keesjright in the center next to the photo camera09:59
ionkeybuk: o hai. My VM setup: http://heh.fi/tmp/mountall-test-setup-20091009, debug log with my branch: http://pastebin.com/f175ac4af10:08
ionNothing special about them, except that it seems to work. :-P10:09
Keybukion: all merged, except I had a couple of alternate ways of doing it10:50
Keybukrather than the trigger thing, I changed the count to never call mounted() more than once10:50
ionkeybuk: I wonder how to handle e.g. the ‘apt-local /opt/apt-local vboxsf defaults 0 2’ mount in my VM fstab that gives me easy access to, say, a recent build of mountall deb? The vboxsf filesystem becomes available when the virtualbox-ose-guest-utils init script loads a module. Currently i just have it as ‘noauto’, so that the system at least boots. :-P11:59
Keybukwhy doesn't it boot without noauto?12:03
ionIt gets stuck at the end, never sending the FHS event: http://pastebin.com/f775b90db (the last “mounted:” entry being “local 6/7 remote 0/0 virtual 12/12 swap 0/0”)12:10
ion(I’m still running a build from my branch pre-merge. I’m about to do a new build, but that shouldn’t fix it.)12:13
Keybukoh, hmm12:27
Keybukah, I see the bug12:27
Keybukion: try -r8512:28
ionAbout to impact http://www.nasa.gov/55644main_NASATV_Windows.asx12:35
ionkeybuk: Great, it works.12:36
Keybukit makes you wonder whether Obama has a "sorry, we blew up the moon" speech prepared12:38
Keybukjust in case12:38
ionWe launched a rocket toward the moon with an intention to detonate an explosive, but upon impact it accidentally the whole moon.12:39
mgoetzei think it will be revealed that blowing up the moon was, in fact, necessary, as an alien invasion was being staged there, and that that is, in fact, the reason why obama is getting the nobel peace prize12:41
ionkeybuk: Can we get events from Upstart about things being mounted by others? The vbox-guest-utils init script runs mount -a -t vboxsf after loading the module, but mountall is left to sleep forever thinking /opt/apt-local never got mounted.12:48
ions/Upstart/udev/, brainfart12:48
Keybukoh, I was going to poll mountinfo!12:48
damjanion: how do you watch it on Linux? LCROSS12:54
ionvlc played both the stream i linked and http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1368163 which had better quality but which suffered from congestion.12:58
damjanit seems to be the same thing.. that .asx link is just  a xml file and it has a ref to http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1369080&segment=14977313:12
ionkeybuk: http://pastebin.com/m403ae9cd btw ;-)13:48
ionkeybuk: How about making nih_logger_printf() fflush the fd after each message? It would help with e.g. stracing mountall; you’d know which part of the code is running based on the debug write()s. Also, the latest log messages might only reach a log file after a long delay if the output has been redirected to a file, mountall is waiting for something and the buffer doesn’t quite reach its capacity.13:56
Keybukfflush is expensive13:57
ionI encountered both situations with debugging mountall. I simply added the flushing to nih_logger_printf temporarily. :-P13:57
ionif (nih_log_priority >= NIH_LOG_DEBUG)?13:57
Keybukion: tabstop-agnostic indentation - give me an emacs file for that ;)13:57
ionSince my editor doesn’t do that either (AFAIK), i just indent with spaces in my own code. :-P13:58
Keybukstyle < effort :p13:59
Keybukand I use C-A-\ all the time13:59
Keybuk(reindent buffer)13:59
ionTBH, i’d indent my code with spaces only anyway, i rather like a smaller amount of indentation.14:00
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sadmac2my JLS confirmation just arrived :)14:21
sadmac2In Japanese :(14:21
Keybuk敗 even14:58
sadmac2Keybuk: from what translating my literate friend has done, I need a copy of the email to get into the conference too. That's gonna be fun for some people.15:04
sadmac2Keybuk: especially those people who's spam filters have figured out the incredibly effective "foreign language => junk" heuristic15:04
sadmac2ion: Japan Linux Symposium15:07
ion“• Upstart 1.0 by Scott James Remnant  [slides]” It’s a placeholder for a link. :-(15:09
sadmac2ion: where is that?15:10
sadmac2yeah, I wonder when the videos will be available15:11
Keybukion: my laptop hard drive died15:13
Keybukso I haven't rescued the slides off it yet15:13
sadmac2Keybuk: mine showed up broken and yours didn't make it out15:18
ionkeybuk: As for “don’t queue filesystem check when device is ‘none’”, how about “if device doesn’t begin with a slash” instead?16:31
Keybukyou might have a legitimate reason for checking those16:41
Keybukfsck.fuse may exist for example16:41
ionkeybuk: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ion/ubuntu/karmic/mountall/fsck-locking/revision/8816:51
Keybukno, I meant mnt->type there16:51
ionAh, ok, the debian/changelog entry mislead me. :-)16:52
Keybukyou can add another check though ;)16:52
Keybukyou'll need to rebase that too ;)16:55
ionOr did you already publish 0.2.0, i.e. should i increment version?16:59
Keybuki did17:06
ionWouldn’t it be better for mount_event to be asychronous? Send the call, go back to main loop and proceed to run_mount/swapon when the call finishes.17:30
Keybukbut the idea is to just start essential services for that mount17:45
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