Ddorda2hello, i have a problem when trying to pull a branch: http://ddorda.pastebin.com/d2e2d83e300:19
wgrantDdorda2: It shouldn't be an ugly error like that, but it means you need to get a newer version of bzr00:24
Ddorda2does it have any PPA or something?00:25
wgrantDdorda2: Since you seem to be on Ubuntu, try https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa00:25
Ddorda2wgrant: thank you for reading my mind00:25
Ddorda2wgrant: it fixed the problem, thanks a lot :D00:46
wgrantDdorda2: Great.00:46
johnfjelmer: Just noticed you are working on bzr-hg. Are you close to doing another release?01:05
johnfI was just about to look at the debian package as it is blocking bzr from moving into testing01:05
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jonasfaDo BzrEclipse works with bazaar 2.0?02:27
jonasfaDo BzrEclipse works with bazaar 2.0?02:31
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Takjonasfa: probably? try it and see?02:32
RenatoSilvais there a way to clean bzr --info infos?02:59
Takyou mean forget the related branches?03:01
Takyou can use the --remember option to make it remember a new one03:32
RenatoSilvaI know, but forget03:32
RenatoSilvahow to forget03:32
Takhmm, I don't know of a way03:33
wgrantRenatoSilva: Try looking in .bzr/branch/branch.conf03:36
RenatoSilvawgrant: I`m already using that ?) I wondered if bzr had an option though03:40
wgrantRenatoSilva: Not that I've seen.03:40
RenatoSilvaok thanks anyway03:41
jackalbornhello again05:18
jackalborni just installed bazaar on my windows machine and i'm not quite sure how to share my project with other "scattered acoss the world"05:20
jackalbornas the page puts it05:20
mzzjackalborn: if you have server space anywhere you can push to that (using various protocols, the manual lists a few). If you don't have server space of your own you can use launchpad05:24
jackalborni cant run a server off my spare machine?05:27
mzzjackalborn: sure. You may already be running enough of one though. For example: if you have a plain http server on the server, and ssh access to it off your windows system, you're set05:28
wgrantOr FTP access.05:28
mzzor that, or being able to run bzr on the server in smart server mode, or one or two others I forgot. I'm currently fighting with the documentation, I thought it had an overview05:29
jackalborni'm not really sure how i would tell if this spare computer has ssh or if it's running a http server05:29
mzzhttp://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-reference/index.html#url-identifiers and/or http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-guide/branching_a_project.html but I think I'm not finding the right page05:29
SamB_XPjackalborn: what OS does it have ?05:30
jackalbornwindows xp05:30
mzzok, then it's not running ssh and probably not running an ftp server05:30
SamB_XPokay, my guess is "no" on both counts05:30
mzzwho do you want to share with?05:30
jackalbornanother computer on the network and another devolper outside of my network05:31
jackalbornidid find this05:31
mzzfor "outside of my network" you need an internet-facing server, which I'm guessing (hoping :P) this windows xp box isn't05:31
mzzif this is an opensource project using launchpad is an option05:31
jackalbornit probaly is not05:31
jackalbornit's not so much opensource05:31
mzzif it's not an open project you'd need your own server, or you'd need to communicate by sending each other bundles05:31
jackalbornindie game dev05:32
mzzhttp://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-guide/sending_changes.html may be of use there05:32
mzz(haven't read the entire page, sorry)05:33
jackalbornno worries i'll read it and fill you in on what it says :)05:41
poolfoolJackalborn: Are you new to revision control in general or just to bazaar05:44
poolfoolJackalborn: ?05:44
jackalborni use revision control at work, perforce. and i've actually set up an svn server on a windows machine and use tortoise cvs05:46
poolfoolJackalborn: I use perforce at work as well, setup and maintain CVS and SVN at work as well (Yuk).05:46
jackalbornbut i think that whole thing was just luck05:46
jackalbornyuk is a good word for it05:47
jackalborni've also used google code05:47
poolfoolJackalborn: I found the Scenarios page (http://bazaar-vcs.org/Scenarios) to be of hudge help ...05:47
jackalbornwith tortoisecvs05:47
poolfoolJackalborn : but maybe you can try each local hosting your own repo and then pass back and forth packs(?)05:47
poolfoolNot pretty but a solution05:48
jackalborni'm going to try to set up a repo on my ftp05:48
jackalbornif that doesnt work then i will definatly be doing that05:49
jackalbornugly as it may be05:49
poolfoolI have to say that bzr is a much nicer tool after you learn it ... but the perforce GUI can lead to some bad habits ... Oops05:49
