Wolfcastleanyone knows how to install broadcom drivers withouth jockey-gtk?00:15
damaguHey all, does anyone know how to make the update notifier display in the system tray like in previous releases?00:16
tonyyarussodamagu: There's a gconf key for it that you change from true to false00:17
Wolfcastledamagu run gconf-editor00:17
Wolfcastledamagu, go to apps->update-notifier00:18
erudioHi all, I need help installing 9.10 into a desktop with an Nvidia 6800 Graphics Card.  I keep getting a garbled screen.00:18
tonyyarussodamagu: /apps/update-notifier/auto_update false00:18
Wolfcastleand deactivate autolunch00:19
Oli``has anybody elses associations been COMPLETELY mucked up?00:19
damagutonyyarusso: there isn't an option for auto_update00:19
kklimondaOli``: make sure that your system is fully updated using up-2-date mirror00:19
damaguWolfcastle: okay thanks00:20
Wolfcastleno problem00:20
tonyyarussodamagu: auto_launch rather00:20
damaguWolfcastle: that's kinda weird... the description implies that making it false will turn off notifications rather than turn them on.00:21
damaguI guess I'll have to wait until there are updates to see if it worked. I saw a bug about it here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/369820 but it seems to indicate that it's fixed.00:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 369820 in update-manager "Stealthy update-manager with virtual desktops" [Medium,Fix released]00:24
WolfcastleI'm gonna install 9.04 again...need wifi asap00:24
damaguWolfcastle: I'm surprised but wifi WOOTB for me00:25
damaguworked out of the box00:25
damaguand on a mac book pro too00:25
damagunot what I expected00:25
WolfcastleI don't know why it's not working....kind of hard to debug00:28
erudioNeed help installing 9.10 into a desktop.  Getting a garbled screen after splash.   Used to use "vesa" driver on xorg.conf,  but xorg is nowhere to be found?   All help is greatly appreciated.00:30
damaguyeah it sure is sweet. Mark Shuttleworth said he wanted to compete with Mac OS and he sure has done that. Karmic is way better looking and more complete now. I love it.00:30
kklimondait still has a lot of rough edges00:31
Berzerkerhaving a problem getting a timer up for grub200:31
kklimondamaybe we can make an awesome 10.04 release though00:31
Wolfcastleyeah I like it too the new software manager is great for normal users00:31
* mzz has barely looked at that thing00:31
Berzerkerhave my hidden_timeout=0, hidden_timeout_quiet=false and grub_timeout="5"00:31
Berzerkerbut it's not showing any timer and it's not auto booting after 5 seconds00:32
Wolfcastlewell off i go to downgrade00:32
Wolfcastlesee you00:32
drs305Berzerker: Do you want to see the menu or look at a blank screen?00:33
Berzerkersee the menu00:33
Berzerkerand also a timer00:33
drs305I don't know if there is a timer available for the viewable menu. If so, it's not one of the default lines.00:34
drs305You might try adding:  TIMEOUT_QUIET=false  but that would be an undocumented feature.00:34
Berzerkerwhat is GRUB_TIMEOUT="5" then?00:35
Berzerkerin combination with GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=000:35
drs305Well, wait, now that I think about it the timeout does display, but I don't know of a setting that controls it.00:35
* drs305 reboots his laptop to look00:36
drs305Yeah, it's there. But I don't know of a setting that controls it.00:36
drs305GRUB_TIMEOUT is the viewable timeout.00:37
Berzerkerwell not only does the setting not display, but it's not auto booting after 5 seconds00:37
drs305If the hidden timeout is a positive number, you'll be looking at a blank screen for that amount of time.00:37
drs305If you have hidden timeout quiet false, you will see a counter on the blank screen.00:38
BerzerkerI have that00:38
Berzerkerbut it's not working lol00:38
BerzerkerI update-grubed00:38
Berzerkerhold on, let me try it again00:38
jonLappyI just did an update on my computer (karmic) and my mouse stopped working. Looking on line several other people have my issue but I see no fix for it. Anyone have any ideas?00:43
jonLappyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/378818 << bug that appears to be affecting me.00:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 378818 in linux "Mouse stopped working after upgrade to Karmic" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:43
Berzerkerdrs305: did it again, and it worked, oh well, thanks.00:44
andresmh_for some reason I cannot seem to be able to disable Compiz Animation plugin. I disable it using the Compiz Config Settings manager and after a few seconds it gets enabled again on its own.00:49
erudioNeed help installing 9.10 into a desktop.  Getting a garbled screen after splash.   Used to use "vesa" driver on xorg.conf,  but xorg is nowhere to be found?   All help is greatly appreciated.00:49
jonLappyerudio: what did you use to install it?00:52
thiebaudeerudio, which graphics card do you have?00:53
erudiojonLappy - I got rid of quiet splash and replaced it with break=bottom so I could edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf with driver "vesa", but its nowhere to be found.00:54
erudioI'm using an Nvidia 680000:54
erudioThat was the old way I used to get Ubuntu to work until I could install the Nvidia drivers to get passed the garbled screen.00:54
thiebaudeerudio, is this a fresh install of 9.10 or upgraded from 9.04?00:55
erudioFresh install00:55
thiebaudeerudio, i have nvidia also, but i upgraded from 9.0400:55
erudioI never tried it with 9.04?   Last version was 8.10 that I used.    Do you think I'll be able to get to the xorg.conf file?00:56
thiebaudeerudio, i dont know how, when i had intel 815 i knew how, but that was in 9.0400:57
erudioI'll try it again with 9.04 and upgrade.00:58
erudioThank you.00:58
thiebaudeerudio, no problem00:58
erudioHopefully, some more documentation will come out later on.00:58
darthanubisanyone have a link to the alpha5 isos?01:02
Daithe ones that are two releases out of date?01:02
darthanubisDai, yeah those01:10
uboxshould broadcom wireless work out of the box this version?01:11
Daithat is a good question.  everyplace i'm seeing has moved strictly to the beta ISOs01:12
Daiyou might still be able to find a torrent, though01:12
darthanubisDai still looking. I thought i came across a page full of releases earlier, but I can find the page in my history01:16
Daithose may still be good01:18
ConstantineXVIjust making sure, should there be any restricted drivers for a geforce9400m in karmic yet?01:19
chu_Anyone had any luck getting gnome-do to run on Karmic?01:20
darthanubisDai, thanks01:21
Daiyou're welcome01:21
Daii'm not sure why it's useful at this point, but have fun :)01:22
darthanubisDai they are reccomended for recovery if the Beta disk don't work01:22
darthanubisI've had no lucj with the Beta iso, at least installing from usb stick01:23
menzzaHello im running of a live usb trying to install flash but I get error while installing it it says dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>; Bad file descriptor01:23
zmjjmzdarthanubis: what comp?01:24
Daiah, neat01:24
darthanubiszmjjmz, comp=?01:25
zmjjmzdarthanubis: computer01:25
zmjjmzmake/model, etc.01:25
menzzaHello im running of a live usb trying to install flash but I get error while installing it it says dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>; Bad file descriptor01:26
darthanubisI don't buy commerical PCs01:26
darthanubisI build my own.01:26
darthanubisBut trying to install Beta from usbstick on a Aspire 368001:26
darthanubisMy main PC has an Asus P5Q01:27
darthanubismobo of course01:27
menzzathis flash not getting installed is getting annoying01:29
arashis 9.10 LTS?01:33
menzzaarash: nope01:33
Steilanyone use uh01:33
Steilubuntu moblin remix?01:34
* mzz wonders why this dist-upgrade is installing gcj01:35
mzzjava confuses me01:35
uboxanyone know how to get broadcom working in karmic?01:36
menzzaubox: did it work in jaunty?01:37
uboxin itrepid i had to do it the hard way. but there are drivers on broadcoms website. they have source and a make file. i compiled and then installed. but am not sure what to do next01:39
uboxjaunty didn't like my ppc, now i have an amd6401:39
ubox*based computer01:39
menzzaubox: ok so is it a laptop?01:39
mzzlooks like it's because openjd stopped providing the java-virtual-machine virtual, and jython depends on that virtual. But openjdk worked just fine without gcj earlier, so huh.01:39
uboxyes, an hp dv6404ca01:39
uboxand the broadcom chipset is bcm431101:40
uboxi got the tar from them for 64bit01:40
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
menzzaubox: yeah u have the same chip as I do, I had problems in jaunty I installed the propriatary drivers and they sucked, the connection was super slow01:41
menzzaubox: but I had a zyxel usb wlan card and that worked out of the box01:41
uboxyeah all i have is what inside01:42
menzzaubox: so I did not try anything else bcause I was so tired01:42
uboxthis guy http://aldeby.org/blog/index.php/howto-ubuntu-linux-on-hp-pavilion-dv2000-dv6000-dv9000-series-laptops#suspend  claims that it is supported via the hardware drivers utility01:42
uboxdoes that require a connection to work?01:43
menzzaubox: I can try it01:43
menzzaubox: just a minute01:43
uboxok, thanks01:43
mzzdoes someone know how I get the list of rdepends of a virtual package name?01:46
mzz"apt-cache rdepends java-virtual-machine" does not seem to work01:46
Lars_GHey all01:46
Lars_GI messed up my partition trying to parted it to make a separate (and encrypted) home :'(01:47
Lars_GSo I wanna reinstall01:47
aliendude5300Hi, I'm having a problem upgrading. When I  try to  upgrade, I get this error:01:48
Lars_Gbut the pen drive boot (netbook remix) after grub (or syslinux) tryies to mount the (damaged) hdd partition, (first detected ext part I guess).01:48
aliendude5300E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)01:48
aliendude5300E: Unable to lock the download directory01:48
aliendude5300Usually that means aptitude is in use but I restarted the system.01:48
Lars_GWithout deleting it, (as I don't have parted bootable anymore) is there any way to specify the boot part by hand easily?01:48
aliendude5300It's still not working :/01:48
aliendude5300My hard drive isn't full, I have almost 800MB free space left.01:49
aliendude5300Any ideas?01:49
uboxtry using sudo01:49
aliendude5300ubox: That's what I have been doing. Thanks anyways.01:49
aliendude5300Well actually I was using sudo su to become root first, that way I only have to type my password once.01:50
uboxoh ok, maybe another program is open? synaptec, add remove programs, etc01:50
uboxumm, maybe just use sudo <command> as regular user01:50
aliendude5300I thought that too until I ran pkill apt-get, pkill aptitude, pkill synaptic as root, and then when that didn't work I rebooted the system01:51
uboxif you continue with the same session you will usually only have to enter the pass for sudo once01:51
uboxthat is rather odd01:51
aliendude5300sudo su makes you become root. You have the same privilege escalation as when you use regular sudo01:51
uboxi would just use su01:52
aliendude5300ubox: Well, that is true, although if you leave the terminal inactive, you will need the password again01:52
uboxyes, i did think it timed out once on me01:52
aliendude5300Trying the command with only sudo produces the same result though01:52
uboxwasn't sure though01:52
uboxi'm a bit stumped01:52
aliendude5300when in update-manager it says "Waiting for other tasks" but nothing is open.01:53
aliendude5300Clicking cancel causes update manager to crash, but when I hit submit report, it complains I don't have the latest updates (ironic?).01:53
uboxvery ironic01:53
uboxat least you have internet01:54
aliendude5300Everything works fine, but I need to be able to update01:54
uboxi just installed on my new laptop and it has a roadcom card01:54
aliendude5300I think there is a broadcom driver, am I wrong?01:54
aliendude5300What card do you have? If unsure, use sudo lshw01:55
uboxi compiled a driver but it went into lib/modules/uname/kernel/drivers/net/wireless01:55
uboxi was trying the driver given by broadcom for 64 bit on their website01:55
uboxi could probably use the old fwcutter method01:55
uboxor bcm4311 rather?01:55
uboxbut it is 4311 anyway01:56
aliendude5300On my laptop, I have an atheros chipset that worked out of the box. Never had any trouble with wireless, although I have had friends who couldn't get theirs working.01:56
uboxi think i read that it does work with the hardware driver utility as of karmic, but i think i need a connection for that tool to work01:56
uboxand i only have wifi01:57
aliendude5300Do you have ethernet on the laptop and a router?01:57
aliendude5300You could always plug it in with a cheap ethernet cord (some are actually less than $5!)01:58
crf_ hi, I am trying ubuntu karmic, and while running top, I wondered what "beam" from user "couchdb" is.01:58
uboxi wish, it is my landlords wifi he gives me01:58
uboxi could share my connection from this laptop but i tried that for my xbox and it breaks my connection01:59
Lars_Gok how do I set the usb/cdrom dev on the menu? it's not root= ?01:59
Lars_Gfor the usb netbook installer02:00
menzzahmm no luck with the wireless02:01
aliendude5300menzza: What's your problem?02:01
menzzaaliendude5300: getting my wireless broadcom card to work.. I have now A zyxel usb wlan card and it works02:02
* aliendude5300 will be right back after a reboot...02:02
Lars_GPlease :(02:02
uboxso here is what i have found, there is a wl.ko in with the rest of the wireless modules, b43 etc02:04
uboxhow do i modprobe that?02:04
uboxthe wl.ko is what the source from broadcom created02:04
s1gmab3tahey guys, what is the apt-get command to upgrade to karmic?02:05
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:05
s1gmab3tathank youu02:05
arandHmm, that's no help in this case...02:06
arandupdate-manager -d  is usually one way...02:07
crf_arand, do man apt-get02:07
burnersomeone should update the UpgradeNotes wiki page02:08
arand"There are currently no beta versions of ubuntu" :/02:08
crf_I think sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:08
Lars_Gis there no way to manually specify the usb pen drive's device for a live-install or live boot?02:08
burneri'm on it02:08
s1gmab3tadist-upgrade doesn't do it02:11
s1gmab3tai'll try update-manager -d02:11
burneryeah, that's what I just put on the wiki... "gksudo update-manager -d"02:11
* burner wishes the wiki theme wasn't so ugly02:12
s1gmab3taseems to work.02:12
burnerThe new look kicks so much ass02:13
s1gmab3taburner: you mean the new look of 9.10?02:13
s1gmab3tayeah its pretty solid02:13
burnerthe boot experience & the new icons + wallpapers02:13
burneranyone know if you can move items in the notification area at all?  I wish volume was in the bottom left02:14
arandAh, not to sure about the boot thogh... wallpaper is pretty ugly, especially on high res it's just edgy...02:14
burneroh, i just use the new options when you click change background02:15
s1gmab3taive only used it on my 1024x600 netbook02:15
s1gmab3taare you talking about the dark brown with white ubuntu text02:15
s1gmab3taor the white ubuntu logo on black02:15
arandburner: yes volume applet should be movable to anywhere....02:15
* burner likes hte cherries02:15
burnerarand: not in 9.10, it's part of the notification area and there is no applet anymore02:15
arandburner: ah, right, well thatn you might have to grab the whole area...02:16
arandI don't know what happens should you add specific volume control (I think, it's still add-able)...02:17
burneryeah... I've found that out... which is lame for Fitts' law.  I want to place something useable in the corner of my screen like volume02:17
burnerit's not addable here02:17
burneri think someone has to make a new pulseaudio aware applet if we want it02:17
ubuntuwell I dont seem to have any luck with my wireless broadcom card02:18
burnerubuntu: what happens when you click "hardware drivers"?02:19
arandI guess they're trying to shove as much as possible inside the notification area, with the whole "cleaning up tray"-sheningans(i'd say folly)02:20
burneroh well, i'll take it for the new pulse features02:20
ubuntuburner: well now it does not show any drivers because I did not push the wifi button on at statup02:20
ubuntuburner: but  normally it shows drivers02:20
* burner shrugs02:21
burnerand they look installed but no luck in detecting networks?02:21
ubuntuburner: well the driver is in use yes but then there is this thing calld fwcutter or somthing that does not install02:22
ubuntuubuntu: well it didnt work in jaunty either so02:22
burnerare you installed or livecd?02:23
burnerfwcutter refers to firmware02:23
ubuntuburner: live usb02:23
burneri bet it works on an installed system02:24
burneronce you get the firmware that is02:24
chu_Anyone had any luck getting gnome-do to run on Karmic?02:25
ubuntuburner: ok well I have jaunty installed on this computer but i had no luck there either02:25
uboxubuntu: i too am having a horrid time with my broadcom card02:25
uboxi even tried the driver broadcom supplies for us02:25
=== ubuntu is now known as menzza
menzzaubox: yeah ;/02:26
uboxhey :)02:26
menzzaubox: hey ;O02:26
menzzaubox: I cant understand why it does not work02:26
menzzaubox: did u install fwcutter=02:27
uboxthis is going to drive me crazy, it appears to work but i can't connect to anything or see networks02:27
milos_1is irc working in empathy?02:27
menzzadamn keyboard :P02:27
uboxnot yet menzza02:27
uboxthat is my last resort02:27
menzzaubox: yeah.. well we have the same issue02:27
uboxthere are already both b43 and b43legacy modules installed, i blacklisted them and not it doesn't work at all. with them not black listed it works but not networks show up02:28
menzzaubox: yeah.. well one would think that the proprietary driver would work out of the box but guess not02:29
chu_Or, does anyone know of a good irc channel concerning bison/flex? :p02:30
uboxya, i dunno. i'm going to see if i can connect to my phone tethered as adhoc02:30
menzzaubox: okey02:31
uboxi'm going to lose my hair02:34
aliendude5300milos_1: I'm in empathy's IRC right now.Seems to be working02:34
milos_1aliendude5300: hm, well I'm doing something wrong then02:35
uboxmenzza have you got resume working?02:35
milos_1aliendude5300: what I need to put in account text entry?02:36
aliendude5300did you connect to the server, and then type #ubuntu+1 as the room?02:36
uboxmine suspends to ram but resumes to black, the hdd light goes when i click or type though02:36
aliendude5300You should leave it blank unless you have a registered account on freenode that identifies via MsgServ.02:36
uboxit's like it doesn't resume the video02:36
aliendude5300maybe just put in username02:37
milos_1aliendude5300: it gives me error, can't connect. Ok, I'll try it02:37
lukahello, ive installed startupmanager and it downgrade grub... i reinstalled grub-pc but now i cant see the menu on the startup of my computer... how can i fix this?02:38
milos_1aliendude5300: i don't get it. How empathy knows to which server to connect. Where should I enter this info? Still can't connect02:40
aliendude5300Select it under network, in my case, I selected "FreeNode".02:42
lukano idea about this??02:42
nemopulseaudio + SDL still = fail in karmic :-/02:43
Dr_WillisThe grub2 menu can be hidden by default ediut the /etc/default/grub file and comment out the  line about 'hidden'02:44
Dr_Willisluka and that should Unhide the menu02:44
lukaok i will try it thanks02:45
nemo100% CPU usage02:46
nemoon both cores eventually02:46
nemo(first in process then in, um, pulse I think)02:46
nemothen lockups02:46
* nemo sighs and disables sound again02:46
wastrelbugs are annoying02:47
wastreldid you know there's a bug in url parsing in gnome-terminal02:47
oldude67ugh brain just died, whats the command to run grub?02:47
Dr_Willissudo update-grub to have it reconfigure itself02:48
oldude67thanks...i knew it wasnt nothing huge..just couldnt remember.02:48
nemo 5418 nemo      20   0  286m 166m  12m R  112  5.5   4:06.41 hwengine02:49
nemo23789 nemo      20   0  123m  55m  12m S   46  1.8   9:44.88 compiz.real02:49
* nemo sighs02:49
nemoand scrambled sound02:49
nemountil I kill pulseaudio02:49
oldude67i never thought i would say it, but god i wished they would of left alsa alone...pulse has been nothing but a headache.02:51
Dr_Willisive not had any issues with it untill 9.10 - now i get the little poping every time it starts to play a sound after being quiet for a while02:51
nemo 8368 nemo      20   0  275m 165m  10m R  151  5.5   2:38.30 hwengine02:52
nemo23789 nemo      20   0  123m  55m  12m R   30  1.8  10:19.13 compiz.real02:52
nemoreally is at 100% of both cores02:52
nemoand so on02:52
Dr_WillisNo idea what hwengine even is02:52
nemo.11 uses SDL audio02:53
nemo.12 uses openal02:53
oldude67when i first started to use linux as my main system i was using slackware, and alsa was never seeing my sound card, then i switched to ubuntu and didnt have a problem till this pulse audio came out.02:53
nemoboth have major issues w/ pulse02:53
nemoso does Wesnoth actually02:53
uboxbah, i hate this thing02:53
Amaranthnemo: I'm more surprised by the compiz CPU usage02:53
Amaranthnemo: This game doesn't have a frame limiter?02:54
nemoI have frame rate restricted to 100fps at the moment02:54
nemobut I had issues even at 30fps02:54
nemothis card can do 250fps w/o breaking a sweat02:54
Amaranthbut why?02:54
Amaranthmore than 60 is a waste02:54
nemowas just playing around02:54
nemoenjoying new card02:54
Dr_Willismoar is betterz02:56
Dr_Willisbye all02:56
milos_1aliendude5300: where is that network option? I can find it. http://imagebin.ca/view/sTzTU97C.html02:56
aliendude5300milos_1: whoa... my empathy interface is totally different :/ http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/5646/screenshotaccounts.png02:59
nemooldude67: you're not the only one. pulseaudio was an experiment and we are the guineapigs02:59
nemothe free alpha testers02:59
SkifI haven't been able to record diddly with my microphone since upgrading to karmic. :(03:00
milos_1aliendude5300: when did you last updated your system?03:00
oldude67nemo, at one time i uninstalled it for a while it was so buggy but i thought maybe i would try for a while to see if it would be use able now. im learning fast its still a pain in the arse.03:00
aliendude5300worked before then too though03:00
nemooldude67: i'm still on it only to support other users of default config03:00
nemoso I can know their pain03:01
darthanubisYup, Alpha install disk works but not the Beta...03:03
darthanubisGood thing I kept the Alpha iso on my computer03:03
milos_1aliendude5300: I guess I screwed up with dist-upgrade. One telepathy package was removed so it's probably my fault.03:04
pete__can anyone help me access my work email (tried everything seriously)03:06
nemopete__: what is your work e-mail?03:08
pete__think so03:08
nemo2003 or 2007?03:08
nemotry webdav03:09
nemoin Exchange03:09
nemowill work against 200303:09
nemoyou'll need the OWA url03:09
nemoowa connector is in Exchange.03:10
nemoalso irc://irc.gimp.net/evolution03:10
nemocan help too03:10
nemoI'm playing a game right now03:10
nemoso slow to answer03:11
nemotalking between turns of Hedgewars :)03:11
nemopete__: Outlook Web Access03:11
pete__how do i figure out what settings for evelution03:11
nemolook and google. and if I have a moment, I can try walking through03:11
nemoif you don't manage03:11
nemotry that link above too03:12
nemoIRC url03:12
nemoassuming your client supports :)03:12
pete__k on03:13
nemopete__: also. your workplace might support IMAP03:13
nemoI'll scan later maybe03:13
nemothat would be perfect03:13
nemoif they support macs there is a good chance of that03:13
pete__i even tried xp in a vm03:14
nemothat definitely should have worked :)03:15
pete__did not03:15
nemopete__: webmail.alleghenycounty.us does not have IMAP open :(03:17
nemoyou should ask them to :)03:17
nemoanyway. found the connector for OWA?03:17
pete__im new to all this sorry03:17
menzzaok my broadcom wireless works now hooraaay03:17
menzzabut I cant seem to install flash player03:18
nemomenzza: are you on AMD64? :)03:18
menzzaerror message Unable to read filedescriptor03:18
menzzayes with 32bits ubuntu03:18
nemomenzza: oh??03:19
nemowhy 32 bit ubuntu?03:19
nemothat seems silly03:19
menzzanemo: old laptop :P03:19
menzzawould not perform any better with 64bit03:20
menzzaatleast i think this beta version is 32bit :D03:21
* nemo fires up exchange while playing Hedgewars to see if he can give pete__ better directions03:21
menzzahow do I check if I have 32 bits or 64 ubuntu?03:21
jbuncherhas anyone set up samba sharing from a winxp guest to a karmic host in virtualbox-ose?03:22
nemouname -a ? :)03:22
nemojbuncher: wait. why *samba* ?03:22
nemooh. 'cause you don't want to use guest additions?03:22
nemoprinciple of the thing?03:22
jbunchernemo, what else is there to use?03:22
nemojbuncher: virtualbox guest additions + host mount03:23
menzzaalready got it03:23
jbunchernemo, is that possible on the ose virtualbox?03:23
menzzathx anyway03:23
nemojbuncher: nope :)  - thus the "principle of the thing" :)03:23
nemome I just add virtualbox to my package hosts03:23
menzzastill dont know why i am not able to install flash player03:23
jbunchernemo, yeah.  I'm having issues getting vmware to run each time I upgrade, so I'm trying to not get trapped in another proprietary minefield.  Just want the open source stuff.03:24
nemomenzza: if you were on 64 bit I'd suggest using the native 10 beta player :)03:24
menzzanemo: hehe yes :) but on my desktop flash works and that's 32 bit03:24
nemojbuncher: mm. virtualbox isn't as bad as vmware03:24
mahdiHi, I cannot use persian character in Wine applications ! should I add my language somewhere ?03:24
nemojbuncher: and it has never given me problems on upgrade03:24
menzzanemo: so I dont really see why it would not work on my crappy laptop :P03:24
nemojbuncher: good IRC channel too03:24
=== dk__ is now known as DKcross
nemomenzza: /me shrugs.03:25
jbunchernemo, ok.  Also, in my current vmware vm, I have it set up using samba, so I like that approach.  Not sure if I can do the same thing though.  Does vbox create its own network devices, like vmware does with vmnet?03:25
nemojbuncher: and of course, the only difference really is guest additions.03:25
nemojbuncher: the vbox manual is much better at explaining. or #vbox on this server03:26
pete__nemo, so what was i doing lol03:26
nemojbuncher: but it is either using host bridging03:26
nemojbuncher: or a virtual network.03:26
nemorelaying to host network device03:26
nemojbuncher: anyway. if you decide to use their vbox, you can always switch to OSE.03:26
nemojbuncher: the two are basically same apart from guest additions03:26
JamesB192One of the last 800 or so updates broke KDE4 on my Dell Inspiron 1501. Which is to say I restarted it and the system locks, not even responding to the magic sysrq.03:27
nemojbuncher: but guest additions allows for better mouse integration, graphics accel, just better experience in my book. still. congrats on principles and all that :D03:27
nemook... back to pete :D03:27
jbunchernemo, yeah, well, it's because compromising my principles with vmware just ends up biting me on every upgrade.03:28
nemoso not the same :)03:28
nemopete__: ok. are you in the setup wizard for evolution?03:29
nemopicked "Microsoft Exchange" ?03:29
pete__i dont know what ports the server is even on03:30
nemodon't need port03:30
=== zachtib is now known as zachtib|beerrun
nemoexchange uses web connector03:30
nemo80 or 44303:30
nemopete__: you see the part for OWA URL though, right?03:31
pete__nemo, dhs\t101352@alleghenycounty.us03:31
pete__is that a valid login03:31
nemocould be03:32
nemoalthough you might not need the part after the @03:32
nemothat would probably be best03:33
nemopete__: BTW, OWA is not ideal. Exchange likes to disconnect me from mine03:33
nemopete__: but your server appears to expose nothing else03:33
pete__i dont see owa03:33
pete__i see imap etc03:33
nemopete__: in the list of connection types03:33
nemoMicrosoft Exchange is one of them03:34
nemopick that03:34
nemonow do you see OWA?03:34
pete__no im lookingat where it says server type03:34
pete__no option for owa or exchange03:34
nemoserver type03:34
nemoMicrosoft Exchange03:34
nemoonce you pick that you'll see OWA below03:34
pete__im serious i dont see that03:34
nemopick it already. geez :-p03:35
pete__im on receiving mail03:35
nemopete__: if you really selected Microsoft Exchange03:36
nemoit would change the options03:37
nemothis isn't a help channel troll I hope03:37
pete__i dont see it im serious hold on i think i needed03:37
nemothose are really annoying03:37
pete__a plugin03:37
pete__a troll, seriously dude im not scamming03:37
nemo'k :)03:37
nemopete__: I thought it could be plugin. but you claimed you saw Microsoft Exchange in list03:37
nemoif you didn't have plugin you wouldn't see that option03:37
* JamesB192 coughs, 'VNC.'03:38
wastrelhrm my nautilus is barfing rendering .jpg thumbnails03:38
pete__nemo, ok got it now03:38
mahdiCan Wine support other languages ?03:38
pete__whats the owa url03:38
nemopete__: if you can't figure it out using procedure there. can try guessing syntax03:39
nemotends to be pretty standard03:39
wastrelmy evince is broken too03:41
nick125I could've sworn that Jaunty used 64-bit flash, but it looks like Karmic is using 32-bit...anyway to get the 64-bit flash without manually installing it?03:42
wastrelmy koala is b0rky03:42
nemonick125: manual install only AFAIK03:43
nemonick125: since 64 bit is still beta03:43
pete__nemo, https://webmail.alleghenycounty.us/owa/dhs\t101352/?cmd=contents&module=inbox03:44
nemohttps://webmail.alleghenycounty.us/owa - that part is probably all it wants though03:44
nemofor a URL03:44
pete__is the user name as far as i know03:46
pete__using that for a url does not work03:46
=== zachtib|beerrun is now known as zachtib
nemopete__: bleah.03:48
nemoyou tried auth and it failed?03:48
nemomight be just bad username format03:49
nemodhst\t101352 mebbe03:49
boondoklifeAnyone know whats up with the status on the indicator applet? It has the statuses but none of them are clickable.03:51
nemopete__: well. you can always get the OWA from Outlook if you have a preconfigured client somewhere03:51
nemopete__: hm. lemme see if I can dig up format of the one I'm using at work03:52
pete__any idea nemo04:02
nemohey. I'm busy playing games :-p04:02
nemoBTW, you really should ask 'em whether they have imap open04:02
nemoand if you have Outlook setup04:02
nemolook for OWA there04:02
pete__once i get the owa i should be in business?04:03
nemopete__: yep04:05
nemopete__: assuming your server's performance is decent04:06
nemoExchange can talk to outlook over MAPI (still very very much beta)04:06
nemoOWA (only 2003 - since MS changed the reverse engineered protocol in 2007)04:06
nemoor ideally, IMAP/POP04:06
nemowhich Exchange does support04:06
