LLStarkshey asac. sup.01:35
LLStarksdid you want to me to do anything after compiling and dpkg'ing?01:35
asacLLStarks: test01:37
asacif the search works again01:37
LLStarksi can't force the bug to manifest01:38
LLStarksbefore or now01:38
LLStarksit just happens.01:38
LLStarkshaven't seen it happen since installing the packages01:38
LLStarksasac, it seems fixed though.01:49
asacLLStarks: can you push that build to a ppa ;)?02:02
asacif you have a gpg key ... go to changelog... append ~ppa1 to the version (after ...ubuntuX)02:02
asacrun debuild -S02:02
asacand then follow instruction son your personal ppa page02:02
asacthats just one command02:02
asacerr use02:02
LLStarksappend ppa1 to what?02:02
asacdebuild -S -kYOURGPGKEYID02:02
asacLLStarks: in changelog there is a version on top02:02
asacthat ends with -0ubuntuX or something02:03
asacjust append "~ppa1" (with the tilde)02:03
LLStarkschangelog in debian?02:03
asacLLStarks: actually if you are using a karmic build you can just append ".ppa1" ;)02:03
LLStarkswhat files are appended with ppa1?02:03
LLStarksasac, do i need the orig file for dput?02:24
asaci will ask someone to test with that tomorrow. thanks02:32
LLStarksasac, build is done.03:12
asacLLStarks: dpkg -L | grep sqlite03:15
asachas a libsqlite3.so hit in xulrunner dir, right?03:16
LLStarksdpkg-query: --listfiles needs at least one package name argument03:16
asacdpkg -L xulrunner-1.9.1 ...03:16
LLStarksge name argument03:16
LLStarks<asac> dpkg -L xulrunner-1.9.1 ...03:16
LLStarkseric@kingfisher:~$ dpkg -L xulrunner-1.9.1 | grep sqlite03:16
asacls -l /usr/lib/xulrunner-*03:17
LLStarkseric@kingfisher:~$ ls -l /usr/lib/xulrunner-*03:21
LLStarks-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 487440 2009-10-08 15:00 /usr/lib/xulrunner-
LLStarkslrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     13 2009-10-08 15:05 /usr/lib/xulrunner- -> libsqlite3.so03:21
asacLLStarks: ok.03:21
asacstrace -f -eopen firefox 2>&1 | grep libsqlite ;)03:21
asacwithout ;)03:21
asacactually it hsould be fine03:22
asacthx :)03:22
asacyou should see that it opens the libsqlite from above03:22
asacand not the one in /usr/lib/03:22
LLStarksopen("/usr/lib/xulrunner-", O_RDONLY) = 403:22
asacok thx03:22
asaci will get some tests on that03:22
asacwhat was the bug id again?03:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438868 in firefox-3.5 "Address bar autocomplete doesn't always work" [Medium,Triaged]03:23
asacLLStarks: ok. maybe try if its reawlly better. as you said that it didnt happen 100% of time03:23
asaci will see if it helps for someone else who reported something else wierd03:23
asacgood night03:23
LLStarksasac. damn, the bug isn't fixed.05:01
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|eagles0513875|morning yall08:05
=== jtv is now known as jtv-sprint
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg
asacLLStarks: ok great. thanks for confirming. that makes me feel better10:19
|eagles0513875|how goes it asac10:21
asacit could be better ;)10:27
* asac still didnt have any coffee yet.10:27
* asac goes and brews some10:27
* |eagles0513875| makes asac a pot of coffee10:36
|eagles0513875|hey asac i have a question not realted to mozilla and you dont have to answer if it will bring the channel offtopic10:55
|eagles0513875|but how do i change what default programs come wiht live cd10:55
asacnot sure what you mean. users can configure it for the session10:56
asacon livecd its probably some package ;)10:56
asaci can check that for you at some point ... but not now ;)10:56
|eagles0513875|ok i cant right now im just gathering a list of sites to where i can get the source code for relevant programs10:57
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av`asac, is fine to have max_version 3.5.*11:25
av`for an extension now?11:26
av`or do you want more?11:26
asacav`: if the upstream extension says 3.5 as max we dont want to open it up for newer firefox versions11:27
asacunless we know pretty damn well what we are doing11:27
asac(we usually dont know that much about random extensions)11:27
