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histo[manas]: Places > Network > Machine name00:00
histo[manas]: is that what you are looking for?00:00
DevourerI installed a new graphics card, but nothing shows up on my monitor. When I plug my monitor into the integrated graphics everything works fine, how can I get my graphics card to work?00:00
[manas]histo, im trying to coonect from outisde a network00:00
histoDevourer: you may have to boot to the bios and change the settings for which video card to use onboard or the new one.00:01
histo[manas]: hrm...00:01
chaiim looking for a softap program but cant find any. im on hardy, and do have two wireless interfaces00:01
CSUwipeouive been looking into my problem of send mail being slow and I think it is my dns server as i am using public and will installing a dns server locally on a dynamic ip help my sendmail problem at all00:01
ubottuFor the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية00:01
angelusis there a way to disable closing of an application?? i need my thunderbird to stay open all the time .... and i keep on accidentally closing it ...00:02
histo[manas]: let me check some things00:02
Devourerhisto: Thanks.00:02
fccf[manas]: smb://ip/yourfiles00:02
Devourerhisto: I'll try that now. Brb.00:02
[manas]histo, i got it its works fine in home network but for exp. if i will need to connect from work what i need to write it not gonna work whit00:02
chaianyone know a softap application?00:03
[manas]fccf, its gonna work in windows?00:03
igloo42god one called cheesoid00:03
DogJaw>if my ext hd is not connected when my ubuntu starts up, it should still automatically recognize it when i connect it via usb right?00:03
histo[manas]: you can enable it. I believe it may be blocking the external requests with iptables00:03
fccfgotta go .. sorry ... just a tip .... you will not be able to access samba shares from a browser (explorer yes, iexplore no)00:04
[manas]histo, so ftp would be more easy?00:04
fccf[manas] ssh is easiest ... use filezilla in windows to access scp over ssh00:05
jeeves_Mossis there a good time line making program in the repo?00:05
[manas]fccf, but if i need to download something00:05
[manas]fccf, i just need to give some stuff to my friend and it to big to send whit mail00:06
histo[manas]: You can do remote sharing hold up i'm reading stuff00:06
fccf[manas]: use dropload.com00:07
[manas]fccf, dont want to use this sites00:07
coz_[manas],  have you thought of opening a dropbox account...it is free with 2gig storage00:07
Alexelhello all00:07
coz_[manas],  I just go there so I dont know ecactly waht you are doing00:07
coz_[manas],  if it is 30 mets or below  you can upload to speedyshare.com00:08
coz_[manas],   I meant  30megs00:08
[manas]coz_, it some privete files i dont want whem to drop anywhere00:08
fccf[manas]: unlimited file sending up to 2gb at yousendit.com00:09
Alexel someone can help me pls ?:  ./msg bot|shellium addvouch youraccountname alexel00:09
assmongerhey guys... is there a good document explaining how to set up Heartbeat? the documentation on the website is pretty lacking. I'm running Ubuntu-8.0400:09
coz_[manas],  well neither dropbox or speedyshare witll drop them anywhere execpt where you want them to go00:09
coz_[manas],  dropbox is a free service for your files for backup or sharing00:09
[manas]coz_, i just wanted craete server so he can download whem from me00:09
coz_[manas],  also there is ubuntu one which is similar but not as reliable right now nor as simple to use as dropbox00:10
coz_[manas],  then dropbox is the alternative to creating a server00:10
[manas]coz_, let me read about it one sec00:10
fccf[manas]: install apache2 ... put your files in /var/www and he can download them at http://yourlocalip/filename00:10
coz_[manas],  I use dropbox frequently with no ill effects  :)00:11
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[manas]fccf, but it not gonna work whit samba?00:11
coz_[manas],  I also use it for compiz downloads to the public00:11
nix-idiotequewhat's up nerds?!00:12
histo[manas]: its not really secure to use samba that way just FYI00:12
coz_nix-idioteque,  nerdy stuff?00:12
FireCrotchnix-idioteque: The proper term is "geeks", FYI00:12
histo[manas]: I would recomend using VPN or SFTP or something similar00:12
[manas]histo, but apache too anyone can download00:12
coz_nix-idioteque,  oh yeah  "geeky stuff"00:12
nix-idiotequeFireCrotch: Sure thing GingerBush!00:12
[manas]histo, which one is more easy configure?00:13
nix-idiotequecoz_: as expected, heh00:13
coz_nix-idioteque,   :)00:13
assmongercoz_: dropbox rules.00:13
PoOluUxhi is there a spanish ubuntu channel where i can go ???00:13
coz_assmonger,  it does indeed :)00:13
histo[manas]: sftp00:14
nix-idiotequergreening: rogers!00:14
coz_ubuntu-es   ?00:14
PoOluUxdoesn't exist00:14
[manas]histo, i want to do something so not anyone can access it u need lof and pass00:14
assmongercoz_: i work there ;-)00:14
coz_PoOluUx,  mm let me check00:14
histo!sftp | [manas]00:14
ubottu[manas]: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. Putty is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:14
bastid_raZorPoOluUx: #ubuntu-es does exist. i just connected00:14
PoOluUxi'm go see00:14
coz_assmonger,  oh?  cool  :)  I forgot to send in for the free 50 megs when I got the email :(00:14
PoOluUxtank you00:15
coz_assmonger,   what is your role there?00:15
assmongercoz_: backend architecture00:15
ubottuSCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/00:16
coz_assmonger,  cool...tell them I need 50 megs inorder to keep up woth compiz downloads  lol00:16
coz_assmonger,   I mean 50 gigs00:16
[manas]histo, but it true network00:16
histo[manas]: i'm trying to find you the wiki page for sftp00:16
erudioHi all, I need help with installing Ubuntu 9.10 into a Desktop that has an Nvidia 6800 Graphics card.00:16
coz_assmonger,  jus kidding  :)00:17
bazhangerudio, #ubuntu+1 for karmic support00:17
erudioThank you bazhang00:17
coz_be right back00:18
histo[manas]: if you have ssh installed then you can use sftp to connect to the box00:18
histo[manas]: There are many windows clients that will work for it. putty winscp etc..00:19
spzgot a harddisk problem: http://de.pastebin.ca/160550900:20
coz_assmonger, tell the guys at dropbox it is a lifesaver  and a definite alternative to setting up a server00:20
spzhow do I change values of partitions? what values are available and which ones are correct?00:21
[manas]histo, i got ssh but this sftp doesnt look so easy to use00:21
hattybinI installed windbind as my local account then joined my ad domain.  I did deluser username as a different user and it left it as a 'phantom' account like LOCALSERVER\hatty that I can't remove... any ideas?00:23
spzanyone knows how to use gpart correctly?00:24
EvelinaHow do I get the cat command to get more than one file using a wildcard in a bash script?? I want something like this: cat filename_*.txt where files like filename_x.txt filename_y.txt etc will be used by cat.00:25
spzEvelina: cat * works fine here00:26
spzI want to repair my partition table with gpart, but how can I make sure, the values are correct?00:29
MenZahello, malcolm_00:31
malcolm_any one know any good fps games for ubuntu not cube 2 or nexuis00:32
malcolm_does any one talk here00:33
MenZamalcolm_: generally, we get so much traffic we can't keep up.00:34
MenZa!games | malcolm_00:34
ubottumalcolm_: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php00:34
coz_malcolm_,  wow actually I have run  doom on linux00:34
jonLappyHow do I downgrade my kernel version? 2.6.31 introduced a bug that disabled my mouse.00:34
MenZajonLappy: You should still have your old kernel lying around in your Grub menu when you boot.00:35
bobbob1016If I install mdadm, to setup a softraid, how do I distinguish which drive is which if/when I need to replace them?00:35
coz_jonLappy,  yeah it should still be there unless you autoremoved it  or  you can look here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26128900:36
jonLappyMenZa: how can I get to the grub menu? I no longer see it when I boot00:36
splat_Can I say?That I thoroughly hate operating systems originally designed for crap as smart as washing machines..00:36
MenZajonLappy: you should have the option to press esc to view it. have a look at your /boot/grub/menu.lst though - be careful when editing, though.00:36
NilBudEvening folks.00:36
MenZasplat_: Not in here, no - that would be offtopic :)00:36
loshaEvelina: echo filename_*.txt will show you how the shell expansion00:36
jonLappyMenZa: nope, I never get that option.00:37
splat_but it isn't offtopic...00:37
MenZajonLappy: hmm, there should be an option in /boot/grub/menu.lst to enable it.00:37
bazhangsplat_, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic00:37
MenZasplat_: Yes, yes it is. This channel is strictly for support, not for sharing opinions. Try #ubuntu-offtopic.00:37
Here4TheGearHi, I'm using ubuntu server and looking to install pecl_http for php, but, the only thing that I can see on this is sudo pecl install pecl_http which is actually returning a fail due to not finding phpize (which I can't find either00:37
bobbob1016MenZa, He is trying to start a flame-war, incase you missed it.00:37
TheRealmezquital!ot | splat_00:37
ubottusplat_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:37
jonLappyMenZa: got it, thank you. I will see how it goes as my last kernel was apparent still 2.6.31 but it was -11 and the newer one was -1200:37
i_am_nullcan anyone confirm that pidgin and yahoo are not working? or is it just me, I can't connect to yahoo.00:38
MenZajonLappy: you never mentioned you were on karmic. try #ubuntu+1 - karmic has grub2, which works very differently from grub legacy.00:38
MenZajonLappy: (.31 is only karmic, iirc.)00:38
TheRealmezquitalMenza dont feed the trolls00:38
mnainesi_am_null: You need to go to www.pidgin.im and update the PPA keys00:38
Here4TheGeari_am_null: which version of pidg are you using?00:38
jonLappyMenZa: oh, I apologize. Wasn't thinking.  =\00:38
NilBudi_am_null: Do you have the newest build of pidg?00:38
i_am_nullPidgin 2.5.500:38
MenZajonLappy: Heh, that's ok. Just, /boot/grub/menu.lst doesn't exist in Grub2. Ask the #ubuntu+1 people, they'll know what to do :)00:39
i_am_nullshould be the latest from the repo that I am using00:39
mnainesi_am_null: That's not the newest version of pidgin00:39
Here4TheGeari_am_null.. 2.6.2 is out, and fixes that issue..00:39
* Here4TheGear had the same issue00:39
splat_Upstream fixes....00:39
i_am_nullhow do i get the latest version?00:39
mnainesi_am_null: To update to version 2.6.2 you need to go to www.pidgin.im, copy and past the PPA keys into terminal, then go into the repo and click upgrade00:40
splat_How do you not get new bugs in?00:40
i_am_nullok thank you00:40
jonLappyMenZa: mouse still doesn't work. Thanks anyways, moving to #ubuntu+100:40
MenZajonLappy: Good luck!00:40
Here4TheGearany thoughts on how I can figure out what the heck phpize is supposed to be a package of?00:40
jonLappyMenZa: thank you00:40
foundry87I noticed that the theme Glossy was removed from Jaunty, I was wondering where I could find a copy of it?00:41
loshasplat_: you do this thing called 'regression testing': you test the software to see if it has 'regressed' after you patch it. At least, that's the theory....00:41
splat_My webcam used to work before, after update, I lost it, AND my USB reverted to 1.2mbit!!!00:41
loshasplat_: ah, very good, an excellent example of a regression...00:42
robuntuI'm trying to install ndiswrapper, and when I give the make command I get this; http://pastebin.com/m1186313400:42
MenZarobuntu: Why are you compiling it?00:42
splat_I reinstalled EVERtyhing, updates came in, and everything got broken again!00:42
Here4TheGearOh I hope I didn't just do something stupid00:42
loshasplat_: which os version, btw?00:42
MenZarobuntu: ndiswrapper is in the repositories.00:42
jonLappyI just did an update on my computer (karmic) and my mouse stopped working. Looking on line several other people have my issue but I see no fix for it. Anyone have any ideas?00:42
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bazhangjonLappy, #ubuntu+1 for karmic00:43
bobbob1016jonLappy, Ask in #ubuntu+100:43
MenZajonLappy: #ubuntu+1 is the only place we can offer Karmic support until it's out.00:43
jonLappyffs, wrong channel focus. sorry!00:43
robuntumenza thanks00:43
splat_Is there any way to force some shit to not be updated? NO? Dependancies break everything!00:43
jonLappyI apologise. :P00:43
MenZasplat_: Language.00:43
splat_Gee, a word.... You touchy fucks... I'm angry, I wish I coul'd pay someone to fix my problems00:44
Evelinalosha: Yes, I did a stupid misstake. You are right, the wildcard will work as expected.00:44
CaffeineRushHow do I mass-install fonts in Jaunty?00:45
loshaEvelina: well, now you know how to debug them, so that's progress...00:45
Here4TheGearI just ran sudo aptitude install dh-make-php :: over a server that's already been configured with LAMP , I hope I didn't just break something.. lol00:45
MenZaCaffeineRush: Filetype?00:45
CaffeineRushMenZa: Various.00:45
MenZaCaffeineRush: /usr/share/fonts/ if you want them system-wide, ~/.fonts for local user fonts.00:45
CaffeineRushMenZa: Not just TT00:45
boondoklifesplat_: You can lock the version installed in the package manager00:45
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bobbob1016boondoklife, He was somewhat-trolling, had an actual issue, but was asking for help by insulting everything.00:46
CaffeineRushMenZa: Looks like I have TrueType, ClearType, and OpenType fonts00:46
CaffeineRushThat I want to install, anyway00:47
MenZaCaffeineRush: It shouldn't matter. Personally I like to sort them, e.g. .ttf goes into /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ etc.00:47
boondoklifebobbob1016: ahh got ya =P gotta love those people00:47
CaffeineRushMenZa: Oh, so I can just dump them into the systemwide font folder? I should note they're already (for the most part) organized00:47
loshabobbob1016: sometimes I think anger management classes should be required in school...00:47
bobbob1016boondoklife, We can kick them from the channel, too bad not in real-life.00:47
bazhanglets get back on topic please00:48
CaffeineRushOk time to give this a shot...00:48
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infidi'm constantly forgetting to type 'sudo' before a lot of commands that need it, is there a trick to get you to remember or to automatically run sudo on commands you're running on files that need sudo access?00:49
angelusis there a way i can make it so that if i click the top right corner of the touchpad send a right click ???00:49
i_am_nullk, i ugraded pidgin and still can't connect to yahoo00:49
ubunteroh my onboard ethernet, have some one solved problem with via-rhine ?00:49
Evelinalosha: Yes, echo always output data in Temrinal?00:49
foundry87I noticed that the theme Glossy was removed from Jaunty, I was wondering where I could find a copy of it?00:50
acan anyone tell me how to install software on wine? please?00:50
CaffeineRushJust checking, .fon files work in ubuntu right?00:50
i_am_nullI can ping cn.scs.msg.yahoo.com00:50
i_am_nullbut pidgin just sits there00:50
loshaEvelina: yes, use it to check out wildcard expansions before you execute the real command, or use it in shell scripts to write stuff to the user so you/they can see what's going on00:50
CaffeineRusha: wine [file]00:51
CaffeineRushIn terminal00:51
CaffeineRusha: Wine should also just load exes by default too00:51
ai'm getting an error when I try to load msn messenger00:52
LjLa: just run the relvant exe.00:52
CatCheetoinfid: The only thing I know is to use aliases. But sudo is there for a reason, I recommend not shortcutting it00:52
loshaCaffeineRush: I don't think wine should start doing too many things 'by default', and particularly not loading executables....00:52
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ait says unable to find default bottle00:53
loshaa: sounds like crossover office. Check the docs...00:54
vraahow do i terminate a zombie process?00:54
vraais that something i should be worried about?00:54
CatCheetoa: You might night to right click and choose "Open with wine"00:54
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infidCatCheeto but i cant stand opening a file in vim, making a lot of edits, then going to save the file and it telling me 'permission denied' because i forgot to run sudo00:54
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CaffeineRushlosha: I have wine set to load .exe files by default, I don't see what's so bad about that. I mean, I'm not going to run around running random files I got off of the web...00:55
infidwhat'd be better is a daemon that monitors what files i'm tryin to access and if i dont have permission it runs sudo on the command automatically00:55
loshavraa: it depends. A process becomes a zombie because it's waiting for its parent to notice that it has died. To kill it, you usually also need to find and kill the parent, using e.g. ps axf00:55
i_am_nullcan anyone please confirm to me that yahoo is working with pidgin?00:56
loshainfid: when that happens to me, I just save the file as /tmp/t and then copy it to the right place using sudo. Don't lose much time that way...00:56
DarkMasterHaloi_am_null: Yes it works with Yahoo.  A bit of searching even on yahoo about pidgin would have worked too :P http://www.pidgin.im/00:57
infidlosha i guess that would have to do00:57
loshaCaffeineRush: I suppose so. I find wine a bit scary, security-wise...00:58
CatCheetoinfid: Not sure of any daemons to do that. Even with aliases you would have to remember to use something other then the correct command, like svim or something, so probably not the best idea for you00:58
i_am_nullyeah, i know it "works" but its not working right now00:58
Evelinalosha: Ok, actually I use to have echo's in my bash scripts just to see what the lines will output.00:58
i_am_nulland given the track record pidgin has with yahoo, i'd like to know if anyone else can't connect00:58
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loshainfid: safer and easier than running a daemon, particularly one which grants sudo...00:58
CaffeineRushlosha: I understand your POV :)00:58
EvelinaHow do I get a bash script to run three different bash scripts one by one and not execute bash script two and thre until the one before has finnished?00:59
vraathank you losha00:59
i_am_nulltrying to figure out if its on my end, or if yahoo/pidgin or something is screwed up right now00:59
DarkMasterHaloi_am_null: Ah, then I can't answer you, I don't have an account on Yahoo :P00:59
CatCheetoi_am_null: Pidgin seems to be connected to yahoo01:00
EvelinaLike having: ./bash_script1 on one line, ./bash_script2 one the next line etc. Then execute bash script two after the first one has finnished.01:00
i_am_nullthanks, CatCheeto01:00
loshaEvelina: just call them from a fourth script, in order, one after the other, as though you were typing them into a terminal...01:00
loshaCaffeineRush: :-)01:01
_Techie_is it possible to run openssh-server and apache on the same port?01:01
lstarnes_Techie_: two services cannot use the same port01:01
SerlaQuestion: Is it possible to make Ubuntu Upper and Lower Panels to be better viewed if orientation is set left and right, instead of top and bottom?01:01
Evelinalosha: Ok, but the new bash scriopt won't execute them at the same time? The second bash script won't start before the first one has completed it's taks?01:02
losha_Techie_: in general, only one service per port. Not only that, but there are conventions on which service use which port. Generally, apache runs on 80, and ssh runs on 22. You can change that, as it's only a convention, but it's a good convention...01:02
_Techie_losha- i need to run my ssh on port 443 but wouldnt like to lose the ability to have https01:03
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DarkMasterHalo_Techie_: Not only that if you change the port 80 for Apache, you will have to tell your client to connect on which ports as browser uses the port 80 (HTTP)01:04
CatCheeto_Techie_: Why do you need it on port 443?01:04
DarkMasterHalo_Techie_: Let me guess, your port22 is blocked by your ISP ?01:04
_Techie_DarkMasterHalo- not by my ISP, just a restrictive proxy01:04
_Techie_DarkMasterHalo- it only allows HTTP requests through and HTTPS on port 44301:05
loshaEvelina: bash scripts generally execute in order, one line at a time, proceeding as each line completes. Anything else would be chaos, though you can arrange other orderings if you need to, but by default, it works just like if you'd typed it in a terminal (the terminal runs bash too, it's just 'interactive' i.e. not running from a file)01:05
canthus13_Techie_: So... you are running a website that requires SSL behind that restrictive proxy?01:05
losha_Techie_: ssl, or ssh? Not the same thing at all...01:05
_Techie_canthus13- no, the website with ssl is connected directly to the internet, i am the person behind the proxy01:06
rjonesx1sorry for the noob question --- I have extracted a new icon set to /home/{username}/.icons/newiconset  --- now how do I install it?01:06
canthus13_Techie_: Ok. Then no problem. you should be fine accepting ssh connections on port 443.01:06
boondoklife_techie_: You can have it still work, but you would need to put the other port after the url (https://site:PORTNUMBER)01:06
_Techie_losha- however you can tunnel ssh through ssl which is what i have set up, but i need the ssh server to be on port 443 or it tries to ssl on port 2201:06
foundry87rjonesx1: The easiest way to install themes is to simply drag the archive into the theme manager01:07
* rjonesx1 cant find the theme manager :-(01:07
canthus13_Techie_: the return port whenyou access a secure site isn't going to be port 443. it's going to be some random port above 1024.01:07
infidhow do you install pdo for php in ubuntu?01:07
CatCheetorjonesx1: Open system->prefs->appearence01:07
_Techie_boondoklife- read up, im behind a restrictive proxy that only allows HTTPS on port 44301:07
infidi dont see an apt package01:07
rjonesx1thx catcheeto, ill give that a shot.01:07
mnainesI got a question for the adults in here...Would you raise your kids on Linux or Windows?01:07
canthus13mnaines: I raise my kids on Linux for everything but games.01:08
kiloHey all!  really Really new to Ubuntu (9.04) here... I was trying to perma-mount a network drive using cifs and I've modified fstab and all, but when I reboot, nothing pops up on the desktop. If I pop a "sudo mount -a" everytime I logon, it pops up just fine... any ideas?01:08
infidmnaines linux if i wanted them to be smart or not but me into fixing their spyware issues01:08
CatCheetomnaines: Mine are learning both. Linux for personal use, windows for school01:08
DarkMasterHalomnaines: On many system as possible.01:08
losha_Techie_: too complicated for my tiny brain...01:08
rjonesx1catcheeto: Huzzah!01:08
_Techie_losha- i did find a program, but im havign trouble installing it01:08
canthus13_Techie_: Anyway, just try it. the worst that can happen is failure.01:08
Gummimnaines: how would I be able to raise it upon windows in the first place?01:09
CatCheetorjonesx1: Woot! I just installed icons yesterday myself, lol01:09
loshamnaines: I'm with DarkMasterHalo. As many as possible. Teach them a foreign language or two from age 2 as well while it's still effortless for them....01:09
mnainesNext question...Should they learn on the GUI or CLI?01:09
canthus13mnaines: Both.01:09
DarkMasterHalomnaines: Both, I say, give them the choice to choose what they want :P01:10
CatCheetomnaines: Again, both01:10
Gummimnaines: GUI, but be able to use cli01:10
kiloAnyone have any idea about network mounts? I'm stumped   :P01:10
canthus13kilo: NFS or Samba?01:10
DarkMasterHaloOf course, don't let them go around with the CLI, when they find there is a GUI they will only use it :P01:10
Gummi-.- NFS rules01:10
canthus13kilo: No idea. Samba annoys me.01:10
mnainesI got one of those fish magnet things for cars that says Linux...Sadly, I get a bunch of mean looks and one-finger salutes when people pass me01:10
{PS}FableflameDid yahoo messenger change it's server again?01:11
kilolol, I just did what the pretty online tutorials showed me in the pictures01:11
{PS}FableflameBecause Pidgin isn't connecting to Yahoo01:11
canthus13{PS}Fableflame: About 2 or 3 months ago....01:11
foundry87I noticed that the theme Glossy was removed from Jaunty, I was wondering where I could find a copy of it?01:11
DarkMasterHalo{PS}Fableflame: Well, there was a guy asking if Pidgin could connect to Yahoo.01:11
{PS}FableflameIt's connecting to AIM fine, but not yahoo01:11
* canthus13 checks empathy.01:11
mnainesYeah...I also want to know where I can download more themes for Jaunty01:11
Gummimnaines: probably because you are ruining the car with a fish sticker, fish = fail01:11
kiloSo NFS can perma mount a drive on a windows network to a jaunty box01:12
mrwes!eye candy01:12
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:12
Othmanuse art manager01:12
DarkMasterHalofoundry87: Try this website, http://www.gnome-look.org/01:12
CatCheeto{PS}Fableflame: Yahoo is connecting on port 505001:12
loshamnaines: that's not because of linux. It's because of the fish. And you wanna avoid those people. They're unstable...01:12
_Techie_is anyone able to compile this into a .deb for me? http://www.pond-weed.com/multiplex/mplex-0.9.3.tar.gz01:12
DarkMasterHaloWell owned by ubottu01:12
canthus13kilo: NFS? No.01:12
{PS}FableflameMy port is set to 505001:12
canthus13kilo: If you're stuck using Samba, check the forums. There are tons of guides.01:13
mrwes_Techie_, why can't you?01:13
{PS}FableflameI have "cn.scs.msg.yahoo.com" as the page server01:13
kiloI'm not stuck using samba01:13
foundry87DarkMasterHalo: I checked that site but the term "glossy" returns many results.01:13
kilothis is a totally new build01:13
_Techie_mrwes- i cant seem to get make to work properly01:13
DarkMasterHalokilo: You can use Webmin to configure samba01:13
CatCheeto{PS}Fableflame: scs.msg.yahoo.com01:13
eric1anyone available to try a question about SiS graphics on 9.04?01:13
canthus13kilo: Ah. I abandoned samba a long time ago for NFS.01:13
canthus13kilo: But I have no windows boxes.01:13
kiloI guess the problem isn't the mounting itself... I can get the drive to show up01:14
{PS}FableflameCatCheeto: Thanks, that fixed it01:14
canthus13kilo: Just wondering how to put it in fstab?01:14
kiloit's that I hafta go in everytime to the terminal to pop "sudo mount -a"01:14
kilono no01:14
losha_Techie_: can't you just install mjpegtools?01:14
kiloit's in fstab01:14
kilothat's the wierd part01:14
kiloit just doesn't start on reboot01:14
canthus13kilo: check your logs and see if you can find where it fails.01:14
_Techie_losha- different type of multiplex01:14
kiloerr, start = mount01:15
=== christian is now known as Guest23229
_Techie_losha- http://www.pond-weed.com/multiplex/01:15
Guest23229hi, i need to compile the gspca module but i get an error. Which is the right chan. to ask for help?01:15
canthus13kilo: dmesg | grep mount01:15
=== Guest23229 is now known as kr1s
canthus13kilo: Then pastebin it.01:15
CatCheetoDoesn't sudo mount -a just mount everything in the fstab, aka everything that should load on reboot?01:15
mnainesThanks for the theme webpage, guys...Found some desktop wallpaper I like01:15
DarkMasterHalofoundry87: Well, I guess you will have to go through the search results as I don't know what it looks like :P01:15
mrwesCatCheeto, yes01:15
kr1sdid someone used the gspca drivers?01:16
kiloya, that's my point... it should totally be loading01:16
RPG_MasterCan anyone here help me with remote desktop sharing?01:16
CatCheetomrwes: K, thanks. A bit new myself. Seemed like that was the general idea of it... lol01:16
kiloso I dunno what's up01:16
kiloah well.01:16
canthus13kilo: pastebin the results of dmesg | grep mount01:16
Othmancan associate an extension to automaticamy open with a wine software01:16
Othmane g :I want to read my pdf in acrobat reader01:16
mrwescanthus13, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-network-file-systems-nfssamba-in-ubuntu.html01:16
canthus13kilo: Might be something there to tell you why.01:16
loshakilo: it's usually because networking is slow to come up, so when the fstab executes, networking isn't ready, and the mount fails...01:16
canthus13mrwes: :) Thanks. My mounts are fine.01:17
kiloI might need a little help translating that... just installed ubuntu this morning01:17
canthus13kilo: is this machine on wireless?01:17
losha_Techie_: build it and .deb it yourself. I'll step you through it if you want...01:17
mrwes<canthus13> kilo: Just wondering how to put it in fstab? < -- that you?01:17
canthus13mrwes: Heh. I was asking him. :)01:17
mrwesahh...Duh :)01:17
_Techie_losha shall we pm?01:17
losha!who | kilo01:18
ubottukilo: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:18
canthus13mrwes: Hrm. Still, I think losha is on the right track.01:18
kilooh, I gedited it through the terminal after loging in as root01:18
mnaineskilo: You're that new to Linux?01:18
canthus13kilo: I think losha is on the right track.  It's a timing thing.  maybe samba isn't up and running before the mount.01:18
VivaVistahello people01:18
DarkMasterHalokilo: Wait, if the problem is mounting network volume, you can put the command to mount your NFS volume in the file /etc/rc.local01:19
mrweskilo, are you using the __netdev option in the mount ?01:19
canthus13kilo: If you can paste the results of dmesg | grep mount  Then we might be able to find out.01:19
canthus13DarkMasterHalo: he's using Samba.01:19
DarkMasterHalocanthus13: Nevermind ....01:19
kiloya mnaines... sorry... am I totally marring the face of ubuntu?  XD01:19
loshakilo: has to be the timing. If it was bad syntax, sudo mount -a wouldn't work...01:19
losha_Techie_: no pm, either we do it in public or we don't do it at all...01:20
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.01:20
VivaVistaUbuntu is not letting me connect to my WiFi Network, Its using the Broadcom Wireless driver,  I keeps asking for the wep key and I enter it but it never connects. Any help?01:20
mnaineskilo: Nah...I'm a newbie myself...01:20
=== g4br13l is now known as otacon_Five
kilook, how do I access dmesg?  XD01:20
LuisJasomething really wrong with amarok: it crash instantly after trying to use it, here is the bug report: http://pastebin.ca/1605629 i need to hear my electro!!!!01:20
=== otacon_Five is now known as g4br13l
canthus13VivaVista: Wrong broadcomm driver, prolly.01:20
LuisJasomething really wrong with amarok: it crash instantly after trying to use it, here is the bug report: http://pastebin.ca/1605629 i need to hear my electro!!!!01:20
sumanif i am trying to find a file "firefox(.+)bin" using the find tool, how do i do it??01:20
kiloand couldn't I just switch to NFS this early in the game?01:20
VivaVistaWell there were only 2 offered in the restricted drivers list01:20
canthus13VivaVista: You might need to use ndiswrapper to install the correct one.01:21
VivaVistaSorry, I'm very new to Ubuntu so I am not sure what to do01:21
canthus13VivaVista: That's fine.  Which version of ubuntu are you using?01:21
loshasuman: something like: find / -name 'firefox*bin'01:21
foofishkilo: type dmesg into a terminal window and hit return01:21
canthus13VivaVista: Ok.  one sec.01:21
_Techie_fine losha this is gonna get very annoying though01:21
kilolol   easy nuff01:21
sumanlosha: thanks..01:21
menzzaHello im running of a live usb trying to install flash but I get error while installing it it says dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>; Bad file descriptor01:21
loshasuman: it's probably in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin01:21
DarkMasterHalokilo: Well, if you only have linux client than NFS can be good, and it is easy to administrate01:21
foofishsuman: maybe you want to use: which firefox01:22
losha_Techie_: better annoying than bad advice. Also, the rest can sing along and follow the bouncing ball...01:22
kiloI have both a win and mac box on the network   :-01:22
foofishsuman: should tell you the right directory, i guess01:22
sumanlosha:  am trying to configure selenium.. and looks like selenium has issues with ff301:22
loshasuman: selenium? What is that?01:22
kiloand there's a LOT in dmesg... should I reboot to freshen it up and relog?01:22
CatCheetoIs NFS in the rep?01:22
sumanfoofish: losha: testing tool for web apps.... browser simulation01:23
canthus13VivaVista: Here.  try this page:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=896713&highlight=broadcom+ndiswrapper+hardy01:23
foofishkilo: there's always a lot in dmesg01:23
_Techie_losha- heres the output from ./configure   http://sprunge.us/RAOO01:23
stinkyhi all, anyone know how I can send sdlmame to the root window?01:23
canthus13kilo: dmesg | mount01:23
foofishkilo: what are you looking for?01:23
CatCheetokilo: dmesg | grep mount01:23
loshasuman: sorry, way out of my area...01:23
canthus13kilo: dmesg | grep mount01:23
* canthus13 pokes at himself.01:23
canthus13CatCheeto: Yes. NFS is in the repos.01:23
kilooh that's much better01:23
kilodmesg | grep mount01:23
losha_Techie_: looks perfect. Now type: make   (and stand well back)01:24
kilo[    4.558700] EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.01:24
CatCheetocanthus13: What it called...? lol01:24
sumanthere is no firefox(.+).bin in my laptop.. is that normal??01:24
canthus13CatCheeto: I don't remember.  Trying to get it set up?01:24
stinkyxmame | root ?01:24
mrweskilo, or open a terminal and dmesg tail -f and then sudo mount -a in another terminal01:24
canthus13CatCheeto: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/nfs-server-and-client-configuration-in-ubuntu.html01:24
loshasuman: what does 'which firefox' return?01:24
_Techie_losha- there you go   http://sprunge.us/KhgP01:24
menzzaHello im running of a live usb trying to install flash but I get error while installing it it says dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>; Bad file descriptor01:24
CatCheetocanthus13: Yeah, wife has windows, I have linux, Samba too annoying to worry about it, lol01:24
foofishsuman: find doesn't do regular expressions, it does filename globs01:24
CatCheetocanthus13: Thanks!01:24
foofishsuman: so (.+) probably doesn't mean what you think it does01:24
canthus13CatCheeto: Dunno how well that will work with windows.01:25
sumanwhich firefox => /usr/bin/firefox01:25
VivaVistaOk , I downloaded it, but I believe this is the source code, how do I compile then install it01:25
kiloinvalid op... it doesn't like the "-f"01:25
canthus13CatCheeto: Just refuse to support windows for the wife. she'll switch. (Mine did, anyway. :)01:25
sumanfoofish: i am using the command that losha pointed out... find /usr -name 'firefox*bin'01:25
losha_Techie_: did it build an mplex executable?01:25
DunasWhat is it about a black fedora01:25
LuisJasomething really wrong with amarok: it crash instantly after trying to use it, here is the bug report: http://pastebin.ca/1605629 i need to hear my electro!!!!01:25
DunasThat makes one do rash and impulsive thing01:25
CatCheetocanthus13: LOL, Working on that :) Next time she needs an upgrade she is getting linux... lol01:25
_Techie_losha- it would seem so01:25
bazhangDunas, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic01:25
canthus13CatCheeto: My wife is a firm convert now.  Won't touch windows unless she's forced.01:26
Othmandoes anyone has good experience with wine ?01:26
eric1Anyone running 9.04 with SiS graphics?  Acer 3000 laptop.01:26
canthus13eric1: SiS is still around?01:26
losha_Techie_: then you're 90% done. Do you have checkinstall installed?01:26
kiloshould I just do a "dmesg tail" without the "-f"?01:26
canthus13kilo: What are you trying to do?01:26
mikegerwitzOthman: I've had countless good experiences with Wine. Though, I've had many bad as well01:27
_Techie_losha- i dotn think i do, its a server install and i havent installed that yet01:27
kilo(06:24:36 PM) mrwes: kilo, or open a terminal and dmesg tail -f and then sudo mount -a in another terminal01:27
eric1eric1 still here01:27
CaffeineRush currently own a Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 v2. All the 'special' keys work perfectly fine on the keyboard (actually BETTER than in windows!), but not so for the mouse. The mouse has two small buttons off to the left that can be pressed with the thumb. Neither works. Ubuntu DOES recognize that they exist (in the mouse dialog, clicking either of those special buttons on the lightbulb causes it to light up).01:27
CaffeineRushAnyone know what I can do?01:27
makayabouI'd like to create a "ArcadeGames" menu to automatically put applications with .desktop containing "Categories=ArcadeGame' in01:27
Othmanmike :can associate an extension to automaticamy open with a wine software01:27
Othman e g :I want to read my pdf in acrobat reader01:27
CaffeineRush*I currently own01:27
losha_Techie_: ok, sudo apt-get install checkinstall01:27
