loolasac: These are excellent comments; I'd appreciate if you'd file them in LP so that I can forward them to design team09:14
loolasac: I'm filing this kind of issues myself, but I don't have a direct say on how the UI looks like, I can just complain and criticize  :)09:15
vigneswarihi all11:53
vigneswarihow to change the background in UME11:54
vigneswarii used moblin-background to change the backgroung sollid color11:54
vigneswariit is ok..but if i restart it is not what i set..its going back to default..11:55
vigneswarii want to make my value default..which file should i edit?11:55
vigneswarisomeone plz help me to solve this11:55
asaclool: against what should i file such a bug?12:19
ian_brasilvigneswari, try setting the gconf key12:33
vigneswariian_brasil, how to do?12:33
ian_brasilrun gconf-editor12:34
vigneswariian_brasil, /usr/share/gconf/schemas/desktop_moblin_background.schemas i edited that file12:34
vigneswarii didnt work12:34
ian_brasilrun gconf-editor then go to desktop -> applications -> background12:35
ian_brasilif that does not work something is overwriting the key when the system boots12:37
vigneswarisian_brasil, ok..any other way in file level editing12:37
ian_brasilvigneswari, run $ gconftool -get-default-source12:40
ian_brasilthis shows the location of the xml backend gconf is using12:40
ian_brasiloops -> $ gconftool --get-default-source12:41
vigneswarisian_brasil, i could not edit any key using gconf editor..12:41
vigneswarisian_brasil, let me try this now12:41
ian_brasilvigneswari, there was a bug that you could not change the background ..what you are saying leads me to believe that this was not solved yet 12:43
vigneswarisian_brasil, oh...the output file for the command is empty12:44
vigneswarisian_brasil, gconftool-2 -R  /desktop/moblin 13:01
vigneswaristhis command tells that it is taking the color what i mentioned13:02
vigneswarisfor key primary_color13:02
vigneswarisbut it is not reflecting13:02
ian_brasilvigneswari, so something is overwriting this key when the system boots13:03
vigneswarisian_brasil, need to edit in gtkrc file?13:05
ian_brasilwhat is in /etc/gconf/schemas ?13:18
vigneswarisian_brasil, xml files and it is empty13:19
loolasac: Icons?  humanity-icon-theme15:59
asaclool: right ;) what a smart idea16:04
asaclool: bug 44728416:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447284 in humanity-icon-theme "UNR karmic icons need more contrast" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44728416:05
loolasac: You had fennec packages a while ago, didn't you?16:06
asaclool: yes. they are in the archive, arent they?16:11
asacwe cannot ship 1.0 atm because that needs xul 1.9.2 unfortuantely16:11
asacso what we have is the most recent currently possible16:11
ograasac, werent there nightlies in the ppa ? 16:11
asaclool: also filed bug 44729316:11
ograi though fta created something 16:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447293 in netbook-launcher "UNR karmic launcher seems to waste too much space" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44729316:11
asacupdated title16:12
loolasac: thanks16:24
=== asac_ is now known as asac

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