av`asac, about speeddial, there is a new release (0.9.1) and we are pretty outdated with it11:27
av`asac, do you think is sane to hack max version in a package that had 3.0?11:28
gnomefreakasac: you didnt do everything to bindwood? it looks like apparmor is the only fix you did11:29
asacgnomefreak: sorry?11:29
asacgnomefreak: i only uploaded the bug fix11:29
asacwant to the extension review independent from that11:30
asacav`: are you asking if we can get a new upstream into ubuntu?11:30
gnomefreakasac: yeah the work for m-d and stuff you didnt do11:30
gnomefreakah ok11:30
av`asac, nope, we are on FF, so it's hard for it11:30
asacav`: if the current has maxversion 3.0 and the new upstream is compatible with 3.5, we can get that in11:30
asacav`: no. its fine11:30
asaci can grant ffe for extensions11:30
av`asac, great then11:30
av`asac, gonna give you bug report in a sec11:31
asacso if speeddial doesnt work with 3.5 its a safe bet. just open a bug and i will sign it off11:31
gnomefreaksimple patch for that. but new version should wait. or push to sid than sync it for Lucid?11:31
asacgnomefreak: right. want to do all in one batch11:31
asaclike yeseterday ;)11:31
asacso most likely during weekend11:31
asachave to do something to ubufox today still ;)11:31
* gnomefreak didnt know what you did with extensions11:31
gnomefreakasac: did you get around to firegpg just the clean rules for FireGPGCall or should i have bdrung_ look at it so i can do everything else include update it and push to sid11:33
av`asac, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/speeddial/+bug/43015511:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430155 in speeddial "[FFe] update speeddial to latest release" [Low,Incomplete]11:35
av`asac, it's assigned to my student, I dunno if he gonna make it : /11:35
av`asac, it's too hard for him at this time11:35
gnomefreakwe have a wiki that explains how to do it. fairly simple but i had run into a couple of issues with it, so i need to try another to figure out if its me or wiki :(11:36
asacav`: confirmed. asked you to helpout in case he doesnt get it dnoe till sunday11:38
av`asac, ok11:38
av`thanks :)11:39
asacav`: these kind of occassions are always good to check if our documentation is good enough11:39
asace.g. is it easy to undersatnd how to do a new upstream release11:39
av`asac, true, but I told him to check the wiki then do the update and he missed quite everything : /11:40
asacso if he has questions take notes so we can check if those questions/issues came up because of poor docs11:40
asachmm. i only see a debdiff11:40
asacthe page clearly speaks abuot bzr branches11:40
asacPreparing an update11:40
av`asac, I have done the update already ;)11:43
av`just want him to do it11:44
av`if he is unable, I gonna upload everything myself11:44
asacav`: good to know that you have a student now ;)11:47
av`asac, eheh11:47
av`I hope he will be a fast-learner11:47
|eagles0513875|heheh whose student am i urs asac or anyones lol11:48
gnomefreak|eagles0513875|: extension work is fairly simple depending on what packag eyou are working on11:49
av`|eagles0513875|, the students are registered into the mentoring database11:49
gnomefreakasac: can we do fun things with med-xpi? ;)11:49
|eagles0513875|hahah gnomefreak bug fixing isnt fun enough as is11:49
* gnomefreak has a few ideaas11:49
gnomefreak|eagles0513875|: crashes are the hardest thing to do IMHO im still having issues reading them11:50
|eagles0513875|if you need someone to test or try and make stuff crash let me know11:50
* gnomefreak really hates removing files from extensions.11:52
* gnomefreak wonders if i should get |eagles0513875| to send emails to a couple of extensions :)11:52
|eagles0513875|gnomefreak: i cant right now11:53
|eagles0513875|im in lecutres but i mean ill do it when i get home11:53
gnomefreakive been putting it off for a while so let me know when you are free and if i havent sent them i will give you an idea on what to write.11:54
|eagles0513875|hehe going to be multitasking which i think will = fail here11:59
|eagles0513875|gnomefreak: still need to finish up bindwood12:05
|eagles0513875|this afternoon lol12:05
