maxbKarmic seems to have a bug where "Lock screen" doesn't DPMS-off monitors. Would this be likely to be an X server bug?01:32
superm1bryce, were you aware that the options to force VESA on the live disk don't appear to do anything anymore?02:31
superm1i bet ever since xorg.conf was removed that option stopped doing anything useful02:31
brycesuperm1, no wasn't aware.  bug#?03:20
superm1bryce, someone in another IRC channel was just raising it03:20
superm1i dont know that there is a bug number for it03:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423969 in casper "Live CD: "Safe Graphics Mode" not working" [Undecided,New]03:21
brycesuperm1, that bug is a bit ambiguous as to where things are failing exactly03:51
bryceI kind of hate it when people say "didn't work" - leaves too much open to interpretation ;-)03:51
brycesuperm1, in any case the kernel doesn't pay any attention to xorg.conf, so whether it's there or not should have no bearing on whether or not the xforcevesa option works or not03:53
superm1bryce, well xforcevesa used to spit out a different xorg.conf03:54
superm1since xorg.conf is gone, nothing happens03:54
bryceyeah dunno on that.  what exactly produces the xorg.conf?  not the kernel surely...?03:55
superm1well originally was done by dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg which was called from casper03:55
superm1casper is just the package that gets put into the initramfs for all the live disk magic stuff03:56
superm1scripts/casper-bottom/20xconfig is what used to make an xorg.conf03:56
superm1so really it was capser that called into the xserver-xorg postinst that used to do it03:58
superm1but that guy has two separate issues in that bug04:03
superm11) Not working with the default config04:03
superm12) xforcevesa doesn't actually force VESA04:03
brycewell if it is implemented by calling dpkg-reconfigure, yeah that no longer generates an xorg.conf anymore04:06
brycebut not sure how to work around that04:06
bryceI mean, it could just copy in a static xorg.conf that lists vesa as the driver, and that'd probably do just as good04:07
superm1i think so04:07
brycein this case nothing else really needs configured04:07
superm1so if you just look for xforcevesa on /proc/cmdline in xserver-xorg.postinst, copy over a static file in such situations, nothing has to be changed for casper04:08
brycetjaalton, I see you've dealt with breakages with this option before, do you have an opinion here?04:08
bryceuh, how did I walk into getting an action item on this one04:12
bryceI was thinking casper would copy in the xorg.conf so we didn't have to mess with any of the dpkg-reconfigure business04:13
superm1yeah i think ditching the dpkg-reconfigure business is the better solution and just doing it in casper04:13
superm1where would the static xorg.conf live though?04:14
bryceI'm imaging it'd be no more than half a dozen lines.  It could be as trivial as an echo or print statement in some script04:14
superm1bryce, http://pastebin.com/f44399ec104:17
superm1if you can put a static xorg.conf somewhere on the system, that pastebin would do the trick in casper04:18
superm1bryce, or if you can give me the xorg conf i'll just put it in casper with a echo > /root/etc/X11/xorg.conf < EOF04:19
bryceok standby04:21
superm1wow that's all that's necessary? :)04:22
brycewe might be able to trim it down further, but that's one I've actually tested04:22
brycelike maybe we could leave out the Monitor section, but I'm not certain04:22
bryce(this is the xorg.conf.failsafe that we use for the bulletproof-x mode)04:23
superm1what's another 60 bytes, rather know it would work04:23
superm1okay i'll commit and upload this to casper then: http://pastebin.com/f4b67104204:24
bryceI really need to learn casper04:24
bryceok, if that works in casper it looks good to me from an xorg pov04:25
superm1cool.  won't be able to (easily) test until a new daily iso04:25
bryceit occurs to me that we could actually make xorg-server itself recognize and respect xforcevesa04:27
brycebut that might be madness.04:28
brycenot sure04:28
bryceLL perhaps04:28
superm1oh you mean for any boot, not just live media?04:28
superm1well hopefully xforcevesa doesn't have to be used very often in the first place anyway04:28
