TheMusoasac: When you get a chance, could you please try Daniel's proposed fix for your issue with the audio clicking If it works for you, I'll go ahead and upload the fix to karmic.00:04
DarxusWhy do both lubuntu and xubuntu exist?00:05
TheMusoWhats lubuntu?00:05
TheMusoXubuntu is Ubuntu with an XFCE desktop.00:05
DarxusLubuntu is Ubuntu with an LXDE desktop.  Same target audience, lower hardware requirements.00:06
DarxusBoth official Ubuntu variants.00:06
TheMusoDarxus: Well they exist because people feel there is aneed to have those desktops on an Ubuntu base.00:08
DarxusYeah but why both?  Like, what are the advantages the two have over each other?00:09
TheMusoI don't know.00:10
TheMusoYou'll have to ask the respective devs of the derivatives.00:11
DarxusOkay, thanks.00:11
mgunesGood day all. http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/removals.txt seems to have disappeared after the switch to people.canonical.com. Is the list of archive removals available elsewhere now?00:12
TheMusomgunes: Try people.canonical.com?00:12
mgunesTheMuso, it's not there.00:12
cjwatsonmgunes: it disappeared well before that; the data is stored in Launchpad now00:13
TheMusomgunes: ah ok00:13
cjwatson(although unfortunately for each individual package, not a full list like we used to have)00:13
mgunescjwatson, I though so and was clicking around Soyuz, but haven't found it so far00:13
mgunesah, per package00:14
cjwatsonshould be in the publishing history00:14
mgunescjwatson, thanks, will check.00:14
cjwatsonsee bug 159585 for the history of this change00:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 159585 in soyuz "lp-remove-package.py does not log removals to our standard place" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15958500:16
mgunesthanks; that looks informative.00:18
slangaseksmoser: yep, that's what I was looking for, thanks00:45
slangaseksmoser: I see .6 is using the all-in-one tar approach, though?00:45
smoserslangasek, both00:54
smoserall in one, and then 'unpacked' for Gustavo00:54
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slangaseksmoser: that's not what I see in the .6 directory - I only see the .tar.gz there01:47
slangaseksmoser: oh... n/m, I missed the "unpacked" subdir01:53
phretorI wandering why cherokee is now 0.9.22 and Jaunty is stick on 0.11.6 - isn't it quite old?02:11
TheMusophretor: Because once a release like jaunty is released, software in jaunty is not updated to new versions.02:13
phretorTheMuso: I see, I am not aware of the release engineering, sorry. However, I get updates almost weekly when software gets updated. Why you say that?02:15
StevenKphretor: They get updated for security fixes or critical bug fixes, not to update them to new versions.02:16
StevenKphretor: There are very very few exceptions to that.02:16
phretorStevenK: I see, you are right. Anyways, what would you recommend to do not to disrupt the distribution but have updated packages when needed?02:16
mathiazphretor: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports02:17
StevenKphretor: Either requesting backports, or a simpler way is to use a PPA02:20
phretorStevenK: exactly, especially because cherokee is 0.11.6 on backports. It's quite up to date on PPA02:22
phretorthanks for your support02:37
DarxusI'm very concerned about Karmic's behavior when booting with screwed up video drivers.  Everything before it would try starting X a couple times, then give up and drop you to a shell login.05:29
DarxusKarmic, apparently, just flickers uselessly forever.05:29
bryceDarxus, I believe that is because in the gdm rewrite they dropped the functionality that used to permit falling into that failsafe session05:34
dave----for encryption in karmic05:42
dave----i recommend the default installer now use twofish-xts-benbi05:43
dave----AES will soon be broken.05:43
dave----also, if you upgrade cryptsetup to 1.1.0rc205:43
dave----you can hash the password with sha51205:43
dave----so eg05:43
dave----cryptsetup -i 10 -y -h sha512 -S 512 luksFormat /dev/sdx05:45
dave----my bad05:45
dave----cryptsetup -i 10 -y -h sha512 -S 512 -c twofish-xts-benbi luksFormat /dev/sdx05:46
dave----cryptsetup -i 10 -y -h sha512 -s 512 -c twofish-xts-benbi luksFormat /dev/sdx  s ,  not S05:47
dave----would be nice if thoes were the defualts for the automated crypto installer05:47
dave----i would also like to include that the new version of cryptsetup has the luksSuspend command05:48
dave----wich will wipe the crypto key, and "freeze" the crypted volume05:48
dave----this is extremely useful for hibernation mode05:48
[reed]dave----: you should file a bug06:01
Darxus[    6.540427] nvidia: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout06:04
DarxusI watched dkms rebuild that module, how would it have a different symbol version?06:05
AmaranthDarxus: well, it's not all recompiled, just the wrapper06:07
dave----[reed], it is no bug06:12
DarxusAmaranth: So what do I need to do?06:12
dave----but i believe the latest ubuntu aims for the cutting edge06:12
[reed]dave----: launchpad bug06:12
[reed]everything is tracked on launchpad as a bug06:13
[reed]even RFEs06:13
dave----do you think anyone will listen06:13
dave----ive doe extensive testing with 1.1.0rc206:13
[reed]who knows, but I can promise you that nothing will ever change just based on some random talk on IRC. still requires a launchpad bug06:13
dave----it works fine, all of the commands, but im no cryptographer, so i did everything testing wises short of cryptanalysis06:14
dave----i mailed the developer06:14
Darxusdave----: Please do file a bug.06:14
dave----Darxus, i will06:15
dave----can you point me to a specifc pplace to file it?06:15
Amaranthdave----: `ubuntu-bug cryptsetup`06:15
dave----also i would like to have some people test 1.1rc2 *before* the karmac release06:15
dave----so if anyone here using an encrypted system can manually upgrade06:16
dave----its here http://code.google.com/p/cryptsetup/downloads/list06:16
dave----i  have done a lot of testing , 5 different systems , running juanty, and karmic06:17
dave----1.1rc2 seems to be "stable enough" and, it is still fully backwards compatible (tested)06:18
DarxusStill a release candidate though?06:19
astronutdoes anyone know if i can find a backport of libopenbabel 2.2.3 for jaunty?06:20
astronutgoogle isn't returning anything useful06:20
DarxusWell, have you tried jaunty backports?06:21
astronutit didn't appear in http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty-backports/allpackages06:22
DarxusOkay.  You know it might be easy to rebuild yourself?06:22
astronutDarxus: yes, except i don't have an ubuntu system - i'm IM-supporting a friend who's new to linux - i put ubuntu on her netbook a few days ago06:23
astronuti don't have an ubuntu pbuilder set up or anything06:23
astronutmind doing me a favor? ;-)06:23
DarxusIt is *so* past my bedtime.06:23
astronutfair enough06:24
astronuti should be able to debootstap a pbuilder06:24
DarxusHold on...06:24
astronutit's past mine too, i have class in like 7 hours06:24
DarxusYou should be able to just install build-essential, and apt-get build-dep libopenbabel...06:24
Darxusthen apt-get source libopenbabel, cd into it, and run debuild.06:25
astronutmmm, i just have to do it over IM06:25
astronutwget + dpkg would be easier, but fair enough06:25
DarxusIt's like 3 commands :)06:25
DarxusPlus a cd.06:25
astronutya, it was a libstdc++ that was the problem for karmic, so it should build06:25
astronutand a dget06:25
astronutsince the apt-get source will pull the wrong one06:26
astronutanyway, i'll walk her through it06:26
DarxusPull the wrong what?06:26
astronutDarxus: it'll pull the jaunty version, i'm not getting her to edit her sources.list06:26
DarxusOh, right, hah.06:26
DarxusWell, I'm in my jaunty box at work now...06:27
DarxusAdding deb-src's for karmic isn't dangerous :P06:27
pittiGood morning06:28
astronuthaving someone modify sources.list via IM is06:28
astronuti'd have her install openssh but i don't want to mess w/ her router via IM too06:28
dave----Darxus, yes it is still a release candidate, however if it gets "mainstreamed" into karamac , it wont be for long06:29
astronutDarxus: you also forgot devscripts (debuild)06:30
DarxusYeah well, the thing that looks up packages for commands you execute is awesome :)06:31
astronutDarxus: not installed here06:31
dave----Darxus, also if there any willing testers here for rc2 it will speed up its development into a final release06:31
astronutit's ubuntu-specific?06:31
DarxusE: Unable to find a source package for libopenbabel06:31
DarxusI must be too tired for this.06:31
Darxusli... yeah....06:32
geofftlibraries almost always have soname numbers in the package name.06:32
Darxus$ apt-get source libopenbabel-dev06:32
astronutgeofft: and usually also the -dev name, which suprised me06:32
DarxusE: Unable to find a source package for openbabel06:32