av`asac, would you mind poking someone from -release to make ephy through NEW?12:07
av`asac, it's been 3-4 days now12:07
av`asac, anyway latest speeddial works fine on ffox3.5 ;)12:12
gnomefreakasac: we really need to work this updating extensions bullshit out. im getting real tired of bzr errors during push or merge12:15
gnomefreakasac: i will get with bdrung_ about it when he gets here and ready to work12:15
asacav`: oh ... sure12:15
asacav`: you should have told me 4 days ago ;)12:15
asacjdstrand: can you poke that please?12:16
asacjdstrand: ephy in bin NEW12:16
asacmy preferred helper seb is not online ;)12:16
|eagles0513875|bbl guys12:18
gnomefreakwe really need to add the paths to any extra license's that we remove12:22
gnomefreakasac: do you recall new version of compat?12:33
asacgnomefreak: i am a compat disbeliever ;)12:38
asacask anyone except me12:38
asaci regularly dont update it12:38
asacbdrung certainly is a fan of it ;)12:38
* gnomefreak can leave it alone for all i care too but i saw someone do it before but dont recall package nor version so im happy with 512:38
asaci think its 712:39
asacbut that might be compoletely misleaded by debhelper version12:39
gnomefreaki was thinking that same thing thats why i asked :)12:39
gnomefreakbut it has to be reviewded beofre it can get uploaded to Sid12:40
gnomefreaknot sure why this is important add "Provides: ${xpi:Provides}" and "Enhances: ${xpi:Enhances}"12:43
av`asac, yea, just noticed it was NEW :)12:57
av`asac, let's hope it will be done somewhen today12:57
* gnomefreak starting to get pissed now i dont want to re-add a header file. be back12:59
asacjdstrand: apparmor troubles ;) ... ubufox cannot access /usr/bin/ubuntu-bug13:12
asacmaybe we can allow everyone to call ubuntu-bug?13:12
asacin apport package rather than making a firefox specific rule?13:12
gnomefreakit is during indexing but looks like a new feature13:23
gnomefreaki think i found the bug on it too13:25
gnomefreakasac: on tbird 3 did you try to turn off indexing? options>advanced>general13:26
gnomefreaki cant find an options menu13:28
asacgood question13:31
asaci guess only in "Config editor ..." if at all13:31
gnomefreakasac: i asked on bug report13:31
* gnomefreak gave up working for the day. i see why dr. said take time away :(13:33
gnomefreakupdating my 2 ISO's and checking email and thats it for me13:33
|eagles0513875|hey guys im back13:53
|eagles0513875|asac: im back going to finish up bind wood this afternoon :)13:55
|eagles0513875|once i get my rump back upstairs13:55
eagles0513875asac:  im back if you need me for any testing14:57
ftaasac, could you please merge micahg's work? (1h left)15:04
asacfta: yes.15:07
asacawefully busy, but doing that now15:07
eagles0513875asac: going to work on finishing up bindwood to get that merged so that i can begin work on next thing15:10
eagles0513875next extensions15:10
eagles0513875asac: has anythign changed on the wiki extension?15:11
asacdarn. my local branch is still broken15:15
jdstrandasac: re: ubuntu bug. for now just add to the profile:15:21
jdstrand  /usr/bin/apport-bug Ux,15:22
jdstrandasac: I'm on vacation until next Wednesday. I'll discuss putting it in an abstraction with the security team15:22
asacjdstrand: do firefox profile?15:25
jdstrandasac: yes please15:25
asacjdstrand: enjoy your vacation15:26
jdstrandthanks :)15:26
asacjdstrand: ill file a bug15:26
asacagainst ubuntu-bug and firefox-3.5/ubufox15:26
jdstrandasac: feel free to put it under the '# should maybe be in abstractions' comment15:26
jdstrandasac: well, actually, it should be against firefox-3.5 since it ships the profile, and apparmor so we can track getting it into an abstraction15:27
asaci will subscribe you and paste this converstaion15:28
asacnow go away ;)15:28
* jdstrand goes *poof*15:29
asacNafallo: i you are not nice :/15:38
asacwhere is my food?15:38
asacfta: both should be merged and so on15:39
asacjust firefox ... not xulrunner15:39
asacfdont th9ink there were xul changes thopugh15:39
eagles0513875im back15:54
ftaback too16:08
ftai'm sick16:08
ftaa virus, but not the flu, fortunately :P16:09