bryceboy I tell you, having a kid really sucks up your freetime07:32
tjaaltontry having three ;)07:37
tjaaltontwo of them on my lap right now07:38
tjaaltonbryce: re: vesa, the solution looks good07:40
bryceok great07:41
brycetjaalton, btw I reviewed all changes for xserver 1.6.507:41
bryceabout a third of the patches we already have07:41
bryceanother third I think we definitely want, even if we must cherrypick07:42
brycethe other third I think are lower importance, but look safe enough07:42
tjaaltonyeah, great07:42
brycethere's just one patch that I worry about - the one that removed the DGA code and required the patch in 1.6.507:42
bryceI'm debating about whether to put in a FFe for the whole thing, or just cherrypick07:43
brycewhat do you think?07:43
brycea plus to cherrypicking is that I can do that all in git07:43
bryceif it merges from debian, I'm not very good at that07:43
bryceer, "if we merge"07:44
tjaaltonI'm for pulling the whole thing, as usual :)07:44
bryceeven though it'll take a FFe?07:44
tjaaltonyes, if it was generally accepted already07:44
bryceand probably handholding me through a git merge (or letting xorg-server escape git control *grin*)07:45
tjaaltonsure :)07:45
tjaaltonthe former :)07:46
brycethat's my worksheet for how the patches all fall out07:48
bryceI'm thinking of reverting the DGA patch entirely.  AIUI it's removing dead code so is technically not a "bug fix" and seems to just introduce regression potential (evidenced by the .4 regression)07:49
tjaaltonyep, that would work too07:51
tjaaltonSaima (3), can already use the remote to select programs from the VDR menu.. makes my life easier :)07:54
tjaalton..until she wants to build a puzzle07:55
bryceDutch and I spent the evening staring at the fish tank.  Quite fascinating07:56
brycehe can hold his head up on his own for the most part now, which is pretty amazing (he's only 4 weeks old)07:56
tjaaltonboys are stronger ;)08:19
tjaaltonbryce: when were you planning to merge xserver?08:20
brycedo you feel like walking me through it tonight?08:20
tjaaltonlike 12h from now?08:20
tjaaltonor your night?-)08:21
bryceactually I meant now08:21
bryce12h from now would work to though08:21
tjaaltonworks better, I need to get to work first08:21
tjaaltonwill take 15min08:21
bryceping me whenever you're ready08:22
tjaaltonbryce: ok, I'm here08:56
tjaaltontook a bit longer :)08:56
brycejust finishing up FFe09:02
bryceI figure even if we end up just doing cherrypicks, we'll want git updated for LL09:02
brycebug 44701009:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447010 in xorg-server "FFe for updating xorg-server to 1.6.5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44701009:04
brycealright, walk me through it09:05
tjaalton1.6.5 isn't out yet btw, and if we revert the dga change we can just merge 1.6.4-209:05
tjaaltonsince 1.6.5 has only that one change to fix the mess09:05
tjaaltonfirst the usual stuff: git fetch09:05
tjaaltonthat'll update the default remote branches, in this case origin/*09:06
tjaaltonthen if you are in the local ubuntu branch, run git pull09:06
tjaaltonit'll update the local branch to match the remote09:06
brycegit fetch ; git pull done09:07
tjaaltonok, then it's just to merge the tag we want: git merge xorg-server-2_1.6.4-209:08
tjaaltonnote that zsh tab-completes it ;)09:08
tjaaltonnow you'll see that some files have merge conflicts09:08
bryce3 conflicts09:08
tjaaltonright, and to resolve them, you can either edit them directly, or use git mergetool09:09
tjaaltonthere are a number of frontends for it, I've used meld09:09
tjaaltonbut I don't know if it's still broken in karmic09:09
tjaaltonI'll check09:09
tjaaltonseems to be09:11
tjaaltondo you have meld installed?09:11
tjaaltonI think it helps in visualizing what happens, so install it09:12
tjaaltonand then run git mergetool09:12
brycehuh, reminds me of clearcase09:13
tjaaltonok, so it has three versions of the changelog visible (the first file with a conflict)09:13
brycedo I edit the middle one?09:14
tjaaltonthe left one is from the ubuntu branch, the right one is the remote version, and the middle one is what you edit09:14
tjaaltonso, it doesn't always figure out what chunks should go where, so you'll end up editing it by hand09:15
