Methshmmm, not up to date yet.00:00
MethsAlmost there :)00:05
rockstarMeths, link?00:06
MethsIt's up to date now :)00:07
mathepicIs there any way to report a project that is stupid and probably a copyright/trademark infringement?01:28
wgrantmathepic: Maybe ask a question at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion. That'll get an admin looking at it.01:29
mathepicI discovered a project called "Windows 9" that has one file of Python code and two "stable" releases01:30
mathepicWhich both happen to be released on the same day01:31
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mathepicI just checked, its also the same day they registers01:31
mathepicThe description is pitiful. "I am writing a new operating system and it will be awesome."01:32
mzzheh. What would be my chances of getting lp:~me/+crap/... aliased to lp:~me/+junk/... ? :)04:04
* mzz wonders how he ended up on the "beta testers team" (the timeout error page says he is) and how to get back out of it04:23
spivmzz: you can probably just go to launchpad.net/~launchpad-beta-testers or your own user page and remove yourself04:31
mzz"You are not a member of this team. "04:34
spivmzz: odd.  Maybe you followed someone else's link to edge.launchpad.net/... rather than just launchpad.net/...?04:35
mzzspiv: I'm also not seeing edge.launchpad.net in the urls. The only beta tester-ish thing I've noticed is getting that message on timeouts.04:35
spivOh, right.  I think there may be a known bug with that message.04:36
mzzhmm, I'd just add that +crap alias locally, but I'd start putting it in urls I hand out to others, so that doesn't really work. I should just use this service more so I remember it right, I guess.04:37
mzz(it is a pretty convenient way to share code)04:38
wgrantRight, the logic used to show that message is inverted.04:53
wgrantBug #40386304:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403863 in launchpad-foundations "Timeout edge redirect notice logic inverted" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40386304:54
mzzah, I just searched in "launchpad"05:05
wgrantmzz: Yeah, Launchpad itself uses projects a bit strangely.05:09
mzzheh, I was assuming it was more like "I didn't bother to find out how it's split into projects"05:10
wgrantIn future, either work out the sub-project or look in launchpad-project (a project group containing the rest)05:11
wgrantlaunchpad-project is not, despite its name, a project.05:11
mzzI was assuming launchpad was what launchpad-project is05:11
mzzand yeah, a search on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-project gives me that bug just fine05:12
MTecknologyYou guys can help debug apport issues?06:02
wgrantMTecknology: Unlikely. apport just uses Launchpad.06:03
MTecknologyLogging into Launchpad... You have to allow "Change anything" privileges.   Downloading bug information...   Error connecting to Launchpad: [Errno 0] Error06:03
MTecknologywgrant: I'm jsut hoping06:03
wgrantAre you firewalled?06:03
MTecknologynot sure....06:03
MTecknologywhat needs to be open for it?06:04
MTecknologyoh - he's doing it from a chroot06:04
wgrantwget https://launchpad.net/06:05
MTecknologywgrant: interesting.. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289826/06:08
wgrantMTecknology: Maybe the chroot doesn't have /dev mounted.06:09
MTecknologywgrant: doesn't look like he did that - thanks06:11
falehello :)08:16
wgrantfale: So, have you tried uploading again?08:16
falewgrant: yes, third time... always the same result :(08:17
wgrantfale: Tried uploading a different (maybe smaller) package?08:17
falewgrant: a copule of days ago08:18
falewgrant: w/out any problem08:18
wgrantfale: Hm. Possibly the server-side problem appearing again, then. Nobody is likely to be around on a weekend to help you debug further, though.08:18
falewgrant: I see :(08:19
wgrantfale: Could you try uploading from a host on another network?08:19
faleI'll check again on monday, than ;)08:19
faleI can try today afternoon08:19
wgrantI think it's worth a try.08:20
wgrantFTP :(08:20
Phurlhttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-sq/+junk/LaunchPadUpload Here is the working branch of the upload tool.11:37
Phurlyou can upload translations with it11:37
