ramiro_somebody on channel??00:34
ramiro_alguien en el canal???00:35
ramiro_i have a question00:36
ramiro_what is apt-xapian index updtae or something like that???00:36
ramiro_it runs everytime i log into kde00:37
ramiro_and in my old machine it is heavy to work with00:37
AngryKoalaits a python package to allow the use of plugins00:37
ramiro_and it s necessary???00:38
ramiro_what kind of plugins??00:38
AngryKoalaprobably not, but you can uninstall and see00:38
AngryKoalaits not "necessary" but uninstall and see what it does00:39
AngryKoalaI'm on KDE on arch and i dont have that00:39
ramiro_it's proper of kde or it works if i log in gnome desktop??00:40
ramiro_in gnome i have not such a problem00:40
AngryKoalaya, just uninstall it, especially if you dont use it directly00:41
ramiro_ok thanks00:42
mark____anybody know of an audio equalizer i could download for ubuntu?, i really miss the one that used to be in Amarok01:00
odlahow can i make kde4 start ~/Download/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd when it starts?01:05
tsimpsonodla: from System Settings -> Advanced -> Autosart01:06
odlatsimpson: thanks01:07
odlatsimpson: thanks that worked01:08
tsimpsonno problem01:09
DarkriftXanyone know how I make kde4 stop controlling my desktop and let compiz?01:15
AngryKoalaautostart compiz --replace gconf01:26
AngryKoalathen use gconf-editor to edit the startup01:26
edernHi all01:36
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joelichtyYou know much about Linux?02:57
joelichtyYou know much about Linux?03:03
joelichtyYou know much about Linux?03:05
ecin_I just installed kubuntu a few hours ago, I'm very lost03:05
joelichtyme too lol03:05
ecin_im tethering off my phone, i don't knwo how to connect to my wireless router03:05
joelichtyFar as I can tell, there arn't many user online.03:05
joelichtyWhat do you mean?03:06
ecin_it says wlan interface disconnected03:06
joelichtyYour internet?03:06
ecin_i don't have internet,03:06
joelichtySo your saying you "internet" is disconnected?03:06
ecin_i do because im using Internet connectino sharing from windows mobile03:06
joelichtyI see...03:07
joelichtyTalk to you service provideR?03:07
joelichtyRogers, bell, ect..03:07
ecin_im not connecting to my router03:07
joelichtyI see..03:07
joelichtyThen what do you want to do?03:07
ecin_be able to use my wireless lan03:07
ecin_be able to increase my screen resolution03:08
joelichtyOh, yes. What version of Ubuntu you currentally have installed?03:08
ecin_i think it's 9.0403:08
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joelichtyThen that weird, because thats like the newest edition. There really shouldn't be any problems of any means.03:09
afeijowhat should I use to set a virtual machine to run a webserver to development?03:09
joelichtyWindows 7?03:10
afeijoand can I install a linux x64 into my vmware, running on my kubuntu 9.04 32 bits?03:10
afeijo*virtualbox not vmware03:11
joelichtyHow old is your computer?03:11
afeijo2 years, core 2 duo03:11
afeijo3 gb ram03:11
afeijojoelichty: did you reply win7 to me??03:11
joelichtyThen you should be able to run Ubuntu 9.04 x64.03:12
joelichtyYes, i said windows7.03:12
afeijoI use x64 at office, I had a few problems03:12
joelichtyI see....03:12
afeijoomg why would I use win7 to web devel?? make no sense03:12
afeijojava and my bank dont like each other in x64 env.03:13
joelichtyNo, sorry, it was just a suggestion.03:13
afeijoI was wondering if ubuntu server come with visual interface or just the shell ?03:13
joelichtyI noticed that as well. There are alot of site I'm un able to accese as well.03:13
afeijoI'll test ubuntu server, as my host will provide that one when I change my plan to VPS03:13
joelichtyEcin_ you still here?03:14
webbb82hey im running karmic with kde and well two things i dont have my wifi working but also in the menu under computer i dont have a settings folder i have no system settings03:15
joelichtyAre you talking about Ubuntu?03:15
webbb82ubuntu with kde03:16
joelichtyIf you click the "start menu" you should be able to see "system settings".03:16
webbb82in kde it should be under the computer tab then settings03:17
joelichtyTrue, then if it is not. That means the file or folder is corupted and needs reinstalling.03:17