[reed]everybody is sick16:11
[reed]tons of people sick at school here16:12
[reed]I was sick earlier this week16:12
fta[reed], http://www.google.org/flutrends/intl/en_us/us/16:17
[reed]yeah, my state is "High"16:17
ftamine is moderate16:18
ftaasac, thx, let's see if it builds today16:19
asaci had the swine flue already16:20
eagles0513875im sick but its mostly sinuses16:20
asacnothing can kill me anymore ;)16:20
asacat least the flue i had right after travelling was hard and i embargoed myself16:20
asacnot sure. i like to believe that ;)16:21
[reed]didn't even let the gf visit you?16:21
asacshe refused to come :/16:21
asacthought i must die alone :(16:21
asacnow its funny16:23
asacback then it wasnt ;)16:23
mac_vasac: so hadness committed the bluetooth-active fix? when can we expect the fix in Ubuntu? /me has to do some renaming ;)16:25
* eagles0513875 starts walking to the looney bin16:25
LLStarksasac. using a built sqlite didn't fix the bug.16:27
[reed]ubuntu's system sqlite meets the min requirements?16:30
LLStarksdoesn't matter. bug is present with either configuration.16:33
[reed]what's the bug?16:33
asac[reed]: yes16:33
asacwe meet it16:33
[reed]asac: really? I'm very surprised16:33
asacwe dont unpatch that16:33
asacthe comment about that in the bug was about rolling that into a stable release in a way that doesnt allow us to go other ways16:33
[reed]cause you would be very stupid to take any older sqlite version than what we require16:34
asacbut i didnt want to put more time in discussing that because next time the same misunderstanding will be there again16:34
asacso basically patching configure in isnt the right way. thats a build time requirement16:35
asacand not a runtime requirment16:35
asacso its the wrong approach to begin with to force us using that16:35
asacthe right approach and what everyone else does is to tell  us that there are serious bugs in the current sqlite16:35
asacso we can roll that as a well tested stable release update16:35
asacrather than rushing that through security16:35
asacand if mozilla tells us that its needed we would obviously check that ;)16:36
asacin this case it didnt matter, because we had no 3.5 browser anywhere16:36
[reed]we've found lots of bad sqlite bugs since we started using it16:37
asacthats not the point. my point was just: dont bump the build time requirement if you want to have a certain runtime16:37
asacanyway. that lead to my final decision to stop using xulrunner and system libs altogether from next cycle16:38
[reed]going to be some fat packages :)16:38
asacas its really putting gun right at our face to bump configure.in and then asking us for a trademark exception process to unpatch that16:38
[reed]sometimes there is a build-time requirement, though16:39
asacyeah. but we fought for system libs etc. for years. at some point its time to give up on that front16:39
asac[reed]: sometimes. but not in this case for sure16:39
asacso basically we ship nss/nspr because those maintainer properly talk to us long time before16:40
asacand the rest is in-source16:40
asaci think in the end its better for all sides ;)16:41
[reed]very well16:41
asacalso we have to change our whole approach16:41
[reed]note that the next release needs new NSPR and new NSS16:41
asacgoing for major version upgrades as security updates etc.16:41
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* mconnor reads scrollback16:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438868 in firefox-3.5 "Address bar autocomplete doesn't always work" [Medium,Triaged]16:43
mconnorasac: what's this about? sqlite upgrades?16:43
asacmconnor: not really. it was more like a process ... and that was the final trigger16:43
[reed]sad that just when Mozilla starts using xulrunner stubs for Fennec, ubuntu will stop doing it16:44
asacalso we were asking for a stable sub API for mozjs16:44
asacand got good feedback from the js devs16:44
asacso basically we cannot let anything into our main archive now that uses mozjs16:45
asacbut thats a different story ;)16:45
asacbut the bug comments very well show whats up16:45
