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sebnerhuhu sistpoty :D19:58
sistpotyhi sebner19:59
sistpotyso welcome everyone20:01
sistpotywho's around for the practical fix ftbfs session?20:01
* slytherin raises hand20:01
joaopintoI am until the baby starts crying :P20:01
RainCThey sistpoty20:02
sistpotyok, so while the last session tried to give a walkthrough, let's get our hands dirty in this one?20:03
sistpotyI assume you know what FTBFS, BTS and PTS mean?20:03
sistpotyanyone who doesn't?20:03
joaopintoI don't know about BTS and PTS, bug tracking system, package tracking system ?20:03
hggdhBTS == Bug Tracking System indeed20:04
hggdhPTS -- IDK20:04
sistpotyso our worklist is still http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909-karmic.html20:04
sistpotyevery package there has a link to BTS and PTS, where a fix might already be in a) a newer version or b) sitting in a bug at debian20:05
sistpotyof course looking at launchpad bugs page for a package also is a good idea20:05
sistpotyafaik, the list is updated every 2 hours, and uploaded packages are marked as superseeded20:05
sistpotyso everyone grab a package please, and tell which one you'll start working on20:06
RainCThggdh: PTS = Package Tracking System = http://packages.qa.debian.org/common/index.html20:06
joaopintoI am getting checkinstall20:06
* sistpoty randomly grabs nstx20:07
slytherinI have already filed three sync request, but they did not get processed. Should I bug archive admins?20:07
* fabrice_sp grabs contacts20:08
sistpotyslytherin: depends how long these were in the queue... if these weren't handled during the last batch of syncs, then asking might make sense20:08
slytherinthey have been there for last two days20:08
fabrice_spwhat is the frequency of the batch of sync?20:09
sistpotyslytherin: iirc there wasn't a batch yet, so patience :)20:09
sistpotyfabrice_sp: no idea to be honest. I assume it depends on the workload of archive admins20:09
fabrice_spok :-)20:09
slytherinOk. Iwill keep filing bugs.20:09
sistpotyso as everyone got a package now, start fixing it :)20:09
* RainCT takes aegis20:10
sistpotyif there's anything you have no clue how to fix it, ask :)20:10
sistpotyideally with a pasted log of the build error (the lines of the error suffice) and snippet of the code pasted20:11
sistpotyso then we can all look and try to find out how to solve the issue20:11
sistpotyand if anyone is done and can't upload himself, there should be many sponsors here :)20:11
hggdhsyspoty, please see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289481/ (nice, i386). What is the error here? Missing build-depends for jikes?20:12
hggdhsystpoty ^20:13
sistpotyhggdh: looks more to me that jikes-classpath -> jikes cannot be satisfied20:13
sistpotyhggdh: are you on i386?20:14
hggdhno, amd6420:14
sistpotyhggdh: oh20:14
sistpotyhggdh: otherwise you could have tried to manually install build-dependencies20:14
slytherinsistpoty: hggdh: jikes is removed form archives. Grab the version of nice from Debian and see if it builds. Should be a simple sync.20:14
sistpotyhggdh: of course you could use a linux32 chroot (/me tries to recall the command to create one)20:15
hggdhslytherin: from unstable?20:15
* fabrice_sp feels lucky: contacts only misses a build-dependency :-)20:15
slytherinhggdh: yes20:16
joaopintoinstallwatch fails to build due a scandir64 header mismatch20:17
sistpotyjoaopinto: need help or can you fix it?20:18
hggdhjikes on Debian unstable is only for m68k20:18
slytherinhggdh: I meant grab version of nice from Debian.20:19
joaopintoI guess i just need to copy the new function definition from dirent.h20:19
hggdhheh. Sorry20:19
sistpotyhggdh: I'm quite clueless about java packages, but maybe there's a different -classpath to build-depend on?20:20
slytherinsistpoty: I already gave him solution.20:21
slytherinfor problems with java packages, ping me20:22
hggdhslytherin, sistpoty: unstable nice does not (build) depends on jike anymore.20:22
