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alkisgGood morning08:27
Balsaqhody alkisg!08:33
Balsaqhow do i personlize my profile so my "whois" thing readsd the way i want it too08:34
alkisgBalsaq: better ask this in #ubuntu08:36
Balsaqi thought the 2 were essentially the same? and that room is a mad house...but if you wish.08:37
alkisgNo, this channel is for education specific questions..08:39
nubae|workgreets alkisg, how's your python app coming along?09:11
alkisgHi nubae!! Which one ? :)09:12
alkisgMy latest python script was one that supported users importing/exporting, it runs just fine...09:12
alkisgThe other one about port forwarding NATting etc wasn't an app; I was looking to use existing tools09:12
alkisg(so telepathy didn't do what I wanted; I found no existing tools for that)09:13
BronzeAuHey all. Any one here?10:45
BronzeAuHave a couple of questions.10:45
jussi01no :P10:45
jussi01go ahead BronzeAu10:45
BronzeAuBugger. Oh well. :910:45
BronzeAuMate. I've downloaded Ubuntu from the Jaunty DVD. Updated it and now I want to add the Edubuntu ISO image I have on CD here. How do I do that?10:46
BronzeAuWas about 230mb10:46
BronzeAuThe edubuntu site dosen't really seem to help me download it or give me clear instructions unless I have missed it. Most probably.10:47
nubae|workjust stick the edubuntu cd in the drive and a dialog should come up asking if u want to install packages10:48
BronzeAuIt just displays a heap of folders. Do I click on one in particular?10:50
jussi01sudo aptitude install edubuntu-desktop should do it no?10:50
BronzeAuBoth 'install' and 'appinstall' do nothing.10:50
BronzeAuI'll try.10:50
BronzeAuIts downloading - So I didn't need the CD afterall.10:53
jussi01thats what I thought, yeah.10:53
jussi01iirc the live CD's dont have packages on them, only an image.10:54
BronzeAuOk. cool. Well it working so fingers crossed. It's taken me two days to get to this point. Phew!!10:55
nubae|workright, u need to write the image to CD10:56
BronzeAuWhat image? Nubae. Do you mean me?10:58
BronzeAuI have had absolutlely no luck with the ISO's I have downloaded. Three copies and all corrupt in some way. Just amazing. Finally I went down the shops and bought the last Linux Mag and there was a DVD of Jaunty in there.10:59
BronzeAuThank guys. Appreciate the help. ;)11:08
LaserJockare we having a meeting?14:56
alkisgDo we have anything that relates to an agenta? :)14:58
sbalneavWell, I'm in Ubuntu-meeing just in case we do :)14:59
LaserJockwe've got major issues with the DVD I wanted to discuss15:00
LaserJockwe don't have much time15:00
LaserJockI think we need to nail down Karmic ASAP15:00
LaserJockhighvoltage, stgraber: ping15:06
stgraberLaserJock: pong15:09
LaserJockstgraber: meeting time15:10
alkisgstgraber: meeting... :)15:10
* alkisg is sorry to leave in the middle of the meeting, but he has to. Good work LaserJ╬┐ck!15:33
highvoltageLaserJock: pong15:40
highvoltageLaserJock: is the meeting over?15:40
LaserJockhighvoltage: still going15:40
LaserJockhighvoltage: the short version of the DVD problem is that the text-based installer is screwed right now15:52
highvoltageLaserJock: ouch, ok15:52
LaserJockhighvoltage: cjwatson is tracking it down for us as he thinks it might be a bug in the build script15:53
LaserJockif that's fixed then things are look rather good actually15:53
LaserJockI did a bunch of tests on the Live side15:53
LaserJockand it really looks cool15:53
LaserJockI'm impressed15:53
LaserJockwe get the nice work of Ubiquity15:53
LaserJockbut it still uses Edubuntu 9.10 most places15:54
LaserJockthe slideshow is still Ubuntu-specific, but I don't think that's a big deal15:54
dindaLaserJock: highvoltage:  I've got a meeting next week with other Canonical folks re: Edubuntu and all things Ubuntu Education, anything in particular you folks want asked?15:58
LaserJockdinda: heh, lots of things ...16:03
LaserJockdinda: is it going to be a live meeting?16:04
dindaLaserJock: yes, in person16:04
LaserJockI things that come to my mind are:16:04
LaserJock1) Is the community free to just use "Edubuntu", no need for "Ubuntu Educational Edition", or "Ubuntu Education"?16:05
LaserJock2) Is Canonical going to offer paid support for Edubuntu (or even parts of it)?16:06
LaserJock3) What channels can we use to involve Canonical in marketing of Edubuntu?16:07
LaserJockright now I'm just not sure where Edubuntu fits in Canonical's plans16:07
LaserJockit seems like Canonical still wants to get involved with schools, etc.16:08
LaserJockprimarily right now as Ubuntu desktops and servers16:08
LaserJockbut it would seem like Canonical would also benefit from Edubuntu too16:08
LaserJockso I'm curious what can Edubuntu do to help Canonical and vice versa16:09
dindaLaserJock: agreed, last they told was "edubuntu is not currently aligned in our goals" but not much else16:09
LaserJockI mean, one question would be, what does it take for Edubuntu to be "valuable" to Canonical again16:10
dindaso I hope to flesh out if they have any plans and if so, try to get some sort of more formal statement16:10
LaserJockwhat measure of success do we need to show?16:10
dindathey've really said nothing to the community and the silence has been a bit deafening - imo16:10
dindaof course since Laserjock sez "silence means I'm that man" then maybe. . .  :)16:11
LaserJockdinda: mdz asked me to fill out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/ReleaseManifest16:11