asaclet me see if i can find it16:45
[reed]brb, changing locations16:45
asaci tried to get that done not because canonical wants that, but because it breaks my heart seeing innovative stuff that needs js16:46
asacnot being able to get promoted16:46
ftaasac, [reed], can't play any flash video /w trunk lately, the ui is there, but when i press play, nothing happens, not even the download16:46
mconnorasac: why wouldn't we change configure to require the new baseline we support?16:47
ubottuMozilla bug 506890 in Build Config "Make it possible for Ubuntu to provide libmozjs.so as a system library" [Normal,New]16:47
asacmconnor: thats a build requirement and you want runtime requirement16:47
asacmconnor: its a matter of how we distribute stuff16:47
asacso we can perfectly build the firefox against the current sqlite and ship the new sqlite as a well tested stable release update for instance16:48
asacinstead of rushing that out through the security update channel16:48
mconnorunless it's a security-related upgrade16:50
asacbut even then the more distro-friendly approach would be to tell us that there is a security issue in sqlite16:50
asacso we can fix that individually in security ... and also tell us that you want us to ship the full new upstream version ... so we can put that through a stable release update16:51
mconnorI would hope you're finding out about that on your own16:51
asacbut that only supports the idea of not bumping the minimum version in configure16:51
asaci see that its good to use that to communicate to us: hey, this is what we want16:51
mconnorthe "full new upstream version" vs. cherry picking just the security fixes?16:51
asacbut that could also be a mail or  a bug or some other regular mail exchange etc.16:52
asacmconnor: yes. to get the instant security vulnerability fixed. then also roll the full update you need through stable ... which needs longer testing as firefox is not the only consumer of that lib in the distro16:53
asacbut security is a special case16:53
asacliek a real exploit security casee i mean16:53
asacif its a crash its a perfect example of what we ship through the stable release update process16:53
mconnorIMO, cherry-picking upstream patches is a fool's game, but we've had this argument before16:53
mconnorin, like, 200416:54
asacwe know the different approaches. all i am trying to say is that there are various ways to solve the problem. and bumping configure.in is not the best approach to achieve what we want.16:55
asacbut even that is the specific case16:55
mconnorasac: so if we had a runtime check, but not a build time check, how does that differ, exactly?16:56
mconnorthe sqlite upgrade would block the firefox release anyway16:57
[reed]runtime check wouldn't work when sdwilsh adds something that actually uses sqlite headers16:57
asacmconnor: that doesnt differ. i am saying that build time check isnt really what you want. and runtime check would even be worse. we need other ways to ensure that we distribute what is best16:57
mconnorhow is not what we want?16:58
mconnorif we think a branch should have x.y.z as a minreq, that's what we want16:58
mconnorhowever we enforce that16:58
mconnoron stable branches, as far as I'm aware, we take upgrades for dataloss/crash/sec issues16:58
mconnorfor sqlite, at least16:59
[reed]sdwilsh makes good decisions concerning upgrades16:59
asacnobody questions that16:59
mconnorbut you want to be able to have a window where Ubuntu's builds still have issues that our release notes claim to be fixed17:00
mconnorso that you can do a "proper" sqlite upgrade17:00
asacthere are just two ways. one is to talk ... one is to point a gun ;) requiring us to distribute a full sqlite update at the same time we upgrade firefox either means: a) we will rush sqlite in and risk regressions across the distro ... or b) firefox security update comes later17:01
mconnoror you have to stop using system sqlite17:01
mconnorfor us17:01
asacright. and thats why i give up on all system libs effort now17:01
asacwhich is all i said17:02
asacin a bit bitter tone, but also noting that i think its what you want and its much easier for us17:02
