numbers are cracful02:13
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lifelesspoolie: hai02:57
lifelessigc: interesting02:59
igchi lifeless02:59
lifelessigc: its not clear to me what the 'bzr branch' column means02:59
igclifeless: see 'how we tested'02:59
lifelessI have03:00
igclifeless: maybe it needs a different column heading?03:00
igcso it's what a user gets when they grab just the trunk03:00
lifelessstep four in the process looks like one command03:00
lifeless'bzr trunk only'03:01
lifelessor something, would be clearer03:01
lifelessit would be good to have a comparison figure for that too with hg/git03:01
lifelessI realise that that is trickier to accomplish in git/hg03:01
lifelessso I wouldn't suggestspending mondo time on it03:02
lifelessayhow, those numbers are very encouraging; the samba project figure is a bit disappointing03:02
lifelessI presume that fast-import is cleaning obslete now?03:02
igclifeless: I'm wondering if it's a bug in fast-import? or pack?03:02
igclifeless: it does a pack at the end and then deletes the obsolete packs03:03
lifelessigc: repository-details may help diagnose03:03
d1blifeless: figure out that group-pack problem re large binary files ?03:33
d1b / else. or should i file a bug.03:33
RenatoSilvaIs losing secondary comments the only disadvantage of bzr revert --forget-merges when merging branches?03:37
AfCIs there a magic way to use meld when going through a conflicting file?03:42
AfCI realize that `bzr diff --using meld` does just that, but in the case of a conflict I'm trying to figure out if there's a better way to use it than manually doing03:43
AfC$ meld src/bindings/org/gnome/gtk/LinkButton.java.THIS src/bindings/org/gnome/gtk/LinkButton.java.OTHER03:43
AfCas I just did03:43
lifelessd1b: the one where I explained bzr is operating as designed ?03:51
lifelessd1b: you can file a wishlist bug on that if you like03:51
jamlifeless: what is that, no deltas between pack files?03:56
jamhey igc, the numbers look interesting. very good except for samba looking a bit crazy03:56
igcjam: yeah. I was hoping you'd get curious and tell me why :-)03:57
jamigc: I'd need the source data03:57
jamI thought there was something about samba copying a bunch of v3 or v4 stuff into another tree03:58
jamit may be that we end up tracking those separately03:58
jamand not getting the right cross-file compression03:58
jamigc: is the data accessible somewhere?03:59
lifelessjam: no, N identical parallel files03:59
jamjelmer: ^^ can you comment about the shape of the samba tree?03:59
igcjam: I'll push the imported repo somewhere and email you the location03:59
bob2RenatoSilva: out of interest, why?04:00
igcjam: also http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrPopularity is interesting04:00
RenatoSilvabob2: because I want to use it :)04:02
jamlifeless: you're talking about d1b's issue, right? (or samba?)04:02
RenatoSilvabob2: but I wonder if I'm doing WOP04:03
lifelessjam: both possibly04:03
lifelessjam: but intending to speak on dib's04:03
bob2RenatoSilva: don't know what that means04:04
jamlifeless: so the idea is that multiple identical files aren't getting fully de-duped?04:04
jamigc: i agree. Interesting that we are above hg, and the 39k there is close to the 36.7k that downloaded bzr-setup 1.1304:04
RenatoSilvabob2: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Workaround_Oriented_Programming04:05
bob2RenatoSilva: what are you working around?04:05
lifelessja80MB images/movies04:05
lifelessjam: 80MB movie files; separate file ids04:06
RenatoSilvabob2: I don't know, that's why I wonder :)04:06
igcjam: right: the 39k is the combination of the different Windows installers04:06
bob2RenatoSilva: why are you reverting the merge metadata to begin with?04:06
jamlifeless: yeah, and we explicitly cap a group based on file-id04:06
RenatoSilvabob2: the Portuguese version is so much better description :) http://desciclo.pedia.ws/wiki/Programa%C3%A7%C3%A3o_Orientada_a_Gambiarras04:06
jamigc: I mean that popcon says 39k for installs, and we have ~39k downloads04:07
lifelessjam: we did use too much memory though04:07
jamlifeless: how much?04:07
jamI would expect at least 160MB04:07
jamsince they aren't likely to zlib well04:07
wgrantNote that popcon isn't reliable at all.04:07
jamwgrant: as in a margin of error of 100%, or 20%04:08
wgrantjam: Potentially thousands of percent.04:08
AfCI have no idea why you are counting downloads. I mean, other distros? People who don't have popcon installed?04:08
jamI was mostly commenting about how close the numbers were04:08
wgrantjam: It's optional, and well hidden in the installer.04:09
jamAfC: number of downloads of the windows installer is probably pretty accurate, since there is one "canonical" source04:09
wgrantjam: So not only will most people not have it turned on, those that do will be a very skewed sample.04:09
RenatoSilvabob2: I'm not reverting, but since I knew about --forget-merges, I thought it was nice when the merge commit can summarize all the work done during the secondary branch04:09
bob2RenatoSilva: that's what happens when you don't --forget-merges04:10
lifelessjam: intwo swap n a 2400MB vm or something like that04:10
jamlifeless: would it be a repack?04:10
lifelessjam: no, single commit04:10
jamhmm... something funny then04:11
lifelesssorry, that was a 400MB vm I meant to type, damn hotel latency04:11
jamI did quite a bit of testing w/ a 120MB text file04:11
jamthough that zlib'd very well04:11
AfCjam: well, I can tell you that one of the biggest reasons that Sun screwed up Java was that they restricted mirroring *specifically* so that they could count downloads. That alone probably cost them the existence of .Net.04:11
AfCjam: But in Open Source we don't count users because we *cannot*. ~10 distros with significant user bases, all of which have broad mirror networks. Corporate installations with no outside connectivity.04:11
AfCyou know all that of course04:11
AfCwhich is why I was *flabbergasted* to see Emma mention that was on your website.04:12
jamAfC: we phone home :)04:12
jamwait... no we don't04:12
aglauserHi, new bzr user here (Windows)04:13
aglauserA quick question about .bzrignore, if I may.04:13
spivaglauser: sure04:14
aglauserI can't seem to work out the syntax for ignoring an entire subdirectory, with out ignoring other directories with the same name04:14
jamaglauser: ./path/to/subdir04:14
jamneeds a '/'04:14
jamyou can use './foo' to get one at the top level04:14
RenatoSilvabob2: as I said, I'm not reverting. But it seems to me that the only diff is that I lose the secondary revision info. That is, it's just like the diffs introduced by the merge were made directly in trunk04:15
aglauserDoes the /**/ glob still work, or was that only older versions?  I'm at 2.x04:15
fullermdRenatoSilva: No, you ARE reverting.  You're just not reverting the _files_.  All you're doing is building up hurt against future merges.04:15
bob2RenatoSilva: it is unclear to me why you're doing this, but ok04:15
jamaglauser: ** should work04:15
fullermdI mean, if you don't want to track merges, you can just use CVS   :p04:15
bob2RenatoSilva: new versions of bzr already hide the merged revisions in log output, if that is your concern04:16
RenatoSilvabob2: and that seems nice to me when e.g. your secondary branch has only one commit or all the changes can be summarized on a single commit comment04:16
RenatoSilvafullermd: huh???04:16
bob2RenatoSilva: which is what bzr does already04:16
bob2RenatoSilva: 'bzr log' on 1.18+ iirc04:16
RenatoSilvafullermd: I'm NOT reverting. I'm writing on IRC. I'm talking about an idea. I'm not even running bzr. So huh?04:16
fullermdWell, I'm not putting 2 level teaspoons of arsenic in my coffee either, but I wouldn't expect people on IRC to tell me it's a good idea if I suggested it   :p04:17
fullermd...  well, OK, maybe they would...04:17
SamB_XPfullermd: tell me who so I can avoid them!04:18
aglauserThanks, it seems I've got the right pattern now.  I think the ./ was the key04:18
RenatoSilvabob2: ok, but I want to know of any other problems IF I use --forget-merges04:19
bob2RenatoSilva: you lose all the merge metadata04:19