slytherinhggdh: make sure it builds in karmic chroot and then use requestsync to file sync bug, attach the build log, Iwill mark the bug confirmed.20:23
maco-chat not in use20:24
* slytherin is checking 'checkstyle' FTBFS20:24
sistpotymaco: the session was announced only 2 hours, is there a conflicting schedule?20:25
sistpoty2 hours ago even20:25
macosistpoty: no i was confused to see > 1 person talking in here and nobody talking in -chat20:25
sistpotyah, well, it's an interactive session :)20:26
fabrice_spsistpoty is a champion organising meetings :-D20:26
slytherinwhy is elisa source still in archives?20:27
RainCTslytherin: packages.ubuntu.com shows python-elisa being build from it20:28
slytherinthat's weird, I thought everything was build from moovida now.20:29
slytherinwow we have three source packages starting with name feisty. I guess they should be removed now.20:30
joaopintook, checkinstall builds, but I have changed directly the source20:32
joaopintotime to do a runtime test20:32
joaopintoPatch 15fix-kfreebsd.diff does not remove cleanly (refresh it or enforce with -f)20:32
hggdhslytherin: I do not have a chroot available right now, so I submitted nice to my PPA20:33
joaopintoI should have debclean first20:33
slytherinhggdh: if it is too much trouble for you I will check and file sync bug20:34
hggdhslytherin: no prob. I will wait for the PPA build to complete, and then open a sync req20:35
hggdhdammit. forgot to specify where the dput was going to :-(. Ah well, it will be refused, anyway20:36
macojoaopinto: pbuilder is probably a cleaner way to test the build20:37
fabrice_sp_contacts uploaded20:37
* fabrice_sp_ is looking for another sexy pacakge20:37
joaopintoright now I am puzzled with the existing patchs versus my patch20:37
RainCTsistpoty: http://paste.ubuntu.com/289506/ does that make sense?20:38
joaopintomaco, I prefer chroots :P20:39
sistpotyRainCT: is needle/haystack fumbled upon later? if not, it'd be better to declare haystack/needle as unsigned const char*20:40
* fabrice_sp_ is looking at comedilib20:40
macojoaopinto: oh ok i thought you were doing just on the system without a chroot at all (though pbuilder is just an automated chroot, i think)20:40
joaopintoarch, quilt, I do I add a new patch with quilt ?20:40
joaopintobrb, 20 minutes, baby bath20:40
fabrice_sp_joaopinto, you mean how?20:41
slytherincheckstyle has too many build-dep, download takes lot of time. moving on to other packages.20:41
sistpotyRainCT: if the contents are changed later, it makes sense. (though the slightly more readable way is needle=const_cast<unsigne char *>(haystack_start);)20:41
sistpoty(applying for c++)20:41
RainCTsistpoty: does haystack++ qualify as "fumbled upon"?20:42
sistpotyRainCT: no... *haytack=... would imply that20:43
sistpoty*haystack =20:43
sistpotyeven though fumbled upon is a vague term, I admit :P20:43
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RainCTsistpoty: well, the problem is it complains because of "memchr(haystack, *needle, haystack_len)", which I see at http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/clibrary/cstring/memchr/ is overloaded for both "const void*" and "void*"20:47
RainCTso dunno why it complains, maybe because it's doing "return memchr(..)" and the function is defined as returning "void *"?20:48
RainCTor because of the second arugment being const?20:49
sistpotyRainCT: can you paste the entire function?20:50
joaopintofabrice_sp, yes, sorry, I meant, how20:50
slytherinsync requested for libgnu-regexp-java20:50
fabrice_spjoaopinto, quilt new <patch name> to create the patch20:51
joaopintogrr, a glibc change and quilt was not a goood choice :P20:51
fabrice_spquilt add zfile> to add a file to the patch20:51
RainCTseems to be the later20:51
RainCTah no, it failed :P20:51
joaopintofabrice_sp, do i need to care in which stage of the build I am ? like debclean first ?20:52
RainCTgrr, I should fix cowbuilder on my laptop, compiling on the netbook is awful :P20:53
