sproatyis there a way to set the English UK translation for my app to be exactly the same as the default without going through each translation message?00:07
sproatyor should I just not bother00:07
kikosproaty, good question, can you ask on -users or on ubuntu-translators?00:29
sproatysorry, didn't realise there was specific LP channels :)00:30
mwhudsonsproaty: kiko is referring to mailing lists, i think00:31
sproatyah right. But thinking about it, I'll just leave it00:32
bodhi_zazenHow can I change a project name in LP ?00:43
bodhi_zazenI started a project with the name of zenbuntu00:44
bodhi_zazenbut need to change it now to zenix00:44
bodhi_zazenI changed the details, but the URL did not change00:44
bodhi_zazendo I simply abandon the project and start new ?00:45
wgrantbodhi_zazen: Ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion, and an admin will rename it for you.00:46
bodhi_zazenThank you00:46
x-warriorWhere can i see how Karma works? How many points for each feature (translation/bazaar...etc)? And how I loose it?00:58
wgrantx-warrior: Karma degrades over time. Each action's points linearly deteriorate over one year, until the action is worth nothing.00:59
x-warriorSo if today i have 5000 in 08/10/2010 I will have 0 points if i don't do any other actions? that is right?01:07
pooliesinzui: what's the actual meaning of the tech-debt tag?01:24
poolielike i don't think bug 408207 is tech-debt any more than any bug is debt01:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408207 in launchpad-code "Branch sparklines are disabled" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40820701:24
sinzuiTechnical debt is is the cheat in the code that will cause problems in the future. I am marking all the XXX comment bugs01:25
sinzuipoolie: tech debt is all the incomplete parts of the code we did not have time to finish01:26
pooliei know what the term means01:26
pooliei just don't see the point in marking that bug or say 12013501:26
pooliebug 12013501:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 120135 in bzr "makedirs() function for transports" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12013501:26
sinzuihow interesting, I was just writing that I want the sparkline fixed and back on pages01:26
poolieso it seems to me the point of the tag is that 'payment' (time) for these bugs will come out of a separate account?01:28
poolieie we might fix some Low tech-debt bugs first?01:28
sinzuiWe should01:29
sinzuiI think we might find that some XXX bugs are closed, are invalid now01:29
poolieso are you saying 120135 is one that the bzr developers ought to prioritize?01:30
poolieor it smells to you like tech debt?01:30
poolieor there's an xxx mentioning it?01:30
pooliei just want to understand what it's supposed to convey01:30
sinzuiThere is an XXX saying that the code is hacked because that feature was not implemented01:30
sinzuiIf that is not true, we should update the code.01:31
poolie... and what action it is supposed to produce01:31
sinzuiWe will have a graph of tech-debt to measure if we are reducing the problems we know are in the code01:32
sinzuipoolie: This is a action Item from the first day of the team leads sprint01:32
poolieall bugs are problems in the code01:33
* poolie looks01:33
spiv"problems we know are in the code" sounds like any bug report to me, not just ones tagged "tech-debt"?01:33
sinzuipoolie: I think a lot of these comment are invalid, they date back to 2005 for feature we do not intend to implement01:33
pooliei agree with the general project, i'm just not sure that XXX comments are very well correlated with things we want to fix01:33
poolieand i am skeptical that removing stale xxx comments when we're not otherwise touching the code is a good use of time01:34
sinzuipoolie: The comment were given a bug because we intended to fix them soon, We did not01:34
sinzuiWe can remove the tag from the bug and the comment from the code if we believe the issue is not valid any more01:35
spivI'm not sure that's true.  I'm sure when I was an LP reviewer an XXX comment didn't imply "intend to fix soon".01:35
spivThe policy may have changed, but that won't change the intention of the old comments :)01:35
* poolie reads https://wiki.canonical.com/Launchpad/Sprints/TeamLeadsSep09/Report01:36
sinzuiIf there is a bug named in the code, we want it tracked01:36
pooliethe assumption is that bugs mentioned in code are more important or different?01:36
mwhudsonspecifically re 120135, isn't create_prefix a transport method now?01:37
sinzuino. We are not assuming anything because we forgot about them. We want to know about them01:37
