DarxusWoohoo, I've got lots of bfs patched .debs.  Built with just "debuild" even.00:15
Darxusdebuild is how LP builds, right?00:15
DarxusIt finished building!00:31
micahgdoes anyone have a workaround for bug 414560?00:34
ubot3Malone bug 414560 in linux "ath9k disassociates/reassociates a lot" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41456000:34
micahgI tried the PPA in the upstream comment as well as the regular backports00:35
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DarxusWhat initiates file signing during debuild?  It's not doing the signing of the .dsc file.01:58
DarxusI tried doing it manually, but the sha1 checksum is apparently somehow different than that generated by the command of the same name.01:59
DarxusOh, interesting, there are two checksums.02:01
DarxusWow, I actually got all the checksums recalculated, and both the .changes and .dsc resigned properly so dput is uploading.02:09
DarxusThat was unpleasant.  Three checksums?02:09
micahgdoes anyone have a workaround for bug 414560?02:12
ubot3Malone bug 414560 in linux "ath9k disassociates/reassociates a lot" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41456002:12
DarxusAnd LP rejected it.  Grr.02:16
DarxusWoohoo, LP accepted it this time.  It rejected it because there wasn't a blank line before the gpg signature at the bottom of the .dsc.  Grr.02:27
DarxusIt'll be a merical if it builds.02:27
Womble2Darxus: The signing step is debsign02:42
DarxusWomble2: Thanks.03:44
DarxusHuh, one of the architectures built.  The other two are still going.03:47
DarxusWomble2: I'm not finding references to debsign in this package.03:52
DarxusMy debdiff includes several files I didn't touch.  Almost certainly because they're automatically generated, but not removed by debian/rules clean.  Can I add rming them to debian/rules clean?  Open a bug for it?03:55
Darxusdebian.master/control.stub debian.master/control debian/control.stub debian/control 03:56
DarxusI guess that problem will probably need a more complicated solution.03:58
dhon_I'm trying to build a more recent ftdi_sio driver on 8.04 but I'm having troubles04:36
dhon_cc1: error: /lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/build/include/linux/modversions.h: No such file or directory04:36
dhon_that's the first of many errors04:37
dhon_linux headers are installed04:37
dhon_and the build alias seems to be ok: /lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/build -> /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-19-generic04:38
dhon_is it likely that this version of the driver requires a more modern kernel?04:39
DarxusWhat do the driver docs say?04:39
dhon_the package I downloaded only contains ftdi_sio.c, ftdi_sio.h, Makefile and Rules.mak04:45
dhon_I can't see a reference to min kernel version in those file04:45
dhon_I should mention that this is a g-OS netbook, which is based on 8.04 - but I'm not sure if it's exactly the same04:47
DarxusIt's entirely possible that the kernel and driver are incompatible versions.  I wouldn't assume which one is too new / old.04:49
dhon_a page I've found suggest that the kernel headers are not configured04:55
dhon_is there a way to acquire the config for the current kernel? I thought it would be in /proc/config but it's not there05:02
dhon_nor is it in the linux-source package05:03
hyperair/boot/config-`uname -r`05:03
dhon_ah, perhaps apt-get source linux-image-generic?05:04
dhon_ah ok thanks05:04
hyperairall the make-kpkg'd kernels put their configs there as wel05:05
dhon_so I just copy this to /usr/src/`uname -r`/.config05:06
dhon_err sorry, to the headers directory?05:06
Darxusdhon_: The .config in the linux-image package source is built from... several pieces.05:07
DarxusThere's a main pice, then a piece for each architecture, then a piece for each flavor, and you cat them together.05:07
DarxusBut getting it out of /boot/ is better :)05:07
dhon_:) thanks05:08
dhon_good to know05:08
dhon_ok, so I have the config file, but I'm still not sure how to create modversions.h from the kernel headers?05:15
dhon_it sounds like this might be a driver for 2.4, not 2.605:19
dhon_modversions.h no longer exists in 2.6?05:20
Womble22.6 has Modules.symver05:20
Womble2or even Module.symvers...05:21
dhon_the ftdi page states that ftdi_sio is in the mainline kernel now, so is it likely that a driver from 2.6.31 (say) would compile on 2.6.24 or is this a bad idea?05:21
Womble2depends on how much its driver class (net, serial, ...) has changed05:22
dhon_I'm not even sure if the driver is the problem - I'm getting IOErrors from pyserial when reading from a USB/RS485 adapter05:25
