odlaboy the fonts in firefox are huge with the qtcurve theme ... how can i fix that? i'm on karmic kubuntu00:00
billybigriggergnubie, thanks, i thought 3.0 was in ubuntu's repos though, and not the ose version00:00
* billybigrigger didn't backup his sources.list for this fresh install00:00
billybigriggerso i don't know if i had vbox's repos added or not00:00
test34Anyone solve the logitech wireless headset that stopped working?00:01
gnubiebillybigrigger; it installs 3.08 r5318300:01
MTecknologywhat's the command to list all the events that happened on a system?00:02
Stonkwow, this is taking a while00:02
Stonktail /var/log/syslog00:03
Stonkor nano or whatever you want00:03
MTecknologyStonk: it was a one word command, I keep thinking udev but that's not even close00:03
Cynthia19:00:05  odla boy the fonts in firefox are huge with the qtcurve theme ... how can i fix that? i'm on karmic kubuntu | Firefox 3.5 doesn't honour font rendering preferences, it always hints fonts (which renders them smaller in many cases), and it doesn't recognise the Condensed form of fonts. [Affects me, because I use Deja Vu Sans Condensed here]00:03
Stonkbtw, I'm testing this on an i7 920/8G ram. Working well so far. It's like it's all in ram :D00:05
dtchencoz_: i've certainly raised this as well. you may find mailing the ubuntu-devel-discuss list more useful00:06
test34MTecknology, while dmesg list alot of things, it doesn't list everything00:06
dtchencoz_: (e.g., i'm also visually impaired)00:06
MTecknologytest34: ya, It had exactly what I wanted though :)00:06
test34but it is probably the one command that lists most00:07
odlaCynthia: do you know how i can bet firefox into submission to use 8 pt fonts rather than the 14 pt fonts it's currently using00:07
Stonkwirechief_: sha256sums are the same00:07
BUGabundodtchen: you are? I didn't know that00:07
coz_dtchen,  glad someone else recongized this :)00:07
dtchenBUGabundo: red-green, yes00:07
BUGabundoahh that kind00:07
coz_dtchen,  although I am not visually impaired I think that accessibility should take priority when development decisions are made00:08
Stonkthis is the first machine ever that I've seen ubuntu not detect the HD00:08
billybigriggerBUGabundo, well well well....00:08
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billybigriggerhowdy :P00:08
Cynthiaodla: I have no idea why some people get huge fonts like that; is this just in the content area for webpages or in the entire UI?00:09
coz_Stonk,  well the last 4 version for me still drop to initramfs  because of my scsi drives00:09
BUGabundobillybigrigger: and me trying to hide my self :)00:09
billybigriggerwho are you hiding from? haha00:09
odlaCynthia: like the menubar, all the fonts for the application, not the fonts used in rendering webpages00:09
odlaCynthia: same thing with thunderbird00:09
CynthiaI know there are some small changes in apparent font size (like 1 or 2 pixels) for FF 3.5, but I dont really know the cause of larger changes, sorry00:10
CynthiaConsider filing a bug on Mozilla's Bugzilla or the maker of your theme's bug tracker perhaps00:11
jaysonsantosHello guys, anyone is able to upgrade from grub 1 to 2  with raid ? In my case grub-probe can't map my devices.00:13
xuserHi, how do you play the wizard that is run during install for configuring the keyboard after installation?00:13
ZykoticK9eyore15, it's Gimp 2.6 non-single window version00:13
xuserjaysonsantos: osprober?00:13
jaysonsantosxuser What ?00:14
xuseruse osprober then update-grub200:16
Stonk[    2.815153] ata1.01: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 300)00:18
Stonkyou dont think it has anything to do with nvidia drivers by any chance?00:20
TLFIt's possible to enable SSH remotely in some way?00:20
dtchenStonk: which kernel is this?00:20
dtchenStonk: i.e., cat /proc/version_signature00:20
TLFmy X seems hanged, although mouse works, but I can't ctrl-alt-f100:20
TLFany ideaS?00:20
StonkLinux ubuntu 2.6.31-11-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 25 06:37:23 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:20
dtchenStonk: aha. that one lacks the update in
Stonkbut how do i get it?00:21
Stonkhotswap kernel would be nice ;)00:21
dtchenStonk: you might want to wait til later this evening when the mirrors should have synced 2.6.31-13.43-generic.00:21
Stonkwhat's changed?00:21
dtchen(you're currently running 2.6.31-11.36-generic)00:22
StonkYDdraigGoch: Cymraeg? ;)00:22
dtchena /ton/00:22
BUGabundodtchen: I already hve .1300:22
Stonkhmm... ok. Is there another iso built?00:22
YDdraigGochStonk, Yup. =) I just don't speak it =(00:22
dtchenStonk: not yet, and you'll need to wait for tomorrow's iso at the earliest00:22
Stonkok, you seem to think that ther eis a known issue? Or is this just guesswork? :)00:23
dtchenBUGabundo: not everyone's mirror, does00:23
BUGabundoI know00:23
BUGabundoI have a local one and Main00:23
dtchenStonk: there's definitely a known issue resolved in for NV SATA controllers00:23
dtchenStonk: you definitely need to be running it _before_ continuing to debug00:23
Stonkoh wait00:23
StonkI'm not convinced it is nvidia sata drivers00:24
dtchen2.6.31-13.43 has
Stonkno, it's intel sata controllers00:24
dtchenStonk: that's fine, you just need to start with that base kernel for debugging00:25
dtchensince the first thing we'll ask you to do is update to it ;)00:25
Stonkok, but i can only get a base kernel by booting off cd right now. I didn't realise there was something akin to nightly isos00:25
dtchenplease use zsync00:26
Stonkwow ok00:27
ShirakawasunaHi.  Ian_Corne, thanks for the tip on updating, it fixed my issues.00:28
jaysonsantosHello guys, my connection dropped and I don't know if my question was answered. Can I pass to postinstall of grub-pc the option --module radi ?00:28
Stonki love the live cd. I was able to install nvidia drivers, modprobe, gdm restart, install skype-static and play tremulous off my usb harddisk. Loving it.00:29
ShirakawasunaI just tried to uninstall 'cheese', since my netbook has no webcam, but it's telling me that I won't receive netbook remix package updates if I proceed.  Is there a way to remove it without eliminating my ability to update, or am I misinterpreting the message?00:29
dtchenShirakawasuna: it's a useful warning00:30
dtchenhowever it is just a warning00:30
* Crashbit a dormí!00:31
dtchenLaunchpad is sadly turning into a dumping ground for support requests00:31
Shirakawasunadtchen: I think I understand what it's doing: it will remove the meta package and cheese, so my current packages will update but nothing added to the meta will be in my updates.00:31
Shirakawasunadtchen: is that correct?00:31
dtchenShirakawasuna: correct00:31
Shirakawasunaok, cool00:31
Shirakawasunait took me a couple seconds of writing it out to figure out what it means :D00:32
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BUGabundodtchen: zsinc?00:34
BUGabundoI use rsync00:34
BUGabundoand now the servers changed00:34
BUGabundonow they are hosted on rsync.cdimage.u.....00:34
dtchenBUGabundo: rsync is pretty server-intensive00:35
BUGabundodid not know that00:35
JanCdtchen: is it useful to report the "poping" sounds caused by the combination of pulseaudio's "idle" behaviour & hda-intel power-saving as a bug?00:36
dtchenBUGabundo: hence, recommend the use of zsync, which is all client-side00:36
BUGabundobeen using it for years00:36
dtchenJanC: yes. see also (LP: #440540, #445135, #447602)00:36
BUGabundodtchen: but won't that mean it has too pull the entire file ?00:36
JanCdtchen: I'll have a look  ツ00:36
dtchenJanC: i.e., i know about it; a workaround for Karmic is in the alsa-base and linux-sound-base debs in our (ubunt-audio-dev) PPA00:36
wirechief_http://unixlab.blogspot.com/2009/10/downloading-ubuntu-910-beta-with-zsync.html   <<<a good place to see how zsync is used00:37
DanaGoh yeah, pulseaudio on hda-intel keeps dying -- to where it devours CPU and replaces audio with glitchy spastic garbage.00:37
JanCit's easy to fix: disable power saving  ;)00:37
* BUGabundo reads00:37
DanaGWorks fine on USB and BT, though.00:37
dtchenJanC: nah, you should be able to just disable resetting of the codec when it powers back up00:38
mzzanyone else using ecryptfs noticing files having 0 size according to ls -Ssh?00:38
JanCah, well I guess I'll have to test that then00:38
dtchenJanC: e.g., sudo alsa force-unload && sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel power_save_controller=N00:38
mzz"stat" tells me "size" is non-zero but "Blocks" is 000:38
JanCdtchen: I wrote 0 to /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save which seemed to work too (for some time at least, didn't test for long)00:39
dtchenwe don't want to disable powering down of codecs across the board; eventually this needs to be fixed in patch_{analog,cmedia,realtek}.c00:40
dtcheni know i need to twiddle all the nids, but i lack some data sheets00:41
dtchenand it would be a really poor idea to commit source changes this late that potentially impact a lot of HDA users00:41
OlimpicoI have xubuntu 9.10 and installed Amarok, music doesn't play, but in the configure sound devices works, can someone help me?00:44
BUGabundoOlimpico: you just missed dtchen00:44
BUGabundohe's our resident sound guy :D00:44
mo0nykitHello! I'm running 2.6.28-15-generic. But when I do "sudo update-initramfs -u", it complains that the "" does not exist. Where can I find the update-initramfs config file which tells it what initrd img to look into? Here is my terminal output http://paste.ubuntu.com/289679/00:45
dtchenOlimpico: configure Phonon using System Settings to prefer PulseAudio if it is installed00:45
dtchenmo0nykit: pass -k to update-initramfs00:46
dtchenmo0nykit: e.g., sudo update-initramfs -u -k$(uname -r)00:46
Shirakawasunahey, ubuntu one is pretty cool.  Is it basically .mac only awesomer?00:46
foreverubun2On Karmic Powerpc, firefox routinely hangs the entire system, and no apport logs are created. How do I report it?00:47
BUGabundoforeverubun2: ubuntu-bug PACKAGE00:47
BUGabundois a start00:48
BUGabundoalthough since powerpc packages are community supported00:48
foreverubun2Shirakawasuna: .mac has more than storage. It's like dropbox.00:48
BUGabundoI'm not sure how does could be handled00:48
Olimpicodtchen, I did that, I selected from the phonon config PulseAudio, and nothing00:48
mo0nykitdtchen, okay thanks! That did it :) But here is a related cleaning-up problem. I only have 2.6.28-15-generic installed, but update-initramfs lists all the other initrd's which I have installed and now uninstalled. http://paste.ubuntu.com/289684/00:49
foreverubun2BUGabundo: Yeah, I don't want to annoy the official devs with Community supported releases. Should I just enter in that?00:49
Olimpicodtchen, when I test it from phonon it works, but then I play a song and it's not even played by amarok00:49
mo0nykitdtchen, How do I clean up the update-initramfs list of "available" initrd's00:49
BUGabundoforeverubun2: as long as you state clearly its PowerPC arch00:50
BUGabundono one will have a prob with it00:50
BUGabundoand if need be, reasing properly00:50
foreverubun2BUGabundo: Thanks00:50
dtchenmo0nykit: see /var/lib/initramfs-tools/00:51
dtchenOlimpico: wvhat types of files are you trying to play?00:51
mo0nykitdtchen, yes, I did an ls there. There they are. Should I rm the "foolish" initrd's ?00:52
Olimpicodtchen, mp300:52
Amaranthmo0nykit: when in doubt rm ;)00:52
dtchenOlimpico: dpkg -l libxine1-ffmpeg|grep ^ii00:53
Amaranthmo0nykit: seriously though, if you don't have the kernels installed anymore you can rm the corresponding initrd00:53
JanCforeverubun2: ubuntuone is supposed to become more than storage too00:53
AmaranthJanC: you can already get evolution contact and firefox bookmark syncing if you install a couple packages00:53
AmaranthI believe tomboy notes as well00:54
BUGabundoJanC: im *still* waiting00:54
mo0nykitAmaranth, this one is funny. In my /boot, I only have 2.6.28-15-generic. When I do a "sudo update-initramfs -d". It complains... BUT...00:54
foreverubun2JanC: Cool. Didn't know that.00:54
dtchenJanC: please let me know if using power_save_controller=N works for your hardware00:54
dtcheni mean, i really wish we could ship 2.6.32, but it's just not possible00:55
mo0nykitAmaranth, I try to fool it by creating an empty text file "initrd.img-", then a "sudo update-initramfs -d". Voila! Deleted! :)00:55
JanCdtchen: before or after installing the 2 packages from the audio-dev repo?00:55
dtchenJanC: well, the 2 packages just modfify /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf to add that ;)00:55
mo0nykitAmaranth, in /var/lib/initramfs-tools, the entry for is also GONE.. :)00:55
mzzhmm, I wonder if there's an ecryptfs channel. I'm wondering in what scenarios having my swap encrypted actually helps.00:56
dtchen(i guess technically only alsa-base is responsible...)00:56
Amaranthmzz: swap isn't wiped on power off00:56
mzzspecifically: I can imagine it helping when the system is on but the screen is locked, but I'm not sure if it'd actually help on hibernate or not.00:56
JanCdtchen: so if I installed those packages, I only have to reload the module without that parameter?00:56
mzzno, wait, that's me being dumb.00:56
Amaranthmzz: you can't encrypt a suspend or hibernate image, how would you load it again?00:57
mzzyeah, exactly, like I said, me being dumb.00:57
Amaranths/suspend or//00:57
dtchenJanC: if you installed those packages, you can just sudo alsa force-unload && sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel00:57
mzzso I think what I want is an encrypted hibernate image (currently hibernate simply isn't working)00:57
mzzencrypted with a passphrase I have to enter before it resumes00:57
mzzand I think I want swap wiped on poweroff00:57
Amaranthwriting zeros to swap on power off is going to be expensive00:57
mzzat which point encrypted swap only still helps if the system is stolen while powered on with the screen locked, I think.00:58
mzzsure, but not more so than hibernate.00:58
Amaranthmzz: Sounds like what you really want it to download an alternative installer and start over using LUKS00:58
mzzand I'm only turning off the system at all because hibernate is broken.00:58
* mzz ponders00:58
mo0nykitupdate-initramfs is now clean :) Thanks for the help guys!00:59
Amaranthdm-crypt with a password and a smart card would be awesome01:00
mzzI'm tempted to just consider ecryptfs with unencrypted swap good enough for my needs (especially given http://www.xkcd.com/538/ )01:00
Olimpicodtchen, thanks somehow after the update  libxine1-ffmpeg was removed01:00
BUGabundomzz: like it wotn poweroff?01:00
mzzBUGabundo: what?01:00
BUGabundomine is like that  on kernel .11 and .1201:00
BUGabundoused to work great before01:01
* Amaranth hasn't tried hibernate lately01:01
BUGabundoresume from pm-suspend is also broken on my system01:01
AmaranthHaven't had a need for it01:01
mzzBUGabundo: I haven't actually debugged, but it seems to suspend just fine and then do a regular boot on resume. Which makes sense, since I can't imagine suspend doing something that makes any sense with my swap encrypted (using /dev/urandom as key)01:01
dtchenmy craptastic bios corrupts memory upon resume from suspend-to-ram01:02
Amaranthmzz: hibernate actually wipes out the swap filesystem01:02
mzzBUGabundo: I think what's happening is suspend is writing the image to the encrypted partition, which can't be used to resume from since there's no way to decrypt it on boot (the key isn't known then, since it's random and only kept in ram)01:02
Amaranthmzz: afaik it writes directly (like dd)01:02
BUGabundodtchen: mine worked fine all karmic cycle, up until now :(01:02
BUGabundoI hate beta and RC cycles01:02
mzzAmaranth: yeah, but I bet it's writing directly to the encrypted device, not to the underlying lvm device01:02
BUGabundomore stuff breakes then on alpha 1-301:02
Amaranthmzz: so what you're probably missing is a resume=/dev/sda5 option in grub01:03
Shirakawasunais it strange that it takes 10+ Mb of downloading to update my cache?01:03
LeftmostKarmic is in beta and has been using firefox-3.5 for some time now. Is there a reason it still doesn't have translations in the langpacks?01:03
dtchenyou guys/gals are so hard to please01:03
dtchenfirst stuff isn't broken enough, now it's too broken01:03
Amaranthmzz: but if you're using ecryptfs it won't trip up on that01:03
BUGabundodtchen: :)01:03
Amaranthdtchen: I know, right?01:03
Amaranth"this is karmic? everything works fine!"01:03
Amaranth"omg it won't even boot!"01:03
mzzAmaranth: my ~ is ecryptfs'd. My swap is on /dev/mapper/cryptswap1, which is set up through /etc/crypttab, using /dev/urandom as "key file". I doubt suspend is smart enough to turn off that encrypted device and write the image to /dev/mapper/main-swap instead.01:04
Amaranthmzz: oh, I thought you were using ecryptfs for a swapfile too01:05
BUGabundomzz: how do you plan to recover your data01:05
* Amaranth wonders if resume from a swapfile even works01:05
BUGabundoonce you have trouble with your system?01:05
AmaranthBUGabundo: It's swap...01:05
mzzAmaranth: also, it doesn't quite overwrite the entire swap partition, since by default the resume actually looks at the uuid of the swap partition (which means fun breakage if for whatever reason you rerun mkswap without updating the uuid in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume)01:05
BUGabundoAmaranth: AFAIK its not supported yet01:05
mzzBUGabundo: painfully.01:05
BUGabundoit was droped from Karmic blueprints01:06
mzzAmaranth: resume from a swap file is quite possible, but I have no idea if ubuntu's initramfs supports it.01:06
Amaranthmzz: I was playing with it back in jaunty01:06
BUGabundomzz: kernel as only partial support01:06
BUGabundoAFAIK for a single page file01:06
Amaranthmzz: I dunno, I remember some time ago I had to add resume=/dev/sda5 to my boot line to make hibernate work01:07
mzzAmaranth: you can put your resume image anywhere you can get at it without having to write to the partitions (that are still marked dirty because the suspended system is using them)01:07
Amaranthmzz: otherwise it would just boot normally and my swap would be garbage I had to fix with mkswap01:07
mzzAmaranth: yeah, that sounds like what'd happen if you ran mkswap on it without updating the uuid I just mentioned, which is apparently how the initramfs normally finds it.01:07
AmaranthMaybe it all started when hibernate failed once *shrug*01:07
BUGabundowho knows01:08
mzzAmaranth: that's the neat thing about this userspace suspend/resume: you can really put the image anywhere *userspace* can get at it, as long as you're careful not to write to the filesystems that are in use by the suspended system between suspend and resume.01:08
mzzjust requires some hairy initramfs logic to support weird cases, which I suspect ubuntu's initramfs doesn't have for weird encrypted setups01:09
BUGabundomzz: if you say one more time "resume" in that sense01:09
BUGabundothe world would be over01:09
BUGabundowb chrisccoulson01:09
AmaranthAre we using uswsusp?01:09
BUGabundoI am01:09
AmaranthI think that's the name :P01:09
chrisccoulsonhey BUGabundo01:09
BUGabundoI like the crazy stats it does on hibernate and resume01:09
mzzAmaranth: I suspect so, yes.01:09
BUGabundoplus it uses compression01:10
BUGabundoso my 4GBs of ram get smaller01:10
BUGabundobut Distro Policy won't01:10
BUGabundocause it still causes over 60% PC probs01:10
Amaranthcompression is only useful is your CPU is so much faster than your disk the extra IO hurts more than the CPU time01:10
BUGabundoI bet so01:11
BUGabundoC2D 2.4 on a 5400 RPM disk01:11
BUGabundothat peaks at 59MB/s01:11
BUGabundoand susteined of 25MB/s01:11
mzzAmaranth: I should've mentioned: jaunty was sucessfully resuming from swap on lvm, which afaik implies uswsusp is used01:12
Amaranthmzz: ah, right01:12
mzz(and karmic's grub 2 is successfully booting a kernel from lvm, weeee)01:13
BUGabundoand isos01:13
* mzz still thinks that's a pretty neat trick01:13
mzznext step: some kind of campaign to get lvm supported on the regular install cd01:14
BUGabundobut I wish hibernate was faster01:14
BUGabundomine takes 90sec or more01:14
dtchenjust get a new intel ssd01:14
BUGabundobut I already have 200GiBs of my 320GBs disk full01:15
BUGabundoSSDs are expenive for that much01:15
BUGabundoplus laptop doesn't handle two disk01:15
BUGabundoor I could go with SSD + HD01:15
mzzAmaranth: I think I'll just turn off encrypted swap, since I only encrypted my ~ because it was trivial and it's nice in case some regular thief steals my laptop. If someone really wants my data they have better ways to get it than fishing the key from swap, like hitting me over the head while I'm using the system, so I can't lock it01:16
dtchenJanC: if you installed those packages, you can just sudo alsa force-unload && sudo modprobe snd-hda-intelif i could afford it, i'd go new intel ssd for /lib, /etc, /usr and crappy rotary for everything else01:16
dtchenerr, wtf01:17
JanCdtchen: should a reboot after installing alsa-base from the ubuntu-audio-dev PPA fix this *pop* issue completely?  (it didn't...)01:18
mzz(although I wouldn't mind a "null out unused swap while the system is used" button)01:19
dtchenJanC: sometimes it does require a complete powercycle01:19
dtchenJanC: different HDA codecs require different degrees of pounding01:20
JanCthere seems to be less *pop*, but still *pop*01:20
JanCif that makes sense  :P01:20
mzzhmm, track what parts of swap are freed but not zeroed out yet, and zero them when the drive is idle? That sounds doable, but I doubt anyone cared enough to implement it)01:20
mzzit's not like I use a lot of swap, so it'd be pretty cheap01:20
dtchenmzz: that's pretty expensive, and i'd argue that you may just want to disable vm overcommit and swap completely in the time being01:21
mzzdtchen: it's free while you're not using swap, and it's still effectively free if you manage to be lazy enough about it (only doing it while the drive is idle)01:21
mzzand yes, I rarely use any swap at all01:22
BUGabundomzz: doesn't some old part of the kernel require you to have a swap?01:22
BUGabundoeven if it is a 4MBs one?01:22
mzzBUGabundo: I do have swap. In fact my desktop has vm overcommit disabled, which means I need a bunch of swap that's never used to back allocated but unused memory.01:22
boondoklifeAnyone else have a black line in the notification area when empathy is active?01:23
mzzboondoklife: I saw a black line, but I haven't figured out under what circumstances it showed up yet.01:23
dtchenBUGabundo:  you don't need disk-backed swap at all01:23
mzzboondoklife: (it appeared and disappeared without me doing anything obvious, so I was suspecting update-notifier)01:23
BUGabundodtchen: that I know01:23
BUGabundobut I remember reading even recently01:23
BUGabundothat some code of the kernel expects a swap01:24
mzzif there was some trick to encrypt the hibernate image with the login password of the user doing the hibernate I'd take that01:24
boondoklifeHmm mine seems to be there when I use empathy and get a notification of a message01:24
BUGabundosure it can be a tempfs, ramdrive, swapfile, or disk based01:24
mzzboondoklife: I'm not currently using empathy01:24
dtchenmzz: we discussed it at the last UDS01:25
lucahi everyone again01:25
boondoklifeIm gonna try and quit empathy and see if it does go away then re open it and see if it comes back. brb01:25
dtchenmzz: i presume dustin will resurface it again01:25
lucawell this is sort of embarassing .. I need my fstab re-generated01:25
mzzdtchen: ah, neat. Always glad to hear I'm not crazy to think of things like that, or at least not the only crazy person :)01:25
lucadoes anyone know how to do that?01:26
dtchenmzz: well, it has been discussed at three prior UDSes01:26
mzzluca: I don't think there's a tool other than the installer that normally generates that file01:26
JanCdtchen: okay, I'll try a power cycle...01:26
dtchenJanC: make sure you leave it powered off for 2+ minutes, please01:26
mzzluca: so you just have to know your own partition layout and use either a text editor or some gui editor to recreate it01:27
JanCheh WTF?  :P01:27
dtchensometimes i hate capacitors01:27
mzzluca: if the system is still running /etc/mtab will help figure out what's mounted where01:27
lucamzz: :-/ not an ideal case01:27
JanCthey use capacitors to store configuration data? :P01:27
BUGabundocrazy idea01:27
JanCsounds like the 1940s to me01:27
dtchenJanC: codec data is cached, yes01:27
lucamzz: I am on a live pen right now, I guess I will have to chroot01:27
dtchendata are cached, rather01:28
mzzluca: no real need, as long as you know your layout.01:28
lucamzz: forget it, i said something foolish01:28
lucamzz: yeah sorry a bit late over here :)01:28
mzzluca: I'd pastebin you my fstab as a starting point, but I'm using lvm so it's a bit nonstandard.01:28
lucamzz: thanks anyway01:28
NoelJBmzz, someone needs an fstab?  criteria for it?01:29
boondoklifeheh yup that is what does it for me, if i get a notification that black line pops up. time to file a report i guess =)01:30
mzzNoelJB: luca apparently needs one01:31
NoelJBmzz, I've got a few, including one from a clean install in a VM.  Anything specificc luca needs?01:32
lucaNoelJB, mzz: yeah that's me. However, I was looking a bit at pysdm right now01:33
NoelJBluca, ok.  well, let us know if you need something.01:33
Strogg_anyone using beagle ?, i see sometimes the applet, but don't know how to get it all time01:33
lucaNoelJB, mzz: in any case, standard fare here - one ext4 partition, one ntfs, swap to be created (long story)01:34
lucaNoelJB: actually a fresh fstab suddenly looks like a good option, if you have a pastebin handy :)01:35
quidnuncWhen trying to run sudo do-release-upgrade -d I get "Building old list of packages... errors present. Is apt/dpkg running?" Anyone know what the problem is?01:36
quidnuncOr, how can I run do-release-upgrade with debug logging on?01:36
mzzhas anyone noticed keyboard focus not being anywhere useful in gdm?01:37
NoelJBmzz, describe.01:37
pilif12pmzz: same one from moznet?01:38
mzzI boot, I see my name and an "other" entry on the screen, and I have to click one, instead of being able to just hit enter to pick me or start typing to pick someone else01:38
mzzpilif12p: yes01:38
pilif12pmzz: we meet again01:38
NoelJBmzz, ah, never tried.  I'll look next time I reboot.01:38
* pilif12p hopes mzz remembers me01:38
mzzNoelJB: both worked yesterday or so, lemme check if there were any gdm upgrades recently01:39
NoelJBmzz, there were, as I recall.01:39
JanCdtchen: still the same as after the previous reboot01:39
mzzI don't recall changing anything relevant configuration-wise.01:39
NoelJBmzz, no, nothing since the 7th.01:39
mzzpilif12p: sumo, right? :)01:40
pilif12pmzz: yep.01:40
pilif12pnice to talk again01:40
jayntyHello i'm trying to setup static ip in Karmic Koala Beta but it seems to be impossible01:40
jayntyalways when i enter ip gateway etc and click on apply it goes back to automatic DHCP01:40
mzzhuh, I'm pretty sure I actually had this work with 2.28.0-0ubuntu1401:40
NoelJBjaynty, it is possible, but there have been issues with earlier versions of network manager.  what problem are you having?01:40
pilif12pAaronMT too!?01:41
JanCdtchen: what's the disadvantage of disabling power-saving on a desktop anyway?01:41
pilif12panyone else here from moznet :P01:41
JanCpowr saving for intel-hda I mean01:41
jayntyNoelJB: I just want to setup my computer to an ip let's say
NoelJBJanC, power consumption?01:41
thiebaudepilif12p, what is moznet?01:41
pilif12pthiebaude: mozilla irc network01:41
thiebaudepilif12p, cool01:41
NoelJBjaynty, yes, I understand.  what version of network manager and network-manager-applet do you have?01:42
thiebaudei'll have to check it out01:42
jayntyNoelJB: hmm howdo I check that? I have ubuntu karmic koala with all the latest updates01:42
jayntyNoelJB: this worked in jaunty01:42
NoelJBjaynty, OK, so that puts you around Oct 5 or so.01:43
jayntyNoelJB: yes i quess so01:43
NoelJBjaynty, if you are having problems with network management, you can add the network manager trunk ppa, see if you can reproduce the problem, and file a bug report if you can.01:43
NoelJBoh bother ... :-\  that d@mned invalid environment grub2 crap just hit my builder VM.01:44
* mzz considers creating a bunch of silly patches to make the text color of stuff on the panel customizable01:44
outbriThanks to whoever recommended me update to get multiple word tab complete working the other day .... finally got everything updated and it's happily working :)01:45
* NoelJB is less and less pleased with grub2 ... NOT ready for prime time is putting it mildly!01:45
mzzNoelJB: I get that feeling (the "not ready for prime time" more from the support scripts than from the actual boot loader, but yes01:45
thiebaude a couple of days ago i tried to install grub2 and it borked my system01:46
mzzNoelJB: it detecting my jaunty install but ignoring the fact it has a separate /boot partition was somewhat annoying, for example. And the way timeouts and the like are customized through /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober (huh?) is kinda weird01:46
mzzand for some reason I was expecting the install cd to set up a chainload to grub 1, which didn't happen01:47
mzzI'm not that annoyed though, since it's at least booting karmic off lvm just fine01:47
NoelJBmzz, you happen to know the work around for this idiocy (referring to the invalid environment block, not any human being)?01:48
mzzNoelJB: I haven't seen that one yet. What's the message, and what's the grub-pc version?01:48
NoelJBmzz, karmic works great, but my main system(s) use grub1.  I only have problems with grub2, which is how a clean install goes, hence in a VM.01:48
NoelJBmzz, ah ... hold one ...01:48
mzzNoelJB: I saw a comment in the changelog recently about it ignoring empty env blocks now, so make sure you're current.01:48
NoelJBmzz, bug 43978401:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439784 in grub2 "invalid: environment block" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43978401:49
NoelJBstill present.01:49
* mzz is waiting for bugs.launchpad.net01:49
NoelJBmzz, well, first I have to get the VM booted.  And it was clean before.01:49
NoelJBand grub2 doesn't show me a menu in the VM, so I can't do the edit.01:50
jayntyNoelJB: ok well this is really weird that they would let this happen in the beta version01:50
NoelJBjaynty, karmic is the guinea pig for lucid.01:50
jayntyNoelJB: in english? :D01:51
NoelJBthey want grub2 and upstart for lucid.01:51
* mzz doesn't mind being used as a guinea pig that much, but hopes lucid will be solid, since he'll be upgrading family members to it01:51
NoelJBkarmic is solid for me.  much MUCH better than jaunty.01:52
mzzNoelJB: fresh install, right? I haven't actually read the entire bug, but iiuc you can hit this using the grub-pc from the install cd01:52
thiebaudeNoelJB, you think when lucid comes comes out synaptic will be no more?01:52
NoelJBthiebaude, ENCLUE01:52
mzzand sure, karmic's mostly ok so for, a few ui nits that bug me, more nits in the grub to grub2 upgrade01:52
thiebaudei sure love the software center01:53
mzzheh, I keep forgetting that's a big deal, since I'm mostly a commandline kind of guy01:53
NoelJBmzz, is there a key to force the menu to appear?01:53
mzzNoelJB: holding shift might help, but I don't remember what kind of grub.cfg you have fresh out of the installer01:53
mzzNoelJB: I'd consider booting off the installcd or the like and manually fixing up grub.cfg, just so you can boot into karmic, make sure you have the latest grub-pc and grub-common, and fix things properly if still necessary01:54
NoelJBnope.  neither shift key  :-\01:54
NoelJBI can mount the virtual disk and fix it manually.01:54
mzzor that01:54
Chrizdo u guys think i will run into any issues running x64?01:55
mzzChriz: are you currently running an older x86_64 ubuntu?01:56
NoelJBmzz, putting together an alternative installer for grub1 is looking a better and better idea.01:56
Chrizmzz, no01:56
Chrizmzz, i am running x86 but i am going to redo my entire system01:56
mzzChriz: I'm not on x86_64 myself (my hardware's that ancient) but haven't heard of any new issues, which means just the continuing problem of many blobs lacking 64 bit support01:57
Chrizis there any issues with flash still (if i recall there was a flash issue...)01:58
hunger__hi everyone01:59
mzzChriz: adobe has at least a 64 bit beta out now, but I haven't checked if it's kept current. I'd expect open source flash to work as well or as poorly as it does in 32 bit.01:59
sabatso, I attempted the ubuntu 9.10 upgrade [slap me freely if you feel like it] and it crashed... when it boots up now I get no video, not even console... any ideas?01:59
kruykazemy remote desktop viewer is not working01:59
mzzChriz: oh, and while firefox runs you won't be getting tracemonkey (the fast js interpreter) just yet (it'll be in 3.6)01:59
NoelJBmzz, OK, I am looking at the bug report.  I should already have that version, and it is still broken.02:00
hunger__so far I've found the adobe 64 alpha for flash to be just as stable, if not more stable02:00
NoelJBmzz, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/439784/comments/1502:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439784 in grub2 "invalid: environment block" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:00
hunger__I'm unaware of a beta though02:00
NoelJB-rw-r--r-- 1 root root       0 2009-10-08 00:56 grubenv02:00
mzzNoelJB: I wonder if just removing that env file (or replacing it with an empty file) would be considered acceptable by grub02:00