sinzuiI am the messenger not the decider. We are tracking these bugs We do not even know what they are. The point is we cannot plan if we do not know what the problems are01:38
pooliei'm just concerned that by tagging lots of trivial bugs that happen to be mentioned in code,01:38
poolieyou'll obscure the actually important bugs that we really do want to fix in a tech debt project01:39
poolielike if you ask people 'what do you really wish you could clean up in bzr' i doubt 120135 would be mentioned?01:39
pooliemwhudson: you are right01:40
sinzuiI doubt it. A tag is not triage. The only tag That influence my scheduling is oops and Trivlal01:40
pooliesorry if i'm sounding grumpy or something01:40
sinzuiThe later because I am told to, that latter because I can fix 10 a day and make users happy01:40
spiv"do not know what they are" sounds like status should be set to something like "New"... which is triage as you say.01:40
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poolieif the tag doesn't affect priority what's the point of tracking it01:40
sinzuispiv. Not at all, We are just trying to understand the relationships between our bugs. We were give 50% slack to improve quality. These bugs are issues that were identified in the past as quality issues01:42
* sinzui goes away01:43
pooliei really question the assumption that bugs mentioned in xxx comments are ones that will particularly improve quality..01:43
pooliebut, i've said my piece01:43
pooliegood night01:43
mwhudsonpoolie: i wish i could remember why we asked for Transport.makedirs now :-)02:09
mwhudsoni sort of remember, it's all a bit of a mess though02:09
pooliei'm not trying to be difficult about this02:13
pooliei just don't want more noise in the bug tracker02:13
mwhudsonpoolie: that wasn't a complaint in any way02:14
pooliei know02:14
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imawolfrawrQuestion, I registered my fingerprint and everything but I still get an error about no public key during a sudo apt-get update.02:51
mwhudsonimawolfrawr: that message isn't anything about whether your key is on launchpad02:51
mwhudsonimawolfrawr: it's about whether you've told apt to trust the key that signs the ppas in the archive02:51
imawolfrawrI had like 3 or 4 of them but when I went through the process of adding a key it took away most of them so I thought it was. Sorry I'm quite new to ubuntu02:52
imawolfrawrHow would I go about doing that then? Telling apt to trust it that is.02:52
mwhudsonimawolfrawr: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/InstallingSoftware describes the process02:54
imawolfrawrAlright thanks!02:54
imawolfrawrmwhudson: that didn't appear to work.03:02
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x000rhello! i've forgotten my password to my launchpad account and my email address too.. :( Can I do anything to resolve this situation?08:20
wgrantx000r: What if you search for your name at https://launchpad.net/people?08:25
x000rit shows my name, my launchpad id and karma08:26
x000r(sorry for my english) I just want to know the subscribed email address for my account but I don't know if it's possible to recover and how08:30
sorenIf you didn't hide your e-mail address, maybe I can see it if you tell me your username?08:32
wgrantx000r: Work out your username (your account's URL is of the form https://launchpad.net/~USERNAME), and email feedback@launchpad.net about it. Normally you'd ask a question from within Launchpad itself, but you obviously can't do that now.08:32
wgrantOh, right, it might not be hidden to logged in users.08:32
wgrantSo mention the URL in here first.08:33
sorenx000r: What is your username on Launchpad?08:33
x000rit's "hesediel"08:33
soren       hesediel@inbox.com08:33
x000rook XD thanks a lot!!08:34
sorenNo worries :)08:34
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jml'lp' redirects to the 'launchpad' project. What do I need to do to make 'lp' a project group?10:43
wgrantThat sounds like it's just going to be even more confusing.10:46
jmlwgrant, maybe10:50
jmlwgrant, I want a super-project for launchpad API applications.10:50
jmlwgrant, and want something short & catchy, and no one has come up with any alternatives, let alone a better one.10:51
jmlI'm very open to such alternatives.10:51
wgrantjml: I don't think such a thing makes sense.11:01
wgrantNot with what project groups are currently for.11:02
wgrant(launchpad-project doesn't really make sense either, but that's another story...)11:02
jmlwgrant, the 'tx' project is roughly the same thing.11:03
wgrantjml: So it is.11:03
wgrantBut it doesn't seem like an appropriate way to do things, given the way privileges work and the limitation of a single membership.11:04