tjaaltonyou can delete the markers away, and move the debian changes on top09:16
tjaaltonso that the versions are in correct order09:16
tjaaltonthe merged part will still look red though, bad meld09:18
tjaaltonif the merge-arrows would work, it would be more straightforward09:19
tjaaltononce you've finished editing it, quit meld09:20
tjaaltonit'll offer saving the middle version, accept that09:20
tjaaltonthen mergetool will show debian/control being in conflict, and open meld again09:21
tjaaltonhrm, libaudit-dev is still in universe09:21
tjaaltonkees: ^^ :)09:22
bryceok, merged changelog, control, and series09:22
brycenot 100% sure on control tho09:22
tjaaltonthat was fast :)09:22
tjaaltonif you dropped libaudit-dev from the build-deps, it's fine09:22
bryceah yeah wasn't sure what to do with libaudit-dev09:22
tjaaltonsince it's still in universe09:23
bryceI left it... shoudl I drop it?09:23
tjaaltonthere was also avr32 added to the list of archs for libselinux-dev09:23
bryceI like how meld showed just that bit in red09:24
tjaaltonyou can change it after mergetool has finished, no problem09:24
tjaaltonyes, and the rest of the changes in green, so you can also review the diff09:24
bryceok, edited 184_virtual_devices_autodetect.patch as well (fedora-vboxvideo.diff supersedes half of it)09:24
brycebtw is there a way to create a "reverse patch" in git?09:25
tjaaltonI've just pulled the commit, and reversed the +/-'s :)09:25
bryceI'd like to do something like 'git show -R 1234567' 09:25
tjaaltonthere should be something like that though09:26
brycehuh, didn't think of that09:26
brycethat's a lot faster than the way I usually do it ;-)09:26
tjaaltonnow that the merge itself is done, commit the changes09:27
tjaaltonthe default msg is usually enough09:28
bryce[ubuntu ee53540] Merge commit 'xorg-server-2_1.6.4-2' from Debian into ubuntu09:28
tjaaltonI've never changed that IIRC09:28
tjaaltonalso, it's a matter of preference to just commit the merge, and then work out the kinks in separate commits09:28
tjaaltonwhatever works09:29
tjaaltonnow you can push the branch, so I can review it :)09:30
tjaaltonlooks good09:31
brycenext... how to invert patch 507e57381fea6334f7dc8da6925e53d2c76fddcb09:32
brycebet I could do a perl script to do it faster than doing it by hand...09:33
jcristauwhy would you do that?09:33
brycedo what?09:34
jcristaurevert that patch09:34
brycejcristau, it's caused one regression already, the question is why would we take it?09:34
bryceAIUI, it's just dropping some dead code, doesn't actually fix a bug09:35
jcristauit's not dead code09:35
jcristauit's removing the ability for clients to directly mmap the framebuffer09:36
tjaaltonfix-dga-removal.patch has worked so far?09:38
jcristautjaalton: yes09:52
bryceuh, well I should hope it's dead code since they're deleting it all09:54
tjaaltonit's dead code in the drivers once the feature is removed from the server ;)09:55
brycein any case, there's no reference to a bug# or other explanation as to why it's being removed, what it did, what's wrong with it, etc.  What might depend on this that could break?09:55
brycetjaalton, heh ouch09:55
tjaaltonclients directly mmapping the fb sounds bad09:56
brycetjaalton, well then that makes me wonder, so is it a security issue?  If so, there's a process for those...09:57
jcristau<1253338095.25431.14.camel@aiko.keithp.com> has an explanation of sorts09:57
tjaalton"Removing direct graphics access from DGA" Wed, 16 Sep 2009 15:34:03 -070010:05
brycetjaalton, actually the reply from keith on the 18th is the more detailed one10:06
bryce(reading it now)10:06
tjaaltonbryce: yeah, read it now10:09
brycewell, I understand this code leads to badness (I never doubted it)10:12
brycebut I still just have a feeling this is going to gratuitously cause regressions somewhere... old games, proprietary apps10:12
bryce<1253392733-sup-3653@keithp.com> refers to getting 'DGA-using games working again'10:13
tjaaltonapparently it's been broken since randr-1.210:15
tjaaltonso we would've heard about it now :)10:15
jcristaubryce: that was from before keith's patch10:16
bryceif it's broken anyway, it won't be doing any damage right?  ;-)10:22