stefanlsdIs it possible to use wildcards or regex with the api. im trying to search for a version with getpublisedsource and want to do a match12:27
wgrantstefanlsd: Unfortunately not. The name can be a sub-string, but the version must be an exact match.12:34
stefanlsdwgrant: kk. thanks. you wouldnt perhaps know if it would be possible to pull out only the latest version with getpublishedsource. eg. if updates or security has a later version than release (it always should), i would only like the latest version...12:47
wgrantstefanlsd: They should be returned in descending version order, I think.12:57
wgrantSo getPublishedSources(distroseries=hardy, name='package')[0] should be the latest.12:58
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stefanlsdwgrant: mm. yeah. thanks. its a bit of a pain as i need to compare all of them (so need to loop thru all) and using the date_published to compare if its later, but im picking up the update in security and updates.13:16
wgrantstefanlsd: What exactly are you trying to do?13:17
stefanlsdwgrant: http://people.ubuntu.com/~stefanlsd/synclist.html was a first run. so trying to help the security team by taking the debian DSA announcements and compare that to what versions we have in ubuntu. i think we managed to sync approx 50 security fixes already. so essentially, i loop through all versions published in ubuntu and compare to debian version. im getting false positives now as we only13:19
stefanlsdhad for eg 3.2.1 in release and that matched. now we have 3.2.1ubuntu1.1 (which i pick up as fixed) but then i loop over 3.2.1 and it says need a fix13:19
stefanlsdso ideally, i want to return only the latest version of a package.13:20
TDJACRLaunchpad keeps timing out when I report bugs.13:21
TDJACR(Error ID: OOPS-1379B1626)13:21
wgrantTDJACR: Try shortening the initial summary, then restoring the full one once you see the list of duplicate candidates.13:21
wgrantstefanlsd: Why don't you just stop at the first one>13:22
stefanlsdwgrant: i've made some code to check previous version date, and if its greater than current version from same distro_series, ignore it, thats not working as the getpublishedsource loops over security and then updates13:22
stefanlsdwgrant: mm. sometimes we have the same version in other distro_series13:23
TDJACRcool, thanks.13:25
wgrantTDJACR: Great.13:25
wgrantstefanlsd: You know you can restrict it to just one pocket, right?13:25
stefanlsdwgrant: mm. yeah. was just thinking bout that now. maybe if security is empty, check release... thanks. will work on that a bit...13:26
stefanlsdwgrant: getpublishedsource returns in a funny order. http://paste.ubuntu.com/290050/    updates, security before release.13:44
stefanlsdlooks like it sorts by version13:45
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idnaris branch scanning (or whatever it's called) stuck again?14:38
idnar(I pushed a branch over 30 minutes ago, and it's still sitting at "Updating branch...")14:39
jmlidnar, yeah, it is.14:53
jmlidnar, I don't know what to actually do about it though.15:08
idnarjml: whip the launchpad gnomes harder ;)15:10
jmlidnar, there's some sort of bug in the code that gets it stuck. I don't have any gnomes I can whip to get it unstuck.15:11
idnarah, I guess that would require whipping some developers15:12
jmlidnar, well, I actually need someone with permission to kill a particular process on a particular machine. We don't have 24/7 coverage though.15:15
idnarit's not a big deal for me right now, I just wanted to make sure someone was aware of the problem at least15:15
=== jml changed the topic of #launchpad to: Delays in processing new branch data | Read https://help.launchpad.net for help | Help contact: - | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Launchpad is open source: see channel #launchpad-dev
* jml does the proper thing.15:16
BrucevdkHi, the documentation on creating and uploading packages to your team PPA states: "You should also ensure that the email address and GPG key you use with dput are the same as those associated with your Launchpad account." -- However, one of our team members signed the package with his personal key (which may not be associated with his Launchpad account) and now users are saying they cannot verify the packages (http://code.google.com/p/rabbitvcs/issues/15:37