fabrice_spjoaopinto, better have a clean env before patching20:53
RainCTsistpoty: http://paste.debian.net/4865620:53
joaopintowell, a proper fix for this wold require a GLIBC version check, but let it just build20:54
slytherinsync requested for libgnujmi-java20:55
sistpotyRainCT: ah, it's an extern "C" function. That's a very interesting construct, because it sees the c++ definition20:55
sistpotyRainCT: so the fix is in line 32 of your past20:56
sistpotyRainCT: return (void *)memchr(haystack, *needle, haystack_len);20:56
joaopintoI need to read a quilt howto20:57
RainCTsistpoty: ah! ok, thanks20:57
RainCTjoaopinto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems#quilt%20%28example%20package:%20xterm%29 :)20:58
sistpotyjoaopinto: in short: export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches20:58
sistpotyjoaopinto: quilt push -a20:58
sistpotyjoaopinto: quilt new <name_of_your_patch>20:58
sistpotyjoaopinto: quilt shell (then edit all files of interest, exit subshell)20:58
sistpotyjoaopinto: quilt refresh20:58
sistpotyjoaopinto: quilt pop -a20:58
joaopintook, let me add that to my notes20:59
RainCTOh, nice. So that annoying "quilt add .. # and if you forget it you're screwed" isn't needed?? and I didn't know until now???? :P20:59
sistpotyRainCT: /me overheard it in -motu recently ;)21:01
fabrice_spI've just discovered quilt shell :-/21:01
fabrice_sphmmm, comedilib is not  a so nice choice (problems with regenerating configure script :-/ )21:02
joaopintojanito@janito-desktop:/tmp/quilt-mU0V5M$ quilt refresh21:02
joaopintoNothing in patch 20glibc2.10-scanw.diff21:02
joaopintois this the expected output from refresh ?21:03
slytherinjoaopinto: you need to exit the shell first then do refresh21:03
joaopintooh, ops, forgot to exit :P21:03
slytherinfiled sync request for libpicocontainer-java21:04
sistpotyslytherin: I believe you're a robot with your ftbfs-fixing speed :P21:05
slytherinI think I am done. Filed quite a few sync requests which were easy to verify. Others are difficult because of the download required (and it is 1:30 am here)21:06
slytherinI will continue tomorrow21:06
sistpotythanks a lot slytherin!21:07
slytherinyou are welcome.21:07
funkyHatOk I'm looking at the pygobject ftbfs, because it looked quite simple to fix, but the script missing is confusing me21:13
funkyHatI'm pretty sure I just need to bump the versions of automake and autoconf it's looking for21:13
fabrice_spthe error "The important program mcopidl was not found!" should be fixed by adding --without-arts to configure script, no?21:14
sistpotyfabrice_sp: afict, yes21:14
slytherinhggdh: are you done with nice build?21:14
sistpotyfunkyHat: does it run autotools during build? or just the configure?21:14
sistpotyfunkyHat: if the latter, I assume you could try to regenerate the autotools as a patch21:15
fabrice_spsistpoty, if it does not work, what else can I try ? (log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289531/)21:15
* funkyHat feels stupid. How would I do that?21:15
sistpotyfunkyHat: run autoreconf -i in the top-src-directory (assuming you have build-depends installed)21:16
sistpotyfabrice_sp: have you tried to run configure --help manually?21:17
sistpotyfabrice_sp: maybe it's --disable-arts21:17
fabrice_spohhh, right21:17
sistpotyfabrice_sp: others than that, I guess the solution is found in configure.ac (or configure.in whichever exists)21:17
fabrice_spok. Will check both.21:18
fabrice_spthansk ;-)21:18
sistpotythanks for trying to fix it :)21:18
funkyHatI have done quilt push -a first,  this is right isn't it?21:18
sistpotyfunkyHat: and have QUILT_PATCHES set? then yes21:19
funkyHatYes I set that too :)21:20
sistpotyfunkyHat: then quilt shell21:20
sistpotyfunkyHat: autoreconf -i21:20
sistpotyfunkyHat: cross fingers :P21:20
funkyHatah, quilt shell, I didn't do that -.-21:21
funkyHatcan I do quilt add . ?21:21