bob2RenatoSilva: I don't understand why you would do it at all04:19
spivRenatoSilva: you lose bzr's record that those revisions are already merged.  So it's no better than applying a diff with patch.  bzr uses the revision history to calculate merges, so if you forget that data then bzr can't calculate merges as usefully... which means you will get unnecessary conflicts.04:20
spivBecause the next time you merge that branch, or another branch that does incorporate those revisions, bzr will think it needs to reapply those changes, because it has no record of them being merged.04:21
RenatoSilvabob2: bob2: my main, current reason is that I have branches with a single commmit. When I merge them I think the merge look in qlog is useless. It's a single commit and would be cleaner to have it only in the trunk line, just like I never had used another branch, but committed directly into trunk. The secondary branch was just a sandbox.04:22
Peng_RenatoSilva: You could use "pull" instead of "merge", I suppose.04:23
spivSo use pull, or even "bzr merge --pull".04:23
bob2or fix qlog to work like log04:23
SamB_XPbob2: that would hardly be a fix!04:24
fullermdActually, qlog already IS collapsed by default...04:24
spivRight, there's no reason why qlog couldn't have a heuristic to hide single-revision branches from the mainline by default (I'm surprised it doesn't already).04:24
jamspiv: it defaults to hiding everything until you click the twisty04:25
spivBut if the concern is literally "I want the new revision to be directly on the end of the existing history", then that's what pull is for, so I'd say use that.04:25
RenatoSilvaspiv: those conficts only if I try to merge the updated secondary branch again, right? But in my case I'd delete the branch right after merging. But ok, it's the same as diff + patch, which seems easier btw :)04:25
jamI happen to disagree with RenatoSilva's analysis that it is "worthless"04:25
jambut perhaps..04:25
RenatoSilvaPeng_: I use pull when I can, but sometimes I need merge04:25
lifelessRenatoSilva: I think you should do this if it makes you happy.04:26
lifelessRenatoSilva: understand that *if* you have other people building on the source branch, you will be creating future conflicts when you do this.04:26
RenatoSilvabob2: and the branches with a single commit, well when I change them I tend to uncommit and commit again...04:26
lifelessbob2: Peng_: fullermd: spiv: This is a great example of one of the use cases in my history-edting manfesto04:26
spivlifeless: *nod*04:27
RenatoSilvajam: what's worthless?04:27
jamlifeless: I'm curious if you saw http://jam-bazaar.blogspot.com/2009/10/refactoring-work-for-review-and-keep.html from today04:31
jamits what I did to get the static-tuple stuff up for review04:31
jambreaks the changes into diffs post-facto, *and* preserves annotations04:31
* RenatoSilva gave up of using rebase, ihrc the timeline becomes unordered (the rebased revision is greater in number, but older in date o.O )04:31
* RenatoSilva suffers the uncommit syndrome04:32
* RenatoSilva starts to realize that he just can't fight against the merge fact04:32
spivjam: and interestingly they still appear on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+activereviews04:32
jamspiv: they are on the bzr project, and I requested bzr-core review them04:33
spivjam: although it's a shame that the ordering isn't dead-obvious, but it's not hard to discover.04:33
jamspiv: yeah, I submitted them "in order"04:33
jamso if you go by the "22 hours ago" vs "10 hours ago" you can use that as a guide :)04:33
jamalso it is sorted correctly in my view, but I see them in the "I am waiting on" section.04:34
lifelessjam: I hadn't no04:35
lifelessnot much time to read during sprints04:35
spivjam: you also get forward and back links, of a sort, on the individual branch pages.04:35
jamspiv: ah sure, because I requested to merge it into the other branch04:35
jamit is unfortunate I'll probably have to do the "merged" manually04:36
spivjam: "proposal or merging into X", and "N branches proposed for merging into this one"04:36
jambut that is worth having small diffs for review04:36
lifelessjam: thats what I want loom to manage04:36
jamlifeless: the main thing is doing it at the *end* after I've done all the work in a dogpile04:37
lifelessjam: yes04:37
jamespecially when exploring, it is hard to figure out what your separations are going to be (at least for me)04:37
jamalso, it allows avoiding the "spurious merges" between the loom threads04:37
lifelessjam: I'm saying loom should support post hoc separation04:38
jamlifeless: sure04:38
jamI think the main difference is that loom would probably want to start from the 'upstream' thread, and I was more branching from downstream04:39
jamI think 'up' does basically what I was doing with my merges04:39
lifelessjam: I don't see why it would :)04:39
RenatoSilvaare plugins written to 1.x fully compatible with bzr 2.0?04:40
SamB_XPRenatoSilva: depends04:40
jamRenatoSilva: many, but I wouldn't say all04:41
SamB_XPbut mostly they can be easily made to work04:41
SamB_XPif they worked for a recent 1.x04:41
jam1.18 vs 2.0 is "as big" of a difference as 1.17 vs 1.1804:43
jaminterestingly enough 2.0 vs 2.1 will be a bigger difference04:43
jambut we are changing numbering systems04:43
RenatoSilvajam: iirc I use xmloutput and bzr-email only04:43
jamso it is actually 2.0.0 vs 2.1.004:43
RenatoSilvajam: will wait a bit more then :)04:43
jamRenatoSilva: bzr-email works fine04:43
jamxmloutput... I know we bundle it with the windows installer04:44
jamso there should be *a* version that just works04:44
lifelessRenatoSilva: move to 2.0.0 as soon as you can ;)04:44
* igc lunch04:44
RenatoSilvajam: with the windows installer? not in 1.x right? Can't remember of it being listed there04:46
RenatoSilvajam: I submitted some fixes to xmloutput that were merged but not release,d it is still in 0.8.3. So either you have a modified version in 2.0 or the 0.8.3 or trunk has no need to change in 0.8.3 right04:47
jamRenatoSilva: I think we started with 2.004:47
jamRenatoSilva: we packaged "bzr-xmloutput-release = 0.8.5"04:47
jamnot sure what makes you say it is still at 0.8.3, but there is a tag in the branch @ 0.8.504:47
RenatoSilvajam: you're from canonical right? it would be nice if you release your private, improved version of bzr-email. The one currently there is a bit simple04:48
jamRenatoSilva: I don't know of a "private, improved version"04:48
jamI use the stock version from "bzr branch lp:bzr-email"04:48
RenatoSilvajam: release 0.8.5???? let me check that, I thought I was subscribed to the branch....04:48
jambut yes, I' min canonical04:48
RenatoSilvajam: e.g. public bzr-email does not have html, and does not allow customization of body/subject, and does not work for me without a patch04:49
jamRenatoSilva: I thought I saw something about html being mentioned on the mailing list, but I've never used it or seen it04:50
jamRenatoSilva: "doesn't work for you" ?04:50
jamhave you proposed the patch?04:50
RenatoSilvajam: the emails sent by LP when you change branches are done by something similar to bzr-email, but not released to the public04:50
lifelessRenatoSilva: LP's code is public04:51
lifelessRenatoSilva: its not a bzr plugin though04:51
RenatoSilvajam: something about TLS04:51
jamRenatoSilva: grab the latest from the bzr-email branch04:51
jamI'm pretty sure that is fixed04:51
jammay not be in a tarball, etc04:51
jamthough it is packaged for Karmic ( I checked with james_w just a couple weeks ago)04:51
RenatoSilvajam: this is the patch to make it work: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatosilva/bzr-email/ignore-tls04:52
RenatoSilvajam: I don't know if you mean what's done here04:53
jamthough you build on top of that, so obviously something is different in your situation04:54
RenatoSilvajam: see bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-email/+bug/38872304:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 388723 in bzr-email "SSL error on starttls()" [Undecided,New]04:59
RenatoSilvajam: it's a hand shake error, maybe and likely server problem, but I thought it would be nice to allow users not being affected by such broken servers05:01