hunger__has anyone been able to get audio over HDMI working?  I can't find the configuration for it to even test.  The most I've found via google are a few bug reports that's it02:01
mzzNoelJB: just checking: your message is at boot time, from grub itself?02:01
Polterge|sthello all what is the current status of ubuntu02:01
Polterge|stis pulseaudio and that annoying gnome workspace switcher bug fixed yet ?02:01
mzzNoelJB: is my grubenv (as you can see it's a plain text file with nothing interesting in it, so perhaps just drop that one in and see what happens?)02:02
mzzPolterge|st: I am currently listening to music and can switch workspaces, fwiw02:02
mzzPolterge|st: (referring to "that one bug" rarely works)02:02
Polterge|stmzz: well I remember at alpha 5 stage pulseaudio was working for me when I last tried02:03
Polterge|stI was still having problems with totem02:03
Polterge|stand then the workspace switching in gnome had the columns and rows stuck at 002:03
hunger__so far everything is working for me02:03
dai1313mmkay, i need help... i recently upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 and i lost my virtual terminals(the control alt f1 thing)02:03
hunger__i'm not using gnome though, i'm in xfce02:03
mzzdai1313: is X also using 100% cpu? If it is: log out, log back in, try again.02:04
NoelJBmzz, it IS empty.  that's the bug.  I deleted it, and will try to boot now.02:04
NoelJBmzz, nope, that's not good enough.02:04
Polterge|stI have alpha 5 on my other system but I need to reconfigure all of my packages and update my other system when Karmic becomes final02:04
Polterge|stI'm eagerly awaiting Lucid Lynx02:04
dai1313mzz: not the case02:04
mzzdai1313: I just tried switching virtual terminals and apparently stuff locked up02:05
mzzdai1313: I take that back. I get a very colorful but useless screen, and it fixes itself if I alt+f7 back to X. Curiously my music stops playing until I switch back.02:06
jayntyLOL.. the static ip was really a bug in karmic koala02:06
jayntythey really need to fix this in the final release02:06
dai1313mzz: when i switch to them the screen goes all awkwardly colorful like when i overclock while stepping to high... and when i type stuff on blindly the commands exicute02:06
dai1313mzz:just like u02:06
mzzdai1313: this is using the openchrome X driver02:07
dai1313mzz: explain...02:08
hunger__switching terminals works here02:08
mzzdai1313: grep drivers /var/log/Xorg.0.log, which one are you using?02:08
mzz(should see only one being loaded that isn't also unloaded)02:08
mzzit's openchrome here, and it seems likely this is a bug in that driver02:09
dai1313mzz: 1 sce02:09
dai1313(WW) AllowEmptyInput is on, devices using drivers 'kbd', 'mouse' or 'vmmouse' will be disabled.02:10
dai1313(II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//nvidia_drv.so02:10
NoelJBmzz, got it fixed.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/439784/comments/1802:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439784 in grub2 "invalid: environment block" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:10
NoelJBcan't believe that's undecided priority.  if karmic goes out with this problem, the grub is going to hit the fan.02:10
mzzNoelJB: it does seem dumb to not just ignore the file if it's invalid (is there anything critical saved in it?)02:11
NoelJBmzz, seems this is colin's, and upstream's, problem to solve.02:12
NoelJBbut the bootloader had better be rock stable solid or we have serious problems.02:12
mzzNoelJB: I care less about how the file ended up invalid than about the boot process being this fragile02:13
NoelJBmzz, I concur.02:13
mzzgrub2's pretty flexible, it'd be useful if it dropped you to half a screen of instructions and a prompt on failure instead of dying, and it could try one or more fallback boot attempts before it does that02:14
mzzhunger__: what driver?02:16
hunger__mzz, sorry, Nvidia *.190.3202:16
hunger__yeah its beta :D, the older 18x's didn't have it either02:16
dai1313mzz: is there a way i can install an alternate driver on my computer?02:16
mzzdai1313: I'm not familiar with the current nvidia driver situation02:17
dai1313mmmkay thanks for the help02:17
mzz(and I could be wrong about it being its fault, although it seems likely)02:17
dai1313yea... oh one more thing... if i boot single user it still works02:18
hunger__dai1313, which nvidia driver you using? i'm using the *.190.32 (beta) and have used all the others, i can switch terms just fine02:18
dai1313how do i tell?02:18
hunger__on the first screen it'll say driver version, are you using the drivers from nvidia or the ones from repos?02:19
dai1313hunger_: 96.43.13 is the version it seems02:20
hunger__dai, hrmmm i think those are the ones from repo's i quit using the restricted drivers a long time ago for nvidia at least, i've only used the proprietary ones from nvidia now02:21
dai1313hunger_: ill swich and see what happens thanks bunches02:22
=== tyabux is now known as XiXaQ
mzzhey, an xserver upgrade02:24
NoelJBmzz, yes.  although when I first saw your command, I thought "uh, this isn't an Apple support channel"  :-)02:24
* mzz doesn't have any apple02:25
dotblankwow 680 updates..02:25
NoelJBdotblank, been a while?02:25
dotblank1 gig of updates02:25
dotblankThis is what happens when you get a girlfriend02:26
dotblankyea its been a while02:27
dotblankI serously wonder if my computer will even work after these updates02:29
* mzz isn't sure how well tracking ubuntu+1 and updating infrequently works02:30
dotblankso is blueman going to be in karmic?02:33
NoelJBonly if their manager lets them perform.02:33
mzzshrug, it's in universe but not installed here02:34
Guest15917I got a Question about the new Indicator Applet, And Evolution E-Mail Client... "How do I minimize Evolution to the Indicator Applet and Not the Task Bar, so i can have it still running and updating my E-Mail list, also how do i have it send me a notification that i received a new E-Mail, in a Notification Block, like Empathy does when i get a incoming message or like when i turn my Volume up and down...02:34
mzz(why are you asking? Did you know you can ask packages.ubuntu.com?)02:34
dotblankim running it atm on 9.04 it is a huge improvement02:34
mzzGuest15917: I was wondering the same thing02:34
Guest15917mzz: you too huh ? lol02:34
mzzGuest15917: I haven't found an answer yet, other than just leaving it around on a different workspace02:35
* mzz isn't sure yet what to think of this indicator stuff. The architecture seems a bit odd, but he may be missing a point02:35
Guest15917mzz: i guess that is a work around, but a pain-in-the-ass work around and not much of a solution...02:35
mzzfor those who disagree about the architecture being odd: bzr get lp:indicator-applet && diff -u indicator-applet/src*/applet-main.c02:36
mzz(especially the last hunk of that)02:37
Guest15917the Indicator Applet is a AWESOME and POWERFUL new feature, BUT it could use a bit more work and have options added to it...  I.E.  Minimize Evolution E-Mail Client to it... Notification's like the Volume and Empathy Notifications, and the option to ADD other programs to it, like say you dont like Evolution and want to use Thunderbird, ect... you want to use Kopete, or Pidgin, instead of Empathy...02:38
mzzGuest15917: hooking up other clients to the applet is planned, according to a blueprint I saw for it.02:38
mzzGuest15917: I don't know how minimizing apps to it is supposed to work02:38
mzzGuest15917: imho ideally you wouldn't actually have evo *running*, you'd just have a new mail check running with message counts appearing in the applet, and a way to launch the full client from there02:39
Guest15917mzz: thats cool but what about minimizing to it ? and having it notify you of changes ect..02:39
ChrizGuest15917, please do not send big blobs of text @ my screen you don't need to use so many words to say awesome app, would be nice to have a notification on new emails any ideas on  how to do this...02:39
mzzI just don't know what the plan is in that area.02:39
mzzChriz: just be glad he's not using enter-as-punctuation!02:40
Guest15917mzz: thats what im talking about it wont be running, saving processor speed, just have a new mail check running updating and sending you a notification02:40
Guest15917Chriz: you explain things your way i will explain things my way. deal with it.02:41
Chrizmzz, giving him ideas is not a good idea...02:41
Guest15917i kind of like the new set up tho in 9.10... i actually hated 9.04 compared to 8.10... this one is a great improvement02:42
Chrizdo u guys think 40gb would be big enough for windows and the rest linux?02:43
Guest15917okay, well i guess you answered my question @ mzz thanks...02:43
Chrizi need windows for office and visual studio02:43
Guest15917whoaaa.... Chriz...02:43
NoelJBmzz, what is interesting is that I've had this happen several times with my Ubuntu VM, but never with my Kubuntu VM.  I wonder if they do anything differently.   I know that there are some package management differences, e.g., kubuntu cleans up old kernels, ubuntu does onot.02:44
ChrizGuest15917, whoaa?, its only a 500gb hd...02:44
mzzNoelJB: the "cleans up old kernels" (lack of it) bugs me in ubuntu02:44
Chrizlol, i have like 20 kernels on my system02:44
mzzChriz: I have windows xp, jaunty and karmic installed on a 40gb hd (it's getting upgraded soon)02:44
NoelJBChriz, yes, but you also like windows :-p02:45
mzzChriz: so yes, 40gb is enough :)02:45
Chrizive used the same ubuntu install since 6.1002:45
Guest15917is it vista or XP ? Chriz, because i got Vista dual booted and after the updates ect... i had it on a 60gb partition and had maybe 15gb left, not much room for iTunes, the only application i use Vista for... (damn iPhones....)02:45
ChrizGuest15917, 702:45
Guest15917is windows 7 Bloated like Vista ?02:46
Chrizi like it better02:46
wastrelwindows is bad02:46
Chrizi won't install vista...02:46
Chrizyes windows is bad but 7 is not as bad :P02:46
Guest15917I wish i didnt install Vista... lol02:46
Chrizi have msdnaa so i get xp-7 free :D02:46
NoelJBguys, much as I enjoy Vista bashing, its OT.02:46
Guest15917So windows 7 is not as bloated as Vista... thants good...02:46
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.02:47
ChrizNoelJB, true bashing other os's is not on topic02:47
NoelJBLOL but it is fun.  yes, I know.02:47
Guest15917lol wow Chriz... you just whisper the word windows around here and the Ubuntu'ers start getting fragile and threatened...02:48
* mzz groans02:48
mzzwhat part of "offtopic" is not clear02:48
cabreyanybody else having issues with the nvidia proprietary drivers and the new xserver in karmic?02:49
Guest15917if someone says the word windows, thier is no need to say "windows sucks" or just start MS Bashing... we are here because we use linux... and probably dont care for windows in the first place...02:49
Guest15917ohh yeah off topic ...02:50
NoelJBcabrey, no.  I have 185.36 and today's x-server updates.02:50
cabreycompiz is *reaaaaaaaaly* slow02:50
Guest15917compiz has always been reeeeaaaallllyyy slow...02:51
cabreyI tried all three versions offered by jockey02:51
cabreyGuest15917, no it hasn't... it's hardware accelerated that's the point02:51
NoelJBcabrey, hmm ... I just ran a few tests, and I think you're right.  rotating the desktop cube just got REALLY slow.  not that I really think it needs to blaze, but it usually does.02:52
Guest15917cabrey: its always lagged on my box, ever sence 8.09 its lagged.02:52
NoelJBcabrey, but I'm not seeing anything I use commonly slow down.  what do you see slower?02:52
cabreyNoelJB, well I mean I can't even use the computer and had to revert to 9.0402:52
Chrizanyway to speed up a 200gb file transfer over usb?02:53
ransomhey guys, i having trouble loading the karmic beta on my eee pc 701.  It will load all the way until GDM should pop up, and all i get is a mouse cursor and nothing else.02:53
NoelJBcabrey, oh, not, not that bad at all.02:53
cabreybtw lspci is reporting that I have a "Quadro NVS 110M/GeForce Go 7300"02:53
cabreyif that helps at all...02:53
NoelJBChriz, yes, use eSATA.  :-p  USB will only go so fast.02:53
NoelJBwhich is why I always buy dual interface housings.  USB for compatiblity, eSATA for performance (and S.M.A.R.T. support)02:54
Chrizi am only getting 20mb/s :(02:54
cabreythat's a pretty good speed tbh02:54
NoelJBChriz, your point?  I'd not expect to see anything faster than 24MB *max*02:54
ChrizNoelJB, i kinda would like 50 :D02:55
NoelJBChriz, and I'd like a pony.02:55
Guest15917Karmic 9.10 has anyone ran into this Issue yet ? when i plug in my External HDD (1TB Seagate) it takes a LONG LONG LONG time in order to access it. Compared to 9.04 it recognized it almost instantly and i could access it...02:55
ChrizNoelJB, if u get a pony i get a liger :D02:55
LeftmostKarmic is in beta and has been using firefox-3.5 for some time now. Is there a reason it still doesn't have translations in the langpacks?02:55
NoelJBeSATA.  And (to make this somewhat on-topic), Karmic supports eSATA nicely.  By the way, karmic transfers about 75% faster than jaunty for me, disk to disk.02:56
mzzNoelJB: huh, where's that speedup coming from?02:56
legend2440todays update of usplash from 5.4.0 to 5.4.1 caused my ctrl+alt +F1-F6 tty's to stop working. No login prompt. i think this has something to do with nvidia card somehow. any one else seen this?02:57
NoelJBmzz, heck if I know, but I can reproduce it at will.  I do backups with rsync (disk to disk) and both rsync and dstat agree on the speedup.02:57
mzzlegend2440: we had someone else report fancy broken colors on ctrl+alt+fx-ing02:57
mzzunfortunately he left this channel (it was dai1313)02:57
mzznot everyone with nvidia hardware is seeing this02:57
NoelJBmzz, disk to disk, I see ~30MB/s on jaunty, and 50MB/s on karmic.  consistently.02:57
mzzNoelJB: weird, but yay02:58
legend2440mzz: ok thanks02:58
ransomhas anyone else had problems loading karmic from a usb thumb drive?02:58
hunger__anyone been able to get audio over HDMI to work? (nvidia)02:58
Guest15917Anyone else notice a HUGE slow down in 9.10 when connecting a USB External HDD compared to 9.04 ?02:58
mzzGuest15917: looked at dmesg to see if there's anything interesting in its timestamps?02:58
Chrizwas the unmount issue fixed on external hd's?02:59
NoelJBChriz, which unmount issue?03:01
ChrizNoelJB, i remember when i was using 8.10 (the drive died before 9.04 came out..) it would never unmount external drives someone hacked a nautlis right click script for it03:02
NoelJBChriz, I've never had that problem, but I spend half my time in xterms, and tend to use them for such tasks.03:03
MTecknologyNoelJB: ever tried terminator?03:14
webbb82hey im running karmic with kde and well two things i dont have my wifi working but also in the menu under computer i dont have a settings folder i have no system settings03:14
NoelJBMTecknology, no03:14
chu_Afternoon all03:15
NoelJBwebbb82, there are some known problems with kubuntu karmic's wifi.  seems that the applet isn't behaving quite right.  bug 444262 and similar03:16
MTecknologyNoelJB: try it - if you spend 1/2 your life in terminals, this is the perfect tool03:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444262 in network-manager "knetworkmanager won't connect to hidden WiFi AP using WEP" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44426203:16
mzzMTecknology: or use a fullblown tiling wm03:16
MTecknologymzz: icky..03:16
Zhaneguys... how do i solve the problem of having "No Wubildr" when i use wubi to install karmic?03:16
webbb82but why dont i have a settings menu03:16
NoelJBMTecknology, this?  http://software.jessies.org/terminator/  the only thing appealing is that I could hack on it in java.03:17
mzzNoelJB: I think he meant the "apt-cache show terminator|grep Homepage" one :)03:18
Dr_WillisTheres 2 programs called 'terminator'03:18
Dr_Willisone is an old os-x i think.. Java ssh type client03:19
mzzwell, I assumed he meant that one03:19
Dr_Willisother is what i use now.. Its a gnome-termional+python script that puts terminals embeded into a single window03:19
MTecknologyNoelJB: https://launchpad.net/terminator03:19
Dr_Willis!info terminator03:19
NoelJBthat one's even less appealing than the java one.03:19
Spirit-SightI don't have icon in my tray for empathy, anyone having this issue?03:19
ubottuterminator (source: terminator): multiple GNOME terminals in one window. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13+ds1-2 (karmic), package size 138 kB, installed size 1188 kB03:19
Dr_WillisI use it all the time NoelJB . i find it very handy03:19
Zhaneanyone can help me with Wubi installation? i kept on getting "No Wubildr"03:20
Dr_WillisI think the best adice for wubi is to avoide it. :()03:21
Zhanei dont wan do dual boot03:21
Zhanethe normal type that is03:21
oldude67zhane then virtual boot03:21
Zhanebut doesnt serve any pt03:21
Zhanei'm trying to use it as a more 'secure' way03:21
Zhaneof doing banking03:22
MTecknology!enter | Zhane03:22
ubottuZhane: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:22
oldude67encryption is good.03:22
Dr_WillisVirtualbox is much safer/easier i find then fighting with Wubi03:22
Dr_WillisYou basically DO 'dual' boot with wubi also..03:22
MTecknologyvirtualbox is awesome03:22
oldude67Dr_Willis, me too.03:23
ZhaneDr_Willlis: ya.. but wubi's is more removable03:23
MTecknologywubi will make ubuntu suffer when windows fragments03:23
Dr_WillisI find wubi LESS removeable...03:23
mzzI don't really see much point in wubi since the partitioner can usually shrink your windows partition just fine03:23
Zhanehmm if im to install a normal dual boot03:23
mzz(I don't know what wubi's bootloader setup is like though, and if it offers any advantages over grub there)03:23
MTecknologymzz: when people aren't sure if they want to commit - it can be nice03:23
Dr_WillisIve seen many a people fighting getting the windows/wubi stuff booting properly..03:23
Zhanehow easy will it be to remove it?03:23
MTecknologymzz: wubi doesn't have a bootloader - it adds an entry for the windows loader03:24
Dr_Willisdelete/remake/reformat parittions.. boot windows cd - restore windows boot loader.03:24
mzzMTecknology: that's still a bootloader :)03:24
Dr_Williswubi = has an 'add/remove' entry in the programs stuff..03:24
AmaranthZhane: as simple as booting the installer again, deleting the ubuntu partitions, resizing the windows one to make it full size again, then rebooting03:24
MTecknologymzz: but it's not "wubi's bootloader"03:25
AmaranthZhane: oh, and booting the windows install disc to reinstall the windows bootloader, right03:25
ZhaneAmaranth: u are talking about wubi?03:25
AmaranthZhane: no, regular dual boot03:25
mzzMTecknology: perhaps I worded that poorly. I meant a bootloader is necessary involved, and didn't know how wubi set up that bootloader (being one it installed or one it reconfigured)03:25
* ghendar <3 git ;)03:25
Amaranthwith wubi you just go to programs and features control panel and uninstall it03:25
mzzok, I have to admit that's easier, assuming it works reliably03:25
Zhanehmm.. normal dual boot.. i just put in my windows disc to reinstall?03:25
MTecknologyghendar: I need to learn git someday - when time presents itself03:25
Amaranthmzz: grub4dos chainloaded from the windows bootloader03:26
ghendarMTecknology, massively awesome for everything03:26
mzzI guess that's actually an advantage then, since it seems unlikely that breaks your windows boot03:26
mzzunfortunately as far as I can tell from irc (#ubuntu when I was still there) it relatively frequently breaks wubi's boot03:26
ZhaneI dont really have my Windows Disc.. so its e safest for me03:26
MTecknologyghendar: I like bzr for simplicity; but I know git is nice and fast - I think cvs sucks for everything03:27
Dr_WillisNot like its hard to find a windows disk...03:27
mzzI just use a combo of windows chainloaded from grub and a separate windows install in virtualbox myself03:27
Dr_Willisor some other tool to repair the mbrs03:27
ZhaneDr_willis.. im running from laptop :S03:27
mzzyeah, don't learn cvs unless you absolutely have to, to deal with an existing project that won't upgrade03:27
Dr_WillisZhane:  so?03:28
ghendarZhane, are you worried about getting your MBR back?03:28
mzzsvn, bzr, hg and git are all better03:28
Zhaneif I'm to do a proper dual boot... does my 2nd partition need to be blank?03:28
mzzZhane: I don't follow03:28
Zhanei'm worried about losing my data03:28
mzzZhane: the installer won't wipe partitions without warning you first03:28
Dr_WillisIf you are worried about data loss.. BACK IT UP.03:28
ZhaneI have C: which is having Windows, D: which stores some files03:28
Dr_WillisYour hard drive could die at any time..03:28
Dr_WillisYou will want to resize your drives to have a section 'unallocated' is the easy way.03:28
Zhanehmm that's probably the safest way03:29
Dr_WillisYou could move everything from D: to c: then delete D:03:29
mzzZhane: a regular ubuntu install wants at least one partition for itself. You can use the installer to create a new partition (making room by shrinking an existing one) or format an existing one03:29
Zhaneminimum is 5gb?03:29
mzzZhane: moving everything from d: to c: seems easiest, but I agree with Dr_Willis that if you aren't confident you should back up everything important03:29
Dr_WillisOr just play with Ubuntu in Virutalbox - No damage to the system at all.. no messing with the bootloader.03:29
mzzZhane: I'd prefer having a bit more space (currently running it in 8G, which I'm filling up with my own stuff)03:30
ghendarMTecknology, I have several servers with their /etc under git and can update them all with a single command  ;)03:30
Zhane@Dr_Willis... i've been playing it for a while already... since ubuntu 8.0403:30
MTecknologyghendar: not sure why that makes sense - but ok03:30
oldude67mzz, i have 40 gig just for home on mine, and sometimes i wonder if thats enough.03:31
mzzoldude67: my desktop's /home is several GB, and my media collection is much more than that. Ubuntu's currently just on a laptop, with less crap in /home03:31
mzz(still enough that I'll be upgrading that drive soon)03:31
Dr_WillisI got 8gb in just wallpapers ive commected...03:31
ghendarMTecknology, most importantly it's for a record of changes, but it helps that I can make one change locally and then push it out to all of them at the same time03:32
Zhanegtg... thanks guys03:32
mzzghendar: I don't version an entire /etc, but I have a bunch of my homedir's dotfiles versioned, using symlinks into a checkout03:33
oldude67i put all of my pictures and movies of the kids when they was younger on an old 20 gig hard drive and that is where they stay. but i have them on disk as well.03:33
mzzit's convenient, and allows me to maintain local tweaks and merge them with updates to the main version03:33
mzzoldude67: I don't trust hds for backups03:34
MTecknologyghendar: they pull every night or something?03:34
mzzoldude67: at least not if that's your only backup, and you don't use the drive every now and then03:34
ghendarmzz, I have that as well. My bash is uber customized03:34
oldude67mzz, me either thats why i have them on disk as well.03:34
MTecknologyghendar: mostly backup, but then lets you change local and not need to go into the system and do it?03:34
mzzyeah, that makes more sense03:34
mzzoldude67: just make sure you check (doesn't have to be often, but still) that both backups are still readable03:35
ghendarMTecknology, I'm in sync with them locally at all times, so yes it works asa  backup too03:35
oldude67mzz, oh i do, i would die if i lost all of them, stopped using film when digital cameras first came out and all of my pictures are on disks.03:35
MTecknologyghendar: that makes it make more sense - you made it sounds like you have every /etc/ the same03:36
mzzoldude67: yeah, similar here03:36
oldude67mzz, even went to as far as putting them in a fireproof box as well.03:36
mzzoldude67: hd-sized fireproof boxes are hard to find :(03:37
oldude67my dad an old dos hacker, always told me if you have any doubt, back it up.03:37
Dr_Willisthen you end up with stacks of floppy/cd/dvd/external hard drives.... that youii forget whats on...03:38
mzzyep, version control rules03:38
Dr_Willisthen years later you plug them in to see what you though twas impoirnatnat 10 yrs ago.03:38
mzzI cleaned out my main homedir's ~/src recently, it was amusing like that03:38
mzz"did *I* write that? what was I *thinking*?"03:39
oldude67Dr_Willis, thats what perminant marker is for..lol03:39
ghendarMTecknology, no, there are differences, but I have it scripted so I can update certain parts all at once03:39
Dr_Willisoldude67:  then theres label/line drawh through it.. another label below it.. then a few at an angle...03:39
ghendarmzz, view the log... it should tell you what you were thinking ;)03:39
Dr_WillisI got one of those little Label Printer gizmos now. :)03:39
DanaGMight be good to have off-site backups of the really important stuff.03:40
mzzghendar: this was from before I found out about version control (that's why it was all in my ~/src to begin with)03:40
KnifeySpooneyHi, I just rebooted after installing updates on Karmic, and now my machine is unbootable. I don't think anything awful has happened because in the console it gives me a bootchart post-boot error, then it says "cannot mount filesystem"03:40
mzzghendar: it was from after I found out about comments though03:40
KnifeySpooneyHow can I uninstall bootchart from my harddisk through an Ubuntu livecd?03:40
Dr_WillisHmm.. It really Bites how Flash videos you full screen MUST keep the focus.. on this dual monitor layout.. i click to type here.. flash vid goes unfullscreened...03:41
DanaGHeck, if I even try to use my volume control keys... Flash quits fullscreen.03:41
DanaGAnd half the time, Flash then freezes.  And takes firefox with it, thanks to no longer using nspluginwrapper.03:41
jbuncheranyone know if there's a way to keep the osd notification from the BIOS from popping up when the screen brightness is altered in karmic?03:42
DanaGhmm, the only laptops I've seen with a BIOS-based OSD, are Gateway.03:42
Dr_WillisHmm.  cant recall ive seen a bios based OSD.03:42
jbuncherDanaG, yup, this is a Gateway03:43
ghendarjbuncher, ewww... gateway.. get an 8 foot ladder... climb to the top with it and let it go (the laptop that is, no the ladder)03:43
DanaGI had a 17" one... lid cracked right down the middle.  And then the screen failed.03:44
DanaGAnd that cracked just from putting it in my bag / backpack.03:44
jbuncherghendar, this one has been perfect, so if you'll stop suggesting that I throw my purchases off a roof, I'll not tell you what to do with your suggestions.03:45
DanaGIt turns out, the lid is a thin, flimsy, sheet of plastic -- doesn't even have ridges for reinforcement, or anything.03:45
DanaGAnyway, I don't think there's anything you can do about that OSD.03:45
jbuncherDanaG, ok, bummer.03:45
DanaGOr wait, I think you can hack at the DSDT a bit to disable it.03:45
DanaGBut that's a bit tricky to do.03:45
jbuncherDanaG, DSDT?03:45
DanaGACPI controller code, essentially.03:45
ghendarjbuncher, I didn't suggest you throw it of a roof... I said drop it from a ladder ;P~03:45
jbuncherDanaG, well, I don't think I'll be doing that.  Thanks for the info though.03:46
jbuncherghendar, not cute.03:46
ghendarjbuncher, no sense of humor03:46
DanaGIt's not too hard to do... it's hard to know HOW to do.  =þ03:46
chu_Hey guys, I updated to 9.10 beta on Wednesday, but I have done no updates since, it is OK to go with all updates before a partial update?03:47
ghendarchu_, huh? could you run that by us again?03:47
oldude67i dont know about anyone else but i avoid partial updates.03:47
ghendarif you do all updates, doesn't that preclude there being anything left to partially update?03:48
chu_Yeah, basically is it ok to update as long as I avoid partial updates for now?03:48
oldude67sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade03:49
evilaim_Anyone get any online poker programs to run?03:49
=== evilaim_ is now known as EvilAIM
ghendarEvilAIM, pokerstars works fine under wine03:49
EvilAIMagain ghendar03:50
KnifeySpooneyI can't boot up my machine after a daily update in Karmic .. thread here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128725003:50
ghendarthough I find the more wine I have, the less well my poker game runs ;)03:50
EvilAIMWell, I prefer scotch myself;)03:51
ghendarSingle Malt FTW!03:51
EvilAIMGlenfiddich 2103:51
ghendarKnifeySpooney, Boot to liveUSB, mount your partitions, chroot to the / of your install and you can remove the package03:52
AmaranthIt's not a bootchart error it's a mountall error03:53
ghendarEvilAIM, bah, Glenfiddch is the Budweiser of Single Malts03:53
Amaranthyou just need to upgrade the package03:53
XisdibikDoes anyone happen to know if the Kubuntu Netbook edition runs on the LPIA kernel, or would one have to install an alternative install of the LPIA kernel and then add the KDE Netbook UI?03:53
EvilAIMYa, but it's still freakin' tastey!03:53
AmaranthXisdibik: The lpia stuff is just x86 stuff tuned a bit more for netbooks03:54
ghendarAmaranth, perhaps I shouldn't have skimmed that ;)03:54
XisdibikAmaranth: so would it not really make a difference doing the LPIA one vs just a kubuntu netbook edition?03:54
AmaranthXisdibik: but it's treated by dpkg as a different architecture so you have to start with lpia and add stuff after03:55
AmaranthXisdibik: probably not enough of a difference to really care03:55
beck-and-callIs there any way to get i915 working again with the current-release Karmic kernel?03:55
XisdibikAmaranth: thanks, very helpful :)03:55
mzzcan someone tell me off the top of their head if using /etc/fstab to mount a tmpfs on /tmp should work? I had a hack for that in jaunty I copied from some question, but it doesn't apply to karmic03:55
Amaranthbeck-and-call: it works fine as of the latest kernel03:56
oldude67beck-and-call, im using it now.03:56
mzzI'll just try it and find out otherwise.03:56
KnifeySpooneyghendar: Ok I chroot'ed to /media/Ubuntu (my Ubuntu partition) and tried "sudo apt-get remove bootchart"n03:56
KnifeySpooneyAnd it FLOODED me with permission denied errors03:56
beck-and-callAmaranth: I've rebooted nine times, and every boot Xorg is using 99% CPU time.03:56
AmaranthKnifeySpooney: you have to mount /dev and /proc in the chroot03:56
ghendarKnifeySpooney, as Amaranth pointed out you need to update the mountall package instead03:57
Amaranthbeck-and-call: but do you have hardware acceleration?03:57
beck-and-callAmaranth: In theory.  compiz is running.03:58
Dr_WillisYea - did get Hulu player working..03:58
beck-and-callAmaranth: But the entire desktop is moving in slow motion.03:58
beck-and-callEverything is.03:58
Amaranthbeck-and-call: so that's not the same problem everyone else has been having03:59
beck-and-callI'd switch the 3650 HD back on and fall back to fglrx, except current (pre-release) fglrx has jagged edges in 3D and XVideo doesn't actually work as such.03:59
KnifeySpooneyAmaranth: mountall is already the latest version according to apt-get, and I just updated package info an hour ago04:00
beck-and-callAmaranth: I'm having the same problem I was last I dropped in: gooey-slow everything while using i915.04:00
beck-and-callFunnily enough, it was working fine before tonight's kernel upgrade.04:00
AmaranthKnifeySpooney: You're a bit more stuck then04:01
AmaranthKnifeySpooney: I suggest filing a bug04:01
KnifeySpooneyis there any way to reinstall through apt-get or aptitude?04:01
ghendarKnifeySpooney, sudo aptitude reinstall PACKAGE04:02
AmaranthKnifeySpooney: No04:03
AmaranthKnifeySpooney: but a reinstall won't help unless your file system got corrupted04:03
AmaranthKnifeySpooney: because you're hitting a bug caused by your particular hardware and setup04:03
KnifeySpooneywell I'll try one more reboot since I uninstalled bootchart, and if that doesn't do it then i'll file a bug04:03
beck-and-callIs there anything I can do with fglrx or i915 to get smooth video and 99% idle time back?04:03
KnifeySpooneyAmaranth: Ok. Thanks for the help04:04
KnifeySpooneyAmaranth: I might return04:04
Amaranthbeck-and-call: did you file a bug?04:04
beck-and-callAmaranth: On what tracker?  Against what?  With what info?04:04
Amaranthbeck-and-call: Part of using a pre-release is figuring that out :)04:05
Amaranthbeck-and-call: ubuntu-bug is your friend though04:05
httpdssi upgraded on alpha 5 from jaunty and know i come to realize that update-grub doesnt generate the grub2 config file ... it continues working on menu.lst ... is this ok ?04:06
beck-and-callAmaranth: ?no-redirect=1 is my friend, IIRC.04:06
Amaranthbeck-and-call: No.04:07
Amaranthbeck-and-call: Just... no.04:07
Amaranthbeck-and-call: ubuntu-bug exists for a a reason. It automatically generates and attaches the information usually required for a bug report.04:07
beck-and-callAmaranth: That's how I filed and got fixed a bunch of bugs in the last eight months or so.04:07
httpdsshmm could it be because of partial upgrade thingy ?04:08
EvilAIMpoker time!04:09
carlosgaldinothe syndaemon isn't working on beta?04:10
mzzI can deal with having to use ubuntu-bug on a ubuntu system, but there are times when I want to file a bug from a different system, and that's become annoyingly hard.04:11
carlosgaldinosyndaemon isn't working on beta?04:20
* mzz wonders why he can't set importance as reporter04:21
KnifeySpooneyAmaranth: Yep the problem still occurs, I filed this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/447747 . Does anything else need to be added?04:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447747 in mountall "karmic - mountall fails to mount filesystem on boot" [Undecided,New]04:23