Darkrift2anyone here know how to dist-upgrade a 7.04 box to 9.04? I am getting 404 errors using apt-get distupgrade03:18
webbb82what file or folder would be for settings03:18
joelichtyI do, Darkrift2.03:18
joelichty! second, webbb82.03:19
afeijoversion 7 isnt supported anymore I'm afraid03:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:19
Darkrift2getting 404 errors using apt-get anything03:19
joelichtyAre you serious?03:20
Darkrift2afeijo: i want to upgrade it03:20
Darkrift2just asking how03:20
Darkrift2do i need to do a fresh install?03:20
Darkrift2hard to believe there is no upgrade path03:20
joelichtyJust go download it from www.ubuntu.com03:20
joelichtyFresh install.03:20
afeijoDarkrift2: do you have a separated partition to your /home ?03:20
Darkrift2its an old laptop I just fixed03:20
afeijodo it 1st03:20
Darkrift2I dont think the cdrom works on it.03:22
Darkrift2wonder how imma pull this one off03:22
joelichtyI know a way you can pull it off.03:23
afeijoyou can use a thumb usb drive to repartition your hd03:23
Darkrift2not really worried about repartitioning03:23
Darkrift2id rather just upgrade it03:23
joelichtyGot a memory stick handy? If so plug it into your usb hub connectors and install it onto it, and then try intsalling03:23
afeijoDarkrift2: you dont care about the files in it?03:23
Darkrift2that might work03:23
Darkrift2ill have to find a usb stick03:23
Darkrift2afeijo: not really03:24
Darkrift2i just want the fastest way to upgrade it03:24
afeijoDarkrift2: cool so just fresh install, but do 3 partitions :)03:24
Darkrift2why 3 partitions i mean03:24
afeijoits easier next time to update the system, without risking your files03:24
Darkrift2i c03:24
afeijoroot, home and swap03:24
Darkrift2sucks there is no upgrade method03:25
afeijoI dont know, I started kubuntu in version 803:25
Darkrift2damn, cant even ssh into that thing03:26
Darkrift2guess 7.0X didnt come with sshd :S03:27
joelichtyAll I know, is that I'm buying windows xp, it alwyas worked great for me.03:27
joelichtyNo problems whatsoever.03:27
joelichtyWhats so funny, Darkrift2 -.-03:28
joelichtyAnyways I'm off to play "Diablo II' message me if you need anything.03:30
Darkrift2have fun03:30
Darkrift2cant find a usb drive anywhere lol03:30
joelichtyOh, I will. I'd be pwning noobs.03:30
joelichtyGo buy one, there cheap. Only like 8$ for 1gb at bestbuy or futureshop.03:31
joelichtyAny electronic place really...03:32
afeijoI upgraded one vm I had with kubuntu 9.04 to kubuntu 9.10 beta and it crashed, lol03:34
joelichtyWell what do you know, guess it's a goof thing it's free.03:35
ecin_this thing is pissing me off03:35
joelichtyI'm guessing, going "Linux" isn't really the best way to go, eh?03:35
ecin_it suppsed to be faster arcording to many, but what good is speed if you don't have any gas03:36
joelichtyThats correct, I totally agree with you Ecin.03:36
joelichtyI can't even download shit, properly either...03:36
joelichty Selling one of an item.03:37
ecin_maybe is because i used wubi03:37
joelichtyThats possible.03:38
ecin_supposely when you go to add remove programs, you have more options on things to add03:39
ecin_but mines is empty03:39
Darkrift2can a kubuntu cd image be burnt to a dvd?03:40
joelichtyYour "Add/Remove Programs" is empty? Ouch, I'd deffentelly say there is something wrong with your copy of Linux.03:40
joelichtyYeah, thats what I did.03:40
joelichtyEver tried "Red Tube" ?03:43
Darkrift2hrmmmm, my cd drive wont open :S03:44
Darkrift2things just havent worked since I dist upgraded03:44
joelichtyTry visiting this web sitw, my make all your stress go far, far away. http://www.redtube.com03:46
webbb82where can i find the Knowledgebase plasma  im trying to figure out how to use the opendesktop plasmas03:46
bainnebody suffering from the  boot time messages comming out before sxplash starts?04:08
baini just upgraded from jaunty  to karmic and boot sequence is all screwed04:08
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Darkrift2!find vnc04:29
webbb82i need some help i cant get /knowledgebase-0.1 plasma to install form source i cant find a deb04:30
ubottuFound: libgtk-vnc-1.0-0, libgtk-vnc-1.0-0-dbg, libgtk-vnc-1.0-dev, libvncserver-dev, libvncserver0 (and 23 others)04:30
Darkrift2!find vncserver04:30
ubottuFound: libvncserver-dev, libvncserver0, libvncserver0-dbg, tightvncserver04:30