wgrantgeofft: Not often in the source.06:32
astronutoh, and i meant 2 not 306:33
Darxushttp://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/libopenbabel-dev  exists06:33
geofftBut doesn't apt-get source take a binary package name?06:33
wgrantgeofft: It takes either.06:33
astronutyes - the -dev is a binary06:33
Darxusdeb-src http://mirrors.ccs.neu.edu/ubuntu/ karmic main restricted universe multiverse06:33
Darxusis in my sources.list.06:33
DarxusI ran aptitude update...06:34
DarxusWhat, do you just extract the tarball and run patch?06:35
DarxusYeah that worked.06:36
wgrantDarxus: dpkg-source -x blah.dsc06:36
DarxusAh, thanks.06:37
DarxusAlthough untarring and running patch seems to have worked.06:37
Darxusastronut: Oh!  You could just upload a source package to a launchpad ppa, and have it build for jaunty.06:38
astronutDarxus: i think signing up for launchpad and creating a ppa would be more timeconsuming that debootstrapping a pbuilder06:41
Darxusastronut: Building.06:41
astronutDarxus: oh, awesome06:42
astronutDarxus: it'd be really sweet if someone ran a network of pbuilders like the ones anibal has set up for sponsorship in debian06:42
astronutyou can jus temail it a link to a dsc and it downloads/builds the package06:42
DarxusIt hasn't died yet.06:44
astronutman, the new thinkpad's thinklights are BRIGHT in the dark06:44
astronutwhite instead of yellow06:44
Darxusastronut: Did you get what I said about using a launchpad ppa to do this?06:45
astronut01:41 < astronut> Darxus: i think signing up for launchpad and creating a ppa  would be more timeconsuming that debootstrapping a pbuilde06:45
DarxusI'm also not sure how  you'd get the unmodified source package into the ppa....06:46
DarxusStill building.06:48
DarxusI should've just built the source package and uploaded it to my ppa.06:53
DarxusIt's running tests, that should be good.06:59
DarxusAh dammit, I don't have my keys on that machine to build a source package to send to ppa.07:02
DarxusStill building...07:02
astronutDarxus: don't worry about it07:02
DarxusBut I'm so close...07:03
DarxusMaybe.  Maybe it'll take a couple more hours.07:03
dave----are there any devs in here that are interested in the automated crypto installer?07:04
DarxusOh, looks like it's done compiling and now it's building the package.07:06
ArneGoetjeasac: tar tvfz /srv/language-packs.ubuntu.com/karmic/sources-update/language-pack-de/data/mozilla.tar.gz <- still looks pretty empty07:08
DarxusRunning lintian.07:09
Darxusastronut: I have debs, uploading.07:10
Darxusastronut: http://www.chaosreigns.com/ubuntu/jaunty/07:11
Darxusastronut: Let me know how that goes.  My email is darxus@chaosreigns.com, and I'll check logs.07:11
DarxusI'm going to bed.07:12
astronutDarxus: looks like it was good07:21
pittiArneGoetje, asac: why is there a updated-packages in langpack-o-matic from last night? we just uploaded langpacks yesterday with a fresh base export?07:45
mvopitti: hm, changelog purge for universe is done, but only  ~350mb07:53
pittimvo: hey; sadly yes, no noticeable change in df; but thanks for trying!07:54
ttxpitti: good morning08:01
ttxpitti: could you trigger a -server ISO spin for me ?08:02
sorenIf not, I can.08:02
ttxsoren powa08:02
pittisure, so shall I or soren?08:03
sorenI'll do it.08:03
ttxyou guys sort it out ;)08:03
sorenttx: Running.08:03
ttxsoren: not sure I should thank you for enabling more eucalyptus testing chores, but here it is, thank you08:04
* soren tips his hat in ttx' direction08:04
superm1mvo, just wanted to provide a friendly reminder, can you remember to upload update-notifier before the weekend if you end up with no other things to change in it other than my hal fix?08:08
superm1i'd upload it myself, but i've no idea how to do a new release with it :)08:09
dholbachgood morning08:09
mvosuperm1: thanks, I have not forgoten :) I will upload it today08:09
mvohey dholbach08:09
dholbachhi mvo08:10
joaopintomvo, how do we setup a proxy for aptd, apt.conf.d ?08:12
joaopintotks tks, no manpage for aptd :P08:12
mvojoaopinto: yes, but I'm fixing this right now08:12
mvojoaopinto: contributions welcome ,)08:13
joaopintoI hate manpages sorry :|08:13
joaopintoI mean, writting them08:13
mvojoaopinto: the frontend will just tell the gconf settings to aptd08:13
mvojoaopinto: should be fixed today08:13
ArneGoetjepitti: mozilla translations are empty. and the current run still fails. asac needs to check his scripts again08:18
pittioh, I see08:18
ttxsoren:  CD spinned -- current still points to the previous one though. Any manual interaction needed ?08:23
sorenttx: Not that I know of, but I'm still rather new to this.08:23
sorenpitti: ^ ?08:24
pittiit should be updated automatically08:24
ttxok, I guess it will happen[tm]08:24
pitticurrent -> 2009100908:24
pittiit is current, at least on cdimge08:24
ttxnot from here08:24
sorenttx: Where?08:25
ttxhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/ -> 2009100808:25
pittihm, seems cdimage.u.c. is either still syncing, or broken08:25
pittittx: right, I just checked on antimony (master image)08:25
ttxand now it's ok08:25
ttxit just synced.08:25
robert_ancelldholbach, do you if there is supposed to be a motu meeting now?08:25
sorenttx: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/ still shows me yesterday's images.08:26
ttxhmm me too08:26
sorenMeh, it'll probably sort itself out shortly.08:26
* ttx wonders if he didn't hit momnetarily the wrong link08:26
dholbachrobert_ancell: yes, I'm sorry - I'll chase people up08:27
robert_ancelldholbach, thanks08:27
davmor2ttx: Have the dust started to settle on uec now?  Is it worth reviewing the docs or shall I leave it till next week?08:28
ttxdavmor2: we still need to update them to reflect the latest bundling for UEC images delivery08:28
ttxdavmor2: next week should be alright... and the tests on the tracker should be aligned by then08:29
davmor2ttx: Cool okay.  That will tie it in nicely then with RC08:29
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dholbachI just did an upgrade of my server to karmic - dpkg segfaulted - everything segfaults now09:41
dholbachI think I'm thoroughly screwed now09:41
dholbachand the server is 500km away from here09:43
StevenKdholbach: When did dpkg segv?09:44
dholbachStevenK: http://people.ubuntu.com/~dholbach/log09:47
asacArneGoetje: i looked last night. and it was a permission problem09:51
asacfixed it already09:51
asacat least from what i can tell09:51
StevenKdholbach: Yeah, that's pretty bad. :-(09:52
sorendholbach: What kind of hardware is that?09:57
dholbachsoren: it's a vserver, i386 running on it09:59
iondholbach: The last time the exact same symptoms (pretty much identical log) happened to me was almost ten years ago: libc.so got corrupted when upgrading due to faulty hardware.09:59
sorendholbach: vserver? As in http://linux-vserver.org/ ?10:00
dholbachsoren: yes, I think10:00
sorendholbach: Wow. I haven't heard of anyone actually using that before :)10:00
sorendholbach: Who offers these?10:01
mvoion: I got a similar report some days ago, jaunty->karmic and a crash early from dpkg10:01
dholbachsoren: net-lab.net10:01
mvoI really hope dholbach manages to get the crash file from the dpkg segfault (and that there is one)10:04
siretart`soren: dholbach: I'm using vserver with hardy w/o problems so far.10:22
siretart`dholbach: what kernel is your vserver running on?10:22
sistpoty|workis there something wrong with de.archive.ubuntu.com? (got 403 at, http://de.archive.ubuntu.com karmic/main Packages, times out)10:22
siretart`hm. at least hardy works with the stock debian vserver kernel.10:24
dholbachhardy worked, jaunty worked too and I'm that once libc works again, karmic will work too :)10:24
dholbach...I'm sure...10:24
siretart`then it would be very interesting to know what kernel requirements karmic's libc has10:26
dholbachwhy do you think it's a kernel problem?10:26
siretart`not sure, but I'd like to rule that out first. it seems to me the most obvious difference to a 'normal' ubuntu chroot10:29
dholbachmvo: the other dpkg crash - where did that happen?10:29
mvoRiddell: do you have any objectitions if I change the autostart file of the policykit auth agent from "OnlyShowIn=GNOME;XFCE" to include KDE as well?10:29
mvoRiddell: background is bug #44466110:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444661 in software-center "[kde] Software-center run as normal user" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44466110:30
steveireHey, there doesn't seem to be a #gtk channel to speak of. Where do I go for pygtk help?10:40
steveireI want to execute a callback when a selection is made in a treeview10:40
Chipzzlook on irc.gnome.org10:41
Chipzz#pygtk and #gtk+10:41
thekorn_pitti: hi, when a user tries to mount an external volume in a karmic live session he is asked for a password, this password is empty. Is this intended, and if so would it be possible to show a small hint about it?10:41