RenatoSilvajam: so I created the disabling option, it's working fine with me now.05:01
RenatoSilvalatest version of bzr-xmloutput is 0.8.4, from where did you get 0.8.5 to pack together with 2.0?05:13
lifelesspoolie: gnight; we can try to hook up sunday avo or something05:19
lifelesspoolie: or perhaps my morning (7hr from now)05:19
mneptoklifeless: you're not in AUS/NZ?05:28
RenatoSilvathanks all05:42
pooliewow nice work igc05:43
poolieyou should send that to the bazaar list too05:43
igcpoolie: which bit?05:53
pooliethe benchmarks and the mail about them05:53
poolieif you want to05:54
pooliehi spiv05:54
spivpoolie: good afternoon05:55
pooliehow's stuff? what are you up to?05:55
spivI'm reading through jam's patch flood.05:56
spivI'm greatly looking forward to cutting our memory consumption!05:56
igcspiv: me too! I was hoping you'd choose to review those patches (with your Python internals knowledge)05:57
spivAlso used -Drelock to squash a simple (and probably not very wasteful in practice) relock in cmd_missing, mainly to see what it feels like.  I'm going to leave -Drelock on in my bazaar.conf for a while and see if that encourages me to squash some easy bugs.05:58
spivIt's a bit depressing that almost every command trips it, though.05:58
spivI'm particularly wondering about extending the -Drelock thing to allow writing test assertions about it.05:59
spivI don't know that we really want to explicitly add "assertNoRelockingHappened" or whatever to lots of individual tests, but it would be nice to find and easy-yet-firm way to drive it towards zero instances.06:00
spivBut maybe blackbox tests could test for that by default, and then individual tests or test cases could opt out?06:01
spivOh, and I spent some time (re)reading the summary of the London meeting.06:03
d1blifeless: no.06:21
d1bthe one where it took 11 minutes to commit the large files into the bzr repo.06:22
d1b also most 4 times longer than the time to copy the files.06:22
d1bhowever, i am tempted to go and have a look at the code, and submit a patch for where a file is sufficiently large to store and make comparisons against a sha1 or similar hash of the file.06:23
pooliespiv, could you review jam's cix patch, if you didn't alread?06:23
d1bthat obviously will require other changes to ensure that the binary files are kept avilable for the various locations in the repository (if one changes the others shouldn't etc.).06:24
poolied1b, you're committing a rename of a large file?06:24
d1bpoolie: it was a worst case senario i ran bzr 2 against, 5 167mb video files.06:24
d1bthe files were identical06:25
poolieunder different names?06:25
d1bpoolie: yes.06:25
poolieprobably best to start by profiling it and looking at the developer docs on profiling06:26
d1bpoolie: lifeless already has a kcachegrind / valgrind dump thingy.06:26
d1bpoolie: a workaround would be to not try to group-compress large binary files.06:27
spivpoolie: ok06:36
igcspiv: what's .bzr/upload for? any ideas? why would there be a xxxxxx.reconcile file in there?06:51
igcpoolie: ^^^06:52
spivigc: do you mean .bzr/repository/upload ?06:58
spivigc: it's where pack files are created initially.  Once all the content has been added and the pack file finished, then they are moved from upload/ to packs/ and then added to pack-names.06:59
spivigc: similarly indices.07:00
igcspiv: thanks07:00
spivigc: the name they are given in upload/ has a suffix that varies depending on which code path created it.  *.reconcile is made by the ReconcilePacker (or the GC variant, etc)07:00
igcspiv: right. so a crash of reconcile leaves a xxx.reconcile file there. It makes sense now07:01
spivigc: which is a long-winded way of saying "you probably hit ^C or similar during a 'bzr reconcile' at some time :)"07:01
igcspiv: nah, reconcile is falling over for keybuk07:01
spivAh, right.07:01
spivYes, that'd do it.07:02
igci can reproduce it07:02
arjenAUlifeless: i am going to kick you later for being too smart a nerd.07:03
arjenAUlifeless: ok so skipping the nistallation bit... how do I actually use the bzr-hg tool. commands, syntax on bzr branch, whatever??07:05
vilahi all07:21
poolienice post there08:00
pooliearjenAU: basically you can just urls to hg repositories08:00
pooliethere are no new commands08:00
arjenAUpoolie: ok so back one step. how do I install the sucker08:14
arjenAUpoolie: all these plugins are lacking in docs. I'm not a python person08:14
poolieare you  on ubuntu?08:14
pooliei think it's in the ppa?08:14
arjenAUhmm didn't show up in synaptic. I am on the PPA08:15
poolieno, it's not08:15
arjenAUI grabbed the tarball and did python thingie build and then install. no worky08:15
bialixhello all08:15
bialixigc: what is scary numbers for Samba import?08:15
pooliebialix, this one i think: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/21176883/gwibber.64x64.png08:16
bialixyes, benchmarks08:16
bialixand why Firefox trunk bigger than import?08:16
bialixquestions, questions...08:16
pooliedifferent packing maybe?08:16
bialixor trunk is branch + tree?08:17
bialixand import is treeless?08:17
bialixsomebody should explain08:17
bialixreally guys08:18
pooliewell, reply to ian and ask08:18
bialixif it's even for me wtf -- then you can expect many gibes from outside08:19
pooliethere is a page of details but it doesn't say what trunk only is08:19
* poolie burned out 08:19
pooliegood night08:19
wgrantWhy does the bzr home page now say "rockin'" and give a nonsensical user count?08:27
wgrantNear the bottom, just above the anonymous logos.08:30
bialixah see08:30
wgrantI recognise them, but I imagine most will not...08:30
* bialix don't know what is purple cog icon means08:31
* bialix as well as globe08:31
bialixI dunno, emmajane and igc constantly improving this page08:32
bialixthere is branch with page source08:32
wgrantThe purple thing is GNOME Do, the globe is Gwibber.08:35
bialixclearly Gnome/Ubuntu centric point of view08:35
* bialix goes away for my work on windows xp08:36
mneptokbialix: do you know of any Windows software projects using bzr? if so, suggest they be added.08:38
igchi bialix08:43
igcbialix: I just run the commands. Exactly what pack does under the covers is outside my depth of knowledge08:44
igcbialix: but fast-import imports a whole repository while 'branch' just grabs the revisions referenced by trunk08:45
bialixmneptok: it should be a BIG project right? no I don't know08:45
mneptokbialix: not necessarily. but something at least noteworthy.08:46
bialixigc: I suppose Bazaar Import size is the size of treeless shared repo? and trunk is the sizer branch with tree?08:46
bialixmneptok: oh, I know many. QBzr per example. It will count?08:46
bialixPhotoBatch, Leo editor08:47
bialixthere is page with links to these projects08:47
mneptokbialix: ask emmajane or igc :)08:47
igcbialix: import size is just repo size - see "how we measured" link08:47
bialixdu -sh?08:48
igcbialix: branch size is still just the .bzr size - there's no point comparing the working tree as it's the same across each tool08:48
bialixthat's nice that I know what du is08:48
bialixbut this is not windows utility08:48
igch=human readable08:49
igcs=summary (don't show each subdirectory)08:49
bialixwill be much simpler if you just wrote in plain english08:49
igcthe plain english bit is the directories being compared :-)08:50
bialixmneptok: http://bazaar-vcs.org/WhoUsesBzr08:50
bialixigc: then I'm bad in english today. Sorry and nm08:51
maxbbzr qlog is amazing, but its revision sorting algorithm is a bit suboptimal. It seems to optimize keeping the trunk revisions consecutively displayed, at the cost of vastly increasing the horizontal space used for the graph08:55
bialixmaxb: this is because in bzr mainline is special08:56
bialixigc: also I think 36K windows downloads is extreme.08:57
bialixigc: for most releases this number is order of magnitude smaller08:57
bialixI dunno why 1.13.1 so big, but it seems pretty wrong for me08:57
wgrantAttempting to put correct numbers there is an exercise in foolishness.08:57
bialixI agree08:58
bialixI dunno why there is need numbers08:58
bialixfoolishness is good word08:58
* wgrant should probably check the list for similar complaints.08:58