sistpotyfunkyHat: no idea really, have discovered how quilt works myself only recently. maybe someone else knows?21:21
sistpoty<- back in 5 minutes21:22
funkyHatI'll start again, not like I've done anything complicated21:22
slytherinhggdh: I am done with nice build. I will file sync request if you are not doing it.21:22
sebnerfunkyHat: . might work too or you use quilt add *  :)21:22
funkyHatsebner: ah, yeah * may have worked, too late!21:23
funkyHatoh, I just did quilt shell before creating a new patch. bah!21:24
slytherinhggdh: done. filed sync request for nice.21:28
joaopintoW: checkinstall source: package-uses-deprecated-debhelper-compat-version 421:33
joaopintoshould I fix this ?21:33
joaopintoor i should simply introduce furhter differences to the Debian package ?21:33
joaopintoerm, avoid introducing21:34
funkyHatOk, the patch quilt has generated is 50k lines long... so I'm missing something :D21:34
sistpotyjoaopinto: at feature freeze, try to keep the changes to a minimum, so don't fix lintian warnings21:34
joaopintook, added a 2 lines patch , it builds, next, changelog ?21:35
sistpotyjoaopinto: yep21:35
sistpotyfunkyHat: that's quite usual for running autotools21:35
joaopintocheckinstall (1.6.1-8ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low21:35
joaopintolooks good ?21:35
sistpotybut add some content :)21:36
funkyHathttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m6816d943 is the list of files that quilt adds when I exit the shell21:36
* fabrice_sp uploaded cyclades-serial-client21:37
sistpotyfunkyHat: you can drop config.h.in~ (backup file)21:38
sistpotyfunkyHat: but all others are expected21:38
sistpotyfunkyHat: eventually you can drop the files in autom4te.cache (not too sure though)21:38
funkyHatIs there a simple way to do that with quilt?21:39
funkyHatOh, remove :)21:39
joaopintosistpoty, http://pastebin.com/m666b289f <- looks good ?21:39
sistpotyjoaopinto: maybe describe what it does? (as in change foobar to fix FTBFS)?21:40
joaopintogrrr, brb21:41
fabrice_spanybody have an idea about "channel.c:3437: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments"21:41
sistpotyfabrice_sp: generally yes, but not without the context21:41
fabrice_spline is "sendto_local_ops_flag(UMODE_SERVNOTICE, get_str(STR_SPLIT_MODE_OFF));"21:41
fabrice_spI'll pastebin the source21:41
sistpotyfabrice_sp: which package is this? source of the function might not give what I'm looking for (definition of UMODE_SERVNOTICE, definition of senddto_local_ops_flag)21:42
* sistpoty looks21:43
fabrice_spit seems to be because of the get_str call21:45
funkyHatsistpoty: so is the massive patch going to cause problems (assuming, of course what I've done actually fixes it)?21:46
sistpotyfunkyHat: nope, it's just rerunning autotools ;)21:47
funkyHatOk :), just seems a bit weird putting such a huge patch in debian/patches21:47
sistpotyfabrice_sp: that's just done really, really ugly from what I've seen :(21:48
sistpotyfabrice_sp: in src/numeric.c, you can see the string definitions for get_str21:48
funkyHatCould I run autoreconf -i in debian/rules instead?21:48
sistpotyfabrice_sp: if these don't have any format character in them, you can use sendto_local_ops_flag(UMODE_SERVNOTICE, "%s", get_str(STR_SPLIT_MODE_OFF));21:49
sistpotyfabrice_sp: which in this case is the right thing, but I'm sure there are other occurances as well21:49
sistpotyfunkyHat: then you'd need to build-depend on automake21:49
fabrice_spsistpoty, ok. I'll check the content of the string21:49
sistpotyfabrice_sp: for this case, it should work... just seen it ;)21:50
fabrice_spcool :-D21:50
funkyHatWell, I'll wait and see if this even compiles to begin with :)21:50
joaopintosistpoty, Added patches/20glibc2.10-scandir required to build with glibc2.1021:58
joaopintothe line on changelog21:58
joaopintoerm, my apt-cacher-ng is broken21:59
funkyHatThis is the new build log, after running autoreconf -i http://pastebin.com/f462d33dd -- still pretty broken22:01