steveireThere's no more than 5 people in any of the chanels10:46
steveire3pygtk is just me10:46
dholbachsteveire: try irc.gnome.org10:47
steveiredholbach: There's some berlin ubuntu event on soon right?10:47
dholbachsteveire: http://ubuntu-berlin.de lists them all10:48
steveireOct 31, ok10:48
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ArneGoetjeasac: did you fix it before or after 22:00 our time?11:01
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asacArneGoetje: after11:04
ArneGoetjeasac: so, I need to run the build again11:05
mvojames_w: about bug #444661 - can you see any reason to keep the onlyshowin=gnome;xfce ? given that  kde does not have a agent?11:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444661 in policykit-1 "[kde] Software-center run as normal user" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44466111:06
asacArneGoetje: try the xpis only. permissions were definitly busted ... and should be fine now ... i think its reasonably likely that it works now.11:06
james_wmvo: no, I think it should be done11:06
asacArneGoetje: but run -xpi only if you can to get quicker feedback11:06
mvojames_w: cool, thanks. I can prepare a upload unless you have other pending changes11:06
james_wmvo: however, if you are going to switch software-center by default then they may not appreciate gnome on the CD11:06
ArneGoetjeasac: yupp11:06
james_wmvo: or is it a runtime thing?11:06
mvojames_w: software-center will not be default on kde, I don't think they would like that :)11:07
mvotoo much "import gtk" in it11:07
james_wah, of course :-)11:07
james_wplease go ahead then11:07
mvoits just so that people who want to play with it can use it on kde too11:07
mvojames_w: great, thanks11:07
james_wno, thank you11:09
Riddellmvo: that seems fine with me11:18
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pittithekorn_: it's "intended" in the sense that the user should still authorize it, but of course in this case it would make sense to not show a password input at all11:45
thekorn_pitti: right, this is especially confusing in cases where you first enter a wireless network (you are asked to choose a password for gnome-keyring there), and I guess most user will try to enter this password into this policykit dialog11:48
thekorn_pitti: what's the right target for this bugreport, policykit?11:49
pittithekorn_: pk-1-gnome, yes11:53
thekorn_super, thanks pitti11:54
ArneGoetjeasac, pitti: mozilla translations look good now. uploading.11:56
nxvlKeybuk: for some reason when i boot my computer i'm not getting the swap mounted, any idea why?12:03
nxvlKeybuk: i've 6 512 Mb encrypted LVM partitions for swap, not even one mounted12:04
pitticjwatson: CD health check> hm, I don't understand how the sysvinit binary can be so sticky; it disappeared from karmic weeks ago..12:04
Keybuknxvl: usually you get one mounted ;)12:06
asacArneGoetje: great. also excluding the 3.0/1.9.1 things worked?12:06
asacArneGoetje: have you checked if zh-trans etc. is good too?12:07
cjwatsonpitti: I can have a look; I didn't realise it was that long ago12:07
cjwatsonpitti: are you sure that it wasn't only NBSed out recently?12:07
pitticjwatson: at least a week ago12:07
cjwatsonnot, say, post October 3?12:07
pitticjwatson: I was going to do it last Friday or so, but then it was already gone12:07
asacArneGoetje: pitti: can you add me to the lang-pack-o-matic group or something? i would like to move the .xpi data to a place where we all can write12:07
pittiasac: ArneGoetje and I can't, needs an RT12:08
pittiasac: please CC me, to ack it12:08
nxvlKeybuk: usually i got all 6 mounted, but since i upgraded to karmic i get none12:08
cjwatsonpitti: well, it's not in antimony's mirror any more12:08
asacpitti: what should i be asking for?12:08
cjwatsonpitti: last DVD build that worked was last Saturday12:08
asacpitti: e.g. whats the exact group name12:08
pittiasac: you want to become member of the "langpack" group12:08
pitticjwatson: is there an NBS removal lag from antimony by any chance?12:09
pittihm, no, I suppose it uses Packages.gz12:09
cjwatsonpitti: it rsyncs the whole mirror, actually12:09
cjwatsonit *should* use Packages for its own bits12:09
cjwatsonpitti: from what I can see, though, it looks as if the next DVD build should get rid of it12:09
pitticjwatson: ok; I'm fine with just ignoring it, seems it isn't something obvious then12:10
pitticjwatson: thanks12:10
nxvlKeybuk: the weirdest part is that using swapon it works fine, so i assume is something in the boot process, i suspect that swap is trying to be mounted before my disk get's unencrypted/mounted?12:12
asacKeybuk: how to detect if the the current system has upstart? really want to fix NetworkManager upstream build system to do the right thing12:15
Keybukasac: I'm not sure there is a way ;)12:22
Keybukinit --version | grep Upstart? :)12:22
Keybukbut that won't work on our buildds, for example12:22
asacKeybuk: ok. so i guess that means we probably want --with-upstart-init ... now i need to find something for debian/rules so my packages are backportable without touching ... hmm12:28
KeybukI wouldn't worry about doing this "upstream" just yet12:29
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Keybuke.g. Fedora have an older Upstart than us, so they wouldn't be able to use it12:29
asacKeybuk: well. problem is that i run backports which are now broken ;)12:29
Keybukreally, can't you just use the older dh_installinit on the older versions?12:30
pittiasac: should bug 429835 be fixed by your recent xpi langpack fixes?12:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429835 in langpack-o-matic "[MASTER] chrome error when viewing untrusted https site using firefox with non en-US locale on karmic" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42983512:32
asacpitti: ack12:32
asacpitti: its the po2xpi processor that has a bug. those whitelisted dont have it and the rest is produced from .xpis12:33
asacbut i have a fix for po2xpi ... so devmode will be fine in lucid right from start12:33
asacKeybuk: i will think about it. maybe i can get that info from dh_installinit or some other upstartified debhelper thing in debian/rules and then pass --with-upstart or something to upstream tree?12:34
asacKeybuk: do you know about debian plans wrt upstart?12:35
Keybukasac: no idea12:35
KeybukDebian "plan" to adopt it12:35
Keybukbut only if the Debian maintainer (mbiebl) makes a bunch of changes the Debian sysvinit maintainer wants12:35
Keybukand assumedly only if someone from the freebsd side ports it12:35
asacok i will check with mbiebl directly. would be great to have something one can use at some point to figure if we have upstart12:36
* Keybuk certainly won't be holding his breath ;)12:36
asacon packaging level would be good enough i think ... dont need to be a real upstream solution12:37
=== bdefreese2 is now known as bddebian
lamontOct  9 05:04:22 rover3 gnome-session[4322]: devkit-power-gobject-WARNING: unhandled property 'RecallUrl' <-- I suspect logcheck needs some karmic-love13:21
ArneGoetjeasac: yes, works13:21
lamontReinstalling deleted mandatory conffile color.cfg13:22
lamontcp: cannot stat `/usr/share/texlive-base/color.cfg': No such file or directory13:22
lamontoh. sigh.13:24
frafuHi, I am co-maintainer of onboard, the onscreen keyboard shipping by default with karmic. Onboard is hosted on launchpad, that is also used for the translations. A new version with a corresponding branch and series hit karmic several days ago. However, the language pack update from yesterday is still shipping old onboard.mo files. Could anybody please tell me what I have to do to get the new translation files into the language pack?13:26
james_wfrafu: #ubuntu-translations might have your question reach people more familiar with the process13:27
james_wbug 44714113:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447141 in policykit-1-gnome "Karmic live session: User is asked for a password when trying to mount an external volume although this password is empty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44714113:28
frafujames_w: thanks; I am going to #ubuntu-translations13:28
james_wshould we ship a casper script to allow everything without password on the live cd?13:28
cjwatsonjames_w: we already try to, but it tends to get out of date13:29
james_win which package does that live13:29
asacArneGoetje: nice. thats great. one more verification: if you set export LANG=es/pt/zh (nothing more) ... what es coutry code are used?13:29
cjwatsonsee e.g. 44pk_allow_ubuntu13:29
cjwatsonjames_w: casper itself, scripts/casper-bottom/13:29
asacwhat es/pt/zh ...13:29
james_wif we want *everything* then it is easier with polkit-113:29
james_wthanks cjwatson13:29
cjwatsonI suspect that pk_allow_ubuntu needs to be updated for polkit-113:30