bialixrecent thread is 42,000 too much08:59
ploumI've a big problem09:02
ploumI cannot create repository on my http server anymore09:02
ploumI receive :09:02
ploumbzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', "An attempt to access a url outside the server jail was made: 'chroot-3102421996:///'.")09:02
igcbialix: would your company be interested in putting your logo on our home page?09:07
spivploum: there's a bug about that, with a workaround:09:11
spivploum: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/348308 and the workaround is in comment #809:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 348308 in bzr "Smart server jail breaks bzr+http with shared repos" [High,Triaged]09:11
ploumfunny, I was already subscribed to this bug but it was so old09:12
ploumthanks for the info09:12
bialixigc: unlikely :-)09:15
bialixwe are very small company working in narrow niche09:15
igcbialix: we're happy to promote companies and projects using Bazaar there09:16
igcbialix: but QBzr is probably too close to Bazaar itself sorry09:16
igcbialix: i.e. users won't see it as a separate project to Bazaar09:17
igcbialix: by user, I mean typical home page visitor09:17
bialixigc>bialix: but QBzr is probably too close to Bazaar itself sorry -- I know, it was joke09:21
bialixigc: for my company the problem is we made embedded systems not software per se09:21
bialixso we have hardware which you can take in hands09:21
bialixsoftware is just companion09:22
igcbialix: ah - ok09:22
igcnight all - have a good weekend09:24
spivigc: g'night09:26
igcnight spiv09:27
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faldridgecan anybody help me understand the difference between bzr checkout svn+ssh://foo.com/foo vs bzr svn-import svn+ssh:///foo.com/foo?10:34
faldridgethe main reason for my question is that I've tried the former approach twice on a history-rich svn repo and I've gotten failures both times, so I'm considering trying the other approach.10:35
faldridgebut I don't understand the example at <http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-guide/svn_plugin.html> on using svn-import10:36
asabilhi all10:42
bialixfaldridge: can you tried to simply `bzr branch svn+ssh://foo.com/foo`?10:42
bialixfaldridge: the main author of bzr-svn is jelmer10:43
bialixfaldridge: always when I need a copy of svn repo of upstream I'm just running bzr branch10:43
faldridgebialix: I have not tried that; it wasn't listed on the bzr-svn plugin doc.  What does that do differently than bzr checkout?10:44
bialixbzr branch will create bzr mirror of svn repo10:44
bialixI think it's similar to svn-import10:44
bialixwhat is the product of bzr checkout I really don;t know10:45
bialixcan you show me the output of bzr info -v in the your checkout?10:45
faldridgebialix: I can't right now; the bz checkout svn+ssh method is also reaaaaaaally slow, and I'm in the middle of trying to grab a different history rich svn repo right now....10:46
faldridgebialix: is the bzr branch method faster?  I could always kill the process and try it10:46
bialixI dunno, really10:47
bialixI don't expert in bzr-svn10:47
bialixin theory branch and checkout should be the same speed10:47
faldridgebialix: ok, but do you know if doing bzr branch on an svn repo is significantly slower than bzr branch on a bzr repo?10:48
bialixbecause it converts from svn to bzr format on the fly10:48
faldridgeright, thought so.10:48
naokihistory horizon is strongly required by bzr-svn users.10:49
bialixhistory horizon?10:49
faldridgeI really want to manage my local branches of svn-based projects with bzr, but the slowness and erratic failing may be a deal-breaker.10:50
naokibzr use single connection. svn use a connection per revision.10:50
bialixit's not implemented yet10:50
naokiSo bzr branch from remote svn comsumes long time.10:51
bialixfaldridge: try to catch jelmer later (after several hours)10:52
faldridgebialix: will do, thanks10:52
faldridgenaoki: is there a reason bzr doesn't use multiple connections?10:52
naokiI don't know.10:55
faldridgepossibly because it doesn't need them unless pulling from an svn repo10:56
jackalborni have a quick question if anyone is around11:01
jackalborni was wondering if it was possible to create a centralized model using my web page on godaddy as a server with bazaar11:02
jackalbornand if so if there was any information i could read about how to go about setting it up11:03
jackalbornthat anyone knew of11:03
bialixwhat is godaddy?11:03
faldridgebialix: a popular web host11:03
jackalbornoh sorry, i mean to say my web host11:03
bialixwhat access do you have to it?11:04
jackalbornfull as far as i know11:04
jackalbornlemme see11:04
bialixcan you install bzr there?11:05
jackalbornit uses MySQL databases11:05
bialixbzr don't use MySQL11:05
bialixthere is 2 modes to access bzr branches: over dumb transport (http/ftp) and over smart server (bzr/bzr+ssh/bzr+hhtp)11:06
bialixthe latter require bzr installed on your host11:06
bialixthe former does not11:06
bialixif you have ssh then you have sftp IMO, sftp is also dumb transport11:07
bialixdumb trabsport access is usually slower as you understand11:07
bialixdumb transport access is usually slower as you understand11:08
jackalbornis one dumb transport better over another?11:08
bialixhttp is read-only11:08
bialixftp is not really recommended11:08
bialixsftp is good enough because it's based on SSH connections11:08
bialixI'd say sftp for write access, and http for read-only11:09
jackalbornsounds do able11:10
bialixftp is often works but sometimes there is quircks with different ftp servers implementations11:11
jackalbornlooks to me like using SSH requires me to move my website to a new server and update site code / hurt my brain11:12
bialixjackalborn: just remember there is no special ACL support11:12
bialixso everything exposed via public_html will be readable by anyone, usually11:12
jackalborni'm sorry i dont even know what ACL is :/11:12
jackalbornah got it11:13
jackalbornso the other option is setting up a machine at home and putting bzr on it and having it act as a central server?11:14
bialixACL == access control list11:14
bialixI'm not sure what is central server for you11:15
jackalborni see11:15
bialixhow many people will work with it?11:15
jackalborni've only ever used CVS and a little SVN so  this is kinda new to me11:15
jackalborn5 or less i'm suspecting11:15
jackalbornprobably 3 for now11:15
bialixit should be private repo?11:17
jackalbornwell i dont want just anyone coming along and walking off with our assets or code11:17
jackalbornif thats what you mean11:17
bialixthere is bzr_access script to setup restricted access to smart server11:17
bialixjackalborn: so you need restricted access for your team11:18
bialixeither via sftp and don't expose it via http11:18
bialixor via bzr+ssh11:18
bialixin any case sftp/ssh11:19
bialixI've used ftp in the past11:19
bialixto communicate with autsourcers11:19
jackalbornbut straigh ftp is no dice right?11:19
bialixit works good enough11:19
bialixit depends11:19
bialixhow good is your ftp server11:19
bialixbzr require append access11:20
bialixor this is called feature?11:20
jackalborni dont realy know honestly11:20
bialixraname support and so on11:20
bialixit will be easier for you to just try11:20
bialixbzr init ftp://...11:20
bialixbzr push ftp://...11:20
jackalborni'll have to go about setting it up then11:21
bialixwith any small history11:21
jackalbornso really its just making a folder on the ftp and having bzr access it?11:21
jackalbornwill that should be an eaasy test then11:21
bialixyou can even setup password for ftp access in authentication.conf config file11:21
bialixso you don't need to type it everytime11:22
jackalbornsounds good11:23
jackalbornthank you very much for your help11:23
bialixalways happy to help (tm)11:23
jackalborni look forward to testing this out when i get the guts to once again wade into the horrors that is working with my web server. first thing in the morning :)11:24
jackalbornthanks bialix, have a good night11:24
bialixbye, it's a still day for me11:24
senderhow should I proceed if I need a branch inside a branch?11:42
