x-warriorwgrant, thanks I will take a look00:18
* mwhudson lunches00:37
sinzuix-warrior: triaged means we gave it a priority. Low means it will be fix opportunistically, not scheduled. trivial means it should be easy to fix, about 1 hour for a experienced engineer01:46
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mwhudsonbeuno: hello05:41
mwhudsonbeuno: have you seen https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mnordhoff/loggerhead/yui-3.0.0?05:42
mwhudsonbeuno: it doesn't work05:42
* mwhudson --> beer!06:08
* wgrant directs a few torrents of hate at sampledata conflicts.07:01
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jmlgood morning09:41
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deryckMorning, all.10:52
* wgrant just successfully ec2tested a branch with the new official image. Yay.11:06
mrevellallenap: Can you help me with a bit of ajaxy stuff? it's really easy (for you), honest :)11:15
jmlwgrant, grats :)11:18
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allenapmrevell: Hi, yes, sure.11:24
mrevellthanks allenap. Bug 406394 deals with a rather annoying bug in the pop-up help. The "Continue" button doesn't show the word "Continue".11:24
mupBug #406394: The "Continue" button on help pop-ups has lost its text and is now tiny <javascript> <ui> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/406394>11:25
* allenap looks11:25
mrevellallenap: Someone's posted a comment pointing out what's wrong but I'm struggling to see where to fix that in the code.11:25
mrevellallenap: I have lib/canonical/launchpad/icing/build/inlinehelp/inlinehelp.js open11:25
allenapmrevell: Line 35.11:28
mrevellallenap: function findHelpLinks() { ?11:28
allenapmrevell: And lib/canonical/launchpad/icing/build/inlinehelp/inlinehelp.js is a symlink to lib/lp/services/inlinehelp/javascript/inlinehelp.js11:29
allenapmrevell: Doh, sorry, line 30.11:29
wgrantWhen adding new attributes to a model class, do I stick with the class' existing completelyandutterlyunreadable style, or do I use_underscores like new stuff?11:30
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allenapmrevell: This'll do it: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289212/11:31
mrevellallenap: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, right. I feel a cheat landing your work. heh.11:32
allenapmrevell: Well, it was the work of Anders Jørgensen really :)11:33
mrevellallenap: :) I'll get it through review and testsuite. Cheers.11:33
wgrantAnybody know the answer to my question?11:41
jmlwgrant, use_underscores11:41
wgrantjml: thanks11:41
jmlwgrant, the policy is that we're in favour of incremental cleanup of our code.11:41
jmlwgrant, and a key part of that is not adding to things that need to be cleaned up, even if it means local stylistic inconsistency.11:42
* wgrant begs PEP 8 for forgiveness.11:43
jmlMTecknology, ping12:19
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mrevellallenap: Do you have any thoughts as to why I'd be seeing the autoland problem again?13:50
allenapmrevell: Exactly the same problem? Can you paste it?13:51
mrevellallenap: I think so. Lemme grab it13:51
wgrantbigjools: Did anything end up happening with my branch?13:58
bigjoolswgrant: I submitted it, but it seems to have disappeared14:15
bigjoolsah pqm stopped for a CP14:15
gary_posterbarry: I didn't know about http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0382/ .  yay.  hope it happens.14:29
barrygary_poster: i actually didn't know about it either, but i didn't think pep 381 was right so i went spelunking :).  it seems like a good pep so i hope it gets implemented too14:30
barrybtw gary_poster, i totally failed yesterday to run anything we talked about.  bzr pipelines roadblocked me (though i now have a much better understanding of it - something we should definitely look at).  i'm still going to try to run some things today in the background while i ocr/chr14:32
jmlsinzui, ping14:34
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: skype?14:34
sinzuihi jml14:34
jmlsinzui, hi.14:34
jmlsinzui, I guess you're busy right now, but sometime today I'd like to have a chat with you about ISD's experience with privacy -- I was talking to Nigel yesterday & he said that you were the person to speak with.14:35