AmaranthKnifeySpooney: you need to chroot into karmic again and run 'apport-attach 447747'04:25
Amarantherr, apport-collect04:25
bluefox83ok, i have 2 samba shares running on a server in my home, i can see the non-password protected one, but not the password protected one, this is very bad because i used it to back up all of my class notes and i have exams on tuesday...04:26
bluefox83can anyone help me figure out why the samba in 9.10 can't see the password protected share?04:26
KnifeySpooneyAmaranth: Ok, I ran that and got an error: (newlines separated by \n): Logging into Launchpad... You have to allow "Change anything" privileges.\nDownloading bug information...\nError connecting to Launchpad: [Errno 0] Error04:26
smegzorAfter dis-upgrading I can't start the mysql daemon.  Initially it was fine after the upgrade, but it won't start and I don't know why.  Anyone else had problems with mysql in Karmic?04:27
EvilAIMThis kid just told me he got a 100" LCD tv....04:28
Dr_WillisPerhaps he ment 100 Cm. :)04:29
bluefox83smegzor: i saw something on google about having problems with passwords in karmic's mysql04:29
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:29
Dr_Willisstandard samba troubleshooting thigs i do.. checn workgroups, check that findsmb/smbtree see the shares.  Make sure user has a samba password set with smbpassed -a username.. err lets see04:30
Dr_Willismake sure windows and linux usernames/passowrds are the same. (just a habbit i have to make trouble shooting easier)04:31
dtchenJanC: ok, i've read the bug report. i just need to dig up the data sheet for that codec revision.04:31
DaiEvilAIM: 100" LCDs do exist, but you'll need to remove a wall to get them inside, and they're really impractical.  oh, and they're prohibitively expensive :)04:31
smegzorMy ATI card works for the first time now that I have upgraded :D  Still don't have accelerated graphics, but I get the full res.04:31
dtchenJanC: there's nothing "bad" per se about disabling powersaving on an always-on desktop, but one may argue that it's more wasteful. Certainly the compelling technical reason is that (in this case) it's only a poor workaround for a code bug.04:32
EvilAIMI just thought it was funny04:34
EvilAIMA) you're 16... b) what do you need with a 100" lcd? and C) where do you live?04:34
KnifeySpooneyHow do I allow "change anything" priveleges in apport-collect?04:36
steve007since kernel 2.6.31-12, my toshiba laptop suddenly goes to sleep (suspend). This can happen even when I'm typing or using the mouse.  Any ideas what could be causing this?04:39
carlosgaldinoanyone knows if syndaemon doesn't work on karmic beta?04:40
arielCoHello everyone!  My Synaptics driver is reading the right settings from the fdi policy file, but they aren't being honored. Any idea why? http://pastebin.com/d7b67e59904:51
mzzarielCo: at least some of those can be set through system -> preferences -> mouse -> touchpad, which I'd expect to override hal04:52
smegzorI solved my mysql problem.  Something post upgrade uninstalled the server.04:53
johnniI just upgraded to Karmic and my network thing at the top is constantly running around like half way...even with nothing open...how can I find out what is sending out all the packets?04:53
arielCojohnni: try "sudo nethogs"04:54
Dr_Willis!info nethogs04:54
arielComzz: yes, it works; I guess it talks to synclient. Still, it worked before the upgrade04:54
arielCoand Xorg.0.log shows that it04:55
arielCoand Xorg.0.log shows that it's reading the fdi file04:55
mzzarielCo: I can't help with figuring out what change is responsible, but I'm not at all surprised Xorg showing it picking up those settings04:55
chu_Hey guys, when trying to install an icon set (Mist), by just dragging it into the Appearances window, I get the following error "Cannot move directory over directory" any idea what this means?04:55
NafaiDr_Willis: Cool, thanks for sharing that...I've never heard of nethogs04:55
mzzarielCo: those settings in system -> preferences -> mouse -> touchpad have to take effect after you log in, which is well after Xorg pulls those settings from hal04:56
johnnitried that arielCo but it just shows this unknown tcp sent 0.000, but the bar at the top that says how much my network is being used is saying that 101.5k/b is being sent out constant04:56
arielComzz: oh, so that message is from Xorg, but it doesn't mean that synaptics_*.so is getting in04:56
mzzarielCo: so you'd need a "use whatever's currently set" in system -> preferences -> mouse -> touchpad to do what you want.04:56
Dr_WillisNafai:  i never have either. :)04:57
chu_Sweet my touchpad clicks gain in Karmic! cheers for reminding me mzz, lol04:57
arielComzz: I didn't quite understand that last thing. The applet works right away, as soon as I check the box. I wonder where it's saving it :)04:57
johnniAnyone have any idea on my question?04:58
mzzarielCo: I mean that you'll once again have to adjust settings in preferences -> mouse -> touchpad if you ever decide to edit the fdi (it's still overriding what's in the fdi, you just have them match now)04:58
* arielCo thinks... maybe the hog is using UDP?04:59
mzzarielCo: if for whatever reason you prefer using just the fdi file you'd need a checkbox in preferences -> mouse -> touchpad to get it to just leave the settings alone completely04:59
mzzjohnni: what arielCo said seems likely (find a monitoring app that can track udp too)05:00
johnnimzz, i did that and it says my eth0 is sending out 185.5kb per second, the thing is I have firefox sitting on google.com and this open...I need something to tell me what is sending out all that network traffic05:01
arielComzz: so the settings in the mouse "applet" go somewhere else05:01
arielCojohnni, did you try closing firefox?05:01
mzzjohnni: yes. So find a network monitoring app that tells you what the packets are being sent to and/or what pid is sending them05:01
Dr_Willis!info ntop05:02
ubottuntop (source: ntop): display network usage in web browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:3.3-11ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 2599 kB, installed size 10812 kB05:02
mzzarielCo: yes. They're almost certainly stored in gconf and applied when you log in, probably by gnome-settings-daemon05:02
johnniits been doing this since I upgraded to karmic..as soon as I logged in nothing open it is showing all this packet being sent with nothing open05:02
Dr_WillisNtop has some major features.. that i dont understand. :)05:02
arielCojohnni: another simple option is "lsof | grep IP"05:02
mzzjohnni: I don't remember offhand which monitoring apps meet your needs05:02
arielCojohnni: if it's a socket (TCP), you'll see it, PID and all05:03
johnnii typed that and it just goes to a blank line and blinks05:03
johnniokay sudo does it but I don't understand any of this output05:04
beck-and-callAmaranth: Any thoughts on why jockey can't find fglrx now?05:04
johnniarielCo, what am I looking for in this output?05:06
arielCojohnni: this is from my machine (motoko), right now: http://pastebin.com/d1b668b0f05:07
johnniokay I have a lot more showing up on mine then yours05:07
arielColook at the names of the programs. Of course one such is Firefox and maybe the other is Pidgin.05:08
johnniyeah and I have some pulse audio ones showing up to05:08
arielCojohnni: maybe you have a BitTorrent client running?05:08
johnnino bittorrent05:09
arielCotry "killall pulseaudio" and see what happens05:09
johnnifound what it was it was pulseaudio went in and adjusted some off the settings network use is back to normal, but firefox is still slow and so is ubuntu..well slower then 9.04 anyone have any idea why?05:10
EvilAIMOk, question05:10
EvilAIMI want to use vdpau with mplayer...05:10
EvilAIMBut I'm on 9.1005:10
EvilAIMis it still the same packages as 9.04?05:11
arielCojohnni: try "sudo nethogs" again and hit "M" until you see the bandwidth in KB/sec05:11
mzzjohnni: I might've seen that (I didn't check network usage, but I've had two pulseaudio instances on different systems consume considerable amounts of cpu until I turned some of the networking features off)05:14
mzzthey weren't the same pulseaudio version, and I blamed it on that05:14
bluefox83ok, why the hell can't i see my samba share D:05:14
mzzbluefox83: anything useful if you use places -> connect to server...? (assuming gnome)05:16
bluefox83it shows the server05:17
bluefox83i named it ubuntu05:17
bluefox83and then i click on that and it leads me to an icon that says "File Server"05:17
mzzbluefox83: I meant use its "windows share" mode and enter the server and share name directly05:17
bluefox83and i click on that and i get a vast nothingness D:05:17
NoelJBEvilAIM, there is a PPA.05:17
bluefox83i get the same exact thing every way i try to connect05:17
MTecknologyAmaranth: I still don't have java/flash working05:18
NoelJBEvilAIM, https://launchpad.net/~nvidia-vdpau/+archive/ppa05:18
bluefox83keep in mind, the samba share is on an old ubuntu server and i just installed the latest 9.10 6405:18
bluefox8364 bit i mean >.>05:18
MTecknologyAmaranth: It keeps wanting to install the missing plugin..05:19
chu_Hey cool, Karmic no longer asks for a password to just check for updates.05:19
bluefox83mzz: anything?05:20
mzzbluefox83: I'm not very good at debugging samba. Also, you didn't actually do what I was suggesting.05:20
bluefox83i don't know how to do what you are talking about05:20
mzzbluefox83: are you in gnome?05:20
mzzbluefox83: click places -> connect to server05:20
EvilAIMnow if I was a ppa user, how would I use it?05:21
mzzbluefox83: use "windows share" as "service type", enter the right server name and *also* the right share (and any login info you might need)05:21
mzzbluefox83: the shares browser is a separate component, if you know the name you can connect directly, meaning one fewer possibly failing component05:21
bluefox83mzz: ok, same outcome...it's like it's running the server but not actually sharing05:22
mzzbluefox83: then I recommend you increase debug logging on both ends and see if anything interesting shows up05:22
EvilAIMNoelJB, how exactly would I do this?05:22
mzzI can't really help thre, I haven't done this in ages and am doing other stuff05:22
bluefox83i have no idea how to do that D:05:22
mzzbluefox83: "log level = somelargenumber" in /etc/samba/smb.conf and restarting the server for starters05:23
MTecknologyIs anybody else having java/flash not work at all?05:23
mzzMTecknology: feature!05:23
* mzz ducks05:23
chris_Ello peeps05:23
chris_where do i place libflashplayer.so?05:23
chris_(for x64 systems)05:23
mzzyou don't want that thing!05:23
* mzz ducks again05:23
mzz(should've said "in your trash can")05:24
bluefox83mzz: i'm certain the problem lies in my desktop system (9.10)05:24
mzzbluefox83: yes, but the server-side logs may still be interesting05:25
johnnillmediaimplgstreamer_bus_callback:365: GST error: A text/html decoder plugin is required to play this stream, but not installed. any suggestions why I keep getting that? its on a mp4 link05:25
quentusrex_Anyone here able to point me in a good direction to find out how to debug what is crashing my server?05:25
quentusrex_It is a brand new server, thought I had some issues with the motherboard due to it 'shutting down' when I told it to reboot.05:26
EvilAIMhow do I find out which video driver I'm using?05:26
quentusrex_but now it's crashed 4 times in the last 20 minutes...05:26
MTecknologyflash games work; flash videos don't; java doesn't05:28
MTecknologymaybe I should reinstall every package on the system05:28
MTecknology!info update-notifier-common05:29
ubottuupdate-notifier-common (source: update-notifier): Files shared between update-notifier and adept. In component main, is optional. Version 0.89 (karmic), package size 21 kB, installed size 308 kB05:29
MTecknology!info update-notifier05:29
ubottuupdate-notifier (source: update-notifier): Daemon which notifies about package updates. In component main, is optional. Version 0.89 (karmic), package size 62 kB, installed size 312 kB05:29
MTecknology!info adept05:29
ubottuadept (source: adept): package management suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0~beta7.2ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 369 kB, installed size 1308 kB05:29
MTecknology....... Why does screen depend on update-notifier-common ??05:29
nick125MTecknology: I think its for the screen "themes"05:32
MTecknology878 packages to reinstall05:32
=== Xisdibik_ is now known as Xisdibik
MTecknologynick125: oh..05:32
nick125The one where you have different "widgets," one being an "available updates" display05:33
bluefox83mzz: log files are empty D;05:34
MTecknologynick125: I like the 'no "themes"' idea05:35
MTecknologyOnly 668MB to download05:35
MTecknologyhopefully things magically work after this05:35
Miki800anyone here?05:36
MTecknologyWhat's going on here? E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on bash05:37
Miki800can I ask a question regarding 9.10 installation issues?05:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:37
Miki800alright, its just that I don't see users list in xchat so I did not know if enough relevant helpful ppl are online - so this is my problem:05:38
Miki800I just installed 9.10 via wubi05:38
Miki800and what I see is a live-cd desktop05:38
Miki800only icon is "Install Ubuntu 9.10"05:38
Miki800without the username I entered at the wubi installation from xp05:38
Miki800thats not exactly the worst thing..05:39
Miki800well I though what the h*ck, and clicked on Install...05:39
wzssyqaafter upgrade today,the Console Huaping05:39
MTecknology!enter | mzz05:39
ubottumzz: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:39
MTecknology!enter | Miki80005:39
ubottuMiki800: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:39
Miki800it freezes whenever it auto goes to the part of "Guided Partitioning"05:39
Miki800O K ubottu... :/05:40
Miki800so what happened? why when I installed it via wubi it created a live-cd desktop instead of expected installation with my selected username prompt by wubi @ xp... ?05:41
Miki800or why would the install ubuntu 9.10 icon would lead to a situation where I have a window titled "Guided partitioning" which is now freeze.. for about 40 minutes...05:42
Miki800GOD DAMN, that voidness is so incredibly lame and unhelpful, time to go find an Ubuntu forum to help me :/05:44
mzzsorry, I really can't help with anything wubi-ish05:44
MTecknology!language | Miki80005:44
ubottuMiki800: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:44
MTecknology!patience > Miki80005:44
ubottuMiki800, please see my private message05:44
Miki800I see now private message popping or anything like that...05:45
EvilAIMThere we go05:51
EvilAIMthat wasn't fun05:51
EvilAIMUbuntu 9.10 beta x64 bit just dumped on me05:51
MTecknologyEvilAIM: what happened?05:52
MTecknologyI just got mine working05:52
EvilAIMWho knows, I'm just scrolling through my error logs05:53
MTecknologysounds fun..05:53
EvilAIMlooks like compiz crashed05:53
EvilAIMcompiz + mesa had a collicion05:53
EvilAIMhow ever you spell it05:53
heyboyI am trying to upgrade to 9.10 but failing at Setting Channels stage.05:54
mozicodojoin #kubuntu05:54
MTecknologyEvilAIM: I like to stick with fast - no compiz/gnome/kde/etc05:54
heyboyerror is "A problem occurred during the update. This is usually some sort of network problem, please check your network connection and retry."05:54
EvilAIMWell, I have my HD video's go directly to my vid card05:54
EvilAIMso really, I have no issues on the speed side05:54
MTecknologyi have a laptop - only system that isn't at another house being worked on for use as a server05:55
KnifeySpooney(Using karmic) I'm trying to use apport-collect to add to one of my bug reports, but I'm getting this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289812/ . Anybody know how to fix this?05:56
EvilAIMif I disable visual effects, does that disable my vid card?05:56
test34EvilAIM, no05:57
bluefox83ok, i HAVE to fix this D:05:57
bluefox83i have to be able to use my dang samba share D:05:58
bluefox83it worked FINE when i was running 9.0405:59
bluefox83now that i'm in 9.10 i can't even see the share D;05:59
mzzbluefox83: all I can say is debug the issue (on both ends). If your server is really not logging anything that indicates some kind of problem on its end no matter what06:00
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: I thought you needed to give apport a package name06:01
mzzbluefox83: unfortunately I haven't had to debug the samba client side while using gvfs yet, so I don't quite know where to start there06:01
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: try it with -v06:01
KnifeySpooneyapport-collect: error: no such option: -v06:02
MTecknologycould try with passing a package into it06:02
KnifeySpooneythere are only -h and -p options06:02
KnifeySpooneyeven with '-p mountall' it doesn't work06:03
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: I'm looking into it06:03
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: firewall?06:04
dragonheyboy: which mirror are you using?06:04
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: I'm using chroot if that's any help06:04
KnifeySpooneyI'm stuck on a liveCd because my main karmic install is broken06:04
Miki800hello, anyone here ever tried installing 9.10 using wubi and got a live-cd desktop on THAT wubi completed installation?06:04
=== zachtib_ is now known as zachtib
dragonMiki800: someone might have tried it. What's the issue?06:05
dragonubottu: hi06:05
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!06:05
bluefox83able to sync browse lists in this workgroup.  <---the heck does that mean?06:05
Miki800@dragon the issue is as I've stated - I have a live-cd desktop instead of a completed-installation desktop, I do not have the username I stated @ the wubi installation06:05
bluefox83oops, shoudl read Unable06:06
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: wget https://launchpad.net/06:06
Miki800I have "Install Ubuntu 9.10" Icon on the desktop06:06
Miki800is that suppose to happen?06:06
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/447747 and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128725006:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447747 in mountall "karmic - mountall fails to mount filesystem on boot" [Undecided,New]06:06
MTecknologyMiki800: on the live cd?06:06
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: wget https://launchpad.net/06:07
dragonMiki800: I see what you mean. Auto-login is enabled, exactly the way it is on the live-cd06:07
KnifeySpooneywhy wget?06:07
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: run that command.......06:07
Miki800@MTecknology no, I did not have a cd in before I started the booting process. this is why it's so odd06:07
KnifeySpooneySorry lol06:07
MTecknologyMiki800: bug?06:07
dragonMiki800: It's not the expected behavior. You should file a bug if there isn't one already.06:07
MTecknologyMiki800: let me know it if works06:07
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289826/06:08
Miki800@dragon thanks dragon, I'd love to file a bug, never done so it should be my first time where do I do that?06:08
EvilAIMWell, that really really helped06:08
EvilAIMone minute I couldn't play 1080p on my computer, now I can play it06:08
EvilAIMand it doesn't even register on my CPU usage06:08
dragon!bug | Miki80006:08
ubottuMiki800: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots06:08
Miki800I already posted this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8081148#post8081148  I'm positive its not the place to file them..06:08
dragon!find wubi06:08
ubottuFound: ibus-table-wubi06:08
Miki800thanks dragon, I'll go there and see what I can do06:08
Miki800@MTecknology, what were you saying? to let you know if what works?06:09
dragonMiki800: wubi isn't a package, so first command wouldn't work. The site do fine. For further help filing a bug, join #ubuntu-bug06:09
dragonMiki800: sorry, #ubuntu-bugs06:09
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: run "mount" outside the chroot06:09
dragons/do/should do/06:10
Miki800@dragon what did you mean by "so first command wouldn't work"?06:10
* dragon needs more caffeine 06:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428783 in compiz "shadow remains on desktop after closing applet window" [Medium,Fix released]06:10
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289827/06:10
dragonMiki800: if you read that complete factoid, there's a command in it.06:10
dragonfactoid is what ubottu said up there06:11
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: /dev/sda3 is the partition Ubuntu is installed in06:11
dragonubottu: you there?06:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you there?06:11
Miki800@dragon I'm not following what you're saying06:11
dragonMiki800: no worries, just follow https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug06:11
Miki800got it :)06:11
dragonMiki800: tube light :)06:11
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: have you ever done a chroot before?06:11
KnifeySpooneysomeone else told me to use it so I could uninstall bootchart on my installation through a livecd06:12
ubottuchroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)06:12
Miki800lol thanks, first time reading someone type that ^_^06:12
bluefox83mzz: are you familiar with the command smbtree ?06:12
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: So does this mean I dont need to run apport-collect?06:13
KnifeySpooneySomeone else told me to use that06:13
Miki800I just hope that this bug really is related to wubi06:13
Miki800so I'm not saying non-sense cr*p06:14
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?style=printable&full=1#book_part1_chap606:14
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: it means you need to learn how to setup a chroot06:14
mzzbluefox83: no, but again I recommend you ignore any problems with discovering the share and just access it directly by servername+share name06:15
bluefox83crap D; i think nautilus is lacking a component for browsing smb shares, cus if i do: smbtree   in terminal on either system it shows my shares properly06:15
KnifeySpooney_MTecknology: Sorry, accidentally closed the chat06:15
bluefox83mzz: i tried, it wont SHOW it...06:15
bluefox83it says it doesn't exist06:15
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?style=printable&full=1#book_part1_chap606:15
mzzbluefox83: then (assuming you got the servername right and the loglevel high enough on the other end) that should be getting logged serverside, at which point you can compare to an access attempt from a working system06:16
bluefox83mzz: it thinks it's not there,...but i'm going to rename some stuff and see if i can't fix the problem that way...i'm wondering if the share name might be a problem06:16
mzzbluefox83: jaunty and karmic are both talking to my samba server just fine, but I don't use share browsing at all (it's off on the server end)06:17
* mzz wonders why he can access /dev/dri/card0 without being in the video group06:18
bluefox83mzz: ok, i renamed the share and now i can get in directoly :D06:19
bluefox83but now i don't seem to have the right permissions to view the dang files D:06:20
=== KnifeySpooney_ is now known as KnifeySpooney
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: So i'm supposed to set mirrors? I dont really get the material06:20
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: ......06:20
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?style=printable&full=1#book_part1_chap606:20
mzzhmm, posix acl, apparently.06:20
KnifeySpooneyI did06:21
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: I gave you the exact section you need to read06:22
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: 6.a06:22
MTecknologyCode Listing 1.4: Mounting /proc and /dev06:23
heyboyI am trying to upgrade to 9.10 but failing at Setting Channels stage.06:23
Miki800when launching a live-cd installed thats stuck, freezes.. and I want to destroy that process via system monitor06:24
Miki800whats the name of the process I should look for?06:24
Miki800installed = installation*06:24
bluefox83dangit, this is not cool D: i can't view any of the sibdirectories now!06:26
heyboyhello room! Having problems with upgrade to 9.1006:27
MTecknology!ask | heyboy06:29
ubottuheyboy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:29
MTecknologybluefox83: samba?06:29
MTecknologybluefox83: #samba might be able to help better06:30
heyboyI am following the steps as: "update-manager -d" -> upgrade (9.04 to 9.10)-> preparing to upgrade [exits at "Setting new Software Channels" stage]06:32
MTecknologyheyboy: can you pastebing all the output?06:33
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: Ok thanks for the read, I'll try it but are all of the commands the same for Ubuntu as they are for gentoo?06:33
dmj727I'm considering installing aa Karmic box, since my current installs are rather ancient (8.04 and 8.10), is there (long term) any bad aspects of a Beat install?06:34
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: the part I pointed out is generic06:34
bluefox83MTecknology: i dunno if you have ever needed help with samba, but the folks in #samba are almost never there, and aren't that big on helping06:34
bluefox83not that none of them will, but many don't/wont06:34
MTecknologybluefox83: when I was there I got some help - about the junk help I expected06:34
MTecknologybut they at least gave me a push06:35
MTecknologybluefox83: only other thing I can think of is logs :(06:35
bluefox83also, i have fubared owner privileges by doing a sudo chmod -R a+w+x  and now i can't access my shares directly via ssh terminal by cd'ing in, and i can't seem to get into any of the subdirectories with samba...06:36
dmj727I know there might be bugs now, but how likely will I be stuck irregularities even after the final release?06:36
bluefox83i need to un-do that >.>06:36
bluefox83i can't even ls  D:06:36
Jeruvydmj727: since karmic is in beta, its kinda hard to say anything about long-term affects..can you elaborate better?06:37
bluefox83i totally screwed it up..lol06:37
ghendarbluefox83, what did you break?06:38
bluefox83ghendar: permissions >.>06:38
MTecknologychromium really doesn't give you much for options - especially onces that I want06:38
bluefox83that's cus chromium is still in beta!06:38
dmj727Jeruvy: Will upgrading the beta version to the final generally produce a machine that is equivalent to one installed directly as final?06:38
ghendarbluefox83, you may not be able to sudo to undo that, you might have to actually be root06:39
* bluefox83 wonders if chromium is available in repos for karmic06:39
dmj727(no major leftover badness from having been beta?)06:39
bluefox83ghendar: of course you can!06:39
lukai have intel x3100 and im still having some issues with video... microphone has really poor quality...06:39
MTecknology!info chromium-browser06:39
ubottuPackage chromium-browser does not exist in karmic06:39
bluefox83i just need to figure out exactly what command to use >.>06:39
MTecknologybluefox83: just use ppa06:39
Jeruvydmj727: well I'm running beta on a brand new compaq and everything works great that I've tried.  But YMMV since I don't know what you tried/trying06:40
bluefox83MTecknology: i have no idea what ppa is >.>06:40
dmj727I haven't installed yet06:40
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.06:40
dmj727I'm just trying to gauge whether to wait three weeks for the final.06:40
MTecknologybluefox83: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa06:40
Jeruvydmj727: there is also launchpad.net for bug tracking with regards to anything more specific.06:40
bluefox83MTecknology: that will be cool to use, but...right now i kinda need to fix my file permissions on my server machine so i can retrieve my homework D:06:41
bluefox83and notes!06:41
Jeruvydmj727: from the sounds of it I'd say you are not completely comfortable, so wait, 20 days isn't very long at all.  However in your case nothing may be different from now.  Only you can tell.06:41
bluefox83also, it would be nice if i wouldn't have to set up thunderbird again >.>06:41
lukadoes anyone here like ubuntu new look?06:41
bluefox83luka: not really, i thought ubuntu was done with brown!06:42
bluefox83i was hoping for some blue >.>06:42
lukayeah i dont like it at all06:42
* Jeruvy likey new looky. But I needed a halloween background06:42
MTecknologybluefox83: use a secure transfer?06:42
MTecknologybluefox83: winscp ??06:42
dmj727I'm a fairly competent linux programmer/user, but have not had experience with ubuntu beta->final transitions.06:43
hipitihopI'm running latest karmic beta (mythbuntu) which by default uses xfce. Recently the task bar on top always shows whereas it used to not be visible when another app has focus, any ideas how to reinstate ?06:43
dmj727Does anyone here keep their beta boxen around after the final or just reinstall?06:43
bluefox83MTecknology: i broke the file permissions...i need to fix them06:43
Jeruvydmj727: then you may want to learn about Ubuntu release methodology.  At this point nothing major will change only critical fixes.06:44
MTecknologybluefox83: show me06:44
MTecknologyJeruvy: I managed to convince them to push a non-critical patch into it - but it would have been heck to deal with it for 6mo06:45
dmj727so upgrading the beta install to the final will fix the vast majority of bugs encountered on the beta?06:45
MTecknologydmj727: just keep the system up to date06:45
MTecknologywhen karmic releases and you update, you're running release06:46
bluefox83MTecknology: i typed sudo chmod -R a+x+w Private/06:46
Jeruvydmj727: yes, if it was alpha some things could change in a more drastic way06:46
dmj727ok...I just wanted to make sureany weirdness wouldn't propagate beyond release.06:46
MTecknologybluefox83: .....06:46
bluefox83d-wx-wx-wx 6 bluefox bluefox 4096 2009-10-10 01:17 Private   <---this si what i get when i ls that dir06:46
mzzhow'd you manage that?06:47
Jeruvydmj727: Ubuntu isn't like Arch ;)06:47
bluefox83well...i was TRYING to set it so all users can access the directory and all subdirectories06:47
MTecknologybluefox83: use chmod -R 77006:47
bluefox83MTecknology: yay!06:48
bluefox83you fixed it :D06:48
Jeruvydmj727: of course I may border on OT by saying if really stable is important you should think debian.06:48
mzzbluefox83, MTecknology: that made everything below it executable though, which you might want to fix up06:48
MTecknologymzz: ya, but that at least makes it work06:49
mzzthis is true06:49
MTecknologybluefox83: so.. let's see if I can remember this....06:49
bluefox83oh crap >.>06:49
mzzthere is a magical chmod argument that only adds +x to dirs that don't have it yet, but for some reason I can't remember it.06:49
bluefox83samba can't get in now..i think i need to restart samba i think06:49
MTecknologybluefox83: chmod -x+X06:49
mzzah, that sounds like it might be it06:49
mzzI tend to fall back to using find -type f -print0|xargs -0 chmod 644, which is a bit blunt06:50
mzzworks though!06:50
MTecknologymuch slower06:50
mzzmeh, still fast enough06:50
MTecknologyand harder to remember06:50
bluefox83crap crap crap crappity crap >.>06:50
MTecknologybluefox83: ya?06:51
mzzand easy to remember, since I know a bunch of find options already for other reasons.06:51
mzzthe entire pipeline is just a lot of typing, the individual pieces are straightforward06:51
MTecknologyI never use xargs06:51
bluefox83MTecknology: i can cd through the dirs and all, but now samba can't get in...i think i fubared something along the way...06:51
mzzbluefox83: what user is samba running as?06:51
mzzbluefox83: you might have to loosen the perms a little so samba can get in06:51
bluefox83uhm...i'm not sure06:51
MTecknologybluefox83: ls -lar /dir/06:52
mzzbluefox83: (and what *are* the perms now? if everything is world-readable and the dirs are world-executable this isn't it)06:52
MTecknologybluefox83: ls -lar /dir/ > tmp06:52
MTecknologythen pastebin tmp06:52
* mzz wonders how much would break if he patched mountall to mount a tmpfs on /tmp06:53
bluefox83should i paste that into a file and then use pastebinit?06:53
MTecknologybluefox83: sure06:53
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: I get an error that mirrorselect command does not exist06:54
MTecknologymzz: mountall update just came out06:54
* MTecknology headdesks06:54
mzzKnifeySpooney: what are you trying to do again?06:55
bluefox83MTecknology: http://pastebin.com/f2b0727a806:55
mzzKnifeySpooney: (iirc you were linked to the gentoo install instructions, consider following only the bit in there about chrooting or you'll end up with a gentoo install :)06:55
MTecknologymount -t proc none /mnt/chroot/proc ; mount -o bind /dev /mnt/chroot/dev06:55
MTecknologyKnifeySpooney: UES THIS ^06:55
bluefox83this makes me wish i spent more time in the terminal, i used to know all the right commands and stuff, was good with file permissions and samba >.>06:56
MTecknologybluefox83: drwxrwx--x 2 bluefox bluefox       4096 2009-10-05 18:55 Anime ..............06:56
MTecknologyto each their own06:56
* bluefox83 blames his wife06:56
MTecknologybluefox83: you did 770?06:56
bluefox83MTecknology: yep06:57
mzzI'm guessing samba isn't running as you and you need that to be 775 at least06:57
[31d1]_tell your wife to let you spend more time in the terminal06:57
bluefox83so i'll set it to 775 and try again06:57
hipitihopdoes anyone one how to get xfce task bar to hide automatically06:57
mzzbluefox83: does anyone/anything have access to that system that shouldn't have read access to those files?06:57
MTecknologybluefox83: don't do -x+X06:58