kiloand it doesn't like the "-f"01:27
_Techie_losha- installing it now01:27
foofishsuman: seems odd01:27
mrweskilo, her...it's actually dmesg | tail -f01:27
foofishsuman: ls -l $(which firefox)01:27
canthus13Oh. Follow.01:27
mrwesheh...sorry :(01:27
jformani have two ubuntu installs, both 9.04. on one of them, if i type in a command not found, it suggests the package which contains it. on the other no package is suggested, and i just get command/file not found. what am i missing on the latter machine?01:27
kilono worries!01:27
foundry87For some reason things like this keep randomly happening: http://i.imagehost.org/0302/Screenshot.png It happens to my panels, windows, etc.01:27
loshacanthus13: must be nice to have a firm wife...01:27
canthus13losha: Heh.01:28
_Techie_losha- checkinstall is installed01:28
mikegerwitzOthman: that will depend on what file manager you're using. (e.g. Nautilus with GNOME)01:28
kilook did that01:28
losha_Techie_: ok, sudo checkinstall in the directory where mplex was built...01:28
Othmanmikegerwitz : wire-dns.net) a rejoint #ubuntu01:28
Othman wers (n=allan@ a rejoint01:28
kiloand opened another terminal and mounted01:28
sumanfoofish: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 2009-08-29 16:33 /usr/bin/firefox -> firefox-3.001:28
foofishok, ls -l $(which firefox-3.0)01:28
canthus13foundry87: Are you using compiz?01:28
foundry87canthus13: yes01:29
menzzaHello im running of a live usb trying to install flash but I get error while installing it it says dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>; Bad file descriptor01:29
canthus13foundry87: Turn it off and see if it stops.01:29
soreaujforman: It will only suggest a package to install for popular programs. See packages.ubuntu.com to figure out which file is provided by which package01:29
Othmanmikegerwitz : Nautilus with GNOME yes01:29
foundry87canthus13: Okay01:29
kiloshould I stop or review the tail?01:29
jformansoreau: one of the programs just now i am trying it 'htpasswd' one machine suggests what to use, the other does not.01:30
_Techie_losha- okay it says that it has created the .deb01:30
foofishsuman: hm, i don't seem ot have a firefox-bin on my system, either01:30
foofishsuman: :)01:30
jformansoreau: seems the package i am missing is 'command-not-found'...go figure, never heard of it01:30
losha_Techie_: usually it installs it automatically too. If not, then sudo gdebi <debfile>01:30
Othmanmikegerwitz :adobe reader don't show on right click for example01:30
=== NorwayGeek is now known as NorwayGeek|Away
sumanfoofish: thanks.. i guess the blog i was referring to was outdated or something..01:31
_Techie_losha- ummm CLI please, no Xserver installed01:31
kilostill a-tailin'    ;)01:31
foofishsuman: why do you need that file?01:31
losha_Techie_: dpkg -i <debfile>01:31
foofishsuman: i'd guess you just want to use the output of "which firefox" instead of /path/to/firefox-bin01:32
_Techie_losha- thankyou01:32
eric1canthus13: I'm still here.  Can we talk about SiS graphics?01:32
Gr1nreapergot a quick question01:32
losha_Techie_: See? only 4 steps, not bad at all...01:32
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu01:32
sumanfoofish: well, i am trying to set up selenium, which fires up firefox.. but i get this error01:32
loshasuman: what is the error *exactly* ?01:33
kilocanthus: should I stop this tail at some point?01:33
sumanFirefox 3 could not be found in the path!01:33
canthus13eric1: I know nothing about SiS.01:33
VivaVistaStill nothing01:33
VivaVistaIt still won't accept my Wep Key01:33
canthus13kilo: I;'m not sure what he had in mind when he had you tail it.01:33
kiloah... and then he left01:33
sumanfoofish: http://www.pastie.org/64781101:33
loshasuman: does it mention the name of the actual binary it's looking for?01:33
VivaVistaIt detects my wrouter but it wont accept the wep key01:33
canthus13kilo: the only reason to check that output would be if it wasn't mounting properly after boot, but it is.01:34
kiloany ideas how to break the tail01:34
canthus13kilo: ctrl-C01:34
kiloty  ;)01:34
Gr1nreaperI have a python script for use in conkyrc, but every time I run it it outputs the the script code to be interpreted by conky, and not the result (i.e. ${fs_size /home} - not the size of /home)01:34
Gr1nreaperwhat am I doning wrong?01:34
menzzaHello im running of a live usb trying to install flash but I get error while installing it it says dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>; Bad file descriptor01:34
sumanlosha: it is looking for usr/bin/firefox but says it is not an executable01:34
canthus13kilo: No prob. Umm.. do you know how to use pastebin?01:35
kiloI do not01:35
roaetmy .bashrc isn't being 'sourced' when I log in. How do I do it again? was it .bash_profile?01:35
Gr1nreaperI call the script by ${execi 1800 python ./hd.py}01:35
sumanfoofish: losha: i was referring to this blog to solve the issue http://willbryant.net/software/2008/05/26/selenium_rc_firefox_2_on_ubuntu_hardy01:35
canthus13kilo: It's easy. pastebin.com is a website that lets you paste info into a window, then create a link for other people to go to and see what you apsted.01:35
kiloah sweet01:35
canthus13kilo: What I'd like you to do is paste the contents of /var/log/messages to pastebin.01:35
kiloI'll take a look01:35
canthus13kilo: Then we can see what's failing.01:35
loshasuman: well, strictly speaking, it's correct. On my system, /usr/bin/firefox is a link to a link to a shell script...01:36
foofishsuman: on my system, the firefox binary is /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.14/firefox01:36
foofishsuman: it'll be somethign like that on yours01:36
sumanhow do i know if the file is a binary01:36
foofishsuman: file /path/to/filename will tell you01:36
kiloshoudl I just go through these files one-by-one?01:37
ekimmargnikilo: p.defau.lt is better01:37
=== bambam is now known as Guest40749
canthus13kilo: Files? just /var/log/messages01:37
loshakilo: are you still working that cifs mount failure?01:37
kilolosha: yes01:37
canthus13kilo: just messages, not messages.whatever01:38
loshakilo: wanna try and experiment to debug it?01:38
kilocanth: kk01:38
canthus13losha: Lets get a paste of messages first. :)01:38
sumanSo can i do a symbolic link from /usr/bin/firefox to the binary file??01:38
iradLas Vegas Weeeekend! GO! GO ! GOO!!!!01:38
kilolosha, I'm uploading my msgs right now to pastebin01:38
foofishsuman: bad idea01:38
loshacanthus13: ok. You know where I am...01:38
Guest40749hello everyone ! when is the next ubuntu version going to be released and can I update to it from Intrepid directly ?01:38
=== _Kate is now known as Kate
foofishsuman: the shell script in /usr/bin/firefox does useful stuff01:39
whileimhereHi I have several thumbdrives of different makes. When I try to copy files over to the 2 gig drive it wont copy over more than say 400 mb before saying it is full but the properties reports it as only 23% full or so. Any idea what is up?01:39
JoeSomebodyhey ##windows is prejudiced against me now becuause i like linux, and they all ignore me, thought you in here should know :)01:39
canthus13Guest40749: october 29, and no.01:39
GhostDogJoeSomebody: maybe you were trolling?01:39
sumanfoofish: alrite...i guess i can change the look up path to point to the correct binary file path in my system..01:39
kiloshould I classify this as python?01:39
=== kasper is now known as eights
loshaJoeSomebody: well, we're ignoring you now because you like windows...01:40
Guest40749canthus13: oh ok, so in that case I would have to do fresh install ?01:40
johnfWhen I upload a package into debian. If I use (LP: #12340 will it eventually close the Ubuntu bug?01:40
foofishsuman: i think you want to leave the path unchanged and fiddle with the selenium settings01:40
canthus13Guest40749: Or upgrade to Jaunty, then to Karmic.01:40
foofishsuman: to tell it where the binary is01:40
canthus13Guest40749: Fresh would be better.01:40
foofishsuman: not that i know how to do that, of course01:40
Guest40749someone was telling me that it is going to be a major release ? what does that mean ?01:40
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
GhostDogGuest40749: L will be a major release, or a long term release01:41
canthus13Guest40749: No.  10.04, due in April, will be a major release.01:41
kilook it's done01:41
GhostDogGuest40749: it means it's supported for a longer time, and has more to do with the business end of ubuntu than the end-user01:41
sumanfoofish: yeah  you are right... i have find where seleniium is installed, find the line and make the change....01:41
canthus13kilo: Ok. paste the link.01:41
kiloI just put it under "none" category01:41
Guest40749canthus13: what is special about Karmic that it is going to be a major release. I mean what difference does it make ?01:41
canthus13Guest40749: It's not.01:41
ekimmargniGuest40749: he said 10.04 not 9.1001:42
VivaVistaCanthus I've noticed something, the ubuntu connects to an unsecure wifi but it will not connect to encrypted ones. I've made sure I entered the key correctly several times. I doubt its a driver problem.01:42
fccfjohnf: already fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/1224801:42
kiloviva, are you still using network manager?01:43
ddelrio1986Is it better to use aptitude or apt-get?01:43
GhostDogGuest40749: long term releases are supported longer.01:43
Guest40749canthus13: In that case I can wait for 10.04 but what would be the benefit over the present release ?01:43
CatCheetoGuest40749: A major release just means it is supported for a longer period of time. Every other release is a major release01:43
kilovivavista: have you tried wicd?01:43
GhostDogCatCheeto: well, the real business about it is LTS is what Canonical sells support for/sells to Dell etc01:43
jribCatCheeto: it hasn't been every other release in the past01:43
Guest40749Oh, ok thanks so its just the support and no difference in OS right !01:43
Guest40749I mean no major changes in OS or features !01:44
jribGuest40749: every realese is a change in features...01:44
GhostDogGuest40749: six months after 10.04 there will be a new OS yep01:44
mdgHello!  How do I increase the size of the font in an xterm?01:44
GhostDogGuest40749: basically like I said it has more to do with the business end of Ubuntu. don't worry about ti01:44
fhenning09okay guyz how are you all doing?01:44
VivaVistaNo, I haven't.01:44
CatCheetojrib: Oh, I thought thought there was a release every 6 months, and every other one was an LTS?01:44
GhostDogevery four ones01:45
canthus13kilo: Wierd. No mention of it at all.01:45
jribCatCheeto: nah, 6.06 and 8.04 have been LTS.  And 10.04 is the next one01:45
kiloviva: it's a much nicer network manager than the trditional one, if your OS can support it01:45
mdgHello!  How do I increase the size of the font in an xterm?01:45
fccffhenning09: this is a computer support not a emotional support channel, and not a chat room; Come for support ask support questions and help when you can01:45
foofishmdg: edit the profile01:46
CatCheetoGhostDog: jrib: Ahh, thanks. I guess it is every 2 version (numbers) but every 4 releases... 2 years... more 2's then 4's I guess stuck in my head01:46
canthus13kilo: Here's a thread with a few ideas, though.  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-103274.html01:46
mdgfoofish: xterm profile?01:46
foofishmdg: erm, wait, xterm...01:46
GhostDoganyway i have a problem i've been troubleshooting all day which shows how much i suck. i let update manager (and ostensibly one of my non official sources) delete a bunch of stuff. Since then I've had trouble booting X correctly01:46
kiloawesome! thanks!01:46
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Guest40749Thanks Everyone for answering my queries !01:47
foofishmdg: control-right click? some context menu like that01:47
GhostDogThe splash screen starts, then it drops me to tty2 commandline and gives me an error about the kernel, then the gui shows back up and gives me the option to boot ubuntu in low graphics mode, troubleshoot, drop back to terminal01:47
foofishmdg: or, i think, control-alt-plus, perhaps numpad plus01:47
GhostDogthe error is (typing it from my cell phone camera)01:48
mdgfoofish: its a laptop01:48
kilointeresting that they're having the same issue01:48
mdgfoofish: and I'm actually running Crunchbang /me ducks01:48
canthus13mdg: Nothing wrong with #!.01:49
foofishmdg: xterm -fn 10x2001:49
mdgcanthus13: thanks!  Making this old PIII run pretty good!01:49
ddelrio1986should i be using apt-get or aptitude?01:50
kiloI'm currently using cifs   :-\01:50
mdgfoofish: cool!  How do I make it permanent?01:50
lstarnesddelrio1986: use either01:50
kiloand that's the solution they had01:50
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foofishmdg: X resources magic01:50
canthus13mdg: What speed?  my wife runs ubuntu on a PIII 1ghz clocked down to 761 without any issues.01:50
GhostDog"Ubuntu is running low graphics mode. The following error... you may need to update configuration file... (EE)intel(0) No kernel modesetting drivver detected. (EE) screens found. but none have a usable configuration."01:50
foofishmdg: man xterm, i dunno the details01:50
ekimmargniddelrio1986: Depends on what you like and what you're using it for. I prefer apt-get because aptitude makes my eyes hurt :P01:50
foofishmdg: and man xrdb, i guess01:50
kilogrr   lol01:50
GhostDogi'll paste my whole thing into paste bin01:50
mdgcanthus13: 700 Mhz with newly upgraded ram to 512 MB01:50
canthus13mdg: Not much lower than her specs.01:51
ddelrio1986lol okay i just heard someone telling me something about only aptitude will remove older versions of stuff when you install a new version01:51
canthus13mdg: traditional Ubuntu would prolly work fine on that.01:51
phixany one used SOGo in here?01:51
MenZa!anyone | phix01:51
ubottuphix: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:51
phixMenZa: Have you used it before?01:52
mdgcanthus13: I normally install Linux Mint, but the previous install seemed laggy, but now with more ram...01:52
MenZaphix: I haven't, no.01:52
canthus13mdg: Mint is a little heavier than Ubuntu.01:52
CatCheetoGhostDog: No idea if this would work, but couldn't you just remove the bad source and do an apt-get update? or will it not let you do that from the terminal you can get?01:52
phixMenZa: ok01:52
phixany one else used it?01:52
fccf!guidelines | phix01:52
ubottuphix: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:52
GhostDogthere is what i wrote01:52
phixI am having problems trying to get it working in Ubuntu01:52
phixfccf: I know about them01:53
MenZaphix: Say so, then, instead of asking who's using it :)01:53
mdgcanthus13: I'm still considering mint fluxbox...01:53
phixfccf, MenZa: <301:53
canthus13mdg: Never seen it. You might look into OpenGEU, too...01:53
GhostDogCatCheeto: I went back to all default sources. Since then I've been kernel-swapping and forcing driver versions and I really don't want to wipe01:53
canthus13mdg: Enightenment is much prettier.01:53
fccfphix: have you read them, just trying to make it easier on everybody... I don't even know what SOGo is?01:54
canthus13mdg: And still very lightweight.01:54
mdgcanthus13: I thought you had to buy enlightenment?01:54
canthus13mdg: Uh. No.01:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:54
CatCheetoGhostDog: Fair enough... Sorry, only idea I had... too advanced for me! lol01:54
canthus13mdg: Not as far as I know, anyway.01:54
GhostDogmdg: Mint is neat, but it's just ubuntu with medibuntu pre-installed and a green theme pre-installed and a few reverse engineered apps. devs prob have made millions off it. heh01:55
canthus13mdg: In fact, enlightenment is in the repos.01:55
giikerhow can I connect to a NX server (LAN) at bootup from my laptop?01:55
phixfccf: Scalable Opengroupware.org, it provides centralised Email addressbook, calendar, it has web interface that looks like Mozilla thunderbird / sunbird / lightning as well as a thunderbird / lightning connector for synchronising addressbook and calendars01:55
GhostDogthen again, so has Canonical but at least the OS doesn't beg for donations01:55
mdgcanthus13: If I can get the xterm font set to bigger I might just live with Crunchbang for a little while - its kinda growing on me, plus it uses the ubuntu repos01:55
canthus13giiker: Your laptop's bios would have to support it.01:55
GhostDoghttp://pastebin.com/m340db636 <-- Help GhostDog!01:56
mdgcanthus13: what else does enlightement depent on?01:56
canthus13mdg: Not much else.01:56
crf_hi, I am trying ubuntu karmic, and while running top, I wondered what "beam" from user "couchdb" is.01:56
Debian-userWhat's the command to add user from terminal? useradd <username> , but it doesn't create a directory in /home. How to use -D or -d ?01:56
MenZa!karmic | cfedde01:56
ubottucfedde: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:56
giikercanthus13: It does01:56
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MenZacrf_: ^01:56
phixfccf: hmmm well you know of any other applications that provide centralised / shared addressbook and calendars that i can use with Thunderbird/Lightning?01:56
MenZacfedde: Pardon that.01:56
mdgcanthus13: may have to investigate that01:56
kiloso NFS is better if I'm running all-linux boxes?01:57
mdgcanthus13: does your wife use openoffice?  Is it laggy?01:57
canthus13mdg: It's loads of eye candy for very little in the way of resources.01:57
mdgcanthus13: does it support keyboard shortcuts?01:57
canthus13mdg: It takes a while to load, but once it's loaded it's fine.01:57
kilo(which I'm not, so I'm assuming I'll hafta stick with samba?)01:57
Debian-userWhat's the command to add user from terminal? useradd <username> , but it doesn't create a directory in /home. How to use -D or -d ?01:58
giikercanthus13: I once set it up in Knoppix, but i have no idea how in ubuntu01:58
canthus13mdg: I dunno if enlightenment supports customizable keyboard shortcuts or not.  Never tried.01:58
canthus13Debian-user: Try adduser instead.01:58
lstarnesDebian-user: add the -m switch01:59
fccfphix: have you looked at this http://tomcat.ranta.info/2008/09/13/howto-install-opengroupwareorg-on-ubuntu-804-amd64-server-with-ldap-support-part-1-of-3/01:59
LuisJasomething really wrong with amarok: it crash instantly after trying to use it, here is the bug report: http://pastebin.ca/1605629 i need to hear my electro!!!!01:59
DarkMasterHalokilo: Well, when you stick to Samba, do you have problems mounting network volumes from Windows or Mac ?01:59
canthus13Debian-user: adduser creates the home directory and such.01:59
kilonot really01:59
kiloit's only on boot up01:59
fccfphix: not my area of expertise, exactly02:00
kiloI was able to find my windows server immediately02:00
DarkMasterHalokilo: From your Ubuntu box ?02:00
mdgcanthus13: thanks for the advice :)02:00
kiloactaully... I don't ever even remember setting up samba... I'm not sharing anything off of this computer, only to it02:00
kilodark: yes02:00
fccf!hi | KYO202:01
ubottuKYO2: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:01
StaRetjiErrod /home/xbmc/.fluxbox/startup: 43: cannot create /proc/mtrr: Permission denied - Need help02:01
DarkMasterHalokilo: Can you explain the situation to me, I didn't get everything out of it.  I remember setting a Samba server with auto-mounting from another linux box02:01
kiloya, the only issue that I've had is that the drives don't mount on bootup (it's really no big deal.... just an inconvenience)02:01
StaRetjihow to force script to execute as a root02:02
phixfccf: oh ok, so how do you synchronise addressbook and calendar information between computers?02:02
fccfStaRetji: sounds like xbmc needs more privlidges ... perhaps add it to proc group?02:02
lstarnesStaRetji: use sudo02:02
phixI like sudo02:02
kiloI have 4 shared folders on a windows box on my network, I would like them to show as separate drives. I've modified fstab accordingly, and I can manually mount it via terminal, but they won't mount on bootup02:02
Debian-userlstarnes: Can't delete a user ,userdel: user /home/ant/ does not exist02:03
StaRetjiworks onlu from console, script doesn't react if it's in startup02:03
StaRetjiwill try with proc02:03
lstarnesDebian-user: there's likely a flag for ignoring home directories.  check the man page for deluser02:03
DarkMasterHalokilo: Does these shared folder have restrictions applied to them ?02:03
s1gmab3tahey guys - what is the apt-get command to upgrade to the karmic beta?02:03
Debian-usercanthus13: lstarnes: Can't delete a user ,userdel: user /home/ant/ does not exist02:03
StaRetjifccf how to add xbmc user to proc group?02:03
lstarness1gmab3ta: apt-get doesn't handle that02:03
lstarness1gmab3ta: someone in #ubuntu+1 likely knoes02:04
DarkMasterHalokilo: Ah wait, I know what you want !02:04
Debian-userlstarnes: But there is a directory named "ant" , i just created this user.02:04
kilotwo do, two do not02:04
lstarnesDebian-user: in /home?02:04
DarkMasterHalokilo: Basically, instead of putting them into the fstab file, put them into the rc.local folder under /etc02:04
kilooh really?02:05
DarkMasterHalokilo: This rc.local file runs command after everything is up bascially02:05
kiloshould I just have it run a mount command then?02:05
LuisJahow i can install debugging symbols for phonon-xine?02:05
Debian-userlstarnes: Yes,02:05
StaRetjithere is no proc group, damn02:06
CatCheetoDebian-user: man page says it deluser won't remove home by default, have to use --remove-home02:06
DarkMasterHalokilo: Theorically, it should work.  All you have to do is type the command you want to run in that file, so if you have 4 share you will type four times the mount -t smbfs command02:06
kilooh! not just sudo mount -a02:06
CarlFK1I have a firewire express card in my laptop - if I reboot, the kernel will see it.  if I plug it in after the fact, it doesn't show up - nothing in dmesg, nothing in lspci.  is there some way I can probe/load a module/ get it recogized?02:06
DarkMasterHalokilo: This file is run as root anyway :P02:06
DarkMasterHaloDarkMasterHalo: But you have to modify it with sudo02:06
Debian-userlstarnes: CatCheeto It's disgusting , why doesn't delete from /home by-deafault? But it deletes from /etc/passwd02:07
fccfStaRetji: is xbmc running as a process or as a server?02:07
lstarnesDebian-user: removing it manually just takes one command02:07
StaRetjiprocess i guess02:07
kilook, I think I understand... so ditch fstab and just perform the manual mounts in rc02:07
fccfStaRetji: you actually run it from the command line02:08
lstarnesfccf: servers are processes02:08
StaRetjiif i issue sudo it works, but in bash script doesn't do anything02:08
Debian-userlstarnes: What's the command ? sudo userdel ?02:08
CatCheetoDebian-user: I assume to preserve data while quickly being able to remove permission for a user? Good Q, I am not sure :( Kinda annoying though02:08
lstarnesDebian-user: sudo rm -r /home/username02:08
DarkMasterHalokilo: Well, I would do it like this, or does a mount -a right now mount the two other network drives ?02:08
lstarnesDebian-user: userdel just deletes user accounts02:08
StaRetjifccf: yes, but have to run it each time x starts02:08
fccflstarnes: I meant service02:08
lstarnesDebian-user: deleting the home directory won't delete the user02:08
spOwhen does karmic official get released?02:08
kilo"sudo mount -a" takes care of everything02:08
lstarnesfccf: services are processes too02:08
StaRetjiso i made a bash script to call fixscript02:08
kiloit just doesn't wanna do it on bootup02:08
phretorfolks, what's wrong with cherokee 0.9x? Why Jaunty is stuck on 0.11.6 ?02:08
lstarnesspO: october 2902:09
etfbI can't seem to make s2ram my default for Suspend/Resume.  pm-suspend using the default is broken on my Toshiba, but s2ram on the command line works fine.  How do I fix it so that choosing Suspend from the menu will use s2ram instead of the default?02:09
CatCheetoDebian-user:  If you haven't removed the user yet, just do a deluser --remove-home user02:09
spOis there a way i can compare two different directories whereas there is an analysis of whether the files are different?02:09
fccflstarnes: some run at boot = init.d02:09
DarkMasterHalokilo: Ok so you can leave what you need in fstab and just put mount -a in rc.local.  That would solve your problem of network drives not mapping properly02:09
StaRetjibut it wont wokr, it onbly works if executed from a terminal02:09
lstarnesfccf: those are also processes02:09
Doc_Lappyhey DarkMasterHalo is halo that good to play, worth buying a pc controller for02:09
fccflstarnes: I meant from command line ... I don't want to fight with you ... we are both right02:10
Doc_LappyI have it installed but can't play it with keyboard cmds02:10
Debian-userCatCheeto: I have removed the user, but the directory is still there in /home02:10
StaRetjifccfL any ideas mate?02:10
DarkMasterHaloDoc_Lappy: Well, I only like the story and I've read the books, plus, I have all 3 games but not the ODST one.02:10
kost_My video card isnt supported by the livecd. how can i boot in generic/vesa mode? Nothing seems to work02:10
DarkMasterHaloDoc_Lappy: But it is a good game.02:10
Debian-userCatCheeto: Is there any way to delete that directory using userdel orf deluser command now?02:10
kilook, gonna reboot and see if it works.... brb!02:11
CatCheetoDebian-user: sudo rm -r /home/folder02:11
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: userdel -r %username% I think will do the work02:11
Debian-userlstarnes: Don't want to use rm, trying to use userdel or deluser to remove from home directory02:11
lstarnesDebian-user: if the user is delted already, then you must use rm02:11
etfbWhere are the most up-to-date docs on getting Suspend/Resume to work on a laptop using Jaunty?02:12
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: userdel -r removes the home directory of the user and the mail spool, if the user is already deleted then you have to remove the directory manualy as said by lstarnes:02:12
Doc_Lappyk well when I can afford it I might get me one so I can play it, I have it installed right now but not doing me anygood, I'd probably need it for fallout 3 too if I install it02:12
etfbThe ones I've seen are ancient -- Hardy or Gutsy or older.02:12
Lars_Gis there no way to manually specify the usb pen drive's device for a live-install or live boot?02:12
CatCheetoDebian-user: If you really wanted, I think you could add a new user, chown the home folder to the new user and then deluser --remove-all-files. Never tried, but might work in theory02:13
etfbDebian-user: Why not just use rm?  It's what it's for.02:13
CatCheetoDebian-user: rm would be a lot easier though02:13
DarkMasterHaloCatCheeto: If you assign the home folder to that one, yes02:13
StaRetjiI have no clue why is this, if i run it as root (works), if i run it as xbmx user with sudo (works), without sudo (doesn't work). I tried adding sudo -U xbmc to a bash script, but nothing happened...02:13
fccfStaRetji: that question would probably be appropriate to ask in #xbmc ... i think02:14
ulbI have a rather general question. I run my laptop with Ubuntu 9.04 and am very happy, but I want to add external monitors. Are there any issues with Ubuntu and USB GPU? Are they plug and play? Are there certain brands that work better than others (with Ubuntu)?02:14
Debian-userCatCheeto: etfb : rm doesn't delete useraccount, it just deletes the directory from /home. Give me the complete command to add a user with directory in /home.02:14
ulbDoes anybody here have experience with external GPU?02:14
kost_Is there a way to change the video driver a livecd uses?02:14
etfbulb: I've been very pleased with external monitor support in JJ.02:14
CatCheetoDebian-user: You already removed the user with deluser02:14
StaRetjifccf hm, they told me it is ubuntu problem02:15
ulbetfb: cool, can I ask what brand you use?02:15
ulband model?02:15
fccfulb: I only know how to do it with internal cards ... and that is what etfb probably has02:15
etfbulb: Toshiba A300 laptop.02:15
StaRetjifccf i just need a way to make bash script to executes without me being loged and execute it from console02:15
Vossulb, what are you trying to do?02:15
Debian-userCatCheeto: Yes, and did rm -rf /home/usr02:16
mkilo2woohoo!  thanks all!  I got it!02:16
etfbulb: Earlier Kubuntu had trouble, but Jaunty has finally fixed that.  It's pretty close to plug-and-play (though you have to reboot).02:16
ulbI already run an external monitor with my laptop, but I want to add two. I also want to use external GPU, because my laptop uses shared memory for video02:16
lstarnesStaRetji: if you need to schedule it repeatedly, try using cron02:16
DarkMasterHalomkilo2: Your network drives ?02:16
mkilo2yup yup!!02:16
mkilo2thanks to your suggestion re:rc.local02:16
DarkMasterHalomkilo2: No problem ! Always a pleasure to help someone.02:17
StaRetjilstarnes I have to execute it each time X starts (it is a fix for faulty intel driver)02:17
ulbVOSS, I want to run a laptop with two external 24" monitors (so I will use external USB GPU)02:17
mkilo2I'll admit, I just did the lazy thing: I tried just putting "sudo mount -a" in there and it worked!02:17
fccfStaRetji: look here ... anybody can run it and it will always run as root http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21961802:17
lstarnesStaRetji: you could use it in one of X's startup files02:17
Vossulb, two monitors showing the same thing or different things02:17
ulbDifferent things02:17
DarkMasterHalomkilo2: Just remember that you don't need to put sudo in this file :P02:17
CatCheetoDebian-user: adduser will create a home folder, it is useradd that doesn't by default02:18
YonderingDebian-user, sorry.. coming in late.  You're trying to remove a user's home directory and account in a single command?02:18
Lars_Gthe bootable pendrive (or it's initrd scripts) detect the (broken) hdd partition as a cdrom on a "pen drive" thus booting from it instead of the pen drive02:18
Lars_GI'm trying to find a way to avoid it02:18
mkilo2oh! ok... so just "mount -a" ?02:18
StaRetjifccf THX I'll give it a try02:18
Lars_GBut nothing so fat02:18
StaRetjilstarnes : Thx mate, tried that already02:18
DarkMasterHalomkilo2: Yup, should do the trick. the sudo command as root is ignored :P02:18
mkilo2(sorry, I only just first touched linux this morning  lol!)02:18
ulbxrandr handles it fine (so far)02:18
mkilo2I see02:18
DarkMasterHalomkilo2: Well thats good.02:18
mkilo2it's awesome... been having the time of my life with compiz02:19
DarkMasterHaloYondering: With the command userdel -r %username%, it removes, the user, his home directory and mail spool02:19
zmassiaHey guys, I'm having a problem with booting up. It was working fine, then the next day I go to start Ubuntu and it's getting hung up at "Checking battery state". I'm on a desktop.02:19
DarkMasterHalomkilo2: I spent about 4 hours of my life to configure it to be ultimate :P02:20
VossUsb 3.0 will allow GOOD usb graphics cards , now you just have sort of functional ones02:20
n8tusermkilo2-> welcome to the new world, lol02:20
CatCheetoDebian-user: useradd -d user will create a home directory as well. But I always use adduser. Not sure why there is both commands02:20
YonderingDarkMasterHalo, thanks :)02:20
DarkMasterHaloYondering: No problem :)02:20
mkilo2LOL, I just love spining my desktop till I'm dizzy   XD02:20
StaRetjifccf sudoers already done before, now i'm scrwed02:20
i-meje vais me coucher, aurevoir :)02:21
DarkMasterHaloi-me: Au revoir, Good bye (English)02:21
mkilo2ok, well thanks again guys! (and gals!)02:21
mkilo2off to din din02:21
DarkMasterHalomkilo2: Have a good night !02:22
Yonderinghmmm anyone know why gma 500 support isn't included in the netbook remix of 9.04?  It seems to be working fine for me on this netbook.. after configuration, of course.02:22
=== CatCheeto is now known as Cheeto-away
ulbVoss: I was looking at something like this : http://sewelldirect.com/USB-to-DVI-External-Video-Card-High-Resolution.asp02:22
ulbvideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_y5iO5sQ0Q&feature=PlayList&p=1C76EFE0A1F461CE&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=6902:24
Yonderingulb, now that thing is cool.. any idea what sort of capabilities it has, performance wise?02:24
ulbYondering: watch the video02:24
Yonderingulb,  on it, thanks02:25
ulbI just want to know if anyone has tried these with Ubuntu, and if so, what was their experience?02:25
zambai need a freeradius package for intrepid that supports openssl02:27
fccfulb: it would be great if something like that would work in linux, however they aren't providing a driver for linux, and it seems it uses a program that runs on the machine to make the external signal... My best guess would be that you would not have any luck getting it to work at this time... Perhaps with usb3.0 .... but really this is a gimmick, and not worth my dollar02:28
Vossulb, ask the vendor02:29
fccfVoss; if they will respond02:29
excalibasHello, My evolution mail client has stopped working, it starts but stops responding after.  (jaunty)02:29
Vosssewelldirect.com seems like a responsible company , if they dont respond dont buy it...simple enough02:30
VivaVistaI still cant connect to my wireless network, what can I do?02:30
Yonderingulb, according to the website they dont support linux directly.  However, if x.org supports displaylink adapters, it may pick up on this.  don't know without trying one though. =/02:30
ulbyeah, thats why I was asking here :(02:31
zmassiaHey guys, I'm having a problem with booting up. It was working fine, then the next day I go to start Ubuntu and it's getting hung up at "Checking battery state". I'm on a desktop.02:31
ulbguess I will shoot off an email02:31
Yonderingit'd be pretty nice for office work.   no 3d support though.02:31
ulb*I don't need 3d, just document viewing02:31
Yondering<3 my dual 28" monitors.02:32
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VivaVistaMy ubuntu won't accept my wep key to connect to my WifI02:36
DunasI need to install Ubuntu, but have no blank CDs.02:36
VivaVistaCan anyone help?02:37
=== macBBL is now known as mac9416
Debian-userCan anyone give an example to create a user using useradd , adding a directory in /home?02:38
ixian_!usb | Dunas02:38
ubottuDunas: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:38
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: Well, useradd %username%02:38
VivaVistaI installed the broadcom drivers but it still won't let me connect to my Wifi network02:39
CodeDrunkDebian-user, useradd -D -d /home/username username02:39
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: You can user useradd --help for all the options you need to set if needs be02:39
DarkMasterHalouseradd creates the home directory automatically02:39
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
DarkMasterHaloUnless you specify useradd that you do not want a home directory02:40
CodeDrunkadduser creates the home directory and copies the /etc/skel folder over, useradd doesn't unless specified02:41
samfisherhas anyone tried Ubuntu on the Macbook Pro? how did it work?02:41
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: That doesn't create directory in /home.02:41
VivaVistaI guess no one knows my problem :(02:41
DarkMasterHaloCodeDrunk: Ah, always though it was the same02:41
CodeDrunkDarkMasterHalo, Yeah I usually end up starting off with the wrong one myself, lol02:42
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: You can try using ndiswrapper to emulate your wireless driver02:42
jmgilchrrequire help with ocr, where to go?02:42
P0luxa little question: if I install ubuntu 9.10... does everything installed on my computer will be deleted... for example my evolution contact list ?02:43
jessejohnsoncan I use my logitech z5500 using optical input with ubuntu?02:43
samfishermacbook pro? ubuntu? good idea bad idea02:43
Debian-userCodeDrunk: Wrong command , run it in your termnal. It will messages.02:43
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DarkMasterHaloP0lux: If I'm not mistaken, if you upgrade it, you will not user anything02:43
pete_is it possible some websites are even unavailable whilst running a vm of windows xp with ie 802:43
pete_cant get in to my work email02:44
DarkMasterHalopete_: I don't think running an impact would have an impact02:44
DarkMasterHalopete_: Sorry, I don't think running a VM would have an impact !02:45
zmassiaDoes anyone know how to stop ubuntu from getting hung up at "Checking battery state" at boot?02:45
pete_can you be more specific?02:45
VossP0lux, if the upgrade works everything will be fine...if not your files will probably still be there02:45
IdleOneAnybody here able to get facebook to work in gwibber? when I click on the Request login code it opens browser and goes to a blank page02:45
dsnyderspete_, can you get to other sites in xp?02:45
pete_i figured running xp in full form, as opposed to WINE would be better, but it still does not work, this is all very odd since i could get in to my work email in firefox on XP02:45
P0luxthank you02:46