bialixjust branch and all11:42
senderbialix: what I have now is one branch containing everything, I use split to move a directory from that branch to a separate branch. can I just run pull in the subbranch and then commit in the main branch?11:46
bialixare you asking about Nested Trees support?11:47
senderbialix: I guess so :)11:47
bialixit's not implemented yet11:47
bialixthere is plugin that emulates it11:47
senderok, interesting11:47
senderscmproj, right? can this be used in prod?11:50
bialixI'm the author and use it in production11:50
bialixthere is many rough edges11:50
bialixbut you can pull in subbranch and then commit11:50
bialixit's far from ideal11:50
bialixit's more like meccano11:51
bialixbut it really works11:51
senderghehe :) i like meccano11:52
senderSomeone here tries to do this with split and join... I guess these are more configuration tools, and not the way to do Nested right?11:53
bialixsplit and join is the part of Nested Trees11:54
bialixscmproj is indifferent to split and join11:54
bialixscmproj works on the set of branches11:55
bialixyou can define how you want to lay out your branches and then run some commands for all your branches in one go11:55
bialixyou can "construct" your own command11:56
bialixit's a bit similar to how git works with submodules11:56
senderdo you define a sort of recipe?11:57
bialixthere is generic command project-command or pcmd11:57
bialixyou supply one or several bzr commands to it, using some templates and then it runs your commands for each branch11:58
sendersounds good11:58
bialixe.g. to get bzr status for all branches you run: bzr pcmd st11:58
bialixto get latest log message: bzr pcmd "log -r-1 --short"11:58
bialixand so on11:58
bialixunder the hood scmproj just cd to each branch and run the command there11:59
bialixso you get N separtate results for N branches, not 1 integrated result11:59
bialixthis is major limitation11:59
bialixNested Tress should work seemless12:00
bialixNested Tress should work seamless12:00
senderok, sounds workable though12:00
bialixone my working project consist 3 branches12:01
bialix1 main branch12:01
bialix1 library12:01
bialix1 interface headers to communicate with another program12:01
bialixif your branches is more or less separate, then you don't have much troubles12:02
senderok, ive got one repo, pulled 2 branches in12:03
sendernow what? :)12:03
senderbzr pcmd st gives, error: not a branch12:03
bialixto start with scmproj: first you need to initialize configuration12:03
bialixbzr pinit PATH12:04
bialixit will create .scmproj directory with branch inside it12:04
bialixthere is project.cfg12:04
bialixyou need to describe your components in project.cfg12:04
bialixat least you should specify RELPATH for each component12:04
senderok, that's the source?12:05
bialixwhat do you mean?12:06
senderwhere you are branching from12:06
bialixBRANCH_URL is source12:06
senderok, what is RELPATH?12:06
bialixlocal relative path of each branch root12:06
bialixrelative to directory where .scmproj resides12:06
senderofcourse, thnx :)12:07
senderSo RELPATH is mandatory, I guess BRANCH_URL can come from bzr info?12:08
bialixsender: http://pastebin.com/d42cfdd5f12:08
bialixRELPATH is mandatory for all local operations12:08
bialixBRANCH_URL is mandatory to clone existing project, update it or push it back12:09
senderok, got it right now12:09
bialixyou can have one branch right in the root of your project with RELPATH = .12:09
bialixI find this handy12:10
senderthat's great12:10
senderthis has so much potential12:10
bialixit's easy as lego12:10
sendermeccano, lego ;)12:10
bialixand somewhat limited as I said12:10
bialixyou saw logo?12:11
senderlogo writer?12:11
senderbzr pcmb st now gives me # Done.12:11
bialixno, picture of scmproj: https://launchpad.net/bzr-scmproj12:11
senderlet's try pull12:11
senderghehe :)12:11
bialixbzr pcmb st now gives me # Done. <-- so there is no components defined12:12
senderoh :/12:12
bialixedit project.cfg12:13
bialixthis is first thing you need to do to setup project as a whole12:13
bialixit should be http://pastebin.com/d32e2e63212:14
bialixcomponent is mandatory keyword12:14
flo_hnshello all. I'd like to setup a hook on my bzr server to forbid pushes by commiter with a badly set email address. What hook should i use ? the doc is very scarce...12:15
sendereasy fix... bzr pcmd st now shows me clear output about my branches12:15
bialixsender: good12:16
senderbialix, missing works fine, now pull12:16
senderworks great, awesome!12:17
bialixflo_hns: pre_change_branch_tip I suppose12:17
bialixhi lifeless12:17
bialixsender: cool12:18
* bialix goes for lunch12:18
flo_hnsbialix: ok thanks, I'll try it. and how can I cancel a push ? possibly with an error message ? shoud I return false, or call something ... ?12:18
lifelessarjenAU: ?12:18
senderbialix: thanx a lot!12:18
lifelessmneptok: Montreal12:19
bialixflo_hns: ask lifeless, he is guru12:20
arjenAUlifeless: for a non-python person, installing a plugin is a non-trivial process. I do it once in many months and thus I have absolutely no idea what to do. and then there's no docs on what I get. plus it didn't actually install afaics (jaunty from lp dl of hg-bzr).12:21
flo_hnslifeless: hello. I'd like to add a hook to my server, to forbid pushes by commiters who have a badly set email. which hook should I override, and how can I cancel a push from there ?12:22
arjenAUlifeless: the README does not tell me anything.12:22
arjenAUlifeless: but you're a nice guy and you do great work. but please bridge the gap to lesser gods ;-)12:22
bialixsender: bzr pci will commit entire project + .scmproj config12:24
lifelessarjenAU: hmm I try to write docs about it in plugins :) - which plugin was this that didn't ell you anything?12:25
lifelessflo_hns: bzr help hooks | grep pre_tip_change12:25
lifelessflo_hns: there are docs there12:26
arjenAUlifeless: hg-bzr. just the README of the tarball saying what to do to get it installed would be fab. I think it's about 2 lines. except it didn't work on my jaunty. the install phase did not install anything in the bzrlib/plugins dir.12:27
flo_hnslifeless: indeed :) thanks!12:27
arjenAUlifeless: I did sudo python setup.py install or whatever the py was12:27
lifelessarjenAU: ah; well please file ugs, thoug jelmer is really the dude for bzr-hg these days; I last touched it years ago12:27
arjenAUlifeless: hum. the amount of effort involved in filing a bug for this kind of basic stuff.... yes I know i'm spending time on the whinge also12:28
lifelessarjenAU: use the email interface :)12:29
lifelesssubject: <>12:29
lifelessto: new@bugs.launchpad.net12:29
lifeless affects bzr-email12:29
lifeless done12:29
arjenAUlifeless: that's intersting. so how does it know which project12:29
lifelessblah blah blah12:29
arjenAUlifeless: ah. that makes it more handy12:30
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zomborhi, im trying to install 2.0 on xubuntu 8.10, but when i add the repo and apt-get update, it says "Ign https://launchpad.net intrepid Release"13:40
zomborany idea why?13:40
zomborif i use synaptic, i get "GPG error: https://launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 2Failed to fetch https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/dists/intrepid/main/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz2"13:44
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
Mezbzr: ERROR: KnitPackRepository('file:///home/mez/development/bzr/io/mobilefun/projects/.bzr/repository/')14:11
Mezis not compatible with14:11
Mezdifferent rich-root support14:11
MezCan someone explain?14:11
Mez(this is me trying to branch something.14:11
beunoMez, sure14:12
beunoyou'the branch you're trying to get is a newer format14:12
beunoand you have a local shared repository with an older format14:13
Mezcoool. bzr upgrade on the repo seems to have worked.14:14
Mezor not ...14:15
* Mez upgrades trunk too14:15
Mez[##############-     ] Copying content into repository.:Transferring revisions 0/66814:15
Mezstuck :(14:15
beunoMez, what does .bzr.log say about it?14:16
Mez83.758  Resizing the inventory entry cache from 23074 to 5075214:16
Mez11.620  creating repository in file:///home/mez/development/bzr/io/mobilefun/projects/trunk/.bzr/.14:17