mconnorit's a byproduct of what we want17:03
mconnorwe don't really care how you ship quality builds that don't compromise on our stuff17:03
asacyes. thats the attitude17:04
mconnorwhere our stuff == stability and security and perf17:04
[reed]we also have to deal with three very different platforms17:04
kaddiHi I'm having a problem with thunderbird and was wondering if you could help. About 3 weeks ago thunderbird stopped opening links in mails. I have set thunderbird to the default mail-client and did add the network.app-handler.http to firefox, but that didn't help. Any other suggestions how to get my links to open again?17:05
[reed]which makes priorities different17:05
[reed]though, I constantly fight for Linux!17:05
mconnorit's nothing to do with priorities on that level17:05
[reed]sure, more talking about the multi-platforms17:05
asacright. but your attitude is mostly shaped for win and mac ... e.g. a world without distributors17:05
mconnorI don't actually think that's relevant here17:06
asacwe all tried to work on that for years. but its never going to work. distributors are not perceived as someone shipping your stuff17:06
mconnorI really don't17:06
asacbut leeching and wanting to freeride17:06
asacthats what i read https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=50689017:06
ubottuMozilla bug 506890 in Build Config "Make it possible for Ubuntu to provide libmozjs.so as a system library" [Normal,New]17:06
mconnorasac: you mean Brendan's comments, I'm sure?17:09
ubottuMozilla bug 506890 in Build Config "Make it possible for Ubuntu to provide libmozjs.so as a system library" [Normal,New]17:09
asacbut not only that comment. the whole bug. my intentions were just: help lots of innovate webbased technologies17:10
asacby getting a reduced stable API that we can ship17:10
mconnorsure, and the response was "if you want to do this, great, but we don't have the time or resources to do this"17:11
[reed]fta: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2009/10/sneak_peek_ai_fl_dw_canvas.html17:12
[reed]scroll the page17:12
[reed]using the scrollbar17:12
[reed]does the flash object do weird things?17:12
[reed]does for me17:12
[reed]using latest nightly17:12
mconnorasac: your intentions are fine, and there's nothing really preventing you from doing the work yourself, but Mozilla's JS team is basically running flat out to compete against V8/Squirrelfish/etc17:13
asacright i udnerstand the situation17:13
asacon the browser front you are fighting it17:14
asacbut there is more than speed on other fronts.17:14
asacfor instance: if you have a libmoz.js that is on CD17:14
asacbecause it rocks and is stable17:14
asacthen it will be harder for other stuff to replace you17:14
asacsame was for stable embedding api17:14
mconnorI don't think that matters17:14
asacwhere you had a monopoly17:14
asacand ran away screeming17:14
asacso now there is webkit which is good17:15
[reed]and now nobody uses our embedding api because it sucks ;)17:15
mconnorbully for them17:15
asacit might not be a paying off thing to have to deal with embedders issues17:15
asacbut it gives you more than direct competition of speed17:15
asacand so on17:15
mconnorif we believed that the resource cost of having a fantastic embedding experience was beneficial to our goals, we'd do it17:15
asacits not really that i dont see the reasons and i agree17:15
asacto some degree17:15
asacjust think there are better ways  :)17:16
asacnot for firefox, but for the long term strategy of mozilla :)17:16
fta[reed], works fine (and the video works too, but it's slow as hell, 2 sec of video, 5 secs of dl)17:16
ftabut it's not the latest daily, lastest 2 or 3 were broken17:17
mconnorasac: do you really think embedding would move the needle enough to matter for the future of the Internet?17:17
asacmconnor:  yes. but it would have been relatively easy for you to keep the monopoly. so in case at some point you find out that its needed for your goals (which i think its likely) you have to do real competition from the grounds etrc.17:17
asacmconnor: i am not sure how the distribution model of the future will look like17:17
