tuxxyhey I am getting these errors on starting ubuntu one can any help00:40
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james_whi all, "My Files" is no more?12:24
james_wthat change broke all my symlinks in to ubuntuone12:26
thisfreddpm: someone filed a bug against desktopcouch saying the translations should be structured. I think that's probably a good idea, do you have any thoughts? I just changed it to structured/ubuntu-translators, will that assign the proper teams for languages that there are ubuntu teams for automatically?13:42
dpmthisfred, yes, I think that's the best thing to do to ensure the quality of translations. Once you've changed it to structured/ubuntu-translators (which you've already done) you shouldn't have to worry about anything else in that respect.13:52
thisfreddpm: great, thanks!13:52
urbanapemorning, folks13:53
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urbanapeSay what's the time? It's time to get ill.15:00
jblountMEETING STARTS15:00
jblountHello Hackers! Could you please respond with a "me" if you'd like to participate in the Desktop+ Developers Meeting?15:01
jblountDONE: /files/ hacking15:02
jblountTODO: /files/ hacking, maybe some copy editing, planned full rollout on Monday or Tuesday to production15:02
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:02
jblountteknico: tag!15:02
teknicoDONE: fixed and landed the synchronization of repeatable sections of contacts (#440070); reviewed aquarius suggestion for the contacts web ui, and implemented some; some updating of the contacts web ui code to the sprint use cases (#440070)15:03
teknicoTODO: more updating of the contacts web ui code to the sprint use cases (#440070); applying the contacts web design structure to server-side code (#439089)15:03
teknicoBLOCK: none15:03
tekniconext: vds15:03
vdsDONE:code review, triaged #44698515:03
vdsTODO: code review again, try to fix the mentioned bug15:03
vdsurbanape all you15:03
urbanapeDONE: Got Bindwood 0.4.1 shepherded through a release, thanks to reviewers, statik, and asac.15:03
urbanapeTODO: new files UI, contacts15:03
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:03
urbanapedobey: you're up.15:03
dobey☺ DONE: Fixed #443342 (dual menu items), Triage15:03
dobey☹ TODO: Find/fix more bugs, more triage. Reviews. 1.0 client/protocol releases.15:03
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:03
dobeyCardinalFang: the rack is yours15:03
CardinalFangDONE: fixed one problem with u1 couch replication.  Maybe another.15:04
CardinalFangTODO: Track down the final, hopefully.  aquarius, thisfred are helping.15:04
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:04
aquarius⚀ DONE: fixed a couple of bugs; commented on a couple of bugs15:05
aquarius⚁ TODO: work with cardinalfang and thisfred on DC-to-cloud replication; look at oauth-enabling twisted15:05
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:15:05
aquarius⚃ BUG COUNT:https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~sil/+assignedbugs?field.tag=ubuntuone-karmic - 315:05
aquariusI'm last, I think15:05
jblountAlso of note: I'm on reviews today as well.15:05
jblountMEETING ENDS15:05
rodrigo_ugh, me, or am I too late15:16
dobeyyou are late, but you can paste anyway15:17
rodrigo_• DONE: Released and packaged couchdb-glib 0.5.2. Tested snowy to make sure it works with Tomboy in Karmic. Fixed changes notifications in addressbook views of evo-couchdb15:17
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. Simplify tomboy syncing config UI. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Test tomboy syncing with snowy. Improve notes views test15:17
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:17
thisfredaquarius: CardinalFang I'm going to try to copy and modify the ubuntuone.py service to a localhost-ssl.py one, to test ssl access as realistically as possible16:44
CardinalFangthisfred, would it also help if I got the IS folks to make HTTP available also for u1couch?16:46
thisfredCardinalFang: not yet, as that's a little scary16:47
thisfredlet's see if we can reproduce locally first16:47
aquariusgrr, why won't my system couch start up?16:47
thisfredaquarius: with sudo /etc/init.d/couchdb start16:48
aquariusdidn't start16:48