LaserJockdinda: so I updated it for Edubuntu, but we still have a ? under the support length16:12
LaserJockdinda: I mentioned in my email back to him that we've still not hear on that16:12
LaserJockso that's somewhat of a pressing need16:12
LaserJockI don't even know how to write my release announcement currently regarding Canonical's support16:12
dindayeah, there's been no talk of formal support yet16:12
LaserJockdinda: well, there was no talk of the lack of formal support16:13
LaserJockthat I'm aware of16:13
LaserJockI've never seen a Canonical statement saying they no longer offer support for Edubuntu16:13
dindalet me ask real quick16:14
dindathey say "not at the moment"16:18
LaserJock... okay16:18
dindabut I suspect if a large enough customer came to us, we would definitely not turn them down16:18
LaserJockthat makes for an interested release announcement ;-)16:18
dindaI wonder if the hang up is b/c of the ltsp stuff of the additional edu apps?16:18
LaserJockLTSP should be supported16:18
LaserJockas it's on the Ubuntu Alternate CD as well16:19
dindaok, will definitely put that topic on the agenda16:19
LaserJockmy guess would be it's because they don't have a person on the "inside"16:19
LaserJocki.e. how can they ensure supportability if there's nobody involved with the project16:20
LaserJockI would guess that would be the issue more than the actual packages16:20
jsgotangcomakes sense16:20
dindajsgotangco: Hello there!  long time no see you :)16:21
jsgotangcodinda: i know! But I always see your facebook updates :)16:21
LaserJockin any case, I guess for karmic we just don't mention Canonical support availability and move on from there16:21
dindajsgotangco: though I do follow you on FB/twitter/etc16:21
LaserJockdinda: the most important thing for me personally is that Canonical has been almost completely silent for a long long time16:25
LaserJockdinda: I don't like the answer "Canonical's not interested" but I appreciate it a lot more than silence16:25
dindaLaserJock: agreed16:25
LaserJockdinda: right16:25
LaserJockdinda: I don't see how Edubuntu can't be involved with this stuff16:26
LaserJockbut we've gotten nothing16:26
LaserJockEdubuntu as a project and community is interested in Ubuntu in Education16:27
LaserJockeven if that doesn't mean people using the Edubuntu DVD16:27
LaserJockalthough we want that to be a solid offering16:27
LaserJockand my feeling is that we're getting side-stepped and kept out of the loop quite a bit16:27
dindaLaserJock: I promise I'll do what I can16:28
jsgotangcoLaserJock: honestly if they are not up to it, they should just drop it altogether16:28
LaserJockdinda: well, thanks a ton for your efforts16:28
jsgotangcoand free up whatever copyright over the name16:28
LaserJockbut I want to know either way16:29
LaserJockwhere do we stand16:29
LaserJockwhat's the game plan moving forward16:29
LaserJockwhat are the boundaries16:29
jsgotangcodinda: over here we are arranging an olpc pilot for a school to run fedora/sugar16:29
jsgotangcothe donor didn't like the idea of getting intel ;-)16:30
dindaon a slightly related topic - has anyone been asked to do an Open Week presentation for Edubuntu?16:30
LaserJockstgraber is doing one16:30
highvoltagedinda: yes adding to what LaserJock said, I don't think we want to use "Ubuntu Educational edition", etc16:30
LaserJockand hopefully some us can also stop by16:31
dindajsgotangco: ugh, yeah and I know morgan c and others in the sugar project are doing some great work to get sugar packaged for ubuntu16:31
highvoltagehi jsgotangco, nice to see you around again16:32
highvoltagedinda: and you of course too16:32
jsgotangcoyup, but I must say I'm quite impressed on the fedora 11 remix / sugar spin for a slow machine like the xo16:32
jsgotangcohighvoltage: hey yeah, ive been on irc but just been quiet, had a hell of a season16:32
dindaRH hired Mel Chua from olpc and she's rocking over there16:33
jsgotangcoyup mel is there16:33
dindajsgotangco: how large is that pilot?16:34
jsgotangconot too big we're starting with 50 in an integrated school and 200 in a public school16:35
jsgotangcothe 50 is interesting because it entails 2 grade levels16:36
jsgotangcothe 4th graders will be tasked to learn to build content for the 1st graders16:36
LaserJockI've definitely been feeling that Fedora and openSUSE are progressing much faster than we are16:38
LaserJockwe seem to not be as agile or innovative16:38
jsgotangcoits a bigger community16:38
dindaOpenSUSE are making some nice progress indeed16:38
highvoltagejsgotangco: wow, the 4th graders making content for grade 2's is awesome!16:38
jsgotangcohighvoltage: it would be an interesting exercise to say the least16:39
jsgotangcohighvoltage: because the theory is that a 1st grader is only a consumer16:40
jsgotangcowhile an older kind can become a producer16:40
jsgotangcomore complex concepts are grasped16:40
jsgotangcohighvoltage: thats why its so important to have an educator in a team16:40
jsgotangcoto make such teaching concepts16:41
highvoltagejsgotangco: when I was that age I so wanted to create content for the grades below me. I did actually and I taught my younger brother a lot of things with it16:41
jsgotangcooh man it seems some northern provinces had some massive flooding again from a typhoon :/16:55

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