aragood morning!06:41
davmor2Morning All08:26
thekorn_good morning davmor208:26
thekorn_how/where should I report usability bugs in a live session?10:28
davmor2launchpad.  As per normal10:29
thekorn_first one is: it is not obvious that the password for the "mount volume" (policy kit) dialog is empty10:29
davmor2thekorn_: have a word with pitti about that10:30
thekorn_second one: empathy's "enter details for new account" only allows new jabber and g-talk accounts10:30
davmor2thekorn_: not just me then I noticed it yesterday but was too concerned with other stuff :)10:56
davmor2thekorn_: for that bug let me know I confirm it :)10:56
thekorn_davmor2: which one, the empathy bug?10:58
davmor2thekorn_: as a work around if you close that window and then hit edit->accounts you then get the full list11:00
thekorn_davmor2: jo, will add this to the bug once filed11:02
thekorn_davmor2: bug 44709811:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 447098 in empathy ""i want a new account" in karmic live session only let you create a jabber and g-talk account" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44709811:05
thekorn_damn, I should start testing new releases earlier in the cycle :(11:06
davmor2thekorn_: I found too many bugs that have crept in, in the last 2 months11:08
thekorn_another one: when you choose language "english" and keymap "german" on live-cd startup you still get USA as keyboard layout in the live session11:09
davmor2thekorn_: again pitti/seb128/cjwatson for those kinda issues11:16
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faderHow's it going, wubi?  Er, I mean, davmor2 :)12:56
davmor2fader: Dude no _14:19
davmor2fader: wubi is broked and it tis your fault14:20
faderHow is it my fault?!14:21
davmor2fader: I meant no fader_14:21
faderAh, hehe14:21
davmor2well need to blame someone you're the obvious scapegoat14:22
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davmor3Hello cgregan hows things?14:56
cgreganHey davmor3! Are you one better now?14:56
davmor2no he is the evil one :)14:57
cgregandavmor2: hehe14:57
cgreganThings are pretty busy here davmor214:57
cgreganWe are planning a team sprint to Taipei Taiwan coming up in a week.14:57
davmor2cgregan: things are chaos here.  I'd like to say organised but that would be an outrageous lie14:58
cgregandavmor2: I bet.....3 weeks to ship14:58
cgregandavmor2: There may be a year between me and my platform QA days, but I remember the chaos well still! :-)15:00
davmor2cgregan: it might not be such a worry if everything worked.  But so far we haven't had a fully functional wubi15:01
davmor2fader: ^ like that for a sign off :)15:15
davmor2I found another thing to hate vista for.  No obvious way to grab info from cmd it's a case of select all or nothing :(15:16
faderdavmor2: You mean like copy-n-paste?15:17
davmor2fader: yeap.  you can't drag the cursor over a certain piece of text and say copy-paste.  You have to right click and select all, hit enter to copy it and then paste where ever15:19
davmor2most annoying15:19
faderdavmor2: Used to be you could right-click, select "mark", then mark text (only in a rectangular block though) and then hit enter to copy it15:19
faderBeen a long time since I've been forced to use cmd though, so maybe that's gone15:19
davmor2fader: is is the output of a dir  /S15:20
faderIIRC DOS supports enough pipelining to say "dir /s > output.txt"15:20
davmor2fader: my way got the info I needed so I was happy in the end but it is still sucky15:31
faderdavmor2: Agreed, it's no bash + gnome-terminal15:31
davmor2fader: remind me why people use windows again?15:32
faderdavmor2: They just don't know any better ;)15:32
davmor2the unenlightened masses15:32
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asachola ... someone has a livecd running ;)?19:19
asacplease open firefox -> tools -> addons -> extensions ... do you see ubufox there?19:20
asacubuntu firefox extension19:20
asaclet me know please19:20
davmor2asac: 2 minutes19:25
asaci dont see it on live-usb image of today, but i dont want to just say its gone officially as we have a RC bug on that19:28
asaci mean: i dont see the bug ;) ... e.g. i _can_ see ubufox19:28
sbeattieasac: I do, but from daily live 20091009, looks like I'm pulling down a slightly newer live cd now.19:28
sbeattieasac: I do == I see it.19:29
davmor2I see ubuntu firefox modifications 0.8b1 in there19:29
davmor2sbeattie: yeah reroll for me to test possible wubi fix19:30
asacwell. as long as its there its fine19:30
asacit was confirmed by ara and a few bug reporters before beta19:30
asacso great19:30
asacnothing better than that.19:30
* asac goes closing bug19:30
asacsbeattie: you do see the bug or ubufox?19:31
asacare you all running usb or real cd?19:32
sbeattielivecd in a virtualbox guest19:32
davmor2real cd 20091009.119:32
davmor2asac: yes19:33
davmor2asac: I could tell you 64bit to but I would need to burn it first19:34
asachmm. ok so no test coverage on 64bit19:34
asaci also have 3219:34
davmor2asac: you only had to say well if you want to go ahead and burn it ;)19:35
sbeattiemine was amd6419:35
davmor2asac: ^19:36
davmor2asac: confirmed on 64bit19:44
asacvery good19:44
asacthat makes a good testing mix and i can sleep again ;)19:45
davmor2asac: sleep? isn't that the thing you do in bed with your eyes closed and stuff.  I remember the notion of the concept19:46
asacoh yes ...19:48
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jsalisburyI was able to get through Eucalyptus Tests: UEC-001 and UEC-002 that are listed on: http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/System/Eucalyptus - Didn't run into any issues using two Dell 2950s21:02
jsalisburyRunning UEC-003 tonight and during weekend21:03
davmor2jsalisbury: Cool that's good news many thanks21:09
jsalisburydavmor2: np. the first two tests were pretty straight forward install tests.  The real fun will be test3 and trying out the "meat" of Eucalyptus.21:10
davmor2jsalisbury: it's still nice to know that they actually work though :)21:12
jsalisburydavmor2: agreed :-) I used the 10-9-09 daily iso21:14
unit3... can someone tell me what happened to screen-profiles in karmic?22:54
unit3oh, got renamed as byobu. I see.22:59
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