james_wyes, I can look at that13:30
cjwatsonasac: those aren't valid values for LANG on their own ...13:30
asacbut its good to test the default anyway13:31
asacin case you have es_RARECOUNTRY set and we dont have a langpack it will fallback to whatever it would choose with just es13:32
ArneGoetjeasac: in that case, just es.13:32
asacoh ;)13:32
frafujames_w: #ubuntu-translations gets created when I try to join it. Are you sure about the name?13:33
asacArneGoetje: just almost got me. i think the es is just a hook still13:33
james_wfrafu: #ubuntu-translators, sorry13:33
asacArneGoetje: physically we ship es-ES es-AR etc. and have a hook that maps es to es-ES13:33
ArneGoetjeasac: the default fallback is: strip off the country code13:33
ArneGoetjeasac: except for special cases, like zh_*13:34
asacArneGoetje: yes. but we use upstream xpis13:34
ArneGoetjeasac: in the case where we have upstream xpis, those get used, of course13:34
asacso we definitly have a hook in the po2xpi processort to propery hook up the default13:35
frafujames_w: thanks again13:35
ArneGoetjeasac: ?13:35
asacArneGoetje: i am trying to tell you that the fallback for es could be wrong ;) ... so we should verify that13:35
ArneGoetjeasac: in which ase would it be wrong?13:36
ArneGoetjeasac: ah, ok, I see what you mean...13:39
ArneGoetjeasac: because we ship es-ES.xpi and not es.xpi... so the fallback should be es_ES:es13:40
ArneGoetjeasac: good point. I guess we need to specify this for all cases where the upstream xpis have coutry codes...13:41
asacArneGoetje: yep. so the po2xpi appends a magic mapping to the install.rdf of whatever we have configured to be the default13:43
asacArneGoetje: you can just check in the install.rdf if there are locale es ... mappings below the es-ES ones13:43
ArneGoetjeasac: oh, I see13:44
asacArneGoetje: right. so you can check all that have multiple country codes. if you want some default to be changes just let me know13:50
ArneGoetjeasac: ok13:57
=== robbiew-afk is now known as robbiew
ArneGoetjeasac: I don't see any fallback langcode in the install.rdf files14:10
asacArneGoetje: sorry. my mistake ... chrome.manifest14:11
ArneGoetjeasac: ok14:11
ArneGoetjeasac: also, there are no fallbacks set14:13
ArneGoetjeasac: do we need fallbacks in them? Aren't the upstream XPIs supposed to be complete?14:14
asacno they are not. upstream uses random fallback ... but they are not really into shipping multi lang setups14:15
asacso its not a problem for them14:15
asacArneGoetje: where is the mozilla.tar.gz?14:15
asaci cannot find it in sources-base14:15
ArneGoetjeasac: sources-update14:16
smoserslangasek, MD5SUMS file has empty size in 2009100914:16
smoser(adn others also)14:16
asacArneGoetje: there are: ./usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/langpack-es-ES@firefox-3.5.ubuntu.com/chrome.manifest14:17
asacArneGoetje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/289291/14:18
asacArneGoetje: we dont need to do that for languages that only have one country code, because the "random" fallback automatically choosen is always right ;)14:18
ArneGoetjeasac: es-AR and the others don't have14:18
asacArneGoetje: on the default has that.14:18
ArneGoetjeasac: you confuse me14:19
J_Phi all14:28
J_Pubuntu 9.10 have python 2.x as default right? In 10.04 LTS will be python 3.x as default?14:29
beunoJ_P, I don't think it will have 3.x, no14:29
J_Pbeuno: :-(14:30
J_Pbeuno: are you talking about 10.4?14:30
beunoJ_P, yes. Python 3.x is a big transition, I don't think it will be done in an LTS14:31
J_Pbeuno: I think in next LTS will be great idea, because LTS will be support for 5 years.. and 5 years 2.x will be obsolete14:32
beunoJ_P, it's only a great idea of our applications work in 3.x, which most of them don't14:33
=== marjomercado is now known as marjo
J_Pbeuno: but in worse situation, 3.x will be in sources to be installed via apt right..14:34
beunoJ_P, yes. In fact, it's already there in karmic14:35
beunomaybe even jaunty can't remember14:35
J_Pbeuno: yes, in jauty has python 3.0.114:36
steveireThis is what I was looking for Gtk help for a few hours ago by the way: http://steveire.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/holy-grail-no-thanks-weve-already-got-one/ I figured out what I needed.15:06
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=== thekorn is now known as Guest46897
pittislangasek, cjwatson: any objection against having ntfsprogs installed by default? it would allow people to change labels on NTFS partitions through the GUI15:23
pitti(I'd add it as a recommends to devicekit-disks15:23
joaopintomvo, I think it would make sense to have an option on software-center to clear the apt cache, I don't think there is a gui to achieve it right now15:24
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
cjwatsonpitti: I don't mind, if we have the space and if ntfs-3g is still the default for mount (should be)15:26
joaopintohum, something odd here, did an aptdcon --upgrade-system, and update-manager is still showing pending updates15:27
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
mvojoaopinto: have you restarted update-manager since?15:27
mvojoaopinto: iirc aptdcon will perform only the equivalent of a apt-get upgrade (so there won't be new dependencies instaled by that)15:28
joaopintomvo, no, but I used the "Check for updates" button15:28
joaopintoso both should have the same cache info15:28
mvojoaopinto: right, maybe there were just new updates on the server between installing via aptdcon and clicking check?15:29
joaopintomvo, ah ok, its a kernel package, it maybe related to a dist-upgrade15:29
joaopintomvo, nope, I have retried, so it must be to the upgrade process difference15:30
dholbachso regarding the messed up upgrade (dpkg segfaulted during libc configuration, now everything segfaults, bug 444484?): I had somebody replace libc6 on the system, but everything's still segfaulting15:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444484 in dpkg "dpkg crashed upgrading libc6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44448415:30
dholbachany idea what I could test or get replaced?15:30
joaopintoit's a new kernel, -13, which is not puslled by s-c15:30
dholbachhttp://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/log is the log of the jaunty->karmic upgrade15:30
robbiewKeybuk: is it a big deal to add the drivers under /usb/storage to "MODULES=MOST" for the initrd image?15:32
Keybukrobbiew: shouldn't think so15:32
Keybukit's like 300K15:32
robbiewcool...could you do that?  Not that urgent, but would like it in for Karmic15:33
Keybukactually, not even that, because usb-storage.ko is the biggest15:33
Keybukis there an associated bug#?15:33
robbiewbug 41923115:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419231 in initramfs-tools "2.6.31-6.25 and later can not boot my USB drive, missing ums_cypress.ko" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41923115:33
cjwatsonslangasek: do you know what's happening with the latest comment in bug 431248?15:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431248 in portmap "NFS not mounted" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43124815:34
Keybukrobbiew: done15:35
cjwatsonogra: what would be a good way to reliably detect the situation in bug 364273? I'd like to clear this up for karmic15:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 364273 in ubuntu-release-notes ""eject the CD" text is wrongly displayed on systems where the install media is re-used as boot media for the installed system" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36427315:45
directhexam i misremembering that ubuntu is a bit more lenient over creative commons' viability for main/universe than debian?15:46
ogracjwatson, phew, hard, we could set a flag in the livesystem i.e. /.livemedia_is_boot from flash-kernel in case we actually re-use the install media15:47
Laneythe only freeness difference I know of is over gfdl invariant sections15:47
ogracjwatson, i cant imagine a general case to actually "detect" it15:47
LaserJockdirecthex: I think Ubuntu took the free CC 2.5 licenses but Debian only considers > 3.0 free I believe15:47
cjwatsonogra: well, what's the condition in the installer? "installing to other partitions on the installation medium"?15:47
directhexLaserJock, right, okay15:48
ogracjwatson, no, in that special case install media is different from target media (SD vs USB disk) we just truncate the boot partition on the install media here15:48
ogracjwatson, this is done by flash-kernel-installer.postins which could set some kind of marker that could be read by usplash15:49
cjwatsonogra: s/usplash/casper/ actually15:50
ogra*yeah even15:50
cjwatsonogra: hmm, partman knows what the installation medium is though15:51
ograright, but it doesnt know the install medium is being truncated and abused as a "boot floppy"15:51