mconnorI honestly have zero belief that embedding matters17:17
asacbut its likely enough imo to consider it important17:17
asacthat it will be beneficial17:18
mconnorat least in the timeframe I can forecast17:18
asacsure. but in computer you cannot forcast even 2 years17:18
mconnorI disagree17:18
mconnoreven in the next 18 months17:18
mconnorI don't think mozjs helps us fight Chrome/Safari/IE917:19
asacfor ubuntu having some reasons to stay on CD besides firefox being the current most important app would definitly help17:19
asacthe default install17:19
mconnorI think that's a strange value prop17:20
mconnorand I think a very distro-centric viewpoint17:22
asacwell. thats obvious.17:22
mconnorif Firefox is the most important app for the next 18 months, embedding still doesn't matter ;)17:22
asacyes. but there will be times where its not clearly black and white17:22
mconnorif that day comes, we'll deal with it then17:23
[reed]Chromium worries me17:23
asacthats a plan, but not really a strategy17:23
mconnorwe're working on articulating the high-level strategy through 201017:25
mconnorwill be public once it's worth talking about17:26
asachave to finish this release thing anyway :/17:28
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=== aakashd__ is now known as aakashd
mac_vasac: the bluetooth icon? when will the upstream commit trickle into Ubuntu?17:47
asacmac_v: is it committed at all?17:47
mac_vasac: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59656417:48
ubottuGnome bug 596564 in applet "Uses application icon in system tray" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]17:48
asacmac_v: so they committed the full thing?17:48
mac_vseems so17:48
asacnot just the code patch?17:48
mac_vasac: lol , i though you convinced hadness ;)17:49
asacmac_v: its bad to cherry pick the icons too17:51
asaci will see. maybe just taking the code changes17:51
asacverifying the it really falls back17:51
asacand then suggesting to backout the icon landings17:51
bdrung_i am back and can review later some extensions, if required18:02
av`asac, ephy accepted?18:09
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av`yes, seems so18:29
av`I see the binaries now18:29
asacsems like it18:31
av`asac, yep, it's in18:31
av`asac, you know what? I hate buggers :)18:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ia6418:32
av`asac, I did the amule update and a guy that has an amule PPA told me to apply some of his changes to the official package18:32
av`asac, saying that one of the patches coming from debian wasnt right coz the code is no more there18:32
av`asac, and I pop up saying 'hey, if the code is no more there, why it applies fine?'18:32
av`this ppl is what I cal buggers18:33
asachmm. ok18:33
av`makes developers losing their time with useless questions18:33
asacmaybe he meant: "that code isnt used anymore" ?18:33
asache runs a ppa18:33
asacso he is on his road18:33
asacto become a developer ... be nice18:33
av`This text should be updated or removed because there is no longer these18:34
asacat least as nice as you would have liked others to be when you started ;)18:34
av`this is what he said18:34
asacshit happens18:34
av`yeah, but he argued and said me: 'And you can't see the changes in debian folder? (diff.gz file).... O_o'18:34
av`talking about his PPA18:35
av`you're learning? ok...but don't argue with me18:35
asacsee. arguing is the best way to to learn. sometimes on the cost of others time18:36
av`asac, I try to be alwais nice to starters, that's why I have a student now18:36
asacoften actually. but thats what a teacher opts in ;)18:36
av`but I really love to have someone who wanna learn18:36
av`not argue with me18:37
asacreally appreciated you helping fresh blood ...18:37
av`asac, have you ever heard me saying something to you like that 2-3 years ago?18:37
av`asac, never, alwais yes, you're right, let me fix18:37
av`asac, I just wanna sit here and relax when I do my works, not having someone who keeps bothering for something I did wrong on his eyes18:38
av`asac, he even set the bug back to incomplete :)18:39