wgrantSounds like you want project sets or project tags or project bags...11:04
jmlwe do :)11:05
jmlbut I used my three wishes on unlimited wealth, world peace and unicorn insurance.11:06
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stubjml: We need to remove the alias and rename launchpad-project to lp11:27
jmlstub, but renaming launchpad-project to lp isn't what I want to do, I think.11:28
jmlstub, I would like a new project group for projects that use launchpad API11:28
stubjml: Ok. If you don't want lp to redirect to launchpad in any event, I need to remove the relevant line from the PillarName table.11:28
jmlstub, it's a DB operation?11:29
stubjml: There might be a ui for it somewhere. I have my own ui ;)11:29
jmlstub, heh heh.11:30
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Phurlanyone have time to look at my import queue? sinzui danilos henninge jtv12:03
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henningePhurl: what's your import queue again?13:17
Phurllet me see13:17
Phurlhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org-l10n/+bug/431038  can someone please help with launchpad translations?13:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431038 in openoffice.org-l10n "please help import new po files for albanian" [Undecided,New]13:17
Phurlthere is the queue13:17
lfaraonederyck: ping13:24
derycklfaraone, hi13:25
derycklfaraone, so what project are you wanting to import bugs for?13:25
lfaraonederyck: essentially, a project I'm part of wants to migrate to Launchpad from trac, but first we'd like to test out the ability to import/export our data.13:25
lfaraonederyck: http://sugarlabs.org13:25
derycklfaraone, ok.  is the project registered in Launchpad yet?13:26
lfaraonederyck: yes, we're a superproject, "sugarlabs"13:26
derycklfaraone, ok.  Just looking at some pages quickly....13:27
lfaraonederyck: somebody already created subcomponents for our project, but they're associated with a different super: https://edge.launchpad.net/sucrose13:27
henningePhurl: I am sorry, but those files won't be approved.13:28
henningePhurl: Technically you are missing template files13:28
Phurlhenninge, any tips?13:28
Phurli have the templates13:28
lfaraonederyck: I understand that launchpad doesn't support superprojects for superprojects, so we'll probably have to table the sucrose component and move everything in it to sugarlabs.13:30
henningePhurl: but that's not the branch you are importing translations from.13:30
henningePhurl: but that all does not really matter13:30
Phurlhenninge, i took those pot files13:30
henningePhurl: let me look something up13:30
Phurland filled them out to those po files13:30
derycklfaraone, ok.  So we've got a couple issues at play here then -- getting everything under sucrose moved to sugarlabs, and getting the bugs imported to sugarlabs, right?13:31
Phurli gotta walkt the dog henninge she is going crazy13:31
lfaraonederyck: yep.13:31
henningePhurl: sure13:31
henningedon't want to see her make a mess of your place ... ;-)13:31
derycklfaraone, do you know why the projects were all listed under sucrose originally and not sugarlabs?13:32
lfaraonederyck: and our project board doesn't want to fully commit to using launchpad until we can test export functionality.13:32
henningePhurl: Please read https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/YourProject/ImportPolicy13:33
henningePhurl: pay attention to the "social rules"13:34
derycklfaraone, understood.  did you see my question of "why sucrose vs. sugar?"13:34
henningePhurl: I am sorry to say that I think your project is viloating most of those rules.13:34
henningePhurl: I will have to disable the project.13:35
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Phurlhenninge, one minute13:50
Phurlthe open office crew expects the translations to be delivered as a finished product13:52
Phurland our translation is not yet finished.13:52
danilosPhurl, the reason we can't accept it is because Launchpad doesn't have an ability to lock out any other translations (eg. to German or French language)13:53
Phurlhow can you disable my project like that, I was just in the middle of working on code.13:53
danilosPhurl, that would lead to people translating to those languages, and those translations would not go anywhere13:53
Phurlthe german and french have an existing procedure for the translation13:53
Phurli am in the middle of preparing the code.13:53
Phurlcan you please think about this.13:54
henningePhurl: what code???13:54
Phurllet me explain,13:54
danilosPhurl, they do, and that's exactly why we can't let it be open for translation in Launchpad (and it would be, if we import your translations)13:54