BrucevdkSo, if he associates his key with his Launchpad account it should all work? Is it Launchpad that signs it automatically with the team key (in our case: gpg: key 34EF4A35: “Launchpad RabbitVCS”)?15:38
BrucevdkOr are we supposed to sign it with the team key?15:38
vxnickis it possible to delete a bug in a project I own?15:50
jmlvxnick, it's not possible to delete bugs at all16:14
vxnickjml: alright, thanks for letting me know16:14
jmlvxnick, you can mark it as Invalid or Won't Fix, which amounts to the same.16:14
vxnickyeah, that's what I've done16:14
vxnickis it acceptable to use the bug tracker for features? I noticed blueprints does much the same thing, but I don't know whether that's suited to smaller feature requests16:15
Phurlhi all there is an push active for 2 hours here https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesmikedupont/introspectorreader/wikipedia-strategy16:18
jmlvxnick, the launchpad team use the bug tracker for features16:18
vxnickjml, many thanks16:18
jmlPhurl, yeah, sorry about that. see the topic.16:19
Phurlahh thanks16:19
Phurlat least it is not just me ;)16:19
cyberorghi can i upload file on launchpad, for normal http/ftp download, not commit via bzr?16:19
jmlPhurl, you might also want to subscribe to our launchpadstatus feed on identi.ca16:19
jmlcyberorg, yes you can.16:19
jmlcyberorg, but I don't know how to do it off the top of my head & I'm about to head out to grab a coffee :)16:20
cyberorgjml, cool, any docs where i can find out how?16:20
jmlcyberorg, help.launchpad.net & the launchpad tour (linked from the home page, iirc)16:21
cyberorgjml, yeah looking at that, couldn't spot what i am looking for16:21
maxbcyberorg: I believe the key is that you add them to a release of a project.16:23
maxbe.g. https://staging.launchpad.net/wibble/trunk/one/+adddownloadfile16:23
cyberorgmaxb, i saw https://help.launchpad.net/Projects/FileDownloads but that talks about making a "release" i just want to upload a random file for people to download16:24
maxbin what context?16:24
cyberorgmaxb, i have nbd rpm for centos, that is required by centos users to use opensuse kiwi-ltsp, the project is now hosted at launchpad16:26
AskHL_I'm using Launchpad to host a small project and would like to make a personal package archive.  The packaging files (debian/control, rules and so on) should go into some kind of version control system, I presume.  Is it appropriate to have these in the project trunk branch?  Maybe it wouldn't be all that nice to have the standard, downloadable tarballs (from bzr export --format tgz) include this.  How do people usually manage this sort of thing?16:26
cyberorgthe rpm is "unofficial"16:26
maxbI don't think Launchpad supports arbitrary file downloads other than in the context of Project->Series->Release16:26
cyberorgmaxb, even if it is related to project?16:26
maxbHave a look at the dummy arrangement I've just set up on https://staging.launchpad.net/wibble16:30
maxbI don't think there's a better way16:30
cyberorgmaxb, https://staging.launchpad.net/wibble/trunk/one/+adddownloadfile says " Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page. "16:43
maxbsure, I created the project so I'm its admin16:44
maxbOn your own project, however, it should work16:44
maxbOr if you like, tell me your LP id16:44
maxband I'll reconfigure the toy one so you can play with i16:44
cyberorgmaxb, https://launchpad.net/kiwi-ltsp is the project, cyberorg is the id16:46
cyberorgor may be it is jigish-gohil16:48
maxbok, you should now be able to play with the wibble project on staging16:49
cyberorgmaxb, cool, got uploaded, now how do i upload to kiwi-ltsp project?16:51
maxbFirst go to the project's root page, and "Register a series" to hold these miscellaneous/supplementary files16:53
maxbWithin the series, create a 'release', as part of the process you'll also be guided to create a new 'milestone'16:54
maxbYou'll then be able to attach files to the release16:54
cyberorgmaxb, done, thanks :)16:57
cyberorgthanks jml and maxb 'night17:05
detlyhi, I need some help with using our ppa17:11
detlyspecifically, with having the packages authenticate17:11
detlythe help page says "Launchpad generates a unique key for each PPA and uses it to sign any packages built in that PPA. "17:11
detlybut of course, to upload it, I needed to sign it with my personal signature17:12