skiwithpeteIf I upgrade to Kubuntu 9.10 will the updates eventually bring me to the full release?04:48
marco__kubuntu karmic koala will ship with kde 4.3.3?05:04
sacha_hey i am using kubuntu and was wondering what program i would use to volume render raw 3d files (MHD headers)05:18
Darkrift2I am setting up an old laptop to be connected to my TV to watch movies on05:20
Darkrift2I want to be able to vnc in and start movies etc05:20
Darkrift2I installed tightvncserver but it runs its own server (not the one connected to screen05:20
Darkrift2does anyone know what I would need to vnc into the currently shown screen?05:20
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Darkrift2anyone know how to turn on the svideo output in kde?05:40
Darkrift2svideo is listed under displays but seems to be disabled (all dropdowns are empty and cant be cahnged)05:40
Darkrift2is this channel closing or soemthing?06:11
Darkrift2seems to get more and more dead every day06:11
corigo2what is the disk mgt and formating tool called (UI based)06:13
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hagabakawow, there is a deb package for Google chromium06:23
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michaelhi there06:59
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Darkrift2how do i enable restricted drivers on 9.04?07:05
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sgroverhelp?  Moved my hard drive to a new computer.  Old computer had an nVideo video card.  New one has an Intel card.  I'm not getting 3D accelleration with the intel card.09:15
sgroverNo proprietary drivers reported as being needed.  Removed the nVidia  drivers.  did a dpgk-reconfigure xserver-xorg.  Still no luck.09:16
AngryKoalathere are intel drivers you need from apt-get09:17
sgroverI have xserver-xorg-video-intel installed... are there others?09:17
AngryKoalano idea lol09:18
sgroverbrb.  Found a reference to "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg09:19
sgrover" in the xorg.conf file.  Need to restart kdm.09:20
sgroverwell, the reconfigure -phigh command didn't help.  sighs.09:26
AngryKoalaXorg -configure will make a new xorg file for you09:30
sgroverAngryKoala: got it.  Looks like ALL things nVidia need to be removed - not just the primary driver.  Otherwise the "auto X11 config" expects to be using nVidia.  Running at 1000+ fps on glxgears right now.09:35
AngryKoalanice, glad you got it workin09:35
kannan02how to install kubuntu 9.04 amd 64 in virtualbox --- when i try to install it says kernal requires x86_64cpu but only i686 is found..!!09:54
Darkrift2whoa, ppl are talking in here!!!09:55
Darkrift2anyone still around?09:55
Darkrift2looking for help getting tvout running on my dell d60009:57
Darkrift2has a radeon mobile 900009:57
Darkrift2ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 is the exact reply I got from atitvout earlier09:58
gigasofthow can i update  my kde environment?10:12
Tm_Tgigasoft: what you want to be updated?10:13
gigasofti vant to update to 4.310:13
Tm_Thmm, you are on Jaunty?10:13
Tm_Tgigasoft: from topic: KDE 4.3.1 backports http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.3.110:14
gigasoftok, thanks10:14
Darkrift2anyone know why ctrl+alt+bkspc still doesnt work after running that fix (multiple times)?10:16
Darkrift2hrmmmm, nvm10:16
Darkrift2finally worked10:16
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JakeSayshey sorry if this is a repeat post, but how do install glib on kubuntu? :(10:49
keithzgdo you just mean glibc?  Shouldn't that pretty much have to be installed if nearly any other normal packages are?11:08
keithzgI think these days the specific package is libc611:09
JakeSayskeithzg: no, i mean glib/gtk11:15
keithzgah, okay11:15
JakeSaysi'm assuming there's some apt-get fu i need11:18
keithzgwhat do you need it for?11:18
JakeSaysbuilding mono11:18
keithzgwhy not just "apt-get build-dep mono"?11:19
keithzgI'd assume that'd take care of that, and any other dependencies you might need11:19
JakeSaysi'll give that a try :)11:19
keithzg:)  hopefully the solution is as simple as that!11:20
JakeSaysi'm a 87% noob11:20
keithzgheh fair enough11:20
JakeSayswoah. LOL. thats definitely doing something!11:21
JakeSaysi think its installing gnome11:21