av`asac, anyway let's pass through it, it may happen :)18:59
asacmicahg: there?19:16
asacmicahg: so about ubufox not installed on livecd19:17
asacmicahg: what were the symptoms?19:17
asacwhy do you think its not installed?19:17
micahgextension would not show up in browser19:17
micahgI didn't check karmic beta19:17
asacyou say it was not in tools -> addons -> extensions listed?19:17
micahglast one I checked was alpha 619:18
micahgright, not listed in addons19:18
asaci have a usb-livecd running and its there19:18
asacworking good19:18
asacminus plugin finder not finding anything ... but thats just database not good19:18
asacno .. the latest daily19:18
asacwhatever that is19:18
asacgrabbed and iso ... used usb-creator-gtk19:19
micahgI'll d/l the beta over the weekend and see if I have the same issue19:19
asacthat would be precious19:19
asacat best the same way you ddid before19:19
asacor wait .. let me check someone from qa team again19:19
[reed]fta / asac: does going to http://www.npr.org/digitalthinkin/stream.html make your memory usage and cpu load jump way up for firefox 3.7?19:22
[reed]asac: how do I update this flash?19:23
[reed]    File: /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/libflashplayer.so19:23
[reed]    Version:19:23
[reed]    Shockwave Flash 10.0 r3219:23
[reed]that's old19:23
fta[reed], jumped from 27%/27% to 61%/30%19:24
[reed]apparently, that is the latest flash version19:25
[reed]You have version 10,0,32,18 installed19:25
ftait's the latest19:28
asac[reed]: i would think whatever is in that partner archive is the latest released19:29
asacwould be kind of grave if not and i instantly want to know that ;) (though its not my direct responsibility to run that )19:29
asacmicahg: you ran i386 or amd64?19:33
fta[reed], mozilla 273310 is an old bug.. 200419:36
ubottuMozilla bug 273310 in General "after firefox is running for many hours, it uses 100% cpu for a few seconds before it loads ANY page (calling gettimeofday() thousands of times)" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27331019:36
[reed]but I definitely just ran into that19:36
[reed]lots of gettimeofday()19:36
[reed]but it could just be a flash bug19:36
[reed]I hate Flash19:36
* [reed] installs flashblock19:36
micahgasac: i38619:36
[reed]this is so much better already19:39
[reed]I'll begin to wonder how I ever lived without flashblock19:39
asacok i am taking a break ;)19:41
asacmicahg1: so no need to verify again. i have now 4 confirms about 32-bit19:44
asacnone about amd6419:44
asacbut only you saw it on 32-bit19:44
asaci hope thats enough19:44
asaci will let someone verify amd64 if possible19:44
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micahgIf I enable 64 bit vm's my computer slows down too much19:46
asacall fine19:48
asacgot a amd64 confirm19:48
asacactually one was 6419:48
asacfrom the beginning19:48
asaci invalidated the bug19:48
micahgasac: confirm it's ok or not?19:49
asaci would think your time is better spend on other things ;)19:50
asacin case you do a general livecd test the next days maybe check again19:50
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av`asac, I'm updating libgnome-bluetooth for debian19:59
av`asac, I noticed the soname change19:59
av`asac, I guess I need to add some new symbols19:59
micahgasac: http://beltzner.ca/mike/2009/10/09/firefox-next-moving-faster/20:00
ftaasac, still no icon in ff. didn't you say it was a theme bug fixed a few days ago?20:27
av`asac, how can I auto-generate a .symbols file?20:33
av`asac, I got a warning: debian/libgnome-bluetooth7/DEBIAN/symbols doesn't match completely debian/libgnome-bluetooth7.symbols20:34
av`and it fails20:34
av`asac, http://paste.debian.net/48654/20:34
av`asac, I'm leaving, leave me a message please :)20:35
fta[reed], what good does the old gettimeofday bug do if it's unconfirmed and obviously ignored by everyone?22:32
fta[reed], btw, even with flashblock,  ff jumps between 2% and 11% cpu every few seconds even when idle22:34
av`asac, found out, ty anyway22:59
=== asac_ is now known as asac

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