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dpblool: I don't use a initrd. Is there some howto how to do an initrd for an arm rootfs? I used rootstock to build the rootfs.07:36
dpblool: here's the boot log if you're interested: http://koti.kapsi.fi/dpb/beagle.txt07:37
dpblool: what kernel do you use? what is recommended?07:40
looldpb: For beagle, there are debian packages on the web09:15
looldpb: http://www.rcn-ee.com/deb/kernel/beagle/karmic/09:16
looldpb: I run a self built kernel09:16
looldpb: Your kernel cmdline looks good, not sure why you dont get further output09:17
looldpb: I didnt reboot in a while since the new mountall arrived09:17
looldpb: It might be that it's borken without an initrd (that should be supported though); to create one, use update-initramfs -c in the chroot09:17
loolperhaps using qemu if you dont have working ARM hardware09:18
looldpb: I'm abroad right now, but could probably help more next week09:18
dpblool: ok, thanks09:36
dpblool: hrmm, I wonder why rcn-ee.com and rcn-ee.net has different kernels... .net has much more newer kernels too, with the same exact path otherwise... ;o09:51
loolNo idea09:52
loolnot running that site09:52
loolI'm using my own kernels09:52
looldpb: Otherwise, the linuxomap tree mostly works09:53
ogragrmbl, cdrdao seems to use $(uname -m) at buildtime11:06
loologra: fix it!11:25
loologra: I think Jamie was looking at it already11:25
loologra: Did you see the conversation on the debian patch already?11:25
ograno, i didnt know there is a debian patch11:25
loologra: You fail basic grep then  :)11:25
ograi just looked at the FTBFS list and started a testbuild with the armv5tel files copied11:25
lool22:38 < JamieBennett> caused by a missing RULES/ file for armv7l11:26
lool22:38 < JamieBennett> has arm4l11:26
lool22:46 < lool> JamieBennett: debian/patches/10-rules-armel.patch11:26
ografunnily fakeroot debian/rules clean does run ./configure for about 40 times11:26
lool22:48 < lool> JamieBennett: Our armel architecture is v6 and Debian's is v4, the build shouldn't have to know about v4 or v7; it would be nice to foce the build to use the target arch instead of the detected buildd arch11:26
ograthere is armv5tel11:26
loolDid you read debian/patches/10-rules-armel.patch ?11:27
ograogra@dove:~/devel/cdrdao-1.2.2$ less debian/patches/10-rules-armel.patch11:27
ogradebian/patches/10-rules-armel.patch: No such file or directory11:27
lool22:50 < lool> JamieBennett: minimum change: add v7l because that's what our buildds are, good change: make the build use the target arch instead of buildd arch, perfect world change: fix the build to detect what it needs to know about instead of trying to support all arches in the world11:27
ogradpatch ... heh11:27
loolI don't know what you're looking at, I see the pathc just fine11:28
looldpkg-source: info: extracting cdrdao in cdrdao-1.2.211:28
looldpkg-source: info: unpacking cdrdao_1.2.2.orig.tar.gz11:28
looldpkg-source: info: applying cdrdao_1.2.2-18ubuntu2.diff.gz11:28
loolvi debian/patches/10-rules-armel.patch11:28
ograits .dpatch :)11:28
loolIt's not11:28
loolcdrdao (1:1.2.2-18ubuntu2) karmic; urgency=low11:29
loologra: We are not Debian  :-)11:29
ograwell, thats what the archive gave me11:29
ogracdrdao (1:1.2.2-17) unstable; urgency=low11:29
ograseems my apt cache isnt up to date11:29
loologra: My version being newer, I suspect you suck   ;-P11:30
loologra: You're so yesterday-ish11:30
loolWas pushed Oct 311:30
ograyeah, i'm working remotely11:30
ogramy laptop has my approx instance for my LAN11:31
ograso the dove board doesnt find the up to date source11:31
loolAs I was saying you suck  :)11:32
loolI'm running a script to disable/enable my mirror when I'm traveling11:33
loolBut mirror is on the LAN11:33
loologra: I should mock you again for your slowness11:35
ograhe cdrdao code should really be fixed to not use uname though11:35
loolI agree11:36
loolActually I said it earlier  :)11:36
ogra.oO(hungry .... it smells so good and i didnt have dinner)11:36
loolThat said it's probably easier to fix it like Debian for karmic11:36
loologra: You had 3 beers11:37
ograliquid bread doesnt count11:37
loologra: And at least 2 cigarettes11:37
ograi go a smoker room :)11:37
suihkulokkithere is a bunch of other packages that use the same build system and will need same fixes11:37
suihkulokkibasicly all packages from the same upstream author...11:38
ograwho evet invented that should be shot11:38
ograah, k11:38
ograthat explains something11:38
loolsuihkulokki: (I omitted the part of the logs where I name the upstream and complain about him  ;)11:39
ogrado you fear he shows up at your door ?11:43
ograthats just because of the umlauts, no ?11:44
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