JakeSayswhich is fine if it works11:21
keithzgyeah sadly I think mono requires a fairly big chunk of gnome to work much at all, or at least it does how the Ubuntu packages are set up11:22
keithzgby this point since my main PC that I'm at right now has so much stuff installed for various reasons, when I tried build-dep mono just to see it was only like 7 packages, heh11:23
JakeSaysit can install whatever it wants as long as it doesnt mess with kde :)11:23
keithzgnaw shouldn't mess with anything at all11:23
JakeSaysi'm coming from windows, and am liking kde 4.x11:23
keithzgI have, like, 8 different desktop environments installed on this PC, heh, but I can run KDE 4 without any troubles11:23
keithzgit all just sits there until/unless you need it11:24
keithzgout of curiousity, is there a particular reason why you need to outright build mono?  You should be able to just install it normally too.11:24
JakeSayswell, i'm actually working on a windows port of moonlight, so i'm going to start with a build of moonlight on linux11:25
JakeSaysand just copy the silverlight assemblies from linux to windows11:26
JakeSayskeithzg: heh. thanks for your suggestion :) that did indeed do the trick.11:27
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keithzgcool cool :)11:27
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keithzgyeah, "apt-get build-dep" has made my life far simpler on many an occasion!11:28
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gribouillehow can I change the gtk theme used in kde ?12:21
ForgeAusuh in system-settings12:22
ForgeAusused to be in kcontrol...12:22
Peace-of couse systemsettings12:22
ForgeAusuh appearance applet is it now?12:22
ForgeAusyes appearance applet in system settings should have an icon for GTK styles and fonts12:23
gribouillewhere is it ? I don't see it12:23
Peace-gribouille: http://imagebin.ca/view/LSRADQBg.html12:24
ForgeAusQTCurve helps things look a little better integrated...12:24
gribouillePeace-, what's your version of kubuntu ?12:25
Peace-gribouille:  i have kde 4.3.212:26
Peace-but thast stuff is on kde from kde 4.112:26
Peace-so .. from... kubuntu 8.0412:26
ForgeAuswhat language is that? colori? and stile? ...12:26
Peace-well italian12:27
Peace-ok i can change it12:27
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ForgeAusahh kewl, italian.. .12:28
ForgeAusso pomodoro is tomato right?12:28
Mamaroktopic, please12:28
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!12:28
ForgeAusuh sorry...12:28
Darkrift2can anyone help me figure out the best drivers for my ati mobility 9000?12:31
Darkrift2the standard drivers dont seem to support tv out via svideo12:31
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:31
Darkrift2why does everything give ubuntu instructions?12:32
Darkrift2its annoying as hell12:32
Peace-Darkrift2: have you tried with systemsettings stuff?12:34
Darkrift2yeah, ive been messing with it all day12:35
Peace-just a second12:36
Darkrift2im trying to follow the guide from where you linked me to12:37
Darkrift2it has some slightly different options so maybe it will work12:37
Peace-Darkrift2: i have my tutorial but it's in italian12:40
Peace-Darkrift2: anyway in english https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Video12:40
skiwithpeteif I was going to install the latest Kubuntu on my comp, should I use the latest Beta, or a nightly build?12:43
skiwithpeteand will it (if I install it) update to follow on to RC and final release?12:44
Peace-Darkrift2: i can't find the correct page in english anyway here there is a translated page of italian wiki http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/Hardware/Video/Ati/TvOut&sl=it&tl=en&history_state0=12:44
mrberlfis there a way to manage kaffeine with dus?12:45
mrberlfi have installed the new kubuntu karmic and there is the new kaffeine pre212:45
mrberlfbut it lacks many features...d.bus, dvb channels grouping. is there a way to get the old kaffeine 0.8 instead?12:46
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:46
skiwithpeteanyone with answer for me?12:50
Darkrift2Peace-: checking it now, thank you12:50
Peace-skiwithpete: ?12:55
Peace-skiwithpete: you can use the daily build12:55
Peace-skiwithpete: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/12:56
skiwithpetecheers Peace-12:56