wastrelms is bad04:07
Kralnheh, compiling ubuntu kernel on netbook = die of old age04:14
alankilalast time I compiled kernel from ubuntu packages it compiled something like 20 packages and took gigabytes04:18
nemopete__: FWIW, took a break from Hedgewars to pull up my work Evolution config04:18
nemopete__: I have username set to just my account name on the network04:19
wastrelis hedgewars about gardening?04:19
wastrelwhat's hedgewars04:19
nemopete__: and I have the OWA URL set to https://webmail.mydomain.foo/exchange/04:19
nemopete__: g/l04:19
nemowastrel: http://hedgewars.org04:19
wastrelwhy is it called hedgewars04:20
nemowastrel: if you do decide to try it, don't use the package in repo. http://www.getdeb.net/app/Hedgewars <- that one is up to date04:20
nemowastrel: Hedgehog wars ?04:20
alankila*sigh* content assist in the karmic's ubuntu packages for eclipse is somehow broken. Do I really have to uninstall this package and fetch it from eclipse.org again?04:21
nemoalankila: heh.04:21
nemoalankila: personally I use a PPA version04:21
nemoWFM ok.04:21
nemobut I had similar-ish issues04:21
nemoI haven't retested official package lately04:21
nemoalankila: have you checked to see if old-style content install works? I seem to recall something about new style not working in the eclipse 3.5 tracking bug04:21
nemothe PPA was mentioned in that bug too04:22
alankilaI am unable to find a way to switch between either new or old style content assist. I can find the preferences item for content assist, though.04:22
alankilain any case it's not worth the bother. I'll just switch back to the official release.04:23
nemoalankila: yeah. dunno what to say. I'm sticking w/ the PPA one for a while personally04:23
wastrelwhat's content assist04:23
wastrelah eclipse nvm04:23
wastrelscrolled up04:24
nemoalankila: BTW. the new svn support for Eclipse seems to work much more reliably than subclipse for me.04:24
alankilaIncredibly, I'm still using CVS myself04:24
nemotook me a long time to give up on CVS04:25
nemostill can do some things svn can't04:25
nemobut svn has a few better tricks up its sleeve, and support tends to be better04:25
alankilaWhile I'm inclined to agree, in any case CVS was selected before my time for the projects I'm involved with, and forcing a change isn't anywhere high up in my list of priorities.04:26
nemosvn migration is pretty automatic :)04:26
alankilayes, I've seen it done, actually...04:27
nemopete__: sooo. did you get my username/url example above?04:27
nemohope it helps04:27
alankilaBut I've had it in mind to try out git. If I can figure out how that thing works.04:28
DanaGgrr, how do I make devkit-disks mount something with uid bits allowed?04:39
DanaGI'm trying to chroot to another drive, and it's not respecting SUID.04:40
JamesB192remove the nosuid flag from /etc/fstab . j/k04:45
* JamesB192 hates rebooting his karmic kubuntu because it seems to have 'issues' getting started very often.04:46
DanaGIt's an external drive, so I don't have it in fstab.04:46
DanaGPerhaps I should just put it... in fstab.04:46
TheRealmezquitalhow come I have to manually grab an ip using ifdown and then ifup??  I have to do this every time I boot up to karmic04:47
TheRealmezquitali only need to do this while connected using a wire04:47
JamesB192you would trust arbitrary drives to have suid files?04:47
chu_Hi guys, I think I didn't enable some repos or something, anyway, does anyone know what I need to add so "sudo apt-get install gnat-gps" works? I had it working on Jaunty, so I installed it from somewhere, I thought I copied the same sources.list across, but perhaps I installed it another way :p04:48
* JamesB192 dons a copper-sheet beanie, 'That's just crazy.'04:48
chu_Sweet, found it.04:53
chu_Any Australians here who use bigpond?04:54
fulat2khi folks, i just upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 beta.  system's using nvidia restr. driver with intel HD audio rev 02.  for starters, X doesn't startup properly if I choose the new kernel.  keeps on flickering.  if i choose the previous kernel, I get Gnome screen as usual but the sound card doesn't get recognized.  any ideas?04:56
JamesB192One of the last 800 or so updates broke KDE4 on my Dell Inspiron 1501. Which is to say I restarted it (after upgrades) and logging into KDE the system locks, not even responding to the magic sysrq.04:59
gorgonzolaok, the latest fglrx update killed my 3d acceleration. help?05:01
JamesB192I don't suppose there is some easy way to start KDE not all at once to try an isolate my problem.05:04
AmaranthJamesB192: ati?05:06
gorgonzolaanyone else having problems with fglrx 8.660?05:06
JamesB192Yes, RS480 and SB600 .05:07
AmaranthJamesB192: it's kwin compositing killing it05:07
AmaranthJamesB192: mesa regression05:08
DanaGRS480 shouldn't use fglrx.05:08
AmaranthDanaG: and fglrx doesn't use mesa05:08
petafileSo, I can't boot the live CD.  I started trying with alpha 6 and still can't.  Menu loads fine, and then either try/install both just go to a black screen, and install even stops outputting a signal to my monitor.  Can anyone point me to a workaround?05:08
DanaGhmm, are there overlapping conversations colliding, then?05:08
petafilegf8800 card05:08
arielCoHello everyone. What should I do after an upgrade that was aborted automatically? My system is still functional after installing lots of packages, and dist-upgrade.py tried do "dpkg --reconfigure -a" but I don't know if that succeeded.05:08
AmaranthDanaG: yeah :)05:09
DanaGah, I see... I mixed up gorgonzola and JamesB192.05:09
* arielCo ponders what to do next...05:12
chu_I can restore my entire Jaunty system.05:12
arielCo!bug 44691605:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446916 in memtest86+ "package memtest86+ 2.11-3ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: "Can't open /usr/lib/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44691605:12
gorgonzolaDanaG, sorry, were you talking to me?05:14
DanaGNo, I was just getting confused by those two conversations... one about radeon and one about fglrx.  =þ05:14
gorgonzolaoh. anyone here knows why fglrx got svrewed after update to 8.660?05:15
DanaGhmm, fglrx is working fine for me... but I need the x-server-backclear patch to make window operations not lag like crazy.05:15
gorgonzolaDRI doesn't load, but the module is loaded, and i can't rebuild it with module-assistant05:15
DanaGfglrx is a DKMS thing.05:16
DanaG#ati might also be able to help.05:16
gorgonzolanonono, this is before any patch, i had that in jaunty but removed it now. but i had a manually installed fglrx working all right, now it got updated and is not working anymore05:16
gorgonzolawill ask there...05:17
DanaGah, did the manually installed one use packages, or just raw install?05:17
DanaGIf it's raw install, that can cause problems.05:17
yellowroosterhi. how do i know if i have xine OR gstreamer installed? (I'm wanting to run floola)05:17
gorgonzolaDanaG, i built a deb from the ati .run05:19
DanaGah, that's the right way -- cool.05:19
DanaGHmm, check in dmesg for fglrx and drm?05:20
gorgonzolayeah, there's a bunch of meesages there...05:20
DanaGAnd check if i915, or radeon, is randomly deciding to load, and blocking fglrx.05:20
gorgonzolawould you mind looking at the logs in pastebin?05:20
DanaGhmm, I can give it a try.05:21
lenThe last round of updates broke fglrx for me.  I switched the the open ati driver, and get a desktop, but kwin crashes repeatedly.  Seems like something is hosed in the last xorg update.05:22
gorgonzolalen my problem precisely05:22
gorgonzolalen do you get a failed dri with fglrx too?05:22
gorgonzolalen cos i can get a working X, but no 3d acc05:23
gorgonzolalen and kwin seems stable for now...05:23
lenI can't even get a desktop.05:23
gorgonzolalen, oh, so you hosed real bad... different issues then.05:23
=== bukharin is now known as gorgonzola
lenbtw, I tired to use the pae enabled kernel (to access more than 3gb in 32-bit mode), but it it kept crashing kwin, but regular (non-pae) bios worked fine.  Now, after last updates regular kwin crashes in regular kernel like it was doing in pae kernel.05:26
lengorgonzola,  Was your system working ok before today's update?05:27
chu_Hey guys, how do I turn off the sound whend the gdm-replacement loads? (not the sound when logging into the desktop)05:27
lenMine was working very nicely (on non-pae) bios before last round of update a couple of hours ago.05:27
* chu_ is happily not updating :p05:28
TheRealmezquitalhow come I have to manually grab an ip using ifdown and then ifup??  I have to do this every time I boot up to karmic05:28
lenI should have left well-enough alone, and waited 'til at least rc, if not final for updating.05:29
Amaranthlen: Your kwin crash is a mesa regression05:29
Amaranthbug 44657805:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446578 in mesa "[RS690M] newest mesa update makes kwin compositing constantly crash to kdm" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44657805:30
DanaGugh, pulseaudio keeps dying and going all spastic.05:30
lenAny Idea why the pae enabled version still had this exact problem even before todays updates?05:31
gorgonzolalen, yup. ok, it had some issues because the kubuntu ppa was carrying a lot of broken packages, and i had to clean and reinstall a whole bunch, but fglrx was wrking flawlessly...05:31
gorgonzolalen i wouldn't know anything a bout this pae fella you mention.05:31
gorgonzolabut i'm pissed at this fglrx thingy. this is sooo dapper or hardy or i dont know how many releases ago. thougt we had it solved by now :@05:32
lenIt's the version to get access to more than 3gb on 32-bit05:32
gorgonzolaoh, ok. sounds unstable :P05:33
causasuianyone else having problems with flash on karmic amd64? specifically, some flash elements do not respond to input from the mouse05:33
lenAs of yesterday, my system was running very, very smoothly under karmic.  I was just commenting how much smoother it was running for me than jaunty.  :)05:35
lenGuess I jinxed myself.05:35
lenI don't actually crash back to kdm, I just end up running without a window manager at all, and no plasma panel, which is pretty strange.  Apps are borderless, and you have to shutdown from the file/quit menu item.05:45
commander_ok guys i'm upgrading 2 9.10 beta .the last time it was no sound.crossing my fingers n wish me luck05:49
gorgonzolasoooo, any help with debugging fglrx? DRI no longer works after update to 8.66005:49
gorgonzolacommander: good luck05:49
alakhiai upgraded and lost sound as well05:49
alakhiais that a known bug?05:49
commander_thnks gorgonzola05:50
alakhiai'm using mythbuntu if that makes any difference05:50
alakhianot having sound in mythbuntu really defeats the purpose!05:51
alakhiaso is no sound a known problem or should I report a bug?05:52
alakhiaalso,  is there a workaround please?05:52
X-Sleepy-XHi! Is it true that this graphics bug has been fixed with the latest dailt build of Karmic? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/43181205:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431812 in initramfs-tools "i915: black screen on boot" [Critical,Fix released]05:57
=== FOAD_ is now known as FOAD
lenI had lot of sound issues with sound on my mythbuntu machine.   It's working now, so I'm not touching til final.05:59
alakhiahow did you fix it, len?06:01
yellowroosterhi folks. floola (floola.com) relies on libstdc++5.  I tried  sudo apt-get install libstdc++5. But "E: Package libstdc++5 has no installation candidate"06:01
Amaranthyellowrooster: it has been removed since it was a part of gcc-3.3 (!)06:02
lenWell, at first it was resetting the front channel to 0 after each reboot, so I had to mess with alsamixer gui after each reboot.06:02
yellowroosterAmaranth: i see. what do u suggest i use then if i wanna make floola work? (I'm a newbie)06:02
Amaranththere really is no solution right now06:02
yellowroosterAmaranth: ok.06:02
Amaranthsomeone will probably resurrect it in a PPA or something06:03
RussellAlanHello all06:03
chu_hey RussellAlan06:03
RussellAlanHad these same problems in kubuntu 9.04, just upgraded to 9.10.06:03
yellowroosterAmaranth: can i get the file from somewhere? (What do you mean it was removed?)06:03
RussellAlanProblem: Mouse jumping around eracticly06:03
RussellAlanNow in 9.10 it's 10x worse.06:04
Amaranthyellowrooster: I mean gcc-3.3 is like 6 years old so we removed it06:04
gorgonzolaokokok, silly me. last update updated both fglrx AND kernel, so DKMS never ran for this kernel, hence fglrx was incompatible. running DKMS again solved my fglrx issue.06:04
gorgonzolathanks to all for your time.06:04
yellowroosterAmaranth: ok. but is there no way to get the libstdc++5 somehow?06:04
yellowroosteror make some similar file work with floola?06:04
Amaranthyellowrooster: No way that I would recommend to someone who doesn't already know it (sorry)06:05
Amaranthyellowrooster: If you knew enough about how the system works for me to be comfortable helping you get that file back you would already know how to get that file back06:05
Amaranthbit of a catch-22, really06:05
RussellAlanAnyone know how to control the mouse from bouncing around?06:06
ghendarRussellAlan, KDE?06:06
yellowroosterlet's break the catch-2206:06
RussellAlanghendar yes06:07
X-Sleepy-XRussellAlan: What you need to really is to counter-attack the movements manually. ;)06:07
gorgonzolaDanaG, what was the name for the no-back-fill patch in karmic?06:07
RussellAlanX-Sleepy-X tried, but it's super slick06:07
RussellAlani was on a webpage and it kept going for the same button06:07
RussellAlanno matter where i positioned my mouse.06:07
RussellAlantheres a ghost in my system06:07
RussellAlanthat wants me to follow certain twitter accounts06:07
RussellAlanthe tweet ghost!06:08
X-Sleepy-XRussellAlan: Sounds almost like those fake webpages where you can't hit a button no matter what you try.06:08
Amaranthyellowrooster: I'll give you a hint: What is the most recent version of Ubuntu that had that package?06:08
yellowroosterubuntu 9.0406:08
RussellAlanyeah but seriously... I am on windows right now because of that bs06:08
yellowroosterhow do i get a ubuntu 9.04 package into my ubuntu 9.10 system?06:09
ghendarRussellAlan, in KDE4 System Setting->Desktop->Launch Feedback change "Bouncing Cursor" to something else of your choosing06:09
Amaranthyellowrooster: manually download and install it06:09
yellowroosterAmaranth: or, is there some way for floola to use a more up-to-date file?06:09
chu_yellowrooster, manually grab the source and compile it06:09
assoguerozen_sxguys, k3b didnt working with mp3 files here, thats normal?06:09
chu_Ergh, too slow.06:09
Amaranthno no, no need for compiling this one06:09
chu_Oh, sorry.06:09
lengorgonzola, I updated fglrx and kenel at same time too, and fglrx stopped working.   What do I need to run?06:10
RussellAlanghendar: are you serious? i didnt follow what you were getting at. Do a feedback report?06:10
Amaranthyellowrooster: http://packages.ubuntu.com/libstdc++506:10
X-Sleepy-XTime for me to install the latest daily build.06:10
alakhialen: I checked alsamixer and sure enuf the front is at 0. I bumped it up to 100 and still no sound06:10
ghendarRussellAlan, to turn off the bouncing cursor... that was your question no?06:10
RussellAlanNot bouncing cursor. It moves around without my input06:11
ghendarRussellAlan, ah... my bad ;)06:11
alakhiaRussellAlan: not related to KDE's bouncing cursor huh?06:11
yellowroosterAmaranth: thanks06:11
RussellAlani was about to say... theres a mode to make my cursor bounce across the screen to its liking06:11
lenTry messing around, turning the channels on and off after setting to 100.  It's strange.06:11
alakhiaRussellAlan: are you on a laptop using a touchpad?06:12
RussellAlanbut linked into docking station06:12
ghendarRussellAlan, perhaps they've advanced the libraries so far that it can now read your thoughts for input... stop thinking about it and see if it still moves  ;)06:12
Amaranthof course libstdc++6 is 3 years old at this point so I would hope people would build against it instead but apparently some don't...06:12
alakhiaso you are using a usb mouse?06:12
assoguerozen_sxguys, k3b didnt working with mp3 files here, thats normal?06:12
RussellAlanghendar, lemme meditate on that one =D06:12
ghendarRussellAlan, bwaahaaha06:12
RussellAlanusb mouse yes, but you gave me the idea alakhia, that maybe it is my screen beeing closed.06:13
Amaranthassoguerozen_sx: Can you play mp3s with other KDE apps?06:13
RussellAlanalthough I am on windows right now and not having any issues other then the fact im on windows and probably have 4 trojans installed06:13
assoguerozen_sxAmaranth not on kde... im using gnome06:13
Amaranthassoguerozen_sx: so use brasero06:13
assoguerozen_sx... =/06:13
assoguerozen_sxk3b so better06:14
alakhiaassoguerozen_sx: try installing: libk3b6-extracodecs06:14
ghendarassoguerozen_sx, do you have libk3b6-extracodecs installed?06:14
assoguerozen_sxbut in gnome i can normally work with mp306:14
assoguerozen_sxoh lets take a look06:14
RussellAlani would love to do a video screen capture to document this ghost cursor.06:14
AmaranthI thought he needed libxine1-plugins06:14
assoguerozen_sxghendar didnt have the lib, now i marked in synaptic06:15
ghendarassoguerozen_sx, np06:15
jdsbluedevlhi, got a weird question.  How do I keep linux-386 from showing up when I run "aptitude -f install"?06:15
jdsbluedevlI don't want that package, as that kernel messes up my system when I boot from it06:16
yellowroosterAmaranth: Is there going to be some disadvantages to getting and using a Ubuntu 9.04 package/file in a Ubuntu 9.10 system?06:16
Amaranthyellowrooster: considering the package doesn't exist in karmic I can't think of any serious ones06:17
yellowroosterAmaranth: Is there a way to make floola use a more up-to-date lib* file?06:17
Amaranthyellowrooster: ask them to recompile it06:17
causasuianyone else having problems with flash on karmic amd64? specifically, some flash elements do not respond to input from the mouse06:17
yellowroosterok. will make that suggestion. thanks.06:17
Amaranthcausasui: bug 41040706:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 410407 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash does not recognise mouse clicks" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41040706:18
assoguerozen_sxcausasui had same problem here06:18
alakhiacausasui: are you using flash alpha?06:18
causasuiAmaranth: thanks06:18
assoguerozen_sxi didnt remember how i solve this problem, lol06:18
Amaranthcausasui: you may be able to get away with using metacity or 64-bit flash to work around it but it still randomly happens in those setups as well06:18
causasuialakhia: sorry? I downloaded the flash plugin from adobe website, but as I'm using chrome I dont know how to install it06:18
Amaranthcausasui: If you're using chrome it doesn't matter06:19
alakhiaare you using 64-bit or 32-bit OS?06:19
causasuialakhia: as I said, 64 bit06:19
Amaranthcausasui: turning off compiz may help for you but it may not06:19
causasuiAmaranth: sorry, what doesnt matter?06:19
Amaranthcausasui: but there is no other workaround06:19
alakhiai have firefox and flash alpha (64-bit) works fine for me06:19
Amaranthcausasui: The problem seems to be caused by out of process plugins06:20
yellowroosterAmaranth: thanks. floola works now that i got http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/i386/libstdc++5/download06:20
Amaranthcausasui: so nspluginwrapper for firefox but chrome _always_ uses out of process plugins06:20
Amaranthcausasui: For some people switching to metacity fixes it06:20
causasuiAmaranth: well, is it fixable by someone else? (ie can I hold out for an update at least?)06:20
AmaranthBut since it affects other WMs too it is not a compiz problem, per se06:20
Amaranthcausasui: Nope, Adobe either needs to fix flash or point out what we're going wrong because as far as I know we're not doing anything wrong in compiz06:21
Amaranthand it happens to other WMs too06:21
causasuiAmaranth: but as far as I know this doesnt happen in jaunty?06:22
causasuiat least, I didnt have this problem in jaunty06:22
assoguerozen_sxoh, now have update do nvidia drivers ^_^06:22
Amaranthcausasui: it didn't happen in jaunty, no06:22
Amaranthcausasui: which could also point to a regression in Xorg06:22
Amaranthcausasui: but since we don't have source code for adobe's flash player it makes debugging a pain so...06:23
lenWhat command  to I need to type to get dkms to rebuild the kernel module for fglrx?06:23
Kralnhah, fuck you kernel hacker gods. recompiled the 2.6.31 kernel for dell mini 10, recompiled the psb driver so hardware acceleration and acpi works. fuck yeah.06:23
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.06:23
assoguerozen_sxthat guys woking alot to put the finally distro in right date06:23
KralnAmaranth: if you had to fix broken drm drivers you'd be cursing too. just saying`06:24
causasuiAmaranth: what's puzzling to me is that about 1/3 of the time, youtube videos respond to mouse input, and 2/3 of the time they dont. when they do work they have different graphics too. its almost like two versions of flash are fighting06:24
AmaranthKraln: The patch you are making to the kernel would severely break regular the regular intel driver otherwise we'd probably have it already06:24
AmaranthI believe intel is trying to merge their psb and i915 kernel modules06:25
lenI typed sudo dkms status and got a lot of error messages so I think that is my problem06:25
KralnAmaranth: no no, not that little tiny comment two lines thing. A lot of the internal structs changed for 2.6.31 and almost all of drm wouldn't build06:25
Amaranthsince the poulsbo uses i915 modesetting and 2D06:25
chu_I'm really impressed with Karmic, but one thing that puzzles me is why my laptop, without hardware acceleration on the gpu detected my laptop's natural resolution (it's a weird sized screen, I forget the exact details), but with hardware acceleration (i.e. proprietry nvidia drivers) it doesn't :?06:25
Amaranthchu_: That would be a bug in the nvidia driver06:26
chu_It's not bad, just weird.06:26
KralnAmaranth: its too bad they just don't open the drivers. I heard a rumor that the people who wrote the closed drivers didn't use any of the reference firmware06:26
AmaranthKraln: Right, it was a completely different team06:26
gorgonzolalen, at least in my case, i had to force a DKMS rebuild of the module. m-a -f get fglrx-kernel-source did the trick, but i'm sure there's a more straigtforward way of making it rebuild06:26
AmaranthKraln: Like I said, I think they're trying to merge the open source parts since they are basically identical anyway06:27
gorgonzolalen, but remember, i had a fully functional X, only DRI was failing... so YMMV06:27
KralnAmaranth: would be nice. So far so good here ;)06:28
chu_Also, pop-up notifications appear about an inch below the panel bar? idk, slight irritation I guess :p06:28
Kralnits almost sad I get to give it back to the fianceé06:28
AmaranthKraln: Someone tried to get cheap and power efficient without thinking about the fact that these things were primarily running linux (at the time) so they threw a team together to quickly churn out a driver06:28
AmaranthKraln: To be fair the driver sucks on windows too06:28
KralnAmaranth: it pretty much blows all around from what I can tell. the hardware isn't terrible, just the driver06:29
AmaranthKraln: Well the hardware is less powerful than the iPhone 3Gs from what I've seen06:29
assoguerozen_sxu guys having some issues to play video files?06:30
causasuionly flash06:30
AmaranthSo to save a little power they went from geforce go 7xxx levels of performance to cell phone levels :P06:30
KralnAmaranth: the iphone 3gs has a pretty nice chip. I just want something that doesn't crash and respects acpi =)06:30
chu_How do I use this "Ubuntu One" application?06:30
Amaranthchu_: you have to sign up for an account06:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about one06:31
chu_Hah, I should have known, cheers06:31
Amaranthchu_: then there are some packages in universe that will enable tomboy, firefox bookmark, and evolution contact syncing06:31
Amaranthand you can make it sync certain files06:31
chu_I don't even know what tomboy is :p06:33
KralnAmaranth: apologies for the cursing earlier. Do you think they're going to have poulubo ready by 9.1006:35
AmaranthKraln: 100% no06:35
AmaranthKraln: Intel isn't making a 9.10 version06:35
chu_Well, all set-up now, thanks aain Amaranth06:36
KralnSo, did they give up?06:36
[31d1]_speak of the devil i just got a dang gma500 dealie today06:36
Kraln[31d1]_: I might be coerced into sharing my kernel, headers, and drm module sources. I'm not sure if that's something people would want06:37
[31d1]_despite liking and being jealous of vista's handwriting recognition software, im _really_ gonna want to be running lunix on this thing Kraln06:39
* Kraln blinks06:39
=== RussellAlan is now known as KronicKoH
Kralnit is 2.6.31 compiled specifically for atom and gma500. it *is* lunix06:40
=== KronicKoH is now known as RussellAlan
[31d1]_Kraln: yeah, im just saying, i just got it - i havent tried lunixing it up yet06:41
Kralnyour options are 9.04 with some kludges or 9.10 with a *ton* of hackery ;)06:41
[31d1]_been busy finding out how much of a pita it06:41
[31d1]_s gonna be;06:41
[31d1]_aargh, sry - i switched machines - i can't even type on that thing yet :)06:42
[31d1]_well Kraln I for one would be very interested in your hackery and would like to subscribe to your newsletter06:42
chu_Does anyone know how to turn off the sound at login window?06:42
KralnBought the dell mini 10 for the fiancee, the one with the honking 1366x768 screen or whatever it is06:42
Kraln[31d1]_: you can subscribe to my newsletter at kraln.com =p06:43
[31d1]_that screen looks nice, and having it come with ubuntu led me to believe it wasnt the crazy nightmare i found out it was while reading up today06:43
[31d1]_me, i just got a u820 ... sweet kraln.com ... now i know where to find you06:44
[31d1]_hahah 'if you feel the urge, don't' :(06:45
KralnI will post tarballs later06:45
[31d1]_thing i was reading earlier seemed to imply that the jaunty ppa's were still working on 9.1006:46
[31d1]_awesome Kraln06:46
Kraln[31d1]_: sure, but you have to disable acpi to make them work06:48
Kralnwhich means... no suspend, resume, display brightness, etc.06:48
[31d1]_i want those things!06:48
AmaranthKraln: You didn't compile that kernel _on_ the netbook, did you?06:48
FinnishIs Songbird compatible with iPod on Karmic?06:48
KralnAmaranth: you bet :-D06:49
AmaranthKraln: Did it take 3 hours?06:49
causasuiokay, is there any reason I should be having problems with Truecrypt?06:50
causasuito be more specific, after installing karmic, truecrypt will not mount an encrypted partition even though the password cannot be wrong06:57
alakhiagot sound working!07:04
alakhiamy "front" setting was mute07:04
alakhiaumuting fixed the sound07:04
Kralnhmm, all of a sudden no sound07:05
lukaguys, how can i remove grub2 and install grub 1 ??07:05
alakhiaisn't grub 2 supposed to be better?07:06
lukanot for me...07:06
alakhiai upgraded from 9.04 so my installation is still on grub 107:06
alakhiaand ext307:06
lukayeah buy i want to remove grub2 and install grub 107:06
lukai dont know how to proceeed07:07
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:07
commander_almost there07:07
lukaim missing xorg.conf also07:08
lukaive tried sudo Xorg -configure but it said that x was running...07:09
Kralnhmm, all sorts of hda-intel irq timing workaround07:09
alakhiatry: /etc/init.d/gdm restart07:11
alakhiaoh, nevermind07:11
lukai want to correct the gamma of my monitor but i dont have a xorg.conf! where do i find it?07:12
alakhialuka, you probably want to stop X, then run -configure07:12
lukaalakhia: how do i stop x?07:12
alakhiaso, run /etc/init.d/gdb stop07:13
alakhiaer, gdm, not gdb07:13
lukaok thanks07:13
evilaimHey guys07:23
evilaimQuick question, maybe an issue.07:23
evilaimMy speakers keep making a clicking, like they're turning on and off periodically.07:23
Amaranthevilaim: ubuntu-bug alsa-base07:24
evilaimI don't know what you mean by that?07:24
evilaimit's a known bug?07:24
evilaimI fixed it07:26
evilaimit's a system sound issue07:26
evilaimturning off system sounds seems to have "fixed" it07:26
chu_does anyone know where I can find the gnat-gps icon? I'm picky, and the menu editor added it as a blank icon :p07:27
[31d1]_evilaim: that doesn't fix it for me :(07:27
evilaimYou have the same issue?07:28
evilaimI haven't heard anything since...07:28
evilaimNope, you're right07:29
evilaimWhen I open a mp3 it clicks some more07:29
mac_v[31d1]_: evilaim: have you guys filed a bug for that? i have same probs too ...07:31
evilaimNo, I don't even know how to07:32
mac_vevilaim: do you have a launchpad account?07:32
mac_vor open iD?07:32
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:32
evilaimI'll submit07:33
evilaimlong as you guys can confirm for me07:33
[31d1]_im pretty sure theres at least one bug open about it07:34
evilaimYa, I'm just searching07:34
mac_vevilaim: you can use this > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage#Sound07:34
mac_vonce you file it mention it here ,i'll confirm it :)07:35
evilaimI'm doing it now07:35
=== FOAD_ is now known as FOAD
chu_is karmic particularly bad with laptop batteries?07:36
chu_weird! 1 second ago it was reporting 1 hour remaining (which is weird, as I just unplugged it), and now it's saying 2 hours which is more like what I got from Jaunty07:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446977 in ubuntu "Loud crack before sound plays in any media player" [Undecided,New]07:39
evilaimThis just seems like pulse/alsa is gimped07:40
evilaimit's messing up the way the mp3's play07:40
ghendarevilaim, it's hda audio powersaving07:40
evilaimWhat ever that means...07:40
ghendarthe power to your sound card is being turned off after a delay of no use and when it gets turned back on to play audio it makes  apop sound07:42
evilaimWay to disable it?07:42
ghendarevilaim, tryinf to remember   lol   1 sec07:43
evilaimWell, you have 4 guys here that have the same issue;)07:43
chu_If I am not logged into my old Jaunty partition, can I delete it?07:44
ghendarevilaim, comment out the line "options snd-hda-intel power_save=10" in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf  it should be at the end of the file07:45
Amaranthghendar: No, his seems to be happening more rapidly07:47
evilaimdo I have to reboot, or reload a mod?07:47
Amaranthevilaim: logout, stop gdm, unload the module and load it again07:47
Amaranthevilaim: might as well just reboot07:48
ghendarAmaranth, mine was pretty rapid and that worked for me07:48
ghendarAmaranth, it's basically several clicks in a row that occur when it goes into powersave and again when it goes out07:49
Amaranthghendar: did you file a bug? :)07:49
evilaimabout to test07:49