sinzuiindeed I am the teller of the sad tale14:35
sinzuijml: I'll be available in 15 minutes14:35
jmlsinzui, cool. whenever you're ready.14:37
MTecknologyjml: pong14:53
jmlMTecknology, hi14:58
MTecknologyjml: how's it going?14:58
jmlMTecknology, good.14:59
MTecknologyabout that project..14:59
jmlMTecknology, I've recently moved to London, slowly adjusting to a faster, greyer pace of life :)14:59
jmlMTecknology, yeah, I was going to ask :)14:59
MTecknologyextremely busy this week and next week; but then open to start working on it14:59
MTecknologyI'd like to play with the source this weekend though14:59
jmlMTecknology, cool.15:00
MTecknologyI'd like to find a spelling mistake and fix it15:00
jmlMTecknology, heh.15:06
jmlMTecknology, if you search things tagged 'trivial' and 'ui', you'll probably find something like that.15:06
MTecknologyjml: just something simple to learn the process15:06
MTecknologyok :)15:06
jmlMTecknology, not everything tagged 'trivial' is actually trivial, sadly.15:07
* bigjools wonders how many bugs tagged trivial really are trivial15:07
bigjoolsheh snap15:07
bigjoolsjml: I saw you tag something "easy" once, I had a chuckle15:07
jmlbigjools, :D15:08
jmlbigjools, a lot of the time the change is easy and the hard thing is finding the 20 page tests that assumed the old behaviour but weren't actually devoted to testing it.15:09
* bigjools cooks up a "nightmare" tag15:09
jmlbigjools, heh heh15:10
bigjoolsit would apply to most soyuz bugs :/15:10
jmlsince we've open sourced, I've made a habit of adding a short howto to any bug I tag as trivial15:10
bigjoolsyeah I try and add more info on how to fix as well15:10
bigjoolsit's worth an email to the -dev list15:11
jmlbigjools, I think there actually was a thread about this a couple of months ago :)15:11
sinzuijml: I am free. Do you want me to call?15:11
bigjoolsmy memory sucks15:11
jmlsinzui, yeah sure.15:12
MTecknologybigjools: "bug to assign to random person(me)" -> nightmare :P15:17
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barryrockstar: ping16:29
rockstarbarry, pong16:33
barryrockstar: hi.  was wondering if you were going to finish that review from yesterday.  if not, i'll ping abel about it16:34
rockstarbarry, I JUST saw it come in.  The new greylisting seems to be working, but I didn't get the email when I EOD'd last night.  I'll do it now.16:35
barryrockstar: thanks.  greylisting == fun!16:35
rockstarbarry, yea, once it gets trained it's okay, but I moved around some infrastructure here, which meant a new mail server, so there are some hiccups to work out.16:36
* barry nods16:37
barryrockstar: i especially love the mail servers that don't know the difference between 4xx and 5xx :)16:37
rockstarbarry, eep.16:39
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MTecknologyderyck: hi17:02
* rockstar reboots17:05
sinzuibigjools: ping17:08
bigjoolshello citrus17:08
sinzui bigjools I am starting a fix for bug 35237417:09
mupBug #352374: IntegrityError: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "packaging_uniqueness" <Launchpad Registry:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/352374>17:09
sinzuibigjools: The simple way to avoid that error is to use PackagingUtil.packagingEntryExists() but that does not help the user accomplish his goal of getting rid of the insane link17:10
deryckMTecknology, hi17:10
MTecknologyderyck: so.. you get the last email?17:11
deryckMTecknology, just about to lunch break, but we could chat briefly.  Or I can reply to your mail when I'm back from eats.17:11
MTecknologyeither way - I'm in class now so a short chat is good17:11
bigjoolssinzui: my knowledge of packaging linkage is extremely limited17:11
MTecknologyafter this I'll follow you to food17:11
sinzuibigjools: After some though, it occurred to me that we do not check because we assume that having the distroseries and sp, we can safely change the productseries. Then it occurred to me that the real issue here is that the distroseries+sourcepackage has multiple upstream packaging links, and that we are only showing one of them. Is that possible?17:12
bigjoolssinzui: the dsp page shows direct_packaging17:13
bigjoolsbut allows you to edit each series individually17:13