bryceok well we still have time to decide... the FFe has not been approved yet10:22
tjaaltonbroken as in apps needing it would have not worked, but the feature can still be used10:23
brycewhat else needs done to complete this merge?10:23
tjaaltonthe changelog entry, and removing obsolete patches10:23
tjaaltonthat's it10:23
tjaaltonoh and testing that the remaining ones apply & build, of course10:23
tormodbryce, still up :) I found it fairly easy to reproduce the kwin issues by installing kwin and running kwin --replace10:31
brycetormod, can you verify the fixes I posted?10:32
tormodyes, the crash fix worked, the other I haven't tested10:32
tormodwill you make a combined patch for the two? you will run out of colours :)10:35
brycetormod, I added more colors ;-)10:45
tormodhi ara, on the mesa testing wiki, you wrote "ubuntu-bug xorg", I think mesa would be the right package, right?10:45
brycetormod, it's probably not necessary to do another ppa; once they're confirmed sufficiently they can just go in10:45
brycetormod, it's fine for people to file against xorg10:46
aratormod, xorg apport hook will gather useful information10:46
tormodI think also suokko would come up with a real fix if he would be around...10:46
tormodara, ok I see, we should maybe fix the mesa apport hooks if needed10:46
brycetormod, I figure it's easier to just always remember 'ubuntu-bug xorg' rather than think about which package it might go to10:46
brycenah the mesa apport hook is just symlinked to the xorg10:47
bryceso if you ubuntu-bug mesa, it's the same as if you did ubuntu-bug xorg10:47
tormodit's just that some of us keep a closer eye on the mesa package than the xorg bucket10:47
brycethe bug just ends up in a different package.  but all the same info is attached10:47
arabryce, are you subscribe to the wiki page?10:48
bryceI move stuff out of xorg regularly10:48
brycetormod, although I've not cleaned it out completely since before my leave10:48
bryceara, no but I will get on it, thanks for reminding10:48
arabryce, there is a tester already reporting: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Mesa7.610:49
bryceara cool10:50
arabryce, also, a random crash with the new mesa was reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/44665310:51
bryceara, looks like he had no regressions and found that one existing bug was fixed... good!10:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446653 in xorg "Random crash" [Undecided,New]10:51
bryceara, note that he is using nvidia... nvidia does it's own thing for 3D and doesn't actually make use of mesa10:52
arabryce, yes, I just realized :D10:52
brycetjaalton, pushed some of the work10:53
brycesince it's 3am I'll go to bed now and finish up in the morning, thanks for the tutorial.10:53
tormodgood night bryce!10:53
aranight bryce!10:54
bryceoh before I go, ara here are the three confirmed mesa regressions I know of so far:10:54
bryce     - 446425: [Radeon R250] Artifacts on kwin (patch)10:55
bryce     - 446578: [Radeon RS690M] Crash with kwin (patch)10:55
bryce     - 446674: [Radeon M7LW] Memory corruption / googleearth crash10:55
* bryce --> bed10:55
arabryce, thanks!"10:55
tjaaltonbryce: thanks, and night10:55
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
jcristaulooks like bryce didn't git add the dga revert patch?11:19
tseliotjcristau: the one in xorg-server ?11:20
jcristauapparently he decided to revert dga to 1.6.3 state11:20
rickspencer3hi asac, hi ara14:28
rickspencer3hmmm, it just occured to me that this might be too early for bryce14:28
arahey rickspencer3, asac14:28
rickspencer3I forgot that he was West Coast as well :(14:28
* rickspencer3 has awesome attention to detail lately14:29
ararickspencer3, these were the 3 bugs bryce could confirmed as related to the new mesa14:30
ara[10:55] <bryce>      - 446425: [Radeon R250] Artifacts on kwin (patch)14:30
ara[10:55] <bryce>      - 446578: [Radeon RS690M] Crash with kwin (patch)14:30
ara[10:55] <bryce>      - 446674: [Radeon M7LW] Memory corruption / googleearth crash14:30
arabug 44642514:31
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/446425/+text)14:31
rickspencer3shall we start then?14:31
rickspencer3ara so it seems that the mesa brought some changes to radeon that were no too good14:31