mzzwhy not?06:58
bluefox83mzz: no, just my wife and i, and she wont really use it06:58
bluefox83MTecknology: too late, already did that once06:58
MTecknologyjust for the sake of making it work06:58
mzzthen 775 should be fine (or 777 for free-for-all writing)06:58
MTecknologylet him do it acter it's working06:58
MTecknologybluefox83: doesn't matter - 775 will redo that06:58
MTecknologybluefox83: man chmod ;)06:59
bluefox83MTecknology: i did, how do you think i messed up in the first place? lol06:59
* mzz is just about at the point where he can wipe his jaunty install, having ported everything he needs over to karmic06:59
MTecknologymzz: I have a single system - it runs one os07:00
MTecknologyalways what it will be07:00
bluefox83yay! it works :D07:00
MTecknologyI'm thinking of switching to 10.04 in 9.1107:00
bluefox83MTecknology and mzz  you've both been a HUGE help, thank you very much :)07:00
MTecknologyyup - just pay it forward07:01
bluefox83i always try to07:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yw07:01
mzzah, and there's the new "power" icon07:01
mzzI was wondering about that one, it didn't look like it was the final icon07:01
MTecknology!yw is <reply>Don't thank us! Keep learning so you can help others and make them as happy as you are right now.07:02
bluefox83ok, now i am copying back my old email stuff, so i wont have to re-setup two email accounts >.>07:02
MTecknologybluefox83: still don't understand why you don't just use ssh07:02
ubottuSCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/07:02
mzzspeaking of icons: does someone know what controls whether the icon for sound *input* is displayed?07:02
bluefox83and i owe the ability to do that to you guys :D07:02
bluefox83MTecknology: i do use ssh07:03
KnifeySpooneyMTecknology: thanks that got it.07:03
bluefox83i'm connected *here* via an irssi session running on the very machine that's also running samba and we were working on with the file permissions...i'm running irssi in tmux ;)07:03
bluefox83btw, tmux should totally be in apt, if it's not >.>07:04
bluefox83i don't think i could find it on my old server machine, i think i might need to upgrade it to a more recent server edition...07:04
mzzmeh, just use screen07:04
MTecknology!info terminator | bluefox8307:04
ubottubluefox83: terminator (source: terminator): multiple GNOME terminals in one window. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13+ds1-2 (karmic), package size 138 kB, installed size 1188 kB07:04
bluefox83screen only allows for a single session at a time ;)07:05
mzzerr, no07:05
mzzunless you're using some meaning of "session" I'm not familiar with07:05
bluefox83uh, yes, screen only allows you to view one session at a time07:05
bluefox83tmux allows for something like 2007:05
mzzI can run multiple shells in the same screen session (using a split screen if necessary), and I can attach that session on multiple systems simultaneously07:05
mzzdefine "view one session"07:06
MTecknologybluefox83: terminator07:06
mzzactually nvm, lemme read up on tmux07:06
MTecknologybluefox83: and 'man screen'07:06
bluefox83hey! i already have it running on tmux, i don't want screen anymore (i found it very limiting)07:06
MTecknologymzz: looks like an icky version of terminator07:06
mzzyou and your terminator07:07
bluefox83it's actually rather nice...07:07
mzzbluefox83: screen can't (yet) do horizontal splits.07:07
mzzbluefox83: (it can do vertical splits)07:07
MTecknologymzz: since when?07:07
mzzMTecknology: forever07:07
MTecknologymy screen does07:07
MTecknologyand has for a while07:07
mzzMTecknology: how?07:07
=== [1]sassyn is now known as sassyn
mzzand if you say "attach multiple sessions in terminator" I'm going to glare at you07:08
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz07:08
MTecknologymzz: 'man screen' ...07:08
bluefox83awesome..still using that :D07:08
mzzMTecknology: I've read most of the screen info manual a while ago, so unless I missed a major upgrade that's not going to help07:08
mzzMTecknology: what C-a S does is what I call a "vertical split"07:09
MTecknologymzz: ^a S+s07:09
MTecknology^a, S07:09
mzzMTecknology: do I just have my definition of vertical sideways?07:09
MTecknology01:07 < mzz> bluefox83: (it can do horizontal splits)07:09
MTecknologymzz: I think you do ;)07:10
bluefox83is there a reason human icon theme is not installed on karmic by default?07:10
mzzMTecknology: anyway, it can do only one of vertical and horizontal, and that's the one C-a S gives you. Do we agree again now? :)07:10
MTecknologymzz: I missed what you said - so I changed it :)07:10
MTecknologymzz: ya - but try terminator07:11
mzzno thanks07:11
MTecknologyit rocks socks07:11
MTecknologywhy not?07:11
mzzMTecknology: I don't have a large enough screen for it to be useful, and I already use a tiling wm anyway.07:11
MTecknologyI've used in on an 800x60007:11
bluefox83i am so going to have to theme this thing in the morning >.>07:11
MTecknologymzz: is your screen smaller than that?07:11
* mzz rephrases07:11
mzzMTecknology: I don't have a large enough screen for having more than one or two terms side-by-side to be useful, and I can already do that using my wm (either a regular or tiling one). For putting multiple terminals above each other I can (and do) use screen.07:12
MTecknologymzz: I've heard of people having ~80 terminatls open07:12
mzzlemme find an old screenshot07:13
bluefox83MTecknology: that's just excessive D;07:14
MTecknologymzz: there's a zoom and maximize function in it too - you can have on terminal maximize one terminal and make it fill the whole area, then unmaximize and mich another07:14
bluefox83why in the world would ANYONE need 80 terminal windows open >.>07:14
MTecknologybluefox83: lemem do something here...07:15
bluefox83btw, i am finding that since i moved from 9.04 x86 to 9.10 x64 i get way better download times across my wifi...07:15
mzzmeh, nvm07:15
bluefox83now if they just figure out a way to make it use both my cores, i'll be a happy man :D07:15
mzzMTecknology: yes, my wm can do all that. I don't need a separate mini-wm just for terms.07:16
Dr_WillisIve been using terminator for ages now. :)07:16
bluefox83also, is boxee available for karmic?07:16
bluefox83cus...boxee was nice even though it had some kinks to work out...07:17
MTecknologymzz: but it's all in one nice window - I hate tiling wm's07:17
bluefox83also, flash 10 works fine in the x64 9.10 >.>07:17
mzzMTecknology: even non-tiling ones tend to have a "maximize" button and/or keyboard shortcut07:17
bluefox83MTecknology: you should see mine now D; tones of crap piled07:17
MTecknologymzz: eh....07:18
MTecknologymzz: I think you're living in the dark - and I'll leave you there07:18
mzzMTecknology: I think you are ("I hate tiling wm's", poor you :P)07:19
bluefox83also i <3 the steadily increasing dl rate from my home wireless network that's sitting at 1MB/sec right now :d07:19
Dr_WillisJust keep a terminal (*terminator) on monitor #2 maxamized.  and tile terminals in it as needed.  Monitor #1 is the normal desktop07:19
* bluefox83 wishes they would invent a multi-monitor laptop, that would be shweeet!07:19
Dr_Willisbluefox83:  actually I did thinki saw one once.. but it was proberly a prototype07:20
bluefox83not just one you can plug monitors into >.>07:20
mzzand it's really not like I have the screen realestate for this to be all that useful (I usually have at most 4 or so terms visible simultaneously)07:20
Dr_WillisTheres laptops out now with bigger LCD's then some of my desktop box's have07:20
Brainy|phpBBAnyone know when the packs of CDs for 9.10 go on sale/are available for ordering?  Clearly they can't ship until code release, but it would be nice to be able to pre-order.07:20
bluefox83well, my laptop monitor is only 15 inches D:07:20
Dr_Willisbluefox83:  compared to my netbook.. thats huge-norm-igantc!07:21
bluefox83Brainy|phpBB: to my knowledge you can do that now...07:21
bluefox83Dr_Willis: lol, i gues it would be :p07:21
Brainy|phpBBUnless I am missing it, the US store only has 9.04 for ordering07:21
MTecknologymzz: bluefox83: I'm trying to show how pretty it is07:24
bluefox83so show us!07:24
MTecknologyI'm trying to think of things to fill it up...07:24
KruyKazei just formatted a drive and it says 14gigs are being used!07:26
bluefox83ok, is time for bed!07:27
bluefox83bye folks07:27
MTecknologyI finally filled it up07:28
MTecknologymzz: http://imagebin.ca/img/jrtKDWX.png07:28
mzzMTecknology: if that's a realistic screenshot your workflow is weird07:29
MTecknologymzz: I can take any one of them and make them fill the whole window; or I can do the same and zoom in on it; or even add another tab07:29
mzzwhat do you actually use those 45x5 terms for other than screenshots?07:29
MTecknologymzz: I use 20x2 for openvpn connections07:30
MTecknologythe most I realistically have is ~15 running07:31
mzzI don't normally use terms narrower than 80 columns07:31
mzztoo much stuff assumes they have at least that many columns, so you get unreadable output like you're getting in the top right one07:31
MTecknologyusually over 10; rarely over 4007:31
mzzor in the one below that actually (notice "connection timed out" getting split)07:31
MTecknologyif I go over 15, I usually have a new tab07:31
mzzanyway, given me not using narrow terms screen suffices07:32
=== Tug is now known as mewshi
MTecknologymzz: somebody else - http://www.tenshu.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/terminator-mad.png07:34
mzzsure, but that's not something I actually want to do07:34
mzzthe more limited tiling I'd actually use I can already do07:35
KruyKazeplease i just have a simple question about formatting a drive07:36
MTecknologyKruyKaze: reboot07:36
kblinhow big is the drive, anyway?07:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:37
kblinext4 formatted?07:37
kblinok, I don'07:37
KruyKazeit says 14gigs used after format07:37
kblinok, I don't know about ext4, but ext2 and ext3 keep a certain percentage of the drive reserved for root07:37
mzzso does ext407:37
kblin5% or somesuch07:37
MTecknologyhurray - my nose it bleeding07:37
kblinit makes sense if ext4 will do the same07:38
mzzso if you're comparing "Size" to "Avail" that's what you're seeing07:38
KruyKazei'm not going to install os on i just wanna store data07:38
kblinyou can set the percentage using tune2fs, I think07:38
mzzKruyKaze: you can tweak that percentage using tune2fs, but I recommend you don't since a filesystem that full will be unhappy fragmentation-wise07:38
KruyKazeunused 916gig used 14gigs07:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about extents07:39
eagles0513875kblin: ext4 would use the same amount i am drawing a blank as to where you set that percentage though07:39
eagles0513875but i know it can be changed07:39
MTecknologyi think it's pee and sleep time07:40
KruyKazeyou don't wanna wet your bed07:40
eagles0513875tmi in my honest opinion07:40
KruyKazenight MTecknology07:40
kblinKruyKaze: well, you can lower the percentage07:41
kblintoo much information07:41
kblinman tune2fs07:41
KruyKazeah ok07:41
KruyKazethat 3801 pages07:42
Dr_Willistune2fs --help07:42
KruyKazebut you are saying it's not safe?07:43
Dr_Willisconcise info :)07:43
Dr_WillisI set the reserved % to 1% or less on my drives07:43
KruyKazelet me check that out07:43
Dr_Willis5% is the default and 5% of a 1.5tb hard drive.. is a little.. extreme07:43
kblinI think the 5% default recommended in the man page is from the olden time, when hard drives were around 200 megs :)07:44
KruyKazeyeah 14 gigs is such a waiste07:44
* kblin shrugs07:44
kblincompared to a terrabyte, it's not that much07:44
KruyKazelol yes 2%07:45
KruyKazei am so stingy07:45
Dr_Willisbut for my Video collection 'storage' drive.. 14gb is enough to store more home videos07:45
KruyKazebut is it recommended to leave the 2% alone?07:45
Dr_WillisDepends on your personal needs07:46
KruyKazeso should i do tune2fs -m 2% ?07:46
Dr_WillisI set it to 0% on some of my drives07:46
KruyKazeit's just for storage07:46
Dr_Willisand you don tuse the % sign07:47
Dr_WillisYou can change it later if you want.07:47
KruyKazetune2fs -m 0 ?07:47
Dr_Willisand the change dosent take efect i think. Untill the filesystem is remounted.07:47
Dr_Willisive used 0% befor with no problems07:47
Dr_Willisi never filled up the drives however.07:47
KruyKazetune2fs -m 0 sdb1?07:47
KruyKazewell maybe tune2fs -m 0.5 sdb1?07:48
Dr_WillisFlip a coin07:48
Dr_WillisI doubt if it will metter much07:48
KruyKazelol how about the drive sdb1 or dev/sdb1?07:49
Dr_WillisI think part of the reserved space is for lost+found in case the drive ever gets fscked and has stuff put in Lost+found07:49
Dr_Willistry one and see07:49
Dr_Willissdb1 would work if you were in /dev/ i imagine when you ran the command07:50
KruyKazeCouldn't find valid filesystem superblock.07:50
KruyKazeoh lol07:50
Dr_WillisYou may want to tweak the Mount Counts also...07:50
Dr_Willisand the Label. :)07:50
Dr_Willisand perhapss the interval btween checks07:51
EvilAIM_Hey, is there a way to configure my CPU Scaling?07:51
Dr_WillisI set my disks up where they dont all get checked at the same time after 30+ mounts07:51
EvilAIM_And is it recommended to upscale?07:51
KruyKazedoes it have to be mounted now?07:51
Dr_WillisKruyKaze:  ive dontit on mounted fileysstems befor07:52
Dr_Willischanges dont get read till the next remount however/reboot07:52
Dr_Willis sudo tune2fs  -l /dev/sdb107:53
KruyKazetune2fs: Permission denied while trying to open sdb107:53
KruyKazethat works07:53
KruyKazeso it's dev/sdb1?07:54
Dr_Willisbe more concise... ' what works'07:54
EruditeHermithey, when booting, do you guys see a usplash screen?07:54
Dr_WillisKruyKaze: perhaps /dev/sdb1   like i used....07:54
KruyKaze sudo tune2fs  -l /dev/sdb107:54
Dr_Williswhen in doubt be concise07:54
Dr_WillisEruditeHermit:  theres some bugs with it.07:54
KruyKazeit gave me a lot of info on the drive07:55
EruditeHermitDr_Willis, like what? I upgraded froma jaunty system but I don't see it. But when I boot a live CD of the beta I see something07:55
Dr_WillisEruditeHermit:  you are about the 8th people ive seen today asking about usplash breaking...07:56
eagles0513875morning Dr_Willis how are things looking on the update front today07:56
Dr_WillisI tend todisable it and xsplash07:56
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  console still broken07:56
eagles0513875i havent had that issues surface on vms07:56
eagles0513875havent updated my other partition on me macbook yet though07:56
eagles0513875got my music rocking atm07:56
Dr_WillisLooks like a classic video driver fighting with console/framebuffer glitz07:56
eagles0513875shaking the floor with 310watt sub atm07:57
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: what video card07:57
eagles0513875laptop is nvidia 9400M chipset07:57
eagles0513875let me try in my vm on this machine its an 8800gt?07:58
KruyKazestill can't get tune2fs to work07:58
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: which driver you using the one in the repos07:58
kblinKruyKaze: what's the error message?07:58
KruyKazekblin, tune2fs: No such file or directory while trying to open dev/sdb107:59
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: you using the nv driver or the driver in the repo?07:59
KruyKazekblin, i used tune2fs -m 0.5 dev/sdb107:59
Dr_WillisNvidia driver 185 i think08:00
Dr_Williswas working fine till this week08:00
kblinKruyKaze: sure, you're missing a /08:01
Dr_Willis sudo tune2fs  -l /dev/sdb1    <--- learn from examples08:01
KruyKazeoh got it :)08:01
Dr_Willis /this/that/whatever --> a 'full' path to a device/file/whatever08:01
Dr_Willis  this/that/whatever -> a relative path08:02
KruyKazeok it's set now i format with gparted?08:02
Dr_Williserr.. you are going about it in the wrong order..08:02
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: give it a shot with the nv driver and see if that fixes it if not try the driver from the nvidia site08:02
Dr_Willisyou tune2fs after you partition/format08:02
Dr_Willisparttion -> format -> filesystem08:03
KruyKazegparted is still showing 14gigs used so i should refresh it?08:03
eagles0513875i was having a weird issue with the nvidia driver in the repos on alpha 5 and no x with that driver but tried the latest from nvidia and it worked just fine08:03
AnAntHello, why is python2.5 being pulled in today's dist-upgrade ?08:03
Dr_WillisKruyKaze:  i mentioned a few times it may not take till the system 'reboots'08:03
Dr_Willismany of those settings are read once at boot time by the kernel.08:03
Dr_Willissome just need a remount. :) some dont...08:04
KruyKazeDr_Willis, sorry for being a pain i'll reboot08:04
Dr_Williswhy are you even worried about it? :) if its set.. its done..08:04
Dr_Williswhat are you wanting todo next?08:04
Dr_Willisinstall? copy data over?  is it going tobe 99% full in the next 10 min? :)08:04
KruyKazemake sure it's recognized :)08:04
Dr_Willisreboot then and look i guess..08:04
KruyKazeok brb :)08:05
Dr_Willisdisabling the fb here.. lets se eif that fix;s my consoles... brb08:05
rskVt broken here aswell08:06
Dr_WillisDefainatly somthing odd in the console/drivers area.08:09
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: did it work with the nv driver only08:09
eagles0513875prior to installing 18508:09
Dr_WillisNot tried those yet.08:09
Dr_Willis185 worked for me since alpha308:09
eagles0513875remove the 185 driver and see if u still have the issue08:09
eagles0513875if its still there then try the latest from nvidia itself08:10
Dr_Willisi could also try the older kernels.. but im lazy :)08:10
Dr_Willisplus i finally got huluplayer for linux working. :)08:11
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: i had a weird issues with 185 in alpha 5 x wouldnt even start with either the nv or driver form repos08:11
Dr_Willisso you can bet what ive been wathcing lately.08:11
eagles0513875tried the one from nvidia and it fixed that error08:11
Dr_WillisThis is the first nvidia issue ive had in ages...08:11
KruyKazeok this is nuts storage device manager still says type:ntfs-3g08:12
KruyKazemy thought exactly08:13
Dr_Williswe dont know what you are doing , or what you have done....08:13
Dr_Willisi am guessing you missed some little step. like 'applying' changes in gparted.08:13
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: you want me to boot and update my other partition on my laptop and see if i have the issue with the nv driver cuz i didnt install the 185 driver from repos08:14
KruyKazeformatted with gparted to ext4, used sudo tune2fs -m 0.5 /dev/sdb1 and rebooted08:14
KruyKazegparted shows it's ext408:15
eagles0513875KruyKaze: you check the fstab08:16
KruyKazeeagles0513875, how?08:17
eagles0513875nano /etc/fstab08:17
eagles0513875that will bring up a console text editor but take a look and see what it has in there08:17
KruyKazesure enough that shows ntfs-3g08:18
KruyKazegparted is lying to me?08:18
eagles0513875KruyKaze: on the partition u created with gparted?08:18
KruyKazeeagles0513875, yes sir08:18
eagles0513875KruyKaze: im starting to wonder if that is the issue08:18
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: any ideas doc08:18
KruyKazeok i'm reformatting08:19
KruyKazeon gparted i'm doing 0 free space ext4 and primary partition08:20
EvilAIMAnyone use SMPlayer?08:21
eagles0513875KruyKaze: hold on08:21
eagles0513875KruyKaze: did you run gparted using sudo gparted08:22
eagles0513875thats the only way you can make any changes08:22
EvilAIMThis player has a dumb play symbole and a counter like: 00:19:05... 00:19:0608:22
KruyKazebut it asked for credentials08:22
eagles0513875then there is ur problem KruyKaze08:22
EvilAIMthat sits in the top left08:22
EvilAIMI want it to go away when I play vids08:22
EvilAIMany ideas08:22
eagles0513875KruyKaze: did you commit the changes08:22
KruyKazei'll restart gparted with sudo08:23
eagles0513875KruyKaze: not sure what this would do but edit the fstab08:23
eagles0513875sudo nano /etc/fstab where it says ntfs-3g replace it with ext408:23
eagles0513875and reboot08:23
Dr_Willisfstab dosent show what anything  'is' it shows what you TOLD it  to be. :)08:26
Dr_Willissudo fdisk -l /dev/deviceinquestion      and see what fdisk says it is08:26
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: he said its showing its ntfs-3g08:26
KruyKazeDr_Willis, i never spoke to it :(08:26
Dr_WillisKruyKaze:  the installer or somthing did.. fstab does not macigally change when you edit your partitions08:26
KruyKazei'm reformatting with gparted using sudo now08:26
Dr_WillisYou must make suer its correct08:26
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: upgrading my install atm not vm to see if i have the same issue i believe im running nv driver08:26
Dr_WillisKruyKaze:  refroamting will NOT change /etc/fstab08:27
KruyKazeso it needs to be edited08:27
Dr_Willisif its formated to ect4. then you edit  fstab to show the change.08:27
KruyKazesounds good08:27
Dr_Williseagles0513875 | sudo nano /etc/fstab where it says ntfs-3g replace it with ext408:27
Dr_Willisthere may be other edits to make to it also08:27
Dr_Willisdepending on the exact line08:27
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: thats what i just told him to do08:27
Dr_Willis /dev/whatevber  /media/mountpoint / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 108:28
Dr_Willisoops extra /08:28
Dr_Willis /dev/whatevber  /media/mountpoint ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 108:28
Dr_Willismy fstab dosent even have entries for my ntfs-3g filesystems any more08:28
Dr_Williswonder how its mointing them. :) must be  the automounter stuff08:29
KruyKazei am trying to get rid fo all windows traces08:29
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: regarding your console issue im currently updating and i dont have the nvidia driver installed08:29
Dr_WillisKruyKaze:  then delete the lines that mention ntfs-3g and put in proper entries.08:29
KruyKazecan i do sudo gedit that file?08:29
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  yea i need to check the bug listings08:29
Dr_WillisKruyKaze:  yes.. or use whatever editor you want08:30
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions08:30
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: ill let you know how it goes i have a ton updates to download08:30
Dr_Willisa proper entry would use the UUID of the filesystems you are wanting to mount.08:30
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: and wifi is broken with the pllasma-widget-network manager again08:30
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  yep. Im waiting a day or so to update my other machines08:30
eagles0513875i have what i need backed up08:30
eagles0513875which is my .ssh and .gnupg folders08:31
eagles0513875the dev work i can easily get again so its no big08:31
eagles0513875its in bzr anyway08:31
KruyKazeall i changed in that line is ntfs-3g to ext408:31
Dr_WillisKruyKaze:  whates the exact line now?08:32
Dr_Willis ntfs-3g is very diffrent  and proberly just changeing tha one thing is not correct.08:33
KruyKazeDr_Willis, /dev/sdb1                                  /media/sdb1    ext4         users,user,owner       0  008:33
Dr_WillisYou probery do not need the users/user/owner option.08:33
Dr_Willis  /dev/whatevber  /media/mountpoint / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 108:33
KruyKazemaybe i should put defaults08:33
TheInfinitybut you need defauls08:33
Dr_Willis is the default options I got for my / partition08:33
Dr_WillisYou dont need user/users/owner  (some of those ive enver even heard of befor) becuse the users are not going tobe mountint the filesystem08:34
KruyKazechanged to defaults using device manager08:34
KruyKaze/dev/sdb1                                  /media/sdb1    ext4         defaults               0  008:34
Dr_WillisYour user wont beable to write to the filesystem unless you either chown it tobe owned by them.. or make a directory on it. and chown THAT tobe owned by them08:35
Dr_Willis and /media/sdb1 MUST exist befor you can mount that filesystem08:36
KruyKazei'll chown it08:36
KruyKazeit sounds like reboot time08:37
Dr_Willisno need to reboot08:37
Dr_Willissudo mount -a08:37
KruyKazeit's mounted08:38
Dr_Willisand if you chowned it BEFOR it was mounted..  the chown wont matter....08:38
Dr_Willisyou have to chown it after its mounted08:38
KruyKazedone in that order08:38
KruyKazenow i'll transfer my 500 gis to that drive08:39
eagles0513875KruyKaze: why the flip make it harder on urself08:39
KruyKazeeagles0513875, flip?08:39
eagles0513875instead of another word which cant be mentioned in here08:39
KruyKazehow did i make it harder on my self eagles0513875?08:40
* ghendar waves to eagles0513875 08:40
eagles0513875hey ghendar08:41
eagles0513875to stay having to chown it before and after08:41
eagles0513875why not just set it to auto mount08:41
eagles0513875just copy the fstab entry to what ur / partition is set to08:42
KruyKazeeagles0513875, i was just following dr's instructions08:42
Dr_Willisall i did was cut/past the  entry in my fstab for / :) and added a path08:43
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: wouldnt it be easier for him to just copy an fstab entry that is already auto mounted?08:43
Dr_Willisif he evenhas any08:43
Dr_Willisbest would be to use the UUID= type format08:43
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: in that case how does one find out the UUID of a partition08:43
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)08:43
eagles0513875ahhh i just learned something new :)08:44
ghendarwait... there was a rationale?!  ;)08:44
eagles0513875ghendar: long story08:44
ghendarI prefer my devs to be willy nilly types08:44
ghendarlike... ooooh UUID... acronymy goodness, lets use it!08:45
Dr_WillisI mount minebased on LABEL  :)08:46
KruyKazetransferring 500 gigs will only take 1hand 15mins08:46
eagles0513875heheh ghendar08:46
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: whats the advantage of using uuid08:46
ghendarKruyKaze, 1hand?!  so you can only do it twice then?  ;)08:47
EvilAIMI can't figure this damn thing out08:47
KruyKaze1h and * :D08:47
EvilAIMCan someone help me08:48
EvilAIManyone know anything about smplayer?08:48
ghendarEvilAIM, depends08:48
KruyKazethat damn thing sux08:48
EvilAIMWell, it has a clock08:49
EvilAIMlike, when I'm watching a movie08:49
EvilAIMit counts up in seconds...08:49
EvilAIMI want that gone...08:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447837 in lm-sensors-3 "asus_atk0110 driver not enabled in kernel configuration by default" [Undecided,New]08:49
EvilAIMGOT IT!08:51
EvilAIMOptions -> OSD -> blah08:51
EvilAIMwhere blah you set what you want08:51
EvilAIMjust fyi08:51
eagles0513875darthanubis: i would take that to the ubuntu-kernel channel08:52
KruyKazewhy do u like smplayer?08:52
EvilAIMBecause, it lets me do stuff08:52
EvilAIMThis is semi-interesting to explain08:52
darthanubiseagles0513875, k08:52
EvilAIMsmplayer allows something called vdpau08:53
eagles0513875KruyKaze: you got ur probelm sorted08:53
KruyKazefixed that file08:53
EvilAIMwhich allows me to use my Video Card to take most of the load of HD movies:)08:53
KruyKazebut still shows 14gigs used08:53
KruyKazeEvilAIM, gotcha08:54
EvilAIMIt's 133708:54
KruyKazeEvilAIM, like in xbmc?08:54
EvilAIMxbmc allows for it?08:54
KruyKazexbox media center08:54
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: ping. rebooting now to see if i have the console issue08:54
KruyKazeEvilAIM, yes08:54
EvilAIMWell, I'll stick to my low resources;)08:55
EvilAIMI also upscaled my proc08:55
KruyKazehow low?08:55
EvilAIMas ubuntu seems to down scale it08:55
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: were u running konsole from the desktop or a tty console08:55
EvilAIMI was sitting at 1 ghz08:55
EvilAIMnow I'm at 2.308:55
KruyKazei'm looking to get htpc08:55
EvilAIMon my dual core08:55
eagles0513875EvilAIM: watch ur temps08:55
eagles0513875if youre overclocking08:56
KruyKazeit's ok it's winter now08:56
EvilAIMit's not over clocking08:56
Dr_WillisConsole. :) not Konsole08:57
KruyKazeEvilAIM, u mean ubuntu was not using it fully?08:57
EvilAIMI think if I over clocked from 1 gigz to 2.3 gigs it'd blow my house up;)08:57
EvilAIMubuntu down scales08:58
KruyKazein general?08:58
KruyKazei have a dual core on my laptop08:58
EvilAIMcheck what your cpu usage is...08:58
EvilAIMand think about what they are08:58
KruyKazefsck! how do i upscale?08:58
KruyKazeand how do i know if i'm downscaled?08:59
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: its a bug with ur driver nv works fine for me but then again im on a different card :( a 9400M08:59
EvilAIMcat /proc/cpuinfo08:59
EvilAIMtype that08:59
eagles0513875EvilAIM: thats probably the power management though08:59
eagles0513875u dont need to be full power all the time09:00
EvilAIMcat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies09:00
KruyKazeEvilAIM, is that a command?09:00
eagles0513875granted it will throttle up probably for compilation of programs etc09:00
EvilAIMand type that09:00
EvilAIMuse the first command to see what your set at09:00
EvilAIMit'll be CPU MHZ:09:00
EvilAIMand the second command will tell you how high it can go09:00
EvilAIMjust paste bin results or something09:00
KruyKaze2400000 2133000 1867000 160000009:01
eagles0513875so 2.4 2.13 1.86 1.609:02
KruyKazebut i'm at 1.609:02
eagles0513875KruyKaze: means ur not doing anything processor intensive09:02
KruyKazethat is soo messed up09:02
eagles0513875KruyKaze: you on a laptop09:02
eagles0513875KruyKaze: when u start copying data it should throttle up09:02
Trewasfrequency scaling does not affect performance, the frequency will be ramped up when it is needed, other times some energy is saved by running the processor at lower speed09:02
KruyKazeright now on desktop09:02
eagles0513875same concept for desktops09:03
KruyKazeoh i see09:03
eagles0513875like Trewas only goes all out when u doing something that needs all the processing power09:03
KruyKazegot me worried there09:03
EvilAIMso the command is:09:03
KruyKazeto run at 2.4 all the time?09:04
EvilAIMsudo cpufreq-selector -f 240000009:04
EvilAIMmakes yur shit quick09:04
KruyKazewhy would i want that?09:04
EvilAIMBecause, instead of the CPU getting boosted only when it needs, which means lags...09:04
EvilAIMit just runs at that temp09:04
EvilAIMbut the thing about this command is09:04
KruyKazeoh i see09:05
EvilAIMit isn't static, meaning once you reboot, it'll turn itself off09:05
KruyKazenitro? lol09:05
EvilAIMpretty much09:05
eagles0513875KruyKaze: ignore him anyway its safer on ur energy bill when u dont need all the power09:05
eagles0513875right now my mobo is pulling bout 59watts09:05
EvilAIMI use this command when I need to watch Mooooovies09:05
KruyKazeit's like revving up all the time09:05
NinjaPlimsollshi eagles051387509:05
eagles0513875seen it get throttled up as high as 90watts09:05
eagles0513875hey NinjaPlimsolls09:05
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, my motherboard is pulling 459watts ;)09:06
* eagles0513875 pictures NinjaPlimsolls motherboard melting09:06
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, with all 6 of my geforce cards, it pulls 1.21 gigawatts09:06
Dr_Willisfry eggs on the cpu09:06
KruyKazeeagles0513875, how do you do that?09:06
NinjaPlimsollsbut my flux capacitor isnt working :(09:06
eagles0513875NinjaPlimsolls: you flipping serious09:06
eagles0513875KruyKaze: do what09:06
=== David-T_ is now known as David-T
KruyKaze* eagles0513875 pictures NinjaPlimsolls motherboard melting09:07
eagles0513875lol NinjaPlimsolls how are your warp cores :P09:07
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, had to jettison it last week, got a phone call from PowerGen :(09:07
Dr_Willis'the engines canna take any moar!'09:07
eagles0513875hehe KruyKaze pulling that amount of electricity the components i dont think could handle it09:07
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: you get my pm09:07
Dr_WillisNot really.. been playing 'kq' for a while. :)09:08
KruyKazeno i mean that * comment09:08
Dr_Willis!info kq09:08
Dr_Willispoor bot is slow.09:08
ubottukq (source: kq): adventure game in the spirit of Final Fantasy. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.cvs20070319-1.1 (karmic), package size 220 kB, installed size 820 kB09:08
NinjaPlimsollsi think it needs some coffee09:08
KruyKazeeagles0513875, plz09:08
NinjaPlimsollsDr_Willis, FF7 is still the best roleplaying game ever made09:09
KruyKazeNinjaPlimsolls, agreed09:09
Dr_WillisThe Playstation 1 emulator in  the repos.. does work nicely.. Im pretty sure it played FF7...09:09
Dr_WillisOr was that a ps2 game. i forget.. I had one for the PC also...09:10
NinjaPlimsollsI still have a PSX so I dig it out sometimes and play through09:10
Dr_WillisI never did finish it. :)09:10
KruyKazeso how do i make a comment"kruykaze is eating a sandwitch" ?09:10
Dr_Willisi forget how far i got.. i think  that was also the one that was out on the PC.09:10
NinjaPlimsollstype /me blablabla09:10
* KruyKaze blabla09:10
* Dr_Willis has no idea how to make a comment"kruykaze is eating a sandwitch" ?09:11
NinjaPlimsollsyeah the PC version of it was terrible09:11
NinjaPlimsollsyoud get about 4 hours into it, be free of Midgar and then it would crash09:11
* KruyKaze beat ff7 with 2000 hp max09:11
EvilAIMI have an icon for "NoS"09:11
Dr_Willislast i recall any FF game.. i some how got stuck in a loop where i couldent finish...09:11
EvilAIMand one for "New Breaks"09:11
Dr_Willisthen again - it could of been  i hackec the save game file also...09:12
EvilAIMone sets my cpu at 2gigahertz09:12
* NinjaPlimsolls bred a gold chocobo, had knights of the round, and killed all weapons ;)09:12