dhon_it seems to only happen under heavy load, but then occurs on every successive read05:26
dhon_so I was thinking it may be related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/linux/+bug/37612805:27
ubot3Malone bug 376128 in linux "ftdi_sio doesnt work propertly" [Medium,Fix released] 05:27
dhon_even though it's a different kernel version05:27
dhon_I guess I should look at the patch from that fix and see if it applies to my version05:29
Darxus[    6.540427] nvidia: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout06:05
DarxusI watched dkms rebuild that module, how would it have a different symbol version?06:05
dhon_as a follow up: the latest ftdi_sio is not compatible with 2.6.2407:24
dhon_the usb_serial structs have changed07:24
dhon_and there were a few other problems07:24
dhon_so it looks like a kernel upgrade is in order07:24
dhon_thanks for the help07:24
Kanohi apw , could you merge drm-next for ati?09:54
Kanoit has got 2 conficts09:54
Kanoor just tell me what commits i have to revert before09:54
csurbhi i have a git query, i am getting a error which says  tag does not point to a valid object11:11
csurbhican anyone suggest any solution ?11:11
slytherinCan anyone please give me idea how to debug bug #446612 ?11:43
ubot3Malone bug 446612 in linux "CSS encrypted DVDs do not mount" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44661211:43
apwsmb, which daemon is it which converts acpi messages to keys in userspace... the one you need to stop to do proper testing of keys13:14
smbapw, you proy mean acpid13:15
apwits that or hald, if you think its acpid, then we agree :)13:15
smbthough I am not sure this is valid anymore13:15
ubot3Malone bug 392692 in linux "hibernate, suspend, monitor switch keys don't work in Panasonic CF-Y7 laptop" [Medium,Triaged] 13:15
apwsmb, your tester has woken up on that one13:15
smbby now most drivers have input drivers, so maybe it is what is left of hald ...13:16
* smb goes having a look13:16
smbapw, I would suspect acpid in that case13:17
apwyep asked him to test without acpid, so we can see if its to blame there13:17
smbHe reported some things visible when doing acpi_listen13:17
apwyeah thats what i thought13:18
smbCould we have a remnants of that handling left? and b) why did the module not load13:18
smbI check the acpi ids and there seemed to be one match13:18
* smb wonders what that last update did to his netbook. ssd busy, back to the login screen, no mouse...13:20
apwsmb, one assume it didn't load cause its not listed in the module aliases13:31
apwif it did match then we need to get the dmesg to see13:31
smbapw, Its sort of a special acpi alias (the dmesg shows nothing (the normal one))13:32
smbI double verify to see the id in the acpidump13:32
smband then need to look how that match might b made13:33
smbapw, So from the dsdt: "Device (HKEY) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("MAT0019"))..." and from modinfo panasonic_laptop: "alias:          acpi*:MAT0019:*"13:41
apwthat is odd indeed13:42
apwsmb, udev log might tell us yes?13:42
smbThe basic question would be, does having that Id in acpi generate an event?13:43
smbapw, Looking into /sys/bus/acpi should tell I guess13:45
smbapw, /sys/bus/acpi/devices actually13:45
smbapw, Ok, I guess I have some reasonable questions posted to proceed13:56
apwyep seems reasonable to me, not much more one can ask that i can think of13:57
slytherinCan anyone please give me an idea what could be wrong here - bug #44661213:59
ubot3Malone bug 446612 in linux "CSS encrypted DVDs do not mount" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44661213:59
slytherinapw: Can you provide any insight on that bug?14:51
apwCSS encrypted, all region coded disks are CSS encrypted yes?14:52
slytherinapw: yes.14:53
slytherinand those are the only disks not mounting on this drive.14:53
apwand do we know if this is a generic issue or drive specific?14:54
* apw shoves a mission: impossible region 2 disk in his drive to find out14:55
apwthat seems to mount ok and play14:56
apwslytherin, is it _all_ css disks?  could your drive be in region 014:57
apwalso does this work on older kernels?  from older releases?14:58
slytherinapw: It is issue with all CSS disks. The drive region is 5.14:58
apwdo you have an older jaunty kernel on your machine still 2.6.28-* ?14:58
apwif so you might try booting that, the karmic userspace should just about work i would think14:59
slytherinNope sorry. I can try installing it tonight.14:59
apwthat would be worth trying, as would a latest mainline kernel14:59