sinzuibigjools:  this is an SP link in this case: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/metacity/+edit-packaging <- That should be trunk, but apparently that packaging link already exists...we get a db error17:15
bigjoolsthis is where my lack of knowledge about this stuff makes my eyes glaze :)17:16
sinzuibigjools: In this very example, it pointed the wrong project and series, I decided that point it to another matacity series to get part of the link right17:16
sinzuibigjools: okay. I'll try a query on staging to see if there is more objects then being shown in the ui17:17
bigjoolssorry, I feel useless17:18
sinzuinp. My goal is to learn this17:18
sinzuiThere are a few bugs with linking that cannot be fixed until someone really know how they should work17:19
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sinzuibigjools: My assumption was correct: bug 196774. <- I think I need to fix that to prevent the madness. In the cases documented, the user would be happy if we deleted the crack duplication17:32
mupBug #196774: It shouldn't be possible to link multiple productseries to a sourcepackage in a given distroseries <package-link> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/196774>17:32
* jml is slowly learning that there a lot of interesting Launchpad emails that are no longer my business17:33
jmlsinzui, oh cool, I independently rediscovered that bug recently while exploring the schema to figure out source package branches.17:33
jmlsinzui, but never got around to actually finding the bug report in Launchpad :)17:33
bigjoolsok how do I run person.txt without running the other million tests that end in person.txt?17:34
MTecknologybigjools: be a man - run them all17:35
sinzuibigjools: -t lp.soyuz.*doc/person.txt17:35
jmlbigjools, ./bin/test -1cvvt parent/of/person.txt17:35
bigjoolsMTecknology: my office is already warm enough :)17:35
bigjoolsjml: that's just too bleedin' obvious :)17:35
jmlthe -1 is extremely useful.17:36
bigjoolsbut not as groovy as -c17:37
jmltrial has better colours.17:37
bigjoolsjml: you suck, it doesn't work! :)17:37
jmlit totally works.17:38
jmlyou're doing it wrong.17:38
jmlthe answer is that zope sucks.17:38
jmldo you want the longer answer?17:38
bigjoolsI considered using a regex for a moment, and then I came to my senses17:39
jml'-t' does a regular expression search on the name of the test17:39
jmlwhere 'name of the test' is defined as str(test)17:39
sinzuibigjools: you need .* because the doctest path is appended to the executor17:39
jmlfor unit tests, this defaults to "test_foo (lp.foo.bar.BazTestCase)"17:39
jmlbut a lot of our tests have custom __str__ methods that produce "lp.foo.bar.BazTestCase.test_foo" instead17:40
jmlfor doctests, the str() is the path to the doctest17:40
sinzuibigjools: -t lp.soyuz.*doc/person.txt <- only match the start and end of the test name17:40
bigjoolssinzui get's the prize17:40
jmlfor most such doctests, zope generates a path like "./lp/foo/tests/../doc/bar.txt"17:41
jmlso -t matches that path, rather than "lp/foo/doc/bar.txt", which would be more sensible.17:41
jmlI tried to fix this bug once, and then learned again that zope.testing's code has a great face for radio.17:42
* bigjools chortles17:43
jmlon a different topic17:43
jmlI've just got around to reading the thread where sidnei talks about template performance17:43
jmlI'd really appreciate a three sentence summary :)17:44
abentleyrockstar: chat?17:44
rockstarabentley, sure.17:44
rockstarabentley, I wonder if we might try chatting through Empathy today.17:45
* bigjools wonders how relatively recently added model class methods are totally untested17:45
abentleyrockstar: As an experiment, sure.  But I prefer Pidgin.17:45
rockstarabentley, well, yeah, I mean audio chatting through Google Talk, whatever client works.17:46
abentleyrockstar: I am calling you.17:46
rockstarabentley, I can't hear you, can you hear me?17:47
abentleyNo, I couldn't even see you pick up.17:47
abentleyrockstar: Try calling me.17:47
rockstarabentley, calling.17:48
abentleyApparently the call is in progress.17:48
rockstarabentley, I still see "Connecting..."17:49
abentleyrockstar: Well, maybe Empathy will do better than Pidgin.17:49
rockstarabentley, let's go back to skype.  I'm not sure that my USB headset us going to play nice with Empathy either.17:49
rockstarAlso, I don't really want to spend much time futzing with it...  :)17:50
