picklesworthEeek, I've gotta go. Oh well, bye :)00:28
zniavregood morning08:47
* thorwil enters new areas: http://www.istockphoto.com/file_search.php?action=file&userID=497023609:43
kwwiithorwil: hehe, cool stuff11:25
thorwilty :)11:25
mac_vthorwil: whats that for , btw?11:30
thorwilmac_v: quite surprisingly for a site called istockphoto, it's stock art. a bit much on the specific side for stock, but they already have so many images, that it's hard to be generic but still unique11:31
* thorwil -> food11:32
mac_vkwwii: quick question , do the notification icons[notification daemon , not notify-osd] use the fdo naming? or do they use the naming from the apps?12:30
kwwiimac_v: the attempt was mixed but they really don't follow fdo naming12:42
kwwiior the notification would not be in front12:42
kwwiibut when possible they follow it12:43
mac_vkwwii: i'm trying to file a bug in notify-osd to use the translate notification used by the apps rather than forcing all ubuntu packages to carry patches .. we could do this for atleast the apps in the default install12:44
mac_vs/to use the translate/to translate12:44
mac_vthat is why gpm still hasnt been patched , seb and pitti are reluctant12:45
kwwiimac_v: ? slow done12:45
kwwiilet me understand ;)12:45
kwwiimac_v: what do you mean by "translate notification"?12:46
mac_vhehe , ;) , let me explain12:46
mac_vkwwii: No upstream app will ever use notify-osd icon labels , since notify-osd is only ubuntu specific , so every ubuntu package will need a patch for this! , But it is not possible to patch all apps and carry patches just because Ubuntu has a new notification system.. Instead it will be simpler to make notify-osd to recognize the upstream names and  to convert these icon names to its own naming system [notify-osd icon names ]... this is a more12:48
mac_v ideal approach12:48
mac_vright now , nm applet is patched , empathy is patched ,12:48
mac_vim apps are all being patched  , but they all use a common icon name , why cant notify-osd just be smart ;)12:50
kwwiimac_v: honestly, I have no opinion on this other than the fact that it works12:53
kwwiimac_v: I think it would be very hard to have notify-osd change icon names and such12:53
zniavre_hello / bonjour12:53
mac_vkwwii: ;) ... well... ok , then you need to convince seb and pitti /asac to patch gpm12:54
zniavre_what is this widget in The Gimp (zoom) please >http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/8576/capturebp.png12:54
mac_vkwwii: it still uses the gpm icons for notifications , and there has been no bug filed for a gpm patch ;)12:55
kwwiimac_v: ok, let's talk to them12:55
kwwiimac_v: in any case, there should be a bug about this13:05
kwwiimac_v: is the current problem with the battery icons in notify-osd caused because gpm uses the same names for that as in the apps?13:05
mac_vkwwii: yup13:06
mac_vmat_t: ^ i think you should file the bug ;)13:06
kwwiimat_t: yeah, mac_v is right13:06
mac_vkwwii: is the gpm icon supposed to exist in the gdm? the gdm uses the greyscale icon for the gdm instead of using mat_t's icons13:44
mac_vi guess he hasnt done the icons yet for the gpm13:45
kwwiimac_v: where does that appear in gdm?13:48
kwwiiahhh, in the notification13:49
mac_vkwwii: it shows up to the right of the accessibility icon , maybe i see it because i'm on a laptop13:49
kwwiimac_v: I am on a laptop as well13:49
mac_vhehe , ... hmm , so you have the icon as well?13:50
kwwiiyes, the notification shows a green battery13:51
kwwiiwhich is incorrect13:51
kwwiiI had this discussion a week or more ago13:51
kwwiiand thought it was fixed13:52
mac_vkwwii: odd , for me the icon is the greyscale icon from humanity...13:52
kwwiimac_v: hrm, it also appears in the panel13:56
kwwiido you know the name of the icon being displayed there?13:56
kwwiimat_t: ^----^ we need an icon asap13:57
mac_vkwwii: the gpm-* icons13:57
kwwiifsck, I hate gdm13:57
kwwiithis new gdm is nothing but pain13:57
mac_vlol , it's gonna be a pain doing those icons in white with glow ;)13:58
mac_vmat_t: you need to do 15 more icons ;p13:59
mat_tmac_v: don't worry about it now, for now the shutdown icon is more important - we have to make sure it gets in14:07
mac_vmat_t: the panel shutdown icon is already in , it is just a bug from tedg's side ;)14:09
mat_tcool, dude you rock14:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444766 in ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings "some text not visible in UNR default theme" [Medium,Confirmed]14:35
kwwiianyone want to try fixing this?14:35
kwwiiit is a matter of fixing the definitions of color for those widgets14:36
dashua_kwwii, Already fixed upstream :)14:43
kwwiidashua_: sweeet!14:44
kwwiidashua_: you rock14:44
kwwiidashua_: are you coordinating getting this change included with anyone?14:45
kwwiidashua_: or to put to better, can I help in any way ;)14:46
