j1mchi there - is anyone around?02:39
Rocket2DMnsup j1mc03:23
j1mchey Rocket2DMn03:26
j1mcRocket2DMn: i'm not feeling so hot about Xubuntu docs.  They need a big overhaul.03:27
j1mcI am considering rewriting them in Mallard for 10.04.03:28
Rocket2DMnyeah?  I havent used Xubuntu unfortunately03:28
j1mcit is a good distro.03:28
Rocket2DMnI'm hoping to help get the regular ubuntu-docs up to speed for 10.04, fix some old bugs and whatnot03:28
j1mcit deserves good docs.03:28
Rocket2DMni agree, Xubuntu is pretty popular to03:29
Rocket2DMni'd love to help you out, but with all the other stuff i do, i can barely keep up as it is03:31
j1mcunderstood, Rocket2DMn . . . i'm not asking for you to help.  :)03:31
j1mci will have to seek out help, but i feel like I know more people now, and have better resources03:32
Rocket2DMnthat's good to hear, best of luck03:33
starcraftmanj1mc, good luck with that. Not really a xfce user. If ya just need a second opinion or a quick hand I'm about.03:33
j1mcstarcraftman: yes - thanks03:34
rr72starcraftman~ wat does jim mean rewriting them for xubuntu? how can I help him with that as i have some spare time now04:02
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mdkej1mc_: how about for 10.04 you try and bring the branch closer to ubuntu-docs, branching from it, and working on a set of changes that reflect the differences with ubuntu? I'm thinking then you could use the various commits that are relevant by merging from the ubuntu-docs branch regularly. is xubuntu too different to ubuntu for that to work, do you think?08:16
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* Zachk18 is away: Going to bed....back around 8:00 A.M.08:43
j1mc__mdke: i can see certain advantages of just staying closer to ubuntu docs.12:08
j1mc__if xfce docs use mallard, though, it would make sense to move xubuntu docs that way, too, though.12:08
j1mc__i think it is generally good to take content from Ubuntu where appropriate, though.12:11
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starcraftmanj1mc, oh and rr72 expressed interest in helping ya while ya was out.12:14
j1mcstarcraftman: thanks12:15
j1mche's in my loco team, too.12:16
j1mci'll be in touch w/ him.12:16
starcraftmanj1mc, Awesome.12:16
shaunmj1mc: let me know if you have any problems12:55
shaunmor if you need anything, or whatever12:56
j1mcshaunm: thanks - i will let you know.12:56
* shaunm -> airport13:00
j1mcj1mc -> work... have a good day, all.13:05
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Zachk18any of the team here?18:28
rr72starcraftman~ thanks :-D talked to him a little but have no clue where to start w/ docs. A good first step would be to learn docbook-xml?19:12
Zachk18Rocket2DMn, hey....got few minutes for a pm?21:58
Rocket2DMnZachk18, sure21:59
Rocket2DMnmdke, when will the karmic branch for ubuntu-docs be set and the development branch moved to lucid?22:09
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