rockstarabentley, I can hear you, but I don't think it likes my USB headset.17:51
rockstarabentley, one sec.17:51
rockstarabentley, did you have to configure your headset?17:52
rockstarabentley, it's using your laptop mic I bet.17:52
abentleyNo, it turns out to be configured correctly already.17:52
abentleyrockstar: It insists it's using "Logitech_USB_Headset Analog Mono".17:53
rockstarabentley, I think you and I have the same headset.17:53
abentleyrockstar: Yeah, same or similar.17:54
rockstarabentley, let's just skype...  :(17:54
rockstarjml, sorry for the noise...18:03
jmlrockstar, it doesn't look like anyone was interested in answering the question anyway18:04
jmlrockstar, which sadly means I'll have to think for myself :\18:04
rockstarjml, what question?18:04
rockstarjml, I was talking about just calling you through Empathy to see if we could have conference calls with it.18:05
rockstar(which it doesn't look like we can)18:05
jmlrockstar, oh, I'm not on empathy18:05
rockstarjml, well, GTalk.18:06
jmlrockstar, what were you calling?18:06
jmlrockstar, pidgin merrily discarded any noise you generated :)18:06
rockstarjml, your GTalk account.  abentley and I were trying.18:06
jml I've just got around to reading the thread where sidnei talks about template performance18:06
jml I'd really appreciate a three sentence summary :)18:06
jmlthat was my question, fwiw.18:07
=== sidnei_ is now known as sidnei
sidneii guess the summary is, chameleon is faster but can be made even faster if we spend some time either cleaning up the templates to do less traversal or improving the code in z3c.pt that does the tales namespace function traversal to have some kind of fastpath.18:10
mrevellHave a great weekend folks18:11
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jmlsidnei, that's good, thanks.18:12
jmlsidnei, do we know how much work either of those two options would be, roughly?18:12
sidneijml: my suggestion was to take one page where lots of tales namespace functions are used, replace them all by python expressions and benchmark it to determine an upper bound of how fast it can go.18:14
jmlsidnei, sounds like a good plan.18:14
sidneijml: and only then worry about improving it further, if there are real gains18:14
bigjoolsbye everyone, and have a great weekend18:14
jmlbigjools, g'night.18:14
jmlsidnei, although it doesn't quite answer the question I asked :)18:15
sidneijml: im great at dodging questions about estimates :)18:15
sidneijml: i suspect for someone with some skills in making python code fast (like someone from the bzr team *hint hint*), trying to optimize the python code would be the easy win, though im not sure there's much left to optimize there18:16
sidneijml: i would estimate about one week either way you go18:17
jmlsidnei, :D18:17
jmlsidnei, thanks :)18:18
sidneijml: someone mentioned that maybe some sort of local lookup cache (was it mwhudson?) could be used. it's basically doing a few  try:excepts and adapter lookups18:20
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jmlsidnei, cool.18:28
* jml is off for beers with gnome folks18:28
barrygary_poster: Getting distribution for 'pytz==2009l'.18:31
barrymake: *** [/home/barry/projects/launchpad/py25/bin/py] Error 118:31
barry 18:31
gary_posterbarry: hm, may have inadvertently done some other tricks there; checking18:32
gary_posterbarry: oh, no, I know what is up18:32
barrygary_poster: cool18:33
gary_posterbarry: you need the pytz 2.5 egg.  the source distribution of pytz does not play well with easy install (and therefore buildout) for some reason18:33
gary_posterjust download it from pypi and move on18:33
barrydrop it in eggs?18:33
gary_posterpytzl python2.5 egg, I should say18:33
gary_posterI would drop it in download-cache/dist, because that's where it would go if we were going to check things in18:33
gary_posterbarry: ^^^18:34
barrygary_poster: ah, right.  thanks18:34
barrygary_poster: this page is only publishing 2009n now: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pytz18:35
barrygary_poster: plus, it's too bad we don't know the maintainer of the package to ask him to fix it for us :)18:35
gary_posterbarry: http://pypi.python.org/simple/pytz -> http://pypi.python.org/packages/2.5/p/pytz/pytz-2009l-py2.5.egg#md5=b41c8cacb5f4a8a64db05afbdf3ef9ef18:36
