odlais it a known bug that firefox 3.5 in karmic has enormous fonts with qtcurve by default?00:08
JontheEchidnalooks fine here00:10
odlahmm ... for raleigh the fonts look fine just not for qtcurve00:11
lex79odla: on fresh install?00:11
odlalex79: on live cd00:11
lex79yes, JontheEchidna I remember now, there was that problem on a fresh install00:12
odlalex79: so it should be resolved if i install it and get my box current?00:12
lex79but looks fine here too00:12
odlamaybe wrong dpi?00:13
lex79odla: try to change the kde font in system settings and back to default again00:14
lex79and try to change the size of fonts, I remember something like this...00:15
odlaok it looks better ... still not the same size font but at least it's not like 16 pt00:17
odlaalso ... related perhaps ... the name of my location on the weather plasmoid is too big for the plasmoid ... i.e. i can't read the location as the fonts overlap one another00:18
Tscheesy_Hi - after Jaunty Backports-ppa update yesterday - Hal did not find my Monitor anymore - there also was an icon-Package damaged.. running a new Karmic-Desktop now00:19
Tscheesy_i810 - running fine though00:20
odlalex79: nevermind ... fonts look great now .. thanks for your help ...00:20
Tscheesy_there was a kernel-massage about missing kernel-module capacity or something alike00:21
lex79odla: have you defult fonts in systemsettings now?00:21
odlalex79: yes00:21
odlabut the weather plasmoid fonts still run over one another00:22
lex79JontheEchidna: seems related to startkde script, qtcurve doesn't read the size of kde fonts. Maybe00:23
Tscheesy_btw - i do have Fonts Problem in the fresh Karmic-Daly-Konsole - i modified the prompt earlier00:25
Tscheesy_i have some blanks following the prompt00:25
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jjessewhat's the do-release-upgrade command for upgrading from jaunty to karma while still in beta?02:18
ScottKjjesse: sudo do-release-upgrade -d02:19
jjesseScottK thanks02:27
ScottKNothing like getting to download ~20mb of KDE3 libs because it's the first KDE 3 app I've put on this machine and do it with airport wifi...02:44
claydohwhich app?02:46
jjessesome airports actually have decent wifi in them believe it or not02:46
claydohnon-updates apps must be getting fewer and fewer02:46
DarkwingDuckthere are slights from LA to San Fransisco have WiFi in the airplane itself :D02:47
ScottKYah.  Airplane fixed.  We get to board ....02:53
jjessemost of the longer flights on delta have wifi02:56
jjessein fact delta has more wifi enbled planes then any other02:56
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* micmord wonders if it's normal having "/.kde" and "/.config"10:31
Sputwell, .config is XDG standard10:33
Sputbut some programs and most of KDE prefer otherwise :)10:33
* Sput thinks .kde should move to .config/kde.org10:34
micmordI have /.config/Trolltech.conf10:34
Sputactually, I do have .config/kde.org10:36
Sputphonon and systemsettings store their config there10:36
RiddellJontheEchidna: aw fooey, I entirely failed to do konversation11:19
RiddellJontheEchidna: uploaded11:33
* smarter waves11:34
* smarter just reinstalled his OS on a shiny new SSD11:34
RiddellSput: canonical has had customers who wonder why not all apps follow the xdg spec in using .config, and of course we point out that those are almost all apps which existed long before anyone thought of .config and it would be a troublesome hassle to move them for no real gain11:34
Riddellsmarter: SSD?11:34
smarterSolid State Drive: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive11:35
smarterthese things are fast, grub->kdm takes between 5 and 10 seconds11:35
Riddellat last, the fabled under 10 second boot!11:36
Riddellalthough really it should be 10 seconds to working desktop11:36
smarterI'll have to make better measurement, but my bios is probably responsible for a third of the boot time11:37
valgaavuntransalted parts of systemsettings in polish language is a bug to report ?12:05
SputRiddell: we used to have .quassel, but switched shortly before the 0.4 release (including some migration code... which I should probably remove at some point ;-))12:32
blueyedHow does KDE interfere with mouse buttons? when using an xterm session (or gnome), the middle mouse button works, with kde it won't (button 2 and 3 both trigger 9), pointer = 1 9 2 4 5 6 7 3 813:51
blueyedis "Button Order" meant to be grayed out in "Mouse settings" btw?13:54
blueyedThis happens with using "xinput set-button-map" in the same way: as long as I map the 2nd physical button to something greater than the third one, the third gets the same mapping as the second.14:08
blueyedas said: this is kde specific.. what interferes here?14:09
blueyedok, grayed out, if you have a different xmodmap14:23
blueyedwill file a bug about this.. kdebase?14:23
blueyedbug 44802114:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 448021 in kdebase "KDE interferes with mouse buttons: uses same mapping for second and third button, if second is mapped higher" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44802114:33