rickspencer3for those first two bugs, upstream has identified the specific commits that caused them (in the radeon driver I believe)14:32
rickspencer3ara, thoughts?14:32
asacok. i can come back later ;)14:32
asac(too early for bryce)14:32
=== marjomercado is now known as marjo
rickspencer3asac, before you go, what do you think? I'd like to get an update on Monday and see if patches for these issues are available for the driver14:33
rickspencer3the problems seem localized and well understood14:34
asaci think its still fine. i suggested in my plan to make first check today and allow fixes over weekend and check on monday tuesday14:34
ararickspencer3, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Mesa7.6, there are some freezes as well, but they don't seem regressions14:34
asacand if there is indication that bugs are making good progress we can think about it then14:34
rickspencer3so we are agreed, check again on Monday?14:34
asacright. keep on listening and check on monday14:35
ararickspencer3, yes, I agree14:35
asacdid we run the test thing?14:35
araasac, not yet, it needs someone to set it up with intel or ati, I have a nvidia14:35
* marjo waves14:35
rickspencer3hi marjo14:36
asacara: what does that setup involve?14:36
tormodrickspencer3, did you notice that Bryce fixed 2 of these bugs in his PPA already14:36
marjosorry i'm late; was w/ mdz14:36
asacara: are you looking for specific ati hardware?14:36
asachi marjo 14:36
araasac, not too much I think, just installing the dependencies14:36
rickspencer3tormod, well, I noticed there were patches to try, but not sure I consider them "fixed" yet ;)14:37
asacara: are there instructions or is it just running a command after installing a package?14:37
araasac, 14:37
ara    git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/piglit 14:37
marjorickspencer3: i want to report that the rollback patch seems to work14:37
* asac checks14:37
tormodthey have been confirmed to work14:37
araasac, the only thing I found was that git repository. there is a readme file with instructions14:38
araasac, if it is useful, we should consider creating a ppa for it14:38
asacyeah. let me check what happens if i build/run it ;)14:41
hyperaircould someone familiar with intel, KMS and power management please look at this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pm-utils/+bug/41759916:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 417599 in pm-utils "pm-suspend with quirks does not restore backlight anymore" [Undecided,New]16:27
=== marjomercado is now known as marjo
Ngdo we expect i945 to be failing to establish DRI and thus being mind-bogglingly slow at 2d?16:56
NgI have two almost identical laptops upgraded jaunty->karmic, one opens DRI fine, one doesn't16:59
* Ng hunts for the bug he just filed from the broken one17:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447337 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "945 unable to initialise dri" [Undecided,New]17:00
Ng(I say 2d, I guess I actually mean 3d since it was probably still using compiz)17:02
jcristau[   20.870008] [drm:drm_fill_in_dev] *ERROR* Cannot initialize the agpgart module.17:03
Nginteresting, ProcModules.txt suggests that agpgart.ko and intel_agp.ko are loaded17:04
jcristauis intel_agp missing from initramfs?17:04
Ngis there a quick way I can check that?17:05
Ng(I'm trying not to disturb the laptop's owner too much)17:05
jcristauzcat /boot/initrd.img-$(uname -r)|cpio -i -t | grep intel-agp17:06
jcristauactually the problem seems to be that intel-agp gets loaded too late17:07
jcristaulike, .1 second too late17:07
Ngwasn't there some kernel change recently to make it load sooner/properly?17:08
jcristauno clue.17:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430694 in linux "agpgart-intel not loaded before drm sometimes, causes KMS to fail" [Medium,Fix released]17:11
brycerickspencer3, oops sorry I completely overlooked that the meeting was at 6:30am, for some reason I had it in my head that it was going to be this evening18:15
rickspencer3bryce, np18:15
rickspencer3next problem is that Monday is a US holiday18:15
brycerickspencer3, well I was thinking I could swap that for a day post-release18:16