gary_posterbarry: stuart and I have both looked into it.  We are not sure what is wrong.  bug 43863418:36
mupBug #438634: buildout not building pytz egg correctly <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged by gary> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/438634>18:37
barrygary_poster: thanks!18:37
barrygary_poster: just read the bug report.  how truly odd!18:39
gary_posterbarry: yeah :-(18:39
barrygary_poster, maxb: https://dev.launchpad.net/PythonMigrationStatus18:47
maxbgood idea18:48
gary_posterbarry: awesome, thanks.  so now you will be rerunning the tests?18:49
barrygary_poster: i'm still not successfully building your branch :(18:49
gary_posterbarry: no?  what are the issues now?  I will try too...18:49
barrygary_poster: still investigating18:49
barrygary_poster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/289439/18:52
gary_posterbarry: move aside your sourcecode and get it again for 2.5.18:52
gary_posterbarry: make sense?18:53
gary_posterbarry: the problem is that _lsprof is in sourcecode, and is build for 2.418:53
barrygary_poster: i think so ;)18:53
gary_posterok :-)18:53
gary_posterfwiw, I just built it fine18:53
gary_posterafter a make clean18:53
barrygary_poster: is it in sourcecode because python2.4 doesn't have it?18:53
barrygary_poster: yep, that seems to be it.  it's in 2.5 and 2.618:54
barrygary_poster: so once we migrate we won't need it in sourcecode anymore18:54
gary_posterbarry: ok, I was about to say "that's a good guess."  Great18:54
rockstarflacoste, ping18:56
flacostehi rockstar!18:56
rockstarflacoste, how's things?18:56
flacostethings are great! how are you?18:57
rockstarflacoste, good as well.18:57
flacostedid you register for YUIConf?18:57
rockstarflacoste, no, should I have?18:57
rockstarflacoste, we're seeing an increase in bugs where javascript api changes aren't enough to blacklist us from the slave database.18:57
flacosterockstar: i think you should: http://www.yuiblog.com/blog/2009/09/29/yuiconf-2009-registration/18:58
rockstarflacoste, looks like "External developer" is "Sold out"18:58
rockstarflacoste, is there anything we can do to force a slave db blacklist?18:58
flacosterockstar: sold out, that's unfortunate :-/18:59
flacostefor the slave db blacklist...18:59
flacostenot really18:59
flacosteit's based on the session18:59
rockstarflacoste, hrm, that means that we have to duplicate the template is javascript.19:00
flacostewhat is the problem exactly?19:00
rockstarflacoste, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/44735319:01
mupBug #447353: Subscribing to a branch does not insert your name into the subscriber list <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/447353>19:01
rockstarflacoste, I make the API changes, and then get a small page fragment to reload the subscriber list.19:01
rockstarIf I hit the slave DB, I don't always get the new subscriber in the page fragment.19:01
flacosteyou shouldn't hit the slave db19:02
rockstarflacoste, this is one of two bugs we have open due to thes.19:02
rockstarflacoste, I know I shouldn't, but it is.19:02
flacostethen the bug to fix is that one19:02
flacosteah, i know what is happening19:02
flacosteAPI requests use the MasterStore policy19:03
flacostewhich doesn't update the last_write of the session19:03
rockstarflacoste, yeah, I think someone in Foundations already knows about this (I thought it was you).19:03
flacostethat would be stub or leonard19:03
rockstarflacoste, I think there's even an open bug about this.19:04
flacosteyeah, i think i saw something about that19:04
flacosterockstar: if you find the bug, i'm sure gary can put stub or leonard on it19:04
rockstarflacoste, okay, great.19:05
gary_posterrockstar: sure, shoot it at me.19:05
barrygary_poster: build succeeded, running the tests (gotta love the quad-core :)19:08
gary_posterbarry: :-) cool19:08
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rockstargary_poster, I couldn't find the bug, so I filed a new one.  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/44745319:13
mupBug #447453: Changes made through the API (via javascript) aren't blacklisting the Slave DBs <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/447453>19:14
gary_posterrockstar: ack, looking, thanks19:14
