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caravenahggdh, Hello, Now auto message: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/44415502:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 444155 in telepathy-butterfly "[needs-packaging] New release for telepathy-butterfly, update to 0.5.1" [Wishlist,New]02:29
aryonocoHi all. Want to report a bug about a wireless card which is not recognised by Karmic. Which package should I submit the bug to?02:57
mahdiHi, I cannot use persian character in Wine applications ! should I add my language somewhere ? It shows the characters as square !03:25
kklimondabug 446817 is missing a coredump, is it because user decided not to send full report?03:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 446817 in transmission "transmission crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44681703:47
hggdhmight be, kklimonda. Never did any non-full report, but sounds like it04:04
kklimondayeah, just dug into source04:04
kklimondait's most likely that04:04
hggdhwell, anyway, we already know is memory related ;-)04:05
kklimondaheh :)04:07
hggdher, kklimonda, I think you forgot to state what is the crucial data we were missing04:08
kklimondaheh, not really - but I forgot to mention that he has to send complete report04:10
kklimondathanks for reminding me.04:11
kklimondaI shouldn't really do this at this hour but got too curious about it to go to sleep04:11
hggdhheh. And I am going to hit the pillow in a few, and I am *at least* 7 hours earlier than you...04:14
hggdhthat is, if you are Paris time04:14
kklimondamore or less04:14
kklimondait's UTC+1 I think04:15
kklimondaor maybe +2 at this time of the year04:15
hggdhand I am UTC-504:22
hggdhor UTC-6, never remember04:22
hggdhdf -k .04:23
hggdhoops, wrong windows04:23
kklimondaok, work done.. now I can.. hmm.. go to sleep for 2 hours..04:23
kklimondaoh well, whatever - cu :)04:24
kklimondahggdh: happens to me all the time :)04:24
hggdhI only get insomnia when I am traveling04:24
hggdhabout 80% of the time04:24
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beakergeek724Just installed Karmic and I can't figure out which package to file a bug report against.  Gnome-do and indicator-applet both fail to display messages correctly.08:35
beakergeek724I'm not sure what they have in common, but the problem looks the same in both.08:36
thekorn_beakergeek724, what do you mean by "fail to display messages correctly", can you show me a screenshot?08:38
thekorn_is it string encoding?08:38
beakergeek724It looks similar to what I see when a program just displays the random noise that happens to be in the unused video memory.  I'll see if I can get a screenshot.08:39
beakergeek724Here's what I see when I run gnome-do: http://www.flickr.com/photos/matthewstinar/3995159770/08:45
beakergeek724But when I get an IM in Empathy, I see a similar block where I'm supposed to see a notification.08:47
thekorn_beakergeek724, I think the target of your bugreport depends on the graphic card/driver you use08:51
beakergeek724Lshw shows it as "Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]".  So this would be a bug in the open source ATI driver?08:55
thekorn_beakergeek724, ok, so I think you should report your bug by running     ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-video-ati09:02
beakergeek724thekorn_, Thanks. I was able to find an existing bug that describes my problem.09:08
kblinmorning folks09:29
kblinI've just reported a bug that was closed as a dup, but I can't access the one it's a dup of09:29
kblinhow do I get information on that bug?09:30
micahg1kblin: what's the bug #?09:31
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kblinbug #43318609:32
ubot4kblin: Bug 433186 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/433186 is private09:32
kblinthanks ubot4 so I noticed09:32
kblinwhich does explain why I didn't see a bug report about this in the list, of course :)09:33
micahgyes, there's some text in there that I"m not sure about09:34
micahgI'm not comfortable making it public09:35
micahgbut someone else might know what that string it09:35
micahgkblin: things should pick up in here in an hour or 209:35
kblinok, it's not that urgent09:36
kblinI don't have a kill switch for bluetooth anyway09:36
kblinthough I do have issues with bluetooth not being found on that box09:36
kblinI was wondering if that was related09:37
kblinI just was a bit annoyed to get an email telling me my report was a dup, just to go to that bug's page and get told that no, I can't look at it09:38
joaopintokblin, I had the same problem, decided to remove the dup from mine09:38
kblinthat's a good point, though :)09:39
micahgplease don't do that especially if it's duped by the retracer09:42
joaopintomicahg, I did that and I got the bug fixed upstream, unlike the other private bug which never got any work09:43
joaopintoif we report a bug we expect to follow-up the bug09:43
kblinI can't re-mark it as dup anyway :)09:43
micahgyes, but the best thing to do is to come in here like kblin and ask for it to be made public09:43
joaopintothe retracer when chosing between a public and private bug, should set the duplication on the private on, since a public bug is much more handy in general09:43
kblinI agree there09:44
joaopintomicahg, not everyone that files bugs knows abouts #ubuntu-bugs, it introduces another type of resource into a bug report workflow09:44
micahgjoaopinto: well, not that +filebug redirects to an instruction page, people will09:44
kblinthere's no way to recover attachments, I take?09:45
micahgit's also in the list of IRC channels09:45
micahgkblin: from what?09:45
joaopintomicahg, I don't remember reading anything about #ubuntu-bugs when using ubuntu-bug, also, I would not expect someone to be forced to use IRC to follow-up a bug :)09:45
kblinthe retracer deleted all the attachments on my bug report when it decided it was a bug09:46
micahgwell, that's true if you use ubuntu-bug09:46
micahgkblin: yes, because they were unnecessary and might pose a security risk to you once the bug is made public09:46
micahgthere can be private data in the attachments09:47
joaopintoerm, isn't that the visibility field is for ?09:47
kblinwhich is why I looked through the attachments before submitting. I didn't see anything. Arguably I didn't strings the coredump..09:47
* kblin shrugs09:48