rickspencer3bryce, I hear through the grapevine that your ppa'ed patches are confirmed to work?18:16
brycewas hoping to hear from upstream on them by now, but no word so far18:16
rickspencer3can we apply the patches ourselves?18:16
bryceand I think it's entirely reasonable for us to do so18:18
brycewow, that must be a _good_ monitor at that price!18:20
superm1zomg, but you get 23% off! :)18:22
brycesuperm1, and free shippin!18:23
brycerickspencer3, what I'm going to do is try to get upstream's thumbs-up on those two patches and get them in today18:24
rickspencer3bryce, get them in upstream you mean?18:25
rickspencer3or get them into Ubuntu?18:25
asachmm. seems i dropped the ball on checking piglit19:22
brycerickspencer3, I touched base with upstream earlier - Alex is going to work up a better patch for us19:51
rickspencer3bryce, nice19:52
brycerickspencer3, meanwhile I've been working on the xorg-server update - lp bug #44701019:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447010 in xorg-server "FFe for updating xorg-server to 1.6.4-2" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44701019:52
mdeslaurdarn, I hit the 1-click button on that 12 million dollar tv20:46
brycemdeslaur, aha you've covered the cost of the patent20:48
brycexorg-server 1.6.4-2 uploaded22:28
brycetormod, tjaalton_: let me know if I've missed anything but I think we now have everything in we want in22:28
bryceoh, an -ati update might be nice, hm22:29
rickspencer3bryce, yeah22:36
rickspencer3I mean .. yeah! \o/22:37
rickspencer3bryce, do you need me at the Monday meeting, which I haven't scheduled yet?22:37
rickspencer3do you still want to do it?22:37
bryceguess it depends mostly on if you think it'll be useful to do22:38
bryceI'm fine just chatting with people through email/irc/bugz22:38
bryceI think your prediction that we'd get to Friday and go "what were we so worried about?" has come to pass22:39
brycebtw, I've received and uploaded a fix for one of those radeon kwin bugs (the cosmetic issue rather than the crash... still working on that)22:39
tormodbryce, my opinion on -ati: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-x/2009-September/000630.html22:42
brycetormod, ah excellent, thanks22:42
=== Amaranth is now known as true
* bryce adds to todo list22:42
=== true is now known as Amaranth
* tormod wonders if anyone reads the ML ;)22:43
* rickspencer3 will deal with Monday later22:44
* rickspencer3 time to go22:44
rickspencer3bye bye all22:44
brycetormod, I do read it, just that one came in while I was on leave.  :-)22:45
tormodbryce, I made a merge request for googleearth-package, can you please take a look (if lp recovers)?23:15
Sarvatttormod: that was a nasty little intel libdrm breakage yesterday huh? :D23:34
tormodSarvatt, \o/23:35
* tormod hugs sarvatt23:35
Sarvattmade the mistake of updating before i went out for 12 hours of work, couldnt figure out what was broken since i updated so many things and didnt have much time23:35
Sarvattbut your upload this morning fixed things up :)23:35
tormodhehe I got some complaints23:35
tormoduploading a new bunch now so cross your fingers23:38
Sarvattupgrading the ibook to karmic now to play with ati kms some more, been waiting all day for the whole chain of x11proto's to build on launchpad to build so i can start uploading libs23:40
Sarvattguessing karmic is going to stick with pixman 14.0?23:40
bryceheya Sarvatt!23:41
brycelong time, wassup?23:42
Sarvattnot much, catching up on 2 months of open source development that I missed, crazy how much things change that fast :D23:43
bryceyup definitely23:43
bryceyeah being gone on leave 1 month myself it's been mad trying to catch up23:43
brycebtw I credit a lot of the reason we were able to get all the latest mesa/xserver/libdrm/intel bits updated for karmic is because they'd been getting good testing in xorg-edgers :-)23:44
bryceso the work you and tormod have done there has had a good payoff23:44
=== asac_ is now known as asac
tormodbryce, bug 44714323:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447143 in googleearth-package "does not recognize the current 5.1.3509.4636 version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44714323:57

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