Peace-skiwithpete: but it's a BETA so it's NOT STABLE12:56
skiwithpetewill it follow update to RC and final?12:56
Peace-of couse12:56
skiwithpeteor is it somehow different12:56
skiwithpeteok cool12:56
harjotdoes anyone have a yahoo-kopete problem?\12:56
harjotit doesnt connect to yaoo12:57
skiwithpeteand Peace- how is stability at the moment?12:57
skiwithpetepoor, good great?12:57
Peace-skiwithpete: that depends from your hardware , on my computer , with good hardwware supports it's pretty stable12:58
Darkrift2im getting pretty good at editing xorg.conf using Xorg.0.log errors :P12:58
Peace-but it's not something for beginner12:58
Peace-Darkrift2: hahahah that's nice from error you can get experience12:58
skiwithpetePeace-, why not for beginner, am a newb, and with intel vid card had to switch to Fedora for stability12:59
skiwithpeteeager to make switch back to ubuntu12:59
skiwithpetestroke kubuntu12:59
Peace-on my computer there is intel and it works fine12:59
Peace-with effects too12:59
Ev0luti0n_skiwithpete: pretty stable to me!12:59
Ev0luti0n_at least  this build of kubuntu13:00
Ev0luti0n_only some apps crashes13:00
Ev0luti0n_amarok for example13:00
Ev0luti0n_shoutcast listing doesn't work properly sometimes13:00
Ev0luti0n_and it was a bitch to configure and enable desktop effects, due to a driver issue and multiple monitor configuration13:01
skiwithpetehave started the comp backup, will let you guys know when I do it13:01
Dragnslcrharjot- what version of Kubuntu and Kopete?13:01
Ev0luti0n_you installing wich build?13:01
harjotkubutnu 8.04  and kopete 0.12.713:02
skiwithpeteEv0luti0n_, me?13:02
skiwithpeteI'm going 9.10 I think13:02
Ev0luti0n_it was still buggy last time i tried13:02
Ev0luti0n_im on 9.0413:02
skiwithpeteI can't use 9.04 because of intel vid card.  Crashes way too often13:03
Ev0luti0n_did you install a proprietary driver?13:03
Peace-skiwithpete: intel cards had some problems with the driver13:04
Peace-skiwithpete: 9.04 can be used changing the driver13:04
skiwithpetenm Ev0luti0n_ its a long standing prob13:04
skiwithpeteyeah Peace- been through that...13:04
Peace-pretty easy13:04
harjotkopete problem any idea?13:05
skiwithpetei'm looking forward to 9.1013:05
Peace-kopete which problem?13:05
Peace-Ev0luti0n_: here it's pretty stable with kde 4.3.213:06
Darkrift2anyone know how I make tightvncserver show the active X session instead of running its own?13:06
Ev0luti0n_Peace-: 9.10?13:06
Peace-Ev0luti0n_: yes13:06
harjotit wongt connect to yahoo13:06
Darkrift2kinda like that krfb does but without the graphical glitches I am getting?13:07
harjotit connects then instantly disconnects without any error messege13:07
Peace-harjot: it should works googled?13:07
Ev0luti0n_Peace-: strange..13:07
harjotit used to work but now it doesnt and google shows me the OLD bugs13:07
Peace-harjot: rename all configurations files?13:08
annmaanyone with 9.04?13:11
annmaI have a bug report that adept crashes13:11
annmaa bug report in KDE13:11
annmanot sure what to do with it13:11
annmaisn't it Ubuntu package manager?13:11
Peace-adept will not support anymore13:11
Peace-adept = old kde package manager13:12
annmaso what is Ubuntu package manager13:12
Peace-synaptic = gnome13:12
annmalook at the bug report13:12
Peace-kpackagekit = kde413:12
annmadoes it concern KDE or not?13:12
Darkrift2yes, "old" kde13:13
Peace-isn't made on qt3?13:13
annmaI don't know and don't care13:13
annmaI found someone who will amend the bug report13:14
annmaI used Konversation from KDE3 for years on KDE413:14
KarlitaHello, can one burn dual layer disk in kubuntu?13:14
Darkrift2for years?13:15
annmasince we started working on KDE13:15
annmaI am a KDE devel Darkrift213:15
annmasince we started working on KDE413:15
Darkrift2i c13:15
Darkrift2then shouldnt you know what to do with the bug report?13:16
skiwithpeteannma, kde looks awesome, 4.3X will be my first time switch to the desktop13:16
* Darkrift2 stays out of it13:16
annmaDarkrift2: no because adept isnot part of kde13:17
annmaI found someone who took care of it13:17
Peace-i can't follow you adept is dead13:17
annmaPeace-: maybe but this user does nto know it13:17
annmasome users rescusitate stuff apparently13:18
KarlitaAny software that you can use for burning dual layer?13:39