Mez16.626  Resizing the inventory entry cache from 10240 to 2307414:17
lifelessMez: be patient14:17
Mez83.758  Resizing the inventory entry cache from 23074 to 5075214:17
beunolifeless, hi!14:17
lifelessMez: it will ive an update only at 100 rev s14:17
beunolifeless, do you know if we already have a bug about bzr not inviting you to upgrade when it you try to interact with 2a?14:18
lifelessbeuno: do you mean 'bzr should invite' ?14:18
* beuno has +filebug open, and is not afraid to use it14:18
beunolifeless, well, something better than:14:18
beuno08:11 < Mez> bzr: ERROR: KnitPackRepository('file:///home/mez/development/bzr/io/mobilefun/projects/.bzr/repository/')14:19
beuno08:11 < Mez> is not compatible with14:19
beuno08:11 < Mez> KnitPackRepository('file:///home/mez/development/bzr/io/mobilefun/projects/trunk/.bzr/repository/')14:19
beuno08:11 < Mez> different rich-root support14:19
lifelessbeuno: I don't think we do14:19
* beuno files it14:19
Takis there any situation when upgrading would be bad?14:20
Tak(at the point when that error is encountered)14:20
beunoTak, well, maybe you end up upgrading trunk, and other users with older versions of bzr can't access it anymore14:21
beunobut, well, this becomes a chicken and egg problem at some point14:21
Takright - if you can't pull from your other branch, *something* has to happen14:21
TakI'm wondering if bzr should just go ahead and do the upgrade14:22
beunolifeless, maybe bug 53271 represents it?14:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 53271 in bzr "Should suggest 'bzr upgrade' when giving error about unsupported format" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5327114:22
Mezlifeless: It just feels like it's taking WAYYYYY too long.14:26
beunoMez, how big is the branch?14:28
lifelessbeuno: no, I don't think it does14:28
lifelessMez: strace it; don't interrupt :)14:28
Mez931M ... :(14:29
beunoMez, relax, it will take a while14:30
Mezhasn't taken this long to branch before though....14:30
Mezand strace isn't giving ANY output14:31
Meztell a lie, now it does.14:31
beunoMez, the new format needs to do a few extra things14:32
beunoit's *much* faster and smaller, but it needs to do a lot of heavy lifting to convert14:32
Mezbeuno: so it's going to take this long every time I branch ?14:32
beunoMez, no, the upgrade is a one-off thing14:33
beunoMez, what version of bzr are you using?14:33
spivIt's more that it has to extract and decompress all the data from the old format, and the old format is a bit slow.  Normally when you branch bzr can just copy rather than extracting then recompressing, but obviously it can't do a straight copy when converting formats.14:34
beunoMez, great, so you just need to bite the bullet this time, then it should be much faster than before14:34
Mezbeuno: though if I don't upgrade trunk it'll do this every time? I cna't upgrade te trunk branch until everyone's moved to new bzr.14:35
beunoMez, no, if you have you're local repository upgraded, you can interact with older formats14:35
lifelessMez: once you upgrade, everyone else has to14:38
lifelessMez: its in the docs;)14:38
liel_I tried to upload my code to a branch in Launchpad, but bzr returned an error: "bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. ". What does it mean?14:40
Mezlifeless: so I'm about to fuck over the other devs?14:40
Mezbecause I'm using karmic and they're not ?14:40
lifelessMez: if they don't have 1.16, yes.14:40
beunoMez, you're just upgrading locally though, no?14:41
lifelessMez: 2a requires rich-root repositories to push into, it can downgrade seamlessly with any -rich-root format.14:41
* Mez shrugs14:41
lifelessMez: if they don't have -rich-root then you're doing a one-way transition14:41
Mezthey seem to have 2.0.0 themselves :D14:41
beunoliel_,  that you need to bring in changes made remotely with "bzr merge REMOTE_BRACH"14:41
james_wMez: you don't have to upgrade to the 2.0.0 format14:41
lifelessbeuno: a local upgrade past the -rich-root transition means 'cannot push to the network without upgradingg it too'14:41
lifelessbeuno: you will want to memorise that :)14:42
beunolifeless, I thought the case was the other way around14:42
liel_james_w: I recived: "bzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified"14:42
beunolocal in 0.92, remote in 2a14:42
lifelessbeuno: local 0.92, remote 2a, you can push, can't pull.14:43
liel_What this message mean? my English is weak so it is hard for me to understand this message14:44
muffinresearchin loggerhead I'm finding that shared branches don14:45
muffinresearchI'll try again - in loggerhead branches from a shared repo can't be checked out14:46
muffinresearchis that a known limitation?14:46
beunomuffinresearch, you're using loggerhead to serve branches?14:46
muffinresearchin as far as it is displaying a message with the command for checking out branches over http14:48
beunomuffinresearch, it is not a known bug, but I have my suspicions of why that is...14:48
muffinresearchbeuno - it works for me with standalone branches but not for ones that are in a shared repo14:48
beunomuffinresearch, could you file a bug for it?14:49
muffinresearchsure will do14:49
spiffyte1hThe bzr-svn how-tos tell me to start with "bzr init-repo --default-rich-root reponame", but bzr 1.5 on Debian is giving me "ERROR: no such option: --default-rich-root"14:59
jelmerspiffyte1h: 1.5 is pretty old; I suspect it would support --rich-root-pack15:03
jelmerspiffyte1h: but I would also recommend installing a newer version of bzr and bzr-svn15:03
spiffyte1hAh, but that would be too easy! It's much more fun working within the ancient confines of Debian Stable on your company's dev server :)15:04
muffinresearchbeuno https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/44722915:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447229 in loggerhead "Checking out branches from a shared repo results in 'No repository present' error" [Undecided,New]15:07
spiffyte1hjelmer: --rich-root-pack worked fine, thanks!15:08
beunomuffinresearch, thanks15:08
tsmithi <3 bzr15:28
tsmithit's the greatest thing since cvs15:28
faldridgejelmer: could you explain the difference between just doing a bzr branch, doing bzr checkout on an svn repo, and using bzr svn-import on an svn repo?15:34
faldridges/bzr branch/bzr branch on an svn repo/15:34
jelmerfaldridge: 'bzr branch' clones a single branch in the repository15:37
jelmerfaldridge: 'svn-import' imports multiple branches in the repository15:37
jelmerfaldridge: 'bzr checkout' clones a single branch and binds to it15:37
jelmerfaldridge: (if you commit to a bound branch, your local changes automatically end up in that branch too)15:38
faldridgeah, so for the initial pull, bzr branch and bzr checkout would produce nearly the same results?15:38
jelmerfaldridge: yes15:38
Peng_The end result of "bzr svn-import" is no different than manually running "bzr branch" once for each branch. Right?15:39
faldridgejelmer: what I'm seeing and I'm guessing it's unavoidable is that doing a bzr checkout on a history-rich svn repo takes forever in some cases and fails altogether in one other case.15:39
faldridgeand from your answer that svn-import would just take even longer15:39
jelmerPeng_: yes (preceded by the initialisation of a shared repo)15:39
faldridges/answer/answer it seems/15:39
jelmerfaldridge: yes, copying history in svn is slow15:39
jelmerfaldridge: In the case where it fails altogether, how does it fail?15:40
Peng_jelmer: Err, right. Oops.15:40
faldridgetwo different errors messages in two tries.  Let me try again now and I'll let you know (it might be a little while)15:40
phinzehmm api confusion here... i have an instance of a branch i just sprouted, and i'd like to push to the default location15:40
phinzei'm missing a step there15:40
jelmerphinze: you need to push to a Branch instance (push location is a string)15:41
jelmerphinze: perhaps something like:15:41
jelmernew_branch.push(Branch.open(new_branch.get_push_location())) ?15:41
phinzethere it is, thanks jelmer :)15:41
faldridgejelmer: would not having commit access hinder my ability to do a binding pull on an svn repo?15:42