jackalbornperforce spoils me rotten05:50
wgrantWhat's so good about Perforce?05:51
jackalbornit's simple and i didnt have to set up a thing05:51
jackalborncheck in, check out05:51
jackalbornno worries05:52
bob2same with bzr05:52
wgrantIsn't that rather because somebody already set it up?05:52
jackalbornalthough we did have a guy check out the entire depot once by accident05:52
bob2cd source ; bzr init ; bzr add . ; bzr ci -m "initial import"05:52
jackalbornwgrant: yes05:52
poolfoolI guess after you have been subjected to CVS hell and some of it's warts (non-atomic) well ... Perforce can be nice.05:53
poolfoolHeaven help you if your meta data gets corrupt ... and your snap shot is old ... Oops.05:53
jackalbornit took me like 2 weeks to set up that svn server and get it working05:53
jackalbornand then a month later that machine died05:53
wgrantSVN is awkward like that.05:53
wgrantWith bzr you don't need any specialised software on the server.05:54
poolfoolI guess one of the 'nice' things about administrating a Perfoce server vs. CVS/SVN is it comes out of the 'box' and just runs on Linux /or/ Windows.05:54
poolfoolI also had to do a lot (less then a week) of hunting around the web to figure out how to setup CVS (and then SVN) on a Linux box with SSH and password authen back to active directory ... kind of crazy.05:58
jackalbornjust reading that hurts my head06:00
jackalborni cant even imagine06:00
bob2 a matter of pointing pam_ldap/nss_ldap at the ad server?06:01
poolfoolActually I tried the pam_winbindd (I think) ... but the pam_ldap would have been much nicer.06:02
wgrantIf you have SFU on the AD server, sure.06:02
poolfoolSFU ?06:02
wgrantBut most people use winbind or likewise, I believe.06:02
wgrantServices for Unix. IIRC it adds some attributes to AD to make it less impossible to use nss_ldap with.06:03
poolfoolAhhhh .... I tried that .... long time ago and well ... I hear it's much better in the last 5 years.06:03
poolfoolBut again. Lets say I was setting up Bzr on an Linux box, I have an Active Directory server for my company.06:04
poolfoolLets say SSH access, how would I tie access back to the AD ... key here is single password (or key) per user to cut down on their end?06:04
jackalbornso i set up an ftp server on my other computer and i'm able to connect to my repot and it's trunck from this computer06:48
jackalbornbut now i cant seem to do anything with it all the buttons in bazzar give me an error06:49
jackalborn"Action not yet supported by current app_suite06:49
poolfoolJackalborn: .... I am guessing you are using the new gui interface (gnome)?06:53
jackalbornwindows gui interface06:58
jackalbornthink i got it working though06:59
poolfoolJackalborn: I use the command line mostly .. different from perforce but you can do a /lot/ from the command line.07:00
lifelessdavidstrauss: as answered; bzr uses a _heavily_ extended verrsion of python's unittest. If you want a easy-to-write-tests-in-environment, nose is good07:07
lifelessits also, like bzr's tests, a single extension dimension - you only get to step away from the core unittest once.07:08
lifelessdavidstrauss: grab me Monday/Tuesday and I'll happily give you a quick rout of some other things you can use07:08
lifelesstesttools isn't a testing framework, its useful flue for folk maintaining test suites07:09
lifelesssubunit also isn't a framework, but its great interoperabolity glue between tests and reporting toolchains (e.g. things like Hudson)07:09
jackalbornthank you all for all your help07:43
dashhow do I keep bzr svn-import from consuming 10G of RAM when importing my svn repo? :)08:42
mzzis there a nice way to spit out a series of patches (one per rev) to separate files? "bzr log -p" is close, but I'd have to manually split it into files, or invoke it in a loop, or something08:43
spivdash: do it incrementally, I guess.08:52
spivdash: I assume you're running the latest, shiniest bzr and bzr-svn and subvertpy?08:53
dashbzr 2.0, bzr-svn 1.008:55
dashi am doing it incrementally08:56
dashthat just means it spends as much time in the spin-up phase as in the actual import phase08:57
arkanesany idea how I can fix: bzr: ERROR: No such file: 'f2jvnez07njqaw00l791.pack': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Applications/World of Warcraft Public Test/Interface/AddOns/.bzr/repository/upload/f2jvnez07njqaw00l791.pack'?15:21
arkanescommand is just 'bzr merge'15:21
arkaneshuh, createing an "upload" directory under .bzr/repository fixed it15:25
MAfifiHi. I'm running fedora 10 64-bit. I installed bzr as an rpm using yum. I then downloaded the qbzr plugin and placed it in the plugins directory ~/.bazaar/plugins/. Now when I issue the command "bzr self test qbzr", I get the error message "18:37