pete_dsnyders, yes sir02:46
dsnyderspete_, can you get to your work email from linux?02:46
DarkMasterHalopete_: That's strange02:46
VivaVistaDarkMaster, can I get the ndiswrapper through the Synaptic?02:46
jeniahello, I have a problem with ubuntu02:47
jeniacan someone help me please02:47
pete_DarkMasterHalo, yes02:47
pete_dsnyders, no sir02:47
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Hmmm, I think so, but I'm not sure02:47
samfisherjenia: go for it whats the problem02:47
pete_dsnyders, its an outlook remote server thingamajig02:47
jeniaflash doesnt work all the time in firefox02:47
DarkMasterHalopete_: Well it is most likely your work email that doesn't work for some reason, can you try shutting down the VM and try it in linux02:47
samfisherDunas: use a USB thumb drive02:47
jeniasometimes i have to reload the page but then even that work and i have to restart the program02:48
DarkMasterHalopete_: in Firefox*02:48
pete_DarkMasterHalo, i have tried02:48
pete_dsnyders, http://webmail.alleghenycounty.us/02:48
pete_do I need to open specific ports02:48
ekontsevoyis there a way to determine the manufacturer of my LCD panel on a laptop?02:48
samfisheryeah, what laptop do you have?02:49
DarkMasterHalopete_: Okay, well I can access it02:49
samfisherekontsevoy: ??02:49
pete_DarkMasterHalo, when you click "email" does it actually go to the outlook page?02:49
pete_the actual login page..?02:49
dsnyderspete_, I can see the page from here.02:49
jmgilchrcan anyone direct me to a channel where i can find help regarding optical character recognition (OCR)?02:49
pete_"I have had it work in firefox on linux btw guys"02:49
DarkMasterHalopete_: Well, I can see the login page.02:50
samfisherekontsevoy: if you have a name brand laptop then you should be able to look on the manufacture website to find out who made the LCD02:50
pete_about three times.02:50
dsnyderspete_, It's prompting me for a domain/user and password02:50
pete_dsnyders, i never get that far anymore02:50
pete_dsnyders, any ideas i have fallen in love with ubuntu but this is a deal breaker02:50
dsnyderspete_, what happens when you go to the site?02:51
ekontsevoysamfisher: yeah, that's the point :-) My panel is crap, but Lenovo uses 3 different part numbers for my model, I want to go to their service center and ask for replacement.02:51
DarkMasterHalopete_: Well, this should have any effect even on different system02:51
pete_dsnyders, connection error, you know the standard one when i click email02:51
ekontsevoysamfisher: but I need to know what NOT to get.02:51
DarkMasterHalopete_: What do you mean when you click email.02:51
dsnyderspete_, It's possible that firefox has saved a password for that site, but it is not the correct one.02:52
pete_Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at webmail.alleghenycounty.us.02:52
VossLenovo used to be expensive but good, now expensive and crappy ;-)02:52
pete_dsnyders, yea, but i ccant connect on anything anymore, even xp in a vm but it works fine from other places02:52
pete_err computer.02:52
DarkMasterHalopete_: Could you try clearing the cache from Firefox02:53
AmjadI want to open openvpn on Ubuntu02:53
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: That was sudo useradd -m <user>02:53
Amjadhow to open ??02:53
dsnyderspete_, go to a command prompt and see if you can ping the website.02:53
deathtechHello all, i reinstalled my linux OS, and i have a seperate partition i used for my /home directory. After reinstalling, i was careful using parted to not format the filesystem , but told it to mount on /home/username . After the successful installation of the OS, the home directory is there, but my files and folders from the previous install are not. However, the drive space is still used, as it only shows a marginal amount of s02:53
deathtechpace left on my device. Thoughts ?02:53
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looserhelp please02:53
manundergroundhey, how can I log into my gmail account w/ Empathy? it imported my info from Pidgin but isn't ablte to connect it seems02:53
Amjadhelp me02:53
looserunable to boot my old os02:53
djuggleranyone install synergy-plus on 8.04?02:53
Debian-userlstarnes: That was sudo useradd -m <usr>02:54
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: Well, I think that the useradd should create the home directory, I've done it may times.02:54
loosercan someone please help me?02:54
pete_dsnyders, From BOX.local ( icmp_seq=4 Destination Port Unreachable02:54
deathtechlooser: What the error when you try to boot ?02:54
pete_what exactly does that mean?02:54
Amjadhow to open openvpn02:54
deathtech^is **02:55
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AmjadOn Ubuntu server02:55
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: Yes, but this(sudo useradd -d /home/user user) doesn't create useraccount-directory in /home02:55
yoyoneddeathtech: verify the partition is mounted.   grep home /proc/mounts02:55
DarkMasterHalopete_: It means that it can't reach the destination, are you running any firewall that would block outbound bot02:55
djugglerubuntu is based on debian right? So I want .deb files not .rpm files correct?02:55
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: Wait, I'll try it :P02:55
juankrlosalguien hable español?02:55
looserDeath.. ive installe xp .. and linus.. and now im unable to boot xp ( it is not my computer#902:55
deathtechyoyoned : ill try that, but gparted and fdisk -ls show it mounted02:55
lstarnesdjuggler: correct02:55
pete_DarkMasterHalo, not that i know of02:56
lstarnes!es > juankrlos02:56
ubottujuankrlos, please see my private message02:56
loosercurrently im using a live cd02:56
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: You have done many times,but did you post this command here?02:56
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: For me, sudo useradd %username% works perfectly02:56
yoyoneddeathtech: gparted and fdisk dont show mounted partitions02:56
amon-killspeak spanish?02:56
DarkMasterHalopete_: Well, that is strange02:56
dsnyderspete_, enter the command nlsookup webmail.alleghenycounty.us02:56
lstarnes!es | amon-kill02:56
ubottuamon-kill: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:57
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: sudo useradd %user% doesn't create directory in /home .02:57
yoyoneddeathtech: also look at output of df -h.  see if /home is listed.02:57
amon-killim dont know02:57
pete_dsnyders, Non-authoritative answer:02:57
max_finally found a bug, and i solved it02:57
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: ....., and if you try to login with that user after you created it ?02:57
loosersince 6:00pm gmt i`m trying to uninstall grub on every hdd02:57
deathtechyoyoned :/dev/sdb6 /home/user ext3 rw,relatime,errors=continue,data=writeback 0 002:57
pete_dsnyders, Server:
dsnyderspete_, That's what I'm getting here.02:58
pete_ok., im super stumped, can my router be doing this somehow02:58
max_becareful! if you guys install ubuntu on any asus p5ql serial MOBO, please disable marvell IDE controller on BIOS, or get random freeze/hang/crash02:58
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: Does "sudo useradd %useracount% " create directory in /home ?02:58
DarkMasterHalopete_: Do you have a proxy or a manually DNS set.02:58
tony42anyone know if ubuntu will be able to read my mirrored volume i made in vista?02:58
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: I have run this , but i noticed , it doesn't create directory in /home.02:58
deathtechyoyoned : and it shows w/ df -h02:59
loosertony42,  yes .. with more info02:59
IdleOnemax_: report a bug to launchpad02:59
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: On what distro are you running, maybe the behavior is different02:59
samfishertony42: what do you mean read?02:59
yoyoneddeathtech: it's not mounted in the right place.  it should be /home not /home/usr02:59
manundergroundhey, how can I log into my gmail account w/ Empathy? it imported my info from Pidgin but isn't ablte to connect it seems02:59
samfishertony42: do you want me to hack it from here? okay turn off your firewall and tell me your ip hahaha02:59
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: It's debian.02:59
tony42just read. it's two dynamic disks that are mirrored, aka, software raid 103:00
max_yea, i am reporting this bug and fix to launchpad.  the fix works on all asus MOBO, i tested p5ql pro, se, l, std etc03:00
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: hmm, let me search a little bit03:00
IdleOnemax_: good work :)03:00
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: Ok try this, sudo useradd -m %username%03:00
looserwhat is the best way to install a bootmanager (live system) to detect all my operating systems and writ a bootmanger do boot one of these03:00
deathtechyoyoned : interesting. How can i remount it , if i set it to mount at the partition during install , considering the partition is now in use by the system ?03:00
dsnyderspete_, can you try a different browser?  opera, or konqueror?03:00
IdleOne!fixgrub | looser03:00
ubottulooser: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:00
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: make sure the -m in lowercase, uppercase will result in no home directory03:01
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: Yes, But why do you use "%" ?03:01
yoyoneddeathtech: edit /etc/fstab and reboot03:01
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: I know.03:01
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: ah well, just to define a variable. you can consider like <user>03:01
deathtechyoyoned : Just change the mount point then ?03:01
pete__sorry bout that.03:01
looserubottu, i have 3 hdd - 2x asa 1x ide. on i want to erase all the mbr to boot the os by bios selection (if possible)03:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:02
pete__darkmasrterany idea03:02
yoyoneddeathtech: right.  but befor you do, see if there is a /home/usr folder that has your data in it03:02
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user:to be more specific, I'm doing a login script job at the same time for Windows client and variable are define as $variable%03:02
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: Where did you get this concept of defining variable from? As in php it's $vr03:02
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: %variable%03:03
dsnyderspete__, can you try a different browser?  opera, or konqueror?03:03
pete__dsnyders, ok03:03
VivaVistaok I downloaded ndiswrapper how or where do I access it03:03
VivaVistao.o anyone?03:03
DarkMasterHalopete__: Well, I'm out of idea lol03:03
deathtechyoyoned : no, there isnt. i purposely named it the same user folder name.03:03
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: Login script for windows?03:03
loosercurrent6ly i`m trying to install a new linux to detect my installed os`es03:03
VivaVistaAnd yes, this is my first day of using Linux so don't pass on the details03:03
deathtechyoyoned: k, its been removed, rebooting03:03
JereHi, Please I need to configurate a lan connection between two computers with Ubuntu OS using wireless connection and i have no idea!03:04
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: I think you need to compile it and install it. then you can use it with any windows driver, especially wireless drivers03:04
samfisherhow do you install chinese keyboard in ubuntu?03:04
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: Yes :)03:04
pete__dsnyders, whayts the package name in karmic?03:04
pete__for opera.03:04
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Ok, so first, what did you download ?03:04
ubottuJere: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:04
samfisherchinese and Ubuntu? does anyone have any experience?03:05
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: Hello , you didn't complete your registration confirmation step.03:05
dsnyderspete__, No idea.  Probably opera.  Is karmic some sort of package manager?03:05
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: ?03:05
VivaVistaDark, I found it through Synaptic, so I'm guessing I won't need to compile it, do I?03:05
Jerethanks ubottu03:05
IdleOne!karmic > dsnyders03:05
ubottudsnyders, please see my private message03:05
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Ok so, from the command line, you should have a command ndiswrapper03:05
IdleOne!karmic > pete_03:05
ubottupete_, please see my private message03:05
looseris there a tool to scan the whole system for installded os`es ... and writ an new boot mananger?03:05
IdleOne!karmic > pete__03:06
ubottupete__, please see my private message03:06
lolyea!karmic > lolyea03:06
ubottulolyea, please see my private message03:06
* looser sayes sorry for his bad english03:06
DarkMasterHaloif you type it, you will have different option, you will need to download the windows drivers for it to work03:06
Debian-userDarkMasterHalo: Type /msg nickserv info , see the nickserv tab03:06
dsnydersIdleOne, private messages are not coming through to me for some reason.03:06
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: ah ok :P03:06
lolyeadsnyders: what client do u use03:06
DarkMasterHaloDebian-user: I just registered today :P03:07
IdleOnedsnyders: karmix is the code name for ubuntu 9.10 due to be released at the end of this month03:07
VivaVistaI downloaded ndisgtk, ndiswrapper-common, and ndiswrapper-utils-1.903:07
VivaVistaall from synaptic03:07
dsnyderslolyea, xchat03:07
looserlinux is to hard for me - i need an emergency exit03:07
VivaVistalooser thats what I'm thinking too, if I don't get it set up by tonight I'm reinstalling Vista :(03:07
WolfcastleI'm having some problems with my wifi on jaunty03:07
Wolfcastlei don't see any networks available when clicking the icon03:08
monty_hallfor usb hdd how do I make a noauto entry in fstab? Ubuntu keeps fsck'ing before the drive is available.  When I uncomment the drive in fstab, I can "mount /external" no problem - AFTER - I'm logged.03:08
lolyealooser: ?03:08
dsnyderslolyea, I see it inline with all the other chat, except that it has *lolyea*03:08
Wolfcastleand I know there is an open network available03:08
looserVivaVista, i have an installeed xp but i cnat boot it03:08
Wolfcastlei was thinking about trying wicd....do u recommend it?03:08
looseri need a handshake03:08
lolyeadsnyders: what is wrong with that?03:08
Slurpeewhich usenet readers are people using for ubuntu?03:08
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Well, is it a wireless card of a wireless usb key ?03:09
grekkosdoes anyone here know how to use scim for japanese input? I have scim and scim-anthy installed but it's not switching modes for some reason (??)03:09
VivaVistaIts a wireless card, internal03:09
sakocan i change the font of my sig in Evolution??03:09
VivaVistaBroadcom 802.11/g03:09
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Okay, well, it should be working properly out of the box.03:09
loosercurrently i have installed a ubuntu derivat .. and i hope that i can chose my othes os`es after reboot b  ( i have no backup)03:09
dsnyderslolyea, well, two things.  First, pms used to come up in a separate dialog, and second, I didn't get ubottu's pms.03:09
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: You can't authenticate to it ?03:10
VivaVistaThats the problem , I connected to an unsecured netowrk03:10
looserlolyea, pardon?03:10
VivaVistabut it won't work on my own network03:10
VivaVistayeah it won't authenticate03:10
VivaVistaI know I entered the right WEP key03:10
VivaVistabut it still won't log in03:10
looserplease pm .. the chat is2fast for me03:10
lolyealooser: linux is easy, you just need to remember some commands03:10
dsnyderslolyea, that one came through.  Weird03:10
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Okay so you have WPA setup on your router ?03:10
lolyeadsnyders: i pmd that one to ubottu03:11
samfisher 03:11
looserlolyea,  i have use beos some years .. now i`m trying zeven OS03:11
dsnyderslolyea, try pmming me again, please03:11
* looser is just a normal user03:11
lolyeamy exit message used to be "Ex-Cat03:11
sakocan i change the font of my sig in Evolution??03:11
* lolyea says looser, too bad :(03:11
Cyrano_Desako: There is no reason to change the font of you Sig.  Many clients are just going to strip all that crap and display plain text anyway.03:12
looserall i need is  a tool to write a new bootmanger for my 3 hdd03:12
Cyrano_Desako: http://www.mail-list.com/list_owner/plain_text_email.html03:12
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Okay, well, if you run a command ndiswrapper, you should see I think like 5 options.03:12
looserlolyea, pardon?03:12
sakoCyrano_De, it is a companywide uniform sig03:12
sakonot by choice :(03:13
sakoso its not possible?03:13
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: It is fairly simple, you need to point it to the INF file you downloaded03:13
looserlolyea, i want to keep linux, but there are many problems ( udf, too much commandline ork...)03:13
phixVivaVista: :/03:13
Cyrano_Desako: No idea, but you should be sending plain text anyway to be a good net citizen.  Plain text means no fancy fonts.03:13
sakolooser, theres always other options :)03:13
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Like, go and download the drivers for your wireless card, that would be the first step03:14
looseris there an expirienced user who have time for an privat chat ... i`m running stupid03:14
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: I'll install ndiswrapper in the meantime03:14
VivaVistaok I'm on it03:14
looserSako , i loved beos for all the years . but now ... no drivers ... no hope03:15
sakoCyrano_De, thanks for the tip03:15
looserall people say change back to windows ... but this is no soulution03:15
sakocan i change the font of my sig in Evolution?? anyone know for sure??03:15
looser..not an solution03:16
DarkMasterHalolooser: Well, if you want to pay, then yes you can go Windows, but if you want free, then you must make some effort03:16
looserDarkMasterHalo, sure ... but currently i only want a working system ... i`m afraid03:17
sakolooser, ??03:17
DarkMasterHaloVivaVislooser: Afraid of what exactly ?03:17
sakothis guys a troll or something03:17
DarkMasterHalosako: We will see :P03:18
loosercurrently i just want to have a working bootmanger (  i dont know the word in germany we say "angst")03:18
sakohe is ... hes a good actor too03:18
cryptideany ideas on http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/26893/screenshot_078_7ApoiZ.png "java" taking up copius cpu?03:18
DarkMasterHalosako: ahanh :)03:18
sakotold you03:18
komputeshow can I use ubuntu-bug to report a bug with my webcam?03:19
sakoprob from #archlinux-offtopic03:19
DarkMasterHalolooser: Tell us what is not working, and we will try to provide you with a solution03:19
looser3 drive withe 3 bootmangers .. but i cant but the os`es03:19
DarkMasterHalolooser: Try to get this kind of support from Microsoft :P03:19
kenyoncryptide: are you running firefox? if you go to a page with a java applet, a java process will be started. sometimes they go crazy.03:20
bastidrazor!german | looser try the german channel03:20
ubottulooser try the german channel: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.03:20
cryptidekenyon: firefox is closed03:20
sakohe's not german03:20
sakohe's a troll03:20
DarkMasterHalosako: hey hey :P03:20
kenyoncryptide: try ps afx to see the process tree, maybe you can see why java is running03:20
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O__ohi when is ubuntu 9.10 official release???  it is oct 09 already03:21
=== MCCCXXXVII is now known as goingtomoonbrb
looserDarkMasterHalo, ok ... fist .. i have 3 drives ... 1. xp + linux mint ... 1x emty but with a not working grub .. 1x a drive withe my data03:21
sakoubuntu.com has a countdown03:21
sakoyou can get the beta too03:21
Cyrano_De!karmic > O__o03:21
ubottuO__o, please see my private message03:21
sakoif you are brave03:21
SerlaPeople of ubuntu! How can I change my top/ bottom panels position through System - Preferences or System - Adminstration. Because I can't do it the normal way my panel is stuffed with items03:21
looserDarkMasterHalo, but i cant boot on of them because a not working bootmanager03:21
dsnydersHi all!  How do I monitor the traffic on my lan?  I need to see which ip is hogging all the bandwidth.03:22
O__owhen is the next LTS??03:22
bastidrazor!mint | looser03:22
ubottulooser: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang)03:22
Cyrano_DeSerla: right click on the panel chose properties.  Uncheck expandable.  Now you can click and drag the panel03:22
sakoDarkMasterHalo, notice how he doesn't give an error or a problem even03:22
lstarnesO__o: 10.04 is the tentative LTS release03:22
DarkMasterHalolooser: Hmm, You can find some good tutorials on how to reinstall grub.03:22
lstarnesO__o: it might be later03:22
kenyonO__o: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS03:22
DarkMasterHalosako: Yeah, I know :P03:22
O__oi have heard they change the synaptic on 10.04?03:23
sakolooser, you are even bad at trolling :(03:23
sakohow sad is that?03:23
SerlaCyrano_De That's the problem, I cant access properties its stuffed with many items03:23
looserDarkMasterHalo,  i tried it since 6:00 GMT03:23
cryptidekenyon: what you think: http://pastie.org/64786103:23
DarkMasterHalosako: I'm drinking Scoth now so, I'm bit of helpling everybody  lol03:23
loosercan someone help me or not?03:23
sakoScotch = helping yourself :)03:24
DarkMasterHalosako: But this guy is not helping himself, he is not providing any details ....03:24
kenyoncryptide: don't know. try killing it. it's running as user rob, so it can't do much damage if you kill it.03:24
loosercurrently it seems that linux is not wat it seems to be for me ... soorey03:24
sakoi ignored him 10 mins ago :)03:24
Cyrano_DeSerla: When the panel is too full you have to try and click between applets.  Keep trying you should eventually get a right click menu03:24
mahdiHi, I cannot use persian character in Wine applications ! should I add my language somewhere ?03:24
DarkMasterHalosako: Well, I love Scotch, Whisky, Cognac and all of those, they have a wonderful taste03:25
O__owhen will ubuntu takes out the pulseaudio in the next next release??03:25
* looser is only stupid user .. 03:25
O__opulseaudio creates so many problems in a few apps03:25
SerlaCyrano_De I did try and I was wondering if there is another way to do that03:25
sakoI love Glenlivet03:25
VivaVistano luck03:25
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: At all ?03:25
menzzaHello im running 9.10 beta and cant install flash03:25
looseri`ve no root to help me03:25
cryptidekenyon: well that solved it... i had open office open earlier.  i'm about ready to trash that POS03:25
kenyonO__o: you can disable it yourself: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio03:26
bastidrazormenzza: please join #ubuntu+1 for karmic03:26
menzzabastidrazor: i am there03:26
kenyoncryptide: ahh yeah, openoffice does indeed use java.03:26
sakocan someone kick/ban looser please03:26
O__okenyon, but ubuntu should have given user to choose not to install in the installer03:26
cryptidekenyon: but you'd think that after it has been closed it would kill the jvm?03:26
sakothere are people who really need help in here03:26
kenyoncryptide: normally it does.03:26
loosersako soory... :- X03:26
cryptideand not continue eating 90% cpu03:26
O__onot to disable or uninstall after fresh install03:26
DarkMasterHaloVivaVista: Well, viva, I'll have to go but I'm sure other people can help you, if you get the windows drivers, then you can run the command ndiswrapper -i <path to inf file> the run ndiswrapper -m -mi03:27
kenyonO__o: maybe you should file a bug or see if bugs already exist for your problems?03:27
=== gusan0r is now known as Gusan0r
O__oi dont need to file one, there are many there03:27
VivaVistaThanks for your help anyway03:27
DarkMasterHaloSee you all, and have a good night03:27
KeiyaDoes Ubuntu keep Debian's odd habit of mixing in nonfree documentation for free programs with nonfree programs? (I understand why they do, but I /really/ wish they would have stuck it in a separate section, like doc-nonfree or something...)03:27
looserbye ... leave linux for the pro-users03:27
kenyonKeiya: debian normally does put nonfree docs in separate nonfree packages.03:28
DarkMasterHalolooser: Ahaa loves this comment, I think I should just report you for that agressive comment03:28
Manifest1Does anyone here know how to use DeVeDe? Having some problems with it.03:29
looserDarkMasterHalo, sorry03:29
O__oi dont understand why ubuntu decide to put pulseaudio as default in 8.04?03:30
looserbye and sorry03:30
lolyeaO__o: its awesome03:30
O__oit was all good and solid in 7.1003:30
O__oits awesome in what way?03:30
Cyrano_DeSerla: You can try to edit the XML files in ~/.gconf/apps/panel and log out and back in.03:30
lolyeaO__o: nope, that OpenSSL security bug and gparted crashing on live03:31
O__oi dont see any improvement except problems03:31
Keiyakenyon: Uh, what? It's in a package that's different from packages containing nonfree programs, but it still would be nicer if it was in a separate section. So you could enable the documentation for things like every GNU program ever and not also enable nonfree cruft03:31
lolyeaO__o: 8.04 was rock solid03:31
komputeshow do i find out what module a usb device uses?03:31
huangjsGDB 7.0 has been released. I'm wondering if it will be included in karmic.03:31
O__ou try to install 8.04 and then skype you will see what i mean?03:31
kenyonkomputes: lshw shows that, I think.03:32
VivaVistaI guess I have no choice but to switch back to Windows =/03:33
O__oVivaVista, try WPA03:34
O__oVivaVista, WEP also give me headache in ubuntu too03:35
O__oVivaVista, if you can access your router, change the wep to wpa03:35
=== zen is now known as Guest57569
TimothyAanyone here has installed ventrilo?03:35
heaterhey can come one help me with a nVidia driver installation in ubuntu 9.0403:36
=== Prodego is now known as Administrivia
Cyrano_DeTimothyA: Is there a Linux client for Vent now?03:36
heaterI have the *.run package, but the last few times it has killed my graphics and would like some input03:36
komputeskenyon: only PCI devices and USB controllers, doesn't seem to have any usb device info03:36
TimothyACyrano_De; i'm trying to find a server for vent :P03:36
Xcellheater-   first03:37
Xcellheater-  uninstall any graphics03:37
=== g4br13l is now known as SalOrMON
Xcellthen to alt+f4  then   sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop03:37
heaterXcell: please excuse me but how do i do that?03:37
Xcellthen  sudo sh NV*.run03:38
geckosenatorhow do I record a video with my webcam and also capture audio into it?03:38
heaterXcell: how do i uninstall graphics03:38
=== SalOrMON is now known as g4br13l
=== olivier is now known as Guest7919
Xcellsys admin / hardware graphics03:38
mahdiCan I use wine to write in persian ?03:38
heaterXcell: as of now i only have the driver that is from the package manager03:38
Xcelluninstall it03:39
Xcellthen reboot and come back to me03:39
Xcelland make sure the nvidia drivers are in ur home folder03:40
heaterXcell: last time i tried this, when i was installing, when i reboot i have to boot into safe graphics mode and there are many errors03:40
Xcellthen after u uninstall graphics.. boot to recovery mode and do this   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:40
Xcellthat should give u vessa03:41
dietpepsihey guys03:41
dietpepsihow do i enable the emerald theme manager ?03:41
dietpepsiit seems like its not working, the desktop cube is not working03:41
=== Out_Cold is now known as Guest10927
Xcelldietpepsi-  install fusion icon it has a switch for it03:41
dietpepsiah okay03:42
dietpepsican i get that from the package manger ?03:42
Xcellyes.. search compiz03:42
VivaVistaok I'll try that03:42
heaterXcell: ok i will give it a shot, is there a way to reverse if things go wrong?03:42
Xcelljust use the dpkg command and u should have gui03:43
Xcellin recovery mode03:43
Xcellhit esc on boot03:43
dietpepsiyay ty xcell03:43
dietpepsii am a recently divorced user of fedora 1103:43
heaterXcell: ok03:43
dietpepsithose fedora people are snobs03:44
Xcelllol.. i just tried it.. is stunk03:44
dietpepsidont ever go into that room here on freenode03:44
dietpepsii got called a troll by an op for asking a question03:44
dietpepsiand than banned03:44
dietpepsiso i said f fedora03:44
dietpepsiLVM is a pain for a novice to resize03:44
Xcelllol.. i didnt need help.. but it stunk..03:44
Xcellx kept crashing and 2 many hoops to get brpms going03:45
Cyrano_Dedietpepsi: LVM is a bit of an advanced option.03:45
Xcelland yum isnt so yummy03:45
dietpepsithe desktop cube isn't working with the dew hickey command of ctrl plus alt plus down arrow03:46
Hodappeh, yum's not that bad.03:46
Hodappwe've got 2 CentOS servers and a Fedora dev box at work and my trouble has been minimal.03:46
dietpepsiis this by default ? do i have to change some settings03:46
Xcelldietpepsi-  go to compiz options and click rotate cube03:46
dietpepsiits on03:46
dietpepsii got the rotate cube thing working03:47
dietpepsibut i mean...i want to unfold the cube03:47
Xcellnow go to cube reflection and deformation..and click  deformation and make it (none)03:47
dietpepsiye the unfolding isn't working03:48
dietpepsiwhich is control alt down arrow03:48
Xcellnot sure... i never used that option.. just play with it yull get it03:48
WilliamC2I'm playing Freedroid RPG and I don't know where the game is installed.03:48
WilliamC2Any clue03:49
WilliamC2It's not under /etc03:49
Cyrano_DeWilliamC2: Most games get installed into /usr/share/games03:49
dietpepsican i have window reflection on03:49
dietpepsiwith window deformation ?03:50
WilliamC2Where is the saved game located?03:50
Xcellyou may want to google compize help..03:50
Cyrano_DeWilliamC2: err.../usr/games.03:50
Manifest1Anyone here know how to use DeVeDe?03:50
TimothyAanyone here knows how to install a ventrilo server on an ubuntu distro?03:50
jaychouThe external affairs ask google not definitely03:51
O__oanyone here use scim?03:51
WilliamC2It's not there Cyrano03:51
jaychouwhat is scim?03:51
Hodappwow, random k-line03:51
Cyrano_DeWilliamC2: The game saves could be in many places.  Look in the hiden folders in your home.03:51
Xcellya  try home plus arrow up03:51
Cyrano_DeWilliamC2: Some save them in /var/games03:51
O__oSCIM = smart Common Input Method03:52
heaterXcell: you are a genius, thank you so much03:52
O__obut i think it isnt smart03:52
heaterXcell: are you good with sound?03:52
Xcellok  did u get nvidia installed?03:52
heaterXcell: yea i did it works wonderfully, now XBMC doesn't stutter with HD playback03:52
Manifest1Anyone here know how to use DeVeDe?03:52
Xcellok.. whats the sound issue..03:52
WilliamC2How do I see it if it's hidden03:53
heaterXcell: i had sound 2 days ago, and now i don't. aplay -l says "no sound cards" and under volume control it says: playback Null output03:53
jaychoui think the input method that most used will be microsoft input03:53
=== toby__ is now known as tobyn
Cyrano_DeWilliamC2: ls -a03:53
O__ojaychou, ?03:53
Xcellinteresting.. what are the sound settings when you go to sys / prefs /sound03:54
O__ojaychou, scim is better but it just have problem with java base softwares and QT softwares03:54
jaychouunder linux has how many kind of input methods ?03:54
O__ojaychou, install scim you will see03:55
nix-idiotequeI can has popsicle?03:55
heaterwell i had sound through HDMI btw the settings are "HDA NVidia NVIDIA HDMI (ALSA) (Not connected)03:55
hd409hello guys how to connect internet using pldt weroam usb modem?03:55
Xcellmake sure they are all alsa.. it varies03:56
hd409modem model : ZTE MF62203:57
heaterXcell: all are ALSA except for "Default Mixer Tracks"03:57
Xcellyou will have to reboot after those settings are done.. also install alsamixergui when ur done03:57
hd409how to connect internet using PLDT weroam usb  modem model :ZTE MF62203:57
heaterXcell: That is Pulseaudio(but neither word) i have tried using the test button on all of the different options03:57
Xcellya.. its buggy.. just have to play with it.. every sys is different and pulse is picky03:58
Xcellmake sure you right click ur spkr icon and select alsa also03:59
=== toby__ is now known as tobyn
heaterXcell: it can't see my sound cards at all anymore so i believe the drivers are there but the hardware is not being seen to be used with them03:59
Xcellthat sounds right.. not sure how to make it see it tho04:00
Xcelljust have to google it out04:00
heaterXcell: i was afraid of that...ill see what i can come up with. thanks for all you help :)04:00
Xcellread multiple options before tasking.. u could make things worse04:00
=== joeyjone- is now known as joeyjones
dietpepsican i install Kooldock for gnome ?04:00
dietpepsior is it only for kde04:01
Xcellany time04:01
bigmacxdoes anyone know if there's a better way to dynamically manage the kexec initrd and vmlinux links than the default static root symbolic links?04:01
Xcellcario prolly wuld be better04:01
=== Administrivia is now known as Prodego
Xcellgoogle cario and look @ screen shots.. looks good04:02
bastidrazorXcell: cairo-dock rather04:02
VivaVistaI finally got it to work :D04:02
frogis there something like padding for block & columns in latex? or do i have to use \vskip \hskip?04:02
XcellVivaVista-  nice04:02
Xcellnow throw those windows away... j/k04:03
jaychouvitas is not vista04:03
=== pengemis is now known as pengemis|away
jaychouwho know vitas04:03
=== xtr-2 is now known as xtr
shawn_Alright... So Im writing a game in python and I need to convert a list to a string... I know the str() function does this but it keeps the ' ' and [] around all of the items04:08
shawn_Is there anyt way to remove these04:08
=== pengemis|away is now known as pengemis
hd409hello guys. how to install flash,java,shockwave and other softwares in order to watch youtube and wiki videos?thanks04:08
Omlette!flash | hd40904:09
ubottuhd409: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:09
hd409hello guys. how to install flash,java,shockwave and other softwares in order to watch youtube and wiki videos and also to view adobe notes?thanks04:09
Xcellmozilla java plugin in synaptic04:09
shawn_!repeat | hd40904:09
ubottuhd409: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.04:09
Jordan_U_shawn_: Try #python04:09
Omlette!flash > hd40904:09
ubottuhd409, please see my private message04:09
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
wall-e_anyone using crunchbang?04:11
bazhangwall-e_, in #crunchbang04:12
wall-e_                                                                        thank you04:13
bazhanghd409, install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras04:13
hd409anybody here knows how to install PLDT WEROAM? Modem model ZTE MF62204:15
Nozytest back04:17
foundry87Can someone tell me how I can remove the Rhythmbox tray icon from the notification area in my panel?04:17
sakois there an option to keep evolution only open in indicator applet?04:18
sakoor as a tray icon?04:18
Xcellwhen its playing foundry87 ?04:19
cancuengthello everyone}04:19
foundry87Xcell, when I open Rhythmbox a tray icon appears in the notification area. I don't want it to be there.04:19
Xcellcheck plugins and prefs04:20
cancuengti'm writting from Guatemala requesting help with an ubuntu server. Problems with network card04:20
foundry87I have, and I can't seem to find something that will remove it04:20
cancuengtif anyone can helpme, I'll be thanked04:20
Xcelli think there is a plugin for sys tray04:20
foundry87xcell: there's a plugin called minimize to tray, but that's all I see04:21
=== mac9416_ is now known as mac9416
Xcellah  ok then04:21
Jordan_Ucancuengt: What problems are you having?04:22
cancuengtjoin #ubuntu-server04:22
=== xod is now known as onats
AsadIs there a way to set time on ubuntu without it getting reset on a reboot? ...04:22
Xcellya.. make sure you set time in bios04:22
=== Jay|Lost_ is now known as Jay|Lost
Jordan_UAsad: It shouldn't be reset on reboot, if it's reset to epoch check that your CMOS battery is good04:23
WolfcastleI just downloades glassfish v2.104:23
Asadmeh ... that's not what I want to do .. the time is correct but recent tzdata updates have messed up the time for Pakistan so it's always off by an hour.04:23
WolfcastleIt's an executable04:23
Logicallyph hello there04:23
Wolfcastleand when running the file i get "could not find the requierd version of java, need version 1.5 or higher"04:24
Wolfcastlebut i have sun-java-1.6 installed04:24
Wolfcastlei also specified the directory with -javahome04:24
Wolfcastlebut then I get "Attach to native process failed"04:25
Schnorkhi everybody04:25
Wolfcastleany tips?04:25
juankrlosi don't speak english ---> how to conect ubuntu to wifi wpa2 with terminal (no using wicd) i used to config with "iwconfig"04:25