astromme_Hey I have a question about adding a patch to kdeplasma-addons to bugfix the rememberthemilk widget16:19
astromme_rememberthemilk.com wasn't happy with how I was using their api key (specifically allowing users to log in without using the website to auth)16:20
astromme_So I made the necessary changes in kde trunk. But there are some string changes so it didn't get backported to 4.3.216:20
astromme_As of now the applet is broken in 4.3.x, but I have patches to make it work. Is there a chance to get these into Karmic?16:21
Nightroseastromme_: if you give me commit numbers I can post it to the devel list for you16:24
Nightroseweekend is usually slow here16:24
astromme_Nightrose: devel list as in kubuntu-devel?16:24
astromme_Nightrose: the changes were spread across a number of commits. Would patches be better? (I have them ready)16:25
Nightrosethat's probably even better yea16:25
astromme_Nightrose: ok, give me a sec to get them on the web.16:26
Nightroseastromme_: i'll go and take a nap - not feeling too well - just post the link here and I'll send an email later16:31
astromme_Nightrose: no problem, it'll take me a bit16:32
* astromme_ discovered some not-so-good formatting with his diff/patch output16:32
astromme_Nightrose: oh boy, that's way bigger than I thought. Hmm.... well, here it is. *should* apply cleanly. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/290177/16:46
Simesebas: I'm enjoying The Big Bang Theory a lot BTW. :-)16:49
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Nightroseastromme: posted - thanks :)18:19
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Vistaushello :)19:27
Vistausyou're doing a great job with 9.10, since the release of 9.04 Kubuntu has improved so much! I'm already doing a lot of things foor the *buntu community and help out with KMess, and now I decided I want to help out 9.10 too. but I don't know any programming andI can't test 9.10 right now due to a  little problem with VB. Is there anything else I can doto help with 9.10?19:29
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grifis87Hello to everybody19:56
grifis87will opensuse firefox kde integration be in karmic too?19:57
grifis87is it at least planned in karmicé*19:58
grifis87in karmic+1?19:58
apacheloggerno, no19:58
apacheloggerubuntu-mozilla's team leader thinks that stuff should go into firefox itself rather than patched in I got told19:59
grifis87oh, I understand :) ...well, thank you apachelogger for your answer20:00
grifis87I thought about a firefox-kde integration deb, like the firefox gnome one...well we'll see...thank you again20:01
Vistaus@apachelogger: If the ubuntu-mozilla team thinks that way, than you can also say that kde integration for OpenOffice.org should be patched in OOo20:03
Vistausalso, I want to leave a note for the developers ;) twitter support for the microblogging plasmoid is broken upstream (upstream in KDE) so I don't know if it's a good idea to put it n the default desktop in 9.10 (althoug I am a big fan ofthat plasmoid and the social desktop)20:05
ubottuKDE bug 200475 in widget-microblogging "Microblogging plasmoid does not show friends and new tweets" [Normal,Verified: waitingforinfo]20:06
Vistausthere is enough info, the developer just hasn't responded yet20:10
Vistausor looked into the issue20:10
Vistausbut even then, twitter support is broken20:10
Vistausso is it a smart idea to put the plasmoid on the default desktop then?20:11
Vistausyou can alsways add it via add widgets anyways20:11
apacheloggerVistaus: you mean we should make an upstream implementation a patch for the sake of argument?20:11
VistausI'm a fan of the social desktop, but it's not so good to put a half wortking widget on a default desktop20:12
Vistausapachelogger: if you guys can fix the problem, that would be awesome. but if you cannot,  it's not such a good idea to put a half working widget on a default desktop20:13
Vistausbut that's just my opinion20:13
apacheloggerI was refering to you statement about ooo really20:13
apacheloggerand I doubt we have the resources to fix the micro blog plasmoid20:13
Vistausow im sorry i misunderstoon you20:13
Vistauswell then it should be considered again if the mb widget is on the default desktop20:14
apacheloggeryeah, just sent a mail20:14
apacheloggerVistaus: btw, for reference ... http://svn.services.openoffice.org/ooo/trunk/vcl/unx/kde4/20:14
apacheloggerwe actually do stuff upstream, unlike opensuse :P20:15
Vistausactually, mozilla doesn't want the integration20:19
Vistausthey want to "only support the desktops that they have intrest in"20:20
apacheloggerdont tell me :P20:23
* apachelogger does not exactly bother about mozillas weird policies20:23
grifis87if mozilla doesn't want to integrate kde integration upstream, then a separate patch seems like the only way to go. Is the ubuntu mozilla team aware of this issue with upstream mozilla?20:29
Vistausgrifis87: yes20:34
Vistausthey are aware of it20:34

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