danilosPhurl, so, due to the technical design and policy decisions in Launchpad, you'd either have to agree with upstream to move entire l10n to Launchpad (for all languages), or do Albanian localization elsewhere; I am sorry, but that's how it is13:55
Phurlok, but that does not mean you have to kill the project13:55
Phurli need to host my work somewhere13:55
danilosPhurl, if you are having project for different reasons, you might keep it, but you can not use translations13:55
Phurland i am in the middle of working on it13:55
Phurlmaybe that is the case,13:55
Phurlbut killing the project is not a solution13:55
henningePhurl: it's not killed but disabled.13:56
danilosPhurl, it would be good to clarify that you are not using it for translations, so any administrator who might be looking at the project decides not to disable it because it violates our policies13:56
Phurlhere is the situation13:57
Phurlwe need to host the work somewhere13:57
Phurldanilos, henninge i think this is a bit heavy handed.13:58
henningePhurl: what "work"?13:58
danilosPhurl, if it's a collection of PO files, you can use a bzr branch for that13:58
Phurlwell first of all we worked for months to get the original translation of 2.013:58
Phurlyes i have my branches, but you kiled them13:59
Phurli have a branch for the 2.0 po files13:59
Phurlthat we recieved13:59
Phurland they are hosted only there13:59
danilosPhurl, you can push the branch to lp:~username/+junk/openoffice.org-sq-2.0 or something like that (you don't need a project for that)13:59
danilosPhurl, or, if you want more people to contribute to it, you can replace "username" with "teamname"14:00
Phurlok let me check so the branchesa are still there.14:00
Phurlyes well as long as I have the branches,14:01
Phurl i dont need a project so to say14:01
Phurlhttps://code.launchpad.net/~jamesmikedupont/shqipoffice/pofiles-3.1 ok14:01
Phurlok danilos ok14:02
Phurli found the code14:02
Phurlthats fine, i dont care about the project14:02
Phurlthere is nothing in there14:02
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Phurlok henninge danilos now, lets get to the next point. you have a ubuntu open office localization project14:06
Phurlwith some albanian strings.14:06
Phurlso we can try and get my updated po files into that14:07
Phurlthat would be the best.14:07
PhurlI split to the po files so it should be possible to import them14:07
lfaraonederyck: yes, sorry.14:09
lfaraonederyck: "sucrose" is a subdiv of the SL ecosystem14:10
lfaraonederyck: which is itself composed of fructose and glucose. So I assume whoever set up the various components wanted to organize them via the SL taxonomy.14:11
henningedpm: can you help Phurl with that, please?14:12
lfaraonederyck: anyway, the distinction is not critically important.14:13
danilosPhurl, Ubuntu OOo project is not really properly set up, so there's not really much sense in getting translations there14:13
Phurldanilos, there are 70 albanian translators14:13
Phurland we have a team in kosovo14:14
Phurlthat want to help14:14
Phurlbut we need a place to work14:14
Phurlit we can get the strings in launchpad, i will feed them back upstream14:14
Phurli am in the process right now with sun14:14
Phurlthey dont care where the strings come from14:14
Phurlthey just want a finished translation14:15
derycklfaraone, ok, on call now....  will follow up with you in just a few minutes.14:15
danilosPhurl, I am sorry, but Launchpad doesn't provide the workflow you want; as far as I know, OpenOffice.org does offer use of Pootle14:15
Phurldanilos, it is not setup for albanian14:16
Phurland there are no translatator for albanian on pootle14:16
danilosPhurl, with Ubuntu OOo project, it might turn out that we disable it soon because those translations are not going anywhere14:16
Phurlall i would like to do is get the strings in launchpad14:16
Phurlso we can start translating14:16
Phurli have gotten the older translation14:16
Phurland moved that into the new templates14:17
danilosPhurl, I understand that, I am trying to explain that it's not how Launchpad works14:17
Phurlso it is ready to start working on14:17
Phurli heard you14:17
danilosPhurl, unfortunately, but it is so14:17
Phurldanilos, so we have to recruit the translators away?14:17
Phurland get them on a different platform14:17
Phurli mean we can setup a rosetta14:17
Phurlor pootle on our own14:17
danilosPhurl, we will know soon if you can use OOo in Ubuntu for translations, but I am putting out a warning just so you know in advance14:18
Phurlok, well i know that we recurited 20 people to launchpad14:18
Phurland they would like to use it for the translation14:18