detlyso now users report that it does not authenticate17:12
detly(also: "Your key, and instructions for adding it to Ubuntu, are shown on the PPA's overview page. " ... whereabouts?)17:12
mathepicI haven't tried to bother with PPA yet. I haven't ever been able to get packaging to work for me.17:22
detlywell, the packaging itself isn't an issue17:22
detlyjust this authentication mechanism17:23
maxb<detly> (also: "Your key, and instructions for adding it to Ubuntu, are shown on the PPA's overview page. " ... whereabouts?)17:28
maxbUnder "Technical information", I think17:28
maxb"Technical details about this PPA"17:29
detlythat just shows the key, and info for *users* to add it17:29
detlyit doesn't tell me how to get launchpad to sign the package17:29
maxbIt just does.17:29
maxbOr rather, it doesn't sign the package, it signs the repository indices17:30
maxbWhich is your PPA?17:30
detlya user reported the problem at http://code.google.com/p/rabbitvcs/issues/detail?id=19117:30
Brucevdkhttps://launchpad.net/~rabbitvcs/+archive/ppa -- linkified17:30
maxbOK, I think the problem is that Launchpad only generates a key for a PPA *after* the first upload, and then only signs the repository after subsequent uploads17:33
maxb(or anything which causes republishing)17:33
detlyso I should just re-upload?17:34
maxbthat would work, or, you could copy another package into the PPA, wait for it to publish, and then delete it again17:34
maxbe.g. https://edge.launchpad.net/~mercurial-ppa/+archive/ppa/+copy-packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=&field.series_filter=17:34
detlyhere we go :)17:35
mathepicIs there currently any difference between beta launchpad (Edge environment) and the regular one?17:37
maxbdetly: N.B. I think each series is published independently17:38
detlyah, I might have to rebuild it for the others then17:39
detlybtw, you know you have svn control folders in that source package/17:39
maxbIt's not as if I was putting particular care into packaging it :-)17:40
* maxb grumbles at Chromium monopolizing the buildds17:41
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detlyso is that behaviour known or expected? or is it a bug?17:45
Brucevdkand... is it documented anywhere?17:47
AskHL_I created new branch and pushed some files to it.  It has now been more than an hour and it still says 'Updating branch...' and that it may take a few minutes.  The files I committed are around 4kB.17:48
AskHL_Is this normal?17:49
AskHL_When pushing, I had to give it the --use-existing-dir command, otherwise it complained about the target not being a valid bzr branch.17:50
mathepicWhat did you say about --using-existing-dir?17:51
mathepicI accidentally closed out my client.17:51
AskHL_mathepic, "When pushing, I had to give it the --use-existing-dir command, otherwise it complained about the target not being a valid bzr branch."17:51
mathepicTo launchpad?17:52
mathepicIts always done that to me.17:52
AskHL_Okay, so presumably this is normal when pushing to the branch for the first time, correct?  I just thought it might be related to the perpetual updating...17:52
mathepicIt should only happen on the first push17:52
mathepicAfter that, the .bzr directory should exist17:53
AskHL_mathepic, thank you17:54
AskHL_Should I delete the branch and push again?17:54
mathepicThe branch should work fine17:55
mathepicYou just have to supply the --using-existing-dir to create it the first time17:55
mathepicThen you can push normally17:55
AskHL_mathepic, the problem is that it has been updating the branch for more than an hour, so how long should I wait?17:56
hyperairhello there. is there a way i can find a launchpad bug number based on the remote bug tracker number?17:56
hyperaire.g. i have bugzilla.gnome.org bug #NNNNNN and i'd like to find the LP bug linked to it17:57
mathepicIt says in the topic is that the are delays17:58
mathepicI'm thinking its a problem occuring with Launchpad17:59
mathepicI'll see if any of my pushes have worked17:59
mathepicNone of today's pushes have worked.17:59
mathepicWell, they worked but haven't been process18:00
AskHL_mathepic, so I see.  Sorry for not reading the topic.  Thank you for the help, mathepic18:00