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/14:46
dashua_I'm marking the bug, but this fix is pushed to Dust and Hanso (community-themes) and should make it in.14:47
dashua_Kido pushed to Dust and I pushed to Hanso, affects both14:47
dashua_AndrewSB here?14:50
kwwiidashua_: cool, if there is anything I can do to help get it in, just let me know14:50
kwwiiI've got special buttons on my computer for making devs do things14:50
dashua_I think Andrew was making the changes to community-themes and gnome-themes-ubuntu14:51
dashua_They should both be updated14:51
zniavrere-hello >how is managed the bottom panel with gdm ?14:55
zniavrethe combobox does not follow the gtkrc rules14:55
zniavrethey are not combobox right ?14:59
kwwiizniavre: not sure, haven't looked into it15:00
kwwiizniavre: I can imagine it is a special widgets15:00
zniavrei can too15:00
zniavrethere is a way to check it ?15:01
kwwiicheck the code15:01
zniavremmmm  :o(       code lines are hieroglyphes for me15:01
zniavreit could be that ?>http://img300.imageshack.us/img300/557/capture1v.png15:06
=== zniavre is now known as perceval
MisterKanisterHi! I painted a Wallpaper what should I do with it?16:28
MisterKanister(to make it accessible to the public)16:29
FLOZzHello all  _o/17:43
mac_vSiDi: found the wireless notify-osd icons you kept asking > they are in gnome-colors18:46
knomemac_v, gnome-colors is mostly a ripoff theme :P18:48
mac_vknome: i have *never* used it...! i dont know why they are so famous :( only now i downloaded it since i was asked something regarding them18:50
mac_vknome: i think those notify-osd icons were first used by canonical , and then the gnome-colors guys have copied them18:51
knomeyeah, well, it is a theme that just combines many themes18:51
mac_vkwwii: copyright ;)18:51
knomemac_v, exactly.18:51
knomemac_v, kwwii is probably going to have a heart attack or something for your comment18:52
mac_vlol ;)18:52
knomewell i suppose that doesn't really matter, mark is going to kill him anyway18:55
thorwilknome: who's going to be killed and why?18:56
mac_vdamn it.. mark just quit the irc... or we could have had a blood bath ;p18:56
knomethorwil, kwwii for copyright issues18:56
SiDimac_v: err, which icons do you mean? may i have a screeny ? :P18:57
mac_vSiDi: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/notification-network-wireless-high.svg18:57
SiDierr, yeah, thats the notify-osd ones18:58
mac_vfound them in the gnome-dust ,and a couple of others18:58
mac_v*all* the notification icons have been copied ...18:58
knomekwwii, you're a dead man18:59
mac_vwow , they have a folder 'notifications' with all the canonical proprietary stuff19:02
thorwilmac_v: what's the issue? stuffed that shouldn't have slipped out of canonical? or canonical icons resemble someone else's earlier work?19:04
SiDithorwil: kwwii published the icons in the human theme, and then was shout at because sabdfl wanted them to be under a proprietary license so that only ubuntu would have it, if i understood well19:06
mac_vthorwil: icons dont resemble , they *are* canonical stuff... and these icons are allowed to be used only after sabdfl gives permissions to copy... which i dont think the gnome-colors guys asked for ;)19:07
mac_vthorwil: and tbh they are from the earlier stuff canonical did , these didnt even make it to jaunty beta...19:08
mac_vthe wireless icons are older ones19:09
thorwilSiDi, mac_v: ty19:09
kwwiihow am I a dead man? what did I do?19:39
kwwiiyou just cannot copy the icons into another theme19:40
kwwiiso we added a theme with just them in it19:40
kwwiiwhich makes sense19:40
knomekwwii, people have still copied the icons19:41
thorwilsome people are just ignorant of licensing19:44
kwwiiknome: then they might very well get a letter or email or such19:47
kwwiiif it is ever noticed19:47
knomekwwii, but be careful, the paper might be sharp and make a cut in your throat19:48
thorwilwhy so bloodthirsty? :)19:49
kwwiiit's not my license anyway ;)19:49
kwwiiand I don't think this is meant to point fingers at the "normal guy"19:49
knomethorwil, unwanted guests and i'm bunkering in the bedroom with two laptops19:49
knomeand i'm hungry. and the only "food" is some stuff that smells worse than my dump on a hangover morning19:51
darkhamno changes until act. 29?20:39
mac_vdarkham: what changes?20:46
darkhamchanges about artwork20:48
dashuaSiDi, Is the usplash mouse supposed to do anything other than fade?21:02
dashuaThe particles on xsplash are pretty sweet :)21:02
SiDidashua: sometimes it eats cheese21:09
SiDidashua: actually, its not meant to do anything. knome did that mouse21:10
dashuaOk cool21:10
dashuaEverything is working good other than my multimedia keys sporadically working21:10
dashuaI'm eating some cheese again ;)21:11

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