SchnorkI've got a litte problem with my my sound card : I've no sound :5. Can anyone hepl ne ?04:25
Jordan_Ujuankrlos: There are channels for other languages. What language do you speak?04:26
fatblueduckI'm trying to enable thumbnail view of raw images on in gnome04:26
sakois there an option to keep evolution only open in indicator applet?04:26
fatblueduckubuntu does this automatically but I'm using a different distro04:26
fatblueduckand I want to know how does ubuntu enable this?04:26
juankrlosi speak spanish04:27
histofatblueduck: i think its part of nautilus04:27
VivaVistaHow do I uninstall ubuntu, it's not a dual boot, and I don't have a Vista Cd, just recovery disks...04:27
Wolfcastlejuankrlos: try ubuntu-es04:27
WolfcastleI would like to know that too juankrlos04:27
juankrlosok thank04:27
histoVivaVista: just use your recovery disks and wipe the partition and format the drive.04:27
Jordan_U!es | juankrlos04:27
ubottujuankrlos: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:27
SchnorkNobody cqn help me for my sound problem :( ?04:28
VivaVistahisto what about that Grub bootloader04:28
VivaVistawill it rewrite the mbr too?04:28
histoVivaVista: yeah if not you can do it from a windows cd fdisk /mbr04:29
VivaVistaok then, thanks04:29
evilurchSchnork: whats the problem with the sound?04:29
VivaVistaToo bad.. maybe one day when Ubuntu can run my games I will be back to it04:29
histoVivaVista: what games?04:30
Schnorkevilurch: I have no sound04:30
FezzlerFireFox closes after running YouTube video like 30 seconds???04:30
histoVivaVista: did you have problems with?04:30
VivaVistaSome MMO's , Flight Sim, WINE didn't work at all.04:30
DunasIs it worth installing 9.04 right now, or should I just wait for 9.10?04:30
WolfcastleDunas: I think it's worth it for the stability04:30
histoVivaVista: Yeah I just don't buy windows games.04:30
WolfcastleI just tried 9.10 and had serveral problems04:30
histoVivaVista: I play quakelive.com urban terror open arena etc...04:31
ekimmargniHello, I'm having lots of dropped connections on my wireless network. Is there any tool to test what wireless channels have noise on them?04:31
Wolfcastledowngraded asap04:31
VivaVistaI play Tremulous and Urban Terror but there is no good alternatives to the good games I like04:31
histoVivaVista: Well WoW works fine in ubuntu04:31
shawn_Wolfcastle well its still in beta Ubuntu strongly recomends against installing it over your current installation04:31
histoVivaVista: but as far as some of hte others if their not listed in appdb for wine then they aren't going to work.04:31
Schnorkevilurch: My sound have worked for a while, but it doesn't work yet.04:32
Lint_WoW paints a single frame for 5 sec in Ubuntu, it's not work04:32
VivaVistaI guess.04:32
FezzlerIs it a setting issue?04:32
histo!downgrade | Wolfcastle04:32
ubottuWolfcastle: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.04:32
VivaVistaBut Im at least happy that all my drivers work flawlessly on Ubuntu04:32
LordDarthThere are some good FPS games for linux04:32
Jordan_Uekimmargni: Wavemon gives graphs of signal and noise, if you just want to get the numbers "iwlist scan" which comes with Ubuntu will give you that04:32
Wolfcastlehisto: I meant i installed 9.04 and formatted the old partition04:32
histoLint_: it works fine if you follow the directions on wine's app database04:32
histoWolfcastle: well you can always install an older version if you want.04:33
Lint_FPS<1 is not 'works fine'04:33
Wolfcastleyep, that's what I would recommend anyone who asks me04:33
sakoHow is indicator applet configured?04:33
histoWolfcastle: whats the problems that you are having?04:34
sakodoes it still alert me of emails if i close evolution??04:34
Aframesteri have a server question if anyone can help04:34
histoWolfcastle: You asked how you can downgrade04:34
Jordan_ULint_: Many people run WoW at full speed with wine, do you have 3D drivers for your graphics card installed?04:34
histo!ask | Aframester04:34
ubottuAframester: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:34
Lint_yes of course04:34
VivaVistaYou know what, you're right. I'll keep trying to learn my way around Ubuntu.04:34
Wolfcastleem no I didn't but thanks for answering anyway ;-)04:34
XcellVivaVista-  stick with it.. youll get it04:35
ekimmargniJordan_U: great, thanks. I see that two of them are on the same channel... let's move them apart and see if that helps :D04:35
Lint_I tell you more, it worked great until they broke xorg last year04:35
histo Wolfcastle> downgraded asap04:35
AframesterI have an older IBM server with dual core pentium 3's running XP and want to put ubuntu on it, which version should I look at?04:35
histoWolfcastle: is what you typed04:35
histoWolfcastle: after talking about installing 9.1004:35
Jordan_ULint_: Do you have an Intel graphics card?04:36
Lint_Jordan_U: no, I have Radeon X1300 graphics card04:36
ekimmargniJordan_U: wavemon is awesome too!04:36
Jordan_UAframester: What do you want to use it for?04:36
* ekimmargni hearts GNU/linux04:36
catch_oh the cursed intel graphics card in 9.04... that was just bad04:36
VivaVistaIs there any tools that monitor CPU Tempreature for linux?04:36
VivaVistaI got some tests to run04:37
sproatyVivaVista, lm-sensors04:37
histoAframester: they aren't 64bit processors right?04:37
ekimmargniVivaVista: lm-sensors04:37
AframesterJordan: home media and home server04:37
Aframesterno they are not 64 bit04:37
histoAframester: Put x86 variant then?04:37
XcellVivaVista-  lm sensors.. also make sure you install sensors applet with it04:37
sproatyIs there a way to install a -particular- language set? I just installed Welsh through the language GUI from control center, and it installed it as "cy-GB" -- all my programs are searchng for "cy"04:37
histoAframester: and if its a home server and not really a production machine I would go with the most recent version.04:37
sproatyHow can I get cy-GB to cy?04:37
Aframesterwould i want to run a server of just a desktop04:37
XcellVivaVista-  open synaptic and search lm-sensors04:37
Wolfcastlehisto: ok well thanx anyways04:37
Lint_sproaty: because no-one translated it to even cy?04:38
Aframesterwould i want to run a server of just a desktop?04:38
sproatyLint_, I exported my .po gettext file from Launchpad and they've saved it as cy. wxPython is looking for cy. seems a bit weird04:38
Lint_that means you've compiled it in wrong location04:39
sproatycompiled the .po file?04:39
Lint_yes, to .mo04:39
Jordan_UAframester: If you aren't very familiar with the terminal you should probably go with the desktop version, note that the main difference between the two is the set of default apps.04:40
DunasI have an external 1TB HD, that I want to keep as storage. Now, if I plan on completely formatting my C:\ drive when I install Ubuntu, should I do anything particular with the HD to keep it from getting formatted? Will I still be able to access it from within Ubuntu?04:41
VivaVistaok XCell, I installed it. Now how do I access it04:41
sproatyno, that's fine - wxWidgets is looking in my system locale for "cy", but it's not finding it, since cy-gb is there. I don't think I can change wx since I'm passing a constant to a function that represents the chosen language.04:41
histoDunas: You should have no problem accessing it. Just make sure you don't format that drive by accident.04:41
XcellVivaVista-   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto04:41
Dunashisto should I just unplug it for safety04:41
histoDunas: infact you can boot to the live cd and should be able to see the external drive.04:42
histoDunas: You can if your not too familiar with the hardware naming etc..04:42
Jordan_UDunas: The installer makes it clear what partitions will be formatted04:42
DunasWell, I'm running on three cups of coffee right now.04:42
DunasSo I'd rather not do something twitchy-stupid.04:42
Lint_sproaty: gettext should automatically back to xx, if xx-YY not found04:42
histoDunas: you'll be able to see sizes in the paritioner during install so you shouldn't get to confused.04:42
Jordan_UDunas: I guess there is no reason not to disconnect it04:43
sproatyok, thanks Lint_ - I'll check with wxPython specifically. cheers!04:43
DunasAh, alright. It's been around a year since I played around with Linux last, around the time that Win7 went up for its first beta, and I was doing Arch then, so I'm a mite fuzzy on all this still.04:43
meoblast001hi, how do i add directories to my runtime linker? the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH isn't working04:44
catch_wow... granted I've not been to a linux community anything in like 10 years, but back then it was very exclusive with every other comment being "RTFM"04:44
catch_glad too see that has changed, at least here04:44
Jordan_UDunas: The installer for Ubuntu is *much* simpler than that for arch :)04:44
O__owhat /FrontEnd/X11/Dynamic does?04:44
DunasJordan_U so I hear.04:45
mateusrphello, anybody experiencing X crashing on login? I'm running the latest jaunty with Intel i945. If I set Option "NoAccel" "True" it works (obviously without glx). Otherwise I fall back to console with a msg saying that i915_dri.so crashed, libglx.so and libc6.so made smth crash... any ideas?04:45
cancuengtJordan_U, thanks04:45
Jordan_Umateusrp: Is this a new problem or has it done this since install?04:45
dcider need a m/b with onboard sound and grafiics that works out of the box... any suggestions or online reviews, have tried ubuntu forums but they are badly dated...thx04:45
Jordan_Ucancuengt: np04:45
mateusrpJordan_U: new problem. Started happening today, after I updated the sys04:46
cancuengtim having a problem with a network card has this error: /etc/network/infetfaces:2:Unknown: Orden desconocida.04:46
Jordan_Umateusrp: Do you remember what you updated?04:46
cancuengtThe last is spanish for Unknown order04:46
cancuengtJordan_U: actually nothing04:47
cancuengthappened that someone moved the main hd to another server, and tried to make it work just like that04:47
cancuengtand as not, returned to original server but, is wrong now04:47
mateusrpJordan_U: not everything. But the intel driver was one of them, and I already knew it might give problems. I downgraded it (as i used to do) but this time it still doesnt work. What concerns me is that libc6 was also upgrade...04:47
cancuengtdon't  start the network04:48
Jordan_Umateusrp: Just to make sure the upgrade completed completely check that "sudo apt-get -f install" does nothing04:49
mateusrpJordan_U: it did, already tried that04:49
mateusrpJordan_U: i already went through google and the forums.. tried everything they said... only this "noaccel" allows me to login04:50
Jordan_Umateusrp: When you downgraded did you downgrade both the intel and xserver packages?04:50
mateusrpJordan_U: only intel. The others weren't upgraded, I guess04:50
Jordan_Umateusrp: Did you check that the xsever wasn't upgraded? ( look at /var/log/dpkg.log )04:52
=== mandiri is now known as dilya_manieZ
mateusrpJordan_U: yeah, looks like it upgraded xserver-xorg-core04:54
Jordan_Umateusrp: Try downgrading xserver-xorg-core to the version that corrosponds to the xserver-xorg-video-intel package you downgraded04:56
mateusrpJordan_U: I can't... In order to get X working, I have to use the 2.4 (not the oficial 2.6, shipped with jaunty) of the intel driver, which requires a PPA repository...04:58
Jordan_Umateusrp: Ahh, I thought you meant you downgraded to the previous minor release. Much of the intel regression has been fixed with newer intel drivers. You might try using the X updates PPA05:00
Jordan_Umateusrp: But I don't recommend the crack pushers PPA05:01
Lamezhello all05:01
mateusrpJordan_U: yeah, I know... but I'm running out of options here LOL I was hoping this was some known recent problem that wasn't on the forums yet05:02
LamezI have a question05:02
Lamezwhen the computer goes into sleep mode, and returns, all I get is a black screen05:02
Jordan_Umateusrp: What version of the intel driver are you currently using?05:02
mateusrpJordan_U: 2.405:03
mateusrpJordan_U: I'll try the PPA "bleeding edge" 2.7.1 now05:03
mateusrpJordan_U: jaunty is shipped with 2.605:03
Lamezwhen the computer goes into sleep mode, and returns, all I get is a black screen05:03
Jordan_ULamez: What graphics card do you have?05:04
Wickedanyone know the release date for 9.10? oct 20something?05:04
lstarnesWicked: 2905:04
Wickedawesome. thanks05:04
Lameznot to sure, I know its has the ATI chipset05:04
Jordan_ULamez: Are you using the proprietary driver?05:05
mateusrpJordan_U: oops, 2.905:05
Lamezyes sir :)05:05
Lamezor mame05:05
Jordan_ULamez: fglrx is known to have suspend issues, try suspending with the open source drivers. If it works you can try some things to work around the problem with fglrx or just stick with the slower open source drivers05:06
Jordan_ULamez: And if it still doesn't work we'll at least know one place not to look :)05:07
Lamezokay, I am completly new to ubuntu and the jargon05:07
Lamezwhat are you telling me to do?05:07
Jordan_ULamez: Go do System > Administratin > Hardware Drivers and disable the ATI driver05:08
Lamezok done05:08
Jordan_ULamez: Then log out and back in again ( or reboot ) and try suspending05:08
q0_0pany one here can help me why 'sudo shutdown -h now' doesn't shutdown my CPU?05:08
Jordan_Uq0_0p: What happens when you run shutdown, does it seem to finish killing all processes?05:11
q0_0pJordan_U, no it just wont shutdown05:11
q0_0pJordan_U, it doens't seem to be doing anything05:11
Jordan_Uq0_0p: Can you still log in and run commands after running shutdown?05:11
q0_0pJordan_U, yes05:12
q0_0pJordan_U, log says tty4 main process (4273) killed by TERM signal05:12
q0_0pJordan_U, im guessing it's trying to kill processes05:12
q0_0pJordan_U, nm it shutdowned05:12
q0_0pJordan_U, it was just taking awhile O_O05:12
q0_0pJordan_U, my bad05:13
Jordan_Uq0_0p: np :)05:13
ekimmargniI'm trying to compile something, and I get the error "no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH" - what package do I need for that?05:13
=== user__ is now known as BeFamous
Jordan_Uekimmargni: build-essential, but what are you trying to compile?05:13
ekimmargniJordan_U: printer driver05:14
BeFamousgood morning05:14
Jordan_Uekimmargni: Are you sure there isn't a pre-packaged driver available? What printer?05:14
pengemismorning all05:14
seventeen]You know what's crazy? Shipping a package across the entire country is faster than banks...05:14
seventeen]Somehow, they cannot understand that updating their shit could be useful05:15
pengemissome body can help me with ircd-hybrid?05:15
ekimmargniJordan_U: Yes, I'm testing them05:15
pengemisany body ?05:15
seba__How do i make the command line in the terminal not show the current directory ( like seba@seba-desktop:~/Documents/ECE368$ ) and only show a > ?05:16
nix-idiotequeI can has popsicle?05:17
DirectorBonesyAttempting to load the Ubuntu boot disc05:17
DirectorBonesyI think it might be broken05:17
Jordan_Useba__: PS1='> '05:18
tiakoFlash works now minus the sound :(05:18
yellowroosterhi. how do i know if i have xine OR gstreamer installed? (I'm wanting to run floola)05:18
Geoffrey2in the network connecting icon, do the top and bottom dots (that start gray and turn green) represent something?05:19
DirectorBonesyIt gives me this message: [     2.841361] ACPI: Expecting a [Reference] package element, found type C05:19
DirectorBonesyLoading, please wait...05:19
DirectorBonesyBusyBox v1.10.2 (Ubuntu 1:1.10.2-2ubuntu7) built-in shell (ash)05:19
DirectorBonesyEnter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.05:19
DirectorBonesy(initramfs) _05:19
FloodBot2DirectorBonesy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
Jordan_Uyellowrooster: Gstreamer is installed by default05:19
ZOOhi, guys, a simple question, I have 2 wireless adapters, wlan0 and wlan1, how do i force the browser to use wlan1 ? I already put down the wlan0 and wlan1 successfully got a IP via DHCP05:19
yellowroosterJordan_U: how can i check whether i have it installed?05:19
tiakoOh there is my sound05:19
tiakoAnyone have logitech G35's?05:20
BeFamoussome zeven os user here?05:20
Jordan_Uyellowrooster: apt-cache policy gstreamer0.10-alsa05:21
yellowrooster Installed: 0.10.25-2 <-- Jordan_U. i guess this measn i have it installed05:21
yellowroosterJordan_U: how can i check if i have xine also installed?05:21
Jordan_Uyellowrooster: Yes05:21
DirectorBonesyCan anyone help me fix this? Or is the disc just bad?05:21
yellowroosterhow can i install  libstdc++5 ? I tried  sudo apt-get install libstdc++5. But "E: Package libstdc++5 has no installation candidate"05:22
Jordan_Uyellowrooster: apt-cache policy libxine105:22
yellowroosterInstalled: (none) <--jordan_u. i guess i don't have xine installed05:23
Geoffrey2hi folks, I'm still having problems getting my laptop to connect to my wireless network....anyone here who could try and walk me through fixing the problem?05:23
BeFamouscan someone help me please. i`m unable to boot xp or ubuntu. i tried the oracle of google since about 8 hours.05:23
Jordan_UBeFamous: What happens when you try to boot?05:24
BeFamousi want to rbuild grub05:24
Jordan_U!grub | BeFamous05:24
ubottuBeFamous: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:24
BeFamousJordan_U,  i have 3 hdd ( 2x sata 1x ide) i alwasy get a errot message05:25
Jordan_UBeFamous: What error message?05:25
BeFamousJordan_U,  21 and 1705:25
JereHi! I need help please to install  a version of openoffice in deb.tar.gz in my ubuntu, I have no idea of how to decompile that pack with compilated debs because of the dependencies05:26
Jordan_UBeFamous: Have you tried booting with super grub CD?05:27
BeFamouscurrently i cant make an super grub disk cause im only able to boot a live system05:27
fccfJere: openoffice comes standard in ubuntu .. I am not sure what you are trying to do?05:28
BeFamousi trie to make an usb stick but i`m too stupid05:28
Jordan_UJere: cd to the directory with the .deb files and run "sudo dpkg -i *.deb"05:28
Jerei want to install it in spanish, cause it comes in english05:28
BeFamousi need a boot manger who scan all hd drives05:28
Jordan_UJere: You can install spanish translations with synaptic05:28
Jerei tried but it didnt work05:29
infidif PDO isn't maintained by PECL anymore, and the only way i can see to install PDO in ubuntu is via pecl, i'm screwed. anyone know another way? i dont see a package for it in debian.packages.org or anything05:29
fccfJere: that is just a language pack and is available in the repositories, however your openoffice uses your locale ... see !locale05:29
fccf!locale | Jere05:29
ubottuJere: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf05:29
ubunoobHey, so jaunty won't update now05:30
BeFamousthe problem is that this is not my computer ... we have 5 gmt .. so i hope that the maschine will work when my friend wakes up :-(05:30
ubunoob404 NOT FOUND: http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-updates/multiverse/source/Sources05:30
* BeFamous is not strong enought *G*05:30
ubunoobI need to install stuff, so is there a way to update from somewhere else?05:31
=== dad_ is now known as Guest31017
Jordan_Uubunoob: System > Administration > Software Sources05:32
Jordan_UDirectorBonesy: Try the noacp boot option, instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions05:33
seba__how do i make the command PS1="> " permanent ? i am using bash shell05:35
lstarnesseba__: add it to ~/.bashrc05:36
Jordan_Useba__: Add it to the end of your ~/.bashrc05:36
sircoolnessHey guys... Whats the name of the package that installs most audio/video support?05:36
BeFamousis there a tool to erase ll the mbr .. to choose the hdd by bios?05:37
Jordan_Usircoolness: ubuntu-restricted-extras05:37
Jordan_Usircoolness: It also installs other things like Sun Java05:37
lstarnesBeFamous: deleting the mbr is not a good idea05:37
BeFamouslstarnes, i need a tool to scann all drives for installed os`es05:38
Jordan_UBeFamous: super grub cd does that05:38
BeFamousJordan_U, currently i`m unable to burn a cd cause i`m using a live cd05:38
sircoolnessI have xubuntu. Should I install ubuntu-restricted-extras, or xubuntu-restricted-extras?05:39
n8tuseravahi is piece of crap that should not be included at all05:39
Jordan_UBeFamous: What happened before it stopped booting?05:39
loshan8tuser: I agree. Well, ok to ship it, but at least disable it by default...05:39
BeFamousJordan_U, i get an error messsage 21 when i remember correctly ( or 71)05:40
cancuengtjoin #ubuntugt-soporte05:40
Jordan_UBeFamous: I mean, it was booting at some point. What changed between then and now that might have caused a problem?05:40
BeFamousJordan_U, soory .. i dont understand u .. my english isnt very good05:41
n8tuser avahi is not even listed in update-alternatives, frekin thing where is that set at so i can disable it permanently05:41
Jordan_UBeFamous: When did the computer start having this problem?05:42
Jordan_Un8tuser: /etc/init.d/avahi-daemon05:42
BeFamouswhen i installed an ubuntu derivat on an non system partition05:42
losha!de | BeFamous05:43
ubottuBeFamous: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.05:43
flandersuseBesides the GUI and the extra packages (maximum, unr-loader, window-picker, etc), what makes Ubuntu Netbook Remix different? It still uses the same kernel as Ubuntu desktop, right? Nothing in terms of hardware performances/compatibility/battery life?05:43
Jordan_UBeFamous: Good, I think I can help you fix the problem then05:43
BeFamousJordan_U, u can call my computer something like test drive05:43
n8tuserJordan_U-> i forget now, is it invoke-rc.d that will disable that permanently? or was it update-alternatives?05:43
BeFamousJordan_U, thx05:43
Jordan_U!boot | n8tuser05:43
ubottun8tuser: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto05:43
Jordan_UBeFamous: In a terminal run "sudo grub"05:44
BeFamousJordan_U, can we use a direct chat pls05:44
Jordan_UBeFamous: Sure05:44
flandersuseAnyone familiar with my question about the difference of UNR?05:45
khaeruWhee, lots of bodies05:46
khaeruAnyone know how to boot into busybox on purpose?05:46
fccfkhaeru: I don't ... curious .. what do you need that for?05:48
khaeruI have what seems like a disk error on my netbook05:49
khaeruIt's on a file that's targeted but a libstdc++ update05:49
khaeruSo dpkg keeps failing on that update05:49
khaerufscking the root filesystem might fix it05:50
khaeruBut the standard methods, which create a file /forcefsck, don't work under Karmic at the moment05:50
khaeruThus I need to get to a place, at boot, where I can fsck the root partition without having it mounted05:50
=== loganhoup_ is now known as loganhoup
fccfkhaeru: you are talking about karmic which isn't supported here #ubuntu+1 for that05:51
khaeruI'm not asking about the karmic bug05:51
khaeruI'm asking how to start busybox from grub; grub2 has been in jaunty and perhaps previous versions05:51
christiannhi ? i know this channel is for ubuntu help but if someobdy know's how fix this can help me ? http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/3190/errorq.png05:51
Sakarawould like to install ubuntu or a variant there of onto a P3 766Mhz with 376MB of memory. What would you all here suggest I use?05:51
khaeruSakara, probably xubuntu05:52
=== |eXeC001er| is now known as eXeC001er
fccfkhaeru: I believe doing 'sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now' replaces 'sudo shutdown -F -r now'05:52
khaeruAs I said, there is a bug means /forcefsck isn't honored.05:52
infidhow do you reinstall an apt package, do you have to apt-get remove and apt-get install all over?05:52
Sakarathe latest release will work no probmlens with hardware that old khaeru ?05:52
khaeruBut that's not the approach I'm trying to take05:52
khaeruSakara, no guarantees but the specs are good enough05:53
fccfkhaeru: can you boot into a live disk and fsck manually?05:53
lstarnesinfid: try sudo aptitude reinstall packagename05:53
auzigogQuestion, how do I know which device in /dev/sda /dev/sdb maps to my USB drive?05:53
khaerufccf, no disk drive and I don't own a USB key. Ought to have one05:53
fccfkhaeru: yeah, you should go out an buy a $10 usb drive right now ... I don't know of anyother workaround05:54
khaeruPatience, maybe :)05:54
xandermannI'm having problems with getting ssh to work. I nmap my router on the port I chose and that seems good and I can connect through ssh to myname@localhost but (just to test it out) when I try and use myname@my_routers_external_ip_address nothing happens it just sits there . . . nothing.  Any suggestions?05:54
khaeruOK, thanks05:54
n8tuserauzigog-> ls -la /sys/class/block05:54
n8tuserxandermann-> your router is not forwarding correctly05:55
auzigogn8tuser: hmm. nothing in there indicates which one is my USB...05:55
fccfxandermann: you would have to do that from the external network, you cannot access an outside IP that routes back to your router05:55
X-Sleepy-XHi! Is it true that this graphics bug has been fixed with the latest dailt build of Karmic? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/43181205:55
fccf!karmic X-Sleepy-X05:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:56
lstarnesX-Sleepy-X: please join #ubuntu+1 for support with karmic05:56
bazhangX-Sleepy-X, #ubuntu+1 for karmic05:56
greensimianhey gang05:56
xandermannfccf: okay basically my router can't connect to itself through the internet it can't bounce info off my isp? Is that what your saying05:56
greensimianWhat is the best method to rotate my wallpaper ever few minutes?05:56
assoguerozen_sxguys, what can i do to ashampoo burning detect my DVD/CD driver?05:56
assoguerozen_sxi did normal configure in wine, but it didnt work05:57
n8tuserauzigog-> try   ls -la /sys/dev/block05:57
fccfxandermann: essentially, if you wanted to test that that external IP is working .. ask somebody to test it from the outside05:58
=== madmax is now known as Guest64295
n8tuserxandermann-> your router is not forwarding correctly towards the inside05:58
greensimianI would like to rotate wallpapers every few minutes....what's the best way to do it?05:58
* greensimian scratching chin05:59
=== goose is now known as BirthdayGoose
auzigogn8tuser: thanks!06:00
cambazzhow do I tell a remote ubuntu server to update everything to latest06:00
cambazzaptget update06:00
cambazzand then?06:00
bazhanggreensimian, wallpaper-tray06:00
d_rwinany help on ubuntu command line system resolution reconfig; change to 1024x76806:01
fccfcambazz apt-get upgrade ... that will give the latest of that release ... if you wanted to go further see !upgrade06:01
fhenning09okay I'm just curious is there a guide out there that shows how to do this: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/master_your_digital_domain ----- but Linux style =) ?06:01
fccf!upgrade | cambazz06:01
ubottucambazz: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading06:01
jullyI HAVE GOOGLE WAve !!!06:01
cambazzwell, i know how to update, but this is for a server06:02
fhenning09what would be the equivalent and I can find the documentation and figure it out myself. lol06:02
cambazzi dont know how to do it from command like06:02
optimizeranyone tried the mp3 downloaded from amazon? how do we know that there is no trojan in it?06:02
Madcamperis there any type of program like cadega, but free for ubuntu?06:02
greensimianbazhang: Thanks man, I am firing up Apt!06:02
cambazzbut i am looking for `emerge world` equivalent of the gentoo06:02
bazhanggreensimian, also drapes06:02
fccfcambazz: I know nothing of gentoo ... what version of ubuntu are you running?06:03
bazhangjully, optimizer please discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic06:03
jullyhehe k sorry06:03
bazhangcambazz, you mean latest within that version, or the next version06:03
xim_is there a command i can type to disconnect all current scp (ssh) connections?06:03
=== distrohopper is now known as distro|hoppin
=== distro|hoppin is now known as distrohopper
fccfxim_: sudo /etc/init.d/sshd restart or sudo /etc/init.d/openssh restart ... not sure which06:04
assoguerozen_sxguys, what can i do to ashampoo burning detect my DVD/CD driver? i did normal configure in wine, but it didnt work06:04
d_rwinhow can i reset my X resolution to 1024x76806:04
xim_fccf: ah thx ill get it from there06:04
bazhangassoguerozen_sx, did you check appdb06:04
fhenning09try alternatives to Cadenga in google06:05
Geoffrey2can anyone offer an explanation as to my ubuntu tower can see the wireless network, and my ubuntu laptop cannot?06:05
hd409fccf: fresh install ubuntu 9.04 has built in ssh? like my friends can access my box if i add them?not need to install ssh or openserver ssh?06:05
xim_hd409: no you must install ssh06:06
Jordan_Uassoguerozen_sx: What does ashampoo do that you need? K3b probably does whatever you need06:06
hd409xim_: how to install?06:06
fccfhd409: the client is standard ..... the server is not ... sudo apt-get install openssh06:06
assoguerozen_sxim using gnome06:06
cabarohd409: sudo apt-get install ssh06:06
assoguerozen_sxand k3b didnt work with mp3 files @_@06:06
bazhangassoguerozen_sx, gnomebaker then, though k3b works fine with gnome06:06
fccfcabaro: wrong ... its openssh06:06
cabarotry :)06:07
bazhangassoguerozen_sx, sure it does06:07
assoguerozen_sxim using karmic06:07
hd409openssh cannot found file06:07
bazhang#ubuntu+1 assoguerozen_sx06:07
assoguerozen_sxin jaunty i didnt have this problem with k3b06:07
assoguerozen_sxoh, ok06:07
hd409fccf: cannot find openssh06:07
=== nick is now known as Guest9258
xim_fccf: hd409 i use ssh not openssh06:08
hd409sudo apt-get install ssh seems working06:08
fccfcabaro: you were right , I was wrong .. it is openssh-server06:08
d_rwincabaro: openssh will work in fedora not ubuntu repo;06:08
hd409xim_ cabaro fccf how to install ssh if i want my friend to access my box?06:09
fhenning09Heres a pretty sweet site06:09
xim_hd409: with ssh installed you can get a program called winscp, very lite and free, to get linux files from windows06:09
xim_hd409: sudo apt-get install ssh06:09
bazhangfhenning09, please dont paste here06:09
fccfhd409: yeah .. that''ll do it ... give him a user account ... ssh user@host06:09
Jordan_Uhd409: Installing the "ssh" package will install openssh-server, once that's installe just make a user for them06:09
Geoffrey2apparently wireless networking remains a major mystery......06:10
fccfhd409: filezilla also works well for windows filesharing via ssh06:10
cabarohd409: you can also install like:   sudo apt-get install openssh-server06:10
hd409xim_ sorry i was wrong. i have already ssh and openssh installed.im talking to teamviewer ssh or teamviewer.exe? i want my friends to access me and how to access them06:10
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 Geoffrey206:10
hd409cabaro sorry i have ssh openss server already.what i was talking about is teamviewer06:10
silv3r_m00ngoogle chrome opens faster than leafpad or kedit .........cant the text editor be made a bit fast ?06:10
fccfhd409: that is X forwarding .. or VNC ... depending on how you do it06:10
fhenning09open a dialogue and explain the issue regarding the 19 character text violation06:10
hd409because my friends are using teamviewer06:11
hd409fccf: i have their ID and pass.but i cannot install teamviewer.exe to my ubuntu06:11
hd409fccf so that i can access their teamviewer too06:11
cabarohd409: on client side connect like:  ssh -Y username@
hd409and they can access me too06:11
fccfhd409: that might run in wine .. I haven't tried ... but will not run natively in ubuntu06:12
cabarohd409: that will enable X forwarding on the client side06:12
iameliteIm looking for an egocentric linux supergenius looking to earn bragging rights to brainstorm with me in an IM. in relevance to USB hardware06:12
BeFamousa great THX06:12
cabarohd409: you can then launch gnome apps from the terminal06:12
d_rwinhow can i reset my X resolution to 1024x76806:12
=== bbalajirao is now known as heyboy
bazhangD-RoC, english please06:13
heyboyI have installed arpwatch on my Ubuntu 9.04. Now where do I see the logs or alerts?06:13
D-RoCi was testing screen froze for a sec ma Bad06:13
loganhoup[01:13] <loganhoup> I am getting something that looks similiar to water ripples across my screen at random times on a fresh install of ubuntu06:14
nemesis1911yoo guys how do I disable the dumb PC BEEP in ubuntu.. it beeps every time I exit program or enter this chat..06:14
bazhangloganhoup, using compiz?06:14
nemesis1911how do I get rid of it06:14
hd409cabaro: whats the command?how to access teamviewer in windows?06:14
loganhoupbazhang: yes06:14
Jordan_Uloganhoup: Those happen whenever there is a "bell" in a window06:14
Jordan_U!ccsm | loganhoup06:14
ubottuloganhoup: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz06:14
cabarohd409: sorry, no info on teamviewer06:14
heyboyHow do I configure arpwatch to send alerts to my email or to a separate log?06:14
bazhangloganhoup, iirc there is a plugin in compiz for that06:15
BeFamousJordan_U, thx06:15
faldridgedoes anyone know where the header files are installed by default for linux-headers-server in jaunty server?06:15
loganhoupCan I disable this I haven't used compiz in a while and don't remember this?06:15
Jordan_UBeFamous: np06:15
nemesis1911how do I disable pc beep in ubuntu?06:15
Jordan_Ufaldridge: dpkg -L linux-headers-$( uname -r )06:15
loganhoupbazhang: can you give me the name of the plugin?06:15
bazhangloganhoup, what about going into appearances visual effects and set to none06:15
cabaronemesis1911: sudo rmmod pcspkr06:16
* BeFamous gives Jordan_U a present06:16
nemesis1911thx you cabaro ;-)06:16
faldridgeJordan_U: thanks, but I was hoping to find out without stopping the running process; guess it won't kill me though06:16
loganhoupbazhang: I want to use compiz and don't want a biased opinion on whether or not I should use it to save me trouble?06:16
bazhangloganhoup, not sure what you mean there06:16
cabaro<nemesis1911: np06:17
nemesis1911kewl thx the PC beep is gone nice06:17
loganhoupI don't want to turn off the visual effects I just want to turn off the bell ripple06:17
bazhangloganhoup, not aware of the specific plugin; perhaps the folks in #compiz will06:17
christiannhi ? i know this channel is for ubuntu help but if someobdy know's how fix this can help me ? http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/3190/errorq.png06:18
hd409cabaro: i guess ill install vnc on their windows?06:18
Jordan_Unemesis1911: It will be disabled by default in the next version of Ubuntu BTW. You aren't the only one to complain about it :)06:18
hd409cabaro: but how to connect to there vnc?06:18
* daf3707 测试06:18
heyboyguys, any help about arpwatch configuration would be helpful. Thanks06:18
hd409cabaro ssh -Y user@ip ?06:18
cabarohd409: maybe enable remote connection on windows, then connect using tsclient, works for me06:18
bazhangchristiann, that is for bsd?06:18
cabarohd409: thats to connect to your ubuntu ssh with X enabled06:19
TheRealmezquitalheyboy, if you ask what the issue you are having and if someone knows the answer Im sure they reply06:19
bazhang!cn | daf370706:19
ubottudaf3707: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:19
FireCrotchhd409: I've used teamviewer in linux using wine and it worked perfectly for me, if you want to use that :)06:19
heyboyI want to configure arpwatch to log to a separate file06:20
hd409FireCrotch: thanks ill install wine.06:20
cabarohd409: i missed what you were trying to accopmlish?06:20
cabarohd409: connect to remote windows client, or what?06:20
daf3707OK,我的pidgin的irc 登录不上来了,怪06:20
hd409cabaro: to access the teamviewer of my windows06:20
cabarohd409: ok, i'll google teamviewer.. one moment06:21
FireCrotchcabaro: it's a proprietary remote access program for windows, similar to logmein06:21
TheRealmezquitalwine is for babies, try virtualbox and use windows as a virtual machine and try your windows apps in the virtual machine06:21
mneptokhd409: why not just use VNC?06:22
hd409FireCrotch: downloading wine now06:22
FireCrotchTheRealmezquital: Actually, I would contend that using a VM is the easy way out06:22
hd409mneptok: you mean install first vnc server in the windows?06:22
cabarook, so it handles port forwarding and some security layer as opposed to rdc?06:22
hd409FireCrotch: i will install first tightvnc in windows?06:22
mneptokhd409: VNC has far better support in Linux than does Team Viewer06:22
FireCrotchcabaro: Yes, teamviewer handles the problem of being behind NAT06:23
hd409mneptok: but the windows is using teamviewer...but i can install tightvnc06:23
hd409FireCrotch: correct nat issues06:23
cabarohd409: if you don't want to forward RDC port, then vnc viewer would probably be easiest.06:23
mneptokhd409: you'll find VNC far easier to configure for Linux <--> Windows than TV06:23
cabaroFireCrotch: is it using a middle server or connect using port 80 or what?06:24
FireCrotchcabaro: it uses a central server06:24
hd409cabaro: ill install vnc viewer here in my ubuntu 9.04?then install tightvnc server in windows?06:25
FireCrotchmneptok: the teamviewer viewer works just fine in wine, I use it all the time, and had to do nothing special06:25