cjwatsonogra: oh, we don't create partitions on the medium?15:52
ograthe actual work has to be done by the bootloader installer though it's surely valuable info for that program to know about it15:52
ograwe dont touch the mediums partition table at all15:52
cjwatsonogra: ok. can you point me to the specific code in flash-kernel-installer that does this? is it the fconfig call?15:53
ogrababbage install: boot from SD .... install to USB disk, bootloader modifies bootloader partition on SD ....15:53
cjwatsonmaybe we should just make this conditional on babbage-board in casper, rather than messing about15:54
ograitÄs several fis calls in combination with dd15:54
cjwatsonwe always act this way on Babbage, right?15:55
ogracurrently we do15:55
ograit might change once we have a driver for mtd flash devices15:55
cjwatsonok, in that case I'll just make it conditional on that for now15:55
ograwont change for karmic anymore though15:55
cjwatsonI just want the bug off my list really :)15:55
ografis_dev=/dev/mmcblk0 is hardcoded ... if you can carry the info from partman over it should be easy to make it conditional based on comparison15:56
ograso later once we use /dev/mtd0 or something and it differs from the install media then it would dtrt15:57
cjwatsonogra: I'll just hardcode it in casper for now; it can be modified later15:58
cjwatsonthanks for the advice15:58
ograthanks for asking, i totally had forgotten about that one15:58
ograso may last minute kernel issues on my plate :/15:59
ogra(and i'm at the maemo summit this weekend which doesnt help getting forward)15:59
cjwatsonit's been on the foundations list for ages15:59
slangasekcjwatson: 431248> requires further follow-up; I think I know what the race condition is, I probably need Scott's help there16:01
Keybukslangasek: the most obvious problem being that there's nothing that happens after rpc.* have been started ?16:11
Keybukso if ifup is faster, it wins?16:11
slangasekKeybuk: yes - and in fact, I think one user having this problem is doing NFS root and never brings up any network interfaces, heh16:15
cjwatsonslangasek: should the NFS jobs have 'normal exit 0 1' or something? I see a certain amount of console noise from them here16:17
cjwatsonrpc_pipefs idmapd gssd all complain about pre-start exiting 116:18
slangasekcjwatson: no; I use exit 1 in the pre-start script to avoid starting the actual daemon, since extra forks in 'script' make upstart very unhappy16:19
Keybukslangasek: I've got a fix for that already :)16:20
Keybuk(the race)16:20
cjwatsonwhat is the correct way for a pre-start script to exit in such a way that (a) the main process doesn't run and (b) it's silent?16:21
Keybukcjwatson: there isn't one16:22
Keybukactually, sorry16:22
* Keybuk rereads the question properly16:22
Keybuk|| { stop; exit 0; }16:23
Keybuk"stop" called inside a job's own scripts will set the status to be stopped16:23
Keybukso even though you exit 0, it won't result in the process being started16:24
cjwatsonwow, I never knew that stop implicitly checked the job name16:24
cjwatsonnot documented :)16:24
Keybuk(likewise you can call "start" inside a post-stop script to restart it)16:24
slangasekoh, cool16:25
slangasekKeybuk: as for the race, what's the fix?  are you going to upload that, or do you want to throw it at me?16:25
* cjwatson cleans up usplash.upstart then16:25
Keybukslangasek: two secs16:26
mdzComplete report (recommended; 185.6 MB)16:26
leszekhow to change the logo displayed in the new gdm in karmic ? (the distribution logo)16:26
superm1mdz, i'm not convinced that calculation is right with appor-cli.  mine said 512mb or so the other day, but it really only ended up being between 50 and 70 that were attached when it was done16:27
mdzsuperm1: interesting.  the attached files will be a bit smaller because they're decoded, but I've never seen that big a discrepancy16:28
mdzsmoser: re: bug 415019, I added it to the general hook such that we should get this data for every bug report from an EC2 instance, regardless of whether it's the ec2-init package or not. is it not working for you?16:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 415019 in ec2-init "need apport hooks for ec2-init" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41501916:35
smosermdz, i've not tried it.16:35
smoseri will right now. it should be in beta ?16:35
cjwatsonKeybuk: do you know anything about the status of bug 438962? Steve put it on the release meeting agenda. The user said that (a) upgrade to a bit before beta broke (b) fresh install with beta worked -16:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438962 in udev "upstart/mountall does not boot after mounting crypto disks" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43896216:36
cjwatsonKeybuk: - do you think it's fixed, or is there still a lurking upgrade problem?16:36
mdzsmoser: it's in apport 1.9.1-0ubuntu3 and later (25 September)16:37
Keybukcjwatson: I know nothing about it16:37
Keybuksomeone who knows about cryptsetup should review it16:37
cjwatsonhmm, ok16:38
smosermdz, how do you recommend i test this ? just call ubuntu-bug with a package and then make the created bug invalid ?16:38
=== marjomercado is now known as marjo
Keybukslangasek: still working out how to deal with rpc.statd16:40
mdzsmoser: APPORT_STAGING=1 ubuntu-bug ec2-init16:41
mdzsmoser: that will report the bug to staging.launchpad.net (whose database gets tossed every day)16:42
mdzto avoid putting noise into the production LP16:42
Keybukslangasek: basically the idea is to start the nfs bits when mountall finds an nfs partition not the other way round16:42
smoseri just created one already, and tagged it invalid. i'll remember staging in the future.16:42
Keybukslangasek: so idmapd.conf would contain  "start on local-filesystems and mount TYPE=nfs4"16:42
mdzsmoser: if there is information which is specific to ec2-init which you want to collect, or if there is general EC2 info you want to add, I'm happy to help out16:42
mdzsmoser: did it work?16:42
Keybukslangasek: gssd.cof "start on local-filesystems and started portmap and (mount OPTIONS=*krb5*...) etc.16:43
Keybukslangasek: statd is the tricky one16:43
smosermdz, yes. bug 44732516:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447325 in apport "testing a ubuntu-bug report on ec2" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44732516:43
smoserwas created. and has the ec2 info16:43
Keybukslangasek: one way would be to have in statd.conf "start on started portmap or mount TYPE=nfs"16:43
mdzsmoser: if you want to make any changes or see how it works, grab lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/karmic/apport/ubuntu and look in data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py16:44
Keybukslangasek: but then you'd need in portmap.conf "start on local-filesystems and (net-device-up IFACE=lo or starting statd)16:44
Keybukbut I'm not sure that works :)16:44
lamontwhy does karmic not see my thumbdrive when I plug it in?16:50
mdzsmoser: it looks at the AMI to check if it is EC2 or UEC presently; you might want to update it to use your script16:50
leszeklamont, karmic switched from hal to devickit to handle hardware just like your thumbdrive, which one is it ?16:51
smosermdz, the only issue with looking just doing a blind grab for http://169... is that could be firewalled off or some other issue that made for long timeout16:52
smoserthats why i was thinking best to check somethign else first.  its also possible that such a seemingly arbitrary http request could have other negative effects (although i can't really think of many)16:53
cjwatsonlamont: your autotest bugs don't consistently seem to have version numbers in them (e.g. bug 445578)16:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445578 in libspectre "FTBFS: aclocal-1.10: not found" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44557816:53
lamontcjwatson: call it more consistenly don't have them.16:53
cjwatsoncould that be changed? :)16:53
lamontI suppose16:54
lamontyou need me to go fix all the bugs there?16:54
mdzsmoser: is it good enough for 9.10?16:54
cjwatsonlamont: only if you have time16:55
cjwatsonhaving the list *somewhere* will do for now ...16:55
lamontcjwatson: the autotest mailing list got copys of all the failed builds16:55
lamontincluding > 2000 from powerpc.. :(16:55
cjwatsonlamont: *nod*16:56
mdzsmoser: we will probably want to reconsider tagging the bugs ec2-images in the long run16:56
slytherincjwatson: I tried doing more investigation in oversized CD images. Didn't find anything useful. Surprisingly there is only one file different between powerpc and ps3 image. Yet powerpc image is oversized and ps3 is not.16:56
smoseri see you've got the package check for ec2-init. i think this is definitely fine for karmic.16:57
=== mrec_ is now known as mrec