danilosPhurl, if you want notification about when the decision is made (it depends on available time), we can let you know14:18
Phurlhttps://launchpad.net/~kosova 23 members14:18
Phurlok so we need to find a different way.14:19
Phurli understand14:19
danilosPhurl, yeah14:19
danilosPhurl, I am sorry about it14:19
Phurlwell at least i have a direction.14:20
Phurlcause when we talked about this in julz14:20
Phurlwe started with the strings translation in launchpad14:20
Phurleven if you disable this later14:21
Phurlwe can at least make some progress14:21
Phurldanilos, right?14:21
Phurli mean there is nothing against working for 2-3 months with launchpad14:21
danilosPhurl, yeah, we will provide tarballs with whatever has been done by that time before we stop people from working on it14:21
Phurlok so lets get this started14:21
Phurland you can kill it later!14:21
danilosPhurl, that's right, you can use OpenOffice.org in Ubuntu until it has been decided14:21
Phurlok, so you can help import the po files that I have provided14:22
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Phurlfor the lastest version.14:22
barryhello everyone, i am your last daily-CHR! next week you get jml for the whole week :)14:22
Phurlso we can make some progress?14:22
danilosPhurl, yes, but I don't know if it's going to be 2-3 months or 1 week14:23
Phurlcan you please help me import these14:24
danilosPhurl, if you want to import these files, you might need to upload each of the PO files to the respective place in LP14:24
Phurlthey should be just fine14:24
Phurlvia the gui?14:24
danilosPhurl, jtv-sprint is checking if you can use one of his scripts to automate this14:25
Phurlok, i can script that14:25
danilosPhurl, yeah, via gui14:25
Phurlwww mechanize14:25
Phurlperl lwp14:25
jtv-sprintPhurl: we're sure you can.  The point is we may have done the work for you already.  :)14:26
Phurlthen i will wait14:26
Phurllet me know what i should do14:26
jmlheh heh14:27
Phurllet me try uploading some individually if they work14:28
jtv-sprintThe script doesn't support uploading just one language.  :/14:28
Phurlwell, it should not be that hard to script an upload14:30
Phurljtv-sprint, danilos https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/openoffice.org/+imports  I have given one file as test to import.15:00
danilosPhurl, ok15:02
Phurland when that works, I will import more15:02
Phurli have agreed with the ooo guys that they dont care how we translate. they want 90% finished before I give them a file.15:02
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Phurldanilos, I have this now in there http://launchpadlibrarian.net/33360873/connectivity-resource-sq.po https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/openoffice.org/+imports?start=0&batch=75 item number 1 is approved. But I am looking for this string, for example :msgid "Invalid bookmark value" it is not set. Did I do something wrong?16:02
PhurlWill be imported into.. so that means it will happen later16:03
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Phurlit worked!!! w00000t16:24
Phurldanilos, it worked! https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/openoffice.org/+pots/connectivity-resource/sq/+filter?person=jamesmikedupont16:27
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Phurlhttp://fmtyewtk.blogspot.com/2009/10/upload-script-for-launchpad.html upload script in progress16:55
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zooko`Folks: I'm trying to report a bug on launchpad, using konqueror in karmic, and the dialog box that says "just mark me as also affected or subscribe me as well" doesn't respond when I click on the green check mark, but it does go away when I click on the red x.17:22
=== zooko` is now known as zookow
zookowShould I report a bug against launchpad in launchpad?17:23
* zookow tries that.17:23
MTecknologyzookow: patience ;)17:24
zookowSo I should not open a ticket?17:24
MTecknologyzookow: most guys that are around to help you are right around their lunch break afaik17:24
MTecknologyzookow: does it work right in a different browser?17:25
MTecknologyya, report it17:25
zookowMTecknology: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/44739017:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447390 in launchpad "can't click the green checkmark using konq in the "also-affects-me or subscribe?" dialog" [Undecided,New]17:35
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idnarhttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jjacobs/methanal/verified-password-input is complaining about a locking error; is there any way to fix that?19:10
beuno-lunchidnar, bzr break-lock lp:~jjacobs/methanal/verified-password-input19:12