ghendarAmaranth, several already exist  ex: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/38120107:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 381201 in linux "snd-hda-intel powersave option and "CLICK" from speakers" [Undecided,New]07:50
evilaimthanks a lot07:50
Amaranthghendar: need one per person basically07:50
evilaimSo ya, there's your bug fix07:50
ghendarevilaim, np07:50
* evilaim bows *07:51
Amaranthghendar: Unless you know that guy has the exact same sound hardware as you07:51
evilaimYa, I can't replicate it now.07:51
[31d1]_same, woot07:51
Amaranthand no, "Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)" doesn't mean it's the same07:51
[31d1]_man, that was annoying as hell for ages too07:52
evilaimNo doubts.07:52
evilaimI guess I should edit my report07:52
[31d1]_mine didn't click if i muted it07:52
Amaranthand now your battery life is suffering07:52
evilaimghendar, can you pm me the fix again?07:52
AmaranthIf I ever see one of you say "but windows gets an extra hour battery life!" I'll be upset :)07:53
evilaimCan someone paste me what ghendar told me to do please?07:53
evilaimI'm going to update my launchpad report with it.07:53
[31d1]_hmm, so you prefer bugs from everyone rather than keeping everyone on the same bug ... interesting07:54
Amaranth[31d1]_: If you have different hardware, yes07:54
evilaimcome on people07:55
AmaranthIf everyone "me toos" on a bug and then the problem is solved for the original reporter everyone flips out when the bug is closed as fixed07:55
Amaranthwell duh it isn't fixed for you, it's a driver problem and you have different hardware :)07:55
Amaranth[31d1]_: General things like "app crashes when I click this button" you should all use the same bug report07:56
Amaranthaudio and video driver bugs each piece of hardware should have a different report07:56
[31d1]_and using ubuntu-bug dumps all the relevant hardware info to the bug?07:56
Amaranthbetter to have to close 10 bugs at once then have to keep track of how many different bugs are in one report07:56
ghendarAmaranth, every time I've files a bug that was the same as one already reported... even though it was different hardware it gets marked as a duplicate07:56
Amaranthyeah, `ubuntu-bug alsa-base` should give pretty much all needed info07:57
Amaranthghendar: apparently the guys working on audio and the triage team don't talk much :/07:57
Amaranthghendar: audio and video bugs known to have a common cause will get duped and bugs with programs will get duped no matter what the hardware07:57
evilaimWell, that was pretty much perfect for me07:58
evilaimI'll keep beta testing the crap outta this07:58
[31d1]_ok i'll be nice and file my own unique snowflake for this bug :) so that when i complain that windows gets an extra hour etc :)07:58
evilaimissue with Empathy07:58
evilaimbut I think it's a theme issue07:58
evilaimOk, so question, if shit crashes, and it asks if I want to submit it... is that good enough?07:59
evilaimWill it actually be recieved by someone?07:59
mac_vevilaim: it will be sent to launchpad08:00
ghendarAmaranth, so saying "me too" and appending the hardware it also affects is NOT the way to go?08:00
ghendarevilaim, language08:00
Amaranthevilaim: Ideally someone will eventually look at it, yes08:00
mac_v!language | evilaim08:00
ubottuevilaim: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:00
Amaranthand most of the time it includes the information needed to fix it08:00
mac_vevilaim: and you need to enter info of what you were doing at the time of the crash :)08:01
mac_vthat helps debugging it08:01
Amaranthbut if someone asks for more information and you don't reply within a week don't expect anything to be done with the bug for a few months...08:01
mac_vevilaim: so basically its what Amaranth said.... nearly self-service ;)08:02
evilaimI'll tell you straight up tho08:04
evilaimthis ubuntu is the best lookin' ubuntu I've ever seen hands down08:04
evilaim"dust theme"08:04
evilaim100% mint to me08:04
[31d1]_hey Amaranth you seem like someone that i can ask this - apt full-upgrade has been wanting to remove grub and startupmanager, in order to upgrade grub-common and grub-pc, for the last few days08:04
Amaranth[31d1]_: right, that's replacing grub with grub208:05
[31d1]_i'm a bit leery of doing that, at the same time it seems like maybe thats desired08:05
Amaranthand startupmanager only works with grub108:05
[31d1]_im already on grub2 - but OK08:05
[31d1]_excellent thanks08:05
commander__ok i have no sound help please08:05
mac_v!details | commander_08:06
ubottucommander_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:06
evilaimIs is bad to be inlove with your OS?08:06
[31d1]_depends on the oS08:06
evilaimI think I want little EvilBuntu babbies...08:06
evilaimSeriously, this OS is so crisp now...08:07
evilaimI remember 7.04... what a show that put out... but now 9.10 is just beautiful08:07
Amaranthevilaim: I agree, dust is win: http://www.realistanew.com/random/desktop20091007.png08:07
[31d1]_evilaim: for example, this is bad: http://www.andrew-turnbull.net/tech/windows95.html08:08
evilaimoh oh my turn!08:09
evilaimWhat you think of her?08:10
commander__help i have no sound08:10
evilaimsome thing called npviewer keeps crashing08:10
mac_vAmaranth: why do you have a separate applet for weather? when you could use the clock for weather too :)08:10
Amaranthmac_v: no forecast08:10
mac_voh ok... yeah08:10
evilaimI'd shoot myself if I was still using windows 95...08:11
evilaimhey amaranth, I see you're using gnome-do08:12
evilaimI'm actually about to install it again08:12
evilaimWay nicer then AWN08:13
* mac_v likes cairo-dock ;)08:13
evilaimDon't even know what that is08:13
LSD|NinjaAmaranth: what theme/font/icon set is that?08:13
AmaranthLSD|Ninja: Dust/Lucida Grande/Humanity-Dark08:14
Amaranthall but one of those is in the default karmic install :)08:14
mac_vevilaim: cairo-dock is awn , but better08:14
mac_vis like*08:14
Amaranthmac_v: seeing any issues with cairo-dock in karmic?08:15
LSD|NinjaAmaranth: which one, and how many hoops do you have to jump through to get it?08:15
mac_vAmaranth:  if you are not using ATI , the OpenGL stuff is awesome ,... else there are some problems with ATI , not th edock though08:15
AmaranthLSD|Ninja: the font and legally you need to be dual booting Ubuntu with OS X on a mac to get it08:16
evilaimMan, BEAUTIFUL08:16
evilaimI love gnome-do08:16
|eagles0513875|commander__: thats my issue as well on my duel boot on my macbook pro08:17
|eagles0513875|recompilation of alsa is in order for me i think08:17
evilaimWow, I can't belive how hot this OS has become...08:17
commander__i heaar ya..the last time this happen someone on here told me it might be my 56k modem08:17
evilaimNow, I wish I could just change icons...08:17
evilaimthen I'd be bonus;)08:18
commander__i have a HP Pavilion dv6833us notebook08:18
Amaranthevilaim: err, you can08:18
Amaranthevilaim: click on the customize button in appearance properties08:18
evilaimThe one beside "applications" up top08:18
LSD|NinjaAmaranth: Apparently they supply it in TTF format with Safari for Windows, I'll have to check that out when this netbook project I'm working on gets closer to fruition08:18
evilaimI know how to change the regular ones:)08:19
[31d1]_that win 95 guy also had a rant about how usb sucked because what was wrong with ISA and now he has all these perfectly good ISA cards and what is he supposed to do with them08:19
|eagles0513875|ill be back08:19
Amaranthevilaim: that's dependent on the theme but why would you change it?08:19
evilaimCuase, my whole theme is black and blue08:19
evilaimit sticks out like a soar thumb08:19
commander__the card is a ALSA26808:19
Amaranthevilaim: ask whoever makes your theme to fix it08:20
evilaimThat seems a bit much08:20
evilaimI should be able to change is some wheres:)08:20
Amaranthevilaim: it's a themeable icon, the proper place is the theme08:20
evilaimdid it08:22
evilaimscope this icon set out08:22
evilaimIt is very sleek08:23
mac_vAmaranth: what happened to the 'activity info' in launchpad bugs?? where is the option to see that now... /me somehow cant find it :(08:23
lenWell, I figured out my fglrx problem.  I purged, reinstalled, and did an aticonfig --initial f.  It starts in wrong video mode, but corrects itself when I go to Display settings.  I monkey around, and get it so the display is right and save the configuration, but get this:  Next time I boot the auto KDMS installation service runs and screws everything up all over again!08:24
Amaranthmac_v: *shrug*08:24
Amaranthmac_v: if you remember the URL for it I bet it still works08:24
evilaimNow, maybe you guys know08:25
evilaimI want to change 2 things: when I open up firefox, the logo in Gnome-Do is still orange I want to change that...08:26
lenscrews it up so it won't boot and won't boot and give low-video debugging option.  Seems like there is some serious bug here.  Why does the auto DKMS screw it up and how do I stop the vicious loop?08:26
evilaimand I want to change the 'gnome-do' icon I click on to "do" stuff...08:26
ghendarevilaim, you click on an icon? doesn't that kind of defeat one of the strengths of gnome-do, which is to not have to use your mouse?08:32
commander__so what do i do? do i wait til the 29 for all of the bugs to be out just to get sound08:34
ghendarIf you have gnome-do running press WIN-SPACE to bring up the launcher08:34
evilaimbut I also have multiple workspaces08:34
evilaimhow do I ALT-TAB to those?08:34
joaopintocommander__, did you report the bug already ?08:35
joaopintocommander__, did you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting also ?08:38
evilaimWeird, my Print Screen doesn't work anymore...08:38
ghendarevilaim, are you in KDE or gnome?08:38
commander__yep went there again too08:38
yoritomohello everybody08:38
joaopintocommander__, there are some complex problems related to audio hw support, whatever problem you are facing may not be fixed until the final release08:39
joaopintocommander__, did you had sound with a previous release ?08:39
yoritomocan anyone tell me what is akonadi exactly? As i could see on the doc it is a storage utility but no more details, and what is the utility on mormal usage ?08:39
omacI was thinking about boot up using the USB drive....why is it that there is no code to deal with the I/O Error when the /dev/fd0 is not talking(i.e. not there, but the BIOS says it's there).  Wouldn't it make sense for the boot up to have some logic that after 3 tries to talk to the floppy, it gives a message saying the error, disables the fd0 device and moves on to interface with the remaining devices on the pc instead of hanging and giving the user the08:39
ghendar!verbosity  ;)08:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about verbosity  ;)08:40
commander__joa it might be my modem tht eating up the sound but i don;t know how to remove it...08:42
evilaimOk guys08:44
evilaimit's 1:45 in the AM08:44
evilaimI think that's enough beta testing for me...08:44
evilaimI'mma drink this beer and then pass out08:44
evilaimSo, where is everyone from08:44
yoritomoAkonadi looks important element because is in the ubuntu menu ?08:44
evilaimNice, I'm in Canada.08:45
NoReflexHello! I'm having some problems with Font Smoothing on KDE 4.3. After a reboot even though Font Smoothing is enabled in SystemSettings the fonts look as if there's no font smoothing. I'm using Karmic.08:45
yoritomoCanada is beautiful but too cold :( anyway last winter here we had -21C on 7th january :)08:47
Gekzit was 46C here08:49
Gekzon the same date08:49
omacevilaim:  I'm from Canada also, but I currently am working in China.08:49
commander__any ideas08:50
omacI kill time by having fun with Linux.08:50
omacThat's when I'm not busy with whatever the better half wants :)08:50
yoritomorosegarden not working with jack :s08:51
omacI think ubuntu rocks...I think debian rocks.08:51
yoritomowhat a hell again, said could not connect to Jack, Jack is launched anyway08:51
evilaimWhere about in canada?08:51
omacyoritomo: install jackd.08:51
evilaimRight now we're at -908:52
omacIf you only have the jack client, it would do anything.08:52
omaconce installed, you still need to start the jack client, and tell it to start jackd.08:52
yoritomojackd already installed and working08:52
evilaimYep, I do love this OS a lot08:53
yoritomoother apps works fine , but not rosegarden08:53
evilaimOh, anyone know how to change the login screen?08:53
omacthe karmic version is beautiful, but if you boot off the usb thumb drive and if the PC BIOS has floppy 1.44MB drive enabled but physically the drive is not there, the boot just hangs there giving the user the impression ubuntu sucks.  As a constructive criticism, the developers should add in some graceful recovery and continue to boot code if the floppy /dev/fd0 has an I/O error.  Normal users don't care to see boot errors.  They just want it to work and08:56
wektwith NetBook Remix, how can user make maximus not run? I want to make the UI like non-NetBook Remix.08:56
joaopintohum, is it just me, or tomboy does not run ?08:56
omacI'll admit rosegarden didn't work for me, but want do you think of ardour?08:57
wektjoaopinto: i will check08:57
omacyoritomo: how about ardour?08:57
joaopintoUnhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Could not read add-in description08:57
joaopintoI just got this error08:57
evilaimthey changed it...08:57
evilaimI can't find the place to change my login screen...08:57
wektjoaopinto: runs for me.  i ran it for first time. perhaps it chokes on you existing data?08:58
omacyoritomo: how about freebirth, horgand, fmit, zynaddsubfx?08:58
joaopintowekt, I have rm .tomboy just in case08:58
joaopintooh wait08:58
joaopintoits .config/tomboy/08:58
wekttomboy: Installed: 1.0.0-0ubuntu208:58
joaopintowekt, deleting config work, still a bug, for the update progress08:59
omactomboy is a post it application.  How about you install another postit app instead of tomboy?  Tomboy uses mono(Microsoft-C# based app stuff).  There are other post-it apps not dependent on mon.08:59
yoritomoomac rosegarden  worked perfectly before, i don't like ardour for vsti08:59
yoritomoi don't know the other ones09:00
evilaimThis is getting annoying09:00
Gekzisnt't there a C or Vala port of Tomboy coming09:00
Gekzcalled Gnotes or something09:00
evilaimUmmm, can anyone find the place to change the login screen?09:00
yoritomoomac for me the main feature and almost the only one necessary is the perfect vsti emulation09:01
topyliGekz, yes, gnotes is a c++ tomboy clone and it's already there09:01
yoritomoGekz tomboy works perfectly on Gnome09:01
commander__well guys i'll have to wait til the final release comes out to get sound09:02
Gekztopyli: well there we go09:02
NoReflexI must be doing something wrong ... don't matter if I enable or disable Font Anti-aliasing in Kubuntu Karmic...the fonts look BAD. Anyone else experience this?09:02
omacjoapinto:  there we go...gnotes :)09:02
NoReflexevilaim: System -> Administration -> Login Screen?09:02
evilaimdoesn't allow me to change it09:02
Gekzclick Unlock09:03
joaopintooh no, not the anti-mono campaign here, please09:03
evilaimStill... doesn't allow me to change it09:03
Gekzlol I like mono09:03
evilaimI don't mean the settings09:03
evilaimI mean the actual login screen...09:03
NoReflexevilaim: is there a specific error you get? are the fields disabled?09:03
omacNoReflex:  What have you got your System->Preferences->Appearance->fonts set to?09:03
evilaimI was able to use a custom one... now you can't...09:03
evilaimIt just isn't there...09:03
NoReflexomac: I'm using Kubuntu Karmic (KDE4.3)09:04
joaopintoomac, I don't care about the app language as long it's open source, and I am not a lawyer to have debates with you about mono, I trust on the ubuntu tecnhical team09:04
Gekztopyli: gnote crashes on Karmic09:04
evilaimNo one remembers that? you just click login screen, then it came up with choice, where you could upload/select a different screen, so when you login, you get to see what picture/login screen appeas...09:04
evilaima GDM on gnome-look.org09:04
GekzGLib-GObject-ERROR **: Attempt to add property GtkMenuBar::local to class after it was derived09:04
joaopintoevilaim, you can't change themes on the new GDM09:04
evilaimwhy not?09:05
Gekzevilaim: because Ubuntu wants to be Windows when it grows up09:05
joaopintoevilaim, because is not yet implemented on the newer version that comes with karmic09:05
joaopintoGekz, please stop being stupid09:05
evilaimOh, dang....09:05
evilaimOk, good enough for me09:05
evilaimI guess I can deal with that09:05
NoReflexevilaim: I'm using Kubuntu now. I remember you could do it that way in Ubuntu Jaunty. If that doesn't work - I don't know what else to suggest09:05
joaopintoevilaim, you can just change the gtk theme, but not the overall gdm layout09:06
wektGekz: that would be xandros09:06
topyliyeah gdm isn't configurable in karmic, at least from the UI09:06
evilaimhow do I change the theme then?09:06
wektGekz: or lindoze  / linspire09:06
joaopintolet me try to remember09:06
Gekznot really.09:06
joaopinto!ot | wekt , Gekz09:06
ubottuwekt , Gekz: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.09:06
NoReflexevilaim: System -> Preferences - Appearence if I remember correctly- or right click on the desktop09:07
omacjoapinto:   How about trying xpad or xpostit?09:07
evilaimNope, awe well09:08
evilaimI'll wait for the 29th to complain:)09:08
evilaimI'm sure they have enough to do without me complaining09:08
joaopintoomac, do you actually read my previous text ? Why should I ?09:08
joaopintoI am happy with tomboy09:08
yoritomoi need to go, see you later all, and thanks omac for your hints09:08
topylitomboy can't really be replaced with a sticky notes app09:09
evilaimAight, it's bed time for me09:09
joaopintoevilaim, I don't remember the instructions right now, it involved running dbus-launch; gnome-appearance-properties with gdm09:09
evilaimThanks for all the help guys.09:09
evilaimThanks tho bro.09:09
evilaimI'll be on tomorrow, and I'll see if I can fix this up09:09
evilaimG'night all09:09
ActionParsniphey guys, is gnome-vfs-obexftp in the pipeline for karmic?09:15
xorAxAxhi, my problem: i cannot activate standby in my shutdown menu. `pm-suspend` works, though09:15
omacActionParsnip:  You are using bluetooth and obexftp with your phone.09:16
ActionParsnipomac: its some guy asking on launchpad and I cant find it in my repos and ubottu says its not around09:16
omachave you installed all the bluetooth?09:16
ActionParsnipand its a dependancy of gnome-desktop-environment09:16
omacobexftp is in the 9.04 repo so I'm sure it should be here too.09:17
ActionParsnip!info gnome-vfs-obexftp09:17
ubottuPackage gnome-vfs-obexftp does not exist in karmic09:17
ActionParsnipomac: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/8527709:17
WIGGMPkIm trying to install 9.10 amd64 alternate on a BIOS RAID0 setup and it prompts me to install a boot loader (or at the boot loader install step) I select GRUB and it just keeps prompting.09:17
omacActionParsnip:  http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/gnome-vfs-obexftp/0.4/09:21
ActionParsnipomac: thanks, i'll post the link to the dude :)09:21
omacActionParsnip:  It's not the most elegant, but it will get him up and running.09:21
omac./configure;make;make install;09:21
ActionParsnipomac: true09:21
omacIf he wants to avoid the switch in the interim.09:22
omacjust use the obexftp command line interface.09:22
omacI know it's all workaround, but I'm sure the obexftp will come with the release.09:23
joaopintoActionParsnip, if's not there already, it will not come09:23
omacconsidering it's in the dependency confirms it.09:23
ActionParsnipdefinately, thanks09:23
ActionParsnipyeah i said he'd have to wait, or compile09:23
ActionParsnipand to log a bug09:23
joaopintothere is an obexftp package09:23
joaopintoobexftp - file transfer utility for devices that use the OBEX protocol09:24
omacthat'll get him talking to his phone.09:24
omacbut he still needs the bluetooth stuff.09:24
omacactionparsnip:  bitpim might work for him too.09:25
omacI haven't had success with bitpim, but the gnome-vfs-obexftp and the obexftp both work for me and they are adequate for getting/putting stuff on the phone.09:26
topyliActionParsnip, gnomevfs is deprecated09:26
topylinot a good idea to bind your bluetooth stack to a non-existing vfs :)09:27
omactopyli: what do you recommend then?09:27
topyliomac, gnome-bluetooth, nautilus-sendto09:28
aprilharehey. i want to report a bug - my microsoft vx-1000 webcam no longer works under karmic - where do I go?09:29
omactopyli:  gnomeVFS api:  Deprecated Application Registry API — formerly used for managing applications.  Replaced by GnomeVFS MIME Database API09:30
omactopyli:  April 08, 2008 10:39 AM09:33
omacgnome-vfs was recently deprecated with the release of GLib 2.16 and GNOME 2.22.09:33
omacapplication developers should use the GIO API, instead; there are command line utilities as well shipped inside the gvfs backend for GIO.09:33
topylii know, i just said so :)09:34
omactopyli:  GVFS is a userspace virtual file system with backends for protocols like SFTP, FTP, DAV, SMB, ObexFTP. GVFS is the replacement for GNOME-VFS. GNOME-VFS should now be considered deprecated, and developers should not use it in new applications.09:35
joaopintoprobably: ubuntu-bug linux09:36
topyliomac, i am aware, no need to tell me :)09:36
omacActionParsnip:  gvfs might be there instead of gnome-vfs09:36
ActionParsnipif i get a new video driver via updates, will a restart of the x server suffice to load it or is a reboot needed?09:36
ActionParsnipomac: gotca09:37
topyliit is09:37
ActionParsniptopyli: thanks, no biggy right now09:37
wektWhat is UEC?09:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uec09:42
ActionParsnipwekt: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/cloud/UEC09:42
ActionParsnip1 more thing to make my desktop perfect, how can I remove service stops from the shutdown process please?09:43
topyliso do we have any workaround(s) to get mobile broadband working? mine doesn't work either with bluetooth or usb09:50
wektActionParsnip: thanks for the info.  Found the doc you need i think:  /usr/share/doc/upstart/README.Debian     .  At beginning it says where the scripts are.  i think you could remove the script or replace it with a link to /bin/true , but i am not certain.  I will want to find out how to do that also.09:52
cyberspliceYou causing havoc, ActionParsnip?09:54
wektActionParsnip: more info  http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/09:54
ActionParsnipcybersplice: as always :)09:57
ActionParsnipwekt: will check it out09:58
ActionParsnipstupid noip2 makes the shutdown process take forever09:58
ActionParsnipso i'm carving it out09:58
ghendarwekt, HA  I love their naming of the link "OMGBroken"10:00
cyberspliceghendar: Sense of humor is a vital part of any oss development project.10:01
* cybersplice is a fish is a fish is a fish is a fish.10:01
ActionParsnipcybersplice: and it did follow wherever I did go10:01
cyberspliceActionParsnip: The broken link, or the fish? My iSCSI is all configured now. Going to test it with an 9.10 server install, methinks.10:02
wektI need to see whether a patch has been integrated, but apt-get source just gives me a big ubuntu1 patch.  Are the components of that patch some place?10:02
|eagles0513875|hey wekt10:07
ActionParsnipcybersplice: its a monty python song, about a fish10:09
omaccybersplice: hhgtg isn't it?10:09
omacoops confused10:10
cyberspliceI haven't seen  any of the monty python films like like a decade.10:12
cybersplice... not a very good brit, am i?10:12
ActionParsnipit all good10:14
Myxbhi, i get osd notification showing one "black box" lower than they should, leave an empty space between a message and the upper gnome panel. how to fix?10:16
wektMyxb: i don't understand completely.  Take a screenshot?10:19
omactopyli:  Have you gotten answer for your 3G mobile broadband connection:  http://www.linux.co.uk/docs/center/how-to/how-to-get-online-with-3g-broadband10:24
topyliomac, actually i did, sorry for not reporting. USB connections are fixed in the latest n-m10:29
topylibluetooth still doesn't work but at least i can get online10:29
omactopyli:  wait a sec....you are connected to a phone aren't you?10:30
topyliomac, yes10:31
omacyour phone needs to have the proper settings to enable bluetooth on.10:31
omacby default it's off.10:31
omacfor example if you have a photo on your phone, you need to set the permissions for that photo...enable bluetooth for that file.10:31
omacbut do you have a bluetooth dongle on your pc?10:32
omacyou need a bluetooth dongle on your pc to speak to your phone with bluetooth.10:32
topyliomac, yes file transfers work fine. only the modem part does not (via bluetooth)10:32
omacI'm confused...what is the advantage of using bluetooth to connect to the internet with your phone over your usb cable?10:35
topylino cable :)10:35
topyliomac, i have an itsy bitsy eeepc. i go to a meeting, or a pub or whatever. with a cable, i have to whip out the netbook and the phone, connect the cable and then go online. with bluetooth i can just open up the netbook and connect10:37
jamiewan_topyli: now thats just plain lazy lol10:38
Myxbwekt: here is the screenshot http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/6483/osd.png. the notifications of backlight and sound volume show as they should in the "1st" position. all other notifications behave similarly to the one on the picture.10:38
topylijamiewan_, the difference is not terribly big, no :)10:38
topyliit does make a difference if you have to get up and move. the eeepc moves with you easier than an eeepc with a phone dangling from it at the end of the cable10:39
omactopyli:  http://www.astahost.com/info.php/Mobile-Broadband-Ubuntu-Bluetooth_t19728.html10:41
omacDid this ever work for you?10:41
|eagles0513875|hey guys im trying to do my own remix of ubuntu how do i tell it what default programs are on the live cd?10:42
causasuisomething is seriously fucked with gksudo10:42
topyliomac, it did, and it does. using ppp directly has the disadvantage that all your gnome programs will still think you're offline because they disten to the network-manager state10:42
topyli(at least i think it still does work, haven't tried on karmic)10:43
wekteagles0513875: what is 'it'?10:44
omactopyli:  your talking about firefox saying that you are offline and the little networking icon having an x on it.10:44
topyliomac, aye. and evolution, empathy, pretty much anything that wants to be online10:45
omactopyli:  firefox has a file->work offline->toggle off.  With regards to the little networking icon saying that you are offline...ignore it.10:45
wektMyxb: i don't know where that is defined.  Try asking people associated with libnotify10:45
topyliomac, i know :)10:45
omacSo you're just talking about trying to remove the annoyances.10:45
topyliomac, yes since they're regressions from jaunty10:46
omacI'll be honest, I don't use the networking icon either.  I prefer the good old pppconfig and whatever else that's a curses gui to config the networking :)10:47
Myxbwekt: question is whether it is a bug and whether it is a general behavior for karmic. i upgraded from jaunty and probably a clean install does not have this effect.10:47
omacafter that, these go into a script that I run and starts my firewall which isn't the standard ubuntu firewall ipfw and the gui frontend for it.  I prefer shorewall/shorewall6.10:47
omacThey are much more configurable and they can shape traffic.10:48
topylii like network-manager. when it works, it's wonderful. when it doesn't though, it fails spectacularly10:49
omacIt's a bit of work to setup but the work is worth it considering it's faster than the others I've tried.  I liked bastille also, but there was a bug for it in jaunty which forced me to move to shorewall.10:49
topylii haven't had use for a firewall in many many years. last time i touched iptables was to setup connection sharing at some point10:50
ShirakawasunaHi, I'm using the beta on a netbook (just installed) and am having some networking issues.  I'd like to set up my home network (wireless) with a static DNS (ideally static IP as well), but every time I go to make the setting, it completes fine and then does nothing.  If I recheck the config dialog, it still reads 'DHCP'.  All I've done so far is set up my homeless network and click the 'make available to all users' option (which10:52
Shirakawasunais the suspected culprit so far)10:52
omacI had a tplink router, and it didn't perform well.  If I connect directly to the internet, the performance bandwidth and the shorewall perceivably outperform ipfw or tplink's routing/firewall!10:52
Shirakawasunaany ideas?10:53
Ian_CorneShirakawasuna: all up to date? i've had that before10:53
Ian_Cornebut it got fixed in an update10:53
omacI must admit, it seemed to be an old tplink router though.10:53
ShirakawasunaIan_Corne: it's hard to update when nothing will resolve...10:53
Shirakawasunabut I'll see if I can get ethernet working :)10:54
Ian_CorneShirakawasuna: well, you'll haebv to10:54
Ian_Corneyou can edit the /etc/resolv.conf file yourself10:54
Ian_Corneand make it work10:54
Shirakawasunaindeed, I was being dumb10:54
ShirakawasunaI'll just edti resolv.conf and update :D10:54
omacShirakawasuna: If you are connecting to the wireless router at home, your router is connecting to the internet using dhcp and then the router assigns an ip to your netbook via dhcp also...your netbook will have a 192.167.0.blah address meaning you have a lan address.10:57
Shirakawasunaomac: I'm aware ;)10:57
ShirakawasunaI prefer static10:57
omacShirakawasuna:  you may only receive a static ip address if you pay for it up-front by the ISP.10:57
Shirakawasunait's a local address... I already use static10:58
=== Into_the_Pit is now known as Frickelpit
Shirakawasunayou don't configure your internet connection's dhcp/static settings from the nm-applet config :D10:58
omacIf you prefer to have a static local-area-network(LAN) address, you must configure your router to provide the static ip address associated with your MAC address.10:58
Strogg_grsync is still not working , will it for the fi,al release ?10:59
Shirakawasunaomac: I have MAC address filtering turned off10:59
omacShirakawasuna:  Once that's done, then you may use the gnome-network-manager and tell it you have a static address
Shirakawasunathe problem I'm having is clearly software or conf-related...11:00
Shirakawasunasettings aren't sticking, it isn't even trying to do anything in between11:00
Ian_Corneomac: that's not true11:00
Ian_Corneyou can use static ip's when your router is dhcp'ing11:00
Shirakawasunait's kinda funny, being told I can't have static IPs when the compy I'm using is on a static ip ;)11:01
Ian_Cornethe only problem you'll have is collisions when it assigns the same ip via dhcp11:01
omacShirakawasuna:  you do whatever you want, but if you have more than one computer connecting to your wireless router, then the ip addresses assigned to you.11:01