joaopintowell, it will build, what's the next step ?22:01
funkyHatWhat's actually causing the build to fail?22:04
sistpotyjoaopinto: upload it (or paste the debdiff somewhere, then I'll upload it)22:04
joaopintowhere can I upload it to ?22:06
* fabrice_sp is tired. Will continue tomorrow morning22:06
sistpotyjoaopinto: if you're a motu straight to the archive22:07
joaopintook, I am not, next option :P22:07
sistpotyjoaopinto: otherwise either paste the debdiff somewhere or attach it to a bug ;)22:07
joaopintook, let me check the initial page, is there an LP bug listed there ?22:07
joaopintouff, debdiff, I need to check how to generate that22:08
joaopintook, that one is easy22:09
joaopintohum, something is wrong, the patch is not shown on the debdiff, only the changelog change22:09
sistpotyfunkyHat: defsgen.py is listed twice to installe somewhere (question is where though)22:13
funkyHatOh, it was just that line that was the problem, for some reason I thought that didn't look important enough22:14
funkyHatit's twice in codegen/Makefile.{am,im} - which one of those generates the other?22:14
funkyHatAh, it tells me :)22:15
sistpotyfunkyHat: Makefile.am generates .in if autotools are run. Usually Makefile.in is shipped by upstream and used as in the builds (which then generates the Makefile by the configure run)22:15
sistpotyfunkyHat: so if there's no build-dependency on automake you'll need to patch both22:15
funkyHatSo I should correct Makefile.am and then re-run autoreconf -i, and then update my patch in quilt22:17
sistpotyfunkyHat: probably simpler is to directly patch Makefile.am/Makefile.in, but whatever you prefer22:19
funkyHatTrue :)22:23
funkyHatWas good practise using quilt though ;)22:23
funkyHataha! It built22:30
funkyHatNow, is there anything obvious I can do to test it before I submit my debdiff?22:31
sistpotyfunkyHat: also submit it to debian or upstream ;)22:33
sistpotyfunkyHat: but others than that, no22:33
funkyHatShould I just submit the quilt patch I created?22:36
funkyHatDon't know if they'll like it, as it's rather huge22:36
sistpotyfunkyHat: ideally just the diff of Makefile.am (and eventually a Makefile.in)22:37
sistpotyfunkyHat: the rest should be recreatable by running autotools, right?22:37
funkyHatRight :)22:38
joaopintosistpoty, any ideas why the new patch would not show up on debdiff ?22:40
sistpotyjoaopinto: not too sure actually... did you eventually overwrite the old source package (calling debuild prior to adding a changelog entry?)22:42
joaopintohum, that could be22:42
joaopintolet me get the original diff22:43
joaopintosistpoty, it was that, next time i need to add the changelog entry first to be safe22:45
sistpotyjoaopinto: yes, that's what I'm usually doing as first step ;)22:45
sistpoty(even if I just write "fix things" in it to make sure to get a new version)22:46
joaopintois there a bug associated with the FTBFS event ?22:46
joaopintoI mean at LP22:46
sistpotyjoaopinto: not for universe22:47
joaopintowhere should I attach the debdiff to ?22:47
sistpotyjoaopinto: unless someone filed one by hand of course22:48
sistpotyjoaopinto: file a new one ;)22:48
funkyHatWhere can I find debian FTBFS? I don't see this bug reported at b.d.o22:48
sistpotyfunkyHat: there isn't really a list. however installing a file twice is certainly a bug22:49
joaopintoerm, let me do a runtime test first22:49
funkyHatsistpoty: right, so I'll just file a bug for that the22:50
funkyHatsistpoty: ah, debian are on a more recent version of the package than we are...22:52
funkyHatI should have checked that, shouldn't I?22:52
sistpotyfunkyHat: yes, always check that first ;)22:52
* sistpoty files a sync request for nufw22:55
sistpotyok, as it's getting more and more quiet in here, let's move to #ubuntu-motu, shall we?22:56
* funkyHat moves22:56
sistpotybtw.: all the questions you have asked here are very much ontopic for #ubuntu-motu as well :)22:57

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