smoserjames_w, i think that 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu/apport/karmic' is not up to date with package state of apport in karmic17:02
james_wsmoser: please use lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/karmic/apport/ubuntu for appport17:03
james_wwe're /almost/ at the point where you won't have to be aware of that17:04
Keybukcjwatson: hah!17:04
Keybukit so *is* documented17:04
Keybukfrom init(5)17:04
Keybukwell, kinda17:05
KeybukI think I document the "start" one ;)17:05
smoserjames_w, fair enough. i'll be happy when you're there.17:05
cjwatsonKeybuk: aha. I expected to find it in initctl(8)17:08
Keybukcjwatson: it probably should be mentioned there17:09
Keybukbut initctl is used by sysadmins17:09
Keybukthat trick is for config authors17:09
lifelesshas anyone observed an error about lsb_release.py when python packages are upraded?17:12
ionYeah, i’ve been ignoring it.17:12
mdzsmoser: use debcheckout and you don't have to think about where the branch is17:13
lamontinterestingly, unplugging the thumbdrive and reinserting it made things work.  do.not.want.to.know17:15
smosermdz, thanks. was unawre.17:17
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
ScottKlamont: What's the status on maven bootstrapping?17:19
lamontScottK: broken last I looked at it, buried behind other things atm17:22
lamontas in it was FTBFS when I tried, big time17:22
lamontdoko was looking into it17:22
ScottKI just approved another FFe for maven stuff, so maybe now ....17:23
doko__lamont, ScottK: pending, waiting for syncs17:25
ScottKdoko__: Is it just 444714 you are waiting on or is there more?17:26
=== lamont changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: ppa rolling outage | Ubuntu 9.10 Beta released! | Archive: frozen briefly for armel toolchain massaging; FeatureFreeze, UIFreeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper-jaunty | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
lamontsorry 'bout that17:26
doko__ScottK: 443292 has the references for the bugs, although there might be still some missing, if these introduce new deps17:27
doko__and it will get worse for lucid because packages in unstable have maven b-d's which are in karmic main :-/17:29
robbiewKeybuk: cjwatson: if my machine requires an fsck, should I be notified by usplash?  I just ran into this, and the system basically hung at usplash and then went blank.  I couldn't switch VTs, however a CTRL-ALT-DEL rebooted.  I booted into recovery mode, was prompted to run fsck, and rebooted fine.17:35
cjwatsonrobbiew: yes, you should17:36
cjwatsonsounds like a definite usplash bug17:36
cjwatsonI'll try to arrange to trigger it here and debug17:36
billybigriggeranyone had any problems with the dailies lately?17:43
billybigriggerim going to go ahead with a clean install17:43
billybigriggerwrong chan17:46
slangasekKeybuk: so is it mountall that emits 'mount'?17:57
Keybukslangasek: yes17:59
robbiewcjwatson: fyi - that filesystem failure apparently occurred in the middle of a dist-upgrade...so it could have been a fluke thing.18:02
slangasekKeybuk: in which case, to support noauto mounts, I think what we really want is start on local-filesystems *or* mount TYPE=nfs4, no?18:03
ion5. enter root pass and watch a CRAP18:14
ionBug reports ♥18:14
evandbryce: was the live CD portion of BulletProofX ever implemented?18:15
bryceevand, nope18:15
evandIs there a technical reason for this, or has it been a matter of insufficient time?18:16
evandDo you know offhand if there's a bug number for it somewhere?18:17
bryceevand, mostly it is just lack of time, however I think the recent gdm2 rewrite may have broken it entirely (haven't had a chance to check)18:22
bryceevand, I don't anyone filed one on the feature, but it belongs to the 'xorg' package18:23
billybigriggerany known problems with the today's daily cd?18:24
billybigriggeri booted up the disc, into the install menu, then it complained about it couldn't mount my cdrom18:24
ScottKbillybigrigger: Sure.  Look at ll the open bugs in Launchpad18:24
ScottKbillybigrigger: Help for Karmic is in #ubuntu+118:24
ScottKslangasek: I'm a little confused by your changes on Bug 419839.  I know, for example, for Quassel that there isn't a fix committed.  I don't  know if there is actually anything that needs doing.18:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419839 in kdepim "Ensure proper usage of icons in the messaging menu" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41983918:25
evandbryce: thanks for the pointers, I've moved bug 433951 over to xorg.18:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433951 in xorg "Ubuntu Installer Exits When Monitor Cannot Be Identified" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43395118:27
dtchenevand: i'm happy to file a bug about the usb-creator symptom i'm describing (just lacked time and wanted to check first if you were aware): if there is larger-sized removable media, e.g., dvd, (un)mounted when i attempt to use usb-creator to write an iso to a thumb drive, i'm unable to choose the iso as the source18:27
evanddtchen: I'm slightly confused.  Exactly what happens when you try to select an ISO?18:29
rgreeningdtchen: can you confirm if that happens for the usb-creator-kde too? or just the gtk? (I expect both....)18:30
dtchenrgreening: it occurs for both frontends.18:30
LaserJockwhere do people go to report bugs against the .isos? like problems with seeds or the build process itself and is it possible to file a bug against a non-Ubuntu distro? like Kubuntu, etc.18:30
dtchenevand: ok, use case is: i have an unmounted dvd in the drive. i open usb-creator, select the unr daily iso, and attempt to write it to a 2 GB usb thumb drive. usb-creator tells me that it can't write to the thumb drive because the destination lacks sufficient space.18:31
ScottKLaserJock: Most of the seed type bugs seem to get filed against *-meta.18:31
dtchenevand: in fact, whether the dvd is mounted is irrelevant, since i need to remove the disc from the drive to prevent it from being chosen as the source in usb-creator18:32
evanddtchen: I'm just not seeing how the DVD has any bearing on usb-creator.18:32
LaserJockScottK: I noticed that, even when they aren't for packages that are built from -meta18:32
evanddtchen: can you not just press the other button and select an ISO?  Or are you saying even if you do that, internally usb-creator is still using the DVD image, and removing the DVD disc from the drive causes the problem to disappear?18:34
* rgreening tries to duplicate here18:34
dtchenevand: the latter. selecting the desired unr iso appears to do nothing.18:34
evanddtchen: can you file a bug please and attach ~/.usbcreator.log18:35
evandI'm assuming this is on Karmic?18:35
dtchenevand: sure, will do that tonight. yes, and also reproducible in trunk18:35
evanddtchen: much appreciated18:35
slangasekScottK: the only thing I changed on 419839 was to target it to karmic because it was already on the desktop team's report18:40
ScottKslangasek: OK.  Thanks.18:40
james_wif there are two process connected with stdin/stdout pipes18:50
james_wso the parent gives instructions to the child on its stdin18:50
james_wand the parent writes without and explicit flush18:50
james_wwhile the child is doing an fgets on its stdin18:52
james_wis that going to cause issues?18:52
james_wlike say, deadlock 75% of the time (fingers crossed)18:52
james_wwell, 75% of the time for some people, and apparently never for most18:52
slangasekwrites without explicit flush, then waits for the child to take an action?18:53
james_wthe parent does:18:53
james_w  write (session->child_stdin, response, response_len);18:53
james_w  if (add_newline)18:53
james_w    write (session->child_stdin, newline, 1);18:53
james_wto pass the password down to the child, which is in the middle of a pam_authenticate session18:54
slangasekyou probably want an unbuffered fd there, no?18:54
james_wthe parent then expects the child to finish the session18:54
james_wah, let me find if it is doing that18:54
slangasekright, the parent should force it either by doing unbuffered I/O, or by closing the fd after it's done with it18:55
cjwatson(a) the write is not guaranteed to write everything in one go18:55
cjwatson(b) fgets may not get the whole line in one go18:55
james_wthe child is:18:56
james_w          if (fgets (buf, sizeof buf, stdin) == NULL)18:56
james_w            goto error;18:56
slangasekcjwatson: fgets should only give a short read if the buffer is too small?18:57
james_wI can't see it setting the I/O unbuffered, g_spawn_async_with_pipes doesn't say it returns unbuffered pipes (and I'm pretty sure it doesn't), and I don't think there's a way to set unbuffered by default18:57
=== jsalisbury_ is now known as jsalisbury
james_wthe return of write is the number of bytes written?18:58
james_wso we need that loop which handles EAGAIN as well18:58