Dr_Willisshame that one FF-like game that came out 3 mo ago./ (2 mo?) aparently sucked badly09:12
KruyKazethat was a great achievement09:12
KruyKazecan u imagine beating sephiroth with 200hp?09:13
NinjaPlimsollsRuby weapon was easy.... tried killing it normally a few times but died like a dog, so I just mimed knights of the round on every char and scellotaped the button down lol09:13
Dr_WillisKruyKaze:  your inner geek is showing. :)09:13
NinjaPlimsollsmade a cuppa, came back and the fight win screen was up :P09:14
KruyKazei'm not afraid to show it09:14
NinjaPlimsollsi think i fought him with 999909:14
* NinjaPlimsolls sits on the naughty step09:14
KruyKazei basically didn't level up and faught him09:15
KruyKazeit was fscking hard09:15
KruyKazestill have the music playing in my head09:15
NinjaPlimsollsi remember the Cosmo Canyon theme09:16
eagles0513875hey guys can u keep it to karmic talk or head to kubuntu-offtopic plz09:16
EvilAIMyou in gnome?09:16
KruyKazeEvilAIM, yes09:16
EvilAIMright click a panel09:16
EvilAIMclick add to panel09:16
EvilAIM"CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor"09:17
eagles0513875KruyKaze: its nothing against you just not productive to those who need help with karmic09:17
EvilAIMright there09:17
KruyKazeeagles0513875, sorry no one else was talking at all09:17
EvilAIMLets you scale and pick yur own shit09:17
NinjaPlimsollsyeah sorry eagles0513875, i feel more like a squatter in this room anyways lol09:17
eagles0513875lol NinjaPlimsolls hehe well i kinda am as well cuz i only seem to have issues once in a blue moon09:17
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: your issue with console didnt surface for me with the nv driver btw09:18
KruyKazeEvilAIM, then?09:18
NinjaPlimsollsare .debs installing ok now from GUI?09:18
EvilAIMjust look at it09:18
EvilAIMthat's the exact thing I was telling you about09:19
EvilAIMyou can pick power save09:19
NinjaPlimsollsmorning bain09:19
EvilAIMThat's leet man09:19
KruyKazeoh isee :D09:19
bainSo I seemt o have found a bug in grub with my setup. Who can I pass the information along to ?09:19
KruyKazeis that new?09:20
bainI'm doing a bug report as well09:20
* Dr_Willis files a slug report.09:20
Dr_Willisfrost killed the bugs09:20
* EvilAIM touches you *09:23
* NinjaPlimsolls looks at EvilAIM09:24
NinjaPlimsollsStop touching meeeeee!09:24
Dr_WillisDont make me stop this car!09:24
Dr_Willisi WILl turn  this thing around!09:24
NinjaPlimsollsdoes anyone here code XHTML or PHP or anything like that?09:25
eagles0513875i know html NinjaPlimsolls09:25
eagles0513875hahaha Dr_Willis what u filling a slug against :P09:25
NinjaPlimsollsI'm trying to find a decent editor to use, right now I'm giving Bluefish a whirl09:25
bain*sigh* I really hope they fix xterm ...09:25
NinjaPlimsollsjust wondered if there are any other editors09:25
eagles0513875NinjaPlimsolls: take a look at genii09:25
ubottuSee !coffee09:25
bainNinjaPlimsolls: vi ?09:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about geany09:25
eagles0513875whoops wrong genii09:25
NinjaPlimsollsvi is like siphillis09:26
eagles0513875!info geany09:26
ubottugeany (source: geany): A fast and lightweight IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.18-1 (karmic), package size 2310 kB, installed size 6492 kB09:26
bainNinjaPlimsolls: some of us enjoy catching siphillis :P09:26
eagles0513875NinjaPlimsolls: geany supports over 30 different languages from html to php to c++ pascal and fortan and more09:26
Dr_Willisvim Owns you. :)09:26
Dr_WillisI also use geany09:26
NinjaPlimsollscool I'll take a look09:26
eagles0513875whoops sry for caps09:26
eagles0513875ill brb09:26
NinjaPlimsollsi do most of my coding plaintext anyway, just want nice features like sticking in tags etc09:26
baineagles0513875: cound be worse .. you could be doing corportate strategy documentation :)09:27
NinjaPlimsollshey, i may be a coder, but that doesnt stop me from being lazy :P09:27
eagles0513875bain: its part of my course which is alot of math and programming this yr09:27
eagles0513875bsc computing and information systems09:27
KruyKazeok night guys09:27
eagles0513875NinjaPlimsolls: then go back to winblows :P use dreamweaver u lazy bum09:28
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, wtf?09:28
eagles0513875hehe j/k bro09:28
NinjaPlimsollsI just said I do all my coding plaintext09:28
eagles0513875] <NinjaPlimsolls> hey, i may be a coder, but that doesnt stop me from being lazy :P09:28
eagles0513875thats what i was responding to NinjaPlimsolls :P09:28
eagles0513875if you want to really be lazy dreamweave takes coding out of web programming09:28
eagles0513875ill be back09:29
NinjaPlimsollsoh no, i like coding09:29
NinjaPlimsollsi just dont like typing <br /> 60 times per document lol09:29
eagles0513875copy paste my friend09:29
NinjaPlimsollsi know :(09:29
eagles0513875ahhh wrong type of lazy then lol09:29
bullgard4What is the function of the loadable kernel driver 'videodev'? The information output of 'modinfo': "v4l1-compat" does mean what?09:30
NinjaPlimsollsdunno if bazaar-type development would work for a website? id just kick back and let ppl sort out W3C compliance for me :P09:30
bain*sigh* not to figure out hot o manually install grub on karmic ..09:31
NinjaPlimsollswhat happened bane?09:31
bainNinjaPlimsolls: grub installer is dying on my during install on one machine.09:31
NinjaPlimsollsnot good09:32
bainNope ...09:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 440803 in grub-installer "grub-installer fail on karmic" [Undecided,Incomplete]09:32
NinjaPlimsollshmm weird09:33
NinjaPlimsollsmine worked fine09:33
bainhmmm ... why would grub not be installed on the base ..09:33
NinjaPlimsollstell you what you could do09:33
NinjaPlimsollsjust get a 9.04 live cd and do sudo update-manager -d09:34
bainummmm no .. I'm in the dark side of the internet, where we pay for bandwidth09:34
NinjaPlimsollshaha :P09:35
vinvinI have a question about karmic: I am using it on an hp7 laptop, and the sound level is quite low, and has a lot of bass09:38
vinvinis there a way to fix this ??09:38
bain*sigh* .. I give up .. I'll wait for the release and see how it goes ...09:38
vinvinI prefer the kubuntu interface but might give up beacause of this sound problem09:40
Dr_Willisgnome dosent have th sound issues?09:43
EvilAIMThat just gave me a head ache09:44
* Dr_Willis hits EvilAIM on the toe with a rice mallet.. there ya got.. you will frget about the headache now.,09:45
vinvinwell I haven't tried, but in 9.04 it did not09:45
Dr_Willistheres been a lot of tweaks/changes to the sound system. I still get a popping noise all the time. :(09:45
NinjaPlimsollslets see if todays updates nuke my system09:47
bullgard4What is the function of the loadable kernel driver 'videodev'? The information output of 'modinfo': "v4l1-compat" does mean what?09:48
NinjaPlimsollsweee nothing broke :D09:50
NinjaPlimsollswb eagles051387509:51
Dr_Willisfile a bug.. :)09:51
Dr_Willis'Updates dident break somthing.... bug #9999999'09:52
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 9999999 could not be found09:52
NinjaPlimsollshaven't had any problems running karmic or doing any of the updates09:52
NinjaPlimsollsso I must be blessed09:52
* NinjaPlimsolls touches wood09:52
eagles0513875ty ty09:53
eagles0513875bug #109:53
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)09:53
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: filed ur slug :P09:53
eagles0513875NinjaPlimsolls: me neither no issues09:53
eagles0513875but Dr_Willis i really think there is an issue with certain things that got updated from jaunty to karmic possibly xorg or stuff of the sort09:53
Dr_Willisyea - This is a clean install.. ive not  had any issues till yesterdays update.. watching a video now. i willreboot and try the older kernel next.  as trouble shooting09:54
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, have you read any of the stuff about Lucid Lynx?09:54
* Dr_Willis is watching a 'meet the gimp tutorial'09:54
eagles0513875no i havent yet NinjaPlimsolls09:54
eagles0513875hahah guys go to this bug09:54
eagles0513875bug number 109:54
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, shuttleworth wants to remove aptitude and synaptic, and just use the Ubuntu software centre09:54
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1/+text)09:54
Dr_Willisfirst thing i will install will be synaptic......09:54
eagles0513875O_O NinjaPlimsolls interesting09:55
GobiTheGoblinHi guys =)  I use this netbook-remix (nvidia, amd), and I have no virtual consoles. Is this common?09:55
eagles0513875GobiTheGoblin:  talk to Dr_Willis he seems to be having console issues09:55
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, and karmic is the last of GNOME 2.8(something) releases, lynx will have GNOME 309:55
Dr_WillisGobiTheGoblin:  what video card/chipset?09:55
eagles0513875NinjaPlimsolls: hopefully all gnome users wont have issues with it like when 4.0 was rolled out09:55
Dr_Willisthere was someone in here earlier that had no login: showing up.. im having gfx issues on the consoles.09:55
vinvinok, I've filled a bug report regarding my sound problem09:55
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, you mean KDE4? well granted KDE is atrocious09:56
GobiTheGoblinDr_Willis: nvidia C51 i believe (lspci)09:56
eagles0513875ya NinjaPlimsolls but it has come along way09:56
NinjaPlimsollseagles0513875, you know whats stopping me from using it?09:56
eagles0513875GobiTheGoblin: are you using the 185 driver from the repositories09:56
eagles0513875NinjaPlimsolls: what09:56
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: yep09:56
Dr_WillisGobiTheGoblin:  are the consoles 'blank' or is it full of video garbage?09:56
NinjaPlimsollstreating every icon on the desktop as either some weird folder view thing, or a widget09:56
NinjaPlimsollsdidnt we talk about this the other day? lol09:56
GobiTheGoblinDr_Willis: actually, tty1 is garbage others are blank09:56
eagles0513875GobiTheGoblin: remove it and see if you still have the same issue with the generic nv driver09:56
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: k, will try. I come back after tests to give results. =)09:57
eagles0513875ok GobiTheGoblin09:57
eagles0513875i had something similar where i wouldnt get x workign with 185 in alpha 509:57
eagles0513875nv wouldnt work either09:57
eagles0513875as soon as i tried the driver form nvidia it worked just fine which i found out to be odd09:57
NinjaPlimsollsfor me eagles0513875, GNOME seems to be the more logical of the two DE's09:57
eagles0513875the way things are sorted there i get uber confused09:58
NinjaPlimsollsive always used GNOME though, same with you and KDE i expect?09:58
Dr_WillisGnome needs to get over the 'our users are idiots' mentality however.09:58
NinjaPlimsollsoh definitely, I just prefer GTK, the layout and other stuff09:59
darthanubisDr_Willis, are they that far off the mark, considering the questions from buntu users?09:59
Dr_Willisdarthanubis:  yes.09:59
NinjaPlimsollsit does lack deeper customisation stuff10:00
Dr_WillisWe 'can' handle settings for the screen saver... :)10:00
darthanubis#ubuntu disagrees with you I think10:00
* nonix4 ponders whether "Fix Released" is wrong state for bugs with fix only in Karmic so far, while Karmic is still "not released"?10:00
Dr_Williswe can handle  seperate wallpapers for each desktop10:00
Dr_Willis#1 question i see in #ubntu these days all relate to flash problems.. or people wanting features in gnome10:00
darthanubisDr_Willis, i agree with you...but they have to bring users along slowly10:00
Dr_WillisThen have check box's/settings to show/hide the advanced features10:01
NinjaPlimsollsdarthanubis, very very true10:01
NinjaPlimsollsI tried KDE and got lost very quickly10:01
Dr_Williskde4 is confuseing at first..10:01
cyberspliceDr_Willis, seriously. Flash is SO vital.10:01
darthanubisI LOVE KDe4.3 but the Plasmoids are still very weak10:01
Dr_Willisthen  it crashin gall the time makes kde4 harder to figure out10:01
NinjaPlimsollsi just dont like the idea of plasmoids, at all10:02
Dr_WillisI still think windowmaker and its warf handled 'widgits' best.. :)10:02
Dr_Willisbut i think that feature has been removed from kde4 also..10:02
Dr_Williskde3 could have a warf-panel i recall.10:02
darthanubisI ran KDE4.3 for a month and a half and enjoyed it, but found myself using allGTK apps10:02
NinjaPlimsollswell, to be fair, the only OS that handles things like widgets sensibly and in a very accessible manner is OSX10:02
darthanubisIf I'm goin gto do that, whats the point10:03
Dr_WillisOs-X pushes widgits so hard the new mac mice have a button just to show the widgits10:03
NinjaPlimsollswow how lazy10:03
darthanubisI just can't do Jobs, or Ballmer10:03
NinjaPlimsollsconsidering all they needed to press previously was an F key10:04
darthanubisat all10:04
Dr_Willisnext tiem you are at a store check out the aqpple mice.. theres a little round button. (i though i twas a scroll wheel/ball at furst)10:04
NinjaPlimsollsme neither, Ballmer is pompous and apple hardware is over-priced10:04
darthanubisapple hardware is over-priced<<<<<<<<<TOTALLY10:04
Dr_WillisThen again.. that almost makes up for other lacking features of OS-X10:04
NinjaPlimsollsI just wish some designers would sit down and really get their teeth into a decent looking default ubuntu theme10:05
darthanubisI like the new looks in Ubuntu10:05
darthanubisLOVE the icon sts10:05
NinjaPlimsollsand some icons that dont look like they were made in the 1980's with a copy of Deluxe Paint10:06
ectropyI like big butts and I cannot lie.10:06
Dr_WillisI LIKED deluxe pait. :)10:06
NinjaPlimsollsI preferred painting in BASIC ;)10:06
ectropyI preferred painting in macpaint10:06
ectropyyes, google knows about macpaint10:07
GobiTheGoblinback again. No help there, drivers from nvidia.com didn't help10:07
ghendarI had a script at some point called photoslop... all it did was open an image apply a mosaic pattern and blur to it so it looked like you spilled a bunch of paint10:08
GobiTheGoblinactually, now all consoles prints garbage... o_O10:08
ghendarGobiTheGoblin, well, at least they're printing! ;)10:08
GobiTheGoblinghendar: :P10:09
ectropyI had this special plastic adhesive transparent stuff that had wavy lines on it once. You'd knife it along the shoreline, peel off the wax paper, carefully appply it to where oyu wanted it to look watery, then scan it in.10:09
* darthanubis wonders when Google will deem US too stupid to inhabit the planet?10:09
darthanubisand take measures10:10
* NinjaPlimsolls puts on some SoulFly10:12
bullgard4'~ $ modinfo videodev; Device registrar for Video4Linux drivers v2.' How can I determine what driver did Ubuntu 9.10 for my USB web cam?10:17
GobiTheGoblinuuuh.. k. I found this: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+bug/44779110:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447791 in linux-meta "after update to 2.6.31-13,the virtual Console Huap" [Undecided,New]10:18
bullgard4'~ $ modinfo videodev; Device registrar for Video4Linux drivers v2.' How can I determine what driver did Ubuntu 9.10 load for my USB web cam?10:19
Dr_WillisGobiTheGoblin:  if you rearange the windows on the desktopp... then go back to the consoles.. do the garbage look differently?10:19
Dr_WillisHmm that bug report.. is rather...  lacking in info :)10:20
GobiTheGoblinDr_Willis: Actually no. It stays the same. It flickers just before entering X10:20
Dr_WillisGobiTheGoblin:  on mine i see 'large vague blocks' and aparently those are the various windows i have on the desktop10:21
Dr_Willisif i rearange the windows on X.. then the console 'garbage' changes10:21
Dr_Willisdone watching my video. :) guess i will look into it more now.10:22
Dr_Willisbut i dont want to reboot now.. i got downloads going on. :)10:22
Dr_Willisgotta love it when you are gettting 1.1mb/s downloads... dont want to reboot now.10:23
EvilAIMthat isn't your normal speed?10:23
Dr_Willisdepends on what the servers are sending  to me.10:23
Dr_Willistotal ive seen higher then that.. but rarely from a single server.10:23
GobiTheGoblinDr_Willis: Well with me there is actually very little garbage.. 20 short green lines.. and few blue dots.. but after i change back to X, the whole screen flicers with blue blocks. Well, actually this not a big deal for me :P10:24
eagles0513875GobiTheGoblin: still didnt work for you10:24
Dr_WillisGobiTheGoblin:  yea. its annoyng.. ibe seen similer issues in the past with X drivers and consoles messing up10:24
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: no..10:24
eagles0513875GobiTheGoblin: now get the nvidia driver from the nvidia site10:24
eagles0513875that fixed issues for me10:25
lucahi everyone10:25
cyberspliceHi luca.10:25
shosshello, which is the firmware directory on karmic?10:25
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: yea. only difference is that now I have same garbage on all virtual consoles :D progress, here I come :D10:25
eagles0513875hi luca10:25
lucaI need help - I cannot boot into my system anymore, it hangs at "starting cryptswap"10:25
eagles0513875heheh GobiTheGoblin the latest driver from nvidia itself should fix it10:25
cyberspliceluca, did you create an encrypted /home dir?10:26
cybersplicewait cryptswap10:26
cyberspliceencrypted the whole machine?10:26
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: It might be related to kernel... what I am doing here, I might as well test it straight away... cya10:27
lucacybersplice: I selected the option to have an encrypted home, which implies having also an encrypted swap10:27
eagles0513875GobiTheGoblin: let me know10:27
EvilAIMI still don't understand why people are using crypt on there home machines10:27
EvilAIMseems dumb to me10:27
lucacybersplice: problem is, now nothing functions, after yesterday I had some problems (grub-pc got removed during an upgrade, kernel was upgraded, I removed old kernel .. oops! Now grub is fixed, kinda, but eve if the kernel starts, cryptswap hangs)10:28
lucaEvilAIM: this is a laptop, not properly a home machine10:28
shosshello, which is the firmware directory on karmic?10:28
hifishoss: /lib/firmware/ as always10:29
lucaEvilAIM: however I have to say that it is more hassle than it is worth, at this point, considering also that nowhere was written "no hibernation possible" AND that I am not able to access my data from live, in any way :(10:29
EvilAIMI personally don't care about data THAT much to deal with it10:30
bullgard4'~ $ modinfo videodev; Device registrar for Video4Linux drivers v2.' How can I determine what driver did Ubuntu 9.10 load for my USB web cam?10:30
EvilAIMat the end of the day if you have your CC #'s or something like that on your computer you're a moron anyways10:30
cyberspliceluca, it sounds like the encryption keys must have been lost10:30
lucacybersplice: dunno how that could have possibly happened; is there any way to repair it?10:31
EvilAIM*watches South Park in 1080p*...10:31
EvilAIMthis is not normal..10:31
lucaEvilAIM: CC?10:32
shosshifi: shouldn't i have a /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent ?10:32
=== ubuntu is now known as Adapter
cyberspliceluca, my guess is when you lost those packages (not the kernel), the keys were perhaps overwritten. As to recovery, if the keys were DELETED then, no. Kf n10:32
cyberspliceit depends where/how the keys are10:33
EvilAIMCredit Card...10:33
cyberspliceEvilAIM, I bet you can see every pore on their skin.10:33
EvilAIMit's so stupid10:33
EvilAIMYou can see the texture of the cardboard...10:33
hifishoss: I dont have /etc/hotplug so I don't know10:34
GobiTheGoblinwell that was smooth.. I crashed this with overheating :P So, testing with 31-12 was A dumb idea :P10:34
lucacybersplice: ok, I had recorded the passphrase, and I am following the instructions here: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/03/mounting-your-encrypted-home-from.html10:35
lucacybersplice: terminal spits out this error: "Error: Your kernel does not support filename encryption"10:35
cybersplicewhat kernel is running?10:36
lucathe live cd one10:36
cybersplicethat's the problem, obviously10:36
lucaI have performed the ecryptfs-add-passphrase --fnek part10:36
cybersplicethat might have splatted the keys itself10:36
lucamaybe I did not do one thing properly10:36
lucaone sec10:36
cybersplicelet me look at your doc10:36
cyberspliceluca, that should work pretty well, if it's not working then the best bet is to chroot into the broken system and reinstall the correct kernel10:39
eagles0513875GobiTheGoblin: you try new nvidia driver from nvidia or not yet10:40
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: Yea, I have the official one10:40
eagles0513875and did it fix the issue10:40
lucacybersplice: ok, it's working, at least now I have access to my data10:40
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: nope10:40
eagles0513875then i dunno :(10:40
cyberspliceluca, yes, good stuff. Hope you're frantically performing your backup!10:40
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: It's ok really.. i rarely even use it10:40
eagles0513875GobiTheGoblin: did u upgrade it from jaunty10:41
lucacybersplice: I am grabbing my disk! :)10:41
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: No, clean install10:41
eagles0513875strange GobiTheGoblin10:41
cyberspliceluca, i had to get PGP Universal Server at work, becuase my users are endlessly expert at forgetting their passphrases... similar issues ensued..10:41
eagles0513875is there a channel on freenode for the netbook remix GobiTheGoblin10:42
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: that would be really strange if it would be up to that10:42
eagles0513875lol GobiTheGoblin cuz i had some issues with upgrading from jaunty to karmic10:43
GobiTheGoblineagles0513875: well I think those smart devs figure this one out eventually too.. It is not so big of a deal for me. All i wanted to test emacs on it10:44
o_portista17can someone thell me, what version of Firefox, do you all have on ubuntu?10:44
eagles0513875!info firefox | o_portista1710:44
ubottuo_portista17: firefox (source: firefox-3.5): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.5.3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 70 kB, installed size 128 kB10:44
cyberspliceluca, not that you forgot your passphrase, obviously..10:44
eagles0513875o_portista17: that answer your question :)10:44
o_portista17thank you10:44
cyberspliceubottu is so win.10:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is so win.10:44
o_portista17my firefox, it's now, Shiretoko ;<10:45
* cybersplice facepalm.10:45
lucacybersplice: yeah, thankfully I had immediately printed it out10:45
cyberspliceluca, you're supposed to  memorise it!10:45
* cybersplice wonders if everyone is as paranoid as he is, and has four 20+ character passphrases memorised....10:46
lucacybersplice: an exadecimal passphrase of about 20 characters? not about to happen, I fear10:46
lucacybersplice: I have a *very* solid memorised login passphrase, to be sure, but the encrypted passphrase is a bit too much for me ;)10:47
cyberspliceluca: Hah! Fair enough. Keep it secret, keep it safe.10:47
cyberspliceMy kitteh wants to talk to #ubuntu+110:48
cyberspliceBloody cat...10:48
GobiTheGoblinluca: It's easy. Think a sentence, like "My cat is driving me mad" etc and when you type it, use a letter from upper right or left.. like "M" -> "K", "y" -> "7" etc10:48
GobiTheGoblinYou get "K7 fw6 9e r59g9jy k4 kwr"10:49
cyberspliceTo be honest, long sentences are far easier to remember than complex nonalphanumeric phrases and almost as strong.10:49
lucaGobiTheGoblin: sounds like a good advice, but I am not going to follow it with such an important thing straight away :D10:49
cyberspliceHells, adding spaces exponentially increases bruteforce complexity.10:49
* cybersplice does information security for a living.10:49
lucacybersplice: I agree. Here I am talking about the exadecimal passphrase needed to restore the keys in the encrypted home case. Actually, without the login passphrase, I guess a cracker would be still out there in cold10:50
GobiTheGoblinluca: When I got used to it, I never looked back =)10:50
lucaGobiTheGoblin: :)10:50
cyberspliceluca, given a user who is not an idiot, WDE makes local data security pretty much irrelevant.10:51
Dr_Willisso using all spaces makes it impossible to bruteforce10:51
diverse_izzuewhen i suspend my laptop by closing the lid it falls asleep again right after waking up. when i thereafter wake it up with the power button, it stays up. known bug?10:51
cyberspliceIn using dropbox / ubuntu one, etc, i tend to GPG the files i upload, so again, cracking is largely irrelevant.10:51
cyberspliceDr_Willis, Totally. Throw in a fullstop somewhere and you're golden.10:51
lucacybersplice: ok now I am doing my backups, question, could have performed the "ecryptfs-add-passphrase" solved my problem?10:52
cyberspliceluca, why not check your /var/log/messages to see if there was a kernel fault.10:52
lucaby the way: being able to access the data from the live MUST be made more user-friendly, not easier, more user-friendly10:52
lucacybersplice: -.-'10:52
lucasometimes I am an imbecile10:52
icesmurfanyone here familiar with the dell-laptop package?10:53
icesmurfer kernel module i mean :)10:53
GobiTheGoblindiverse_izzue: I have similar issues10:53
GobiTheGoblindiverse_izzue: though, don't know about bug report tough10:54
cyberspliceluca, i'm always an imbecile.10:54
diverse_izzueGobiTheGoblin, you haven't reported it?10:54
cyberspliceicesmurf, i'm on a dell laptop and i've never used it. :D10:54
dupondjesomebody here can test something in Thunderbird? I have enabled that when I mark a message as SPAM, it gets moved to Junk folder, but when I mark a mail as spam, it just gets marked and not moved ...10:54
lucacybersplice: ;) ok, going through it10:54
diverse_izzueGobiTheGoblin, are your issues similar or the same?10:55
GobiTheGoblindiverse_izzue: no10:55
lucacybersplice: this is odd! no more log messages after I did the reboot from which all this mess started10:55
GobiTheGoblindiverse_izzue: well, If I unplug this from power cord, when as sleeps, it wakes up and then starts to hibernate10:56
lucacybersplice: not even this morning, when the grub had been fixed10:56
GobiTheGoblindiverse_izzue: so not the same...  similar10:56
cyberspliceluca, tail /var/log/kern.log10:56
GobiTheGoblin*when it is asleep10:56
cyberspliceluca, the keys are obviously present, this has to be a kernel / config error.10:57
icesmurfcyber: yeah me to , and it's blocking network manager from being able to see the wireless devices.10:57
lucacybersplice: I am looking at the end of that file, and I tell you, no more messages there since yesterday night, before the chaos ensued10:57
icesmurfi think it's bugged, or exposing a bug in the dell bios.10:57
cyberspliceluca, you're looking at kern.log?10:57
cybersplicehow bizzare.10:58
lucacybersplice: I have upgraded the kernel today, from chroot, and run update-grub with sudo having logged in10:58
lucacybersplice: could that have solved it? and yeah, it IS bizzarre :_/10:58
cyberspliceluca, it's possible, yes10:58
cybersplicewhy not give it a try?10:58
lucacybersplice: after the backup :)10:58
cyberspliceluca, ahaha, ofc.10:59
cyberspliceluca, try this if it doesn't work https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemHowto811:02
cybersplicecheck the grub config against that one11:02
cybersplicedepending on wether you have grub2 or grub11:02
cyberspliceI have to go for a while, but will be back later.11:02
lucacybersplice: thanks! however, the fstab here is quite different from the one which was installed on the system, just to say. Will have a look :)11:04
nysosymhi there11:09
nysosymi have a problem with xkb11:09
nysosymany idea how to solve this?11:10
CynthiaAw, with yesterday's updates we have to enter our password to check for updates again :(11:31
Dr_Willisthe updates need tobe updated ;)11:32
theallanHello all - having an issue installing libavcodec52 on Karmic - it says that it depends on libdirac-encoder0, but that is not installable - any idea where I mgiht find libdirac-encoder0?11:32
Dr_Willisupdate/upgrade/dist-upgrade  try again perhaps?11:33
Dr_Willis!find libdirac11:33
Cynthiatheallan: apt-get update && apt-get install libdirac-encoder011:33
ubottuFound: libdirac-dev, libdirac-doc, libdirac0c2a11:33
Cynthiathis will either fix the dependency problem which is not in the repository anymore, OR tell you what the dependency problem is11:33
Dr_Willisits allready installed here.11:34
theallanIt says "Package libdirac-encoder9 has no installation candidate"11:34
nysosymhi there, its impossible to click on buttons in flash apps...11:35
theallanbut has been refered to by another package... (presumable libavcodec52)11:35
nysosymany fix11:35
Dr_Willisflash is getting to be the #1 problem in linux it seems11:37
theallanCynthia: Dr_Willis: I've actually just found the encoder library in /usr/lib/libdirac_encoder*, however this doesn't seem to be getting picked up by the package installer11:37
Cynthianysosym: are you using the 32-bit non-free Flash on 64-bit, or the free Flash (Gnash) on any architecture?11:38
nysosym32bit non flash on 64bit11:39
Cynthiause the 64-bit Flash from Adobe Labs11:39
Dr_Willisnysosym:  got an example url to show the problem?11:40
Dr_Willisive not noticed the issue hwere on 32bit flash on 64bit system *i think*11:40
nysosymand youtube videos11:40
Cynthianysosym: and then copy the extracted file to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins (as root or sudo) OR into /home/youruser/.mozilla/plugins11:40
Dr_Willishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG0APKeWjIA&feature=popular   works here11:41
Dr_Willisunless you got a more specifi url with the issue11:42
theallanCynthia: Dr_Willis: I do apologise! I types the update command wrong :-( After doing that the installed ackages must have been synced and it works great now!11:42
theallanthanks very much for the help11:42
Cynthiatheallan: you're welcome, and no worries :)11:42
nysosymCynthia, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG78FXhdig0&feature=popular11:43
Cynthianysosym: I'm a bit of a lost cause, since I have the 64-bit Flash from Adobe11:45
CynthiaBut I know what you mean; the 32-bit one would have seemingly ignored mouse events11:46
ltspadminhi i install ubuntu 9.10 with amd64bit ltsp server11:46
ltspadminevolution 2.22 version is faster then 2.26 ?11:46
bullgard4[GNOME] MultiMedia System > Audio > Default Input > Plugin:=PulsAudio soundserver > Device:=Default > Test does not produce a test sound. snd_usb_audio is loaded. How to troubleshoot?11:47
Dr_Willisnysosym:  that url also works here.   i can play/pause/click on the spam links11:47
Cynthiabullgard4: Input tests don't really produce sounds, I think. You should try an Output test instead.11:48
Cynthiabullgard4: Or is your USB audio device a microphone? :)11:49
lucahi again; same problem, cannot boot11:49
bullgard4Cynthia: I wanted to test the microphone of my newly bought webcam.11:50
mo0nykitHow do I get a list of loadable modules? modinfo? modprobe?11:50
lucathe boot stops, either during normal boot OR recovery mode, at the "cryptswap1 started" step11:50
bullgard4mo0nykit: lsmod11:50
Cynthiamo0nykit: modprobe -l (lower case L)11:50
bullgard4mo0nykit: lsmod will give you a list of loaded modules, rather.11:51
Cynthiabullgard4/microphone: ok. Are you trying it in Sound Preferences or a sound recorder?11:51
nysosymhmmm the 64bit flash version doesnt work11:52
mo0nykitthanks.. But how about *loadable* modules?11:52
Cynthiamo0nykit: modprobe -l (lower case L)11:52
rockratwhen i change theme, borders change, icons change but control doesn't change. its always set to Raleigh. plz help11:53
bullgard4Cynthia: I am trying it in the new program "Multimedia System". This can be run by the command gstreamer-properties.11:53
Cynthiaactually I should say modprobe -l | less, or modprobe -l > modules.txt, because the list is long :)11:53
Dr_Willisrockrat:  i had a odd quirk where somthing crashed so they dident change.. but once i logged out/back in they did.11:53
Dr_Willisrockrat:  i think some gnome-setting-deamon/servce crashed.. and the logout restarted it11:53
rockratDr_Willis: i restarted twice but it stays same11:54
Dr_WillisThat is odd.11:54
rockratDr_Willis: i also killall gnome-panel but no help11:54
Dr_WillisTry a new user  - see if it affects them also - as a test11:54
mo0nykitCynthia, thanks. for example if I want to load soundcore.ko, I'll say "sudo modprobe soundcore" ?11:54
Cynthiamo0nykit: yes11:54
rockratDr_Willis: how can i trace gnome-settings-daemon/service ? /var/log ?11:55
mo0nykitCynthia, thanks!11:55
Dr_Willisrockrat:  not sure - i dident look into it very much - since its working now for me11:55
Cynthiabullgard4: if you speak in the microphone while gstreamer-properties is testing, does it come out of your speakers?11:55
Dr_Willisjust had that problem once11:55
Cynthiabullgard4: and have you tried gnome-sound-recorder, or just gstreamer-properties?11:56
rockratDr_Willis: hmm. well it ain't for me though11:56
rockratDr_Willis: which log file associated with gnome settings11:56
bullgard4Cynthia: No. There is (acoustical) feedback and thus howling. I am not sure if this test tests the laptop's internal microphone.11:57
nysosymCynthia, the 64bit version of flash doesnt solve the problem11:57
bullgard4Cynthia: No, Because the video test works all right via this program.11:57