MAfifibzr: ERROR: No module named elementtree.ElementTree18:37
MAfifiYou may need to install this Python library separately.18:38
MAfifiThe version installed by yum is
mathepicJust don't use qbzr18:51
mathepicCommand line is so much cooler18:51
mathepicSorry, terminal. "Windows" terms have gotten into my head. Eek.18:52
MAfifiI originally installed qbzr as a dependency for qbzr-explorer.18:53
mathepicIf I recall18:55
mathepicElementTree is extremely recommended for bazaar18:55
mathepicbut not needed18:55
mathepicLike, i think it speeds up performance on XML by A LOT.18:55
mathepicLet me find the page18:55
mathepicI can't find the exact page18:57
mathepicI'm not an expert on Fedora since I use Ubuntu, but this package looks like it should do it18:57
luksit is needed by bzr19:05
luksall the xml serializers/deserializers use it19:05
luksbut it's been built-in since python 2.4 or 2.519:06
MAfifiAnyway, it's no longer built in fedora 10 and upwards.19:06
lukswhat version of python and bzr are you using?19:06
MAfifiYes, I've python 2.5 installed system-wide(the one used by default_.19:06
MAfifiBut the problem is that it still complains about it not existent.19:07
lukscan you try running the command with -Derror19:07
MAfifiI think I might have figured out the problem from bazaar log.19:07
luksand pastebin the whole traceback?19:07
lukssomething is probably not using the builtin module19:07
MAfifiActually it was refering to elementtree.ElementTree inside bzrlib.19:08
luksyes, I wanted to know where exactly19:08
MAfifiI don't have the log(; I've deleted it in favour of a fresh install of bzr 2.0).19:08
MAfifiI've installed 2.0, and going to try over.19:08
MAfifiI installed it using easy_install; hope it works this time.19:09
mathepicAlso, qbzr technically isn't a requirement for Bazaar Explorer - When I was looking into it, I think it said you can configure it to use bzr-gtk instead19:10
MAfifiI didn't have either, so I decided to try with qbzr.19:11
luksmathepic: it is a requirement for bazaar explorer19:13
luksit builds on qbzr19:13
luksyou can tell it to use bzr-gtk19:13
mathepic"If you wish to use bzr-gtk dialogs with Explorer, select gtk as the application suite. gtk will only appear as an option if you have the bzr-gtk plugin installed."19:14
mathepicDo a search for gtk at http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/explorer/en/visual-tour-gnome.html19:14
luksok, we can excange quotes :)19:14
luks"BzrExplorer provides most of its functionality by calling out to mini-applications provided by "application suites", namely the QBzr and bzr-gtk plugins. QBzr is required while bzr-gtk is optional."19:14
mathepicContradicting documentation19:15
luksnot really19:15
mathepicMine makes it sound like you can replace the qbzr applets with gtk applets19:15
luksyou can19:15
luksbut note that BE is a Qt application19:15
luksit uses some of qbzr's functionality internally19:15
luksyou *can* use bzr-gtk for external dialogs where possible19:16
mathepicTerminal is still the fastest way to go. :D19:16
luksbrowsing history on terminal is definitely not the fast way to go19:17
luksbzr log / <copy> / bzr diff -c <paste> / hm, no bzr st -c <paste> / back to bzr log / <copy> / bzr diff -c <paste>, and so on :)19:18
luksthat's now very efficient19:18
MAfifiPartially good news! "bzr selftest qbzr" doesn't complain now.19:18
MAfifiIt seems qbzr(at least the version I downloaded) was built against the latest version of qbzr.19:18
mathepicErr, typo?19:20
MAfifiHowever, I still get some failing tests as illustrated here: http://pastebin.com/d7ff6f5fd19:21
MAfifiHowever, the self test of the explorer plugin itself is fine.19:22
mathepicPersonally, I wouldn't worry about it all that much.19:23
MAfifiMe, neither.19:27
MAfifiAnd now the big surprise, "bzr explorer" works. Thanks to all of you guys for your suggestions/hints.19:29
luke-jrI'd like to cleanup/fix the Bazaar repositories for a project. Is anyone available who might be able to assist me? :)20:21
mathepicWhat do you mean "cleanup/fix the Bazaar repositories"20:59
RenatoSilvaSuggestion for bzr: when committing, ask the user if he wants to add the unknown files that appeared since last commit.22:11
dashMan. that would be super annoying22:12
Peng_He said the *new* unknown files, so it wouldn't be *that* annoying.22:12
dashyeah that would be less bad.22:13
RenatoSilvaFor example: bzr status = file 1; touch file2; bzr commit ---> The following new files has been added since your last commit: file2, do you want to add them before  committing? [Y/n]22:14
dashRenatoSilva: write an extension :)_22:14
Peng_That reminds me, I need to turn off the strict pushing thing.22:15
mathepicYes, please22:15
Peng_"Yes, please" what?22:16