phinzehmm, not quite: "NotBranchError: Not a Branch: (url of remote push location)"15:42
phinzethis is a new push branch location15:42
jelmerfaldridge: if you're pulling into a branch that's bound to a svn repo that you don't have access to, that would be a problem (since you can't upload new revisions)15:42
jelmerphinze: ah15:43
jelmerphinze: In that case you might need branch.bzrdir.sprout() IIRC15:43
faldridgejelmer: ok, I'm trying the bzr branch method.15:43
phinzejelmer: ok will try that15:43
jelmerphinze: assuming the target exists as a directory:15:44
phinzepush_location is "bzr+ssh://..." style15:45
jelmerphinze: t = get_transport(new_branch.get_push_location()); new_branch.bzrdir.create_clone_on_transport(t)15:45
phinzeheyo, that worked... new_branch.create_clone_on_transport(get_transport(new_branch.get_push_location())15:52
phinzesuch a big API, i get lost easily, thanks jelmer :D15:52
faldridgejelmer: using bzr branch to produce an unbound mirror worked.  The curious thing to me, though, is that I don't have commit access on the repos in which I was able to produce a bound mirror15:56
jelmerfaldridge: If you would commit in a bound branch bzr would attempt to put your commits in the original svn repository as well15:58
jelmerfaldridge: and that would fail, since you don't have commit access15:58
faldridgejelmer: what if I made a local branch of the bound branch and committed on it?  Would that fail as well?15:59
jelmerfaldridge: no, that would succeed - since it wouldn't try to push the data to the svn branch16:02
jelmerfaldridge: alternatively, you can also unbind the bound branch16:02
jelmerfaldridge: "bzr unbind"16:03
faldridgegreat, thanks!16:03
faldridgethanks so much for your help.   I really, really hate svn's branching/merging syntax so you've been a lifesaver!16:03
NEBAP|workcan somebody tell me which project management tool has bazaar support? I've found some few month ago, but now I couldn't find any of them ..16:30
Takproject management tool?16:31
NEBAP|workhmm, don't know how I should describe it in another way. Are there any webapps out there that support bazaar? (I remember a name like track, but seems to be wrong)16:32
NEBAP|workah ok16:34
NEBAP|workis that the only one?16:34
jrwrenlaunchpad is open source now... run LP.16:35
NEBAP|workso you can install launchpad on your own server?16:36
Takoh yeah, trac has a bzr plugin as well, right?16:37
NEBAP|workah that's the one I found ^^16:38
NEBAP|workTak: thank you16:38
NEBAP|workproject management ^^16:38
Taklaunchpad is probably better integrated with bzr16:38
Peng_Redmine supports bzr.16:39
phinzeis there a way to list the diff being stored on a shelf?  bzr unshelve --dry-run just shows me the modified files like `bzr st` which isn't very useful16:39
Takhey - the pydoctor doc link has disappeared from http://bazaar-vcs.org/Documentation16:39
phinzeaha appears there is a bug regarding this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/31789616:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317896 in bzr "bzr unshelve --dry-run should produce a diff" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:41
NEBAP|workTak: but launchpad seems to be a bit overloaded for my needs ^^16:41
NEBAP|workany experiences with redmine?16:43
NEBAP|workor is it possible to use only a few features from launchpad?16:43
NEBAP|worke. g. source browser and issue tracking16:44
phinzeNEBAP|work: use redmine+bzr heavily where i work16:44
NEBAP|workphinze: so? Can you recommend it?16:45
phinzeseems to work out ok, the source browser sort of sucks -- we use loggerhead separately for that16:45
NEBAP|workok ^^16:46
phinzethe only limitation that gets me is the fact that you have to link one branch to one project to integrate commit messages with issue updates16:46
NEBAP|workthen it seems to better make a small bug tracker and use loggerhead as the source browser is the most important feature for me ..16:46
phinzeso when i commit to the project foo branch and have a message like "hey i'm done, closes #1234"... it has to be an issue that exists in project foo16:47
phinzeso depending on how many projects you're dealing with you may run into that16:47
NEBAP|workthank you :)16:47
phinzeif you end up trying it and have questions, feel free to ping me16:48
NEBAP|workthank you :D16:49
NEBAP|workdoes launchpad use loggerhead?16:51
NEBAP|workphinze: does the redmine source browser support syntax highlighting? Sadly the online demo isn't available ..16:53
Peng_Loggerhead supports syntax highlighting. :D16:54
lifelessdoes loggerheads rpc support mean we can use bzr+http with http://b.l.n16:54
Peng_(That is, Loggerhead has 30 lines of code to run stuff through Pygments if it's available.)16:54
phinzeNEBAP|work: i believe redmine source browser can run stuff through coderay... but like i say, it's not the best thing in the world, which is why we use a separate instance of loggerhead16:55
NEBAP|workcouldn't find any screenshots of loggerhead, but I'll check loggerhead at first16:55
Peng_NEBAP|work: You can play around with Launchpad's instance: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~loggerhead-team/loggerhead/trunk-rich/16:56
NEBAP|workphinze: ok thanky you :D16:56
Peng_lifeless: b.l.n doesn't support it.16:57
NEBAP|workk, will check that at first :D16:57
NEBAP|workdoes it need additional apps, or will it run in any python environment?16:57
Peng_NEBAP|work: It requires some Python libraries.16:58
* Peng_ points at the README16:58
NEBAP|workk thanks, hopefully I can get it running on my webspace ..16:58
lifelessPeng_: thanks16:59
Peng_lifeless: Loggerhead itself supports it, though. Seems to be broken in trunk, hmm.17:00
NET||abusehey guys... made a mistake, was trying to ignore a set of log files, but not the containing directory,, but ended up removing the directory, then re-adding it,, then committing and pushing up to another laptop... now on that other laptop,, i have a lot of var.moved logs.moved and cache.moved  files.. want to get rid of them ... easy way?17:01
Peng_b.l.n handles .bzr through Apache. I guess nobody thought of pointing .bzr/smart over to Loggerhead.17:03
lifelessPeng_: I'm not sure we should willy nilly ;)17:03
lifelessPeng_: but I'd love it if you were to file a bug saying we should consider it17:04
Peng_lifeless: I'm busy right this second, but sure.17:07
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Peng_(FYI, it was only broken when using "bzr serve --http", and I just fixed it.)17:30
Peng_lifeless: I'll add a comment to bug #165087.17:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 165087 in launchpad-code "Cannot branch from bzr+http URLs" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16508717:36
jfroy|workjelmer: updated 342065 with a new backtrace18:08
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niemeyerCongrats on 2.0!18:34
niemeyerWas just looking at the upgrade procedures, and was wondering about something regarding migration of Launchpad branches18:35
niemeyerIs it the case that ~team/project/trunk cannot be used anymore?18:36
niemeyerAssuming that this was the place the old branch was held18:36
james_wI believe so, but someone else will be able to confirm18:42
jamniemeyer: so you *can* upgrade in place, but it often causes more headaches than downloading, upgrading locally, unsetting the dev focus, pushing a new trunk, and setting the new branch as the dev focus18:43
james_wdoesn't upgrading in place break branches that are stacked on the focus?18:46
jamjames_w: IIRC it means they must be upgrade, but lifeless claims you can upgrade them once the dev focus has been upgraded18:53
james_wah, ok18:53
bialixvila: ping18:58
jambialix: vila generally has stopped working about 2hrs ago18:59
bialixhello jam18:59
mneptoklifeless: any plans for US travel?19:07
niemeyerjam: I see, thanks19:09
niemeyerlifeless: So is that the case?  Can they be upgraded in place after the stacking base has been upgraded?19:09
jammneptok: well, he was in Canada this week... but I believe he explicitly avoids the US. Doesn't like being fingerprinted, etc.19:11
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lifelessniemeyer: yes you can upgrade after19:17