cabaroFireCrotch: ok, i would reconsider, if i was dealing with corporate connection. For home use it might be ok.06:25
FireCrotchcabaro: its encrypted, if I recall correctly, so not that big of an issue06:26
FireCrotchcabaro: but for a company, yeah, I'd probably set up something better06:26
mneptokFireCrotch: why use an emulation layer when a perfectly good and workable solution exists without one?06:27
cabaroFireCrotch: ok, just always a bit suscept, when going through a middle server. Vpn anyone?06:27
FireCrotchmneptok: ease of use for the person on the other end06:27
mneptokFireCrotch: depends on someone's familiarity with WINE.06:28
hansit's my birthday. does anybody want to give me money?06:28
FireCrotchmneptok: much easier to tell someone to go to teamviewer.com, click "Start Client" and give me the numbers so I can connect to them06:28
FireCrotchmneptok: I'm talking about the person whose computer I'm connecting to :)06:28
mneptokhans: here, have this ...06:28
mneptok!offtopic > hans06:28
ubottuhans, please see my private message06:28
hansaw, how sweet. thanks mneptok <3 I'll print that out and post it on my bathroom mirror06:29
Geoffrey2bazhang, thanks, but still no luck.....06:30
hd409mneptok: how to access vnc?i have already manage to setup vnc in windows...and set a pass and i have the ip06:32
hanshd409: is your host machine behind a router?06:32
hd409hans: its open ports so no prblem06:33
fidosual es el de español06:33
hanshd409: as long as port 5900 is forwarded to the host machine, so you should be good then. VNC to the IP, and login with password.06:33
hanswait, hd40906:33
hansfido: go to teh spanish channel06:33
hanshd409: go to System > Admin > Login Window, and make sure you have remote login enabled06:33
fidocual es el wiki para español06:33
=== hans is now known as BirthdayMav
=== logan_houp is now known as loganhoup
fidopor favor06:35
loganhoupif I have to ghost myself one more time.06:35
fidonecesito en español06:35
fidoes muy urgente06:35
BirthdayMavloganhoup: what client?06:35
=== Boney_ is now known as Bonesy
hd409hans: in remote > syle > i dont see "remote login enable" there06:36
BirthdayMavloganhoup: what client are you using?06:36
BirthdayMavhd409: I'm booted in windows atm, if you give me a second I can reboot into nix06:37
loganhoupIt is pouring here though06:37
hd409hans: all i see is plain as face local, local06:37
loganhoupand my internet is cutting in and out06:37
BonesyGot everything up06:37
BonesyHeck, I even figured out apt-get through the command line and I am loving that06:37
BonesyLet's see06:37
BonesyFlash 10 support?06:37
BirthdayMavloganhoup: you can switch to xchat and write yourself a small script to prevent such annoyance06:37
causasuiwhere does truecrypt store keyfiles by default?06:37
BonesyBirthdayMav: What language does Xchat use?06:37
BirthdayMavcausasui: you choose when you create it, it doesn't have a default06:38
hd409BirthdayMav ok06:38
BirthdayMavor if it is, it's your home dir06:38
BirthdayMavBonesy: you can set it to any, but I have it on UTF-806:38
causasuiBirthdayMav: I dont remember creating one, but after reinstalling ubuntu, truecrypt is claiming that my password is wrong. I'm sure it is not wrong06:38
BirthdayMavcausasui: did you use a password, or keyfile?06:38
causasuiBirthdayMav: Pretty sure it was just password, but the "use Keyfiles" box was checked whenever I mounted it06:38
BonesyBirthdayMav: I meant scripting language :P06:38
BirthdayMavBonesy: any, or just plain text command06:39
causasuiBirthdayMav: I backed up my home folder from the prevous install, just trying to figure out what I should be looking for if it did create a keyfile06:39
BirthdayMavcausasui: if you used a keyfile and lost if, you're screwed. if you used a password, don't mess with the keyfile option, just enter the password06:39
BonesyAlso, is there a particular reason to use the GUI over apt-get through the command line?06:39
BirthdayMavcausasui: it'd be a text file with no extention06:39
causasuiBirthdayMav: I didnt "lose" the keyfile, I'm asking what I should be looking for. ugh06:39
causasuiBirthdayMav: ALl right06:39
BirthdayMavBonesy: not really. except for noobs.06:40
BirthdayMavOK, brb, booting into nix so I can help you hd40906:40
mneptokBonesy: stick with the CLI. it's the easiest method of remote management. the skills you learn are very valuable.06:40
BonesyBecause apt-get is getting me packages the GUI can't seem to find.06:40
* BirthdayMav screen's06:40
Bonesymy only regret is that I can't search package names with the CLI as far as I know.06:40
cabarobonesy: apt-cache seacrh06:41
P1robest tool to check/repair damage hard drivers ?06:41
mneptokBonesy: apt-cache search $packagename06:41
BonesyOh, awesome06:41
BonesyThanks guys. :)06:41
cabarobonesy: apt-cache search package06:41
mneptokBonesy: apt-cache show $packagename06:41
mneptokalso useful06:41
cabarobonesy: apt-cache --help06:41
fidocual es el wiki en español06:42
causasuiBirthdayMav: Is there any other app that can mount a volume I encrypted as AES?06:42
fidoespañol por favor06:42
mneptokfido: ingles solamente06:42
mneptok!es > fido06:42
ubottufido, please see my private message06:42
BirthdayMavok hd409, back :D06:43
BirthdayMavhd409: what version of linux are you on?06:43
hd409BirthdayMav happy birthday and wb06:43
nix-idiotequeI can has popsicle?06:43
hd409ubuntu 9.04 BirthdayMav06:43
=== goose is now known as BirthdayGoose
mneptoknix-idioteque: you can has #ubuntu-offtopic06:44
BirthdayMavinteresting, irssi didn't highlight me that time06:44
hd409BirthdayMav and i already installed vnc on windows.how to access the vnc windows?06:44
BirthdayMavhd409: you have to enable it in Ubuntu first. I'm on 9.10, so gimme a sec06:45
P1robest tool to check/repair damage hard drivers ?06:45
mneptokP1ro: fsck06:45
hd409BirthdayMav i dont see enable thing there at system , admin , login06:45
Madcamperis 9.10 the offical up to date release?06:45
mneptokhd409: Applications > Internet > Remote desktop viewer06:45
Geoffrey2sigh...this is getting really annoying...laptop used to connect to the network just fine....now. it can't even find the network......06:45
OneMillionDollarwhree is the super key ?06:46
mneptokGeoffrey2: is the hardware switch for wireless set to <off>?06:46
OneMillionDollarwat is super key ?06:46
lstarnesOneMillionDollar: it's often the same as the win key06:46
BirthdayMavhd409: I know I know, one second06:46
BirthdayMavhd409: System > Preferences > Remote Desktop06:46
OneMillionDollaroh my god06:47
OneMillionDollarwhy they called it super key06:47
P1romneptok: not just for ext2 i wanna something that check the driver06:47
DigitalKiwibecause it's not always the windows key?06:47
OneMillionDollarthey should just stick to it and called it win key06:47
lstarnesOneMillionDollar: because on non-PC keyboards it's not the win key06:47
Geoffrey2mneptok, on the router?  no, and the wireless light is lit...plus, my desktop is connecting wirelessly without a hitch06:47
mneptokOneMillionDollar: Windows is a licensed trademark of Microsoft Corporation. all rights reserved.06:47
notsonerdysunnymy laptop has this wierd behaviour of the screen dimming when on AC power but bright screen when it is running on battery. I would like to change this behaviour .. how can I do it?06:48
mneptokGeoffrey2: no, on the laptop or whatever06:48
OneMillionDollarok thanks bye06:48
BonesyIs there some arcane magic I have to work to get flash 10 running, or is it just apt-get install flashplayer?06:48
FireCrotchBonesy: flashplugin-nonfree06:48
lstarnesBonesy: which version of ubuntu are you using?06:48
mneptokBonesy: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree06:48
Geoffrey2mneptok, the Wi/Fi light on the laptop is lit06:48
Bonesylstarnes: 9.0406:48
mneptokGeoffrey2: what wireless chipset?06:48
lstarnesBonesy: I think flashplugin-nonfree in 9.04 is flash 1006:48
mneptokP1ro: fsck fixes more than just ext206:49
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: what happens when you change the brightness and then unplug/replug06:49
BonesyWell, if it's not I'll let you guys know :D06:49
notsonerdysunnylet me check06:49
P1romneptok: it says error no ext2 partition06:49
Geoffrey2interesting....I hit the key combo to turn the wirelss on/off, the light stayed lit, but now it sees a wireless network.....06:49
DigitalKiwiit usually stores whatever you had the brightness by state06:49
BirthdayMavhd409: find it?06:49
causasuiThis is really mystifying. I cannot mount my truecrypt volume after a reinstall of ubuntu, even though the password cannot be wrong.06:49
mneptokP1ro: you have to unmount any partitions you want to check. then use fsck.ext3 or fsck.ext4 or whatever06:50
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi, I can't increase the brightness with the function key on my laptop .. is there any other way to do it?06:50
ShapeShifter499I want to copy my playstation game so I may emulate it on my computer wherever I want and not just at home how do I do this on ubuntu 9.04?06:50
P1romneptok: let me try06:50
hd409mneptok BirthdayMav : i still cant connect from ubuntu to win vnc..but i can access win to win...do i miss something?like enabling remote login in ubuntu?06:51
Geoffrey2mneptok, it's one of those glorious Airforce Broadcom AirForce 54g......06:51
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi, right now .. the only way for me to increase the brightness is to unplug06:51
BirthdayMavhd409: did you enable remote login in System > Preferences > Remote Desktop ?06:51
hd409BirthdayMav : there is no "Enable" thing there06:52
Bonesy..out of curiosity, the flashplugin is 32-bit?06:52
notsonerdysunnyIs there any battery management tool in linux06:52
BirthdayMavBonesy: I believe so06:52
mneptokBonesy: no, there is a 64-bit version06:52
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: system > preferences > display06:53
BirthdayMavhd409: "Allow others to view your desktop"? I can screenshot for you, sec06:53
Bonesymneptok: I meant the one gained through flashplugin-nonfree.06:53
=== jon is now known as Guest88548
hd409BirthdayMav : what i want to access is the win vnc.not my ubuntu box...06:54
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga06:54
BirthdayMavhd409: I know, but that's the Ubuntu VNC enabler06:54
mneptokBonesy: depending on your version of Ubuntu, you get whatever architecture you have installed06:54
P1romneptok: it says not found fschk.ntfs06:54
BirthdayMavhd409: http://goose.kicks-ass.net/VNC/VNC.png06:54
hd409BirthdayMav : still cant access the win vnc from ubuntu..but i can access win to win vnc06:55
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga06:55
P1romneptok: im running a live usb 9.4 i can get nvidia drivers here?06:55
DigitalKiwidoes fsck even support ntfs?06:55
mneptokP1ro: System > Admin > Hardware Drivers06:56
ZykoticK9ShapeShifter499, see part 4 re: bin/cue for playstation image creation http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/wiwimod/index.php?page=howto+cd-images06:56
P1romneptok:  great06:57
ShapeShifter499ZykoticK9: ok06:57
BirthdayMavhd409: you see?06:57
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: did that help?06:58
fhenning09Hey guys I know there are a ton of Ubuntu off shoots are there any that i can use as a 'open alternative' to "Windows Home Server"?06:58
notsonerdysunnyI couldn't find Display in system->Preferences ... Is it available in ubuntu 8.04?06:58
causasui after installing karmic, truecrypt will not mount an encrypted partition even though the password cannot be wrong06:58
fhenning09I'm looking for the linux equivalent =)06:59
DigitalKiwii dunno, i have a really new gnome :/06:59
BirthdayMavnotsonerdysunny: try Preferences > Screen Resolution. Or it might be admin. Can't remember.06:59
ShapeShifter499ZykoticK9: tnx06:59
DigitalKiwiactually display isn't even the one i wanted hurr06:59
thneedHi, I have no operating system on my laptop right now and I am trying to install jaunty, but I have no grub, is there a link to install ubuntu from scratch?06:59
DigitalKiwisystem > preferences > power management07:00
BirthdayMavthneed: do you have the .iso?07:00
thneedBirthdayMav: yeah, but no bash07:00
BirthdayMavthneed: is it burned to a CD?07:00
thneedBirthdayMav: it just loads to "No Operating System Detected07:00
BirthdayMavthneed: is it burned to a CD?07:00
azmHi. How to add name@local host to console..I hust created new user with adduser please ?07:00
thneedBirthdayMav: yes07:00
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi, I have been trying the power management thing .. the GUI never comes up .. it seems like it is broken..07:00
BirthdayMavthneed: is your BIOS set to boot from CD drive?07:00
notsonerdysunnyis there a command line tool ?07:01
thneedBirthdayMav: yes07:01
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: gnome-power-manager is the binary file on my sys, try running it from cli (or whatever it is named on yours) and see what it says07:01
BirthdayMavthneed: them it should just be put the CD in your computer and reboot, perhaps press enter to boot from CD or something07:01
DigitalKiwithere are a few cli commands that can adjust screen brightness though they don't always work07:01
thneedBirthdayMav: when?07:01
BirthdayMavthneed: unless your BIOS has your HD priority above CD, or unless you burned the CD wrong07:01
BirthdayMavthneed: put the Ubuntu CD in your computer disk drive, close it, turn your computer all the way off, then turn it back on07:02
BirthdayMavin that order07:02
notsonerdysunnyDigital kiwi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/289060/07:03
=== allaun is now known as Allaun
P1romneptok:  its there a way that i can activate the nv drive on this liveusb ? with just restating x? or making the liveusb with persisnt changes07:03
cabarothneed: you might need to hit F10 or F11 on boot to show boot order dialog07:04
notsonerdysunnyi ran gnome-power-manager --no-daemon ... since just the binary did not fire up...07:04
sakoHey all, where is the file that contains all the services to start up? like httpd, mysqld, etc07:04
notsonerdysunnyit is saying something about the hal daemon..07:04
notsonerdysunnynot running..07:04
notsonerdysunnyis there a way to fix it?07:04
BirthdayMavsako: do you want to add or remove a startup process?07:05
sakoi installed a lamp development local server07:05
sakodon't want the processes always running07:05
BirthdayMavsako: no idea then, sorry. I only know how to add startup processes.07:05
Richard_Martinsup fags07:06
BirthdayMavsako: unless it's under System > Prefs > Startup Apps07:06
BirthdayMavRichard_Martin: just entertaining myself guessing how long till you're removed from the channel. you?07:06
Allaunhave you started hal nosonerdysunny?07:06
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: yeah, start hal07:06
notsonerdysunny** (gnome-power-manager:10742): WARNING **: DBUS error: Could not get owner of name 'org.freedesktop.Hal': no such name07:06
notsonerdysunny** (gnome-power-manager:10742): DEBUG: proxy is NULL, maybe the daemon responsible for org.freedesktop.Hal is not running?07:06
cabarosako: cd to /etc/init.d/    and  chmod -x servicename07:06
nic1how to get the source code with apt-get?07:07
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi how would I start hal?07:07
sakocabaro: nice thank you07:07
nic1please some one help me?07:07
cabarosako: haven't tested myself07:07
BirthdayMavnic1: rephrase your question07:07
DigitalKiwiuh hrm, on ubuntu is it /etc/init.d/hal start ???07:07
Allaunis hal itself running?07:07
G0SUB_nic1: sudo apt-get source <package name>07:07
O__owhat is ekiga?07:07
Richard_MartinBirthdayMav: what did I say?07:07
hd409BirthdayMav : yeah.its says on ubuntu "Connection closed" :( but i can access using win to win07:07
Allaunim client07:08
=== logan_houp is now known as loganhoup
Allauni think07:08
O__oseem like ekiga isnt working, or no one uses it07:08
DigitalKiwiO__o: it is a program for doing phone convos , like skype07:08
BirthdayMavok hd409, give me a minute, I'm helping like, 8 people at once :|07:08
notsonerdysunnyAllaun, ps -A | egrep hal returns nothing...07:08
O__oDigitalKiwi, but no user in ekiga07:08
P1rois there a way to make a live usb made with unetbooting on ubuntu 9.4 have persistent changes? for nvdriver and another stuff ?07:08
Allaunwell, like it was suggested try /etc/init.d/hal start07:08
hd409BirthdayMav: 5900 is vnc but all ports are opened here coz i can accesss using win to win07:08
BirthdayMavhd409: are the computers networked correctly?07:09
nic1whre do i get the source?07:09
hd409BirthdayMav : yeah07:09
Allaunis there a problem with persistent? when ever i use the tool to make a live usb stick persistent it only boots to busybox <.<07:09
notsonerdysunnyAllaun, DigitalKiwi ..  * Starting Hardware abstraction layer hald                                                                                 is the output i get when I started Hal using what you both suggested07:09
DigitalKiwias sudo?07:09
DigitalKiwisorry should have said07:10
BirthdayMavhd409: can you ping the ubuntu box from the win box?07:10
notsonerdysunnybut gnome-power-manager continues to gives the same error07:10
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi .. I did login as root using su and then ran the command..07:10
G0SUB_nic1: in the current working directory07:10
DigitalKiwiI can't believe I'm suggesting it but have you considered updating to a newer ubuntu?07:10
Allaundo you have acpi enabled? i'm not sure if that will help any but it seems relavant07:10
hd409BirthdayMAv : yeah i can ping it its connected07:10
O__oBirthdayMav, wow you are helping 8 people at once LOL07:11
BirthdayMavhd409: you DID enable remote desktop on the Ubuntu box, right?07:11
BirthdayMavO__o: yes, 7 in here, 1 in #xchat. what a way to spend my 20th birthday.07:11
Allaunhappy bday07:11
O__ohd409, are you having problem in remote desktop in ubuntu?07:11
hd409BirthdayMav yup on System prefer remote07:11
notsonerdysunnyAllaun, how do I check if acpi is enabled?07:12
O__ohd409, are you having problem controlling ubuntu from other computer?07:12
hd409O__o   : yah.. i cannot connect from ubuntu to win vnc server.but i can connect win to win07:12
hd409O__o   : i want to access win vnc server using ubuntu but no luck.but i can access using win to win07:13
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi .. Yes I have considered updating it to the newer ubuntu .. but just didn't want the trouble .. but I ma y do it.. :)07:13
O__ohd409, are you using vnc server on windows?07:13
O__ohd409, which vnc server?07:13
hd409O__o: tightvnc07:13
O__oare two computers on the same network?07:13
Allaunany suggestions on what what i should do for persistant usb? i'm on the road and havin g to reboot everytime i play a flash video07:13
Concretesledge /j #ubuntu07:13
BirthdayMavhd409: you have the password setting correct? don't have "Authorize each session" turned on?07:13
Concretesledgecan someone help me restore grub07:14
Concretesledge i installed win 707:14
Concretesledgeand it whiped out grub07:14
FloodBot2Concretesledge: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:14
hd409O__o : yeah same network.but also remote i can access win to win but not ubuntu to win.in local i can access win to win too.but not ubuntu to win07:14
hd409Birthday yup correct07:14
O__ohd409, using rdesktop is better then tightvnc07:14
Allaundo you have a live cd Concretesledge07:14
notsonerdysunnyAllaun, the command acpi gives the following output .. Battery 1: charging, 91%, 517:00:00 until charged .. that might probably mean acpi is enabled..07:14
BirthdayMavhd409: are they all on the same router?07:14
Allaunit does07:15
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:15
O__ohd409, but if u insist using vnc then try xtightvnc for linux07:15
hd409BirthdayMav yup.and no problem with win to win if i switch to other isp07:15
BirthdayMavhd409: so you can ping ubuntu box from win box... no windows firewall turned on or anything?07:15
sakobtw update-rc.d is what i was looking for07:16
hd409BirthdayMav : i can ping.all ports are opened07:16
hd409BirthdayMav because i can access using win to win remote and local07:16
BirthdayMavhd409: yes, but is the windows firewall on? I'm running out of ideas, is why I ask07:16
ConcretesledgeW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/grub/grub_0.97-29ubuntu56_i386.deb07:17
Concretesledge  404 Not Found [IP: 80]07:17
notsonerdysunnyis there a command line tool to change the brightness?07:17
hd409BirthdayMav : yup firewall is off07:17
Amaranthnotsonerdysunny: xbacklight07:17
O__ohd409, which method do u use trying to connect from ubuntu to windows?07:17
hd409O__O : using app-internet-remote07:18
BirthdayMavhd409: then my last guess is messing with the remote login settings on the ubuntu box, probably just need to tweak some setting07:18
O__ohd409, try vncviewer07:18
BirthdayMavhd409: Ubuntu VNC Viewer is Applications > Internet > Remote Desktop Viewer07:18
CyberKitsuneHello everyone, i was trying to set up postfix on my ubuntu server using the guide on the wiki, but it doesn't seem to send or receive mail... can anybody help?07:19
O__ohd409, in terminal type: vncviewer xx.xx.xx.xx07:19
hd409O__o im downloading the vncviewer now using sudo07:19
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: what laptop?07:19
nic1can i get the source and install a package at a time?07:19
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi Dell Vostro 140007:19
O__ohd409, but in my experience remote desktop to control windows is faster than vnc07:20
DigitalKiwiman xbacklight btw07:20
O__ohd409, the screen update faster07:20
hd409O__o : nope.still no reply07:20
DigitalKiwi(often doesn't work >.> )07:20
hd409O__o still no reply on vncviewer ip07:21
=== dean is now known as Guest32676
hd409O__O: connection closed..on remote desktop07:21
Guest32676Does anyone know where the skype logs are stored on linux07:22
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi, I am installing xbacklight ...07:22
=== Guest32676 is now known as deanc[work[
=== deanc[work[ is now known as deanc[work]
O__ohd409, in windows u need to enable remote desktop and add user in that group07:22
hd409deanc[work] no it is stored in the skype server07:22
BirthdayMavhd409: can you send me a screen shot of your Remote Login Screen?07:22
hd409BirthdayMav ok07:22
deanc[work]hd409, they can't be07:22
deanc[work]I can view my logs offline07:22
snowyhi, I reinstalled ubuntu after an HD crash on a new HD but for some reason I noticed this new installation is using too much CPU ... (I am running 9.04 and I was running it before too) it seems like my CPU is always above 60% even when I am not running any big programs (top shows that Xorg is taking a constant 15%!!)07:23
KB1JWQsnowy: Interesting.  Any idea what it's doing>07:23
hd409O__o : i did config win vnc.because i can connect using win to win vnc.even remote and local i can connect .except ubuntu07:23
DigitalKiwihtop > top btw07:23
O__ohd409, i can successfully connect from ubuntu to windows here using vnc07:24
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi.. as u said .. it is not helping07:24
O__ocan u make screenshot of what your error is?07:24
DigitalKiwisnowy: http://omploader.org/vMjgyag htop is at the top07:24
hd409<deanc[work]> yes you can read that.but you cannot find it in the logs of your linux.its stored in their server.try disconnect you will never see the logs again.but if you connect to skype you can read it07:24
CyberKitsuneis there a certain command that will list all used ip/ports on the system?07:24
deanc[work]are you 100% sure hd409? Where can I find online documentation about this.07:24
snowyhd409: I am installing it right now07:24
cabarohd409: is your windows client machine and linux client machine on same network? windows being the one you could connect from.07:24
hd409O__o what are you using? 5900 port is default.but still i cannot login :(07:25
O__oi just use default 590007:25
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: I really don't know, I don't use gnome (or ubuntu for that matter), and usually dell vostros work...I'm running out of ideas07:25
hd409deanc[work] yeah im 100%. chat logs are encrypted in skype07:25
nic1what is .dsc file?07:25
nic1is it a compressed one?07:25
hd409deanc[work] : unlike gtalk,ym,aim,msn you can view them if you have server bsd+imspector07:26
mick_laptopanyone ever change their x settings and then get X11 error: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)?,?% 0 0 when trying to play video?07:26
hd409cabaro : yes the same network.i tried differenet network works well with win to win vnc even remote and local works like a charm.except ubuntu to win vnc07:27
DigitalKiwigoogle returns some results for that model + ubuntu + backlight, if you haven't you might look at some of those07:27
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: ^07:27
notsonerdysunnythanks DigitalKiwi, Its not a show stopper .. I will put up with it .. untill I upgrade07:27
mick_laptopi added a monitor and then i got that error, so i unplugged it - changed the settings back and restarted07:27
VooDoo921co to za irc?07:27
VooDoo921jaki temat?:D07:27
snowyhd409: the command is somthing like /usr/X11%6/bin/X : 0 -br -audit 0 -auth /bar/lib/gdm/L0.Xauth -nolisten  tcp vt707:27
DigitalKiwithough speculation, what was the state of the laptop when you booted (plugged or unplugged)07:27
hd409snowy : whats this command all about?07:28
O__ohd409, try other vnc server?07:28
hd409snowy:$ /usr/X11%6/bin/X : 0 -br -audit 0 -auth /bar/lib/gdm/L0.Xauth -nolisten  tcp vt707:28
hd409bash: /usr/X11%6/bin/X: No such file or directory07:28
DigitalKiwiboot with it plugged and I'll bet you 5000 internets it works better07:28
O__orealvnc server or remote desktop in windows07:28
snowyhd409: that's what htop shows to be using ~15% of the cpu (although the total cpu usage it shows is 60%)07:28
hd409O__o: i will try realvnc07:28
kewlnessHello Everyone!07:29
cabarohd409: is there a reason why you don't use RDC connection?07:29
O__ohd409, did u try xtightvncviewer in ubuntu?07:29
snowyhd409: err, sorry I thought you were helping me :p07:29
snowyDigitalKiwi: the command is somthing like /usr/X11%6/bin/X : 0 -br -audit 0 -auth /bar/lib/gdm/L0.Xauth -nolisten  tcp vt707:30
snowyDigitalKiwi: that's what htop shows to be using ~15% of the cpu (although the total cpu usage it shows is 60%)07:30
hd409O__o: $ xtightvncviewer ip..still not replying... :(07:31
mick_laptopyou have a typo: /usr/X11R6/bin/X .....07:31
mick_laptophd409: use netcat to troubleshoot - also use verbose connections and check the logs07:31
BirthdayGoosehd409: you shouldn't need to install all these applications to get this working, Ubuntu has the stuff out of the box to host and view VNC07:32
O__owhich tightvnc server u installed?  version number07:32
mick_laptophd409: might be a firewall issue07:32
BirthdayGoosemick_laptop: already suggested that to him07:33
if_configGuys I have a Laptop 2.8ghz Celeron, 256mb memory 40gb hdd. Have installed Xubuntu on but it still runs a bit sluggish after a fresh install. Anyone have any recommendations for a Window Manager?07:34
ActionParsnipif_config: LXDE07:34
mick_laptopif_config: up the ram07:34
ActionParsnipif_config: make sure you install video drivers first, this will speed up the system lots07:35
mick_laptopif_config: i see $10 1 GB sticks all over the place now-a-days07:35
snowyKB1JWQ: the command is somthing like /usr/X11R6/bin/X : 0 -br -audit 0 -auth /bar/lib/gdm/L0.Xauth -nolisten  tcp vt7... that's what's eating up my CPU apparently07:35
n00b2hi just wanna know how to share my webcam online thru browser! any ideas what to do to implement this?07:35
BirthdayGoosen00b2: as of now, I don't think ubuntu java supports webcams07:35
mick_laptopBirthdayGoose: what about flash based webcam stuff?07:36
notsonerdysunnyDigitalKiwi, your suggestion of booting it plugged in worked! thanks a lot :)07:36
BirthdayGoosemick_laptop: haven't gotten that to work either (recording facebook video)07:36
mick_laptopthat shouldn't be that hard07:36
mick_laptopworst comes to worst dump the stream to a file07:37
DigitalKiwinotsonerdysunny: yw07:37
ActionParsnipn00b2: I think VLC can do it, not sure07:37
DigitalKiwiI wish I would have said that sooner (I saw something about it a while ago but didn't think to mention it >.> )07:37
mick_laptopActionParsnip: shareing a webcam? um no07:38
user01anyone knows how to fix the driver for the Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187 Wireless Adapter???07:38
ActionParsnipmick_laptop: why not it can take inputs and can broadcast streams of music, so why not. Might be hard but the underlying logic is sound07:38
CyberKitsuneSo, postfix doesn't seem to work, when I connect to it on telnet, and send the ehlo localhost, I get back "250 ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES" instead of a plainauth request.07:38
ActionParsnipuser01: http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=1&PFid=1&Level=6&Conn=5&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true#RTL8187L07:39
n00b2any other ideas? thanks guys07:39
Wolfensteinhi all, can anyone help me what the command is in terminal to read a txt file?07:40
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:41
mick_laptopn00b2: over a web browser? try some flash based offerings. otherwise, i'd use amsn (it works the best cross platform)07:41
Wolfensteinor to open a txt file07:41
dellyWolfenstein: cat07:41
dellyWolfenstein: tail, and some more07:41
Wolfensteindelly what?07:41
DigitalKiwiWolfenstein: cat, nano, vim, less, more, tail,...take your pick07:41
mick_laptopWolfenstein: do you want to edit it?07:41
n00b2im looking into realtime streaming thru browser07:41
dellyWolfenstein: cat *filename*07:41
dellyWolfenstein: that will just display whats inside it.07:42
ActionParsnipn00b2: mick_laptop: http://www.wikihow.com/Stream-Your-Webcam07:42
Wolfensteinmick_laptop, no i just want to see if i can open it cause im having a problem in a script for my eggdrop bot and its telling me that it can't open a file that is in my directory07:42
DigitalKiwied is the standard text editor btw!07:42
ActionParsnipmick_laptop: it advises VLC, so I'd say, um YES07:42
mick_laptopi'd have suggested less to just read it (and more is not even really an option, since that should symlink to less)07:42
=== distrohopper is now known as distro|hoppin
mick_laptopWolfenstein: then you have permission issues07:43
DigitalKiwiless is more!07:43
iameliteHow does one unclaim a particular USB device(non storage/IE: Camera) so it can be used by annother program?07:43
tredwaythe same is always different07:43
mb_again_Wolfenstein: sounds like permissions, you may be able to see what user the script runs under, then su to that user and cat the file. Or you could just look at the permissions with ls -l and see if theyt are right07:44
Wolfensteinmick_laptop, uh i don't its not protected and its only a txt file and its in a folder for my bot and its only one file that is having issues07:44
BonesyIs there a good reason to avoid installing Amarok on Ubuntu07:44
mick_laptopiamelite: one way is to see what program is accessing it via fuser and kill the process07:44
* ActionParsnip does the VM dance07:44
mick_laptopWolfenstein: check permissions on the file07:44
Wolfensteinmick_laptop, its a txt file07:44
dellyBonesy: you will drag in some KDE libs, but that is really it07:44
DigitalKiwimick_laptop: less and more seem to be different, and not symlinks, on my system07:45
Wolfensteinhow can a permission set on a txt file if i can open and whatever through file manager?07:45
tredwayis anything odd about the file that would distinguish it from others?07:45
DigitalKiwiis ubuntu different than mine?07:45
sakoDigitalKiwi: what's up07:45
Bonesydelly, Can I assume that means it's not harmful07:45
mb_again_wolfenstein: you may have different privs than your bot07:45
mick_laptopDigitalKiwi: depends on the system07:45
DigitalKiwisako: hi07:46
mick_laptopkind of like vi and vim or sh and bash07:46
dellyBonesy: Its not harmfull at all, its more like "i don't want those +0,4 sec  boot time!" :P07:46
ActionParsnipDigitalKiwi: mine are seperate apps too07:46
Wolfcastlei just installed jaunty and I have no sound07:46
Wolfensteinmb_again_, well theres no permissions set on the file and its only a file that came with a script07:46
sakoDigitalKiwi: what do you mean is ubuntu different than mine?07:46
mick_laptopas if it really matters07:46
DigitalKiwiwell I use arch ofc ;p07:46
Wolfcastleeverything seems ok though i can play files and all07:46
mb_again_so ls -l shows rwxrwxrwx ?07:46
tredwayjackalopes are faaassst07:46
causasui after installing karmic, truecrypt will not mount an encrypted partition even though the password cannot be wrong07:47
sakoDigitalKiwi: I switched over to Ubuntu for my new job  :P.. feels pretty awesome after knowing everything from archlinux and using Ubuntu.. cruise control.07:47
n00b2thanks guys07:47
DigitalKiwisako: lame :(07:48
tredwayits a digital fruit07:48
Bonesysako: I'm trying to remember what I learned in about half a year of Arch a year ago, it's more fun this way07:48
iameliteno idea how to use fuser, are the processes catagorized in a filesystem heirarchy?07:49
DigitalKiwiwell you are probably familiar with my sentiments towards ubuntu ;)07:49
Wolfensteinok well im able to get the file to open or see whats in the file and i'll just ask my problem with the eggdrop script in a different channel thanks for the help07:49
iamelitelike XXX/xxx07:49
nic1anyone please tell me how to update in bash?07:49
nic1any command? to update the newly installed packages?07:49
sakoDigitalKiwi: whatever, it was Ubuntu or OSX07:49
user01I am trying to make a driver but I got this errors: http://pastebin.com/d3ff8793a. Anyone has any idea on how to fix this, or what am I missing?07:49
ActionParsnipnic1: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get updrade07:49
sakoand actually, I am _enjoying_ ubuntu :)07:49
ActionParsnipupgrade sorry not updrade07:49
tredwayi hate the gnome desktop, but i dont hate ubuntu, personal preference07:50
dellynic1: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade07:50
sakoI actually love gnome07:50
ActionParsniptredway: try a different desktop07:50
ActionParsniptredway: I use LXDE on all my desktop systems07:50
sakoi like xfce but I just like the bloatage of gnome07:50
BonesyI do enjoy Ubuntu, GNOME is nice and all, it's just kind of strange going from Arch, where I had to do pretty much everything, to Win7, where it did everything, to Ubuntu, where I tell it to do everything and it does it07:50
* DigitalKiwi doesn't hate gnome but doesn't use it, nor kde, xfce is just gnomes retarded cousin, though07:50
tredwayi like my shit on the bottom, lol07:50
d_rwintredway: i use fluxbox07:50
stickyboyHow can I pair with a bluetooth device which uses passkeys (not PINs!)?07:51
ActionParsniptredway: sorry its quite large: http://pud-linux.sourceforge.net/screenshot/pud-lxde-2.jpg07:51
nic1i am trying to install gtk, it ask for glib, i instaled glib still it asks for glib07:52
=== fotioskats is now known as fotios
tredwayim not like;y to investigate any website with pud in its name, hehe07:52
DigitalKiwiActionParsnip: don't even get me started on lxde07:52
=== fotios is now known as fotios72
ActionParsnipDigitalKiwi: look out for lubuntu ;)07:52
dragonrecommend me a command line torrent program07:52
DigitalKiwioh god is that an actual distro?07:52
dellynic1: are you compiling? If yes, then i guess its because it does not find glib since its name defaultly wrong in ubuntu..?07:53
JoshuaLdragon, rtorrent07:53
ActionParsnipdragon: rtorrent07:53
dragonActionParsnip: lubuntu?07:53
causasui after installing karmic, truecrypt will not mount an encrypted partition even though the password cannot be wrong07:53
DigitalKiwiisn't crunchbang good enough for people who want that??07:53
ActionParsnipdragon: yep, its going to be an official release with LXDE as the default desktop07:53
DigitalKiwi(lightweight ubuntu)07:53
JoshuaLdragon, i use rtorrent in combination with screen. it also watches a folder for new .torrents to auto start them07:53
dragonActionParsnip: interesting07:53
ActionParsnipDigitalKiwi: its not official, lubuntu is07:53
dragonJoshuaL: cool, i'll give it a try07:53
dellyThere existings nothing such as a light Ubuntu :P Just "lighter" than Gnome07:54
=== bbalajirao is now known as heyboy
user01I am trying to make a driver but I got this errors: http://pastebin.com/d3ff8793a. Anyone has any idea on how to fix this, or what am I missing?07:54
ActionParsnipDigitalKiwi: theres moonos too which is the same but moonos isnt an official release07:54
DigitalKiwisomeone needs to make an ubuntu that is just easy to install all these things (but comes with almost nothing) so you can stop having over 9000 distributions07:54
heyboyGuys, is there a howto available for configureing Arpwatch on Ubuntu?07:54
ActionParsnipDigitalKiwi: could say that about linux in general, there are gazillions of distributions07:55