Shirakawasunaomac: and you're wrong, lol11:01
omacvia dhcp...11:01
Ian_Corneomac: no11:01
omacsure I'm wrong.11:01
ShirakawasunaI've had like four laptops statically connected11:01
Shirakawasunadhcp is the antithesis of static, omac...11:01
omacIN your router you may state that you have a range allowed from 192.167.0.[1-4]11:02
Shirakawasunadhcp is the bells 'n' whistles (automated), static is the oldschool method and support by just about everything11:02
Shirakawasunaomac: it's a very large range, even for my crappy router.  Goes past 24, iirc.11:02
cybersplicestatic / dhcp are completely irrelevant to eachother, unless the DHCP server starts giving addresses which are already in use.11:02
cyberspliceMost modern networks use both static and dhcp on the same network. Mine, for example.11:03
Shirakawasunaomac: although I have to wonder why you're still stuck on the dhcp/static thing.  Settings aren't sticking in nm-applet.  That's a software/config problem.11:03
omacBut if another computer in your net happens to have the .1 and you set your computer to .1....then maybe it's worth turning on dhcp or going to talk to the other guy with the other pc in your house.11:03
Shirakawasunacybersplice: indeed11:03
Ian_CorneShirakawasuna: did the update work?11:03
omacshirakawa: because you'll have packet conflicts.11:03
Ian_Corneit should work after the update11:03
ShirakawasunaIan_Corne: it's a big update, I'm waiting for it :)11:03
ShirakawasunaIan_Corne: 30 mins to go for a 'partial upgrade'.  I have no clue why it required a partial and not full update, it wouldn't let me view the packages.11:03
Ian_Cornei've had the same problem with wired11:03
Ian_Corneit will11:04
Ian_Corneor it should11:04
ShirakawasunaI'm crossing my fingers :)11:04
Ian_Corneif you click details11:04
Shirakawasunait was grayed out :/11:04
cyberspliceRegardless of static / dhcp config, you still can't have more than one machine on the same IP address.11:04
cyberspliceThat's just common sense.11:04
Shirakawasunaomac: duh.11:04
omacshirakawasuna:  or if you are go, then use mac filtering and make sure your mac address is associated to is always your address.11:04
cyberspliceMost DHCP daemons can identify if an IP is already in use.11:04
Shirakawasunawhich is why I always set my static IPs to be high11:04
ShirakawasunaI don't know why you haven't figured out that I don't need your often inaccurate tutelage, omac...11:05
omacShirakawasuna:  I'll agree you don't need my tutelage.  "correction: often accurate to the minute detail".  I'll move on now.11:06
topyliactually it looks like gnome-bluetooth uses PAN while my phone uses DUN in the bluetooth stack, and that's the problem11:07
Ian_Cornei don' tknow why it says partial update, the name then11:12
NinjaPlimsollswhat says partial update?11:13
robin0800Ian_Corne: usually because it wants to uninstall sothing and I think that can not be classed as an update11:14
Ian_Corneyeah but why call it "partial" ?11:17
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
Ian_CorneI'm still puzzeled why the update is removing grub-pc now11:19
=== FOAD_ is now known as FOAD
hifiseems like VLC's default output is not PulseAudio11:31
hifishouldn't it be?11:31
topylii think vlc likes to use alsa if possible11:33
hifipatch it to use pulseaudio if possible, then alsa11:33
topylii think you just volunteered :)11:33
hifithat wouldn't get into karmic in time anyway11:34
N1ckRHi, should Empathy auto start / auto login when logging into gnome by default ?11:39
NinjaPlimsollsN1ckR, add it to the startup applications list11:40
N1ckROK, that's a no then :)11:40
N1ckRCheers, thats all. carry on :D11:41
NinjaPlimsollswhen I used Empathy i had to add it to startup, but I use Emesene now11:41
N1ckRAbout the only thing i miss from Pidgin is abililty to group same person on different protocols together.11:42
topylithe status options just disappeared from my indicator-session-applet11:43
topyli(at upgrade)11:43
knutenergy option problem11:45
knutwhere is the option to do nothing when laptop is closing?11:45
knutthat seems to be gone11:45
N1ckRknut, you mean laptop lid ?11:46
topylii thought i have mine set like that11:47
topylioh, actually i'm not sure if i've tried it with karmic11:47
knutI'm on karmic and it's gone11:47
knutso i'm not sure if this has something to do with the fact that I installed the laptop while it was docked11:48
topyliso how are we going to use our external monitors? always keep the lid open? that's not very stylish :\11:48
NinjaPlimsollsknut, do remember, karmic is still only beta software11:48
DaiNinjaPlimsolls: yes, but if people don't report issues like this, how will they get fixed?11:49
knutI know that its beta software, but i think they should not flush features that are mandatory ;-)11:49
NinjaPlimsollsDai, then you report them on the launchpad where a developer can see it?11:49
Shirakawasunawow, an hour of install time O_O11:49
Shirakawasuna(more, actually)11:49
knutyes I will report themas long as nobody here has an idea11:49
yoritomoi have a problem , i updated from jaunty to karmic, and since i installed ubuntu studio audio under jaunty, when i try to unistall under karmic, it does not uninstall all the apps11:49
DaiNinjaPlimsolls: but it's not unreasonable to ask if others have had the same issue or already know about it11:50
NinjaPlimsollsDai, I didnt think I was being unreasonable? :S11:50
N1ckRknut, can you not just use the screen blank option, or does that blank both displays ?11:51
DaiNinjaPlimsolls: sorry, i read that wrong, it seems :\  it's still way too early for me to be awake11:51
knutN1ckR: I have 2 external screen with nvidia11:52
knutand this option is not available11:52
C-S-Boh, I can't go to ubuntu+2 :/11:58
flipfoneafter a failed upgrade i have been doing daily updates until today i got this http://pastebin.com/d25569320  any ideas?12:00
ActionParsniphey guys, can anyone help with grub2. It never times out or shows a countdown. I have to manually press enter to get things going or it will sit on the kernel selection screen forever more12:06
|eagles0513875|ActionParsnip: thats a first12:07
pdlnhrdi a trying to get netowrking but can't get it to route of its subnet12:08
ActionParsnippdlnhrd: add a static route specifying a subnet and a device12:09
pdlnhrdo.k? how?   i had verything working and now it has stopped12:09
ActionParsnippdlnhrd: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-route-add/12:10
pdlnhrdthe biggest issue is that on restart NO nework is configurd which is a pain12:11
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:11
pdlnhrdi can add a static route... but the server is colocated and if i need to reboot i can't do this(plus those directions are for redhat)12:12
cybersplicepdlnhrd: route add is a generic command.12:13
pdlnhrdi would like to be able to reboot the server and have ALL networking work12:13
pdlnhrdwhat file do i add it do so hat on start up it knows the route?12:13
pdlnhrdthe direcitions are for RHEL12:13
cyberspliceIt's an ubuntu machine, yes?12:13
ActionParsnip|eagles0513875|: i think i got  it. I had : GRUB_TIMEOUT="10" instead of GRUB_TIMEOUT=10  in /boot/grub/grub.cfg12:14
cybersplicepdlnhrd: /etc/network/interfaces12:14
pdlnhrdyes... wich doesn't have a /etc/sysconfig/networking/default/route-ethx12:14
godstarWord to the wise. If you go KK64 Beta, do not remove old files, you may need them. Especially if KK64 breaks and the network stack corrupts. I just had to reinstall JJ64.12:15
pdlnhrdgateway is defined correctly12:16
pdlnhrdit is like it is not reading the file12:16
pdlnhrdafterrestart ifconfig eth0 shows no infomration12:17
cyberspliceThis is a colo machine?12:18
hifiAltGr variant of US International is broken again12:18
pdlnhrdit looks A LOT like this http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html12:18
cybersplicepdlnhrd: Can you pastebin your interfaces file?12:19
pdlnhrdits on diffrent machines with no access... i am going to have to retype it12:19
cyberspliceMore than likely you've mistyped something in the interfaces file. However, i strongly recommend against using 9.10 on a production machine, particularly a remote one.12:20
pdlnhrdit is all for testing12:22
pdlnhrdwe have to unit test against new build to know what issue we will have12:23
cybersplicepdlnhrd: add auto eth012:24
pdlnhrdwhich line?12:24
pdlnhrdline 2?12:24
pdlnhrdif this fixes this... thanks... i a going to reboot and see what happens.... (i came in 2 hours to fix this12:25
ActionParsnipcan someone please pastebin me their /etc/defaul/grub file please. This is driving me spare12:25
cybersplicepdlnhrd:  You had the config right, but you weren't telling it to up the interface, so obviously no config.12:25
cybersplicehang on a sec AP12:26
cyberspliceActionParsnip: Din;t have it!12:27
pdlnhrdi am assuing you mean "auto eth0" and not "add auto eth0"12:27
cybersplicepdlnhrd: Correct.12:27
cyberspliceYeah, i figured. Not there.12:27
ActionParsnipits the default settings file for grub212:27
pdlnhrdi a so use the the BOOT=yes in RHEL12:27
ActionParsnipi hate grub212:28
pdlnhrdbtw... props to the ubuntu team... i like what i see so far escpecially the boot screen12:28
cyberspliceActionParsnip: I wonder if i'm not using Grub2.12:29
wektActionParsnip: or do you hate how the config file is generated?12:29
godstarActionParsnip: Still need that Grub Default?12:29
ActionParsnipwekt: the config, it so overly complicated for just a bootloader12:29
ActionParsnipwekt: i single boot. I dont need all this extra crap ruining my day12:29
ActionParsnipgodstar: please12:30
pdlnhrdcypersplice thank you.12:30
cybersplicepdlnhrd: No worries.12:30
cybersplicepdlnhrd: Happy to help.12:30
wektActionParsnip: I've wondered whether you could put linux starting in the MBR to load it.12:30
pdlnhrdplus startup times rock12:30
godstarActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289246/12:30
ActionParsnipgodstar: thanks12:31
godstarActionParsnip: anytime12:31
cybersplicepdlnhrd: Try it with a SSD. It's silly.12:31
pdlnhrdi have my vista7 on SSD and it is really fast12:31
cyberspliceg'day Dr_Willis12:31
pdlnhrd(can't afford all he new toys)12:31
wektcybersplice: i should try that too. (SSD)12:32
cybersplicepdlnhrd: Me either. But i have the advantage of a rather elaborate lab environment at work. :D12:32
cybersplicewekt: *(&$£. victory!12:32
ActionParsnipgodstar: yours is quite different to mine12:32
cyberspliceDamnation, i've had quite a lot of caffiene.12:32
pdlnhrdwe have a lab with 30 test machines for testing images to roll out but i don't get to play in then offten12:32
cyberspliceHuh. Odd. I'm still on Grub 0.97.12:32
cyberspliceActionParsnip: I got my EQL sorted, btw. Feel like a muppet now.12:33
frandieguezHi to all! Could someone confirm me that the firefox translations doesn't works?12:33
Dr_Willishmm.. Ubuntu-xsplash-artwork update.. i bet that means it will overwrite my customized  xsplas images again...12:34
godstarActionParsnip: only one I have12:34
ActionParsnipcybersplice: you got the gold, thats what counts12:34
ActionParsnipgodstar: i'll pastebin when it comes back arounf12:34
frandieguezI detect that the firefox translations right now on karmic are for 3.0.7 firefox version and those are incompatibles12:34
cyberspliceActionParsnip: Yeh. It overflows the data to the next nic when it saturates the first one.12:34
godstarActionParsnip: ok thanks12:35
ActionParsnipgodstar: http://pastebin.com/f28d85f5612:36
godstarActionParsnip: made a backup. Thx12:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:38
Shawn_How is the Beta so far?12:39
ActionParsnipShawn_: been fine since alpha2 here12:40
binBASHHi I exchanged gnome network manager with wicd. Changed wireless Lan Adapter and wicd didn't find it. Now I tried to exchange wicd again with gnome network manager but apt-get fails :/12:40
binBASHgetting errors now like gconftool-2: relocation error: /lib/libglib-2.0.so.0: symbol __abort_msg, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference12:40
Shawn_ActionParsnip How are the features though I mean?12:40
cyberspliceShawn_: No problems here. Using it on a couple of production workstations.12:40
godstarShawn_: be sure not to delete old files if you plan to upgrade.12:40
binBASHsomeone can help please?12:40
Dr_Willisi thought there was a tool to select wicd or 'network-manager' as your network-confoig tool.12:41
Dr_Willisno need to add/remove one or the other..12:41
ActionParsnipShawn_: can you be specific?12:41
Shawn_godstar I'm probably doing a fresh install when I do it so I can make use of the new ext4 file system that it uses12:41
Dr_WillisI forget where i saw that setting at.. but i saw it somewhere.12:41
binBASHDr_Willis: On first install maybe? ;)12:41
Shawn_ActionParsnip is there any major differences between Karmic and Jaunty?12:41
ActionParsnipShawn_: for my basic use, no12:41
binBASHthe problem now is12:42
Dr_WillisbinBASH:  not sure. I dont rember seeing it on my laptop when i installed beta1.12:42
binBASHgdm (xfree86) doesn't boot up12:42
Dr_WillisbinBASH:  but i rember seeing it on the desktop12:42
binBASHso I'm totally lost12:42
godstarShawn_: In that case you should be ok. I did the upgrade and had issues with the network. I could not revert since I removed old files and could then not get back online.12:42
binBASHonly console left12:42
Dr_Willistry 'sudo service gdm start'12:42
binBASHit says it's started ok12:43
binBASHbut nothing happens12:43
godstarShawn_: be sure to backup your data and install on a test machine or virtual one.12:43
Shawn_godstar Yeah I'm probably just gunna hold out for another 20 days without installing it12:43
Shawn_godstar... I'm weird like that I like to see all the new features at once and not as they are still being fixed12:43
godstarShawn_: install it on Vbox and play around w it. Most of the broken things I fixed, but again, I did the upgrade and removed the old files, had I kept them, I probably could have gotten out of my bind.12:44
godstarShawn_: Overall, I like it and think it will be solid once its said and done.12:44
Shawn_godstar Installing it on a Vbox wouldn't affect Ubuntu at all correct?12:45
godstarShawn_: Correct12:45
Shawn_godstar Not sure if I wanna ruin the wait or just hold out till the 29th12:45
godstarShawn_: you can even run it inside of Vbox as a Live CD, just mount the ISO.12:45
godstarShawn_: tomato, tomatoe12:46
godstarShawn_: Up to you.12:46
Shawn_godstar... Hmm.. I read on the forums that Karmic may be adopting a completely new default colour and dropping brown.. Did that actually happen?12:46
cybersplicemmm spuds.12:46
Dr_WillisStill looks brown to me.12:46
Shirakawasunadoes karmic come with a replacement for sshd?12:46
Dr_Willisthey need to use Hot Pink. :)12:46
Shirakawasunaor do I need to install it separately?12:46
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: mines purple :)12:46
Dr_Willisstill using opensshd - not installed by default here.12:46
godstarShawn_: Yes a new splash theme. I likes!12:46
Shawn_godstar Is it still brown?12:47
ActionParsnipShirakawasuna: openssh-server is in karmic repos12:47
cyberspliceShirakawasuna: its in repos, not installed by default12:47
ShirakawasunaI'm not seeing it in synaptic12:47
* Shirakawasuna checks repos12:47
cybersplicethink its just called ssh12:47
Dr_Willis /usr/share/images/xsplash still has ugly browns here.12:47
ActionParsnipShirakawasuna: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install openssh-server12:47
godstarShawn_: nope12:47
Dr_WillisI wonder if im the only one that alters every file in that dir to have nicer looking splash/wallpaper screens...12:48
godstarSpeaking of, I'm gonna run it in Vbox myself.12:48
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: i uninstall all splashes ;)12:48
Shawn_godstar Oooo nice.  Is it true they switched to a new native IM and dropped Pidgin?12:48
ActionParsnipShawn_: pidgin is in the repos12:48
godstarShawn_: Also, I am running 64bit, not that it makes much difference. Just thought I would mention it.12:48
ActionParsnip!info pidgin12:48
ShirakawasunaI'm a newb to debian/ubuntu-style package management.  Why would apt-get have a nice time finding openssh-server but not synaptic?12:48
binBASHhmm looks like I need to reinstall my system12:49
Shirakawasunait worked, btw, so thanks ActionParsnip12:49
Shawn_godstar I run 64 bit as well12:49
binBASHdunno what to do really :)12:49
Dr_WillisShirakawasuna:  you typed it wrong wouldbe my guess12:49
ActionParsnipShirakawasuna: no idea, i stopped using synaptic as soon as i learned apt-get existed12:49
godstarShawn_: Empathy is the IM. I am not thrilled w it. Guess I've used Pidgin too long.12:49
binBASHerrors like -> gconftool-2: relocation error: /lib/libglib-2.0.so.0: symbol __abort_msg, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference12:49
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.6.2-1ubuntu6 (karmic), package size 597 kB, installed size 1880 kB12:49
binBASHlooks like glibc is fucked up12:50
Shawn_godstar yeah I may stick with Pidgin as well but I read they dropped Pidgin because Pidgin refused to continue developing or something12:50
PicibinBASH: Please mind your language here.12:50
mvoShirakawasuna: they use the same data and similar code, if its available in apt-cache it should be in synaptic as well12:50
Shirakawasunahuh, now it shows up12:50
Shirakawasunamust've been a typo12:50
slacker_nlmvo: i tested your debdiff for policykit-1-gnome, didn't work12:50
godstarShawn_: yeah. Something like that. FOSSitics.12:51
ActionParsnipShawn_: you can compile carrier, its awesome12:51
oldude67ActionParsnip, said the c word...lol12:52
ActionParsnipwhat...can ;)12:52
oldude67i hate to compile..what a pain in the butt...lol12:53
arielCoHello everyone. Some of my configurations were reset or are being ignored after a (rather rough) update from Jaunty. For example, the Synaptics driver seems to be ignoring the HAL policy file.12:53
oldude67thats something i did forget to install..build-essentials.12:53
mvoslacker_nl: hm, did you login/logout in between?12:54
mvoslacker_nl: anything in .xsession-errors when kde started?12:54
slacker_nlmvo: no, no logout12:55
slacker_nlmvo: will check now12:55
Picicybersplice: ?12:56
cyberspliceSomeone said something about the C word.12:56
Picicybersplice: They were talking about compiling.12:56
cyberspliceDon't say that!12:56
cyberspliceYou'll scare someone.12:56
cyberspliceAnyone had much luck getting XenServer Essentials running under 9.10?12:57
slacker_nlmvo: login/logout fixed the issue indeed12:59
slacker_nlmvo: it works, asks for root permission, type in passwd and installs/removes package13:00
* arielCo is not afraid of c******ing. It's the adding prefix switches, Xorg macros, "auto"make stuff that slightly bothers him :)13:01
mvoslacker_nl: sweet, thanks a lot for confirming that13:01
slacker_nlmvo: np at all13:01
tasslehoffis the session restore (startup applications) better on 9.10 than on 9.04?13:04
cybersplicetasslehoff: I'd say so.13:04
tasslehoffcybersplice, good, cause on 9.04 it sucks :)13:04
binBASHis it possible to downgrade from karmic to jaunty?13:04
binBASHcool :/13:04
binBASHSo what can cause this?13:05
cybersplicebinBASH: Sounds like perhaps you mean to say, "Damn."13:05
binBASHcybersplice: I watched my language this time :)13:05
cybersplicebinBASH: Perhaps uninstall both your network management software, and reinstall network-manager.13:05
cyberspliceOr wicd, i spupose.13:05
cyberspliceI didn't have good experience with wicd.13:05
binBASHWell, I can't. Because apt doesn't let me13:05
cyberspliceOh. Nightmare.13:06
cyberspliceWhy not?13:06
binBASHgconftool-2: relocation error: /lib/libglib-2.0.so.0: symbol __abort_msg, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference13:06
binBASHit produces this output13:06
cyberspliceDoes it give that message when you try and install anything else?13:06
Ian_Cornehave you tried using aptitude instead of apt-get ?13:07
cyberspliceSounds like the problem is with apt instead of with  wicd / nm13:07
binBASHwell wicd is not installed anymore13:08
tasslehoffdoes jaunty->karmic using update manager normally work well these days?13:08
binBASHIan_Corne: Not yet13:08
arielCotasslehoff: not too good13:08
Ian_CornebinBASH: altho idon't think it"'ll work but you can try13:08
cybersplicetasslehoff: i had no problems personally. ymmv.13:08
slacker_nltasslehoff: i think so (but I upgraded during alpha 2)13:08
Ian_CornearielCo: it works...13:09
zer0xHi all, there is no longer a 'Devices' section in my sound preferences in Gnome, is this configured somewhere else now?13:09
slacker_nlarielCo: you had space issues ;)13:09
Ian_Cornei've had some1 update yesterday through it13:09
Ian_Corneand it worked13:09
arielCoIan_Corne: I'm still filing rough spots13:09
tasslehoffIt's always most fun when everyone answers differently :D13:09
binBASHI'm trying within aptitude now13:09
ShirakawasunaI couldn't rsync files from my established, non-ubuntu lappy using the command on said laptop, but I could when reversing it from the other (ubuntu) laptop.  Any ideas?13:09
cybersplicetasslehoff: Sorry. It IS beta software. :D13:09
tasslehoffcybersplice, hehe. I know :)13:09
slacker_nltasslehoff: no, yes, NO, YES, nooo, yessss ;)13:10
cyberspliceSigh. 9.10 is as perculiar as other ubuntu versions under xenserver.13:11
milazHi, everybody!13:11
cybersplicemilaz: Hi there.13:11
milazDoes anybody know why in Karmic Beta there's no gettys and no login processes on any tty?13:11
arielCoslacker_nl: yeah, the space issue was overcome by that patch. Then came the dpkg segfault which left libc out of shape. I finally fixed it by copying over the files, upgraded with several warnings, and now some of my configs are being ignored.13:12
* arielCo had a rather bumpy ride13:12
milazI mean that when switching to them with CTRL+ALT+F1, there is now way to log into the system13:12
milazIs there a way t fix it?13:12
slacker_nlarielCo: :( i feel for you13:12
slacker_nlmilaz: i have getty's running...13:13
ssc_with the last update i lost keyboard and mouse connection under x after xorg restarted - i still could get on the console after freeing the keyboard with sysctrl keys. any idea where to look for the problem the next time :)13:13
mvoarielCo: that reminds me, did you find a _usr_bin_dpkg.crash file in your /var/crash ?13:13
ssc_restarting gdm didn't solve anything ..13:13
cybersplicemilaz: frandieguez: I detect that the firefox translations right now on karmic are for 3.0.7 firefox version and those are incompatibles13:13
cybersplicemilaz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/40275913:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402759 in upstart "Scripts need to be migrated from /etc/event.d to /etc/init" [Medium,Triaged]13:14
Dr_Willismilaz:  i have them here.. could be the video drivers for X and console are fighting again.13:14
binBASHIan_Corne: Well aptitude now presents an error http://www.picpaste.de/pics/pic_aptitude.1255090503.png13:15
Ian_Cornenoidea :)13:15
milazcybersplice: thanks, I'll look into this13:15
cybersplicemilaz: There are several duplicates of that with various different issues.13:16
cyberspliceBut it was just a hasty look, i'm afraid.13:16
binBASHLooks like I'm in a serious dilemma13:16
arielCoslacker_nl, thanks for your sympathy ;). Theres an untidy bug rep at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/444484. I tried to apport-collect from a livecd+chroot before fixing it so there are several junk comments.13:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444484 in dpkg "dpkg crashed upgrading libc6" [Undecided,New]13:16
cybersplicebinBASH: Sounds like you've got some lib / apt issues.13:16
cybersplicebinBASH: You could try a reinstall :\13:16
Ian_Corne"try" :p13:17
ssc_binBASH, have you tried to download the deb files and install them via dpkg13:17
Strogg_do someone experience problemes with apache when installing kolab ?13:17
binBASHssc_: Not yet.13:17
Ian_Corneis the sound from empathy included yet?13:17
binBASHHave first to find download location13:18
milazcybersplice: Dr_Willis: the strange thing is that I can run them manually from gnome-terminal with "sudo getty 9600 tty2"13:18
kulightis there a facebook plugin for empathy ?13:18
slacker_nlarielCo: I had huge problems with libc6 as well during the alpha phase13:18
cybersplicemilaz: Yes, it looks like the scripts just aren't being put into the right location by the upgrade.13:18
slacker_nlarielCo: i could install it, but it totally b0rked my laptop, beta version fixed he glitch13:18
binBASHssc_: Ok I found the package, now I have to find out how to install without apt13:19
ssc_binBASH, dpkg -i package.deb13:20
binBASHthat doesn't work13:20
arielCoslacker_nl, I had to copy over the files for libc* from the Jaunty livecd. Then I was able to boot *and* run dpkg without breaking it all again. If I remember correctly that was libc6, libc6-dev, libc-i686.13:20
kulightbinBASH: you have to be in the directory13:20
binBASHI get gconftool-2: relocation error: /lib/libglib-2.0.so.0: symbol __abort_msg, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference13:21
binBASHwhen running apt or dpkg13:21
ssc_binBASH, looks like DAMN ;)13:21
milazcybersplice: I didn't upgrade, I have a clean live USB install from latest Karmic Beta ISO. LOoks like I have to check the files...13:21
slacker_nlarielCo: yes, those are the libc6 "suite"13:21
binBASHssc_: Indeed13:21
arielCo !bug 44691613:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446916 in memtest86+ "package memtest86+ 2.11-3ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: "Can't open /usr/lib/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44691613:22
ssc_binBASH, quite dirty but you might extract the tgz out of a deb file and unpack it to the root of the system to "reinstall" the package13:23
binBASHI think glib is totally broken up13:24
binBASHbecause mc for example doesn't work as well13:24
Ian_CornebinBASH: you could recompile libglib13:24
Ian_Corneapt-get source libglibc :p13:24
Ian_Corneoh wait13:24
Ian_Corneleme upload the source for you somwhere:p13:25
Ian_Cornewhere is source put when you apt-get source ? :p13:26
ssc_binBASH, do you have "ar" installed?13:27
ActionParsnip!info ar13:27
ubottuPackage ar does not exist in karmic13:27
binBASHssc_: Yup13:27
sacha_hey there, i installed kubuntu 9.10 beta (amd64). then i did an upgrade (as soon as i installed, it suggested 177 packages). now sound doesnt work anymore13:27
sacha_sound worked after i installed tho..13:27
ActionParsnipsacha_: is it muted?13:28
ssc_binBASH, get the glibc deb and try: # ar xv glib.deb13:28
ssc_binBASH, that should extract you the data.tar.gz from the deb file13:29
ssc_binBASH, than you can try to extract it to the system root13:29
sacha_not muted13:31
ActionParsnipsacha_: and all sliders cranked?13:31
Dr_Williscranked to 11 ?13:31
cyberspliceDr_Willis: Nice.13:31
sacha_the volume buttons on my keyboard work (didnt when using livecd) and i cranked max on that.. and bottom right corner volume is max13:32
ActionParsnipsacha_: try: killall pulseaudio; rm -rf ~/.pulse*13:32
Ian_Cornesacha_: dist-upgraded? what sound device do you use13:32
milazslacker_nl: Dr_Willis: Looks like I have to file a bug about consoles. Can you clarify what version of Ubuntu do you run? How did you get it? Did you do an upgrade, or clean install? Did you upgrade from alpha, or from 9.04?13:32
ActionParsnipsacha_: then press alt+f2 and run   pulseaudio13:32
Ian_Cornesacha_: check with alsamixer13:32
sacha_i didnt dist upgrade, just 177 packages it suggested straight away13:32
Dr_Willismilaz:  well i just update/upgraded.. and it wants a reboot.. let me reboot and see if i have the same issue..13:32
sacha_in devices it has HDA Intel (ALC262 Analog), HDA ATI HDMI and PulseAudio13:33
oldude67i had a lot of issues with pulseaudio when doing upgrades but after a clean install of beta not to bad now.13:33
sacha_it is defaulting to the intel and when i try pulseaudio it fails and goes back to the intel one13:33
ActionParsnipsacha_: try the quick fix, if not you may need something more13:34
Ian_Corne00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)13:35
Ian_Corneand sound works13:35
sacha_btw, pulseaudio wasnt running.. when i tried to run pulseaudio it said it wasnt installed13:35
Dr_WillisHeh.. gnome desktop is now totally white/blank...13:35
Dr_Willisno panel. no nothing13:35
sacha_ know my audio device isnt intel tho.. pretty sure it uses the ati13:35
Dr_Willisgnome-do works... and i do have window decoration13:35
oldude67heh isnt that the best gnome can be..lmao13:35
sacha_01:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc R700 Audio Device [Radeon HD 4000 Series]13:35
Ian_CorneDr_Willis: logout and in? :p13:36
milazDr_Willis: it looks like what I had after my last upgrade13:36
Dr_WillisIan_Corne:    heh.. yep.. lets try that.. and for whoever was wondering.. Yes my consoles are buggered also.13:36
Dr_Willismulti-color-garbage on them all13:36
Dr_Willisif i can rember how to force X to restart13:37
sacha_ActionParsnip: is pulseaudio meant to be already installed?13:37
ActionParsnipsacha_: its part of a stock install13:37
sacha_ActionParsnip: Kubuntu as well?13:38
binBASHok ssc_ now it's totally corrupt :)13:38
ActionParsnipsacha_: sure13:38
milazDr_Willis: I had only destop with no panels too, and that made me see that consoles are absent13:38
binBASHit doesn't find any files anymore13:38
slacker_nlmilaz: I run karmic, upgraded from jaunty during alpha2 phase, upgraded to beta13:38
sacha_damn, why isnt it installed in mine?13:38
ssc_binBASH, hmm than it wasn't glib ;)13:38
Dr_Willismilaz:  i restarted X and gnomeis working now13:39
milazDr_Willis: so I had to make live USB again13:39
slacker_nlmilaz: and jaunty was an upgrade from hardy > intrepid, so I've seen all releases in between13:39
Dr_WillisI have funny gfx on the console... and if i hit return they do move....13:39
Dr_WillisX is working however.13:39
binBASHOk so only reinstall possible I think13:39
Dr_Willisand X is on alt-ctrl-F9 for some reason now.13:39
binBASHif such things like ls etc. don't work anymore :)13:39
milazDr_Willis: how did you restarted X? CTRL+ALT+Backspace didn't work for me13:40
Dr_Willismilaz:  thats OLD-skool. :)13:40
Strogg_apache2 is not working anymore after installing kolabd package13:40
Dr_Willisnew leet way - alt-ctrl-sysreq-k13:40
gnomefreakmilaz: it was disabled you can still use sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart13:40
Dr_WillisIt gets you more babes.. :P13:40
sacha_ActionParsnip: i installed pulseaudio and chose it as my sound device. now when i play music i get a crackling sound13:40
slacker_nlgnomefreak: on karmic that is service gdm restart ;)13:40
ssc_binBASH, do you have your old glib deb still in /var/cache/apt/archives than try to revert it the same way :)13:41
gnomefreaklol nost of us normal keyboard users dont have a sysreq key :)13:41
sacha_ActionParsnip: but wait, i chose HDA Intel as my sound device and now it works again13:41