Cynthiabullgard4: change the input device in gnome sound preferences (system/preferences) if you have two microphones, this will ensure you have the right device in gstreamer-properties (or, heck, it may be that the default sound device in gstreamer-properties doesn't affect non-GStreamer apps)11:59
bullgard4Cynthia: I have just verified that it tests the computer' internal microphone.11:59
Cynthianysosym: it fixed it rather well here, I'm not sure what problem you have11:59
nysosymis a restart necessary?12:00
Cynthianysosym: ls /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins ~/.mozilla/plugins (end of command) and check that libflashplayer.so is there, not the .tar.gz if applicable12:00
Cynthiayou should only need to restart Firefox for the new plugin to be loaded12:01
nysosymjep libflashplayer.so is there12:02
Cynthiajust to make sure, uninstall whatever 32-bit flash plugin you had before as well12:02
nysosymbut its green in my terminal12:02
bullgard4Cynthia: In alsa-mixer I changed <Mic Sel> from Mic1 to Mic2. Then the test does not produce any sound even if I knock onto the webcam.12:03
Cynthiai.e. apt-get purge flashplayer-installer, or any other 'reversing' command12:03
Cynthiabullgard4: then perhaps the device is unsupported in Karmic, unfortunately, but I'm in no position to make this claim a valid one; check on the Ubuntu Forums to see if anyone else has problems with webcam mics12:04
nysosymremoving the installer works :)12:04
Cynthianysosym: you've restarted Firefox after uninstalling as well? and the clicks work now?12:04
nysosymjep :)12:05
Cynthianysosym: cool :)12:05
bullgard4Cynthia: I will check that. It is a bit difficult to select the right "Karmic' hits.12:05
Cynthiabullgard4: yes, lots of things are for older versions of Ubuntu on the forums, due to them being big archives of threads12:06
Cynthiaincluding the word 'karmic' in searches is sure to improve upon that a bit12:06
nysosymCynthia, if you now have a solution for my xkb problem, im going to love you :D12:07
Cynthianysosym: I may, or I may not, ask your question in here and anyone knowing a solution can help you12:08
nysosymi wanne change my keyboard layout und get the message12:09
Cynthianysosym: gnome, kde or xfce?12:10
Cynthia(or plain X)12:10
nysosymon a macbook12:10
Cynthiahave you tried this in System/Preferences/Keyboard first?12:10
bullgard4Cynthia: What I was going to explain was this: I had done searching and included the catchword "karmic". But most of the many hits brought about websites with 'Ubuntu Karmic' not related to my problem at hand. --  I will continue snooping.  --  Thank you for your encouragement.12:10
Cynthiabullgard4: Ah, I see. Good luck on your search :)12:10
nysosymCynthia, sure i have changed my keyboard layout in System>Preferences>Keyboard12:13
Cynthianysosym: I can see what keyboard layout you're trying to use in that Pastebin post, but I don't see how that sequence of layouts is an error; you should seek support in X.org's bug tracker, mailing list or #xorg here12:14
CynthiaI suggest #xorg first12:15
NinjaPlimsollsCynthia, are you from Canonical?12:18
=== FOAD_ is now known as FOAD
CynthiaNinjaPlimsolls: no12:22
CynthiaI'm just someone who's testing the Karmic pre-releases from Alpha 5 onwards :P12:22
NinjaPlimsollsyou're very efficient :)12:25
Cynthiaif I was from Canonical, my host would probably look like @ubuntu/developer/cynthia12:25
Cynthiaoh hey, updates brought out a Restart Required dialog, but it was unfocused so I never saw it12:28
Cynthiayet another unannounced change in humanity-icon-theme, but I don't mind those12:31
lucahelp please - is there a way to troubleshoot a hanging boot problem, with no messages printed into kern.log? :(12:34
lucaI am blocked out of my own computer :(12:34
madm1kedont u see any messages at boot time?12:35
Cynthiamost of the time, kernel problems at boot require a photo of the screen12:36
oldude67is empathy in repos close to being up to date?12:36
Cynthiaif you're using GRUB2, which you are because you're using Karmic, you hold Shift at boot time to get into GRUB2's menu, then you edit the first boot entry to remove the word 'quiet', then you press Ctrl+X and take a picture of the last text that appears12:37
Cynthialuca: ^12:37
lucaCynthia: seems a sound advice12:38
Cynthiaalso remove the word 'splash' maybe12:38
Dr_Willisi recall there also being a 'verbose' option you could add at one time..12:38
Dr_Willisbut that may talk Too much12:38
lucaCynthia: in any case, I can tell you that the last words that appear while trying a recovery mode boot are "error inserting pad_shamlock (i'll have to google to get the exact wording, sorry)" and cryptswap1 started, then stopping there12:39
Cynthiapam_ probably12:39
Cynthiait's for authentication12:39
madm1kepadlock-sha maybe?12:40
madm1keisnt this some optional via crypto device?12:40
Dr_WillisHmm.. I would really like it if this HuluDesktop thing dident start playing a video of their chooseing automatically.. execially when its a video of people throwing up...12:41
oldude67Dr_Willis, ewe..lol12:41
CynthiaDr_Willis: o_O too much information12:41
lucamadm1ke: yes!12:41
Dr_WillisYep.. i thought so also.. some  show called the 'office' or somthing12:42
madm1keluca: you shouldnt be worried about this message12:42
lucamadm1ke: ok, then, the problem is probably elsewhere I guess :-/12:43
madm1keluca: are you booting with "nosplash" and "noquiet" ?12:46
lucamadm1ke: I was looking a bit in Internet for some other clue12:46
madm1keyou might want to try that and see if it reveals some more information12:47
mrberlfis there a way to manage kaffeine with dbus?12:47
lucamadm1ke: wait, with grub-pc, what is the right config file to check and modify?12:47
mrberlfi have installed the new kubuntu karmic and there is the new kaffeine pre212:47
mrberlfbut it lacks many features...d.bus, dvb channels grouping. is there a way to get the old kaffeine 0.8 instead12:47
blueyedxmodmap appears to be broken with regard to exchanging pointer button 2 and 9 in my case.. With "pointer = 1 9 2 4 5 6 7 3 8" the physical buttons 2 and 3 are both mapped to 9..  "Emulate3Buttons" "False" is explicitly off in xorg.conf.12:47
mrberlfplease re-include the old kaffeine 0.8 in karmic untill they finish developing the new one...12:48
madm1kemrberlf: you could try getting the kaffeine-package for jaunty from packages.ubuntu.com and install it instead.12:49
mrberlfi could try this but i thing i will get many brocken dependencies12:49
madm1kemrberlf: this is probably the wrong place to mention this. try to tell the kaffeine package maintainers your opinion12:49
madm1kemrberlf: well, maybe :)12:49
mrberlfi think this is the right place to say not to exclude the old kaffeine in karmic12:50
dupondjesomebody here can test something in Thunderbird? I have enabled that when I mark a message as SPAM, it gets moved to Junk folder, but when I mark a mail as spam, it just gets marked and not moved ...12:50
mrberlfthe new kaffeine is not yet ready to replace the old one12:50
mrberlfit misses many features12:51
madm1kemrberlf: then maybe you could help -> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kaffeine   :)12:53
mrberlfmadm1ke: i think it is a big mistake to replace the "old" kaffeine in karmic as it lacks many features.12:55
mrberlfexpecially d-bus support12:55
madm1kemrberlf: dont tell me, i cant change that :)12:55
mrberlfwho can?12:55
Forza4Lifeanyone know why karmic comes with fewer screensavers than jaunty did?12:56
madm1kemrberlf: look at the launchpad page i posted12:56
Dr_WillisForza4Life:  save disk space i would imagine12:56
Forza4Lifeit is just a little gripe12:57
Dr_WillisThe cd is about as packed as it can get.  I can think of other things i would want removed.. :) and others added12:57
mrberlfok bye12:58
Dr_WillisBut i got a script wrote up that adds the stuff i want.12:58
Forza4Lifekarmic is working wonderfully for me so far...love it  just trying to iron it all out12:58
mrberlfi will go back to jaunty bye12:58
Dr_Willismrberlf:  its a free country.. do what you want12:58
nysosymis there any configuration utility for the notification popup?12:58
Dr_Willisnysosym:  not that ive noticed/seen yet..12:59
Forza4Lifeapparently he thought he should get RIGHT NOW help.....irc dont work that way12:59
Raphi974I'm having issues with the screen luminosity. it flashes... non-stop... anyone can help me ?12:59
nysosymDr_Willis, do you know one of the developers?12:59
madm1kefunny thing.. kaffeine 0.8 installed without a single dependency problem :/12:59
Dr_Willisnysosym:  nope.12:59
Dr_Willismadm1ke:  oh the humanity of it all!12:59
Dr_WillisHmm. HuluPlayer is now working decently well.. and Wow. I found a new Stargate Series.. Inever watch tv.. so id never heard abou tit. ;013:01
Forza4Lifehulu is nice13:01
Dr_Willisthey are getting better at some of the VERY annoying things they did in the past.13:01
nysosymany karmic user with a macbook here?13:02
aprilharehas anyone noticed bugs with firefox download? not able to display downloaded files through firefox? all files have unknown applications for opening? telling it to open upon download with any particular application causes download to fail?13:04
Raphi974I have issues with Totem when playing videos with subtitles... it simply doesn't play it.... and crashes. Anyone has the same problem ?13:04
aprilharestuff like that? :)13:04
Leftmostnysosym, what's up?13:04
aprilhareits seriously a mess. the firefox search bar does not work here *at all*13:05
nysosymLeftmost, do you have a notification for changing the brightness of your monitor?13:05
LeftmostAs in with notifyosd?13:05
nysosymLeftmost, yes13:05
gunniI updated my laptop from jaunty to karmic (changing sources list jaunty->karmic, dist-upgrade) now i cant boot  with the 2.6.31 kernel. The old kernel (2.6.28) boots in recovery, so i can access a terminal. The harddisk is encrypted, and with 2.6.26 i can enter the passphrase at boot, but in 2.6.31 i cannot. In 2.6.31 boot stops at "waiting for encrypted device" or something like this, and stays there. Any ideas?13:05
LeftmostYeah, but that may be due to a small amount of customization I did.13:05
Raphi974Leftmost, you have the bug with the brightness too ?13:05
LeftmostBrightness works just fine for me.13:06
Raphi974the brightness of my netbook juste keep changing non-stop...13:06
Raphi974+1 , -1, +1, -1...13:06
nysosymLeftmost, brightness change works well, after installing pommed, but there is no notification13:06
LeftmostI'm not using pommed.13:06
nysosymwhat have you done?13:07
LeftmostI have a policy file somewhere. Let me dig it up.13:07
topylifyi, you don't upgrade ubuntu with apt-get dist-upgrade13:08
topyliuse 'update-manager -d' if you must install a beta13:08
LeftmostHmm. The policy file is no longer installed, it seems. nysosym, do you have nvidia-bl-dkms installed?13:11
LeftmostMay need the mactel-support PPA in your repositories list.13:11
nysosymi have no nvidia card, just gma 95013:11
LeftmostAhh, older MacBook. That always worked out of the box for me.13:12
paolobHi guys! epiphany-gecko is getting more and more broken: I had reverted to epiphany-gecko, but after this morning full-upgrade I found that it was automatically replaced buy epiphany-webkit. So I purged epiphany-webkit and reinstalled epiphany-gecko. Aptitude search tells me that epiphany-webkit is purged, but launching epiphany runs epiphany-webkit... any hint?13:12
nysosymhmm :13:12
greg__hi guys trying to isntall a package on my box - i run the install script and get /usr/src/linux: no such file or directory... i've apt-get installed linux-source and linux-headers....what am i doing wrong? gcc is installed as well?13:13
Tarthensomething's wrong13:16
Tartheneverything works13:16
Tartheno.o this isn't a beta xD13:17
Tarthenwait, haven't updated yet13:17
Tarthenlets see what breaks :)13:17
wirechief_this is not ubuntu13:17
TarthenI honestly wonder what Karmic's regression will be13:18
TarthenHardy was sound, Jaunty was Intel13:19
wirechief_i think grub213:19
paolobTarthen, jaunty -> karmic has a regression in epiphany-gecko -> epiphany-webkit13:19
oldude67wirechief_, i havent had a problem with it.13:19
Nafaipaolob: What's the regression there?13:20
Tarthenpaolob: Who uses epiphany?13:20
TarthenFF ftw13:20
NafaiChromium :)13:20
jornI'm trying to find some information about making windows vista Default in GRUB2, but I cannot find anything. Anyone who can help me?13:20
paolobsee http://it.cathopedia.org/, a mediawiki site: the left bar is presented below the right one, no other browser presents it this way13:20
Tarthenjorn: Looked in grub.cfg?13:20
Nafaipaolob: The regression being the ephiphany now uses webkit or is there some brokeness?13:20
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto13:20
wirechief_i just updated my jaunty remix and it chokes now on grub2, i guess its time to move on, maybe karmic remix will work now ...13:20
jornTarthen : That file says I should not manually edit it..?13:21
paolobNafai, if you want to use epiphany-gecko you find many oddities, the first is that you cannont change easily from webkit to gecko13:21
Tarthenjorn: *shrug* I do it. just be careful13:21
Nafaipaolob: I didn't think that was a Ubuntu issue...epiphany upstream switched to webkit, did it not?13:22
jornTarthen : And run update-grub afterwords like before?13:22
paolobNafai, yes, but it should let me the freedom to use gecko13:22
oldude67jorn yes13:22
Nafaipaolob: So you want the upstream developers to support both?13:23
jornoldude67 and tarthen : thanks :)13:23
NafaiThis doesn't sound like a freedom issue, it sounds like a technical issue.13:23
paolobNafai, since webkit has various problem, my answer is definitely yes13:23
NafaiAnd if you feel that page is rendered wrong, file a bug13:23
wirechief_is ubuntu moblin remix given support on unbuntu+1 channel ? if not where ?13:24
drs305jorn: Have you looked at these?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub213:24
jorndrs305 : THANK YOU soo much :)13:25
oldude67drs305, i went threw grub2's how to's the other day and got all my old settings to work where i can just switch to memtest and all from those pages.13:25
drs305oldude67: I'm posting on UF sometime today with ways to tweak the Grub2 displays. It's a post for the truly anal!13:26
oldude67drs305, well i had to do something cause it was booting so fast i couldnt even see it.13:27
oldude67and im on an old junk 2.4 celeron.13:28
drs305oldude67: Do you still see all the messages instead of it going straight to the splash screen?13:28
ActionParsnipoldude67: faster than anything ive got13:28
bullgard4'~$ ps | grep udevd' obtains 3 hits. But why does System > Administration > System Monitor does not list udevd?13:28
carlosgaldinosomebody using xchat-gnome can tell me if the program closes by himself?13:28
oldude67it blipped grub2 and then straight to splash screen13:28
drs305oldude67: My boot was really fast back several months ago but now it's back up to 40 seconds or so. Don't know what's changed. And I get all the text as it boots, regardless of settings.13:30
oldude67drs305, i use to, but backed everything up and did a fresh install of the beta and no more text.13:31
carlosgaldinosomebody can tell me if the have experienced problems with xchat-gnome?13:31
carlosgaldinosomebody can tell me if they have experienced problems with xchat-gnome?13:31
drs305oldude67: Good to know. At some point I'll reinstall, but probably not til after the release.13:31
oldude67carlosgaldino, i dont use xchat-gnome..just xchat..no issues with it tho.13:31
carlosgaldinooldude67, and you use gnome?13:32
ubuntu__hi everyone13:32
oldude67carlosgaldino, oh no, i use lxde13:32
=== ubuntu__ is now known as luca___
TronicIs it still possible to get updates from Unstable?13:32
wirechief_drs305 good info on grub2 thanks.13:33
TronicThe mingw32 currently shipped (4.2) is seriously faulty and cannot compile any real-world C++ applications.13:33
TronicDebian has 4.4, which according to Red Hat bug on the matter is fixed.13:33
carlosgaldinooldude67, ok, thanks13:33
drs305wirechief_:  :-)13:33
luca___my system is not able to boot, because it thinks it has to make a fsck, although no /forcefsck is actually present on the drive13:34
oldude67luca___, what happens when you let it do the fsck?13:35
drs305luca___: Are you also getting error messages about dates in the future13:35
luca___drs305: yeah13:35
luca___oldude67: it just hangs without actually starting the fsck13:35
luca___oldude67: I am performing the check right now from the live13:36
luca___options -p -c13:36
oldude67drs305, isnt there an update for that that fixes that issue?13:36
luca___hmmm oldude67 maybe it was not hanging but just performing the check, Bug #44659613:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446596 in mountall "fsck does not show progress during boot" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44659613:37
ActionParsnipluca___: could boot to liveCD and fsck the drive yourself13:37
drs305oldude67: I thought so. I had the problem and dealt with it before the fix. I know some users just turned off their machines/left Karmic until the time error was past (i.e. if it was 6 hours ahead, booted 7 hours later).13:37
luca___ActionParsnip: that's what I am doing13:38
drs305In my case, multiple fscks didn't solve it because the time error kept coming back.13:38
oldude67think i had that issue with alpha 513:39
drs305oldude67: +113:39
voxhi, im trying to install karmic, but the desktop iso just dumps me to an initramfs screen. Any thoughts?13:40
wirechief_vox what is the date of the .iso your useing to install karmic ?13:41
luca___drs395: how did you solve then?13:41
wirechief_hmm kinda old13:42
wirechief_vox i think i would try a more recent release to see if it continues.13:42
oldude67vox, what video card are you using?13:42
wirechief_you could use zsync to update the .iso and save bandwidth13:42
Dr_Willisis the fsck message saying somthing about 'fsck date set to future - fsck forced' ?13:43
drs305luca___: I was afraid you would ask because I can't be sure.  ;-)   One one machine I just stayed out of Karmic until after the time difference had passed.13:43
Dr_WillisIf its mentioning the date/time.. go to the bios screen set the clock ahead 1 day.. and reboot13:43
voxoldude67: nvidia 9600gt13:43
oldude67i think i set my bios clock ahead.13:43
Dr_Willisor 2 days....   then update/upgrade13:43
voxnv4 chipset13:43
luca___drs305: would sound like an option, had I not kept the computer completely shut off tonight :(13:44
voxnothing outragious13:44
oldude67vox, you may want to use the alternate cd.13:44
luca___Dr_Willis: yes it is13:44
Dr_WillisI had a similer issue a few weeks ago.13:44
oldude67Dr_Willis, i did the same thing13:44
luca___Dr_Willis it is saying precisely fsck forced, and then errors because it can't remove a non-existent /forcefsck13:44
drs305luca___: I think on my other machine with Karmic I did as the others said and changed my system time. But I was a bit concerned of messing up all my file times.13:45
wirechief_vox check this url out if you want to try zsync  :   http://unixlab.blogspot.com/2009/10/downloading-ubuntu-910-beta-with-zsync.html13:45
eagles0513875hey oldude6713:45
Dr_Willisthere is nothing wrong with the fileysstem - other then the date   of its 'last fscked' which is set to  the UTC, or local, which confuses it..13:45
oldude67hey eagles051387513:45
Dr_WillisTry setting date ahead a few days see if it works13:45
voxwirechief_: ah it's cool, bandwidth isnt really an issue :)13:45
wirechief_vox ok...your lucky...with satelite i have FaP issues and that worked great for me.13:46
luca___at least I solved my problems with the encrypted partitions13:46
luca___by the way, is there any way to go back from an encrypted home/swap? I'd like to revert to non-encrypted, if possibile13:46
drs305luca___: I said I was a bit concerned but changing the system time/date didn't seem to mess anything up.13:46
luca___(missing hibernate :( )13:46
luca___drs305: ok thanks :)13:47
Dr_Willisyou set the date in the bios...but then the system/ntp stuff checks it from the internet services.. and sets it back after you boot13:47
luca___Dr_Willis: will try it if the fsck does not function, thanks13:48
abhinavhi .. suspend/hibernate are not working on some systems with karmic - I get an nvidia error13:48
eagles0513875abhinav: alot of people have been having issues with nvidia today13:51
luca___eagles051385: what a nice news to hear :-/13:53
Dr_Willislast 2 days here13:53
Dr_Willisbut thats juss the console goofing up13:54
TarthenNvidia error?13:54
Dr_WillisX is working13:54
Dr_Willisvideo glitxs in the consoles13:54
Tarthenmy console works o.o13:54
alexbhHi, I want to know if this touchscreen will be supported in 9.10: HP Pavilion tx 2510.... can somebody help me? thanks..13:56
legend2440after usplash 540 to 541 update my F1-F6 tty's have no login prompt. i have nvidia card. i had to remove word "splash" in /etc/default/grub to get it to work again. is there a bug report about this?13:56
TarthenThank god I never restart x.x13:57
amx109hi. just upgraded karmic. was working fine, but the update i just did has left X in a non working state13:59
amx109is there a known bug or a list of known issues i can look at?13:59
Dr_Willislegend2440:  ive been hearing about others with similer issues14:00
Dr_Willislegend2440:  i also have a similer issue14:00
abhinaveagles0513875: there are a few bugs on similar issues, but not sure if anyone is takng a look14:00
wirechief_amx109 what graphics card are you using with this new update ?14:01
legend2440Dr_Willis: seems to only affect nvidia14:01
amx109wirechief_, ati 485014:01
wirechief_are you using vesa or ATi proprietary ?14:01
Dr_WillisI have graphic jibberish all over my  consoles14:01
eagles0513875abhinav: would ask in ubuntu-x same with u amx109 they might be able to help u out more with any nvidia or x issues14:01
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: you ask in ubunu-x14:02
amx109wirechief_, ive just realised, aptitude is showing outstanding updates but wasnt letting me update. am using apt-get to update instead14:02
amx109ty eagles051387514:02
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  not yet. Been doing other things.14:02
amx109wirechief_, im hoping these updates will resolve my problem14:02
wirechief_amx109 well if not you may have to reconfigure X14:03
legend2440Dr_Willis: yes i had what i can only describe as blue Chinese letters in tty 1-6  and no login prompt14:03
alexbhsorry, :)14:03
abhinaveagles0513875: thanks. Filed 415211 in case anyone wants to take a look14:03
amx109wirechief_, im using ati proprietary i beleive. i thought X configured itself these days?14:03
KoterpillarHow often does Karmic look for updates by default? And how often does it present the update dialog then?14:04
eagles0513875anyone wiht nvidia issues should try removing the driver and going back ot the out of the box nv driver14:04
eagles0513875thats what im using and im not having any issues with it14:04
wirechief_amx109 well maybe its suppose to, i have had to reconfigure a few times lately.14:04
test34eagles0513875, but you are missing hardware acceleration with the nv driver14:04
eagles0513875test34: maybe so but im using it just for development of mozilla extensions14:04
amx109wirechief_, did you reconfigure via a command or by modifying the X config file?14:05
eagles0513875im apprehensive in all honesty to try and install the nvidia driver14:05
wirechief_amx109 i used dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:05
amx109wirechief_, thanks14:05
legend2440Koterpillar: mine hasnt popped up yet, and there have been many updates available. i've been checking manually14:05
wirechief_amx109 however they keep making changes in that area and there might be a better method but im not aware of it ...14:06
wirechief_amx109 my host is powered by debian but runs a ubuntu kernels so its  basically ubuntu on steroids ;)14:07
amx109wirechief_, hah, thats a hybrid and a half14:08
wirechief_amx109 hehe yep but i do have more than one machine and i test karmic mostly now so sometimes i get confused when they change the process.14:09
amx109wirechief_, any particular reason for having that setip?14:09
amx109wirechief_, setup*14:09
wirechief_amx109 i experiement a lot but like to have a stable system so thats why i do it.14:09
uboxanyone know that status of the resume from suspend bug, where the screen is the only thing that doesn't come back after14:09
wirechief_ubox they have been fighting that issue for a very long time, its probably going into round 175 now.14:11
* wirechief_ doesnt use suspend anymore, karmic boots so fast i dont need it.14:11
TarthenHow fast is the startup now?14:12
TarthenBetter than the 1:20 a week ago?14:12
uboxmine goes from grub to login in about 10 sec14:12
uboxturion 64b x214:12
amx109ubox wow!14:12
uboxthen another ten to desktop14:12
Tarthenholy hell14:12
uboxmaybe 15 the 2nd14:12
Tarthenmy Intel Q6600 @ 2.4ghz took 1:20 last time14:13
walmisubox: SSD?14:13
Tarthenlike, 2 days ago14:13
wirechief_Tarthen sounds like its dragging a anchor14:13
walmisubox: is it a solid state drive?14:13
Tarthenwirechief_: No idea what it could be14:13
uboxoh, i'm not sure. only 5400rpm though14:13
uboxan hp dv6404ca14:14
Tarthenwirechief_: /home/ is even on a different drive o.o14:14
walmisubox: ah, it's a regular HDD14:14
IdleOnemy jaunty goes from grub to desktop in 25-26 seconds14:14
milazDr_Willis: do you use it on nvidia card?14:14
wirechief_Tarthen maybe your tryiing to detect disconnected usb devices14:14
TarthenJaunty on my machine = 17 sec14:14
milazDr_Willis: I have gibberish on consoles on nvidia. And on intel they work ok.14:14
TarthenKarmic 3 days ago = 1:2014:14
uboxthis resume is gonna drive me crazy, even the wifi reconnects. the little light comes on blua again14:15
IdleOneTarthen: I am not complaining used to take me over a minute14:15
Dr_Willis8800gtsxxx video here14:15
abhinavanyone got eclipse 3.4.2 working with karmic ?14:15
eagles0513875hey guys im trying to remix my own distro using karmic as my basis how can i rebrand it instead of using  the karmic debootstrap use debootstrap with my own naming convention for what im developing14:15
TarthenIdleOne: But the difference is so big14:15
eagles0513875abhinav: havent tried14:15
uboxlol when i first got this laptop it had vista and i'm pretty sure it took close to two minutes to stop loading completely14:15
ikoniaeagles0513875: hasn't this been discussed to death with you14:15
milazDr_Willis: and proprietary dirivers are not enabled, right14:15
eagles0513875ikonia: ?14:16
ikoniaeagles0513875: you've tried all this nonsense before, "making your own distro" rubbish -14:16
IdleOneTarthen: with each release the boot time has been improving. not sure if it's ubuntu or my hardware that is getting better but I am not complaining.14:16
eagles0513875well this time im flipping serious about it14:16
abhinavafter the splash screen there is a blank dialog box and the following error in workspace/.metadata/log : java.lang.RuntimeException: Widget disposed too early!14:16
ikoniaeagles0513875: yeah yeah, we've heard it all a million times14:16
ikoniaeagles0513875: karmic is in beta so basing a remix of it (a pointless remix might I add) is a waste of time, more so when this is documented all over the wiki14:17
uboxand ubuntu should make their own desktop env as well14:17
amx109wirechief_, bums, the upgrade didnt work. i get the white ubuntu symbol on loadup, but then gibberish across the middle of the screen. im assuming X is broke14:17
IdleOneubox: why? there are plenty of desktop enviroments out there that can be used14:17
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
wirechief_amx109 sounds like it does need to be tweaked.14:18
wirechief_amx109 usually its the kernel, can you try booting to the previous one ?14:18
uboxidleone: it was a joke, like another distro14:18
IdleOneubox: oh hehe.14:18
uboxlol :)14:19
IdleOneI found a HDD with Win98 on it yesterday14:20
IdleOneforgot how perty it was14:20
* abhinav got eclipse working by following workaround at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=920649&page=214:21
uboxtime for lame work, later everyone14:22
TarthenIdleOne: "Perty"?14:23
TarthenIdleOne: Moar like blocky14:23
amx109wirechief_, i ran the reconfigure commmand. 2.6.31-13 doesnt work. nor does 2.6.31-12, but 2.6.31-11 drops me to a terminal login (still no X)14:24
IdleOneTarthen: it was a surprise when I plugged it in and it booted to win98.14:24
TarthenIdleOne: Bet hardware support was an issue :D14:24
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  then infected the rest of the lan with a 8 yr old virus14:24
IdleOnealso found some old baby pictures of my son on it :)14:24
IdleOneDr_Willis: kept it of the lan lol14:24
immeHey, how can I login to rothera ?14:25
ikoniaimme: rothera ?14:25
TarthenIdleOne: Bet the ethernet didn't work anyway, lol14:25
Dr_WillisDident godzilla fight Rothera once?14:25
wirechief_amx109 well you would of had to left x alone and tried the older kernel, but now you have reconfigured it so that trick could only be tried by putting the backup in.14:25
IdleOneTarthen: honestly don't know I did'nt try to get it online14:26
immeSomething didn't go well with creating a startup-disk, so now I get into boot: prompt at the start, I type /casper/vmlinuz there, then ubuntu loads unto gdm, it says rothera(probably the build of this ubuntu version or something like that...)14:26
immethen I don't know what to type to get in.14:26
wirechief_amx109 hopefully you made a backup of your xorg.conf ;)14:26
amx109wirechief_, i had tried previous kernels before i did the reconfigure trick - its how i managed to correctly upgrade via apt-get. same thing -13 and -12 i get nothing, -11 i get a terminal14:26
immeCreating my startup-disk did not fully complete, gave me an input/output error, tried three times, after third time, just tried rebooting, no booted with boor: /casper/vmlinuz single ... :P14:27
wirechief_amx109 so you are only getting a terminal after you dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , now ?14:27
amx109wirechief_, yes, and only for -11 though i think it tries to initialise X (lots of furious screen blinking)14:28
amx109wirechief_, i just got a terminal for -13 by going via recovery, then selecting 'resume boot'14:29
wirechief_amx109 are you rebooting after this change or just going from a terminal back to the desktop14:29
milazimme: what kind of startup disk do you use?14:29
fortytwoHi, I could use some help with my Karmic Koala install: evidently a mysterious process is hogging plenty of resources - any quick pointers to a fix?14:29
immemilaz: usb of 4gb ...14:29
milazfortytwo: it's Xorg probably14:29
fortytwoI'm even clueless on what kind of info would be useful to post here - the mouse cursor permanently blinks like crazy, and...14:30
milazfortytwo: switch to "show all processes" in system monitor14:30
fortytwo@milaz: Hmm, indeed, quick googling showed Xorg to be a common culprit, but that doesn't seem the case here.14:30
amx109wirechief_, rebooting14:30
fortytwo@milaz: I see - let me try that. When I just stare at the default view, there's a process with no name, or description, that keeps coming and going,14:31
fortytwoand it's ordered by highest CPU usage, and this mystery process turns up close to the top every time it does choose to appear. :(14:31
milazfortytwo: I had this once, logging out and in helped14:31
fortytwo@milaz - I even tried a restart, surprisingly, same blinking cursor.14:32
milazfortytwo: although I don't know whether it was Xorg or something another, I was not able to reproduce it in this exact way14:32
wirechief_amx109 hmm, perhaps when you did your upgrade something got smucked and is messing with your x system (its sure sounding like that)14:32
fortytwoCPU usage about 50% (even) when nothing is running.14:32
fortytwo@milaz: Ah, interesting...14:32
milazimme: maybe you should check your usb key, and try to reformat it14:32
amx109wirechief_, yeah. im d/l'ing the beta (had upgraded from 9.04) and intend to reinstall it14:33
fortytwo@milaz: The issue seems so strange that I'm not even sure what to include in a bug report if I were to file it.14:33
milazfortytwo: exactly the same situation I ran into14:33
immemilaz: So there's no way to login to the rothera build ?14:33
amx109wirechief_, im not sure if dpkg-reconfigure worked. the xorg.conf file has a timestamp from 8 days ago..14:33
immeI tried ubuntu:ubuntu , but that didn't do the trick. :(14:33
milazimme: I even don't know what's rothera. Look like some broken log-in14:34
fortytwoAnd I really don't want to downgrade now... I'm completely sold on this version of ubuntu! Baawaah. And I want to really avoid reinstalling as I *just* finished installing the sixty-odd apps that I usually use. Phew!14:34
immefortytwo: Does top -n1 not give any more information about the proces either ?14:34
wirechief_amx109 doing a upgrade while in the X system is risky, however they have made some big strides in doing it with the upgrade manager but stuff does happen14:34
milazimme: ubuntu user has empty password14:34
immemilaz: Okay, then I'll try that next time .14:34
immemilaz: I think rothera is the name of the build.14:35
amx109wirechief_, ah14:35
wirechief_amx109 i have resisted, I do my upgrades in init 3 to avoid problems (even though I shouldnt have to do that)14:35
amx109wirechief_, i saw that xerver-xorg-core was being upgraded when i did an apt-get upgrade via terminal in gnome..14:35
milazfortytwo: try killing X, and then dist-upgrading from the console14:35
wirechief_amx109 yep, thats one that could muck you up good, not sure if uninstalling and reinstalling it would help.14:36