sproatyI just uploaded a package via dput, and it's said everything's fine -- http://www.pastebin.org/42619 - however https://launchpad.net/~sproaty/+ppa-packages is listing none. Does it take a while?19:47
akheronsproaty: my guess is that the listing only shows built packages19:48
sproatyyeah, I wasn't sure how long building took since it didn't mention it on the help page19:49
akheronusually something like ten minutes19:49
akheronfor a small package, i guess that e.g. libc takes a lot longer to build :)19:50
sproatyah I had a rejection email19:50
sproatywhoops I was making my package with dpkg-build; had to use debuild -S20:06
sproatybadass, it worked :)20:11
sproatyI had to change my changelog where it was listed as "unstable", to "jaunty" -- however, is there a way to target *any* ubuntu version? Mine's not tied to any specifically20:13
akheronyou can upload packages to different ubuntu versions without changing the changelog20:14
sproatyah yeah, editing dput.cf20:15
sproatylike  this -- or must sections be unique? http://www.pastebin.org/4262520:16
akheronyou'll need to rename the section20:16
akheronlike whyteboard-intrepid20:16
sproatyah, cheers20:16
akheronand remember that you cannot upload the same version to both jaunty and intrepid20:17
akheronyou either upload to intrepid and copy the package to jaunty or use different versions for different series20:17
sproatyyou can only copy packages into newer versions?20:17
akheronyou can copy to older, too, but executables are likely to break because of libc version bumps20:24
akheronif your package doesn't contain any compiled code, then it's ok20:25
akheronbut generally, I think that copying is bad20:25
sproatyit's all python :)20:26
akheronpython versions change too across ubuntu versions20:27
sproatytrue, maybe it's best if I do like jaunty/intrepid/hardy packages20:29
sproatynot sure how far back to go20:29
akheronit's explained in launchpad help, too20:29
akheronit's up to you :)20:29
akheronbut I don't really see a reason to support anything else than the latest LTS release and the newest normal release20:30
sproatythank you very much for you help, it has been very helpful and very appreciated :)20:30
akheroni.e. hardy and jaunty at the moment20:30
akheronnp, happy to help :)20:30
sproatyhad a few people complain my .deb was only for amd64 :(20:30
akheronis it all python after all then?20:31
sproatyyes, using wxPython for its GUI - but I'm sure that wx's package name has changed from ubuntu release to release20:31
akheronyou can use Architecture: all for pure-python packages20:32
sproatyah, nice20:33
akheronno more whining from x86 folks :)20:33
sproatyoh wait I have that, it's because dpkg-builder was just using my system as its base20:34
sproatyubuntu will build it for all architectures20:36
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sproatyhmm, my build failed because xdg-icon-resource was not found on the build machine. What can I do about that, as I'm using it to install my application's icon22:08
wgrantsproaty: Build-Depend on whatever package provides it.22:14
sproatywgrant,  so, in control:  Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7), xdg-icon-resource ?22:16
wgrantsproaty: That package does not exist. You need to figure out which package provides the xdg-icon-resource binary.22:16
sproatycan I cancel packages waiting to build - gotta reupload them since they'll fail too22:22
wgrantsproaty: No, you can't cancel a build.22:22
wgrantsproaty: But if you upload a new source before the old one starts building, the old builds should be skipped.22:23
sproatyah, excellent, thank you.22:23
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clskhello... is it possible to change my email address in launchpad?23:37
clskfor my user account that is of course23:38
wgrantclsk: Of course. If you click on your name in the top right of any Launchpad page, you'll see an edit icon just near the email addresses.23:39
clskwgrant: oh I didn't see that. I as trying to use the change details page...Thank you23:44
luke-jrmy project might be needing a custom repository format. will it be possible to use it with LP?23:51
wgrantluke-jr: Not really.23:52
wgrantluke-jr: While you could upload using a dumb protocol, it could not be mirrored or scanned so would never become public.23:53

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