milazDr_Willis: looks cool :)13:41
milazgnomefreak: I could, if I had consoles working :)13:41
gnomefreakslacker_nl: i dont remember having to use service on karmic13:41
gnomefreakmilaz: tty?13:41
binBASHssc_: Like I said I can't execute programs anymore13:42
milazgnomefreak: exactly13:42
gnomefreakmilaz: ah13:42
binBASH-su: /usr/bin/ar: No such file or directory13:42
binBASHfor example13:42
* gnomefreak wonders what "ar" is13:42
Dr_Willis!info ar13:42
ubottuPackage ar does not exist in karmic13:42
gnomefreakDr_Willis: bot doesnt know files13:42
Dr_Willisar - create, modify, and extract from archives13:43
milazDr_Willis: slacker_nl: do you still have /etc/event.d/tty files?13:43
Dr_Willis!man ar13:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about man ar13:43
Dr_Willisbash: cd: /etc/event.d: No such file or directory13:43
Dr_Willismilaz:  last i checked the tty configs werere in /etc/default13:43
Dr_WillisI dont even see them there now.13:44
milazDr_Willis: slacker_nl: then, what's the last line in /etc/init/tty1.conf ?13:44
gnomefreaki only have the tty file in my chroots13:44
Dr_Willisexec /sbin/getty -8 38400 tty113:44
gnomefreakmilaz: respawn13:44
gnomefreakexec /sbin/getty -8 38400 tty113:44
sacha_ok i have one more problem. i ran Hardware Drivers program and tried to 'activate' FGLRX driver but nothing happens (in kubuntu). in ubuntu this worked.13:45
Dr_Willis$ sudo /sbin/getty -8 38400 tty113:45
Dr_Willisdosent clear up my console either.13:45
ssc_binBASH, that sounds bad.. maybe from rescue mode of the install cd ..13:45
milazDr_Willis: gnomefreak: cool. And mine was "exec /bin/login -f ubuntu </dev/tty2.conf > /dev/tty2.conf 2>&1" until I fixed it13:45
CynthiaFollowing up on bug 446715, is it possible that a .diff.gz for a version "1.52-1" can fail to apply for /etc/init.d/laptop-mode, when the only change is the version in debian/changelog?13:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446715 in laptop-mode-tools "FFE Request: Karmic: Update to latest upstream version 1.52" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44671513:45
ssc_Dr_Willis, ar is part of binutils..13:46
CynthiaI'm getting a fail, when the only change I made to the .diff.gz was to change it to "1.52-1ubuntu1"13:46
milazDr_Willis: now my ttys work, but it looks like there's a bug in the distribution that could affect live CDs and clean installs13:46
* gnomefreak gone13:47
slacker_nlmilaz: http://pb.opperschaap.net/6513:47
milazslacker_nl: thank you13:48
* milaz filling a bug about consoles now13:48
Dr_WillisYou want to check to see if others have filed smiler bugs first?13:50
intokWhy is 9.10 64 bit so much slower then 9.10 32 on 1Gb of ram? It's much less responsive on my A64 4000+ Geforce 6150SE 1Gb DDR2 then it is on my Sempron Throughbred-B 2400+ OCd to 2Ghz so I could get the ram from DDR333 to DDR400 and a Geforce 6200 AGP13:50
sacha_64-bit uses more ram generally13:50
intokI have compiz disabled on both13:51
sacha_i have 4GB of RAM but kubuntu 64-bit is consistently only using 700MB of it for me13:51
sacha_i would like to enable compiz but i cant seem to get fglrx installed :(13:51
CynthiaI have 2 GB, could tone it down to 1GB with kernel params to check, but I get 11% usage (~300 MB) on Ubuntu (gnome)13:51
Cynthiait seems my problem with laptop-mode-tools is due to whitespace, I'll triple-check the whitespace13:53
sacha_my kubuntu 64-bit only using 0.5GiB of 3.8GiB now.13:53
thiebaudeim using 213mb out of 2gb with firefox and xchat open13:53
sacha_by the way, with laptop tools... how do i get brightness keys working?13:54
* thiebaude and 9.10 works with no problems13:54
sacha_the volume ones work fine, just not brightness... it worked so well in ubuntu i was hoping for the same in kubuntu13:54
Cynthiait must be a workaround or application in gnome13:54
CynthiaI've looked at the laptop-mode-tools change log, and there's nothing about brightness keys that I saw13:55
shiznebit_hi I need some help with jittering in pulse-audio13:56
Cynthiashiznebit_: in which application? or all applications?13:56
shiznebit_like when I play quake-live i get jitter and random echo13:56
shiznebit_FF says its using ALSA13:56
shiznebit_now im confused13:56
CynthiaI recommend checking in e.g. Totem, Audacity13:56
shiznebit_no i don't get any effects there13:57
milazDr_Willis: sure, I'll check for that13:57
shiznebit_does FireFox not use pulse ?13:57
Cynthiashiznebit_: that depends on the plugin; are you vieweing Flash content or listening to streaming music on totem-mozilla?13:58
intokso I take it this isn't normal? http://pastebin.com/m1c79849f13:58
Lazy_shiznebit_: i had the same problem with audio in quake live13:59
Lazy_let me google what fixed it13:59
Cynthiaintok: things don't add up; could you run 'ps aux' too?14:00
Lazy_i think s_mixahead fixed it for me14:00
debfxhow can I get rid of the "konqueror recommends installing additional software" notifier?14:00
intok...dammit... so jerky in responsiveness that it didn't take the paste and the text that went before it at the same time when I hit enter...14:04
Cynthiaintok: with the clamd process and pidgin, things do add up now; you're pretty much using up all of your RAM, and clamd is using up 12.3% CPU + firefox's 42.3%. Is this on amd64?14:05
Cynthiaerm, wait... 771 MB of swap used as well. now *I*'m confused14:06
cyberspliceCynthia: sounds like a memory leak somewhere.14:07
Cynthiayour processes are using up near 1.5 GB of RAM excluding program text and mapped files14:07
Cynthiacybersplice: the memory leak isn't counted under any process, does this mean a memory leak in the kernel?14:08
Cynthiaoh no, ha. I forget that the RES column in top/ps don't count swap14:09
void^_the problem is it's hard to tell what's taking up that swapspace14:09
cyberspliceCynthia: Could be.14:09
void^_if in doubt, blame firefox.14:10
sacha_i actually disabled swap space14:11
Cynthiasacha_: it's showing up in 'top' as 2 GB14:11
sacha_Mem:   4027184k total,  1314064k used,  2713120k free,    48096k buffers    Swap:        0k total,        0k used,        0k free,   673164k cached14:12
CynthiaI mixed you up with intok, sorry14:12
void^_with 1gb mem, having no swap is hardly an option14:13
cyberspliceCynthia: What process is it?14:14
Cynthiaintok: 'ps -A v'14:14
Cynthiathere will be a new column, DRS, which may be a clue14:15
helix84Hello, I installed Karmic Beta for testing and I won't get an address from DHCP on ethernet. Neither NetworkManager nor dhclient will receive a DHCPOFFER. Static configuration does work. DHCP works in Windows XP on the same computer. Any clues how I can investigate the problem?14:15
intokCynthia http://pastebin.com/m7847804814:18
lukaguyssss can someone guide how to install grub and remove grub2 from karmic??14:18
milazhelix84: you can stop network-manager and then run it in the terminal with NetworkManager --no-daemon14:19
milazhelix84: thus you will see the output with dhcp request it makes14:20
binBASHok, thanks anyone for trying to help me14:20
binBASHI placed the harddrive now into a fedora machine to copy files over14:20
cybersplicebinBASH: Was it a dead HD?14:20
binBASHapt-get upgrade broke it :)14:21
helix84milaz: thanks, will try.14:21
cybersplicebinBASH: Ah. Fair dues.14:21
Cynthiaintok: here firefox uses 989709 204600, over there it uses 1941037 460008; I have no swap usage, so that means yours has around 800 MB extra14:22
binBASHcybersplice: I am not very experienced with debian distros. Using rpm based distros since 12 years now ;)14:22
Cynthiaer, 700 MB14:22
Cynthiaother apps look similar to what I have here, amd6414:22
cybersplicebinBASH: Fair enough. I'd suggest giving 9.04 a go until the 29th. More stable for you. Better for learning.14:22
binBASHwell we have those here as well cybersplice14:23
binBASHother developers using jaunty14:23
cybersplicebinBASH: Fair enough.14:23
helix84milaz: NM just uses dhclient so all I see is what I've seen when I ran dhclient manually. any other idea?14:24
shiznebit_Lazy_, are you 9.10 does your FF use ALSA or PULSE what audio chipset do you use ?14:26
milazwhat do you see there?14:26
Lazy_shiznebit_: i'm not sure which audio device quake live uses14:26
Lazy_i have ubuntu 9.10 upgraded from jaunty and my audio device is sb audigy14:27
Lazy_i just tried the s_mixahead methos and it worked14:28
billybigriggeranyone having problems with xsplash or gdm locking up? if i boot to recovery mode and run startx manually i can boot14:33
billybigriggeras soon as i let it try to boot normally, and go through xsplash or gdm, can't tell which locks up, it hard locks my system14:33
ddgyes same problem here :(14:33
ddgno solution yet14:34
billybigriggerok, good its not just me14:34
billybigriggerdo you know the bug number?14:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431812 in initramfs-tools "i915: black screen on boot" [Critical,Fix released]14:35
r3v3r->Fix released?14:36
ddgi think so. but with the latest updates usplash is not working14:37
billybigriggerthat's not my problem14:37
billybigriggeri'm talking about xsplash/gdm14:37
billybigriggernot usplash14:37
ddgah ok. sorry.14:37
helix84sorry, i got disconnected.14:39
helix84NM just uses dhclient so all I see is what I've seen when I ran dhclient manually. any other idea?14:39
Dr_Willisxsplash worked here.. normally14:41
Dr_Willisthe consoles are broken.. but X is working14:41
milazhelix84: maybe you will use some pastebin service so we can see what's going on with your DHCP?14:44
Cynthia(copy the output of 'ifconfig -a' and 'dhclient <name of network interface>')14:45
helix84milaz: sure14:46
carlosgaldinohi, i installed karmic beta yesterday and i see one problem, every time that i open a multimedia file the computer bips a little noise, but the file is executed normally...this bip is normal because the version is beta?14:52
LeifDo any of you know how to increase or decrease the screen brightness of an HP Pavilion DV6000?  The usual Fn+F7, or Fn+F8, don't seam to work in 9.1014:53
nemoLeif: wouldn't that be controlled by your video driver?14:53
LeifSo I can't find that anywhere in the OS?14:53
nemoand F7/F8 worked in .04 ?14:54
nemocould look up what the key bindings used to call...14:54
LeifWell, I jumped from 8.04 to 9.10, but yes.14:54
LeifAlso, I installed Windows 7 in between, if that would make a difference.14:54
carlosgaldinohi, i installed karmic beta yesterday and i see one problem, every time that i open a multimedia file the computer bips a little noise, but the file is executed normally...this bip is normal because the version is beta?14:55
milazcarlosgaldino: I have no blips14:55
Lazy_carlosgaldino: what is your audio chip?14:55
Picicarlosgaldino: No, its not normal.14:55
Lazy_i don't have bilps either14:55
Troniccarlosgaldino: Could be due to your sound hardware switching output level when the port is opened.14:56
TronicOr possibly AV receiver switching modes when it detects S/PDIF, if that is what you are using.14:56
carlosgaldinoTronic, yeah, that's what i thought14:56
TronicIn any case, it is unlikely that this "feature" would disappear in the release.14:56
lukacarlosgaldino: i hear a bip as well, i have a laptop and i see that the sound card turns off and on as any sound is played.... that might be ur problem too, i dont know14:56
carlosgaldinohow can i disable this bip?14:56
Dr_WillisHmm...  Hulu Release Native Desktop App For Ubuntu14:57
Dr_WillisI find that rather amazeing.. :)14:57
Troniccarlosgaldino: Send mail to ALSA mailing list.14:57
mbeierliwl3945, 64bit 9.10 beta up to date, anyone else "lose" their ability to scan or join wireless networks after suspend to ram/resume?  It used to work in the alpha14:57
carlosgaldinoluka, yeah, looks like...i have a laptop too14:57
billybigriggerDr_Willis, can you use it in canada? or still just the US?14:57
Troniccarlosgaldino: Preferrably with a test case (using ALSA directly), the name of your chip, etc.14:57
Dr_Willisbillybigrigger:  no idea. i just now saw it mentioned.. it was just released today14:57
Dr_WillisI dont evne know if it works on 9.1014:58
lukacarlosgaldino: i think its that... it might be a kernel issue, try downloadin kernel 2.6.32 from ubuntu kernel web page and see if thats still hapening14:58
Dr_Willisbillybigrigger:  i imagine with TOR you could get around that limition14:58
LeifI really can't find anything to change it in the keyboard, or keyboard shortcut preferrences, let alone even a menu bar to change it.14:58
MTecknologymac_v: bug 44658214:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446582 in claws-mail "[karmic] claws-mail display is broken by GTK+ 2.18" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44658214:58
carlosgaldinoluka, this is a solution?14:58
LeifBut it goes dim when I unplug it, and brighter when I plug it back in, so I assume it still works, I just can't find the controls.14:59
billybigriggerDr_Willis, care to share the link?14:59
lukacarlosgaldino: i might be... im guessin thats possible because i see the sound card light turning red and blue everytime i play a sound... and when it goes red, off, it does a stupid sound like "tic" but its the speakers...15:00
lukacarlosgaldino: try it out... when i was in jaunty i downloaded kernel 2.6.32 and everything was workin ok...15:00
PiciThis sounds like a problem that a bug should be logged about.15:01
lukacarlosgaldino: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/15:01
carlosgaldinoluka, in jaunty everything was fine, except the video card, but ok15:01
Dr_Willisbillybigrigger:  the program is allready acting brain dead.. it cant 'find' the location of the libflashplayer.so file..15:01
carlosgaldinoluka, the rc3?15:01
lukacarlosgaldino: yeah i know what u mean, u have an intel video card? yeah rc315:01
billybigriggerDr_Willis, i installed it fine15:01
billybigriggerbut again it complains only in the US can you watch it15:01
milazDr_Willis: probably Miro works fine with Hulu?15:02
carlosgaldinoluka, yeah, its a gmax310015:02
Dr_Willismilaz:  i cant say that ive eer tried miro on hulu15:02
lukacarlosgaldino: same here... try that kernel out... hope it helps you, i dont really mind having that bip because its not that loud here ;)15:02
Dr_Willis Hulu player is saying 'cant find location....' even tho i edit the .huluplayer config to point it to the right place15:03
carlosgaldinoluka, how can i download all those files together? and how to update the kernel?15:03
billybigriggerDr_Willis, 64bit worked great here15:04
billybigriggerit just won't let me watch :( i couldn't find anywhere to enter in a proxy or anything of the sort15:04
lukacarlosgaldino: download all.deb i386.deb files, place them in ur desktop in a folder called kernel for example...15:04
Dreamannew kernel work well15:05
Dreamanos[Linux 2.6.31-13-generic-pae i686] distro[Ubuntu "karmic" 9.10] cpu[2 x AMD Athlon(tm) 7750 Dual-Core Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 2.70GHz] mem[Physical: 3.9GB, 87.4% free] disk[Total: 593.5GB, 29.7% free] video[ATI Technologies Inc RV730XT [Radeon HD 4670]] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia1: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI]15:05
Cynthiahelix84: oh dear, avahi :/ it's giving you an IPv4 link local address15:05
Dr_Willisbillybigrigger:  It aint even seeing the flash plugin.. Not sure ifits a 64 or 32bit issue15:05
lukacarlosgaldino: or any other place but in a folder... after uve download everything... open a terminal... cd to the folder.... cd Deskop/kernel and then... sudo dpkg -i *15:05
lukacarlosgaldino: that will install everything...15:05
helix84Cynthia: yes, after DHCP doesn't respond15:05
Cynthiahelix84: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49992915:05
lukacarlosgaldino: after that u can boot it from grub2 menu...15:06
Cynthiatry this and report back after stopping the service (disabling it entirely if it works)15:06
lukacarlosgaldino: i have to go, hope it helps!15:06
carlosgaldinoand this version will be replaced?15:06
zer0xDoes anyone know how I can change default sound devices in karmic? /System/Preferences/Sound no long has a 'Devices' tab?!15:07
milazAh, reboot is needed. Wish me a good luck :)15:08
joaopintozer0x, try padevchooser15:08
Cynthiazer0x: same dialog, Output tab15:08
joaopintoor yes, the default dialog :P15:09
CynthiaI only have Internal Audio Analog Stereo, but it's under "Choose a device for sound output"15:09
helix84Cynthia: i ran sudo stop network-manager, sudo ifconfig eth0:avahi down, sudo stop avahi-daemon. ifconfig -a doesn't contain eth0:avahi anymore. sudo dhclient eth0 still without DHCPOFFER.15:09
carlosgaldinothe kernel rc3 will be the official?15:10
Cynthiahelix84: then I have no more ideas. anyone else having an idea for helix84's DHCP problem, please jump in15:11
zer0xThere does not seem to be any facility to switch between pulseaudio and alsa..15:11
helix84Hello, I installed Karmic Beta for testing and I won't get an address from DHCP on ethernet. Neither NetworkManager nor dhclient will receive a DHCPOFFER. Static configuration does work. DHCP works in Windows XP on the same computer. Any clues how I can investigate the problem?15:11
zer0xIs it just me or is PulseAudio a PITA?15:11
helix84Cynthia: anyway, dhclient will bring eth0:avahi back up even though avahi-daemon is disabled. but zeroconf should not be the problem, it's a fallback for the case there's no IP from DHCP.15:14
Cynthiahelix84: indeed, but I just wanted to make sure15:15
helix84Cynthia: right, won't hurt to disable things like avahi-daemon and network-manager when they only get inthe way :)15:15
helix84Cynthia: I'll try wireshark15:16
carlosgaldinowhen the final version will released, will be easy to update from beta version?15:17
Cynthiahelix84: ok; also check your router or switch's lights to see if it receives anything15:17
Pici!final | carlosgaldino15:17
ubottucarlosgaldino: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Karmic. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.15:17
joaopintohelix84, have you checked the dhcp server logs ?15:17
Frickelpitcarlosgaldino: No, you have to install 5 times and walk around the Block. :-D15:17
joaopintois your physical connection ok ?15:17
helix84joaopinto: i actually do have access to them, thanks for the reminder15:18
carlosgaldinoi said this, because i always had problems when making updates15:18
joaopintocarlosgaldino, if you plan to use beta, you should be prepated for problems :P15:18
carlosgaldinowhen i update from intrepid to jaunty, i have to format and install all again15:19
carlosgaldinojoaopinto, i'm prepared, i was using jaunty and i had more problems15:19
carlosgaldinobecause the intel video card15:19
temporarytaohi, can someone help me fix the problem where the screen brightness keeps going high and low?15:20
carlosgaldinonow on karmic only there's only the bip problem...but only 20 days to wait, i can wait. hehe15:20
carlosgaldinowhoops, wrote only twice. sorry15:21
helix84joaopinto: the  problem seems to be on ubuntu side. DHCP server does send DHCPOFFER but I don't see it on Ubuntu with wireshark (DISCOVER, REQUEST, ACK, DISCOVER, DISCOVER, DISCOVER, ...).15:25
Dr_WillisHmm.. cant get huludesktop working. :(15:26
helix84joaopinto: there are no rules in iptables, default policy is allow. what else could throw away DHCPOFFER packets?15:26
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
joaopintohelix84, no idea, that seems to be a low lever networking problem15:28
gilos123I installed 9.10 as my first OS on 500gb drive (using 70gb partition) on my laptop and now I want to add win7 to my next partition.  Is there anything I need to do to prepare for it for grub2?15:31
helix84joaopinto: I just don't have enough data to file a bug report15:31
legend2440just installed some updates including linux-image-2.6.31-13-generic (2.6.31-13.42) and linux-headers-2.6.31-13 (2.6.31-13.42). now  ctrl+alt F1-F6  are not working. no login just some ble characters that look like Chinese letters. anyone else seen this?15:32
Cynthiagilos123: installing Windows after Linux means that the boot loader is going to be overwritten. you need to take no precautions, except that your Linux partition will become inaccessible15:33
Dreamanwork well15:33
Dreamanos[Linux 2.6.31-13-generic-pae i686] distro[Ubuntu "karmic" 9.10] cpu[2 x AMD Athlon(tm) 7750 Dual-Core Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 1.35GHz] mem[Physical: 3.9GB, 80.3% free] disk[Total: 593.5GB, 29.7% free] video[ATI Technologies Inc RV730XT [Radeon HD 4670]] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia1: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI]15:34
billybigriggerDreaman, stop that script15:34
Cynthiayou will probably have to update-grub on an Ubuntu LiveCD, so that os-prober may redetect Ubuntu and rewrite grub215:34
gilos123Cynthia: so how will I get it back so I can boot both?15:34
Cynthiaer, possibly update-grub2, I haven't done this yet15:34
billybigrigger$ sudo update-grub15:35
billybigriggerwill work fine15:35
gilos123Cynthia: is grub a partition?15:35
Lazy_gilos123: it is a boot loader15:35
Cynthiagrub (and grub2, in karmic) is a boot loader, it sits in the master boot record15:35
gilos123does it show up as it's own slice?15:35
Lazy_gilos123: no15:35
bill1hi  there15:35
kaddihi, pretty basic question: if I do sudo apt-get upgrade I get a couple of held back packages. Is there a way I can see why the packages are being held back?15:35
gilos123okay, because I was thinking I could tell win7 to boot the right slice.15:35
Cynthiakaddi: attempt to select them in Synaptic or aptitude15:36
bill1i  prefer  90415:36
gilos123because I want to do win7, and then solaris x8615:36
Cynthiaor in Synaptic, right-click Properties on the held-back package, and look around in the window that appears; missing dependencies or Conflicts are likely to be the cause15:36
bill1i  will  wait  for  LTS15:36
skwashdi can't find anything useful using google on this ... should /tmp be erased on boot? ... jaunty, hardy and dapper all do it for me15:37
kaddiCynthia: I'm using kde so no synaptics installed and the packagemanager from kde is a pain. Which is why I tend to use the command line for updating/upgrading :D15:37
Cynthiakaddi: ah, I see :p15:37
Cynthiauhm... aptitude then15:38
* NinjaPlimsolls wakes up15:38
Cynthiatry to select the package15:38
* kaddi offers some coffee to NinjaPlimsolls15:38
gilos123today when I did a apt-get upgrade, had problems with ubuntusutdio-default-settings not working properly.15:38
NinjaPlimsollsthanks kaddi :D15:39
Lazy_gilos123: as billybigrigger said i think that running "sudo update-grub" after win 7 installation will be enough so that you can dual boot15:39
NinjaPlimsollskaddi, french roast? :P15:40
gilos123thanks, will do that.15:40
Lazy_if windows entry disappears from grub but you can still boot ubuntu it will be easy to fix anyway15:40
LeifOkay, I might have found a fix for my brightness adjusting problems, what do you think?: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-your-laptops-brightness-function-keys-operating-properly-in-hardy.html15:40
Lazy_its harder the other way around :)15:40
kaddiCynthia: it was a version upgrade in one of the libs, blocking upgrade for some photo-tools... looks fine now.15:41
LeifI know it's for 9.04, but I jumped straight from 8.04 to 9.1015:41
kaddiNinjaPlimsolls: sure, only the very best :D15:41
PiciLeif: Wait. You upgraded from 8.04 directly to 9.10?15:42
cybersplicePici: That was brave.15:42
kaddithat doesnt sound healthy15:42
NinjaPlimsollshi picci15:42
LeifWell, not upgraded.15:43
CynthiaFresh reinstall of 9.10 or a forced upgrade via editing sources.list?15:43
LeifI first wiped out vista, and put 7 on it.15:43
LeifThen, I wiped out 8.04, and put 9.10 on it.15:43
IdleOneit's like going from a bycicle to a harley over night15:43
Leiflol, yes it is. :)15:43
IdleOneLeif: ahhh ok that's different15:43
LeifIdleOne: Ya, sorry.  Anyway, do you think it is relitivly safe to try?  Thanks.15:43
IdleOnetry 9.10? sure15:44
LeifNo, try the screen brightness fix for 9.04 on 9.1015:44
arvind_khadrihi, are the repo's down?15:44
Leif(as I currently can't change the screen brightness of my laptop with the Fn keys)15:44
PiciLeif: Have you filed a bug for the issue yet?15:45
NinjaPlimsollsis there a way to get true transparency for GNOME panels?15:45
* Cynthia just got done rebuilding laptop-mode-tools 1.52-1ubuntu1, it was indeed a whitespace error in the diff15:45
kaddiLeif: can you change your brightness through settings?15:45
IdleOneLeif: worst that can happen is it wont work and you might have to fresh install. make backup files of whatever config's you edit so you can return to default if you need to15:45
kaddiarvind_khadri: they aren't for me, just did some upgrade15:45
LeifPici: no, I wasn't sure if it was a bug, but I can do that.15:46
arvind_khadrikaddi, i cant reach them at all, might be the mirrors here15:46
Leifkaddi:  I can't find any brightness settings in the properties, but it does change when I plug and unplug the laptop15:46
LeifIdleOne:  Okay, thanks.  can do.15:46
kaddiarvind_khadri: I'm using the official german ones de.archive.ubuntu.com15:46
mbeierlIs there a new (ish) issue with losing wireless after suspend/resume?  During the alpha it was working but now when I suspend and resume I am no longer able to scan for wireless networks or use the wireless at all.15:47
kaddiLeif: you wouldn't be using kde, would you? because then I could point you to it. :p15:47
Leifkaddi:  No, sorry, gnome.15:47
kaddiLeif: but we don't have the same issue apparently, just checked, I can't modify any screen brightness, it also doesn't change when I plug/unplug the power..15:48
Leifkaddi:  okay, well, thanks anyway.15:49
Mark_MillimanHas anyone else noticed that wired Ethernet connections are slow?   I have a 100BaseT NIC and the best I can get out of it is 17 Mbit/s.15:50
sparkyis there anyway in karmic to allow more than 1 gnome login from the same user? it used to be possible in jaunty and below15:51
kaddiMark_Milliman: I certainly recall someone asking the same question a couple of days ago. But I'm using wireless and haven't notice any drops15:51
LeifNope, it didn't work, but I may have found more of the problem.  Do any of you know if 9.10 changed the video brightness file?15:52
Mark_Millimankaddi:  any recollection if there was a resolution?15:52
Leiffrom video_brightnessup.sh (and down.sh), to: videobtn.sh15:52
Mark_MillimanI've turned off IPv6 and ACPI plus changed my nslookup.15:53
Dr_Willissparky:  with the right command from the console you could spawn a 2nd X instance.. but im not sure if its doable from GDM/Gnome any more15:53
Mark_MillimanThe card negotiated at 100 Mbit/s full duplex15:53
sparkyoh ok :/15:54
sparkywhats the command? :)15:54
sparkystartx with options?15:54
Dr_Willissparky:  somthing silmier to startx -- :115:54
Dr_WillisI think15:54
Dr_Willisnote the 2 dashes15:54
kaddiMark_Milliman: no, sorry.15:54
Mark_MillimanI can't believe we are still living with X windows!15:54
Dr_Williswrite a replacement then.. :)15:55
Mark_MillimanI first encountered X windows in '8615:55
Mark_MillimanApple did15:55
Martynlatest update broke boot for me.   Crappola15:55
Mark_MillimanPalm did too15:56
Dr_WillisMartyn:  broke the consoles for me..15:56
Martynyep,s ame15:56
Mark_MillimanI just want faster Internet and Ethernet.15:56
Dr_Williscant get huludesktop for linux working either. :(15:56
Mark_MillimanCan't watch video at these slow rates15:56
Dr_WillisMove the pc's down to the lowest point in the house.. data travels faster downhill......15:57
Mark_MillimanThe only conclusion I have come to is the b44 driver15:57
Mark_MillimanDr_Willis LOL15:57
cyberspliceData travels fastest on the way to the recycle bin.15:57
cyberspliceFTL = truth.15:57
sparkyDr_Willis: that starts an xsession using my default window manager, is there a way to make a diff window manager (xbmc) start instead on the new session?15:57
Mark_Millimanor to /dev/null15:57
Cynthiacybersplice: no, /dev/null ;)15:57
Dr_Willisdata travel fastest whenb ya do rm data by mistake :)15:58
Dr_Willissparky:  edit the .xinitrc or .Xsession15:58
Mark_MillimanI have a 50+ Mbit/s internet connection and I would like to use it.15:58
=== zniavre is now known as perceval
Dr_Willissparky:  you asked how to make it run a 2nd gnome session. :)15:58
Dr_Willissparky:  and xbmc is NOT a window manager.. its just an app.15:58
sparkyhmm, it can run as a window manager?15:58
Dr_Willissparky:  you might want to install icewm, and have the .xinitrc (or .Xsession read)15:58
Dr_Willisxbmc &15:58
Dr_Willisexec icewm15:58
Dr_Willisit can run without a window manager... but its not a window manager. :)15:59
sparkyah ok15:59
Dr_Willisno wm = hope no dialogs or stuff pop up, or other windows and goofes things up15:59
Dr_Willisflwm, or jwm, or fluxbox, may also be better for you then icewm.15:59
Leifcan any of you tell me where i can find out what keys 224, and 225 are?16:01
CynthiaMark_Milliman: I'll test pushing a data file through Apache over Ethernet here and report on the results16:02
sparkyDr_Willis: thanks16:02
Mark_MillimanCynthia, thanks.  I'd appreciate it.  What is the speed of your NIC?16:03
Cynthia100 mbit16:03
Cynthiaactually, 100 mbit throughout, because the router, sender and receiver would all be 100 mbit16:04
Mark_MillimanCynthia, then we are apples to apples. My GigE card hauls down up to 70 Mbit/s with speedtest.net and about 250 Mbit/s on the LAN.16:04
Mark_Milliman...with Vista16:04
mbeierlSay, anyone using Thunderbird instead of Evo here?  Is there a way to get the little notification mail icon to display thunderbird instead of evo?16:04
joaopintoLeif, check https://wiki.kubuntu.org/LaptopTesting/Keycodes16:04
Mark_MillimanI can't let Vista beat Ubuntu.16:04
LeifAlso, I just found the brightness changer bar in gnome, and it works.16:04
Leifjoaopinto: thanks16:04
Cynthiaalso Mark_Milliman: there was something really weird about my previous router, it would send at 14 Mbit even though it was a 100 Mbit router. (If it was 10 Mbit, I wouldn't have seen 14, obviously)16:05
joaopintoLeif, I know there was a change on karmic related to special keys handling, there was a call for test it16:05
Cynthiaturns out there was insufficient buffer memory for routing16:05
Mark_MillimanCynthia, not good16:05
Mark_MillimanI really wish I had an Ethernet switch instead of this hub/router.16:05
joaopintoLeif, :16:06
joaopintoUbuntu 9.10 Beta's underlying technology for power management, laptop hotkeys, and handling of storage devices and cameras maps has moved from "hal" (which is in the process of being deprecated) to "DeviceKit-power", "DeviceKit-disks" and "udev". When testing Ubuntu 9.10 Beta, please be alert for regressions in those areas and report any bugs you find.16:06
Cynthiabut since this one is a wireless router, and wireless routing pretty much demands high buffer memory, this one is better at doing wired routing as well16:06
kaddijoaopinto: is this alreday true for the 2.6.30 kernel? I had a regression when I upgraded jaunty to 2.6.30. The problem persists in karmic16:07