phhevery burner does it afaik13:41
phhlike k3b for instance13:42
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blueyedAre the settings for "Button Order" grayed out for you, in Karmic? Alt-F2 => "Mouse settings"14:14
uboxanyone have any luck with resuming from suspend and the backlight not coming back on issue?14:16
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:24
Bouanyone around in charge of translation into Kubuntu?14:56
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ant0xa
ant0xai've got a problem. i recordet kubuntu on a bad disc(didn know :( there was an error. and now i can't log in windows15:13
ant0xathere black screen15:13
ant0xaand grub15:13
ant0xacan anyone help me?15:13
* ant0xa bad english15:13
varanusi'm trying to install kubuntu 9.04 to an asus laptop from a live cd and i get the following problem "ata1 softreset failed (device not ready)" and the busybox starts. I have a vista version installed already on the pc. what could be the problem?15:19
GiantJackHi everyone! I use Kubuntu Jaunty and I'd like to know how I could send by bluetooth more than 1 file at the same time with KBluetooth4.15:33
GiantJackI mean, at this moment, I can only choose 1 file to send to my phone instead of a list of files...15:35
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:43
BluesKajHiyas all15:45
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup15:47
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Hans_Henrikhow can i find out info of my wireless card (its embedded inside the laptop and i dont want to open it up..)16:13
BluesKajHans_Henrik, ifconfig in the konsole16:16
geniiAlso: lspci or lsusb16:18
OxDeadC0dehow do I set the tax rate in freeciv? I hear it's the domestic advisor, but can't seem to find that dialog... =)16:33
mintux1why kmobiletools limited to 160 character for sms ?? how can I remove this limitation and it send more than 1 sms ?16:37
phhbecause the AT protocol don't know how to send one big SMS16:38
genii160 chars is the inbuilt limit, there is no removing it16:38
mintux1but in my phone I can send more just it will breaking to more than 1 sms16:39
geniimintux1: Thats a feature of whatever phone's operating system16:40
mintux1genii: is there another software can do this ?16:40
geniigammu/wammu has some SMS ability... multipart SMS not sure though16:43
DkySvenhello people, somehow my laptop doesn start to charge anymore when plugged, is there any way this can be software-side?17:00
geniiNo, charging the battery on a laptop is purely a hardware function17:00
DkySvenwell, then I'm screwed17:01
DkySvenless than 5 minutes battery time when all tuned down17:01
DkySvenbye ^^17:01
Tm_TDkySven: atleast software is working17:01
* Tm_T always finds the bright side (;)17:01
ldeveauxI have a problem with the Kubuntu Karmic installation in my netbook (MSI Wind U100)17:11
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+117:11
ldeveauxWhen I run the installation CD, I have the following message: "Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted.... Try again to mount the CD-ROM?"17:12
ldeveauxDoes somebody know how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance17:12
Fanfareldeveaux: did u boot from CD? anyways, karmic topics go to #ubuntu+117:13
Tm_Tldeveaux: try ask in #ubuntu+117:13
geniildeveaux: As indicated, ask questions about the development version in #ubuntu+1 channel17:13
ldeveauxFanfare: Yes! I have an external driver and I use it for the installation17:13
ldeveauxFanfare: Okay, but any idea?17:16
dennis00Hi, can I run the opensuse layout on Kubuntu?17:20
Tm_Twhat is this "opensuse layout" ?17:21
dennis00a great cannonical gnome or kde layout17:23
dennis00opensuse looks nice, and we use it at the University.17:24
dennis00I would like to use that kde template on Xubuntu.17:24
Tm_Thmm, you have a screenshot to point me what you're meaning?17:24
Tm_Tdennis00: hmm, that is gnome, right?17:25
dennis00I am honestly not quite sure.17:25
Tm_Tdennis00: it is17:26
dennis00it looks nothing like standard ubuntu17:26
ZeikfriedWhich is usually faster? xaa, exa or xgl?17:26
Tm_Tdennis00: it's nothing like standard Ubuntu but it's GNOME, I'm sure (:17:27
Tm_Tdennis00: you should ask about it in #opensuse or similar17:27
Tm_TZeikfried: no idea, I prefer GL though17:27
dennis00I did.17:27