micahgyeah, the coredump is the main problem09:48
micahgin terms of security09:48
micahgthat's why crashes are private by default09:48
joaopintoI need to file a bug against retracer, I hope it doesn' nuke him :P09:49
kblinyeah, but information about my system would be helpful, and now I need to reenter it manually09:49
kblinjoaopinto: if you do, file a bug about that ;)09:49
joaopintowould it be a launchpad bug ?09:49
joaopintoretracer is LP builtin right ?09:49
micahgnot exactly09:50
joaopintoit's an external bot ?09:50
joaopintomicahg, tks09:50
micahgkblin: like I said, check back here in a few hours and someone should be able to make public, I'm just not comfortable doing it09:53
micahgjoaopinto: I'll mention in our next meeting about making this channel more prominent for bug help09:54
kblinmicahg: thanks, even if you're gone now :)09:57
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rbanffy_Hi, folks. The page at "https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-sis/+filebug" is redirecting to "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs". Is that normal? I would like to report a crash my netbook suffered when plugging in a second screen while running off the Karmic beta CD, but it seems next to impossible12:48
rbanffy_And it's even more impossible because I am on another computer that doesn't run Ubuntu (it could, conceivably)12:50
Picirbanffy_: The page it redirects you to explains how to file a bug manually if you cannot use the tools within Ubuntu to file the bug.12:51
rbanffy_Pici: What was wrong with the old, traditional way, of filing bugs? ;-) Thanks. I found it. Wouldn't it be nice to have a "I know what I am doing, just file it" link somewhere?12:57
Picirbanffy_: The new way tries to make sure that all the debug information is included with the report so that bugs don't need to be filed as incomplete.12:58
rbanffy_Pici: I understand this is a better way, but it won't work when the system about which you are reporting the bug is not running. It shouldn't be that hard to file a bug in these less than ideal situation. A lot of bugs will go unreported this way13:00
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rbanffy_Pici: Thanks. #447174 reported old-style.13:12
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chommiki'd like to file a bug in beta, but i don't know the package responding for it16:59
chommiki think that is may be caused by not stopping gdm at restart.16:59
jonathan1sorry, I am not the one to help.16:59
jonathan1I am sure that someone here will help17:00
chommikit's not a serious bug, but only a bit annoying17:00
hggdhchommik: what happens?17:02
chommikhggdh: at end od install it seems that Xorg restarts17:05
chommikand can't reboot17:05
hggdhduring install from the ISO, then?17:05
chommiki choose install mode (second position from bootloader)17:06
hggdhopen a bug against debian-installer17:06
chommikokay, thanks :)17:06
micahghggdh: can you at bug 433186, one of the people with dupes was requesting it be made public17:10
ubot4micahg: Bug 433186 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/433186 is private17:10
micahgbut I wasn't sure about the stacktrace17:10
hggdhmicahg: looking17:10
hggdhmicahg: I do not think there is any private data there -- too early in the init (and it is HAL), so I went ahead and marked it public17:12
micahgok, wasn'l sure about the string if characters17:13
kblinhey folks17:53
kblinmy bug was closed as a dup of bug #43318617:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 433186 in hal "hald-addon-ipw-killswitch crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_start_main()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43318617:54
kblinah, nm17:54
kblinI should have rechecked first17:54
cynHi, i'm new, i don't understand exactly how to help, what shall i do when i see a new bug in the list?17:55
cyntry it for myself? see the package where it belongs? where assign a package?17:56
cynor try the programs and report bugs?17:56
darthanubisanyone with a Nvidia card running gnome with compiz enabled care to try something out for me, please?17:58
joaopintocyn, start by reading the channel topic17:59
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mptOne of the updates I just installed today makes Xorg peg my CPU. How can I get a list of which packages were updated?19:32
mptSynaptic's History doesn't show it, I guess because aptdaemon was performing the update19:32
joaopintomaybe /var/log/dpkg.log ?19:33
mptah, thank you joaopinto19:34
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Kamusinwhich package do I mark for a translation issue?22:18
darthanubisanyone with a Nvidia card running gnome with compiz enabled care to try something out for me, please?22:37
unit3Before I file something on launchpad, has anyone seen authentication problems with libpam-ldap on karmic?22:45
unit3Identical configs (which have worked since feisty) now fail on a fresh karmic install.22:46
unit3libnss-ldap is working fine, so "getent passwd" shows all the right accounts, but libpam-ldap now fails to verify account existence, or auth creds.22:46
hggdhunit3: did you search LP for a hit?22:47
unit3I did, there's no open bugs on the package that are similar from what I can see.22:48
hggdhOK. Then I would say this is good enough to open a new bug.22:48
unit3Alright. I guess that means no-one in here has a quick fix. Damn. :)22:49
unit3New bug it is! :)22:49
unit3oh look... now it works. wth. well, maybe the problem was with the ldap server and nscd then, and now that I've puzzled over it for an hour, it fixed itself.22:51
unit3that's ok with me, actually. ;)22:51
komputesCan someone who has bug control permissions set Bug #291853 back to Triaged. Thanks.22:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 291853 in libgweather "Weather service does not add entry if city is selected but "Timezone" field is "Unknown"" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29185322:52
yofelanybody an idea what went wrong with apport-collect in bug 445241 ? And is it supposed to ask for 'Change anything' privileges?22:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 445241 in linux "ibm thinkpad t40: audio doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44524122:59
hggdhyofel, yes, it asks for full access23:16
yofelok, thx23:17
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