beuno-lunchidnar, assuming you have write access19:12
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
idnarI don't have it myself, but I'll poke the guy who does19:12
beunoabentley, have you ever seen that error?  ^19:13
idnarI've seen this happen a couple of times, not really sure what causes it19:13
abentleybeuno: This error is occurring while writing to the mirrored area.  I doubt any user can fix it directly-- we'd need LOSA intervention.19:15
idnaryeah, the break-lock didn't seem to do any good19:15
beunoabentley, I suspected after seeing it. Thanks. Any idea why that happens?19:15
abentleybeuno: no, nothing more than "an operation that was writing to the branch failed."19:16
abentleybeuno: I believe that the only operation which writes to this branch would be the puller.19:16
beunoany LOSA around to fix it?19:22
Chexbeuno: hello, let me take a look19:31
beunoChex, thanks19:31
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Chexbeuno: hi, I identified the lock file on the filesystem, and deleted it, but we are still seeing the error.20:18
Chexbeuno: there must be some sort of cacheing going on, it may time out soon. I will have to find out more info for you on this.20:19
beunoChex, thans20:21
Ddordahello. my friend uploaded a branch and now launchpad says "Updating branch..." for many hours.. can it be fixed some way?21:08
barryDdorda: what branch is it?21:10
Ddordabarry: https://code.launchpad.net/~lielft/hazon/hazon_newest21:10
* barry looks21:12
* Ddorda thanks barry21:12
barryDdorda: i'm trying to find a launchpad admin to take a look...21:14
Ddordabarry: thanks a lot!21:15
apollo13you guys are already fixing loggerhad?21:15
apollo13or don't know about the problem yet?21:15
=== sale_ is now known as sale
barryapollo13: i have not yet heard about the problem.  what's up?21:17
apollo13barry: no idea; http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zedshaw/lamson/development/files/head%3A/tests/lamson_tests/ isn't loading21:17
apollo13giving the generic error message to bug you21:17
apollo13eg connection to backend lost21:17
apollo13ah works again21:18
barryah lamson!  something that's on my list to look at!21:18
apollo13you nedd more servers after all…21:18
apollo13launchpad isn't useable21:19
barryapollo13: yes, it seems to be working for me.  probably so21:19
apollo13working but damn slow21:19
barryapollo13: i'll mention this to the losas21:19
barryapollo13: and it just crapped out for me!21:20
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apollo13barry: good to know, so I am not completly mad21:21
barryapollo13: i don't trust my own network very much ;)21:22
apollo13neither do I21:22
apollo13at least they managed to block git *grrr*21:22
barrynice :)21:22
apollo13aside from bittorrent etc…21:23
barryapollo13, Ddorda lp admins are looking into things.  if i hear any status i'll let you know21:23
apollo13barry: no need to, just thought it might be worth to report it to you21:23
barryapollo13: cool, thanks21:23
barryapollo13: ah.  loggerhead was just restarted21:24
apollo13why so21:24
barryapollo13: dunno. "it was hung up"21:24
apollo13[x] you aren't using mod_wsgi21:24
idnarit seems like https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jjacobs/methanal/utc-times is "stuck" somehow21:35
idnarthe owner of the branch pushed a revision 107, but launchpad doesn't actually seem to be serving that up, and the branch page is reporting "Updating branch..." since forever21:36
idnarbarry: ^^^21:36
barryidnar: this is the second such branch reported today.  rockstar is looking into that i think21:44
rockstaridnar, all mirroring has broken recently, we're chasing it now.21:44
idnarokay, thanks21:44
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kklimondahmm, I get a timeout while trying to submit a new bug. OOPS-1378EC126923:24
wgrantkklimonda: Try shortening the summary. Once you see the list of potential duplicates, you can extend it again.23:25
kklimondawgrant, it's short23:25
kklimondamaybe too short ;)23:25
kklimondait's "Update python-django to 1.1.1"23:25
wgrantkklimonda: Make it shorter, I guess.23:25
kklimondaok, it worked with just "Update", thanks23:26
idnarhmm, anyone around that can help me with trac-launchpad-migrator?23:44
idnarit seems to be looking for attachments in the wrong place23:44
* idnar just hacks it23:47
MethsAnyone else seeing their project's Branches page not updating properly?23:50
mwhudsonMeths: yes23:54
mwhudsonMeths: known problem, but there's quite a backlog of branches to chew through23:54
Methsah, okay, thanks23:56
mwhudsonMeths: in fact, the backlog just cleared23:57

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