james_wI'll stick this in a PPA and ask the reporter to test18:58
james_wit certainly smells fishy18:58
james_wthanks for your help18:58
cjwatsonslangasek: if there aren't enough bytes to read right now, it'll stop18:58
cjwatsonso I tend to err on the side of paranoia when fgets'ing from pipes18:59
slangasekcjwatson: fgets?  that's not what the manpage says (and not how I remember it's supposed to work)18:59
slangasekunless by "stop" you mean "block" :)18:59
cjwatsonthe man page says that it stops on EOF19:00
james_whow can you tell that fgets hasn't?19:00
james_wlook for \n?19:00
cjwatsonwhat is EOF on a pipe but read-returned-0?19:00
cjwatsonindeed that's the *definition* of EOF19:00
chrisccoulsonhey slangasek19:00
chrisccoulsonjust saw your g-s-d bug19:00
slangasekcjwatson: ah, hmm19:00
chrisccoulsonGDB probably can't find the gdk_x_error symbol, because the GDK stuff hasn't been loaded yet19:01
chrisccoulson(it's in a module that loads after it starts)19:01
slangasekchrisccoulson: this is the case even if I attach to a running process19:01
slangasekchrisccoulson: oh; but this time, it worked19:01
slangasekapparently it wasn't long enough after startup before19:02
slangasekok, let me go break it19:02
chrisccoulsoni was going to ask if you could edit the desktop file and add the --sync option, so apport gets it19:02
chrisccoulsonbut it doesn't matter now if its working19:02
james_wwhat's the flush() call to go with write()?19:02
slangasekwell shit, that's no good19:03
slangasekI broke X instead19:03
chrisccoulsonin what way?19:03
chrisccoulsonif it's frozen when GDB breaks, then that sometimes happens when debugging X errors  - i normally run GDB on a separate console from my X session19:04
slangasekchrisccoulson: X segfaulted19:05
chrisccoulsonhmm, that's not good19:05
slangasekif it had just hung, I could've killed it from vt1 :)19:05
slangasek(killed gdb, that is)19:06
chrisccoulsonit might be best to append "--sync" to the Exec line in /etc/xdg/autostart/gnome-settings-daemon.desktop, restart your session and trigger the crash outside of GDB19:06
chrisccoulsonand then apport normally catches a good trace19:07
chrisccoulsonanyway, dinner time. bbl19:07
slangasekchrisccoulson: thanks for the hints19:08
slangasekbryce: hmm, and apport says nothing about this X segfault19:09
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doko__what kind of thing restarts couchdb all the time?19:18
james_wdoko__: as your user, or the system daemon?19:18
doko__james_w: system daemon, stopped gdm as well19:19
james_wdon't know then19:19
lifelesshow do you make cupsys start on boot now ?19:20
slangasekdoko__: hmm, why do you have the system daemon installed?19:27
slangaseklifeless: cupsys -> cups, and it should start by default?19:27
doko__slangasek: not intentional, that's an armel babbage installation from about four weeks ago19:28
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bryceslangasek, unfortunately for some reason we've not sorted out, apport only catches a portion of X crashes.19:30
SKBhello, i've got some sort of weird policy issue after compiling dbus. Might it be because i haven't supplied some arguments i don't know to ./configure?19:30
joaopintoSKB, you were already told this is not the proper channel for such question19:31
joaopintoplease try #dbus19:31
ScottKdtchen: I saw http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/guide-to-sound-apis mentioned on #debian-release and thought you might be interested.19:31
slangasekbryce: waah.19:31
bryceslangasek, you can help us fix it in dallas if you wish 8-D19:32
lifelessslangasek: does not19:32
lifelessslangasek: neither does exm4 or openssh19:32
slangaseklifeless: then your system isn't actually booted :)19:32
slangaseklifeless: something has blocked the startup before it got to starting rc19:33
slangasekyou only think your system is booted because we start gdm before triggering the sysvinit stuff19:33
slangaseklifeless: what does 'runlevel' claim?19:34
slangaseklifeless: 'sudo status rc'?19:36
slytherinWho is in charge of ubuntu-meta seed? gstreamer0.10-schroedinger needs to be removed from -desktop as gst-plugins-bad version that provides it is not available in karmic.19:36
lifeless$ sudo status rc19:37
lifelessrc stop/waiting19:37
MacSlowbryce, hi there19:40
MacSlowbryce, I'm trying to find the apt line for sources.list for the xorg-edgers ppa, but can't find it on the page19:40
brycehi MacSlow19:41
MacSlowbryce, can you help me out?19:41
brycedeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu karmic main19:41
brycedeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu karmic main19:41
ScottKMacSlow: Please file a bug on soyuz too.19:42
bryceMacSlow, it appears the LP folks hid that information for you19:42
bryceMacSlow, you click on the 'Technical details' link to see it19:42
MacSlowScottK, bryce: Ok, so then it's really not just me :) *phew*19:42
brycesounds like you could alternatively add 'ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa' to your Software Sources19:43
bryceguess they hid the apt lines to make the page less cluttered or something *shrug*19:43
* ScottK is on vacation from filing LP bugs as it just got to frustrating to try and document what's wrong with the U/I.19:43
slytherinkenvandine: It might be too late already, but is there any plan to merge gst-plugins-bad0.10 from Debian? The schroedinger plugin has moved to -bad.19:44
brycepitti are you still awake?19:44
MacSlowbryce, so it is me after all *sigh*19:45
ScottKMacSlow: No, it's not just you.19:45
slangaseklifeless: versions of upstart and sysv-rc packages?  service ssh status?19:48
mathiazRiddell: hey - could you have a look at bug 418342?19:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 418342 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "akonadi-server prevents install of mysql-server-5.0" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41834219:49
mathiazRiddell: it seems that the mysql-server side is set correctly now19:49
mathiazRiddell: akonadi dependencies need to be updated19:50
lifeless0.6.3-7 2.87dsf-4ubuntu819:50
lifelessslangasek: I've started ssh alterady19:50
lifeless$ sudo service ssh status19:50
lifeless * sshd is running19:50
lifelessslangasek: I'll check next boot to be entirely accurate about this; I know that exim4 and cups *were not* starting a few boots back, because I had to start them to email and print, respectively.19:51
ejatcan someone look at bug 44711619:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447116 in gnome-system-monitor "close while trying to run gnome-system-monitor" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44711619:57
ejatand bug 44649219:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446492 in inkscape "crash while launching / starting inkscape (core dumped)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44649219:58
slangaseklifeless: right; definitely not reproducible here so far, so if it recurs for you we'll have to do some digging into the rc script19:58
ejatthanks ..19:58
lifelessslangasek: kk19:58
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DarxusYou guys remember the days when, if your video driver failed to load, you were presented with a low resolution X using vesa or something, and asked if you wanted to reconfigure your display?20:28
DarxusCurrently, instead, you are presented with a flickering screen, forever.20:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431166 in gdm "karmic gdm restarts X infinitely when video driver fails to load" [Low,Confirmed]20:29
DarxusCan I increase the priority?  High?  Medium?20:29
Mezgrr... Xorg eating CPU cycles.20:31
Mezit's at 100% just after loading.20:31
davmor2Mez: you don't need anything else if you have bling though right20:31
AmaranthMez: intel?20:32
MezAmaranth: SiS gfx.20:33
Mezdavmor2: I don't have bling.20:33
Amaranthso it's not going to be compiz related :)20:33
davmor2Mez: what no colours in you terminal?20:34
Mez 1239 root      20   0  171m  32m 7568 R   99  3.7  32:57.21 Xorg20:34
Meznot good.20:36
MezOnly after an update too.20:36
DarxusThere's a bug open to package something packaged on debian-multimedia.org.  Is there a way to sync from that archive, or should I grab the source, rebuild the source package, and upload it to my ppa?20:36
Mezwtf? It didn't even update the driver I'm using.20:36
Mezdisable glx + dri2 - normal usage again20:40
* Amaranth wonders how Mez even has DRI220:43
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faganAny software center devels around? Im looking to squash a bug and I want someone to point me to where the apt stuff is handled. Its for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/43887020:47
MezAmaranth: me too... it was in my xorg.conf tho20:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438870 in software-center "Downloads should start when the previous one ends" [Wishlist,Confirmed]20:47