slytherinI already tried daily build from 2 October from mainline builds PPA. That didn't help.15:00
mac_vapw: hi... regarding your comment here > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/271258/comments/3915:01
ubot3Malone bug 271258 in linux "Acer Orbicam gspca's module fails" [High,Triaged] 15:01
mac_vi'm using grub215:01
slytherinapw: This might be drive (or driver) specific issue. Funny thing is that everything else works. non-CSS DVDs, audio CDs, Video CDs etc.15:01
apwslytherin, i added that to the bug too so its not lost forever in the irc logs15:01
apwslytherin, yeah i am reading CSS stuff on the dvd drive in my laptop, so its not a general issue15:02
apwcking_, was there some way to tell grub 2 not to touch the console at all15:02
mac_vapw: how do i disable output?15:02
* cking_ draws a blank on that15:02
slytherinapw: Let's say the issue is present with jaunty kernel as well. What is the way forward?15:03
apwslytherin, oh do you have the CSS decoder libaries installed?15:03
apwlibdvdcss2 i think its called?15:03
slytherinapw: yes I have.15:04
apwhrm, then you have what i have ...15:04
apwso i am suspicious its device related then15:04
apwmac_v, hmmm not sure off the top of my head15:05
apwbut i think grub2 has an option to not change the display at all15:05
mac_vapw: the weird thing is , when i upgraded to interpid this problem did not arise... but when i did a fresh reinstall of interpid this started :/15:06
* cking_ missing the connection between grub2 and DVDs15:06
apwyep dunno what the difference between those two would be15:06
apwcking_, different issues15:06
apwtwo different people15:06
cking_I need more coffee and need to sleep more that's for sure15:07
apwone has a webcam which they think worked in windows when the mbr was a windows one, and does not once grub is installed15:07
apwand i was wondering if we can ask grub to leave the machine alone more to see if its init which is upsetting the world15:07
apwmac_v, is the webcam builtin?15:08
cking_has the DVD drive been regionalised? Sometimes new ones are not set15:08
apwcould it be a bios issue  wonder15:08
apwcking_, i wondered that too ... how does one tell though15:08
slytherincking_: yes it has been, I checked with regionset15:08
mac_vapw: yes15:09
cking_slytherin, stupid question time: has this DVD been seen to work on other kit?15:09
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slytherinyes, I can play it find on my ibook, powerpc with jaunty. In fact I can play all the DVDs I have on ibook.15:10
cking_slytherin, it's a E616 DVD drive?15:14
slytherinI don't know the details. Only that it is a Asus DVD drive. I borrowed it from a friend with the intention of buying if it worked all right.15:14
cking_I had a look at the boot message, it's looks like an ASUS E616. I've seen similar comments about this drive: http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?board_id=2&model=DVD-E616&id=20051224212843290&page=1&SLanguage=en-us15:15
cking_..which may indicate it works on older DVDs but maybe not on newer ones.15:15
slytherinlet me ask my friend if he faced similar problem15:16
apwthat would be very odd indeed.  be interesting to see if windows can use it too15:17
cking_just a hunch15:17
apwyeah i can see why you think that, i would be not buying one of those drives from the whining about them on google15:20
apwand the errors do look like the drive is getting all upset and stopping responding at the bus level15:21
slytherinI guess I will return it to my friend. :-) I should have logged the bug earlier.15:23
Kanoslytherin: why do you mount dvd?15:30
Kanomany of the problematic ones have extra copyprotection and can be only played using lindvd15:31
slytherinKano: My DVDs are not like that. They play fine on my laptop.15:31
Kanothen the drive could be faulty15:32
slytherinKano: It woks for everything other than region coded drives.15:39
Kanothen it is clear15:39
Kanoyou need to set the region code first15:39
Kanoregionset - view and modify the region code of DVD drives15:39
mjg5915:08 < slytherin> cking_: yes it has been, I checked with regionset15:40
mjg59Do keep up15:40
Kanoslytherin: if you have got win try to play it there, if it asks then it was not set15:41
Kanoor just flash rpc1 firmware15:42
slytherinI don't have windows. Stopped using that 5 years ago. I will try rpc1 firmware15:45
lamont2.6.31-13.42 ... does anyone really want that for ia64, or can I kill that build and let other stuff make progress, since I assume there'll be an even newer kernel sometime, yes?15:47