Mark_MillimanCynthia, my Ubuntu laptop gets the same 15-17 Mbit/s performance on Wi-Fi which is what I would expect with encryption.16:07
Mark_MillimanI actually would expect performance around 40-50 Mbit/s on my wired connection.16:08
joaopintokaddi, you are not expected to use 2.6.30 with jaunty16:08
kaddijoaopinto: I had to, my intel graphics card wouldn't let me use jaunty at all otherwise.16:08
=== kj is now known as MalMen
Leifjoaopinto:  Okay, I will do that.  Also, it appears that none of the Fn keys actually have a key code.16:10
joaopintokaddi, so expect other problems ;)16:10
duffydackmmm, karmic unr is so nice.16:11
LeifInteresting, except the brightness up, and brightness down keys xev won't even respond to them.16:12
Mark_Millimanbrb, rebooting after a kernel rebuild16:13
wirechief_duffydack do you have ubuntu karmic remix 9.10 ? I was having issues with it installing, perhaps they have fixed it.16:13
LeifRight well, I need to go to class now, but again, thank you for all of you help.16:14
void^_Leif, you don't get key events with fn keys usually. on most laptops they produce acpi events.16:14
kaddijoaopinto: I'm using karmic now, with the default kernel. Question is: Do I file a bugreport because brightness cant be changed in karmic or do I update the one I made for kernel 2.6.3016:14
duffydackwirechief_, karmic remix yes..16:14
joaopintokaddi, does the brightness applet works ?16:15
duffydackwirechief_, beta.  not an img anymore so used usb creator.16:15
kaddijoaopinto: no. It also doesn't change brightness when I unlplug the powersupply16:15
wirechief_duffydack ok, was wondering the date of your .iso , mine was Oct 7th16:15
joaopintook, yes, you should file a bug report, not sure what would be the correct package16:15
joaopintokaddi, try asking at #ubuntu-bugs16:16
Mark_MillimanI'm back16:20
hggdhkaddi: update the bug you already have open for the brightness16:20
kaddihggdh: ok16:21
hggdhkaddi: if you can follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Description, this would be good16:22
CynthiaMark_Milliman: GNOME System Monitor reports my Ethernet speed as a constant 11.1 megabytes/sec, with some bursts above and below.16:23
CynthiaThat would be about 90 megabit16:23
Mark_MillimanCynthia, thanks.  Let me test again.16:24
Cynthiamy test is a 16 GiB file full of zeroes made with the dd tool, and a symbolic link to that file from /var/www16:24
Cynthiaubuntu karmic/apache is the sender, windows/opera is the receiver16:25
helix84booting Windows XP and then back to Ubuntu seems to solve my issue... I will see how long this will last. In case anyone wondered, the NIC was Marvel Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 14)16:25
* NinjaPlimsolls sips his strongbow16:27
wirechief_This is really cool:  http://unixlab.blogspot.com/2009/10/downloading-ubuntu-910-beta-with-zsync.html seems to work good...16:28
kaddiNinjaPlimsolls: weren't you drinking coffee just a minute ago? :p16:31
CynthiaMark_Milliman: oh, and I didn't see that there are a whopping 250 KB per second of TCP ACKs for this transfer, so add another 2 megabit to my 9016:32
NinjaPlimsollskaddi, I finished off the coffee and moved onto the cider! wee16:33
kaddihehe, nice :D16:33
NinjaPlimsollsand then im having a chinese takeaway later16:33
NinjaPlimsollsmmmmm king prawn chow mein!16:34
bigdogbeta question16:34
bigdogI installed 9.10 server , cloud16:34
Mark_MillimanCynthia, I just saw a burst to 50 Mbit/s but my sustaining rate is around 16-18 Mbit/s.16:34
carlosgaldinodo you have a problem with totem? sometimes when i open a video file the programa frozes and stay black he focus16:34
bigdognot problems16:34
bigdogI did an apt-get ubuntu-desktop16:34
bigdogand there were many packages that would not install16:35
Cynthiacarlosgaldino: totem hangs are a very known bug at this moment, let me search launchpad16:35
bigdogshould this be expected behaviour?16:35
Mark_MillimanCynthia, I still believe that my performance is a bit lower than it should be.16:35
Martynbigdog : No, that's bad16:36
carlosgaldinoCynthia, ok16:36
Martynbigdog : It means that we have some reccomends that should probably be full dependencies on packages16:36
carlosgaldinoCynthia, i'll wait16:36
NinjaPlimsollsright cya later all, back in a bit16:36
abhinavhi .. is there a ppa available for earlier versions of eclipse on karmic ?16:37
abhinavwas trying to install subclipse on the latest (galileo) but faced some issues16:38
Cynthiacarlosgaldino: bugs 438859, 432191, 44095916:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438859 in alsa-driver "Programs using audio hang on close" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43885916:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432191 in totem "totem crashed with SIGSEGV in g_object_set_valist()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43219116:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 440959 in gstreamer0.10 "Totem freeze while opening video files" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44095916:38
Cynthiadidn't know this would work, I thought it would just say one16:39
Cynthiamany more on launchpad, just search for "totem UI unresponsive", "totem hang", "totem freeze" in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu16:39
Mark_MillimanCynthia, thanks for your validation.  I'll have to keep hunting for the problem.16:40
kulightאיך אני יודע מה ?16:40
Cynthiaabhinav: ganymede is likely to be in the jaunty repositories, add a jaunty repository line to your sources.list16:40
abhinavwould like to install a stable eclipse 3.4.216:40
Cynthiaalternatively, it's going to be a download on eclipse.org; you'll have to install it yourself if it isn't16:41
alankilaI had bad experience with karmic's eclipse 3.5.1. Java content assist is broken on that one, so I can't recommend using it.16:41
Cynthiathere have been package dependency problems with ganymede, and galileo is still undergoing packaging bugs16:41
Cynthia(in karmic)16:41
alankilathe eclipse 3.4.2 was in karmic not long ago, though.16:41
abhinavCynthia: tried a download from eclipse.org, there were some issues (probably dependencies/runtime)16:42
abhinavand different reasons for failures on 3.5.x, as you mentioned16:42
abhinavlet me try jaunty as you mention ..thanks !16:43
Cynthiakulight: אנחנו לא מדברים עברית כאן16:43
Cynthia('We do not speak Hebrew here', auto translation)16:43
Pici!il | kulight16:43
bigdoghere is a paste from  apt-get install ubuntu-desktop  on 9.10 beta server cloud  http://pastesite.com/1093716:43
ubottukulight: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:16:43
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il16:43
Cynthiaaha, thanks Pici :D16:44
kulightsorry wrong window Cynthia Pici16:44
Cynthiano worries16:44
PiciIts okay :)16:44
IdleOneil is Israel?16:46
CynthiaI wonder how much data this machine could push per second if it had a GigE card, apache+kernel CPU usage are below 4%; ironically, gnome system monitor is tying up more CPU time than that16:47
CynthiaIdleOne: yes :)16:47
alankilagnome-system-monitor is awesome, like 15 % cpu drain here all due to unaccelerated composing with cairo line drawing and background image16:48
alankilaI read the source to that thing at some point when I stared incredulously at how heavy it was16:48
DanaGhmm, is it possible to get ubuntu to boot with main console "quiet" but yet verbose on ttyS0?16:48
Cynthiaalankila: 10 to 15% usage here too16:48
alankilaIronically it would probably be a lot faster if it didn't try to compose the line on top of pre-existing background but just rather drawed everything anew every frame16:49
alankiladraw? drew? How did these verb tenses go...16:49
Cynthiaalankila: drew, it's an irregular verb, and those are lame :P16:49
Cynthiathough French has even more16:49
alankilaright, it struck me that "drawed" looked odd for some reason16:50
IdleOnealankila: Drew is also a proper name. English is beautiful16:51
alankilaanyway, I have a java application that renders about 5000 lines per frame and it's faster than gnome-system-monitor. :-/16:51
alankilathat's how ridiculously slow it is.16:51
Cynthialol :(16:51
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
IdleOnebuy, by,bi,bye all pronounced the same. I prefer latin languages16:52
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
alankilaIdleOne: you should see Finnish, we have identical writeouts of words that have completely different meanings, like "tapettiin" that means "was killed" or "to tapestry"16:53
IdleOnealankila: lol16:53
alankilaPathetic, really... We have very long words and regardless there are collisions16:54
Cynthiaalankila: you guys should use md5 :)16:54
Cynthiamd5($word . $type) where $type is either 'verb', 'noun', 'adjective' or 'adverb'16:55
IdleOneI speak 4 languages, words to me are like candy. I can't write to save my life but my thing is the sound more so then writing.16:56
IdleOneCynthia: wouldn't that require an md5 for every word in a sentence?16:57
CynthiaIdleOne: only the ambiguous ones16:57
IdleOneCynthia: all the words would be ambiguous to someone who doesn't speak your language16:57
alankilaCynthia: actually, that would work. Knowing what the base word type was would be enough to disambiguate... the problem really is that verbs have suffixes that are shared with nouns, partially, breeding the collisions.16:58
Cynthiaalankila: those are the worst suffixes16:58
alankilaso the imperfect looks like "-tiin" and the, err, illative, looks like "-in", so when the noun ends with "ti" it suddenly looks like a verb.16:59
Dr_WillisNo Hablo16:59
IdleOneYo tan poco16:59
Cynthiami también, un poco ('me as well, a bit')17:00
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.17:00
* Cynthia nods17:00
IdleOnewhy can't everybody just speak the natural language of the human being, English.17:00
Cynthiaso I haven't updated my beta since yesterday; there are reports of total breakage with some drivers, shall I check for new packages?17:00
IdleOnePici: this could convo could lead into a whole new project for ubuntu17:00
IdleOneok i'll stop now17:01
Cynthiathis conversation could be construed as mildly relevant for ubuntu i18n :)17:01
Cynthiaregardless, ouch, 136 updates17:02
void^_any known issues with via ide controller drivers, perchance?17:04
preetamhai has anybody tried the beta version of ubuntu 9.1017:08
mac_vpreetam: is that a trick question ;)17:09
Cynthiapreetam: this channel is pretty much full of Ubuntu developers and karmic testers :p17:09
abhinavIs suspend and hibernate broken in karmic for all laptops ? It is for for lenovo t6117:09
Cynthiaabhinav: hibernate is broken even for my desktop17:09
Tronicabhinav: STR works fine on my laptop.17:09
Dr_WillisTHey worked on my laptop last i tried those..17:09
Dr_Willisbut i rarely use the feature17:09
TronicHibernate doesn't because I don't have swap partition.17:09
mac_vabhinav: it works for some  , some it doesnt , you need to report the bug :)17:09
mac_vworks for me though17:10
kaddiHi I'm having a problem with thunderbird and was wondering if you could help. About 3 weeks ago thunderbird stopped opening links in mails, I believe this might be the same time I upgraded. I have set thunderbird to the default mail-client and did add the network.app-handler.http to firefox, but that didn't help. Any other suggestions how to get my links to open again?17:10
preetamhai how is ubuntu 9.10..17:10
preetamthe feature the boot time17:10
slacker_nlpreetam: doing fine17:10
mac_vpreetam: my boot is 30sec lesser than it was in jaunty ;)17:11
preetamhave anybody checked the ubuntu 9.10 with nvidia display driver17:11
G_A_Ccan anyone tell me the best way to report this problem; sometimes when I leave my laptop for too long and the screen goes to sleep, I can't wake the laptop up. I press a key and nothing happens, I know the laptop is locked up because I can see things like IRC timeouts. The only solution is a hard reboot, but then I can't run apport or similar to get the bug report started. What's the best way to report the bug?17:12
preetamhai mac_v if that is the case with u then what about my Dell laptop it is already booting in 26 second in jaunty17:12
mac_vpreetam: wont boot ;p17:13
shiznebit_might boot before you press the button17:13
preetamyeah..so ubuntu 9.10 will be going head on with windows 7 in next few days17:15
mac_vpreetam: oh , the time for me was till the user session.. but 26 secs is awesome17:15
mac_vkaddi: the links work fine here... whats happens when you click the link?17:15
mac_vwith thunderbird*17:15
kaddimac_v: nothing, saddly17:15
alankilaI wish karmic booted even faster than it does... 26 seconds is still a long time to wait for login screen. Does anyone have confirmation about boot performance on SSD?17:17
preetamyeah mac i realized  a significant booting time difference when i upgrade from 8.04 to 9.0417:17
Dr_Willisalankila:  oh the humanity of it all.. 23 whole secs... :)17:17
Dr_Willissdd would proberly be a little faster.17:17
alankilaThe talk was about something of the order of 10 second boot17:17
alankilaI was just wondering if it's really achieved by some configuration17:17
Dr_Willisalankila:  i will belive it when i see it.17:17
kaddiI get the login screen after a couple of seconds, might be a little more than ten... much quicker then with jaunty, but loading kde now takes much longer17:19
Dr_Williskaddi:  yep. :) the actual window manager takes longer here also17:19
Dr_WillisMy Grub DELAY is longer then the time it takes the os to boot17:19
alankilabut anyway, at this point my bios startup sequence seems to take about as long as getting into GDM, so it's no longer a minute-long ordeal like it used to be at least.17:19
Dr_Willisa whole minute. :) heh...17:20
* Dr_Willis is an old timer and thinks people are getting spoiled.17:20
Dr_Willisi rember taking HOURS to backup cp/m disks ....17:20
alankilawell, I'm an old timer as well. The computers I used to have used to work in a few seconds after you turn the power on button.17:20
Dr_WillisMy C64 booted up very fast. :)17:21
alankilacomputers today are a hundred times faster, and correspondingly the OSes they run must be a thousand times more complex. Sort of computes, even.17:21
Dr_WillisMy Amiga would boot.. copy the boot flopy to the RAD: disk. then reboot from the rad (a kind of ram) disk.. :)17:21
Dr_Willis100 times? :) i think it may be 10-1000x more then that.17:22
alankilaI'm not sure, exactly. It of course depends on what you take as the starting point. But again, the lure of off-topic argument.17:22
jemarkany tried the latest kernel update?17:22
Cynthiajemark: Update Manager is downloading it here, it will be installed soon17:23
jemarkCynthia, cool17:24
jemarkCynthia, i installed it and works great17:24
jemarkCynthia, my bootscreen is not getting error messages anymore17:25
h00kMine isn't either, regarding USB devices.17:25
dell_hello all i am having a probelm configureing xorg17:26
billybigriggeranyone here having xsplash/gdm lockup problems?17:26
dell_it seems karmic doesnt have it by default what is the command to create the xorg17:26
billybigriggeri can boot to recovery mode, and run startx, bypassing gdm, and no problems, if i boot normally, xsplash/gdm hard locks, i can't tell which one it is though17:26
alankilabillybigrigger: try booting with nosplash option, but otherwise boot normally.17:27
Cynthiadell_: sudo nano -w /etc/X11/xorg.conf17:27
billybigriggerdell_, run Xorg -configure as root, and then it will dump an xorg.conf in /root copy it to /etc/X11/17:27
alankilaI used to have usplash crashing geforce 8800 a year ago or so17:27
billybigriggeralankila, no, i'm talking xsplash, not usplash17:28
billybigriggerusplash doesn't even work for me17:28
sakohey all, I am having some weird issues with ubuntu not starting up after logging in... and also sometimes freezes before it properly shuts down on the ubuntu screen17:28
alankilaoh... um, right17:28
sakoany logs I can check?17:28
dell_the commands wont work because there is no xorg file yet17:28
billybigriggerdell_, i told you what you need to do17:29
alankilabillybigrigger: still, you might try my suggestion.17:29
alankilamy system has both usplash and xsplash installed.17:29
billybigriggeralankila, booting with nosplash disables usplash iirc17:29
dell_thank billy17:29
billybigriggernot xsplash17:30
alankilacan you just try uninstalling xsplash, or start gdm from recovery mode with service gdm start?17:30
alankilathat way you might find out which crashes it... assuming xsplash is not started by gdm actually17:31
alankilahmm... xsplash *is* started by gdm, it seems17:31
dell_Billy i keep getting a file not found error. Command i am using is kdesudo Xorg -configure17:32
Dr_Willisalankila:  yes it is..17:32
Dr_Willisthe gdm configs  launch/check for xsplash17:32
Dr_Willisthe things we go through to have a pretty boot up...17:32
alankilaso uninstalling it has to be, then.17:32
Dr_Willisyou could edit the gdm configs. :)17:32
alankilaI think the pretty bootup is a disservice because it tends to hide errors behind the graphics.17:32
Dr_Willisyep. but thats the focus now a days.. 'stupid-user friendly' :)17:33
alankilaMaybe that's been fixed since, but all early splashes just made sure that less people noticed any errors and thus worsened release quality, most likely.17:33
billybigriggerdell_, $ sudo /bin/bash17:33
billybigriggerdell_, then Xorg -configure17:33
billybigriggerdell_, helps with a root shell, not sudo'd17:33
Dr_WillisErr...  sudo -s, not sudo /bin/bash i think is more proper17:34
billybigriggerDr_Willis, sure :P17:34
danliiI can't start Thunderbird under karmic amd64, i get "libstdc++.so.5: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64" - any solutions?17:34
dell_thanks billy17:35
billybigriggerdell_, np17:35
billybigriggerok lets try this again17:36
sakohey all, I am having some weird issues with ubuntu not starting up after logging in... and also sometimes freezes before it properly shuts down on the ubuntu screen17:36
sakothe problems are very inconsistent, so I don't reall know what to look for.. or if there is anything I can do..17:36
alankilasako: you could check /var/log/messages after a crash to see if there's anything useful in there... or disable splashes as far as possible to perhaps see something written on screen instead of the graphics...17:38
alankilaand you could try to press ctrl+alt+f1 to get a virtual console to log in, if you can't get into gnome/kde, or try a failsafe session that probably only gets you an xterm17:40
alankilathere's also .xsession-errors in your home directory that can have a clue if starting your desktop doesn't work. Unfortunately, GNOME today is so complex that when it doesn't start for some reason it's practically undebugable.17:41
MTecknologyI just installed koffice - but koffice isn't available.. :S17:44
MTecknologyI guess I need to figure out what each one needs to be called as..17:45
Dr_Willistest with a newly made user - if gnome starts for them.. then it could be some setting in the problem users gnome settings17:45
billybigriggeranyone had any problems with the dailies? i'm going to go ahead with a clean install17:46
billybigriggertoo much messing around since A2 :P i was going to wait until release, but beta is close enough17:47
Dr_Willisi always seem to play with the beta.. then do a clean reinstall about a month After the release..17:48
Dr_Willisthat way they fixed all the issues  they find  in the first few weeks17:48
alankilaI virtually never reinstall... but truth is, ubuntu has made reinstalling such a cheap operation -- virtually no configuration necessary -- that it's nowadays not so bad as an idea17:48
nemoBTW, does anyone know why nvidia + compiz = pulseaudio thrashing?17:49
nemoI'm really quite puzzled what that could be17:49
nemoif I stick to metacity or nv I can use SDL + pulseaudio w/ only minor loss of quality and occasional lockups17:49
nemo(that's downright stable for pulseaudio)17:49
alankilaI remember when it took a day to set up debian linux the way you wanted it to be, and that was after you already knew what you needed.17:49
nemoas soon as I enable nvidia + compiz, I get 100% cpu usage on one or both cores and rapid degrading into lockups17:49
Dr_Williswindows still takes me 3 days alankila17:50
alankilanemo: I run nvidia, compiz and pulseaudio without such an issue here.17:50
norenhello all, when is the new release date17:50
Dr_WillisI got a few scripts i wrote for my ubuntu setups to set things up how i like them. :)17:50
nemoalankila: mm. and what sound card?17:50
alankilaperhaps you could install oprofile and use the daemon to find out which part is spinning the CPU17:50
Dr_Willis!release | noren17:50
ubottunoren: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases17:50
alankilanemo: audigy 2 zs17:50
nemoalankila: well. the CPU spinning I oprofiled in the past17:50
nemoalankila: ah. that's no good. pulseaudio works ok on good sound cards17:51
nemoit is the crappy ones everyone has that it fails hard on17:51
nemo00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)17:51
nemoin my case17:51
alankilaheh, the first time I heard a soundblaster called "good card".17:51
nemoalankila: lol. back in the day it was standard recommendation for linux17:51
nemoalankila: back when sound dæmons sucked hard - there was relatively good driver support, and the HW mixing was decent17:51
alankilaI mean, audigy has excellent sound quality but their linux support sucked, their PCI behavior was unfriendly and crashed machines, and there was Live! which was atrocious in almost every way.17:52
nemoso at least you could avoid device locks17:52
Dr_WillisHmm. mny audigy2zs worked good for me for many a ages...17:52
nemoalankila: 00:0c.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 05)17:52
Dr_WillisI gave up on them after the xi-fi stuff.17:52
nemoalankila: I'm still using that on my server, I installed it because the built-in sound sucked so hard17:52
Dr_Willisand i dont have any spare slots in this pc.17:52
engie'afternoon. Is base-installer the name of the installer that you use after booting from a live CD? I'm looking to file a bug against it.17:52
nemowhich was the ever-hated AC9717:52
nemo00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 10)17:52
alankilayes, I have a 823x based system, and I remember that the sound was seriously distorted and there were some random options for the kernel module to try and I tried them all and none fixed it :-p17:53
nemoalankila: aaanyway, you're unlikely to have problems w/ any sound dæmon, much less pulseaudio17:53
alankilabut that must have been close to 5 years ago17:53
Dr_WillisIts pretty inpressive the features onboard sound has  these days.. compared th 5+ yrs ago. :)17:53
nemoso. guess I need someone else who uses intel snd + nvidia gfx + compiz - which is not that uncommon17:54
alankilanemo: yes... I have intel sound on laptop but that's a radeon system17:54
nemoalankila: hm. mind trying an SDL game like Hedgewars 0.9.11 ? curious if you'll run into the same17:54
alankilajust a guess: can you modify the pulse daemon's fragment size to be considerably larger than the default which was something like 10 ms? Try 100 ms.17:54
Dr_Willisnvidia video and Nvidia MCP61 sound here.17:54
nemoalankila: just point and click at a package :)17:54
nemoalankila: ugh. back to dæmon tuning17:55
alankiladefault-fragment-size-msec = 10 is really not workable for many hardware where minimum fragment size is in the order of 1024 frames17:55
nemobut seriously. why on earth would that cause thrashing and crashing?17:55
nemoit should just cause distorted sound17:55
nemounless something is seriously badly written17:55
alankilayes, well, you have me there17:55
nemohttp://www.getdeb.net/app/Hedgewars <- mind trying that on your ati/intel/compiz ?17:56
nemojust start quick game17:56
nemoand leave it running for a bit17:56
nemomaybe tab back and forth once or twice17:56
darthanubisanyone with a Nvidia card care to try something out for me?17:56
nemo(that seems to speed up its inevitable death)17:56
alankilaso it's pulseaudio that uses all the CPU, then? I just guess that it ends up in some ugly recovery loop attempting to get the audio back on track, perhaps.17:56
alankilanemo: ok, booting that thing up then17:56
nemoalankila: CPU usage claims to be entirely in the SDL game17:56
nemothis happens to me w/ Wesnoth too BTW17:56
nemoalankila: I also sometimes get, w/ pulseaudio, 100% CPU usage in the Qt frontend, which also uses SDL17:57
nemothat claimed to be in the main Qt polling loop17:57
nemoalthough I eventually worked out it was the SDL calls17:57
nemoalankila: annoyingly I still get lockups w/ pulseaudio and 0.9.12-dev which is using openal17:57
nemoso I can't say SDL's dubious sound support is at fault17:57
alankilaso you have libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio?17:58
* nemo looks17:58
nemoI did install that I think17:58
nemojust need to verify17:58
nemomaybe got wiped in the upgrade17:58
alankilaI don't know if openal talks directly to alsa... it has a configuration file of some sort which uses lispish syntax17:58
nemo(jaunty had pulse problems too, slightly less bad)17:58
alankilait seems that openal doesn't depend on anything that looks like audio output, so I guess it just does software mixing of sorts.17:59
nemoThe following packages will be REMOVED: libsdl1.2debian-alsa17:59
nemoThe following NEW packages will be installed: libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio17:59
nemohmmm :)18:00
nemoworth testing *that*18:00
alankilaokay, good luck18:00
nemoI did try that in jaunty, honest :D18:00
nemomaybe that's why it got worse18:00
nemoI think that installing that is in the recommendations for Ubuntu users in one of the forums18:00
dell_hello all18:01
alankilaI'll just use the repository package for hedgewars, that's ok?18:01
nemoalankila: nope18:01
dell_is billy still in the room?18:01
nemoalankila: that's why I linked you :D18:01
nemorepository is hopelessly out-of-date18:01
nemoor at least it *was*18:01
nemoalankila: repo is still on like 0.9.7 right?18:02
nemowhich is from mid-200818:02
alankilano, the version is 0.9.11-518:02
dell_here is my issue, perhaps someone can help am dealing with a table on kubuntu karmic (of course) and i need to create the xorg file so i can edit it. as Karmic doesnt have one by default what command(s) do i need to do18:02
alankilasince that's the latest on the getdeb, I'm going to go against you and just use the repo version.18:03
nemoalankila: lol.18:03
nemoalankila: you're right there. sorry. I clearly haven't kept up18:03
nemoalankila: I'm just so used to Jaunty users coming by and asking "where are all the players" (lobby is filtered by version)18:03
nemo-5 suggests they probably added the get-deb patch too. I'll have to look.18:04
* alankila wonders why the openjdk's pulse output doesn't work18:05
alankilaI have working audio on my system at the title screen18:07
nemoalankila: click on quick game18:07
nemoshould spawn game menu18:07
nemogame screen18:08
nemothen try alt-tab out of game screen once or twice18:08
alankilayes, ... totally broken game screen at least...18:08
nemosound might stutter18:08
nemobroken game screen?18:08
jonLappywhoa, at boot up right after grub my screen turns in to a bunch of small lines spaced apart evenly and they seem to "sparkle" randomly. Known bug?18:08
nemoalankila: like a black screen? 'cause that does happen in compiz for wimpy cards I've found - not the sound issue of course18:09
alankilahedgewars at 100% cpu usage afterwards and I never even saw any game graphics18:09
nemothat's dramatic. but along the lines of what has been frustrating me18:09
alankilajust gray screen and the underlying windows flashin their contents on top of it before being overwritten again.18:09
nemoalankila: killall pulseaudio recovers it?18:09
nemothat's horrible18:09
alankilacorrect, that put hedgewars back to normal18:09
Amaranthok, I'll install hedgewars...18:09
nemoalankila: so. in such a case I suggest to users.  "disable sound/music"18:10
nemothat avoids initialising SDL18:10
Amaranthnemo: got a bug number?18:10
nemoand then we all join in a round of cursing pulseaudio18:10
nemoand life goes on18:10
nemosome uninstall pulse - that works too18:10
nemoAmaranth: there are so many pulseaudio bugs. I've subscribed to many18:10
Elonehi, what file format is .lz?18:10
nemohaven't filed any18:10
nemonot recently18:10
nemoAmaranth: there are some SDL ones even18:11
nemolemme see if I can find you one18:11
nemoI think the one I ran into was Wesnoth related18:11
AmaranthElone: lzma18:11
nemoWesnoth also blows up on my machine in pulseaudio18:11
alankilawell, the fact that not even graphics works was something I sort of expect from linux today. I'm always surprised when something goes in fullscreen mode and doesn't stutter/crash/break18:11
nemoalankila: hm. turn off fullscreen?18:11
Amaranththere are almost 70,000 bugs open so that doesn't really help me18:11
nemoAmaranth: I'm looking, as I said :-p18:12
nemoalankila: might be interesting to see if that alters behaviour at all18:12
alankilalinux has conditioned me to the point that I only expect the most primitive and simplest things to work. I'm almost ready to give up on it on desktop and move to windows 7 when it's final. :-/18:12
* Dr_Willis would say the same thing about windows...18:13
alankilaI probably would have done this already but the nvidia based system I got seems to work fine.18:13
Dr_WillisYep. hardware can make the differance.18:13
alankilait's just this damn ati that never ever works no matter what hardware revision, whether closed or open drivers, or whatever.18:13
Dr_WillisI rarely have any issues in linux other then a few trivial things.18:14
nemoalankila: my ATI behaves fairly well18:14
shadeslayeralankila: its your decision,its your prefrence,we dont have a say in it ;)18:14
alankilathat being said, radeonhd is closest to ever workin for me18:14
Dr_WillisI totally gave up pn ati about 2 years ago.18:14
nemoalankila: I'm running the fglrx of course18:14
Lazy_i gave up on ati like 5 years ago18:14
Dr_Willisand i dont get the latest and greatest Nvidia stuff either.18:14
Lazy_nvidia 8800gt has worked well18:14
nemoDr_Willis: I just wish gnome-display-properties worked w/ nvidia :(18:14
shadeslayerLazy_: i have the 8600 M GT18:14
alankilayeah, I might run that as well but I've had this working like 10 % of the time this laptop has existed. X.org isn't stable enough for fglrx: always pulls the rug from under that one18:14
Dr_WillisI got an 8800gtsxxx thats going on  a few years old now.18:14
shadeslayerim just afraid that itll burn up :P18:14
Lazy_maybe intels larrabee will bring decent graphics with opensource drivers18:15
Dr_Willisnemo:  yea - they need to work on gettting nvidia-settings integerated a little better18:15
nemoalankila: well. my ATI machine on karmic seems just fine w/ fglrx18:15
nemo01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV730XT [Radeon HD 4670]18:15