mathepicI think I've done 3 commits today where immediately after committing I realized I didn't add the files yet22:16
RenatoSilvamathepic: I committed and pushed once without remembering to add the files, that's the main reason for my suggestion :)22:17
* wgrant wonders why people don't 'bzr st' more often.22:17
Peng_wgrant: Cuz we think we remember the status.22:18
dashwgrant: also the unknown files list is at the bottom22:19
dashpushing the interesting part off the top of the terminal :)22:20
RenatoSilvawgrant: in my case, status just does not have my attention all the time. When I added the files, that was not pretty clear in my mind, so that "oh mush bzr add", it was more like "oh these are my changes"22:20
dashalso there's like a zillion unversioned files22:20
RenatoSilvadash: doesn't bzr have extensions lists for ignoring files?22:21
wgrantWhy? They aren't ignored?22:21
dashRenatoSilva: Yeah but they don't all have the same extension22:21
dashRenatoSilva: also some files I'd want to add have the same extensions22:21
RenatoSilvadash: if they have the same extensions but you want to ignore just some of them, then you must not add the extension to ignore list right?22:23
mathepicRenatoSilva: Yeah, I did that three times today. Luckily it was to my own project...22:24
dashRenatoSilva: yes! I did not.22:26
RenatoSilvadash: by extension you mean a bzr plugin?22:28
RenatoSilvabug 448310 :)23:16
RenatoSilvawhere's the bug bot ha23:20
mathepicThat would be better as a blueprint, if bazaar supports them23:27
mathepicAnd Bazaar does, so yeah...23:27
mathepicIts not really a bug23:27
RenatoSilvabugs also are feature requests23:28
wgrantBlueprints are very, very rarely a better idea.23:28
wgrantThat is more appropriate as a bug.23:28
RenatoSilvaafaik blueprints are for BIG feature requests23:28
luke-jris it possible for files and revisions to have multiple ids?23:29
mathepicOne of my most hated grammar mistakes23:29
mathepic"Remember him to do this"23:30
mathepicAnd its in the bug title23:30
RenatoSilvamathepic: sorry I'm not English native haha23:31
RenatoSilvamathepic: what's the right form?23:31
mathepicRenatoSilva: Remind23:31
luke-jrso I have 3 bazaar trees23:40
luke-jrREADME in all 3 refers to the same file23:40
luke-jrbut they have different file-ids23:40
luke-jrhow can I make the 3 trees cross-mergable?23:40
wgrantluke-jr: /win 223:44
wgrantluke-jr: There's probably something in bzr-rebase to help with that.23:45
wgrantluke-jr: But you'd have to modify the history of two of the trees to be compatible with the third.23:45
wgrantHm, no, rebase probably won't work.23:48
wgrantBug #231674 is relevant.23:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 231674 in bzr-rewrite "can't replay, need maptree support in rebase" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23167423:49
luke-jrwgrant: we have numerous branches in the wild. I don't want to break their mergability23:50
luke-jrwgrant: I really need a repository which can understand that files have multiple file-ids23:50
luke-jrand tolerate any of them on merging trees23:50
luke-jrdoes such a format exist, and if not, how hard would it be to make a custom format for it?23:51
johnfjelmer: you about?23:51
wgrantluke-jr: There was a discussion recently (on the bazaar mailing list, maybe?) about having revision ID aliases, but there's nothing done about that yet.23:51
wgrantluke-jr: How did these multiple sets of history come about?23:52
luke-jrwgrant: bzr-svn's shortfalls23:52
luke-jror rather, that's part of the cause23:52
luke-jrwgrant: our project is very old23:52
luke-jrwe in fact have 6 data sources for the repositories23:52
luke-jroriginal CVS23:53
luke-jrforked CVS #123:53
luke-jrforked CVS #223:53
luke-jrSubversion migration23:53
luke-jrbzr-svn branch of Subversion trunk23:53
wgrantluke-jr: Heh, the alias thing came up in exactly the bzr-svn case...23:53
luke-jrbzr-svn branch of Subversion 0.2.823:53
luke-jrthe two bzr-svn branches are incompatible at the moment23:53
wgrantSounds like you imported it badly.23:53
wgrantbzr-svn can do branches/tags fine if you tell it to.23:54
wgrantIf I were in your situation, I think I would declare a flag day and declare one history as canonical.23:55
luke-jrno, it can't.23:56
luke-jrwgrant: both branches have active development. we can't do that.23:57
wgrantluke-jr: You would prefer to maintain a custom repository format forever rather than writing a bit of conversion code?23:58
luke-jrwgrant: hmm, that might be an option23:58
luke-jris it possible to change file-ids easily?23:58
wgrantluke-jr: See the conversation transcript in the bug I referenced. It suggests how to do it with rebase.23:59
* luke-jr doesn't see what rebase has to do with this O.o23:59

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