dennis00They all tell me to install OpenSUSE.17:28
dennis00but I shall not fall prey17:28
Tm_Tdennis00: shame on them17:28
ZeikfriedSays i am using AIGLX.17:29
ZeikfriedIs that regular OpenGL?17:29
Tm_TI guess17:29
dennis00It's like asking a Muslim for a headscarf and being told to get Muslim for that. I am a proud Moron.17:29
ZeikfriedOk, i found what i was looking for.17:30
dennis00and how come apt-get install kubuntu-desktop installs office?17:36
Tm_Tdennis00: it's part of Kubuntu default install17:37
Ev0luti0n_dennis00: fuck that :P17:37
Tm_TEv0luti0n_: no cursing17:37
Ev0luti0n_best thing is being an atheist17:37
Ev0luti0n_i haven't  cursed nobody!17:37
Tm_TEv0luti0n_: and no religion talk here neither17:37
dennis00kubuntu is 550mb, lol, much.17:37
Ev0luti0n_Tm_T: why?17:37
dennis00apt-get install * << works?17:38
Tm_TEv0luti0n_: this is Kubuntu support only17:38
dennis00how do I open the display manager?17:39
Tm_T!o4o > Ev0luti0n_17:39
ubottuEv0luti0n_, please see my private message17:39
Tm_T!guidelines > Ev0luti0n_17:39
ubottuEv0luti0n_, please see my private message17:39
dennis00Ev0luti0n_: do you think you'll make the World Cup?17:39
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct17:39
Ev0luti0n_i think that there should be no problem on talking about our opinions here17:40
Ev0luti0n_whoever gets offended should get out, or STFU! What happened to freedom of speech?17:40
dennis00!appeals White people don't have souls.17:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:41
dennis00it doesn't work.17:41
dennis00ubottu: Like G.W.Bush?17:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Like G.W.Bush?17:41
Ev0luti0n_but yeah, don't troll the channel with religion stuff seesm great17:41
dennis00ubottu: world politics17:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about world politics17:41
HalphaZI instaled Kubuntu 6 months ago17:43
HalphaZI used filelight and noticed that ~/.thumbnails is 1,8 GB big17:44
HalphaZand that's a problem17:44
HalphaZwhat's wrong in my kubuntu?17:44
HalphaZI don't like waste my disk space with hidden folders17:44
BouHalphaZ: do you have lots of pics?17:45
HalphaZso, help me fix this bad beaviour17:45
HalphaZI delete a lot of pics17:45
HalphaZI've a lot of pics17:45
Bouthen it seems the right behavior no? thumbnails are generated when your browsing through your pics I guess?17:46
Bouand stored into .thumbnails?17:46
HalphaZhowever it's not a good reason to use 1,8 GB17:46
HalphaZmoreover it's full of delete images17:46
Bouthis second point is more a problem17:46
Boui wonder how often the thumbnails pics are cleaned17:47
Bouthat is, their expiration17:47
HalphaZprobably never17:47
Ev0luti0n_dennis00: have you seen the light already?17:47
Bouwell i hope they exprire sometimes17:47
HalphaZafter 6 moths? 30th October I'll format the system to install karmic.17:48
HalphaZis there a way to disable thumbnails creation?17:48
Bouask on #kde maybe17:48
HalphaZhowever, thank you17:48
HalphaZok, thanks17:49
FanfareHalphaZ: in dolphin u can disable showing previews... but i guess thats not what u mean...17:49
HalphaZprobably not17:50
HalphaZI need disable thumbnails creation17:50
HalphaZat all17:50
FanfareHalphaZ: u can also simply remove .thumbnails17:50
HalphaZby hand?17:50
HalphaZdon't like this solution17:50
HalphaZmoreover it's a hidden folder17:51
HalphaZnormal users doen't know about it's existence17:51
Bouwell if you remove .thumbnails now, and disable preview in Dolphin, you may avoid most of the disk-space problem i guess17:51
HalphaZso can't I use preview without creating space consuming useless thumbnails?17:52
HalphaZbad bad bad thing17:52
Bouit is made to make previewing faster I guess17:53
Fanfaredigikam has an option not to create thumbnails iirc, but for kde, i dont know...17:54
FanfareHalphaZ: well, create empty .thumbnails and make it not writeable! :-)17:55
HalphaZFanfare: :-) liked your idea!17:55
HalphaZhowever I guess nobody needs 1,8GB of thumbnails. So this should be solved and it's a bug. imho.17:56
HalphaZor better still: it's a bug and should be solved.17:56
BouHalphaZ: file a bug if you think so17:57
HalphaZok, where are you from?17:57
FanfareHalphaZ: i should be an option! i dont think its useless!17:57
HalphaZI'm from ITaly.17:57
HalphaZhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=79943 <-- already posted17:58
varanusguys, i'd like to have side mouse buttons working on konqueror, i found through xev the number of each button and i don't know how to tell KDE to use for example the button8 as the back button. any idea?17:59
Fanfarevaranus: did u try in keyboard shortcuts?18:01
dennis00Ev0luti0n_: I don't beleive in the light.18:02
varanusFanfare: i tried through it but i couldn't figure out how i assign the buttons :S18:02
Ev0luti0n_the light?18:03
jury_ello guys18:03
varanusas the xev recognise the buttons i think that they should work someway. but i can't figure out how to do it18:03
jury_im new here18:04
Fanfarevaranus: sry, was just a first guess, as <backspace> is a key :-)18:08
varanusFanfare: that's ok18:11
Fanfarevaranus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto18:13
varanusFanfare: ty very much18:13
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blueyedvaranus: try remapping them using "xinput set-button-map". There's a bug though in Karmic, bug 44802118:16
varanusblueyed: thnx for the suggestion18:17
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preetamhai can anybody help me i am unable to connect to gtalk in Kopete just now i install KDE desktop18:31
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preetamhi my fonts in konqueror and pidgin are very large how to get the default font as in ubuntu18:55
judaxgo to System Settings -> Appearance18:55
venky80how can i detect my IR remote in kubuntu18:56
venky80can i find it in hardware ....18:56
judaxI read something just yesterday about remotes, in conjunction with the Hulu Linux desktop client18:58
judaxI dont use an IR remote, so no experience with ti18:58
judaxerr it18:58
preetamhow to change the font size for display windows19:02
venky80does anyone know which command will list IR functionality19:19
corigoAny 9.10 dabblers in the house?19:37
blueyedIn kate, is it possible to not open the Documents sidebar by default? it's annoying to always close this when using kate to scratch something into it.19:38
blueyedyay.. default session overwritten.19:40
blueyedcorigo: yes19:40
blueyedyou could try #ubuntu+1, too.19:41
mostafa_ anyone can help me with how to make this file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/290286/ via diff command (actually this patch files grouply)19:42
corigoblueyed: not getting much help there... can you install plasma-widget-kimpanel http://ns2.canonical.com/pl/karmic/kde/plasma-widget-kimpanel or is it pre-installed?19:42
Ev0luti0n_anyone here using kde tv?19:43
Ev0luti0n_i am having dificulties configuring the program19:43
blueyedcorigo: it's in universe, installing.19:43
Ev0luti0n_anyone here using kde tv?19:48
blueyedcorigo: installed fine.19:48
corigoMust be a 9.04 issue. Gdebi fails on the install. Damn I really need that package. I've waited 2 years already... guess I can wait for 9.10.19:49
BluesKajcorigo, try sudo dpkg -i application in the konsole instead , it might work .19:55
corigoBluesKaj: I don't have 9.10 repos in my list... this is a brand new 9.10 only app... will that still work?19:57
corigo"No such file or directory"19:58
BluesKajcorigo, if you're on jaunty ,it may not work..what's the application ?19:59
corigoI've already loaded all the updated pre-reqs20:04
BluesKajcorigo, make sure you cd to to the dir that plasma-widget-kimpanel is located before using dpkg -i20:08
mtbbiker99is there anybody out therer??? (pink Floyd)20:09
BluesKajmtbbiker99, welcome to the machine :)20:09
mtbbiker99I am behind the wall20:09
mtbbiker99RUN to the PC20:10
BluesKajnever like , the wall20:10
BluesKajerr liked20:10
mtbbiker99its TIME to go20:11
corigoBluesKaj: Same error I get from Gdebi: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libkimpanelruntime.so.0', which is also in package kimpanel20:11
corigofails to install20:11
BluesKajcorigo, then you need to upgrade to karmic 9.10 I guess20:12
harjot_anyone any good with metasploit?20:23
harjot_is anyone good at using metasploit here?20:28
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harjot_please help me im stuck20:31
junkY_Sanhey, i want to add a PPTP connection, but i only get openvpn and vpnc20:38

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