lifelessmneptok: no, back homeward bound in 2 ours19:17
lifelessmneptok: where are you at the moment ?19:17
niemeyerlifeless: That's awesome!19:20
jfroy|workfast-export | fast-import will work to create a new branch out of a borked branch19:23
jfroy|work(bortked -> ghosts and sha1 mismatches)19:23
Peng_Oh, cool.19:24
SamB_XPjfroy: of course, it will have no relation to the previous branch ...19:24
jfroy|workSamB_XP: which is fine19:25
jfroy|work(in this case019:25
SamB_XPjust pointing out the obvious in case it had escaped anyone's thinking somehow19:26
SamB_XP'twould be a harsh truth to realize a day or so later ;-)19:29
jfroy|workMy goal at this point is only to un-borked the main development branch of the project, ditch every other branch and go from there.19:30
SamB_XPhmm ... it would be kind of cool if fast-export could do several branches at once ...19:31
SamB_XP... or can it ?19:31
mneptoklifeless: Albuquerque, New Mexico19:56
emmajanelifeless, he's as far away from snow as possible.20:06
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Takactually, albuquerque is up in the mountains, isn't it?20:46
mathepicI asked this yesterday but nobody had a solution20:52
mathepicI'm trying to use colordiff as a bzr diff backend20:52
mathepicBut I'm on windows with cygwin20:52
mathepicso it doesn't seem to recognize it (colordiff is not an executable)20:52
lifelessyou'll need to either use bzr from cygwin20:55
lifelessor have a batch /command script that runs colordiff20:55
mathepicRunning it from cygwin doesn't solve the problem20:56
mathepic$ bzr diff --using colordiff === modified file 'Makefile' bzr: ERROR: colordiff could not be found on this machine20:57
mathepicCan't post multiple lines very well20:58
mathepicI opened up colordiff with emacs20:58
mathepicit is a perl script20:58
lifelessmathepic: running from cygwin won't help:20:58
lifeless you need a *cygwin version* of bzr20:59
lifelessnormal bzr uses win32 python that uses CreateProcess20:59
mathepicWill that have any significant drawbacks on performance?20:59
lifeless*cygwin* bzr uses cygwin python which uses fork/exec20:59
mneptokTak: it is. ABQ is at ~5.5feet elevation20:59
lifelessmathepic: I'm not sure of the performance implications; jam, who has signed off, may know.20:59
lifelessmathepic: but you can create a .cmd script to run colordiff21:00
mathepicI hate windows so much...21:01
* Tak at literally 5.5ft21:01
mathepicWhat would the batch script contain21:02
mathepicSince I can't access colordiff unless I'm in cygwin21:03
mathepicI guess I can just run "bzr diff | colordiff", but I was hoping to get an alias that would achieve the same thing21:04
idnarwhat about bzr cdiff?21:06
mathepicbzr diff --using "perl /bin/colordiff"  doesn't work with colors21:06
mathepicnor does bzr cdiff21:06
mathepicI'm thinking cdiff isn't compatible with windows21:06
mathepicIs there any alternative to "colordiff" for colorize diff21:10
mathepicunder cygwin21:10
lifelessmathepic: I repeat, you'll need a command script21:25
lifelesscrate one and it should be fine21:25
lifelessas to what it contains, 'perl.exe colordiff $1 $2' or something like that21:25
lifelessI have to go, got a plane to catch.21:26
malepthi, I'm attempting to use smart server support in loggerhead with a repository. `bzr info` on the repository is fine, but on the branch it gives me "No repository present: chroot://[something]". I'm kind of at a loss as to how to debug this.21:26
zsquarepluscor "bash -c colordiff"21:26
lifelessmalept: its a bug, it was discussed earlier today with someone else; I don't remember more sorry21:29
maleptlifeless: discussed in here?21:29
maleptlifeless: have a good flight21:30
mathepiczsquareplusc, that almost worked but colordiff starts wanting me to input text21:30
zsquarepluscmathepic: yes, and does piping not work? "|"?21:31
mathepicYeah the piping will work, I'm just trying to get an alias21:31
Peng_malept: I don't know what's going on there. I'd expect you to hit bug #348308, but this is something different.21:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 348308 in bzr "Smart server jail breaks bzr+http with shared repos" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34830821:32
* zsquareplusc has not yet used aliases21:32
Peng_malept: Do you mind filing a bug? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loggerhead21:34
Peng_malept: Oh, you/someone did. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/44722921:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447229 in loggerhead "Checking out branches from a shared repo results in 'No repository present' error" [Low,Triaged]21:34
maleptPeng_: yeah, just found it in the irc logs from today21:35
Peng_Ah. I didn't see the discussion; when was it?21:36
Peng_Never mind, grepped.21:36
davidstraussWhat unit testing framework does bzr use?21:36
davidstrausslifeless: ^^ you would know :-)21:37
maleptPeng_: I had already patched my fastcgi loggerhead script to deal with the smart server jail bug (using your monkeypatch)21:37
Peng_malept: Ah.21:38
Peng_davidstrauss: Bazaar uses Python's unittest, plus (optionally) subunit and/or testtools.21:39
maleptPeng_: speaking of my fastcgi script, would it be useful if it was distributed with loggerhead?21:39
davidstraussPeng_: Is that built into Python?21:39
maleptdavidstrauss: unittest is, for sure21:40
davidstraussok, cool21:40
* davidstrauss is about to force unit testing on bcfg2.21:40
Peng_subunit & testtools are not.21:40
Peng_malept: Waitwait. A FastCGI script? Neat! Can I see it? :D21:41
LarstiQdavidstrauss: and convenience classes/methods built on top of unittest21:41
maleptPeng_: sure, mind if I PM you the link?21:41
Peng_malept: ok21:43
maxbHi. Would someone be able to guide me to an example of using bzrlib to get a list of all rev-ids in a branch?21:59
maxbOr alternatively, what is the best way whether to check whether rev-id is contained within the history of a branch22:03
maxbI don't suppose anyone here is familiar with where in the qbzr code the algorithm for ordering revisions in qlog lives?22:12
SamB_XPmaxb: there was a bug about how to check whether a revision is in the history of a given branch ...22:14
SamB_XP... it has the word "predicate" in the title, I believe22:14
luksmaxb: regarding the list of all revision-ids: branch.repository.get_ancestry(branch.last_revision())22:16
maxbAh - I found branch.get_revision_id_to_revno_map() and was attempting that22:17
maxbIt seems rather sloooow though22:18
SamB_XPit would be, yes22:18
luksand the revisions in qlog are topologically sorted22:19
lukswhich is in bzrlib.tsort22:19
luks(unless you mean the actual graph layout, not just the ordering)22:19
SamB_XPluks: perhaps he was hoping to stick something in to order by commit date when possible ;-)22:20
maxbSamB_XP: exactly :-/22:27
SamB_XPI guessed this because I have often wished that bzr viz had such an option22:28
maxbtoposort with a preference for commit date where feasible would make the history much more readable in many cases22:28
maxbSo, on the "is it in the history" question, basically I've discovered bzr fastimport has a bug where it discards tags which aren't on the left-hand history22:29
lukswell, sorting by date would require making the graph flat22:29
maxbSo I'm trying to rewrite its "is this tag in this branch" logic to respect all the history, not just the left-hand22:29
maxbluks: "flat" ?22:29
luksa simple list22:30
maxbI don't require that it be completely date-ordered.22:30
luksotherwise you would need arrows on the lines, because they could be directed both up and down22:30
lukshow would it work?22:30
maxbI just want it to be date-ordered where topological constraints do not dictate otherwise22:31
luksthe only point where you possibly chance choose the ordering is a merge point (node with multiple parents)22:32
lukser, have a chance22:32
luksbut of course that would break the mainline concept22:33
maxbIt's perhaps worth noting that this comes into its own and is only really relevant when viewing the graph of a repository - i.e. many heads to the graph22:36

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