Amaranthfagan: Looks like mvo isn't here, you'll have to try to find him again on monday20:47
faganAh ok20:48
davmor2Mez: would that coincide with the xorg update?20:52
kristianpaullast ubuntu version how % of debian sid is ?20:54
DarxusHow do I include the .orig.tar.gz in an upload to launchpad / ppa?20:57
DarxusIt's a new package.20:57
DarxusThink I found the answer.20:58
cjwatsonDarxus: build with the -sa option21:01
DarxusYeah, thanks.21:01
DarxusSo is it possible to sync from debian-multimedia.org archives?21:01
cjwatsonDarxus: yes, on request21:05
aweisbergDoes anyone know why the libc6-dbg package now (changed 8.04 between 9.04) puts libc.so in /usr/lib/debug/lib and no longer works with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/debug? I see the description of the packaged was also changed to no longer mention using LD_LIBRARY_PATH.21:09
Darxuscjwatson: Awesome.  After I test this, and lucid opens, I'll do a sync request.21:12
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slogg_kthis may be the wrong place to ask, but I'm new to lower level X programming and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction --21:31
slogg_kI would like to write a simple program that will let me swap axes on my touchpad input.21:31
lfaraonepitti: if I wanted to patch in the functionality described in bug 357847, would I want to put it in as a symptom in apport-symptoms, or would I want to add the functionality to ubuntu-bug in apport?21:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357847 in apport "ubuntu-bug wish: allow to just point at the window of a buggy application" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35784721:32
johanbrslogg_k, try #xorg21:32
slogg_kokay, thnks for redirect.21:32
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directhexi'm a terrible human being. can archive-admin absolve me of my sins?21:52
slangasekso, will this change to nfs-utils fix the race conditions, or will it deadlock my boot horribly...21:53
slangasekdirecthex: no, but we can give you penance21:53
mneptokdirecthex: say 15 "hail sabdfl's" and spend 10 weeks exclusively on EFnet21:54
directhexslangasek, what's the spiritual cost of accidental-NEW-upload absolution?21:54
slangasekdirecthex: pretty sure it involves ablutions with beer21:56
directhexslangasek, well, fly yourself to the london or banbury karmic release parties, and you can have a pint!21:57
sistpotyslangasek: just drafting the mail regarding ftbfs... are ftbfs in main RC?21:57
slangasekpretty sure it's cheaper to buy my own pint here. :)21:57
slangaseksistpoty: en masse, yes, since they impede security support21:58
directhexslangasek, that wouldn't be fine british ale, though!21:58
sistpotyslangasek: ok, thanks21:58
slangasekdirecthex: correct, it would be tasty Oregon porter21:58
sistpotyslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/289560/ (I've signed this on behalf of both release teams... maybe you'd like to add/correct things?)22:05
slangaseksistpoty: "that karmic will not release until the build failures in main have..." uh - we'll release on schedule, the only question is how bad of a week we have before that :)22:07
sistpotyslangasek: that's why I asked if a FTBFS is RC... being not a native speaker doesn't help to transform your answer in a good text :P22:08
slangaseksistpoty: how about "the number of build failures in main definitely needs to be brought *way* down from its current level before we release at the end of the month"?22:09
sistpotyslangasek: thanks! sounds great!22:09
sistpotyslangasek, ScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/289566/22:11
slangaseksistpoty: looks good to me22:12
slangasekhrm, do we no longer get an apt term.log now with aptd?22:13
billybigriggeranyone working on vdpau in karmic?22:13
billybigriggeris it supported in ubuntu yet?22:13
sistpotyslangasek: do you want to send it out? might have a bigger impact on core-devs than coming from a motu ;)22:13
ScottKsistpoty: Looks good to me22:15
sistpotythanks ScottK22:16
slangaseksistpoty: hmm, I fundamentally disagree that this *should* be the case (heh, I don't think I knew you weren't core-dev), but if you want to have me send it, ok - can you bounce it to me in email so I can just re-send?22:16
slangasekoh, there's my term.log; apparently it's hella-buffered22:16
sistpotyslangasek: well, I'm a core-dev nowadays, but mainly active in universe... ;) will send it to you22:17
slangaseksistpoty: ok, thanks!22:19
sistpotyslangasek: sent22:22
sistpoty(unless my kmail is going insane again)22:23
sebnersistpoty: it's kde .. what do you expect :P22:24
sistpotysebner: it's worth than that... for undisclosed reasons this is lenny's kde running remote via ssh *and* having it's homedir on nfs :P22:31
sebnersistpoty: EPIC FAIL. That can't work :P22:32
smoserjames_w, or anyone who might know22:35
smoserfor some reason:22:35
smoser!= http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-on-ec2/vmbuilder/automated-ec2-builds/22:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:35
directhexbillybigrigger, it's packaged. why?22:40
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slangaseksmoser: because codehosting is having problems staying in sync :/22:55
slangasekcjwatson: do you have an overview of the latest mountall upload?23:07
slangasekit appears the latest changes there now cause my system to deadlock on boot, while bringing up lo23:08
billybigriggerdirecthex, ok, so what players support it?23:15
billybigriggerdirecthex, i see i have nvidia-185-libvdpau:23:15
billybigrigger  Installed: 185.18.36-0ubuntu4 on a fresh install by default23:15
billybigriggerbut as far as my reading goes, i see it's not supported in vlc, and i have to compile it in with mplayer? it doesn't come built in ubuntu's mplayer package correct?23:16
directhexbillybigrigger, that might be the case. siretart?23:16
Amaranthlast time I checked, yeah23:18
Amaranthlatest gstreamer apparently has support for it but we don't have that either23:18
billybigriggerso the api is there, but no players have support for it yet? :P23:21
Trewasone problem with vdpau is probably that it requires compiling packages against specific version of the driver, all of them have separate -dev packages23:21
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DarxusOh, what about vdpau?23:40
DarxusThe mplayer package was updated to support it.23:40
billybigrigger  Installed: 2:1.0~rc3+svn20090426-1ubuntu923:41
DarxusIt should be whatever's in karmic.23:41
cjwatsonslangasek: only what I can see in bzr23:41
slangasekcjwatson: ok23:42
Darxusbillybigrigger: I'm looking for the bug to confirm the version.23:42
billybigriggerwell it must not be enabled by default23:42
billybigriggergmplayer gives me ~%43 cpu usage23:42
billybigriggerwhere as vlc on the same video file is around 3023:43
Darxusbillybigrigger: Yeah, hold on...23:43
sistpotybillybigrigger: is vdpau the nvidia decoding support?23:44
Darxus$ cat ~/.mplayer/config23:44
billybigriggeri can see vdpau as an available driver in mplayer, but i can't configure it, or no way of "selecting" it23:44
Darxussistpoty: Yes.23:44
billybigriggersistpoty, yes23:44
Darxusbillybigrigger: The way to do it on the commandline is -vo vdpau.23:44
sistpotybillybigrigger: hm... I'm not entirely sure that's working yet (too bad I don't recall exactly what siretart told my last week, since I've switched to ati recently)23:44
sistpotybillybigrigger: anyways he's got the answers ;)23:45
Darxusmplayer (2:1.0~rc3+svn20090426-1ubuntu7) karmic; urgency=low23:46
Darxus  * enable VDPAU on i386 and amd64 (LP: #437039)23:46
billybigriggercould not initialize video filters -vf or video output -vo23:46
marcty_can someone help me troubleshoot nfs? everything was working fine, dont know what changed, but I cant mount my nfs share. host/client can both communicate, but the mount request just hangs forever.. i see this on the client after a long while: nfs: server filer-1 not responding, timed out23:47
billybigriggermplayer -vo vdpau INPUT works great23:48
billybigrigger%4 cpu23:48
billybigriggeradding those options to ~/.mplayer/config cause it to crash on startup23:48
marcty_nothing on the server except it shows aauthenticated mount request23:48
marcty_Oct  9 15:29:12 DAT-001 mountd[10503]: authenticated mount request from ....23:48
marcty_thats all I seeee23:49
billybigriggerDarxus, running mplayer with -vo vdpau works23:51
billybigriggercan't get mplayer gui to work with it though23:51
Darxusbillybigrigger: Cool.23:54
DarxusI don't know if I've ever seen the mplayer gui :)23:54
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billybigriggerseems the gui doesn't read ~/.mplayer/config?23:56
slangasekoh, geez23:57
slangasekwhy is "/srv" listed as a required FHS filesystem? :P23:57

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