tredwaythey call that fundamentalism07:55
dragonJoshuaL: I started it through a console and now i'm stuck. Is there a keyboard shortcut that i need to know?07:55
dellyuser01: sadly no...... Did you run the ./bootstrap and all that btw?07:55
dragon!hi | Wolfcastle07:55
ubottuWolfcastle: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!07:55
WolfcastleI'm having problems with pulseaudio in jaunty07:55
dragon!sound | Wolfcastle07:55
ubottuWolfcastle: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:55
ActionParsnipdragon: ctrl +b then type bg and hit enter (i think its ctrl+b)07:56
WolfcastleActually sound works fine after shutting down pulseaudio and restarting alsa07:56
heyboyI have problems with arpwatch in jaunty. it doesn't seem to be working.07:56
Wolfcastlething is when trying to remove pulseaudio aptitude asks me to remove ubuntu-desktop07:56
DigitalKiwiActionParsnip: well at least with a lot of the different distributions they have a lot more different goals, or setups (different package manager, ideals on inclusion of licensed software)07:56
dellyWolfcastle: Its always recommended to remove pulsaudio if it causes problems, package can be found in synaptics and be removed07:56
dragonActionParsnip: I'm able to see "load> " upon hitting random keys, but help or quit or bg didn't work there.07:56
dragonActionParsnip: Ctrl + b doesn't work either. That's for rtorrent, right?07:56
Wolfcastleok thanx07:57
DigitalKiwiwith these ubuntu derivatives, which is just a debian derivative :P, they're pretty much the same, only difference is what the default DE iss07:57
dragonIt's painful that rtorrent isn't responding to SIGINT.07:57
ActionParsnipdragon: ctrl + z sorry, will send it to the backround. It also can have a web interface so is great on servers07:57
user01delly, from where should I run it?07:57
DigitalKiwiand from what I've seen it's not what I'd call easy to switch to a different one, and upgrading in general seems painful >.>07:57
dragonActionParsnip: that's not working either - looks like it's frozen.07:58
ActionParsnipDigitalKiwi: same with lubuntu, it has different goals to kubuntu and ubuntu07:58
tredwayno matter what they are talking about, they are talking about debian07:58
dellyuser01: pretty much where you are compiling :P07:58
user01delly, that file is not included07:58
Steilhey uh07:58
dellyuser01: so where are you running make then?07:59
Steilanyone run ubuntu moblin remix?07:59
WolfcastleI don't know why but when trying to uninstall pulseaudio in synaptic, it shows ubuntu-desktop as a dependency07:59
unnamedhow to make a file *.sv executable ?07:59
dragonActionParsnip: so "rtorrent -h" revealed some keyboard shortcuts. Still wonder which one to use for exit.07:59
WolfcastleI dare not remove ubuntu-desktop07:59
dellyuser01: and what does the readme say(if it exists)?07:59
DigitalKiwiI should really learn dpkg just so I can further convince myself and support my arguments about what is the better PM =D07:59
MokesnapI was just playing around with my sound settings and with alsa mixer and have now accidentally screwed all my sound settings up so now i have now sound.  is there some way to reset my sound settings to there default?07:59
unnamedaehm. i mean *.sh07:59
=== unnamed is now known as Guest482
ActionParsnipWolfcastle: you can, its a hollow metapackage07:59
cbeloteHi Im new to IRC and Ubuntu. Im unable to see my index.html from WAN. Im using Dyndns to forward my domain to my router's IP. My router is forwarding port 80 to my servers LAN IP. Any suggestions?07:59
lstarnesWolfcastle: ubuntu-desktop can be safely removed.  removing it won't remove the actual desktop packages.  just the ubuntu-desktop package07:59
dellyWolfcastle: ubuntu-desktop is a meta package, it contains nothing.07:59
ActionParsnipWolfcastle: you only need it when you want to jump to the next release07:59
Wolfcastleah excellente, just sounded important07:59
DigitalKiwido people name zsh scripts *.zsh, I can't say I've ever seen a zsh script with an extension08:00
lstarnesWolfcastle: it's usually a good thing to keep if you plan to upgrade08:00
dellyWolfcastle: Ubuntu core.... or alot of the xorg packages on the other hand :(08:00
lstarnesDigitalKiwi: it's usually .sh but with #!/usr/bin/zsh or something similar at the top08:00
ActionParsnipDigitalKiwi: can't see why not if it makes the users life easier :)08:00
ActionParsnipthe file extension is moot08:00
Wolfcastleyeah i plan to upgrade....but i guess i can install ubuntu-desktop before upgrading then08:00
ActionParsnipWolfcastle: exactly ;)08:00
user01delly doesnt say much. Just to run the make command, which gives me errors :s08:00
dellyuser01: then your screwd. Did you find it by googeling or by looking up at the forums?08:01
DigitalKiwi#!/usr/bin/env zsh (should this work?) I do it with lua scripts just because it's in so many places on different distros or depending on how it was installed >.>08:01
lstarnesDigitalKiwi: that should work too08:02
dragonany other decent command line torrent programs?08:02
user01delly, I am trying to install the driver for wireless card rtl8187, and I got the driver from someone here08:02
hd409thanks ubuntu :)08:03
DigitalKiwidragon: other as opposed to what?08:03
user01delly, then, when I try to compile, it returns the errors08:03
dragonDigitalKiwi: rtorrent08:03
decryptionive got a bit of an issue with mdadm - anyone able to help me out?08:03
ActionParsnip!info transmission-daemon | dragon08:03
ubottudragon: transmission-daemon (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client (daemon). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.51-0ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 208 kB, installed size 556 kB08:03
Guest482why, after doing this: sudo chmod u+rwx FILENAME, the file still has the root as owner?08:03
decryptioni created a 20-disk RAID-6 array on ubuntu 9.0408:03
DigitalKiwiOh i dunno :( someone wants me to rewrite rtorrent in lua and with colors, though, expect that in at least a year >.>08:03
evilaimHello guys08:03
DigitalKiwiif ever08:03
dragonActionParsnip: will give it a try, thanks08:03
dellyuser01: very well, i would sugggest to go over to somewhere where the level of knowledge is higher(like archlinux or debian).08:03
lstarnesGuest482: chmod does not handle ownership.  chown does08:04
Guest482thank you08:04
ActionParsnipdragon: can be used as a service to connect to via web interface again, it can also watch a folder for new torrent files which willbe auto uploded08:04
DigitalKiwidelly: giggle, he'll get thrown to the dogs08:04
cbeloteIm unable to see my index.html from WAN. Im using Dyndns to forward my domain to my router's IP. My router is forwarding port 80 to my servers LAN IP. Im just getting a "page cannot be displayed" error. When I ping my domain address it gives my routers IP. Any suggestions?08:04
dragonActionParsnip: cool08:04
lstarnescbelote: make sure that your router isn't running a webserver that can be seeon from the internet08:04
DigitalKiwicbelote: is your ISP blocking port 80 inbound traffic?08:05
ActionParsnipdragon: i use Transmission because it plays nice with my G1 phone :)08:05
dellyDigitalKiwi: that is true... BUT... do he have a choice?08:05
DigitalKiwimost? in the US do, dunno where you are08:05
DigitalKiwiset it up to have dyndns point to 808008:05
dellyDigitalKiwi: besides... archlinux is nicer than debian08:05
cbeloteIt is not. Ive tested using dslreports...08:06
cbeloteport 80 is open08:06
DigitalKiwidelly: I'm kind of joking, sometimes I've seen #archlinux help people with generic problems even if they're using ubuntu08:06
DigitalKiwicbelote: oh08:07
dragonActionParsnip: G1? the web interface?08:07
ActionParsnipdragon: g1 phone, android based08:07
cbeloteIve used multiple guides and reinstaled ubuntu server w/ lamp several times08:07
dragonActionParsnip: yeah, but how does G1 relate to transmission?08:08
nic1apt-get upgrade is taking a long time, does that mean many packages to be updated?08:08
lstarnesnic1: check its output08:08
DigitalKiwihe can use the web interface methinks, dragon08:08
DigitalKiwior some such08:09
DigitalKiwisomething is letting him control it through his phone08:09
ActionParsnipdragon: i can check my torrents from my phone using an app that connects to the web interface. I can also open a torrent on my phone, it will automatically connect to my server and tell it to download the torrent08:09
joaopintonic1, usually apt-get upgrade will warn you about the package size for downloads08:09
dragonActionParsnip: sweet, what's the app called?08:09
ActionParsnipdragon: transdroid08:09
thezzariqual é o irc do ubuntubr ?08:10
lstarnes!br | thezzari08:10
ubottuthezzari: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.08:10
ActionParsnipdragon: looks like this: http://www.androidfreeware.net/img2/transdroid_remote_torrent_client_android_1.png08:10
LSD|NinjaWhat's this talk about Ubuntu (or maybe just UNR) adopting the Moblin base? Will that extend to locking out non-SSE3 machines?08:11
nic1ohh..upgrade is installing kde08:11
nic1tat's y taking long time08:12
nic1i dont need that08:12
dragonActionParsnip: that looks nice. Is it all transmission?08:12
infidi can view a webpage via http://localhost but not http://<my internal IP>  what do i have to do to allow that?   i've tried but it just times out08:12
dellynic1: gksu drags in gnome, so deal with it :P08:12
tredwayshouldnt we wait to upgrade telephone tech until we have something to say?08:12
dragonActionParsnip: the daemon, i mean.08:12
nic1dellly, dint get you08:13
nic1Install these packages without verification [y/N]? N08:13
nic1E: Some packages could not be authenticated08:13
ActionParsnipdragon: transmission-daemon    if you install transmission on a desktop system it can also be used08:14
nic1i dont need kde, if i say yes it's going to install kdesktop08:14
dellynic1: why do i always get the difficult questions? :(08:14
dragonActionParsnip: for some reason i love programs that have split client-server model.08:14
ActionParsnipnic1: you havent imported the GPG keys for one or more of your repositories in sources.list08:14
dragonActionParsnip: transmission-daemon is exactly what i needed, thanks!08:14
lstarnesnic1: you could remove the packages so that they don't get updated08:14
ActionParsnipdragon: cool08:14
n00b2what program do we have to show our Quality and Signal Strength of WIFI Connection?08:15
DigitalKiwidragon: mpd+ncmpcpp08:15
DigitalKiwiif you don't already08:16
dragonDigitalKiwi: um.. what was that supposed to mean?08:16
cbeloteFeelin out of place. Does anybody have a good foolproof guide to setting up apache2 behind a router?08:16
tredwaytry apache.com forums08:16
DigitalKiwiserver/client music mpd = music player daemon, ncmpcpp is ncurses media player client plus plus (C++ rewrite of ncmpc)08:17
cbeloteI tried, they pointed me here08:17
FireCrotchcbelote: What kind of problem are you having?08:17
dellyn00b2: iwconfig i guess should give alot of information. And conky could show alot if you want that to be running in the background.08:17
nic1what is the location of sources.list?08:17
DigitalKiwihttp://omploader.org/vMjgyag lower left is an example of ncmpcpp setu08:17
cbeloteunable to see index.html file from wan08:17
dragondownloading karmic-beta at 2MBps, wow.08:18
=== pengemis is now known as pengemis|away
dragonI'm glad people seed Ubuntu well.08:18
FireCrotchcbelote: Do you have port 80 forwarded to your server machine?08:18
roccity_I'am trying to make a custom ubuntu live cd. I have removed the default kernel for jaunty and updated it but the live still tries to boot the 28.11 kernel08:19
FireCrotchcbelote: Actually, I have another more important question.... does your index.html page say "I love ubuntu" ?08:19
ActionParsnipnic1: /etc/apt/sources.list08:19
roccity_can I just copy my initd.gz and vmlinux file to casper?08:19
cbeloteI do. From Dyndns I have the domain pointed to routers wan IP. Router has port 80n forwarded to Servers LAN ip08:19
DigitalKiwidragon: icecast is supposed to be pretty cool with mpd as well08:20
cbeloteIt does08:20
FireCrotchcbelote: Then it works :)08:20
dragonDigitalKiwi: mpd? as in Metropolitan Police Dept?08:20
DigitalKiwidragon: I said what it was a while up08:20
roccity_I'm building the iso with it now but don't want to waste a cd if it is not done that way08:20
DigitalKiwiand posted a screenshot of the client I mentioned :P08:21
FireCrotchcbelote: Were you trying to access it from a computer inside your LAN?08:21
dragonDigitalKiwi: oh i missed it. For a moment I thought it meant multiple personality disorder08:21
ActionParsniproccity_: try booting it with virtualbox ;)08:21
FireCrotchcbelote: using the external IP address or domain name?08:21
dellyroccity_: edit grub?08:21
cbelotedomain name08:21
nic1can i pastebin my sources.list08:21
nic1can i know what is repetitive?08:21
roccity_ActionParsnip: yeah I have it but tried with other iso that had old kernel and the mouse and x didn't boot to right rez08:21
FireCrotchcbelote: My router causes problems like that, where it won't be accessible from on the LAN using the domain name08:22
roccity_delly: not using grub using isolinux scripts08:22
ActionParsniproccity_: you'll need to install the guest additions and edit xorg.conf08:22
lhillmanHi guys. Running ubuntu server, installed gnome-terminal and running it via the X server on another machine. The window doesn't appear to be themed, just the generic defaults. Does anybody know how to set the theme?08:22
ActionParsnipnic1: sure, if someone wants to see it08:22
dellynic1: there is pastebinit in the package well, its used with the syntax of " cat *file* | pastebinit"08:22
cbeloteso you see that message from cpb3.com?08:22
dragonDigitalKiwi: mpd looks pretty cool, i'll definitely try it sometime soon08:22
FireCrotchcbelote: Yep :)08:22
roccity_ActionParsnip: yeah I have that but mouse didn't work so couldn't run script08:22
ActionParsnipdelly: or you can just run: pastebinit *file*08:23
cbeloteYay. Stupid Qwest08:23
dellyActionParsnip: thats no fun :P08:23
ActionParsniproccity_: use alt+f2  then you can run terminal and away you go08:23
dragonDigitalKiwi: and that Lua is something that runs on my photo frame. I'm yet to learn it.08:23
FireCrotchcbelote: What brand/model of router do you have?08:23
ActionParsnipdelly: its shorter though08:23
cbeloteThank you so much fire crotch lol08:23
roccity_ActionParsnip: that uses my host tty08:23
FireCrotchcbelote: No problem :)08:23
ActionParsnipdelly: you can also (my favourite)   pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf | xclip08:23
DigitalKiwidragon: you were in #lua a while ago weren't you or was that someone else?08:24
tredwayaint much a tomatoe cant handle08:24
ActionParsnipdelly: puts the url straight onto clipboard ready for pasting08:24
FireCrotchcbelote: Oh, I've never heard of them... do you happen to be running dd-wrt on it?08:24
cbelote"the advanced" model. Or so they say08:24
dragonDigitalKiwi: that was me. were you there too?08:24
DigitalKiwiyeah, I was trying to help you :P08:24
ActionParsniproccity_: well you'll have to sacrifice it until you get mouse08:24
dragonDigitalKiwi: yeah i remember now :)08:24
dellyActionParsnip: thanks for the tip :P08:24
cbeloteSome propietary junk08:24
tredwaydd-wrt and tomatoe08:24
ActionParsnipdelly: np, share the love08:24
cbelotewas thinking of wiping it and getting tommato08:25
DigitalKiwitomato is nice, never used dd-wrt though08:25
ActionParsnipdelly: you may have to install xclip08:25
roccity_ActionParsnip: I'm just gonna try this new build and see what happens08:25
FireCrotchcbelote: Alright.  I don't know why that happens with some routers, and even more confusing is that it doesn't always happen for me, just sometimes08:25
dellyActionParsnip: i guess its like xclock and all that, so i guess not08:25
DigitalKiwinote to self: tomato is apparently a hard word for other people to spell08:25
lhillmanDoes anybody know why my gnome windows running via a remote X server aren't themed?08:25
cbeloteI have a seperate IP through my tethered cell08:26
tredwayits even harder to pronounce08:26
ActionParsnipdelly: its a small app anyway08:26
cbelotewill try there08:26
cbeloteforgot about that08:26
DigitalKiwicurlpaste > pastebinit08:26
ActionParsnip!info xclip08:26
ubottuxclip (source: xclip): command line interface to X selections. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.08-8 (jaunty), package size 16 kB, installed size 76 kB08:26
ActionParsnipdelly: 76kb, woo08:26
dellyActionParsnip: another issue settled :P08:26
tredwaynot sure what the current status of open-wrt is08:27
ActionParsnipdelly: do i win the speedboat?08:27
mo0nykitDoes fakeroot pose a serious security risk? It doesn't ask for the root password...08:27
dellyActionParsnip: If this was in the debian section, yes xD08:27
lstarnesmo0nykit: it still runs things as a regular user08:27
ActionParsnipdelly: hehe08:27
ActionParsnipdelly: well i ad a great day, thanks for having me08:28
mechdavemo0nykit, fake root is exactly that, it fools whatever it is running that it is root, it is used for building certain applications08:28
cbeloteFireCrotch: no dice entering fqdn on cell. Still get a 40408:28
DigitalKiwiyay fake root08:28
tredwaysometimes u have to wonder about a software operating system named after a guest spot on a Bob Saget TV series, hehe08:29
FireCrotchcbelote: that is certainly... interesting.  Is it a smartphone with wifi? Maybe it's connected to your wifi?08:29
tehbautI have four hard drives but have no idea where grub's MBR was installed08:29
mo0nykitlstarnes and mechdave, okay, my mindset is this "fool as root" = "security breach". What could be the difference between fakeroot-ing as a regular user and su-ing as superuser?08:30
lstarnesmo0nykit: fakeroot does not make things run as root08:30
ActionParsniptehbaut: you will most likely find it on the drive you installed ubuntu to08:30
tehbautis the default grub mbr: \NST\nst_grub.mbr ?08:30
lstarnesmo0nykit: it just makes the things running under fakeroot think that it's running under root08:30
tehbautif not, maybe that's my problem08:30
lstarnesmo0nykit: but it really runs as your user08:30
ActionParsnip!info fakeroot08:31
ubottufakeroot (source: fakeroot): Gives a fake root environment. In component main, is optional. Version 1.12.1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 112 kB, installed size 444 kB08:31
lstarnesmo0nykit: unlike su/sudo, which actually do run under root08:31
mo0nykitlstarnes, thanks! I get it already "the things running *under*" fakeroot are the ones "fooled". Right?08:31
lstarnesmo0nykit: yes08:31
mo0nykitlstarnes, okay thanks a bunch :)08:31
cbeloteFireCrotch: I work a level 2 desk for hp. Hope you get paid well my friend.08:31
lstarnesmo0nykit: I think you may have had it backwards before08:31
cybersplicetehbaut: the MBR isn't a file, i guess that might be a backup, or a suspend thinger.08:31
tehbautActionParsnip: I'm trying to get grub onto the ntldr menu via EasyBCD ...but choosing the partition where grub is physically installed doesn't seem to work08:32
mo0nykitlstarnes, i was thinking that the entire machine was the one being fooled :P08:32
tehbautI'm getting error "The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt08:32
ActionParsniptehbaut: you can install grub using the liveCD, doesnt matter which it is installed to as it will still use te same disk numbers08:32
tredwayif the mbr isnt a file, what does the bios point to?08:32
tehbautreferences that \NST\nst_grub.mbr08:33
tehbautActionParsnip: but grub is already installed08:33
tehbautI just need to point ntldr to it08:33
FireCrotchcbelote: So that was the problem? Heh... we all overlook the simple things sometimes :)08:33
ActionParsniptehbaut: then point your bios at the disk it is on and grub will load08:33
FireCrotchcbelote: And thanks :D08:33
ActionParsniptehbaut: why, why not have grub load the windows system with chainloading?08:34
auzigog_When I try to apt-get update, i get this error about my GPG: http://paste.ubuntu.com/289109/ ... can anyone offer a suggestion about who to proceed? I just installed easy peasy on my EEE08:34
tredwaymbr has to point to ntldr, not the other way around, if i understabd it right08:34
tehbautI could, but thought it would be nice to have an entry to get back to grub from ntldr08:34
FireCrotchtehbaut: Just hit ctrl alt del while in ntldr08:35
ActionParsniptehbaut: nice, erm, i think you can add to boot.ini to load stuff but ive not done it08:35
cbeloteFireCrotch: it was. I hate combo devices. Keep things modular IMO08:35
mo0nykitQuestion: If my framebuffer driver does not support 1280x800, can I set my /etc/usplash.conf to use 1280x800 resolution?08:35
tehbautFireCrotch: too slow :P08:35
tehbautsupposedly EasyBCD supports entries for grub, I just can't get it working... that's all08:35
tredwayid hate riding a modular bicycle08:35
tehbautI guess giving up is still an option though :P08:35
manohar1hey anyone can help me which I am facing in ubuntu linux08:36
mo0nykitI meant by "does not support" as "does not support it through the vga= boot option in the kernel command line"08:36
manohar1I have installed ubuntu 9.04 in laptop with virtualbox 3.0.808:36
manohar1my log file is filling with this error08:36
manohar1 vmap allocation failed: use vmalloc=<size> to increase size.08:37
mo0nykitmanohar1, please type in your problem in one go. Don't use Enter as punctuation. Thanks!08:37
cbeloteThanks yall. Another successful visit to this channel. Have a great night :)08:37
ActionParsnipmanohar1: have you fully updated the guest OS?08:37
manohar1menas guestadditions08:38
tredwaythey allow long sentences here, but not short sentences08:38
Balsaqhow do i personalize my "whois" profile?08:38
LONPC18ubuntu 9.04 comes with bluetooth08:38
tredwaynot short paragraphs, i mean08:38
LONPC18but it only allows you to enter in a 4 digit pin for pairing with devices08:38
LONPC18bluetooth allows for 13 digit pins08:38
LONPC18and i need to enter a bigger pin to pair with my device08:39
LONPC18can anyone help08:39
whoisBalSaq : System -> Preferences -> About Me ?08:39
ActionParsnipmanohar1: like get the latest system files from the update manager. or run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:40
Balsaqwhois: oh, so it pulls it from information that i have loaded into my OS?08:40
tredwaydid u lose TFM of ur device?08:40
skunxHi folks, why this command "date -s 100909402009" returns me invalid date ??08:41
whoisBalsaq: not sure, what are you talking about, are you concerned with "whois information" on freenode, if yes, then the appropriate channel is #freenode, and have a look at /msg NickServ HELP SET08:41
tredwaylovely. a IRC bot08:42
ActionParsnipskunx: why the -s ?08:42
ActionParsnipskunx: -s means string, omit -s08:43
Balsaqwhois: when i click on someones name,2 things appear: 1. whois   and    2. query,     i want to know how to personalize the whois on myself08:43
skunxActionParsnip ok.. seen this in the man08:43
mechdaveActionParsnip, it is to set the system date08:43
=== SIGSEGV2 is now known as pjm0616
tredwaywas that data supposed to resemble a date?08:43
skunxActionParsnip: but without the -s it doesn't do anything08:43
skunxtredway: yes ? :-)08:43
norenhello all08:43
mechdaveskunx, you have an invalid date08:43
ActionParsnipmechdave: -s means set time descibed by STRING : http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/CGI/man-cgi?date08:43
FireCrotchBalsaq: it depends on your IRC client08:44
noreni got some prob with apt-get please help08:44
ActionParsnipskunx: hmm, gentoo handbook simply uses date with no extra stuff except the data08:44
mechdaveActionParsnip, yep sure does :)08:44
ActionParsnipskunx: run it with sudo..08:44
whoisBalsaq : that information cant be personalized, it is pulled from the server, based on your current statistics, however you can alter your account and make a few changes to it, for more information, please join #freenode and ask08:44
skunxmechdave: 100909402009 wouldn't be october 9 9:40 2009 ?08:44
mneptoktredway: kindly rotate your attitude dial toward "Friendly"08:44
skunxActionParsnip: I did it with sudo08:45
anodesniHi, I can't install guest additions for virtualbox, it says: "Unable to build the kernel module". What's wrong?08:45
FireCrotchnoren: Someone can probably help if you tell us what the problem is :)08:45
ActionParsnipskunx: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=44893508:45
ActionParsnipskunx: looks like its slightly different08:45
norenActionParsnip: FireCrotch: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5076adb0 << cant install pyKaroke08:45
Balsaqwell howdy do FireCrotch wow what a nick how do i know who my irc client is...i do it thru webchat.freenode.net08:45
ActionParsnipnoren: never used it, why ask me?08:46
FireCrotchBalsaq: In that case, you won't be able to customize anything that is returned when someone does a /whois08:46
norenActionParsnip: i got the prob with the apt-get update cud u please see that08:46
skunxActionParsnip: well doesn't work08:46
tasslehoffI mount a samba share with "//server/point  /mnt/point cifs  credentials=/etc/samba/user,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777  0 0" in /etc/fstab, but I don't get read/write permissions. Any ideas?08:46
skunxdate command doesn't change my date!08:47
mechdavenoren, if you can explain to us what the problem is we will be more than happy to help08:47
FireCrotchnoren: I believe that the particular mirror you're using is down - someone was having problems with it earlier08:47
norenFireCrotch: how to change the mirror08:47
ActionParsnipnoren: the repo you have doesnt exist08:47
norenmechdave: i am trying to install pyKaroke08:47
faldridgewhat should I do on an ubuntu server install if the only "graphical" feature I want is many lines of resolution in vim?08:47
ActionParsnipnoren: i just web browsed to http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/binary-amd64/ and got a 40408:47
BalsaqFireCrotch whois well hmmm does that dadgumthing tell everyone where i live?08:47
whoisBalsaq : get a free irc client, webchat.freenode.net is an IRC gateway when you do not have a IRC client, i 'll recommend Xchat,irssi(for linux,windows) or mIRC (for windows)08:48
tredwayrepo= repository, not repossesion08:48
Balsaqwhois i am on ubuntu 90408:48
KruyKazewhat is the command for a terminal bell in a shell script?08:48
norenActionParsnip: how to change the mirror then08:48
FireCrotchBalsaq: It does tell us some information about where you're located, yes.08:49
mneptokBalsaq: sudo apt-get install xchat08:49
foofishKruyKaze: echo -e '\a', I think08:49
infiddo you have to restart anything after editing /etc/hosts ?08:49
KruyKazefoofish, thanks08:49
Balsaqthanks mneptok how will that improve my chat experience08:50
BalsaqFireCrotch can people scan my ports and stuff08:50
mneptokBalsaq: XChat is a far superior client than is the Java web chat app08:50
mechdaveKruyKaze, \a08:50
KruyKazefoofish, i just tested in terminal and it didn't work08:50
BirthdayGooseBalsaq: if you need help with xchat, feel free to join us in #xchat08:50
foofishKruyKaze: I just tested in a terminal (on OS X) and it does08:50
whoisBalsaq: nope, if you do have a cloak, i ll recommend ya to join #freenode (type "/join #freenode"), a lot of users are keen to help ya there... #ubuntu isnt the appropriate channel, the chan-ops might be a bit angry over us, this channel is only for Ubuntu OS Based Discussion, for IRC-Related Queries, #freenode is recommended08:50
Balsaqmneptok is it HD hog or CPU hog08:50
tredwaythat come to my ?, is etc/hosts anything it is in is windows? i hate to whine about wine08:50
pfeyzfaldridge: you set the framebuffer settings in your /boot/grub/menu.ls08:50
pfeyzfaldridge: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer08:50
BalsaqBirthdayGoose ill go there in a bit ty!08:51
ActionParsnipnoren: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list08:51
mneptokBalsaq: neither08:51
faldridgepfeyz: thanks!08:51
mneptokBalsaq: apt-cache show xchat08:51
KruyKazefoofish, that is weird08:51
mneptokBalsaq: that will tell you space requirements08:51
KruyKazefoofish, and terminal bell is active08:51
foofishKruyKaze: are you using bash?08:51
pfeyzfaldridge: menu.lst*08:51
FireCrotchBalsaq: Sure, someone could run a port scan, having that information, but in reality, you're likely pretty safe from anyone trying to do anything here08:52
KruyKazefoofish, yes but i just tested in terminal08:52
foofishKruyKaze: and your login shell is bash? I think you want to use the builtin echo08:52
whoisBalsaq : do a free security port scan, from various security and popular anti-vir websites, that way you ll get to know about your opened ports etc.08:52
hd409hello does ubuntu 9.04 support skype with video call?i have skype intalled its 2.1 beta but i cant video call.i have webcam a4tech08:52
foofishKruyKaze: does help echo tell you about \a alert (bell) ?08:53
Balsaqam being told my question are inappropriate08:53
whoisBalsaq: you must not be too worried, if you are using Linux and have a basic firewall enabled with not a lot of ports opened, there is not much people can do :)08:53
KruyKazefoofish, default gnome terminal08:53
foofishKruyKaze: what if you type echo $008:53
Balsaqwhois ok i have a firewall as part of my internet service08:54
KruyKazefoofish, ok08:54
foofishKruyKaze: as in, what does it say when you type that?08:54
KruyKazeit just says bash08:54
foofishKruyKaze: good. now type help echo08:54
whoisBalsaq: do ya have ufw enabled ?08:54
whois!ufw | Balsaq08:55
ubottuBalsaq: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist08:55
Balsaqok thanks08:55
KruyKaze\aalert (bell)08:55
ceili just used the "install restricted hardware drivers" dialog thing to install the ATI driver for my HD3200, and now X is... unusable. how do i revert back to radeon or whatever the default was from tty?08:55
foofishKruyKaze: ok, so it shoudl work. I guess your terminal is not configured to beep08:55
OriWBCan someone help me partition my hard drive?08:55
foofishKruyKaze: unless you mistyped the command before. you need the single quotes08:56
=== jony123 is now known as jony123_brb
foofishKruyKaze: try it in another terminal, like xterm maybe, or on the console08:56
whoisceil : uninstall the driver you recently installed, and install the open-source drivers, and restore xorg.conf , if you have a backup08:56
KruyKazefoofish, ok08:57
vagothcppis 9.10 beta?08:57
ceilwhois: k brb, apt08:57
ivysky1981hey guys, installing ubuntu for the first time on friends computer - what is the name of the package that has all the unlicensed things like flash for firefox and various codecs and stuff??08:57
KruyKazecan i use aply instead?08:57
whoisivysky1981: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras08:58
foofish!info aplay08:58
ubottuPackage aplay does not exist in jaunty08:58
foofishKruyKaze: dunno, probably08:58
faldridgesorry, wrong window08:58
foofishKruyKaze: but it seems like overkill for a beep in a shell script :P08:58
pfeyzfoofish: aplay is in alsa-utils08:58
pfeyzi think08:59
faldridgegood thing I wasn't filling in the password field ;P08:59
KruyKazefoofish, just a finished burning notification08:59
whoisivysky1981: i ll recommend ya to have a look @ www.ubuntuguide.org08:59
faldridgepfeyz: that worked perfectly, thanks so much.08:59
pfeyzpfeyz: awesome, np. glad it worked!09:00
pfeyzfaldridge: woops09:00
wrapsterhow do i check the processes currently running from cmdline?09:00
iruantype: "top"09:01
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
whoiswrapster: ps command09:01
alabdgood day everyone ,how write 2 line in a file ?09:02
faldridgepfeyz: I don't mind if you need to talk to yourself. I don't even mind if you need to argue with yourself.  Just don't lose the argument.  :D09:02
alabdgood day everyone ,how write 2 line in a file ? e.g with echo09:02
foofishalabd: echo -e 'a\nb' >> testfilename09:02
foofishalabd: or, gedit filename09:03
alabdthanks foofish09:03
pfeyzfaldridge: so you're running an X-less system there?09:03
=== Tehedra|tower is now known as Tehedra
faldridgeit's a test code-deployment server09:04
ActionParsnippfeyz: might just be embracing CLI :D09:04
pfeyzoh ok09:04
pfeyzyeah i've been playing around with cli only a bit the past few weeks09:05
hd409any other applications that can be use for video+chat conference? just like for example yahoo and skype video chat call?09:05
macohd409: empathy & pidgin can do video google chat. kopete can do yahoo09:05
hd409maco: thanks09:06
ActionParsniphd409: gyachi can also do audio (maybe cam) on yahoo09:06
hd409maco: i have pidgin but i dont see that i can video call on gtalk09:07
macohd409: uhh what version? the newest release has it, but i dont think its in 9.04's regular repos. maybe in backports?09:08
skunxI'm trying to change the system date.. the command date won't work.. ntp returns wrong values.. but my timezone is well configured. any hints?09:09
hd409maco : just builtin pidgin on ubuntu 9.0409:09
hd409maco : newest release of ubuntu 9.10 beta?09:09
macohd409: newest release of pidgin has video. yes that version is available in 9.10...looking to see where a 9.04 version exists09:10
joaopintoskunx, which ntp server are you using ?09:10
macohd409: bah, at the moment options are 9.10 or getting a package from getdeb.net (which ubuntu developers tend not to recommend due to quality concerns, fair warning)09:11
hd409maco: and is it advisable to use 9.10?09:11
skunxjoaopinto: fr.pool.ntp.org09:11
macohd409: well, or compiling it09:11
joaopintoskunx, ntp.ubuntu.com is fine09:11
joaopinto!karmic | hd40909:11
ubottuhd409: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:11
hd409maco : ok.ill switch to other im then with video+chat09:11
hd409ok thanks09:11
skunxjoaopinto: ok09:11
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=== itnom3 is now known as heroid
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: beat me to it ;)09:12
skunxjoaopinto: I already tried it though but it won't update my time either09:12
faldridgepfeyz: is running x-less a bad idea?09:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about x-less09:13
pfeyzfaldridge: i don't think its a bad idea09:14
joaopintoskunx, sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com09:14
joaopintoand pastebin the result09:14
=== ChaosR2 is now known as ChaosR
skunxjoaopinto:  9 Oct 12:18:45 ntpdate[2459]: step time server offset -7454.692895 sec09:14
pfeyzx-less as in, without an X server09:14
joaopintoskunx, it did update the clock09:14
faldridgepfeyz: just curious about why you were curious  :)09:14
n00b1why is it more clearer to watch directly on youtube than watching the downloaded .mp4 or .flv file from youtube using movie player?09:15
skunxjoaopinto: but it is not my time09:15
skunxjoaopinto: and my timezone is configured well09:15
pfeyzfaldridge: this guy reviews a bunch of terminal apps buntu(+JLcfnt 2,5 #ubuntu-unregged)] [Act: 5]09:15
pfeyz[#ubuntu] faldridge: this guy reviews a bunch of terminal apps09:15
pfeyzbuntu(+JLcfnt 2,5 #ubuntu-unregged)] [Act: 5]09:15
pfeyz[#ubuntu] faldridge: this guy reviews a bunch of terminal apps09:15
FloodBot2pfeyz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:15
ikoniapfeyz: stop please09:15
pfeyzwhoa sorry09:15
ikoniano problem09:15
joaopintoskunx, it is the correct time, there is no such thing as "my time", NTP uses Univeral time, if the time is not displayed as expected, then there is a timezone problem09:15
joaopintoskunx, the time is not your's is world time, and is correct, so there is something wrong with the timezone09:16
faldridgepfeyz: errr, what?09:16
skunxjoaopinto: ok :-)09:16
skunxjoaopinto: I meant what "my" system's time should be09:16
joaopintoskunx, run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata09:16
pfeyzfaldridge: i was trying to send that link09:16
ikoniapfeyz: why ar eyou showing us that ?09:17
pfeyzfaldridge: if you scroll down there's a section on terminal apps09:17
skunxjoaopinto: already did this09:17
pfeyzbecause we were talking about running a system without X09:17
skunxjoaopinto: and the tz is configured well09:17
joaopintoskunx, is not very common but there could be a problem with the timezone data09:17
joaopintoskunx, cat /etc/timezone09:18
varadero how can i make a theme and settings to default for all new users ? gnome + ubuntu09:18
splashisi need help with pulseaudio09:18
hd409installing gyachi,kopete and empathy ActionParsnip, maco09:18
varaderoany idea09:18
hd409any other video+chat IM?09:18
skunxjoaopinto:  Europe/Paris09:18
ActionParsniphd409: thats all i know. i dont use webcams09:19
whoishd409: skype :) is best suited for video-conferencing, if you have a lot of skype contacts ...09:19
ActionParsniphd409: ekiga maybe09:19
joaopintoskunx, date -u09:19
gnrskunx: use fr.ntp.pool.org09:20
ActionParsniphd409: yes ekiga does it09:20
splashisi want to stream my audio-output with pulseaudio to my noxon radio... any suggestions?09:20
skunxjoaopinto: Fri Oct  9 10:24:19 UTC 200909:20