fortytwo@imme - Here you go: pastebin.com/m19a0df9c (I don't think the mystery process is showing up here.)14:36
wirechief_amx109 but if you do try it, make sure you do it in init 314:36
fortytwo@milaz: Gulp. Okay, noted... I'll try that if some fiddling around doesn't help. I am considering running update-manager.14:36
amx109wirechief_, ok, thanks14:37
Dr_WillisIm still having issues with usb flash drives not gettting auto mounted.. Grr...14:37
wirechief_amx109 its kinda primative because they built so many safe guards so we dont need to do that but sometimes like you have found it reaches out and bites.14:38
wirechief_amx109 you realize that while in the terminal you need to killall gdm before going into init 314:39
Dr_Willisor 'sudo service gdm stop'14:39
Dr_WillisIm not sure killall is the proper way these days14:39
arielCoHello everyone: a Karmic upgrade installed "linux-image-2.6.31-12-generic" of its own accord, but it's not working right so I want to remove it. "aptitude remove linux-image-2.6.31-12-generic" also wants to remove a whole lot of libraries and fonts, plus g++. Should I let it?14:39
wirechief_Dr_Willis: ok good, they are always changing things14:40
amx109wirechief_, err how do i start/stop gdm now that im not able to do it via /etc/init.d/gdm stop|start14:40
Dr_Williswirechief_:  actually thats been the proper way for ages I think. :)14:40
Dr_Willisamx109:  i just said how. :)14:40
Dr_Willisor 'sudo service gdm stop'14:40
wirechief_amx109 Dr_Willis gave the command sudo service gdm stop14:40
amx109ty Dr_Willis14:41
wirechief_amx109 then init 314:41
Machtinhm.. why doesn't my script output random 5mbyte-files until i stop it? http://pastebin.org/4245714:41
Machtinit works when i just run the fourth line in the console directly14:42
Machtinand the script has the same output.. but i can't find the files.14:42
penguin42Machtin: So what does it do ?14:42
Machtinnothing, it seems14:42
Machtinbut it says it does.. might it be, that it saves the files to somewhere else than the directory i'm in?14:43
penguin42Machtin: Are the files ending up being called .file ?14:43
Machtinerr.. yes. i just did updatedb and locate .file.. which didn't succeed14:43
amx109wirechief_, still no luck. resinstalled xserver-xorg-core. getting an error in the X log - unable to initialise the PCS database, missing PCS defaults file /etc/ati/amdpcsdb.default14:43
penguin42Machtin: Change the first line to #!/bin/bash -x   and you should see what it's doing14:44
amx109wirechief_, lo and behold, the file isnt there...14:44
Machtinpenguin42: doesn't change anything.. i HAVE output actually.. but there are no files14:45
Machtini'll pastebin you the output14:45
cabreyhey guys, i'm trying to apply a patch from here ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-180/+bug/391461 ) to fix a nvidia issue but I keep getting a malformed patch error. any way to fix this? i can pastebin the patch if you want14:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391461 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Compiz broken on Karmic with NVIDIA driver and CPU without PAT support" [High,Confirmed]14:45
wirechief_amx109 looking for the steps to check a bad upgrade.14:45
=== someone is now known as Guest68396
penguin42Machtin: Weird14:45
Machtinhttp://pastebin.org/42459 there you go14:46
penguin42Machtin: Ah! You're running it with sh scriptname14:47
Machtinshould be ./script.sh?14:47
quidnuncI'm trying to upgrade to Karmic and I am getting a conflict with rsyslog and system-log-daemon. Which one should I have?14:48
penguin42Machtin: If you chmod +x script.sh then you can do  ./script.sh  or you could do  bash ./script.sh14:48
Machtinhaha. thanks penguin42 :)14:48
Machtinyah, works now.. what does sh do then?14:48
penguin42Machtin: If you do   sh script.sh  then it will use plain shell not bash and hence won't know $RANDOM14:48
Machtini see :) thank you14:48
fortytwoSigh, no luck yet with my blinking mouse cursor.14:49
amx109wirechief_, i dont believe gdm (or X) is starting. the X log is timestamped at 14:23. its now 14:49..14:49
fortytwoIf anyone has had a similar issue to the following, please let me know if you managed to resolve it: a random process pops in and out of the list of processes, evidently hogs resources, and CPU usage is constantly above 50%, and the mouse cursor is busy (unless positioned inside a textarea or some such). Logouts/restarts don't help. :(14:50
wirechief_amx109 i think something like dpkg -a  then apt-get -f dist-upgrade  might pull in files missed14:50
amx109wirechief_, thanks for that, i shall try now14:51
amx109wirechief_, woah. kinda fixed it14:52
NinjaPlimsollsfortytwo, i've had that problem before14:52
amx109wirechief_, i created that missing file from a backup. now -13 boots. i still get that fizzy nonsense in the centre of the screen, but it now goes into gdm14:53
fortytwo@NinjaPlimsolls: Ah! Did you manage a fix?14:53
wirechief_amx109 so you are getting the desktop now ?14:53
amx109wirechief_, i also have a lovely amd badge in the lower right cornerw ith 'testing use only, unsopported hardware' underneath it14:53
amx109wirechief_, yup!14:53
NinjaPlimsollsfortytwo, its called Windows ;)14:54
wirechief_amx109 you might get out of the woods yet ;)14:54
amx109wirechief_, im going to disable the fgrlx driver14:54
wirechief_amx109 good idea14:54
NinjaPlimsollsj/k, I think if i remember correctly its a rogue daemon14:54
cabreycan anybody tell me if this patch is formated right? http://pastebin.com/d7c785e4414:54
NinjaPlimsollsfortytwo, I did some updates and it managed to fix itself, so I couldn't fully diagnose the problem14:54
fortytwo@NinjaPlimsolls: LOL! Ah, right...14:55
wirechief_amx109 ATI proprietary has been junk  for some time now, i see that a new radeon driver was released but not sure how to get it14:55
fortytwoHmm. Let me see if an update helps at this end...14:55
NinjaPlimsollscould you catch the process ID or its name?14:55
fortytwoIt's a mystery process because it (apparently) doesn't have a name... it appears for two seconds every three, with a different ID each time.14:56
amx109wirechief_, i think the opensource driver can do pretty good 2d now?14:56
NinjaPlimsollshmmmmmm peculiar14:56
amx109wirechief_, its part of the kernel/xorg stack?14:56
voxwell the alternate cd seems to be working14:56
fortytwoTotally :(14:56
voxwonder what it was/is about the desktop that my system doesnt like14:56
chu_hey guys, has anything come up about turning the drum off at start-up?14:56
wirechief_amx109 check on #radeon or on #phoronix someone might have a suggestion on it14:56
fortytwoAnd I don't even know what to document if I am to file a bug report or even a post at the forums...14:57
amx109wirechief_, ah yeah, good idea. phronix is always a good place for ati driver info..14:57
fortytwo@chu_ If that's something you want to do, suppose disable it from preferences > startup apps? ("startup sound", IIRC)14:57
wirechief_amx109 if you run into Kano on phoronix he is a master at the ATI stuff14:57
voxfortytwo: run 'pstree' - it'll show whatever is spawning that process14:57
amx109wirechief_, thanks for the heads up14:57
legend2440chu_: open system>preferences>startup applications and uncheck Gnome Login Sound14:58
chu_fortytwo, yeah, that sound is gonr, the gdm sound...14:58
Dr_Willisintel and matrox really need to start trying to compete  in the video card area more...14:58
Dr_Willisgood old matrox..   :) the  maker that i mention and everyone goes 'who?'14:59
NoReflexHey guys! What's the key that allows me to edit the grub options when my system starts? Grub2 doesn't seem to display any options when it boots.14:59
NinjaPlimsollswhat chu talkin about Willis?!14:59
Dr_Willisunhide the grub menu via editing the /etc/default/grub menu14:59
Dr_Williserr file.14:59
chu_when you reach the login window and it plays some drum sound, I liked the pang from Jaunty :p14:59
wirechief_matrox does warrant a "who"14:59
NoReflexthx Dr_Willis14:59
NafaiWait; everyone is talking about grub215:00
NafaiBut I don't have it installed15:00
NoReflexNafai: grub2 is the default bootloader in Karmic15:00
NafaiI'm running karmic here15:00
wirechief_Nafai just wait you will be assemulated15:00
Nafai(upgraded from Jaunty)15:01
NinjaPlimsollsah then youre not on GRUB 215:01
NafaiBecause of the upgrade?15:01
NinjaPlimsollsyeah they didnt want to tamper with existing bootloaders15:01
* Nafai nods15:01
NinjaPlimsollsonly fresh installs will have GRUB2 and Ext415:01
NafaiIs it worth manually installing?15:01
* NinjaPlimsolls shrugs15:01
NinjaPlimsollsdo you have anything on your disk you dont mind losing if it goes nuclear? :)15:02
wirechief_NijaPlimsolls well they mucked with jaunty remix and pushed grub2 into it this morning... grrr.15:02
Nafaia thing or two :)15:02
NoReflexNafai: if your current system is supported by your BIOS I don't see any reason for upgrade15:02
NinjaPlimsollsI wish GRUB2 was pretty :(15:02
NinjaPlimsollsbut it still looks like something coded in QBASIC15:03
fortytwo@vox: Sorry I can't resolve the formatting on this one, but this is what the output of pstree looks like: http://pastebin.com/mefe07bd15:03
fortytwoRunning an update at the moment, let's see if that is useful. :|15:04
NinjaPlimsollsfortytwo, im sure I had a rogue daemon doing what you describe though15:04
NinjaPlimsollsjumping in an out of process monitor15:04
NinjaPlimsollsbut it had an ID :(15:04
Dr_Willisi have a pretty boot screen for my grub2 menu.. in high res also...15:08
fortytwoHeh... I see, right. This one has a continually increasing id. It doesn't even last long enough for me to point, click, kill (on the gui monitor, that is).15:10
fortytwoSay, this is the first time that I'm actually using IRC to seek help on a problem. Been shy for a while now, but I must say it's so cool to actually be here!15:12
cabreywell at least you're getting help... >_> i have a stupid little problem that is preventing a lot of functionality15:14
fortytwo@cabrey Been there :| What exactly... have you run into?15:15
cabreyI can't patch a kernel module :bleh:15:16
voxok, the alternate installer is broken.15:16
voxif you have a raidset that appears higher in the device chain than the target system disk, grub will not install.15:17
musikgoatvox: report a bug15:17
arielCocabrey: does the actual patching fail ?15:18
voxmusikgoat: yeah, will have to15:18
cabreyarielCo: yep. it complains about a malformed patch. even though this worked on ubuntu before, all i did was switch to kubuntu15:18
b1shopcan anyone point me to differences in the 9.10 live cd... no more squashfs?15:18
voxnow to deactivate 8 disks15:18
voxand start again15:18
johnniI upgraded to Karmic Koala last night and I don't know things just aren't as snappy as they were in 9.04..things feel slower...even connecting to Xchat felt slower...anyone have any idea?15:19
musikgoatvox: is your raid software or hardware?  either deactivate the peripheral in bios or unseat the card?15:19
voxmusikgoat: mdadm-drive15:20
musikgoatvox: unless your process is quicker/easier15:20
musikgoatvox: ah15:20
arielCocabrey: I had that complaint from patch a few days ago, but I don't remember how I made it work ( googling, I think ;) ). If all else fails, maybe you can make the modifications by hand if they're not too big15:21
johnniSo is anyone else noticing a speed difference between Karmic and Jaunty?15:22
legend2440johnni: a clean install would probably be "snappier". because of ext4 for one thing15:24
cabreyarielCo: well I know the patch itself *works* as I used it before, but now it just won't apply so I have a feeling it has to do with the formatting15:24
arielCocabrey: yes, it's a formatting thing. How big is it?15:25
johnnilegend2440, so you think the upgrade to it is what broke it?15:25
cabreyarielCo: 17 lines15:26
chu_Termana, do you know of their repo mirrors?/quit15:26
legend2440johnni: cant say. i've never tried upgrades. i only do clean install and i think karmic is snappier than jaunty15:26
johnnilegend2440, okay I will try clean install all I know is it feels slower even the connecting on the internet like how fast i can browse feels slower15:27
legend2440johnni: not sure if upgrade would have anything to do with internet speed.15:29
Dr_WillisHmm.. for a home lan.. apt-cacher-ng is soo handy :)15:29
johnnilegend2440, question you have used Karmic for a while now I presume do you think even with it being in beta it is worth the upgrade ? well coming from Jaunty15:29
legend2440johnni: for me yes. i wouldnt go back to jaunty15:30
johnnilegend2440, okay thanks thats what i wanted to know and i am going to do a clean install..ty15:30
legend2440johnni: ok good luck15:30
johnnilegend2440, ty15:31
arielCocabrey: check if the line specified matches the original match. It should be one of those lines not starting with '-' or '+'15:32
arielCocabrey: err, "original file"15:32
cabreyarielCo: the line it complains about starts with @@15:33
corigoI'm having trouble reporting a bug on LaunchPad... when I click on the "Report a bug" button for my package it ends up redirecting me to the Ubuntu wiki page on how to report a bug.15:34
cabreyarielCo: here is the actual patch: http://pastebin.com/d7c785e4415:34
legend2440corigo: have you tried  ubuntu-bug <packagename>  from terminal?15:36
arielCocabrey: it's in the spaces at the beginning of the lines. I'd add one to the first line.15:37
corigoYes, but it is too new of a package, ubuntu-bug claims it doesn't exist... further my problem is with installation of the package15:37
arielCo"If all lines (including headers) within a patch begin with the same leading sequence of blank characters, the patch utility will remove this sequence before proceeding."15:37
legend2440corigo: its not ther  bad file descriptor message in gdebi  is it?15:38
arielCocabrey: lines 1 and 6, to be specific15:38
=== zniavre_ is now known as zniavre
corigolegend2440: trying to overwrite "/usr/lib/libkimpanelruntime.o.0', which is also in package kimpanel lzma:Decoder error15:39
corigoWhen I delete all the Kimpanel files in lib and try again, same result15:40
cabreyarielCo: still getting "malformed patch at line 10: @@ -895,6 +896,7 @@"15:41
corigoso it is writing the original .so file and then apparently trying to update that file and failing15:41
legend2440corigo: got me. never heard of kimpanel before15:45
corigoLike I said it is new, but it is essential ... it is the new KDE filter for SCIM and foreign language input15:46
BluesKajHiyas all15:46
arielCocabrey: hmm, did you change that file or does it begin "@@... " ?15:47
TarthenDoes anyone here use recordmydesktop?15:47
cabreyarielCo: did I change what file? I copied the patch directly from launchpad15:47
Tarthenit's outputting craaaazy colours :S15:47
legend2440corigo: is the package called  plasma-widget-kimpanel?15:48
corigoPackage: plasma-widget-kimpanel (0.0+svn1015443-0ubuntu1)15:48
arielCofrom the manpage, I believe either all or none of the lines should start with blanks. Anyway, you can put the '#if 0' and '#endif' by hand around the bit of code.15:50
arielCocabery: that's all it does15:50
arielCocabrey: see above15:50
cabreyarielCo: the only problem is that I don't know where/how to copy the code in by hand. do I also put in #if 0 or is that just for the patch system? does the code that's already there go between the brackets or is it replaced entirely?15:52
arielCocabrey: the #if and #endif are meant for the code. What it's doing is preventing a bunch of code from being compiled15:53
corigoI'm trying to add the bug from here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+search?text=plasma-widget-kimpanel15:53
erle-where to track deep system bugs nowadays?15:54
arielCocabrey: how big is nv.c ? I'm willing to fiddle with the patch until it runs, just to learn.15:55
arielCoerle-: what do you mean by "deep system bug"? Kernel?15:55
cabreyarielCo: 4600 lines but I don't think I should put it on pastebin as it is nvidia's code...15:55
cabreythen again I may be breaking the license by applying a patch15:56
BluesKajhad an interesting non boot sequence this morning , grub loaded fine, but kubuntu stalled before loading anything , then I had to do a hard power off, and the following bootup kubuntu rebooted itself after I chose the latest kernel in grub (which is normal) and then karmic loaded normally . I wonder what could have caused that glitch ...a bit worriesome IMO.15:56
arielCoBluesKaj: hiya back. Ask straight away15:56
erle-arielCo, yeah, karmic doesn't boot when in virtual box a second virtual disk is added, which the karmic disk tool made a luks-encrypted disk15:56
arielCocabrey: I believe you're only compiling an interface to the driver. The driver itself can't possibly be 4600 (measly) lines long15:57
cabreyarielCo: well yea ;) I just put in #if and #endif so I can see if it will compile now15:58
arielCocabrey: the lines that don't begin with "+" or "-" are references to check where you're inserting (context)16:00
cabreyarielCo: it compiled, I'm gonna reboot now and ahhh that makes sense :)16:01
=== |Myxb| is now known as Myxb
arielCocabrey: how was that?16:03
cabreyarielCo: *internet high five*16:03
cabreyarielCo: who knew two small words could make such a difference?16:03
arielCohehe... did you boot and come back in 18 secs ?16:03
cabreyarielCo: yes. karmic is fast at booting. i'm still curious why it wasn't patching automatically though16:04
TarthenHey guys! I'm using recordmydesktop and the .oggs it outputs are rainbow colours16:04
TarthenYet the thumbnails are fine16:04
Tarthenany suggestions?16:04
arielCocabrey: format issue. Think of the patch as a little padlock on the door of a large cage. Everything between lines 890 and 897 was excluded from compilation.16:05
cabreyarielCo: well thanks soooo much! I also learned some new things about patching also :)16:07
* arielCo is glad to finally be of help16:07
drs305I'm about to post a thread on tweaking the titles you see on the Grub 2 menu. What would you call them:  Titles, Entries, Selections  ?16:09
drs305The post will probably be something like  "Grub 2 xxx Tweaks"16:09
drs305Menu Tweaks?16:10
BluesKajtitle tweaks16:11
BluesKajdoes it matter?16:11
robin0800_selection text16:11
drs305Only if you are anal, which is who the post will be for anyway.  :p16:11
BluesKajdrs305, i'm just happy to have a splash image for grub, not worried about the kernel title fonts or style or....16:14
drs305BluesKaj: Oh, it's not even that detailed. Only the title text wording, which is why I was wonderin' how to title it to keep it on topic.16:15
* arielCo 's Karmic boots anything but fast :'(16:16
BluesKajdrs305, can you use aliases in grub ?16:16
drs305BluesKaj: I would think not since your bashrc wouldn't be loaded at the time you made your selection.16:18
BluesKajright ..was wondering16:18
Dr_WillisI think they are called 'labels' in the grub2 docs.16:18
darkhamtoday's daily live it's a disaster16:18
darkhamfor whom have an ati radeon 9000 series16:19
darkhamand network manager applet is at the worst ever16:19
darkhami've some doubt about a "stable" the 29.16:20
Dr_WillisDemand a refund!16:20
* Dr_Willis waits for his other boxx to fully update/upgrade/dist-upgrade befor he reboots it..16:20
Dr_WillisSilly thing would not boot from a usb flash drve that booted my 3 other machines.. had to use an alpha4 cd to instrall.. then upgrade16:21
darkhamyesterday's daily worked pretty well, and network manager worked almost good...16:22
pete_the update yestetday broke my grub?16:23
erle-arielCo, i am asking because there is no more "track a bug" option in launchpad but a reporting option in the apps16:23
pete_for some reason it changed the root HD16:23
erle-arielCo, but that doesn't help with kernel bugs16:24
shossHello, I need help please, my wifi adapter is dead after I tried to solve the download limit (http://www.ubuntugeek.com/using-ipw3945-instead-iwl3945-in-hardy.html) I must have done something wrong because after rebooting the adapter was dead.. can someone please help me with this issue?16:24
arielCoerle: is there already a bug and you want to keep track of it ?16:25
pete_DONT USE IT16:26
HellowWell, you could talk without all caps.16:26
pete_I COULD16:26
pete_but nobody listens16:26
HellowAnd, how does Synaptic Package Manager break GRUB? They don't interface at all unless you are performing a upgrade.16:27
void^_presented evidence indicates it most likely breaks caps lock instead16:27
pete_well buddy it upgraded yesterday,16:27
pete_and it changed my root device from 4 to 516:27
pete_so i had to use nano to fix it16:27
pete_which is annoyin.16:27
pete_my point being16:28
pete_less experienced people would have been SOL16:28
HellowLess experienced people are not using Ubuntu Karmic.. yet :_16:28
pete_why does it break grub16:28
pete_thats terrible.16:28
pete_of all the stuff to destroy lol16:29
HellowIt sounds like update-grub must have messed something up - I don't know exactly how, though.16:29
pete_yea it changed the boot device16:29
pete_to the actualy /dev/sda516:29
pete_but grub is alway -116:29
pete_so its actually (hd0,4)16:29
pete_O and16:30
pete_it broke my ipod16:30
pete_think they screwed LIBGPOD up too.16:30
robin0800_pete_: grub 2 uses uuid16:30
HellowHow did it break your iPod?16:30
BluesKajpete_, I posted this earler but I wonder if it's related to your experience , altho i didn't have to edit grub.cfg ...had an interesting non boot sequence this morning , grub loaded fine, but kubuntu stalled before loading anything , then I had to do a hard power off, and the following bootup kubuntu rebooted itself after I chose the latest kernel in grub and then karmic loaded normally . I wonder what could have caused that glitch ...a bit16:30
BluesKajworriesome IMO.16:30
pete_robin0800_, my fstab uses uuid16:31
pete_BluesKaj, try having grub look for the wrong HD16:31
pete_robin0800_, i dont think karmic uses grub216:31
FFEMTcJI just did an update using the update manager.. After the update I ran check again just to make sure im up to date.. Why does it say the package info was last updated 3 days ago?16:32
geniiBluesKaj: I got the same thing on 2 different laptops... I noticed it happens when: If you close the lid before it finishes the normal logout/shutdown sequence after it's selected GUI way16:32
HellowNo, the GRUB in Karmic is 0.97.16:32
fortytwoHere's hoping I'm not over-asking: will be grateful if anyone can help with this, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1287548 - thanks!16:33
pete_so is ubuntu going to use grub2 or not ?16:33
BluesKajpete_, grub 2 is default on clean karmivc installs16:33
robin0800_BluesKaj: I thought uuid never changed16:33
pete_BluesKaj, i see, this was an upgrade16:33
robin0800_pete_: on new installs only not upgrades16:33
pete_BluesKaj, i have had enough problems with ubuntu and regular grub,16:33
BluesKajrobin0800_, not sure16:34
pete_i will stick to using 0.97 for now. since i know how to fix it when it breaks16:34
PienjoHi, anyone who could help me? My netbook (Acer Aspire One 110) no longer boots after updating (9.10 netbook remix). It just stops in the splash screen. I tried booting the recovery mode, but that doesn't get very far (It starts modem-manager and stalls after that). Using an older kernel doesn't help..16:34
* BluesKaj has to look into uuid and fstab more deeply ...not too well versed on that aspect of booting and mounting16:36
pete_BluesKaj, UUID=3379059e-918c-4285-b5ef-963c4cbf7164 / ext4 relatime,errors=remount-ro 0 116:37
pete_UUID=e1b71270-1a4e-4c0b-ae36-7e3174a430c3 /home/pete/storage ext4 relatime,errors=remount-ro 0 116:37
pete_2 examples.16:37
pete_you can use blkid16:38
pete_to find ur hd's UUID's16:38
robin0800_ Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier16:39
robin0800_# for a device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name16:39
robin0800_# devices that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).16:39
pete_much better than /dev/blah or /dev/hdblah16:39
voxwhy cant i edit the ethernet properties with network manager?16:42
socommvox: you don't have proper permissions?16:42
voxso i need to invoke network-manager with gksudo to have the correct permisions?16:43
socommvox: possibly16:43
fortytwoEh... my "issue" is solved as mysteriously as it started :|16:43
voxyou cant be serrious16:44
fortytwo(About a rogue process.) For the record:16:44
* vox bashes head16:44
socommvox: wouldn't be smart to let regular users mess with your hardware settings, would it?16:44
voxwouldnt be smart to tlet the only sudoer have access to it?16:45
fortytwoI uninstalled gnome-do, and tried logging out, gave me the warning about an unknown process and I cancelled the logout... and somehow all's back to normal. *shrug*!16:45
socommfortytwo: :^)16:45
voxnetwork-manager is stupidly broken. if you're going to stop people changing their lan IP adress, atleast give them some sort of administrator permision to change it.16:46
socommfortytwo: wait until you reboot16:46
socommvox: relax, don't let your anger get best of you16:46
voxwell i have an install here i cant use.16:46
Raphi974Hi everyone16:47
Raphi974I have the brightness blinking non-stop.... since the GDM Login Screen.... Can someone help me ?16:47
fortytwo@socomm: I'm dreading that, please keep your fingers crossed for me! :S16:47
socommRaphi974: salut16:47
Raphi974socomm, salut16:47
fortytwoOkay, in a fit of adventure, I re-installed gnome do and things still seem fine, so it must be something... completely strange :)16:48
socommRaphi974: maybe your hardware?16:48
socommRaphi974: that or you may have refresh too high on your X config16:49
Raphi974socomm, with fresh install of Karmic, it worked well... since yesterday's update, blinking non-stop16:49
thiebaudevox, and remember 9.10 will be ready Oct 29th16:49
Raphi974socomm, i found a way : go to tty1 for 5s, then back to X, and then it stoped blinking16:50
socommRaphi974: what changed?16:50
Raphi974socomm, but it's annoying16:50
socommRaphi974: you install something new? you change any settings?16:50
Raphi974socomm, xorg-server i think16:50
Raphi974socomm, nop, nothing16:50
voxyes well16:50
BluesKajrobin0800_, I'd like to auto-mount wife's vista pc, which is on our LAN, by using fstab , but all the tutorials for doing so have failed me. smb works ok but it's a pita to use the dialog for username and pw everytime , I need to look at or transfer files back and forth.16:50
socommRaphi974: strange, report it as a bug16:50
Raphi974socomm, how ?16:51
voxin the meantime, apt-get remove --purge network-manager seems the best way to resolve it16:51
socommRaphi974: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ReportProblem16:51
Raphi974socomm, thx16:51
BluesKajvox, one can install wicd and that will remove or disable network manager16:52
Raphi974socomm, and also, empathy doesn't connect at all.... any idea ? pidgin works well16:52
socommRaphi974: no idea, try empathy's channel16:52
voxBluesKaj: one cant install anything until they can change their mac address.16:53
Raphi974socomm, ok16:53
socommRaphi974: might be that there's offline mode on that client, not sure16:53
Raphi974socomm, i'll join their channel in a minute, just after filling the bug16:53
socomml_r: hello16:54
l_rhow is empathy working up until now in kamic beta?16:56
BluesKajvox ??16:56
socomml_r: Raphi974 is having problems with empathy, could be related?16:56
Raphi974socomm, maybe lol16:56
BluesKajvox, I never encountered that problem with wicd or any networking apps16:57
Raphi974socomm, since i installed Karmic, it won't connect at all16:57
l_rRaphi974, what kind of problems?16:57
socomml_r: see above16:57
l_rwell..they are network problems..not strictly related to empathy16:57
voxBluesKaj: i have never, ever, had network-manager actually work in an acceptable way, except on one(1) laptop16:58
BluesKajvox, did you try wicd ?16:58
BluesKaj!info wicd16:58
voxi just hard-coded /etc/network/interfaces16:58
Raphi974here's my problem : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipD2rQwJpM016:58
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 415 kB, installed size 2464 kB16:58
robin0800_BluesKaj: run blkid to get uuid put in fstab run depmod -a run update-initramfs -u run update-grub17:03
rockrathow turn off mouse wheel functionality, for tab switching, window selection. is there any configuration manager screen for such ? thanks17:07
uberspacedwhen I run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg it doesn't give me a menu to select the resolution I want to use.17:08
uberspacedit just returns a prompt.  yes, I'm running it as root.17:08
uberspacedI'm basically trying to configure this old ass video card that does RCA out17:08
uberspacedit posts at the right resolution, then it inits at a higher resolution17:09
uberspacedand when it gets into X, it gets to some place where the refresh rate + resolution is a bad combination.17:10
uberspacedwhen I type reboot, a splash screen with the ubuntu logo shows up correctly, at the resolution I want17:10
uberspacedit's just weird.17:10
uberspacedany help on dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg would be greatly appreciated.17:11
uberspacedah.  maybe it's showing up on the on-board card.  didn't think about that.17:11
shadeslayeruberspaced: whats the problem with dpkg?17:11
shadeslayerdpkg --reconfigure xserver-xorg17:12
* NinjaPlimsolls gets comfy and falls asleep again17:13
BluesKajrobin0800_, how do I blkid a networked pc ?17:14
shadeslayerldeveaux: hi!17:14
ldeveauxWhen I run the installation CD, I have the following message: "Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted.... Try again to mount the CD-ROM?"17:14
djdarkmanhello, Karmic boots really slow on a 1,6 GHz 1GB RAM netbook, is there a reason for this?17:15
ldeveauxDoes somebody know how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance17:15
djdarkmanis there a way to find out why does it boots this slow?17:15
ldeveauxI have an external driver and I use it for the installation17:15
shadeslayerldeveaux: did you check the cd? like a md5sum17:16
rockratldeveaux: perhaps BETA ?17:16
ldeveauxrockrat: yes this is the BETA version17:16
robin0800_BluesKaj:  are you trying to mount the p-c or just the shares?17:16
ldeveauxshadeslayer: I cannot check the cd because of the same message17:17
rockratldeveaux: it boots slow for me 2, lets wait for release :)17:17
shadeslayerldeveaux: perhaps checking it in the currently installed os ?17:17
ldeveauxshadeslayer: I don't have any OS already installed, just a /home partition17:18
ldeveauxrockrat: I need a Kubuntu version know for my work17:18
shadeslayerrockrat djdarkman check your startup services in tty1 and see whats taking so long to start,use bootchart for a confirmation and then file a bug against it17:18
Fanfareldeveaux: possible to boot from USB-thunb? try that...17:18
djdarkmanshadeslayer, what is bootchart?17:19
shadeslayer!info bootchart | djdarkman17:19
ubottudjdarkman: bootchart (source: bootchart): boot sequence auditing. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.90.2-3 (karmic), package size 11 kB, installed size 124 kB17:19
djdarkmanthank you shadeslayer17:19
amx109the latest beta doesnt seem to work with newer ati cards - just d/l the daily live cd and its as broken as my karmic install17:19
ldeveauxFanfare: okay! do you know software to make USB key bootable17:20
shadeslayerdjdarkman: it gives a graphical representation of your boot sequence,what takes what amount of time,image is placed in /var/log/bootchart17:20
shadeslayerldeveaux: usb-creator17:20
Fanfareldeveaux: on a running ubuntu theres a tool usb-creator...17:20
shadeslayertheres also unetbootin....17:20
rockratwell i was here for configuring mouse wheel17:22
rockratso anyone know how to do it ?17:22
rockratlike re-configuring or redefining actions associated with mouse wheel17:22
shadeslayerrockrat: what touchpad?17:22
shadeslayer(if you have a touchpad)17:22
shadeslayer!mouse | rockrat17:22
rockratperhaps its intellimouse17:23
shadeslayerrockrat: what DE ?17:23
shadeslayerubottu is silent?17:23
rockratDE ?17:23
shadeslayerrockrat: gnome or KDE ?17:23
ubotturockrat: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto17:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is silent?17:23
shadeslayerhehe.... lag...17:24
rockratshadeslayer: but i want to disable already associated actions17:24
shadeslayerrockrat: then just follow the guide from the bottom to the top17:24
shadeslayerrockrat: the process will be the same17:24
rockratmm more interested that little gdm configuration manager which use to be part of System>>Preferences>>17:26
uberspacedall right.  Now i'm in a better position to fix things.17:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kdevicekit17:26
uberspacedso, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg does not give me a prompt to configure anything.17:26
rockrat!ubotu gnome-configuration-manager17:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:29
rockratperhaps i should uninstall compiz17:30
uberspacedbah.  the mini-iso installer graphic settings look PERFECT.  I'm reinstalling and I'll see if X comes up with that resolution as well.17:31
heyjoeHello, after using apt-get to upgrade, some packages are being held back. See: http://paste.ubuntu.com/290205/ for output. On #ubuntu it was suggested that I use synaptic instead. However, if i click mark all upgrades and apply it wants to install additional packages. What is the best course of action? Is it supposed to hold back packages?17:32
MyWayhi, i have gdb using my cpu 90/98% and all is going slow, can i remove it or it's needed?17:33
penguin42MyWay: Something is in the middle of crashing and it's just generating debug info for it17:34
MyWayah ok17:34