slytherinapw: Can that DVD issue be anyway related to DMA? I see lot of 'link is slow to respond', not sure what that means. And not sure why it comes with only region coded disks.15:55
apwslytherin, the first thing that occurs is that the drive is reported frozen it seems15:55
apwthen we get annoyed and reset it and then it occurs agian ...15:55
apwso i'd say it looks like the drive is going away when we do the 'what you got in there then' call15:56
slytherinhmm, so might be related to drive status reporting, right?15:56
apwi assume when you say the drive is region 5 that the disks are the same region15:56
apwslytherin, very hard to say ... all i can see if it dissappearing off the bus15:56
apwthats not a very nice thing for it to do15:56
slytherinapw: yes. some of the disks are same region, but the problem appears irrespective of the region. Anyway I will try latest kernel and jaunty kernel.15:57
DarxusI rebuilt the kernel package, patched, purged the installed one with a matching version, installed the one I built, watched dkms do something with the nvidia driver for it, rebooted, and got this:\17:42
Darxus[    6.540427] nvidia: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout17:42
DarxusHow do I fix it?17:42
rtgDarxus, install the header packages from the kernel you built17:43
DarxusIs it really that easy?17:44
DarxusI installed these two:  linux-headers-2.6.31-12-generic_2.6.31-12.41bfs1_i386.deb linux-image-2.6.31-12-generic_2.6.31-12.41bfs1_i386.deb17:46
DarxusWhat I still need to install is this?  linux-headers-2.6.31-12_2.6.31-12.41bfs1_all.deb17:46
Darxusdkms looks pretty freaking spiffy if I can get it to work.17:57
Kanowell bfs modules are not compatible with the other ones17:58
Kanoi am using bfs too, it is better for some cases17:58
Kanobut you need to recompile kernel modules17:59
DarxusI installed that headers package and I'm still getting the error: [   68.399005] nvidia: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout18:03
DarxusKano: I rebuilt the whole kernel package, patched with bfs.  What am I missing?18:03
Keybukso, err18:07
Keybukwhy don't I have any sound? :P18:07
dtchengood question. where's it breaking?18:07
Keybukno idea, I just don't have any sound anymore18:08
KeybukDell XPS 1330M18:08
DarxusKano: In case you're interested in subscribing, the bug for including BFS is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/42492718:08
ubot3Malone bug 424927 in linux "[needs-packaging] include Brain fuck Scheduler" [Wishlist,Confirmed] 18:08
dtchenKeybuk: got an "ubuntu-bug alsa-base" i can look at?18:09
Keybukdtchen: collecting...18:09
Keybukdtchen: bug 44741318:11
ubot3Malone bug 447413 in alsa-driver "No sound (Dell XPS 1330M)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44741318:11
Keybukit worked when I installed this last week ;)18:11
Keybukbut one of the updates (kernel maybe?) broked it18:11
dtchenah, you got bitten by alsactl store. Your Master and PCM are zero18:13
dtcheni've changed alsa-utils to just short-circuit start in the initscript if pulseaudio is being used, since PA restores volumes anyhow18:14
Keybukhow do I fix that?18:14
Keybukthe volume indicator on the panel says I'm at full volume18:14
dtchenTom Haddon tried the ubuntu-audio-dev packages earlier and confirmed they work for him18:15
dtchenin the meantime, i think using alsamixer or "amixer set 'PCM' 100% && amixer set 'Master' 100%" will help18:16
Keybukhmm, doesn't seem to be working still18:19
Keybuklet me try rebooting18:19
dtchenthat's an awfully long reboot...18:29
DarxusI was missing the linux-libc-dev package, but that didn't help any.18:41
DarxusWould 2.6.31-12bfs1.41 work as an ABI bump for 2.6.31-12.41?19:22
dtchenit's pretty ugly, but yes19:24
DarxusI'm wondering if an abi bump will fix my version symbol disagreement problem.19:25
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Darxus$ dkms status19:37
Darxusnvidia, 185.18.36, 2.6.31-12-generic, i686: installed  (WARNING! Diff between built and installed module!)19:37
DarxusWhere is the built version?19:37
DarxusAh, nevermind, that's the error you get when you delete the installed version.  Lame.19:50
dhillon-v10ogasawara: hi how are you21:00
dhillon-v10ogasawara: I want to show you something I have been working on, do you have about 5 mins.21:03
ogasawaradhillon-v10: hi, sorta tied up at the moment.  send me an email.21:04
dhillon-v10<ogasawara> alright thanks :)21:04
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DarxusWhen patching the linux kernel package with bfs, should I change the source package name from linux to linux-bfs?22:29
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