skunxgnr: already tried this..09:20
joaopintoskunx, ouch, that is not the current utc time, did you used -u ??09:20
skunxjoaopinto: yes... with -u i get this Fri Oct  9 10:25:14 UTC 200909:21
joaopintoskunx, ok, so forget the timezone, indeed there is something wrong with your system clock09:21
hd409whois : i have isntalled skype but i dont see skype features here that have videocam and call09:21
=== Demp_f is now known as Demp
joaopintoFri Oct  9 08:20:07 UTC 200909:21
joaopintohd409, skype supports video and audiocall09:22
skunxjoaopinto: yes.. this damn 2hours gap09:22
gnr'date' for system time, 'hwclock' for bios time09:22
skunxgnr: hwclock returns "Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method."09:22
gnruse date to set the system time and then hwclock -systohc to syn system time to bios time...09:22
gnrskunx:as root hwclock09:23
gnrskunx:sudo hwclock09:23
skunxgnr: did it as root09:23
kenparkWhen I try to apt-get install php5-dev it tells me the package server for the package shtool gives me: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/shtool/shtool_2.0.8-1_all.deb 403 Forbidden [IP: 80] - how can I bypass this?09:23
mechdaveskunx, try sudo hwclock09:23
hd409joaopinto: what version? im using ubuntu 9.04 and skype 2.1 beta09:23
skunxyay.. i did it using sudo09:24
faldridgepfeyz: awesome writeup, thanks.  Will look into a few of the ones I didn't already know about.09:24
hd409ActionParsnip: ekiga is not free?or the 2nd user will use ekiga too?09:24
joaopintohd409, so did I, audio and video works just fine09:24
skunx"sudo hwclock" returns me "Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method."09:24
ActionParsniphd409: ekiga is free in all senses ofthe word09:24
ActionParsniphd409: unlike sype with is not open source09:25
joaopintoActionParsnip, do you have any experience using ekiga with A/V ?09:25
hd409ActionParsnip : no windows app?09:25
gnrskux:sudo hwclock --debug09:25
mechdaveskunx, try it with sudo hwclock --debug09:25
whoishd409: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Jaunty#Videoconferencing_and_VOIP09:25
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: i dont use voip, my phone is paid for by y company so i use it as i wish09:25
ActionParsniphd409: not sure, probably09:26
joaopintoActionParsnip, so trust me, don't suggest a VOIP solution unless you tested it and know it works09:26
joaopintoskype A/V works just fine, per my experience09:26
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: its free to try them09:26
joaopintoActionParsnip, right, and it's also free to get frustrated when they fail09:26
skunxmechdave: sudo hwclock --debug    ==> http://pastebin.com/m35faf09d09:26
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: like  ubuntu then huh?09:27
mechdaveskunx, you don't have a hardware clock interface available09:27
skunxmechdave: yeah, that's what I realized..09:28
chrispinHelp I've just installed Net tools pro via Wine but I'm unable to run it09:28
hd409joaopinto : i dont see video call on beta  skyp 9.0409:28
skunxmechdave: is it still possible to define the system time?09:28
hd409all i see is chat and call joapintio09:28
hd409all i see is chat and call joapinto09:28
joaopintoActionParsnip, ubuntu is not about failing and getting frustrated09:28
kenpark(last was a little confusing due to a missing part:) When I try to apt-get install php5-dev it tells me the package server for the package shtool is down. It gives me: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/shtool/shtool_2.0.8-1_all.deb 403 Forbidden [IP: 80] - how can I bypass this?09:28
joaopintohd409, you need to call, to be able to voice/audio09:28
joaopintocall = voice09:29
joaopintothen you can use video09:29
hd409can we call?09:29
hd409can we try joaopinto?09:29
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: but its something he'd never tried, but he went for it and found it was good09:29
joaopintohd409, first do a test call from the options mentu09:29
gnrskunx:mknod /dev/rtc0 c 254 009:29
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: and i'm sure there was frustration along the way09:29
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: so its exactly the same as trying ekiga09:29
mechdaveskunx, should be, try using ntp to set it eg: sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com09:30
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: and bith are free to try, so why not explore a little09:30
joaopintoActionParsnip, righ, so please try ekiga first, and then suggest it when you know it works as expected09:30
blackjakwould you please tell me what this mean09:30
blackjakcp: omitting directory `/host/WINDOWS/system32/config'09:30
gnrskunx:then ln -s /dev/rtc0 /dev/rtc09:30
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: i looked on the site, it said it supports webcam which is a requirement of the user09:30
mechdaveskunx, also make sure your locale is set correctly09:30
skunxmechdave: ok09:31
joaopintoActionParsnip, let's not go OT, I think you got my idea, if you don't like it, just ignore it :)09:31
skunxgnr: ok I did this09:31
mechdaveblackjak, it means that cp skipped that directory, use cp -r to include directories09:31
gnrskunx:hwclock again09:31
kenpark(okay problem is gone now, thanks)09:31
mechdaveblackjak, use man cp for more info09:31
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: i got your idea, did you get mine :D?09:31
skunxgnr: same error.. although the file exists in /dev (just checked)09:32
gnrskunx:mknod /dev/rtc0 c 254 0 then ln -s /dev/rtc0 /dev/rtc right?09:32
gnrskux:after that hwclock --debug09:33
joaopintoActionParsnip, yes, I alseo send people for things I have not tried, after they have tried those I know to be working :)09:33
mechdavegnr skunx don't forget to use sudo09:33
ActionParsnipjoaopinto: good enough for me ;)09:33
skunxgnr: ok.. did exactly what you wrote.. (using sudo).. the file are created (checked with ls) and /dev/rtc links to /dev/rtc0 but the error stays the same09:34
skunxgnr: hwclock: Open of /dev/rtc failed, errno=2: No such file or directory.09:34
skunxgnr: but the file IS THERE :-) strange huh?09:35
gnrskunx:file /dev/rtc09:35
joaopintoit should be: /dev/rtc: symbolic link to `rtc0'09:35
skunxgnr: /dev/rtc: symbolic link to `/dev/rtc0'09:35
skunxjoaopinto: yes.. my mistake09:36
mechdaveskunx, gnr what happens if you do a ls -la /dev/rtc09:36
gnrskunx:file /dev/rtc009:36
skunxmechdave: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Oct  9 12:39 /dev/rtc -> /dev/rtc009:36
skunxgnr: /dev/rtc0: character special (254/0)09:36
mechdaveskunx, gnr what happens if you do a ls -la /dev/rtc009:36
mechdaveskunx, does your BIOS support a rtc?09:37
skunxmechdave:  ls -la /dev/rtc0   ==> crw-r--r-- 1 root root 254, 0 Oct  9 12:37 /dev/rtc009:37
gnrskunx:pastebin the dmesg09:37
OriWBCan someone help me partition my hard drive?09:38
ActionParsnipOriWB: gparted will help with that09:38
_Techie_does anyone have any experience with mouseemu, the man page isnt helping me much09:38
skunxgnr: http://pastebin.com/m1d6a989209:38
OriWBActionParsnip: I downloaded that, and i can't locate it09:39
gnrskunx:it's a centos?09:39
mechdaveskunx, rtc: IRQ 8 is not free.09:39
ActionParsnipOriWB: no need, its in your path. Just run: gksudo gparted09:40
skunxgnr: it's paravirtualized09:40
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OriWBActionParsnip: thanx09:40
OriWBActionParsnip: do u know where i can find instructions?09:41
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap09:42
stokihelo all09:43
stokii have question09:43
_Techie_does anyone have any experience with mouseemu, the man page isnt helping me much09:43
stokihow can i unpack files 7z.001 ......09:43
skunxgnr: mechdave joaopinto I'll work in UTC for now, and I'll try to fix this later. Thank you guys for your patience and understanding!   ;-)09:44
stokihow can i unpack files 7z.001 ......09:45
hd409hi whats the equivalent utorrent in ubuntu?09:45
cybersplicestoki: you need lzma09:45
hd409what do you guys use for torrents?what application?brand or name torrent you used?09:45
stokiwhats lzma09:45
cybersplicea compression algorithm09:45
cybersplicelike RAR or zip09:46
cyberspliceinstall lzma lzma-dev lzip09:46
stokiwhere i find it ?? with.deb ??09:46
cyberspliceit's in repositories. sudo apt-get install lzma lzma-dev lzip09:46
nic1wht is the command to unzip a .dsc file?09:47
hd409anybody here uses torrent?09:47
hd409what is best torrent to use on ubuntu 9.04?09:47
stokiterminal said iyou hawe the newest wersion09:47
stokiwhat i shoul do ??09:48
cybersplicenic1: .dsc is a nikon digital negative09:48
cyberspliceit's not zipped09:48
cybersplicestoki: You should just be able to open it with archive manager.09:48
cybersplicehd409: I like Transmission, but i don't use torrents a great deal.09:48
stokion context menu unpack or open????09:49
cyberspliceunpack, i suppose?09:49
stokicybersplice: i know that arch need pass but when i unpack it not need why ??09:50
cybersplicestoki: No idea. Might be a bug.09:51
cyberspliceDoes the file open?09:51
stokii see file ...iso09:51
cyberspliceDoes the ISO work?09:51
stokii think so09:52
stokiwhen i open iso i see folders and exe file09:52
cyberspliceThen the archive probably wasn't password protected.09:52
cyberspliceEither that, or the lzma algo can now read your mind. :)09:53
stokihm :)09:53
stokiall files 7z. weight is about 1gb and the unpacked iso is 500mb09:54
cybersplicestoki: That's odd. It's possible that it's a bad pack, i suppose. LZMA is very mature these days, works well.09:55
stokiok i do cd and i look its working or not09:55
peethi, anyone using Intel 945GM video card?09:55
stokione more question09:56
stokipolsih support for ubuntu is dead now09:56
JanHolboHi all!09:56
cyberspliceI'm sorry to hear that.09:56
stokiank i want to know how can i install windows when i have ubuntu first09:56
stokii want install on other usb disk09:57
JanHolboI need assistance remounting  an ecryptfs home dir. I do have the passphrase but not the signature as I lost my / partition09:57
cybersplicestoki: Well. I wouldn't suggest installing Ubuntu and THEN windows, but the other way around. You could install it in a VM i guess, but i'm guessing you're wanting it for games....09:57
cabarostoki: windows installation will overwrite your MBR so after installing windows you need to reinstall GRUB09:57
stokinot for games09:58
cabarostoki: unless of course if your GRUB is on a different than primary partition09:58
stokii have mini dv camcorder and i cant work with it on linux09:58
stokiihavent drivers09:58
cabarostoki: is the dv connected through firewire?09:59
cybersplicestoki: Virtal machine software might work out better for you. Look into Sun Virtualbox, for example.09:59
stokiyes dv>139409:59
cabarocybersplice: true, if you don't mind slower graphics, but that might cause some issues with any camcorder editing softare10:00
cybersplicecabaro: True.10:00
ivysky1981hey guys, how do I make my transparent desktop cube not fade the images on the other side of the cube?  I have full transparency all the time and I would like to see the other side clearly.  There was some option in compiz that would not fade the cube...what was it?10:01
hd409thanks guys10:01
cabarostoki: i remember having problems with a dv tru firewire, there was a conf file somwhere that needed minor edit to work10:01
Dempillercoucou :-)10:02
cabarostoki: this might help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Firewire10:02
stokithis virtualbox is one time machine > i must install it when i want use or i installonce for a time10:03
jamiewanivysky1981: compiz, desktop cube, transparent cube tab10:03
OriWBActionParsnip: I don't understand it... I wanted to split the hard drive, and on the other put windows xp... i dont know how to do that10:04
OriWBActionParsnip: or you know what, if i could just get cubase x to run on wine, i wouldn't have to do it at all.  I installed it on wine, but it didn't run10:05
cabarostoki: first you install virtualbox, then you can add virtual machines, which you install once and can use when you need10:05
jerknextdoori can't get fetchmail-daemon to run at startup on 9.04.  any ideas?10:06
ActionParsnipOriWB: install XP first but when the partitioner in windows appears only partition part of the drive, leave the rest untouched, ubuntu will then use this and setup the dual boot for you10:06
cabarostoki: check http://www.virtualbox.org/10:06
ActionParsnipOriWB: cubase gets a gold rating in appdb: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=11871&iTestingId=2927310:06
nic1Cybersplice, so .dsc file doen't it have the souce code of the package?10:07
OriWBActionParsnip: thanx alot10:07
cabarostoki: virtualbox is pretty straight forward, it has a simple gui10:07
cabaroanyone know, if virtualbox supports firewire?10:08
ActionParsnipOriWB: install windows first, makes life easier10:08
OriWBActionParsnip: gotcha10:08
ActionParsnipcabaro: i'd ask in #vbox10:08
cabarook, just thought if someone had a yes or no answer10:08
cybersplicenic1: All i know is that some of my cameras produce .dsc files and fill them with metadata for importing images into Nikon software. Source files are usually .c i think, but i'm not a developer. :)10:10
stokione more question i have packardbell notebook with webcam but doesnt work any drivers for ubuntu ??10:14
ahmedSalve a tutti10:15
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w1d0wm8k3rI wonder if theres a way to use your guest OS and partition your HDD from a VDI file or maybe some conversion process10:16
dwarderwhy ubuntu?10:18
nic1does, getting the souce get install the pacakge too?10:18
Guest23099sono due giorni che mi cimento a creare una rete per condividere dei file tra windows vista e ubuntu ma con samba ci sono riuscito ma non mi funziona molto bene10:18
DJones!it | Guest2309910:19
ubottuGuest23099: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:19
dwarderfor server?10:19
absolutenoobhere is english Guest23099 try /join ubuntu-it10:19
stokithanks a lot guys10:19
stokicybersplice: especialy for you best regards from polish guy who lives in spain10:20
DJones!hi | buffalo10:22
ubottubuffalo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:22
ahmedwhere I can found the help in Italian for ubuntu ???10:22
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:23
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cybersplice!it | Guest2101910:23
ubottuGuest21019: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:23
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alokitohow to share internet from a windows pc to a ubuntu system via bluetooth?10:29
hunney_bunshi hi, could anyone help me with getting network to work in ubuntu 9.04 and the p5ql pro motherboard, i have read what i can find on google, and i see with lshw -C Network that it sees and recognizes it10:32
flymanhunney_buns: whats the actual issue you're having?10:33
hunney_bunsi have no access to internet, short and simple10:33
hunney_bunsnetwork is working, the cable is connected, some leds are showing at the network card10:34
hunney_bunsbut is shows that i am disconnected10:34
hunney_bunsni ubuntu10:34
EvaLuaTeis there any way i can edit a file that is located in an archive?10:35
Blizzerand_EvaLuaTe : You could decompress it and then edit the file and compress it10:36
EvaLuaTeBlizzerand: but i don't know what type the archive is. (it's extension is pk3)10:36
zwamkatEvaluaTe: You might try midnight commander (mc)10:37
EvaLuaTeok, thanks guys, i found a way :)10:40
Blizzerand_EvaLuaTe : What is it . Just to know10:40
prowerhello :> i'm trying to add subtitles to a movie with vlc in jaunty, the video will play just fine but the convert/save option won't work...the only errors that i've seen it mention are that it can't find the files that it just managed to play properly :> anyone else have a similar problem?10:41
Blizzerand_EvaLuaTe : unzip may work ,10:41
Blizzerand_EvaLuaTe ; But you have to install unzip and extract with that . It should work10:41
EvaLuaTeno, the problem wasn't with editing the file, i just didn't have the right permissions to alter that compressed file, that was the actual problem10:42
blindcoderhello guys. I just installed UNR on my netbook, switched over to fglrx and ran all upgrades that were displayed (some 200-odd updates). Now, when I start a program (tried firefox and terminal) the launcher just dims to an orange color and sits there, nothing else happening.10:43
blindcoderbefore the upgrade, launching programs worked fine10:43
Blizzerand_EvaLuaTe : lol , use gksudo next time10:43
blindcoderanyone seen this before?10:44
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hunney_bunsso i have this network problem, trying to get the network card to connect, apparently i have done some good, because it does now power up in nux. it connects to my router physically, i know this because of the leds on the network card. i have followed this guide http://www.kanonbra.com/index.php/projects/various10:45
Shirakawasunaugh.  I'm trying out the beta on my netbook and the first time I set up wireless I selected 'make available to all users'.  Maybe this was a bad idea, since for some reason I cannot get dhcp settings to stick.  I don't know if the two are actually related, does anyone know about this issue?10:46
Shirakawasunaalternatively, is there a conf I can edit manually?  I only need to change the dns server options10:47
Shirakawasuna(for one network)10:47
hunney_bunsbut i can not see the interface in ubuntu, even though if i do a sudo lshw -C Network it actually recognizes my card, and even shows the correct link speed. it still does not say im connected to anything, e.g i do not get an ip10:47
zwamkat@hunney_buns Can you give it a static IP?10:48
DJonesShirakawasuna: Can you join #ubuntu+1 for Karmic/Beta queries, thats the support channel until it's released10:48
hunney_bunslet me try, 2 secs10:48
ShirakawasunaDJones: thanks10:51
_Techie_i need a wayy to run a command as root on resume without having to enter a password10:52
hunney_bunszwamkat, no, i can define it in connections, if i ping my router it says Connec: Network is unreachable10:52
flyman_Techie_: not a smart idea10:53
zwamkatHunney_buns: How many NIC's do you have?10:53
hunney_bunshow do i find that out easiest?10:53
_Techie_flyman, its a personal laptop, and i need to disable trackpad tap with "trackpad notap"10:53
bigmack83sound problem.watching a dvd with no problem (actually using vls to play iso files). dvd was done, hit stop and closed vls. opened up next iso file and boom no sound. now i have absolutely no sound on my laptop. it has been working all day. was listening to mp3's earlier. anyone have this issue?10:53
zwamkatOpen a terminal, ifconfig10:54
bigmack83sorry, using VLC player, not vls10:54
hunney_bunslol, other keyboard ^^10:54
flyman_Techie_:  use sudo and then the command10:54
_Techie_flyman, that will prompt for a password, i dont want to have to enter a password every bloody time ii resume10:55
zwamkatWhat is a decent site to post temp config files?10:55
hunney_bunsit gives me eth0 and lo, it actually says at the last line of eth0 Interrupt:25110:55
flyman_Techie_: im not sure how you're going to do it else wise unless you make a script to auto login and run the commands needed.10:56
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zwamkatDoes the last line contain an address? Like "Base address:0x2000"10:56
_Techie_flyman, how do i do that, i dont mind having my password stored on my own system unhashed10:56
hunney_bunsnope not at all, it also says 0 packets bytes and etc,10:56
eightfolddoes anyone know of a linux recovery live cd that has antonio diaz's ddrescue on it?10:57
hunney_bunsi would pastebin it but i am having some network problems ;)10:57
flyman_Techie_: well you can have it when your system starts10:57
flymana simple bash command10:57
appsHello all loving ubuntu people :D10:57
daveycakesis it possible to install ubuntu from an sd card?10:57
hunney_bunshi hi10:57
_Techie_flyman, i need it for resume as everytime i suspend tap enables10:57
zwamkatCan you post the outcome of ifconfig & /etc/network/interfaces ?10:57
hunney_bunswill do10:58
appsI have a question about skype. Is it free like pidigin or do i need to buy the skype phone to have an account?10:58
_Techie_flyman, if you know how to do it please tell me the bash script and ii will integrate it into /etc/acpi/resume/10:58
appsi cant find a link to ""make a new account"" on there website10:59
flyman_Techie_: what is the commands you currently type and ill write the script10:59
bigmack83apps, free, only const to call a lan line phone or cellphone. free to IM or use skype to skype10:59
_Techie_flyman, sudo trackpad notap10:59
flyman_Techie_: ok11:00
appsok but i sntalled the skype plugin for pidigin and it say username but i dont have so i guess its not free to IM to a skype person then?11:00
jerknextdoorapps: skype is free to use as an im client or skype to skype calls.  the only thing you pay for is to call a lan line.11:01
hunney_bunszwamkat: (this is a tough way of transfering packages, thang god for computers :) ):http://paste.ubuntu.com/289195/11:02
appsok but where can i create an account so that i can have a username and password that i type in pidigin?11:02
Guest45212how to install openldap in ubuntu?11:03
hunney_bunsi know there is a sensible skype client for nux, that has the interface to create it11:03
KruyKazethis might sound crazy but i have a drive that i want to switch from ntfs to ext4 but it's 65% full11:03
appsoohh i see. I didnt need a password for pidigin skype plugin but i says i need skype to be running so...11:04
zwamkat@ hunny_buns: just a sec, let me digest..11:04
flyman_Techie_: I came up with an idea. To use visudoto add your current username to it and allow the bash script that performs the script not to require sudo pass. im going to put it on pastebin for ubuntu11:04
blindcoderhello guys. I just installed UNR 9.04 on my netbook, switched over to fglrx and ran all upgrades that were displayed (some 200-odd updates). Now, when I start a program (tried firefox and terminal) the launcher just dims to an orange color and sits there, nothing else happening. Before the upgrades, it worked just fine. Anyone seen this before and might know a fix?11:04
Blank__is it possible for the nvidia-96-glx driver to be worse than the nv driver?11:04
zwamkathttp://paste.ubuntu.com/289199/ to your /etc/network/interfaces11:06
zwamkathunny_buns try adding11:07
hunney_bunsand restart.... ?11:07
pdlnhrdi can't get networking to work at all an some hone help11:07
zwamkatCopy/Past on a friday is hard :-)11:07
hunney_bunsits faster to just write that :D11:07
hunney_bunsthis manual networking is so boring11:07
zwamkat@ hunny_buns: then restart you network11:08
Frecorsome help would be greatly appreciated11:09
NinjaPlimsollsdoes anyone know why Windows grinds the hell out of my hard disk, yet Linux is as quiet as a mouse?11:09
zwamkat@ Frecor: with what?11:09
Frecorinstalled 9.0.4 on my Dell XPS M133011:09
Frecorseems the wireless can't connect, but can see the networks11:09
appsthats not always true. linux grinds my disk and windoze not11:09
flyman_Techie_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28920111:09
NinjaPlimsollsapps, for me, windows takes nearly two minutes to stop grinding11:10
pdlnhrdi can ping gateway but anythng else network is unreachable11:10
NinjaPlimsollsapps, linux accesses the hard disk for about 4 seconds, then is quiet as anything11:10
Blank__windows probably has a fit about your ram11:10
Blank__"MORE, MOREEEEE"11:10
jamiewanNinjaPlimsolls: microsoft have shares in hard disc companies i suppose lol11:10
flymanpdlnhrd: what is the gateway ip? local router ip (i.e. 192.168.x.x)?11:10
Frecormeans the card works? problem is I keep getting a keyring prompt and 'n security key promt for the WPA11:10
NinjaPlimsollsLOL yeah probably11:10
zwamkat@ pdlnhrd: Post your ifconfig and /etc/network/interfaces11:11
_Techie_thanks heaps flyman11:11
appsNinjaPlimsolls hmm i only get the grind when linux does a check disk during boot and then its quiet :)11:11
NinjaPlimsollsapps, same :)11:11
ashwinican anyone tell me how to install firefox on ubuntu 9.0411:11
flyman_Techie_: Hopefully that helps, if not let me know.11:11
=== lcavara is now known as temp0
cyberspliceashwini: It should be installed by default.11:11
=== OkropNick^ is now known as OkropNick
andcorI've been thinking: What happens when a computer is offline when cron is scheduled to do something, is the scheduled task then simply not runned or is it runned at next boot ?11:11
NinjaPlimsollseven loading intensive stuff like GIMP or Oo.o only makes a whisper noise for about 2 miliseconds11:11
zwamkatashwhini: apt-get install firefox11:11
jerknextdoorashwini: sudo apt-get install firefox11:11
appsit comes standard firefox in 9.0411:11
Blank__what cybersplice said11:11
zambaintrepid for server? is that any point?11:11
zambashould i upgrade to jaunty?11:11
jamiewanyes when i boot to windoze my box is a noisy a hell, but jaunty quiet as a mouse11:12
zambawhat's the best and most supported release for servers?11:12
Blank__i'm on jaunty for everything except my spare laptop, which is intrepid11:12
OriWBActionParsnip: i'm having trouble following the instructions on getting cubase x for wine. I installed wine, and got winetricks, and now i don't know what else to do11:12
cyberspliceogod. a user just asked me what doubleclick means.11:12
ashwinibut i need to upgrade the firefox intalled. it is currently 2x version11:12
appshaha doubleclick :D11:12
dwardercybersplice: ask him what anykey means?11:12
Blank__ah, ashwini, you'll need an unofficial build of the new ff11:12
pdlnhrdzwamkat: the /etc/network/interfaces was wrong but i kep changing it and it is reverting back to the incorrct values11:12
flymanashwini: 2x is old11:13
appshaha :D11:13
jerknextdoorashwini: 9.04 has 2x?11:13
ashwinisorry I can't get u?11:13
Blank__then again there should be a 3.0 build out there...11:13
cybersplice9.04 should have 3.011:13
ashwinino its not11:13
flyman3x exists, 3.5 I recall11:13
appsKoenigsegg zooooooooom :D11:13
dwarderfirefox is so flowww11:14
* NinjaPlimsolls uses Chrome ;)11:14
FloodBot2dwarder: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:14
Blank__3.5 isn't too bad11:14
ashwiniits actually stored on my desktop and i need to install it from there11:14
jerknextdoorashwini: apt-get update11:14
ka__dwarder: cybersplice: anykey: http://mihosoft.eu/software-projects/any-key/any-key-01-released.html11:14
Blank__i mean, it's no epiphany, but it's certainly less bug prone than epiphany11:14
OriWBActionParsnip: nevermind, i think i figured it out11:14
ashwinipls tell me the full procedure11:14
jerknextdoorashwini:  how did you get 9.04?11:14
ashwinione friend of mine downloaded it an d then installed it11:15
zwamkatpdlnhrd do you have a GUI application that might alter your config?11:16
jerknextdoorashwini: can you go to 'system>about ubuntu' and see what it says there?11:16
ashwiniya sure11:16
pdlnhrdzwakat: the fist thing i do is remove the stupid networkmanger.  this is a server and itmesses everything up11:17
zwamkathunny_buns: any luck?11:17
pdlnhrdzwakat:  ifconfig eth0 reports everything correctly11:17
ashwiniits written thanx for your interest in ubuntu 9.0411:17
ashwinido you want me to tell you something else11:18
Guest45212how to get the DN for evolution mail11:18
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
zwamkat@ pdlnhrd you knew that because you could ping your GW11:18
jerknextdoorashwini: weird.  firefox 3 should be there under 'applications > internet'11:18
ashwiniactually firefox is there but it is not the 3x version11:19
jerknextdoorashwini:  if not something is very wrong.  but we can get you firefox 3.11:19
pdlnhrdzwamkat: yes i can ping anything on the subnet and the default gw11:19
jerknextdoorashwini: can you open up a terminal and type 'firefox -v' without the quotes?11:19
ubuntistascan i use evolution with my gmail and hotmail account ? ΔΣΨ11:20
ashwinifirefox 3.0.1411:20
Frecor<Frecor> greetings,11:21
Frecor<Frecor> some help would be greatly appreciated11:21
Frecor<Frecor> installed 9.0.4 on my Dell XPS M133011:21
Frecor<Frecor> seems the wireless can't connect, but can see the networks11:21
Frecor<Frecor> means the card works? problem is I keep getting a keyring prompt and 'n security key promt for the WPA11:21
FloodBot2Frecor: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:21
andcorubuntistas: gmail you can, but i'm not sure about hotmail11:21
jerknextdoorashwini:  okay now just type 'firefox'11:21
ubuntistasandcor how?11:21
ashwinibut one day i tried to open something and it said you need to upgrade your mozilla to view this content11:21
ashwinidats why i thought this is not the latest one11:21
andcorubuntistas: in your gmail settings you can enable either imap or pop311:21
DJonesubuntistas: Yes you can use both gmail and hotmail with evolution, you just need to add the accounts and configure them with appropriate server settings11:22
hunney_buns@ zwamkat  nopsy dopsy11:22
pdlnhrdzwamkat: against all better judgmnt i bounced the server (thank god it came up being a hundred mile away)11:22
jerknextdoorashwini:  it is not the latest one.  it is however the latest one in the ubuntu repositories.11:22
ubuntistaswicd is faster than networkmanger applet in karmic11:22
blindcoderhello guys. I just installed UNR 9.04 on my netbook, switched over to fglrx and ran all upgrades that were displayed (some 200-odd updates). Now, when I start a program (tried firefox and terminal) the launcher just dims to an orange color and sits there, nothing else happening. Before the upgrades, it worked just fine. Anyone seen this before and might know a fix?11:22
jerknextdoorashwini: the latest one will not be officially supported by ubuntu for another 21 days or so.11:22
ubuntistasDJones is that possible, how can i do that?11:22
ashwinifirefox new window has opened11:23
aeioujust installed ubunutu Hardy11:23
aeioui need a cli ftp program, any recommendations11:23
andcorubuntistas: and then use the setting found here: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=7879911:23
DJonesubuntistas: Give me a minute, I'll find a link with the hotmail server settings11:23
aeiouftp: command not found11:23
aeiousftp works, but the computer i'm trying to access doesnt have SSH11:23
andcoraeiou: nsftp11:23
andcoraeiou: or simply mc11:24
hunney_buns@ zwamkat i tried with what you gave me, and it did not work, so i tried a auto eth0 and it did give me a No working leases in persistant database - sleeping error on restarting the network11:24
aeiouandcor, any pro's/cons between the two?11:24
DJonesubuntistas: This website has the settings for hotmails pop3 service http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/01/16/hotmail-free-pop3-and-smtp-access-and-server-configuration-settings/11:24
jerknextdoorashwini: you should be fine with that version of firefox.  if you really need 3.5 (the latest) http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2009/07/install-firefox-35-on-ubuntu-with-one-command/ should work.11:24
ubuntistasthx ubuguys11:25
andcoraeiou: i like mc the best because it is a full file browser with ftp and ssh capabillities11:25
OriWBCan someone please help me install Cubase x on wine?11:25
zwamkatHunny_buns:nopsy dopsy Huh? What does that mean?11:25
andcoraeiou: but ncftp might be the program with the most capabillities11:25
ashwinican you tell me one more thing????11:26
hunney_buns@ zwamkat it means no luck at all( it was a flanders imitation)11:26
ashwinihow can i unzip the .tar files?11:26
jribashwini: you "untar" them by clicking on them11:27
* ray__ anyone installed ubuntu karmic11:27
ashwiniand how to do it using terminal?11:27
jribashwini: tar xf ...11:27
ashwinioand using sudo?11:27
jribashwini: why?11:27
ashwinii just want to know11:28
zwamkathunny_buns what does sudo ifup eth0 do?11:28
peolDoes anyone know of a widget/gadget/screenlet daemon that lets you use html+css+javascript to layout the widgets? Perhaps some kind of implementation of libwebkit11:28
jribashwini: k, does that answer your question?11:28
hunney_buns@ zwamkat it says: "ifup: interface eth0 already configured"11:30
ashwinithere is no option like untar.11:30
ashwinithe file has ext .tar.bz211:30
zwamkathunny_buns Still no IP address when typing ifconfig?11:30
jribashwini: read what I told you before.  I didn't tell you "untar"11:31
zwamkatDo you have a DHCP on your LAN?11:31
BilgeCan I install the newest version of ufw on 8.04 LTS?11:31
ashwiniyou said untar them by clicking them11:31
jribashwini: and then I told you the command after you asked for it11:32
ashwinibut i need the files as we get them using winrar in windows11:32
jerknextdoorashwini: in the terminal type 'tar -xf /path/to/file.tar.bz2' and that will extract it in your current directory.11:32
hunney_buns@ zwamkat i now do have an ip there, the one i defined in /etc/network/interfaces  with the static option11:32
jerknextdoorashwini:  or you can open them with 'archive manager' which should be the default if you double click them.11:32
ubuntistasso how can i open a new account in evolution and how can imanage them?11:32
=== pengemis|away is now known as pengemis
jrib!away > pengemis11:33
ubottupengemis, please see my private message11:33
ashwinitheres a problem about the command too. the file is on the desktop. n um unable to reach there using terminal.11:33
zwamkatCan you ping the GW?11:33
alabdfoofish: this does not work : sudo touch /ee && sudo echo -e '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' >> ./ee11:33
jerknextdoorashwini: tar -xf ~/Desktop/filename.tar.bz211:34
ashwiniwhen i type cd desktop it says no such file or directory11:34
hunney_buns@ zwamkat hold a sec i will make a new package with what it says11:34
jribalabd: pipe to tee instead of using the redirection11:34
jribashwini: linux is case-sensitive11:34
jerknextdoorashwini: cd /home/USERNAME/Desktop11:35
jerknextdoorashwini: or just 'cd ~/Desktop/'11:35
alabdjrib what do you mean of pipe to tee ?11:35
jribalabd: COMMAND | sudo tee -a FILE11:35
ashwiniok so we need to type '/' after the desktop???11:36
ashwinithat was where i missed11:36
jribashwini: not necessary...11:36
daveycakeshow would i install unrar from terminal?11:36
jerknextdoorashwini: you don't have to type it necessarily.11:36
jribashwini: you need to type desktop with a capital D11:36
daveycakessudo apt-get install unrar doesnt work11:36
alabdjrib what does tee do ?11:36
jrib!doesn't work | daveycakes11:36
ubottudaveycakes: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.11:36
jribalabd: man tee11:37
daveycakesthats helpful11:37
ashwinino it worked with a d even11:37
daveycakeswhats the exact name of unrar do ya know?11:37
jribashwini: 'd' is lowercase.  You want the uppercase 'D'11:37
daveycakesi cant install a packet if i cant find it :)11:37
jribdaveycakes: it's unrar.  Tell us your error message.11:37
alabdjirib sudo touch /ee && sudo echo -e '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' >> ./ee11:37
jribalabd: replace >> with the appropriate expression using tee...11:38
daveycakesah no got it, not sure what i was doing :s thank you anyway11:38
alabdjrib but is tee related to this work ? sudo touch /ee && sudo echo -e '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' >> ./ee11:38
Pisoloany suggestion on how make visual effects work on a geforce g105m ?11:38
jerknextdoordaveycakes: do you have multiverse enabled in your sources?11:38
ashwinii did it with a lowercase d but with a '/' after desktop and you are saying its not necessary11:38
jribalabd: see my last message11:38
jribalabd: did you read what tee does yet?11:38
alabdthanks jrib11:38
daveycakesi dont know what mutliverse is but im guessing i do, just installed :)11:38
_Techie_flyman, it worked, but it didnt... it works in that i can call the script without sudo or entering a pass, but its not working when added to /etc/acpi/resume/11:39
jiteshsare the logs of a package build in ubuntu visible publically? (so that I can what options has it been built with ,etc)11:39
jrib!source > jiteshs11:39
ubottujiteshs, please see my private message11:39
jribjiteshs: read debian/rules11:39
jerknextdoorashwini: cut and past this : "  cd ~/Desktop  " without the quotes.11:40
ubuntistasi configured my gmail account in evolution but i don't see my inbox files or trash any idea?11:41
* jiteshs checks out debian/rules11:41
knutI have a problem with the energy options on a laptop under the 9.10 beta11:41
knutwhere is the option to do nothing when laptop closes?11:42
OneMillionDollaris there anyway that i can set different wallpaper on different desktop ?11:42
alabdjrib but this did not work sudo touch /ee && sudo echo -e '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' && sudo tee -a /ee11:42
OneMillionDollari got 4 desktop space11:42
hunney_buns@ zwamkat http://paste.ubuntu.com/289218/11:42
jribalabd: because that's not what I told you to do11:42