alankilaHm. I'll install fglrx and see if it would finally work18:15
nemoalankila: was auto-installed w/ hw manager thingy18:15
nemoso I have no idea what configuration it did, if any18:15
alankilayeah jockey18:15
alankilaI'll see if it's going to offer fglrx for me18:16
nemothat is where ubuntu shines btw18:16
nemoI've been using linux for like 14 years. and have gotten completely burned out on manual config18:16
nemoI'm fine w/ point n click configs :D18:16
xguruhmm...did the last set of updates this past two hours break anyones window boarders?18:16
shadeslayerjockey rocks in *buntu,amazing tool ;)18:16
Cynthiaxguru: as of 30 minutes ago, nope18:16
xguruoh great...i have windows with no boarders to move/close..etc18:17
alankilanopes, jockey isn't offering fglrx for me. I guess it has blacklisted X1250 or something.18:17
nemoAmaranth: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wesnoth/+bug/241845/comments/5  I think this was the bug I ran into last time18:17
alankilathis is the board on the laptop: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]18:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241845 in wesnoth "Wesnoth is unable to have a normal quit. Only kill -9 then can terminate the process." [Undecided,Incomplete]18:17
Amaranthalankila: fglrx won't support that18:17
nemoAmaranth: now that alankila poitned out I'm still on the non-pulseaudio SDL, I'll retest Wesnoth in Karmic again18:17
nemo(it was freezing in Karmic too)18:18
alankilabarf, fglrx has some of the worst support I've ever seen. This laptop is like 2 years old and they think it's already too obsolete for their latest & greatest?18:18
AmaranthRS690 is actually r500 which fglrx no longer supports18:18
AmaranthNo, they think the open source drivers do it good enough18:18
nemoalankila: how old is the card in the laptop? :)18:18
alankilaAmaranth: yes... well, I guess I can't argue against that. I have relatively decent experience with radeonhd after all.18:18
shadeslayeri think the nvidia and ati opensource driver should come pre installed on the CD....18:19
AmaranthRS690 is a bit weird thought since they shoved an older model 3D engine in to try to save power18:19
dell_Hello all, I am trying to create an xorg.conf file in karmic does anyone know the command?18:19
AmaranthXorg -configure18:19
AmaranthI'm going to have to talk to that guy when he comes back18:19
nemowhat's that gibberish do?18:19
nemothe rest just seems like a lame meme18:19
shadeslayerdell_: or something like : sudo nvidia-xconfig --composite : works as well on nvidia cards18:19
Amaranthnemo: Makes every AV program on windows delete the file you save it to18:20
naliothnemo: google "test virus" or something like that18:20
Amaranthnemo: so I hope you don't save it in your IRC config...18:20
nemoAmaranth: oh. lovely.18:20
nemoAmaranth: heh. 1) I'd have to run windows18:20
nemo2) I'd have to have AV :)18:20
nemomy one lonely windows machine has no AV18:20
billybigriggersince when was ubuntu install media a dvd?18:20
nemoI just scan it from the dual boot periodically18:20
billybigriggerthis must be new for 9.10 beta18:20
AmaranthAlso if I see that in your quit message I'll banforward you to #ubuntu-ops for a chat :)18:21
Amaranthbillybigrigger: there are still CDs too18:21
dell_kdesudo Xorg -configure gives a cannot connect to x server error18:21
TheInfinitybillybigrigger: you can choose if you want cd or dvd18:21
TheInfinitylike always18:21
billybigriggerdon't see any for the karmic beta18:21
billybigriggerdaily cd's18:21
Amaranthbillybigrigger: http://releases.ubuntu.com/jaunty/18:21
shadeslayerdell_: how about reconfiguring the package itself?18:22
Amaranthbillybigrigger: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:22
billybigriggerya couldn't get dailies to work18:22
shadeslayerthat way you get a working xorg18:22
Amaranthdell_: you have to do it when X isn't running18:22
billybigriggeratleast not 100918:22
billybigriggerdidn't try 100818:22
dell_let me terminate x and try it with out x running18:23
dell_i just reconfigured cause i messed up this xorg file18:23
dell_it doesnt have touch screen support18:23
dell_i have the file that i need to place in the xorg.conf file issue is there is no file in existance in karmic18:24
dell_closing x didnt help18:25
Cynthiasomeone in another channel points out that the EICAR standard antivirus test file would also delete logs for everyone having an antivirus18:25
alankilaI wonder if the GTK+ update coupled with nspluginwrapper is the reason why I couldn't click on buttons inside flashplayer18:28
alankilait works when eliminating nspluginwrapper by using 64-bit flash directly, which really does seem to work as some people here claimed it would18:28
alankilabecause I saw that eclipse issue where you could no longer click on buttons in many gtk+ dialogs, and that's relatively similar to trying to click a button in flash and not have it actually do anything18:29
Amaranthalankila: The bug with GTK+ was that you couldn't click a button twice without moving your mouse out of the button and back in18:32
Amaranthalankila: and it's already fixed18:32
shadeslayerum... isnt !symlink supposed to tell me how to create a symlink?18:33
shadeslayerinstead we have18:33
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal18:33
wastrelln -s target link-name18:34
DopeGhotiit's a demonstration- !symlink is a soft link to !terminal :)18:34
shadeslayerDopeGhoti: hehe18:35
alankilaAmaranth: hm, I'm half sure that that isn't quite matchin the symptoms I had with eclipse and flash18:36
mewshihey everyone :)18:36
mewshiI need some help getting my wireless working again >.<18:36
alankilathere seemed to be almost no amount of moving the mouse and clicking that would allow me to dismiss a dialog, but using the keyboard shortcuts worked18:36
rskall my VT's went blank, known problem?18:36
Amaranthalankila: the flash part is known at least, don't know of a fix though18:37
alankilathe eclipse problem is also fixed. I've previously hit the problem that GTK+ buttons don't work if you move the mouse in and out of them, but I recall that bug (which was very old) was fixed a year ago or so18:37
mewshioh wait never mind X18:37
mewshiI got the wireless working.  I think.18:38
alankilaI mean, they don't work unless you move the mouse in and out of them18:38
Amaranthright, if a button if mapped under your mouse you had to move out of it and back in before it would respond to a click18:38
Amaranththat was fixed about 9 months ago, iirc18:38
alankilayes, and the fix was some kind of hair-raising trickery, I recall there were many insanely subtle issues to it which I no longer can comprehend. I mean, on its face, it looks like a bloody trivial problem, but it had something to do with the events and how they were supposed to work, or something...18:39
DopeGhotiif I had to guess, something about not seeing the pointer move into/onto the widget if it appears wtih the pointer already wtihin it.18:40
alankilaI never did get that very well. The few times I've written code against GTK+ I've determined that the toolkit is insanely fragile. :-(18:40
mewshiI have a mouse problem, if anyone can help.  Well, more specifically, a touchpad.18:41
mewshiWell, two problems, actually.18:41
DopeGhotimewshi: you'll have to be a tad more specific about the problem(s)18:41
alankilayou make a new object, sometimes you have to materialize it before you can call a method on it, sometimes you can't do it even after you materialized it, then there's all the typecasting crap which removes all benefit from compile-time typesystem, etc. Argh.18:41
mewshiFirst off, the right- and left-handed buttons in the mouse configuration do nothing.  I prefer to have my right touchpad button be my left click (I'm left handed, so it works quite nicely)18:42
mewshiIn 9.04, this worked perfectly, but the upgrade broke it.18:42
mewshiAny ideas?18:44
nemoalankila: hm. my eclipse buttons aren't working in eclipse either.18:45
nemoI've had to use keyboard18:45
nemosorta got used to it18:45
nemonice to see it was fixed18:45
mewshianyone know how to fix my touchpad issue?18:46
shadeslayermewshi: whats the issue?18:46
mewshiFirst off, the right- and left-handed buttons in the mouse configuration do nothing.  I prefer to have my right touchpad button be my left click (I'm left handed, so it works quite nicely)18:46
shadeslayermewshi: ok,what DE ?18:46
alankilanemo: yeh, it's the gtk+ client side windows that's the problem, it doesn't cooperate with SWT somehow18:47
alankilabut it's been fixed, the only problem is that I'll probably not seen the fix until eclipse 3.5.2 unless the packaged karmic 3.5.1 is otherwise fixed18:47
nemoalankila: mm. I'm still on ppa eclipse - packaged one is behaving better?18:47
alankilahmm, or maybe they can workaround the problem in gtk+. See, I'm not quite sure if the fix applied to swt or gtk+18:47
alankilano, the packaged one's java content assist is fubar18:48
nemoofficially packaged I mean18:48
mewshiSo, I guess it's using gnome's mouse configuration tool18:48
shadeslayermewshi: no i meant like KDE or GNOME,also whats the make of the touch pad?18:48
nemoalankila: wait, if it is an swt or gtk problem, why would you have to wait for 3.5.2 instead of an update of those libraries?18:49
mewshiYeah, it's the Netbook remix desktop, so I guess it's using GNOME underpinnings?18:49
mewshiand it's a synaptics touchpad18:49
shadeslayermewshi: yayy... install gsynaptic18:49
shadeslayer!info gsynaptic18:50
ubottuPackage gsynaptic does not exist in karmic18:50
duffydackkarmic is really nice on UNR....im impressed.  pity it s*cks for my laptops sound tho...18:50
kklimondahave anyone tried 9.10 on 1Ghz + 512 ram?18:50
shadeslayer!info gsynaptics18:50
ubottugsynaptics (source: gsynaptics): configuration tool for Synaptics touchpad driver of X server. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.16-2 (karmic), package size 43 kB, installed size 416 kB18:50
wastrelwhat's unr18:50
shadeslayermewshi: see above :-)18:51
Cynthia13:48:17  alankila no, the packaged one's java content assist is fubar | I'm running the packaged Eclipse and its content assist is fine. What do you mean by content assist anyway, autocomplete for type names, for variable names or the Ctrl+Space in Add Class?18:51
legend2440latest update included upgrade from usplash 5.4.0 to usplash 5.4.1. this upgrade causes my  ctrl+alt + F1 - F6 tty to stop working. no login prompt. anyone else notice this?18:51
alankilaCynthia: when I tried to use ctrl+space to show me classes from some jar files I had in my dynamic web project, none could be found. It only found the classes from the rt.jar, it seems.18:51
mewshibe right back18:52
dtchenlegend2440: confirmed; i have some pretty horrible garble on tty1-618:52
Cynthiaalankila: mm, well I just deal with local app projects, so the dependency options are going to be just fine18:52
alankilaso instead of org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.TextField all I got was some swing or awt TextField. It was like this, yet at the same time the code compiled just fine, so clearly the jar was found at that stage18:53
dtchenlegend2440: then again, i have not confirmed whether it's reproducible using nv instead of the non-Free Nvidia driver18:53
Cynthialegend2440: I can't confirm the tty problem on Intel i91518:53
legend2440dtchen: yes mine looks like blue  Chinese letters and no login prompt18:53
CynthiaI see "Ubuntu karmic (development branch) jolteon tty1" then "jolteon login:"18:53
alankilaadditionally there was a warning about nonfunctional content assist options and a suggestion I should review them when I started the karmic eclipse 3.5.1 for the first time against the workspace18:53
duffydack1 bug ive found only in karmic with FF 3.5 and not 9.04 with FF 3.5.  If I remove the navigation bar and add the icons to the right of the FF menu (to make more use of space, I even do it on my 17" screen too..) when starting FF it gets an error to do with toolbar.xml18:54
alankilaso *something* was clearly different. Unfortunately I did not pay that much attention to that message because it seemed like the content assist worked but I didn't happen to try the custom jars18:54
legend2440dtchen: i also have nvidia using driver 18518:54
dtchenlegend2440: right, hence i'm not sure how much of it has to do with the non-Free component18:56
=== LjL is now known as LjL-NotMyNick
mewshihi :)18:58
billybigriggeranyone aware of a good nvidia vdpau tutorial?18:58
shadeslayermewshi: wb18:58
billybigriggeror does any players even support it yet?18:58
shadeslayermewshi: btw did you also try gnomes mouse config utility?18:58
RussellAlanWell that was fun, I botted into 9.10 and had two options, I went with the one with -12, Mouse still bounces around like crazy,18:58
mewshiOk... well, gsynaptics fixed my second issue (mouse pointer going waaaaaaaay too fast (even though the GNOME configuration tool had it to the minimum)  and yes, I tried that XD18:59
RussellAlanI rebooted... into -11 ANnd had a normal mouse for a second, then it dissapeared18:59
=== LjL-NotMyNick is now known as LjL
mewshiOk now I'm having another issue >.<18:59
shadeslayermewshi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad18:59
Amaranthnemo: btw, hedgewars works great here18:59
shadeslayermewshi: shoot!19:00
mewshiThe y-axis goes SIGNIFICANTLY faster than the x-axis on the touchpad >.<19:00
mewshiI think it's due to the smaller size of the y-axis compared to a normal touchpad19:01
shadeslayermewshi: scrolling?19:01
mewshimoving the pointer up and down goes a lot faster than moving it left and right19:01
shadeslayermewshi: oh.. ok,just see the link i sent you,it should troubleshoot everything hopefully19:01
=== RussellAlan is now known as s0|_|P
=== s0|_|P is now known as RussellAlan
mewshithat does nothing to help me >.<19:03
mewshiI've tried using gsynaptics, and that doesn't help matters :(19:03
mewshiany other ideas?19:06
shadeslayermewshi: google?19:06
mewshiwhat should I google for?19:07
alankilaBy the way, what is ubuntu's share of desktop systems in the linux landscape these days?19:08
alankilaDoes anyone know what percentage of linux systems used for desktop are running ubuntu?19:08
SKBhello, does anyone know with what arguments dbus is compiled? I seem to have some sort of policy issues :\19:09
thiebaudealankila, its the #1 distro, but i dont know the other percentages19:09
kavurthi, what package should I install to be able to watch this stream: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html ?19:09
joaopintoalankila, there is no data to determine that19:09
DopeGhotiIs there a CLI client for UbuntuOne, or jus tthe GNOME one for now?19:10
alankilayes, unfortunately it's very hard to say how the distros are doing, but that being said, someone got to have a rough idea19:10
jdfoote1I have had this weird problem with OpenOffice - in Jaunty and Karmic, OpenOffice looks like it isn't using GNOME - it's this grayish windows manager. Has anyone else ever seen this, or know how to fix it?19:10
joaopintoalankila, without data, is just a guess19:11
thiebaudealankila, i've seen some data linux is about 1%19:11
alankilathiebaude: no, not that... within linux systems19:11
thiebaudealankila, ahh, ok a breakdown of which distros and percentages19:12
alankilaSomething like this is the best I can find at the time being: http://blog.gpowered.net/2007/10/linux-distro-popularity-according-to.html19:12
shadeslayermewshi: synaptics touchpad+problem+ubuntu19:12
joaopintoalankila, which is not related to desktop usage :)19:13
alankilaindeed not19:13
nemoAmaranth: what's the system specs, do they differ from alankila and I?19:13
thiebaudealankila, i dont question those results19:13
nemoAmaranth: somehow it doesn't surprise me it works great for you :)19:13
nemoAmaranth: if pulseaudio *didn't* work great for all the devs, they would never have shoved it on the rest of us19:13
yoasifanyone having trouble starting firefox?19:14
Amaranthnemo: intel graphics, MacBook4,119:14
yoasifim getting a segfault19:14
SKBin which channel i should ask dbus compilation related questions?19:14
Amaranthyoasif: firefox from ubuntu or from mozilla?19:14
yoasifAmaranth, ubuntu19:14
MartynTerminals broken in latest update.. darnit19:14
Amaranthno idea then19:14
=== arand_ is now known as arand
Amaranthnemo: how do you change weapons? :)19:14
yoasif  Installed: 3.5.3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu319:15
joaopintowhat are you testing ?19:15
Amaranthnemo: only about 50% CPU usage between compiz, Xorg, hedgewars, and pulseaudio too19:16
shadeslayerSKB: #kubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-devel might be able to answer but ask here first and if no one answers then go there19:16
SKBno one answered  here :|19:16
SKBi'll try ubuntu-devel, ty19:16
shadeslayerSKB: the only problem with those channels is that youll have to wait for a long time for a answer.....19:17
shadeslayerpeople are usually busy with other work19:17
SKBeveryone's busy hehe19:17
Amaranthno no, not those channels19:17
AmaranthIf you're having trouble compiling a dbus package you want #ubuntu-motu19:17
AmaranthIf you're doing something else you want #dbus, if it exists19:18
shadeslayerAmaranth: um,isnt motu for packaging?19:18
joaopintoactually if you are just compiling, you may be on the proper channel, please pastebin the error19:18
Amaranthshadeslayer: And ubuntu-devel is for development _of_ ubuntu, not development _on_ ubuntu19:18
joaopintosince it maybe a trivial compiling question19:18
shadeslayerAmaranth: thats why i said to ask here first....19:18
SKBafter compilation i get some sort of policy problems19:18
mewshigoogle turns up nothing :(19:19
joaopintoSKB, after ? you mean it compiles fine ?19:19
SKBso i am wondering whether something else should be enable or something19:19
SKByes it compiles fine19:19
joaopintoso it's not a compilation problem after all :)19:19
joaopintoSKB, what are you compiling ?19:19
joaopintoSKB, and why are you compiling dbus ?19:20
shadeslayermewshi: http://www.google.co.in/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=synaptic+touchpad+in+ubuntu&btnG=Google+Search&meta=&aq=f&oq=19:20
SKBbecause my system was borked (and still is)19:20
joaopintoSKB, and how do you expect to fix it by recompiling dbus ?19:20
shadeslayermewshi: this looks good : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49375819:21
joaopintoSKB, have you filed a bug report about your problem ?19:21
SKBnot a bug, my own fault :|19:21
mewshithat requires xorg.conf changes >.>  I thought xorg.conf is... pointless now?19:22
shadeslayermewshi: why? xorg is not pointless....19:22
mewshithe .conf file doesn't have anything in it anymore.  Or did that change finally?19:22
shadeslayermewshi: um.... it does have alot of stuff..... last time i checked19:23
mewshijust add the section listed?19:23
PiciIts not required for xorg to run, but it will use it if it exists.19:23
evilaimThere, nice and not sleepy:)19:23
mewshiah, ok19:23
shadeslayermewshi: so basically follow the ubuntuforums howto19:24
shadeslayermewshi: before doing anything back the xorg up ;)19:25
evilaimGod I love cheese19:28
CyberZet!offtopic evilaim19:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:31
shadeslayerCyberZet: you need a pipe | in between19:31
lukaguys is there any app in the ubuntu repos to create a live dvd or usb image from my current system besides remastersys?19:32
shadeslayerluka: usb-creator19:32
shadeslayer!info usb-creator19:33
ubottuusb-creator (source: usb-creator): Ubuntu USB desktop image creator transitional meta-package for GTK+. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.9 (karmic), package size 1 kB, installed size 40 kB19:33
Hadican i update my ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 ?19:34
FrickelpitHadi: yes19:34
lukashadeslayer: nope thats not what im looking, i want to make an .iso of my current system...19:35
joaopintoHadi, you understand that is still beta right ?19:35
Hadii mean till it released19:35
Hadican i press update19:35
Hadiand it changes to 9.10 ?19:35
joaopintoluka, you current system is unlikely to fit on a cd or dvd19:35
mofleacan i update my ubuntu 9.0.4 to 9.10 using a iso file ?19:35
joaopintomoflea, only if it's from the alternate cd19:35
joaopintoand you mean 9.0419:35
FrickelpitHadi: you will get a notification from your System19:36
shadeslayerluka: ah.... what about dd? dd if=/dev/sd* of=/path/to/iso19:36
joaopintoHadi, 9.10 is not released yet, it's beta19:36
Hadithank u;D19:36
Hadihow it looks:P19:36
Hadiim wondering19:36
Hadi<3 cyasoon19:36
joaopintoshadeslayer, that is not an iso, that is only an iso when performed with a CD as a source19:36
lukajoaopinto: i used to use remastersys to do this... its totally possible.... i just want to make a backup of my system... record it to any dvd and boot from there19:36
rskHadi: the new theme is all over the net19:36
Berzerker-to update just hit alt+f2 and type update-manager -d and it will ask you to upgrade19:36
lukashadeslayer: that iso wont boot19:36
shadeslayerluka: you want a iso of the system that boots?19:37
mofleaok ty19:37
lukashadeslayer: yes... like remastersyss does, but its not currently supported by 9.1019:38
joaopintoluka, I am not aware of such a tool :\19:38
metropolisThis is sort of a stupid question, but if I try karmic on my machine, and something breaks (say, suspend-to-ram), is that the sort of thing that (if I filed a bug and the fix were easy) might still make it into the release?19:38
lukaok... ill keep searching19:38
joaopintometropolis, very unlikely, that is not critical, unless you have an easy fix :)19:38
metropolisjoaopinto: that's not critical?19:39
billybigriggerhey all19:39
thiebaudebillybigrigger, hey19:39
billybigriggerhas anyone here done a fresh install from the ubuntu beta dvd?19:39
Berzerker-metropolis, if it's a critical fix, it will most likely be fixed for the release, otherwise, probably not.19:40
billybigriggernice interface, but seems slow, and the %80 bug while scanning the apt mirror still plagues the install :( and takes about 10 minutes at the end to remove a ton of fonts?19:40
billybigriggeri thought after 2 years that "Scanning APT Mirror" bug would be squashed by now :P19:41
Berzerker-billybigrigger, didn't happen to me on either my netbook install or my rig install.19:41
billybigriggerDVD install?19:41
mamrhi, how to find out if the radeon or the radeonhd driver is used on my machine using the terminal (i don't have a xorg.conf)?19:41
metropolisBerzerker : okay, just trying to figure out if punting work now to try and test out karmic (and suffer / report bugs) is worth it :)19:41
shadeslayermamr: lsmod19:42
Berzerker-metropolis, I think installing karmic just to use it over jaunty is worth it.19:42
joaopinto bn bb19:42
metropolisBerzerker: okay, good point -- maybe I'll get my fiancee to do the same and we can see if the new empathy video chat actually works19:42
serzholinoanyone has problems with bluetooth in karmic? Dongle after plug is in hidden mode19:42
mewshithere is nothing anywhere about changing the y-axis behavior :(19:43
serzholinoi kebluetooth change to discoberable, then ok, but it is still hidden19:43
Berzerker-metropolis, I personally stuck with pidgin.19:43
shadeslayermewshi: its in editing the values for xorg,just adjust them to your needs19:43
Berzerker-metropolis, the new pidgin has integrated voice/video support, haven't tried it though.19:43
billybigriggerneed a working webcam in karmic for that :P19:44
billybigriggerstupid new kernels haha19:44
joaopintometropolis, suspend is not a critical function at all19:44
joaopintometropolis, it doesn't prevent you to use a system in anyway19:44
Berzerker-everything on both computers work OTB19:45
shadeslayermetropolis: plus were in a freeze,only critical bugs can be fixed19:45
billybigriggermy webcam hasn't worked all through karmic cycle :(19:45
billybigriggerworks ootb in jaunty though19:45
mewshishadeslayer, there is no option for adjusting the y-axis behavior >.<19:46
shadeslayermewshi: ill pastebin my xorg... just compare the values and see if they work19:47
mewshiI just need to scale the y-axis by 0.6 or so >.<19:48
shadeslayermewshi: http://pastebin.ca/160777119:48
FiReSTaRThi.. i wanted to ask for some clarification about karmic.. it will be switching to devicekit-power from hal.. does that mean that the suspend function will be completely different than in the previous releases?19:49
FiReSTaRTor is devicekit-power just for monitoring19:49
mewshishadeslayer, it's a touchpad, not a mouse.  There's nothing there about a touchpad that I can see >><19:50
shadeslayermewshi: the mouse part *is* the touchpad19:50
mewshiwell, there's nothing there about changing the y-axis behavior :(19:51
kl87hey i have both gnome and kde im running karmic and when in gnome i have sound wheen in kde i have no sound..idk whats wrong19:51
shadeslayermewshi: well try reducing the sensitivity or something,just keep tweaking all the values,gtg as of now19:51
kl87anyone ever have this happen19:52
mewshiI can't reduce the sensitivity, it will also change the x-axis19:52
shadeslayerkl87: try switching the KDE backend to gstreamer..19:52
kl87shadeslayer: how do i do that19:52
shadeslayerkl87: K > System Settings > Multimedia > Backend19:53
shadeslayerkl87: also in kmix select all the channels and set them to high19:53
shadeslayeranyways like i said... gtg19:54
shadeslayerbye all19:54
kl87i only have xine for a back end option no gstreamer19:55
atheOy. "Upgrading" from 9.10 beta to final is nothing but update && upgrade, correct?19:55
Machtinwell.. dist-upgrade19:55
yofelkl87: maybe pulseaudio get's in the way, can you [install and] run 'padevchooser' and check if anything is muten in 'Volume Control'?19:57
kl87padevchooser i installed it but cant seem to find it in my applications20:00
yofelkl87: search for 'Device Chooser'20:01
atheMachtin: you're positive it's dist-upgrade, as opposed to upgrade?20:01
mbeierlwhat happened to the "git-clone" command.  It's not found nor is any package suggested for it20:02
Machtinafaik upgrade doesn't upgrade kernel etc.20:02
yofelathe: if any packages are replaced until the release, upgrade won't install them, dist-upgrade will20:02
yofelMachtin: it does20:02
kl87it doesnt seem to start up20:02
yofelkl87: it's an applet, you'll find it in the systray20:03
Machtinkay then, sorry20:03
kl87oo im sry found it20:03
kl87ok so what in there am i looking for20:04
atheyofel: thanks. you don't suppose there's a good chance of dist-upgrade breaking stuff in that scenario?20:04
mbeierloh.  git-clone is put into /usr/lib/git-core/git-clone, not into a path, and command-not-found does not suggest any package for it20:05
yofelathe: it *should* not, if you want, you could use 'sudo aptitude full-upgrade' instead of dist-upgrade. Aptitude has a more advanced dependency resolver (doesn't break things as often)20:05
mewshiwhat the hell >.<  Why is there no solution to this problem? :(20:05
yofelkl87: open the 'Volume Control' Menu and check if you find any output devices muted. That's what happened to me after I installed kde.20:06
kl87wow thats the same problem i had20:07
kl87thats really weird20:07
kl87thanks for the help now i just gotta get used to kde20:07
yofelkl87: np20:08
=== topyli_ is now known as topyli
mauriis there a program for kubuntu in order to resize ntfs partitons (gparted and partition manager don't work)20:21
kl87is there any reason i should be getting errors about my tmp file when install plasmoids20:30
tavastiin my xubuntu 9.04 if I clicked URL on irc or skype, it opened in firefox, and firefox stayed in it's place, but now in Karmic Firefox comes to same desktop as the program which is calling it. How to get behaviour I had before?20:35
darkhamwasn't banshee the new default audio player?20:38
tavastianswer to my question is: window manager tweaks - focus - wehen window raises itself20:41
webbb82i just did a system update and i got this daemon error The connection to the daemon was lost. Most likely the background daemon crashed20:42
Cynthiawebbb82: was it 5 minutes after you were done with updates, yet leaving the Update Manager open? that has happened to me under those circumstances20:43
ectropyI love karmic, and notice a significant increase in performance. Keep up the good work, guys20:43
webbb82i think i ran the update and wasnt looking at it so maybe20:43
webbb82it said task cannot be monitored or controlled20:44
Cynthiawebbb82: that's the same thing I had, yes20:44
webbb82but my updater is still open and running the update20:44
Cynthiawebbb82: is this either of bugs 441686, 438797?20:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441686 in aptdaemon ""Task cannot be monitored or controlled" alert is unhelpful and scary" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44168620:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438797 in aptdaemon "aptdaemon should not idle shutdown on a waiting authentication" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43879720:47
darkhamwasn't banshee the new default audio player?20:49
Cynthiadarkham: No, but Empathy is the new default IM application20:50
Amaranthdarkham: nope, banshee never made a stable release20:50
CynthiaTotem is still default20:50
darkhamehm rythmbox20:50
mbeierl1Anyone else getting suspend immediately after resume recently?20:51
webbb82ya that does look like what i got20:51
Cynthiadarkham: yes, you can launch audio CDs in Rhythmbox still, although that's quite buggy20:51
Cynthiawhich leads me to a bug I was going to check up on and file: Rhythmbox can't play anything here (amd64), it just says something about a timeout20:52
legend2440since larest kernel update everytime i reboot karmic i get "Running DKMS auto installation service for kernel 2.6.31-13-generic". it has to do with my Nvidia card. any one else noticed this?20:52
mbeierl1legend2440: just got that - but have not rebooted again since20:53
legend2440mbeierl1: ok20:53
Cynthiaah, rhythmbox works now, never mind20:53
mbeierl1Is there a reported bug against battery charge state that shows battery at 50% when there's only 1 battery in a dual battery capable laptop?20:54
legend2440mbeierl1: another thing is that since latest usplash upgrade from 540 to 541  my alt+ctrl+F1 -F6 stopped working. no login prompt. have you noticed that? it seem to effect nvidia users20:55
webbb82was there a update that i just did that could have caused this crash?20:56
mbeierl1legend2440: good catch!  No I had not gone console via F1 yet.  It appears as though the display mode is preventing the login prompt from showing up20:56
webbb82i didnt do it yesterday20:56
legend2440mbeierl1: so your tty's are borked too?20:57
mbeierl1legend2440: ^20:57
legend2440mbeierl1: ok. well to fix that tty problem i edited the /etc/default/grub file. removed the word  "splash" then saved the file then did a sudo update-grub and the tty's are working again20:59