rockstargary_poster, it's possible that the bug I was looking for was never filed, but was a known issue.  If it was filed, just mark it as a dupe.19:14
rockstargary_poster, I'm willing to bet this breaks almost all of the code javascript, since I wrote most of what's landed so far in this manner.19:17
gary_posterrockstar: Does this affect production significantly?  I marked this as high and am sending this to stuart, with an email to highlight it to him--is this critical?19:18
rockstargary_poster, well, yes, it affects production.  It APPEARS to the user that the operation didn't take affect, even though it did, and a small delay (like, maybe a pageload) will illustrate that it's broken.19:19
rockstargary_poster, I think this may also affect what abentley is working on, and probably javascript from other teams.19:19
gary_posterrockstar: ok.  /me goes to find the policy for the definition of critical...19:19
gary_posterrockstar: (IOW, is this stop the presses, or ask Stuart to do this first thing Monday)19:20
rockstargary_poster, whether that means "critical" to you is your decision, but I'd say I'd like to see it cherry picked before the rollout.19:20
rockstargary_poster, um, well, it's not a stop the presses thing, since we've been experiencing it for two weeks now.  I thought it was already being worked on, which is why I hadn't discussed it before.19:20
gary_posterrockstar: ok, cool.  then I'll have someone on it Monday.19:21
rockstargary_poster, thanks.19:21
rockstarabentley, how are you running your windmill tests.19:40
abentleyrockstar: bin/test -v --layer=CodeWindmillLayer test_merge_proposal_commenting19:42
rockstarabentley, okay, good.19:42
sinzuibac: did you see the buildbot launchpad-login.pt conflict?19:43
bacsinzui: no19:44
* bac looks19:44
abentleyrockstar: Oh, one problem is that ensure_login fails when the user is already logged in.  This means that bin/test -v --layer=CodeWindmillLayer fails.19:44
sinzuibac I think you need to merge stable/lib/canonical/launchpad/templates/launchpad-login.pt into db-devel, then resolve.19:45
rockstarabentley, yeah, I've seen that.19:45
rockstarabentley, right now I'm getting: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289474/19:45
bacsinzui: that was a weird conflict.19:49
abentleyrockstar: I dunno why that would be.19:50
rockstarabentley, yeah, me neither, chasing now.19:50
bacsinzui: we're not in testfix.  so i can submit this to db-devel normally.  rs=sinzui ?19:51
sinzuibac: yes you can, but may I see the conflict?19:51
sinzui /patch19:51
bacsinzui: not sure how to do that19:52
sinzuibac: then how do you know you have something to submit?19:52
bacsinzui: the conflict was resolved as part of the merge from devel so it doesn't show up separately in a diff19:52
sinzuibac: you mean merge3 is better than start merge?19:53
sinzuibac: so I take your point that you have a branch of db-devel that is correct and it looks just like the login.pt that you intended to land?19:54
bacsinzui: yes19:55
bacsinzui: i updated my devel branch19:55
bacsinzui: i updated my db-devel branch19:55
bacsinzui: then i merged devel into db-devel, resulting in the one conflict19:55
bacsinzui: after resolving that conflict there are 61 files that have changed to be committed, including my conflict fix19:56
bacsinzui: so, given that i cannot show you exactly the changes from the conflict resolution.19:57
gary_posterbeuno: did you ever try rebuilding devel?19:57
sinzuibac: could you have just merged lib/canonical/launchpad/templates/launchpad-login.pt ?19:57
beunogary_poster, I started from scratch19:58
bacsinzui: hmm.  perhaps.19:58
bacsinzui: i can revert and try that19:58
gary_posterbeuno: ok19:58
bacsinzui: except merge does not take a single file19:59
sinzuibzr merge ../db-devel/lib/canonical/launchpad/templates/launchpad-login.pt20:00
sinzuibac ^ not that exact example, but you can merge a file20:01
* sinzui did get a conflict going from db-devel to devel20:01
sinzuibac: The conflict is with my indentation fix20:02
bacsinzui: ok, i merged just that file (never tried that before).  here is the diff:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289480/20:02
bacsinzui: the actual conflict was at line 27 of the diff20:02
sinzuiokay. the direction I went put the problem on 172.20:03
* rockstar lunches20:03