alabdhow to creat a file and writte 2 line in it11:42
alabdhow to creat a file and writte 2 line in it  jrib11:42
jribalabd: you are missing the "pipe" part11:42
ashwinii tried the command but it says no such file or directory11:43
jribashwini: replace your last && with |11:43
knutI have a problem with the energy options on a laptop under the 9.10 beta11:43
knutwhere is the option to do nothing when laptop closes?11:43
ashwinin how to scroll among the open windows using keyboard11:43
jerknextdoorashwini: type 'cd'.  just cd with no quotes.11:43
alabd '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' is this part ok should not be  '#!/bin/sh' /n 'exit 0'11:43
jerknextdoorashwini: alt+F411:43
alabd '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' is this part ok should not be  '#!/bin/sh' /n 'exit 0' ? jrib11:44
ashwinii cant get u what && to replace with |11:44
jerknextdoorashwini: he typed that to the wrong user.  ignor it.11:44
ashwinii tried and it says quit11:44
jribashwini: ignore me11:44
jribalabd: replace your last && with |11:44
OneMillionDollaris there anyway that i can set different wallpaper on different desktop space ?11:45
alabdjrib thanks11:45
jerknextdoorashwini: you're typing this in a terminal?11:45
gsedejhas anyone idea, how to get sudo if I conntect to ssh server over Nautilus? (not over terminal)11:45
zwamkathunny_buns: why do you have a dhcp server running on that machine?11:46
hunney_bunsi do not11:46
hunney_bunsdo i?11:46
zwamkatsrry client11:46
ashwinii typed tar xf ~/desktop/firefox-3.5.3.tar.bz211:46
hunney_buns@ zwamkat  i found out the weirdest thing now though, now at this very moment when i typed ifconfig, i can see 3 entrys11:47
jerknextdoorashwini:  you need to capitalize the D in Desktop.11:47
jerknextdoorashwini:  use the shift key or the caps lock key it doesn't matter...but the letter D must be UPPERCASE.11:47
hunney_buns@ zwamkat  i can see the eth0, it has no ip or action but under it is a line called eth0:avahi and it has a ip address!11:48
zwamkat3 ip's? or three interfaces?11:48
hunney_buns3 interfaces11:48
alabdjrib this worked sudo touch /ee && sudo echo -e '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' | sudo tee -a /ee11:48
hunney_bunseth0 eth0:avahi and lo11:48
alabd but instead of writting in 2 line it wrote in one line like this #!/bin/sh /n exit 0 in file ee .11:48
ashwinibut where are the unzipped files??? i cant see them on the desktop11:48
jerknextdoorit unzipped them to your /home directory.11:48
jerknextdoorashwini:  it unzipped them to your /home directory.11:49
Guest45212please somebody tell how to get active directory objects using ldapsearch11:49
hunney_buns@ zwamkat, i can now also ping my GW it is just unreachable :)11:50
dfi2hi friends, how to get compiz installed on a blacklisted computer.. is there any alternative way to install compiz or atleast tell me alternative for compiz. please help. I want to use it very badly. I am using intel pentium 4 (845GVSR Motherboard) with 768 MB ram.11:50
ashwiniand if i need them to be untarred on my desktop then waht to do?11:50
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
soreaudfi2: Try SKIP_CHECK=1 compiz11:51
soreaudfi2: Sorry, SKIP_CHECKS=1 compiz11:51
jerknextdoorashwini:  cd /where/to/extract/to11:51
dfi2I have tried it but it is not working.11:51
zwamkathunny_buns: this might be of help: http://omingo.zorngrid.com/11:51
soreaudfi2: Come to #compiz and I will help you11:51
hunney_buns@ zwamkat ty, will try11:52
dfi2it is just showing the mouse itself and nothing else is showing.11:52
jerknextdoorashwini:  so if you want them on your Desktop.  cd ~/Desktop.  then tar -xf /path/to/file.tar11:52
dfi2no , if i do so i will loose you.11:52
dfi2only mouse works nothing else works then.11:52
dfi2mouse pointer11:53
maonxHello,i can't find my dvdrom in /dev ,who knows?11:53
soreaudfi2: What is the output of 'glxinfo|grep renderer' from your terminal?11:53
dfi2let me see it.11:53
Catalinhello all11:54
dfi2Actually, i am in my friends system.11:54
dfi2is there any other alternative software as compiz.11:54
Catalincan someone assist me with a small problem?11:54
dfi2so that i can use it.11:54
zwamkatWe might!11:54
jerknextdoori am unable to get my user to run fetchmail-daemon at startup. i believe i need to do something with permissions but am unsure.11:55
Catalini want to intall transmission 1.75 and i don`t know how11:55
soreaudfi2: There's no alternative that does what compiz does11:55
Catalini have a deb file11:55
ashwinican u pls explain that to me..the xtract to command11:55
alabdThere is need to write 2 line in file ee but this sudo touch /ee && sudo echo -e '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' | sudo tee -a /ee writes in 1 line ,what is the way ?11:55
zwamkatCatalin sudo apt-get install transmission11:55
soreauCatalin: dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb11:55
dfi2Okay, Thank you.11:55
dfi2very much.11:55
pdlnhrdi am able to set my ip through he command line but on reboot it does not work11:56
dfi2have a nice time.11:56
ashwiniand how to know our mac address11:56
Catalinand when i try to intall it says that Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libevent-1.4-2 (>= 1.4.12-stable)11:56
Catalinlightweight BitTorrent client (GTK interface)11:56
CatalinTransmission-gtk is a GTK-based BitTorrent client. It features a very simple, intuitive interface on top on an efficient, cross-platform back-end.11:56
azlonanybody familiar with growing a mdadm raid?11:57
DarkMasterHaloashwini: Type the command ifconfig, you should have a line with HWaddr, there you go :P11:57
jerknextdoorashwini: what don't you understand about the tar command?11:57
jerknextdoorashwini: ifconfig will give you all your mac address needs11:57
OriWBFirefox stopped playing videos randomely.does somoene know what i can do to get it back?11:58
soreau! pm | Catalin11:58
ubottuCatalin: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:58
pdlnhrdis there a place to set the defaultrouter11:58
Catalinsoreau i already pm you11:58
ashwiniwhen we type tar then it xtracts it in the home folder11:58
zwamkatCatalin Patience my dear11:59
soreauCatalin: That message means that you don't have the dependencies to satisfy installing the package version you have there11:59
ashwinii need that on my desktop11:59
soreauCatalin: Why do you want to install a newer version of transmission?11:59
al_i am trying to connect to a MS vpn. Nothing appears to happen when I click on the vpn in network manager. is there a place where there will be a log of the failure reason/11:59
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Catalinsoreau, i gues that might be something new11:59
alabdThere is need to write 2 line in file ee but this sudo touch /ee && sudo echo -e '#!/bin/sh /n exit 0' | sudo tee -a /ee writes in 1 line ,how this work should be done ?jrib12:00
=== ahmed is now known as Guest73324
soreauCatalin: I doubt it will be any different than what you already have installed12:00
zwamkatCatalin, what version are you runnin'12:00
al_maybe I need to restart?12:00
ashwinileave it. now tell me how to install firefox from there12:00
Catalinand ubuntu 9.0412:00
=== phenom is now known as Guest42228
ZloyMonahUbuntu 9.10 очень хорошая12:01
jerknextdoorashwini: we've told you numerous times how to exract it to your Desktop.12:01
zwamkat@ Catalin. Odd. Just installed it my self.. Hmmm12:02
maonxHello,i can't find my dvdrom device in /dev ,who can help me?12:02
Catalini gues i don`t have a few libs12:02
Catalini don`t know why12:02
pdlnhrdi added the defautl rout throught eh comman line but can and route -n shows the correct route but i can't get off my subnet12:03
zwamkatCatalin try:12:03
Catalini must say i`m novice on linux12:03
DJones!ru | ZloyMonah12:03
ubottuZloyMonah: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:03
zwamkatsudo apt-get --purge install transmission --reinstall12:03
Catalinin a sec zwamkat12:04
jerknextdoorashwini: cd /path/to/where/you/want/it/extracted then type tar -xf /path/to/file/to/extract/ .12:04
pdlnhrdback to RHEL12:04
xeviousFvck you !12:05
Catalindone zwamkat12:05
jussi01xevious: please keep it clean in here.12:05
jussi01!guidelines | xevious12:05
ubottuxevious: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:05
tasslehoffCan gedit create rtf-files?12:05
Catalinzwamkat, can i please prv you?12:06
ashwinii tried it. may be um not getting you fully.12:06
tasslehoffor, what's a simple editor for creating and editing rtf-files?12:06
jerknextdoorashwini:  what is the name of the file you want to extract?12:07
ashwinii just need to install firefox. now pls tell me how to install the downloaded file12:07
zwamkatCatalin: sure I don't know how though12:07
jerknextdoorashwini: you have firefox.  you have firefox 3.0.  i sent you perfect directions on how to get 3.5 already.12:08
Catalinare you receiving my pm zwamkat12:08
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jerknextdoorashwini:  open a terminal and type exactly this without quotes:"cd ~/Desktop" then press enter.12:08
bijayguys can anyone help me.. when trying t update may karmic i am getting this message..12:09
ashwiniyes you sent me but i want to do it manually. what wrong in that?12:09
bijayW: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found [IP: 80]12:09
bijaya lot of such messages12:09
ashwiniand then12:09
jerknextdoorashwini: then type:"tar -xf ~/Desktop/firefox-3.5.3.tar.bz2"12:09
jerknextdoorashwini:  the directions i sent you were manual.  it was all command line.  it's exactly what i'm telling you right now.12:10
HazeFazehi, if I try to make my daily update of hardy LTS I receive many [Waiting for headers] messages, is there anything going on with the update servers?12:10
jussi01!slow | HazeFaze12:10
ubottuHazeFaze: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.  Also, try changing !mirrors12:10
ashwiniok its done12:10
ashwiniits on the desktop12:11
azlonwhen i am growing a raid do i need to format it in the proper fs before i add it to the raid?12:11
ashwininow how to install firefox 'manually'12:11
HazeFazethanks jussi, is there maybe an official webpage for this "heavy load" description?12:11
Blank__ashwini, is it a .deb?12:11
Blank__if so, you can just double click on it. if it needs any other packages, it'll tell you so12:12
ashwinino its not12:12
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JuJuBeeTrying to use hp-toolbox getting... error: HPMUDEXT could not be loaded. Please check HPLIP installation.12:12
jerknextdoorashwini:  by manually i assume you mean in the command line and letting a computer do most of the work?12:12
ashwinihad it been .deb it would have been self installing na12:12
ashwiniyes the same thing.12:13
tavastiI upgraded my very old laptop from 8.04 to 8.10, and now screen is totally blank12:13
ashwinii need to know the commands of installing something12:13
tavastiins stage when initrd is loaded, screen blanks12:13
tavastiany idea what to give to kernel12:13
tavastitried vga=771 and vga=nofb12:13
jerknextdoorashwini: i'd say it's very different, however....look in the all the stuff that extracted and there will be either a readme or and install text file.  it will give you all of the instructions.12:14
=== [pengemis] is now known as pengemis
ashwiniactually there are two .sh files12:14
rockohow u pirate ubuntu?12:15
jerknextdoorashwini: you're looking for text files.  nothing else.  either a readme or an install text.12:15
rockoI don't wanna spend 50  dolla for  cd12:15
rockohow u pirate ubuntu12:16
jerknextdoorrocko: you're joking right?12:16
hunney_buns@ zwamkat no luck at all, at anything at this point, can get the avahi thing go away, but it does not change nothing, will do a clean restart and come back here and complain from the beginning <312:16
jerknextdoorrocko: ubuntu is free.12:16
hunney_bunscomplain with love ofc12:16
Strogg_you have copy  of ubuntu on mininova12:16
JuJuBeeAnybody help with printing?  Trying to use hp-toolbox getting... error: HPMUDEXT could not be loaded. Please check HPLIP installation.12:16
Strogg_and on emule12:16
rockoI went to the store today ubuntu was being sold for 50 dolla12:16
jerknextdoorrocko: they were probably selling you support.  they can't legally sell ubuntu.12:17
DJones!download | rocko12:17
ubotturocko: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Jaunty, and help keeping the servers' load low!12:17
rockohow so?12:17
rockoI thought that since ubuntu is on gnu license it can be sold jerknextdoor ?12:17
rockohow can it use that license if you can't sell it12:17
ashwiniyes there is a read me which says for installing running and configuring refer to "and a webpage address"12:17
hunney_bunsonly serrvises pertaining to it, say installing ubuntu or, support for it and so on, not the operative system in itself12:18
ashwinitemme how to scroll among opened windows using keyboard12:18
rockosomeone said he got a pirated copy of ubuntus12:18
hunney_bunsgifts are hard to steal12:19
ashwinithe webpage is http://getfirefox.com/releases/12:19
jerknextdoorrocko: as far as i know you can't charge for the operating system...but you can charge for support.  either way you can download it for free at ubuntu.com12:19
jerknextdoorashwini:  it's ALT+f4.  that's the 3rd time someone has told you.12:19
azlonwhen i try to add a new drive to my raid using mdadm --add /dev/md0 /dev/sdg1 i get: mdadm: /dev/sdg1 not large enough to join array12:19
rockoisn't ubuntu going to cost money in the future?12:20
Aaron_Wiener-BloHelp! i got a grub menu on my conputer at startup, and donw know what to do!12:20
rockoHelp! my butt itches12:20
rockoit hurts12:20
rockodoes ubuntu have an apps for that?12:21
ashwinipressing alt+F4 says do you want to quit12:21
DJones!ot | rocko12:21
ubotturocko: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!12:21
ashwiniits not called scrolling12:21
azlonDJones, are you familiar with mdadm?12:21
tonyyarussojerknextdoor, rocko: You *can* charge for software under the GPL, but no, Canonical will not charge for Ubuntu in the future.  If you would like to re-sell it to people though you may.12:21
jerknextdoorashwini:  what do you mean?12:22
DJonesazlon: I'm afraid not, i've never knowingly used it12:22
RyoXi need some help12:22
Aaron_Wiener-BloCan Someone help? My computer won't startup. It load a "grub>" screen with all the options when i push the TAB button12:22
azlonhas anybody here grown an array?12:22
jerknextdoortonyyarusso: thanks for clearing that up.12:22
tavastiazlon, I have12:22
tavastiwhat is your problem?12:23
fbianconi!ask | RyoX12:23
ubottuRyoX: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:23
avashubottu, hi12:23
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!12:23
ashwinii want to scroll through windows as we do using alt+tab in windows. how do we do that in ubuntu?12:23
KeiyaWait, is Karmic stable now? *blink*12:23
azlontavasti, i am trying to grow my RAID-5 with another 1TB drive, but i keep getting "mdadm: /dev/sdg1 not large enough to join array"... here is my fdisk showing the drive is the same size http://pastebin.com/d2b272f5c12:23
Aaron_Wiener-BloCan someone help me startup? for some reason my computer enters a grub menu, and i dont know how to get out of it12:24
avashubottu, are you a bot?12:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about are you a bot?12:24
alexmurrayashwini: just use Alt+Tab12:24
canthus13Keiya: Karmic is still beta.12:24
DJones!bot | avash12:24
ubottuavash: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:24
tonyyarussoKeiya: No - Karmic releases on the 29th.12:24
RyoXanyone here?12:24
RyoXi need some help12:24
RyoXsorry i was away12:24
hunney_bunsthats cool, ask and you may recieve12:25
RyoXwhere can i find iso for gns router simulator12:25
avash! Video converter for ubuntu12:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:25
KeiyaAh, OK, people are just changing instructions and such early, t hen.12:25
bazhangavash, ffmpeg mencoder12:25
avashbazhang, can i download it in an usb drive and install it afterwards?12:26
RyoXam i getting any help?12:26
tavastiazlon, show me 'cat /proc/mdstat'12:26
alexmurrayRyoX: sorry don't know - what has this got to do with ubuntu?12:26
bazhangRyoX, does this relate to ubuntu12:26
zwamkat@ RyoX patience my friend: http://www.gns3.net/download12:26
alexmurrayRyoX: have you tried google??12:27
zwamkat@ RyoX, you know that Google is your best friend right?12:27
avashanyone knows how to download mobile video converters for ubuntu?12:27
RyoXi searched google i cant find it12:27
cybersplicerocko: lol.12:28
laclassethen it does not exist12:28
alexmurrayavash: you mean to convert a video recorded with a mobile phone12:28
laclassegoogle is always right12:28
alexmurrayyeah google is god12:28
ashwinijerknextdoor could you please tell me how to 'now' install firefox????12:28
avashalexmurray, no! i am trying to convert other videos to be compatible in mobile phones, for eg 3gp12:28
azlontavasti, http://pastebin.com/d569afb5512:29
* avash wants a video converter for ubuntu12:29
zwamkat@ RyoX I just pasted the URL12:29
* avash will tell a good thing to anyone who helps me12:29
RyoXits the simulator dude not iso12:29
* avash gets angry for no good response in this channel12:30
zwamkat@ Ryox: 'Dude', what's on the ISO?12:30
RyoXwe can use that router12:30
RyoXim doing CCNA12:30
tavastiazlon, and what was actual command you tried to run?12:30
zwamkatOr what is supposed to be on the ISO12:30
* avash thinks olpc-help channel has more friendly person12:31
azlonavash, just download ffmpeg and convert them to 3gp12:31
avashuser_, hi12:31
ashwinithank u12:31
azlontavasti, mdadm --add /dev/md0 /dev/sdg1 (trying to do it from http://linux-raid.osdl.org/index.php/Growing)12:31
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avashazlon, so can i download it in usb and install it afterwards also? if so give me the link.12:32
azlonavash, uhmm... you confused me now. what do you mean download it in usb and install it afterwards? you mean like a deb file?12:33
avashazlon, a setup file. i am in my office and i need that for my home where i dont have any net connection.12:33
=== user_ is now known as fotios72
azlonavash, go look on http://www.getdeb.net. they should have something that will do what you need12:34
tavastiazlon, strange. I would run it like 'mdadm /dev/md0 --add /dev/sdg1' but I suppose results would be the same12:34
avashazlon thanks12:34
Aaron_Wiener-Bloi got a grub menu on my computer at startup, and don't know what to do!12:34
azlontavasti, ok, let me try that one12:34
bazhangazlon, medibuntu.org also has what avash needs12:34
Aaron_Wiener-BloCan someone help? i got a grub menu on my computer at startup, and don't know what to do!12:34
tavastiare you sure you are operating on correct drive, after reboot drive order may be different12:34
tavastiis that 'fdisk -l' listing after your latest reboot?12:35
fbianconiavash: try winff (GUI) with ffmpeg12:36
azlontavasti, yeah, i pasted it just before i asked the question. looks like your way worked: /dev/md0: 2794.53GiB raid5 4 devices, 0 spares. Use mdadm --detail for more detail.12:36
avashfbianconi, i didnt quite get you12:36
azlontavasti, i will try to reboot in a sec12:36
tavastiwhy you need to reboot?12:36
Aaron_Wiener-BloCan someone help? My computer won't boot and I'm stuck with this black screen and this: grub>12:36
fbianconi!info winff | avash12:37
ubottuavash: winff (source: winff): graphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.45.1-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1417 kB, installed size 4008 kB12:37
azlontavasti, you said the drive orders may change. btw, what is "mdadm: metadata format 00.90 unknown, ignored."?12:37
azlontavasti, i think it added, but how can i check? it doesnt say in --detail12:38
tavastiazlon, 4 devices, 0 spares, wasn't that your situation before also?12:38
* avash still dont get anyone of you because he is new to ubuntu and needs a video converter urgently, so asks you people to help him in a direct way. later he will help you too.12:38
=== shawn_ is now known as Shawn_
al_Does anyone know why windows would find a bad sector on a disk, but badblocks doesnt????12:38
tavastican you show updated cat /proc/mdstat12:38
=== [pengemis] is now known as pengemis
azlontavasti, yeah thats what i was confused about... i already had 4 devices12:38
azlontavasti, same thing as i pasted before... want me to paste again?12:39
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, any idea do you have /boot on separate partition or on root partition?12:39
theallanHello all, I'm having an issue with ubuntu 9.04 which I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with. Basically the issue is with either the ekiga or twinkle softphones - they both freeze when a call is 'hung up'. This occurs on 9.04 with all the latest patches, and on the 9.04 live cd12:40
tavastiazlon, yes, if that latest mdadm command did not give any error message12:40
=== pc2 is now known as _Angelus_
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: i haven't done anything that has to do with partitions except for running gparted a while ago12:40
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: oh, wait, yea i think so12:40
Aaron_Wiener-Bloits in one of the Tab options12:40
azlontavasti, this is everything starting from the first /proc/mdstat http://pastebin.com/d19cbfc8c12:41
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti:  but i typed boot in, and i need a kernel12:41
azlontavasti, bah, i did the command wrong for adding... hold on let me try again12:41
fbianconiavash: winff is Graphic User Interface to talk to ffmpeg, which is a program that converts audio and video on the command line, you can install it using add/remove apps12:42
Balsaqsome tomes when i do the /join # (channel) it simply doesn't do anything? i just watched it not work about 5 times in arow?12:42
alexmurrayavash: have you tried mencoder? or for a gui version, maybe arista or transmageddon - see http://lwn.net/Articles/333904/ for more info12:42
hunney_buns@ zwamkat  now the problem is solved12:42
tavastiazlon, you had extra whitespace, '-- add' is different from '--add'12:42
hunney_bunsdo not know how though12:42
Balsaqoh i see the update mgr may be interefering?12:42
azlontavasti, just did it without the space and it says mdadm: /dev/sdg1 not large enough to join array12:43
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: I'm sorry i dont understand the question. I dont have a partition12:43
tavastiazlon, strange. anything said in 'dmesg'12:44
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, wait a sec12:44
azlontavasti, is there a way to output dmesg to a txt file so i can pastebin it?12:44
tavastidmesg > filename.txt12:45
avashis that arista12:45
Dr_Willisdmesg | pastebinit12:45
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, try to write 'find /boot/grub/menu.lst' to that grub-prompt12:45
Dr_Williscan do it  directly12:45
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: error 27 unrecognized command12:46
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, what ubuntu you have?12:46
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: intrepid12:47
CrAzYoNiI've had this lame problem, I'm using Apache 2.2.11 on Ubuntu jaunty, I have Perl 5.10 on the server, I've wrote some perl script & I want to add it to my web site, PHP is fully working with Apache... I've installed the package libapache2-mod-perl, I've put the hello.pl file into /var/www/cgi-bin with permissions 0777 though, when I'm trying to browse to the file the browser ask me if I want to download the file... log files dont sh12:47
CrAzYoNiow anything special, do you have any suggestion to me? thanks in advance.12:47
FloodBot2CrAzYoNi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:47
ihallo kann jemand deutsch, oder wie komme ich auf den deutschen channel???12:47
Pici!de | i12:47
ubottui: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.12:47
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tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, sorry if I confused you, command should be not inside those '12:48
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: i know12:48
tavastitype: find /boot/grub/menu.lst12:48
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: i'll try again12:48
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: error 15: file not found12:49
NickDeNegerIs there a way to move an running application from 1 screen to another without the need to close it?12:50
fbianconiCrAzYoNi: you have to say that dir has cgi-bin permissions to execute on your apache2.conf or in /etc/apache2/enabled-sites/<your site (000-default?)>12:50
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, that sounds bad12:50
aeioudammit i cannot remember the recommendation of ftp cli client!12:50
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: is there nothing else i can type?12:50
Halitechaeiou, ftp in the terminal12:50
aeiouwhen i type ftp into shell i get command not found12:50
aeiou( Halitech )12:50
aeiouwhat is the name of the package to install to get it?12:50
Halitechaeiou, its normally installed by default, try sudo apt-get install ftp12:51
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, try: find /grub/menu.lst12:51
aeiouHalitech, im using hardy12:51
aeioudo i need to use aptitude?12:51
Halitechaeiou, should be the same and either apt-get or aptitude should work12:52
aeiouok thanks12:52
aeiouaha perfect - fixed!12:52
aeiouthank you12:52
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: error 15: file not found12:52
wzssyqapradeep: hi12:53
Aaron_Wiener-Blo:tavasti: sorry, it was: error 27 unrecognized command12:53
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: sorry, it was: error 27 unrecognized command12:53
pradeephi wzssyqa12:53
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: how serious do u think it is?12:54
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, does help work12:54
machhey guys i need help12:54
Strogg_someone have experience with kolabd ?12:54
tavastimach, all we need12:54
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: well, i typed it in, but just got a list of stuff i dont understand12:54
fbianconiCrAzYoNi: something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/289258/ in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/<your site (000-default?)>12:55
tavastiat least something works12:55
gpannwitzI have a desktop system with one user.  I want to start over, as far as configurations are concerned.  Would creating a new user, then "cp -la oldUserHome newUserHome" be the way to go?12:55
machwhen my os goes fast12:55
Aaron_Wiener-Blotravasti: and then at the bottom it says: Hit return to continue12:55
machmy screen gets darker and gets back on12:55
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, if find in grub doesn't work, you better get install cd and run it in rescue mode12:56
CrAzYoNifbianconi, would check it asap, thanks!12:56
azlonmach, are you on a laptop?12:56
bazhangmach, please clarify; not entirely sure what you mean12:56
Aaron_Wiener-Blotravasti: what if i don't have one?12:56
tavastiI'm not sure if desktop cd has rescue mode, at least alternative install cd has it12:56
machwell when my os goes fast on applicatoin12:56
machmy screen gets darker brightness12:56
machand then gets to normal12:56
Aaron_Wiener-Blotravasti: do you know where i can download one?12:56
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:56
mehdi_hello, i want install agrsm driver in ubuntu 9.04, who can help me?12:57
Halitechmach, sounds like possibly the screen is starting to go or the invertor, what laptop do you have and how old is it?12:57
machno no12:57
machbefore it worked12:57
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu12:57
machi didnt know what i did on the settings12:57
azlonbazhang, i think mach is having a glitch in his power settings... the screen keeps going dark, then gets bright again12:57
Halitechmach, yeah well so did my car until it stopped working12:57
machits something got to do with settings12:57
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: thanx a lot12:57
bazhangazlon, you may be correct12:57
Blank__it could be something to do with the process in question temporarily freezing, and ubuntu darkening the frozen window12:58
fbianconiCrAzYoNi: by the way, you shouldnt let anyone to write to your server, especially not in a cgi-bin directory12:58
Blank__i know mine does that when firefox chews through too much ram12:58
bazhangmach, when you say 'your os goes fast' what do you mean, ie please give a clear example12:58
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, you're welcome12:58
Halitechmach, settings should not cause the screen to go dark and then bright again unless the power cord is disconnecting and reconnecting and its dropping to ac power12:58
mehdi_any one?12:59
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: wahts the difference between desktop notebook and server edition? if i have a system 76 laptop i should just get notebook?12:59
gsneddersWhat's the prefered way of configuring a five button mouse? There seem to be a million different ways that you can find Googling12:59
CrAzYoNifbianconi, would care the security asap after I'll get Perl working on my web service..13:00
HalitechAaron_Wiener-Blo, desktop is for desktops and normal laptops, notebook is for those laptops with small screens and server is for server and has no gui13:00
azlontavasti, finally got my stupid dmesg to post... had to use another site: http://paste-it.net/public/ie02f7f/13:00
Aaron_Wiener-Blohalitech: thanx. whats considered a small screen?13:00
CrAzYoNifbianconi, now, after I configured my 000-default file & restarted the Apache2 service I'm getting error number 500 when trying to browse to my hello.pl file.13:00
CrAzYoNiplus I edited the output you copy-paste me to support both .cgi & .pl file extensions.13:01
azlontavasti, could this whole "growing the raid not working" thing have to do with the fact that i am using a RAID controller card (not for the raid, just for the SATA ports) and this new drive that I am trying to add is from the motherboard SATA port?13:02
lukaszIHow can I ask a question on launchpad?13:02
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: do i burn it in it's iso form, or do i extract, and then copy it to a dvd?13:02
HalitechAaron_Wiener-Blo, around 8inch or so13:02
Termanahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+bug/417009 - Is this bug one that has to be fixed by OpenOffice or one that has to be fixed by Ubuntu?13:03
Picilukasz: About launchpad? or using https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ ?13:03
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, burn is as iso, it's ready-to-burn cd image13:03
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: k, great. Thanx13:04
HalitechAaron_Wiener-Blo, examples would be the EEE PC and the Acer Aspire One13:04
geboycan someone tell me what or how can i monitor my squid performance running on ubuntu server 9.04?13:04
Aaron_Wiener-Blohalitch: right, ok.13:04
Aaron_Wiener-Blohalitech: right, ok.13:04
lukaszPici: I'm on the website but can't find a button to post it, I'm already logged in.13:05
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: random question: how do u guy s get so good at ubuntu?13:05
geboyi used to have webmin, but some people say that its not recomended anymore on ubuntu13:05
Halitech!ebox | geboy13:05
ubottugeboy: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox13:05
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, using linux as hobby and professional since 199413:05
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.13:05
Picilukasz: Press the 'add' button?13:05
tavasticlimbing to trees with your arse up is only way to get guru status13:06
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasi: wow! ok, so if i wanna get good at it, and maybe work for ubuntu too one day, waht can i do?13:06
geboyHalitech: isn't ebox is an operating system on its own adapted using ubuntu?13:06
tavastiafter enough of climbing you know what trees not to climb13:06
Pici!contribute | Aaron_Wiener-Blo13:06
ubottuAaron_Wiener-Blo: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate13:06
geboyi never get my hand on ebox13:06
Halitechgeboy, no, its just an addon13:06
geboyso i can install it using aptget?13:07
tavastiazlon, wait a sec13:07
lukaszPici: Sorry, now I guess I get it. You must select a package first to ask a question, it can't be general, but package-related, right?13:07
Halitechgeboy, yup sudo apt-get install “^ebox-.*”13:07
azlontavasti, ok13:07
sbcsi want to filter out background static in some audio13:07
sbcshow i do please13:08
geboywhats that black box before and after ^ebox-.* ?13:08
geboyis it " or |?13:08
Aaron_Wiener-Blotavasti: is there some process i can start undergoing13:08
Halitechgeboy, shows as a quote mark and ^ to me13:08
geboy<Halitech> geboy, yup sudo apt-get install “^ebox-.*” << this is what appears on my screen13:09
azlonHalitech, just kinda piggybacking on your convo... if i install ebox i can use my linux server as a "router" so to say and share internet with DNS resolution and DHCP easily?13:09
Halitechgeboy, I still see quotes, maybe its using a font you don't have installed13:09
Doc_Lappydamn winblows people, tried to dl smplayer for windows but still won't play my wma files, think my files may be corrupt or that mplayer needs codexs for wma?13:09
Picilukasz: looking, one moment.13:09
tavastiazlon, I can't find any proper explanation or fix for your problem13:09
Doc_Lappydon't think I've had a problem with playing them on ubuntu before13:10
Halitech!ics | azlon, I'm not sure what ebox has for modules13:10
ubottuazlon, I'm not sure what ebox has for modules: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php13:10
tavastiAaron_Wiener-Blo, I'm not involved in ubuntu development, so I don't know13:10
tavastiI'm just average user passing by13:10
azlontavasti, its cool... ill just wait until i get my new MB with a crapload of SATA ports on it. hopefully the problem is the combination of MB SATA ports and PCIe SATA ports13:10
tavastiI have something similar, and I'm confused13:11
Aaron_Wiener-Blohalitech: k, cool thanx a lot for everything13:11
azlontavasti, could it have something to do with how i fdisk'd it? ill try my second 1TB before giving up... brb13:11
Doc_Lappyisn't It funny that out of berkley came unix and lsd I think it was and both that use them are called 'users'?13:11
tavastiazlon, this is bug I just reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/44705913:11
tavastiand I don't understand that beahaviour either13:12
Picilukasz: I don't know what you're seeing, in both the main launchpad and the staging server I'm not requrired to attach my question to a package.13:12
geboythanks Halitech. i just tried without using that character, and it understood by ubuntu13:12
nomad111hi i have two monitors, is it possible to have a seperate taskbar for each?13:12
Doc_Lappyuser is like slang from a hacker for noob too if you notice in convo lol13:12
geboyi'm downloading 134 MB repo now13:12
Pici!offtopic | Doc_Lappy13:13
ubottuDoc_Lappy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:13
Halitechgeboy, glad it worked13:13
Termanahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+bug/417009 - Is this bug one that has to be fixed by OpenOffice or one that has to be fixed by Ubuntu?13:13
Doc_Lappysorry pici thought a little humour might be nice13:13
lukaszPici: Thanks for your help, I think I solved the problem. Cheers :)13:13
Doc_Lappydang everyone is touchy this morning13:13
PiciDoc_Lappy: Its just that this channel is busy enough as it is, feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic, theres a lot of people there just waiting for other to make them laugh.13:14
tavastiDoc_Lappy, try to follow one or two of discussion threads, and you start to notice why no more noise is wanted13:15
sauravI cannot configure bind9. I follow all steps mentioned in ubuntu geek but it is not working !13:15
tavastisaurav, what you mean by it's not working13:16
igwelisticshello chat13:16
concretesledgefor some reason my windows install will not boot anymore it says, BOOTMGR missing13:17
aeioudo i need port 20 open for ftp over the command line?13:17
aeiouor is port 20 (data port) really something old and non-needed13:17
sauravPlesae tell me how to configure bind 913:18
tavastiaeiou, most likely you want to run ftp in passive mode, and no need to open port 2013:18
=== user_ is now known as fotios72
TermanaMaybe if I be loud and obnoxious I'll stop being ignored :\13:19
tavastiTermana, maybe nobody knew answer to your question13:21
flymanTermana: floodbot unfortunately won't let you13:21
tavastiis it possible to set xchat not to show joined-leaved messages?13:21
TermanaIt seemed like an easy question to me, I assumed most people offering advice here would know how launchpad bugs are organized13:21
norenhello all13:22