mbeierl1legend2440: yep, that would do it.  The splash is putting the card into a mode where it cannot display anything, thereby rendering the ttys invisible.21:00
yoritomohello all21:02
yoritomoi experience problems with a AC97 soundcard, everything on maximum, but the volume still very low on ekiga, skype, video and everything21:03
yoritomoi had low sound already under previous versions but especially on karmic too terrible21:04
yoritomowhat to do where does comes the problem?21:04
yoritomoMultimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)21:04
Cynthiayoritomo: are you on gnome, kde or xfce?21:05
yoritomohardy and jaunty, everything on maximum that as still not powerful already21:07
Cynthiasystem/preferences/sound, check that the volume for applications in the Applications tab is all the way to the right21:07
Cynthiathose only appear while applications are actively playing sounds; I imagine the global volume and the volume in the Effects tab are 100% already per what you said21:08
yoritomoCynthia, thanks, i launched a video on firefox, and i can notice firefox is 100% volume21:11
Cynthiayoritomo: hmm21:13
yoritomoin system/preferences/sound21:13
Cynthiayoritomo: run alsamixer in a terminal, and check that Master is indeed at 100%; here it's at 5221:14
Cynthiadespite the gnome preferences saying that my output volume is at 40... setting it to 100 in alsamixer makes it higher21:15
yoritomoCynthia, what command to type on terminal ?21:15
Cynthiayoritomo: alsamixer [Enter]21:16
Cynthiaraise the volume for Master with [Up]21:16
Cynthiayou can also select different volume controls within alsamixer with [Left] and [Right]21:16
yoritomoi have master, master m and  master s , only master is 100% both other on 0%21:18
lfaraoneWhy is it that things like setting CPU frequency scaling no longer have a "remember my authorization" checkbox?21:19
lfaraone*the authentication dialog for changing21:19
evilaimYa, Grub 3 is gimped21:21
MichRTHello. Anybody home?21:22
nemoAmaranth: hey. sorry. work stuff :)21:22
nemoAmaranth: WRT changing weapons. right click or F1-F921:22
Martyn2009-10-09 15:21:35,560 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - ERROR - OAuth failed: Authentication Failed21:22
nemoAmaranth: unless you remapped your team keys21:22
evilaimOk, I know this is a pretty easy question, and I'm fully able to do it...21:23
MichRTAnyone know how to switch GRUB Beta 3 back to Legacy? Clean installed Karmic21:23
evilaimbut... What is the best Flash player to install?"21:23
evilaimI'm getting my butt kicked by 3 different ones21:23
MichRTevilaim: Flash 1021:23
MichRTdon't use the open fwlash21:24
MichRTYah, non-free21:24
evilaimdon't use it or use it?21:24
MichRTUse flashplugin-nonfree21:24
yoritomoCynthia, looks like everythink maximum and still same anyway21:24
Cynthiaevilaim: MichRT is saying not to use Gnash (free) and to use flashplugin-installer (non-free)21:24
Cynthiait has several aliases for package names21:24
MichRTRight. thanx cynthia21:25
MichRTGotta go. Back in a bit.21:25
CynthiaThere's an alpha version of Flash 10 from Adobe Labs, if you use 64-bit Ubuntu21:25
Cynthiayou take the file they give you and put it in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ as root or sudo21:26
nemoCynthia: hm. still alpha? I thought they were up to beta21:26
nemoCynthia: and he can install it in his profile too :)21:26
Cynthianemo: true21:26
Cynthiadiff is to patch as debdiff is to... debpatch? is there such a utility?21:28
Cynthiaah, never mind, command-not-found says it's in the package debdelta21:29
evilaimAwe, ghetto21:31
evilaimhulu == .us only21:31
shossHello, I have a problem of limited/slow wifi download speed on ubuntu karmic (intel wireless pro wifi card) does anyone know how to solve this?21:31
Cynthiaevilaim: yeah21:32
evilaimI wonder if I can bypass that21:32
shossalso, the compiz-fusion doesn't seem to like the karmic at all, i had to disable it21:32
evilaimThat's ghetto...21:35
yoritomoCynthia i was checking some page on the net but i don't find much informations about my problems21:36
evilaimhulu works MINT on my machine, other then the fact I can't watch shit21:38
Cynthiayoritomo: it seems like alsamixer's volume is just a linear version of the logarithmic volume shown in the gnome sound preferences, or something21:38
Cynthiasetting the volume to 97 in alsamixer gives me a sound preferences volume of 9021:38
Cynthiahowever, can you not set it above 100% in sound preferences? I see the slider has a 100% about the two-thirds of it21:38
yoritomoit is 100%21:41
ectropyHmmm... wasn't there a new pulseaudio system-wide EQ a while ago?21:42
yoritomoi don't know if i can install a proprietary driver for it21:42
ectropydunno how much it will like Karmic21:43
yoritomowhen i run the same video on windows i jump on my seat :21:43
ectropyAnd last I checked it had to run all the time, sapping CPU, instead of only running when audio is about21:43
jasonlifeI'm testing Ubuntu 9.10 and it has gdm 2.28.  How can I specify my customer X server to start from gdm.  I can't find such an option to specify X server.. (different path)21:44
ectropyyoritomo: try #alsa21:46
ectropyyoritomo: Although I remember they weren't much help when I had the same problem. But your sound card is likeley different, so they may be able to help21:47
ectropyyoritomo: I never got my issue resolved.21:47
yoritomowhere to change it?21:47
ectropyyoritomo: and in fact, if I remember correcly, the pulseaudio eq was broken from jaunty onward because it lacks a lib or two.21:48
yoritomolooks like a general problem then?21:49
hbbsHi, I've just updated my karmic install now and apparently the super key + R shortcut was removed from compiz. Can anyone eles confirm this?21:52
hbbsI hope this would turn out to be some kind of mistake, because one should be able to zoom in/ou a window on Ubuntu just using keyboad shortcuts.21:56
test34I didnt do todays updates, but the shortcut works for me... I'm updating now21:59
test34but it doesnt work all the time22:00
billybigriggeranyone here familiar with nvidia vdpau?22:01
webbb82hey i just ran a apt-get dist-upgrade and my computer crashed whats the command to get it fixed apt-get -f install?22:01
yofelwebbb82: do you mean 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' ?22:02
webbb82ya  i think what will that command do?  is there a good cheat sheet for this command22:02
webbb82and ones like it22:02
alankilaman pages22:03
alankilawell, you only have to know a couple of them: apt-get, dpkg, mostly22:03
alankilaI can't really think of other packaging-related commands I execute regularly save from debfoster but that's not something people normally need22:03
webbb82what will sudo dpkg --configure -a do22:04
evilaimUgh, I can't wait for hulu to be launched for Canada22:04
alankilaread the manual.22:04
evilaimThat'll be a great day:)22:04
yofelwebbb82: configure all packages that weren't yet configured because the installation/upgrade was aborted22:05
webbb82nothing happened when i di the command22:05
yofelwebbb82: ok, then nothing needed to be done, do you still get errors?22:06
webbb82im running upgrade rite now ill see22:06
* alankila thinks apt-get should just run dpkg --configure -a if it needs to be run.22:06
yofelheh, would indeed be nice..22:07
alankilaI also think apt-get should alias dist-upgrade and upgrade and just not mention dist-upgrade except as an alias for upgrade, used by oldtimers22:07
yofelalankila: no, upgrade and dist-upgrade have different behaviours22:08
alankilathere are too many questions related to what are the right parameters to run and there are very few reasons to run upgrade rather than dist-upgrade. In fact, I can't really think of any.22:08
billybigriggeranyone know what happened to the virtualbox-3.0 package?22:08
test34Im doing updates using the update manager, it looks like it's updating in the background but the usual window didn't popup when I pushed install updates (the one where you can push details and see what's going on).. it just grayed out the main update manager window22:09
billybigrigger  Installed: (none)22:09
billybigrigger  Candidate: (none)22:09
billybigrigger  Version table:22:09
yofelalankila: yes, but can for example use upgrade in a cron job without having to check for any breakage since it should be safe in most situations22:09
test34it finished22:09
alankilayofel: and distros that provide security upgrades only are unlikely to obsolete packages and thus differentiate between the dist-upgrade and upgrade behavior.22:10
yofelalankila: yes, but do you now want to build a seperate apt for development releases where that does happen? That's nonsense22:11
odinHello, I have an issue with my alsa-pulse configuration. I am using Karmic. I can't use the quick access buttons or the volume applet to change/mute sound22:11
alankilaNo. I just want everyone to use dist-upgrade if they aren't on a stable release. :)22:11
odinwhen I try System>Preferences>Sound I have a message telling me something like "waiting for sound system to respond". I think it is related.22:12
yofelalankila: ok true, but then again, you should know this if you're using a development release22:13
alankilaI mean, practically. I really doubt there is anyone running upgrades automatically on a system that isn't also on some kind of stable feed. The only use case -- keeping what you have working -- makes sense only if you are also tracking a stable release. That's why I suspect upgrade-feature is actually pointless.22:13
alankilait's already given by the fact that you are in maintenance mode and aren't tracking something like debian testing or unstable, or such which conceiveably replaces packages unpredictably.22:13
TrizicusI have a kernel update question (or 2): 1. Just to be sure; but when I update my kernel I need to uninstall the propriety nvidia driver, then reinstall it into the new kernel correct? Also how do I test the new kernel for stability properly?22:15
yofelwell yeah ok, but is that enough reason to make apt behave different in debian and in ubuntu?22:15
yofelTrizicus: if you use the .run file from nvidia then yes, if you use the package from the repository no - dkms will rebuild the driver for the new kernel22:16
slacker_nlalankila: i don't want to run dist-upgrade on a "unstable" system22:16
odinyou run nvidia-installer --update22:16
Trizicusok that answers one of my questions, thanks what about testing for stability?22:17
odinTrizicus: the best way to test for stability is to download the cuda sdk and run the examples22:18
evilaimGod, I do love this new version22:18
evilaim9.10 +122:18
Trizicusthat will test for kernel stability?22:18
alankilaI suppose I have to agree... I'm just dreaming that people would throw away something like the upgrade-mode of apt, just as something which is potentially dangerous as it multiplies the number of linux system configurations and thus makes it that much less likely that everything gets tested properly.22:19
odinHello, I have an issue with my alsa-pulse configuration. I am using Karmic. I can't use the quick access buttons or the volume applet to change/mute sound22:19
MichRTHello. I'm back.22:21
RussellAlanhello, you're back.22:21
CynthiaPleased to meet you, back. I'm Cynthia.22:21
slacker_nlodin: in ubuntu+1 everyone assumes you're running karmic ;)22:22
MichRTHay, you helped me get my words straight earlier. Nice to meet you Cynthia.22:22
CynthiaLikewise :)22:22
MichRTI am running Karmic22:22
MichRTLove it22:22
odinsorry I just copied the message from #ubuntu22:23
odinsorry back22:23
MichRTQuestion: How, if possible, do you SAFELY get GRUB back to Legacy?22:24
alankilaMichRT: you mean, install grub1 again?22:24
evilaimYa, 9.10 is very very nice so far22:24
evilaimAnd yes the new grub is brutal22:24
MichRTWell, I have the new GRUB Beat 3, since it comes with Karmic, But it is sooooooo much slower than the one in 9.0422:25
MichRTBeat, sorry22:25
evilaimYa, I dunno, it's not my fav.22:25
evilaimI don't even know how to revert22:25
BUGabundoThe following packages are BROKEN:22:26
BUGabundo  startupmanager22:26
BUGabundoThe following packages will be REMOVED:22:26
BUGabundo  grub{a}22:26
BUGabundoThe following packages will be upgraded:22:26
BUGabundo  grub-common grub-pc22:26
alankilahmm... what do you mean, slower? It doesn't even show a menu if you don't have other things to boot than linux?22:26
BUGabundowhat to do ?22:26
yofelBUGabundo: wasn't there a bug about that?22:26
BUGabundono idea22:26
BUGabundoI was just doing updates22:26
BUGabundoand found that gem22:26
OlimpicoHello, I just upgraded to 9.10 Beta, everything works fine, but I cannot write accents, can someone please help me?22:27
MichRTWell, GRUB beta 3 seems to start slower, and boot up operating systems slower. I have a nice PC, so IDK22:27
CynthiaOlimpico: gnome, kde or xfce?22:27
alankilaodd. I haven't noticed any issues like that.22:27
OlimpicoCynthia, xfce22:28
CynthiaI use gnome, so I'll pass the buck to the rest of #ubuntu+122:28
evilaim+1 for xfce22:28
alankilaI certainly agree that grub could load the kernel and initrd a bit faster, but it seems to take like 1 or 2 seconds to load them so I don't really care22:28
MichRTooooh, how is the new xfce? I remember 8.04. It sucked. No offense. But it does seem better now.22:29
MichRTOne moment........22:29
NCommanderMichRT, much much better22:29
evilaimIt's ok22:29
evilaimI wouldn't exchange it for my gnome tho22:29
Olimpicoooooooohhhhhhhhhh, I just noticed where is the problem22:29
OlimpicoAparently synergy is the one causing the problem, shit!!!!!!!!22:29
alankilaXFCE is odd. It's less featured than GNOME and seems to use more memory than GNOME, according to someone's tests... It used to be a lightweight desktop alternative back in the day, but somehow it's bloated to hell now.22:30
evilaimalakila, I've found the same22:30
Olimpicoalankila, well, thats not my experinece22:30
evilaimThat's why I'm testing out blackbox22:30
alankilayeh, I used blackbox on a very weak box I got but then I discovered lxde22:31
rx78xsup all, big problem today when I powered on for the first time since last night...22:31
rx78xI can't log in to my main acct, and I think it has something to do with the new passphrase option that also unlocks home22:32
yoritomoin alsamixer i did not know immediately the problem, it needs to use right arrow to browse more volume bars22:32
yoritomonow i know thanks all for that22:32
Olimpicoalankila, I find xubuntu very good, I just have the problem now that I use synergy, for having two computers with one keyboard and mouse. THe problem is that in the synergyc side the keyboard layout is not working properly22:32
rx78xI have tried to sudo mount -t ecryptfs /home/ross/.Private /home/ross/private but it keeps giving me errors and won't mount the disk22:33
alankilaOlimpico: yes, I'm talking about a very weak system. 128 MB of RAM and celeron 600 MHz. It used to be that xfce would have worked on such a system, that is why I was bitterly disappointed by it22:33
rx78xalso, there is a link on the desktop that says Access Your Private Data, but when I click it, it does nothing22:33
Olimpicoalankila, Well, thats extreme, but I really think xubuntu is much lighter than ubuntu!22:33
rx78xI am pretty sure I used the same passphrase for the log in as well as the PAM key that unlocks the home, but it was working fine up until last night...22:34
rx78xsorry, until this morning22:34
evilaimWell, my dual core 1 gig of ram runs ubuntu flawlessly22:34
rx78xany help is mucho appreciated :)22:34
evilaimbut I'll be upgrading to 4 gigs soon enough22:34
evilaimand then I should be good for while22:34
OlimpicoNow I{m upgradeing also the other computer, maybe is just an incompatibility issue22:34
MichRTI'm back22:35
evilaimWb, back.22:35
RussellAlanI'm Russell22:35
carlosgaldinohow could i change the options on grub? i installed the 2.6.32 kernel release and want to boot using it, but the grub loads automatically, i want edit the time to choose an option22:35
yoritomoectropy cynthia in alsamixer i did not know immediately the problem, it needs to use right arrow to browse more volume bars22:36
yoritomo now i know thanks all for that22:36
* evilaim dances *22:36
Olimpicoalankila, for that kind of system you should use another distro, like Damn Small Linux22:36
Cynthiayoritomo: ah. And does any slider make your audio volume higher?22:36
alankilaNo, lxde works just fine.22:37
evilaimI guess I should try and setup my media keys22:37
MichRTUse Xfce at least Olimpico22:37
carlosgaldinothere isn't /boot/grub/menu.lst file here22:37
yofelcarlosgaldino: edit /etc/default/grub for the times and run update-grub, but iirc if you use hidden you need to hold the shift key pressed on boot to get the menu22:37
darthanubisanyone with a Nvidia card care to try something out for me?22:37
yofel!grub2 | carlosgaldino22:37
ubottucarlosgaldino: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub222:37
evilaimI hate setting up hot keys22:38
MichRTdarthanubis, whats the problem?22:38
yoritomoCynthia yes, looks like all my problems resolved22:38
Cynthiagood :)22:38
yoritomojust another thing about sound22:38
alankilaAs an anecdote, I think jaunty shipped with a version of pango that lost some 6 MB of RAM every time you read the dejavu-sans font into RAM. The bug was that it allocated 256k of memory for every truetype font table, but forgot to resize the tables to the actual size demanded by the tables.22:38
MichRTdarthanubis, I have an NVidia card. I just don't know your problem22:38
alankilanow that was just a splendid bug on a 128 MB system22:38
yofeldarthanubis: what needs testing?22:38
hzlocky Hi, i have a problems installing ubuntu(ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386),  when I am trying to boot from cd, I have got message: "1. FD 1.44MB System Type-(06)" and installer never start! Can anyone help??22:39
Cynthiaalankila: ouch22:39
yoritomounder karmic using the same procedure for jaunty no way to compile dssi-vst, how comes22:39
alankilaCynthia: you nailed it22:39
MichRThzlocky, Which version of Ubuntu do you have?22:39
hzlockyMichRT: ila> Cynthia: you nailed it22:39
hzlocky/00:39:29/ <MichRT22:39
Cynthiahzlocky: that sounds like a BIOS boot order setup problem, that's not really within the scope of #ubuntu+122:39
hzlockyMichRT: sorry, ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i38622:39
darthanubisMichRT, yofel , ok I use the invest applet right?22:40
yofelhzlocky: if you really are using the 9.04 image please ask in #ubuntu22:40
MichRTIt sounds like a floppy problem22:40
yofeldarthanubis: what's that?22:40
hzlockyCynthia: no, it is not, all is ok22:40
MichRTbut yofel is right, use #ubuntu hzlocky22:40
darthanubisand when I click the applet to reveal the actual stocks it drops down of the desktop from the panel22:40
darthanubisclick the applet again and it retracts, but leaves a ghost outline of where it was22:40
darthanubisthat is a problem22:40
hzlockyMichRT: ok, but they never answer22:40
carlosgaldinoyofel, how should i edit the file?22:41
MichRTdarthanubis: which version of AWN are you using?22:41
MichRThzlocky: OK, just wanted you to try22:41
darthanubisthat is a photo of the effect22:41
darthanubisand this applet is not a part of AWn if that is why you asked22:41
darthanubisthis is a Gnome applet22:41
yofelcarlosgaldino: use 'gksu gedit <file>' or 'kdesudo kate <file' depending on what you're using. Did you read the wiki page?22:42
carlosgaldinoyofel, i'm reading22:42
yoritomocynthia http://pastebin.com/mb5c19c622:42
MichRTOh...... Sorry, read you wrong darthanubis. Which NVidia driver are you using, and what card do you have?22:42
=== Amaranth is now known as true
Cynthiadarthanubis: bug 428783, this was fixed already22:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428783 in compiz "shadow remains on desktop after closing applet window" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42878322:42
=== true is now known as Amaranth
lucahi everyone22:44
MichRTdarthanubis: just try to update Ubuntu22:44
yofelhey luca22:44
lucahelp please, grub2 list of available kernels was not updated correctly and now I can't even boot inside Ubuntu :(22:44
yoritomoimpossible to compile dssi-vst-0.8 under karmic of course i did like for jaunty and i checked carefully the page of linuxmao22:45
hzlockyMichRT: by the way, thank you, I found that I am tried to install i386 version on comp Athlon64)))22:45
darthanubisMichRT, I stay very updated. Like by the hour.22:45
Cynthialuca: run update-grub from a liveCD22:45
darthanubisvideo[nVidia Corporation G96 [GeForce 9500 GT] @ Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset DRAM Controller]22:45
darthanubisI have the latest everythin22:45
Cynthiahzlocky: that should not cause a problem22:45
MichRTOh...... Sorry, read you wrong darthanubis. Which NVidia driver are you using, and what card do you have?22:45
carlosgaldinoluca, is that you who told me to install the 2.6.32 kernel?22:45
hzlockyCynthia: otherwise, I dont have any idea22:45
Cynthiahzlocky: I had 32-bit Jaunty on an intel core 2 duo22:46
lucaCynthia: I am trying to do that, but I can't: it keeps saying Can't open /dev/null, permission denied22:46
MichRThzlocky i'm sure you know now, but get the AMD64 CD22:46
lucacarlosgaldino: definitely not, sorry :)22:46
carlosgaldinoluca, ok, i think was "luka"22:46
Cynthiadev/null can't be opened, now that's a big bug :\ I don't know what to do with that22:46
darthanubisthat is the driver version22:46
carlosgaldinoluca, thanks22:46
lucacarlosgaldino: np22:46
darthanubisEverything is up to date Karmic22:46
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carlosgaldinoanyone knows how to disable the bip when a sound file is open?22:47
MichRTdarthanubis, I have no clue. just open a file browser and move it over the shadow.22:47
Cynthialuca: From within the liveCD, run Synaptic and mark for upgrades the packages os-prober and grub (or grub2?), they've been updated since the beta22:47
=== PCNerdTech is now known as CMTechNerdPen|s
Cynthiaapply, then try sudo update-grub again22:47
Cynthia(yes, sorry, update-grub must be run as root or sudo, did you just type update-grub?)22:48
darthanubisMichRT, none of that works.22:48
OlimpicoMichRT, what do you mean?22:48
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antoineAnyone here having problems with gconf?22:48
darthanubisIs someone going to try this like I asked, now that I've answered everyones questions?22:48
=== RussellAlan|SLam is now known as RussellAlan
Cynthiadarthanubis: MichRT wants you to move a window on top of the rogue applet shadow. Or just make a selection rectangle on the desktop.22:49
MichRTOK, open up you home folder. Grab the title bar, and move the window so it COMPLETLY COVERS the shadow. move the window away, and the shadow is gone. Used to have this problem.22:49
CynthiaThis worked around bug 428783 when I had it22:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428783 in compiz "shadow remains on desktop after closing applet window" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42878322:49
lucaCynthia: ok, thanks, trying that22:49
darthanubisCynthia, That Does Not Remove The Ghost22:49
CynthiaIt doesn't?22:49
darthanubisCynthia, thank you for the link to the bug report22:50
CynthiaSee, I used to have that bug, but now I never have it under any circumstance anymore22:50
darthanubisCynthia, No22:50
CynthiaRunning Intel i915, Karmic updated, amd6422:50
carlosgaldinosomeone could tell me how can i solve the problem with the sound? every time i open a sound file the computer make a bip22:50
darthanubisCynthia, I'll read the report22:50
Cynthiadarthanubis: what differs in your configuration? (also, compiz)22:50
darthanubisCynthia, That is what I'm trying to determine by comparing notes with you guys. But the cooperation is lopsided as of right now, you know:/?22:51
MichRTfor sound, go to sound settings in administration. de-check "sound on select" or something like that22:51
CynthiaThe calendar applet used to do this. You're using a different applet?22:51
MichRTYa, what applet22:51
antoineFailed to get connection to session: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.22:52
CynthiaOh, stock/invest22:52
darthanubisCynthia, I'm using the invest applet, and yes the calender applet did this too me as well, but not anymore, only the invest applet22:52
* Cynthia tries it, does anyone have any sample stock symbols for me to add? :)22:52
darthanubisCynthia, goog, amd, intc22:53
darthanubisthx you22:54
Cynthiaoh hrm22:54
Cynthiathe shadow appears as a window always-on-bottom22:54
MichRTTime to go experiment some more on Karmic. See yall later!22:54
Cynthiaso if I have a Firefox over it, it doesn't show the shadow, but then I minimise all apps and only the shadow shows... confirmed on Intel! Do you have a bug number for this?22:55
darthanubisCynthia, told you22:55
darthanubisCynthia, only the bug # you gave me?22:55
Cynthiait seems to be a separate issue to the calendar applet issue, but with the same symptoms22:56
CynthiaI'll post in that bug report asking for more info WRT the Invest applet22:56
darthanubisCynthia, I greatly appreciate your efforts concerning this matter!22:57
carlosgaldinoany solution?22:58
Cynthiadarthanubis: see the last comment on that linked bug, subscribe to it and click "This bug affects me too"23:02
darthanubiswill do23:02
Cynthiaadd another comment if you wish23:03
FFEMTcJIf I updated firefox to 3.5.5pre via the firefox repo, is there a way for me to go back to the 3.5 that ships with 9.10?23:03
darthanubisCynthia, Done. And thanks again.23:04
CynthiaFFEMTcJ: 1. check which version ships with karmic by running 'apt-cache policy firefox' and seeing which version number has 'ubuntu' in it; 2. use 'apt-get install firefox=VERSIONNUMBER'23:04
Cynthiaand 3. accept the downgrade warning23:05
FFEMTcJCynthia: would i then need to reboot? it looks like it downgraded, but when i run ff again, it still shows 3.5.5pre23:07
CynthiaFFEMTcJ: hmm... try 'dpkg -s firefox'23:08
Cynthiahere it says Version: 3.5.3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu323:08
FFEMTcJthats what it says here too23:09
Cynthiaif you still had a firefox up during the downgrade, close and restart it23:09
FFEMTcJi guess ill try a reboot?23:10
Cynthiarepeat the steps from earlier, but with 'firefox-3.5=VERSION' instead23:10
Cynthiait looks like firefox is a mere metapackage, this kinda confuses me a bit23:10
FFEMTcJthat looks like it may be better23:10
FFEMTcJty Cynthia23:11
FFEMTcJthat worked23:11
sneakersI'm trying to install 9.10 with auto|manual ext3|ext4 partitions from the live CD and each time with each combination I get the error "The attempt to mount a file system with type ext3|ext4 ... at / failed." Anybody have any ideas why?23:11
CynthiaFFEMTcJ: you're welcome :)23:12
MichRTBack again. bored.23:13
MichRTOh, and has anyone tried MTP in Karmic?23:14
CynthiaMichRT: as in Media Transfer Protocol?23:14
Cynthianah, I only do USB mass storage23:15
evilaimMan, this is all starting to work "too good"23:15
MichRTWell, I do too, but my brother has a Sandisk Sansa Fuze, and I need it for that.23:15
MichRTI looked it up, but from experience rhythmbox hate Sandisk.23:16
Lars_GWell, I had to format my partition and lost all :(23:17
Lars_Gat least I got to create my separate home dir, and encrypt it from the installer (seems encryptfs is used)23:18
evilaimNice, pidgin allows for editing the theme!23:18
evilaimThat makes me happy23:18
Lars_Gbut now I'm updating the 347 packages from the beta to the lattest23:18
MichRTSee yall later!23:19
carl0s-Latest updates broke my ATI FireGL Thinkpad t43 laptop .. The system hangs about where I'd expect X to be. Any ideas?23:26
jduRunning the livecd of 9.10 beta on a usb stick, it only starts sometimes.  Is this likely a result of the upstart changes, or is it likely that it will be fixed with a real install?23:37
jduthis amd6423:37
evilaimya, I'm on amd6423:37
evilaimIt's very nice23:37
evilaimBut I really really need to upgrade ram23:37
jduevilaim: i haven't tested to see whether my ram usage really goes up as expected with a 64 bit install23:38
evilaimI have a bunch of stuff running and I'm only at 522MB23:39
evilaimconky, pidgin, deluge, irssi, gnome-do, thunderbird...23:39
billybigriggeranyone know what happened to the virtualbox-3.0 package?23:40
sneakersif anybody is interested, it seems the install partitioner wouldn't work until I deleted all partitions on the drives I was setting up23:46
sneakersremoving all partitions with gparted allowed me to manually partition in the installer23:46
Cynthiasneakers: I installed Alpha 5, Alpha 6 and Beta over manually-specified partitions :\23:46
Cynthiamanually specified, and existing23:47
sneakerswith each combination I tried, it just told me it failed23:47
evilaimHey, does pidgin support video now?23:47
zniavrejabber and another network but not the msn protocol yet23:49
Cynthiathe other protocol is XMPP or something23:50
Stonkhi there. I've got the 9.10 beta 64 bit running right now and the installed can't see my harddisk. fdisk -l returns nothing either. Any ideas?23:52
ectropyStonk: Get a hard disk! :P23:53
wirechief_Stonk did it see your HD when it was tested as a live session ?23:53
StonkI'm in the live session right now. I know the harddisk works because I can reboot into *ahem* vista that came with it23:54
wirechief_Stonk if you didn't already, check the media, select the integrity check on the grub screen.23:54
Stonkit's a fully intel mobo so...23:55
CynthiaStonk: does 'ls /dev/{h,s}d*' in a terminal return anything?23:55
StonkI don't really want to leave my live session right now ;-)23:55
Stonkdefault /dev/sd{a-d}23:56
Stonkbut black23:56
wirechief_Stonk well you might  be able to check the media with sha256sum /dev/cdrom and see if it compares23:56
Stonki dont understand sorry, I'm unable to install it23:56
wirechief_unless you know the md5sum then use it instead.23:56
StonkSorry, you've lost me wirechief_23:57
wirechief_Stonk use the terminal and do the above commands and compare your results23:57
Stonkoh you think my cd is screwed? hmm ok23:58
wirechief_that will verify the integrity of your current session anyways.23:58
wirechief_yes i do think its mucked23:58
wirechief_but it could be something else23:58
StonkIt's been running live for the last 4 hours23:58
Stonkbut ok... it's doing it23:58
wirechief_that does not mean anything. all you need to do is lose a few bits and you have a install thats screwed23:59
gnubiebillybigrigger; http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-virtualbox-3.0-on-an-ubuntu-9.04-desktop   I just followed this and now have vbox 3.0 install on 9.1023:59
coz_hey guys.. i wanted to make a comment about the "no icons " under some menus as being a dis-service to visually impaired individuals who would more likely see the icon as a color variation to work with where as text alone..being similar to all text in the menus most likely might not be distinguushed from any other text in the menu23:59

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