aquariusscrew it, I'll proxy it to my desktopcouch :)16:48
aquariusright, I have web_api_tool failing with HMAC_SHA1+SSL and succeeding with PLAINTEXT+SSL to localhost16:59
aquariusand succeeding with HMAC_SHA1 to localhost without SSL17:00
aquariusso, now, we need to find out how to ask couchdb what it doesn't like17:00
aquariusah, the proxy needs to add an Ssl header, doesn't it?17:02
aquariusthisfred, what's the X-?-Ssl header that needs to be added?17:02
thisfredthe server sets these:          {'X-Forwarded-For',""},17:03
thisfred          {"X-Forwarded-Host","couchdb.one.ubuntu.com"},17:03
thisfred          {"X-Forwarded-Server","couchdb.one.ubuntu.com"},17:03
thisfred          {"X-Forwarded-Ssl","on"}]17:03
aquariusright, still failing, even with X-Forwarded-Ssl on.17:06
aquariusI can now replicate the HMAC problem locally.17:06
aquariusso...now, how do we get help about why it's failing?17:06
aquariusCardinalFang, how can I know if I have jasondavies' X-Forwarded-Ssl patch in the version of couchdb that I'm running?17:07
aquarius$ apt-cache policy couchdb-bin17:07
aquarius *** 0.10.0~svn818859-0ubuntu2 017:07
aquariusthisfred, ^^17:08
thisfredaquarius: eh, that17:08
thisfred's one for CardinalFang17:09
thisfredlet me see if I can find the svn revision it went in though17:09
aquariusthisfred, ah, no, the question for you was the one above that. "so...now, how do we get help about why it's failing?"17:10
thisfredaquarius: since jason's not here, I'll mail him and jan____ can you get me logs of the failure?17:11
thisfredaquarius: let's first triple check that we have deployed the fix though17:11
aquariusnote: I have hacked web_api_tool to know how to talk to desktopcouch17:13
thisfredaquarius: 82107117:16
thisfredso no, we don't have it locally...17:16
aquariusI think CardinalFang merged it in, though.17:16
thisfredunless the patch was applied separately?17:16
thisfredI'll do a apt source17:17
thisfredaquarius: I do not see it in there17:22
thisfredaquarius: now I wonder whether it's on the server17:22
aquariushm, yes17:22
aquariusCardinalFang, ?17:22
thisfredaquarius: there is another OAuth related patch in there, but not the header one17:22
thisfredunless I'm looking in the wrong place, but it doesn't seem to be in the diff.gz nor in the source17:23
aquariusOK, that might be the issue, then?17:29
aquariusalthough you'd think that that'd fail with plaintext auth too?17:29
thisfredaquarius: no because plaintext doesn't compute the signature or does it?17:30
aquariusI'm not really sure what plaintext does :)17:30
thisfredaquarius: I think it just sends all the tokens and secrets in the headers17:31
aquariusoh, right.17:31
aquariusso....what's the best way of getting a version of couch with that patch applied? Do I need to build one?17:31
thisfredaquarius: so the fix makes sure that the signature is computed correctly on the server end17:31
thisfredaquarius: apply the patch to a source check out or check out the 0.10 branch and build that17:32
thisfredaquarius: building isn't that much work, with a few caveats:17:32
thisfred1. use:  ./configure --with-js-lib=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel- --with-js-include=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-
thisfred2. then run the end product with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-
thisfredbecause xulrunner-dev is not set up to doit right17:34
thisfredCardinalFang: ping17:34
CardinalFangthisfred, hi17:35
thisfredCardinalFang: see ^^17:35
urbanapehmm, my update manager has been preparing python-gs10.10 for a long, long time.18:14
urbanapepython-gst, rather18:14
dobeyfun times18:15
dobeyit's probably not doing anything18:15
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SiDiHi everyone. I've got two rethorical questions: is the "Connect" button in the panel applet only for decoration purpose or is it actually meant to do something? Also, does ubuntuone-syncd always take 100% of my CPU when i put a file in my ubuntuone folder?23:27
SiDiGreat, after a few kills, rm -r .config/ubuntuone, and relaunches, it decided it would auto connect without asking me any id/password. I wonder in which accounts my files were sent...23:37

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