MyWayso i have to wait and then report the bug17:34
shadeslayerwhats a good alternate for dreamweaver ?17:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:35
uberspacedhey.  If I have the last portion of the strace for dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:35
MyWayshadeslayer: i think there isn't, try geany17:35
uberspacedand it didn't work, would that be valuable to yous guys?17:35
mac_vheyjoe: dont use synaptic  , read this > www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/beta17:36
heyjoemac_v: will do17:37
MyWaypenguin42: another thing, it's like if my audio is lagging and it's doing strange rumors, what can be?17:37
penguin42MyWay: rumors?17:37
penguin42not sure17:37
MyWayhm like noises17:38
djdarkmandoes someone know what to report boot speed bugs against?17:39
djdarkman(ubuntu-bug command would be even more appreciated)17:39
shadeslayerdjdarkman: ubuntu-bug <package name>17:40
shadeslayerdjdarkman: i think a bug against ubuntu-meta with a tag of boot would be sufficient17:40
djdarkmanshadeslayer, but what is the package that I should report the speed bugs against? (checked wiki, found nothing)17:41
shadeslayerdjdarkman: ubuntu-meta17:41
djdarkmanthanks shadeslayer, I already reported quite a few bugs, but I'm still not used to launchpads concept17:41
vigoStill on FS ext 3 , is this correct?17:46
billybigriggerext4 is default in karmic17:46
Raphi974Hi, does someone has the brightness bug ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipD2rQwJpM017:47
vigoI am on Karmic 9.10 development branch.17:48
Frickelpitvigo: did you Upgrade from Jaunty?17:48
vigoFrickelpit: No, clean from source17:49
Frickelpitvigo: Fresh Install should be with ext417:49
djdarkmanubuntu-bug -p ubuntu-meta says that "Package ubuntu-meta" does not exist.....17:49
vigoFrickelpit: I did the Alpha-2, so on and so on.17:50
rockratshadeslayer: nop, still no luck17:50
shadeslayerdjdarkman: try : ubuntu17:50
djdarkmanshadeslayer, same error17:50
djdarkmanhow could this be?17:51
shadeslayerrockrat: what did you do?17:51
rockratuninstalled compiz :)17:51
djdarkmanshould I report it against linux and add ubuntu-meta afterwards?17:51
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shadeslayerrockrat: for disabling mouse buttons? why would you do that?17:52
rockratmouse wheel up/down still switch between opened windows17:52
shadeslayerrockrat: you want to disable that? check it under keyboard shortcuts17:52
rockrati don't want to disable mouse button, but i want to disable mouse wheel association to switch opened windows17:52
shadeslayerbtw i can control a remote machine via ssh right?17:53
rockratits not there17:54
vigorockrat: Is that a macro in Main Menu or Mouse?17:54
rockratvigo: sorry ?17:54
vigorockrat: I think that is in Main Menu. let me look again.17:54
Fanfareanyone know if kvkbd support for kdm works now? (Table user)17:58
vigorockrat: is worth a look, open Main Menu/GUI> System>Mouse, there is a Help launcher on that , it explains some of that, but I am still looking.18:00
uberspacedwhat display settings are chosen for the graphical display when booting off of an install image?18:00
rockratvigo: >> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-users/2008-November/033897.html18:00
rockratthis problem explains exactly what i am looking for18:00
* Twigathy hugs his karmic mini.iso. So handy... nice text-based installer too... c_c18:01
rockratvigo: thanks i check GUI18:01
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vigorockrat: I am on Edbuntu, is KDE/Gnome mixed, now, I will have to look further into that to get a definitive response.18:03
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uberspacedtimber, his arms wide.18:05
uberspacedstar trek TNG references? no? yes?18:07
penguin42something like gelad and picard ....18:11
uberspacedclose enough.18:11
billybigriggerany nvidia vdpau users here?18:13
johnniI used it once..wassup?18:14
Nattgewwhat do you call the thing that shows pictures in the sidebar of f-spot view? what kind of widget is that?18:17
timberdoes somebody know if the syndaemon command works on karmic beta?18:19
Nattgewtimber: what command do you mean?18:20
Nattgewtimber: oh, right... I got I it... Gnome appears to disable my touchpad when I'm typing, so I think so...18:22
Nattgewcan anyone use the sidebar of f-spot (and similar instances of that kind of list)? it won't accept any clicks for me18:24
mirkoneHallo folgene Problem seit Karmic ... der Pegel der Soundkarte istbei meinem System zu gering / Kopfhörerausgang zu leise was kann ich testen18:27
johnniNattgew, i just tried f-spot and mine crashes on start18:27
Frickelpitmirkone: try #ubuntu-de+118:27
Nattgewhow about f-spot view?18:28
mirkoneFrickelpit: oh sorry .. thanks18:28
kulightany one know of an app that record mouse events ?18:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keylogger18:30
MartynGood morning18:30
MartynWell, afternoon now18:30
LjL!info xmacro | kulight18:31
kulightLjL TY18:31
Nattgewjohnni: I meant f-spot view... does that work for you?18:31
ubottukulight: xmacro (source: xmacro): Record / Play keystrokes and mouse movements in X displays. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3pre-20000911-4.1 (karmic), package size 22 kB, installed size 124 kB18:31
RoyallDoes #ubuntu+1 recommend just a full reinstalling or a dist upgrade for .10?18:32
johnniNattgew, how do you get that? and I will check18:32
wes32Royall: if you're interested in ext4 and you do not run that already, a full reinstallation might be a good idea18:33
erle-arielCo, can't reproduce the error anyway, so what18:33
Nattgewjohnni: you may be able to find it in the menu... or you can go to a picture file and "open with"18:33
Royallwes32: I'm all two of those things, so I guess I'll reinstall18:33
wes32considering the changes in back-end, such as GRUB2 and AppArmor, it probably is the safer option at the moment as well :)18:33
johnniokay I have that open it works for me18:33
Nattgewjohnni: thanks... that's weird18:34
johnniNattgew, welcome..now f-spot alone crashes for me..but f-spot view works fine even rotate left right etc18:34
Nattgewjohnni: can you click on the sidebar to change pictures on the left?18:35
RoyallIs there a specfic guide on how to uninstall 9.04 and install 9.10 correctly?18:35
johnniNattgew, let me get more pictures on my computer real quick and i can tell you then18:35
wes32Royall: the standard way would be to back-up your home folder (as it contains your personal documents) and just wipe the hdd (assuming no other OS's exist on the hdd)18:36
Royallwes32: I have a Vista partition18:36
wes32then you likely just want to wipe the Ubuntu partition and install atop that :)18:36
johnniNattgew, you are right on that...it won't let me pick other pictures even though it lets me add them on that pane18:37
wes32Royall: have you considered waiting a few days for 9.10 final, by the way?18:37
Royallwes32: Yep, I'm not going to make the same mistake as I did with .04 :P18:37
wes32as it's only three weeks ahead of us by now :)18:37
Nattgewjohnni: thank you for testing that... I can't find a bug about that, I guess I'll try reporting one.18:38
johnniNattgew, you can't click them, but you can use the arrow keys to go up and down if that helps18:38
Nattgewjohnni: thank, I didn't notice that18:39
darkhamwhen in live i run with "minimal graphic mode"18:39
darkhamwhat i run?18:39
Royall9.10 stillll doesn't allow seperate backgrounds for each workspace? ugh18:39
wes32doesn't Compiz have a workaround for that?18:39
RoyallI think I tried it, but to no avail18:39
johnniNattgew, welcome18:40
wes32google gives http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=619918:40
wes32I vaguely remember having a separate wallpaper on every workspace a year or two ago18:40
Nattgewif I list a program in /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default, it should run that when I log out or shut down... right?18:41
wes32http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/93/ seems to be the idea regarding it18:41
RoyallHow do I save stuff like my rtorrent settings, my Deluge settings, my Banshee playlists, etc, when reinstalling?18:42
wes32Royall: those should be in your home folder (/home/yourusername/), in .hidden folders18:42
wes32deluge settings are in /home/user/.config/deluge for example18:43
webbb82after doing a few updates  when i reboot my computer i get a screen asking me what i want to boot as in recovery mode but there are also a bunch of ubuntu 2.31.0818:44
wes32i'd imagine banshee and rtorrent save their settings there as well18:44
webbb82everytime i update a new one gets added to the boot list18:44
RoyallIs there a way to get a list of currently, manually installed packages so I can reinstall the ones I want when I reinstall? I guess I could just look in Add/Remove for the applications, but there are some other packages that wouldn't be there18:44
timberhey, my screensaver goes on while i'm watching a movie with vlc player....how i don't let the screensaver appear?18:46
Turms_Royall: dpkg --get-selections > file18:46
tgpraveen!info hunspell18:46
ubottuhunspell (source: hunspell): spell checker and morphological analyzer (program). In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.8-4ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 69 kB, installed size 176 kB18:46
webbb82so now when i start my computer it asks if i want to start recovery mode/safe mode/generic/ and 5 others just updated versions18:46
Turms_Royall: when you reinstall you can run dpkg --set-selections < file18:46
tgpraveenhey can some one tell me a good HTML WYSIWYG type editor in Karmic?18:46
RoyallTurms_: that's... nifty18:46
tgpraveensome thing to replace MS Front Page18:47
corigoI am trying to report an installation bug on a plasma widget  that is supposed to be new default method for alternate (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) language entry... but https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+search?text=plasma-widget-kimpanel when I click on "Report a bug" all I get is the Ubuntu wiki page... how can I report the bug?18:47
Turms_tgpraveen: nvu but i don't think it is in the repositories18:49
Nattgewcorigo: you have to run "ubuntu-bug <packagename>", or there is a link towards the bottom that tells you how to report online18:49
tgpraveenTurms_: I do prefer something from repos.18:49
tgpraveenhow is bluefish or kompozer?18:50
Turms_tgpraveen: ok now nvu has changed name it is kompozer - complete Web Authoring System18:50
corigoNattgew: Ubuntu-bug claims there is no such package18:50
Turms_tgpraveen: apt-cache showpkg kompozer18:51
Nattgewtgpraveen: maybe Amaya? http://www.w3.org/Amaya/18:51
voxwhy in the name of all that is holy is postfix and dependancy of mdadm?18:51
wes32apt is so underrated :)18:51
Turms_tgpraveen: download both amaya and kompozer and give them a try18:52
Nattgewcorigo: did you run "ubuntu-bug plasma-widget-kimpanel"?18:52
webbb82everytime i update a new linux header it will keep the old one so when i boot i get a screen asking me to pick linux 2.6.31-13 or linux 2.6.31-12or linux 2.6.31-11  do i need all of the old headers18:54
Nattgewwebbb82: any package specific to one kernel version can be removed if you're not going to use that version18:54
Turms_webbb82: better if you use the pkg manager for uninstalling them rather just remove them from /usr/src18:56
mac_vwebbb82: not needed , better to just keep the second last kernel if you have -13 , you can keep -12 , ,sp that if anything goes wrong in -13 you have a backup18:57
corigoNattgew: yes18:57
corigoThat's when it told me that the package didn't exist18:57
Nattgewcorigo: that command worked for me...18:57
corigoLaunchPad seems to be completely down.18:58
corigoNattgew: are you running 9.10 beta?18:58
Nattgewcorigo: yes18:58
johnniin Jaunty I had Pidgin Instant Messenger and I had a little icon on my top bar for it...how do I get the basic same thing on Empathy?18:58
corigoI'm running 9.04...18:59
Nattgewjohnni: you mean like in the tray when it's running?18:59
mac_vjohnni: you cant ;)18:59
Nattgewcorigo: I think that package is only in karmic, you may need to be running 9.10 to report that way18:59
johnniawww thats not right lol why not?18:59
mac_vjohnni: unless you remove the indicator-applet , but you have the messages displayed in the indicator applet19:00
corigoNattgew: hence my question about LaunchPad19:00
johnniI just want the icon up there so when I close empathy I can click the icon and its still open..not that I have to keep the window open all the time19:01
eurythmiawhen browsing around on the karmic live system, available on the 'desktop' install cd, what is the default password?19:01
stonkHi there. Just a little thing I thought I should mention: If for any reason someone modprobes nvidia and restarts X from the live CDs the installer can't see sata disks attached to an ICH10 controller. Today I didn't modprobe nvidia and can see them all.19:01
mac_vjohnni: yeah , thats a regression... you need to report a bug for that19:01
eurythmia... heh, blank apparently.19:01
timberhey, someone can tell me why my computer turns on the screensaver when i'm watching a movie?19:02
mac_vtimber: vlc?19:02
johnnii guess i should just go back to pidgin lol19:02
timbermac_v, yeah, i use vlc19:02
Nattgewcorigo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing%20bugs%20at%20Launchpad.net19:02
mac_vtimber: Bug #42888419:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428884 in vlc "Vlc does not inhibit screensaver" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42888419:02
corigoNattgew: Yes, that is where I keep getting redirect to... I then click on the "No Redirect" bug report link, enter my comment and get a timeout message. Launchpad seems to be down19:03
corigoThis is a critical widget for 9.10... without this writing alternate languages in KDE is basically impossible19:04
Nattgewcorigo: try the other like that you put the package name in19:05
timbermac_v, ubottu, so there's nothing to do? just wait while they try to fix this?19:05
mac_vtimber: ubottu is a bot ;)19:06
mac_vtimber: if you know how to fix it , you can submit a patch or we'd have to wait :(19:06
timbermac_v, sorry, i didn't know he was a bot, hehe...which other player is good to use while the bug persists19:07
mac_vtimber: you could use the default totem player, that works19:08
rockratwhen i click main menu, it only displays places and system19:08
timbermac_v, and you know something about a beep that happens when open a sound file?19:08
rockratrest of the menu is gone. how to fix it ? thanks19:08
mac_vrockrat: screenshot pls19:08
mac_vtimber: hmm , nope19:09
timbermac_v, that's ok, thanks for help...now i'll continue to watch my movies19:09
thiebauderockrat, can you delete the menu from the panel and just add it back?19:10
rockrati did but it appears with same menu items19:11
rockrateven new menu bar, added main menu and it appears with same two options19:11
timbermac_v, do you how to change the color of subtitles on totem?19:11
mac_vrockrat: try this , move the ~/.config/menus folder to somewhere else and restart session19:12
mac_vtimber: i dont think it is possible19:12
topylitotem still doesn't do dvb subtitles at all. i need vlc and i don't even like it :(19:12
thiebaudetopyli, everytime i used vlc it didn't have sound19:14
Dr_Willisbe sure to set the media pklayers to use pulse audio -  if you can. some times they are set to the wrong sound output19:16
rockratthanks its fixed now19:16
thiebaudeDr_Willis, i'll check that, thanks19:16
Dr_Willisi can rarely get totem to play anything.. yesterday on 9.10 i tried totem.. it installed some exctra packages.. and still couldent play the file..19:16
Dr_Willisvlc/mplayer plaied it fine.  :()19:17
thiebaudeDr_Willis, when i use vlc i use it with the media player plugin for firefox19:17
Dr_Willisi rarely play things in firefox.19:17
thiebaudeDr_Willis, how about if you wanted to see a video that was on a website?19:18
Dr_Willisthiebaude:  i tend to just use a download tool to grab it to hd.19:18
thiebaudeDr_Willis, ok, cool19:18
Dr_Willisof course most siutes use that annoying flash for videos these days...19:18
timbermac_v, do you know if this bug appears only on karmic?19:18
Dr_WillisPerhaps with FF3.5 s new features they will get away from that19:18
wektWhere in the archive (pool) are the source packages?19:18
thiebaudeDr_Willis, but flash is everywhere,lol19:19
mac_vtimber: seems so , didnt happen in jaunty19:19
wektFlashBlock is nice for stopping flash.  I think NoScript does it too.19:19
Dr_Willisthiebaude:  and at one time i rember 'realplayer' being everywhere.. then 'java was everhwhere'19:19
* mac_v likes adblock for flash ad block ;)19:19
timbermac_v, that's what i thought, but yesterday this bug didn't happen here19:19
rockratmac_v: can you please help to solve this problem >> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-users/2008-November/033897.html19:20
thiebaudeDr_Willis, i tended to stay away from realplayer19:20
Dr_Willisyep - realplayer went from Big Name to NoName real fast.19:20
mac_vrockrat: i havent tried kubuntu .... does kubuntu use compiz?19:21
Dr_Willisnow the onlyu time i hear realplayer mentioned is when people are trying to watch mlb.com in linux19:22
Dr_WillisKDE4 has its own composting windopw manager - not compiuz19:22
mac_vhmm , this seems similar to a compiz bug19:22
wektDr_Willis: Yes, composting window managers help your windows grow nicely.19:23
rockratmac_v: nop, i use ubuntu / gnome. and it has the same problem19:23
mac_vrockrat: if you use gnome , this problem was solved19:24
mac_vin karmic19:24
rockratmac_v: aah ok, how can i disable mouse wheel association with window switching19:24
danielwehnerhi, ich habe gerade auf 9.10 updateded, leider ist während der installation  das update eingefriert, kann man das upgrade auch von der livecd vollziehen?19:24
rizwanhello. after an update when i reboot karmic i see a blank screen after the boot splash. suspect it's probably nvidia? driver is nvidia. card gf 7800 gtx.19:24
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:24
rizwanhad this issue wtih both ubuntu and kubuntu19:25
rizwanany ideas?19:25
wektdanielwehner: i think not.19:25
danielwehnerwekt: any suggestions?19:25
wektdanielwehner: If you can use the install DVD to boot your system, then you can continue with the update.19:26
wektdanielwehner: or use the live cd to boot your system.19:26
rizwanand have happened since alpha5 or so :-) had this with beta just a few mins ago as well. quite annoying.19:26
danielwehnerwekt: i am in the live system currently19:26
danielwehnerwekt: but how can i continue the update19:26
wektrun :   aptitude install19:27
wektno better:  aptitude dist-upgrade19:27
danielwehnerwekt:  i tryed the second one, but nothing happens19:28
wektbut i recommend against upgrading at this point.  Back up your data and do a fresh install.19:28
mac_vrockrat: check the ccsm settings , application switcher or ring switcher.. *switcher in the window managements , you might have enabled something19:29
rockratmac_v: ok let me check19:29
WIGGMPkTrying to install 9.10 amd64 alternate on a BIOS RAID0 setup and the install gets to installing the boot loader and keeps prompting me to select the next process. I select install GRUB and it acts like its going to and just prompts me again. Any thoughts?19:32
rizwanhow to book karmic into safe mode? (without loading nvidia drivers etc)19:33
rockratmac_v: besides is there any window manager i should check for, i tried gnome-wm but it says another manager is already running, --replace to replace current.19:33
shadeslayerrizwan: just reboot and select the second ubuntu option19:33
mac_vrockrat: i meant check the CompizConfig Settings Manager19:34
rizwanshadeslayer, i chose default grub setup and it doesn't display any menu whatsoever on boot19:34
rockratmac_v: compiz and ccsm are not installed19:34
rizwanshadeslayer, what's the key to force menu display?19:34
shadeslayerrizwan: press esc during the boot19:34
mac_vrockrat: oh , you dont use compiz?19:35
rockratmac_v: nop19:35
shadeslayerrizwan: as soon as the BIOS lods19:35
logophobiahi, has anyone managed to setup encrypted partitions with cryptsetup luks. It stopped working for me when I upgraded. It prints an error message that it can't access the device. But when I start them manually after the boot with the /etc/init.d/cryptdisks they work just fine.19:35
rizwanshadeslayer, 1 sec. trying :)19:36
mac_vrockrat: then i'm not sure what the problem is? does the window change automatically or only after you hover over the window?19:36
rockratmac_v: when mouse cursor / pointer over window, and mouse wheel up / down19:36
rizwanshadeslayer, doesnt19:36
shadeslayerrizwan: ._.19:36
mac_vrockrat: disable the window selection option from window preferences19:37
shadeslayerrizwan: strange...19:37
rockratmac_v: its disabled19:37
shadeslayerim not on ubuntu and i really dont remember where you can configure this19:38
rizwanshadeslayer, cant figure out grub2's settings.19:38
shadeslayerrizwan: same here19:38
rizwanshadeslayer, no worries mate.19:38
rockratmac_v: anyway i can disable mouse wheel action association except for scrolling ?19:38
rizwanshadeslayer, my main problem is not safe mode. its the blank screen i get after bootsplash19:39
mac_vrockrat: hmmm... not sure whats causing the problem , i'm stumped19:39
shadeslayerrizwan: KDE or gnome?19:39
rizwanshadeslayer, happened three times since alpha 5 or so.19:39
rizwanshadeslayer, KDE19:39
shadeslayerrizwan: does krunner work?19:39
rizwanshadeslayer, yes19:39
shadeslayerrizwan: plasma-desktop19:40
rizwanshadeslayer, it happens after i run updates19:40
rizwanshadeslayer, everything works19:40
shadeslayerrizwan: type that in kunner19:40
rizwanshadeslayer,  but after updates when i boot it doesnt go to kdm even.19:40
shadeslayerrizwan: oh...19:40
rizwanshadeslayer, just blank after bootsplash. i can see that screen is lit (it's not pitch black but slightly lit blank)19:40
rizwanshadeslayer, and keyboard works. I can Ctrl+Alt+del19:41
rizwanshadeslayer, etc...19:41
mostafa_ anyone can help me with how to make this file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/290286/ via diff command (actually this patch files grouply)19:42
wektwhat is the correct command to pull a kernel source package?    apt-get source linux-????????19:42
shadeslayerwekt: yep...19:45
shadeslayerwekt: more like apt-get source kernel-source19:45
shadeslayerwekt: youll have to search the correct package19:46
Pienjorizwan: I had the same thing today. Even did a fresh reinstall->update->broken.19:48
Pienjo(i'm using netbook-remix, if that makes any difference)19:49
rizwanPienjo, yup mate. did that three times19:50
wektrizwan, Pienjo: what graphics device?19:50
rizwanPienjo, cut feeling says doesnt19:50
rizwanwekt, nvidia 7800 gtx. driver is nvidia 185.x.x.x (whatever ubuntu comes with latest)O19:50
timbermac_v, i think that i found a parcial solution for the bug on vlc19:51
wektwell if the main archive does not work, try xorg-edgers19:51
PienjoOh, and I *am* getting the Ubuntu logo19:51
mac_vtimber: delay the screensaver?19:52
lukacould anyone install gnome package?19:52
rizwanwekt, Pienjo: same here. I get the boot splash. "Kubuntu" after that it goes dlank19:52
timbermac_v, no, i deleted the ~/.config/vlc folder19:52
mostafa_ anyone can help me with how to make this file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/290286/ via diff command (actually this patch files grouply)19:53
lukarizwan: if u have an intel video card i could be the drivers... that issue is reported as a bug19:53
mac_vtimber: that doesnt solve it for me19:53
rizwanluka, its nvidia and it happens with nvidia driver19:53
timberand opened the program...then i selected the option "Always on top" in Tools->Preferences->Video19:53
timbermac_v, and opened the program...then i selected the option "Always on top" in Tools->Preferences->Video19:53
rizwanluka, if that makes a difference i removed Device "nvidia" in xorg.conf and replaced with Device "" but no luck19:54
Pienjomostafa_: use diff -u19:54
mac_vtimber: interesting... so that fixes it for you?19:54
* mac_v tries19:54
timbermac_v, yeah19:54
Nattgewrizwan: you shuld try a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg19:54
timbermac_v, the only problem is the fact of the window stay in front of all others19:54
rizwanNattgew, thanks mate. gonna try19:55
timbermac_v, but resolved19:55
PienjoNattgew: how, without a prompt?19:55
lukarizwan: delete xorg.conf and try again... or you could sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop && sudo Xorg -configure && sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start19:55
mac_vtimber: if it works you can comment that on the bug19:55
timbermac_v, try it you too19:55
timbermac_v, i'll try again19:55
mostafa_Pienjo: I have used it bro. how to make a diff file to patch all the items in the files just at once (I mean with a command not more)19:56
Pienjomostafa_: you mean all the files in a directory?19:57
PienjoI'm confused19:57
mostafa_Pienjo: just let me 1 min to show you what i mean19:57
mostafa_Pienjo: go this site20:00
mostafa_then dl the patch file in item number 220:00
HoopyCatmostafa_:  so you have a bunch of files with changes, and you want to produce one file that can be fed into patch?20:00
PienjoOh, and you want to *apply* the patch20:00
mostafa_yeah exactly right20:00
Pienjosorry, I thought you were trying to *create* one20:00
Pienjowell, it says just below.20:01
mostafa_no no exactly as u just said20:01
Pienjostep 3:)20:01
ZvezdichkoGood evening again :) Who messed the dependencies this time :P20:02
HoopyCatmostafa_:  the -r option to diff will cause it to recurse directories.  actually, take a look at the first line of the patch file -- it'll tell you the command that was used to create it20:02
timbermac_v, still working...i'll comment on the bug right now20:02
mac_vtimber: didnt work for me :(20:02
=== MoP|away is now known as MasterofPuppets
timbermac_v, =/20:02
mac_vtimber: the screensaver activates at the right time ...  :(20:03
mostafa_HoopyCat: you mean I should use this command "diff -Naur"20:03
HoopyCatmostafa_:  to create that exact patch, you'd do "diff -Naur ns-allinone-2.29 ns-allinone-2.29-mannasim", where ns-allinone-2.29 is the "old" directory tree and ns-allinone-2.29-mannasim is the "new" directory tree20:03
ZvezdichkoDoes anybody have problems with upgrading gdm?20:03
timbermac_v, here my screensaver is scheduled to activate after 1 minute....didn't activate20:03
mac_vtimber: i set mine to 4 mins and the screensaver activated :(20:04
mostafa_HoopyCat: let me check20:04
WIGGMPkTrying to install 9.10 amd64 alternate on a BIOS RAID0 setup and the install gets to installing the boot loader and keeps prompting me to select the next process. I select install GRUB and it acts like its going to and just prompts me again. Any thoughts?20:04
BluesKajWIGGMPk, did you format the partiton to ext4 first ?20:13
WIGGMPkBluesKaj: yes20:13
WIGGMPkBluesKaj: I have 4 primary patitions.. /boot /root /home + swap20:14
xpistosCan someome help me get my samba working? I just installed and I am getting an error message from my laptop that says "Unable to mount location Failed to retrieve share list from server?\20:14
BluesKajWIGGMPk, it's looking for / on ext 4 , I think20:14
WIGGMPkBluesKaj: explain? all 3 partitions are formated to ext4.20:15
zachtibcan you use ext4 for /boot now/20:16
zachtiband, by /root, did you mean / ?20:16
WIGGMPkI used ext4 of my /boot partition in Jaunty without issues20:16
zachtibok... just wondering, I still see people using ext2 for /boot :P20:17
WIGGMPkWell doesnt GRUB2 support ext4 natively?20:17
thiebaudeDr_Willis, thanks for the suggestion earlier about enable pulse audio for vlc, it plays wmv. file perfectly20:17
BluesKajWIGGMPk,  dunno, i just used / to install it , i don't bother with separate partitions for root or home. never found any advantages20:17
assoguerozen_sxflashplugin still have the missing mouse click bug?20:17
mostafa_HoopyCat: very Good it solved the prob20:19
BluesKajWIGGMPk, if you mean / as root then yes20:19
mostafa_HoopyCat: hurayyyyyy thanks bro20:19
WIGGMPkIts not like its giving me an error or reason why it wont install. It just keeps showing me the menu of installation options with Install GRUB boot loader highlighted. I keep selecting and it just doesnt finish the install20:19
jbuncheranyone know (approximately) how much adding kde4 increases the size of a basic karmic install?20:19
HoopyCatmostafa_:  no problem.  :-)  if you need to do this on a regular basis, many modern version control systems (e.g. git) will do the magic for you without having to keep two directory trees around, as well.20:20
mostafa_HoopyCat: thnx for this then how could I know these modern control system? (I mean where can I find them)20:22
HoopyCatmostafa_:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_revision_control_software has a list... if you're working on an existing project, usually they'll already have one in use.  if you're creating a new one, you get to pick.  there's often a steep learning curve, but if you're doing a lot of development/programming, it's time well spent.  (i personally use git, but it's a personal preference thing)20:24
EruditeHermithi, is there any way to get a list of all packages installed on Ubuntu and then use that list to install those same packages on a different Ubuntu partition?20:25
mostafa_HoopyCat: very cool really thnx 4 your help20:25
topyliEruditeHermit, 'dpkg --get-selections > list.txt' and then 'dpkg --set-selections < list.txt'. then apt-get update and dist-upgrade20:26
HoopyCatEruditeHermit:  dpkg --get-selections will spit the list out; dpkg --set-selections will read it in20:26
EruditeHermitvery nice20:27
topyliEruditeHermit, that's the old-school debian way. some apparently say it's better on ubuntu to save and set your package selections with synaptic20:27
Martyntopyli : People who don't want to use synaptic can use aptitude, with good results20:28
HoopyCatEruditeHermit:  you might also want to dpkg --clear-selections before --set-selections, depending on what all's installed on the target20:28
topyliMartyn, ah, good to know20:28
EruditeHermittopyli, where in synaptic is that option?20:28
EruditeHermitHoopyCat, what do you mean depending on what is installed on the target?20:29
EruditeHermitwhere would it run into trouble20:29
* nick125 wonders why his USB speakers aren't working in Karmic...20:29
test34now the update manager ask for the password twice, once for check for updates and one for installing the updates... isn't that a little paranoid?20:30
topyliEruditeHermit, fie -> generate package download script20:30
nick125Well..the speakers show up in ALSA, but20:30
nick125Pulseaudio seems to not be detecting it..it's throwing an error about it trying to configure the device more than 5 times in 10 seconds. Any ideas?20:31
HoopyCatEruditeHermit:  if there are packages installed on the target system that aren't on the original system, they won't be uninstalled unless you do a --clear-selections.  this may or may not be a problem.20:31
EruditeHermitthats ok20:31
EruditeHermiti'm trying to copy over all my files to a new partition with ext4 karmic20:32
NoelJBHoopyCat, I'll probably use that when I do a clean reinstall of karmic, and just want to compare it with my current install.20:32
NoelJBHoopyCat, dpkg -l also works, but why bother with versions?  :-)20:32
HoopyCatthe synaptic way looks to be better in a graphical environment, but i always remember the --get-selections way; i stick it in a nightly cron job so a plaintext file of installed packages gets backed up20:33
EruditeHermitits nice to know both ways20:33
EruditeHermitbut I think the dpkg method is faster20:33
EruditeHermitso its probably what I'll go with20:33
NoelJBMartyn, I don't recall if I told you, but I will be at the UDS20:34
NoelJBUnless an emergency comes up between now and then.20:34
HoopyCatNoelJB:  two different output formats, two different goals :-)20:35
jbuncherSpeaking of UDS, I just want to let all the devs in here know that (as a user) I'm *very* excited about the "bug fixes rather than big features" approach of Lucid on the desktop.  I think that will make it a phenomenal release.20:35
NoelJBjbuncher, have you heard anything official about that being the approach?  I agree, that's what we need now: the pause that refreshes.20:36
EruditeHermitwait isn't gnome3 in lucid20:36
EruditeHermitand Xorg 7.620:36
NoelJBEruditeHermit, IIRC, Mark did say that Lucid is explicitly the best of Gnome 2.x, not Gnome 3.20:37
BluesKajWIGGMPk, try renaming your /root or /home partition to  /  , then try to install grub220:37
NinjaPlimsollsnope, Lucid is GNOME 320:37
topyliwould help if gnome3 exists by that time .)20:38
voxany idea when proftpd is going to be installable?20:38
jbuncherNoelJB, just what I read on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS , which has been updated for Lucid.  The "sync with testing rather than unstable" part is excellent, and it clearly states that it is not a feature-based release or cutting edge. I think Shuttleworth said that server-side there will be new cloud features and such, though.20:38
jbuncherNoelJB, I was also glad to hear that Mark said it would be the best of GNOME 2 rather than the new GNOME 3 (at least by default).20:41
NoelJBNinjaPlimsolls, 'scuse me?  I've just checked.  Lucid Lynx is still Gnome 2.  Where do you hear otherwise, other than that Gnome 3 will be available, just as Gnome shell is already available?20:41

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