sinzuibac: can you fix the indentation of <ol class="subordinate"> ?20:04
sinzuibac: This looks good to land, rs=me20:04
dobeyis it just me, or is code hosting down?20:23
rockstardobey, scheduled maintenance.20:37
dobeyrockstar: i thought that was this morning, and it was already "back" ?20:39
rockstardobey, oh, my math is bad.20:42
al-maisanis PQM operating normally at present?20:42
dobeyrockstar: or maybe mrevell's is20:42
rockstardobey, code hosting looks fine to me.20:43
al-maisana branch of mine was submitted to PQM via "ec2 test" approx. one hour ago but I don't see it anywhere20:44
dobeyrockstar: really?20:44
dobeyrockstar: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-client/emblem-tweaking20:45
dobeyrockstar: that should have been done 25 minutes ago...20:45
rockstardobey, okay, code hosting down and mirroring lag are two different things.  :)20:46
dobeyrockstar: i'm a user. to me "my code on launchpad" == "code hosting"20:46
rockstardobey, you're in the wrong channel then.  :)20:47
* rockstar looks for failed scripts.20:47
rockstarabentley, do you know how often crowberry:branch-puller runs?  It looks like it died at 19:07:03 UTC today.20:50
rockstarIs it really hourly?20:50
abentleyrockstar: No idea.20:50
abentleyrockstar: Actually, isn't it minutely?  It mirrors hosted branches into the mirrored area.20:51
rockstarabentley, yeah, that's what I thought too, except the mail to the list says: The script 'branch-puller' didn't run on 'crowberry' between 2009-10-09 18:07:03 and 2009-10-09 19:07:0320:53
abentleyrockstar: That's not a contradiction.20:53
rockstarabentley, so it failed every minute for exactly an hour?20:53
abentleyrockstar: That means that, regardless of how many times it should have run, it didn't run at all during that period.20:53
abentleyrockstar: Probably for more than an hour, but ran at least once during the other periods.20:54
rockstarSo maybe it's time to look at some oopses.20:55
barrygary: Total: 24511 tests, 56 failures, 2 errors in 124 minutes 53.859 seconds.21:25
barrygary_poster: ^^ that is with your branch21:25
gary_posterbarry: is my branch different at all from maxb's at this point?21:25
barrygary_poster: i have not looked closely yet, since i'm ocr and chr today.  i basically just branched your branch, got it to build, and then ran the test suite :)21:26
maxbMine has nothing interesting in it at the moment. I was thinking about discarding it, replacing it with a bit of scripting to just sed some makefiles and shebangs21:26
gary_posterbarry: cool, thanks.  I don't expect they are different.  For comparison, the last run maxb reported was 29 failures I think21:27
gary_postermaxb: eh, if you want, but this should happen soon enough21:27
gary_posterthe transition should happen, I mean21:27
barrygary_poster: i think />>> foo/>>> print foo/ would fix a lot of tests21:28
gary_posterbarry: cool21:28
rockstarabentley, puller esploded: https://pastebin.canonical.com/23188/21:30
rockstarabentley, all the failing branches appear to belong to jelmer.21:32
barrygary_poster: we're going to need a new launchpadlib that prints its strings instead of reprs them22:04
gary_posterbarry: in its tests you mean?22:04
barrygary_poster: yep22:04
gary_posterbarry: ok easy enough22:04
barryyep.  i'm picking off a few low hanging fruit right now (that's not one of them tho :)22:05
gary_posterbarry: :-) cool.  I'll add a section about dependencies to the wiki page, and include the zope.publisher bit I mentioned.22:05
gary_poster(and launchpadlib)22:06
barrygary_poster: +22:06
barryer, +122:06
gary_posterbarry: when you have a test run that shows the failures we have left (maybe after your low-hanging-fruit fixes), I'd love a copy.22:27
dobeyrockstar: hey. any luck with the mirroring, or do we need to smack jelmer? :)22:44
rockstardobey, still working on it.22:45
barrygary_poster: i'll put it in the wiki22:50
gary_posterbarry thanks22:51
barrygary_poster: heh.  i didn't save my draft.  did now and added my branch23:05
gary_posterbarry: great23:05
wgrantHm, there is a buildbot failure, but two non-testfix branches have landed since then. Is that meant to happen?23:11
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-afk
wgrantThe blog's grey-on-white really really hurts.23:30

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